Working Prophet
author:Xiao Dai ZhaoWorking Prophet
I'm not a god, I'm just a migrant worker who gets off work on time. I will help you as much as possible during working hours. As for after I get off work... it's up to you. A little love story about gods and gods in the workplace. Probably Right~haha
Gao Wu: I have a synthesis column
author:puppet on stringsGao Wu: I have a synthesis column
Su Yu traveled through time and suddenly got a synthesis column. Everything in the world can be synthesized! No matter what it is, it can be turned into a rare treasure in Su Yu's hands! As long as there are enough items in Su Yu's hands, a kitchen knife can be turned into a It becomes a dragon-slaying sword. Ordinary white paper is synthesized into Hongmeng Golden Scroll. Ordinary clothes are synthesized into Misty Immortal Clothes. Ordinary Qi and Blood Pills are synthesized into Nine-turn Golden Pill. Any item can be transformed into It has become a treasure that countless people are flocking to!
author:Scattered in the windTaixing
The vast universe, endless races! Magnificent combat skills, ten battles across the sky! A single surname in ancient times, a top 100 battle list! In my name, step on the starry sky! One day in 2200, when humans first landed on Neptune, what they saw It's a sword and a standing corpse!!! The old book "The Supreme Throne of Doom" has been completed with more than three million words, and it has never been updated, and its character is guaranteed!!
Global Wasteland: Shelter Unlimited Upgrades
author:Jin Jin JinGlobal Wasteland: Shelter Unlimited Upgrades
When a natural disaster comes, all the people travel through the wasteland world and face the challenge of death and survival! Horrible acid rain, monstrous floods, cities burning from the sky, global glaciers, super radiation... No one is immune! Human beings can only build shelters if they want to survive. , accepting the baptism of natural disasters one after another. Fortunately, Sumo awakened the doomsday survival system! His shelter can be infinitely upgraded! [Wooden Door] [Iron Door] [Alloy Door]... [Wooden Spear] [Wood Spear] [Electromagnetic Spear]... [Diesel Generator] [Biological Generator] [Thermoelectric Generator].... While everyone is rushing to prepare for the next disaster, Somo has already Full of equipment, he roams the wasteland world. We are still lighting oil lamps, and other people’s refrigerators are used! I heard that the walls of his shelter are
Hoarding goods in space: struggling to survive in a world of crisis
author:long boat crossing the moonHoarding goods in space: struggling to survive in a world of crisis
[Heavy rain, flood, blizzard, extreme cold, extreme heat, pollution, insect plague, eternal night, earthquake...] On April 1st, Blue Star suddenly suffered a natural disaster, and heavy rain swept the world, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, seawater intrusion... ...All kinds of disasters came one after another. Ye Fu was reborn and returned to before the natural disasters. In this life, she frantically hoarded supplies just to survive. .】
A foreigner's journey
author:Move mailboxA foreigner's journey
When Heather looked back on the past, she realized that it was really a long journey with all kinds of strange things. This is a story of traveling through different worlds, collecting all kinds of legendary equipment while traveling comfortably, and a story of a foreigner looking for a way home. .Hunter Hunter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Final Fantasy, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Monster Hunter... How come there are so many worlds and none of them can help me find my way home? What? Where did the legendary equipment in my hand come from? Oh, These were given to me by hospitable local residents!

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