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Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms

author:Year of the Horse and Monkey

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-10 22:09

Latest chapter:Chapter 3094 White-Eyed Wolf

There is no system, no grandfather, no bulldozers, no philatelic addiction, just a small clerk, no money, no power, step by step in the world of outstanding people in the Three Kingdoms! The hero is still a hero, the beauty is still the country, the conspiracy is still a conspiracy, Is it kingly or domineering? As you slowly travel through the Three Kingdoms, you will find that Cao Cao did not sacrifice his sword, Liu Bei can not only cry, but Sun Quan is good at balancing. Let's take a look at Lu Bu and Guan Yu's martial arts, and take a look at the cuteness of Big and Little Qiao...

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《Three Kingdoms》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 3094 White-Eyed Wolf
Chapter 3093 Friendly and Enemy
Chapter 3092 Waiting
Chapter 3091 Choice
Chapter 3090 Borrowing
Chapter 3089 Evolution
Chapter 3088 Damn it
Chapter 3087 Penghu
Chapter 3086 Shooting
《Three Kingdoms》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 In fact, only one word in the last year of the Eastern Han Dynasty
Chapter 2 In fact, the ancients were not simple
Chapter 3 Each has its own abacus
Chapter 4 How to Go
Chapter 5 Eating is Conditional
Chapter 6 Side Branches and the Main Family
Chapter 7 There is a lot of trouble in front of the general’s door
Chapter 8 The General’s Decision
Chapter 9: Chess player or chess piece
Chapter 10 The Laws of the Gentiles
Chapter 11 The Story of Beimang Mountain
Chapter 12 The History of Dong Zhuo’s Family
Chapter 13 Everyone plays their own chess
Chapter 14 The sought-after emperor
Chapter 15 Dong Zhuo comes to Beijing
Chapter 16 A joke of history
Chapter 17 An old friend from Luoyang
Chapter 18: Going forward is the front
Chapter 19 Named Disciple
Chapter 20 The risk of scribbling in ancient times was high
Chapter 21 Inside and outside the banquet
Chapter 22 Goddess
Chapter 23 God of War
Chapter 24 The first time with Cao Cao
Chapter 25 The first time with Cai Yan
Chapter 26 The confused future
Chapter 27 Pen and Gun
Chapter 28 No good feast
Chapter 29 Reputation
Chapter 30 It seems like an old friend has arrived
Chapter 31 The Death of Ding Yuan
Chapter 32 Aftermath
Chapter 33: Calculation
Chapter 34 Yuan Shao’s Ambition
Chapter 35 See you later
Chapter 36 Liu Hong’s Show Off
Chapter 37 New troubles
Chapter 38 Planning
Chapter 39 The deal before becoming a disciple
Chapter 40 Yuan Shu’s Plan
Chapter 41 The Cheating Cao Cao
Chapter 42: Half a Day in Life
Chapter 43 The melodious sound of the piano
Chapter 44: Deposed Emperor
Chapter 45: Meet Li Ru (Added update for book friend 022394)
Chapter 46 The first time with Lu Bu
Chapter 47: After drinking this bowl, there are two more bowls
Chapter 48: Fang Tian’s Painted Halberd (Added update for a708020 book friend)
Chapter 49 The flying gun head
Chapter 50: One Shot
Chapter 51: Family Pig Raising Strategy
Chapter 52 Farewell at Changting Pavilion
Chapter 53 Yuan Zhuo’s Dancer’s Qin
Chapter 54 Cao Cao’s plan
Chapter 55 Evened
Chapter 56: Emperor Jie
Chapter 57 Procrastinating Liu Bian (Additional update for Christmas)
Chapter 58: Failure on the verge of success
Chapter 59: Roundabout Persuasion
Chapter 60 Entering Cuijiazhuang for the second time
Chapter 61 The Four Rich Men
Chapter 62 Everyone has his own troubles
Chapter 63 Rumors are a knife
Chapter 64 Wang Yun offers elixir
Chapter 65 Additional Effect
Chapter 66: Integrity
Chapter 67: Helpless, the flowers fall away
Chapter 68 Goodbye Lu Bu
Chapter 69: Gao Shun is in trouble
Chapter 70 Farewell, Luoyang City
Chapter 71 The cornerstone of the Han Dynasty
Chapter 72: Grassroots Officials in the Han Dynasty (Additional update on New Year’s Day)
Chapter 73 Night Talk
Chapter 74 Letters from home
Chapter 75 Xun Family Villa
Chapter 76 People who like green grass
Chapter 77 Recruitment Order
Chapter 78 Zao Zhi, determined to grow mulberry trees
Chapter 79: First Lecture (Added update for cs09 book friends)
Chapter 80 The Four Virtues of Literature
Chapter 81 The small circle of the aristocratic family
Chapter 82 A model for the world
Chapter 83 The first time with Guo Jia
Chapter 84 Three-Year Bet
Chapter 85 Another journey
Chapter 86 Xiangyang Car Accident
Chapter 87 Rescue
Chapter 88: Rude Killing
Chapter 89 Xiangyang under the deep pool
Chapter 90 The topic of the three Kuai brothers
Chapter 91 The riddle of the two elders of Lushan
Chapter 92: Show (in memory of Lao Wang, the great pioneer in history)
Chapter 93: Three Strategies to Ping Jing and Xiang
Chapter 94 Farewell to Jingzhou
Chapter 95: Liu Biao’s Team (Xie Chaoren Theory Book Friend)
Chapter 96 Sanya’s Banquet
Chapter 97 Boji’s temptation
Chapter Ninety-eight: Don’t drive away from the chicken ribs (Thanks to Long Zhi Bu Guan Qing’s book friends for their support)
Chapter 99 Lushan Discussing Taoism
Chapter 100: Finding the Road in Deer Creek
Chapter 101 Basic Mechanics (Thanks to the first rudder Long Li and many book friends for their support and love)
Chapter 102 Fei Qian’s Enlightenment
Chapter 103 Sima is talking about pornography
Chapter 104 Liu Biao visits Pang Gong
Chapter 105 The hairy black boy
Chapter 106 Marriage between Liu and Cai
Chapter 107 Political Marriage
Chapter 108 Pang Tong was robbed
Chapter 109 Huang’s Grand Examination
Chapter 110 The Arrival of Zao Zhi
Chapter 111 Representative
Chapter 112: The Attendant Who Broke His Leg
Chapter 113 Tripartite Talks
Chapter 114: Work Conference of the First Year of Chuping
Chapter 115 What does it mean?
Chapter 116 Pang Tong’s method
Chapter 117 The second option
Chapter 118 Super Consumables
Chapter 119 A process that is difficult to improve
Chapter 120 Pang Tong running errands
Chapter 121 The hidden dangers of the Huang family
Chapter 122 The inheritance of craftsmen
Chapter 123 God’s Will
Chapter 124: The stirred up political scene in Xiangyang
Chapter 125 Night Talk in Luxi
Chapter 126 The new person is an old acquaintance
Chapter 127: Go ahead and pierce it
Chapter 128 Visitors from Yanzhou (Additional update for book friends from wealthy villas)
Chapter 129 The Cai family’s overtures
Chapter 130 Huang’s background
Chapter 131: Armor Craftsmanship
Chapter 132 The inheritance of the Huang family
Chapter 133 Senior Brother’s Disciple
Chapter 134 The Kuai Family’s Compromise
Chapter 135 Desire for Territory
Chapter 136 Testing the Arrow
Chapter 137 The reason for the slow development of armor
Chapter 138: Aristocratic Family and Common People
Chapter 139: Dismissal
Chapter 140 The problem within the problem
Chapter 141 A substantial New Year gift package
Chapter 142 Yuan Shu’s layout
Chapter 143 Resignation
Chapter 144: The world is full of joy
Chapter 145 That rough and warm hand
Chapter 146 Thank you, father-in-law
Chapter 147: That strand of long hair that was cut off
Chapter 148 The Troubled Warrior
Chapter 149 Is it worth it?
Chapter 150 Another journey
Chapter 151 Everything is difficult at the beginning
Chapter 152 Eat and eat
Chapter 153 Send away
Chapter 154 Substitution
Chapter 155 Two letters from Liu Biao
Chapter 156: Old friend, new journey
Chapter 157 Every family has its own sutras that are difficult to recite.
Chapter 158 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 159 Meeting Yuan Shu
Chapter 160 Uncle Ji’s hesitation
Chapter 161 Mohist inheritance
Chapter 162 Night Meeting with Yuan Shu
Chapter 163 Strategy in the middle of the night
Chapter 164: All friends and partisans
Chapter 165 Kong Min’s Confidence
Chapter 166 Take a look
Chapter 167: Lost Pearl in the Abyss
Chapter 168 Before heading north
Chapter 169 The spring breeze still smiles at peach blossoms
Chapter 170: Peach Blossom Still Smiling in the Spring Breeze
Chapter 171 The ruptured Dong Yuan administration
Chapter 172 Sour Date Tea
Chapter 173: Loyal and righteous man
Chapter 174 The distance between jujube and Luoyang
Chapter 175 Misleading
Chapter 176 Teleport across the map
Chapter 177 The banquet of Chen Liu’s gang
Chapter 178 Night talk at the camp gate
Chapter 179 Inference
Chapter 180 The belated arrival of Liu Dai
Chapter 181 A chaotic alliance meeting
Chapter 182 The Delayed Choice of Alliance Leader
Chapter 183 Undertaking
Chapter 184 Taking Bao Xin for granted
Chapter 185 Everyone is in chaos
Chapter 186: The people who swore an oath being pushed around
Chapter 187 Cao Cao’s Change
Chapter 188 The turn-based system that exits the stage
Chapter 189: Regular Soldiers and Auxiliary Soldiers
Chapter 190 Lu Bu’s little secret
Chapter 191 Cao Cao returns without success
Chapter 192 Parting ways
Chapter 193 Li Ru’s irritability
Chapter 194: The Chess of Robbery and Killing
Chapter 195 Hot spring night guest
Chapter 196 Yin Kun
Chapter 197 The origin of the name
Chapter 198 Night Thoughts
Chapter 199 Night Visit
Chapter 200 Cooking Frogs in Warm Water
Chapter 201 The direction of the Cui family
Chapter 202 Dong Zhuo’s return gift
Chapter 203 The swan song at the age of fifteen
Chapter 204 The pursuit of ambition
Chapter 205 Former teammates
Chapter 206 Today’s opponent
Chapter 207: Cang Gong Chunyu (Thanks to Lonely Carnival Book Friends)
Chapter 208 Consultation (Thanks to book friend Beigong Junping)
Chapter 209 Should you leave or stay?
Chapter 210 Should I let it go or should I let it go?
Chapter 211 Jingguan
Chapter 212 How to persuade
Chapter 213: Meeting the Head of the Family
Chapter 214 Testing
Chapter 215 Failed Meeting
Chapter 216 Return to Cai Mansion
Chapter 217 The Theory of the Weeping Master
Chapter 218 Helpless changes
Chapter 219 Purification and Transformation
Chapter 220: Pursuit (Additional update for angry 61st book friends)
Chapter 221: Zhongfu
Chapter 222 Dofu
Chapter 223: Proposal to move the capital (Month 50)
Chapter 224 National Memorial
Chapter 225 Ancestral Temple
Chapter 226 The Book of Cai Mansion
Chapter 227 Building
Chapter 228 Tripartite Talks
Chapter 229 Difficulties in relocation
Chapter 230: Strangulation
Chapter 231: Troublemaking
Chapter 232: Refuse to welcome
Chapter 233 Departure of Luck
Chapter 234 Response
Chapter 235: Blocked
Chapter 236 Dilemma (For the Angry Liuyi Leader 1/3)
Chapter 237: Goodbye Li Ru (For the Angry Liuyi Leader 2/3)
Chapter 238 Suggestions (For the Angry Liuyi Leader 3/3)
Chapter 239 Private Goods
Chapter 240 Win-win model
Chapter 241: Minister Zuo
Chapter 242: Forward is straight ahead
Chapter 243 A clear conscience
Chapter 244 Ancient Sutra and Modern Sutra
Chapter 245 Back View
Chapter 246: Drawing fire from the bottom of the cauldron
Chapter 247 Chain Reaction
Chapter 248 Disputes within the Chinese Army’s tent
Chapter 249 A battle that must be won
Chapter 250: Victory by a Thin Thin Thin Line
Chapter 251 An accident on the road
Chapter 252 Attacked
Chapter 253: You will get used to vomiting twice more
Chapter 254 The future is uncertain
Chapter 255: Confused Passers-by (100 monthly bills due)
Chapter 256 Hangu Pass
Chapter 257 Weird
Chapter 258 Zheng Ke’s determination
Chapter 259 How to take the road ahead
Chapter 260 People from Taiyuan
Chapter 261 Grass in Jiuyuan
Chapter 262: Fellow Countryman Meets Fellow Countryman
Chapter 263 Preparation
Chapter 264 Instigation
Chapter 265 Leaving
Chapter 266 Chaos breaks out
Chapter 267 Trap
Chapter 268 Murderous Intent
Chapter 269 The Crying Huanshou Dao
Chapter 270 The raised spear
Chapter 271: Leave or Stay
Chapter 272 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 273 The flames of fire
Chapter 274: Life hangs by a thread
Chapter 275 Sparrow Blindness
Chapter 276 Escape
Chapter 277 Exit
Chapter 278 The blazing fire
Chapter 279: Survival Crisis
Chapter 280 Impossible Mission
Chapter 281 Enter
Chapter 282 Attack
Chapter 283 Defense
Chapter 284 Night Attack
Chapter 285 Breaking the Camp
Chapter 286 A hard fight
Chapter 287 Breaking the War
Chapter 288 Bloody Battle
Chapter 289 The first drop of blood
Chapter 290 Please enter the urn
Chapter 291 Sadness
Chapter 292 Ma Yi’s conspiracy
Chapter 293 The Crown of Cage Scarf
Chapter 294: People in the Han Dynasty had no choice but to do what they wanted
Chapter 295 The multiple uses of family affection
Chapter 296 Conflict in the family
Chapter 297 Sit down and talk
Chapter 298 Betting
Chapter 299 Whirlpool
Chapter 300: Coordination Studies
Chapter 301: Interview
Chapter 302 Whose fault is it?
Chapter 303: Court
Chapter 304 Auspicious
Chapter 305: The Choice of Bingzhou
Chapter 306: Retreating to Advance
Chapter 307 Cai Yong with a determined attitude
Chapter 308: Seeking the Curve
Chapter 309: Walking alone on the road
Chapter 310 Inexplicable restlessness
Chapter 311 Where to go
Chapter 312 What do you want?
Chapter 313 What can be done
Chapter 314 Unexpected Appointment Letter
Chapter 315 Farewell
Chapter 316: Fooling to find the north
Chapter 317 Dinghai Day
Chapter 318 How to choose?
Chapter 319 The Han’s first tricolor flag
Chapter 320 Poor foundation
Chapter 321 A journey of a thousand miles
Chapter 322 It starts with a single step
Chapter 323: Children from a poor family
Chapter 324 Building momentum
Chapter 325 Compromise
Chapter 326 Sap
Chapter 327 Recruitment
Chapter 328: See Sap Again
Chapter 329 What kind of gentleman is he?
Chapter 330 Rules
Chapter 331 Descendants of the Ma family
Chapter 332: Remembering some things is a kind of pain
Chapter 333 Spring Rain
Chapter 334 Answer
Chapter 335 The second high-level meeting
Chapter 336 Under the banner of restoring Shangjun
Chapter 337 The wind rises
Chapter 338 Blood Blisters
Chapter 339 About Cui Hou’s Hidden Danger
Chapter 340 The Road of a Businessman
Chapter 341 Transaction
Chapter 342 Pit
Chapter 343 Whose trap is it?
Chapter 344 Whose fire is it?
Chapter 345 Whose fault is it?
Chapter 346: Kill with force
Chapter 347: The world is in turmoil
Chapter 348 Beiqu Camp
Chapter 349 Rare Trust
Chapter 350 Opening Show
Chapter 351 Discordant notes in the regular opening song
Chapter 352 After the temptation
Chapter 353 The causes of poverty
Chapter 354: If you are poor, you will think about change.
Chapter 355 Are you new here?
Chapter 356: Opening of the Market
Chapter 357: A shot from the east by the Xinshui River
Chapter 358 Business
Chapter 359 Tree
Chapter 360 Cloud surge
Chapter 361: The more we fight, the more we get poorer. This is a problem.
Chapter 362 Good Hu
Chapter 363 Lost Goods
Chapter 364: Those who are thirsty
Chapter 365 The sound of horse trampling shatters the valley
Chapter 366 Back
Chapter 367 Indelible traces
Chapter 368: Changing
Chapter 369 The direction of choice
Chapter 370 Choice of direction
Chapter 371 It’s a bit troublesome
Chapter 372: In the midst of chaos
Chapter 373: Talking about tea, wine and business
Chapter 374 Victory Soldier
Chapter 375 The difference between working overtime and working overtime for a long time
Chapter 376: Employment Issues
Chapter 377 Closed Circle
Chapter 378 Yongan is uneasy
Chapter 379: Changes in Hedong
Chapter 380 Thinking and making choices
Chapter 381 Before the expedition
Chapter 382 Death of Lu Chang
Chapter 383 Risk
Chapter 384: Their own thoughts
Chapter 385 Decline of Pingyang
Chapter 386: A virtuous gentleman
Chapter 387: One Hundred Thousand Soldiers Hidden in the Valley
Chapter 388 Roast Lamb
Chapter 389 Ceremony
Chapter 390: There are gentlemen in Wei, but the country has no reason
Chapter 391 Coming in disguise
Chapter 392 Please show your trump card
Chapter 393 Distribution
Chapter 394 It’s really different
Chapter 395: Eating alone
Chapter 396: Activities in the woods
Chapter 397 Rice Balls with Human Heads
Chapter 398 Siege
Chapter 399 Turning Point
Chapter 400 Ghost Face
Chapter 401 The Blooming Flower of Death
Chapter 402 The Restored Modao Formation
Chapter 403 Victory born of money
Chapter 404 Another choice
Chapter 405 Sigh after sigh
Chapter 406 Chance Encounter
Chapter 407 Flying General
Chapter 408 People drifted in the Han Dynasty
Chapter 409: Willing to Establish Military Order
Chapter 410: Beat the young ones to get the old ones out
Chapter 41 Beiqu’s helplessness
Chapter 42 The expected deviation
Chapter 413: Side Branch’s Dream
Chapter 414: Consensus Reached (Angry Liuyi Leader owes 1/3)
Chapter 415: Under Yongan City (Angry Liuyi leader owes debt 2/3)
Chapter 416 Night Attack (The Angry Liuyi Leader owes a debt 3/3)
Chapter 417 Recovering Yongan
Chapter 418 Troops coming from the south of the city
Chapter 419 Death is like a lamp going out
Chapter 420 Another ambush
Chapter 421 Conditions and Credentials
Chapter 422 Come on, brother, drink this glass of wine
Chapter 423: Human or Beast
Chapter 424 Home
Chapter 425 Camp chaos
Chapter 426 Greed of merit
Chapter 427 Evacuation
Chapter 428 Promise
Chapter 429: Information from Ma Yue’s defeat
Chapter 430 Knife
Chapter 431 Negotiation
Chapter 432 About Enemies and Enemies
Chapter 433 Seizing a chance
Chapter 434 No main plot
Chapter 435 No bottom line
Chapter 436 Delay
Chapter 437 Looking south and north looking at the smoke and dust
Chapter 438 There will be reinforcements tomorrow
Chapter 439: There will really be reinforcements tomorrow
Chapter 440 Deep Thoughts in the Late Night
Chapter 441 Camp Roar
Chapter 442 Chasing white waves on both sides of the Fen River
Chapter 443: What to do and how to choose
Chapter 444: Hold on, no one is allowed to withdraw
Chapter 445 Peach Branch
Chapter 446: Watching others rise from the sky
Chapter 447 Crazy?
Chapter 448 The confrontation between monarch and minister
Chapter 449 Yong'an Order
Chapter 450 Land System
Chapter 451 Sitting and discussing
Chapter 452 Killing to establish authority
Chapter 453 The Significance of Reform and Opening Up
Chapter 454: Lin Zong’s surname is not Lin
Chapter 455: Near the water but lack of water
Chapter 456: Choose one of the two
Chapter 457: Big Trees and Many Hozens
Chapter 458: The tree fell and the hozens scattered
Chapter 459: The problem of surrender
Chapter 460 Two plus one
Chapter 461: The Hu people’s horses also have spring
Chapter 462 We are friends
Chapter 463: Learn a lesson
Chapter 464 Kill one kill
Chapter 465: A Meaty Bone
Chapter 466 I want to give it to you, so I can’t refuse.
Chapter 467: Everyone is a lieutenant general
Chapter 468: Making a sound in the east and attacking in the west
Chapter 469: Attacking from the West and Attacking from the East
Chapter 470: Making a sound in the south and attacking in the north
Chapter 471 Retreat
Chapter 472: Coming in droves
Chapter 473: No enemies
Chapter 474: Opening a treasury and establishing a government office
Chapter 475 Responsibilities
Chapter 476 Founding the school
Chapter 477 The starting point
Chapter 478: Wandering
Chapter 479 Origin
Chapter 480 Chang Lin’s accident
Chapter 481 The tribe of the barbarians
Chapter 482 Incorporation
Picture 483: The Three Elders (Ganking Crazy for the Hall Master)
Chapter 484: Loyalty (an instant sunrise for the moderator)
Chapter 485: Improvement at the Grassroots Level (Monthly Check Debt 1/17)
Chapter 486: The proposition is too big to write
Chapter 487 The inheritance of criticism
Chapter 488: Praising
Chapter 489 Pie delivered to the mouth
Chapter 490: Hard to guard against
Chapter 491: Issues in Modern and Ancient Confucian Classics
Chapter 492: The Moonlight Clan of the Han Dynasty (first published by Qidian)
Chapter 493 Economics of the Han Dynasty
Chapter 494 Inflation in the Han Dynasty
Chapter 495 Let’s get into the water together
Chapter 496 Fellow Taoist, please set off
Chapter 497: Fellow Taoist, please stay.
Chapter 498: Fellow Taoist, you and I are destined
Chapter 499 Take a look
Chapter 500 Red City
Chapter 501: Who dares to do anything without permission?
Chapter 502 Head Soup
Chapter 503 Pretending to be confused while pretending to understand
Chapter 504 Unaware of Mingli (first published by Qidian, please support the genuine version)
Chapter 505: Waiting for the right time
Chapter 506 Assassination
Chapter 507 The Beginning of Chaos
Chapter 508 Going South
Chapter 509 Chang'an Chang'an
Chapter 510 True Auspiciousness
Chapter 511 Highlights in Memory
Chapter 512 Ideals come true
Chapter 513 I just want to live well
Chapter 514 Sudden Rumors
Chapter 515 The Crisis Facing
Chapter 516 After the Tulle
Chapter 517 Picking Peaches
Chapter 518: They are all soft persimmons
Chapter 519 Reality is always bloody
Chapter 520 Hexagon and Seven Strings
Chapter 521 Joy and Sorrow
Chapter 522 Four Knowledges and Three Confusions
Chapter 523 Sleepless Night
Chapter 524 Late Night Talk
Chapter 525: Encircling Wei and rescuing Zhao
Chapter 526: Taking orders in times of danger
Chapter 527 Just right
Chapter 528 The quiet period before the storm
Chapter 529: It’s better to go back
Chapter 530 True or false is actually not important
Chapter 531 A nickname that is about to be forgotten
Chapter 532 The shadow under the water
Chapter 533: Intractable Troubles
Chapter 534: Difficult Staying Away
Chapter 535: Four Lius in the World
Chapter 536 Two Fires of the Han Dynasty
Chapter 537 Promotion Banquet
Chapter 538: Inside the room
Chapter 539: The gradually disappearing crossbow
Chapter 540: The remaining leaf that broke away from the treetop
Chapter 541: At the foot of Lu Mountain, a lonely grave
Chapter 542 Five people in the wooden house
Chapter 543: Human hearts, human nature, and human feelings
Chapter 544: Embarrassing Fei Qian’s Wish
Chapter 545 Subtle changes
Chapter 546: Propulsion based on physics
Chapter 547: Hesitant choice
Chapter 548 Sudden War
Chapter 549 All kinds of troubles
Chapter 550: Some deviations (monthly bills due 2/21)
Chapter 551: Alliance under marriage (monthly bill due 3/21)
Chapter 552: Jiangdong Tiger’s Strategy (Monthly Ticket Debt 4/21)
Chapter 553 An unforgivable mistake
Chapter 554 The initial wave of attacks
Chapter 555: The expected collapse
Chapter 556: The Escaped Jiangdong Tiger
Chapter 557: The raging Hanhua car
Chapter 558: Huang Zhong’s peerless archery skills
Chapter 559: Kill a thousand and injure eight hundred
Chapter 560: The face begging for mercy
Chapter 561: Sun Jian seeks survival from death
Chapter 562: The Fall of Jiangdong General
Chapter 563: Huang Zhong’s inseparable regret
Chapter 564 Improvements to the Han Crossbow
Chapter 565 The bottleneck in the process
Chapter 566: The world’s leading steelmaking technique
Chapter 567: Breakthrough Thinking Mode
Chapter 568 The Destined Choice
Chapter 569: People are on the wrong road
Chapter 570: Embarrassed on the road
Chapter 571: Embarrassing people on the way
Chapter 572: The embarrassing person is on the way
Chapter 573: The phoenix sings in the sky now, and the flowers bloom in the sea then
Chapter 574: The younger brother of the past, the boss of today
Chapter 575: The Guide of Direction
Chapter 576: Changes in Shangdang
Chapter 577 Mutual plans
Chapter 578: Under the cover of history
Chapter 579: The warmth of snuggling at that moment (monthly ticket 5/26)
Chapter 580: That dried teardrop (monthly ticket 6/26)
Chapter 581: A boring job (monthly ticket 7/26)
Chapter 582: The goal of the Xianbei Army
Chapter 583: Xianbei Army’s Tactics
Chapter 584 Bai Shiqiang’s Waiting and Seeing
Chapter 585: The Banquet in Gaonu City
Chapter 586 Plowing the fields, plowing the fields
Chapter 587: Pretending to be drunk and pretending to be stupid
Chapter 588 Pingyang Strategic Reserve
Chapter 589 The first meeting of the General Staff Headquarters
Chapter 590: The First Military Reform of the Han Dynasty
Chapter 591 Pingding County is no longer within the territory
Chapter 592 Xianbei’s little thoughts
Chapter 593 Traffic Flags of the Han Dynasty
Chapter 594 Different Combat Modes
Chapter 595 A little plot in the night
Chapter 596: Little soldiers in the night
Chapter 597 A girl’s heart in the dark night
Chapter 598: Chaos in the dark night
Chapter 599: Different general skills
Chapter 600 War and Gamblers
Chapter 601: Robbery and Thieves (Revision)
Chapter 602: Sniper attack by 800 people
Chapter 603 Xianbei’s first wave of temptation
Chapter 604 The Unstoppable Xianbei Behavior
Chapter 605 The coming of crisis
Chapter 606 The final moment of bloody battle
Chapter 607 The final morale boost
Chapter 608: Attacking and pacifying the Han cavalry
Chapter 609 Collision between Cavalry
Chapter 610 The game between cavalry
Chapter 611: Pursuit among the Cavalry
Chapter 612 Confrontation between Cavalry
Chapter 613 The knot between the cavalry
Chapter 614: Turnaround after perseverance
Chapter 615 Warning! Insufficient brain capacity!
Chapter 616 March! War drums at night!
Chapter 617: Confrontation! Take advantage of everything!
Chapter 618: Prisoners! Fairness in the Han Dynasty!
Chapter 619 Confrontation! Xianbei’s choice!
Chapter 620: Suspicious soldiers! The beginning of the bloody battle!
Chapter 621 Choice! Subtle changes!
Chapter 622 Gunsmoke! The final battle to pacify!
Chapter 623: The Temple of Heroes is not a decoration
Chapter 624 The prosperous Yecheng
Chapter 625 Everyone’s words
Chapter 626 Goods in the shack
Chapter 627 Youdao
Chapter 628 Bluffing
Chapter 629: Making momentum
Chapter 630 Bullshit
Chapter 631: Calculation
Chapter 632 The mentor arrives
Chapter 633 The evil guest is coming
Chapter 634 The new governor
Chapter 635 Old events
Chapter 636: Feng Shanyu
Chapter 637 Can’t give in
Chapter 638: The situation is stronger than the people
Chapter 639: Fat people have no human rights
Chapter 640: Tacit understanding
Chapter 641: Find a new way
Chapter 642: It’s here as soon as it’s said
Chapter 643 It turns out to be you (Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 644: True, False, False, False, True
Chapter 645: False, true, true, false
Chapter 646: If you can afford it, you can let it go
Chapter 647: Can’t afford to put it down
Chapter 648: Can’t afford to pick it up and can’t let it go
Chapter 649: Failed Transaction
Chapter 650 The end of Zhang Yang
Chapter 651: It’s important to take sides
Chapter 652 The future is important
Chapter 653 Huguan is very important
Chapter 654: Xiongguan has been broken from within since ancient times
Chapter 655 Announcement
Chapter 656: Once a thief, always a thief
Chapter 657 The way out of Montenegro
Chapter 658: The name of Carrot Chapter
Chapter 659 Rich Family
Chapter 660 Poor Family
Chapter 661: Go to the Party and Guard Hu Pass
Chapter 662: Retreating to Advance
Chapter 663 Meeting
Chapter 664: For Sale
Chapter 665: The first step of becoming a celebrity
Chapter 666 The Salted Fish Who Can Call 666
Chapter 667 Time difference
Chapter 668 Armed Parade
Chapter 669: Doctor of the Academy
Chapter 670: Exam Papers of the Academy
Chapter 671: Private Collection in the West Wing
Chapter 672: Change the direction
Chapter 673 It’s time to prepare
Chapter 674 It’s time to prepare
Chapter 675 Hero Sacrifice
Chapter 676 The Principles of the Han People
Chapter 677 The simplest but the most serious
Chapter 678: Evolved version of universal love and non-aggression
Chapter 679: Messy in the wind
Chapter 680 The Light of Civilization
Chapter 681 Poetry and Distance
Chapter 682 Small Objects
Chapter 683 The Great Inheritance
Chapter 684 Different people follow the same path
Chapter 685: Same road, different people
Chapter 686: Making up the numbers
Chapter 687 Borrowing a chicken to lay eggs
Chapter 688 Fishing in troubled waters
Chapter 689: Prepare for a Rainy Day
Chapter 690 An unexpected gain
Chapter 691: Flowers on the tree
Chapter 692 Someone from the Mo family comes
Chapter 693 Behind the Feast
Chapter 694: There is no such thing as great kindness
Chapter 695: Transfer on the spot
Chapter 696: Please close your eyes when it gets dark
Chapter 697 The Birth of the Iron Crossbow
Chapter 698: There is wool
Chapter 699 Just talking about something
Chapter 700 The Beginning of the War
Chapter 701 A chaotic beginning
Chapter 702 The governor is also in trouble
Chapter 703 Expectation and Despair
Chapter 704: Making soup with bare hands
Chapter 705 Niu Fu’s new habit
Chapter 706 Xiliang’s Old Tactics
Chapter 707: The Importance of Formation
Chapter 708: The Decision of the Dipper
Chapter 709: Peeping in the Forest
Chapter 710 The fire in the camp
Chapter 711: Correspondence between the Three Parties
Chapter 712 Prelude to the Attack
Chapter 713 The rhythm of the attack
Chapter 714 Variations of Attack
Chapter 715 Finale of the Attack
Chapter 716 Crazy pursuit
Chapter 717 The Beginning of the Rebellion
Chapter 718 Someone can take it away
Chapter 719: Some people can’t stay
Chapter 720 Someone is panicking
Chapter 721 Someone is very deep
Chapter 722 Someone is causing trouble
Chapter 723 Someone makes a deal
Chapter 724 Some people want to change
Chapter 725: Rangers and Gentlemen
Chapter 726 The opening day of the Academy
Chapter 727: The Academy discusses the past and present
Chapter 728 The book passed down to the world
Chapter 729 A foggy situation
Chapter 730: Commercial attempts
Chapter 731 Visitors from Liaodong
Chapter 732 The rise of a humble family
Chapter 733: Starting the journey
Chapter 734 Accident within accident
Chapter 735 The Beginning of the Northern War
Chapter 736: Di Bao takes the lead
Chapter 737 Between retreat and advance
Chapter 738: A Map that Subverts Concepts
Chapter 739: Barbarians come out of poor mountains and rivers
Chapter 740 Between the small ball and the big ball
Chapter 741: Xia Luo’s decision to fight
Chapter 745 Personal Thoughts and Strategies
Chapter 746: Unpalatable Drink
Chapter 744: Chi Na under the plow
Chapter 745 Zhao Zilong’s first time
Chapter 746 Fei Qian’s dream in the camp
Chapter 747 Xu Huang’s first solo show
Chapter 748 The Yong'an Camp Front Collapses
Chapter 749 Soldiers used as bait
Chapter 750 The murder caused by the puppy
Chapter 751 Sudden Counterattack
Chapter 752: Old friends after many years
Chapter 753: The inexplicably emotional war cry
Chapter 754 The most difficult thing to control is the human heart
Chapter 755: The Importance of the General Staff Headquarters
Chapter 756 The continuation of filial piety
Chapter 757: Lao Zha, disillusioned with ambitions
Chapter 758 The desire to win in defeat
Chapter 759: The blooming flower of the other shore
Chapter 760 The fluttering Zhao flag
Chapter 761 Under the same night sky
Chapter 762 On the same land
Chapter 763: Inside and outside the same city
Chapter 764: The detoured army
Chapter 765: Flames rising into the sky
Chapter 766 Uninvited Guests
Chapter 767: Inference in the city gate
Chapter 768 Fighting in the Fire
Chapter 769 Falling Sparks
Chapter 770 Yang Zan’s Attack
Chapter 771 Jia Qu and Qumen
Chapter 772: The Royal Court of the Southern Huns
Chapter 773 The Proud Chanyu
Chapter 774 The Coincidence of the Scepter
Chapter 775 Joy and Troubles
Chapter 776 The strategy of Yinshan
Chapter 777: What you lose must be what you gain
Chapter 778: Every gain must come with a loss
Chapter 779 Cui Jun’s suggestion
Chapter 780: Discussing the Yin Mountain Prosecution
Chapter 781 Fishing bait
Chapter 782 Busy Xu Yu
Chapter 783 The Xianbei Army in Yinshan
Chapter 784: The Strategy of the Lonely Army
Chapter 785 Huvroud’s Oath
Chapter 786 The true meaning of victory
Chapter 787: The end of Guduhou
Chapter 789 Tuoba’s little embarrassment
Chapter 790 Flags on the Great Wall
Chapter 791 Wolf King Ya’s sword
Chapter 792 An unexpected confrontation
Chapter 793: The cavalry formation’s surprise attack
Chapter 794 The swing between life and death
Chapter 795: Victory through righteousness and surprise
Chapter 796 The destruction of Youdadang household
Chapter 797: The wreckage under the heavy rain
Chapter 798 Bu Dugen’s Judgment
Chapter 799 Time difference on the battlefield
Chapter 800: General Zuo’s Anger
Chapter 801 Little troubles during the pursuit
Chapter 802 Dugu Yuhuan’s two problems
Chapter 803 Between ideal and reality
Chapter 804 Unexpected enemy coming from the desert
Chapter 805 The evil ghost rushing out of the underworld
Chapter 806: The hasty round car formation
Chapter 807: The Xianbei people who jumped over the wall in a hurry
Chapter 808: The Wolf King among the Prairie Wolf Kings
Chapter 809: Battle between Cavalry
Chapter 810 The Impact of Heavy Cavalry
Chapter 811: Every second counts, battlefield trends
Chapter 812: Facing the Commander (1)
Chapter 813: Against the Commander (2)
Chapter 814: Against the Commander (3)
Chapter 815: Facing the Commander (4)
Chapter 816: Facing the Commander (End)
Chapter 817 The eagerness in the soldiers’ eyes
Chapter 818 The echo between heaven and earth
Chapter 819: People’s hearts see people’s hearts (1)
Chapter 820 People's hearts see their hearts (2)
Chapter 821: People see people's hearts (3)
Chapter 822: People’s hearts see people’s hearts (4)
Chapter 823: People’s hearts see people’s hearts (5)
Chapter 824 People's hearts are as they are (End)
Chapter 825 The Wind on the Grassland (1)
Chapter 826 The Wind on the Grassland (2)
Chapter 827 The Wind on the Grassland (3)
Chapter 828 The Wind on the Grassland (4)
Chapter 829 The Wind on the Grassland (5)
Chapter 830 The Wind on the Grassland (6)
Chapter 831 The Wind on the Grassland (7)
Chapter 832 The Wind on the Grassland (End)
Chapter 833: Living is not easy (1)
Chapter 834: Living is not easy (2)
Chapter 835: Living is not easy (3)
Chapter 836: Living is not easy (4)
Chapter 837: Living is not easy (5)
Chapter 838: Living is not easy (6)
Chapter 839: Living is not easy (7)
Chapter 840: Living is not easy (8)
Chapter 841: Living is not easy (End)
Chapter 842 Another battlefield (1)
Chapter 843 Another Battlefield (2)
Chapter 844 Another Battlefield (3)
Chapter 845 Another battlefield (4)
Chapter 846 Another Battlefield (5)
Chapter 847 Another Battlefield (6)
Chapter 848 Ode to Elegance (1)
Chapter 849 Ode to Elegance (2)
Chapter 850 Ode to Elegance (3)
Chapter 851 Ode to Elegance (4)
Chapter 852 Ode to Elegance (5)
Chapter 853 Ode to Elegance (6)
Chapter 854: Knocking on Chang’an (1)
Chapter 855: Knocking on Chang’an (2)
Chapter 856: Knocking on Chang’an (3)
Chapter 857: Knocking on Chang’an (4)
Chapter 858: Knocking on Chang’an (5)
Chapter 859: Knocking on Chang’an (6)
Chapter 860: Knocking on Chang’an (7)
Chapter 861: Knock on Chang'an (8)
Chapter 862: Knocking on Chang’an (9)
Chapter 863: Knocking on Chang’an (10)
Chapter 864: Knocking on Chang’an (11)
Chapter 865: Knocking on Chang’an (12)
Chapter 866: Knocking on Chang’an (13)
Chapter 867: Knocking on Chang’an (14)
Chapter 868: Knocking on Chang'an (15)
Chapter 869: Knocking on Chang'an (16)
Chapter 870: Knocking on Chang’an (End)
Chapter 871 The Collapse of the Han Dynasty (1)
Chapter 872 The Collapse of the Han Dynasty (2)
Chapter 873 The Collapse of the Han Dynasty (3)
Chapter 874 The Collapse of the Han Dynasty (4)
Chapter 875 The Collapse of the Han Dynasty (5)
Chapter 876 Uninvited Guest (1)
Chapter 877 Uninvited Guest (2)
Chapter 878 Uninvited Guest (3)
Chapter 879 Uninvited Guest (4)
Chapter 880 Uninvited Guest (5)
Chapter 881 Uninvited Guest (6)
Chapter 882 Uninvited Guest (7)
Chapter 883 Uninvited Guest (8)
Chapter 884 Uninvited Guest (9)
Chapter 885 Uninvited Guest (10)
Chapter 886: Turning against guests (1)
Chapter 887: Turning against guests (2)
Chapter 888: Turning against guests (3)
Chapter 889: Turning against guests (4)
Chapter 890: Turning against guests (5)
Chapter 891: Turning against guests (6)
Chapter 892: Turning against guests (7)
Chapter 893: Turning against guests (8)
Chapter 894: Turning against guests (9)
Chapter 895: Turning against guests (10)
Chapter 896: A gentleman should be ambitious (1)
Chapter 897: A gentleman should be ambitious (2)
Chapter 898: A gentleman should be ambitious (3)
Chapter 899: A gentleman should be ambitious (4)
Chapter 900: A gentleman should act with righteousness (5)
Chapter 901: There is a long way to go (1)
Chapter 902: There is a long way to go (2)
Chapter 903: There is a long way to go (3)
Chapter 904: There is a long way to go (4)
Chapter 905: There is a long way to go (5)
Chapter 906 Chaos in Chang'an (1)
Chapter 907 Chaos in Chang'an (2)
Chapter 908 Chaos in Chang'an (3)
Chapter 909 Chaos in Chang'an (4)
Chapter 910 Chaos in Chang'an (5)
Chapter 911 Chaos in Chang'an (6)
Chapter 912 Chaos in Chang'an (7)
Chapter 913 Chaos in Chang'an (8)
Chapter 914 Chaos in Chang'an (9)
Chapter 915 Chaos in Chang'an (10)
Chapter 916 Battle with Changan (1)
Chapter 917 Battle with Changan (2)
Chapter 918 Battle with Changan (3)
Chapter 919 Battle with Changan (4)
Chapter 920 Battle with Changan (5)
Chapter 921 Battle with Changan (6)
Chapter 922 Battle with Changan (7)
Chapter 923 Battle with Changan (8)
Chapter 924 Battle with Changan (9)
Chapter 925 Battle with Changan (10)
Chapter 926 Battle with Changan (11)
Chapter 927 Battle with Changan (12)
Chapter 928 Battle with Changan (End)
Chapter 929 Jia Xu’s strategy
Chapter 930 Sanfu’s shock
Chapter 931: Attack on Tongguan
Chapter 932 Secrets of the Han Dynasty
Chapter 933 A headache
Chapter 934: Give me a pillow if you have a headache
Chapter 935: Disaster comes from heaven
Chapter 936: Difficult Disposal
Chapter 937 The Luck of the First Formation
Chapter 938 The advance of the army
Chapter 939: A turning point in progress
Chapter 940 The ordeal of facing battle
Chapter 941 Chaotic Situation
Chapter 942: Teammate or opponent?
Chapter 943: Attack or Defense?
Chapter 944: Victory or Defeat
Chapter 945 Is it yours or mine?
Chapter 946 Is it a team or a gang?
Chapter 947: Sacrifice to Heaven or Man?
Chapter 948 Information gap and time gap
Chapter 949: Dream and Reality
Chapter 950 The Sleeper and the Awake
Chapter 951 Actors and theatergoers
Chapter 952: Those who want less and those who want more
Chapter 953: Good intentions and bad intentions
Chapter 954 The key on the battlefield
Chapter 955 Choice on the battlefield
Chapter 956 Problems on the battlefield
Chapter 957 Intuition on the battlefield
Chapter 958 Changes on the battlefield
Chapter 956 Counterattack on the battlefield
Chapter 957 Flying Bear on the Battlefield
Chapter 961 Smoke and dust on the battlefield
Chapter 962 Psychology on the battlefield
Chapter 963: Reinforcements in Hope
Chapter 964 Meiyang in despair
Chapter 965: An imaginary situation
Chapter 966 Drinks under the Yin Mountain
Chapter 967 Strategy
Chapter 968: Deciding on the Plan
Chapter 969 Sigh
Chapter 970 Thoughts
Chapter 971 Anger
Chapter 972 Fear
Chapter 973 Tongguan
Chapter 974: Some are happy and some are worried
Chapter 975 Someone is calculating and plotting
Chapter 976: Some endure humiliation and others laugh
Chapter 977: The Zhongxing Sword Desires Zhongxing
Chapter 978 The ZTE Sword that cannot be ZTE
Chapter 979: The Zhongxing Sword that cuts off an arm and survives
Chapter 980 The Haze of the Plague
Chapter 981 Jia Xu’s experiences
Chapter 982 Return to Pingyang
Chapter 983 Discussing Civil Affairs
Chapter 984: Reform of the tax system
Chapter 985 The night is cool
Chapter 986: Full of Bookishness
Chapter 987 Corpse Plague Poison
Chapter 988 Jin Ma Chao
Chapter 989 The key direction
Chapter 990: Rob or be robbed
Chapter 991 The Boss and the Junior
Chapter 992: Comeback was overturned
Chapter 993: Counting outside Guanzhong
Chapter 994: Only by giving up can you gain something
Chapter 995: Lectures on Martial Arts in the Martial Arts Hall
Chapter 996: The old routine of predecessors
Chapter 997: New path for future generations
Chapter 998 The thorny road in Yinshan Mountain
Chapter 999: Intercepting the Grain Road
Chapter 1000 Yinshan Riots
Chapter 1001 Xianbei marches
Chapter 1002 The offensive begins
Chapter 1003 Zhang Yan’s layout
Chapter 1004 The mountain rain is coming
Chapter 1005 Soldiers and Horses in the Rain
Chapter 1006 What?
Chapter 1007 This kind of thing
Chapter 1008 A happy event in my heart
Chapter 1009 Worry
Chapter 1010 The battle at the intersection
Chapter 1011 Battle at the Pass
Chapter 1012 Fierce battle at the pass
Chapter 1013 Xianbei Raid
Chapter 1014 The situation suddenly changed
Chapter 1015 Veterans and New Recruits
Chapter 1016 The beast of the night
Chapter 1017 Arriving at Yinshan Mountain
Chapter 1018 It’s a problem
Chapter 1019 Who is back?
Chapter 1020 Under the Night
Chapter 1021 Didn’t fall into the trap
Chapter 1022 Between good and strange
Chapter 1023 Token
Chapter 1024 Eating phase
Chapter 1025 Influence
Chapter 1026 Spring and Autumn Period
Chapter 1027 The growth history of the naughty kid
Chapter 1028 Is it an opportunity or a trap?
Chapter 1029 The plan’s fault
Chapter 1030 Xianbei’s big plan
Chapter 1031 Little thoughts on the battlefield
Chapter 1032 Terrible Explosive Power
Chapter 1033 The hole dug by the Han people
Chapter 1034 The Xianbei people’s trap
Chapter 1035 Don’t leave once you’re here
Chapter 1036 Decision on the battlefield
Chapter 1037: Hearts on the battlefield
Chapter 1038 Power outside the battlefield
Chapter 1039 It’s not easy outside the battlefield either
Chapter 1040 The banquet is not simple either
Chapter 1041 It’s not easy to kill someone
Chapter 1042 Articles among the Descendants
Chapter 1043 Conflict between brothers
Chapter 1044: Killing can only be done with a nod of the head
Chapter 1045 Dance among the rules
Chapter 1046 New information brought by the caravan
Chapter 1047 The love and hatred between Cao Cao and Xuzhou
Chapter 1048 Liu Bei Brothers’ Battle Strategy
Chapter 1049 Endless Peach Blossom Tea Soup
Chapter 1050 People’s hearts are not NPCs after all
Chapter 1051 An entertainment storm is about to occur
Chapter 1052 Political Superficial Articles
Chapter 1053 Everyone wants to take control of fate
Chapter 1054 Destiny is like a loach
Chapter 1055 Pingyang Pig Raising Industry Major
Chapter 1056 Initial improvement of diet structure
Chapter 1056: Life, old age, sickness and death, no choice
Chapter 1058 A rare and confusing motto
Chapter 1059 Advancement of the Agricultural System
Chapter 1060 Guanzhong is in trouble again
Chapter 1061 The issue of weighing the pros and cons
Chapter 1062 A glimmer of hope for cultivating Shao
Chapter 1063 The Forgotten Brocade and Silk
Chapter 1064 An Uncalm Night
Chapter 1065 The glorious banner
Chapter 1066 The skin turns green and white
Chapter 1067 The black curtain
Chapter 1068 An Unexpected Turn
Chapter 1069 The troubles caused by adulteration
Chapter 1070 Liu Xie’s first time
Chapter 1071 The style of that bowl
Chapter 1072 The whisper that night
Chapter 1073 That team of people
Chapter 1074 What can be gained from revenge?
Chapter 1075 The civil and military ways of the Han family
Chapter 1076 Seeking talents in past and present lives
Chapter 1077 The fiery relative
Chapter 1078 A piece of paper asking for talents moves the world
Chapter 1079 Problems caused by letters
Chapter 1080 The old and new rules of the big man
Chapter 1081 The pros and cons of Dingyuan Hou
Chapter 1082 Liu Xie’s bare chin
Chapter 1083 How to choose?
Chapter 1084 Everyone’s own choice
Chapter 1085 The Yinshan Sacrifice Storm
Chapter 1086 Writing letters and killing people
Chapter 1087 Killing people and falling out
Chapter 1088 Those sent away and those left behind
Chapter 1089 The Patrolling Tour
Chapter 1089: Wen Tunshui to educate the barbarians
Chapter 1091 Let’s have a casual meal and talk about education
Chapter 1092 The Prelude to the Invisible War
Chapter 1093 It’s great to be young
Chapter 1094 Incident in Taiyuan
Chapter 1095 The strategy of giving authority
Chapter 1096 Southern Suburban Camp
Chapter 1097 Shaanjin
Chapter 1098 Mobei
Chapter 1099 Bad omen
Chapter 1100 Fasting
Chapter 1101 Religion
Chapter 1102 Change
Chapter 1103 Inheritance
Chapter 1104 Political Discussion
Chapter 1105 Moving forward
Chapter 1106 Crock Pot
Chapter 1107 Yun Dong
Chapter 1108 People’s Heart
Chapter 1109 Wind Surge
Chapter 1110 Tongguan
Chapter 1111 Origin
Chapter 1112 March
Chapter 1113 Turning point
Chapter 1114 Obstructed
Chapter 1115 Practice brings true knowledge
Chapter 1116 A head is a small amount of money
Chapter 1117 The price to pay
Chapter 1118 It’s snowing
Chapter 1119 This romantic and snowy night
Chapter 1120 The royalists of the Han Dynasty
Chapter 1121 History is a pretty girl
Chapter 1122 It’s almost done
Chapter 1123 Late spring cold
Chapter 1124 Hungry
Chapter 1125 Battle
Chapter 1126 Injury
Chapter 1127 Chaos
Chapter 1128 The deception is in progress
Chapter 1129 Crazy Duo
Chapter 1130 A bold idea
Chapter 1131 The Curse of Immortality
Chapter 1132 The Confusion of Immortality
Chapter 1133 The Injury of Immortality
Chapter 1134 The Disappointing General Conquering the West
Chapter 1135 Why is this happening?
Chapter 1136 Please guess
Chapter 1137 Initiative
Chapter 1138 The right to choose
Chapter 1139 Rushing to the scene
Chapter 1140 Things are changing
Chapter 1141 Who the hell started it?
Chapter 1142 The one I wanted to invite didn’t come
Chapter 1143 Everyone is a businessman
Chapter 1144: Righteousness and Self-righteousness
Chapter 1145 The expected and the unexpected
Chapter 1146 The changed script
Chapter 1147 To eat or not to eat
Chapter 1148: Solitary Lele and Ren Lele
Chapter 1149 Is it right or wrong to kill a chicken to scare the monkey?
Chapter 1150 Inside and outside the battlefield
Chapter 1151 In front of others and behind others
Chapter 1152 New soldiers and old acquaintances
Chapter 1153 Fighting and Fighting
Chapter 1154 Despair and Hope
Chapter 1155 Melee power and long-range power
Chapter 1156 No time
Chapter 1157 God’s will is better than man’s will
Chapter 1158 Standing upright
Chapter 1159 Which path to take?
Chapter 1160 Trial Ground
Chapter 1161 The Power of the Proletarians
Chapter 1162 Mountain Road and Water Road
Chapter 1163 In the face of difficult problems
Chapter 1164 Under the Shadow
Chapter 1165 Puzzled
Chapter 1166 Bacon
Chapter 1167 Black and White
Chapter 1168 Big House
Chapter 1169 Bait
Chapter 1170 City Settlement
Chapter 1171: Good luck
Chapter 1172 Experimental Field
Chapter 1173 Upwind
Chapter 1174 Two Questions
Chapter 1175 No choice
Chapter 1175 Someone or a ghost
Chapter 1176 Talent Introduction
Chapter 1178 The missing puzzle piece
Chapter 1179 The Fog of War
Chapter 1180 Li Gui and Li Kui
Chapter 1181 Relevant and irrelevant
Chapter 1182: Many people have mixed thoughts
Chapter 1183 Era and Strategy
Chapter 1184: The Named Field of the Farm
Chapter 1185 I’ll leave this to you
Chapter 1186 Reason is a good thing
Chapter 1187 The Misunderstanding of Inertial Thinking
Chapter 1188 Fierce battle at Yingzhai Water Gate
Chapter 1189 When a spear versus a long ax
Chapter 1190 Please add some ingredients to the jar
Chapter 1191 Do you want it before you deliver it?
Chapter 1192 The human heart cannot see humanity
Chapter 1193 The never-ending war of attrition
Chapter 1194 What’s going on?
Chapter 1195 Who can tell who is right and who is wrong?
Chapter 1196 Things happened unexpectedly
Chapter 1197 Who can understand who is right and who is wrong?
Chapter 1198 The Beginning of the Battle of Qishan
Chapter 1199 Who is the target of someone else?
Chapter 1200 Changes in the Battle of Qishan
Chapter 1201 Can the dead speak?
Chapter 1202 Involuntary Fighting
Chapter 1203 How long is the agreed statute of limitations?
Chapter 1204 Choice on the battlefield
Chapter 1205 The right choice may not have the right result
Chapter 1206 Can the battle flag from four hundred years ago still fly?
Chapter 1207 Is the war cry from four hundred years ago still loud?
Chapter 1208 The turning point of the Battle of Qishan
Chapter 1209 The Finale of the Battle of Qishan
Chapter 1210: Laughing can easily lead to trouble
Chapter 1211 Xiliang also needs to cooperate
Chapter 1212 Who can tell right from wrong?
Chapter 1213 No one can avoid it
Chapter 1214 Empty talk is still of no use
Chapter 1215: Killing with a knife also kills everyone
Chapter 1216 Ambition is a double-edged sword
Chapter 1217 Don’t drink too much water before going to bed
Chapter 1218 Don’t eat too much in ambush
Chapter 1219 Everyone has a dream
Chapter 1220 Chasing dreams always requires sacrifice
Chapter 1221 The net is too small to catch big fish
Chapter 1222 It’s always darkest before dawn
Chapter 1223 The monument under Linjin City
Chapter 1224 Collision under Linjin City
Chapter 1225 The end of Linjin City
Chapter 1226 Even waste is valuable
Chapter 1227 It’s not my fault whether I’m wrong or not.
Chapter 1228 Where to come from and where to go
Chapter 1229 People’s support is available
Chapter 1230 Public opinion can be guided
Chapter 1231 Fame
Chapter 1232: Husband in charge
Chapter 1233 The arrow is on the string
Chapter 1234 The great cause is the most important thing
Chapter 1235 Impressions before the Battle
Chapter 1236 The Keyboard Warrior from Ancient to Modern Times
Chapter 1237 The little black spot on the battlefield
Chapter 1238 A little speculation about the enemy approaching the city
Chapter 1239 A surprising little idea
Chapter 1240 Small changes during the march
Chapter 1241 A touch of bright red on the mountain road
Chapter 1242 Whose words are true?
Chapter 1243 Whose idea is right?
Chapter 1244 Whose strategy is the most appropriate?
Chapter 1245 Three-Tong Drum under Pingyang City
Chapter 1246 A group of soldiers outside Pingyang City
Chapter 1247 A crossbow at the head of Pingyang City
Chapter 1248 Greedy Wolf Star Rise
Chapter 1249 Car rollover scene
Chapter 1250 Before the mourning hall
Chapter 1051 In the government office
Chapter 1052 Become famous
Chapter 1253 It’s your own fault
Chapter 1254 Agricultural Society
Chapter 1255 The Pei family promotes talents
Chapter 1256 The storm is coming and the city is full of wind
Chapter 1257 Looking for people to measure mountains and rivers geography
Chapter 1258 Don’t ask your name when drinking
Chapter 1259 May I ask where you are going?
Chapter 1260 The autumn night is extremely cold tonight
Chapter 1261 Yanzhou is panic-stricken at first
Chapter 1262: Those who are not strong in ambition are not wise.
Chapter 1263 A fire in autumn
Chapter 1264 Smart or Not Smart?
Chapter 1265 If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.
Chapter 1266 Only one battle
Chapter 1267 I’m eating, excuse me.
Chapter 1268 You ambush, I ambush
Chapter 1069 What makes a general qualified?
Chapter 1270 The oil seller among the generals
Chapter 1271 Arrays also have advantages and disadvantages
Chapter 1272 It’s autumn when the weather is cool
Chapter 1273 It’s the young man full of pride
Chapter 1274 The leeks are cut again and again
Chapter 1275 The new follow-up evolution of Three People Becoming a Tiger
Chapter 1276 New strategy hidden under Tongbao
Chapter 1277 Money is naturally the most exciting thing
Chapter 1278 When Lian Heng confronts He Zong
Chapter 1279 Fading away and losing books
Chapter 1280 East, West, North and South are gathered together
Chapter 1281 When Azhen met Aqiang
Chapter 1282 The words that must be said
Chapter 1283 Huang Juan’s Young Wife’s Grandson Junjiu
Chapter 1284 A pot of fish soup
Chapter 1285 The first court meeting
Chapter 1286 Tasteless wine
Chapter 1287 Festive Wine
Chapter 1288 The Tangled Person
Chapter 1289 Sinology
Chapter 1290 Merchant
Chapter 1291 Agreement
Chapter 1292 Scripture
Chapter 1293 Crescent Moon
Chapter 1294 Troubles
Chapter 1295 Black Jade Intermittent Cream
Chapter 1296 Commerce and Farming
Chapter 1297 Perseverance and Perseverance
Chapter 1298 The storm in Yinshan Mountain
Chapter 1299 Individual Thoughts
Chapter 1300 Each person’s meaning
Chapter 1301 Under the Night
Chapter 1302 Between swords and guns
Chapter 1303 A thunderbolt in the middle of the night
Chapter 1304: Keep some memories
Chapter 1305 A piece of bait
Chapter 1306 Leaping Horse Yin Mountain
Chapter 1307 God of the Battlefield
Chapter 1308 News used to exchange lives
Chapter 1309 The road bought with life
Chapter 1310 The Second Silk Road
Chapter 1311 Position
Chapter 1312 Answer
Chapter 1313 Two-sided
Chapter 1314 Selfishness
Chapter 1315 Means
Chapter 1316 Wrong
Chapter 1317 Wind Movement
Chapter 1318 Letter
Chapter 1319 Teacher’s Way
Chapter 1320 Seed
Chapter 1321 Joy and Sadness
Chapter 1322 Spring
Chapter 1323 Rules
Chapter 1324 Article
Chapter 1325 Characters
Chapter 1326 Suffering
Chapter 1327 Brothers
Chapter 1328 Situation
Chapter 1329 Eat Melon
Chapter 1330 Eating fish
Chapter 1331 Let’s fight
Chapter 1332 Leadership
Chapter 1333 Change of Situation
Chapter 1334 Farming
Chapter 1335 Liuli
Chapter 1336 Storm
Chapter 1337 Castle area
Chapter 1338 Life and Death
Chapter 1339 Mid-Autumn
Chapter 1340 Eating Meat
Chapter 1341 Seino
Chapter 1342 Jiukong
Chapter 1343 Taihang
Chapter 1344 Questions
Chapter 1345 Nursery Rhymes
Chapter 1346 Opinion
Chapter 1347 Not Confused
Chapter 1348 Experience
Chapter 1349 Raid
Chapter 1350 Advance and Retreat
Chapter 1351 Fighting General
Chapter 1352 Actor
Chapter 1353 Arrangement
Chapter 1354 Mercy
Chapter 1355 Utilitarianism
Chapter 1356 Stalemate
Chapter 1357 Battle
Chapter 1358 Withering
Chapter 1359 Despair
Chapter 1360 God’s Will
Chapter 1361 Signals
Chapter 1362 New Life
Chapter 1363 Trend
Chapter 1364 Banquet
Chapter 1365 Murderous Intent
Chapter 1366 Joke
Chapter 1367 Compromise
Chapter 1368 Old Confucianism
Chapter 1369 New road
Chapter 1370 Speech (Coming)
Chapter 1371 Didao
Chapter 1372 Tarsal Bones
Chapter 1373 Swallowing the Sky
Chapter 1374 Yuyang
Chapter 1375 Light and Darkness
Chapter 1376 Solving doubts
Chapter 1377 Banquet
Chapter 1378 Human Heart
Chapter 1379 Altar
Chapter 1380 Difficult
Chapter 1381 Instruction
Chapter 1382 Night Banquet
Chapter 1383 Night Talk
Chapter 1384 Blossom
Chapter 1385 Late Night
Chapter 1386 Stool
Chapter 1387 Host and Guest
Chapter 1388 Dream
Chapter 1389 Biting Wind
Chapter 1390 Fighting
Chapter 1391 Three Covenants
Chapter 1392 White Sparrow
Chapter 1393 Identity
Chapter 1394 Anxiety
Chapter 1395 Status
Chapter 1396 Anger
Chapter 1397 Unconventional
Chapter 1398 New changes
Chapter 1399 New and Old
Chapter 1400 Mountain Rain Rapid
Chapter 1401 Delivered to the Door
Chapter 1402 Attack on Hanchang
Chapter 1403 Broken Saber
Chapter 1404: Mind-attacking Scheme
Chapter 1405: Pawn in front of the formation
Chapter 1406 Dilemma
Chapter 1407 Turmoil
Chapter 1408 Yanjin Fall
Chapter 1409 Greedy Wolf Kills
Chapter 1410 Yecheng Rebellion
Chapter 1411 Fighting in the wilderness
Chapter 1412 Death from hysteria
Chapter 1413 Gathering in the wilderness
Chapter 1414 Borrowing a knife
Chapter 1415 The military plan of chaos
Chapter 1416 Consultation
Chapter 1417 Rockfall Strategy
Chapter 1418 Not just a falling stone plan
Chapter 1419 Not just multiple choice questions
Chapter 1420 Not just a delaying tactic
Chapter 1421 Backstab has bonus
Chapter 1422 The flying geese’s chrysanthemums fall
Chapter 1423 Passing through Yanjin holding the skull
Chapter 1424: Dealing with the times
Chapter 1425: Riding horses around Tuoba
Chapter 1426 Qian Qi Juan Ping Gang
Chapter 1427 The real chapter on the battlefield
Chapter 1428 Counterattack before death
Chapter 1429 The sky collapses and the mountains shake
Chapter 1430 Dilemma
Chapter 1431 Breaking the confusion
Chapter 1432 Civil strife in Taiyuan
Chapter 1433 Words of Yam
No. 1434: Ruler Slips to Determine Chaos
Chapter 1435 It’s rare to be confused
Chapter 1436 Each family’s experience
Chapter 1437 The battlefield changes
Chapter 1438 The Mystery of Hengling
Chapter 1439 Battle of Hengling
Chapter 1440 Time difference
Chapter 1441 Riding Battle on the North Road
Chapter 1442 North Road Decision
Chapter 1443 The Reincarnation of the Great Virtue
Chapter 1444 Gold and Silver Diplomacy
Chapter 1445 The Theory of Five Virtues
Chapter 1446 Question between father and son
Chapter 1447 The side of the throne
Chapter 1448 The Haze of Authority
Chapter 1449 Chaos
Chapter 1450 Breakup
Chapter 1451 Setting up a trap
Chapter 1452 Killing Game
Chapter 1453 Dead End
Chapter 1454 Stirring up the situation
Chapter 1455 Defeat
Chapter 1456 Pattern
Chapter 1457 Chess Game
Chapter 1458 Bookstore
Chapter 1459 Puzzle
Chapter 1460 Battle Situation
Chapter 1461 Deadlock
Chapter 1462: Trouble
Chapter 1463: Lost
Chapter 1464 Changes in Situation
Chapter 1465 Ballads on Jiangzhu for Thousands of Years
Chapter 1466 Business passed down for thousands of years
Chapter 1467 The Enemy of Thousand Years of Travelers
Chapter 1468 The theme that has not changed for thousands of years
Chapter 1469 Thousands of years of concern in the heart
Chapter 1470 Thousands of years of desire to return to family
Chapter 1471 The song of the enterprising people for thousands of years
Chapter 1472 The legend of thousands of years of warriors
Chapter 1473 The answer to those who have been confused for thousands of years
Chapter 1474 The peak of a thousand-year-old family
Chapter 1475 Cao Mengde’s Determination
Chapter 1476 Yuan Gongli’s guilt
Chapter 1477 Sun Boxu’s strategy
Chapter 1478 Liu Jingsheng’s worries
Chapter 1479 Fei Ziyuan’s Guest
Chapter 1480 The fate of big and small Qiao
Chapter 1481 Liu Xuande’s opportunity
Chapter 1482 Lu Fengxian’s comfort
Chapter 1483 Yuan Benchu’s hesitation
Chapter 1484 Tai Shi Ming’s printing
Chapter 1485 Yang Dezu’s Sigh
Chapter 1486 Wei Wenchang’s decision
Chapter 1487 Say one thing and do another
Chapter 1488 Reluctant to leave behind
Chapter 1489 The fake head and the real head
Chapter 1490 Who is whose hero?
Chapter 1491 Who is whose chess piece?
Chapter 1492 Who is whose legend?
Chapter 1493 Who is whose prey?
Chapter 1494 Who fell into whose scheme?
Chapter 1495 Who believes whose rumors?
Chapter 1496 Who sets the trap?
Chapter 1497 Who listens to whom?
Chapter 1498 Who takes advantage of whom?
Chapter 1499 Who set the fire?
Chapter 1500 Who belongs to whom?
Chapter 1501 Who robs whose way?
Chapter 1502 Who coughs whose elixir
Chapter 1503 Speculated
Chapter 1504 Suspected
Chapter 1505: Being excluded
Chapter 1506 Conquered
Chapter 1507 Driven
Chapter 1508 Two Pines
Chapter 1509 A big move
Chapter 1510 Three Bowls of Wine
Chapter 1511 A field
Chapter 1512 Duality
Chapter 1513 A Road
Chapter 1514 A Fire
Chapter 1515 Two aspects
Chapter 1516 Xiao Fei hangs his horn
Chapter 1517 Small Point Intrusion
Chapter 1518: Stab first
Chapter 1519 Backhand Response
Chapter 1520 Both fight for the first place
Chapter 1521 Double Struggle
Chapter 1522 The haunting figure
Chapter 1523 That nostalgic game
Chapter 1524 Those weak words
Chapter 1525. Thank you for your continued support.)
Chapter 1526 Defeat
Chapter 1527 Trust
Chapter 1528 Interspersed
Chapter 1529 Covenant
Chapter 1530 True Intention
Chapter 1531 Visitors
Chapter 1532 The Way of Sichuan and Shu
Chapter 1533 The Order of the Sword Pavilion
Chapter 1534 The enemy of Han River
Chapter 1535 You fell into the trap
Chapter 1536 Catching up
Chapter 1537 How to gain weight
Chapter 1538: Middle age
Chapter 1539 Struggle for Interests
Chapter 1540: Drawing fire from the bottom of the cauldron
Chapter 1541 Can uncle bear it?
Chapter 1542 Auntie is intolerable
Chapter 1543 At this moment
Chapter 1544 Round Cauldron Meeting
Chapter 1545 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 1546 The Thief Who Conquered the West
Chapter 1547 Liu Bei’s helpless move
Chapter 1548 The picturesque scenery of the country and the joy of meeting each other
Chapter 1549 Fei Qian’s combat plan
Chapter 1550 There must be a mystery
Chapter 1551 Suspicious tactics
Chapter 1552: Claiming North and Attacking South
Chapter 1553 Dilemma
Chapter 1554 Battle in Central Sichuan
Chapter 1555 No retreat
Chapter 1556 Everyone uses their own methods
Chapter 1557 Life and Death
Chapter 1558 Judgment of Life and Death
Chapter 1559 Life and death are so close
Chapter 1560 Brothers of Life and Death
Chapter 1561 Preaching in the Military
Chapter 1562 Desolate Night
Chapter 1563 Thoughts
Chapter 1564 Snow
Chapter 1565 Yin Huanghuang
Chapter 1566 Qingyang Si
Chapter 1567 Bailu Pavilion
Chapter 1568 Black Tiger Mountain (He is the leader of the alliance under the sycamore tree)
Chapter 1569 Xuan Qizhan
Chapter 1570 Shuili
Chapter 1571 Drumming
Chapter 1572 Determined
Chapter 1573 He Ming
Chapter 1574 Han Guang
Chapter 1575 Tangdi
Chapter 1576 The Sand Table Theory
Chapter 1577 There is always money in thousands of rivers and mountains
Chapter 1578 It’s advisable to take a broad view of the scenery.
Chapter 1579 Consider the details
Chapter 1580 If you want to take something, you must give it first
Chapter 1581 Internal Learning Prophecy Eighty-One
Chapter 1582 Zi Buyu’s strange power and chaos
Chapter 1583 The moonlight shines on the clothes like water
Chapter 1584 What kind of meat is not allowed on the altar?
Chapter 1585 Let’s listen to someone
Chapter 1586 The superior must be unkind
Chapter 1587 What can beat the cold
Chapter 1588 Angels Coming from the East
Chapter 1589 The Great Han Hussar
Chapter 1590 A Yellow Cotton Flower
Chapter 1591 A ZTE Sword
Chapter 1592 A Begonia Tree
Chapter 1593 A new jar of wine
Chapter 1594 A bowl of old wheat rice
Chapter 1595 A skull bowl
Chapter 1596 A Golden Dream
Chapter 1597 A killing field
Chapter 1598 Two paths to promotion
Chapter 1599 Three starting points
Chapter 1600 Beacon Fire People from All Directions
Chapter 1601 The doctor on the fifth floor
Chapter 1602 Don’t encourage fools
Chapter 1603: Common people should not remember
Chapter 1604 Don’t bother mediocrity
Chapter 1605 Fools don’t argue (leader of Yiqianbei Alliance)
Chapter 1606 Dream and Reality
Chapter 1607 Reality and Future
Chapter 1608 Future and Wealth
Chapter 1609 Wealth and Pursuit
Chapter 1610 Pursuit and Opponent
Chapter 1611 A guessing question
Chapter 1612 A multiple choice question
Chapter 1613 A matter of one sentence
Chapter 1614: Pay off the debt with a book)
Chapter 1615 A ??pitfall
Chapter 1616 The matter of a piece of bait
Chapter 1617 The incident of a group of insects
Chapter 1618 The matter of a group of people
Chapter 1619 Listener and Speaker
Chapter 1620 True and False
Chapter 1621 Before and after the formation
Chapter 1622 Big Avalanche
Chapter 1623 Tianyuan still owes the debt)
Chapter 1624 The transformation of the licking dog
Chapter 1625 Changes in the Battle Situation
Chapter 1626 The Gradual Change of Mind
Chapter 1627 The Evolution of the Balance
Chapter 1628 Fill in the blanks
Chapter 1629 Multiple choice
Chapter 1630 Q{xml}A
Chapter 1631 Idleness is also idleness
Chapter 1632: Since Long is at peace, how can we look forward to Shu?
Chapter 1633 Common people’s common sayings and common things
Chapter 1634 Beautiful Women, Good Stories and Good Events
Chapter 1635 Why is my broom so precious?
Chapter 1636 How can you look at the sky while sitting in a well?
Chapter 1637 What is important in the world
Chapter 1638 What is the foundation of the scriptures?
Chapter 1639 Under the Sun
Chapter 1640 In the Shadow
Chapter 1641 Between people’s hearts
Chapter 1642 Within Chaos
Chapter 1643 The moment of fierce battle
Chapter 1644 Flag of the Western Regions
Chapter 1645: Hurt Heaven and Pay Debt)
Chapter 1646 Ancestral Temple Celebration
Chapter 1647 Mo Shang Sang
Chapter 1648 Magpie’s Nest
Chapter 1649: Grabbing time
Chapter 1650 Making Excuses
Chapter 1651 Your brother
Chapter 1652 The sun
Chapter 1653: Sin yourself edict
Chapter 1654 New Map
Chapter 1655 Old Strategy
Chapter 1656 Hand
Chapter 1657 Old Rival
Chapter 1658 Living in all directions
Chapter 1659 Successor
Chapter 1660 Rumors
Chapter 1661 Hidden Ninja
Chapter 1662 Defender
Chapter 1663 Destroyer
Chapter 1664 Guan Yu’s sword repays the debt
Chapter 1665 Pang Tong’s Belly
Chapter 1666 Wei Duan’s Arrow
Chapter 1667 Xue Lan’s Roar
Chapter 1668 Fei Qian’s smile
Chapter 1669 Niu Sixia’s sweat
Brother Chapter 1670 Huang Yueying’s Knife
Chapter 1671 Xue Lan’s Salt
Chapter 1672 Liu He’s words
Chapter 1673 Xun Yu’s advice
Chapter 1674 Qin and Tea
Chapter 1675 Scholars, farmers, industry and commerce
Chapter 1676 Who is on the case?
Chapter 1677 Who is in the trap?
Chapter 1678 Who stands in the wind
Chapter 1679 Channels
Chapter 1680 Lake Pavilion
Chapter 1681 Seeking Skin
Chapter 1682 Plot
Chapter 1683 Miscalculation and repayment of debt
Chapter 1684 Gains and Losses
Chapter 1685 Loss
Chapter 1686 Progress
Chapter 1687 Struggle for Interest
Chapter 1688 News
Chapter 1689 Invitation
Chapter 1690 Ichibo
Chapter 1691 Instruments
Chapter 1692 Appearance Theory
Chapter 1693 Breaking the Delusion
Chapter 1694 Dabi pays off his debt
Chapter 1695 Chilling
Chapter 1696 Ceremony
Chapter 1697 Transformation
Chapter 1698 Negotiation
Chapter 1699 Imbalance
Chapter 1700 Chaos
Chapter 1701 Big ears attract wind
Chapter 1702 Strong wind attracts wealth
Chapter 1703 Faith and Swords and Guns
Chapter 1704 Swords, Guns and Plans
Chapter 1705 Plans and Conjectures
Chapter 1706 Conjecture and Intelligence
Chapter 1707 Intelligence and Planning
Chapter 1708 Planning and Implementation
Chapter 1709 The Power of Time
Chapter 1710 The Power of Soldiers and Horses
Chapter 1711 A big plan
Chapter 1712 A small decision
Chapter 1713 Fighting with others
Chapter 1714 Fighting with the Earth
Chapter 1715 Fighting with Tian
Chapter 1716 If you don’t fight, you won’t be happy.
Chapter 1717 No cheating, no joy
Chapter 1718: Reincarnation of Chaos
Chapter 1719 Suggestions and Strategies
Chapter 1720 It’s hard to reconcile everyone’s opinions
Chapter 1721 Thousand-foot Waves
Chapter 1722 Seeking truth and justice
Chapter 1723 War Mode
Chapter 1724 Getting to the bottom of things
Chapter 1725 The Royalist Faction
Chapter 1726 It’s completely different
Chapter 1727 It’s different there
Chapter 1728 It’s different now
Chapter 1729 The unreasonable Cao Cao
Chapter 1730 Abnormal Cao Cao
Chapter 1731 Additional Questions
Chapter 1732 The Great Theory of Qinglong Temple
Chapter 1733 The separation of scriptures
Chapter 1734 Gathering of Newcomers
Chapter 1735 The more chaotic the happier you are
Chapter 1736: To gamble or not to gamble to pay off the debt)
Chapter 1737 Believe it or not
Chapter 1738 Old Problems, New Problems
Chapter 1739 The old pavilion in the small bamboo forest
Chapter 1740: Old tune, new method
Chapter 1741 Fake secret letter and real trap
Chapter 1742 Real diners and fake diners
Chapter 1743 Old Ranger Xiao Baojia
Chapter 1744 The First Day
Chapter 1745 The next day
Chapter 1746 Unexpected and Unexpected
Chapter 1747 Are they together or separated?
Chapter 1748 Who says it and who believes it?
Chapter 1749: A plan within a plan, a plan within a plan
Chapter 1750 Is it snowing if you are wronged?
Chapter 1751 Everyone has different brain circuits
Chapter 1752: Everyone has their own changes to pay off their debts)
Chapter 1753 Good idea, bad idea
Chapter 1754: Pay off debts in good situations and bad situations)
Chapter 1755 Traveling
Chapter 1756 Means
Chapter 1757 Crossover
Chapter 1758 Timing
Chapter 1759 Origin
Chapter 1760 Questions
Chapter 1761 Free
Chapter 1762 Sinking
Chapter 1763 Enlightenment
Chapter 1764 Lady-in-waiting
Chapter 1765 Shocking Changes in Ouye
Chapter 1766 Fall
Chapter 1767 Deception
Chapter 1768 Answer
Chapter 1769 Journey
Chapter 1770 Chips
Chapter 1771 Lobbying
Chapter 1772 Characters
Chapter 1773 Snowstorm
Chapter 1774 Impact
Chapter 1775 Royal Court
Chapter 1776 Great Victory
Chapter 1777 Yuyang, Yuli
Chapter 1778: Poor bandits, hot pursuit
Chapter 1779 Desperate Situation, Defeat
Chapter 1780 Trapped beast, trapped fight
Chapter 1781 False news, false reports
Chapter 1782 Rumors, Voices of the Heart
Chapter 1783 Organization, combination
Chapter 1784 Life, Man and God
Chapter 1785 People’s words, people’s expectations
Chapter 1786 Hunting, beating people
Chapter 1787 Speech, Public Opinion
Chapter 1788 Debate, start a war
Chapter 1789 Side dishes, big dishes
Chapter 1790 Audition, Testing
Chapter 1791: Falling into the trap, falling into the trap
Chapter 1792 Head, butt
Chapter 1793 Either true or false
Chapter 1794 Either advance or retreat
Chapter 1795 Overcalculation, Underestimation
Chapter 1796 Advance, attack forward
Chapter 1797 Back Camp, Back Midfielder
Chapter 1798 Same clothes, same robes
Chapter 1799 Han people, Han family
Chapter 1800 Dingchuan, Dingren
Chapter 1801 The end of an era
Chapter 1802 The beginning of an era
Chapter 1803 The disadvantages of an era
Chapter 1804 The uninvited beloved
Chapter 1805 An unknown good match
Chapter 1806 Unexplainable Things
Chapter 1807 Brake failure
Chapter 1808 On the verge of losing control
Chapter 1809 Emotions spread
Chapter 1810 Closing of the Discussion
Chapter 1811 Due to personality
Chapter 1812 An unexpected gift
Chapter 1813 Intricacies
Chapter 1814 Pressing the gourd has lifted the gourd
Chapter 1815 The Son of Heaven Should Be Blessed by God
Chapter 1816 Is the risk worth it?
Chapter 1817 Unsurprising unexpected changes
Chapter 1818 Another attack on the city
Chapter 1819 Loyalty fades again
Chapter 1820 The flaw in repeating old tricks
Chapter 1821 Simplicity and complexity are not contradictory
Chapter 1822 Success and failure actually happen in the blink of an eye
Chapter 1823 A plan is always just a plan
Chapter 1824 Corresponding changes under chain reaction
Chapter 1825 The new evolution evolved from the martial arts hall
Chapter 1826: Dealing with the chess pieces placed on the chessboard
Chapter 1827 The speechless facts are the most helpless
Chapter 1828 Everyone has their own ideas
Chapter 1829 Every family has its own plans
Chapter 1830 Who does what?
Chapter 1831 The Hussars of the World
Chapter 1832 Everyone will suffer
Chapter 1833 Three Arrows to Defeat Xingba
Chapter 1834 Don’t ask, asking is just fishing
Chapter 1835 Don’t guess, guess it’s true
Chapter 1836 Don’t think about it. If you think too much, it will be for nothing.
Chapter 1837 Please give the general a name
Chapter 1838 Please deal with the move
Chapter 1839: It’s easy to misfire if you wipe the gun
Chapter 1840 Passing by to make soy sauce
Chapter 1841 There is no one who can bear the sword
Chapter 1842 You can also change jobs
Chapter 1843 Bet on the table and open the cards
Chapter 1844: There are strategies but they cannot be used
Chapter 1845 A plan within a plan within a plan
Chapter 1847 Who cheats who?
Chapter 1847 The naughty kid’s naughty behavior
Chapter 1848 The words of a nobleman’s children
Chapter 1849 Your way, my way, everyone’s way
Chapter 1850: Who is attacking whose heart?
Chapter 1851 There will never be any advance notice when the storm comes
Chapter 1852: When an accident comes, we will never discuss it in advance
Chapter 1853 Encirclement and Counter-Encirclement
Chapter 1854 Attack and Counter-Attack
Chapter 1855 Whose fault is more
Chapter 1856 Who has more cards?
Chapter 1857 The suffering is not over yet and continues endlessly
Chapter 1858: Stay true to your principles and be impartial
Chapter 1859 The frustration and depression never end
Chapter 1860 Superficial article, but actually true and false
Chapter 1861 When fraud becomes the norm, what else is worth believing?
Chapter 1862 When prejudice becomes a habit, who is willing to recognize it?
Chapter 1863 When interests are in front of you, all relatives are scum
Chapter 1864 The way of a gentleman is not to kill people, but to kill people.
Chapter 1865 The great road is hidden, the world is our home, we only seek to be well-off
Chapter 1866 Fei Cao meets and drinks in the city
Chapter 1867: Swinging around in a small space
Chapter 1868 Only when you regret, can you know how to work hard
Chapter 1869 Xijing Shangshu, the mob
Chapter 1870 Inherent ideas, what I think
Chapter 1871: Seek benefit from others, and others seek benefit as well.
Chapter 1872 How to do it is all about thinking
Chapter 1873 There is no question of loyalty and righteousness in the heart of the human heart
Chapter 1874: Driving away tigers and devouring wolves, making falsehoods come true
Chapter 1875: Fighting between tigers and idiots, a merciless invitation
Chapter 1876 Evolution of Hangu, Waibo Technology
Chapter 1877 The evolution of arithmetic, everyone’s heart
Chapter 1878 Embarrassing Behavior, Emergency
Chapter 1879: Three connections to the Western Regions, troops march into Hexi
Chapter 1880 Omniscient and omnipotent, Protector of the Western Regions
Chapter 1881 Problems and pitfalls everywhere
Chapter 1882: Ancestral Temple Sacrifice, Thinking Jumping
Chapter 1883: Applying grease and powder, repaying injustice
Chapter 1884: Big family, small family
Chapter 1885 Small Compromise, Big Compromise
Chapter 1886 Little Habits, Old Problems
Chapter 1887 Old problems, new measures
Chapter 1888: Preliminary exploration of the title, visiting the altar for conferment
Chapter 1889: Making imperial edicts and worshiping generals, dividing Shaanxi and governing it
Chapter 1890: Zhiyin Prison, Female Official System
Chapter 1891: Build the framework and pursue the title of Wang family
Chapter 1892 Descendants of the Wang family, Marquis Anleting
Chapter 1893 Shanxi Friendship and Business Evolution
Chapter 1894: Participate in the Law of Zhiyin and select to participate in the examination
Chapter 1895: Quietly establish a hundred doctors, Li Xun Chunyu
Chapter 1896 Seeking talents in the wild, Dunhuang plan
Chapter 1897: Smiling for half a step, it seems like madness but not madness
Chapter 1898 Dayu controls floods, Dahan Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1899 The sky is dead and the yellow sky does not stand
Chapter 1900 The end of the old times, the reincarnation of new ideas
Chapter 1901 Huang Di’s Neighbors, Jiangnan Patterns
Chapter 1902: Do urgent things slowly, and do slow things urgently
Chapter 1903: Accidental collision, religious expansion
Chapter 1904: Drawing by analogy and making judgments about harsh government
Chapter 1905 Lecture in the martial arts hall, win if you are not defeated
Chapter 1906: No confusion at forty, no smell of copper
Chapter 1907 The dirt needs to be cleaned up, and the burden needs to be treated
Chapter 1908: The Han family traps itself, whether it is vulgar or elegant
Chapter 1909: Follow-up of the vassal division, Yuan Shang asks for an audience
Chapter 1910 Flying Bear Villa, Gluttonous Jiangdong
Chapter 1911 Teacher of Benevolence and Righteousness, Gong Jin’s Talent
Chapter 1912: Tadun was awarded the head, Zhou Yu fought for his life
Chapter 1913 Fierce fighting under the city, forcing each other
Chapter 1914: Both sides are tied, strength is respected
Chapter 1915: Locust plague breaks out, rumors of hen
Chapter 1916 Three strategies of heaven and earth, destroying locusts in Guanzhong
Chapter 1917: The Pig in the Wind
Chapter 1918: Red money, black heart
Chapter 1919 Disaster food distribution, thick soil and blue sky
Chapter 1920: Lazy government, vehicle and ship research and development
Chapter 1921 Transplantation Problem, Sail Evolution
Chapter 1922: The village elders’ blessings, the grace examination begins
Chapter 1923: Examination Hall Secrets, Posthouse Suspense
Chapter 1924: The law does not punish everyone, monsters and monsters
Chapter 1925: In the whirlpool, acting on behalf of heaven
Chapter 1926: Mutual persecution, the law of heaven shrinks
Chapter 1927: Clean up the remnants, drink water and remember its source
Chapter 1928: Jing and Wei are mixed, the original intention should be considered
Chapter 1929: The beginning of official governance, posthumous titles for living people
Chapter 1930 Thinking too much and doing too little
Chapter 1931: If you are guilty, please beg first, and if you are responsible, you should be punished
Chapter 1932 The purpose of utensils and the distinction between public and private
Chapter 1933 The voice of public opinion and the taboo of the venerable
Chapter 1934: Soldiers and people work together, resulting changes
Chapter 1935 New and old coins, old and new wars
Chapter 1936 Eat and drink, new clothes and old people
Chapter 1937 New establishment changes, old life is ordinary
Chapter 1938: Change of hearts, beacon message
Chapter 1939 Only peace of mind, autumn rain is like a knife
Chapter 1940 The Fifth Gentleman, the Knife Behind the Back
Chapter 1941: Exchange your dream for drink money
Chapter 1942: Sitting around the fox, Taibai offends his position
Chapter 1943: Copying the cat and imitating the tiger, imitating the gourd and imitating the scoop
Chapter 1944 Wherever people go, they are Han
Chapter 1945: It is disrespectful to come and not go.
Chapter 1946 Gao Shun falls into battle and Guishang plots
Chapter 1947 Domestication of the Chamber of Commerce, clumsy strategy
Chapter 1948 Fierce Battle at Haitou, Winter Thunder
Chapter 1949 The Han Family Dingxi, the Prince’s Revenge
Chapter 1950 Internal and external roads, internal and external allusions
Chapter 1951 Policy Strategy, Exquisite Eight Sides
Chapter 1952: Amnesty incident, oil replacement
Chapter 1953: Friend or enemy, enemy or friend
Chapter 1954: Golden Bull Offensive, Wu Ding Clears the Way
Chapter 1955: Embarrassment in Youzhou, remaining problems
Chapter 1956: The storm in Jizhou, seeking stability amid chaos
Chapter 1957 Scientific research and development, follow-up of craftsmen
Chapter 1958 Jizhou is a virtuous man, read Salt and Iron again
Chapter 1959: Difficulty at hand, caravan chaos
Chapter 1960 Xianbei Freezing Point, Jizhou Examination
Chapter 1961 Coal in winter, cold rules
Chapter 1962: Live by the rules, live by the rules
Chapter 1963: Workplace substitution, noble rules
Chapter 1964: Pillow Business, Extracorporeal Rumors
Chapter 1965 Hermit’s Fame and Fortune, Name
Chapter 1966: The name is eliminated and the matter is settled at the end of the year
Chapter 1967 Law of Corruption, Psychological Shadow
Chapter 1968 Gold and brass, life and death
Chapter 1969: Bean Plate Deduction, Table Case Theory
Chapter 1970: Stirring up the Three Kingdoms, Pangpang is the only one among them
Chapter 1971: Gift from the Emperor, Wonderful Musical Movement
Chapter 1972: Sun Clone, Chigu’s Fall
Chapter 1973 All parties gather, Chang'an Long Street
Chapter 1974 The wind and moon are boundless, and there is no sleep in Chang'an
Chapter 1975 Someone comes to serve tea and someone comes to serve meat
Chapter 1976 A Tour of Qinglong, Lectured by Hundred Coins
Chapter 1977: Cunning Feizhen, honest Lu Su
Chapter 1978 Zhuge asked three questions and established a new order
Chapter 1979: Outing and borrowing the pasture
Chapter 1980: Literature is used to clarify the truth, respect is used to understand the subtleties
Chapter 1981 Change of money to pay tax, death of Qinghe
Chapter 1982: Fermentation and ripples in the Western Region
Chapter 1983 Longyou’s antecedent, Jia Xu’s foresight
Chapter 1984 Chen Lu is helpless and Shifang has an epiphany
Chapter 1985 The blind man touches the elephant, the secret of the hussar
Chapter 1986: Fei Qian’s flaw, Yu Yang hesitates
Chapter 1987: New advances in industry, rebirth of jade steel
Chapter 1988 Polishing Armor, Masked Man
Chapter 1989 Family love, wearing armor and removing armor
Chapter 1990 Doctors heal people, but patients suffer from heart problems
Chapter 1991 Hua Tuo cures his illness and Gongsun goes hunting
Chapter 1992: Old ways, new years, new ways
Chapter 1993 The winner is not defeated, the loser is not defeated
Chapter 1994: The saint sticks to one thing and serves as the shepherd of the world
Chapter 1995 Zhang He transports grain, an oolong incident
Chapter 1996 Changshan’s sudden change and tripartite strategy
Chapter 1997: Chaos in Youbei, the drama begins
Chapter 1998 Sunrise and sunset, you come and I go
Chapter 1999 Cavalry evolution, rafting on the blood sea
Chapter 2000 If I had known earlier, I could have done something
Chapter 2001: Fishing in troubled waters and sharing the food of Xianbei
Chapter 2002: Scarce chips, no son of man
Chapter 2003: Understanding the mind, an unexpected gift
Chapter 2004 I know you know, glorious glory
Chapter 2005 Outside Yuyang City, Xiahou is trapped
Chapter 2006: Xianbei rebels, everyone has something to lose
Chapter 2007: During the Great Cold Period, Between Choices
Chapter 2008 Salt and Iron Victory, Compromise Conference
Chapter 2009: God is your refuge, no disaster or harm
Chapter 2010 Small victory and big defeat, small boat and big boat
Chapter 2011: Good luck and bad luck, good governance opportunities
Chapter 2012 Small-scale peasant economy cannot be established unless it is destroyed
Chapter 2013 The Gold of the Western Regions, the County of Nanzhong
Chapter 2014: Strategies to Reduce Stoves and Follow the Traces
Chapter 2015: The smoke from the kitchen cannot rise, and the camp remains empty.
Chapter 2016: Painful words almost tear the canthus apart
Chapter 2017 Zhuang He’s incident, the law of lending orders
Chapter 2018 Religious Plan, Transformation of the Red Emperor
Chapter 2019: Important matters of family and country, small matters of women
Chapter 2020 Foundation of soil, market of people
Chapter 2021 Before cooking, test the water cart
Chapter 2022: Overt and covert exploration, overt and covert chess
Chapter 2023: Han rules, Zhang Fei’s methods
Chapter 2024 In the mountains and forests, real people from five directions
Chapter 2026 It’s not my fault, you forced me
Chapter 2026: A broken mirror is hard to round, the lunar calendar
Chapter 2027: I did what I said, surnamed Liu and Cai
Chapter 2028: After seeking truth, be pragmatic
Chapter 2029 Jiangdong Refugees, Sun Family’s Tricks
Chapter 2030 Meat-eaters are despicable, Jiangling fell
Chapter 2031 Xiangyang is shocked, Jiangling changes hands
Chapter 2032 Cai’s plan, Liu’s back-up plan
Chapter 2033: Military morale fluctuates, hiding whereabouts
Chapter 2034 Liangzhou’s soldiers and Nanjun’s reinforcements
Chapter 2035: Peace and joy, caught off guard
Chapter 2036 Cao’s army is in the north and the Sun family is in the south
Chapter 2037 They are all bosses and have arrangements
Chapter 2038 Why and what?
Chapter 2039 I don’t understand glory, I am poor and reasonable
Chapter 2040 Everything is okay, I have everything
Chapter 2041 Three Gains and Three Loss, Three Comments on Xingtai
Chapter 2042: The position of admonishment officer, Zhongzheng and peace
Chapter 2043 Jizhou Guqi, a master of overturning
Chapter 2044: Heaven has three days, and earth has three days.
Chapter 2045: Feeling unwell, each has its own joys and sorrows
Chapter 2046: Business without capital, the overall situation is the most important thing
Chapter 2047: The Theory of Gold and Silver, Superficial Economics
Chapter 2048: The theory of sipping incense and the principle of valuing agriculture
Chapter 2049: People coming from Jingzhou use their own methods
Chapter 2050: Heavy damage to the Navy, Flying Bear Erha
Chapter 2051: Regret the past, focus on using it now
Chapter 2052: Offering rice to the front and deliberation later
Chapter 2053: The battle is dangerous and Dangyangqiao is defeated
Chapter 2054: There are words outside the words, changes within the changes
Chapter 2055 There is someone else, waiting for the opportunity
Chapter 2056: The young wolf sees blood, the inheritance of the cavalry
Chapter 2057 Emergency, sudden battle
Chapter 2058 Untimely and unruly
Chapter 2059 The wind direction changes, Shilin is involved
Chapter 2060 Process Dafa, Xiangyang Advances and Retreats
Chapter 2061 Xiangyang falls, thorns block the way
Chapter 2062: No order, no choice
Chapter 2063: Both sides are arguing and omissions
Chapter 2064 God’s favor, the miracle of the great man
Chapter 2065: Tired Tactics, Three Crossroads
Chapter 2066: Each hand’s cards, betting table bets
Chapter 2067 Core Target, On the Battlefield
Chapter 2068 Knowledge accumulation, wisdom and enlightenment
Chapter 2069: The future is long, and the son will inherit his father’s legacy
Chapter 2070 Hu Han’s plan, Northern Territory Protector
Chapter 2071 Food and grass go first, no mercy
Chapter 2072: Assimilation and fusion, no two words
Chapter 2073: One piece of edict, one world
Chapter 2074 The mountains are not high and the water is not deep
Chapter 2075 Hurt each other and deceive each other
Chapter 2076: Temptation in the military, additional changes
Chapter 2077: Don’t be alarmed because it’s so basic, it’s hard to tell the truth from the false
Chapter 2078: Inside and outside the market, strategy and planning
Chapter 2079 Life and Death Plan, Life and Death Plan
Chapter 2080: No or yes, of course
Chapter 2081 Equivalent exchange, wave of refugees
Chapter 2082 Qu’s son’s plan, Qi Wu’s Lu Si
Chapter 2083 Zigui presents the city, rough and fine
Chapter 2084 Testing each other and finding out each other’s bottom line
Chapter 2085: Already prepared, suddenly rises
Chapter 2086 Attack!
Chapter 2087 Guardian!
Chapter 2088 Support!
Chapter 2089 Battle!
Chapter 2090 Xia Houyuan and Huang Zhong’s first time
Chapter 2091 There is a first time and a second time
Chapter 2092 The broken earthen jar in Cao Mengde’s hand
Chapter 2093 Defensive unfavorable defense, running unfavorable running
Chapter 2094 Hong Kong’s drug competition is huge
Chapter 2095 Real or fake cavalry
Chapter 2096: You can hide it as long as you want.
Chapter 2097 Even simple things can get annoying if you repeat them
Chapter 2098: War is like a gamble. Please leave.
Chapter 2099 Isn’t it just a joke?
Chapter 2100 This is walking back and forth through the city gate.
Chapter 2101 Why Correct Measures Have No Correct Results
Chapter 2102 Kong Ming, are you crazy?
Chapter 2103: The city is worthless, and so are the people
Chapter 2104 There are always people who can’t help but be tempted
Chapter 2105 Unexpected Counterattack
Chapter 2106 There is only one way to achieve this goal
Chapter 2107 The gap between soldiers
Chapter 2108 New tactics and new thinking
Chapter 2109 Your calculation is my calculation
Chapter 2110 A Sandwich
Chapter 2111 Waiting for the rain to pass and the sky to clear up
Chapter 2112 Outside the battlefield
Chapter 2113 Another invisible war
Chapter 2114 The Law of Cake Landing
Chapter 2115 This is a good day
Chapter 2116 This matter still needs to be discussed
Chapter 2117 The black and white tribulations fight to win with vigor
Chapter 2118: Complementing the chess game
Chapter 2119 The Salt Bearer
Chapter 2120 Smiling Man
Chapter 2121 Buying tea master
Chapter 2122 Overtime workers
Chapter 2123: Pat on the head
Chapter 2124: Pat the thigh
Chapter 2125: OK and OK
Chapter 2126 Calling brother and brother
Chapter 2127 Flowers fall and leaves fly
Chapter 2128 The wind rises and the flames are fierce
Chapter 2129: Know the difficulty only when it happens
Chapter 2130 The first lesson of the hussar
Chapter 2131 Summer insects don’t talk about ice
Chapter 2132 Qu Shi said without saying a word
Chapter 2133: Visit the old friend
Chapter 2134 It’s all over
Chapter 2135 Side Battlefield
Chapter 2136 Strategy changes
Chapter 2137 Carnivores
Chapter 2138 Rodents
Chapter 2139 Huang’s Migration
Chapter 2140 Build a Bridge
Chapter 2141 A mountain can separate the sun and the moon
Chapter 2142: One thing can tell the difference between loyalty and traitor
Chapter 2143 Can one person accomplish anything?
Chapter 2144 A super long road
Chapter 2145 One city reaches all directions
Chapter 2146 Reserves
Chapter 2147 Road
Chapter 2148 Six wins
Chapter 2149 Four Worries
Chapter 2150 Breaking the story
Chapter 2151 Follow suit
Chapter 2152 Decision
Chapter 2153 Announcement
Chapter 2154 Transportation
Chapter 2155: Those who seek others will also seek others.
Chapter 2156: Respect others and everyone respects them
Chapter 2157 Good times and beautiful scenery
Chapter 2158 The sweet dream is about to wake up
Chapter 2159 Guanzhong Honglu
Chapter 2160: Everyone shows off their strategies
Chapter 2161 Death Earth Life Machine
Chapter 2162 People’s hearts are scattered
Chapter 2163 Everything is turned upside down
Chapter 2164 The Law of Han Confucianism
Chapter 2165 Celebrity Master
Chapter 2166 The Four Dimensions of the Country
Chapter 2167: Sexual transformation
Chapter 2168 Competition for recruitment
Chapter 2169 Secrets of Business and Trade
Chapter 2170 Shrimp and Pig Heart
Chapter 2171 Water and Oil
Chapter 2172 Man and Tao
Chapter 2173 Wine and Meat
Chapter 2174 Light and Shadow
Chapter 2175 Saying and Doing
Brother Chapter 2176 White and Black
Chapter 2177 Chicken and Monkey
Chapter 2178 The end and the beginning
Chapter 2179 Jackal and Fox
Chapter 2180 Sleeping and Eating
Chapter 2181 Eating meat and eating grass
Chapter 2182 Poisoned Politics
Chapter 2183 Everyone is looking for trouble
Chapter 2184 Real fragrance is the most important
Chapter 2185 Nature’s Porter
Chapter 2186 Drinking wine on a snowy day
Chapter 2187 The First Dawn
Chapter 2188 Eagle dogs also need training
Chapter 2189 Snow is flying
Chapter 2190 Look at pockets
Chapter 2191 Looking at the future
Chapter 2192 Look at the night
Chapter 2193 Prepare for a rainy day
Chapter 2194 What is a Trickster?
Chapter 2195 Read a book
Chapter 2196 Nowhere to Go
Chapter 2197 Where does the water come from?
Chapter 2198 Arrange it together
Chapter 2199 Things are difficult to handle
Chapter 2200 A goal
Chapter 2201 Food of the past
Chapter 2202 Praying for blessings
Chapter 2203 New News
Chapter 2204 The setting sun is like blood
Chapter 2205 Waiting for the New Year
Chapter 2206 Just one step away
Chapter 2207 New Year’s Deal
Chapter 2208 This feeling
Chapter 2209: Upright
Chapter 2210 Water fish discussing politics
Chapter 2211 Sun, Moon, Stars and Dragons
Chapter 2212 Sooner or later he hums
Chapter 2213 Everyone has their own conclusion
Chapter 2214 Unfounded Worry
Chapter 2215 New Battle
Chapter 2216 A Beginning
Chapter 2217 An End
Chapter 2218 Do you think so?
Chapter 2219 You can rest now
Chapter 2220 It’s difficult in both places
Chapter 2221 Nothing is wrong
Chapter 2222 It’s really different
Chapter 2223 What a surprise
Chapter 2224 Throwing a piece of meat
Chapter 2225 Come early and come late
Chapter 2226 Fatal Error
Chapter 2227 Talking is talking, doing is doing
Chapter 2228: People are doing it, people are doing it
Chapter 2229 Interesting, boring
Chapter 2230 Family members, outsiders
Chapter 2231 Smile and cry
Chapter 2232 Eat and drink
Chapter 2233 Read it and think about it
Chapter 2234 Solve things and solve people
Chapter 2235: Know earlier, know later
Chapter 2236 Think about it and practice it
Chapter 2237: Stay away from keyboard warriors and be happy for you, me and him
Chapter 2238: Being lazy and taking shortcuts, haste rather than speed
Chapter 2239 Humanity and bestiality, intelligence and stupidity
Chapter 2240: You can’t get what you want, and you can’t give it up
Chapter 2241: A well-raised dog, an unfamiliar wolf
Chapter 2042 What is the foundation and where is the source?
Chapter 2243 Reality and Illusion, Reading and Reading
Chapter 2244 Additional Articles, The Path of Life
Chapter 2245 The ghost in the heart, the god in the mouth
Chapter 2246 The source of chaos, the madness of life and death
Chapter 2247 Who is the hunter and who is the old dog?
Chapter 2248: To see is to see, to listen is to listen
Chapter 2249 Who wears whose clothes and who beats whose drum?
Chapter 2250 Give more voices and give more benefits
Chapter 2251 The so-called courtesy reciprocity
Chapter 2252: Don’t call me brother, call me brother
Chapter 2253 Different choices lead to different results
Chapter 2254 The fuse of the Yuyang War
Chapter 2255 Natural changes
Chapter 2256 Where is the burial place?
Chapter 2257 What I see, what you see, what he sees
Chapter 2258 Can hundreds of years of habits still be changed?
Chapter 2259: Can hundreds of years of crimes still be used?
Chapter 2260: Can hundreds of years of politics still continue?
Chapter 2261: Follow the rules or not, be reasonable or not
Chapter 2262 I think this place is good
Chapter 2263 Caught the bastard
Chapter 2264 Extraordinary achievements in extraordinary things
Chapter 2265 Cooperation is very important
Chapter 2266 Bloody Arm
Chapter 2267: If you are sick, you must treat it. Now is the time
Chapter 2268: Good water, bad water, muddy water, clear water
Chapter 2269: Good means, good methods, good friends, good comrades-in-arms
Chapter 2270 Do fat people really have no human rights?
Chapter 2271 You are in danger
Chapter 2272: Strike first, then strike, and then strike again
Chapter 2273: Old problems meet old tactics
Chapter 2274: Hard Bones: Beef Bones and Pork Bones
Chapter 2275 Hunters and prey in the desert
Chapter 2276 The psychological gap between ideal and reality
Chapter 2277 The unexpected method
Chapter 2278: Inside and outside the city, Jiangnan and Jiangbei
Chapter 2279 You leave first and I will stop you later
Chapter 2280 New relationships, new weapons, and a new journey
Chapter 2281 The story of riding in Hufu and shooting Han people
Chapter 2282: Having money to spend and not having money to spend
Chapter 2283 What and why
Chapter 2284 Same rhythm in different places
Chapter 2285 A dog without a tail has a tail
Chapter 2286 The enemy of the enemy, the opponent of the opponent
Chapter 2287 Changes in Changes
Chapter 2288 A century-old wanderer returns home today
Chapter 2289: The best is like water, and the worst is like water.
Chapter 2290 The bright side and the dark side
Chapter 2291 Cheek to cheek, hurry up
Chapter 2292 It’s inevitable to forget after a long time
Chapter 2293 It’s different this time
Chapter 2294 Questions in the Public and Public Questions
Chapter 2295 Relationship between related households
Chapter 2296 Good news is all good news
Chapter 2297 Illiterate people are easier to deceive
Chapter 2298 Copying homework and unplanned war
Chapter 2299 That’s it anyway
Chapter 2300 Not many choices
Chapter 2301 A bowl of carved beard
Chapter 2302: Working together to help the world
Chapter 2303: Origin determines the lower limit and study determines the upper limit
Chapter 2304 Long Qiang and Tibetan Qiang, Xiping and Xihai
Chapter 2305 Old mistakes and repeating old mistakes
Chapter 2306: What to insist on and what to give up
Chapter 2307 Behind the Bright Martial Arts Hall
Chapter 2308 Stay and drink tea with the traitor
Chapter 2309 Vicious kindness, kind curse
Chapter 2310 The meaning of fighting, dark moments
Chapter 2311 Blood and exchange, planning and strategy
Chapter 2312 Disappeared hope, fallen ambition
Chapter 2313 The remaining informant, the latest information
Chapter 2314: One’s own knife, one’s own pot
Chapter 2315 Suffering and revenge, imagination and reality
Chapter 2316: Staring means hatred, two strategies in the examination room
Chapter 2317: A slap in the face article, the rut of history
Chapter 2318: There is seed and there is no seed, there is wrong and right
Chapter 2319 Meat and vegetarian food, labor and hard work
Chapter 2320 The genes of the foodie empire
Chapter 2321 The darkness beneath your feet
Chapter 2322 Opportunities among Risks
Chapter 2323: Coping strategies in desperation
Chapter 2324 Past, present and future
Chapter 2325 The dying glory and ambition
Chapter 2326 Active or Passive Situation
Chapter 2327 You and I are enough
Chapter 2328: Changes in the surprise attack on Ziwu Valley
Chapter 2329 Each has its own strategy
Chapter 2330 Unnecessary Justice
Chapter 2331 When Yangmou meets Yangmou
Chapter 2332 The new light piercing the darkness
Chapter 2333 No choice is easy
Chapter 2334 The Secret of the Organization
Chapter 2335 The rising sun in Guanzhong
Chapter 2336 The war in Bashu rises
Chapter 2337: Will the veteran become a meal?
Chapter 2338 Tachibana Matoki No
Chapter 2339: Always Loyal Above Words
Chapter 2340 The slogan of loyalty is always loud
Chapter 2341 How many fish can be caught with one net?
Chapter 2342 How many people can you spray with one mouth?
Chapter 2343 How many souls can be buried in a pit?
Chapter 2344 How to have a memory
Chapter 2345 Confucian scholars can kill people
Chapter 2346 The Dream of Life
Chapter 2347 Similar Questions
Chapter 2348 Different approaches
Chapter 2349 The transmission of tactics
Chapter 2350 Should be shouldered
Chapter 2351 Limitations of Wisdom
Chapter 2352 Old songs sung with new voices
Chapter 2353 The veteran sings old songs
Chapter 2354: Old wine in new bottles
Chapter 2355 Surprise and fright
Chapter 2356 Similarity and Difference
Chapter 2357 The collision of flesh
Chapter 2358: Decision of difficult problems
Chapter 2359 Invite the young master to set off
Chapter 2360 Lianzi Fuyuki
Chapter 2361 Gecko’s Tail
Chapter 2362 Who listens to whose voice?
Chapter 2363: Who pulls whom’s list?
Chapter 2364 Who is related to whom?
Chapter 2365 Who is whose nightmare?
Chapter 2366 People in the City
Chapter 2367 Sudden Collapse
Chapter 2368 Chaotic Order
Chapter 2369 The Price of Greed
Chapter 2370 The crime of bearing the bramble
Chapter 2371 The light is above
Chapter 2372 In the Dark
Chapter 2373 Under Desire
Chapter 2374 It’s all a conspiracy
Chapter 2375 Walking in the Dark
Chapter 2376 Inheritance in order
Chapter 2377 It’s difficult to advance or retreat
Chapter 2378 Competitors
Chapter 2379 New Year has arrived
Chapter 2380 The past is gone
Chapter 2381 Four Last Words
Chapter 2382 The height of Mount Tai
Chapter 2383 Under the high platform
Chapter 2384 The collision of private goods
Chapter 2385 Don’t bully young people into poverty
Chapter 2386: Brother Xian, do you understand?
Chapter 2387: A word that will be passed down through the ages
Chapter 2388 Some are happy and some are sad
Chapter 2389 The real fragrance is about to come again
Chapter 2390 That’s it? That’s it!
Chapter 2391 Similar? Similar!
Chapter 2392: No compliance! No compliance?
Chapter 2393 Not willing to give in? Not willing to give in!
Chapter 2394 Stupid pig? Stupid pig!
Chapter 2395 Crazy? Crazy!
Chapter 2396 Nothing more than that
Chapter 2397 Large and small circles
Chapter 2398 Stupid and Crazy
Chapter 2399: Balance with balance
Chapter 2400 Information Cocoon Room
Chapter 2401 No choice
Chapter 2402 Obedience Test
Chapter 2403 The strong wind will rise
Chapter 2404 New Dishes
Chapter 2405 Some luck
Chapter 2406 New Technology
Chapter 2407 Gentleman and Villain
Chapter 2408 Targeted Strike
Chapter 2409 A different kind of offensive
Chapter 2410 Alternative Debate
Chapter 2411 is a character
Chapter 2412 Everyone has his own way
Chapter 2413 Everyone has his own secret
Chapter 2414 One duck and three meals
Chapter 2415: Not in time
Chapter 2416: Conquer Duan Yuyan
Chapter 2417 The separation of the three Jin families
Chapter 2418 Military Struggle
Chapter 2419 Fighting with weapons
Chapter 2420 Counting
Chapter 2421 Attack and Defense
Chapter 2422: Brothers
Chapter 2423 Double Standards
Chapter 2424 Throne
Chapter 2425 Fortunately
Chapter 2426 Burning the Fire
Chapter 2427 You think I think everyone is thinking
Chapter 2428: You count, I count, everyone counts together
Chapter 2429. Bait and hook.
Chapter 2430: Wrong, right, what exactly is wrong?
Chapter 2431: Planning for the future
Chapter 2432 Life and death between truth and falsehood
Chapter 2433 The difference between commercial and military use
Chapter 2434 Indistinguishable good and evil
Chapter 2435 Devout Believer
Chapter 2436 Civilian Envoys
Chapter 2437 The Secret of Nei Jing
Chapter 2438 The Dilemma of Rewards
Chapter 2439 The transformation of contradictions
Chapter 2440 Appropriate Strategy
Chapter 2441 How much difference there is
Chapter 2442 Target
Chapter 2443 The Drama of Betrayal
Chapter 2444 Lower your head and lower your mouth
Chapter 2445 Piracy and Plagiarism
Chapter 2446 Technology and Accumulation
Chapter 2447 Strange Attack
Chapter 2448 Mixed Sand
Chapter 2449 Composition to make friends
Chapter 2450 Give a big gift
Chapter 2451 Sudden collision
Chapter 2452 Crossed Choices
Chapter 2453 The storm of sealing
Chapter 2454: The means of sealing
Chapter 2455 The hardest favor
Chapter 2456 Free Benefits
Chapter 2457 The evolution of inertia
Chapter 2458 The budding rebellion
Chapter 2459 Misunderstanding breaks out
Chapter 2459 Misunderstanding breaks out
Chapter 2460 One link after another
Chapter 2461 Impact of Matters
Chapter 2462 Rare Evolution
Chapter 2463 Dad is not allowed to return
Chapter 2463 Dad is not allowed to return
Chapter 2464 The same goes for Qiang Han
Chapter 2464 The same goes for Qiang Han
Chapter 2465 The minister’s worries
Chapter 2466 The minister’s strategy
Chapter 2467 The name of change
Chapter 2468 Important Transaction
Chapter 2469 The seeds planted
Chapter 2470 Women are also crazy
Chapter 2471 Vase and Pearl
Chapter 2472 Eastern Han Dynasty Ori gives
Chapter 2473: Serious truth and correct solution
Chapter 2474 Teaching Camp
Chapter 2475 The uproar
Chapter 2476, right?
Chapter 2477 Move forward
Chapter 2478 Fame
Chapter 2479 Passionate passion
Chapter 2480 Think long and hard
Chapter 2481 Please drink tea
Chapter 2482 Tengyoken
Chapter 2483 The setting sun
Chapter 2484 Drinking poisonous wine
Chapter 2485 Talent and Wealth
Chapter 2486 Wine and Dancing
Chapter 2487 Righteousness and Filial Piety
Chapter 2488 Blood and Iron
Chapter 2489 Darkness and Light
Chapter 2489: Retreat from the Dynasty
Chapter 2490 Destroying the River Bridge
Chapter 2491 Evacuation Strategy
Chapter 2492 Can’t afford to die
Chapter 2493 Can’t be hurt
Chapter 2494 The Great Han Style
Chapter 2495 Little Feelings
Chapter 2496 Qingzhou Ball
Chapter 2497 I don’t know
Chapter 2498 The War Between
Chapter 2499 School Minister
Chapter 2500 Who is bigger?
Chapter 2501 Change one step
Chapter 2502 Further
Chapter 2503 Take a step back
Chapter 2504 Move
Chapter 2505 Make a sound
Chapter 2506 A Castle
Chapter 2507 Adjust it
Chapter 2508 Why exactly?
Chapter 2509 Why are rules rules?
Chapter 2510 What is meant by singing
Chapter 2511: Kill what you want
Chapter 2512: Say what you want to kill
Chapter 2513 Just do what you say
Chapter 2514 What does it matter?
Chapter 2515 Not all folk songs are loud and clear
Chapter 2516 Not everything goes as expected
Chapter 2517 What you choose will bring you what you choose
Chapter 2518 Why can’t we fight?
Chapter 2519 Why can’t we reconcile?
Chapter 2520 Why can’t you say it?
Chapter 2521 Stones in the River
Chapter 2522 Warehouse Stocking
Chapter 2523 Fanwen’s private goods
Chapter 2524 Stone and wood heads
Chapter 2525 Wind, water and animal power
Chapter 2526 My son and grandson
Chapter 2527 Heavy rain and snow in the desert
Chapter 2528 Some people care about inheritance in order to survive.
Chapter 2529 Some people are short-sighted and some are concerned about the future.
Chapter 2530 Some hesitate and some stride forward
Chapter 2531 Some people are happy and some are frightened.
Chapter 2532 Some people become the past and some people become the future
Chapter 2533 Some death is the end and some death is the beginning
Chapter 2534 I understand this, I really understand it all
Chapter 2535 You know this, I know it, everyone knows it
Chapter 2536 Some people eat meat and some drink soup
Chapter 2537 Some are happy and some are sad
Chapter 2538 Some people raise their heads while others look down.
Chapter 2539 Looking for a step?
Chapter 2540 Looking for a tool?
Chapter 2542 Find an enemy
Chapter 2543 Find a direction
Chapter 2544 A sudden wave of waves
Chapter 2545 The Unique Chang'an City
Chapter 2546 Two ambitions make a thousand sounds
Chapter 2546 Desire to see through all emotions
Chapter 2547 There’s a reason for all the hustle and bustle
Chapter 2548 When will the grudges end?
Chapter 2550: Fear of being close to home makes things difficult
Chapter 2551: Yan Zi will never regret it when he comes back
Chapter 2552 I hope I will be full for the rest of my life
Chapter 2553 The wind blows and Cao Dong is useful
Chapter 2554: Grass and trees borrow troops from the Sima family
Chapter 2555: Throwing stones to ask for directions
Chapter 2556: Alert Sima to escape
Chapter 2557: Great profit comes from Mou Xing
Chapter 2558: Little tricks to deceive others
Chapter 2559 The strategy of strengthening the army and strengthening the small horse
Chapter 2560 The little secret of a prosperous country and a strong people
Chapter 2561: Treating small targets by doing nothing
Chapter 2562 People come to the mountain to open up a small area
Chapter 2563: Small changes as the new year approaches
Chapter 2564 A small discussion on ancient anecdotes
Chapter 2565 Reading Comprehension Tips
Chapter 2566 A small problem with sailing against the current
Chapter 2567 Win-win cooperation small team
Chapter 2568 Right and Wrong in the Small World
Chapter 2569 Changes in people’s hearts
Chapter 2570 People have three urgent needs
Chapter 2571 People coming and going
Chapter 2572: People fall on their backs
Chapter 2573: Lots of Talents
Chapter 2574: None of the characters
Chapter 2575 Outstanding People
Chapter 2576 Poverty and Poverty
Chapter 2577: People’s support
Chapter 2578 Human feelings and worldly ways
Chapter 2579: People’s hearts are like scales
Chapter 2580 People are not wood or stone
Chapter 2581 People are unpredictable
Chapter 2582: Everyone fights against himself
Chapter 2583 Human running tea light
Chapter 2584 The building is empty
Chapter 2585 Humanity is the norm
Chapter 2586: Is it human involvement?
Chapter 2587: Man is stronger than nature
Chapter 2588: People’s survival policy
Chapter 2589 People come and go
Chapter 2590 I have what others don’t have
Chapter 2591 I am better than anyone else
Chapter 2592: Excellent people lead to innovation
Chapter 2593 Guan Yu’s naval battle
Chapter 2594: Diplomatic relations between Jiankun and Kunming
Chapter 2595 Liu Xie’s doubts
Chapter 2596 Fei Qian’s Learning
Chapter 2597: Paying off must be rewarded
Chapter 2598 Concepts, Education and Reform
Chapter 2599 Mr. Huang, inheritance is the most important thing
Chapter 2600 To obtain scriptures, you must have true scriptures
Chapter 2601: Learning from scriptures, lack of true scriptures
Chapter 2602: Learning from the Scriptures, the Only True Scripture
Chapter 2603 Test, never cheat
Chapter 2604 The choice depends on yourself
Chapter 2605 Life and death depend on oneself
Chapter 2606: Character design, simple and crude
Chapter 2607 Sacrifice, is it necessary?
Chapter 2608: Tight siege, dilemma
Chapter 2609 Smuggling, subtle changes
Chapter 2610 Escape and convince others with reason
Chapter 2611 Disciple, there is a difference between good and bad
Chapter 2612 Hatchet, there is no way to retreat
Chapter 2613 Evolution, not my species
Chapter 2614: Take the upper hand, do whatever it takes
Chapter 2615 Reasons are all reasonable
Chapter 2616 Arrangement, the method of scapegoating
Chapter 2617 Breaking the pot and repairing the law
Chapter 2618: Meeting, each working on his or her own agenda
Chapter 2619: Death, like dust
Chapter 2620 Nanzhong, what exactly is it?
Chapter 2621: Benefit, what exactly is it?
Chapter 2622: Moving mountains, what kind of mountains are they?
Chapter 2623 Raise the knife, what kind of knife is it?
Chapter 2624: Smuggling, what exactly is smuggling?
Chapter 2625: Assassination, what exactly is it?
Chapter 2626: Being an official, what kind of official is it?
Chapter 2627 Self-evidence, what exactly is it?
Chapter 2628: What is fame?
Chapter 2629: Hands are hot, what exactly is it?
Chapter 2630 Turning over the table, what kind of table is it?
Chapter 2631: Plot, what exactly is it?
Chapter 2632 God, what kind of emperor is he?
Chapter 2633 Set up a trap, what exactly is it?
Chapter 2634 Zhou’s Value
Chapter 2635 Zhou’s Fish Sauce
Chapter 2636 Authenticity during military exercises
Chapter 2637 The direction between life and death
Chapter 2638 The unnecessary storm
Chapter 2639 Watching a show between choices
Chapter 2640 Darkness at Dawn
Chapter 2641 Bearing the burden in life
Chapter 2642 Changes in dignity
Chapter 2643 Perseverance in being good at
Chapter 2644: Illusion in the incident
Chapter 2645: Punishment during the banquet
Chapter 2646 Struggle among cleverness
Chapter 2647: The dirty family
Chapter 2648 The blood shines in the proof
Chapter 2649 The remaining light
Chapter 2650 Good or Evil
Chapter 2651 Fences and Walls
Chapter 2652 Loess and Water
Chapter 2653 Kazuto Yamakawa
Chapter 2654 This is a great move
Chapter 2655 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 2656 True and false reasons
Chapter 2657: Origin
Chapter 2658: neat and tidy
Chapter 2659 Do you understand or not?
Chapter 2660 What’s the trap?
Chapter 2661: Public Article
Chapter 2662 The article is clear
Chapter 2663 Who wins and who loses
Chapter 2664 Who loses and who wins
Chapter 2665 The foundation of loyalty and filial piety
Chapter 2666 The test of life and death
Chapter 2667 Take the first step
Chapter 2668 Stop fighting
Chapter 2669: Loyalty and filial piety
Chapter 2670 The plague rises in the mountains and rivers
Chapter 2671 Road obstruction and construction site chaos
Chapter 2672 Fame, wealth, love and hatred are all based on the reason
Chapter 2673 Hiding around to find a way
Chapter 2674: Just a small problem
Chapter 2675 The agency is using all its cleverness
Chapter 2676 Huanglong Blood Rat Qinghao Wine
Chapter 2677: Follow the clues to clear up the mess
Chapter 2678: Testing the ghosts before and after
Chapter 2679 Borrowing a Head for Use
Chapter 2680 Chengdu Wind and Thunder South Moderate Rain
Chapter 2681 New Design of New Residential Homes
Chapter 2682 A great blessing comes from heaven
Chapter 2683: Cultivation Dojo, Shura Field
Chapter 2684: Training soldiers to find magic methods
Chapter 2685 New Recruits, Veterans and Elite Soldiers
Chapter 2686: Take orders and obey the emperor’s orders
Chapter 2687: Discussions from the mouth and heart
Chapter 2688 Normal is usually unusual
Chapter 2689: Together we are distracted and have ulterior motives
Chapter 2690: Make things clear
Chapter 2691 East and West combine to judge Confucius and Wenju
Chapter 2692 North and South combined Pang Shiyuan
Chapter 2693 New people, old people and old people
Chapter 2694 Anthology Examination Box Three Idiots
Chapter 2695: Live in response to high levels of boredom
Chapter 2696: There is something to do but nothing to do.
Chapter 2697 Positions have multiple functions
Chapter 2698 Contradictions between big and small, benevolence, justice and etiquette
Chapter 2699: Anchoring Effect: Old Resentment
Chapter 2700 Self-examination and Correction of Refugee Complaints
Chapter 2701: A Dream of Fetching Water from a Bamboo Basket
Chapter 2702 Everyone has their own plans and three books of Lu
Chapter 2703 Three Ways to Emergency Rescue
Chapter 2704: Three Taboos in Officialdom
Chapter 2705: People in officialdom who advance but never retreat
Chapter 2706: The same lineage of princes and aristocratic families
Chapter 2707 The way of heaven and humanity has flavor
Chapter 2708 It’s hard to tell the difference between good and bad
Chapter 2709: I think of others, therefore I think
Chapter 2710 You can have it if you want it
Chapter 2711 True scriptures, false scriptures, false scriptures
Chapter 2712 There are thresholds for advancement and retreat
Chapter 2713 There is light, darkness and chaos
Chapter 2714: The Way of Heaven and Humanity and the Way of the World
Chapter 2715: Arrogant soldiers and greedy people
Chapter 2716 Everything is fine
Chapter 2717 Everything is just right
Chapter 2718 Everything is beautiful
Chapter 2719 Everything is not good
Chapter 2720 Everything is fine
Chapter 2721 Nothing is equal
Chapter 2722 Everything goes together
Chapter 2723 Everything makes sense
Chapter 2724 Everything is doubtful
Chapter 2725 The simplest wooden tablet
Chapter 2726 The most complicated human heart
Chapter 2727 The Biggest Leaf
Chapter 2728 The smallest coin
Chapter 2729 The truest clown
Chapter 2729 The most false declaration
Chapter 2730 The best appearance
Chapter 2731 The Worst Change
Chapter 2732 The stupidest general
Chapter 2733 The initial battle
Chapter 2734 The smallest wound
Chapter 2735: Wrong thinking
Chapter 2736 Same hatred but different hatreds
Chapter 2737: Many people do many things
Chapter 2738 An arrow of life and death
Chapter 2739 Stainless Merit
Chapter 2740 It’s hard to calm down
Chapter 2741 White Horse and Black
Chapter 2742 Black Horse White
Chapter 2743 Sounding Something
Chapter 2744: North and South
Chapter 2745 They are all beautiful
Chapter 2746 They are all rich
Chapter 2747 Everyone is responsible
Chapter 2748 All have traditions
Chapter 2749 Pretending to keep moving at work
Chapter 2750: Come back and take a shot
Chapter 2751 Do you want to make an important decision?
Chapter 2752: Knowing people and using them to test their loyalty
Chapter 2753 Whether it works or not, as long as you have money
Chapter 2754 Don’t get into trouble if nothing happens
Chapter 2755 Advance and retreat. Advance and retreat.
Chapter 2756 There is up and there is down. Up and down.
Chapter 2757 Father Jizi Xiaohuangdang Daxiao
Chapter 2758 If you leave, you will leave. Father and son leave.
Chapter 2759: Calculate and calculate separately
Chapter 2760 Nostalgia can be sent
Chapter 2761 Before and After Death
Chapter 2762 Key spare tire
Chapter 2763 It’s just sooner or later
Chapter 2764 Old and New Friends
Chapter 2765 If so
Chapter 2766 Exploiting Strengths and Avoiding Weaknesses
Chapter 2767 Divided into four places
Chapter 2768 The theory of merits and demerits
Chapter 2769 Good and bad matters
Chapter 2770 Protagonist and Supporting Role
Chapter 2771 A lot of fun
Chapter 2772: An unexpected start but a tail end
Chapter 2773: Too much is not enough
Chapter 2774 Tangerine and Tangerine Pairing Ratio
Chapter 2775 Calling a deer a horse
Chapter 2776 Everyone is busy
Chapter 2777: Shandong is beginning to unite, and chaos breaks out in Xinji City
Chapter 2778 Xiahou fled the military camp at midnight, Wang Wenshu used himself as bait
Chapter 2779 Xiahouman crosses the pass, and the passerby rescues Wang Chang
Chapter 2780: Xun Yu failed to investigate and confessed himself, Cao Cao pretended to comfort his suspicions
Chapter 2781 The Yang family had no choice but to build a wall, Huang Zhong broke through the military barrier with one arrow
Chapter 2782 Xiahou has close friends all over the world, but parents are not as close as friends
Chapter 2783 Zizang Wuming meets the clan, Feizhen’s merits and demerits are revised again
Chapter 2784: Jing and Wei are difficult to distinguish between clear and turbid. Both ancient and modern interpretations are correct
Chapter 2785 The ancient and modern scriptures are full of righteousness, but the great road is revealed in small places
Chapter 2786: The Qiang cooks talk about East and West around the stove, and the North-South strategy is in turmoil
Chapter 2787 The southern barbarians of Wuling look forward to peach blossoms, and Zhu Huan decides to pay for it
Chapter 2788 The ripples gradually become fragrant, and it’s hard to reach each other when they are separated from each other
Chapter 2789 Civil and military disputes have their own thoughts, dreams and ideas, and salty fish.
Chapter 2790: It’s out of reach from top to bottom, left and right, and out of reach from the front, back and periphery.
Chapter 2791: Trade makes way for fame, and a visitor from Zhuya suddenly comes to visit.
Chapter 2792: The natives have made no progress for a hundred years, and the exile is finally pardoned
Chapter 2793: Dou Chen’s past cases, Bijing’s fellow travelers today
Chapter 2794: There is a difference between white and black people, and there are regrets in far and near strategies
Chapter 2795: Think carefully about the two issues in Hanzhong, Qiang, Di and Hu people have different opinions
Chapter 2796 Li Dian has a plan to secure Hanzhong, but Zhang Liao has no plan to meet the Hussar
Chapter 2797: Labor still requires food and clothing, and the Western Region cannot live without peace.
Chapter 2798 It’s hard to comment on past merits and demerits, but a hymn to present gains and losses
Chapter 2799 A leaky house encounters continuous rain, a leaky boat encounters a crooked helmsman
Chapter 2800 The driver walked forward and backward through the Tianshan Mountains, and went to Jinzi City on the Jinzi River.
Chapter 2801 The first battle was an easy victory, and the rich and the poor were not equal and the soldiers were resentful.
Chapter 2802 A hero needs to eat, but money will eventually become a problem
Chapter 2803: Objective factors vary from person to person, but subjective motivation varies from person to person.
Chapter 2804: Above the foot of the promotion ladder, the path of destiny hangs above the head
Chapter 2805 Everyone talks about Jiangdong soldiers, everyone goes his own way Wuling barbarians
Chapter 2806: Strong walls and clear fields, lots of slaughter, little thought about what you want to do
Chapter 2807: A small quarrel between the family and Jiangdong’s big plan to build an army
Chapter 2809: Calculating gains and losses, Henry Yuan is a true gentleman
Chapter 2810 Ordinary farmers are happy to join the army and are busy with multiple planting and rotation farming
Chapter 2811: There are restrictions on the upper limit of expansion, and there are bottlenecks in expanding territory.
Chapter 2812: Think more about transportation, and cultivate war horses and horses separately
Chapter 2813: There is no grass anywhere in the world, why should we have unrequited love for a flower?
Chapter 2814: The Jue Tian system is coming, and the water tanker in Xixian County causes a fight
Chapter 2815: There is a difference between soldiers and civilians. In life, the large intestine surrounds the small intestine.
Chapter 2816: Killing with a borrowed knife is suspicious, the old and the new fight together in the forest
Chapter 2817 Two and three parts are planned, Sun and Zhou have a small discussion
Chapter 2818 Yang Wei Gong is arrogant and arrogant, Zhang Zibu throws stones to ask for directions
Chapter 2819: Don’t be loyal, let alone send the wrong person
Chapter 2820 Buddha laughs at the suffering in the world, while evil ghosts are greedy for money in the world
Chapter 2821 After the chariot master entered his tunnel, Gao Shun was attacked by Xiao Tengnuo
Chapter 2822: The soldiers are divided into three levels: upper and lower, and the mountain roads in other places are divided into front and back
Chapter 2823: Life and death in the Qiuci region, Hu Yanmo in Xinhe City
Chapter 2824: A wolf, a sheep, a running dog, sad, suspicious and angry
Chapter 2825 There is chaos in Xihai City, and the steps of the festival hall are red
Chapter 2826: The sinner’s wife is told, but the people suffer without a voice.
Chapter 2827 Zhang Liao cuts through the mess with a sharp sword, Fei Qian laments the Western Regions
Chapter 2828: The governance of the Western Region is discussed by everyone, and all merits and demerits are evaded
Chapter 2829: There was sudden chaos in the Xihai camp, and there was order in the general hall.
Chapter 2830 The battle in the Western Region, the West Sea, the West and the East is difficult to handle and difficult to do.
Chapter 2831 It’s easy to get on the bus but hard to get off
Chapter 2832 Whether there is a road or not, it is a road
Chapter 2833 The road determines the blood bubbles
Chapter 2834 Experimental Field Plan
Chapter 2835: Discussing the Western Regions
Chapter 2836: Those who can benefit the world
Brother Chapter 2837 I really didn’t expect it
Chapter 2838: Those who can wear clothes
Chapter 2839 Those who can compose poetry
Chapter 2840 Can be said to be a doctor
Chapter 2841 Can be used as a royal guard inside and outside
Chapter 2842 Case closed
Chapter 2843 Haunted
Chapter 2844 In the Mud
Chapter 2845 Struggle
Chapter 2846 Life or Death
Chapter 2847 Advance and retreat
Chapter 2848 Wu Tu
Chapter 2849 Exchange
Chapter 2850 Casualties
Chapter 2851 The wind rises
Chapter 2852 One day
Chapter 2853 One Night
Chapter 2854 A word
Chapter 2855 A fire
Chapter 2856 A roar
Chapter 2857 One thing
Chapter 2858 A tactic
Chapter 2859 A reason
Chapter 2860 A Dream
Chapter 2861 Two aspects
Chapter 2862 Duality
Chapter 2863 Two suspicions
Chapter 2864 Two battles
Chapter 2865 Someone once said
Chapter 2866 Someone once did it
Chapter 2867 Someone is going to war
Chapter 2868 Someone is going to be angry
Chapter 2869 Someone has an idea
Chapter 2870 Someone has no money
Chapter 2871 Loyalty has limits
Chapter 2872: Falling in love, staying together is hard to grow old
Chapter 2873 Doubts, Can’t See the Future
Chapter 2874 Messenger, simple but not simple
Chapter 2875: Tasteless, self-awareness
Chapter 2876 Transformation, a new battlefield
Chapter 2877 Angle, a new opportunity
Chapter 2878 Water and fire, old-fashioned strategy
Chapter 2879 Water and soil, continuation of the same old routine
Chapter 2880 Voluntary, change of interests
Chapter 2881: Enlightenment, continuation of conspiracy
Chapter 2882 Pursuit, eating, drinking and having fun
Chapter 2883 Traitor, fluctuations in Youbei
Chapter 2884 Desert, where are you running to?
Chapter 2885 Sudden, wind and frost and military stronghold
Chapter 2886 Emotions, each one is different
Chapter 2887 Collision, who strikes first
Chapter 2888 Ba Country, White Tiger and Ba Snake
Chapter 2889 Answer, Spontaneous and Automatic
Chapter 2890 Sichuan and Shu, general and plan
Chapter 2891 Trump Card, Mutual Testing
Chapter 2892: The general’s order is not accepted by the army outside
Chapter 2893 Both sides, almost okay
Chapter 2894 Mountain forest, interspersed failure
Chapter 2895 It’s a pity, it’s just that little bit missing
Chapter 2896: Compassion does not control troops, love does not establish affairs
Chapter 2897: Righteousness does not control wealth, good deeds do not serve as an official
Chapter 2898 In evolution, the method of change
Chapter 2899: What the order means, what the action means
Chapter 2900 Riding a tiger with difficulty, rising to the challenge
Chapter 2901 Seek it from the top and get it from the middle
Chapter 2902 The belly of a villain, the heart of a gentleman
Chapter 2903: Pay attention to words and deeds, be cautious before ending
Chapter 2904: Life is hard to come by, no matter how hard you bow,
Chapter 2905 If I had known this, why bother?
Chapter 2906 Six villages and six expulsions, literati and military men
Chapter 2907: The madman goes eastward, and the chaser also goes eastward
Chapter 2908 Survival and death, ups and downs
Chapter 2909: Nothing has a beginning, nothing has an end
Chapter 2910 I am gone, the willows are still there
Chapter 2911: A gentleman is in battle, but he doesn’t know what the end will be.
Chapter 2912 Let me think about it today, it’s raining and snowing
Chapter 2913: It’s okay to be entangled with Ge Ge.
Chapter 2914 I got out of my car and went to the other suburbs
Chapter 2915 The prince is resisting, and his arrows are stretched.
Chapter 2916 He was drunk with Pizang, but he was ashamed if he was not drunk.
Chapter 2917: He is guilty of abandoning the other party, and he is guilty of it.
Chapter 2918: The one who started the figurines has no descendants
Chapter 2919: Rats have skin, but humans have no manners
Chapter 2920: A big rat, a big rat, nothing to eat.
Chapter 2921: Those who do not plan for eternity cannot plan for a moment.
Chapter 2922: Those who do not plan for the overall situation cannot plan for a region.
Chapter 2923: Thousands of people disappeared, and the snow in Tianshan Mountain was seen from a distance
Chapter 2924 The sound of wind and rain at night, how many heads have fallen
Chapter 2925: Master steps at every step, Master follows suit
Chapter 2926: Plum snow and spring are coming, the scholar puts aside his writing chapter
Chapter 2927: Lower your head to put on clothes, raise your head to think the house is too low
Chapter 2928: At the end of the year, we are guests from far away, and we still use troops on the border
Chapter 2929: Tens of millions of dollars are spent on fertile land. If you don’t have a job, you may be bullied.
Chapter 2930 The head of a hundred-foot-tall pole may be someone or a rogue
Chapter 2931 Looking back, there is still a way to go, but fools will not understand
Chapter 2932 The double-standard dog in the world reaches a higher level
Chapter 2933 It’s rare to have a lover, love money more than life
Chapter 2934 We never get tired of seeing each other, only the mountain of gold and silver
Chapter 2935 White dew grows on the jade steps, Zigong has a legacy
Chapter 2936: Who can ask Dongliu about the affairs of various merchants?
Chapter 2937 The ancients were not arrogant officials, and brothers were not affectionate
Chapter 2938: The distant fragrance invades the ancient road, making it difficult for people to be stupid
Chapter 2939: Let’s see each other off at the city gate, the long night is coming
Chapter 2940: Wild sky, low trees, Han-Hu alliance
Chapter 2941: We are in a foreign country, we can’t meet each other
Chapter 2942: There is no end to learning, hospitality is the best at that time
Chapter 2943: Looking up at the bright moon, looking down at the trap
Chapter 2944: The dangerous building is a hundred feet high, urgent report of murder
Chapter 2945 The salted fish wants to cheat, and he will die as a ghost hero
Chapter 2946 The sunrise brings good weather, relatives and friends cry together
Chapter 2947: Who can understand everything?
Chapter 2948: Whether a gentleman dies or not, whether kings and grandsons return
Chapter 2949: It’s hard to tell the difference between loyalty and treachery, Huang Yefei in the mountains
Chapter 2950: Qing Qing, why do you plan to suffer from these two Double Ninth Festivals?
Chapter 2951 It’s difficult to welcome and send off, and no one is surprised when someone comes.
Chapter 2952: Hooking and crossing, hearing birds singing everywhere
Chapter 2953 Sneaking into the night with the wind, the moon turns into a moon shell
Chapter 2954 Meeting an old friend in a foreign land, turning over rocks to find a gecko
Chapter 2955: The little kid holds the boat and talks about the world in one pot
Chapter 2956 When the Xuan cooks Qiang, the country will be beautiful later.
Chapter 2957: Wanting to catch the singing cicada, suddenly saw the mantis behind the cicada
Chapter 2958: Hiding the trace without revealing it, five gains versus five gains
Chapter 2959: Both hate each other and are at odds with each other
Chapter 2960: The sunset is infinitely beautiful, but the trolls also bow their heads
Chapter 2961 Birds fly across thousands of mountains, and there is a beautiful scene behind the forest
Chapter 2962: Only in this mountain, the wine is cold to the bone
Chapter 2963: Waving hands to each other, appearing and disappearing in the storm
Chapter 2964: After a few years of chaos, the human heart is unexplorable
Chapter 2965: Bend your neck and sing to the sky, you will definitely win
Chapter 2966 Everyone copies homework together
Chapter 2967 Let’s all rush forward together
Chapter 2968 Let’s play with swords and guns together
Chapter 2969 Chaos in Huguan
Chapter 2970 Confused
Chapter 2971 Heart Sorrow
Chapter 2972: Sorrow and Difficulty
Chapter 2973 A song from that year
Chapter 2974 A bottle of wine back then
Chapter 2975 A love affair back then
Chapter 2976 The current knife
Chapter 2977 Some people nowadays
Chapter 2978 The next roar
Chapter 2979 Take the lead with a stone
Chapter 2980 Be the first ship
Chapter 2981 One thing first
Chapter 2982 Peace is difficult
Chapter 2983 Difficult to Integrate
Chapter 2984 Cooperation leads to victory
Chapter 2985 Victory and defeat
Chapter 2986 Everyone has a small heart
Chapter 2987 The essence of human beings is true fragrance
Chapter 2988 The law does not blame everyone and everyone is innocent
Chapter 2989 A brand new name
Chapter 2990 A brand new habit
Chapter 2991 A brand new classroom
Chapter 2992 Thoughts determine the path
Chapter 2993 Method determines tactics
Chapter 2994 Process determines future
Chapter 2995 A wonderful misunderstanding
Chapter 2996 The destruction of a country
Chapter 2997 The continuation of a policy
Chapter 2998 Conflicts need to be addressed
Chapter 2999 Negotiating a Deal with the Devil
Chapter 3000 Everyone needs a reason
Chapter 3001 A brand new opportunity
Chapter 3002 A new beginning
Chapter 3003 A brand new treaty
Chapter 3004 Establishing Effective Communication
Chapter 3005 How many hozens are there in the Western Regions?
Chapter 3006: Anyone can do superficial things
Who knows about the core influence of Chapter 3007?
Chapter 3008 Rabbit is going to sleep
Chapter 3009: The price can be discussed later
Chapter 3010: Of course these are reasonable
Chapter 3011: When the fake is the real thing, the real thing is wrong
Chapter 3012: No more words, no worries
Chapter 3013: There is a plan and an opportunity
Chapter 3014: Make up lessons for shortcomings
Chapter 3015: Integration, Integration, Integration, Integration
Chapter 3016 Teaching and Enlightening the Western Regions
Chapter 3017: Being filial and loyal but not being a filial son
Chapter 3018: Growth is mutual after all
Chapter 3019 Casualties are inevitable after all
Chapter 3020 The enemy is now The enemy is now
Chapter 3021: Nothing and nothing special
Chapter 3022 The key and key points in Guanzhong
Chapter 3023 Encounter battle and encounter battle
Chapter 3024: Heading west and cherishing each other all the way
Chapter 3025 means cattle and sheep and is also cattle and sheep
Chapter 3026: The right time and right place are all in my hands
Chapter 3027 Formula Gunpowder Decisive Trump Card
Chapter 3028: The last resort (additional update)
Chapter 3029: Who is the Holy Mother?
Chapter 3030 Give it a try and try again
Chapter 3031 Hangu Pass is no longer what it used to be (additional update)
Chapter 3032: A new lesson in the martial arts hall
Chapter 3033 The new shot of the big yellow crossbow
Chapter 3034 The unfounded among the unfounded
Chapter 3035 A new one among the old ones
Chapter 3036 A new method among the old methods
Chapter 3037 Abnormalities in Normal Fighting
Chapter 3038 A brief taste of the vanguard battle
Chapter 3039: Everyone’s belly for profit
Chapter 3040 Chanyu Khan is actually a grass-headed king
Chapter 3041 The Golden Seal Alchemy Book is actually a carrot seal
Chapter 3042: Covering up and concealing is actually an old tradition
Chapter 3043: Old methods for new questions
Chapter 3044 Old changes in the new troubled times
Chapter 3045: Old Issues in Xindi Newspaper
Chapter 3046: Old tune with new changes
Chapter 3047 There are only three reasons for this:
Chapter 3048 It’s a pity and a pity, nothing more than this
Chapter 3049: Mount your horse to slay the bandits, dismount your horse to govern the people
Chapter 3050 Jiangdong’s big plan, start small
Chapter 3051 Jiro, Six daughters
Chapter 3052: Fire oil, gunpowder
Chapter 3053: Retreat, be patient
Chapter 3054 Difficulties, Problems
Chapter 3055 Worry, worry
Chapter 3056: Angry, Arrogant
Chapter 3057 Raid, Night Raid
Chapter 3058 This is a despicable disease
Chapter 3059 This is a common oversight
Chapter 3060 This is a difficult opponent
Chapter 3061 may be the same answer for thousands of years
Chapter 3062 Maybe it’s the same expectation for thousands of years
Chapter 3063: Maybe it’s the same fraud that has happened for thousands of years
Chapter 3064 Maybe it’s the same obsession for thousands of years
Chapter 3065: Don’t be impatient, don’t make chaos, don’t let anything happen
Chapter 3066: Don’t think, don’t ask, don’t hesitate
Chapter 3067: A brilliant leader, a stubborn fighter
Chapter 3068 The eternal oasis road, different travelers
Chapter 3069 The poor man who offered jade had his right foot chopped off and his left foot chopped off
Chapter 3070: A wolf travels thousands of miles for meat, but why does a man travel thousands of miles?
Chapter 3071 Awkward people taking sides, unclear Yongliang Prefecture
Chapter 3072 There was Sanming in Liangzhou in the old days
Chapter 3073 The Hussar has three articles today
Chapter 3074 Everyone fighting for their lives in Bingzhou
Chapter 3075 The road to survival in the desperate situation
Chapter 3076 Talking about joys and sorrows in Yongliang
Chapter 3077 Business
Chapter 3078 Salary
Chapter 3079 Root
Chapter 3080 Change
Chapter 3081 Stab
Chapter 3082 Food
Chapter 3083 Poverty
Chapter 3084 English
Chapter 3085 Dog
Chapter 3086 Shooting
Chapter 3087 Penghu
Chapter 3088 Damn it
Chapter 3089 Evolution
Chapter 3090 Borrowing
Chapter 3091 Choice
Chapter 3092 Waiting
Chapter 3093 Friendly and Enemy
Chapter 3094 White-Eyed Wolf