Chapter 5984: Common Enemy

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"Intended to cooperate..." Kongji's expression changed and he said, "In other words, neither of the two ancestors actually want to continue fighting?"

"At first, they may want to decide the winner." The Pavilion Master said solemnly, "However, when they reach a deadlock, they will naturally realize that if the fight continues like this, the winner will not be either of them, but only

It’s a third party.”

"Fang Yu is a human monk. There is already hatred between him and Wan Dao First Demon. If Wan Dao First Demon is killed, it will be regarded as getting rid of a big enemy for him." Kongji's eyes flickered and he said, "But for

Rather than letting us benefit from it, he would rather help Wandao Shimo..."

"But if he does this, isn't he afraid that he won't be able to get out?"

"For now, Wan Dao Shimo and Fang Yu are a community of interests, and their goals... are all us." The Pavilion Master's voice was a little dull, and he raised his hand, "Furthermore, since Fang Yu has chosen to jump out, he will naturally do a good job.

If you have a plan to deal with it, do you think he can get to where he is today without having that little wisdom?"


The magic ball wrapped in countless law patterns in front of him dissipated.

"Pavilion Master, how should we deal with this current situation?" Kongji asked.

"Inform all the gods and emperors of the situation truthfully." the pavilion master replied.

"Yes." Kong Ji said, and was about to turn around and leave, but stopped again.

"Pavilion Master, in fact, if we, the Supreme God Clan, want to kill the First Demon of Ten Thousand Daos... we don't have to do it under such a premise of having the upper hand, right?"

"Since all the God Emperors are interested in taking action, we might as well let them go directly..."

"Standing too high or sitting too firmly, the field of vision will be easily obscured by clouds and fog, making it difficult to see the current situation clearly." The pavilion master looked at Kongji and said, "Do you think a strong man at the level of the ancestor can be easily killed?


"After all, they have been suppressed or sealed for many years, and their strength is no longer what it used to be." Kongji replied.

"It is true that they are not as good as the peak, and it is impossible to return to the peak state." The Pavilion Master said, "But this does not mean... that they can be killed easily."

"Kong Ji, you are the deputy master of the Mysterious Pavilion. You should not have said such ambiguous words."

"The original intention of Emperor Taishi in establishing the Mystic Pavilion was to allow us to serve as the eyes and ears of the Supreme God Clan. We must always remain calm and rational."

Kong Ji's expression changed, he immediately lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry.

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, Pavilion Master, I just..."

"How to kill the First Demon of Ten Thousand Daos has been set in the previous Shenting Conference." The Pavilion Master said, "We have to choose the least costly way to kill it, so we can only wait for the opportunity."

"Unless the next time the Divine Court convenes a general meeting, it is deemed that it is imperative to get rid of the Ten Thousand Dao Beginning Demons at all costs... By that time, we can formulate a plan to quickly kill the Ten Thousand Dao Beginning Demons."

"Everything is based on the Divine Court, do you understand?"

"Yes, Pavilion Master." Kong Ji said, cupping his fists.

Eight Immortal Realms.

After the supreme gods were withdrawn, the entire fairyland began to collapse.

The galaxy is twisted, and everywhere you see are collapsing laws and shattered space debris.

Each twisted vortex formed a black hole full of suction force, absorbing the gravel dust of the broken realm.

"Boom boom boom..."

But at the same time, two figures were still traveling rapidly through the broken galaxy, one behind the other.

Not only is it fast, but it also carries extremely powerful power, causing this fairyland to become even more chaotic.

It is Wandao Shimo and Fang Yu!

Fang Yu raced all the way, increasing his speed to the extreme.

His goal is to lead the First Demon of Ten Thousand Daos to leave the Baxun Immortal Realm.

While he was running away, Fang Yu's consciousness was still controlling the little golden man on the other side.

"Boom boom boom..."

The battle between the Little Golden Man and Emperor Zhuogu continues.

Attack purely with physical strength combined with physical skills.

In this form, it is still difficult to have a 50-50 draw with Emperor Zhuogu.

However, Emperor Zhuogu did not seem to use all his strength, but his figure was constantly flashing and he continued to release the pressure of the Emperor's Law.

"Fang Yu..."

Emperor Zhuogu squinted his eyes and stared at the golden figure in front of him.



"Say, Mr. Zhuo Gu, you didn't expect me to appear in front of you in this way, did you?" Fang Yu said through the little golden man.

Emperor Zhuogu snorted coldly and said, "Don't think that I don't know who your target is."

"Oh? I'm already like this, isn't the goal clear enough?" Fang Yu said.

"It's nothing more than the Supreme God Clan." Emperor Zhuogu sneered, "Do you really think I don't know about the existence of the Supreme God?"

"From the first day I returned to the fairy world, I knew the situation in the fairy world."

Hearing this, Fang Yu's heart moved slightly.

He was really a little confused before. Could a powerful person like Emperor Zhuo Gu not sense that this fairyland was controlled by the Supreme Divine Dao?

Now it seems that the other party knows it well.

"In this case, you still want the ancient tribe to stay in the Baxun Immortal Realm?" Fang Yu asked, "It's not like what the old devil Wandao said is true, right? You have thick eyebrows and big eyes and want to seek refuge with the Supreme Being.


"Supreme Divine Way, I have my own means to destroy it." Emperor Zhuogu said with cold eyes, "Before I started, the First Demon of Ten Thousand Daos came to the fairyland where my ancient clan was, and wanted to destroy the entire fairyland.

All destroyed."

"What qualifications does he have to expel the ancient tribe?"

"Does he really think he still has the power to control all beings in the immortal world?"

"Well, after all, it's still a matter of face." Fang Yu said, "But I think you guys are still fighting more restrainedly. It seems... you all know what you are doing, and you know that if you continue to fight, you will only get a big advantage for the Supreme God Clan."

"You also have a chance to get a bargain." Emperor Zhuogu narrowed his eyes and said, "If you don't jump out, the battle between me and the First Demon of Ten Thousand Daos will continue, and in the end, you will also be able to benefit."

"But obviously, you feel that the threat to you from me and the First Demon of Wandao is not as good as the threat to you from the Supreme God Clan."

"That's why you jumped out and interrupted this battle."

Emperor Zhuogu's tone was very low.

Fang Yu listened and felt something in his heart.

Just as he thought, both Emperor Zhuogu and Wandao Shimo... were very aware of the current situation.

Because of this, the process of him taking the initiative to get angry was so

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So smooth.

These two ancestors... didn't want to continue fighting.

"Since everyone knows it well, let's just play it by chance. I'll withdraw first. Mr. Zhuo Gu, let's have tea together when we have time." Fang Yu said, and the little golden man also stopped attacking and retreated back.

But at this time, he felt the ultimate pressure and directly restrained him in place!


Sounds burst out from the surface of the little golden man's body.

"Haha, since you chose to jump out, why should I let you leave safely?" Emperor Zhuogu said with a cold smile, "After returning to the fairy world, my biggest target is still you."

"It's really good news for me that you can show up on your own initiative."

"Old man, I just did you a big favor, and now you turn your back on me?" Fang Yu said, "Besides, since you understand the current situation in the fairy world, you shouldn't put your biggest target on me, but on me.

They are the supreme gods."

"Think about it, what is the purpose of the Supreme God Clan letting the Supreme Divine Dao penetrate into all the fairy realms in the fairy world?"

"Isn't it just about controlling all living beings in the fairy world? There are no eggs left unbroken when the nest is overturned. Your ancient tribe is also part of the fairy world and you cannot stay out of it."

Fang Yu's story was, on the one hand, truthful. He was trying to draw Emperor Zhuogu into the hostile camp of the Supreme Gods. At least, he had to find out what Emperor Zhuogu's attitude was towards the Supreme Gods.

On the other hand, it is delaying time!

If Emperor Zhuogu really wants to force the Little Golden Man to stay, then his true self must get rid of the Ten Thousand Dao Beginning Demons, return here, integrate the Little Golden Man back into his body, and then fight with him!

Now divided into two sides, and both need to face an ancestor... For Fang Yu, the pressure is extremely great.

"The Supreme God Clan is indeed a formidable enemy." Emperor Zhuogu said, "But in the history of the plane, the peak clans will definitely change. And to this day, I am still in front of you."

"The top clansmen... don't dare to touch me easily!"

"Fuck you." Fang Yu said mercilessly, "How many years ago were you sealed in the ancestral star of the human race by our Heavenly Emperor? The top clans behind you don't even know whether you are dead or alive, so how can they touch you?


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