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The most powerful Qi refining period in history

The most powerful Qi refining period in history

author:Li Daoran

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-18 00:20

Latest chapter:Chapter 6022: Feeding the Divine Lotus

Fang Yu, who has practiced for nearly five thousand years, still has not broken through the Qi refining stage... I really only have the Qi refining stage, but don't mess with me!

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《The most powerful Qi refining period in history》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 6022: Feeding the Divine Lotus
Chapter 6020: I miss you so much
Chapter 6019 No end in sight
Chapter 6018 Mysterious Stream
Chapter 6017: The Position of the Emperor's Son
Chapter 6016 The Emperors Coffin Appears
Chapter 6015 God no longer exists
Chapter 6014: In the blood-sealed coffin
Chapter 6013 Special Status
《The most powerful Qi refining period in history》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1: Five Thousand Years of Qi Refining
Chapter 2 Trouble is coming
Chapter 3 I Can't Help You
Chapter 4 Is he an Earthling?
Chapter 5 Do it?
Chapter 6 We're Even
Chapter 7 I want him to disappear!
Chapter 8 Medicine God is my apprentice
Chapter 9 I want to keep her away from me
Chapter 10 Don't mess with me again
Chapter 11 Hit the iron plate!?
Chapter 12 Fang Yu's Dilemma
Chapter 13 Duel? Yang Xu's provocation!
Chapter 14 Handsome! Ask for diamonds!)
Chapter 15 Terrifying eyes!
Chapter 16 In fact, I am the richest man in China
Chapter 17 Swallow the inner elixir!
Chapter 18 Apologize to her!
Chapter 19 I am Fang Yu
Chapter 20 I'm the man you'll never get
Chapter 21 It's You!?
Chapter 22 You have grown up
Chapter 23 One step closer to the foundation-building period!
Chapter 24 Courting death!
Chapter 25 Fang Yu cheated!
Chapter 26 Transfer to a key class!?
Chapter 27 Toast
Chapter 28 I and you are not friends at all
Chapter 29 He is a thief!
Chapter 30 Nothing!
Chapter 31 Killing the game late at night!
Chapter 32 Give you three seconds, shut up!
Chapter 33 Dragons have reverse scales!
Chapter 34 Fang Yu, I was wrong
Chapter 35 Cruel Abuse
Chapter 36 Half-step master!
Chapter 37 One punch kills!
Chapter 38 You are not good-looking
Chapter 39 This account must be repaid! There are 300 red envelopes, first come first served!
Chapter 40 Yang Jian This chapter is still 300 red envelopes, first come first served~
Chapter 41 I'm robbing my life! There are still 300 red envelopes in this chapter~
Chapter 42 Die together! There are 300 red envelopes in this chapter, first come first served~
Chapter 43 Don't mess with me!
Chapter 44 Silver Claw Octopus!
Chapter 45 Breakthrough again!
Chapter 46 I don't need to study
Chapter 47 Never forget it!
Chapter 48 Don't hide if you have one!
Chapter 49 Yang Jian leaves the customs! This chapter has big red envelopes! A total of 300, first c
Chapter 50 Meeting Ding Ran at the Bar
Chapter 51 It's actually him!
Chapter 52 You are drunk This chapter has 300 red envelopes, come and grab it, first come first serv
Chapter 53 The Ruthless Zhao Shuanger
Chapter 54 The first test!
Chapter 55 Birthday Dinner
Chapter 56 No Such Rules
Chapter 57 Really free!
Chapter 58 Too brutal!
Chapter 59 The underground world shakes! There are 300 big red envelopes in this chapter! Come and g
Chapter 60 I am a fairy!
Chapter 61 Tang Family Birthday Banquet
Chapter 62 You have a problem on that side!
Chapter 63 Who is Fang Yu?
Chapter 64 The power of the master!
Chapter 65 Duel!
Chapter 66 Many expectations!
Chapter 67 Sorry, I'm late!
Chapter 68 I admit defeat!
Chapter 69 Abolish the cultivation base!
Chapter 70 The Jiangnan martial arts world shakes!
Chapter 71 Eighth-order monster, Lei Jiao!
Chapter 72 Taunt
Chapter 73 Who is Fang Yu?
Chapter 74 What about the Martial Arts Association!?
Chapter 75 Heavenly Prison Law Enforcer!
Chapter 76: Bear Fighting Tiger
Chapter 77 You, come on stage for me!
Chapter 78 Rolling
Chapter 79 The Secret Technique of Ziyan Palace!
Chapter 80 Fang Yu's Past
Chapter 81 The Mysterious Altar
Chapter 82 Weird strength!
Chapter 83 You wait for me!
Chapter 84 He is here!
Chapter 85 Too arrogant!
Chapter 86 The real boxing!
Chapter 87 The storm is coming!?
Chapter 88 Fang Yu is a pervert!?
Chapter 89 Fang Yu, get down! There are 300 red envelopes in this chapter, come and grab it, first c
Chapter 90 Shock the audience!
Chapter 91 Martial Arts Family Summit!
Chapter 92 Yang Yinzhu Appears!
Chapter 93 The family gathers!
Chapter 94 The competition begins!
Chapter 95 I want to go up and have a try
Chapter 96 One punch is enough!
Chapter 97 The disgusting Zheng family!
Chapter 98 Gu Rulong declares war!
Chapter 99 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 100 I am looking for Fang Yu
Chapter 101 Undeveloped limbs, simple mind
Chapter 102 How old are you?
Chapter 103 Apologize immediately!
Chapter 104: The Fascinating Woman
Chapter 105 Liu Liansha
Chapter 106 The bastard is out!
Chapter 107 Wrongful soul enters the body!
Chapter 108: The Wretched Soul of the Primordial Infant Cultivator!
Chapter 109: Apprenticeship?
Chapter 110 Strange Magic Array
Chapter 111 Ding Ran's thoughts
Chapter 112 A new realm?
Chapter 113 Gambling
Chapter 114 willing to gamble to admit defeat
Chapter 115 You are out of a thousand!
Chapter 116 Changes on the island!
Chapter 117 The ninth-order monster appears!
Chapter 118 You go and feed it!
Chapter 119: The Gu!
Chapter 120 Soul Chasing Talisman!
Chapter 121 The 100th quenching
Chapter 122 A powerful body!
Chapter 123 Testing the Flesh
Chapter 124 Intimidate the little girl?
Chapter 125 Horror creatures!
Chapter 126: The lion opens its mouth?
Chapter 127 The Jin family is in trouble!
Chapter 128 Bloody killing!
Chapter 129 Crush!
Chapter 130 He is the monster!
Chapter 131 The disaster of the Tang family and the Ji family
Chapter 132 I don't understand art!
Chapter 133 Let me teach you what real calligraphy is!
Chapter 134 There is no owner in the mountains, the monkey is king!
Chapter 135 Brother Fang Yu's girlfriend?
Chapter 136 I didn't control the strength!
Chapter 137 The risk factor is extremely low?
Chapter 138 Challenge the top ten of the dark list!
Chapter 139 I want to duel him!
Chapter 140 Only by brute force?
Chapter 141 You have no chance!
Chapter 142 Gu Rulong leaves the customs!
Chapter 143 It's all over!
Chapter 144 Dragon Gate, return to Jiangnan!
Chapter 145: On the list of gods, Jiangnan shakes!
Chapter 146 School Celebration Party
Chapter 147: Vicious
Chapter 148 Teach you to be a man!
Chapter 149 I have nothing to do with her
Chapter 150 High-grade magic weapon, sun-devouring bow!
Chapter 151 The dragon is coming!
Chapter 152 The Honor of Jiangnan!
Chapter 153 The strongest blow!
Chapter 154 Beat the Ancient Venerable with one punch!
Chapter 155: Evil Xiu Fang Yu?
Chapter 156 Gu Rulong is dead!
Chapter 157 The world shakes!
Chapter 158: The Zhong Family's Invitation
Chapter 159: Baichuan Mountain
Chapter 160 The Weird Village Chief
Chapter 161: Terror deep in the mountains
Chapter 162 Where the Spirit Spring is
Chapter 163 Protect the will!
Chapter 164 Incompetent Fury!
Chapter 165 Shock!
Chapter 166 Collapse!
Chapter 167 Shi Ling!
Chapter 168 One punch!
Chapter 169 Continuous breakthroughs!
Chapter 170 Thirteenth place on the dark list, Cobra!
Chapter 171 This person cannot be killed!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two old friends meet
Chapter 173 Strange Body Technique
Chapter 174 Captain Fang!
Chapter 175 Ding Ran's Stratagem
Chapter 176 meet again
Chapter 177: Suppressing Spirit Formation!
Chapter 178 The master has defected
Chapter 179: Fang Yu's Identity
Chapter 180: Soldier King Xiao Chen
Chapter 181 Huang Xiaolong's thoughts
Chapter 182 You are not worthy to cooperate with me!
Chapter 183 Bravely shot!
Chapter 184 Fang Yu's Speed
Chapter 185 Town Demon Tower!
Chapter 186 The fear of death!
Chapter 187 Punishment!
Chapter 188: Liu Liansha's Crisis
Chapter 189: The Powerful Su Lengyun
Chapter 190 Mechanical monsters!
Chapter 191 Exploding combat power!
Chapter 192 Swallow the power core!
Chapter 193 Bad news of the Zheng family
Chapter 194 Fang Yu is furious!
Chapter 195: Evil Xiao Chen
Chapter 196 Go to Longwei Terrace!
Chapter 197: The King of Soldiers, Xiao Chen, Appears!
Chapter 198 Killing Intent!
Chapter 199 The best sign?
Chapter 200 Who smiles brighter?
Chapter 201 Stop in the top four?
Chapter 202 Crush!
Chapter 203 Showdown!
Chapter 204 Xiao Chen's Strength
Chapter 205 One punch smashes!
Chapter 206 Who is this man!?
Chapter 207 They will definitely take revenge!
Chapter 208 We admit defeat!
Chapter 209 Illusion!
Chapter 210 Grandmaster Little Girl
Chapter 211 Inexplicable Killing Intent
Chapter 212 Strange Familiarity
Chapter 213 The Xiao family is in chaos!
Chapter 214 Orderer
Chapter 215 Fang Yu's Entrustment
Chapter 216 Mysterious Man!
Chapter 217 Lei Jiao Corpse
Chapter 218 Weird People
Chapter 219 A broken mirror!
Chapter 220 Xuanluo Mirror
Chapter 221 The terrifying strength of the masked man
Chapter 222 Lei Jiao's breath!
Chapter 223 Fang Yu takes action!
Chapter 224 An irresistible force!
Chapter 225 Puppet? Clone!
Chapter 226 Ji Rumei treats guests
Chapter two hundred and twenty seventh control nerve text
Chapter 228 Witch God Sect!
Chapter 229 You are very heavy
Chapter 230 Unequal cooperation
Chapter 231 Fang Yu's Research
Chapter 232 The first meeting with Violet!
Chapter 233 The son of the richest man
Chapter 234 Kneel down and shine your shoes!
Chapter 235 Killing Intent!
Chapter 236 News about Ziyan Palace
Chapter 237 Are you going to start here?
Chapter 238 The strength of violets!
Chapter 239 Break through the limit!
Chapter two hundred and fortieth desperate violets
Chapter 241 Arrest Fang Yu!?
Chapter 242 Void Chain Technique!
Chapter 243 Achilles heel!
Chapter 244 Go to the Southern Capital
Chapter 245 The Arrogant Order
Chapter 246 A mission
Chapter 247 Who is teasing who?
Chapter 248 Han Qi's win
Chapter 249 Distorted space!
Chapter 250 Three Spirit Rings!
Chapter 251 Absorb Yin Qi
Chapter 252 Chen Luo is furious!
Chapter 253 Fall from high altitude!
Chapter 254 Auction
Chapter 255: Young Master Chen
Chapter 256 You, are you sure you want to do this?
Chapter 257 I am Daotian
Chapter 258: Falling Immortal Valley
Chapter 259 The mortal man!
Chapter 260 Yin Shazong
Chapter 261 The Weird Way of Death
Chapter 262 The Uncanny Valley!
Chapter 263 Evil cultivation technique?
Chapter 264 Violation of the ban
Chapter 265 A skeleton
Chapter 266 Be careful!
Chapter 267 The breath of Nascent Soul!
Chapter 268 Defeated with one palm!
Chapter 269 Venerable Tianxing
Chapter 270 Why are you immortal!?
Chapter 271 Hunt down the warriors!
Chapter 272 The bishop in black
Chapter 273 The Witch Sect Sacred Beast!
Chapter 274 Fang Yu Appears!
Chapter 275 Boxing from the sky!
Chapter 276 The power of heaven!
Chapter 277 The power of the ethereal ring!
Chapter 278 Yuan Shaoqin's Doom
Chapter 279 Continuous breakthroughs!
Chapter 280 The Background of the Witch Sect
Chapter 281 Fang Yu, you should repay the debt!
Chapter 282 Someone at home!?
Chapter 283 Fang Yu's Eyes
Chapter 284 Zero score in the college entrance examination?
Chapter 285 Commendation Conference
Chapter 286 Crush the audience!
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh strange little boy
Chapter 288 Archbishop!
Chapter 289 Meet Ding Ran again
Chapter 290 Revenge!
Chapter 291 Snake heart!
Chapter 292 Dragon's Breath Club
Chapter 293 Where is the source!
Chapter 294 Instant kill!
Chapter 295 The origin of the dragon!
Chapter 296 Bloodthirsty!
Chapter 297 Massacre everyone!
Chapter 298 The Venerable Sea!
Chapter 299 Fang Yu is back!
Chapter 300 Continuous Violence
Chapter 301 Difficult to support!
Chapter 302 The trembling heart!
Chapter 303 Fang Yu's ill will!
Chapter 304 Absorb the origin of the dragon!
Chapter 305 There is a dragon in the body!
Chapter 306 East Japan Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 307 Fang Yu uses a sword!
Chapter 308 Chairman Kimura Zhen
Chapter 309 The clash of swords!
Chapter 310 A powerful enemy strikes!?
Chapter 311 Qin Yimo's Request
Chapter 312 Break through the nine-story tower!
Chapter 313 The Great War begins!
Chapter 314 I am the way of heaven!
Chapter 315 Annihilation punch!
Chapter 316 The Zheng family is a saint!
Chapter 317 The might of the Martial Saint!
Chapter 318 Master the power of the dragon!
Chapter 319 Go to Zheng's house!
Chapter 320 Han Qi's Invitation Again
Chapter 321 The wind is rising!
Chapter 322 Battle Zheng Yan!
Chapter 323 Immortals fight!
Chapter 324 Please make me bleed! (3500 word chapter)
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Five The Sword of the Heavenly Dao of Slaying Animals!
Chapter 326 Sweep the Zheng family!
Chapter 327 The disaster of extinction!
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Eight
Chapter 329 The first person in Huaibei!
Chapter 330 The Hand of Terror!
Chapter 331 The old monster Fang Yu?
Chapter 332 The enchanting Chen Luo!
Chapter 333 Necronomicon Mask!
Chapter 334 Damn it!
Chapter 335 Saintess!
Chapter 336 The Master of Divination
Chapter three hundred and thirty seventh an elixir
Chapter 338 Disappear out of thin air!
Chapter 339 The huge shadow under the ground!
Chapter 340 Chen Luo's Change!
Chapter 341 The Inheritance of the Promised Daoist!
Chapter 342 The warriors gather!
Chapter 343: Meet Linger Again
Chapter 344 The strong gather!
Chapter 345 Seven inheritances!
Chapter 346 Forcibly cheating!
Chapter 347 Get out of the way!
Chapter 348 Five trash fish!
Chapter 349 Consecutive Inheritance!
Chapter 350 Meet Chen Luo again!
Chapter 351 Longevity VS Reborn!
Chapter 352: Chen Luo's True Strength
Chapter 353 Flame Giant!
Chapter 354 Battle the Giants!
Chapter 355 The strongest inheritance in the world!
Chapter 356 The fisherman benefits!
Chapter 357 Demonic Clone!
Chapter 358 Eternal Immortality!
Chapter 359 Extreme fear!
Chapter 360 Who are they?
Chapter 361 The deity of the masked man!
Chapter 362: Linger's Identity
Chapter 363 Xuanming people!
Three hundred and sixtieth chapters poor performance
Chapter 365 The enemy of the Qin family
Chapter 366 Like brothers and sisters?
Chapter 367 True Destiny!?
Chapter 368 Ye brothers and sisters
Chapter 369 The Supreme King!
Chapter 370 The Man Who Can't See Through!
Chapter 371 Ye Shenglong's strength!
Chapter 372 Against the claws!
Chapter 373 You are the person I am looking for!
Three hundred and seventieth chapters hard to find people
Chapter 375 The violent Chen Luo!
Chapter 376 Professor Fang Yu?
Chapter 377 He is qualified!
Chapter 378 The Disguised Orderer
Chapter 379 The Heart of the Immortal King!
Chapter 380 It's them again!?
Chapter 381 Fire in the heart of the earth!
Chapter 382 Fight for the flame!
Chapter 383 Liquid Man!
Chapter 384 The strength of the magic liquid!
Chapter 385 Jiangdao Appears!
Chapter 386 Guardian!?
Chapter 387 The curse of the Ye family
Chapter 388 The Great Master of Kendo!
The 389th chapter is real?
Chapter 390 Samurai Spirit
Chapter 391: The Curse
Chapter 392 Ye Family Ancestral Hall
Chapter 393 The Black Dragon Devours!
Chapter 394 Battle with the Dragon!
Chapter 395 The strongest human being!
Chapter 396 The Dragon of Devouring!
Chapter 397 Dragon Slayer, Fang Yu!
Chapter 398 Madness!
Chapter 399 The curse erupts!
Chapter 400 Ziyan Palace, recovery!
Chapter 401 Six-star Archmage
Chapter 402, son
Chapter 403 Descendants of the Protoss?
Chapter 404: Meet Violet Again!
Chapter 405 How strong is Fang Yu?
Chapter 406 You are not worthy!
Chapter 407 Who is finished!?
Chapter 408 Desperate Ares
Chapter 409 Furious!
Chapter 410 Immortal King, wake up!
Chapter 411 Devil's Smile!
Chapter 412 The thing in the bag!
Chapter 413 The Chen family is a saint!
Chapter 414 The power of Chen Luo!
Chapter 415 Professor Fang is here!
Chapter 416 Ask the right person!
Chapter 417 I invite you to eat ice cream!
Chapter 418 The identity of Song Liuge!
Chapter 419 Fang Yu is here!
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty One Hit!
Chapter 421 The death of Yan Yao!
Chapter 422 Restrictions on the Qi refining period!
Chapter 423 Transaction with Violet
Chapter 424 The daughter of the Zhao family
Chapter 425: Chen Luo Appears!
Chapter 426 Rolling over the momentum of the audience!
Chapter 427 You guys seem to be scared?
Chapter 428 The first person in Huaibei!
Chapter 429 The good show has begun! Tonight~
Chapter 430 Chen Luo's full strength!
Chapter 431 The undead come!
Chapter 432 The ending of Chen Luo!
Chapter 433 Sneak attack!
Chapter 434: Angry Fang Yu
Chapter 435 China Shakes!
Chapter 436 The man in the Qi refining period
Chapter 437 Cooperate with the Orderer?
Chapter 438 Go to the Far North!
Chapter 439 The strong gather!
Chapter 440 Bombing and killing the transformed people!
Chapter 441 The boss is here!
Chapter 442 Competition of the flesh!
Chapter 443 Fighting the God of Death!
Chapter 444 The real god?
Chapter 445 The cold wind is raging!
Chapter 446 I am Shinto!
Chapter 447 Devour the source!
Chapter 448 Real despair!
Chapter 449 The Blizzard Clan Appears!
Chapter 450: Come here for nothing?
Chapter 451 Battle of the Shinto!
Chapter 452 Fang Yu is defeated!?
Chapter 453 You can't escape!
Chapter 454 I am immortal!
Chapter 455: The Patriarch of the Blizzard Clan
Chapter 456 The tenth-order monster appears!
Chapter 457 Weird voice!
Chapter 458 Rampage behemoth!
Chapter 459 The fist breaks the void!
Chapter 460 One enemy to the crowd!
Chapter 461 Existence in the depths!
Chapter 462 News from Ziyan Palace!
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters strange lines
Chapter 464 The voice from the depths of the earth!
Chapter 465 Zuo Tianshi!
Chapter 466 The situation is grim!
Chapter 467 The real purpose!
Chapter 468 Arrogant people!
Chapter 469 He is Fang Yu!
Chapter 470 You are courting death!
Chapter 471 So handsome!
Chapter 472 The Devil's Head
Chapter 473: The Nascent Soul Stage Again!
Chapter 474 The first man on the dark list!
Chapter 475 The fish that slipped through the net!
Chapter 476 Murderous awe!
Chapter 477 Battle Shura!
Chapter 478: The strongest person in the world?
Chapter 479 Threat and force!
Chapter 480 The old lair of the Witch Sect!
Chapter 481 It is hard to resist!
Chapter 482 Human-shaped stone statue!
Chapter 483: Supreme Profound Heavenly Venerate!
Chapter 484 The strength of Tianzun!
Chapter 485 Don't give me a chance!
Chapter 486 Completely convinced!
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh a favor
Chapter 488 The mysterious Zhao Zinan!
Chapter 489 We are all young people
Chapter 490 Kill without Amnesty!
Chapter 491 His goal is you!
Chapter 492 Dr. Gary
Chapter 493 Let me test it with my fist!
Chapter 494 Red-haired girl!
Chapter four hundred and ninety-fifth Phoenix is ??alive?
Chapter 496 Eliminate harm for the people!
Chapter 497 Mutation!
Chapter 498: Ruthless words or jokes?
Chapter 499 Dao Lingjue!
Chapter 500: Angry Red Lotus! There are 500 red envelopes in this chapter, first come first served~
Chapter 501: No match!
Chapter 502: Honglian’s true face
Chapter 503 This is impossible!
Chapter 504 The origin of physiognomy!
Chapter 505: Someone from the royal family is coming!
Chapter 506: The situation is tense!
Chapter 507: Kill Fang Yu!
Chapter 508: Where does the confidence come from?
Chapter 509: Physical confrontation!
Chapter 510 Absolute power!
Chapter 511 Solve the trouble!
Chapter 512 The same person?
Chapter 513 Encirclement and suppression of Fang Yu?
Chapter 514 Dayan Lantern!
Chapter 515: Leaked news?
Chapter 516: Killing with a borrowed knife! Four updates tonight~
Chapter 517 I’ll work overtime for you!
Chapter 518: Buying time!
Chapter 519 Real despair!
Chapter 520 Clear them all!
Chapter 521: A vicious plot!
Chapter 522 You will regret it!
Chapter 523 The man in sunglasses!
Chapter 524 Lawlessness!
Chapter 525: Don’t touch him!
Chapter 526 You are not a gentleman!
Chapter 527 You are the Immortal!
Chapter 528: Source Eater!
Chapter 529: A mere Qi refining period!
Chapter 530 Negotiation Meeting!
Chapter 531: Who threatens whom?
Chapter 532 The Phantom of the Immortal!?
Chapter 533 The appearance of an immortal
Chapter 534: Undercurrent!
Chapter 535: Find a shortcut!
Chapter 536: The bottom of the mountain!
Chapter 537 The Strongest Will!?
Chapter 538: The Tyrant Holy Lord!
Chapter 539 You are outdated!
Chapter 540 The ultimate crushing!
Chapter 541: Hidden murderous intent!
Chapter 542 Cruel and ruthless!
Chapter 543 Looking for Xiao Chen!
Chapter 544 Scapegoat!
Chapter 545: Fellow Taoist, please stay!
Chapter 546 Making things difficult!
Chapter 547 Top Alchemist?
Chapter 548 The Great Return Pill!
Chapter 549: The overwhelming murderous intention!
Chapter 550 Fierce battle!
Chapter 551 A strong attack!
Chapter 552: Martial God Realm!
Chapter 553: The word ‘kill’!
Chapter 554 Leave this to me!
Chapter 555 The final trump card!?
Chapter 556 The limits of the physical body!
Chapter 557 The end of life!
Chapter 558: People’s hearts remain unchanged
Chapter 559: Pretentious!
Chapter 560: Master Cangxi
Chapter 561 Ancient Demon Tower!
Chapter 562: Independent space?
Chapter 563: Climb to the top!
Chapter 564 Wanling Tower!
Chapter 565: Strange disappearance!
Chapter 566 The mortal man!
Chapter 567: Burning Spirit Pill!
Chapter 568 Core Meeting
Chapter 569 Is she really not Leng Xunshuang!?
Chapter 570 Hongmen Banquet!
Chapter 571 Master Yi is here!
Chapter 572 It’s your turn!
Chapter 573: The battle is easy to cut off!
Chapter 574 God descends to earth!
Chapter 575 Destined!?
Chapter 576 The original soul stone!
Chapter 577 Wanted!?
Chapter 578: Settlement with him!
Chapter 579: We surrender!
Chapter 580 One person is enough!
Chapter 581 Alien Space!
Chapter 582 The Supreme Immortal in the Sky!?
Chapter 583: Open up a passage!
Chapter 584: Leave this person to me!
Chapter 585: Still have some energy left!
Chapter 586 The same method!
Chapter 587 Tragic!
Chapter 588 Meridians are broken!
Chapter 589 Crisis in Huaibei!
Chapter 590 Full recovery!
Chapter 591: Instant kill with a snap of a finger!
Chapter 592: Crush the whole crowd!
Chapter 593: See you again!
Chapter 594: Murderous!
Chapter 595: Creatures Gather!
Chapter 596: Kill instantly with one blow!
Chapter 597: Crushing Power!
Chapter 598: Magical Energy Field!
Chapter 599: Return to original form!
Chapter 600 Battle with the Immortal King!
Chapter 601: Only speed can never break!
Chapter 602: The broken sword is unsheathed!
Chapter 603: Invincible!
Chapter 604: Cut off everything!
Chapter 605 It turns out to be you!
Chapter 606 The final performance!
Chapter 607 It’s your own fault!
Chapter 608 The last level!?
Chapter 609: Overcome the tribulation and ascend?
Chapter 610: What is a hero?
Chapter 611 You can’t save this person!
Chapter 612 False Justice!
Chapter 613 Weird smile!
Chapter 614 It’s really you!
Chapter 615 The flood is coming!
Chapter 616 Traces found!
Chapter 617: Raw Soul Stone!
Chapter 618 Returning to Hometown
Chapter 619: Soul Seeking Map!
Chapter 620: Inexplicable induction!
Chapter 621: Underground Space!
Chapter 622: Looking for the mechanism!
Chapter 623: Dark Creatures!
Chapter 624 Testing talent?
Chapter 625: Annihilation of life!
Chapter 626: Phoenix Heritage!
Chapter 627: A Spiritual Spring
Chapter 628 It’s called Soul Destruction!
Chapter 629: Spiritual Energy Explodes!
Chapter 630: Seizing the Origin! Four updates today~
Chapter 631: In a desperate situation!
Chapter 632 The inheritor has arrived!
Chapter 633: Defeat!
Chapter 634: Abnormal movement in the body!
Chapter 635 The biggest crisis!
Chapter 636 Try again!
Chapter 637: Thunder Tribulation Appears!
Chapter 638: Flying dragon and phoenix!
Chapter 639: Half a name!
Chapter 640: Shattering Space!
Chapter 641: Fear originating from blood!
Chapter 642: The Heaven-Introducing Dao Sword!
Chapter 643: Man and sword merge into one!
Chapter 644 Immortality!?
Chapter 645 The strongest punch!
Chapter 646 Hope of Revenge!
Chapter 647 Changes in the body!
Chapter 648 Birthday Party!
Chapter 649: Anecdotes from the Eastern Capital!
Chapter 650: Evil Blood Jade!
Chapter 651: More and more similar!
Chapter 652 A gift!
Chapter 653 Is this slander!?
Chapter 654 I believe him!
Chapter 655 Blackmail plan!
Chapter 656 A good show!
Chapter 657: Receive the bounty!
Chapter 658 Killing two birds with one stone!?
Chapter 659: Falling into a trap?
Chapter 660: Tai Zhong Giant!
Chapter 661 The man behind the scenes!
Chapter 662 It’s your own fault!
Chapter 663: The Will of the Great Sage?
Chapter 664: Heavenly Holy Halberd!
Chapter 665: Power is supreme!
Chapter 666: The true master of the Great Temple!
Chapter 667: The Tai Zhong Clan!
Chapter 668: How do you want to die?
Chapter 669 The general is coming!
Chapter 670 The mysterious treasure map!
Chapter 671: Divide the treasure equally?
Chapter 672 Three Stages of Spiritualization!
Chapter 673: Walking Spiritual Veins
Chapter 674 Linger was kidnapped!?
Chapter 675 Tracking!
Chapter 676: Charming Woman
Chapter 677: Old routine!
Chapter 678: Go straight to the base camp!
Chapter 679 Goddess Qin Yao!
Chapter 680 The mysterious Shashen Temple!
Chapter 681: Joining in the fun?
Chapter 682: Get out of here!
Chapter 683 Sacrifice Ceremony!
Chapter 684 A scam!?
Chapter 685: Full of flaws!
Chapter 686: The remnants of the Duanri Sect!
Chapter 687 Qin Yao’s strength!
Chapter 688: Attack in public!
Chapter 689: Don’t be an enemy to this person!
Chapter 690: Siege Fang Yu!
Chapter 691: The way of heaven brings about reincarnation!
Chapter 692 Qin Yao’s past
Chapter 693: Hua Die Zhenren!
Chapter 694: Battle! Black Soul Stick!
Chapter 695: Cut off hope!
Chapter 696: Fang me!
Chapter 697: Spiritual perfection!?
Chapter 698 Blood Abnormality!
Chapter 699 Jiangdao comes out of seclusion!
Chapter 700: Sacred Artifact, Chaos Bead!
Chapter 701 Qin Yao’s face!
Chapter 702: Head straight into the enemy camp!
Chapter 703 A big gift!
Chapter 704 Destroy it with one palm!
Chapter 705 Eight Spiritual Veins!
Chapter 706: The Necrons!
Chapter 707 Fang Yu’s surprise!
Chapter 708: Burning bridges across rivers!
Chapter 709 Heading to the snowfield!
Chapter 710: Hanging the dead souls!?
Chapter 711 Sneak into the castle!
Chapter 712 I’m looking for someone!
Chapter 713: Solve the undead!
Chapter 714 Battle Royale!
Chapter 715: A more powerful existence than Fang Yu?
Chapter 716 You are not human!
Chapter 717 Irresistible!
Chapter 718: Forced absorption!
Chapter 719 The Holy Light Group arrives!
Chapter 720 The Angry Undead Emperor!
Chapter 721 The God of War has arrived!
Chapter 722 The Death of the Mad Scientist!
Chapter 723 The Three Great Kings!
Chapter 724 The Messenger of Thunder!
Chapter 725 Battle with the King!
Chapter 726: Semi-immortal level magic!
Chapter 727: Shocking all directions!
Chapter 728 The Fear of the Angel Cult!
Chapter 729: Disappeared inexplicably!
Chapter 730 The last scene!
Chapter 731: Living towards death
Chapter 732: Succession as Head of the Family
Chapter 733 The evil wind is coming
Chapter 734 Weird Patterns
Chapter 735 Hidden Insect!
Chapter 736 The ghost in the Qin family!
Chapter 737 Hysteria!
Chapter 738 The mastermind behind the scenes!
Chapter 739 You are not worthy of incense!
Chapter 740 The relationship breaks down!
Chapter 741 Beidu No. 101!
Chapter 742 Waste of natural resources!
Chapter 743 Ye Shengxue’s invitation
Chapter 744 Dragnet!
Chapter 745 I want him dead!
Chapter 746 The Qin family is in crisis!
Chapter 747: Once frivolous!
Chapter 748 Fang Yu’s wealth!
Chapter 749 Bidding!
Chapter 750 Head-on conflict!?
Chapter 751: Furious!
Chapter 752: Help me kill someone!
Chapter 753: It’s impossible to draw a tiger!
Chapter 754: Becoming a spirit?
Chapter 755: Establishing the Purple Flame Palace!?
Chapter 756: Get inside!
Chapter 757: Raise an army to prosecute!
Chapter 758 Heading to the Lu Family!
Chapter 759: Alone!
Chapter 760 Qin Yimo’s thoughts
Chapter 761 The building collapsed in an instant!
Chapter 762: Re-entering the Far North!
Chapter 763: Gathering from all directions!
Chapter 764 The direction of the mysterious treasure map!
Chapter 765: The hand that covers the sky!
Chapter 766 Blast through the sky!
Chapter 767: The Forbidden Zone of Life!
Chapter 768 Taisu Snow Lotus!
Chapter 769: Is he taking a ride?
Chapter 770 Three treasures!
Chapter 771 Demon’s Blood!
Chapter 772: Seizing food from the tiger's mouth!
Chapter 773 The complete form of the devil!
Chapter 774: Imprisoned!
Chapter 775 The will of the ruins!
Chapter 776 Where is the treasure!?
Chapter 777 Lihuo Jade!
Chapter 778: Mutual Integration!
Chapter 779 Immortal Realm?
Chapter 780: Get there first!
Chapter 781 Uninvited guest!
Chapter 782 Existence means high profile!
Chapter 783 Vice President Fang!
Chapter 784 Investigate Fang Yu!?
Chapter 785: Who plots against whom?
Chapter 786 Lord Soul!
Chapter 787 The mysterious man!
Chapter 788: Immortal Weapon Protector!
Chapter 789 The source!
Chapter 790 Critical moment!
Chapter 791 The Proud One of Heaven!
Chapter 792: Immortal Monument!
Chapter 793: The Road to Immortality!?
Chapter 794 Celebration Banquet!
Chapter 795 Conflict!
Chapter 796 Falling into a trap!?
Chapter 797 I am Daokong!
Chapter 798 Sensation in Beidu!
Chapter 799: Keep up the show!
Chapter 800 Family Meeting!
Chapter 801 Death of Fang Chengtian!
Chapter 802 The head of the Qi family!
Chapter 803 Foreign enemy invasion?
Chapter 804 Atonement!?
Chapter 805: Dead enemies meet!
Chapter 806 Revenge!?
Chapter 807 Red Dust Fruit!
Chapter 808 Weird phenomenon!
Chapter 809 The Orderer Headquarters!
Chapter 810 Master Tianchen!
Chapter 811 The will of law!
Chapter 812 Bullying the weak and fearing the strong!
Chapter 813 The guild hall collapses!
Chapter 814 Self-destruct Nascent Soul!
Chapter 815 Track down the half-spirits!
Chapter 816 Capture the container!?
Chapter 817 Fleeing in a panic!
Eight hundred and eighteenth palm, the era of great recovery!
Chapter 819 Special physique!
Chapter 820 Breakthrough opportunity!?
Chapter 821 Eye of the Torrent!
Chapter 822 Leading to Hell!?
Chapter 823 The dark place!
Chapter 824 Multiple illusions!
Chapter 825: The Devil's Coffin!
Chapter 826 Tracking!
Chapter 827 Cliff confrontation!
Chapter 828 Flowers under the stars!
Chapter Eight hundred and twentieth the beast of the sky!
Chapter 830 It has no weaknesses!
Chapter 831 Fight to the death!
Chapter 832: Running away!
Chapter Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters!
Chapter 834: Recognize the Lord!?
Chapter 835 Natural Defects!?
Chapter 836 Tang Xiaorou's help!
Chapter 837: See old friends again!
Chapter 838 Ouyang Xiuyuan!
Chapter 839 Tearing the skin!
Chapter 840 Tang Xiaorou's Revenge!
Chapter 841 Clean them up!
Chapter 842 My family is a bit big!
Chapter eight hundred and fortieth chapter is ridiculous?
Chapter Eight hundred and forty-four Nine Airs Come!
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters weird Tianchen
Chapter 846 The second eye of the torrent
Chapter 847: The new first place on the list
Eight hundred and forty-eighth chapter sloppy man
Eight hundred and fortieth IX crowd watching
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth in the limelight
Chapter 851 It turned out to be you!
Chapter 852 One-sided words
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters Wang Jia Tianjiao
Chapter 854 Take it away with one foot!
Chapter 855 The Wang family is furious!
Chapter eight hundred and fifty sixth inexplicable connection
Chapter 857 Tearing the face!
Eight hundred and fiftieth eight chapters for the heaven
Eight hundred and fiftieth IX Dao Jin Gang tactic
Chapter 860 Fang Yu is famous
Chapter 861 The Wang Family's Reaction
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters open again
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters Tongtian Road
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters strange road
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters monstrous murderous
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters to one enemy two
Chapter eight hundred and sixty seventh inheritance opened
Chapter 868: The script is wrong
Chapter 869 Breaking the Taisui Armor!
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters fierce battle
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters get used to it
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters Ouyang Xiuyuan's energy
Chapter 873 Big star?
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters see the king again
Chapter 875 What is he?
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters do me a favor
Chapter eight hundred and seventy seventh misunderstanding
Eight hundred and seventieth eight chapters come to apologize
Eight hundred and seventieth IX Archangel Arrival
Chapter 880 The Holy Light Comes!
Chapter eight hundred and eighty first angel trial
Eight hundred and eighty second chapter gods and ghosts means
Chapter eight hundred and eighty third completely honest
Chapter eight hundred and eighty fourth long-lost peace
Chapter 885 The Three Dragons are here!
Chapter 886 Golden Dragon Blood
Chapter 887 Drinking Dragon Blood!?
Chapter 888 This is fake
Eight hundred and eighty-ninth chapter Linger's blood
Chapter eight hundred and ninetieth self-harm means
Chapter 891 Tianjiao Wang Shuangfan
Chapter 892: Do you need to prepare to beat up the Wang family?
Chapter 893 The whole city is paying attention!
Chapter 894 Ordinary Fang Yu
Chapter 895: That’s it
Chapter 896: Give me a beating to relieve my anger
Chapter 897: Bulldozer style crushing!
Chapter 898 The death knell of the Wang family!
Chapter 899 The Battle of the Combination Stage!
Chapter 900 Summoning the Ancient Evil Spirit!?
Chapter 901: Punch me!
Chapter 902: Famous throughout the world!
Chapter 903 Absolute Loyalty
Chapter 904 Everyone’s Thoughts
Chapter 905 The shock of looking into the sky
Chapter 906 A Puppet
Chapter 907 Weird Characters
Chapter 908 Discussing Tao with Swords
Chapter 909: Hundreds of Sects Competition
Chapter 910: Just in time
Chapter 911 The Day of Revival
Chapter 912: Kicked to the Iron Plate
Chapter 913: Total destruction at once
Chapter 914 The second day's pride
Chapter 915: The longer you live, the more you go back
Chapter 916: Let me help you solve it
Chapter 917 Too cruel
Chapter 918 The nightmare reappears
Chapter 919 Lihuo fills the sky!
Chapter 920: Ultimate Crushing
Chapter 921 No Survivors
Chapter 922: Showing off one’s edge
Chapter 923 Complete erasure
Chapter 924 Feeding Chaos Beads
Chapter 925 Testing
Chapter 926 Blood Purification
Chapter 927: Suppression
Chapter 928 Breaking in
Chapter 929: Star Sea Divination
Chapter 930: Terrifying Gaze
Chapter 931: Family Heirloom
Chapter 932: Ancestor of the Lin Family
Chapter 933: Educating future generations
Chapter 934: Strike while the iron is hot
Chapter 935: Opportunity to become an immortal
Chapter 936 Collapse
Chapter 937 Heavenly Sword Technique
Chapter 938 Venting Anger
Chapter 939: Not allowed to participate
Chapter 940 Half human and half ghost
Chapter 941: Investigating the Sky-Peeping Bureau
Chapter 942 The Big Red Man in Beidu
Chapter 943 Cat and Mouse
Chapter 944 Fang Yu Fishing
Chapter 945: The Clan of the Fallen Dragon
Chapter 946 Sneaking into Ma’s House
Chapter 947 Transaction
Chapter 948 A bottle of blood
Chapter 949: Progress in Cultivation
Chapter 950: Get the Token
Chapter 951: You have to take action
Chapter 952: Entering the semi-spiritual world
Chapter 953 Lord Wutian
Chapter 954 He is Fang Changsheng
Chapter 955: Making a fuss in the semi-spiritual world
Chapter 956 Forced eviction
Chapter 957: Not giving a chance
Chapter 958: Burning together
Chapter 959 Devouring the Semi-Spirit World
Chapter 960: The ruthless Daokong
Chapter 961: Continuous Genocide
Chapter 962 Indigestion
Chapter 963 Meeting Ji Rumei again
Chapter 964: Invasion of the Corpse Tribe
Chapter 965 The Rise of Alien Races
Chapter 966 A warning
Chapter 967 Confused
Chapter 968 The road went astray
Chapter 969: Unable to Fight
Chapter 970 Ruyi Qinglian
Chapter 971 Shadow Sect Su Changge
Chapter 972 Assistant Xiaoyu
Chapter 973: Inexplicable Anger
Chapter 974: Unreasonable making trouble
Chapter 975 A good show
Chapter 976: Just arrogant
Chapter 977: Making a scene in the mansion
Chapter 978: Grab the throat
Chapter 979: Big Snake Temple
Chapter 980 Spokesperson of the Gods
Chapter 981 Who is the God?
Chapter 982 The Fallen Dragon
Chapter 983 God of the Dragon Clan
Chapter 984 Battle against the Orochi
Chapter 985 Immortality
Chapter 986 Divine Punishment from Heaven
Chapter 987 Royal Invitation
Chapter 988 Ghost Island
Chapter 989: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 990: Who is shameless?
Chapter 991 A good opponent
Chapter 992: Obsessed
Chapter 993: Attacked
Chapter 994: Silencing
Chapter 995: Those who are close to Fang Yu will die.
Chapter 996 Shenyin Society
Chapter 997 The Road to Immortality
Chapter 998 Chief Follower
Chapter 999: Four families collude
Chapter 1000 Don’t wait for tomorrow
Chapter 1001 A chess piece
Chapter 1002 The devil knocks on the door
Chapter 1003: Pushing all the way
Chapter 1004 Crush everything
Chapter 1005 Beauty Trap
Chapter 1006 I am a good person
Chapter 1007 The strong are ruthless
Chapter 1008 Xuanyuan Gate
Chapter 1009: How to Provoke Generals
Chapter 1010: Great Spiritual Body
Chapter 1011: Terrifying Ability
Chapter 1,012 It’s Fang Yu again
Chapter 1013: The anger of the martial arts community in Beidu
Chapter 1014 The whole world is attracting attention
Chapter 1015: Provoke the whole audience
Chapter 1016 The Holy List Power Appears
Chapter 1017: Conquered
Chapter 1018: Help me take revenge
Chapter 1019: The strong are respected
Chapter 1020: Huaixu’s Cultivation
Chapter 1021 I dare
Chapter 1022 Space Exchange
Chapter 1,023 So What?
Chapter 1024 You are not happy
Chapter 1025: The Great Evil in Beidu
Chapter 1026: The New Master of the Sky-Peeping Bureau
Chapter 1,027 Mysterious Invitation
Chapter 1028: Whistleblowing
Chapter 1029: Meeting Fu Han
Chapter 1030: Crazy Provocation
Chapter 1031 An important day
Chapter 1032: Wall of Prophecy
Chapter 1033: Gods of Gods
Chapter 1034: Who judges whom?
Chapter 1035: Go straight to Huanglong
Chapter 1036 The Six Great Kings
Chapter 1037: Sinking the Island
Chapter 1038: Against God
Chapter 1,039 The Divine Sword Arrives
Chapter 1040: Holy Hand
Chapter 1041 Holy Light Judgment
Chapter 1042 Feel the pain
Chapter 1043 Special Weapon Spirit
Chapter 1044 Linger wakes up
Chapter 1045: Asking the Sky Stone
Chapter 1046 There must be repercussions
Chapter 1,047 The Baby in the Stone
Chapter 1048: Battle with the Evil Infant
Chapter 1,049 is just the beginning
Chapter 1050: Son of Hades
Chapter 1051: Press to death in advance
Chapter 1,052: The house is attacked
Chapter 1053 Fang Yu comes to visit
Chapter 1,054 Physical Confrontation
Chapter 1055 I will kill you
Chapter 1,056 The Terrifying Shenyin Society
Chapter 1057 Blackstone Village
Chapter 1058: Horror Village
Chapter 1059: Cleaning up the Corpse Clan
Chapter 1060: Immortal Breath?
Chapter 1061: The existence inside the coffin
Chapter 1,062 There is a sky beyond the sky
Chapter 1063 Forming a Guard Team
Chapter 1064: The light reaches the sky
Chapter 1,065 The monks gathered together
Chapter 1066: Huge Cage
Chapter 1,067 Death Comes
Chapter 1068: Stop playing
Chapter 1069: Air Confrontation
Chapter 1070: Battle of Giants
Chapter 1,071 Chaotic fighting
Chapter 1,072 Ten Thousand Blood Spears
Chapter 1073: Not an opponent
Chapter 1,074 The road is narrow
Chapter 1075: Reasonable
Chapter 1076: Speech Confrontation
Chapter 1077: Exploring Hell
Chapter 1,078 Tribal Gods
Chapter 1079: Evil Practice
Chapter 1080: It’s impossible to escape the clutches of the devil
Chapter 1081 Black Nightshade Beast
Chapter 1,082 The Power of the Ancient God
Chapter 1083: Hit the point directly
Chapter 1084: Commit yourself to me
Chapter 1085 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 1,086 The Really Strong
Chapter 1087: A visit
Chapter 1,088 The Origin of Dharma
Chapter 1089 Mahayana Realm
Chapter 1,090 Double Overlord Palm
Chapter 1091 Black Winged Dragon
Chapter 1,092 The Finger of the Evil Saint
Chapter 1,093 Xiutao’s trump card
Chapter 1094: Fighting against the Evil Saint
Chapter 1095: Bite back
Chapter 1096: Captive
Chapter 1,097 The Secret of the Holy Court
Chapter 1098 opens at the same time
Chapter 1,099 Reentering the Rainforest
Chapter 1,100 Tribal Capital Punishment
Chapter 1,101 Tearing the Space
Chapter 1,102 The Punisher
Chapter 1103: Beyond all laws
Chapter 1,104 Can’t cheat
Chapter 1,105 Disaster
Chapter 1,106: Rushing into the atmosphere
Chapter 1,107 Spiritual Energy Resurrection
Chapter 1,108 Hope Rekindled
Chapter 1109: Soul Mutation
Chapter 1110: Carnival all over the world
Chapter 1111 The real dilemma
Chapter 1,112 A big drama
Chapter 1113. Open the door and let the dogs out
Chapter 1,114 Total Destruction
Chapter 1,115 Unforgivable
Chapter 1,116 Xuanwu Taoist
Chapter 1,117 Revenge Fireworks
Chapter 1,118 Wait for me to go out
Chapter 1,119 Fang Yu is dead
Chapter 1,120 The acting was bad
Chapter 1121: Who provokes whom?
Chapter 1,122 The drama begins
Chapter 1,123 Linger takes action
Chapter 1,124 Invisible Mark
Chapter 1,125 The power of attracting heaven
Chapter 1,126 Black Patterned Bone Jiao
Chapter 1,127 Mountains and Rivers Map
Chapter 1,128 Burning the Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1,129 Daokong’s Complete Victory
Chapter 1,130 I will help you
Chapter 1,131 So much nonsense
Chapter 1,132 Battle against Daokong
Chapter 1,133 Four Stages of Spiritualization
Chapter 1,134 Forced Stripping
Chapter 1,135 A wooden door
Chapter 1,136 The Final Punishment
Chapter 1,137 Bai Wuya
Chapter 1,138 The New Master of the Bai Family
Chapter 1,139 Blood Spirit
Chapter 1,140 Secret Infiltration
Chapter 1141 Fair Deal
Chapter 1,142 Another hero
Chapter 1,143 The spirit of destruction reappears
Chapter 1,144 Who is behind the scenes
Chapter 1,145 Sudden Death
That’s Chapter 1,146?
Chapter 1,147 Ten Thousand Shas Formation
Chapter 1,148 You can’t escape
Chapter 1,149 The collapse of the Wang family
Chapter 1,150 Lawlessness
Chapter 1151 Fusion Avenue
Chapter 1,152 Beyond Cognition
Chapter 1,153 Fang Yu’s promotion
Chapter 1,154 Chaotic Current Situation
Chapter 1,155 The Holy Court Opens
Chapter 1156: Cultivating Dao Fruit
Chapter 1,157 Good fortune and misfortune depend on each other
Chapter 1158: Collapse of space with one punch
Chapter 1,159 Kill two birds with one stone
Chapter 1,160: Collecting the Origin
Chapter 1,161 The strength of the guide
Chapter 1,162 The Void War
Chapter 1,163: Capturing the Yuan Dan
Chapter 1,164 Weirdness
Chapter 1,165 Trapped in the Void
Chapter 1,166 The Spirit-Destroying Attack
Chapter 1,167 True Fusion
Chapter 1,168 Controlling the Law
Chapter 1,169 The coming of the spirit annihilation
Chapter 1,170 The crisis is coming
Chapter 1,171 The Battle between Evil Spirits
Chapter 1,172 The Strongest Combat Power
Chapter 1,173 Fighting to the Death
Chapter 1,174 Annihilation of All Souls
Chapter 1175: Boring
Chapter 1,176 The Chase
Chapter 1,177 The Second Soul
Chapter 1,178: A dangerous situation
Chapter 1,179 Reversing Time
Chapter 1,180 The Far South
Chapter 1,181 Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 1,182 Tomb of the Ghost King
Chapter 1,183 The existence behind it
Chapter 1,184 The Secret Technique of the Ghost King
Chapter 1,185 Goodbye Bai Ran
Chapter 1,186 Friendly Fang Yu
Chapter 1,187 Yin-Yang Realm
Chapter 1,188 Extremely Cruel
Chapter 1,189: Everything is Lost
Chapter 1190: The dwarf wins the general
Chapter 1,191 The mystery of the alien race
Chapter 1,192 Weird Formation
Chapter 1,193 Someone from the Jiang family is coming
Chapter 1,194 Feeling confident
Chapter 1,195 Too Bad Luck
Chapter 1196: Spirit Control Seal
Chapter 1197 Abnormal Situation
Chapter 1,198 Meeting of the Strong
Chapter 1,199 Only Death
Chapter 1,200 No Revenge
Chapter 1,201 Drag it out and bury it
Chapter 1,202 In the dark
Chapter 1,203 Take care of yourself
Chapter 1,204 Twisted Psychology
Chapter 1,205 Public Execution
Chapter 1,206 Don’t look at anything inappropriate
Chapter 1,207 Crazy Counterattack
Chapter 1,208 The power of crushing
Chapter 1,209 The World of the Strong
Chapter 1,210 Killing the Immortal
Chapter 1,211 A back view
Chapter 1,212 The disaster is coming
Chapter 1,213 I can also be despicable
Chapter 1,214 The most precious treasure in the world
Chapter 1,215 The Immortal Weapon Recognizes its Master
Chapter 1,216 Don’t cry for help
Chapter 1,217 Fighting for the Immortal Weapon
Chapter 1,218 Meteor Seal
Chapter 1,219 Worst Plan
Chapter 1,220 Snow Girl
Chapter 1,221 The test begins
Chapter 1222: Tit for tat
Chapter 1,223 The harvest is okay
Chapter 1224 Unmentionable
Chapter 1,225 The Attacker
Chapter 1226: Vampire larvae
Chapter 1,227 Bloody Disaster
Chapter 1,228 Mysterious Existence
Chapter 1,229 A strange feeling
Chapter 1,230 Weird Dreams
Chapter 1,231: The Age of Great Conflict
Chapter 1,232 Yu Tianlin
Chapter 1,233 Resurrection Ceremony
Chapter 1,234 The Battle of Evil Cultivators
Chapter 1,235 Double Blow
Chapter 1,236 The Ten Thousand Curses
Chapter 1,237 Ancient Clan, Alien Flower Clan
Chapter 1,238 Ruyi Qinglian
Chapter 1,239 Green Lotus Holy Fire
Chapter 1,240 Reverse Warning
Chapter 1,241 Mysterious Array
Chapter 1,242 Desert Demon Shadow
Chapter 1,243 The magic circle connecting outside the territory
Chapter 1,244 The wind chime is trapped
Chapter 1245: Heavenly Sword Technique, Final Style
Chapter 1,246 Test it on yourself
Chapter 1,247 The Mysterious Palace
Chapter 1,248 Cannot be strengthened
Chapter 1,249 The World of the Phoenix Clan
Chapter 1,250 The Only Bloodline
Chapter 1,251 Don’t stop me again
Chapter 1,252 The Strongest Bloodline
Chapter 1,253 The fight between dragon and phoenix
Chapter 1,254 The Daughter of the Abyss
Chapter 1,255 Tens of Thousands of Years of Hatred
Chapter 1,256 Physical Fight
Chapter 1,257 Fang Yu practices
Chapter 1,258 Opportunity to Slay the Dragon
Chapter 1,259: Outnumbered and Enemy
Chapter 1,260 Yuanshi Demon-Destroying Technique
Chapter 1,261 Crushing the Origin
Chapter 1,262 The Illusion of the Divine Dragon
Chapter 1,263 The Source of Devouring
Chapter 1,264 Weird Mural
Chapter 1,265 Anecdotes about the Dragon Clan
Chapter 1266: Trapped in a Cage
Chapter 1,267 Mysterious Mark
Chapter 1,268 Divine Sea Dynasty
Chapter 1,269 The Resurrection of All Souls
Chapter 1,270 The fusion of ice and fire
Chapter 1,271 All beasts surrender
Chapter 1,272 Meeting after thousands of years
Chapter 1,273 Beast Control Order
Chapter 1,274 The Rise of Alien Races
Chapter 1,275 The Prison
Chapter 1276: Just one death
Chapter 1,277 The general trend of the world
Chapter 1,278 An Act of Liberation
Chapter 1,279 The Final Resort
Chapter 1,280 The plan was successful
Chapter 1,281 Fang Yu is furious
Chapter 1,282 Must be returned
Chapter 1,283 The Powerful Sky Falcon Clan
Chapter 1,284 Preparing for Counterattack
Chapter 1,285 The Dangerous Monk
Chapter 1,286: Outnumbered and Enemy
Chapter 1,287 Joyful Atmosphere
Chapter 1,288 Testing Weaknesses
Chapter 1,289: Physical Crush
Chapter 1,290 The Current Situation of the Lin Family
Chapter 1,291 The aliens must get out
Chapter 1,292 The crisis is coming
Chapter 1,293 Emergency Rescue
Chapter 1,294 Abnormality
Chapter 1,295 The Mad Clan’s Methods
Chapter 1,296 Counterattack Stronghold
Chapter 1,297 The best way to attack
Chapter 1,298: Putting blame on foreigners
Chapter 1,299 Sweeping an army
Chapter 1,300: Genocide in Three Days
Chapter 1301 Top Treasure
Chapter 1,302 The Disappearing Zhao Family
Chapter 1,303 The real goal
Chapter 1304: Excessive force
Chapter 1,305 The Ten-Ring Supreme Divine Palm
Chapter 1,306 The Tragic Red General
Chapter 1,307 Will eventually perish
Chapter 1,308 No Support
Chapter 1,309 Battle with the Supreme Level
Chapter 1,310 Running Too Slow
Chapter 1311 It’s really too fierce
Chapter 1312 Taiyin Python King
Chapter 1313: A minor surgery
Chapter 1,314 Mental Erosion
Chapter 1,315 Fighting with eyes closed
Chapter 1316 The mysterious old man
Chapter 1,317 It’s just the beginning
Chapter 1318: Come and destroy a whole clan
Chapter 1,319 The Noble Person
Chapter 1,320 A trip in vain
Chapter 1,321 Curse-breaking Ability
Chapter 1,322 News of the Holy Fruit
Chapter 1,323 Fang Yu intercepts Hu
Chapter 1,324 Solve it easily
Chapter 1,325 Heavenly Master Moxu
Chapter 1,326 The Son of the Emperor
Chapter 1,327 High-tech Magical Weapon
Chapter 1328: It’s Hard to Encounter a Strong Enemy
Chapter 1,329 Magical Weapon Silver Burning
Chapter 1,330 Extreme Torture
Chapter 1331 It’s hard for me to handle
Chapter 1,332: Unlucky guy. Update for RiRi b84c24760a7’s crown.
Chapter 1,333 Tiandao Alliance
Chapter 1,334 The Empress of the Divine Sea
Chapter 1,335 Preparing for Robbery
Chapter 1,336 The Worst Prince
Chapter 1,337 Thunder King
Chapter 1,338 Chaos Battle Situation
Chapter 1,339 The Fisherman’s Benefit
Chapter 1,340 Mo Xu takes action
Chapter 1,341 What can you do to me?
Chapter 1342 The end is coming
Chapter 1,343 The alien race who is not afraid of death
Chapter 1,344: One Dog Can Overwhelm All Souls
Chapter 1,345 Cooperating in Acting
Chapter 1,346 Confrontation with the Prince
Chapter 1,347 Don’t run away
Chapter 1348: Entering the theater by mistake
Chapter 1,349 The Position of the Lords
Chapter 1,350 The Mystery of the Holy Fruit
Chapter 1,351 Fang Yu’s Threat
Chapter 1352 An accident happened
Chapter 1,353 I am a mortal
Chapter 1,354 The Worst Way to Die
Chapter 1,355 Heavenly Sword Spirit
Chapter 1,356 An experiment
Chapter 1,357 The Secret of the Holy Court
Chapter 1,358 The First Echelon of the Royal Family
Chapter 1,359: One man is in charge
Chapter 1,360 The Lord of Demonic Beasts
Chapter 1,361: The greatest prosperity must come to decline
Chapter 1,362 A plan
Chapter 1,363 Alien Lair
Chapter 1364: Activate the magic circle to update the crown of RiRi b84c24760a7
Chapter 1,365 Going into battle in person
Chapter 1,366 Fighting Will
Chapter 1,367 Feeling ready to continue
Chapter 1,368 Unable to Destroy
Chapter 1,369 The Unsolvable Matter
Chapter 1,370 The Arrival of the Supreme
Chapter 1,371 The Breath of Despair
Chapter 1,372 Areas of Expertise
Chapter 1373: Kill with one sword
Chapter 1,374 Extreme simplicity
Chapter 1,375 Permanent Strengthening
Chapter 1,376 A strange situation
Chapter 1,377 Reasonable speculation
Chapter 1,378 Dragon Clan Ruins
Chapter 1,379 Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1,380 Red Blood Dragon
Chapter 1,381 The battle for unification
Chapter 1382: Surrounded
Chapter 1,383 It’s none of my business
Chapter 1384: Infighting among the Ancient Clan
Chapter 1385: Covering the whole city
Chapter 1,386 No Pressure
Chapter 1,387 Changing Strategy
Chapter 1,388 Provoking the Supreme
Chapter 1,389: Outnumbered and Enemy
Chapter 1,390 The day of death has come
Chapter 1,391 Watch my performance
Chapter 1,392 Brutal Offensive
Chapter 1,393 The ultimate shock
Chapter 1,394 Dark Demon Supreme
Chapter 1,395 The Sky-Destroying Hammer
Chapter 1,396 Don’t harm yourself
Chapter 1,397 The Holy Fire Comes
Chapter 1,398 Adding fuel to the fire
Chapter 1,399 I just want to escape
Chapter 1,400 I am unwilling
Chapter 1401 Alien Haze
Chapter 1,402 The next target
Chapter 1,403 The biggest doubt
Chapter 1,404 The End of the Giant Monster
Chapter 1,405 The Earth Dragon Appears
Chapter 1,406 The overwhelming hatred
Chapter 1,407 Eaten Alive
Chapter 1,408 Taoist Tianji
Chapter 1,409 Earth Source Crystal
Chapter 1,410 The crisis is coming
Chapter 1411 The location of the candle dragon
Chapter 1,412 Countermeasures against the Mad Clan
Chapter 1,413 Tampering with Memory
Chapter 1414 I like you
Chapter 1,415 Strange Dream
Chapter 1416: Pursuing the Mad Clan
Chapter 1,417 All members exposed
Chapter 1,418 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 1,419 The real purpose
Chapter 1,420 Who has the confidence?
Chapter 1421 Mad Clan Heavenly Lord
Chapter 1,422 Son of Thunder
Chapter 1,423 The general trend is the direction
Chapter 1,424 Silent Massacre
Chapter 1425: At a loss
Chapter 1,426 That Woman
Chapter 1,427 Destined
Chapter 1,428 She is me
Chapter 1,429 I’ll teach you how to practice
Chapter 1,430 Special Life Experience
Chapter 1,431 The final stage
Chapter 1,432 When the Source Crystal is Destroyed
Chapter 1,433 Source Crystal Clues
Chapter 1,434 Complex Emotions
Chapter 1435: Strange phenomenon in the south of the sky
Chapter 1,436 The Law of Life
Chapter 1,437 The Holy Artifact Appears
Chapter 1,438 The Monk’s Goal
Chapter 1,439: Heavenly Hegemony
Chapter 1,440 Fierce Fight
Chapter 1,441 The Strongest Prince
Chapter 1,442 The Battle of the Treasure
Chapter 1,443 A good show
Chapter 1,444 The Holy Court Conspiracy
Chapter 1,445 Fang Yu attacks
Chapter 1446 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 1447: Continuous Slaps in the Face
Chapter 1,448 Restricted Eyes
Chapter 1,449 The Son of Destiny
Chapter 1,450 Practice brings true knowledge
Chapter 1451: Fighting between gods
Chapter 1,452 The Edge of Life and Death
Chapter 1,453 Domineering Behavior
Chapter 1,454 Royal Family Battle
Chapter 1,455 Double-burning Cannon
Chapter 1,456 The Heart of the Empress
Chapter 1,457 The Final Goal
Chapter 1,458 Medicinal Bath to Wash the Marrow
Chapter 1,459 Return to Huaibei
Chapter 1,460 Terrifying Trap
Chapter 1,461 The moment of despair
Chapter 1,462 Real Pain
Chapter 1,463 The Ancient God Arrives
Chapter 1,464 Terror Resurrection
Chapter 1,465 Container Opening
Chapter 1,466 The Wrath of the Gods
Chapter 1,467 Different Planes
Chapter 1,468 The container recognizes its owner
Chapter 1,469 The Body of the Ancient God
Chapter 1,470 The Supreme Sword
Chapter 1,471 Cutting through the sky
Chapter 1,472 The Container’s Sorrow
Chapter 1,473 Hope Rekindled
Chapter 1,474 The situation is clear
Chapter 1,475 Tragic Situation
Chapter 1,476 Colorful Dharma Stone
Chapter 1,477 Temple Mage
Chapter 1,478 Hidden Star Cathedral
Chapter 1,479 We can fight
Chapter 1,480 The power of crushing
Chapter 1,481 The location of the temple
Chapter 1,482 The Giant Shadow of the Lord God
Chapter 1,483 The Wrath of the Gods
Chapter 1,484 Let’s make a deal
Chapter 1485: Termination of Contract
Chapter 1,486 Absolute Obedience
Chapter 1487 He is coming
Chapter 1,488 Mysterious Laws
Chapter 1,489 The power of violence
Chapter 1,490 I will judge you
Chapter 1,491 Five Jue Subduing Spirits
Chapter 1,492 The Sword of Judgment
Chapter 1,493 The Giant Hand of the Avenue
Chapter 1,494 The Power of the Lord God
Chapter 1,495 The power of crushing
Chapter 1,496 Moving Source
Chapter 1,497 Bloodthirsty Evil Spirit
Chapter 1,498 The Battle of Laws
Chapter 1499: Melee Crush
Chapter 1,500 Severing ties
Chapter 1501 The Light of Extinction
Chapter 1502: Extradimensional Body
Chapter 1503 Return to the old place
Chapter 1504 Self-divination
Chapter 1505 In the Sea of ??Stars
Chapter 1506: Portrait of an Old Friend
Chapter 1507 Illusory Reality
Chapter 1508 The storm is coming
Chapter 1509: Sneaking into the Royal Family
Chapter 1510 The assassination begins
Chapter 1511: Aboveboard
Chapter 1,512 Kill Hongtian instantly
Chapter 1513 The Emperor’s Order
Chapter 1514 The Holy Fruit of the Ancient City
Chapter 1515 Life-saving straw
Chapter 1516 Abandoned Giant City
Chapter 1517 Assassination Failed
Chapter 1518 Infinite Loop
Chapter 1519: Shameless
Chapter 1520: Suddenly enlightened
Chapter 1521 Maximum Limitation
Chapter 1522 I am Zutian
Chapter 1523 Must be returned
Chapter 1524: The Law of Destruction
Chapter 1525: Black Armor Dragon
Chapter 1526 New Nightmare
Chapter 1,527 The Emperor and the Empress
Chapter 1528: Leading you into an urn
Chapter 1530 News of the Holy Fruit
Chapter 1531: Great changes are coming
Chapter 1532: Taking out the magic stone
Chapter 1533 Accept reality
Chapter 1534: Destroy Black Sky
Chapter 1535 The magic circle collapses
Chapter 1,536 Final Calm
Chapter 1537: The Emergence of the Dynasty
Chapter 1,538 Unstoppable
Chapter 1539 Crown Prince Cangyu
Chapter 1540: Stirring up the world
Chapter 1541 The Holy Fruit Appears
Chapter 1,542 It’s all scum
Chapter 1543 Fang Yu steals the chicken
Chapter 1544: The Candle Dragon Appears
Chapter 1545 The Eye of Horror
Chapter 1,546 We are all enemies
Chapter 1,547 The Power of the Stars
Chapter 1548 The Battle between Two Dragons
Chapter 1549: One against three
Chapter 1550 Im serious
Chapter 1551 The True Immortal
Chapter 1552 The same method
Chapter 1,553 The Final Struggle
Chapter 1554: Reversal of the Flood
Chapter 1555: The Wrath of the Candle Dragon
Chapter 1557 A great victory
Chapter 1,558 Holy Fruit Fusion
Chapter 1560: Force out the source crystal
Chapter 1561 Will comes
Chapter 1562 The Final Test
Chapter 1564: Law crushing
Chapter 1566: Unsolvable Trend
Chapter 1,567 The power to destroy the world
Chapter 1568: God Descends to Earth
Chapter 1569 Invincible Body
Chapter 1570 Dangerous Moment
Chapter 1571: Only rely on yourself
Chapter 1572 The Fate of the Ant
Chapter 1,573 The Source Crystal Appears
Chapter 1574 Exploding Eyeballs
Chapter 1575: Beating the Will
Chapter 1,576 Destiny Implicated
Chapter 1,577 The liquidation begins
Chapter 1578: Excellent Backstage
Chapter 1579: Pinch the soft persimmon
Chapter 1580 Unreasonable
Chapter 1581 The pattern is too small
Chapter 1,582 Going against the will of heaven
Chapter 1584 Final Tempering Body
Chapter 1585: Sanctification of the Physical Body
Chapter 1586: Raging Anger
Chapter 1587 Meteor Bombardment
Chapter 1588: Exploding Stars with One Punch
Chapter 1589 Three-way Xuanmen
Chapter 1590 Book of Life and Death
Chapter 1591 The nightmare is over
Chapter 1592 The Mystery of the Immortal Sect
Chapter 1,593 The Secret of the Sky-Eating Beast
Chapter 1594 Weird Dream
Chapter 1595 True Identity
Chapter 1,596 The Great Spiritual Pearl
Chapter 1597: Connecting Acupuncture Points
Chapter 1,599 Clearing out the remnants
Chapter 1600: Unable to Ascend
Chapter 1601 The only way
Chapter 1,602: Treat Death as Homecoming
Chapter 1,603 Successful Ascension
Chapter 1,604 Difficulty Reduced
Chapter 1605: Necessary Things
Chapter 1606: Sudden Change
Chapter 1607 I believe you
Chapter 1,608 The end of the world
Chapter 1,609 Breaking through the sky
Chapter 1611 Goodbye Linger
Chapter 1,612 In the whirlpool
Chapter 1,613 Death Wheel Star
Chapter 1,614 The Endless Edge
Chapter 1615: Find the Exit
Chapter 1,616 The Place of Judgment
Chapter 1,618 A Transaction
Chapter 1,619 Datianchenxing
Chapter 1620: The realm of the big clan
Chapter 1621 The City of Bone Erosion
Chapter 1,622 Cruel Performance
Chapter 1,623 Cold-blooded Action
Chapter 1,624 Looking for the Map
Chapter 1,625: Overestimating Ones Ability
Chapter 1,626 Gaining Favor
Chapter 1,627 Sneaking into the Mansion
Chapter 1629: Know it like the back of your hand
Chapter 1630: Cant Stop Me
Chapter 1631: The whole city is locked down
Chapter 1632: Furious
Chapter 1,633 Daogang Realm
Chapter 1,634 Flower Tattoo Curse
Chapter 1635 I appreciate it very much
Chapter 1,636 Replica
Chapter 1,637: Turning the complex into simplicity
Chapter 1638 Dharma Protector City
Chapter 1,639: Bone Corrosion Main City
Chapter 1640: One Thing Descends Another Thing
Chapter 1641 Crown Prince He
Chapter 1,642 Father, save me
Chapter 1,643 Swaggering
Chapter 1,644 The Secret Realm of Wheel Secrets
Chapter 1645: Sit back and wait.
Chapter 1,646 The Origin of the Great Clan
Chapter 1,647 The Secret of the Realm
Chapter 1,648 I would rather be a chicken head
Chapter 1,649 The Wrath of the Bone Corrosion King
Chapter 1,650 The extreme cold is coming
Chapter 1651 One-horned Ape
Chapter 1,652 Shadow Temple
Chapter 1,653 The time has not come yet
Chapter 1,654 Temple Baptism
Chapter 1,655 Blank Stone Tablet
Chapter 1,656 Shadow Clan Half-Saint
Chapter 1,657 Where does confidence come from?
Chapter 1,658 The Holy Shadow of the Temple
Chapter 1,660 Copying the Spell
Chapter 1,661 The Final Choice
Chapter 1,664 The True Face
Chapter 1,665 Three-way Xuanmen
Chapter 1,666 Big Secret
Chapter 1667: Tooth for Tooth
Chapter 1,668 Three Copper Coins
Chapter 1,669 Frontal Provocation
Chapter 1,670 A little hope
Chapter 1,671 The Fourth Level Immortal Sect
Chapter 1,672 Secret Operation
Chapter 1,673 Top Spiritual Roots
Chapter 1,674 Not Qualified
Chapter 1,675 Disgusting
Chapter 1,676: Murder and Silence
Chapter 1,677 Yaochi Holy Land
Chapter 1,678 The level is too low
Chapter 1,679 Elder Luntian
Chapter 1,680 A generation of genius
Chapter 1681 A request
Chapter 1,682 The Eight Divine Sects
Chapter 1,683 Ill do it myself
Chapter 1,685 The Eight Sons of God
Chapter 1,686 The Strongest Illusion
Chapter 1,687 The Eight Secret Techniques
Chapter 1,688 Low-class
Chapter 1,689 Kill without mercy
Chapter 1690 Five Rakshasa
Chapter 1,691 One vs. Five
Chapter 1692: Make the best use of everything
Chapter 1,693 Different Versions
Chapter 1,694 The Feathering Gate
Chapter 1,695: Thousand Years of Watching
Chapter 1,696 Cruel Humiliation
Chapter 1697 The first step
Chapter 1,698 Wandao Pavilion
Chapter 1,699 Rating Assessment
Chapter 1,700: Infuriating Energy
Chapter 1,701 The Invincible Immortal Sect
Chapter 1,702 Testing each other
Chapter 1,703 The second step
Chapter 1,704 Pay the price
Chapter 1,705 A Hundred Times Pain
Chapter 1,706 Who Wants Revenge?
Chapter 1,707 The power of one palm
Chapter 1,708 Its just the beginning
Chapter 1,709 The Power of Extreme Territory
Chapter 1,710 Return tenfold
Chapter 1,711 Strange Leaves
Chapter 1,712 Feeling of Refreshment
Chapter 1,713 An Identity
Chapter 1,714 Disruption of Order
Chapter 1,715 Its so lively
Chapter 1,716 Physical Skills Exchange
Chapter 1,717 You are going too far
Chapter 1,718 Countless flaws
Chapter 1,719 Isolated and Helpless
Chapter 1720: Show mercy
Chapter 1,721 Top Physical Skills
Chapter 1722: Unable to Parry
Chapter 1,723 Why be afraid
Chapter 1,724 Dont pretend to be young
Chapter 1,725 The mob
Chapter 1,726 Junior Brother Zhongchen
Chapter 1,727 Divine Talisman
Chapter 1,728 Mysterious Light Spot
Chapter 1,729 Six Stone Steles
Chapter 1,730 How to crack it
Chapter 1,731 Huge Creation
Chapter 1,732 Nine Levels of Universe
Chapter 1,733 Twin Swords
Chapter 1,734 Big News
Chapter 1,735 Transaction Value
Chapter 1,736 Secret Matters
Chapter 1,737 Zhenxing Tianzun
Chapter 1,738 Nine-Star Saint-Slaying Formation
Chapter 1,739 Let me have fun
Chapter 1,740 Not strong enough
Chapter 1,741 A Broken Tower
Chapter 1,742 The Great Spirit Devouring Technique
Chapter 1,743 Peak Realm
Chapter 1,744 The Strongest Realm of Enlightenment
Chapter 1,745 The Qualities of a Saint
Chapter 1,746 True God Gang Body
Chapter 1,747 Sword Qi is everywhere
Chapter 1,748 Cutting off luck
Chapter 1,749 No One Escapes
Chapter 1,750 The Fruit of Cultivation
Chapter 1,751 Heavenly Cross Fist
Chapter 1,752 The Law of Wind
Chapter 1,753 All-Star Announcement
Chapter 1,754 The show is on
Chapter 1,755 The Mysterious Realm
Chapter 1,756 The whole city was shocked
Chapter 1,757 A Reincarnation
Chapter 1,758 The momentum of public opinion
Chapter 1,759 The Ever-Victorious Young Master
Chapter 1,760 Bad Luck
Chapter 1,761 Eternal Dynasty
Chapter 1,763 Meeting the Emperor
Chapter 1,764: Keep a low profile
Chapter 1,765 Immortal Ruins
Chapter 1,766 Giant Nest of Ten Thousand Monsters
Chapter 1,768 Prey to be slaughtered
Chapter 1,769: Open the way to escort
Chapter 1,770 The Prince of Tiangong
Chapter 1771: Killing with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 1,772 Immortal Ruins
Chapter 1,773 Golden Gang Divine Body
Chapter 1774: Inherited Things
Chapter 1,775 Dangerous Situation
Chapter 1,776 Everyone retreats
Chapter 1,777 Making a fortune silently
Chapter 1,778 Drawing the ground as a prison
Chapter 1,779 The Most Powerful Car
Chapter 1,780 The Legacy of the Holy Lord
Chapter 1,781 Raising troops to investigate crimes
Chapter 1,782 Key Figures
Chapter 1,783 The Art of Heavenly Dao
Chapter 1,784 The Reincarnation of the Holy Lord
Chapter 1,785 Abnormal Breath
Chapter 1,786 The Battle between Evil Spirits
Chapter 1,787 Spiritual Pet Beibei
Chapter 1788: Broken Mountain Seal
Chapter 1,789 The Peerless Demon
Chapter 1,790 Collecting the Bounty
Chapter 1,791 Meeting
Chapter 1,793 Unknown Identity
Chapter 1,794 One Star Invitation
Chapter 1,796 Unreasonable
Chapter 1,797 Get it
Chapter 1,799 Furious Consciousness
Chapter 1800: Bewitched
Chapter 1801 The Deterrence of Demons
Chapter 1802: Drooling
Chapter 1803: Demon Sealing Song
Chapter 1804: A body-destroying punch
Chapter 1805 Demon Exterminator
Chapter 1806: Stealing in person
Chapter 1807: Masterly Style
Chapter 1808 One person fights one sect
Chapter 1809: Reborn from the mortal body
Chapter 1810: Playing with Fire Achievements
Chapter 1811: Also possessed by a demon
Chapter 1812: The Devil is ten feet taller
Chapter 1813 Killing the Demon with One Halberd
Chapter 1815: Life-saving Grace
Chapter 1816 The Great Treasure of the Great Way
Chapter 1817 The Immaculate Heart of Heaven
Chapter 1818 Learning Ability
Chapter 1819 The Strongest Help
Chapter 1820: One-step solution
Chapter 1821 Centipede Demon
Chapter 1822: Monsters walking together
Chapter 1823: Driving the tiger and swallowing the wolf
Chapter 1824 Compensation for losses
Chapter 1825 Invitation from the Imperial City
Chapter 1826 The Gods Gather
Chapter 1826 The Gods Gather
Chapter 1827 Fang Yu arrives
Chapter 1828: More money is required
Chapter 1827 Fang Yu arrives
Chapter 1828: More money is required
Chapter 1829 Im done with it
Chapter 1830 Who do you trust?
Chapter 1831 Big Trouble
Chapter 1832 The Ring of Reverse Yuan
Chapter 1833: Four different images
Chapter 1834 A little flaw
Chapter 1835 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 1837: Bear the pain
Chapter 1838 Deep in the Mountains
Chapter 1839 Make a friend
Chapter 1840 Important Chips
Chapter 1841 The Holy Pavilion
Chapter 1842: Opponent across planes
Chapter 1843: Frontal Negotiation
Chapter 1844 The World of the Strong
Chapter 1845 Arrogant and Domineering
Chapter 1846 I can tell the truth
Chapter 1847 No matter life or death
Chapter 1848 He is a physical practitioner
Chapter 1849 Three-leaf Juyuan Flower
Chapter 1850: Keep blowing
Chapter 1851: vividly remembered
Chapter 1852 The Heavenly Palace is gone
Chapter 1853 The Palace Master Appears
Chapter 1854: Wu Cangsheng
Chapter 1855: Continue Revenge
Chapter 1857 Shuirong Family
Chapter 1858 Boundless Territory
Chapter 1859 Hua Yan
Chapter 1860 Inexplicable Help
Chapter 1861 Too similar
Chapter 1862: Younger Brother Lin Mao
Chapter 1863 I will never let you go
Chapter 1864 God Sacrifice Meeting
Chapter 1865 Moon Gods Blessing
Chapter 1866 I only care about you
Chapter 1867 A Robber
Chapter 1868 Shui Daoyuan
Chapter 1869 Qualified Persons
Chapter 1870 You are not as big as me
Chapter 1871: Give you three days
Chapter 1872 The Dead Soul Abyss
Chapter 1873: Stabbing a head
Chapter 1874 Single Plank Bridge
Chapter 1875 Traces of Battle
Chapter 1876: Strange Giant Mountain
Chapter 1877 Let me do it
Chapter 1878 The Giant Tree in the Pool
Chapter 1880 Dont be stupid
Chapter 1881 Capturing Fang Yu
Chapter 1882 It makes me sick
Chapter 1883 Sissy
Chapter 1884: Carrying on the Family Lineage
Chapter 1885 Where the Sacred Artifact is
Chapter 1886: A Nest of Snakes and Rats
Chapter 1887: Arrogant
Chapter 1888 The Creation Stone
Chapter 1889 A Dead Corpse
Chapter 1890: The Lord of One Realm
Chapter 1891 Two Sacred Weapons
Chapter 1892 Four Elemental Envoys
Chapter 1893 Im sure I wont kneel down
Chapter 1894 Give it back to you
Chapter 1895: Unrivaled
Chapter 1896 Dog Beating Stick
Chapter 1897: Never Defeat
Chapter 1898: The tough master
Chapter 1899 Something big happened
Chapter 1900: Murder and Silence
Chapter 1901 There are also gifts
Chapter 1902 Dont doubt me
Chapter 1903: Face to Face
Chapter 1904 Extreme Oppression
Chapter 1905: Weird Things on the Island Thanks to Kimi for supporting me with a crown during the peak season!!!
Chapter 1906: Star Swallowing Technique
Chapter 1907 Miracle Doctor
Chapter 1908 Someone is coming from Tiange
Chapter 1909: Peace Talks
Chapter 1910 Die again
Chapter 1911: Where is the weakness?
Chapter 1912 Between Life and Death
Chapter 1913 The ultimate method
Chapter 1914 General Stupidity
Chapter 1915 Shrimp Soldiers and Crab Generals
Chapter 1916 How to fight
Chapter 1917 Whats the chance of winning?
Chapter 1918 Strong Confrontation
Chapter 1919 I'm here to help
Chapter 1920 Must be accepted
Chapter 1921 It should have been buried long ago
Chapter 1922 Solution
Chapter 1923 Be smarter
Chapter 1924 Perfect Disguise
Chapter 1925: Hostage Value
Chapter 1926 Counter Tracking
Chapter 1927: Conspiracy Behind the Curtain
Chapter 1928: Lotus Seal
Chapter 1929 Its good to be young
Chapter 1930 Ignore everything
Chapter 1931: Kill with one blow
Chapter 1932: Adapting to the Rhythm
Chapter 1933 A world of difference
Chapter 1934 Something strange
Chapter 1935 Just one
Chapter 1936: A blank piece of paper, add updates for 31,400 diamonds
Chapter 1937: Overtaking on a Corner
Chapter 1938: Robbery of Wandao Pavilion
Chapter 1939: Unable to repay kindness
Chapter 1940 Young Master Yuan
Chapter 1941 Its none of my business
Chapter 1942 Purple Flame
Chapter 1943: The Imperial Family Realm: Update for 31,600 diamonds!
Chapter 1944: The body is so fragile
Chapter 1945 Very suspicious
Chapter 1946: Underground Diversion
Chapter 1947: Water comes and earth covers
Chapter 1948 The Origin of the Devil
Chapter 1949 The End of Fang Yu
Chapter 1950 Horrible Embryos
Chapter 1951 Successful integration
Chapter 1952: The First Person in Northern Liang
Chapter 1953 Regret of being born
Chapter 1954: Eternal Life
Chapter 1955: A unique road
Chapter 1956: Terror Resurrection. Update for 31,800 diamonds.
Chapter 1957 Purgatory on Earth
Chapter 1958 Big Shadow Black Sky
Chapter 1959 Night falls
Chapter 1960 The inheritance of demon extermination
Chapter 1962: Breaking the Sky with One Sword
Chapter 1963: Bottoming out
Chapter 1964 Arrive early
Chapter 1965: Helpless
Chapter 1966: Mental Explosion. Update for 32,000 diamonds!
Chapter 1967: Give a response
Chapter 1968 Starry Sky Mark
Chapter 1969 The Star Ancestor Appears
Chapter 1970 What is the purpose?
Chapter 1971 The Heart of a Saint
Chapter 1972 Endless Realm
Chapter 1973 The Perfect Matching Stick
Chapter 1974 Sensation in the Digital Realm
Chapter 1975 The Invincible Heavenly Lord
Chapter 1976: Difficult to Achieve
Chapter 1977 Its hard to be a hero
Chapter 1978 Are you qualified?
Chapter 1979 Pure crushing
Chapter 1980: Ability to bend and stretch
Chapter 1981 Purple Forest North Palace
Chapter 1982 The Empress
Chapter 1984 The unexpected person
Chapter 1985 The Bloodline of the Divine Beast
Chapter 1986 Enemy Attack The author has something to deal with today. There is only one update. It will be back to normal tomorrow.
Chapter 1987 The Edge of Life and Death
Chapter 1988 False Saint
Chapter 1989 Tragic Scene
Chapter 1990: Such a coward. Update for 32,400 diamonds!
Chapter 1991 Arrogance
Chapter 1992 The Saint Visits
Chapter 1993: Singing at Night
Chapter 1994 The Supreme of the Southern Territory
Chapter 1995 Becoming a Realm Master
Chapter 1996 I want a breakthrough
Chapter 1997 The response is coming
Chapter 1998 We Bet
Chapter 1999: Dominate the World
Chapter 2000 Yuandao Holy Lord
Chapter 2001 Adapting to the Current Situation
Chapter 2002 The Big Devil
Chapter 2003 Disaster strikes
Chapter 2004 The whole world is the enemy
Chapter 2005 You deserve to die
Chapter 2006 Early Destruction
Chapter 2007: Shock in the Southern Territory
Chapter 2008: Temporarily avoiding the edge
Chapter 2009 The Responsibility of the Realm Lord
Chapter 2010 Its Obligatory
Chapter 2011 A helping hand for 33,000 diamonds
Chapter 2012: On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 2013 No help needed
Chapter 2014 The Two Saints Appear
Chapter 2015 Escape into the Invisible
Chapter 2016 The Power of the Saint
Chapter 2017 The Fastest Sword
Chapter 2018: One vs. Two
Chapter 2019 Gaining the upper hand
Chapter 2020 The Final Resort
Chapter 2021 Complete Awakening
Chapter 2022: Tough enough
Chapter 2023 A Black Bead
Chapter 2024 No Flaws
Chapter 2025 The Death of the Great Sage
Chapter 2026 Dead End
Chapter 2027: Method of Rescue
Chapter 2028 The night is coming
Chapter 2029: Devastated
Chapter 2030: The Mystery of the Ancient Tomb, additional updates for 33,200 diamonds
Chapter 2031 Among the tombstones
Chapter 2032 Endless Remnant Souls
Chapter 2033: People in the Deep
Chapter 2034: Deep in Memory
Chapter 2035 An Evil Spirit
Chapter 2036: The First Sword of Ten Thousand Realms
Chapter 2037: Beat you up physically
Chapter 2038 Never Back Down
Chapter 2039: Power is the original sin
Chapter 2040: Different Positions
Chapter 2041 Confrontation
Chapter 2042 I am willing to take responsibility
Chapter 2043 Mental Healing
Chapter 2044 I want to help you
Chapter 2045: Take refuge
Chapter 2046: Need allies
Chapter 2047 The Great Forger
Chapter 2048 Human Races Hope
Chapter 2049: Want to intervene
Chapter 2050 No one is spared
Chapter 2051 Straight Hook
Chapter 2052: Life and Death Together
Chapter 2053 Nine Kills
Chapter 2054: Crush them all together
Chapter 2055 The remaining power is still there
Chapter 2056: A crime worthy of death
Chapter 2057 Have you seen him?
Chapter 2058 The Hometown of the Human King
Chapter 2059: Everyone is possessed
Chapter 2060 Unprecedented
Chapter 2061 The Boundary between Heaven and Earth
Chapter 2062 Why block it?
Chapter 2063 Lord of the Blood Corpse
Chapter 2064: Many Tests and Updates for 33,400 Diamonds
Chapter 2065 The King in White
Chapter 2066 The only candidate
Chapter 2067 Who is it?
Chapter 2068 Unacceptable
Chapter 2069 Great Immortal Note
Chapter 2070 The Battle of the Realm Master Level
Chapter 2071 Three Levels of Hegemony
Chapter 2072 Huge Gap
Chapter 2073: Death has not come yet
Chapter 2075 A great change in thought
Chapter 2076 Eye-opening
Chapter 2077 Not an enemy
Chapter 2078 Ants Form a Group
Chapter 2079 Great Honor
Chapter 2080 Sudden Attack
Chapter 2081: One man is in charge
Chapter 2082 The Law of Knowing the Heart
Chapter 2083: Worthy of being the King of Heaven
Chapter 2084 The stronger the better
Chapter 2085: Wild Wind Barrier
Chapter 2086: Devastated
Chapter 2087: Ways to Avoid War
Chapter 2088: Let the dogs out
Chapter 2089 Destiny Choice
Chapter 2090: No more mistakes
Chapter 2091 You are so beautiful
Chapter 2092 Retreat Suggestion
Chapter 2093 Chain Reaction
Chapter 2094: Lets run together
Chapter 2095 Loss of Face
Chapter 2096 You can get out now
Chapter 2097 Ling Zhen comes to surrender
Chapter 2098: Dark Night Raid
Chapter 2099: Heading straight into Yuansheng Palace
Chapter 2100: Dont resist forcefully
Chapter 2101 The Peerless Demon
Chapter 2102 Brutal Methods
Chapter 2103 Emperor Zun Wu Qing
Chapter 2104 Extra Power for 34,200 Diamonds!
Chapter 2105 The Effect of Dark Chess
Chapter 2106 Chaos in the Southern Territory
Chapter 2107 The Unsolvable Situation
Chapter 2108 The Power of the Human King
Chapter 2109 Face to Face
Chapter 2110 Why fear a battle?
Chapter 2111: The candle is about to go out. Update for 34,400 diamonds.
Chapter 2112 The New King Arrives
Chapter 2113 All Executions
Chapter 2114 I am the king
Chapter 2115: Undefeated. Add more updates for 34,600 diamonds.
Chapter 2116 Dont interfere
Chapter 2117 Bloodline Transformation
Chapter 2118 Making History
Chapter 2119: Blood of Demons, additional updates for 34,800 diamonds
Chapter 2120 Its easy to get together and part ways
Chapter 2121 Arena Battle
Chapter 2122 The fog clears
Chapter 2123: Never Meet Again. Additional update for 35,000 diamonds.
Chapter 2124 Demonic Blood Invasion of the Body
Chapter 2125: People in Disaster
Chapter 2126 Because I am invincible
Chapter 2127 The Supreme Martial Platform
Chapter 2128 Killing the New King
Chapter 2129 All Stars Attention
Chapter 2130: Sudden Fall, more updates for 35,200 diamonds
Chapter 2131 The Name of the Realm Lord
Chapter 2132 He only has the Qi refining period
Chapter 2133 Its none of your business
Chapter 2134 No Difference
Chapter 2135 Endless Nightmare
Chapter 2136: Kill him
Chapter 2137 All Evacuate
Chapter 2138 Please leave quickly
Chapter 2139 The Mystery of Disappearance
Chapter 2140: Fog
Chapter 2141 Its hard to tell the truth from the truth
Chapter 2142 Not allowed to leave
Chapter 2143 The Power of the Stars
Chapter 2144 Unbelievable
Chapter 2145 The greatest help
Chapter 2147: Luck Suppression
Chapter 2148: Not enough level
Chapter 2149: Heavenly Mandate Bloodline
Chapter 2150 Unintentional Enemy
Chapter 2151 I caught you
Chapter 2152 Bottomless Pit
Chapter 2153 Once in a Lifetime
Chapter 2154: The First Demon of Ten Thousand Daos
Chapter 2155 Eternal Suppression
Chapter 2156 Ungrateful
Chapter 2157 I am the star
Chapter 2158 Despicable and Shameless
Chapter 2159 True and False Beauty
Chapter 2160 Symbiote
Chapter 2161 The Power of Star Destruction
Chapter 2162 Fierce Counterattack
Chapter 2163 The winner is still undecided
Chapter 2164 Already defying heaven
Chapter 2165: Eternal Calamity
Chapter 2166 You are not qualified
Chapter 2167 The Divine Stone of Destruction
Chapter 2168 Confusing
Chapter 2170 Willing to be buried
Chapter 2171 The Second Power
Chapter 2172 The Power of Evil Spirits
Chapter 2173 I am invincible
Chapter 2174 Sword Cuts the Stars
Chapter 2175 No exceptions
Chapter 2176 Never let go
Chapter 2177 Extremely Difficult
Chapter 2178 Urgent Matter: Adding Updates for 35,800 Diamonds
Chapter 2179 Difficult to Get
Chapter 2180 Comprehensive Refining
Chapter 2181: The oil is exhausted and the lamp is dry.
Chapter 2182 Time is running out
Chapter 2183 The Second Floor of Qiankun Tower
Chapter 2184 No Way Out
Chapter 2185 Coming to Earth
Chapter 2186: Uneasy Conscience
Chapter 2187 We are Gods
Chapter 2188: Protected by Me
Chapter 2189 Poor Ants
Chapter 2190 Suppressing the whole audience
Chapter 2191: Losing Face
Chapter 2192 Invincible
Chapter 2193 You are finished
Chapter 2194 The Real God Adds Updates for 36,000 Diamonds
Chapter 2195 The Five Saints in the Upper Temple
Chapter 2196 The Best Opportunity
Chapter 2197: Exhausted
Chapter 2198: Bullying the Master and Destroying the Ancestor
Chapter 2199 Realm Crushing
Chapter 2200: Many Disasters
Chapter 2201 Dont mess with me again. Update for 36,200 diamonds!
Chapter 2202: Degenerate into a Demon
Chapter 2203 Regardless of everything
Chapter 2204 The End of the Crossbow
Chapter 2205 The Power of Cause and Effect There are 500 red envelopes in this chapter! Additional updates for 36,400 diamonds
Chapter 2206: Deceiving Cause and Effect
Chapter 2207 Controlling All Living Beings
Chapter 2208 Extreme Humiliation
Chapter 2209 Fang Yu is the human race
Chapter 2210 Realm of Chaos
Chapter 2211 This is an insult
Chapter 2212: Sky Realm
Chapter 2213 Admiration and admiration
Chapter 2214 Purple Flame Sea of Fire
Chapter 2215: A Sword from the Front, Adding Updates for 36,600 Diamonds
Chapter 2216 Sacred Dragon
Chapter 2217: Certain Death
Chapter 2218 Deja Vu
Chapter 2219 Return to the Mansion
Chapter 2220 Partial Fusion
Chapter 2221 A bold idea
Chapter 2222: Seeing Old Friends Again
Chapter 2223: Open in person
Chapter 2224: Divine Beasts from All Realms
Chapter 2225 The Second Level of Qiankun
Chapter 2226 The next plane
Chapter 2227: Do something bad
Chapter 2228 The chance is extremely small. Update for 36,800 diamonds.
Chapter 2229 Inexhaustible
Chapter 2230 Save me out
Chapter 2231 Easily
Chapter 2232 Sharing nutrients
Chapter 2233 Predicting the future
Chapter 2334 Giant Shadow in the Courtyard
Chapter 2235 A Piece of Sapphire
Chapter 2236 Caused by Flood
Chapter 2237 Parallel Plane
Chapter 2238: Soaring Again. Red envelope, a few more jade pendants for Chen Yong!
Chapter 2239 Not yet perfect
Chapter 2241 Xuyuan Realm
Chapter 2242 A dead end
Chapter 2243 A Bet
Chapter 2244 Come and grab it
Chapter 2247: Interstellar Sniper
Chapter 2248 Jealousy
Chapter 2249 Headquarters
Chapter 2250 Controlling Spiritual Energy
Chapter 2251: You tricked me first
Chapter 2252 Strange Copper Block
Chapter 2253 This is Xuyuan Realm
Chapter 2255 The same way
Chapter 2256 Clues are hard to find
Chapter 2257: Putting the Trouble to Peace
Chapter 2258 Protect me
Chapter 2260: Live less than half a month
Chapter 2261 Materials Area
Chapter 2262: Underworld Tower
Chapter 2263 The God-making Stone
Chapter 2264 Just me
Chapter 2265 Who is the fool?
Chapter 2266 Fundamental Conflict
Chapter 2267 The Second Regiment of Xianchen
Chapter 2268 The Terrifying Beast
Chapter 2269 The Power of the Void Immortal
Chapter 2270: Murderous Intent
Chapter 2271 Go all out
Chapter 2272 The Star Beast Appears
Chapter 2273 No need to take action
Chapter 2274: Huge Inner Alchemy
Chapter 2275 My name is Fang Yu
Chapter 2277 Not Respectful enough
Chapter 2278 The Correct Way
Chapter 2279 A Seedling
Chapter 2280 The Ten-Star Commander
Chapter 2281: Going in the opposite direction
Chapter 2282 Something big is going to happen
Chapter 2283 Must be captured alive
Chapter 2284 Endless Soul Devouring Technique
Chapter 2285 Extreme Spiritual Pressure
Chapter 2286: First Level Form
Chapter 2287 No end in sight
Chapter 2288: Must fight
Chapter 2289 No Edge or Sword
Chapter 2290 Kill Fang Yu
Chapter 2291: Kneeling
Chapter 2292: Moving forward in disguise
Chapter 2293 Fang Yu returns the favor
Chapter 2296 Huge Crisis
Chapter 2297 The Power of the Pole Star
Chapter 2298 The Star Devourer
Chapter 2299 You must be cautious
Chapter 2300 Terrifying Opponent
Chapter 2301: Once in a Lifetime
Chapter 2302 Learning Ability
Chapter 2303: Dont leave once youre here
Chapter 2304 I am not a bad guy
Chapter 2305 A bold idea
Chapter 2306: Capture the thief first. Capture the king. This chapter has 300 red envelopes, first come first served~
Chapter 2307 Not very good
Chapter 2308 Three people bowed their heads
Chapter 2309 What a bold dog
Chapter 2311 The new person in power
Chapter 2312 Falling into the tiger's den
Chapter 2313 Reduce Trouble
Chapter 2314 Warm reception
Chapter 2315 Failure in life
Chapter 2315 Failure in life
Chapter 2316 The Strongest Slash
Chapter 2317 Its too miserable
Chapter 2318 The flame ignited
Chapter 2319 Who are you?
Chapter 2320 Long time no see
Chapter 2321 Looking for Daotian
Chapter 2322: Frontal Declaration of War
Chapter 2323 Going out in person
Chapter 2324: Confident
Chapter 2325 Crazy Act
Chapter 2326 The Power of the Earthly Immortal
Chapter 2327 The Origin of the Weird Dragon
Chapter 2328 Too Bully
Chapter 2329: All kneel down
Chapter 2330: Force out Tianjun
Chapter 2331 The Heavenly Lord Thunders
Chapter 2333 I won’t be fooled
Chapter 2334 Going straight to Huanglong
Chapter 2335 Dark Creatures
Chapter 2337 Dark Jungle
Chapter 2338: Continue further
Chapter 2339: Adding more fuel to the fire
Chapter 2340 Mural Reappearance
Chapter 2341: Forced to break open
Chapter 2342 Perfect Copy
Chapter 2343 Beating up Fang Yu Thanks to Wuan141ddf82569’s crown for supporting him
Chapter 2344 Human Breath
Chapter 2345 Weird Tower
Chapter 2346 Familiar Voice
Chapter 2347 Reunion of old friends
Chapter 2348: Paving the way for you
Chapter 2349 Eternal Cage
Chapter 2350: But Immortal
Chapter 2351 Half of the same kind
Chapter 2352 Chaos Scene
Chapter 2353 The Overlord Seal
Chapter 2354 Who is he?
Chapter 2355 The tacit understanding is still there
Chapter 2356 The nose is too sharp
Chapter 2357 Falling into evil ways
Chapter 2358 Two Heavenly Monarchs
Chapter 2359: Huge Sacrifice There are 300 red envelopes in this chapter, first come first served~
Chapter 2360 Too much loyalty
Chapter 2361 Memory Abnormality
Chapter 2362 More Cruel
Chapter 2363: Arrive at the appointment in time
Chapter 2364 The only goal
Chapter 2365 Double Happiness
Chapter 2366: Seen Unseen
Chapter 2367 The game begins
Chapter 2368 Two Dead Ends
Chapter 2370: A show of force
Chapter 2371 Don’t be too arrogant
Chapter 2372 Alliance Leader Wushuang
Chapter 2373 Abandoned
Chapter 2374 A fight
Chapter 2375: Be a Cow or a Horse
Chapter 2376: That’s it
Chapter 2377 No way to escape
Chapter 2378: Small Qi Refining Period
Chapter 2379 Common Interests
Chapter 2380 The Head of Chu Xuanwu
Chapter 2381 The Alliance Collapse
Chapter 2382 Why not take action
Chapter 2383: Strong Luck
Chapter 2384 No involvement
Chapter 2385 The power of destroying stars
Chapter 2386 Always low-key
Chapter 2387 Unable to tell the truth
Chapter 2388 The King of Xuyuan Realm
Chapter 2389 Hidden Flower
Chapter 2390 The Second Seed
Chapter 2391 Sudden Disappearance
Chapter 2392 No entrance visible
Chapter 2393 The Curse of Death
Chapter 2394 Invisible Entrance
Chapter 2395 Losing Direction
Chapter 2396 Deep Underground
Chapter 2399 Kill on the spot
Chapter 2400 Don’t know how to share
Chapter 2401 Frozen Vortex
Chapter 2402 Until Madness
Chapter 2403 Invisible Magic
Chapter 2404 Raising Tigers Causes Trouble
Chapter 2405: Invincible with one punch
Chapter 2406: Physical Gap
Chapter 2407 Abandoning Everything
Chapter 2408 The Bet of Life and Death
Chapter 2409 Violating the Laws
Chapter 2410 Who is abnormal?
Chapter 2411 The mystery is revealed
Chapter 2412 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 2413 Don’t be soft-hearted
Chapter 2414 Fang Yu’s Weakness
Chapter 2415 The Great Sword of the Book of Heaven
Chapter 2416: Intolerable
Chapter 2417 Battle on the Top
Chapter 2418: If you don’t accept it, do it
Chapter 2419: Grant you death
Chapter 2420 The target is wrong
Chapter 2422: Shattered Space
Chapter 2423 The greatest respect
Chapter 2424 The last time
Chapter 2425 The only way
Chapter 2426 Extremely Difficult
Chapter 2427 Absolute Defense
Chapter 2428: Forced Stripping
Chapter 2429 Endless Pain
Chapter 2430 The time for death has arrived
Chapter 2431 Final Fusion
Chapter 2432 Your Name
Chapter 2433 System Change
Chapter 2434 Weirdness
Chapter 2435 Memory Outline
Chapter 2436: Commit yourself to me
Chapter 2437 Top Secrets
Chapter 2438 White Jade Divine Sword
Chapter 2439 Fragments of Origin
Chapter 2440 Alliance Merger
Chapter 2441 Little Cleverness
Chapter 2442 Ruthless ridicule
Chapter 2443 The number one enemy
Chapter 2444 The Mystery of the Copper Piece
Chapter 2445 Only one step away
Chapter 2446: Acting for Heaven
Chapter 2447: Unable to Side by Side
Chapter 2448 The Edge Zone
Chapter 2449 An unexpected thing
Chapter 2450 A dark shadow
Chapter 2451 Supreme Status
Chapter 2452 The new world
Chapter 2453 Shadow Nightmare Creatures
Chapter 2454: Worse than a beast
Chapter 2455 Second Miss Sinan
Chapter 2456 Building the Immortal Pill
Chapter 2457 It’s just bullshit
Chapter 2458 No Dignity
Chapter 2460: Must die
Chapter 2461 You are lucky
Chapter 2462 Get Out
Chapter 2463 Tension
Chapter 2464 Young Master Datong
Chapter 2465 I’m coming
Chapter 2466 Don’t kill me
Chapter 2467 Please enter the urn
Chapter 2468 Delivered to the Door
Chapter 2469 He is so annoying
Chapter 2470 First Class Ethnic Group
Chapter 2471 He dares to lie to me
Chapter 2472 It’s puzzling
Chapter 2473 You can’t touch me
Chapter 2474 I can only bow my head
Chapter 2475 I will kill him
Chapter 2476 Why should he?
Chapter 2477: Stepping on the Head
Chapter 2478 No chance
Chapter 2479: Rescue the Grand Duke quickly
Chapter 2481 No Surrender
Chapter 2482: Even worse than a dog
Chapter 2483 Taking Control of the City
Chapter 2484 The location of the royal city
Chapter 2485 Mysterious Ancient City
Chapter 2486: Must take action
Chapter 2487: Sitting for 100,000 Years
Chapter 2488 Yuanshi Supreme
Chapter 2489 Extreme Humiliation
Chapter 2490: Once at the Peak
Chapter 2491 Opportunity for reversal
Chapter 2494: Don’t leave
Chapter 2495 A back view
Chapter 2496 Conversation across time and space
Chapter 2497 Arriving at the Royal City
Chapter 2498: Bow and salute
Chapter 2499 Ning Yu Pavilion
Chapter 2500 Ordinary People
Chapter 2501 Audacious
Chapter 2502 Everything goes well
Chapter 2503 The Best Losing Friend
Chapter 2504 The Sword of Evil
Chapter 2505 Payment of Remuneration
Chapter 2506 The sky lantern is broken
Chapter 2507 Strict Restrictions
Chapter 2508 Tianzhong Garden
Chapter 2509 Grand Master’s Granddaughter
Chapter 2510 Not thinking about making progress
Chapter 2511: Hate evil as much as hatred
Chapter 2512 You are not a Celestial Clan
Chapter 2513 Very structured
Chapter 2514 No allies needed
Chapter 2515: Come out to receive death
Chapter 2516 Who are you?
Chapter 2517 How to break the situation
Chapter 2518 Opening Immortal Eyes
Chapter 2519 The Body of the Red Moon
Chapter 2520: Loss of Order
Chapter 2521: Kill them all
Chapter 2522 The Grand Master takes action
Chapter 2523: Killing the Immortal with the Sword
Chapter 2524: The fake show is really done
Chapter 2525 The Laws of the World
Chapter 2526: Eighth Level of Hedao
Chapter 2527 The Wrath of King Source
Chapter 2528 The Fourth King’s Corps
Chapter 2529 Never afraid of fighting
Chapter 2530 Simple Truth
Chapter 2531: Who misses old love?
Chapter 2532 The Dynasty is Shocked
Chapter 2533 The Heart of the Monarch
Chapter 2534 The Frightened Bird
Chapter 2535 The location of the human race
Chapter 2536 Storms are rising
Chapter 2537: Rebellion
Chapter 2538: No Good Death
Chapter 2539 Why intervene?
Chapter 2540 Gold Medal Fighter
Chapter 2541: One against six
Chapter 2542 Death of the New King
Chapter 2543 A variable
Chapter 2544 Why are you against me?
Chapter 2545 God Lord Save Me
Chapter 2546 Who is not afraid of death?
Chapter 2547 Mysterious Identity
Chapter 2548: Be My Little Brother
Chapter 2549 Spiritual Energy Soaring to the Sky
Chapter 2550 Been here before
Chapter 2551 There is someone there
Chapter 2552 Virtual and Real Realm
Chapter 2553 Divine Pattern Leaves
Chapter 2554: Messy in the Wind
Chapter 2555 Fang Yu breaks up the fight
Chapter 2556 Who dares to resist?
Chapter 2557 Crisis
Chapter 2558 The Warcraft Appears
Chapter 2559 Sadness
Chapter 2560 Death of the Dragon
Chapter 2561 Son of the Candle Dragon
Chapter 2562 Why do you
Chapter 2563: Kill as soon as you say it
Chapter 2564 I don’t know the year
Chapter 2565: Ninety Thousand Levels of Qi Refining
Chapter 2566 The Eye of the Underground
Chapter 2567 The Mysterious Place
Chapter 2568 Strange Coffin
Chapter 2569 God and Demon Body
Chapter 2570 Cemetery of Gods and Demons
Chapter 2571 Possibility of recovery
Chapter 2572 A great harvest
Chapter 2573: The remnant organization
Chapter 2574 Counterproductive
Chapter 2575 Montenegro Imperial Court
Chapter 2576 Strong Suppression
Chapter 2577: Imitation of others
Chapter 2578 Emperor Montenegro
Chapter 2579 I am not a bad person
Chapter 2580 Ancient Inheritance
Chapter 2581 Earth Origin Sea
Chapter 2582 Weird Breath
Chapter 2583 Who orders who?
Chapter 2584 Snake Head Statue
Chapter 2585 Meeting again
Chapter 2588: Kill without mercy
Chapter 2589: Find a way for me
Chapter 2590 Danger exists
Chapter 2591 You can steal chickens
Chapter 2593 The only hope
Chapter 2594 Lihuo fills the sky
Chapter 2595 Where the inheritance lies
Chapter 2596: Too much appetite
Chapter 2597 An act of justice
Chapter 2598 Sincere thanks
Chapter 2599: Kill with one sword
Chapter 2600: Gods and Demons
Chapter 2602 The Lord of the Burning Palace
Chapter 2603: Recognizing Faces
Chapter 2604 Goodbye Tianzun
Chapter 2606 I want them all
Chapter 2608 Difficult Situation
Chapter 2609 Weird Organization
Chapter 2612 Extremely High Value
Chapter 2614 The only clue
Chapter 2615 An unprecedented grand occasion
Chapter 2616 Judge of Life and Death
Chapter 2617 Astronomical Numbers
Chapter 2618 Unreasonable
Chapter 2620 Strong Competition
Chapter 2621 I don’t agree
Chapter 2622 Feng Hong Bloodline
Chapter 2623: Do it
Chapter 2624 He is a human race
Chapter 2625: Continue Trading
Chapter 2626 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 2627: Must take revenge
Chapter 2628 Extremely stupid
Chapter 2629 The only chance
Chapter 2630: Become famous
Chapter 2632 Dark clouds are coming
Chapter 2633 The time for death has arrived
Chapter 2635: Ten Thousand Stars Killing Formation
Chapter 2636 Breaking the Formation Instantly
Chapter 2637 The Body of the Five Mysteries
Chapter 2638: Not as good as bullshit
Chapter 2639: Life and Death
Chapter 2640 Nine Heavens Divine Thunder Technique
Chapter 2641 Life and Death Order
Chapter 2642 Crushing Dignity
Chapter 2644: Frontal Confrontation
Chapter 2645: Suppressing the Whole Clan
Chapter 2646: Disaster Is Coming
Chapter 2647: Calling Brothers
Chapter 2648 Chilan Mountain City
Chapter 2649: Extraterrestrial Beasts
Chapter 2650: Ten Thousand Layers of Illusion
Chapter 2651 Strange Mark
Chapter 2652 This is called pattern
Chapter 2653: Human Mark
Chapter 2654 Good Brothers
Chapter 2655 Laughter
Chapter 2656: Testing each other
Chapter 2657 Unexpected Situation
Chapter 2658 Not the time
Chapter 2659 This is punishment
Chapter 2660: Just Talking about Transactions
Chapter 2661 Powerful Immortal Magic
Chapter 2662 The Inheritance of Heavenly Dao
Chapter 2663 Unacceptable
Chapter 2664 Taixu Mind Method
Chapter 2665 The best destination
Chapter 2666 A Thousand Ways to Die
Chapter 2667 Blaspheming the Gods
Chapter 2668: Spiritual Hidden Body
Chapter 2669: Concentrate
Chapter 2670: Determined to Seek Death
Chapter 2671 Crazy Growth
Chapter 2672 Unreachable
Chapter 2673 No Direction
Chapter 2674 Important Stronghold
Chapter 2675: How to Cultivation of the Mind
Chapter 2676 The Mysterious Supreme
Chapter 2677 Glorious History
Chapter 2678 Human Sinners
Chapter 2679: Turbulence
Chapter 2681: Like the Fairy World
Chapter 2682: Destroy you all
Chapter 2684 Jiquan Villa
Chapter 2685: Sinister Smile
Chapter 2687 Shengzun Mountain
Chapter 2688 Normal Marriage
Chapter 2689: Personal Revenge
Chapter 2690 Important Information
Chapter 2691 Swallowing thousands of miles with anger
Chapter 2693 Gods deserve to die
Chapter 2694 The Fate-Rebel Bead
Chapter 2695: Easy to get
Chapter 2696: Changing Fate Against Heaven
Chapter 2697 Highest Alert
Chapter 2698 The Bloodthirsty Demon
Chapter 2699 The whole family gathers
Chapter 2700 A bloody battle
Chapter 2701 A Stronger Existence
Chapter 2702 Shocking Immortal Pill
Chapter 2703 Terrifying Power
Chapter 2705 I can’t die
Chapter 2706 Occupy the main palace
Chapter 2708: Mark of Genocide
Chapter 2709 The Little Ball’s Dream
Chapter 2709 The Little Ball’s Dream
Chapter 2710 Two Mountains
Chapter 2711 Humiliation
Chapter 2712 Don’t mention this matter
Chapter 2714 Blood Descendants
Chapter 2715 What is the right path?
Chapter 2716 The sky is filled with purple flames
Chapter 2716 The sky is filled with purple flames
Chapter 2717 Ancestors Borrowing Strength
Chapter 2718 Unfilial Descendants
Chapter 2717 Ancestors Borrowing Strength
Chapter 2718 Unfilial Descendants
Chapter 2719 I must regret it
Chapter 2719 I must regret it
Chapter 2720 I am the devil
Chapter 2721 That figure
Chapter 2720 I am the devil
Chapter 2721 That figure
Chapter 2722 In the secret room
Chapter 2723: Cultivating Divinity
Chapter 2724 Dirty Nature
Chapter 2725 The reaction of the gods
Chapter 2726: God General Ye Mo
Chapter 2727 Request for Rescue
Chapter 2729 Zhixin Pavilion
Chapter 2730 Heading to the Demon Clan
Chapter 2731 The Zhanzhan River
Chapter 2732 Crisis Surrounded
Chapter 2733 What bad luck
Chapter 2734: Don’t want to threaten
Chapter 2735: The Boundary Between Gods and Demons
Chapter 2736 The power is overwhelming
Chapter 2737 Silent Killing
Chapter 2738: Meet the Demon Lord
Chapter 2739 Confrontation on the River
Chapter 2740: Take a warning
Chapter 2741 Low IQ
Chapter 2742 There’s a lot to be done
Chapter 2743: Hard to move even an inch
Chapter 2744 What attitude?
Chapter 2745 One Finger Mountain Range
Chapter 2747 Stealth and Infiltration
Chapter 2748 His Majesty the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2749: Clan Formation
Chapter 2750 Extreme Humiliation
Chapter 2751 In front of Tiandao Mountain
Chapter 2752 Dream Replay
Chapter 2753 The Ultimate Battle
Chapter 2754: Fighting against Gods and Demons
Chapter 2755: Reaching a desperate situation
Chapter 2756: Rebellion
Chapter 2757 We can still fight
Chapter 2758: Heavy damage to the Gods
Chapter 2759 The Final Choice
Chapter 2760 The Eternal Night
Chapter 2761 The same method
Chapter 2763: Killing the Bloody Path
Chapter 2764 The God of War Arrives
Chapter 2765 One-on-one
Chapter 2766: Dawn of Despair
Chapter 2767 Secret Guard
Chapter 2768 A great shame and humiliation
Chapter 2769 True Killing Intent
Chapter 2770 Misbehavior
Chapter 2771: Be strong when you meet the strong
Chapter 2772: Reflect on yourself
Chapter 2773 The time for death has arrived
Chapter 2774 The Dragon Roars
Chapter 2775 The Raging River
Chapter 2776 Lawlessness
Chapter 2777: Capture the main palace
Chapter 2778 Crazy Bombing
Chapter 2779 Maintaining Dignity
Chapter 2780 Able to Crush
Chapter 2781 Continuous Instant Kills
Chapter 2782 The Relationship between Gods and Demons
Chapter 2783 The Red Punishment of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2784 Unprecedented
Chapter 2784 Unprecedented
Chapter 2785 Upright
Chapter 2785 Upright
Chapter 2787 Ten Fingers Open Source
Chapter 2786: Kill with one finger
Chapter 2786: Kill with one finger
Chapter 2787 Ten Fingers Open Source
Chapter 2789 Demon Intelligence
Chapter 2790 Reasonable Explanation
Chapter 2791 Inciting the whole clan
Chapter 2793 The End of the Crossbow
Chapter 2794 Wish you good luck
Chapter 2795 Extremely miserable
Chapter 2796 No need to consider
Chapter 2797 Abnormal Behavior
Chapter 2798 Hypocrisy
Chapter 2799 Talk now
Chapter 2800 Unacceptable
Chapter 2801 The Secret of the Year
Chapter 2802 Chaos Realm
Chapter 2803: Death cannot be in vain
Chapter 2804 Demon Territory
Chapter 2805 The whole family gathers
Chapter 2806 Strange Shadow
Chapter 2807 The Remnant Soul of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2808: Life and Death
Chapter 2809: War with God
Chapter 2811 Chi Xuan Returns
Chapter 2812 Cleaning up the moths
Chapter 2813 The plan was successful
Chapter 2814 Uncovering Secrets
Chapter 2815 Another purpose
Chapter 2816 Gao Dashu
Chapter 2817 The location of the stronghold
Chapter 2818 Goodbye Wang Fan
Chapter 2819 Hard to tempt
Chapter 2820 Great changes in the tower
Chapter 2821 Four Abilities
Chapter 2822 Yuanli Fusion
Chapter 2823 The Gods set off for battle
Chapter 2824 The war is about to begin
Chapter 2825 Meeting Gao Ru
Chapter 2826 The war begins immediately
Chapter 2827: Great background
Chapter 2828: Solving Problems
Chapter 2829 Important News
Chapter 2830 The number one enemy
Chapter 2831: Seek revenge from me
Chapter 2832 The Power of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2833: The Kingly Demon
Chapter 2834: Encountering a Trap
Chapter 2835 Mysterious Move
Chapter 2837 The gap is even bigger
Chapter 2838: Another plan
Chapter 2839 Dreaming of the Ancient City
Chapter 2840 The only choice
Chapter 2841 Unable to Parry
Chapter 2842: Wreaking havoc on the Great Master
Chapter 2843 The location of the ancient city
Chapter 2844 Kneel down and surrender
Chapter 2845 The Power of the God Lord
Chapter 2846 Sudden Retreat
Chapter 2847 Too Courageous
Chapter 2848 Unbelievable
Chapter 2849 Looking for traces
Chapter 2850: Being provoked by others
Chapter 2851 Determine the location
Chapter 2852 Weird Monster
Chapter 2853 Distant Source
Chapter 2854 The Snake Temple Reappears
Chapter 2855: No Hope
Chapter 2856 Misunderstanding
Chapter 2857 Investigation Results
Chapter 2858 Supreme Level
Chapter 2859 Public Enemy of All Races
Chapter 2860: Transferring Location
Chapter 2861 Benefactor Wang Fan
Chapter 2862 Can’t See the Light
Chapter 2863 True Identity
Chapter 2864 The Last Hope
Chapter 2865 Infinite Loop
Chapter 2866 Origin of Existence
Chapter 2867 There is helper
Chapter 2868: You can only fight for your life
Chapter 2870 Sensation to the whole world
Chapter 2871 Not wise
Chapter 2872 The more the better
Chapter 2873: Surrounded by layers of
Chapter 2874 The power of terror
Chapter 2875: Unbearable to look back
Chapter 2876: One punch at a time
Chapter 2878: A Turtle with a Shrunken Head
Chapter 2879 The Human Race Supreme
Chapter 2880 The Siege of the Gods
Chapter 2881 The Power of the Great Lord
Chapter 2882: Can’t Make Mistakes
Chapter 2883: One against three
Chapter 2884 You are the only one left
Chapter 2885: Prisoners of the Gods
Chapter 2886 Organization Supreme
Chapter 2887 Meeting the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2888 I’m very unhappy
Chapter 2889: Unfaithful to Heaven
Chapter 2890 It’s all facts
Chapter 2891 Bottomless Purgatory
Chapter 2,892 Royal Demonic Eye
Chapter 2893: Not Afraid
Chapter 2894: Extremely Frustrated
Chapter 2895: Come out and get beaten
Chapter 2896 I am unwilling
Chapter 2897 Thank you very much
Chapter 2898: Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 2899 There is indeed a gap
Chapter 2900: Little profit
Chapter 2901 Infinite Beating
Chapter 2902 Sneaking into the hinterland
Chapter 2903: Get the answer
Chapter 2904: Capturing Wang Fan
Chapter 2905 Arrogance
Chapter 2906 Long time no see
Chapter 2907: Furious Fury
Chapter 2908: Can’t Die Yet
Chapter 2909 Endless Tracking
Chapter 2910: Going out again
Chapter 2911 Two Great Immortals
Chapter 2912: Captured without mercy
Chapter 2914 Great Opportunity
Chapter 2915 Three Countdowns
Chapter 2916 I can’t protect you
Chapter 2917 The remnants of the human race
Chapter 2918 The Art of Destruction
Chapter 2919: Cantian Ksitigarbha
Chapter 2920 I am too kind
Chapter 2921 Where does it come from?
Chapter 2922 The sense of illusion
Chapter 2923: I don’t know the upper limit
Chapter 2924: Flaws in Immortal Magic
Chapter 2925: There is no escape from death
Chapter 2926: Death without Regrets
Chapter 2927 Space Collapse
Chapter 2928: Making meritorious deeds
Chapter 2929 The ending is the same
Chapter 2930: Shameless Face
Chapter 2931 Total War
Chapter 2932: Humiliating the Human Race
Chapter 2933: Furious Punch
Chapter 2934 It’s your turn
Chapter 2935: Surrounding and Killing Fang Yu
Chapter 2936: At a disadvantage
Chapter 2937: No chance
Chapter 2938 Reversing the Situation
Chapter 2939 It’s the right time
Chapter 2940 Seven Images Exterminated
Chapter 2941 Brutal Massacre
Chapter 2942 Get Out
Chapter 2943 Just looking for death
Chapter 2944: Defeated step by step
Chapter 2945 Yuanju Immortal
Chapter 2946 The Power of Complete Enlightenment
Chapter 2947 Swallow it for me
Chapter 2948 Witness History
Chapter 2949: Puppet on Strings
Chapter 2950 I’ll help you
Chapter 2951: Join forces to destroy
Chapter 2952 Total Invasion
Chapter 2953 Characteristics of Gods and Demons
Chapter 2954 The Last Chance
Chapter 2955 The Power of Heaven
Chapter 2956 Plaything in the Palm
Chapter 2957 The real master
Chapter 2958 Blaspheming the Way of Heaven
Chapter 2959 The Law of Half Realm
Chapter 2960 The power of crossing the boundary
Chapter 2961: Specializing in the Way of Heaven
Chapter 2962: Reversing the World
Chapter 2963 The Only Supreme
Chapter 2964 Not enough luck
Chapter 2965: Exploding the Space
Chapter 2966: Deeply Fearful
Chapter 2967: Unstable Mood
Chapter 2968: Nothing can be done
Chapter 2969 I'll finish it off
Chapter 2970 Yuan Yu appears
Chapter 2971 Easily crushed
Chapter 2972 ??Sacrifice is needed
Chapter 2973 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 2974: Other People’s Wedding Clothes
Chapter 2975 Primary Target
Chapter 2976: Join forces for encirclement and suppression
Chapter 2977 The form is opened
Chapter 2978 Waterfall Fist
Chapter 2979: Never Defeat
Chapter 2980 Eternal
Chapter 2981 Continue to increase the amount of money
Chapter 2982 The Demonic Shadow Reappears
Chapter 2983 Three parties join forces
Chapter 2985: Violent Attack
Chapter 2986: Flying Stars from the Sky
Chapter 2987 Unable to Suppress
Chapter 2988 Jumping up and down
Chapter 2989 Extremely Troublesome
Chapter 2990: Thousands of Swords Kill
Chapter 2991 Confrontation between Gods and Demons
Chapter 2992 A huge threat
Chapter 2993: Strong on the outside but miserable on the inside
Chapter 2994 The fatal blow
Chapter 2995: The Bereaved Dog
Chapter 2996: Kill them all
Chapter 2997 The location of the ancient city
Chapter 2998 The Mystery of the Tombstone
Chapter 2999 Finally waiting for you
Chapter 3000 The Secret of the Great Way
Chapter 3001: One Hundred Thousand Levels of Qi Refining
Chapter 3002 Second Level Form
Chapter 3003 Huge Improvement
Chapter 3004: How to crack it
Chapter 3005 Forced Separation
Chapter 3006: An existence that defies heaven
Chapter 3007 Unacceptable
Chapter 3008: Treasures of the Gods
Chapter 3009 No choice
Chapter 3010: Sadness and Anger
Chapter 3011: Violent Spirit Devouring
Chapter 3012 Commanding the Demons
Chapter 3013 The Final Goal
Chapter 3014 From the outside world
Chapter 3015 Book of Life and Death
Chapter 3016 The final trump card
Chapter 3017: Breaking the Magical Technique
Chapter 3018: Legendary Object
Chapter 3019 The Light of Destruction
Chapter 3020 The Four Holy Spirits
Chapter 3021 I’ll give you a few punches
Chapter 3022 Failed Experiment
Chapter 3023 The True Face
Chapter 3024 All clues are broken
Chapter 3025 The next realm
Chapter 3026: What I Saw in the Book
Chapter 3027 Multiple Helpers
Chapter 3028 A Golden Statue
Chapter 3029 Complete Synchronization
Chapter 3030: Huge Difficulties
Chapter 3031: The Fall of the God Lord
Chapter 3032: One person attains enlightenment
Chapter 3033: Everything is turned upside down
Chapter 3034 A different world
Chapter 3035 Where to go
Chapter 3036 Heading south
Chapter 3037 See you later
Chapter 3038: Giant Eye under the Sea
Chapter 3039: The Law of Drinking and Retreating
Chapter 3040 New Realm
Chapter 3041: Landing Stars
Chapter 3042: Encountering a nuclear explosion at the beginning
Chapter 3043 Alien Species
Chapter 3044: Extremely Fearful
Chapter 3045 Alien Invasion
Chapter 3046: Never Back Down
Chapter 3047: Just in time
Chapter 3048: Peace of Mind
Chapter 3049 Leaving Pingxing
Chapter 3050 This is the Demon World
Chapter 3051: Forced Away
Chapter 3052 Level 9 Prisoner
Chapter 3053 Fair Trade
Chapter 3054 The Ancient Demon King
Chapter 3055: Can’t go
Chapter 3056 The key to breaking the situation
Chapter 3057 Bounty List
Chapter 3058: The Villain Dong Ling
Chapter 3059: You can rest in peace
Chapter 3060: The crime of having a jade
Chapter 3061 Peace Zone
Chapter 3062 Sensation throughout the region
Chapter 3063: News from Senior Brother
Chapter 3064: Can’t Touch
Chapter 3065 Bounty Hunter
Chapter 3066 Acting in a high profile
Chapter 3067: Overestimating me
Chapter 3068: Eternal disaster
Chapter 3069 Shuttle Cave
Chapter 3070 Ancient Demon Galaxy
Chapter 3071 Triple Tribute
Chapter 3072 Brutal Methods
Chapter 3073 The Four Imperial Courts
Chapter 3074 Gradually losing control
Chapter 3075 Whose Consciousness
Chapter 3076 This is not fair
Chapter 3076 This is not fair
Chapter 3077 Never dare again
Chapter 3078 He destroyed it
Chapter 3079: Introduction to the Demon King
Chapter 3080 Beizha Big Star
Chapter 3081 A waste of time
Chapter 3082 The Power of a Halberd
Chapter 3083: Direct Lineage of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 3084 Three Level Stairs
Chapter 3085 Barren Land
Chapter 3086 Princess Qino
Chapter 3087 Heavenly Fire Holy Beast
Chapter 3088: In the Secret Realm
Chapter 3089: Really a prison
Chapter 3090 The Source of Birth
Chapter 3091: Furious Fury
Chapter 3092: Hand over the eggs
Chapter 3093 Transformed by Divine Fire
Chapter 3094 The most annoying thing
Chapter 3095: Return to original form
Chapter 3096: Skinning and Bone Removal
Chapter 3097: Want to see the Demon Emperor
Chapter 3098: Star Teleportation Array
Chapter 3099: Life-saving Grace
Chapter 3100 Don’t mess with me again
Chapter 3101 Taishi Yuanlao
Chapter 3102 Meeting the Demon King
Chapter 3103: Impact on Reputation
Chapter 3104 You deserve a beating
Chapter 3105: God's Return
Chapter 3106 The level is too high
Chapter 3107 The Great Dark Demon King
Chapter 3108 The Xinghai Clan
Chapter 3109: Speak Well
Chapter 3110: Would rather die than surrender
Chapter 3111 Weird Behavior
Chapter 3112 The Problem
Chapter 3113 Who should be sacrificed?
Chapter 3114: In a desperate situation
Chapter 3115: Have a backup plan
Chapter 3116 Creating Obstacles
Chapter 3117 Not very respectful
Chapter 3118 Paying Off Sins
Chapter 3119 A Game
Chapter 3120: Infiltrating the Demon Realm
Chapter 3121: A Sword Pierces the Heart
Chapter 3122 The Last Smiling Face
Chapter 3123: Willing to Bet and Accept Loss
Chapter 3124 The situation is urgent
Chapter 3125 The Great Emperor of the Demon Realm
Chapter 3126 No upper limit
Chapter 3127 The Demon King’s Special Envoy
Chapter 3128 The Four Hell Envoys
Chapter 3129: Everyone investigates
Chapter 3130 Investigation Begins
Chapter 3131 Must meet
Chapter 3132: Eternal disaster
Chapter 3133 Pretending to be stupid
Chapter 3134 Never contacted
Chapter 3135 Princess Nanyuan
Chapter 3136 The Existence of Destruction
Chapter 3137 Pure Bloodline
Chapter 3138 Arrogant and Domineering
Chapter 3139 The Demon King’s Order
Chapter 3140: Huge Resistance
Chapter 3141 Queen Xiaoyue
Chapter 3142: Diversion of sight
Chapter 3143: Clear Attitude
Chapter 3144: I’ve endured it for a long time
Chapter 3145 It’s too difficult
Chapter 3146: Give everything
Chapter 3147 Ancient Demon Prison
Chapter 3148: Surface
Chapter 3149 Tough attitude
Chapter 3149 Tough attitude
Chapter 3150: Bringing order out of chaos
Chapter 3151 Are you worthy?
Chapter 3152 Try touching me
Chapter 3153 For self-defense
Chapter 3154: You have to work harder
Chapter 3155 Two Monsters
Chapter 3156: All Arrested
Chapter 3157 Lost Contact
Chapter 3158: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 3159 Change of Attitude
Chapter 3160 The Weakness of the Holy Court
Chapter 3161: Prince Senryu
Chapter 3162 I won’t tolerate it
Chapter 3163 This is a test
Chapter 3164 I admire you very much
Chapter 3165: Made a big mistake
Chapter 3166 Taking the initiative to attack
Chapter 3167: No confidence at all
Chapter 3168 The crime deserves it
Chapter 3169 Elusive
Chapter 3170 Taichu Cultivation Technique
Chapter 3171 Begins to ransack the house
Chapter 3172 I have the Demon Emperor’s Order
Chapter 3173 An opportunity
Chapter 3174 Fang Yu Arrives
Chapter 3175: Get to the point
Chapter 3176 Self-defense and Counterattack
Chapter 3177 No King’s Law
Chapter 3178 Sent to prison
Chapter 3179 I won’t go back
Chapter 3180: Alternation of Consciousness
Chapter 3181 Far inferior to me
Chapter 3182: Selling Everything
Chapter 3183 Complicated
Chapter 3184 Tell the whole story
Chapter 3185 Inferior Bloodline
Chapter 3185 Inferior Bloodline
Chapter 3186 The Last Chance
Chapter 3186 The Last Chance
Chapter 3187 The authorities are obsessed with it
Chapter 3187 The authorities are obsessed with it
Chapter 3188 The Skeleton
Chapter 3188 The Skeleton
Chapter 3189 Take the initiative
Chapter 3190 Be smarter
Chapter 3191 Royal Conference
Chapter 3192 Three Cores
Chapter 3193 Emergency
Chapter 3194 Joint Crusade
Chapter 3195 Not too optimistic
Chapter 3196 Catch her
Chapter 3197: Crime plus one level
Chapter 3198 The Supreme Immortal Sound
Chapter 3199: On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 3200 Just a trash fish
Chapter 3201 Rapid progress
Chapter 3202: Crush
Chapter 3203 Very High Evaluation
Chapter 3204 Hopeless
Chapter 3205: Get rid of inner demons
Chapter 3206 Armor of Ten Thousand Armors
Chapter 3207 Fighting to the death
Chapter 3208 Showing Strength
Chapter 3209 Everyone is the same
Chapter 3210 The Great Demon of the Night
Chapter 3211: Killing with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 3212 Dark Night Falls
Chapter 3213 I am invincible
Chapter 3214 No flaws
Chapter 3215 Black Wing Mark
Chapter 3216 Ten Thousand-legged Insect Monster
Chapter 3217 A Red Moon
Chapter 3218: Killing Kyushu with Sword
Chapter 3219 Lord of the Night
Chapter 3220 You’re done
Chapter 3221 A helping hand
Chapter 3222 The Strongest Punch
Chapter 3223 Holy King An Ran
Chapter 3224 The Demon King comes out of seclusion
Chapter 3225 Awkward Situation
Chapter 3226: Keep your reputation
Chapter 3227 Equal Intelligence
Chapter 3228 I admire you
Chapter 3229 Untrustworthy
Chapter 3230: Planting Eyes
Chapter 3231 The overwhelming hatred
Chapter 3232 Green Shadow Appears
Chapter 3233 I will definitely regret it
Chapter 3234 Extremely High Status
Chapter 3235: The crime does not end there
Chapter 3236 Prime Minister Yuan Zhou
Chapter 3237 Clues to the Demon Emperor
Chapter 3238 Never share
Chapter 3239: 50-50 split
Chapter 3240 Everything is possible
Chapter 3241: Unknown meaning
Chapter 3242 There must be a battle
Chapter 3243 The Real Realm
Chapter 3244 Unique
Chapter 3245 The Four Emperors Gather
Chapter 3246 Strong Resistance
Chapter 3247 The Seal Disintegrates
Chapter 3248 Priority entry
Chapter 3249 Getting closer
Chapter 3250 Where the breath is
Chapter 3251 Great changes in the stars
Chapter 3252 The Demon Ruins Appear
Chapter 3253 Four Directions Passage
Chapter 3254: Giant Undersea City
Chapter 3255: The Monster of the Strange Sea
Chapter 3256 A Group of Ghosts
Chapter 3257 Deep in the City
Chapter 3258 Blocking Divine Consciousness
Chapter 3259 Eye Warning
Chapter 3260 Large Grave
Chapter 3261 The giant city mutates
Chapter 3262: The Monster of the Strange Sea
Chapter 3263: Difficult to Deal with
Chapter 3264 Extremely Difficult
Chapter 3265 Four Tests
Chapter 3266: One Killing Punch
Chapter 3267 Three Levels
Chapter 3268 Passing the test
Chapter 3269 Not Qualified
Chapter 3270: Forbidden Zone for Living Beings
Chapter 3271 The mysterious place
Chapter 3272 Distant Killing Intent
Chapter 3273: Insects growing in the deep wild
Chapter 3274 It’s not over yet
Chapter 3275 Not very reasonable
Chapter 3276 Ancient Immortal Tomb
Chapter 3277 Buried Objects
Chapter 3278 Wushan Big Eyes
Chapter 3279 No Love
Chapter 3280 The Power of a Halberd
Chapter 3281 Mysterious Sarcophagus
Chapter 3282: Instant Disappearance
Chapter 3283 The existence of the coffin
Chapter 3284 Unique
Chapter 3285 Breaking out of the coffin
Chapter 3286 The existence of terror
Chapter 3287 I am still me
Chapter 3288 You are very interesting
Chapter 3289 Crazy Act
Chapter 3290 Between life and death
Chapter 3291 Can’t trap me
Chapter 3292 Huge Hatred
Chapter 3293 Weird Law
Chapter 3294 Ruins Transformed into Stars
Chapter 3295 Swallowing the Starry Sky
Chapter 3296 The Breath of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 3297 Losing Everything
Chapter 3298 Seeking relief
Chapter 3299 The Power Against Heaven
Chapter 3300: Helpless
Chapter 3301 Extremely Fearful
Chapter 3302: Eternal Torment
Chapter 3303 The Second Generation Demon Emperor
Chapter 3304 There must be a battle
Chapter 3305 Be Stronger
Chapter 3306 Nine Revolutions Seal
Chapter 3307: Terrifying Suction
Chapter 3308 A helping hand
Chapter 3309 Good or Bad Luck
Chapter 3310 Neither can you
Chapter 3311: Fight again
Chapter 3312 Two powerful enemies add to the crown of the invincible Miaomiaoqi
Chapter 3313 Two-Two Showdown
Chapter 3314 Three Color Form
Chapter 3315 Delaying time
Chapter 3316 No chance
Chapter 3317: God and Demon at the Same Body
Chapter 3318: Exceeding Strength
Chapter 3319: Provoke it
Chapter 3320 The Ultimate Confrontation
Chapter 3321 Endless Magic Power
Chapter 3322 Peak Showdown
Chapter 3323 Sudden Disappearance
Chapter 3324: Falling into Hell
Chapter 3325 Madness
Chapter 3326: Familiar Voice Adds a Crown to the Invincible Miaomiaoqi
Chapter 3327 No one can escape
Chapter 3328 Two Sides of Space
Chapter 3329 Swallowed Together
Chapter 3330 Don’t dare to move
Chapter 3331 Weaknesses
Chapter 3332 In my hands
Chapter 3333 Hatred surges
Chapter 3334 Write the name
Chapter 3335 Within the Book
Chapter 3336 The Shadow of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3337 Don’t deserve it
Chapter 3338: The Sky-Eating Behemoth
Chapter 3339: The End of the Crossbow
Chapter 3340: Suitable inheritance
Chapter 3341: Eliminate dissidents
Chapter 3342 The key thing
Chapter 3343 Two Monsters
Chapter 3344: Falling at a disadvantage
Chapter 3345 Thank you very much
Chapter 3346 Continuous Evolution
Chapter 3347 Four Corners Mark
Chapter 3348 Replacement
Chapter 3349: Flesh Crushing
Chapter 3350 The Strongest Confrontation
Chapter 3351 No threat
Chapter 3352 The Limit of the Physical Body
Chapter 3353 Begin to settle accounts
Chapter 3354 Obtaining qualifications
Chapter 3355 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 3356 From the Holy Court
Chapter 3357 The Four Realms of Mysterious Immortals
Chapter 3358 The Power of Creation
Chapter 3359 A deal
Chapter 3360 The Biggest Weakness
Chapter 3361 Calm down
Chapter 3362 No choice
Chapter 3363 Far-reaching Layout
Chapter 3364 The Only Key
Chapter 3365 Psychological Game
Chapter 3366 This is fair
Chapter 3367 A quick decision
Chapter 3368 Don’t talk
Chapter 3369 The True Spirit Appears
Chapter 3370 Comprehensive Crush
Chapter 3371 This is impossible
Chapter 3372 I won again
Chapter 3373 If you don’t say it, you will die
Chapter 3374 Unable to Support
Chapter 3375: Die with eyes open
Chapter 3376 Unpredictable
Chapter 3377 The same mark
Chapter 3378 The Unsolvable Situation
Chapter 3379: Kill relatives for justice
Chapter 3380 Synchronization Release
Chapter 3381: Terror Appears in the World
Chapter 3382 The same level
Chapter 3383: Tuck your tail between your legs
Chapter 3384: An angry punch
Chapter 3385 Wishful thinking
Chapter 3386 In one thought
Chapter 3387 Total Collapse
Chapter 3388: The dog jumps over the wall in a hurry
Chapter 3389 The Law of Erasure
Chapter 3391 Destruction with a snap of a finger
Chapter 3392: Extreme Joy Begets Sadness
Chapter 3393 Regaining the body
Chapter 3394 The Source
Chapter 3395 It will be repaid by you
Chapter 3396 Strange Clouds
Chapter 3397: Only one blow
Chapter 3398 Be honest
Chapter 3399 The Prison of Consciousness
Chapter 3400 Almost went crazy
Chapter 3401 The New Lord of the Demon Realm
Chapter 3402 Better shut up
Chapter 3403 Higher Form
Chapter 3404: Control the whole scene
Chapter 3405 Let’s go together
Chapter 3406: Suppress the whole audience
Chapter 3407 The challenge is too big
Chapter 3408 The Great Emperor of the Demon Realm
Chapter 3409 Peak Showdown
Chapter 3410 Extremely Mysterious
Chapter 3411 Looking for an opponent
Chapter 3412 Peak of Power
Chapter 3413 Self-awareness
Chapter 3414: Ferocious Reputation
Chapter 3415 Far beyond imagination
Chapter 3416: Symbol of Evil Cultivator
Chapter 3417: Harm my life
Chapter 3417: Harm my life
Chapter 3418: End with your own hands
Chapter 3419 The Body of All Fusion
Chapter 3420 The First Strongest Man
Chapter 3421 Seeing the Dawn
Chapter 3422: Legend exists
Chapter 3423 You have merit
Chapter 3424: Breaking the Boundary with One Sword
Chapter 3425: Unable to Compete
Chapter 3426 I am the Four Emperors
Chapter 3427 Half of the Face
Chapter 3428 has nothing to do with me
Chapter 3429: Move forward courageously
Chapter 3430 Successful Breakthrough
Chapter 3431 A High Mountain
Chapter 3432 It’s not simple
Chapter 3433 The source of the error
Chapter 3434: Just in time
Chapter 3435: Prove Strength
Chapter 3436 What’s the relationship?
Chapter 3437: Will Become the Master
Chapter 3438 Origin Changes
Chapter 3439: Get rid of the green energy
Chapter 3440 Clues to the Holy Court
Chapter 3441: Remain Neutral
Chapter 3442 Prepare to leave
Chapter 3444: Posting a Bounty
Chapter 3445 A sword mark
Chapter 3446: Encountering the Underworld Tower Again
Chapter 3447: Farewell at last. Add more updates to the crown of the invincible Miaomiaoqi!!!
Chapter 3448: Ancient Sword Intent. More updates to support the crown of caramel hot latte!!!
Chapter 3449 As you wish
Chapter 3450: You can only admit defeat
Chapter 3451 Large Wasteland
Chapter 3452 Tomb of the Immortal King
Chapter 3453 Anomaly discovered
Chapter 3454: Savage Realm
Chapter 3456: What is the Immortal King?
Chapter 3457: Being Smart
Chapter 3458: Lots of Institutions
Chapter 3459: Horrible Pool
Chapter 3460 A black shadow
Chapter 3461 Never dare again
Chapter 3462 Fighting each other
Chapter 3463 The location of the tombstone
Chapter 3464 The same breath
Chapter 3465: Leave without saying goodbye
Chapter 3466: Knowing the Roots
Chapter 3467: Not knowing what is good and what is evil
Chapter 3468 It’s you
Chapter 3469: Don’t attack
Chapter 3470: Dao Magical Weapon
Chapter 3471 Like a dream
Chapter 3472 Unable to gain a foothold
Chapter 3473 No order
Chapter 3473 No order
Chapter 3474 More interesting
Chapter 3474 More interesting
Chapter 3475 Key Issues
Chapter 3476 A ball of paper
Chapter 3477: Abandoning Identity
Chapter 3478 The leisurely sound of the flute
Chapter 3479 A Mask
Chapter 3480 My name is Dao Yu
Chapter 3481 Peaceful Coexistence
Chapter 3482 Its too late
Chapter 3483: Monks Clues
Chapter 3484 Bushu Nenie
Chapter 3485 The background is not small
Chapter 3486: Bring him up
Chapter 3487: Evil trends
Chapter 3488 Little Carp
Chapter 3489 Missed opportunity
Chapter 3490 Proving the Tao with the body
Chapter 3491 No more repayment
Chapter 3492: They are all big guys
Chapter 3493: Just pretend to be stupid
Chapter 3494: Very good tempered
Chapter 3495 Can’t Relax
Chapter 3496 I forgive you
Chapter 3497 Who are you fighting against?
Chapter 3498: Feel free to play
Chapter 3499 It’s time to leave
Chapter 3500: A Gentleman Is Good at Arrogance
Chapter 3501 Absolutely safe
Chapter 3502: Life and Death
Chapter 3503 Fantasy Flower
Chapter 3504 You have crossed the line
Chapter 3505: Cultivation Blessed Land
Chapter 3506: Catch the traitor
Chapter 3507 Group Illusion
Chapter 3508 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 3509 Confrontation
Chapter 3510 Sweeping across Wuzhou
Chapter 3511 Call me Mr. Hei
Chapter 3512: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 3513 Who is lying?
Chapter 3514: Parting Moment
Chapter 3515: Goddess Liangqiu
Chapter 3516 The most suspicious
Chapter 3517: Seize the opportunity
Chapter 3518: Immortal King Family
Chapter 3519 Tianhe Villa
Chapter 3520: Emperor Fu’s Disciple
Chapter 3521: Starting from the ground
Chapter 3522: Long admired name
Chapter 3523 Who is the target?
Chapter 3524 Chaos
Chapter 3526: Talk in person
Chapter 3527 Bizhou Zongyao
Chapter 3528: Plan Collapse
Chapter 3529 How shameless
Chapter 3530: Can’t escape
Chapter 3531 Xuanxian also kills
Chapter 3532 Who is the lackey?
Chapter 3533 Mortal Death
Chapter 3534: Breaking through the Realm
Chapter 3535 Self-Righteous
Chapter 3536: Time to take action
Chapter 3537: Too Weak
Chapter 3538: Sincere Praise
Chapter 3539: Drag into the abyss
Chapter 3540: Unable to Revenge
Chapter 3541: Eternal Night Plan
Chapter 3542: Han Miaoyi’s Abnormality
Chapter 3543: Emotions are hard to create
Chapter 3544 Senior Dao Yu
Chapter 3545 Huge Shadow
Chapter 3546 The Emperor takes action
Chapter 3547 The Tragedy of the Bi Family
Chapter 3548 Unprecedented
Chapter 3549 Memory Recall
Chapter 3550 Wuji Sect
Chapter 3551 Xiao Wuji
Chapter 3553: Eternal Life
Chapter 3554 Emperor Black Flame
Chapter 3555 Exposure Plan
Chapter 3556 Irreparable
Chapter 3557 You are not qualified
Chapter 3558: Giant Snake Eyes
Chapter 3559 Human Intelligence
Chapter 3560 News about Zhao Chengfeng
Chapter 3561 The Light of Human Race
Chapter 3562 Once Glorious
Chapter 3563 The Biggest Crisis
Chapter 3564 The background is too strong
Chapter 3565 The Ling Family in Yuanyang City
Chapter 3566 Ling Bufan
Chapter 3567: Don’t mention it too much
Chapter 3568 Formal Cooperation
Chapter 3569 The huge secret
Chapter 3570 What is the principle?
Chapter 3571 Unique Dream
Chapter 3572 Different Peaks
Chapter 3573: A sudden vision
Chapter 3574 Huge Risk
Chapter 3575 Don’t go in
Chapter 3576 The mysterious shadow on the top of the mountain
Chapter 3577 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 3578: Forever Single
Chapter 3579: Star-Moon God Sect
Chapter 3580: Gathering of forces
Chapter 3581 I can be crowned king
Chapter 3582 The Monk Appears
Chapter 3583: Nothing
Chapter 3585 Monster in the Lake
Chapter 3586 Forced transfer
Chapter 3587: Creatures with Incomplete Laws
Chapter 3588: Fighting for Survival
Chapter 3589: Evil does not suppress good
Chapter 3590 Anyone can be crowned king
Chapter 3591: Wall-Facing Giant
Chapter 3593: In the Cage
Chapter 3594 You can’t blame me
Chapter 3595 We are weak
Chapter 3597 Gotta get it
Chapter 3598 The Light of Annihilation
Chapter 3599 Brahma Gate
Chapter 3600 Two major forces
Chapter 3601: Who makes the wedding dress?
Chapter 3602 The knife is mine
Chapter 3603: Emerged from the sky
Chapter 3604 A match made in heaven
Chapter 3605 I didn’t hear clearly
Chapter 3606: Demonic Bloodline
Chapter 3607 Green Ocean
Chapter 3608 The Great Road Arrives
Chapter 3609 Everyone is crazy
Chapter 3610 Dragon Servant
Chapter 3611: Partial Bloodline
Chapter 3612 Can’t be snatched
Chapter 3613: Collapse of Faith
Chapter 3614 Don’t even think about living
Chapter 3615: In the dark
Chapter 3616: Finally taking off
Chapter 3617 The Law of True and False
Chapter 3618 The Stone of Law
Chapter 3619 Integrating into the body
Chapter 3620: Xingyue Immortal King
Chapter 3621: Incomplete first
Chapter 3623 I won’t give it to you
Chapter 3624: Crush Stance
Chapter 3626 The situation is complicated
Chapter 3627 New subordinates
Chapter 3629 It turns out to be you
Chapter 3630: Darkness
Chapter 3631 A generous gift
Chapter 3632 Destroyed
Chapter 3633: Huge Change
Chapter 3634 Disaster strikes
Chapter 3635 Danger Signs
Chapter 3636 The Law Awakens
Chapter 3637: The Outline of the Law
Chapter 3638 Breaking through the defense
Chapter 3639 Invincible
Chapter 3640: They are all puppets
Chapter 3641: Everything is strange
Chapter 3642 Ups and Downs
Chapter 3643 The background is not small
Chapter 3644: Convinced
Chapter 3645 Why establish a religion?
Chapter 3646 Increase the intensity
Chapter 3647: Prepare to die
Chapter 3648 Netherworld Canyon
Chapter 3649 Nine Heavens Immortal Mansion
Chapter 3650 The pinnacle event
Chapter 3651 What is great power?
Chapter 3652: Fishing for fame and reputation
Chapter 3653 Full Respect
Chapter 3654 I will not lose
Chapter 3655 Say hello
Chapter 3656 I can’t hold myself any longer
Chapter 3657: Can’t Laugh
Chapter 3658 I also object
Chapter 3659: Clearing the relationship
Chapter 3661 Something big is going to happen
Chapter 3662: Snake Shadows
Chapter 3663: Very admired
Chapter 3665 Netherworld Canyon
Chapter 3666: The World-Destroying Snake
Chapter 3667 No need
Chapter 3668 The Power of Darkness
Chapter 3668 The Power of Darkness
Chapter 3669 The Red Firebird
Chapter 3670 Tianfeng Bloodline
Chapter 3671 On a Boat
Chapter 3672 How can I bear it?
Chapter 3673 The situation is getting smaller
Chapter 3674 Underground
Chapter 3675 The Giant Black Snake
Chapter 3676 The killing blow
Chapter 3677 Overestimation
Chapter 3678 Really stupid
Chapter 3679 Not Qualified
Chapter 3680: Giving up your soul
Chapter 3681: Shadow Divine Form
Chapter 3682: Show off your baby
Chapter 3683: In order
Chapter 3684 The Snake Temple Appears
Chapter 3685 Omnipotent
Chapter 3686 Wall of Chaos
Chapter 3687 The Eye of Destruction
Chapter 3688: No underestimate
Chapter 3689 Chaos Renewed
Chapter 3690 Devouring Heaven and Earth
Chapter 3691: No chance
Chapter 3693: Strange Crystal Stone
Chapter 3694 I will work hard
Chapter 3695 Outstanding
Chapter 3696 The Fountain of Nirvana
Chapter 3697 Taishang Ancestor
Chapter 3698 Danger Signal
Chapter 3699 The Dharma Appears
Chapter 3700 Bloodline Suppression
Chapter 3702: Unkind Invitation
Chapter 3703 Shut up
Chapter 3704: Unable to restrain
Chapter 3705 Tianfeng Secret Technique
Chapter 3706 Extremely mysterious
Chapter 3707: Straightforward enough
Chapter 3708 The Border of the Wilderness
Chapter 3709: Dreaming Back to Heaven’s Gate
Chapter 3710 Jianyang Academy
Chapter 3711 Secret Action
Chapter 3712 The incident occurred
Chapter 3713: Come with me
Chapter 3714: Naughty
Chapter 3715 Key Figures
Chapter 3717 Shanhaizong
Chapter 3718 The first goal
Chapter 3719 Extreme Danger
Chapter 3720 Ancient Abyssal Dragon
Chapter 3721 The ruined sect
Chapter 3722: Pie in the sky
Chapter 3723 No choice
Chapter 3724 Three Evil Spirits
Chapter 3727: Become famous
Chapter 3728: Legendary Object
Chapter 3729: Heavenly Strength
Chapter 3730: The Immortal-Swallowing Beast
Chapter 3731 Completely Invincible
Chapter 3732 Just an accident
Chapter 3733: Savage Era
Chapter 3734: Lose everything
Chapter 3735 I don’t accept it
Chapter 3736 Long-term Borrowing
Chapter 3737 True Thoughts
Chapter 3738: It’s hard to escape betrayal
Chapter 3739 The Mystery of Mountains and Seas
Chapter 3740 It’s too simple
Chapter 3741 I am a special case
Chapter 3742: Infinite Seal of the Mansion
Chapter 3743 Mutual respect
Chapter 3744 Three Evil Spirits
Chapter 3745 Human Race Evil Spirit
Chapter 3746: Dishonorable
Chapter 3747 Something’s not right
Chapter 3748 The second life
Chapter 3749 Continue the experiment
Chapter 3750: Candle Dragon Void Spirit
Chapter 3751: Simpler
Chapter 3752 Same Essence
Chapter 3753: Improvement of Secret Techniques
Chapter 3754 I have to sleep
Chapter 3755 My name is Leng Xunshuang
Chapter 3756 Because of curiosity
Chapter 3757: Change the evil and return to the right path
Chapter 3758: Lifelong Happiness
Chapter 3759 Puppet Test
Chapter 3760 Missing Memory
Chapter 3761 Wishful Thinking
Chapter 3762 How to leave
Chapter 3763 I have a friend
Chapter 3764: Entering the Dream Again
Chapter 3765 I want to join
Chapter 3766 Division of Labor and Cooperation
Chapter 3767 Study together
Chapter 3768 Powerful Physical Skills
Chapter 3769: Whereabouts Exposed
Chapter 3770 Looking for excitement
Chapter 3771 Leaving Southern Wasteland
Chapter 3773 Arrival at Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 3775 Lan You Clan
Chapter 3776 The sheep enters the tiger's mouth
Chapter 3779 The Temple of Hope
Chapter 3780 Not recognized
Chapter 3781 A Giant Elephant
Chapter 3782 Too Simple
Chapter 3783: Outrageous Charge
Chapter 3784 The Third Region
Chapter 3785 Six Magical Weapons
Chapter 3786: Not a bad guy
Chapter 3787 Impure motives
Chapter 3788 Second Level Nest
Chapter 3789: Guaranteed Profit without Loss
Chapter 3790 In the lair
Chapter 3791 Weird Mark
Chapter 3792 Wuxiang Mansion
Chapter 3793 The only way to survive
Chapter 3794: Just evil cultivators
Chapter 3795: Hitting the point
Chapter 3796 Yuantong Pavilion
Chapter 3797: A Generation of Evil Saints
Chapter 3798 Astronomical Numbers
Chapter 3799: Making money is too easy
Chapter 3800: Saint-Level Powerful Man
Chapter 3802: Nowhere to hide
Chapter 3803 Twin Immortal Weapons
Chapter 3804 No need to wait
Chapter 3805 Striving for the top spot
Chapter 3806 Well done
Chapter 3807 Comprehensive Surveillance
Chapter 3808: Trapped
Chapter 3809 Execution on the spot
Chapter 3810: Convincing people with virtue
Chapter 3811 How is this unreasonable?
Chapter 3812 The Icon Arrives
Chapter 3815 The Final Resort
Chapter 3816: Face Damaged
Chapter 3817: Thousands of Wraiths from Hell
Chapter 3818 The seal is lifted
Chapter 3819: Windfall
Chapter 3820 You are very confident
Chapter 3821 The Battle of Evil Spirits
Chapter 3822: Going to the dead end
Chapter 3823: Frozen True Spirit
Chapter 3824 Infinite Domain
Chapter 3825: Surviving the Great Tribulation
Chapter 3826: Joint siege
Chapter 3827: Stealing the limelight
Chapter 3828 The winner has been decided
Chapter 3831: Turn of fate
Chapter 3832 The Peak of the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 3833: Must be executed
Chapter 3834 Very critical
Chapter 3835 Escape alone
Chapter 3836: Rising Sun Zone
Chapter 3837 Arrogant
Chapter 3838: Dont want to be high-profile
Chapter 3839 Attitude Change
Chapter 3840 Five Maps
Chapter 3841 Innate inheritance
Chapter 3842 Curse Mark
Chapter 3843 Waiting for the target
Chapter 3844: Changing Destiny
Chapter 3845 Signs of Awakening
Chapter 3846: How to reach the top
Chapter 3847 Temple Messenger
Chapter 3848 The First Round of Tests
Chapter 3849: Targeted Killing
Chapter 3850 Second round of test
Chapter 3851 True Intention
Chapter 3852: Recapture the Emperor's Seal
Chapter 3853: Crossing the Boundary
Chapter 3855 Easily
Chapter 3856 Demon Origin
Chapter 3857 A Dangerous Journey
Chapter 3858 Asking about the Star Emperor Seal
Chapter 3859 Nine Coordinates
Chapter 3860 The Young Master of the Temple
Chapter 3861 Xu Family Cemetery
Chapter 3862 Temple Lackey
Chapter 3863 Is it true or false?
Chapter 3864 Ambiguous Relationship
Chapter 3865: Space Rift
Chapter 3866 Zhao Chengfeng appears
Chapter 3867: Capture the thief first, capture the king
Chapter 3868: Protecting the Young Master
Chapter 3869 Not a idiot
Chapter 3870 Its too late
Chapter 3871 The Power of the Heavenly Ring
Chapter 3872: Not to be underestimated
Chapter 3873 The Voice of the Avenue
Chapter 3874 Must Survive
Chapter 3875 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Chapter 3876 The Mystery of Identity
Chapter 3877 Asking the Star Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3878 The Ancient Domain of the Human Race
Chapter 3879: Place of shelter
Chapter 3880 This is the style
Chapter 3881 Make a friend
Chapter 3882 The Strongest Marriage
Chapter 3883 Everyone gets what they need
Chapter 3884 The Immortal King is a Slave
Chapter 3885: Split up
Chapter 3886: One World
Chapter 3887 The Day of the Sky Ring
Chapter 3888 Meeting old friends
Chapter 3889 Sneaking into the Yu Family
Chapter 3890 A Pair of Disasters
Chapter 3891: Leave without saying goodbye
Chapter 3892 No longer restricted
Chapter 3893: Ancestral Background
Chapter 3894 Spirit World Mountain
Chapter 3895 Mysterious Origin
Chapter 3896 In the Spirit World Mountain
Chapter 3897 Deep in the Jungle
Chapter 3898 Snow White Monster
Chapter 3899: The restricted area
Chapter 3900 Not interested
Chapter 3901: Guardian
Chapter 3902 Clearing the Spirit World
Chapter 3903 The restricted area is located
Chapter 3904 The Law of Chaos
Chapter 3905 Collapse of the Immortal Star
Chapter 3906 The gap is too big
Chapter 3907: The method of gathering souls
Chapter 3909: Not understanding enough
Chapter 3910 Reverse Devouring
Chapter 3912: Things Backfire
Chapter 3913 The Power of the Immortal Star
Chapter 3914: Aboveboard
Chapter 3915 Must succeed
Chapter 3916 Yu Gong Family
Chapter 3917 A Big Thing
Chapter 3918 Star Fruit is Free
Chapter 3919 I'm not afraid of you
Chapter 3920: Long-planned
Chapter 3921 Complete Motive
Chapter 3922 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 3923 The Last Wish
Chapter 3924 Special Status
Chapter 3925 Magical Means
Chapter 3926 Brother and sister meet
Chapter 3927 Fierce Conflict
Chapter 3928 Ronan Abyss
Chapter 3929: Bearing Responsibility
Chapter 3930: Bloodline of the Great Clan
Chapter 3931: Well hidden
Chapter 3932: Shock in the Northern Wasteland
Chapter 3933 Clues from the Ancient Domain
Chapter 3934 Nine Star Lantern
Chapter 3935 Returning to the old business
Chapter 3936: Descendants of the Ancestor
Chapter 3936: Descendants of the Ancestor
Chapter 3937: Calling Brothers
Chapter 3937: Calling Brothers
Chapter 3938 Everyone has his own agenda
Chapter 3938 Everyone has his own agenda
Chapter 3939 Must be decisive
Chapter 3940: Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 3941: Changing the Heaven and the Sun
Chapter 3942 Zu Yi appears
Chapter 3943: Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 3944: Violent Blood
Chapter 3945: Dragon Remains
Chapter 3946: Uncontrollable
Chapter 3947: Recapture the Dragon Bone
Chapter 3948: Killing the Night Dragon with Sword
Chapter 3949: Half-Step Immortal King
Chapter 3950: Courageous enough
Chapter 3951 The biggest goal
Chapter 3952 Beyond cognition
Chapter 3953 Its not easy
Chapter 3954 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 3955: Easily crushed
Chapter 3956 Ronan Abyss
Chapter 3957 I am very happy
Chapter 3958: Using the big to bully the small
Chapter 3959: The Ten Saints of the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 3960 The Breath of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3961 Weird Dragon
Chapter 3962: Extraterrestrial Beasts
Chapter 3963: Changes in the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 3964 The Day of the Sky Ring
Chapter 3965 The Bone of Hatred
Chapter 3966 You are a human race
Chapter 3967 The human race deserves to die
Chapter 3968: Eternal
Chapter 3969 Mysterious Mark
Chapter 3970 Self-Control
Chapter 3971 No choice
Chapter 3972 I am a human race
Chapter 3973 No need to take action
Chapter 3974 Critical Moment
Chapter 3975: The End of the Crossbow
Chapter 3976: Fight between trapped beasts
Chapter 3977: Breaking the Barrier
Chapter 3978 The Power of the Great Avenue
Chapter 3979: Last resort
Chapter 3980 Three-layer Form
Chapter 3981 Peak Physical Body
Chapter 3982: Moment of Desperation
Chapter 3983: Pure Fury
Chapter 3984 The limit has been reached
Chapter 3986 Never give up
Chapter 3987: One-on-one challenge to the East Wasteland
Chapter 3988 Unwilling to work hard
Chapter 3989 The Strongest Attack
Chapter 3990 Its your turn
Chapter 3991 Helpless
Chapter 3992 I want revenge
Chapter 3993 The Body of Heavenly Ring
Chapter 3994 I am Tianhuan
Chapter 3995: The Gap
Chapter 3996: Not allowed to come
Chapter 3997 Unavoidable
Chapter 3998 Make a friend
Chapter 3999 Medium Level
Chapter 4000 Accurate Judgment
Chapter 4001 Thats it
Chapter 4002 Lets start the killing
Chapter 4003 The end is coming
Chapter 4004: Hard to counterattack
Chapter 4005 Four-layer form
Chapter 4006: Crushing the Avenue
Chapter 4007 Absolute Realm
Chapter 4008 The Mysterious Immortal King
Chapter 4009 The Death of Qing Tianzun
Chapter 4010 Death of the Immortal King
Chapter 4011 The battle is over
Chapter 4012 Well done
Chapter 4013 The domain is waiting for you. More updates to support the crown of caramel hot latte!
Chapter 4014 Different Levels
Chapter 4015: Shock in the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 4016: Clearing up the relationship
Chapter 4017: Hand over Fang Yu
Chapter 4018: Straight to the point
Chapter 4019: Frontal Confrontation
Chapter 4021 You are no exception
Chapter 4022 Thats it
Chapter 4023 A match made in heaven
Chapter 4024: Relationship breakdown
Chapter 4025 Violent Conflict
Chapter 4026 Vicious Competition
Chapter 4027 No evidence
Chapter 4028 There is still something to figure out
Chapter 4029: Interrogation of Fang Yu
Chapter 4030: This level
Chapter 4031: Help you inspect the goods
Chapter 4032: Forced extraction
Chapter 4033: Life or death
Chapter 4034 Strange Fire and Snow Flame
Chapter 4035: Give you a chance
Chapter 4036 The Four-Character Secret
Chapter 4037: Bipolar Reversal
Chapter 4038 Goodbye Zutian
Chapter 4039 You are not qualified
Chapter 4040: The situation is tense
Chapter 4041 Complete Breakup
Chapter 4042: The turning point of life
Chapter 4043: Secrets of the Human Race
Chapter 4044 Top Secret
Chapter 4045: Distinguished Guests from the Ancestor Family
Chapter 4046 Let him accompany me
Chapter 4047 Wrong Attitude
Chapter 4048 Just curious
Chapter 4049: Instant Suppression
Chapter 4050 Give me some
Chapter 4051 Becoming a Slave
Chapter 4052: Goodbye Mural
Chapter 4053 Breaking out of the cage
Chapter 4054 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 4055 I like it very much
Chapter 4056: Big change in temperament
Chapter 4057 No IQ
Chapter 4058: Danger in Dreams
Chapter 4059: Things of Exchange
Chapter 4060 Never agree
Chapter 4061 From the Domain
Chapter 4062 Identity Exposed
Chapter 4063 He is Fang Yu
Chapter 4064 Too boring
Chapter 4065 The Phantom Emperor
Chapter 4066 Breath Suppression
Chapter 4067 You are useless
Chapter 4068: A strong man in the Qi refining stage
Chapter 4069 The Real Mission
Chapter 4070 Yuezhao Clan
Chapter 4071 Mysterious Origin
Chapter 4072 Stage Improvement
Chapter 4073 Yu Gongs Plan
Chapter 4074 The Lord of the Human Race
Chapter 4075 The Power of Nine Stars
Chapter 4076 Xuanwu Temple
Chapter 4077: Expelled from the Big List
Chapter 4078 Losing the Future
Chapter 4079: Violence ignited
Chapter 4080 Come and fight in a group
Chapter 4081: Crushing Momentum
Chapter 4082: Total destruction in an instant
Chapter 4083 A piece of waste paper
Chapter 4086: Replacement of the top spot
Chapter 4087 Bizarre
Chapter 4088 Dark Night is Coming
Chapter 4089 Emergency Information
Chapter 4090: Moment of Destiny
Chapter 4091 Secret Plan
Chapter 4092 The secret
Chapter 4093 Taoist couple relationship
Chapter 4094: Inside the Candle Dragon Palace
Chapter 4095 A little hope
Chapter 4096: Leave him behind
Chapter 4097 Whats the name?
Chapter 4098 A catastrophic disaster
Chapter 4099: Dont leave it to chance
Chapter 4100 I want it all
Chapter 4101 Lets go together
Chapter 4102 Self-directed and self-acted
Chapter 4103 Just for myself
Chapter 4104 Ten thousand demons
Chapter 4105 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 4106: Entering the Abyss Again
Chapter 4107 The Great Seal Formation
Chapter 4108 The Battle of the Immortal Kings
Chapter 4109 Twelve Star Saint Immortal
Chapter 4110 The Secret of Life and Death
Chapter 4111 Weird Law
Chapter 4112: Corroding Vitality
Chapter 4113 Say hello
Chapter 4114 Mysterious Power
Chapter 4115 The Three Brahma Clan
Chapter 4116 Is it fake?
Chapter 4117 Frost Star
Chapter 4118: Suppress everything
Chapter 4119: Stirring a hornet's nest
Chapter 4120 I will take it
Chapter 4121: Moment of Despair
Chapter 4122: Bring your own sword skills
Chapter 4123: Selling Face
Chapter 4124 Lord of the Abyss
Chapter 4125: Reluctant to Give Up
Chapter 4126 Plan failed
Chapter 4127: A price is required. More updates to support Super Neurofrogs crown!
Chapter 4128: Helpless
Chapter 4129 Make a friend
Chapter 4130 Meeting the Immortal King
Chapter 4131 Equivalent Transaction
Chapter 4132 News from the Ancient Territory
Chapter 4133 The direction is clear
Chapter 4134 Sword Spirit Visits Prison
Chapter 4135 Serious Injury
Chapter 4136 What a fool
Chapter 4137 Do something
Chapter 4138 Beihuang Attention
Chapter 4139: Chaos in the Ancestor Family
Chapter 4140 The glory is gone
Chapter 4141 Demonstrate value
Chapter 4142 The Great Road Confrontation
Chapter 4143 Everyones Attention
Chapter 4144 Nine Major Forces
Chapter 4145 The geniuses gather together
Chapter 4146 Frontal Provocation
Chapter 4147 A look
Chapter 4148 Fang Yu accepts the challenge
Chapter 4149 Indescribable
Chapter 4150 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 4151 Ill give you a ride
Chapter 4152 The winner is decided
Chapter 4153 Help me challenge
Chapter 4154 Bloodline Activation
Chapter 4155 Arrogant and Domineering
Chapter 4156 The inheritance of the God King
Chapter 4157 Ambitious Goals
Chapter 4158 Low-Level Provocation
Chapter 4159 Top Confrontation
Chapter 4160 Forced Draw
Chapter 4161 Declaration of War on the Yu Family
Chapter 4162 Thats an insult
Chapter 4163: Give up
Chapter 4164 Unexpected
Chapter 4165 Of course I accept it
Chapter 4166 The battle for the top spot
Chapter 4167 No longer pure
Chapter 4168 The Immortal World
Chapter 4169 Two-front operation
Chapter 4170 Let me win
Chapter 4171: Help you take revenge
Chapter 4172 Bloodline Activation
Chapter 4173 Who dares to be an enemy?
Chapter 4174 Fair Competition
Chapter 4175 The Bloodline of the Great Clan
Chapter 4176 You are not invincible
Chapter 4177 Ten Thousand Dao Divine Fist
Chapter 4178: Bullying the small with the big
Chapter 4179: Must seek death
Chapter 4180 The Sky God
Chapter 4181: A brief introduction to the palace
Chapter 4182 Great Glory
Chapter 4183: Angry from Humiliation
Chapter 4184: Excessive Demands
Chapter 4185 Taichu Inheritance
Chapter 4186 Signing the Contract
Chapter 4187 The Best Tribute
Chapter 4188 Heading to the Western Wilderness
Chapter 4189 The most painful memory
Chapter 4190: In front of the Gate of Heaven
Chapter 4191: Moment of Desperation
Chapter 4192 Memories Emerge
Chapter 4193 Fang Yus Tears
Chapter 4194 A head full of white hair
Chapter 4195 Elder Lan Xin
Chapter 4196 The Place of Inheritance
Chapter 4197 Bloody Heaven and Earth
Chapter 4198 Descendants of the Gods
Chapter 4199 Eight-Handed Stone Statue
Chapter 4200 No need to argue
Chapter 4201 Peerless Treasure
Chapter 4202 The Four Prodigies
Chapter 4203 Fine Tradition
Chapter 4204: Blade of Kirigakure
Chapter 4205 In full view of everyone
Chapter 4206 Let me come
Chapter 4207: Flashing Divine Fist
Chapter 4208: Violence reignited
Chapter 4209 Cant be erased
Chapter 4210 The Strongest in History
Chapter 4211: High-profile than him
Chapter 4212: Heaven-defying Spiritual Bones
Chapter 4213 A Law
Chapter 4214 No retreat
Chapter 4215 Public Enemy of the Western Wilderness
Chapter 4216 Different Schools
Chapter 4218 Invincible
Chapter 4219: Breaking the Illusion
Chapter 4220 Superb Spells
Chapter 4221: Surrounded again
Chapter 4222 Demon Support
Chapter 4223 Domineering Style
Chapter 4224 Who is the sacrifice?
Chapter 4225 Flashback Immortal Technique
Chapter 4226: Overrated
Chapter 4227 All are sacrifices
Chapter 4228 Causal Replacement
Chapter 4229 Leave it to me
Chapter 4230 The World in the Mirror
Chapter 4231: An ominous premonition
Chapter 4232 The Mirror of Everything
Chapter 4233: Mind Magic
Chapter 4234 Time Corridor
Chapter 4235: Golden-clothed Monk
Chapter 4236 The Evil Spirit Appears
Chapter 4237: Peak Spirit Destruction
Chapter 4238 Combat Experience
Chapter 4239 The Holy Halberd is Broken
Chapter 4240 What kind of means
Chapter 4241: Not an opponent
Chapter 4242: The Way to Break the Situation
Chapter 4243 Structure in the Mirror
Chapter 4244 Where the inheritance lies
Chapter 4245 The most confident
Chapter 4246 The stars are flying
Chapter 4247: Exploding Stars with One Punch
Chapter 4248 The Destiny of Human Race
Chapter 4249: Immortal Master Tongming
Chapter 4250 The Sword of Destruction
Chapter 4251 The last chance
Chapter 4252 Irregular Domain
Chapter 4253 The time has not come yet
Chapter 4254 The Last Link
Chapter 4255 Be prepared
Chapter 4256 No relief
Chapter 4257 Dont be surprised
Chapter 4258: Western Wasteland Demonic Realm
Chapter 4259 The Lord of the Demons
Chapter 4260 The Original Sin
Chapter 4261 Study hard
Chapter 4262 No Identity
Chapter 4263 The Secret Source
Chapter 4264 Black clouds fill the air
Chapter 4265 Return to Northern Wilderness
Chapter 4266: Goodbye
Chapter 4267 Water Lingzhu
Chapter 4268 Just going to play
Chapter 4269 The secret that cannot be told
Chapter 4270: A role model for our generation
Chapter 4271 The road is very difficult
Chapter 4272 Heading to Zhonghuang
Chapter 4273 The Fifth Level Test
Chapter 4274: Leave an eyeliner
Chapter 4275 Arriving at Zhonghuang
Chapter 4276 Great changes in the middle wilderness
Chapter 4277 Inexplicable Hostility
Chapter 4278: The Demonic Palm that Covers the Sky
Chapter 4279: Instant Crush
Chapter 4280 Bringing bad luck
Chapter 4281: Zhonghuang Chess Game
Chapter 4282 The same attitude
Chapter 4283: No longer low-key
Chapter 4284 Tianbei Sect
Chapter 4285 Saint Ning Jade
Chapter 4286 Extremely understanding
Chapter 4287 Black and White
Chapter 4288: Long admired name
Chapter 4289: Taking advantage of the chaos to attack
Chapter 4290 The Great Temptation
Chapter 4291 Strengthening the Holy Halberd
Chapter 4292 Yushen Clan
Chapter 4293 Facing Alone
Chapter 4294 Heading to the ruins
Chapter 4295 Weird Tombstone
Chapter 4296 The Mysterious Monk
Chapter 4297: Divine Ancestor Inheritance
Chapter 4298 The Holy King of Nine Provinces
Chapter 4299 Witnessing the whole process
Chapter 4300 The secret of the year
Chapter 4301 The Secret Treasure Realm
Chapter 4302 Three Scrolls
Chapter 4303 Final Warning
Chapter 4304 I want them all
Chapter 4305 Scroll Contents
Chapter 4306 Great changes in the sky
Chapter 4307 White-haired Fang Yu
Chapter 4308 What a big deal
Chapter 4309 Immortal Temperament
Chapter 4310 Seal of Chaos
Chapter 4311 Behind the Scenes
Chapter 4312 The Perfect Law
Chapter 4313: The Great Rebirth Sect
Chapter 4314: Slightly Better
Chapter 4315 The Frozen World
Chapter 4316 Why explain?
Chapter 4317: Cant Act
Chapter 4318 The Immortal King is Immortal
Chapter 4319: Ordinary
Chapter 4320 Excellent Nutrient
Chapter 4321 Its hard for me to do
Chapter 4322 Invisible Soul Seal
Chapter 4323 A good show
Chapter 4324 At least five
Chapter 4325 Go all out
Chapter 4326 Human Race Monster
Chapter 4327 Tomb of Qing Tianzun
Chapter 4328 The efficiency is too low
Chapter 4329: Surviving Human Race
Chapter 4330 Brilliant Totem
Chapter 4331 The Seven Evil Lords
Chapter 4332 The Disintegration of All Things
Chapter 4333 The Strongest Opponent
Chapter 4334 The Power of the Evil Lord
Chapter 4335 Dao-Destroying Formation
Chapter 4336 The Unsolvable Technique
Chapter 4337: Strength Gap
Chapter 4338 Blood stained sky
Chapter 4339 World Destruction Level
Chapter 4340 The Power of Laws
Chapter 4341 One sword is enough
Chapter 4342 Multiple Divine Fists
Chapter 4343 The True Eye of the Evil God
Chapter 4344 The Evil Disaster Reappears
Chapter 4345 Sword Breaks the Sky
Chapter 4346: Defeat the Evil Lord
Chapter 4347 Heavy losses
Chapter 4348 No longer exists
Chapter 4349 Dangerous Mission
Chapter 4350 Just a puppet
Chapter 4351 The Law of Life
Chapter 4352 The only way to go
Chapter 4353 The Pride of Humanity
Chapter 4354 Gu Qingtian
Chapter 4355: Subverting Perception
Chapter 4356 The mob
Chapter 4357: Hanging out with seniors
Chapter 4358 The Root of Trust
Chapter 4359 The Final Inheritance
Chapter 4360 In the Prophecy
Chapter 4361 Confused Thoughts
Chapter 4362 Ji Family Ancestral Hall
Chapter 4363 The Place of Inheritance
Chapter 4364 Delaying time
Chapter 4365: Once a Master and Disciple
Chapter 4366 The Final Inheritance
Chapter 4367 Fighting Six Paths Alone
Chapter 4368 Three Spirits Kill the Immortal
Chapter 4369: A sword that kills the world
Chapter 4370: Ants swarm
Chapter 4371 Only chance
Chapter 4372 Erling's Lair
Chapter 4373: Head-on confrontation
Chapter 4374 The Power of Evil Spirits
Chapter 4375 Monster Fight
Chapter 4376 The Siege of Zhonghuang
Chapter 4377 Just a traitor
Chapter 4378 A matter of time
Chapter 4379 Flying Chaos
Chapter 4380 The Beginning of Eternal Night
Chapter 4381 The Biggest Mistake
Chapter 4382 See you in the future
Chapter 4383 Cannot be suppressed
Chapter 4384 Chaos Sky
Chapter 4385 The retreat is interrupted
Chapter 4386 The Law of the Self
Chapter 4387 Crushing the Pressure Field
Chapter 4388 Red Mark
Chapter 4389 The Wrath of Qingtian
Chapter 4390 Brothers join forces
Chapter 4391: Surrender to the Law
Chapter 4392: One Thought of Life and Death
Chapter 4393 The Realm of the Evil God
Chapter 4394 Untouchable
Chapter 4395: Be a good person
Chapter 4396 Passive Situation
Chapter 4397 Born from the Immortal Source
Chapter 4398 Star Source Order
Chapter 4399 The ending remains unchanged
Chapter 4400: Breaking through the Realm
Chapter 4401 The power of a battle
Chapter 4402: Obtaining the Heavenly Sword
Chapter 4403: Use both swords together
Chapter 4404 No leeway
Chapter 4405 Zhuxiantai
Chapter 4406: Eternal Night Arrives
Chapter 4407 Crazy Plan
Chapter 4408 Final Choice
Chapter 4409: At a disadvantage
Chapter 4410: Non-Existent Physique
Chapter 4411: The art of attacking the mind
Chapter 4412 You took the bait
Chapter 4413: Controlling Destiny
Chapter 4414 The Seal of Mutual Creation
Chapter 4415: A way to break the situation
Chapter 4416 A question
Chapter 4417: Reincarnation and Dead End
Chapter 4418 Colorful Kirin
Chapter 4419: Source of Laws
Chapter 4420 The Ultimate Kirin
Chapter 4421 I must win
Chapter 4422 No choice
Chapter 4423 You and I are the same
Chapter 4424 Voluntary Death
Chapter 4425: Destruction of the Plan
Chapter 4426 Yongye Xingjun
Chapter 4427 Two battlefields
Chapter 4428 You are not suitable
Chapter 4429: Angry from Humiliation
Chapter 4430 Too much nonsense
Chapter 4431: Find the flaw
Chapter 4432 Until exhaustion
Chapter 4433 Star-Breaking Arrow
Chapter 4434: The Limit of Physical Cultivation
Chapter 4435 Giant Bronze Hand
Chapter 4436: The more you fight, the stronger you become
Chapter 4437: Nothing wrong
Chapter 4438 Mental imbalance
Chapter 4439: Numb scalp
Chapter 4439: Numb scalp
Chapter 4440: There is no way to the immortal world
Chapter 4441 The Real Monster
Chapter 4442 Reduced Restrictions
Chapter 4443 The Sword of the Evil God
Chapter 4444 The Peak of Physical Cultivation
Chapter 4445 The eternal night is coming
Chapter 4446 The law takes action
Chapter 4447: Man is about to die
Chapter 4448 The Key to the Immortal Realm
Chapter 4449 Determining the future
Chapter 4450: Cant kneel down
Chapter 4451 Final Conditions
Chapter 4452: Changes in the Wilderness
Chapter 4453 Unknown Fear
Chapter 4454 The Six Immortal Kings
Chapter 4455 Descendants of the Candle Dragon
Chapter 4456 The unknown person
Chapter 4457: Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 4458 The situation is tense
Chapter 4459: Crush the Immortal King
Chapter 4460 The Strongest Teammate
Chapter 4461 Descendants of the Candle Dragon
Chapter 4462: Recognizing Ancestors and Returning to the Clan
Chapter 4463 Bloodline Suppression
Chapter 4464: Devoured by Darkness
Chapter 4465 The Law of Deception
Chapter 4466: Dont be troublesome
Chapter 4467 Mysterious Existence
Chapter 4468 No Identity
Chapter 4469 The Biggest Crisis
Chapter 4470 Two Choices
Chapter 4471: The Star-Eating Dog adds more updates to support the crown of the overlord from outside the territory~
Chapter 4472 The Law of Shadows
Chapter 4473: Capturing the Shadow Immortal
Chapter 4474 The Chosen One
Chapter 4475 The Immortal King
Chapter 4476: Keep your promise
Chapter 4477 The final protection
Chapter 4478 I am not me
Chapter 4479 Huge Loss
Chapter 4480 I dont care
Chapter 4481 Yu Zun returns
Chapter 4482 Old friends meet
Chapter 4483 Where to find a couple
Chapter 4484: Little Known
Chapter 4485: Ascension Direction
Chapter 4486 Leaving the Wilderness
Chapter 4487: Obvious progress
Chapter 4488 I am willing to apologize
Chapter 4489 The Gate of Immortality
Chapter 4490 In the whirlpool
Chapter 4491: Tongtian Spirit Ape
Chapter 4492: Extreme Heavenly Immortal Realm
Chapter 4493 Yue Xia Pavilion
Chapter 4494 Tianfang Shen Pavilion
Chapter 4495 Source
Chapter 4496 Temporary Disbandment
Chapter 4497: Moonlight Tower
Chapter 4498: Four Gods and One Creature
Chapter 4499 Life is limited
Chapter 4500 The Real Fairyland
Chapter 4501 Identity exposed
Chapter 4502 Life-saving straw
Chapter 4503 Changing Destiny
Chapter 4504: Stealing the Divine Body
Chapter 4505: Helping each other
Chapter 4506 Different Levels
Chapter 4507 Sneaking into the Dingxian Sect
Chapter 4508: Inside the Treasure Tower
Chapter 4509 Human Cultivation Techniques
Chapter 4510: Chaos in the Immortal Sect
Chapter 4511 The King of Thieves
Chapter 4512: Insider Actions
Chapter 4513: Give you a ride
Chapter 4514: Repairing the Soul
Chapter 4515 Finding Fang Yu
Chapter 4516: Swallowing the Holy Body
Chapter 4517 A Fight to the Death
Chapter 4518: Intelligence Dealer
Chapter 4519 Who is the mastermind?
Chapter 4520: All out
Chapter 4521 Fang Yu comes out of seclusion
Chapter 4522: Exploding the body with one punch
Chapter 4523: Pay additional ransom
Chapter 4524: Actual Combat Idiot
Chapter 4525 Divine Power Crush
Chapter 4526: Seeds of Hatred
Chapter 4527: You have made a meritorious service
Chapter 4528 Breaking through the fifth floor
Chapter 4528 Breaking through the fifth floor
Chapter 4529: The Law of Control
Chapter 4530: The family was destroyed
Chapter 4531: Eat the Physique
Chapter 4532 Yuezhao Clan
Chapter 4533: Genius Gap
Chapter 4534 Third-level Chaos Immortal
Chapter 4535: Your Identity
Chapter 4536 Breaking the Law
Chapter 4537 Mysterious Monk
Chapter 4538 Not sincere enough
Chapter 4539 Complex Heart
Chapter 4540: A confidant
Chapter 4541: The Last Monk
Chapter 4542 Cruel Battle
Chapter 4543 The Origin of the Four Gods
Chapter 4544 The Mysterious Clan
Chapter 4545 Secret Mission
Chapter 4546 The Moon Shines on the Heavenly Wheel
Chapter 4547 Just a collection
Chapter 4548: The cave outside the prison
Chapter 4549: Tracking forward and backward
Chapter 4550 Human Treasures
Chapter 4550 Human Treasures
Chapter 4550 Human Treasures
Chapter 4551: Get rid of control
Chapter 4552 Baidi Daoben
Chapter 4553 The Old Immortal Court
Chapter 4554 True Purpose
Chapter 4555: Fragments of Cheats
Chapter 4556 Meeting the clan leader
Chapter 4557: Longevity as a Contract
Chapter 4558 The difference is huge
Chapter 4559 The Realm of the Underworld
Chapter 4560: Unattainable
Chapter 4561: The Bigness of Immortal Continent
Chapter 4562: The Art of All Solutions
Chapter 4563: Masterless Immortal Weapon
Chapter 4564: Revealing Secrets
Chapter 4565 Urgent Matters
Chapter 4566 The mantis stalks the cicada
Chapter 4567: Introduce yourself
Chapter 4568 Inconsistency
Chapter 4569: No chance
Chapter 4570 The situation is dangerous
Chapter 4571 Disturbing memory
Chapter 4572: One step too late
Chapter 4573 Defeat one by one
Chapter 4574 Bloodline Induction
Chapter 4575: Sensing Direction
Chapter 4576 The treasure is stolen
Chapter 4577 Immortal Gate Conference
Chapter 4578 The threshold is extremely low
Chapter 4579 Always low-key
Chapter 4580: King of Montenegro
Chapter 4581 Seven Star Immortal Sect
Chapter 4582 Disastrous Consequences
Chapter 4583 Different paths lead to the same destination
Chapter 4584 The True Purpose
Chapter 4585 Fang Yus Name
Chapter 4586 What happened back then
Chapter 4587 Unforgettable
Chapter 4588 The Ruined Land
Chapter 4589 Two Items
Chapter 4590: Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 4591 Chaoxi Medicine Pavilion
Chapter 4592 The highest bidder wins
Chapter 4593: Not giving face
Chapter 4594 Tit for tat
Chapter 4595 Make a friend
Chapter 4596: The Matter between the Two Clans
Chapter 4597 Qiuxian Seed
Chapter 4598 Cooperating with the performance
Chapter 4599: Looking for the Heavenly Wheel
Chapter 4600: Three Sisters of Chaoxi
Chapter 4601: Space Backtracking
Chapter 4602: Creating Danger
Chapter 4603: Tianshan Monster
Chapter 4604 The time has not come yet
Chapter 4605 Who is the target?
Chapter 4606 The only rescuer
Chapter 4607 The power of one punch
Chapter 4608: Bite back
Chapter 4609 Losing patience
Chapter 4610 No more tolerance
Chapter 4611 Strong Intuition
Chapter 4612: Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 4613 The location of induction
Chapter 4614 A Cloud Island
Chapter 4615 Stage Awakening
Chapter 4616 Found you
Chapter 4617 Acting Sect Leader
Chapter 4618 Open Recruitment
Chapter 4619 Entry Benefits
Chapter 4620: Boundless Money
Chapter 4621 The whole city is paying attention
Chapter 4622: Senior Sister Qing'er
Chapter 4623 A plaything
Chapter 4624 Trouble is coming
Chapter 4625: Die on his behalf
Chapter 4626: The Rod of Illumination
Chapter 4627: Uncontrollable
Chapter 4628 The right decision
Chapter 4629: Its hard to make money
Chapter 4630 Return tenfold
Chapter 4631: Depressing atmosphere
Chapter 4632: Capture Tianluomen
Chapter 4633 Who lets whom go?
Chapter 4634 Misjudgment of the Situation
Chapter 4635 The whole city is on alert
Chapter 4636 A bold idea
Chapter 4637 Five Gate Masters
Chapter 4638 Divine Mark Immortal Weapon
Chapter 4639 The Ring of Creation
Chapter 4640 Ruler of Laws
Chapter 4641 Fighting the whole city alone
Chapter 4642: Most of the relief
Chapter 4644 He is too crazy
Chapter 4645 His name is Fang Yu
Chapter 4646: Preparation for Peace Talks
Chapter 4647 Secret Letter Warning
Chapter 4648: Attacking the Divine Pavilion
Chapter 4649 Waiting for Support
Chapter 4650 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 4651 Completely Destroyed
Chapter 4652 Passive Situation
Chapter 4653 The Divine Pavilion Collapses
Chapter 4654: Desolate Sky Spirit
Chapter 4655: Pursue the victory
Chapter 4656: Negotiation in the Forest
Chapter 4657 Its really annoying
Chapter 4658 Different conditions
Chapter 4659 Prison in Heaven
Chapter 4660 Return to the World
Chapter 4661 This is not fair
Chapter 4662 The Lord of the Extreme Sky
Chapter 4663 The Four Great Gods
Chapter 4664 The Mysterious Clan
Chapter 4665: Desolate Sky Halberd
Chapter 4666 Lianhua Shenwu
Chapter 4667 The strong ones gather together
Chapter 4668: Undercurrent
Chapter 4669 Who is the target?
Chapter 4670 Unsurvivable
Chapter 4671 Everyone is here
Chapter 4672 Fighting Four Lords Alone
Chapter 4673 The Essence of Illusion
Chapter 4674 Falling Star Bell
Chapter 4675: Crushing Power
Chapter 4676 Not too strong
Chapter 4677 Despicable Human Race
Chapter 4678 Fear Comes
Chapter 4679 The Blessing of Wild Blood
Chapter 4680: Dont worry yet
Chapter 4681 Law Suppression
Chapter 4682 The Source of Hatred
Chapter 4683: The Shame of the Rich Clan
Chapter 4684 The Immortal Realm is Shocked
Chapter 4685 The pattern is too big
Chapter 4686: The size of a large clan
Chapter 4687 The Daughter of the God
Chapter 4688 Meeting in person
Chapter 4689 I have no patience
Chapter 4690: Changing Fate Against Heaven
Chapter 4691 The situation is out of control
Chapter 4692: Clan Master Mingli
Chapter 4693 Too Small
Chapter 4694: Shinto Rule
Chapter 4695 Golden Immortal Third Level
Chapter 4696 The Supreme Bloodline
Chapter 4697 The First Target
Chapter 4698: The Ziyang Clan
Chapter 4699 No Luck
Chapter 4700 Bizarre Things
Chapter 4701 The evil spirits appear together
Chapter 4702 The sky is filled with purple flames
Chapter 4703: Certain Death
Chapter 4704: One Sword Soaring to the Sky
Chapter 4705 Descendants of the Witch God
Chapter 4706 The whole clan is surrounded and killed
Chapter 4707: Talking on Paper
Chapter 4708 Son of Ziyang God
Chapter 4709 Bloodline Activation
Chapter 4710 Encirclement and Suppression of Fang Yu
Chapter 4711 The Secret Method of the Gods
Chapter 4711 The Secret Method of the Gods
Chapter 4712 The sky is filled with fire
Chapter 4712 The sky is filled with fire
Chapter 4713: Burn the entire clan
Chapter 4714 Human Power
Chapter 4715 Its too good to fight
Chapter 4716 Complete defeat
Chapter 4717 Very Useful
Chapter 4718 Three Possibilities
Chapter 4718 Three Possibilities
Chapter 4720 Sensation throughout the region
Chapter 4721 We must join forces
Chapter 4722: The Image of Enlightenment
Chapter 4723 The Way of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 4724: The big clan follows
Chapter 4724: The big clan follows
Chapter 4725: Fighting against the Immortal Realm
Chapter 4725: Fighting against the Immortal Realm
Chapter 4726: Slim chance
Chapter 4727 Preparation before the war
Chapter 4728: Obliterate Together
Chapter 4729 The Great Prison of Immortal World
Chapter 4730 The Three Great Gods
Chapter 4731 The Wrath of the Three Gods
Chapter 4732 Multiple Attacks
Chapter 4733 The Strongest Suppression
Chapter 4734 The Power of Immortal Realm
Chapter 4735: Unable to attack for a long time
Chapter 4736 The golden statue descended from the sky
Chapter 4737 How to fight
Chapter 4738: The Arrival of the Great Clan
Chapter 4739: Regaining the Initiative
Chapter 4740 Lighting Sky Lanterns
Chapter 4741 Meeting the Divine Fire Again
Chapter 4742 Terrifying Intensity
Chapter 4743: Taking it by force
Chapter 4744: Weaknesses Revealed
Chapter 4745 No retreat
Chapter 4746: Vulnerable
Chapter 4747 The Son of God Appears
Chapter 4748 Never allow it
Chapter 4749 The arrival of Shinto
Chapter 4750: Clean up
Chapter 4751 A blast
Chapter 4752 The First Force
Chapter 4753 Absolute Strength
Chapter 4754: Blockade
Chapter 4755 The Realm of the Underworld
Chapter 4756: Hard to find clues
Chapter 4757 A Wandering Soul
Chapter 4758 The Curse of the Dead
Chapter 4759 Skeletons in the Mountain
Chapter 4760 Memory Flashback
Chapter 4761: Transferring Cause and Effect
Chapter 4762 Where the wreckage is
Chapter 4763 The Identity of the Crazy Old Man
Chapter 4764 Baidi Daoben
Chapter 4765 Invisible Cause and Effect
Chapter 4766: Emerged from the sky
Chapter 4767 Between the Immortal Realm
Chapter 4768 Before departure
Chapter 4769 Sixth Level Test
Chapter 4770 The True Avenue
Chapter 4771: Pattern Reconstruction
Chapter 4772: Its Difficult to Understand the Emperors Way
Chapter 4773 All Races Destroyed
Chapter 4774: The Kuai Clan
Chapter 4775 Golden Jade Immortal Mansion
Chapter 4776: Intelligence Dealer
Chapter 4777 Major Information
Chapter 4778 Soul Killing Platform
Chapter 4779 The Executioner
Chapter 4780 Mood fluctuations
Chapter 4781 The Day of Execution
Chapter 4782 Death of Lu Qing
Chapter 4783 The ending is destined
Chapter 4784 Wuwu Academy
Chapter 4785 Mr. Yan Qing
Chapter 4786: The Giant Bronze Gate. Additional update (1) for Mr. Chens Crown!
Chapter 4787: Thats it. More updates for Mr. Chens Crown (2)
Chapter 4788 I had no choice but to point it out
Chapter 4789 Lets do it
Chapter 4790 I am rebellious
Chapter 4791: Unexpected Disaster. More updates for Mr. Chens Crown (1)
Chapter 4792: Find the target, add more updates to Mr. Chens Crown (2)
Chapter 4793: Feeling confident
Chapter 4794 Life-saving straw
Chapter 4795: Seeking Death
Chapter 4796: Dont talk about martial ethics. More updates for Mr. Chens crown (1)
Chapter 4797 The Four Talents Add More to Mr. Chens Crown (2)
Chapter 4798 Tian Lun Sutra
Chapter 4799 Too Simple
Chapter 4800 Five Gods in the Temple
Chapter 4801 Surprisingly calm
Chapter 4802 Please see Xing Zun
Chapter 4803: The Wrath of Xing Zun
Chapter 4804: Meeting the Lord of the Palace
Chapter 4805 Make a friend
Chapter 4806 Where Xing Zun is
Chapter 4807: Meeting with Xing Zun
Chapter 4808 Special Means
Chapter 4809: Mutual Schemes
Chapter 4810: Merely Human Race
Chapter 4811: An Act Against Heaven
Chapter 4812 The flood is irreversible
Chapter 4813: Shangdao Temple
Chapter 4814 Another way
Chapter 4815 Please see the Heavenly Lord
Chapter 4817 Serious Mistake
Chapter 4818 The highest level
Chapter 4819: Paying tribute to one's crime
Chapter 4820 Battle Plan
Chapter 4821 The greatest confidence
Chapter 4822 Major Secret
Chapter 4823 Clues interrupted
Chapter 4824 Taking the initiative to show up
Chapter 4825 The Acts of a Madman
Chapter 4826 My name is Yao'er
Chapter 4827 The Bottom of the Secret Sea
Chapter 4828 Never take risks
Chapter 4829 His Mission
Chapter 4830 Next move
Chapter 4831 From Weak to Strong
Chapter 4832 General knowledge
Chapter 4833: Sit back and wait for death
Chapter 4834 Defeated without a fight
Chapter 4835 You are helping him
Chapter 4836 A little hope
Chapter 4837: Meeting of the Five Lords
Chapter 4838 Voting Decision
Chapter 4839 You are not Xing Zun
Chapter 4840: Heavenly Lords Invitation
Chapter 4841: You must provoke me
Chapter 4842: One punch penetrates armor
Chapter 4843: Shangdao Temple
Chapter 4844 Important Positions
Chapter 4845 The Master of Nanwu Pavilion
Chapter 4846 New clues
Chapter 4847 A Coordinate
Chapter 4848 Extraordinary
Chapter 4849 The Eye of Nine Pupils
Chapter 4850 Elusive
Chapter 4851 Human Prisoners
Chapter 4852 Irregularities
Chapter 4853 Inexplicable
Chapter 4854: Refining Eyeballs
Chapter 4855 A broken dragon
Chapter 4856 That bastard
Chapter 4857 Son of the Dragon Emperor
Chapter 4858: Rebellion
Chapter 4859: The whole body is a treasure
Chapter 4860 Power Test
Chapter 4861 How to deal with it
Chapter 4862: Easy to talk to
Chapter 4863 The scene is out of control
Chapter 4864: Convinced
Chapter 4865 It’s over
Chapter 4866 Just a lackey
Chapter 4867 The scene is reversed
Chapter 4868: Surrender
Chapter 4869 Not worth mentioning
Chapter 4870: Ineffective
Chapter 4871 Inside Nanwu Pavilion
Chapter 4872 Entering the study
Chapter 4873: Record of Heavenly Dao
Chapter 4874 Extremely valuable
Chapter 4875 Missing Content
Chapter 4876: Layers of Pressure
Chapter 4877 The situation escalates
Chapter 4878 No matter the cost
Chapter 4879 The Supreme Power
Chapter 4880: Inside the Treasure Pavilion
Chapter 4881 Demon Bronze Statue
Chapter 4882 Two Breaths
Chapter 4883: Excessive force
Chapter 4884 Failure
Chapter 4885 Traces of the Holy Court
Chapter 4886 Immortal Demonic Spirit
Chapter 4887 Huge Energy
Chapter 4888: The Great Lord’s Roll Call
Chapter 4889 Absolute Status
Chapter 4890: Blaming each other
Chapter 4891 Ultimatum
Chapter 4892 True Purpose
Chapter 4893 Bastard Monk
Chapter 4894: Inexplicable Disgust
Chapter 4895: Finding the Scroll
Chapter 4896 Cursed Object
Chapter 4897 A Taoist Corpse
Chapter 4898 The Source of Pain
Chapter 4899 No choice
Chapter 4900 He is a human race
Chapter 4901 Important Information
Chapter 4902 Do you dare to take action?
Chapter 4903
Chapter 4904 Major Discovery
Chapter 4905 The situation is not good
Chapter 4906: Frontal Conflict
Chapter 4907 No way to escape
Chapter 4908 Flags of the Gods
Chapter 4909
Chapter 4910 The Divine Cannon
Chapter 4911 The Taoist Hegemony
Chapter 4912 What kind of genius?
Chapter 4913: Forced into a corner
Chapter 4914: Seeing Hope
Chapter 4915 Launching a General Offensive
Chapter 4916 Delivered to the door
Chapter 4917: Making a fuss in the temple
Chapter 4918: All-out Attack
Chapter 4919 Ancient Brass Coffin
Chapter 4920: A way to break the situation
Chapter 4921 Unable to break through
Chapter 4922 Uncontrollable
Chapter 4923: Seeing the Truth
Chapter 4924 In the Coffin
Chapter 4925: Capture the Temple
Chapter 4926 Defeat him twice
Chapter 4927 How to open
Chapter 4928 The Six Meridians of the Taoist God
Chapter 4929 Personal Revenge
Chapter 4930 The Six Gathering
Chapter 4931 Taoist Whispers
Chapter 4932 The counterattack begins
Chapter 4933: Despair
Chapter 4934 Six Appearances
Chapter 4935: No effort
Chapter 4936 Three-Headed Black Phoenix
Chapter 4937: The Law of Tear
Chapter 4938: Broken at the touch of a finger
Chapter 4939: Strangulation by Law
Chapter 4940: Fear spreads
Chapter 4941: The Law of Astrology
Chapter 4942: One punch to solve the problem
Chapter 4943: Give up resistance
Chapter 4944 You will see more updates for Mr. Chen’s crown!
Chapter 4945 Patron Saint
Chapter 4946 In the Immortal Mountain
Chapter 4947 Attention of the whole world
Chapter 4948 The Greatest Revenge
Chapter 4949: The overwhelming hatred
Chapter 4950: The First in the Ancient Times
Chapter 4951: Legendary Physique
Chapter 4952: The roots of love remain intact
Chapter 4953 How could it be you?
Chapter 4954 A powerful opponent
Chapter 4955 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 4956: Murder and Heartbreaking
Chapter 4957 Expressing respect and adding more updates to Mr. Chen’s crown (1)
Chapter 4958: Falling into a crisis. More updates for Mr. Chen’s Crown (2)
Chapter 4959: The second crushing. More updates for Mr. Chen’s crown (3)
Chapter 4960: Unable to Cope
Chapter 4961 A great shame and humiliation
Chapter 4962: Physical Confrontation
Chapter 4963 The Island Falls
Chapter 4964 The battle situation is stalemate
Chapter 4965 The Frozen King
Chapter 4966: Helpless. Add more updates to the crown of the invincible Miaomiaoqi (1)
Chapter 4967 Gaining trust and updating the crown of the invincible Miaomiaoqi (2)
Chapter 4968: The Death of King Gui, an update for the crown of the invincible Miaomiaoqi (3)
Chapter 4969: Impossible
Chapter 4970: Do me a favor
Chapter 4971 Remember the pain
Chapter 4972 The Only Way
Chapter 4973 Exchange of Interests
Chapter 4974 The Marriage of Divine Dragons
Chapter 4975 Where the Dragon Clan is
Chapter 4976 Many clues
Chapter 4977 Unpredictable
Chapter 4978: Controlling the Immortal Realm
Chapter 4979: In the Eastern Prison
Chapter 4980 Human Death Row Prisoner
Chapter 4981: Integrating the Dharma into the Body
Chapter 4982 Comprehensive Gain
Chapter 4983: No movement
Chapter 4984: How to Enter
Chapter 4985 The road is paved
Chapter 4986 The Last Chance
Chapter 4987: Unfavorable start
Chapter 4988 Entering the Eastern Prison
Chapter 4989: Hard to move even an inch
Chapter 4990 Tongaesue Immortal
Chapter 4991 Unfettered
Chapter 4992 The Ultimate Cage
Chapter 4993: Heavy Task
Chapter 4994: Changes in the Eastern Prison
Chapter 4995: Forbidden Land
Chapter 4996: The matter is exposed and the crown of the invincible Miao Miaoqi is updated.
Chapter 4997: Inside Wuji Pavilion
Chapter 4998 Do you know your guilt?
Chapter 4999 No Sacrifice to the Immortal
Chapter 5000 Jumping into the Abyss
Chapter 5001 I want face
Chapter 5002 Nothing new
Chapter 5003 Firm Faith
Chapter 5004: Break it with one sword and add more to Mr. Chen’s crown
Chapter 5005 It won’t be pleasant
Chapter 5006 The Four Kings of the Human Race
Chapter 5007: No way to start
Chapter 5008 The end has come
Chapter 5009: Great Imperial Technique
Chapter 5010: Follow orders
Chapter 5011: Can’t bear to look directly
Chapter 5012 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 5013: Territory King Stone. For a speedy recovery (Mr. Chen)’s crown, extra update 1
Chapter 5014: The thing that goes against the will of heaven. Add update 2 for the crown of Mr. Chen, who will get well soon.
Chapter 5015: The Art of Judgment
Chapter 5016: Dawn will eventually come
Chapter 5017: Much more comfortable
Chapter 5018 Gaining the upper hand
Chapter 5019: On an equal footing
Chapter 5020: Study it
Chapter 5021: Northern Fairyland
Chapter 5022: It’s hard to talk
Chapter 5023: Rescue the Human Race
Chapter 5024: Secrets of the Past
Chapter 5025: Unable to Treat
Chapter 5026: Stop being a human being
Chapter 5027: The First Largest Clan
Chapter 5028: Stay Cautious
Chapter 5029: Put another one
Chapter 5030: Caring about the common people
Chapter 5031: A means
Chapter 5032 Leaving the East Prison
Chapter 5033: Only do big things
Chapter 5034: Long Live the Holy Mountain
Chapter 5035: Divine Creatures
Chapter 5036: God and Demon in One Body
Chapter 5037 Long Live the Saint
Chapter 5038: Playing tricks
Chapter 5039 Ugly Appearance
Chapter 5040: Collapse of Faith
Chapter 5041 More than just fighting
Chapter 5042 Don’t dare to look at it
Chapter 5043 The level is too high
Chapter 5044: Simple Folk Customs
Chapter 5045 Four Tests
Chapter 5046 Everyone is here
Chapter 5047: Humiliating oneself
Chapter 5048 How to calculate this
Chapter 5049: The limelight was robbed
Chapter 5050 The Final Test
Chapter 5051 What’s the relationship?
Chapter 5052 No distinction between each other
Chapter 5053: Ancient Dragon Pond
Chapter 5054 My bottom line
Chapter 5055: Dragon Clan Secret Technique
Chapter 5056 Entering Longtan
Chapter 5056 Entering Longtan
Chapter 5057: Don’t add to the chaos
Chapter 5058 The Ancient Dragon
Chapter 5059: Heavenly Dragon Lineage
Chapter 5059: Heavenly Dragon Lineage
Chapter 5060: Cognitive Contradiction
Chapter 5061 The Power of the Dragon
Chapter 5062 Take my punch
Chapter 5062 Take my punch
Chapter 5063 I am really a dragon
Chapter 5064 Supreme Dragon Blood
Chapter 5065 The opportunity has arrived
Chapter 5066: The Art of Reincarnation
Chapter 5067 The Dragon Clan’s Envoy
Chapter 5068: Just in time
Chapter 5069: Committing a Capital Crime
Chapter 5070 Taking away the inheritance
Chapter 5071 The Infinite Top Level
Chapter 5072 Domineering Behavior
Chapter 5073: What’s the use of you?
Chapter 5074: Another plan
Chapter 5075: Be my follower
Chapter 5076 Yuanyang Cauldron
Chapter 5077: Who to look down on?
Chapter 5078 He is very angry
Chapter 5079: Fight for a breath
Chapter 5080: Holy Purity Sect
Chapter 5081 Become famous
Chapter 5082: Take my hand
Chapter 5083 Unique
Chapter 5084 No Price
Chapter 5085: Great God Shengqing
Chapter 5086 The mysterious female cultivator
Chapter 5087 Unlimited
Chapter 5088 Blood Fusion
Chapter 5089 I succeeded
Chapter 5090: The Evil Spirit of the Beginning
Chapter 5091 The Sacred Fire
Chapter 5092 Same Bloodline
Chapter 5093 I remember you
Chapter 5094 I want to become stronger
Chapter 5095: The Way of Stealing
Chapter 5096 Perfect Template
Chapter 5097 It’s too early to be happy
Chapter 5098 Many Advantages
Chapter 5099: A price is required
Chapter 5110 Primeval Forest Area
Chapter 5101 A strange situation
Chapter 5102: Similar Killings
Chapter 5103: Furious
Chapter 5104 Weird Footprints
Chapter 5105 Unprecedented
Chapter 5106 Master and Servant Reunion
Chapter 5107 I can’t say
Chapter 5108: All deserve to die
Chapter 5109 Three Bloodlines
Chapter 5110 Descendants of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 5111: Kill your ten clans
Chapter 5112 The real purpose
Chapter 5113: Refining the Immortal City
Chapter 5114 With ulterior motives
Chapter 5115: Realm skyrockets
Chapter 5116: Making Big Money
Chapter 5117: Long time coveted
Chapter 5118: Violence Revealed
Chapter 5119 Four Great Clans
Chapter 5120: Xun Demon Clan Land
Chapter 5121 It’s like going home
Chapter 5122: Pushing the envelope
Chapter 5123 Please take action
Chapter 5124: Tips 1 or 2
Chapter 5125: Change the technique
Chapter 5126 On the seventh floor
Chapter 5127: The Limits of Medicine
Chapter 5128 Absolutely Fair
Chapter 5129 The misfortune is coming
Chapter 5130: Nine Nether Immortal Emperor adds more updates to support Mr. Yichen’s crown!
Chapter 5131 A first glimpse of cause and effect
Chapter 5132 All parties appear on the scene
Chapter 5133 A Law
Chapter 5134 A bit interesting
Chapter 5135 Deja Vu
Chapter 5136: Kill them all
Chapter 5137 Tit for tat
Chapter 5138 You are not Jiuyou
Chapter 5139: Clear Goal
Chapter 5140 The heart of Tao is broken
Chapter 5141: Grasp the speed
Chapter 5142: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 5143: Take a long-term view
Chapter 5144 The biggest hurdle
Chapter 5145 Daotian News
Chapter 5146: Horrible
Chapter 5147: Delivered to the Door
Chapter 5148 Be prepared
Chapter 5149: I’m going to meet it. Add an update to the crown of Caramel Hot Latte Q!
Chapter 5150 Just a test
Chapter 5151 Law Confrontation
Chapter 5152: Reincarnation of Fate
Chapter 5153 The Will of the Cold Realm
Chapter 5154 The same trajectory
Chapter 5155 Meeting him
Chapter 5156 You can’t go
Chapter 5157 Mysterious Existence
Chapter 5158: Meaningless
Chapter 5159 The Human Celestial Emperor
Chapter 5160 The Last Face
Chapter 5161 Return to Earth
Chapter 5162 The seal is lifted
Chapter 5163: All the People Cultivation to Immortality
Chapter 5164 That Man
Chapter 5165: Little changes
Chapter 5166 The other side
Chapter 5167 Familiar Figure
Chapter 5168: Troublesome Physique
Chapter 5169 It’s not a dream
Chapter 5170 Handy
Chapter 5171 Like a fool
Chapter 5172: Not exposed
Chapter 5173 The box
Chapter 5174: Some progress
Chapter 5175 The New Order
Chapter 5176 It’s not too much
Chapter 5177 The Reincarnation of the Mighty
Chapter 5178 Hua Qing Lu
Chapter 5179 Hiding in the Dark Side
Chapter 5180: Inheritance to the present world
Chapter 5181 The Tao is pure
Chapter 5182 Super Test
Chapter 5183 Novel means
Chapter 5184 Xuan Clan Immortal Lord
Chapter 5185: Surrounded by Gods
Chapter 5186: Defeating Dao Ling
Chapter 5187 The Way of Huaqing
Chapter 5188: Furious
Chapter 5188: Furious
Chapter 5189 Taoist Qianyuan
Chapter 5190: Wake up
Chapter 5191 Sky Mountains
Chapter 5192 Goodbye Wang Yan
Chapter 5193: Hard to see each other
Chapter 5194 Inside the Qianyuan Gate
Chapter 5195 Testing the Kung Fu
Chapter 5196: The weak and the strong
Chapter 5197 Collusion with foreign enemies
Chapter 5198 Is it interesting?
Chapter 5199 Brutal Methods
Chapter 5200: Reciprocity
Chapter 5201 Human Race Traitor
Chapter 5202 A Tombstone
Chapter 5203: Hard to find traces
Chapter 5204 Reaching Cooperation
Chapter 5205 Baili Family
Chapter 5206: Don’t want to do anything
Chapter 5207: Beyond Expectation
Chapter 5208 The God King of the Three Realms
Chapter 5209 The Biggest Fear
Chapter 5210 Chic Days
Chapter 5211: Don’t want to ascend
Chapter 5212 Huge Statue
Chapter 5213 One of the Four Kings
Chapter 5214 The Betrayal
Chapter 5215: True and False Fang Yu
Chapter 5216 The Stars in the Sea
Chapter 5217 The Biggest Ruins
Chapter 5218 It turns out to be you
Chapter 5219: Difficult to Decide on Position
Chapter 5220 Greenhouse Flowers
Chapter 5221 Fighting Side by Side
Chapter 5222: The Arrival of the Gods
Chapter 5223 Great changes in Nandu
Chapter 5224 Just an accident
Chapter 5225 The King of Illusion
Chapter 5226: Great Benefits
Chapter 5227 The Art of Thousand Illusions
Chapter 5228: Something went wrong
Chapter 5229: The End of Human Race
Chapter 5230: Internal and external troubles
Chapter 5231: Don’t feel guilty
Chapter 5232 I believe you
Chapter 5233 Bei Ao Sword Valley
Chapter 5234 Why fight the enemy?
Chapter 5235: The Pure Sword Intent
Chapter 5236 The Power of Death Omen
Chapter 5237 Allies ask for help
Chapter 5238 No benefit
Chapter 5239: Trampling on Dignity
Chapter 5240 I can’t hold myself any longer
Chapter 5241 Begging for mercy
Chapter 5242 The Ancient Fairy Tree
Chapter 5243 Waiting for you
Chapter 5244: Helping each other
Chapter 5245: Breaking Inside
Chapter 5246 Starry Eyes Peering into the Sky
Chapter 5247 Looking for Fang Yu
Chapter 5248 Go in person
Chapter 5249 Where the God King is
Chapter 5250 Direct Lineage of the Gods
Chapter 5251: Infiltration Begins
Chapter 5252 The Source of Fear
Chapter 5253 Where it comes from
Chapter 5254: Be pragmatic
Chapter 5255 Weird Ancient Tomb
Chapter 5256 The coffin is missing
Chapter 5257 Something’s not right
Chapter 5258 It’s over now
Chapter 5259 The Supreme Law
Chapter 5260 The Power of Yang Zun
Chapter 5261 I am a demon
Chapter 5262 Absolute Confidence
Chapter 5263: Mutual Suppression
Chapter 5264: The Holy Yang Body
Chapter 5265 See the world
Chapter 5266 The third level of law
Chapter 5267 High-end battlefield
Chapter 5268 Core Information
Chapter 5269 Destroy yourself
Chapter 5270 Double Suppression
Chapter 5271: Find the way for me
Chapter 5272 Terrifying Creatures
Chapter 5273: The Remnants of the Demon Race
Chapter 5274 Killing Hope
Chapter 5275 Not worth mentioning
Chapter 5276 The Mark of the Ancestor
Chapter 5277 He is the ancestor
Chapter 5278 Princess Qianqian
Chapter 5279 Fighting Side by Side
Chapter 5280 His name is Fang Yu
Chapter 5281: Cooperation between the inside and the outside
Chapter 5282 The Demon-Suppressing God Tower
Chapter 5283 The Wrath of the God King
Chapter 5284 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 5285 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 5286 Easily
Chapter 5287: One against many
Chapter 5288: The Art of Falling from Heaven
Chapter 5289: Hard to Limit
Chapter 5290 Strength wins
Chapter 5291 The Lord of Death Signs
Chapter 5292 Conflict of Wills
Chapter 5293: Self-destruction of eight thousand
Chapter 5294 The last time
Chapter 5295: Dying for You
Chapter 5296: Bearing Responsibility
Chapter 5297 Hidden in the air
Chapter 5298 The Biggest Weakness
Chapter 5299 You are everything
Chapter 5300: Let go
Chapter 5301 The Mysterious Tower
Chapter 5302: Violent Induction
Chapter 5303: Descendants of Dragon and Phoenix
Chapter 5304 The Ultimate Origin
Chapter 5305 The Hammer of Death
Chapter 5306 Lingyun Clan
Chapter 5307 The Shadow of the Dragon
Chapter 5308: Beat the dog behind closed doors
Chapter 5309 You are a role model
Chapter 5310 Space Isolation
Chapter 5311 The ultimate provocation
Chapter 5312 Come if you have the guts
Chapter 5313 It’s great to have you
Chapter 5314: Nothin’
Chapter 5315: Defeat Each One
Chapter 5316 My name is Fang Ling
Chapter 5317: Bad relationship
Chapter 5318: An act of frustration
Chapter 5319 Ruthless and unjust
Chapter 5320: Holy Court Goal
Chapter 5321 The Mysterious Place
Chapter 5322 Underground inheritance
Chapter 5323 Return to the Far North
Chapter 5324 Emperor Zhuogu
Chapter 5325 Terrifying Strength
Chapter 5326: Get everything and ask for it
Chapter 5327: Don’t go deep
Chapter 5328 What does it mean?
Chapter 5329: The Power of the Ancestor
Chapter 5330: The Law of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 5331: What can you do?
Chapter 5332: Advance as retreat
Chapter 5333 The Art of Finality
Chapter 5334 Full Awakening
Chapter 5335 Destroy everything
Chapter 5336: Moths Fly into the Flame
Chapter 5337 Special Form
Chapter 5338: A state of despair
Chapter 5339 The Form of Heaven
Chapter 5340: In times of crisis
Chapter 5341: Unstoppable
Chapter 5342 Dots of Stars
Chapter 5343 There is finally a chance of survival
Chapter 5344 The real gap
Chapter 5345 Defeat Zhuo Gu
Chapter 5346: Cage Replacement
Chapter 5347 So fearful
Chapter 5348 Secret Mark
Chapter 5349 I can help
Chapter 5350 Direct clues
Chapter 5351 Generous Rewards
Chapter 5352 Mysterious Stone Tablet
Chapter 5353 The sense of illusion
Chapter 5354 A pair of brothers
Chapter 5355 Whose memory
Chapter 5356 The Shadow of the Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 5357: Fighting Cause and Effect
Chapter 5358 Unsolved doubts
Chapter 5359 Endless Torture
Chapter 5360 How to thank me
Chapter 5361 Solving the problem
Chapter 5363 A Transaction
Chapter 5364: Jie Tian Stone
Chapter 5365 Hidden Stars
Chapter 5366: Reluctant to say goodbye
Chapter 5367 Taiyin Forbidden Zone
Chapter 5368 Taiyin Immortal Ancestor
Chapter 5369 The Seal of Swallowing the Sky
Chapter 5370 In the clouds and mist
Chapter 5371 Return of the Immortal Ancestor
Chapter 5372 The Land of Chaos
Chapter 5373 The Sky-Eating Giant Spirit
Chapter 5374: The road is cut off
Chapter 5375 The Origin of Immortal Court
Chapter 5376 A ruthless man
Chapter 5377: Plundering Luck
Chapter 5378: Inheritance in vain
Chapter 5379 The requirements are too high
Chapter 5380: War between Two Clans
Chapter 5381 The fishermans profit
Chapter 5382 The time has come
Chapter 5383 Its Obligatory
Chapter 5384 Testing each other
Chapter 5385: Reason not to fight
Chapter 5386 Special Target
Chapter 5387 No choice
Chapter 5388 Searching for Fang Yu
Chapter 5389 Breaking into the Clan
Chapter 5390: Destruction of the Gods
Chapter 5391 The target is not him
Chapter 5392 The end is coming
Chapter 5393: Human and Demon in One Body
Chapter 5394 The God Star Shines
Chapter 5395: Ignoring Shinto
Chapter 5396: Suppressing the Whole Clan
Chapter 5397 You work so hard
Chapter 5398: Kill without mercy
Chapter 5399 Four Star Pegasus
Chapter 5400 Youre not good at it
Chapter 5401: Breaking the Golden Armor
Chapter 5402: Not strong enough
Chapter 5403 It has to be you
Chapter 5404 The Death of the Three Lords
Chapter 5405 The Day of Destruction
Chapter 5406 Internal Worries
Chapter 5407: How to Survive
Chapter 5408: Incomprehensible
Chapter 5409: Give you relief
Chapter 5410 Sensation throughout the region
Chapter 5411: Made a great contribution
Chapter 5412 Suppressing Eternity
Chapter 5413: Seizing the Avenue
Chapter 5414 The Five Precepts
Chapter 5415: The great clan will be destroyed
Chapter 5416 The only chance
Chapter 5417: Kill easily
Chapter 5418 Mysterious Blow
Chapter 5419: In trouble
Chapter 5420: The power of a curse from heaven
Chapter 5421 No way to go
Chapter 5422 Complete Collapse
Chapter 5423 Never give in
Chapter 5424: Divine Punishment Arrives
Chapter 5425: The Master of the Immortal Realm
Chapter 5426: Rebuilding Order
Chapter 5427 The Mystery of Human Race
Chapter 5428: Cant stay any longer
Chapter 5429 Dont dare to make unreasonable opinions
Chapter 5430 Cursed Emperor Rahu
Chapter 5431: Dao Immortal Sect
Chapter 5432: Dont say too much
Chapter 5433: The mystery of the familys destruction
Chapter 5434 Fatal Leak
Chapter 5435 The Shame of the Immortal Sect
Chapter 5436 The liquidation begins
Chapter 5437 Minority Group
Chapter 5438 I am qualified
Chapter 5439: Stronger than the Heavenly Palace
Chapter 5440: Good relationship
Chapter 5441 Its hard to see me
Chapter 5442 Double Happiness
Chapter 5443: Captured without mercy
Chapter 5444 Watchdog
Chapter 5445 Whats wrong?
Chapter 5446 Just want to survive
Chapter 5447 The location of the Curse Palace
Chapter 5448 Meeting Luo Hu
Chapter 5449 Unplanned
Chapter 5450 The new human race
Chapter 5451 I am the protector
Chapter 5452: All are pawns
Chapter 5453 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 5454 Reappearance of the Imperial Art
Chapter 5455: Sneak attack in person
Chapter 5456 The Strongest Spell
Chapter 5457: One punch, two uses
Chapter 5458: The person who changed his path
Chapter 5459: Collapse of the World with One Punch
Chapter 5460 Doomed to Failure
Chapter 5461: Little is known
Chapter 5462 Your Ending
Chapter 5463: Chasing Luo Hu
Chapter 5464: Buried Together
Chapter 5465 Bloodline Curse Killing
Chapter 5466 I will fight in
Chapter 5467 Breaking the Restriction
Chapter 5468 One finger is enough
Chapter 5469: Shocked
Chapter 5470: Not familiar with him
Chapter 5471: No garbage collection
Chapter 5472 The Ultimate Killing
Chapter 5473: The power of the whole family
Chapter 5474 No confidence
Chapter 5475: Sparing no effort
Chapter 5476: Crush a Realm
Chapter 5477: Fight to the death
Chapter 5478: Clan versus Clan
Chapter 5479 The remaining human race
Chapter 5480 Divine Immortal Realm
Chapter 5481 Intolerable
Chapter 5482 The Sea of Illusion
Chapter 5483 The Source of Doom
Chapter 5484 Jump out of it
Chapter 5485 Eradication as soon as possible
Chapter 5486 Many Rumors
Chapter 5487: Autophagy of the same race
Chapter 5488: Do me a favor
Chapter 5489 Lets go in together
Chapter 5490 Just nutrients
Chapter 5491: Extremely Senior
Chapter 5492: The Order of the Prince
Chapter 5493 I am more pure
Chapter 5494: Recognizing Seniority
Chapter 5495: So what?
Chapter 5496: Inciting rebellion against the prince
Chapter 5497 The Best Opportunity
Chapter 5498 Action Plan
Chapter 5499: The World-Destroying Dragon
Chapter 5500 The Fist of the Ancestors
Chapter 5501: Reshaping the World
Chapter 5502 The Breath of Destruction
Chapter 5503: Immortal Blood Jade
Chapter 5504: Revealing the True Body
Chapter 5505 The Strongest Suppression
Chapter 5506 The Eye of Destruction
Chapter 5507: Burning Bloodline
Chapter 5508: Darkness Spreads
Chapter 5509 All trump cards revealed
Chapter 5510: Complete Crush
Chapter 5511 No response
Chapter 5512 The risk is extremely high
Chapter 5513 The New Emperor of the Dragon Clan
Chapter 5514 Where the Demons Are
Chapter 5515 Dark under the lamp
Chapter 5516 The Sea of Heart
Chapter 5517: Three Demons
Chapter 5518 The Power of the Ancestor
Chapter 5519 Unshakable
Chapter 5520: Helpless
Chapter 5521 The only way out
Chapter 5522 Many Disagreements
Chapter 5523: Structure of the Gods
Chapter 5524: Control everything
Chapter 5525 Demonic Treasure
Chapter 5526: Demon Emperor
Chapter 5527: Mutual Understanding
Chapter 5528 The only major lineage
Chapter 5529 Death of the God King
Chapter 5530: Exposed
Chapter 5531: They are all beasts
Chapter 5532 Murder Order
Chapter 5533: Shared Hatred and Enemy
Chapter 5534 No loss
Chapter 5535 Cannot be copied
Chapter 5536: The Weapon of Killing People
Chapter 5537 The bottleneck of the entire clan
Chapter 5538: Take the initiative to seek change
Chapter 5539 I will exterminate the clan
Chapter 5540 No matter the cost
Chapter 5541: The power of the whole family
Chapter 5542 All living beings are equal
Chapter 5543 The human race deserves to die
Chapter 5544 The Mysterious Law
Chapter 5545 The Source of All Evil
Chapter 5546: Separating the Bloodline
Chapter 5547: Hand over the treasure
Chapter 5548: Not worthy of it
Chapter 5549: Impeccable
Chapter 5550 Unplanned
Chapter 5551 Let me try
Chapter 5552: Surrender yourself
Chapter 5553: The Bereaved Dog
Chapter 5554: I sympathize
Chapter 5555: In a good mood
Chapter 5556 The Shadow of the Emperor
Chapter 5557 I dont care
Chapter 5558 Two Tests
Chapter 5559: Reaching the End
Chapter 5560 Im not as good as her
Chapter 5561: Divine Apocalypse
Chapter 5562 Nine Finger Fairy Mountain
Chapter 5563 The Mysterious Island Owner
Chapter 5564 I can recommend
Chapter 5565: Different
Chapter 5566: The Arrival of the Gods
Chapter 5567: Trapped in a Cage
Chapter 5568 Confirming Identity
Chapter 5569 Role reversal
Chapter 5570 His name is Fang Yu
Chapter 5571 God-level wanted order
Chapter 5572 Transformation Begins
Chapter 5573 Finally meeting
Chapter 5574 I miss you very much
Chapter 5575 Lets talk about business
Chapter 5576 Let him come again
Chapter 5577 Demon Clan Chaos
Chapter 5578: Heartthrob
Chapter 5579 The Immortal World is Shocked
Chapter 5580: Liquidating the Human Race
Chapter 5581 Its not a trivial matter
Chapter 5582 Something bad happened
Chapter 5583 You are famous
Chapter 5584 I have a showdown
Chapter 5585 Together forever
Chapter 5586 Taking advantage
Chapter 5587 The Return of the Ancestor
Chapter 5588: Reviving the Demon Clan
Chapter 5589: Difficult to Enter
Chapter 5590: The Bottom of the God Clan
Chapter 5591: Sneaking into the God Realm
Chapter 5592 The God King Arrives
Chapter 5593 Just cannon fodder
Chapter 5594: Prophet of the Gods
Chapter 5595: Do you want to die?
Chapter 5596 Taiyuan Lineage
Chapter 5597 Who is blocking
Chapter 5598: Fate is unpredictable
Chapter 5599 Send him away
Chapter 5600: The trouble is even bigger
Chapter 5601 Not within the bounds
Chapter 5602 The sooner the better
Chapter 5603: Tear the opening
Chapter 5604 Difficult Mission
Chapter 5605: Take care of yourself
Chapter 5606 Tang Yu appears
Chapter 5607: Deep in the Netherland
Chapter 5608 The Death of God of Calculation
Chapter 5609 Total Blockade
Chapter 5610 The God King of the Five Domains
Chapter 5611 Died once
Chapter 5612: No way out
Chapter 5613: Violating Nilin
Chapter 5614: Despair
Chapter 5615: Defeat the collapse first
Chapter 5616 The Best Combination
Chapter 5617 The Secrets of the Gods
Chapter 5618 Descendants of Taishi
Chapter 5619 The Wrath of the First Demon
Chapter 5620: Unbelievable
Chapter 5621 The Beginning of Decline
Chapter 5622 Immortality
Chapter 5623 The Final Problem
Chapter 5624: Come and slay
Chapter 5625 Bloodline Fear
Chapter 5626: The Wrath of the First Demon
Chapter 5627 Absolute Suppression
Chapter 5628: Hard to break the situation
Chapter 5629 The best time
Chapter 5630: Determined to Kill
Chapter 5631 The Eye of Death
Chapter 5632 Absolute Advantage
Chapter 5633: Your family is gone
Chapter 5634: Victory without a fight
Chapter 5635 The arrival of the God King
Chapter 5636: Worldly different
Chapter 5637 The Power of the Supreme
Chapter 5638 The Return of the First Demon
Chapter 5639 I dare to kill him
Chapter 5640: Demonic nature
Chapter 5641: Shinto List
Chapter 5642: Four Ancient Tribes
Chapter 5643: Hate the weak
Chapter 5644 Its better to be weaker
Chapter 5645: Invitation from Bei Prison
Chapter 5646 Irregularities
Chapter 5647 Dao Tu Emperor
Chapter 5648 The Mysterious Prisoner
Chapter 5649: The Sin Is Unforgivable
Chapter 5650: Shocking Identity
Chapter 5651 The Biggest Puzzle
Chapter 5652 It belongs to me
Chapter 5653: God Cultivation Technique
Chapter 5654 The Immortal Origin and Destruction
Chapter 5655 A mark
Chapter 5656 Bloodline Tempering
Chapter 5657 The God Kings Gather
Chapter 5658 Leaving North Prison
Chapter 5659: Whimsical
Chapter 5660: God's Cup Change
Chapter 5661: Leading out the true self
Chapter 5662 I surrender
Chapter 5663 The Supreme Divine Way
Chapter 5664 What strength
Chapter 5665 The Biggest Secret
Chapter 5666 I am a precedent
Chapter 5667 This is betrayal
Chapter 5668 Give you a chance
Chapter 5669: Cant Help
Chapter 5670 Lost Contact
Chapter 5671 The only clue
Chapter 5672: Sign of death again
Chapter 5673 I will pay with my life
Chapter 5674: Lighting the Flame of War
Chapter 5675 Im better at it
Chapter 5676 Feiyu Fairyland
Chapter 5677 A rare spectacle
Chapter 5678 Native Bloodline
Chapter 5679 Mysterious Stone Tablet
Chapter 5680: One after another
Chapter 5681 The Star-Ringing Tower
Chapter 5682 The evil of the five turbidities
Chapter 5683 Please enter the urn
Chapter 5684: No way to go
Chapter 5685 The only goal
Chapter 5686 I have the final say
Chapter 5687: Exchanging identities
Chapter 5688 The Biggest Treasure
Chapter 5689: Breaking down the prison
Chapter 5690 The Evil Spirit Appears
Chapter 5691 Primitive Fighting
Chapter 5692 A great gift
Chapter 5693: Take action personally
Chapter 5694 Three Speculations
Chapter 5695 The gods come to help
Chapter 5696 It’s time to show up
Chapter 5697: Fighting head-on
Chapter 5698: Come prepared
Chapter 5699 Eternal Sky Shield
Chapter 5700: Obliterate with one thought
Chapter 5701: Destroy his lair
Chapter 5702 Fear Comes
Chapter 5703 The Chief of the Divine Prison
Chapter 5704 Double Happiness
Chapter 5705 Worthless
Chapter 5706 The Way to Eternal Life
Chapter 5707 Divine Phoenix Induction
Chapter 5708 Emperor Yuxiao
Chapter 5709: The Inheritance of the Imperial Way
Chapter 5710: Not an Enemy
Chapter 5711 Emergency Order
Chapter 5712: Finding out Fang Yu
Chapter 5713 The Law of Nirvana
Chapter 5714 The Mysterious Pavilion
Chapter 5715 On the eighth floor
Chapter 5716: Finding the Truth
Chapter 5717 Lun Tian Demon Ancestor
Chapter 5718 The situation is not good
Chapter 5719: The Bottom Line of the Gods
Chapter 5720: Balance of Interests
Chapter 5721 The Nine Steps of the Supreme
Chapter 5722 Return to the Demon Clan
Chapter 5723 Grand Scene
Chapter 5724: Gathering of strong men
Chapter 5725: The Extremely Rebellious Lineage
Chapter 5726: The Power of the Gods
Chapter 5727 The First Thief
Chapter 5728 The Eight God Kings
Chapter 5729 The scene is out of control
Chapter 5730 God from Heaven
Chapter 5731 The opportunity has come
Chapter 5732: The Lord of Heavenly Eyes
Chapter 5733 Farewell to an old friend
Chapter 5734 Old friends meet
Chapter 5735 Mirror of Truth
Chapter 5736: No way to survive
Chapter 5737 Too Perfect
Chapter 5738 The Origin of the Gods
Chapter 5739: The Law of Heavenly Eyes
Chapter 5740: How to Fight the Enemy
Chapter 5741 News from the Ancient Territory
Chapter 5742 The mysterious visitor
Chapter 5743 Prisoner of the Western Prison
Chapter 5744 Don’t get me wrong
Chapter 5745: Controlling the Immortal Realm
Chapter 5746: Public Opinion Rising
Chapter 5747 This is an opportunity
Chapter 5748 Not Qualified
Chapter 5749 Time Tunnel
Chapter 5750 Disappointment
Chapter 5751 The only key
Chapter 5752 A huge price
Chapter 5753 Back to the past
Chapter 5754: Let’s run away first
Chapter 5755 Two Major Alliances
Chapter 5756: Brothers of the same origin
Chapter 5757 Hell on Earth
Chapter 5758 Immortal Immortal Realm
Chapter 5759 Chaotian Sacred Mountain
Chapter 5760 Dao Alliance Conference
Chapter 5761: Self-interest
Chapter 5762: Apologize in person
Chapter 5763 I don’t understand
Chapter 5764 Who dares to stop me?
Chapter 5765: Crusade against Immortal Court
Chapter 5766 Human Race Cangchen
Chapter 5767 Xia Yuanhao
Chapter 5768 The Stars in the Sea
Chapter 5769: Disagreement between the Tianmeng
Chapter 5770 The Peak Supreme
Chapter 5771 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 5772 The war begins
Chapter 5773 The battle situation reverses
Chapter 5774 Breaking the situation from outside
Chapter 5775 Dao Heart Broken
Chapter 5776 Dao Alliance Apologizes
Chapter 5777: Master of Ten Thousand Lords
Chapter 5778 The Order of the Alliance Leader
Chapter 5779 Three Followers
Chapter 5780: Return to one sect
Chapter 5781 The Light of Human Race
Chapter 5782 Unspeakable
Chapter 5783 Laws of Nature
Chapter 5784: No more interference
Chapter 5785: Huge Gap
Chapter 5786 Self-Weakening
Chapter 5787: Fate is inevitable
Chapter 5788 Bloodline Invasion
Chapter 5789 That Power
Chapter 5790: Murderous Intent Soaring to Heaven
Chapter 5791: Falling into a dead situation
Chapter 5792 No one survives
Chapter 5793 Familiar Faces
Chapter 5794: The End of the Crossbow
Chapter 5795: Enlightenment in Battle
Chapter 5796: The Power of the Imperial Weapon
Chapter 5797: Personal Execution
Chapter 5798 The Way to Death
Chapter 5799 The Supreme Star Territory
Chapter 5800 Broken String
Chapter 5801: For the Human Race
Chapter 5802: A Bright Life
Chapter 5803 The beginning of darkness
Chapter 5804: Location Exposed
Chapter 5805 Back to the past
Chapter 5806: Run away first
Chapter 5807 Two Major Alliances
Chapter 5808: Brothers of the same origin
Chapter 5809 Hell on Earth
Chapter 5810 Immortal Immortal Realm
Chapter 5811 Chaotian Sacred Mountain
Chapter 5812 Dao Alliance Conference
Chapter 5813: Self-interest
Chapter 5814: Apologize in person
Chapter 5815 I don’t understand
Chapter 5816 Who dares to stop me?
Chapter 5817: Crusade against Immortal Court
Chapter 5818 Human Cangchen
Chapter 5819 Xia Yuanhao
Chapter 5820: Stars in the Sea
Chapter 5821: Disagreement between the Tianmeng
Chapter 5822: Peak Supreme
Chapter 5823 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 5824 The war begins
Chapter 5825 The battle situation reverses
Chapter 5826 Breaking the situation from the outside
Chapter 5827: Dao Heart Broken
Chapter 5828: Taoist Alliance Apologizes
Chapter 5829: Master of Ten Thousand Lords
Chapter 5830 The Order of the Alliance Leader
Chapter 5831 Three Followers
Chapter 5832: Return to one sect
Chapter 5833 The Light of Human Race
Chapter 5834 Unspeakable
Chapter 5835 Laws of Nature
Chapter 5836 No more interference
Chapter 5837: Huge Gap
Chapter 5838 Self-weakening
Chapter 5839: Fate is inevitable
Chapter 5840 Bloodline Invasion
Chapter 5841: That Power
Chapter 5842: Murderous Intent Soaring to Heaven
Chapter 5843: Falling into a dead situation
Chapter 5844 No one survives
Chapter 5845 Familiar Faces
Chapter 5846: The End of the Crossbow
Chapter 5847: Enlightenment in Battle
Chapter 5848 The Power of the Imperial Weapon
Chapter 5849: Personal Execution
Chapter 5850: The Way to Death
Chapter 5851 The Supreme Star Territory
Chapter 5852 Broken String
Chapter 5853: For the Human Race
Chapter 5854: A Bright Life
Chapter 5855 The beginning of darkness
Chapter 5856: Location Exposed
Chapter 5857 Who is the prey?
Chapter 5858 Historical Cycle
Chapter 5859 Eternity
Chapter 5860: Hidden Things
Chapter 5861 Unforgiven
Chapter 5862 The Final Judgment
Chapter 5815: No Looking Back
Chapter 5816 Testing the bottom line
Chapter 5817 The Mysterious Forbidden Zone
Chapter 5818 Give you a chance
Chapter 5819: Violence is hard to calm down
Chapter 5820 He is very important
Chapter 5821: Place of Execution
Chapter 5822: Arrogant
Chapter 5823 Why not?
Chapter 5824 Highly Demonized
Chapter 5825 Who is snooping?
Chapter 5826: Emerged from the sky
Chapter 5827 Who wants to perish?
Chapter 5828: Crush the World
Chapter 5829: All execution
Chapter 5830: A coward
Chapter 5831: Battle in the Prison
Chapter 5832 Six-Feathered Flying Immortal
Chapter 5833: Physical cultivation of dignity
Chapter 5834: Legendary School
Chapter 5835 The Strongest in History
Chapter 5836 You are not pure
Chapter 5837: A full punch
Chapter 5838 Breaking Perception
Chapter 5839 Special School
Chapter 5840 The Secret of Eastern Prison
Chapter 5841 The key thing
Chapter 5842 We can only join forces
Chapter 5843: Entering the Eastern Prison Again
Chapter 5844 This is revenge
Chapter 5845: Meeting of the Three Realms
Chapter 5846: Deep Brotherly Love
Chapter 5847 The Mysterious Prisoner
Chapter 5848 The King of Intelligence
Chapter 5849 Immortal Dao List
Chapter 5850: Crusade against the Alliance
Chapter 5851: Extermination of the Human Race
Chapter 5852 The location of the divine prison
Chapter 5853: Moment of Crisis
Chapter 5854 Eternal Sky God Realm
Chapter 5855 The Four Great Veins
Chapter 5856: The Nature of Demons
Chapter 5857: Chilling
Chapter 5858 The Great Way to Kill the Gods
Chapter 5859: Dead lips and cold teeth
Chapter 5860 The Power of a Sword
Chapter 5861 The Wrath of the Gods
Chapter 5862 The Ultimate Confrontation
Chapter 5863 Awakening too late
Chapter 5864: No close contact
Chapter 5865 The bloody nature of the gods
Chapter 5866: A heart-breaking act
Chapter 5867 The Scythe of Divine Judgment
Chapter 5868 The Supreme Artifact
Chapter 5869: Unpredictable
Chapter 5870 Heavenly Sword Rain
Chapter 5871 Oshiiri Kamigou
Chapter 5872 The Law of Absolute Killing
Chapter 5873 Three Giant Mountains
Chapter 5874 The Primitive Gods
Chapter 5875: Eternal Perdition
Chapter 5876: Avenue Bell
Chapter 5877 Prisoner of the Divine Prison
Chapter 5878 The Final Judgment
Chapter 5879 The death knell rings
Chapter 5880: Crusade against the Gods
Chapter 5881 The terrifying beast
Chapter 5882 Battle of Sword Beasts
Chapter 5883 The end of the road
Chapter 5884 Cause and effect cycle
Chapter 5885 The building will collapse
Chapter 5886: Difference in Strength
Chapter 5887 The Three Emperors of Shenting
Chapter 5888 The chance of winning is zero
Chapter 5889 Unshakable
Chapter 5890 Complete inheritance
Chapter 5891: Chaos in the Immortal World
Chapter 5892: The Power of Southern Prison
Chapter 5893: Crossing the Boundary
Chapter 5894: Reincarnation on Death Row
Chapter 5895 Traitor in Prison
Chapter 5896: Shock in Southern Prison
Chapter 5897 Challenge the Rules
Chapter 5898 Zhan Nan Emperor
Chapter 5899: Just a Mortal
Chapter 5900 Absolute Defense
Chapter 5901 Plane Tool
Chapter 5902: Opportunity to break the situation
Chapter 5903 More than enough
Chapter 5904: Breaking the South Prison
Chapter 5905: Obtaining the Treasure Again
Chapter 5906 Just a plaything
Chapter 5907 The difference
Chapter 5908: Nothing
Chapter 5909 Its gradually becoming clear
Chapter 5910 Breaking the upper limit
Chapter 5911 Yin Devouring Valley
Chapter 5912: Weird Forbidden Zone
Chapter 5913 Maximum Value
Chapter 5914 The Breath of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 5915 Mysterious Existence
Chapter 5916 The Ninth Life is Perfect
Chapter 5917 Suspicious Identity
Chapter 5918: Re-entering the Ancient Realm
Chapter 5919 Cruel Reality
Chapter 5920: The long night is hard to see
Chapter 5921 The real situation
Chapter 5922: Its hard to move even an inch
Chapter 5923 Difficult Choice
Chapter 5924: Going out in person
Chapter 5925 The only light
Chapter 5926: Only worthy of being a slave
Chapter 5927: The Power of the Great Avenue
Chapter 5928 Fatal Weakness
Chapter 5929 Easily Win
Chapter 5930: The enemy is at hand
Chapter 5931: Intelligence leaked
Chapter 5932: Making a sound in the east and attacking in the west
Chapter 5933 The greatest despair
Chapter 5934: Uncovering the Traitor
Chapter 5935 The Darkest Choice
Chapter 5936: Cutting out the roots
Chapter 5937 The real purpose
Chapter 5938 The Final Battle
Chapter 5939: One move missed
Chapter 5940: Invincible Appearance
Chapter 5941: Dong Yu takes action
Chapter 5942 Final Judgment
Chapter 5943: Zhu Jiuyins Wrath
Chapter 5944 The Peak of the Eighth Life
Chapter 5945 Whose luck?
Chapter 5946 The ultimate method
Chapter 5947 Beyond Cognition
Chapter 5948 Doesnt Belong to You
Chapter 5949: Blow out the pupils
Chapter 5950: Where the trump card lies
Chapter 5951 Blood Extreme Form
Chapter 5952: Find the flaw
Chapter 5953: Return to original form
Chapter 5954 The end of the road
Chapter 5955 Forced Reincarnation
Chapter 5956 True Relationship
Chapter 5957: Killing the Ninth World Body
Chapter 5958: Forcibly Swallowed
Chapter 5959: Realm skyrockets
Chapter 5960: From Human to God
Chapter 5961 Complete Bloodline
Chapter 5962 Close to the truth
Chapter 5963: Great things can be expected
Chapter 5964 The Return of the Emperors
Chapter 5965 Contact with the Celestial Clan
Chapter 5966 The Intention of the Rich Family
Chapter 5967 The future is promising
Chapter 5968: Bloodline Is Respected
Chapter 5969 You are a role model
Chapter 5970 The human race has no emperor
Chapter 5971: One Emperor for Eternity
Chapter 5972 Dont work together
Chapter 5973 Above the Divine Court
Chapter 5974: Worthless
Chapter 5975 Bloodline Purification
Chapter 5976 Under the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 5977 The Battle of the Ancestors
Chapter 5978: Good for me
Chapter 5979 An Era
Chapter 5980 Destroy the Shinto
Chapter 5981: Unable to Ease
Chapter 5982 The time is coming
Chapter 5983: The Defeated General
Chapter 5984: Common Enemy
Chapter 5985: No moral ethics
Chapter 5986 The mysterious shadow in the Immortal Courtyard
Chapter 5987: The Limit of the Treasure
Chapter 5988 White lies
Chapter 5989: Monster Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 5990: Entering the Demon Realm
Chapter 5991 Shadow of Disgust
Chapter 5992: Stop showing off your embarrassment
Chapter 5993 Confronting the Demon Emperor
Chapter 5994 The plan has changed
Chapter 5995 The Wrath of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 5996 Dangerous Situation
Chapter 5997 Dont interfere
Chapter 5998 The ending is decided
Chapter 5999: Join forces to kill
Chapter 6000: The Weapon Against Heaven
Chapter 6001 Unprecedented
Chapter 6002 Subverting Everything
Chapter 6003: Strange inheritance
Chapter 6004 The Body of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 6005: Burial Ground
Chapter 6006: Falling out with you
Chapter 6007: The Ancient Forbidden Zone
Chapter 6008 The mysterious giant shadow
Chapter 6009: Going deep into the restricted area
Chapter 6010 The inheritance of the true god
Chapter 6011 Infinite Time Domain
Chapter 6012 Human Body Cultivation
Chapter 6013 Special Status
Chapter 6014: In the blood-sealed coffin
Chapter 6015 God no longer exists
Chapter 6016 The Emperors Coffin Appears
Chapter 6017: The Position of the Emperor's Son
Chapter 6018 Mysterious Stream
Chapter 6019 No end in sight
Chapter 6020: I miss you so much
Chapter 6022: Feeding the Divine Lotus