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I'm the only loser in the whole division

I'm the only loser in the whole division

author:Shiraki tree

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-12 00:01

Latest chapter:Chapter 2043 You can’t wait until that day

She is the only loser in the whole school, but she has six genius brothers who dote on her and protect her, and everyone in the world is envious and jealous of her. The genius brothers treat her like jewels, and when defending against enemies, they always rush to draw their swords to stand in front of her. She I just want to say, brothers, I can really do it myself! I can beat ten of them one by one! She feels that it is unfair to call her weak. How can she explain to others to believe that she is not a loser? She is really strong! In the world of cultivation The number one boss coaxed softly: I believe, I will always believe in you. (Shuangwen, the heroine is strong, sassy and beautiful!)

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《I'm the only loser in the whole division》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 2043 You can’t wait until that day
Chapter 2042 I am from the Bai Feng clan
Chapter 2041 Zaizai’s mother
Chapter 2040 The little demon treats her differently
Chapter 2039 We used to be very affectionate
Chapter 2038 The anger and shame of the Fenghuang clan
Chapter 2037 The inheritance of life of the Feng Huáng family
Chapter 2036 Let’s just show off our wealth
Chapter 2035 Various strange rumors
《I'm the only loser in the whole division》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Transmigration to become a substitute bride?
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Amazing Anti-kill
Chapter 4 You are the waste
Chapter 5 I'll Tell You a Joke
Chapter 6 What do you know?
Chapter 7 This girl is cruel
Chapter 8 Foodie Friendship
Chapter 9 Is her face so big?
Chapter 10 Did it save the world
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 Start to grab Qingxi
Chapter 13 Want to knock out her teeth
Chapter 14 Not That Simple
Chapter 15 Qingxi's Excellent Operation
Chapter 16
Chapter 17 Classic Scumbag Quotes
Chapter 18 Master is madly cool and dazzling!
Chapter 19 No Contrast No Harm
Chapter 20 What is the master's body?
Chapter 21 Ugly and cute
Chapter 22 The strongest and poorest Zilin Peak
Chapter 23 The first flirt is cheap!
Chapter 24 Love and Hate
Chapter 25 Let's Get Rich Together
Chapter 26 Count him running fast!
Chapter 27 Sister Gu's talent is so terrifying?
Chapter 28 Discovering Giant Panda Cubs
Chapter 29
Chapter 30 The Incomparable Talent
Chapter 31 The sect is poor, save money if you can
Chapter 32 The Fierce Teaching Tradition of the Teacher's Sect
Chapter 33 She is here to show off
Chapter 34 The Three Senior Brothers Are Stunning
Chapter 35
Chapter 36
Chapter 37 The Third Senior Brother's Heavy Care
Chapter 38 The female nun who came to find fault
Chapter 39 He Likes to Pretend
Chapter 40
Chapter 41 You Prodigal Son!
Chapter 42
Chapter 43 The Third Senior Brother's Care and Love
Chapter 44
Chapter 45
Chapter 46 The robbery turned into a robbery
Chapter 47 The largest sect in the world of cultivation, rich!
Chapter 48 Master is still a disaster!
Chapter 49 The first place in yin and yang strange energy
Chapter 50 It's All To See Gu Qingxi
Chapter 51
Chapter 52: No One Can Compete With Gu Qingxi
Chapter 53: Skin it, very happy
Chapter 54
Chapter 55 Is this Tarling sick?
Chapter 56 It turns out that it is me who is sick
Chapter 57 He's the Real Pride of Heaven
Chapter 58 The weak do not deserve to eat
Chapter 59
Chapter 60 When I saw it, I was shocked.
Chapter 61 Are men so fickle?
Chapter 62
Chapter 63 I'm Really a Weak Chicken
Chapter 64 Only the sword and food can't live up to it
Chapter 65: Too Late
Chapter 66 What is the real ruthless way
Chapter 67 You don't deserve to know
Chapter 68 Get rich?!
Chapter 69 Who doesn't like to see beautiful women?
Chapter 70 The Fourth Senior Brother's Command
Chapter 71 Master Said That Men Have No Good Things
Chapter 72 Destination: The City of the Merman
Chapter 73 Magical Merman City
Chapter 74 The spirit beast eggs hatch!
Chapter 75
Chapter 76 Cubs, you have to be filial
Chapter 77 She is the thigh, he is the pendant
Chapter 78: Here's Another Shameless One
Chapter 79 The truth is too scary
Chapter 80 Because Your Face Is Big And Shameless
Chapter 81 Qingxi's stunning counter-kill
Chapter 82 Invisible pretending is the most deadly
Chapter 83 The Difference Between a Genius and a Demon
Chapter 84 She likes this look
Chapter 85 Picking up a half-merman child
Chapter 86 Qingxi has special skills
Chapter 87 That's the Fifth Senior Brother!
Chapter 88 The three masters and apprentices who secretly followed
Chapter 89 Do you have children?!
Chapter 90: A Fool Is Still Waiting For Little Junior Sister
Chapter 91 Ruthless Sword God
Chapter 92 The first sentence is to ask Qingxi
Chapter 93 The person I'm looking for is you
Chapter 94 I'm just being polite!
Chapter 95 The Deterrent Power of the Fourth Senior Brother
Chapter 96 Do You Really Dote On Her So Much?
Chapter 97 So much money, gone!
Chapter 98 She'll run faster if it's her!
Chapter 99 He's Afraid That You Use Suona To Send Him To Heaven
Chapter 100 You can't afford to lose?
Chapter 101 Beat her, beat her!
Chapter 102 I really feed the dog
Chapter 103 Gu Qingxi's talent in alchemy
Chapter 104 He also wants to protect Qingxi
Chapter 105 The Magical Gift of the Fifth Senior Brother
Chapter 106 It's Great To Be Rich
Chapter 107 Saying the most flirtatious words in the dullest tone
Chapter 108 A group of bald thieves
Chapter 109 Trapped me inside
Chapter 110 Who cares about you like this
Chapter 111: The Fifth Moon, a Rookie Disciple of Sword Sect
Chapter 112 He's Really Proud
Chapter 113 This should be our magician
Chapter 114 You Are Pretty Beautiful
Chapter 115 Two geniuses of alchemy?
Chapter 116 I don't want to rely on others
Chapter 117
Chapter 118 Gu Qingxi did it
Chapter 119 When will you protect her?
Chapter 120 Gu Qingxi's Real Purpose
Chapter 121 Qingxi's Rescue
Chapter 122 Someone stood in front of him today
Chapter 123 I will take you to fly
Chapter 124 There is a very ancient legend
Chapter 125 If it wasn't for her, we would regret it for life
Chapter 126 The legend is true!
Chapter 127 When did she become a soft persimmon?
Chapter 128
Chapter 129 I Know You Are Incompetent
Chapter 130 Gu Qingxi's Poisonous Tongue
Chapter 131 Are you going to cast a good tire?
Chapter 132 Qingxi has become a merman cub?!
Chapter 133 Whose cub is this?
Chapter 134 We Are Waiting For A Fateful Person
Chapter 135 I Was Really Poisoned!
Chapter 136 I will make you the stupidest
Chapter 137 Don't Forget To Flatter At This Time
Chapter 138
Chapter 139 I just don't like them
Chapter 140 Who is helping them cheat?
Chapter 141 Who Has Such Abilities
Chapter 142: I Don't Want You To Hit Me
Chapter 143 Who Has the Best Luck
Chapter 144 What the hell is a cub
Chapter 145 She is the one they have been waiting for
Chapter 146 Happiness comes too suddenly
Chapter 147 The large-scale double standard scene of the merman cubs
Chapter 148
Chapter 149 I was promoted in my sleep
Chapter 150 The three major sects are rushing to protect her?
Chapter 151 Ye Wuchen takes her to fly!
Chapter 152 The gift of the straight man Jianxiu
Chapter 153 He Doesn't Want To Forget Her
Chapter 154 When I grow up to marry you
Chapter 155 So many beauties!
Chapter 156
Chapter 157 The Emperor of the Merman Should Call You Ancestor
Chapter 158 We Are Poor Sword Cultivators
Chapter 159
Chapter 160 Just the Beginning of a Legend
Chapter 161 I Can Add Money
Chapter 162 Zi Linfeng's disciples can fight ten
Chapter 163 Don't Let Me See You Again
Chapter 164 Teach them how to be human
Chapter 165 Is this to rob them?
Chapter 166
Chapter 167 Was he beaten for nothing?
Chapter 168 This junior brother is so stupid
Chapter 169 Afraid that you won't speak and be beaten
Chapter 170 Huge medical family
Chapter 171 The most cowardly words
Chapter 172 Shut up, you stupid
Chapter 173
Chapter 174 Today, I'm on the edge of being beaten again
Chapter 175 A pain in my heart
Chapter 176 My hands are itchy and I want to hit someone
Chapter 177 I think you are teasing me
Chapter 178 The irascible ancestor beats the grandson online
Chapter 179 The Qin Family Is So Rich
Chapter 180 It turns out that this irritability is hereditary
Chapter 181 He's not a bear boy
Chapter 182 Who doesn't like the feeling of getting rich
Chapter 183
Chapter 184 The hero saves the beauty
Chapter 185 I'm Your Second Senior Brother
Chapter 186 Is this love?
Chapter 187 After all, we are all swordsmen
Chapter 188 Such shamelessness
Chapter 189 Complain to the Master!
Chapter 190 Master can't beat him to death!
Chapter 191 Is an apology useful?
Chapter 192 It depends on my apprentice's mood
Chapter 193 What kind of peerless master is this?
Chapter 194 Their ancestors are in my hands
Chapter 195
Chapter 196 Refuse to be taken away by the little junior sister
Chapter 197 The little brother is back!
Chapter 198 Qianshan Snow Palace, Palace Master
Chapter 199 He must have taken a fancy to his little junior sister
Chapter 200 Don't be fooled by him
Chapter 201 Gu Qingxi likes this proposal too much
Chapter 202 Either a thunderbolt will kill you
Chapter 203: Killing Without Nonsense
Chapter 204 Little Senior Brother's Extraordinary Talent
Chapter 205 Little Junior Sister Likes?
Chapter 206 Can't Retreat! I'll Protect You!
Chapter 207 That's Her Promise
Chapter 208
Chapter 209 Retaliation is so fast!
Chapter 210 What are you crying for?
Chapter 211 The little junior sister dug a large golden mountain
Chapter 212 Do it if you don't agree!
Chapter 213
Chapter 214: There is a big brother who is controlled by a younger brother
Chapter 215 What a sad truth
Chapter 216 Is she taking the opportunity to extort?
Chapter 217 Really convinced her!
Chapter 218 Yes, but you have to pay
Chapter 219 Gu Daoyou is too enchanting, isn't it?
Chapter 220 He is actually a half-demon
Chapter 221 Why Don't You Hate Me?
Chapter 222 The little brother became rich overnight
Chapter 223 The situation is reversed!
Chapter 224 Another Ruthless Man
Chapter 225 Jump up and hit someone
Chapter 226 This group of people is more pleasing to her
Chapter 227 Such a wretched way of fighting
Chapter 228 Seems to be waiting for her
Chapter 229 I can't think of it, I want to rob them
Chapter 230 “Dividing the spoils” feels wonderful
Chapter 231 Who is okay to die every day?
Chapter 232 Begging to be beaten is outrageous!
Chapter 233 The splendid White House Lord
Chapter 234 He treats him differently
Chapter 235 The Skeleton of the Nine-Tailed Fox
Chapter 236
Chapter 237 This divine beast egg is so big
Chapter 238 The God in Their Hearts
Chapter 239 I didn't see her again
Chapter 240 He appeared because of her
Chapter 241 Nine-tailed fox hatching
Chapter 242 Qingxi is actually a waste of a name
Chapter 243 Finally got to the master's body!
Chapter 244 The Fourth Senior Brother Gets Out of Poverty
Chapter 245 Ye Wuchen's Cold Joke
Chapter 246 The younger brother is hostile to him?
Chapter 247 How did Ye Wuchen know?
Chapter 248 Master's double-standard behavior
Chapter 249 Preference for Her
Chapter 250 I will accompany her
Chapter 251 Was Said By Ye Wuchen!
Chapter 252 This Magical Misunderstanding
Chapter 253 This low EQ makes people speechless
Chapter 254 I can't beat me
Chapter 255: Low EQ and High IQ
Chapter 256 The Poisonous Tongue Also Comes With Yin-Yang Weird Qi
Chapter 257 People from the Feng Family
Chapter 258 What kind of weird nickname is this?!
Chapter 259 Outrageous! Just speechless!
Chapter 260 Miss Gu is a genius!
Chapter 261 It is my dream to be a salted fish
Chapter 262 She Has Never Been Fearless
Chapter 263 Angry her to death!
Chapter 264 You Laugh Out Loud
Chapter 265 Start digging holes!
Chapter 266 This girl is really cruel
Chapter 267 Gu Qingxi stands out from the crowd
Chapter 268 See who has the last laugh
Chapter 269 Is Fourth Senior Brother So Powerful?
Chapter 270 She wrote down this maintenance
Chapter 271: Pretending to be Forced and Not Knowing
Chapter 272 Why did she win the first place?
Chapter 273 The feeling of having a cheating cousin turns out to be like this
Chapter 274 Just this IQ?
Chapter 275 You Scumbag!
Chapter 276 Changes occur suddenly!
Chapter 277 You Dare!
Chapter 278
Chapter 279 She's going to start something
Chapter 280
Chapter 281 The identity of the salted fish boss
Chapter 282 Face Gang with the power of one person!
Chapter 283 The bald donkey winks
Chapter 284 Where did they get the courage?
Chapter 285 The Lord of the Southern Border makes a gorgeous appearance
Chapter 286 Everyone knows she's not easy to mess with
Chapter 287 The Demeanor of the Lord of the Southern Border
Chapter 288 How can a person be so beautiful
Chapter 289 You seem to have forgotten your sense of proportion
Chapter 290 You just called me a bald donkey and I was hurt
Chapter 291 He Takes Back What He Just Said
Chapter 292 Is this also related to the great master?
Chapter 293 The person who can be spoiled like this
Chapter 294: Who does she look like when she is so stinky?
Chapter 295 Lovely little fat girl
Chapter 296 The Holy Maiden Gu Yue
Chapter 297 This is the person I want to promise
Chapter 298 Their Faith and Loyalty
Chapter 299 The Little White Flower in the Mural
Chapter 300 Mural, alive?
Chapter 301 Do You Really Blame Gu Qingxi?
Chapter 302
Chapter 303 Am I So Scary?
Chapter 304 Sister, Did You Do It On Purpose?
Chapter 305 I'm really aggrieved
Chapter 306 Put on the crown
Chapter 307
Chapter 308 Is the fateful person talking about me?
Chapter 309 Gu Qingxi, she definitely did it on purpose
Chapter 310 This flattering villain, hum!
Chapter 311 Is the Soul Shaman Clan So Rich?
Chapter 312 Bring words to Ye Wuchen
Chapter 313 Is this more exciting?
Chapter 314
Chapter 315 Little Junior Sister, You Can Be More Willful
Chapter 316 Is it really good to change your face so quickly?
Chapter 317 Forgetting No One Will Forget You
Chapter 318 Fifth Senior Brother! Recovered!
Chapter 319 Between you and me, there is no need to say thank you
Chapter 320: Sister Feng's Homecoming
Chapter 321 Is this a straight man's sultry?
Chapter 322 I Seem In Love With You
Chapter 323 I knew you would come to me
Chapter 324: Can You Do It?
Chapter 325 Picking up the divine beast
Chapter 326 This is a friend
Chapter 327 Dad, you beat him and beat him
Chapter 328: Stay away from him
Chapter 329 Are you really a group of monks?
Chapter 330 I'm Wrong, I'll Dare Next Time
Chapter 331 I Can't Provoke Her
Chapter 332 This overbearing request
Chapter 333 Let's run away quickly
Chapter 334 This idea is simply whimsical
Chapter 335 I don't want to care about her anymore
Chapter 336 This is really a windfall
Chapter 337 Maybe she shouldn't perfunctory him
Chapter 338 Meeting the “Idiot” Again
Chapter 339
Chapter 340: The Divine Artifact Is About to Come into the World
Chapter 341 Is he a fool or is we fools?
Chapter 342 Forget it, as long as Qingxi is happy
Chapter 343 Qingxi's Determination
Chapter 344 What about the said artifact?
Chapter 345
Chapter 346 She doesn't want this either!
Chapter 347 Is this Spirit Fire so vengeful?
Chapter 348 People who laugh at me have nothing to do
Chapter 349 It also deserves? Bah!
Chapter 350 Qingxi's cruelty
Chapter 351 Do You Think You Are Smart
Chapter 352 You are bald and talk well
Chapter 353 The Rumored Immortal
Chapter 354 He has been trapped here for five hundred years
Chapter 355 I didn't expect your father to be able to give birth
Chapter 356 Anti-robbery said so fresh and refined
Chapter 357 I think it's cute
Chapter 358 I am the rule
Chapter 359 The border between the human world and the demon world?
Chapter 360 The Wood Element Spirit Fire Appears Again
Chapter 361 But I Don't Want You
Chapter 362 Gu Qingxi's Big Fool
Chapter 363 I will have the final say here
Chapter 364 A Subtle Feeling
Chapter 365 No, you are the best
Chapter 366 The girl in front of me really did it
Chapter 367 There are not many such fools
Chapter 368 Live or die, I will follow you
Chapter 369 You are also worthy?
Chapter 370: Finally Don't Have Spicy Eyes
Chapter 371: If You Want To Be Thankful, Make an IOU
Chapter 372 Who is this big man?
Chapter 373 She succeeded!
Chapter 374 The Legendary Demon World
Chapter 375 My Master Is Amazing
Chapter 376 Qingxi pretends to be a succubus
Chapter 377 like a generation of demon concubine
Chapter 378 Who is the little beauty?
Chapter 379 Is there such a terrifying succubus?
Chapter 380 It’s noisy, shut up
Chapter 381 He really can't do this
Chapter 382 How many secrets does she have?
Chapter 383 Follow her with a bright future
Chapter 384 Cub's Luck
Chapter 385 He regrets it, shouldn’t have seen it
Chapter 386 We make a fortune!
Chapter 387 Very good, this style is very clear
Chapter 388
Chapter 389 As long as you know, get out of here
Chapter 390 Then you are really a rookie
Chapter 391 She Wants All Demons to Know She's Fierce
Chapter 392 Your thoughts are very dangerous
Chapter 393 Are they trying to make me ugly?
Chapter 394 She is the best
Chapter 395 Do You Want To Repay?
Chapter 396 I just extorted a big deal
Chapter 397: Ye Wuchen's Search
Chapter 398 I'm afraid you won't be left behind
Chapter 399 I really want to see their style back then
Chapter 400 Is She Wanting Face Too?
Chapter 401 Senior Brother’s Extra 1 Extra Update
Chapter 402 I have to save her
Chapter 403 Little devil, you too have today
Chapter 404 This action is really spicy eyes
Chapter 405: Try to be a Demon City Lord as a Human?
Chapter 406 Is Demon World Traffic So Advanced?
Chapter 407 It's not an exaggeration to say it's hell
Chapter 408 She has seen a crueler side
Chapter 409 Break off their horns!
Chapter 410: Surprise or surprise?
Chapter 411 Why do you rob her without long eyes?
Chapter 412 The scumbag abandons his wife and children?
Chapter 413 I am the one with a sick mind
Chapter 414 She is not only strong but also rich
Chapter 415
Chapter 416 Hard, hard, fist hard!
Chapter 417 Is there such a good thing? (Additional update)
Chapter 418 I'm just pretending to be beeping
Chapter 419 At this time, Gu Qingxi drew his sword
Chapter 420 She winks at you
Chapter 421 Her refusal three times
Chapter 422 Who is the Fool?
Chapter 423 His father is an ignorant dude
Chapter 424 Don't hesitate to stand in front of him
Chapter 425 Always remember the promise with you
Chapter 426 My Long-Lost Son
Chapter 427 I won't bully you anymore
Chapter 428 The Domineering Him
Chapter 429 Ye Wuchen's Spirit Pet: Dragon
Chapter 430 Demon Dragon is a Snack
Chapter 431 He's Just A Little Lazy
Chapter 432
Chapter 433 Stop talking nonsense and just do it
Chapter 434 Everything has a first time
Chapter 435 You will not be alone in the future
Chapter 436 I will be better for her
Chapter 437 Don't Want To Look At Me Anymore
Chapter 438 The giant panda master is here!
Chapter 439 The Hug of the Giant Panda
Chapter 440 The secret of the blood of the senior brother
Chapter 441 After you got together with Gu Qingxi, you became...
Chapter 442 The master actually watches the fun
Chapter 443 I finally have ice blue horns
Chapter 444: Happiness Comes So Suddenly
Chapter 445: He has experience in issuing IOUs
Chapter 446 Are You So Heartless?
Chapter 447
Chapter 448: The Cute Bear With Exceeding Combat Power
Chapter 449
Chapter 450 Super Rich Bears
Chapter 451 Acting like a spoiled child, want a hug
Chapter 452 Let me drive the chicken, I will never chase the dog
Chapter 453 The girl in the painting is like Qingxi?
Chapter 454
Chapter 455 Gu Qingxi punches a beautiful man
Chapter 456 Who asked him to fix this beauty
Chapter 457 I like you a little
Chapter 458: A Scene from a Past Life
Chapter 459 He Actually Can Draw Big Pies
Chapter 460 Where are you worthy of Qingxi?
Chapter 461 The Gift of the Past Life
Chapter 462 I Don't Want To See You Again
Chapter 463 is her admirer
Chapter 464: His Name
Chapter 465 She is so ruthless
Chapter 466 Are you here to be funny?
Chapter 467 She didn't expect it
Chapter 468 Is her background so awesome?
Chapter 469 I've never seen anyone so stupid that they jumped into the pit
Chapter 470: The Dark-bellied Senior Brother Ye
Chapter 471 The scene is very funny
Chapter 472 I Can't Fight But I Can Complain
Chapter 473 He Seems To Have Misunderstood Little Junior Sister
Chapter 474 The double standard is too much
Chapter 475 The smell of gunpowder between Master and Brother Ye?
Chapter 476 The master really waited for her again
Chapter 477 Look at what your disciples have built for you
Chapter 478: The Fury of the Fire Demon King
Chapter 479 That scene amazed him
Chapter 480 The ancestors of all spirits are jealous and jealous
Chapter 481 Where did he see her?
Chapter 482 You will be the first talisman master in the demon world
Chapter 483 I really don't know what's wrong
Chapter 484 She runs away, he chases
Chapter 485 I believed your evil! Robbery! (Additional update)
Chapter 486 Bad old man or sickly beautiful man?
Chapter 487 Okay, this operation is very clear
Chapter 488 Master said: You know
Chapter 489: Senior Brother Bargaining Price (Additional Update 1)
Chapter 490 I couldn’t imagine more to rob you (Additional update 2)
Chapter 491
Chapter 492 His heart is really sour
Chapter 493 He regrets it for the first time
Chapter 494: Returning to the Human World
Chapter 495 Senior Brother Has a Psychological Shadow?
Chapter 496 Which Senior Brother Should You Love?
Chapter 497 A Gift to the Brothers' Hearts
Chapter 498 How good is Qingxi's popularity
Chapter 499 He wants to wait for Qingxi to leave the customs!
Chapter 500 What is this playing?
Chapter 501
Chapter 502: If you disagree with one word, you will be a teacher and recognize your ancestors
Chapter 503 How many surprises does Gu Qingxi have to give him?
Chapter 504 Want to do something big
Chapter 505
Chapter 506 What Does She Care About?
Chapter 507 I almost performed on the spot, a dutiful son was born under the stick
Chapter 508 This Historic Moment
Chapter 509 The collective silence of the bosses
Chapter 510 This little girl is chatting to death
Chapter 511 I owe him more and more
Chapter 512 The Same Sao Bao and Narcissism
Chapter 513 Want to laugh but dare not laugh
Chapter 514 The Second Senior Brother's Peach Blossom Is Here
Chapter 515 This time, she takes the initiative to recognize her father
Chapter 516 These people's arrogant sense of superiority
Chapter 517 Qingxi who holds vengeance
Chapter 518 Has Qingxi's face been saved?
Chapter 519 Who gave you the courage to talk to me like this
Chapter 520 How dare she? She really dares!
Chapter 521 Aren't You Very Arrogant?
Chapter 522 Qingxi's poisonous tongue is stunned again
Chapter 523
Chapter 524 Please don't question my taste
Chapter 525: The Birth of the Artifact
Chapter 526 Thousands of arrows fired together, shocking
Chapter 527
Chapter 528 You Know You Bullied Me
Chapter 529 This pet is richer than the owner
Chapter 530 Who is the waste!
Chapter 531 What are you
Chapter 532 The thing they have always been proud of
Chapter 533 I must have been very powerful in my previous life
Chapter 534
Chapter 535 How dare you dislike me?
Chapter 536 He is not worthy at all!
Chapter 537 Are They Fools?
Chapter 538
Chapter 539 wait for me to help you beat them
Chapter 540 I want to hug my head and cry when I understand the truth
Chapter 541 I Hate Her But I Can't Take Her
Chapter 542 Little Shishu looks so good when he smiles
Chapter 543 The boy in memory
Chapter 544 Xiaoqinglong's singing is killing people
Chapter 545 How Does He Know My Name?
Chapter 546 Don't you look like a villain?
Chapter 547 I'm just here to watch the joke
Chapter 548 Modest trio
Chapter 549 The Majesty of Emperor Donghua
Chapter 550
Chapter 551 The Great Emperor Donghua Recognizes All Souls
Chapter 552 This person is very possessive
Chapter 553 She seems to have had a dream
Chapter 554 He is a good man
Chapter 555
Chapter 556 He was sullen by Gu Qingxi
Chapter 557 This girl is not easy to mess with
Chapter 558 It's me, it's me, it's me
Chapter 559 What a beautiful thought, bah!
Chapter 560: On the Misunderstanding of Little Junior Sister
Chapter 561 Second Senior Brother's Gorgeous Sword
Chapter 562 Goal: From a weak chicken to a strong one
Chapter 563 Changes in Ye Wuchen
Chapter 564 The Fourth Senior Brother Is Really Ruthless
Chapter 565: Weird Poisonous Oath
Chapter 566: The Most Popular Word Book Right Now
Chapter 567 Who is so bold
Chapter 568
Chapter 569 Such a peerless beauty
Chapter 570 Five Senior Brothers Return
Chapter 571 The Gift of the Fifth Senior Brother
Chapter 572 I Want To Hit Him
Chapter 573 You and I should be a natural couple
Chapter 574 Where did he get the confidence to flirt with girls?
Chapter 575 The ruthless kick of the fifth brother
Chapter 576
Chapter 577
Chapter 578 There is a knife on the head of the color!
Chapter 579 Master's Legend
Chapter 580 Demon Realm Imperial Capital
Chapter 581 Nine-tailed fox has grown up
Chapter 582
Chapter 583 I'll change what you don't like about me
Chapter 584 Repayment or revenge?
Chapter 585
Chapter 586 Daddy! Calm down!
Chapter 587
Chapter 588 Dangerous Peerless Beauty
Chapter 589 Who is the Fool
Chapter 590 This is picking up money, take one with me!
Chapter 591 What are you pretending to be a thousand-year-old old demon
Chapter 592
593 Pretend not to know him
Chapter 594 My little junior sister is stronger than you
Chapter 595 Are their demons shameless?
Chapter 596 Can't I afford it?
Chapter 597
Chapter 598 Are You All Trash?
Chapter 599: The Awakening of the Nine-Tailed Fox
Chapter 600: The Qingxi Protecting Shortness
Chapter 601 The picture is happy and tragic!
Chapter 602 He was shocked by the scene in front of him
Chapter 603 He's Already Concerned
Chapter 604 People, if they don’t have self-awareness
Chapter 605
Chapter 606 Trust him once
Chapter 607 His cruel smile
Chapter 608 However, she does not regret it
Chapter 609 She always makes people like her
Chapter 610 The Demon King Summons
Chapter 611 Bai Ze is about to hatch
Chapter 612 The Demon King Who Wants Face
Chapter 613 The rogue monsters
Chapter 614 The Demon King's Routine
Chapter 615 He is clearly confident
Chapter 616 The princess was seriously injured
Chapter 617 Six hundred years, he can afford it
Chapter 618 You may want to call me mother-in-law?
Chapter 619 The Evil God Leng Yan Li
Chapter 620 This is really something he can do
Chapter 621 That's Exciting!
Chapter 622 He is a paranoid lunatic (additional update)
623 The only one who let go of me
Chapter 624 Let's beat him badly
Chapter 625
Chapter 626 How is this possible? (Additional update)
Chapter 627 How can they be so cruel?
Chapter 628 My Heart Already Belongs to Her
Chapter 629 Do You Think You Can Protect Her?
Chapter 630
Chapter 631
Chapter 632 Wanling finally recognizes the master
Chapter 633 The little disciple actually did it
Chapter 634 She Can't Reincarnate Again
Chapter 635 Be good, I am your old father
Chapter 636 This is so pampering
Chapter 637
Chapter 638 Why is the little sister so cute
Chapter 639: Regarding things like flying swords (more updates)
Chapter 640 Waiting for you to restore your memory
Chapter 641 He Can't Tell the Truth
Chapter 642 A lot of beautiful sisters
Chapter 643 Are geniuses attacking people like this?
Chapter 644 I'm Waiting For You Here
Chapter 645 Xiao Qinglong's Counterattack
Chapter 646 Was I So Powerful Before?
Chapter 647 The group pet, Xiao Qingxi
Chapter 648 Even Xiaodouding hates himself!
Chapter 649 He is going crazy! (Update added)
Chapter 650 I have a lot of money
Chapter 651 Do you want to refuse so ruthlessly?
Chapter 652 Who is pampering whom?
Chapter 653 Sending you these girls!
Chapter 654 The Reason She Attracts Ye Wuchen
Chapter 655 I Really Hate Myself
Chapter 656 Where is the complaining snack foodie? (Additional update)
Chapter 657 It's so stupid!
Chapter 658 The fate of offending Qingxi
Chapter 659 Xia Tian will never disappoint
Chapter 660 If it weren’t for Qingxi’s sake of my face (additional update)
Chapter 661 She Persistently Moved Forward
Chapter 662: Youyou's Past Life Appearance
Chapter 663 Please, don’t lie to me
Chapter 664: Wife doesn’t love him anymore, woo woo woo
Chapter 665 In exchange for Ye Wuchen's another beating
Chapter 666 The person she admires most
Chapter 667 He is willing to pay any price
Chapter 668 The innocent young city owner who yearns for love
Chapter 669 This is a big profiteer!
Chapter 670 The first time someone wanted to throw money at him
Chapter 671: If you want to fight, fight, what’s the beeping all the time?
Chapter 672 This bastard who cares about sex and friends!
Chapter 673 Only Qing Xi is different
Chapter 674 Qingxi is still looking forward to that picture
Chapter 675 Don't think about jumping in front of him
Chapter 676 Take these two jokes away!
Chapter 677
Chapter 678 Her behavior seems a bit 'scumbag'?
Chapter 679 I hope he never wakes up
Chapter 680 You are laughing too loudly!
Chapter 681 A big question mark slowly emerges from the head
Chapter 682 I didn't expect to meet you again
Chapter 683 The Best Sword in the Eternal Sword Tomb
Chapter 684 That picture is too beautiful, I dare not think about it
Chapter 685 How Can You Question His Taste?
Chapter 686 Mutations protrude! Shock everyone!
Chapter 687 No one can take away what belongs to Qingxi
Chapter 688 An almost miraculous scene (additional update)
Chapter 689 He Thinks He and I Should Be Dao Companions
Chapter 690 Is defending her the same as defending against a rival in love?
Chapter 691 Who gave him the confidence?
Chapter 692 Love at first sight?
Chapter 693 If I hit my daughter-in-law, I will hit you
Chapter 694 What has he become? Humph!
Chapter 695 It’s really great to see you again
Chapter 696 I don't deserve to live
Chapter 697
Chapter 698 This scene makes people sigh
Chapter 699 Yes, I am happy with Junior Sister Gu Qingxi
Chapter 700 You Think A Little Beautiful
Chapter 701
Chapter 702 He is smiling at her
Chapter 703 Ah, I’m a little envious
Chapter 704 Brain supplement is a disease
Chapter 705: The Lord of the Southern Border Arrives Gorgeously
Chapter 706 Emperor Donghua and the Master of Qianshan Snow Palace arrive
Chapter 707 The Three Big Brothers Come To Steal the Little Junior Sister
Chapter 708 The three big bosses admit their mistakes
Chapter 709 The disciple really misses you
Chapter 710 Finally Recognized With My Favorite Master
Chapter 711 The coquetry of the Lord of the Southern Border
Chapter 712 They will be very sad
Chapter 713 Love rivals are about to meet
Chapter 714 Instantly kill the rival
Chapter 715 The young master won't eat this set of you!
Chapter 716 This child is the one she delivered
Chapter 717 He is very self-aware
Chapter 718 Can't Pry His Heart
Chapter 719 The Peach Blossom of the Third Senior Brother
Chapter 720 Are you still blaming me?
Chapter 721: The End of Licking the Dog
Chapter 722 Qingxi's Domineering
Chapter 723 Fairy Biaojian VS Fairy Wonderful Sound
Chapter 724 Just one sword, shattering the artifact
Chapter 725 Qingxi Really Dare!
Chapter 726 The Monks of the Eight Trigrams (Additional update)
Chapter 727 If you like Qingxi and want to achieve a positive result
Chapter 728 He didn't think of it at all
Chapter 729 Qingxi kills the heart
Chapter 730: Bringing Back His Unpleasant Memories
Chapter 731 The contrast is too obvious
Chapter 732: Hold it back, don’t laugh!
Chapter 733 Those people look so stupid
Chapter 734 This is an honest man
Chapter 735 Outrageous Rumors
Chapter 736 Look again, do you believe I will hit you?
Chapter 737 You are thick-skinned, you should be invincible
Chapter 738: The Cubs That Can Eat Especially
Chapter 739 He feels so heartbroken
Chapter 740
Chapter 741 Can She Gu Qingxi Endure?
Chapter 742 You deserve to be beaten
Chapter 743: Fairy Biaojian's slap in the face
Chapter 744 This arrogant can only be bullied by herself
Chapter 745 Why are you being so nice to me?
Chapter 746 Old fathers who are heartbroken
Chapter 747 I'm not as good as a pig?
Chapter 748 Are you here for my little junior sister?
Chapter 749 His master is a genius and an all-rounder!
Chapter 750 The little brother is angry
Chapter 751
Chapter 752 The so-called straight male aesthetic
Chapter 753: Arrogant and ridiculous!
Chapter 754 The Special Divine Dream Sect
Chapter 755 Little Junior Sister Won't Be Bewitched by Beauty
Chapter 756 He is thoughtful
Chapter 757 Compliment each other or hurt each other
Chapter 758 Don't offend anyone, don't offend Master
Chapter 759 Who Should I Worry About?
Chapter 760 The feeling of being protected by a friend
Chapter 761 Everyone is silent
Chapter 762 It seems to always surprise him
Chapter 763 What are the two masters yelling at?
Chapter 764: Bai Ze's Outrageous Temper
Chapter 765 She Has The Capital To Be Proud
Chapter 766 These people guessed wrong
Chapter 767 From Despair to Hope
Chapter 768 She will never let him go
Chapter 769: So sad, I feel like thousands of arrows are piercing my heart
Chapter 770 Who is stronger between Qingxi and him?
Chapter 771 The long-awaited game
Chapter 772 I'm Not Confused
Chapter 773 Win!
Chapter 774 Then, he flew away
Chapter 775 Guess the ending but not the beginning
Chapter 776 She's Bullying Her
Chapter 777: Be Careful
Chapter 778 Cute little fat man
Chapter 779 It's the first time she's seen her face
Chapter 780 You will convince them in a while
Chapter 781
Chapter 782 She Wants To Cry!
Chapter 783 You can only make friends with her, don’t offend her
Chapter 784 Why don't you go grab it?
Chapter 785 The witty little junior sister
Chapter 786
Chapter 787 The Most Valuable Goods
Chapter 788 Crazy Arrogance
Chapter 789: The Cry of the Delicate Young Master
Chapter 790 I want to get my money back
Chapter 791 Forget it, I can’t afford it
Chapter 792 My conscience hurts a little
Chapter 793 He is a fool
Chapter 794 This is so dark!
Chapter 795 Saved a little cutie
Chapter 796 I Really Want to Promise
Chapter 797 Second Senior Brother Has Many Secrets
Chapter 798
Chapter 799 This is what I can watch for free?
Chapter 800 You are talking nonsense!
Chapter 801 Save me, save me, save me!
Chapter 802 Fight to be worthy of Miss Gu in the future
Chapter 803 The big sister is a person with a story
Chapter 804 The ultimate foodie
Chapter 805 Her fists are a little hard
Chapter 806 I touched the big sister's inverse scale
Chapter 807 Abnormal phenomenon
Chapter 808
Chapter 809 Where did the courage come from to rob Fairy Biaojian
Chapter 810 Weird!
Chapter 811
Chapter 812 The handsome man with different eyes
Chapter 813
Chapter 814 One-sided hanging
Chapter 815 Only he is worthy of the master!
Chapter 816
Chapter 817 The little white flower is a little silly
Chapter 818 The promoted Zaizai, the arrogant Bai Ze
Chapter 819 The identity of a handsome man with different eyes
Chapter 820 Little White Flower’s true attribute is that she is very capable of fighting!
Chapter 821 He finally met her
Chapter 822 The master is so powerful that no one can match it
Chapter 823 The picture is too beautiful, I dare not think about it
Chapter 824 She has this confidence!
Chapter 825 Where did Qingxi get a daughter?
Chapter 826 The fate of life with the master
Chapter 827 Who is the real genius
Chapter 828 This scene will never be forgotten
Chapter 829 She is also the person he admires the most
Chapter 830 She didn't really mean that
Chapter 831 Qingxi was stripped of his vest?
Chapter 832
Chapter 833 What reason do they have to not believe her?
Chapter 834 Success or failure is here!
Chapter 835: Commanding Ten Thousand Swords, All in Silence (Additional Update)
Chapter 836 You are the most powerful human being I have ever seen
Chapter 837 The ending that no one guessed
Chapter 838 You are not allowed to rob Master from me!
Chapter 839 I have never regretted my decision
840 The more you look at her, the more you like her
Chapter 841 Qingxi is about to break through
Chapter 842 The massive promotion has begun
Chapter 843 Is this the way of heaven has released water again?
Chapter 844 The Thunder that protects the short?
Chapter 845 The giant panda takes you to fly~
Chapter 846 Distinction between male apprentices and female apprentices
Chapter 847 The straight man of steel has a soft heart
Chapter 848: Ye Wuchen's Disappearance
Chapter 849 This Magical Friendship
Chapter 850 Make the monks crazy
Chapter 851 Let him daydream
Chapter 852 Seven Overlords
Chapter 853 You are very easy to beat!
Chapter 854 Are You Beaten Every Day?
Chapter 855 The Bear's Overlord Daddy Appears
Chapter 856: The Silly Son of the Next Domain Lord
Chapter 857
Chapter 858 Who Is That Silly Son
Chapter 859 This is an arrogant boy
Chapter 860 But they dare not
Chapter 861 What did the other party think about?
Chapter 862 No one can bully you with me
Chapter 863
Chapter 864 Ya Feng starts tea talk again
Chapter 865 Is it to make him smile?
Chapter 866: Finally Found Ye Wuchen
Chapter 867 hold your hand
Chapter 868 He only felt joy in his heart
Chapter 869 Is she a playboy?
Chapter 870 The Undercurrent Between Love Rivals
Chapter 871 Who is calling me bald
Chapter 872 The most dazzling man wherever he goes
Chapter 873 Dusty Past Life Memories?
Chapter 874 The Demon Emperor in Memory
Chapter 875 You are not worthy!
Chapter 876 Come on, let’s hurt each other
Chapter 877 The taste of secret love
Chapter 878 Don't Care About You!
Chapter 879 Does anyone believe this?
Chapter 880 The prototype of Huo Xiaodao!
Chapter 881 Qing Xi, please save my life.
Chapter 882
Chapter 883 Looking too beautiful has become a disaster
Chapter 884 You Are Our Lady Goddess
Chapter 885 she remembered
Chapter 886 The person who changed their fate
Chapter 887 What is the truth
Chapter 888 Make a fortune!
Chapter 889 Someone came to grab a relative?
Chapter 890 Don't force me to do it!
Chapter 891 I Really Do Bad Things For The First Time
Chapter 892 She Has To Hurry Up To Be Happy
Chapter 893 The legendary cannon fodder character?
Chapter 894 Three beauties are invited
Chapter 895
Chapter 896 Hidden boss?
Chapter 897 A Magical and Spectacular Scene
Chapter 898 You wait for me!
Chapter 899 Does he only see Qingxi in his eyes?
Chapter 900 Everyone was stunned and confused
Chapter 901 Her final stubbornness
Chapter 902 Feminine and handsome lone pirate
Chapter 903 His Ego
Chapter 904 Do you know that your words are very disturbing?
Chapter 905 This is my and his secret
Chapter 906 You can try
Chapter 907 You are still so cowardly!
Chapter 908 It seems that something terrible happened
Chapter 909 I'm going to file a complaint even though it's noisy?
Chapter 910 The hostage with self-knowledge
Chapter 911 I guess I’ve been putting up with this idiot for a long time (additional update)
Chapter 912 The only person he trusts
Chapter 913 This feeling is the first time
Chapter 914 Qingxi's sword is always fast, accurate and ruthless
Chapter 915 just won his heart
Chapter 916 Rumors and Deeds of the Lord of the Abyss
Chapter 917 She can't bear to watch
Chapter 918 I'm not in a hurry, I'm just scared
Chapter 919
Chapter 920 An old friend in a previous life? Is it an enemy or a friend?
Chapter 921 Why should he be trapped here
Chapter 922 The truth you think is not the truth
Chapter 923 No one thought of this
Chapter 924 Will you be angry with me when you talk?
Chapter 925
Chapter 926 You Come Home With Me
Chapter 927 I just remembered one person
Chapter 928 You Can't Kiss Me Anymore
929 As long as he doesn't feel embarrassed
Chapter 930 If you don't listen to reason, you can only fight
Chapter 931 Although you fell in love with me at first sight
Chapter 932 She is like a scumbag
Chapter 933: Falling in Love at First Sight Isn't That Useful
Chapter 934 Are our seven domain masters inferior to a chick?
Chapter 935
Chapter 937
Chapter 938 He said that if there is nothing, there must be something
Chapter 939 A Magical Thing Happened!
Chapter 940 It's All Like a Miracle
Chapter 941 She is a crybaby
Chapter 942 The Worst Artifact?
Chapter 943 Is he here to fight?
Chapter 944 This thing is not simple
Chapter 945: If you can’t afford to offend me, of course you run away!
Chapter 946 Does the Lord of Southern Border know about this?
Chapter 947 The Lord of the Southern Border is domineering
Chapter 948 Her tenderness is only for one person
Chapter 949 I want Master to touch my head and give me a hug
Chapter 950 When will you become a Taoist partner?
Chapter 951 Can Junior Sister Gu Really Do It?
Chapter 952 Is this a rush to die?
Chapter 953 His great dream seems to be gone
Chapter 954 I have never seen such a brazen person
Chapter 955 Draw your sword if you're not happy!
Chapter 956 You are provoking, you are jealous!
Chapter 957: I can’t beat him, so I dare not refute
Chapter 958 The little expert at making up the knife!
Chapter 959 I just caught him and chased after him alone
Chapter 960 I'm still stubborn
Chapter 961 The little white flower shows her power!
Chapter 962: The Fetters of Life with the Master
Chapter 963 This is their little ancestor!
Chapter 964 He is really inferior to her
Chapter 965 Welcome the little ancestor's return!
Chapter 966 Is this the daughter-in-law that God sent me?
Chapter 967 A terrible guess
Chapter 968 I have lived for many, many years
Chapter 969 He is indeed very rich
Chapter 970 She will let go (more updates)
Chapter 971 The love of one person and one flower
Chapter 972
Chapter 973 A conspiracy
Chapter 974 Is this a protection fee?
Chapter 975 How dare you
Chapter 976 She is a serious person! Don't think about it!
Chapter 977 Our Holy Land will never die with you!
Chapter 978 Gu Qingxi's Sword!
Chapter 979 You are also worthy?
Chapter 980 I panic, but I don’t panic anymore
Chapter 981 Kill without mercy!
Chapter 982 This is the truth
Chapter 983 Always stand by him unconditionally
Chapter 984 Who can help the master?
Chapter 985 Master, can you promise him?
Chapter 986 Qing Xi uses the forbidden technique! (Additional update)
Chapter 987 This dream is a bit cute
Chapter 988 Is she an immortal?
Chapter 989 I love you very much
Chapter 990 Afraid that she would slap him to death
Chapter 991 Why is it always him who gets hurt?
Chapter 992 Earn money!
Chapter 993 Who would dislike a lot of money?
Chapter 994 I'll make a fortune
Chapter 995 Where's your face? Where's your face?
Chapter 996 I'm Still a Baby
Chapter 997 Their enemies must be far more than friends
Chapter 998 This divine beast egg has a lot of temper
Chapter 999 There will always be someone here waiting for her
Chapter 1000 The brothers gather together!
Chapter 1001 Are the brothers all hidden bosses?
Chapter 1002 I'm angry, I have to coax you
Chapter 1003 The scumbag in the merman
Chapter 1004 Only Gu Qingxi can
Chapter 1005 She fell into a strange silence
Chapter 1006 The taste of the scumbag is indescribable
Chapter 1007 It’s a bit miserable, I want to laugh, but I hold it back
Chapter 1008 There is no need to remember this kind of thing so clearly, right?
Chapter 1009 Zhenxiang will never be late
Chapter 1010 The scumbag who was rejected by his son
Chapter 1011 I'm so happy that I can't walk anymore
Chapter 1012 Waiting for Qingxi to beat them in the face
Chapter 1013 Slight punishment
Chapter 1014 The murderous half-merman fat cub!
Chapter 1015 She is accustomed to me
Chapter 1016 This is a bit more harmful than
Chapter 1017 We are going to pretend to be pigs and eat tigers
Chapter 1018 The thief is cute
Chapter 1019 That's too shameless
1020 What is calling me
Chapter 1021 Using the Reincarnation Stone
Chapter 1022 There is a fish in the North Ming Dynasty, its name is Kun
Chapter 1023 One person and one pet love each other and kill each other
Chapter 1024 I didn't like him in my last life
Chapter 1025 Expose the truth
Chapter 1026 Your so-called sincerity
Chapter 1027 He Can't Help Me
Chapter 1028 If he wants it, she will get it for him!
Chapter 1029 Let him out!
Chapter 1030 Master, don’t pity him
Chapter 1031 Stop pretending, I’ve seen through it all
Chapter 1032 It’s fake, you lied to me
Chapter 1033 You villain, shut up!
Chapter 1034 Gong Moyu restores his memory
Chapter 1035 This is the real Gong Moyu
Chapter 1036 Why should I tell you
Chapter 1037 It's good to have a thigh hug
Chapter 1038 I still need a little face
Chapter 1039 Qingxi has beaten people!
Chapter 1040 The little bald head is also watching the fun
Chapter 1041 Let them dream for a while
Chapter 1042: Showing His Masterful Demeanor
Chapter 1043 She is too good at these routines
Chapter 1044 I advise you not to touch him
Chapter 1045 This is too bad
Chapter 1046 speak human words
Chapter 1047 He feels so wronged
Chapter 1048 Did I say no to you?
Chapter 1049 Somebody can fool me better than me
Chapter 1050 I’m not helping him, I’m helping you
Chapter 1051 “Wonderful” Misunderstanding
Chapter 1052 Fortunately, I'm Bald
Chapter 1053 Little Monk's Little Peach Blossom
1054. Chapter 1054 You are happy
Chapter 1055 Do you know who I am?
Chapter 1056 No one has ever dared to talk to him like this!
Chapter 1057 Is the assessment method so hardcore?
Chapter 1058 quenched his excitement
Chapter 1059 He thinks he may have found a treasure
Chapter 1060 This way of traveling is too cool
Chapter 1061 Today is a kick to the iron plate
Chapter 1062 She always feels like she's stuck
Chapter 1063 Is love still there?
Chapter 1064 Do you need to be so tragic?
Chapter 1065 Although beating is kissing and scolding, it is love
Chapter 1066 Two people who gloat at misfortune
Chapter 1067 This scene makes people think
Chapter 1068 He is going to a farther and higher place
Chapter 1069 The thunder is not right this day
Chapter 1070 Put on your clothes first
Chapter 1071 Problems exist for tens of thousands of years or even longer
Chapter 1072 Who wants to have a relationship with you lunatic?
Chapter 1073 hate this emotion is too strong
Chapter 1074 She is both funny and touching
Chapter 1075 There is a joke in Tiancang Continent
Chapter 1076 He Has His Pride
Chapter 1077 She won't know if you don't say it
Chapter 1078 The most capable and least capable disciple
Chapter 1079 Which sect's stupid disciple is this?
Chapter 1080 A good hand to pit the master
Chapter 1081 We are ignorant, let's get out
Chapter 1082 There is a bond between him and her
Chapter 1083 These words are so heartbreaking
Chapter 1084 This is almost doting
Chapter 1085 Let's vent his anger!
Chapter 1086
Chapter 1087 Make a full set of drama
Chapter 1088 I can't help you with this thing
Chapter 1089 Daughter-in-law is too much!
Chapter 1090 Master is over!
Chapter 1091 The eccentricity and water release of the Tao of Heaven
Chapter 1092 She is about to lose her hair
Chapter 1093 Qing Xibiao's acting skills
Chapter 1094 Polite and perfunctory question
Chapter 1095 You want to know but I won't tell you
Chapter 1096 Are they the same group?
Chapter 1097 She Tells The Truth But Others Don't Believe It
Chapter 1098 She knows he's not that kind of person
Chapter 1099 I have never told you one thing
Chapter 1100 Waiting for him to believe in regret
Chapter 1101 This heartless man should be stabbed to death by a sword
Chapter 1102 He finally believes that she is strong
Chapter 1103 The next moment, he couldn’t care less about being moved
Chapter 1104 What sin did I do?
Chapter 1105: If you let it go, you must let it go!
Chapter 1106 Is this guy actually a genius?
Chapter 1107 He is very familiar with hugging thighs!
Chapter 1108 Two fools plus one silly
Chapter 1109 He Misunderstood Again
Chapter 1110 Magical Intuition
Chapter 1111 It seems like she has to take the blame
Chapter 1112 His koi physique makes people envious and jealous
Chapter 1113 Not to fight but to beat people
Chapter 1114 Why don't I kill them all for you?
Chapter 1115 What about arrogance and domineering?
Chapter 1116 I just don't like you
Chapter 1117 It's outrageous!
Chapter 1118 Don't run if you have the ability!
Chapter 1119 Did he think too much?
Chapter 1120 is when you kneel
Chapter 1121 who is calling me
Chapter 1122 How do you know? I just know.
Chapter 1123 Everyone is dumbfounded
Chapter 1124 Praise Qing Xi
Chapter 1125 It turns out that the fool is me
Chapter 1126 Know too much and die fast
Chapter 1127 This move is really wonderful
Chapter 1128 We are playing the same abacus
Chapter 1129 The wishful thinking of two brown sugar candies
Chapter 1130 This is not right
Chapter 1131 What they saw was not an illusion!
Chapter 1132 Not So Happy Memories
Chapter 1133 The vicious taste of the owner of Fenglan Palace
Chapter 1134 The wind blows the ass cool
Chapter 1135 He refused to answer this question!
Chapter 1136 How can she have such childish thoughts
Chapter 1137 She actually dragged herself into the abyss!
Chapter 1138 My face seems to be lost today
Chapter 1139 Do you know what you are talking about?
Chapter 1140: This time flattering on the horse's hoof
Chapter 1141 Who is so brave
Chapter 1142 He never thought about it
Chapter 1143 Will Be the Worst Sect Master in the Cultivation World
Chapter 1144 He was too happy too early
Chapter 1145 Two words: Happy!
Chapter 1146. Afraid of them coming to 'touch porcelain'
Chapter 1147 Do you know who I am?
Chapter 1148 This familiar but distant name
Chapter 1149 Qing Xi made an angry move
Chapter 1150 I've just destroyed her
Chapter 1151 This is a bit heartbreaking
Chapter 1152 Please save my dog's life from now on
Chapter 1153 I Only Died Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 1154 The wandering heart finally has a home
Chapter 1155 It Was Hit by Junior Sister Gu
Chapter 1156 No need to worry about being chased by master anymore
Chapter 1157 No Door! No Windows!
Chapter 1158 Is he as good as that?
Chapter 1159
Chapter 1160 What nonsense?
Chapter 1161 Unexpectedly
Chapter 1162 He is not envious at all, woo woo woo
Chapter 1163 She seems to understand something
Chapter 1164 Is he the only one who hasn't accepted the reality yet?
Chapter 1165 I can! I really can!
Chapter 1166 The old father is upset
Chapter 1167 These strong men are all our own!
Chapter 1168 Ten Thousand Years Single Dog
Chapter 1169 Eternal Ye Tianzun Ye Wuchen
Chapter 1170 I’ll jump by myself, don’t kick me
Chapter 1171 Only Qingxi was not imprisoned
Chapter 1172 The Legendary Ancient City
Chapter 1173 Everyone yearns for it
Chapter 1174 Is This Person Kind of Like Qingxi's Taoist Companion?
Chapter 1175 This Is Love
Chapter 1176 Because She Is My Love
Chapter 1177 What are they waiting for?
Chapter 1178 The City of Ice Reappears
Chapter 1179 Is he blind? He is too discerning
Chapter 1180 If you want to regret it, I won't agree
Chapter 1181 I forgive her
Chapter 1182 He thinks he is the happiest
Chapter 1183 Never leave, we will be together in life and death
Chapter 1184: Curly-haired Giant Panda Master's Hug
Chapter 1185 They can’t bear this kind of pampering
Chapter 1186 What nonsense are you talking about?
Chapter 1187 Why is everyone so afraid of him?
Chapter 1188 Damn it, damn it
Chapter 1189 He looks at you differently instead
Chapter 1190 All this is just his whim
Chapter 1191 He has the willpower
Chapter 1192 Is it really okay for your master to lie to you like this?
Chapter 1193 There is still such a way to please people
Chapter 1194 This mysterious sense of superiority
Chapter 1195 Very disdainful of her
Chapter 1196 A slap in the face immediately
Chapter 1197 This is the fun of genius
Chapter 1198 Even the dog on the roadside knows it
Chapter 1199 Bringing humiliation to oneself!
Chapter 1200 That’s so cool
Chapter 1201 I would like to see them fight
Chapter 1202 One of the Ten Heavenly Kings
Chapter 1203 I’m your biggest fan
Chapter 1204 Third Disciple Zhuo Moying
Chapter 1205 He still likes to follow Gu Qingxi
Chapter 1206 This is a bit outrageous
Chapter 1207 Listen, what are these words?
Chapter 1208: I’ll trick you without negotiation
Chapter 1209 He feels like a fool
Chapter 1210 My legs are almost lame due to deception
Chapter 1211 If you have anything else to do, wait till I’m full.
Chapter 1212 Both of them have this confidence
Chapter 1213 Rules are meant to be broken
Chapter 1214: Did Second Senior Brother Use a Beauty Trap?
Chapter 1215 Dare you teach me how to do things?
Chapter 1216 This silly boy’s brain circuit is so strange
Chapter 1217 Young people are always frivolous
Chapter 1218 The empty peach blossom
Chapter 1219 I want to laugh myself to death!
Chapter 1220 Get out of here, goodbye, no farewell
Chapter 1221 What an eye-opener
Chapter 1222 It’s useless if you like it
Chapter 1223 This hand is very beautiful
Chapter 1224 Keep fighting
Chapter 1225 They are here for praise
Chapter 1226 Gu Qingxi never expected that
Chapter 1227 He doesn’t want Gu Qingxi to be in trouble
Chapter 1228 He seems to be telling a cold joke
Chapter 1229 Qingxi’s peach blossom?
Chapter 1230 Let’s divide the pie quickly
Chapter 1231 He can still cause trouble
Chapter 1232 This man is so powerful!
Chapter 1233 Senior brothers rush to take action
Chapter 1234 She is so strong, beautiful and sassy
Chapter 1235 Tell me your name
Chapter 1236 Her heartbeat couldn’t help but speed up a bit
Chapter 1237 It’s Ye Wuchen
Chapter 1238 We met in a dream
Chapter 1239 This stupid son who cheats his father
Chapter 1240 Picking up the slack
Chapter 1241 Let’s just watch the joke
Chapter 1242 This is obviously seeking death.
Chapter 1243 Listen to my explanation
Chapter 1244 This old man is so shameless!
Chapter 1245 The deep feelings in the brain
Chapter 1246 How could Master like him?
Chapter 1247 The eye-popping scene begins again
Chapter 1248 Who can slap him in the face?
Chapter 1249 Don’t get too proud too early
Chapter 1250 'Additional Head' Qingxi comes on stage
Chapter 1251 What could she use to hit me in the face?
Chapter 1252 She is not just an extra
Chapter 1253 He thought he won
Chapter 1254 Everyone is exclaiming
Chapter 1255 We are really blind
Chapter 1256 Who is more shameless than who is thicker?
Chapter 1257 Yafeng is more green tea
Chapter 1258 Do you still think she is a newbie?
Chapter 1259 It’s hard to win
Chapter 1260 It’s not difficult for Qing Xi
Chapter 1261 What Geniuses Have in Common
Chapter 1262 They think too much and you think too much too
Chapter 1263 Shabby boy
Chapter 1264 Today is his last chance
Chapter 1265 Is it her?
Chapter 1266 They are really old acquaintances
Chapter 1267 Ugly is really ugly
Chapter 1268 He seems to have said something stupid
Chapter 1269 Can’t you save some face for us?
Chapter 1270 A spiritual beast that I dare not dream of
Chapter 1271 Do you know how heartbroken we are?
Chapter 1272 They are even more sad
Chapter 1273 What if I have to intervene?
Chapter 1274 This elder is ruthless
Chapter 1275 The real ruthless person is Gu Qingxi
Chapter 1276 This bad old man is very bad
Chapter 1277 Don’t you feel embarrassed?
Chapter 1278 How did their brains grow?
Chapter 1279 He wants to cut off the relationship
Chapter 1280 Why are these immortal medical practitioners so good at fighting?
Chapter 1281 The picture is too cruel, but you still have to watch it
Chapter 1282 Demon Eye VS Spiritual Eye
Chapter 1283: Trampling on the people of the Demon Doctor Alliance! Really trampling on them!
Chapter 1284 The Demonic Fire Red Flame makes a mighty appearance!
Chapter 1285 How did you learn to compete for favor?
Chapter 1286 A tasteful demon cultivator
Chapter 1287 If she hadn’t turned the tide
Chapter 1288 These two girls did it on purpose!
Chapter 1289 In fact, he has never been so shameless before
Chapter 1290 Don’t you have any idea?
Chapter 1291 Two old men exposed each other
Chapter 1292 Gu Qingxi really couldn’t bear to let him down
Chapter 1293 I am a very pursuing Buddhist cultivator
Chapter 1294 Qingxi’s peach blossom is here
Chapter 1295 He is still single
Chapter 1296 Qingxi saves beauty
Chapter 1297 Is this what the love brain is like?
Chapter 1298 Feeling something fishy
Chapter 1299 Sister, what else do you want, I’ll buy it for you
Chapter 1300 Is she being sentimental?
Chapter 1301 This woman is of high rank
Chapter 1302 Descendants of old friends
Chapter 1303 All eyes are on her
Chapter 1304 Peach Blossom’s Dog Licking
Chapter 1305 Jealousy
Chapter 1306: Get as far as you can
Chapter 1307 His only hope was shattered
Chapter 1308 I don’t even have the courage to fight her
Chapter 1309: Get out now
Chapter 1310 Qingxi’s huge crisis
Chapter 1311 A wish granted
Chapter 1312 This is the top natural treasure
Chapter 1313: Damage them when you get the chance
Chapter 1314 Qing Xi disappears into the light
Chapter 1315 Distant calls
Chapter 1316 The Pit of Harming Friends
Chapter 1317 Is he here for Qing Xi?
Chapter 1318: If you are not envied by others, you are a mediocre person
Chapter 1319 He is clearly a slap in the face
Chapter 1320 If you have the ability, go up and try it
Chapter 1321 My face hurts even more
Chapter 1322 Maybe it’s related to Qing Xi’s life experience
Chapter 1323 The handwriting of the third disciple Zhuo Moying
Chapter 1324 You can’t be cruel
Chapter 1325 Can’t let Qingxi be taken away
Chapter 1326 Spending a lot of money poaching
Chapter 1327 Have you forgotten me?
Chapter 1328 The ancient ferocious beast Zhu Yan
Chapter 1329 A distant memory
Chapter 1330 Does she know what she is doing?
Chapter 1331 I won’t cry if I lose this time
Chapter 1332 He has been waiting for so many years
Chapter 1333 gave them too much shock
Chapter 1334 Who else can do it besides her?
Chapter 1335 Turn around and leave cruelly
Chapter 1336 Third Senior Brother Long Qianli’s Decision
Chapter 1337 Controlled by evil cultivators
Chapter 1338 Didn’t take them seriously
Chapter 1339 Suddenly I feel like my brain is not strong enough
Chapter 1340: Unprecedented pain in a lifetime
Chapter 1341 No! Impossible!
Chapter 1342 You can never succeed
Chapter 1343 Qingyuan Tianjun, one of the ten heavenly kings
Chapter 1344 He was entrusted by Qingxi’s mother
Chapter 1345 Who has such great ability?
Chapter 1346 Is this God’s will?
Chapter 1347 Find a reason to beat him again
Chapter 1348 Murong Yi’s Determination
Chapter 1349 The higher you climb, the harder you fall
Chapter 1350 Why do you have the nerve to preach?
Chapter 1351 The conceited old man
Chapter 1352: Complicity
Chapter 1353 He is confident
Chapter 1354 The conceited old man was slapped in the face
Chapter 1355 It was just a careless mistake just now
Chapter 1356 The surprise came too quickly and suddenly
Chapter 1357 What are you afraid of?
Chapter 1358 Third senior brother Long Qianli steps forward
Chapter 1359 One is tougher than the other
Chapter 1360 Who is the one uttering such arrogance?
Chapter 1361 The Power of Third Brother’s Sword
Chapter 1362 The person who received the inheritance is Third Senior Brother Long Qianli
Chapter 1363 Just smoke without any nonsense
Chapter 1364 Hand over the things on your own initiative
Chapter 1365 Demon Map
Chapter 1366: Not enough fighting
Chapter 1367 The third senior brother recognizes his relatives
Chapter 1368 There is something strange about this place
Chapter 1369 You finally remembered me
Chapter 1370 She has been waiting for someone her whole life
Chapter 1371 Why is she not worried at all?
Chapter 1372: Blind love in vain
Chapter 1373 The devilish operation of the straight man
Chapter 1374 Something that has been misunderstood by the world for thousands of years
Chapter 1375 The person she has been waiting for all her life is actually
Chapter 1376 Fortunately, we arrived in time
Chapter 1377 There is such a rare treasure in the world
Chapter 1378 Fortunately, the wealth does not go to outsiders.
Chapter 1379 Just don’t say she taught you
Chapter 1380 Believe him
Chapter 1381 Are you embarrassed?
Chapter 1382 Humiliating his friends
Chapter 1383 It’s all under his orders
Chapter 1384 Such indifference between right and wrong
Chapter 1385 She decided to help him
Chapter 1386 From now on, his life will be hers
Chapter 1387 A decision of lifelong regret
Chapter 1388 She is completely uninterested
Chapter 1389 Let me show you
Chapter 1390 Others were also shocked
Chapter 1391 He was unlucky enough to meet Gu Qingxi
Chapter 1392 Something is wrong with the boasting
Chapter 1393 A lifetime of fame is completely over
Chapter 1394 Who are you pretending to show?
Chapter 1395 Who would believe his words?
Chapter 1396 Who else besides her can
Chapter 1397 There is no regret medicine in the world
Chapter 1398 Asking for help
Chapter 1399 He is just flattering
Chapter 1400: Being despised again?
Chapter 1401 This person is blind and self-righteous
Chapter 1402 Such an arrogant idiot
Chapter 1403 The anger of the head of the Kou family
Chapter 1404 Do you still want face?
Chapter 1405 I knew you would be angry
Chapter 1406 Are you making fun of him?
Chapter 1407 The little boy suddenly takes action
Chapter 1408 I can’t believe what I’m seeing
Chapter 1409 Apologize to her
Chapter 1410 This is the first time he has suffered a loss
Chapter 1411 My eyes are red with envy
Chapter 1412 This guy is so sinister
Chapter 1413 She actually knows the lost ancient formation
Chapter 1414 That’s the figure of mother
Chapter 1415 How about I marry you?
Chapter 1416 It’s all because of Gu Qingxi
Chapter 1417 He has no intention of hiding anything
Chapter 1418: Taunting him for being poor and generous
Chapter 1419 I thought she was lucky
Chapter 1420 This is not the place you should be, get out of here
Chapter 1421 Everyone depends on their abilities
Chapter 1422: Want to lose face to her
Chapter 1423 The biggest regret in his life
Chapter 1424 If I can’t regain my face today
Chapter 1425 They are destined to be disappointed
Chapter 1426 A tragic drama of heart-torture and death
Chapter 1427 The pain in body and heart is even worse
Chapter 1428 There will be no results for you
Chapter 1429 I underestimated you
Chapter 1430 Did I let you go?
Chapter 1431 But her ruthlessness still makes people change their minds.
Chapter 1432 Sorry for keeping you waiting for so many years
Chapter 1433 She is a bit miserable
Chapter 1434 Just remember our agreement
Chapter 1435 Envy and Regret
Chapter 1436 Gu Qingxi forgot something
Chapter 1437 Isn’t this embarrassing enough?
Chapter 1438 Soon they won’t be able to laugh anymore
Chapter 1439 Only then did he realize that he had made a mistake
Chapter 1440 Gu Qingxi’s Crisis
Chapter 1441 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 1442 Get out
Chapter 1443 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 1444 Anyone looking for abuse is rushing to do it
Chapter 1445 Blowing after blowing
Chapter 1446 Find someone to complain to
Chapter 1447 How dare you fight him?
Chapter 1448 She has a very good impression of him
Chapter 1449 Never let her get what she wants
Chapter 1450 She is in a bad mood
Chapter 1451 She slaps in the face more professionally
Chapter 1452: Slaps in the face from left and right
Chapter 1453 You have been ridiculed your whole life
Chapter 1454: If you have to run away, you will be humiliated.
Chapter 1455 She actually made it
Chapter 1456 Isn’t this causing trouble?
Chapter 1457 Do you think I’m stupid?
Chapter 1458 This is actually a bit arrogant.
Chapter 1459 Everyone was shocked
Chapter 1460 After searching for so many years, I finally found it
Chapter 1461 Is this favoring her?
Chapter 1462 Everyone was shocked by this scene
Chapter 1463 Could it be that I’ve hit the wall again?
Chapter 1464 Such a good thing happened to you
Chapter 1465 Why do you have to ask yourself for help?
Chapter 1466 You’ll know when you see it
Chapter 1467 What a big deal
Chapter 1468 Isn’t this a joke?
Chapter 1469 It’s too late
Chapter 1470 She is too hasty
Chapter 1471 Their worries are unnecessary
Chapter 1472 The ancient monster finally wakes up
Chapter 1473 It’s too late anymore
Chapter 1474 Phoenix appears to protect you
Chapter 1475 Beating the Ancient Monster
Chapter 1476: Frightened by a look
Chapter 1477 One of the most mysterious treasures of heaven and earth
Chapter 1478 Such a great gift
Chapter 1479 Being Difficult
Chapter 1480 Don’t bully others too much
Chapter 1481 Dare to take Qing Xi’s idea
Chapter 1482: No nonsense if you can do it
Chapter 1483 They obviously guessed wrong
Chapter 1484 It turns out that the young master also recognizes her
Chapter 1485 I’m all scared
Chapter 1486 Who should we worry about?
Chapter 1487: Poor is just one word
Chapter 1488 Being scolded in person
Chapter 1489 Extremely Frustrated
Chapter 1490 Is this still over?
Chapter 1491 Misreading
Chapter 1492 It must be an illusion
Chapter 1493 Or forget it
Chapter 1494 But the problem is that he has no choice
Chapter 1495 No matter what happens
Chapter 1496 After so long preparation, I finally succeeded.
Chapter 1497 Do you still remember me?
Chapter 1498 They can’t figure it out.
Chapter 1499 Heaven’s habit of releasing water
Chapter 1500 What to hate
Chapter 1501 It’s useless to try to make friends
Chapter 1502 How dare you speak so shamelessly
Chapter 1503 Another robbery
Chapter 1504 Blue-faced Violent Female Cultivator
Chapter 1505 The way two violent female cultivators celebrate
Chapter 1506 She is too generous
Chapter 1507 This idea is very creative
Chapter 1508 They are actually a little strange
Chapter 1509 You actually have the nerve to live
Chapter 1510 The Lost Land
Chapter 1511 Meeting an acquaintance
Chapter 1512 The thing you were most worried about really happened
Chapter 1513 They are so domineering
Chapter 1514 Shameless talk
Chapter 1515 He begged me to crush him to death
Chapter 1516 She is not afraid
Chapter 1517 This is the first time I’ve heard of such an unreasonable request.
Chapter 1518 She doesn’t want to talk nonsense anymore
Chapter 1519 The wild laughter stopped suddenly
Chapter 1520 Everyone was dumbfounded again
Chapter 1521 It’s almost pissing people off
Chapter 1522 You actually said it was the final decision
Chapter 1523: Harsh words are also spoken out
Chapter 1524: Trick him
Chapter 1525 I don’t know why he is unwilling
Chapter 1526 A heart is pricked with holes
Chapter 1527 I don’t dare anymore
Chapter 1528 Fortunately, they met Gu Qingxi
Chapter 1529 It’s not as simple as you think
Chapter 1530 Are you sure you are not being sarcastic?
Chapter 1531 Just follow and run wildly
Chapter 1532 Where does she get the confidence?
Chapter 1533 Who is the master and who is the apprentice?
Chapter 1534 He still has too much unwillingness
Chapter 1535 The villain talks a bit too much
Chapter 1536 I want to see how capable you are
Chapter 1537 Such unreasonable request
Chapter 1538 You have no chance
Chapter 1539 A generation of strong men were bullied into tears
Chapter 1540 This is the apprentice’s truest beloved artifact
Chapter 1541 Can’t bear to leave him behind
Chapter 1542 Such a beautiful boy
Chapter 1543 From now on I am yours
Chapter 1544 It turns out it was all your fault
Chapter 1545 He has to look at his face when making friends
Chapter 1546 What is most important to a man?
Chapter 1547 Dare to involve her
Chapter 1548 Slap him away
Chapter 1549 Love rival turns into a crazy fan
Chapter 1550 The tough and fierce beautiful city lord
Chapter 1551 I remembered
Chapter 1552 Then what does he rely on?
Chapter 1553 Accidentally acted naively
Chapter 1554 Gu Qingxi’s confidence
Chapter 1555 Her fist is hard again
Chapter 1556 He can actually laugh
Chapter 1557 What kind of virtue is that trash?
Chapter 1558 I can’t give you a chance
Chapter 1559 Are you really not worried at all?
Chapter 1560 I suddenly felt that what she said made sense.
Chapter 1561 Makes people just want to have a good cry
Chapter 1562 Who will be embarrassed?
Chapter 1563 This time he wants to avenge his shame
Chapter 1564 Unless she helps
Chapter 1565 This competition is already a one-sided abuse
Chapter 1566 Everyone’s Gratitude and Respect
Chapter 1567 Nothing but delicious food can enter her eyes
Chapter 1568 You won’t say anything else
Chapter 1569 Nonsense, Nonsense
Chapter 1570 I’m so angry that I can’t even speak.
Chapter 1571 I can’t believe my eyes
Chapter 1572: When you become arrogant, you even despise yourself
Chapter 1573 How proud he is
Chapter 1574 Come on, fight me
Chapter 1575 What should you do if I leave?
Chapter 1576: You are a weakling but you still don’t admit it
Chapter 1577 Since no one dares to come
Chapter 1578 This old man is sinister and despicable
Chapter 1579 This pair of bitches
Chapter 1580 He is completely convinced
Chapter 1581 The ridicule from the naughty child
Chapter 1582 This is impossible
Chapter 1583 The reason why the naughty child is crying
Chapter 1584 As long as you like it
Chapter 1585 She finally found the answer
Chapter 1586 Nearly ten thousand years of loneliness
Chapter 1587 The slutty fairy sword
Chapter 1588 Another humiliation
Chapter 1589 He will never forget it in his life
Chapter 1590 What if I have to intervene?
Chapter 1591 Do you really think I don’t exist?
Chapter 1592 You are not worthy enough to let me draw my sword
Chapter 1593 The thing you were most worried about really happened
Chapter 1594 His heart is broken
Chapter 1595 So anxious that I almost cried
Chapter 1596 It’s embarrassing to be like this
Chapter 1597 His goal was achieved
Chapter 1598 Where does her confidence come from?
Chapter 1599 Everyone was dumbfounded
Chapter 1600 The defeat was worse than last time
Chapter 1601 Is it not dead?
Chapter 1602 Beat him into a pig’s head
Chapter 1603: They’re all looking for abuse anyway
Chapter 1604 There is someone more unwilling than him
Chapter 1605 Qing Xi’s kindness
Chapter 1606 Surprise and fright
Chapter 1607 If he guesses the truth
Chapter 1608: So angry that my nose almost crooked
Chapter 1609 There is no way to stop people from seeking death.
Chapter 1610 Isn’t it obvious that he is seeking death?
Chapter 1611: Fooling this old man
Chapter 1612 He just wants to show off
Chapter 1613 He was almost fooled
Chapter 1614: I’m used to being a rich lady
Chapter 1615 I thought I guessed the truth
Chapter 1616 She is afraid of being beaten by Gu Qingxi
Chapter 1617 Things are a bit tricky now
Chapter 1618 How dare you fight back if you don’t take a good beating?
Chapter 1619 If she hadn’t been here today
Chapter 1620 Isn’t she quite good at making people happy?
Chapter 1621 A lonely man and a widow living together in the same room
Chapter 1622 It’s simply a disaster
Chapter 1623 This is the real thigh
Chapter 1624 This is not the time to be surprised and envious
Chapter 1625 Gu Qingxi did not disappoint him
Chapter 1626: So angry that I almost went crazy
Chapter 1627 A shocking event in life
Chapter 1628 Do you dare to play tricks on me?
Chapter 1629 I’m sorry to disappoint you again
Chapter 1630 It’s too late to regret now
Chapter 1631 Something seems wrong
Chapter 1632 This is the reason
Chapter 1633 Are you as deceptive as you?
Chapter 1634 Could it be that she guessed it right?
Chapter 1635 A deep feeling
Chapter 1636 I have always regarded you as my sister
Chapter 1637: It is forbidden to take pleasure in misfortune
Chapter 1638 Is he still afraid?
Chapter 1639 Obviously I don’t want to hurt his self-esteem
Chapter 1640 Even he can’t hold it anymore
Chapter 1641 It’s too late for him to change his mind
Chapter 1642 How dare you antagonize her?
Chapter 1643 She won’t let him get his wish
Chapter 1644 She always protects her shortcomings
Chapter 1645 I’m not interested in making excuses with him
Chapter 1646 How did Gu Qingxi do it?
Chapter 1647 If it weren’t for this reason
Chapter 1648 A strange idea came to mind
Chapter 1649 Do you still want to lose face?
Chapter 1650 Adding the variable Gu Qingxi
Chapter 1651 Why didn’t he tell me earlier?
Chapter 1652 In fact, I have been hiding something
Chapter 1653 Hidden for many years
Chapter 1654 It’s you
Chapter 1655 It’s a big joke
Chapter 1656 He is too honest
Chapter 1657 I can’t bear to read any more
Chapter 1658 This is really the Phoenix Bird
Chapter 1659 The first time I truly admire someone
Chapter 1660 Yes, it’s him, it’s him
Chapter 1661 He has no choice anymore
Chapter 1662 There must be a shady secret
Chapter 1663: Not even able to block his sword
Chapter 1664 I learned this sentence from Qing Xi
Chapter 1665 He is destined not to laugh anymore
Chapter 1666 Where does all this nonsense come from?
Chapter 1667 Not even worthy of carrying Gu Qingxi’s shoes
Chapter 1668 Who is looking for death?
Chapter 1669 The surroundings fell into complete silence
Chapter 1670: Where is your sincerity in holding my thigh?
Chapter 1671 Even the color is ready to be sacrificed
Chapter 1672 Laughing from ear to ear all night long
Chapter 1673 She guessed right
Chapter 1674 Just looking for death
Chapter 1675: You can tell something strange about him at a glance
Chapter 1676 Excited Ancestor
Chapter 1677 How dare you do the following?
Chapter 1678 The result made him believe it
Chapter 1679 Abandoned
Chapter 1680 Listen to the Lord’s orders
Chapter 1681 Don’t learn from the good ones and learn from the bad ones
Chapter 1682 The Power of Red Flame
Chapter 1683 Everyone’s blood is ignited again
Chapter 1684 Does he still have the face to meet people?
Chapter 1685 Ye Wuchen appears in time
Chapter 1686 It turns out that he can laugh too
Chapter 1687 Don’t be soft-hearted
Chapter 1688 This dog food is a bit filling
Chapter 1689 Bah
Chapter 1690: Fighting with Heaven and Fighting with Fate
Chapter 1691 A somewhat ominous premonition
Chapter 1692 Not even close
Chapter 1693: He’s going to be slapped in the face
Chapter 1694 Unexpected surprises one after another
Chapter 1695 Ye Wuchen’s bloodline inheritance
Chapter 1696 She is also happy for him
Chapter 1697 It’s so embarrassing that I want to pretend I don’t know him
Chapter 1698 They should thank her
Chapter 1699 It’s not that easy to leave
Chapter 1700 Are you qualified to speak here?
Chapter 1701 Little Senior Brother Appears
Chapter 1702 The fifth senior brother protects the junior sister domineeringly
Chapter 1703 The 'competition' between the fourth senior brother and the fifth senior brother
Chapter 1704 I just want to see how honest you are
Chapter 1705 The siege by the senior brothers
Chapter 1706 A deep sigh in my heart
Chapter 1707 Whoever is caught is cheated
Chapter 1708 What are the senior brothers worried about?
Chapter 1709 How can she leave so easily?
Chapter 1710: As hard as beating his own apprentice
Chapter 1711 It’s because of cannibalism
Chapter 1712 Why are you falsely accusing me of my innocence?
Chapter 1713 Six doting sisters
Chapter 1714 How much pampering
Chapter 1715 The truth back then
Chapter 1716 It turns out you were the one who framed me
Chapter 1717 You shouldn’t be so stupid, right?
Chapter 1718 Leng Yanli is indeed you
Chapter 1719 The curly-haired iron-eating beast takes action
Chapter 1720 Master’s Embracing
Chapter 1721 Finally came in handy
Chapter 1722 A scam is always a scam
Chapter 1723: No need for your nonsense
Chapter 1724 Who is looking for death?
Chapter 1725 The entire sect is a group of ruthless people
Chapter 1726 Not a word of nonsense
Chapter 1727 You don’t have to worry about losing face
Chapter 1728 Can you be more shameless?
Chapter 1729 Now the culprit is found
Chapter 1730 Qualified for arrogance
Chapter 1731 He can’t afford to lose that face
Chapter 1732 Master Panda’s Arrogance
Chapter 1733 What can he do to save him?
Chapter 1734 Is it amazing?
Chapter 1735 He hasn’t figured it out until now
Chapter 1736 Who is Ye Wuchen?
Chapter 1737 I blushed
Chapter 1738 No wonder he didn’t speak just now
Chapter 1739 I kind of want to see his joke
Chapter 1740 Why do they act like nothing is wrong?
Chapter 1741 Not listening to advice
Chapter 1742 You will beg me later
Chapter 1743 He must be ruthless
Chapter 1744 He is bent on humiliating himself
Chapter 1745 Realistic enough and snobbish enough
Chapter 1746 He didn’t even give up the last bit of shame
Chapter 1747 He actually ran away first
Chapter 1748 But it’s too late
Chapter 1749 She got what she wanted
Chapter 1750 A jaw-dropping scene happened
Chapter 1751 Gu Qingxi’s Disciple
Chapter 1752 The first encounter between master and apprentice
Chapter 1753 The body of all spirits
Chapter 1754 The elder apprentice teaches the younger apprentice
Chapter 1755 The First Disciple’s Reluctance
Chapter 1756 A huge pie falls from the sky
Chapter 1757 Master Panda’s earnest advice
Chapter 1758 The deep friendship between the senior brothers
Chapter 1759 Gu Qingxi is in danger
Chapter 1760 I will be with her no matter life or death
Chapter 1761 He was shocked and admired
Chapter 1762 Pretending to understand if you don’t understand
Chapter 1763 Now he goes back on his word
Chapter 1764 I advise you not to meddle in other people’s business
Chapter 1765 Do you know the goods?
Chapter 1766 Come on, I’ll take you flying
Chapter 1767 Am I scared?
Chapter 1768 You are stupid and have too much money
Chapter 1769 Thought she was bragging
Chapter 1770 Even a prodigal has a hard time
Chapter 1771 Shocked
Chapter 1772 She has never even seen such a high-level elixir
Chapter 1773 Gu Qingxi is her support
Chapter 1774 I’m not here to cause trouble, I’m here to please you
Chapter 1775 Don’t miss the opportunity to flatter yourself
Chapter 1776 It’s embarrassing to brag about such a shameful thing
Chapter 1777 She always feels like a weasel giving New Year greetings to a chicken
Chapter 1778 Where the Disciples May Be
Chapter 1779 The two little guys started fighting for favor again
Chapter 1780 Refining Yafeng into an immortal weapon!
Chapter 1781 Can I become a Taoist couple with you?
Chapter 1782 It’s all about saving face
Chapter 1783 Thought she was bragging
Chapter 1784 Too surprised
Chapter 1785 Of course she can’t let them down
Chapter 1786 The power of Fairy Biaozhou
Chapter 1787 It actually got huge benefits in exchange
Chapter 1788 Do I still want this face?
Chapter 1789 Violent Alchemy Method
Chapter 1790 Gu Qingxi’s efforts to turn the tide
Chapter 1791 Do you think I am not embarrassed enough?
Chapter 1792 She really just means well
Chapter 1793 He is either stupid or shameless
Chapter 1794 Is this called knowing a little bit?
Chapter 1795 I can’t be jealous even if I want to
Chapter 1796 Why don’t you go to heaven?
Chapter 1797 Forget it, let me fight for you
Chapter 1798 I won before I finished speaking.
Chapter 1799 The First Spirit Controlling Master
Chapter 1800 The beautiful little girl is not human
Chapter 1801 I have a friend
Chapter 1802 Who knew she was so bold?
Chapter 1803 She stepped aside and waited to watch the show
Chapter 1804: Cunning and despicable, but she likes it
Chapter 1805 Just vent your anger casually
Chapter 1806 Are you more perverted than perverted?
Chapter 1807 I have to wipe her ass as soon as I follow you.
Chapter 1808 She is simply a common woman
Chapter 1809 Fortunately, I met Gu Qingxi
Chapter 1810 The little bit of pain she said
Chapter 1811 This is not what they are crying about
Chapter 1812 He can’t trust anyone now
Chapter 1813 She will not be soft-hearted
Chapter 1814 If you don’t promise me, I will roll on the ground
Chapter 1815 Don’t you know what you have done?
Chapter 1816 Gu Qingxi finally got angry
Chapter 1817 A group of people listen and believe
Chapter 1818 So arrogant
Chapter 1819 She has arrogance
Chapter 1820 Even she didn’t expect it
Chapter 1821 She is a bit sinister
Chapter 1822 In order to keep them
Chapter 1823 Know what he is surprised about
Chapter 1824 This is also the first time they have met
Chapter 1825 I really found a treasure this time
Chapter 1826 It seems that he doesn’t like her very much
Chapter 1827 Unless he is out of his mind
Chapter 1828 I’m afraid you forgot something
Chapter 1829 How could you agree so easily?
Chapter 1830 The more I think about this, the more I can’t figure it out.
Chapter 1831 He has no good intentions at all
Chapter 1832 She was so angry that she vomited blood
Chapter 1833 Two double-standard dogs!
Chapter 1834 Her suspicion
Chapter 1835 She seems to have a little bit of shame...
Chapter 1836 It’s none of my business!
Chapter 1837 It’s too early for them to worry
Chapter 1838 Can’t believe what he saw
Chapter 1839 Gu Qingxi doesn’t rely on luck at all
Chapter 1840 In the end, it was his junior brother who resisted everything
Chapter 1841 Sometimes he even thinks
Chapter 1842 It’s really not that difficult for her
Chapter 1843 Don’t you think it’s strange?
Chapter 1844 This old man is just daydreaming
Chapter 1845 You are not worthy at all
Chapter 1846 He wanted to explain but had no chance
Chapter 1847 Qing Xi was stunned for a rare moment
Chapter 1848 Too trouble-making
Chapter 1849 Suspected to be deceived
Chapter 1850 Are young people so ignorant of martial ethics?
Chapter 1851 The fear of being dominated by long-lasting memories
Chapter 1852 Because of laziness
Chapter 1853 Foodies are in different realms
Chapter 1854 Good intentions are rewarded
Chapter 1855 But why do they do this?
Chapter 1856 Even if you are destined to die
Chapter 1857 I should say this
Chapter 1858 Do you really think you can escape?
Chapter 1859 She won’t talk nonsense to the enemy
Chapter 1860 I heard his name more than once
Chapter 1861 One of the biggest doubts
Chapter 1862 If you don’t experience it personally
Chapter 1863 This nightmare is finally over
Chapter 1864 Life’s destiny changed because of her
Chapter 1865: Coming for revenge?
Chapter 1866 Gu Qingxi will not give him a chance
Chapter 1867 Her guess was absolutely correct
Chapter 1868 He was promoted quietly
Chapter 1869 No need for me to take action
Chapter 1870 For the first time in my life
Chapter 1871 What kind of talent?
Chapter 1872 This is what he really wants to ask
Chapter 1873 Why do these words sound so familiar?
Chapter 1874 What is supposed to come will come after all.
Chapter 1875 What can I do to please her?
Chapter 1876 With her here, we don’t have to show our shame.
Chapter 1877 Is this still justified?
Chapter 1878 No one ever told them
Chapter 1879 Villains really die from talking too much
Chapter 1880 I still underestimate you
Chapter 1881 Are we just going to watch?
Chapter 1882 How dare you offend the authority of my Lord!
Chapter 1883 It turns out that this is pain!
Chapter 1884 She didn’t hesitate at this moment
Chapter 1885 How did you do it?
Chapter 1886 An unjust death
Chapter 1887 Finally understood the cause and effect
Chapter 1888 I have spoiled you all these years in vain
Chapter 1889 Awakening of Bloodline
Chapter 1890 How can you repay kindness with hatred like this!
Chapter 1891 I didn’t want to hurt his face.
Chapter 1892 I’m not pretending this time, I’m really hurt
Chapter 1893: A wolf-hearted man
Chapter 1894 This flattery is just right
Chapter 1895 It’s all up to you this time
Chapter 1896 He naturally has his pride
Chapter 1897 He really didn’t mean that
Chapter 1898 This is a slap in the face
Chapter 1899: He is a good hand at stirring up hatred.
Chapter 1900 As long as you are not embarrassed
Chapter 1901 You are shameless, but we still want shame.
Chapter 1902 How can we trust you?
Chapter 1903 Now she has nothing to worry about
Chapter 1904 He finally threw away his last bit of pride
Chapter 1905 Just call him a bloody bitch
Chapter 1906 If he insists on coming to die
Chapter 1907 The decision he regrets most in his life
Chapter 1908 We are probably in big trouble
Chapter 1909 I thought I was humiliating him
Chapter 1910 The audience gathered together to besiege
Chapter 1911 Believe her, there will be nothing wrong
Chapter 1912 These people’s faces were all swollen
Chapter 1913 This is called a miracle
Chapter 1914 Someone will be in trouble soon
Chapter 1915 Do you dare to say this is luck?
Chapter 1916 Obviously, he is afraid
Chapter 1917 It’s really shameless
Chapter 1918 The reversal came too fast
Chapter 1919 This is not what shocked them the most
Chapter 1920: How about a little face?
Chapter 1921 How dare you leak any information?
Chapter 1922 They really can’t open that door
Chapter 1923 This master is so worth worshiping!
Chapter 1924 It is indeed him!
Chapter 1925 This tip is enough
Chapter 1926 Everyone looked at her strangely
Chapter 1927 The future is limitless
Chapter 1928 One word: buy
Chapter 1929 Who knows that God’s calculations are not as good as those of man’s calculations
Chapter 1930 This man’s lustful habits
Chapter 1931 Are you threatening me?
Chapter 1932 Are you kidding me?
Chapter 1933 He suffered a huge loss
Chapter 1934 Take a breath
Chapter 1935 Think Gu Qingxi has no money?
Chapter 1936 She has a lot of money
Chapter 1937 Who gave them the courage?
Chapter 1938 Someone is going to be in bad luck again
Chapter 1939 Bite me if you don’t accept it
Chapter 1940 Sorry to disappoint you
Chapter 1941 He never dreamed of it
Chapter 1942 I’m really afraid of you
Chapter 1943 Everyone was dazzled
Chapter 1944 This great favor is hard to repay
Chapter 1945 Sure enough, good people are rewarded.
Chapter 1946 Wanting to kill people and seize treasures
Chapter 1947 She is the only one in the world who does this
Chapter 1948 I will definitely be the first to run away
Chapter 1949 Interception
Chapter 1950 You have to find a reason to lose
Chapter 1951 I gave him two opportunities and he didn’t take them.
Chapter 1952 That’s a complete joke
Chapter 1953 If I didn’t see it with my own eyes
Chapter 1954 He is really scared this time
Chapter 1955 Nothing can compare to her
Chapter 1956: Hunted for half a month!
Chapter 1957: Scared by You
Chapter 1958 Kill me!
Chapter 1959 She must not ignore death
Chapter 1960 Shock and admiration for her
Chapter 1961 They can be saved
Chapter 1962 Remember the friendship back then
Chapter 1963 It’s all his self-comfort
Chapter 1964 She has an intuition
Chapter 1965 As long as you are willing to believe me
Chapter 1966 A shocking scene appeared
Chapter 1967 She single-handedly
Chapter 1968 Get over here, get over again
Chapter 1969 Everyone was shocked
Chapter 1970 What happened to the miracle?
Chapter 1971 The prodigal’s good luck
Chapter 1972 Master and Senior Brothers
Chapter 1973 Senior Brothers Excuses
Chapter 1974 This group of people has a lot of background
Chapter 1975 If he really dares to say that
Chapter 1976 Gu Qingxi knows this is all an illusion
Chapter 1977 How about I give it a try?
Chapter 1978 This is actually all a misunderstanding
Chapter 1979 Facts prove that Gu Qingxi is not making a fuss out of a molehill
Chapter 1980 Am I dreaming?
Chapter 1981 Greedy Little Beile
Chapter 1982 I am unable to refute and dare not refute
Chapter 1983 She is never stingy with her friends
Chapter 1984 We cant get out
Chapter 1985 Finding the Third Disciples Qi
Chapter 1986 My face is almost turning green with anger
Chapter 1987 A critical moment of life and death
Chapter 1988 Doesn’t he, a majestic and powerful person at the peak of Mahayana, have no face?
Chapter 1989 Dragon Clan Cemetery
Chapter 1990 Gu Qingxi, you are back after all
Chapter 1991 Because of a promise
Chapter 1992 This is absolutely unacceptable to her
Chapter 1993 The Demonic Dragon Appears
Chapter 1994 This is my territory!
Chapter 1995 If you give me an answer
Chapter 1996 Don’t worry, I have a solution
Chapter 1997 I am not willing to give in!
Chapter 1998 Do you really think you can still leave?
Chapter 1999 I want to die with her
Chapter 2000 Finally met the third disciple Zhuo Moying
Chapter 2001 Catastrophe of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 2002 The truth behind Gu Qingxi’s death thousands of years ago
Chapter 2003 Only the last step is left!
Chapter 2004 Heaven is biased again
Chapter 2005 It was she who changed their destiny
Chapter 2006 Qing Xi’s strength can no longer be measured normally
Chapter 2007 Qing Xi draws his sword
Chapter 2008 What does he have to be afraid of?
Chapter 2009 We believe her!
Chapter 2010 Meeting with Qingyue Tianzun
Chapter 2011 This ability to adapt to the wind is awesome.
Chapter 2012 The result was completely beyond her expectation
Chapter 2013 Ye Wuchen arrives
Chapter 2014 Friends come to help
Chapter 2015 Qing Xi’s powerful sect appears!
Chapter 2016 The Demon King Appears
Chapter 2017 Qing Xi’s Disciples
Chapter 2018 Qing Xi’s Parents
Chapter 2019 That is your way, not mine!
Chapter 2020 The villain talks too much
Chapter 2021 The extra chapter continues after the main text.
Chapter 2022 Queuing up for a hug
Chapter 2023 You remind me of unpleasant memories
Chapter 2024 Fifth Senior Brother Remembers
Chapter 2025 Heaven’s urging
Chapter 2026 Let her remember herself
Chapter 2027 The giant panda master overcomes the tribulation
Chapter 2028 The apprentice cried and ascended
Chapter 2029 A low-key pairing ceremony
Chapter 2030 The Heart of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2031: Ascension and encountering legendary characters
Chapter 2032 This is really outstanding
Chapter 2033 The grievance is gone
Chapter 2034: Just go up with a sword
Chapter 2035 Various strange rumors
Chapter 2036 Let’s just show off our wealth
Chapter 2037 The inheritance of life of the Feng Huáng family
Chapter 2038 The anger and shame of the Fenghuang clan
Chapter 2039 We used to be very affectionate
Chapter 2040 The little demon treats her differently
Chapter 2041 Zaizai’s mother
Chapter 2042 I am from the Bai Feng clan
Chapter 2043 You can’t wait until that day