Chapter 1,297 The Birth of the Heavenly Dragon Phase

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Tianlong City, in the main hall deep in Tianlong Pavilion.

Li Jingzhe stood outside the "Scorching Mountain Cauldron", staring at the inside. The originally majestic spiritual liquid inside had become much scarcer, and even Li Luo's figure could no longer be concealed.

Li Luo, on the other hand, closed his eyes tightly and sat cross-legged in the cauldron.

After two months of practice, Li Luo's phase force fluctuations were significantly enhanced, and with Li Jingzhe's perception, he naturally noticed that an extremely pure and ancient majesty was gestating in Li Luo's body.

Li Qingpeng, who was standing next to Li Jingzhe, had surprise in his eyes. Although the majestic aura was very thin, it made the power of dragon phase flowing in his body become a little stagnant. Although he had a thought,

Even though this feeling of sluggishness has been eliminated, I still feel a little surprised.

"Is this the pressure of Tianlong?" He couldn't help but say.

Li Jingzhe nodded slightly and said: "After two months of training, the dragon phase in Xiao Luo's body has merged with the Tianlong bloodline in his body. It should start to evolve now."

"He has successfully survived this step."

Li Qingpeng was slightly shocked and said: "It has actually evolved into the "Celestial Dragon Phase"."

Evolving the "Dragon Aspect" should be the most anticipated thing for those of them who have the bloodline of King Li Tian. After all, this is the "Lord of the Dragon Aspect" and naturally has some suppressive power over other Dragon Aspects.

This can be seen from the fact that Li Taixuan directly suppressed the geniuses of his generation by relying on the virtual ninth-grade Tianlong phase.

However, it is not easy to evolve the "Celestial Dragon Aspect", because it has nothing to do with talent or strength. It depends entirely on the purity of one's own Tianlong bloodline. However, this purely depends on fate and no one can change it.

Among the many top experts in King Li Tian's lineage, who doesn't hold this ambition? But in the past hundred years, no one has successfully evolved.

Li Taixuan's "Heavenly Dragon Appearance" is also due to nature, not evolution.

But now, Li Luo is about to accomplish this feat.

"Xiao Luo's Tianlong bloodline is so pure that it's incredible." Li Qingpeng sighed.

"The question now is to see what level of Tianlong phase he can evolve into." Li Jingzhe said.

Li Qingpeng was stunned when he heard this and said: "Xiao Luo's dragon phase was originally at the seventh level. Even if it evolves now, it will only be at the eighth level at most, right?"

He knew very well how difficult it was to improve the level of Tianlong Xiang. Even Li Taixuan complained to him many times back then. Li Taixuan's ninth-grade Tianlong Xiang had swallowed a huge amount of spiritual water and strange light, and even one of them

The spiritual water of the lower ninth level has strange light, but... still failed to evolve to the lower ninth level as expected.

Li Jingzhe stared deeply at Li Luo's figure inside the cauldron and said, "Who knows, let's just watch first."


While the two were talking, violent energy fluctuations suddenly erupted from the "Scorching Mountain Cauldron". The fluctuations vibrated within the cauldron, causing the walls of the cauldron to tremble continuously and make a violent buzzing sound.

Intense purple-gold light roared out, and there was a faint sound of ancient dragon roars.

Li Jingzhe and Li Qingpeng both stared at the center of the purple-gold light. They saw Li Luo's body rising at a speed visible to the naked eye. In just a few breaths, he turned into a small giant of several feet.

The flesh and blood all over his body seemed to be squirming, but Li Jingzhe and Li Qingpeng noticed that under the vibration of this frequency, the strength of Li Luo's body was increasing at an alarming rate.

Moreover, purple-gold lines appeared on Li Luo's skin. At a rough glance, these lines looked like purple-gold divine dragons with teeth and claws.

"Purple gold dragon pattern, is this forging the true form of the Heavenly Dragon?" Li Qingpeng's eyes narrowed.

The so-called Heavenly Dragon True Body is an ability that comes with the Heavenly Dragon phase. Under this increase, the strength of the physical body will be greatly strengthened. This improvement is no less than refining a high-grade Yanshen level.

The art of body sealing.

Moreover, this Tianlong True Body will continue to improve with the evolution of the Tianlong phase. I think back then, this was also one of Li Taixuan's reliance.

Now that Li Luo has purple and gold dragon patterns on his body, that means he has become a celestial dragon!


A purple-gold beam of light suddenly shot out from Li Luotian's spiritual cap, directly knocking the cauldron cap away, and then rushed straight into the dome of the palace.

Li Jingzhe flicked his finger, and an invisible energy shield extended from the dome to block the purple-gold beam of light. Otherwise, looking at this posture, the beam of light would shoot straight into the sky, making the entire Tianlong City aware.

The purple-gold beam of light was blocked by the light shield, and then traces appeared in the eyes of Li Jingzhe and Li Qingpeng.


It was a purple-gold dragon shadow about a hundred feet in size. The dragon shadow swam slowly in the purple-gold light, and an ancient and pure coercion emanated overwhelmingly.

However, this kind of coercion had no effect on Li Jingzhe and Li Qingpeng in the hall. The two of them looked at the dragon shadow and were slightly distracted for a moment.

Because they understand that this is the most noble character of their Li Tianwang lineage.

Dragon phase!

After two full months of training, Li Luo finally succeeded in taking this evolutionary step, evolving his dragon phase into the "Supreme Dragon Phase"... Celestial Dragon Phase!

Moreover, the purple-gold dragon shadow in front of him still had a thunderous luster flowing on his body. Obviously, this was because of Li Luo's thunderous assistant.

Li Jingzhe felt slightly and realized the grade of this heavenly dragon phase.

The eighth grade, Tianlong phase.

This grade was not what he expected. He initially evaluated Li Luo's bloodline, and if it successfully evolved into the Tianlong phase, it should be this grade.

As for wanting to go further, it is really too difficult.

Between the eighth grade of Tianlong phase and the ninth grade of virtual phase, the spiritual water and strange light required are far more than other phases.

Even though Li Luo himself has pure Tianlong blood, after all, his original dragon phase is only the upper seventh level. If he can upgrade his dragon phase to the upper eighth level and then evolve, then it is possible to reach the virtual ninth level.

However, it is already very difficult to reach the eighth-grade dragon phase. In terms of power, it is more powerful than many virtual ninth-grade dragon phases. Even because the heavenly dragon phase can naturally suppress other dragon phases, maybe some of the lower ninth-grade dragon phase

The dragon signs are all fearless.

"Is it true that it can only reach the eighth level?"

At the same moment, Li Luo in the Burning Mountain Cauldron also felt the result of his own evolution of the Heavenly Dragon Phase. Although it was a joyful thing to successfully evolve the Heavenly Dragon Phase, his ambition was obviously more than that.

Because he will step into the realm of feudal lord and have to attack the Ten-Pillar Golden Platform, he must do everything possible to improve his own foundation.

As for the eighth-grade Tianlong Xiang, it seems that he is still short of breath.

"Is it true that we can't go any further?"

Li Luo felt a little unwilling in his heart, but he could also feel that the secret method of refining had begun to fail, and the effect of his own Tianlong bloodline had been squeezed to the limit. The upper-eighth level limit was obviously extremely difficult to break through.

Li Luo's mind raced, thinking whether all his methods could have a stimulating effect at this time.

"Dragon seed true elixir?"

"Order of the Heavenly King?"


Li Luo thought about it, and then decided to try it without hesitation.

However, just when he was about to make a move, he felt a faint roar coming from deep inside his body. Immediately, his mind changed and he saw the mysterious golden wheel deep inside his body.

It was slowly turning at this time.

As the mysterious golden wheel rotated, Li Luo suddenly noticed a majestic and pure energy emerging from it, and then flowing towards the Dragon and Thunder Palace.

"This is?"

Li Luo was astonished. From the mysterious and majestic energy, he felt the charm of spiritual water and strange light. This feeling was as if some of the spiritual water and strange light he had used before had been stored in it.

This golden wheel is normal.

Moreover, the energy ejected from the golden wheel this time seems to be so pure that it is unimaginable.

But at this time, Li Luo had no time to think too much, because as the pure energy poured into the Dragon and Thunder Phase Palace, the Heavenly Dragon Phase entrenched within it immediately opened its mouth and greedily swallowed it all.

The next moment, the purple-gold light erupted from the Tianlong phase suddenly became several times stronger, and its huge body also climbed higher and higher at this time.

Changes within the palace are also reflected in the outside world.

As a result, both Li Jingzhe and Li Qingpeng were a little shocked to see the shape of the purple-gold dragon shadow above Li Luo's head, which continued to expand and eventually filled the entire hall.

But what Li Jingzhe and Li Qingpeng cared about was not the change in the shape of the purple golden dragon shadow, but they faintly felt that there was a special charm emanating from this dragon shadow.

As well-informed beings, the two of them know this charm best.

That is, the charm that touches the ninth grade.

"This is..."

Li Qingpeng took a deep breath, unable to conceal the shock in his voice.

"The Heavenly Dragon Appearance of the Ninth Grade Virtual Realm?!"

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