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My stand-in is Steve.

My stand-in is Steve.

author:Qiyue Youlan

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-20 03:55

Latest chapter:

Child, do you know what this is? Thanos raised his golden glove, and the six infinity stones flashed with pleated light: I will snap my fingers and you will turn into dust in the wind. Dad doesn’t believe it. Fang is wearing an infinity suit. Mo slowly shook his head,...

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《My stand-in is Steve.》The latest nine chapters
《My stand-in is Steve.》Chapter Contents
Prologue About my reincarnation as Steve?
Chapter 1 The most expensive integration package in history
Chapter 2 What is a hardcore MC old player?
Chapter 3 Welcome to the Marvel Universe
Chapter 4 I'm just a passing stand-in
Chapter 5: Astonishing Stark, Shoubi, Ethan Ethan
Chapter 6 Steve's Correct Usage for Newcomers
Chapter 7 The man richer than Iron Man
Chapter 8 He Gives Too Much
Chapter 9 Stronger Opponents
Chapter 10 Monster War
Chapter 11 New Module Download
Chapter Twelve: Why don't you take it?
Chapter 13 Don't let Africans watch when you draw cards
Chapter Fourteen What's the matter with you, hurry up and climb
Chapter 15 No... You call this an MC player?
Chapter 16 The Temptation to Go Home
Chapter 17 Return to the main world
Chapter 18 Selection of Mainline Modules
Chapter 19 Fang Mo's Lifetime Enemy
Chapter 20: Survive the original version overnight
Chapter 21 The Book of Links
Chapter 22 The hammer method that fell from the sky?
Chapter 23 What's for dinner tonight?
Chapter 24 Delivered
Chapter 25 More Alloys, More Brains
Chapter 26 Lao Tzu raised it
Chapter 27 Another Characteristic
Chapter 28 Thor Appears
Chapter twenty-ninth throat
Chapter 30 I'm thinking about shit
Chapter 31 The Worst God and the Weakest God
Chapter 32 Compare?
Chapter Thirty-Three Loki's Thousand Strategies
Chapter 34 Back
Chapter 35 Unlock Achievements: The Next Generation
Chapter 36 Armor Warriors
Chapter 37 Piling
Chapter 38 The fight is over, but it seems that the fight is not completely over.
Chapter 39 Hell...metaphor?
Chapter 40 Welcome to Asgard, the Mod Paradise
Chapter 41: Dont be so miserable this time
Chapter 42 Touched
Chapter 43: See, this is called professionalism
Chapter 44: What bad intentions can a cube man have?
Chapter 45: Bridge-Building Tycoon Fang
Chapter 46: Do you think my backpack is big?
Chapter 47 Luxurious seven consecutive draws
Chapter 48 Void Ring
Chapter 49 'Danger'
Chapter 50 Iron Man x Palladium Man
Chapter 51 Mayulings surgery with chopping knife
Chapter 52 The reborn Tony
Chapter 53 His harem is full of battle armor
Chapter 54 Curiosity
Chapter 55 Will Marvel feel the pain from now on?
Chapter 56: Lord of the Void
Chapter 57: Shared Hatred and Enemy
Chapter 58: Making a grand appearance
Chapter 59 Taking off
Chapter 60 This color is not auspicious
Chapter 61 A warrior of pure love wont lie
Chapter 62 Interrogation
Chapter 63: Gonghuo Tianwang Fang Yimo
Chapter 64 Hi, do you remember who I am?
Chapter 65: Brainless and unhappy
Chapter 66 Mr. Captain, can you perform that?
Chapter 67 Two extreme attributes of power
Chapter 68: Battle in New York? Touched!
Chapter 69 A bald head emerges from the crowd
Chapter 70 Shock! Am I actually the most ferocious dimensional demon?
Chapter 71: Coming out x Funeral
Chapter 72 Change is a good thing
Chapter 73 The End
Chapter 74: The Reaching Party
Chapter 75 Famous scenes are recreated
Chapter 76 Does brainwashing the brainwashing leader count as brainwashing?
Chapter 77 Return to the main world
Chapter 78: When it comes to armor making, we are professionals
Chapter 79 'Paradise'
Chapter 80 The new world
Chapter 81 Beginning
Chapter 82 Are you called the Black Emperor?
Chapter 83 This is the true spirit of craftsmanship
Chapter 84: My Uncle Wolf acted really well.
Chapter 85 Why does the European Pope envy the Japanese Emperor?
Chapter 86: I was sealed in the seventeenth year of Shushuo...
Chapter 87: This kid has loved to have fun since he was a child.
Chapter 88 Death X sacrifices to heaven, with boundless magic power!
Chapter 89: Uncle Wolf who has been waiting for eighteen years
Chapter 90 Fang Tianshen
Chapter 91: The Beast Ancestor is the best at playing games
Chapter 92: Lets just sit back and wait for the rabbit, what should I say?
Chapter 93 Come on! Dance!
Chapter 94: Is this how you think you are a pure lover?
Chapter 95: Madness is brewing in confinement
Chapter 96: Enlightenment? Enlightenment!
Chapter 97 Customize Steve!
Chapter 98 Hahahahaha, the decisive battle is coming
Chapter 99 Living Sonar
Chapter 100 Meeting an acquaintance
Chapter 101 Black Emperor VS Happy Emperor
Chapter 102 Dusk is coming
Chapter 103 The Birth of a Wheelchair Man
Chapter 104 Return to the main world
Chapter 105: Capturing bamboo shoots
Chapter 106 I can finally enter the second dimension!!!
Chapter 107 Arrival of Hokage
Chapter 108: Tell me again, what kind of mountain is this?
Chapter 109: Not active in life, there is something wrong with my brain
Chapter 110 The man is back
Chapter 111 Laughing Uchiha
Chapter 112 Jijijijiji, I am the King of Jiji
Chapter 113 Tailed Beast x Darkin
Chapter 114 The Red Truth in Uchihas Mouth
Chapter 115: Look, are you speaking human language?
Chapter 116 Our Uchiha family has been rebels for generations
Chapter 117 Uchiha, your emperor is back
Chapter 118 Now that I have been discovered, I will not act in this drama.
Chapter 119 How much strength does it take to tame the Nine-Tails?
Chapter 120: Come to sneak attack, come to deceive, I am an old comrade
Chapter 111 Tuanzi, you cant afford to take the blame
Chapter 122 The affirmation from the giant toad of Mount Miaomu
Chapter 123 'Group Funeral'
Chapter 124 Lu Ban
Chapter 125 Who are the Yin Yang people in the ninja world?
Chapter 126 Ninja God Turtle
Chapter 127: How do mortals use the power of God?
Chapter 128: Plan to Return
Chapter 129 A little secret that happened in the dark room
Chapter 130: On the Correct Use of Divine Power
Chapter 131: The end of Naruto, the return of Leziren!
Chapter 132 The familiar internal smell is back
Chapter 133: Meeting Ni is like meeting a relative
Chapter 134 Is this how you use the Golden Throne?
Chapter 135 The competition between rich people is so simple and unpretentious
Chapter 136 The egg forgotten by Fang Mo
Chapter 137: Tell me again, what kind of dragon is this?
Chapter 138 This is the most awesome module
Chapter 139 Why did you show up here?
Chapter 140: The sneak attack fails and the head is turned over
Chapter 141 Why do you have bifurcated urine in your ether?
Chapter 142 I will destroy an entire clan with just one person
Chapter 143 Fang Mos revenge on the Soul Stone
Chapter 144: The Craftsmans Soul is inspired by Norse mythology?
Chapter 145 Communication with Odin
Chapter 146: Someone on our side loves to treat people the most
Chapter 147: He is a miracle doctor after all
Chapter 148 Thor, how do you call the little duck?
Chapter 149 Heading to Watheim
Chapter 150 Malekith betrayed the dark elves!
Chapter 151 A serious punch from the low-profile version
Chapter 152 Ill just get a little BUFF
Chapter 153 Mahler Sends Si
Chapter 154: How does the Arcane Ring evolve?
Chapter 155 No one can stop me from drawing cards!
Chapter 156: Is it you who attracted Fang Mo here?
Chapter 157: Bring freedom to Muspelheim
Chapter 158 Eternal Fire: Surtur Im sorry...
Chapter 158 Dusk in Muspelheim
Chapter 160: Can Levadin COS Blade Like Fire?
Chapter 161: Be good, wear it well, dont tilt it crookedly
Chapter 162 Nidawi, another module paradise!
Chapter 163 We need more in-depth communication
Chapter 164 What is the Craftsman Soul Family Bucket?
Chapter 165 Fifteen Lucky Cubes
Chapter 166 Fury? Fury?
Chapter 167: Pets can still hurt people!?
Chapter 168 As we all know, eagle eyes dissolve in water
Chapter 169 Im here to cause trouble
Chapter 170 Come and get a villa, pack it up and take it away
Chapter 171 The Beacon and the Realization of the Nether Star
Chapter 172 Give me the entire pyramid?
Chapter 173 The Collector of the Universe
Chapter 174 I advise you not to seek death
Chapter 175 Twilight Forest Module Unlocked
Chapter 176: A fatal series of eighteen strokes!!!
Chapter 177 The barrel that can truly destroy the world
Chapter 178: Xiao Dusk, I want to come in
Chapter 179: What is the real artifact of Twilight Forest?
Chapter 180 Clearing the Twilight Forest overnight
Chapter 181 Two Books of the Age???
Chapter 182: Too many modules added, people are numb
Chapter 183: Deep into the craftsmans soul, addicted to sword-making
Chapter 184 The worst travel disaster in history is about to arrive on the battlefield
Chapter 185: Sei Ling Ting
Chapter 186: Komamura Left Formation: Thank you, I was not ridiculed
Chapter 187: After taming a big firewood, the next step is...
Chapter 188 Aizen Sosuke stole important things
Chapter 189: Ice Queen Realization Test
Chapter 190 You are the only god here
Chapter 191: The Strongest! The Hardest! The Greatest! Enter the Bedrock Puppet!
Chapter 192: Traveler Invasion
Chapter 193: I feel happy from the bottom of my heart when I see Captain Dongxian
Chapter 194: Against the Eastern Immortal Noble Phantasm
Chapter 195: Change the name of Nis battle sword
Chapter 196: This God of Death relies on justice
Chapter 197 Captain Dongxians final fate is...
Chapter 198: Have you considered practicing for free?
Chapter 199 Questions from Zaraki Kenpachi
Chapter 200 The little module on Byakuya Kuchiki
Chapter 201 Cats are much harder to fool than dogs
Chapter 202
Chapter 203 New system prompt sound
Chapter 204: Throwing the blame away
Chapter 205 Dried fish domesticates black cats
Chapter 206: Listen to dads explanation, this is your Aunt Ye Yi
Chapter 207: Module fusion... unexpected rewards?
Chapter 208 Ishida Uryu: It really wasnt me!
Chapter 209 Various weird features after module linkage
Chapter 210 This is the real hot spring bath
Chapter 211 Gonghuo Demon King Fang Yimo
Chapter 212 Haha, I killed another one! Yin Sang, why did you hit me!?
Chapter 213 Hinamori is extremely sad x Hinamori suddenly becomes seriously ill
Chapter 214 We all like the same person, we must be on the same side
Chapter 215 Hitsugaya Toshiro: You didnt expect it, did you? I did it!
Chapter 216: A division of troops was dispatched from the opposite side to attack me.
Chapter 217 Surturs housewarming
Chapter 218 Fang Mos big sword is too hot!
Chapter 219: On the hour? The worlds meatballs?
Chapter 220: Prepare to apply gel to Aizens hair
Chapter 221: Chip Fangmo who steals the villains lines
Chapter 222: Cheating with Aizen
Chapter 223 Banana... Ahem, the glue will arrive late!
Chapter 224 Gotei 13 Team! Assemble!
Chapter 225 What? Are you afraid of blue silver entanglement?
Chapter 226 This is my last chance to steal the line!
Chapter 227 Residual Fire Sword VS Gonghuo Sword
Chapter 228 I was just playing, why did you return the module to me?
Chapter 229: Why are you carrying a bucket?
Chapter 230: The character is so impressive that Magatama appears directly!
Chapter 231: Things with question marks are not necessarily good things!
Chapter 232: Wear it, you wont be alone this Chinese Valentines Day
Chapter 233: I came early again...
Chapter 234 Mr. George, I like your son
Chapter 235 The charm
Chapter 236: Degenerate Great Sword: Loyalty!
Chapter 237: The prison has been built, when do you want to come in and sit down?
Chapter 238: A big Qiao grows up next door
Chapter 239 The Eighteen Transformations of the Dragon
Chapter 240 This dragon learns to talk back today and will become Yu Tao tomorrow
Chapter 241 At this moment, Da Qiao no longer believes in Ripples
Chapter 242 Who is the real friend of animals?
Chapter 243: Return to the city, hurry back to the city!
Chapter 244: Dios kick helped him die
Chapter 245: Dio was injured, Fang Mos expert doctor Ren performed the surgery himself
Chapter 246 If Fang Mo dares to teach, Jonathan dares to learn
Chapter 247: Can a normal person do this to you?
Chapter 248: Unchangeable
Chapter 249 Fang Mo: Ill record an unboxing video for everyone
Chapter 250: For him, preaching is useless
Chapter 250: I heard that the Sun Lun Sword... goes better with the breathing method!
Chapter 251 Demigod Alina
Chapter 252: Apa tea, Dianming porridge, Fang Moberry
Chapter 253 Shu: I cant hide from feelings, right?
Chapter 254: Ouch, you too have today
Chapter 255 I want to hold the throat of fate
Chapter 256: Couple Mixed Doubles
Chapter 257 The Correct Usage of MC Creatures
Chapter 258 CNM! Its on fire!!!
Chapter 258: Demon Slayer Squad, Assemble!
Chapter 259: Happy choice between two, do you lose the golden dad or the silver dad?
Chapter 260 I have to learn how to perform a funeral
Chapter 261 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 262 I advise you not to do this
Chapter 263: A small display of talents of the red-hatted goblin
Chapter 264 Villagers: Its okay, we dont hate you
Chapter 265: Dare to kill my horse!
Chapter 266 Heehee, youre done, Im going to tell your mother!
Chapter 267 Disaster is always one step ahead of me
Chapter 268: This thing is much easier to use than Stone Ghost Noodles
Chapter 269: Red Moon Dio
Chapter 270 The Moon and Six Warriors
Chapter 271: Got the insect arrow, ready to leave the JOJO world
Chapter 272 Return to the main world
Chapter 273 I have to find a way to deceive Nick
Chapter 274 Where are my black freshman friends?
Chapter 275: Bet for one second?
Chapter 276 You, Star-Lord, are the sixth in the alliance
Chapter 277 Morag Planet, the hiding place of the Cosmic Spirit Ball
Chapter 278 Things got bad, Fang Mo was greeted by the whole family
Chapter 279 Collector Di Fan x Collector Ding Yizhen
Chapter 280: Cotton Picking and Prison Break
Chapter 281 Hey, hey, white tomorrow is waiting for us!
Chapter 282: Galaxy Robbery
Chapter 283 Lets smash the figures
Chapter 284: I learned from Luo Xiang, please listen to my quibbles...
Chapter 285: Whats more terrifying than death is death on the spot
Chapter 286 I am! Arax!!!
Chapter 287 The fear of being dominated by the coin of destiny
Chapter 288 I want that... that's the one...
Chapter 289 Good children, please dont use the pot like this
Chapter 290 Spending a lot of money to ask for... seed?
Chapter 291: If word gets out, our captain dares to attack a tree
Chapter 292 Kree Civilization: Danger
Chapter 293: Pursuing the truth can easily lead to madness
Chapter 294 What kind of module is this?
Chapter 295 Why this module!!!
Chapter 296: The Staff of Mental Retardation
Chapter 297: This is the hot spring spa you ordered, right?
Chapter 298: Few Brains
Chapter 299 The Ultimate Wisdom
Chapter 300: Being stabbed in the back by the module I found
Chapter 301 Module Hell Kree Civilization
Chapter 302: Craftsman Soul, Module Linkage to the Eternal God
Chapter 303: I'm not following common sense.
Chapter 304 Loving Father Igo
Chapter 305 We are all talents
Chapter 306: As we all know, Yin Hu is engaged in filial piety movies
Chapter 307: Ascension to the Stars
Chapter 308: Mantis looking directly into the abyss
Chapter 309: Can the stars bear His wrath?
Chapter 310 God
Chapter 311 Demon God
Chapter 312: Broken! This weapon seems to have a BUG!
Chapter 313: Now he has truly become a dimension demon
Chapter 314: Finally had a dream and ended up in jail
Chapter 315 Please call me Swallowing Star
Chapter 316 Something happened
Chapter 317: Finally found Ni, luckily I didnt give up
Chapter 318: Anti-Fang Mo Armor?
Chapter 319: Avengers 2: Its all Nicks fault
Chapter 320: Originally this place could still be kept, but he came...
Chapter 321 Thor: Maybe I... am just the God of Hammers?
Chapter 322: Ebony Throat: You won, but your gem is doomed.
Chapter 323 The Power Gem was successfully obtained!
Chapter 324: Tell me again, what are you?
Chapter 325: Draw a card to get a graduation weapon???
Chapter 326 The Fall of Heaven Longbow
Chapter 327: Sixteen fatal series of draws
Chapter 328: Loving Father Odin
Chapter 329 Fang Mo: Let me intervene!
Chapter 330: Ill come back when youve picked hundreds of kilograms of cotton
Chapter 331: Happy to see people, officially sick!
Chapter 332: Chainsaw and Mat
Chapter 333 The tax evasion devil! Makes his grand appearance!
Chapter 334 Bad Woman
Chapter 335 Name Tag: I will be the MVP in this wave
Chapter 336 So, what is the price?
Chapter 337: The violent kitchen from the Hayakawa family
Chapter 338 Nurgle Gods Choice
Chapter 339 Shandong Xiaohong
Chapter 340 Stop forever?
Chapter 341: You guys play first, Ill raise a Shoggoth
Chapter 342: This Makimas heart...
Chapter 343: Squatting there will make people nag you forever
Chapter 344: The Old Man from the Northwest in Chainsaw Man
Chapter 345 Fang Mo: Today I will help you realize your dream
Chapter 346: Does crossbreeding trees count as a bonus?
Chapter 347 Welcome Party
Chapter 348 Fang Mo: I also have a repair dog
Chapter 349 Katana and Snake
Chapter 350 'Survive'
Chapter 351 The worst way to die
Chapter 352: Sometimes, life is like arranged by Makima
Chapter 353: No, brother, who among us is the future devil?
Chapter 354: Dont ask, ask about suicide again
Chapter 355 'The Theory of Lifespan'
Chapter 356: What does it mean to be miserable at the professional level?
Chapter 357: You are a spider, how dare you jump on the MC players face?
Chapter 358 The correct use of conversion powder
Chapter 359 I heard that this module is a perfect match for the shit module!
Chapter 360 Dont try to understand His behavior
Chapter 361: If you want to learn, I will teach you.
Chapter 362 Fang Mo: Ill be sick soon
Chapter 363 Late night, school, swimming pool
Chapter 364: This man is capable of torture
Chapter 365: Stone Hammer, Fang Mos demonic ability is to control his arms
Chapter 366 God-like treatment
Chapter 367 Root Level Shoggoth
Chapter 368 The Dark Demon Chapter opened in advance
Chapter 369: The wheels of this cart ran over my face
Chapter 370 Fang Mo: Do you dare to take this punch?
Chapter 371 Statue of Nyarlathotep
Chapter 372: You have dark skin, lets make friends!
Chapter 373: I found what you wanted
Chapter 374 Just Santa Claus, come on!
Chapter 375 Lesson 4 Monsters per Capita
Chapter 376 Cause of death: Too strong thirst for knowledge
Chapter 377: This...could it be JEI?
Chapter 378: Never touch womens significant other
Chapter 379 The Demon of Darkness
Chapter 380: Farmer of Light
Chapter 381 Slave-catching sword, with the blade facing west, contains three dark descendants.
Chapter 382: 'If it's , please transfer it to me?'
Chapter 383 Delivery is late but arrived
Chapter 384 The correct way to open the world of Chainsaw Man
Chapter 385 Shoggoth: The master said that he likes smaller ones
Chapter 386 Te Keli
Chapter 387: Fill in the blank: Doesnt the clever girl __________?
Chapter 388 Santa Claus: Hee hee! I want to threaten Fang Mo!
Chapter 389 You are just demons, he is a player
Chapter 390 Unlocking the new module: Abyss Kingdom
Chapter 391: Ji Liangqiu recognizes people by looking at their hands
Chapter 392: The decisive battle is about to happenxThe promise will be fulfilled soon
Chapter 393: Target of crusade: Fang Mo
Chapter 394: Makima, are you angry?
Chapter 394 We have different views on paradise
Chapter 396: There are four ways to write the word Jiao
Chapter 397: The End and Rebirth of Machima
Chapter 398 Shock! Makima is dead!
Chapter 399 The reason is...
Chapter 400 Anbian: I found a Xiaolin for you...
Chapter 401 The last new module before return
Chapter 402 Return to the main world and the new Book of Era
Chapter 403: On how to increase the success rate of making a wish
Chapter 404: Another Book of Times, and Pure White Time and Space
Chapter 405: Break it, Cotton Water Moon
Chapter 406 Dung Beast
Chapter 407: If you have a poisonous mouth, you need to wear more armor
Chapter 408 Urahara Kisuke: I dont have a friend like you
Chapter 409: Do you want to listen to what you said?
Chapter 410 Im so stupid, I created broken boundaries everywhere
Chapter 411 The best way to eliminate fear
Chapter 412 You are not you, you are Ishida Uryu
Chapter 413: Can even dimensions be realized?
Chapter 414: The No. 1 Driver in Pure White Spacetime
Chapter 415: Captain Dongxian: Give me some more gold
Chapter 416 Dimension Permissions
Chapter 417 Next is...meditation time
Chapter 118: There is a mole, the deal is terminated
Chapter 479: Tell me again what you use to wash your hands?
Chapter 420 Come here! I will cover you with red stones!
Chapter 421 Fang Mo: I couldnt help it when I heard your name.
Chapter 422 May the cube fool you
Chapter 423: Fang Mos wonderful metaphor of the dog thief
Chapter 424 Fang Mo: The plan is clear!
Chapter 425 Hueco Mundo: Danger
Chapter 426: New modules unlocked by the Urahara family
Chapter 427 Classic Re-Engraved
Chapter 428 Sal Apollo: Haha, I caught you!
Chapter 429: Black skin? Then you hit Fang Mos gun.
Chapter 430: Pray, Jiaxin Mantis
Chapter 431: Two new modules, this wave is not a loss
Chapter 432: Wait until I kill your boss first
Chapter 433: Bailegang
Chapter 433 Aizen
Chapter 435 Obtaining Materials: Aizens Heaven-Blowing Jade
Chapter 436 Leaving the God of Death and Returning to the Main World
Chapter 437 The Leek Blade
Chapter 438 One Punch Mans Book of Era
Chapter 439: Dimension Transformation King
Chapter 440 Return to Marvel
Chapter 441: Bending Thor...the beloved little hammer
Chapter 442 Nick Fury: Those who are innocent will be cleansed, and those who are black will be punished
Chapter 443 Gu Yi: Are you afraid that I wont die?
Chapter One Hundred and Ten Deaths Casillas: The Master who swore to kill his master passed away
Chapter 445 The Ghost Kills
Chapter 446 Ximens coffin bearer will always be with him in heaven and hell
Chapter 447: Fang Mo will arrive at the battlefield in three minutes
Chapter 448 The Avengers, disband!
Chapter 449: You go first, let dad handle this matter
Chapter 450 Dimension Demon Sargeras
Chapter 451: Trouble caused by a good show
Chapter 452: Excuse me, I want to introduce you to my Lord
Chapter 453: Your Majesty, stop making trouble, Your Majesty
Chapter 454 Dormammu: Send
Chapter 455 What I want to say is...I am your number one fan
Chapter 456 The doctor is here
Chapter 457: Its broken, the doctors sanity will be gone
Chapter 458 Have you ever wondered why it is only targeting you?
Chapter 459 Stranges Minor Surgery
Chapter 460: This is Stephen, he...
Chapter 461 These are all done by believers, who cares about me?
Chapter 462: Go kill Gu Yi
Chapter 463 Return
Chapter 464 Death of Ancient One
Chapter 465: When Gu Yi died, he played the suona and sang a mournful song to raise his ashes.
Chapter 466: This person has to take action at the critical moment
Chapter 467 I must surrender to Sargeras immediately
Chapter 468 Shock! The hero of all mankind turns out to be...
Chapter 469: On the inherent skills of Congress
Chapter 470 The conditions still need to be negotiated
Chapter 471 He negotiated terms, why would he give me a new module?
Chapter 472 This is... the big capitalist module???
Chapter 473: As long as he is happy? Just pamper him!
Chapter 474 Welcome to Night City
Chapter 475: Fusion of Dark Dimensions
Chapter 476: Outer God Shoggoth
Chapter 477: Tell me again, what is your name, Tang?
Chapter 478: Good guy still dares to resist
Chapter 479 This is the last big event
Chapter 480 History is coming to an end
Chapter 481: Someone, pick off mine and give it to her!
Chapter 482: On the 1000 ways to deal with Ultron, two-in-one
Chapter 483: When the skills are put to use, you will hate the lack of them. Five golden tools are never too many
Chapter 484: Ultron is an object, so it can be...?
Chapter 485: Her mouth, five hundred years of Taoism!
Chapter 486: A hymn of loyalty...
Chapter 487: Tell me again, what is it called jade???
Chapter 488: New Module, and Ultrons Crazy Self Strategy
Chapter 489: Killing someone when death is approaching
Chapter 490: You ask me which side I am on? Of course I am on the side with more fun
Chapter 491 Only God has mercy, I dont
Chapter 492 Next, the deceased from both sides are invited to come on stage for communication.
Chapter 493: When a black man smiles, life or death is uncertain
Chapter 494 I can only say that the little bitch has a good taste.
Chapter 495: Maybe her skills are not that high?
Chapter 496: The civil war is over and the final copy has been opened
Chapter 497: Lovers eventually get married, but Cthulhu
Chapter 498: Opening the Final Copy: Empty Nest Boss
Chapter 499: Can you tell me again that he doesnt have anything?
Chapter 500: He can die, but he cannot lose his job
Chapter 501 Shield x Toilet Lid
Chapter 502 Im going to turn on the king mode
Chapter 503: Passerby: He picked up the Blue Moon and smashed it over
Chapter 504: Snapping your fingers cant help the homesickness, destiny is hard to match the grace of life and nourishment
Chapter 505: Deification: Steves Requiem!
Chapter 506: Traveling through the door of dreams
Chapter 507: We are something above reality
Chapter 508 You are the biggest idiot in my heart
Chapter 509: Who is the master of the dream?
Chapter 510 Fang Mo stole important things
Chapter 511: Showdown, my wife is two-dimensional
Chapter 512: Fang Mo is also OP this time
Chapter 513: The Demon King of Fun and the Witch in His Palm
Chapter 514: The Infinity Gauntlet exploded, its too late to regret now
Chapter 515: Ancient One, Ancient One, Immediately the First Seven
Chapter 516 Our pet dog wakes up
Chapter 517: What a cold palace, we still have little pink hair!
Chapter 518: The truth about her finger snapping
Chapter 519 Gu Touqiu: He called the strongest theater troupe in history
Chapter 520: Why the hell cant you respect the deceased!
Chapter 521: The lifting is over, its time to leave, right?
Chapter 522 Eat a lot of semen!
Chapter 523: Marvel ends and returns to the main world
Chapter 524 Server configuration file?
Chapter 525: Tell me again, what kind of book is this?
Chapter 526: Boxing first, then Superman, may I ask what I am?
Chapter 527: The medical skills of our ancestors are so profound!
Chapter 528: I am often out of tune with you because I am too __________
Chapter 529: Thank you to the Devil Cyborg for the new module.
Chapter 530: Choose one of two ways to become stronger, who do you choose?
Chapter 531: As we all know, bald heads will cause mitosis
Chapter 532: CNM, dont do anything yet!!!
Chapter 533: From now on, this place is called Fang Mos House!
Chapter 534: Doctor: If I dont fight, Ive lost my sanity.
Chapter 535 Amnesia? Come, let me tell you about your past...
Chapter 536: Children all love to tear down their homes, and so does the tornado
Chapter 537: Forget it if you dont wear a helmet, dont even wear a safety helmet
Chapter 538: First of all, I am an alchemist
Chapter 539 I also have a sister, so we are on the same side
Chapter 540 Facts prove that Africans are not accepted in heaven
Chapter 541 Come on, come on, come up quickly
Chapter 542: Brother, I dont dare anymore, I will go to work today!
Chapter 543: My dear disciple, I am my master... fuck you, you evil disciple!!!
Chapter 544 Sonic is dead!?
Chapter 545 Let me play a video full of hope
Chapter 546: An almost outrageous desire to survive
Chapter 547: Lets go and register
Chapter 548 Ideal Box
Chapter 549: Old guys, you lied to me and told me that there is no good juice to eat!
Chapter 550: What does the confession come from?
Chapter 551: The Correct Usage of Cave-Reducing Material X
Chapter 552: Heroes Association: Damn it, here comes an ancestor...
Chapter 553: The Old Ones? Its just something I use to unlock the module.
Chapter 554 Obviously, their physical fitness test is even more outrageous
Chapter 555: What is your super power?
Chapter 556: This is the stepping stone
Chapter 557 Appeared! Fang Mos hero name appeared!
Chapter 557 Appeared! Fang Mo’s hero name appeared!
Chapter 558: White has the power to soothe peoples hearts
Chapter 559 I will advance and retreat with you!
Chapter 560 Meteorite module, unlocked!
Chapter 561: Double meteorite module, Tianzhen Zhenxing is ready
Chapter 562: Come, read with me, Genshin Impact is awesome
Chapter 563: Invasion of the Deep Sea Clan
Chapter 564: After eating and drinking, its time to get started
Chapter 565: Former Priest:!!!
Chapter 566: The sky has cleared up, the rain has stopped, and the Deep Sea King...
Chapter 567: The first kill of the shit module weapon!
Chapter 568: What is the name of what you eat?
Chapter 569: He believed it, he actually believed it
Chapter 570 God-level disaster, Fang Mo is actually...
Chapter 571 Mr. Ke likes to mention Qiyu Fangmo mixed doubles
Chapter 572 Mr. Ke is not handing out candy today, but is handing out modules instead!
Chapter 573 Ji Qiu Mo has created a prison tailor-made for you
Chapter 574: He was fine when he came...
Chapter 575: The master of the unlicensed knight, the racial knight joins in!
Chapter 576 How dare you act yin and yang strangely?
Chapter 577: What kind of level do you dare to confront the Deep Sea King?
Chapter 578: This new module...sounds a little wrong?
Chapter 579: Lottery, start with a ten-shot guarantee
Chapter 580: The correct use of the planet-devouring shovel
Chapter 581 Let me see who dares to ride a moon boat in the future!
Chapter 582: The three disciples are already here, when will you go to Xitian?
Chapter 583 I think you are deliberately making things difficult for me, right?
Chapter 584 Are you Black Light? Very good, I am...
Chapter 585: The book has its own wrestling room, and the book has its own Yang Ruyu
Chapter 586: Universe Emperor Boros: I am Reiner!
Chapter 587 Sonic is destined to be unable to become stronger
Chapter 588 The best gift in return is for you to give me a module
Chapter 589: I have all my bones, and you tell me you wont come?
Chapter 590 Ahaha, the space battleship is coming!
Chapter 591 Damn it, its Yuan Pi!
Chapter 592: Click to install Genshin Impact for all group members
Chapter 593 Tornado: I refuse to become God
Chapter 594: At the critical moment, Ill help you delay!
Chapter 595: When word spread, Saitama was kicked into a manure pit
Chapter 596 Boros: No...who among us is the god-level weirdo?
Chapter 597: Qingtan Universes Serious Series
Chapter 598: So now I need a Jipin, two in one
Chapter 599: Burn it, dont keep the bugs
Chapter 600: A small module with great uses...
Chapter 601: On the unique campus culture of Japan...
Chapter 602 Iron Fist Steve! A real man must be gay!
Chapter 603: If you laugh at me for being short, I will cut off your head to close the gap.
Chapter 604: I suspect she is studying in Bilan...but I have no evidence
Chapter 605: The Correct Usage of Bedrock Puppet
Chapter 606 Fist Wish Steve
Chapter 607: I, Fang Mo, do what I say!
Chapter 608: Are you going to start accelerating?
Chapter 609: On the Correct Usage of Modules
Chapter 610: Do you remember the last one who was invincible?
Chapter 611: Dont fight next time, Im afraid
Chapter 612 I have a plan that can save your dogs life
Chapter 613: If I take out a piston, how should you respond?
Chapter 612 I have a plan to save your life
Chapter 614: One word disagrees with everyone?
Chapter 615: Obviously, this is the last banquet!
Chapter 616: It may be a bit outrageous to say, but I think the whole child
Chapter 617: There is no need to contact the association this time, just watch my operation.
Chapter 618: The battle against the Weird Association begins!
Chapter 619 I want to join, how should you respond?
Chapter 620 Jie Jie Jie, I want to turn Pochi-chan into a dog!
Chapter 621: This new module... is really full.
Chapter 622: This is what I want Murata to draw?
Chapter 623: Who is the most unpleasant dragon-level monster in the Monster Association?
Chapter 624 King Dasha: Gaia!!!
Chapter 625: Sometimes, even if the villain knows how to fight in a group, it’s useless
Chapter 626...Tell me again what that thing is?
Chapter 627: Let him go, he has not a drop left.
Chapter 628: Evil Hot Spring Water
Chapter 629: Fill in the blank: Ancient Relics __Collection?
Chapter 630: It’s time to close the net
Chapter 631: Hungry Wolf: Is the weirdo dead? Okay, then I’m out!
Chapter 632: The end of the weird chapter... Come on, big brother who drives the spaceship!
Chapter 633: It is impossible to escape, because this time I will chop vertically
Chapter 634 Eat! Why don’t you eat!
Chapter 635: Dude, there are only two people left now. I suspect that I am a mole.
Chapter 636: Goodbye, I am returning to the continent of Teyvat
Chapter 637: Blood Bar and Low-priced Substitution of Time Torrent Pocket Watch
Chapter 638: The family will finally be together this time, right?
Chapter 639 Shock! The Dimension Demon God is no match for him!
Chapter 640: Not a very friendly and boring module introduction, but awesome
Chapter 641: This is a man who cannot be moved for more than three seconds
Chapter 642 You can always trust your partner
Chapter 643: Why don’t you punch Saitama? That’s a lot of trouble
Chapter 644: Square Man VS Bald Caped Man
Chapter 645: The Split Sword in the Planet
Chapter 646: How dare you kill me!!!
Chapter 647: Do you want to guess why it is called this name?
Chapter 648: The Bald Demon King was defeated and returned to the main world
Chapter 649: Find the mineral vein to complete the mission
Chapter 650: What he wants is something truly warm
Chapter 651: On the Correct Use of Flesh and Blood
Chapter 652: The temptation of cheating is far better than its native world...
Chapter 653: As soon as I came up, I saw them holding down Uncle Lang and beating him
Chapter 654: Say it quickly, thank you, Cheems
Chapter 655: Uncle Wolf: How could I do such a thing like you?
Chapter 655: Uncle Wolf: How could I do such a thing like you?
Chapter 656: Come on, Bruce! You can do it!!!
Chapter 657 Haha, here I come, Charles!
Chapter 658: The golden toilet may be late, but it will never be absent
Chapter 659: Your Majesty the Genius School Doctor of the Mutant Academy!
Chapter 660: The God of War returns, and my daughter no longer has to sleep in the doghouse
Chapter 661 Uncle Wolf
Chapter 662: The correct use of life enchantment
Chapter 663: Wolves never believe what God says
Chapter 664: Teacher Luo: Okay, you are so good
Chapter 665: Fang Mo: I give believers treatment like gods!
Chapter 666: Old guy, blast the module for me!
Chapter 667: The new module unlocked by Mr. Ci turned out to be...
Chapter 668 What! You said Charles is gone!?
Chapter 669: Randomly select a lucky old man and give it to the audience
Chapter 670 It was the Smurfs on the other side of the mountain who captured the wheelchair man
Chapter 671 Night Walker
Chapter 672: Night Attack Battle
Chapter 673: Fortunately I closed my eyes, otherwise I might have been silenced
Chapter 674: Loyalty Engraved in Genes
Chapter 675 Is it okay?
Chapter 676: I, Fang Mo, am the best crashed pilot in the world!
Chapter 677: Frightened by Brother Hebas gameplay?
Chapter 678: On the correct way for villains to destroy the world
Chapter 679: You offended Fang and still want to leave?
Chapter 680 Hey! Ill make a bowl of noodles for you to try!
Chapter 681 The correct use of the eternal gemstone
Chapter 682: The production process of real cotton water moon
Chapter 683 A big surprise from outside
Chapter 684 The Dark Phoenix Awakens
Chapter 685 Professor! Professor, dont teach like this!
Chapter 686: This Dark Phoenix is so mean
Chapter 687: Divine Phoenix, what a blasphemy this is
Chapter 688 Thanks to Sister Feng for sending me the new module
Chapter 689 X-Men:40K
Chapter 690: Broken, his mutant ability is to make people die
Chapter 691: There is no other way, it seems that I can only join the Ten Rings Gang!
Chapter 692 It seems that the only option is to call the police
Chapter 693: Cant wait to breathe life into her
Chapter 694: I can only say that fried rice is really delicious!
Chapter 695 Return to the main world
Chapter 696: On how strong the batterys desire to survive is
Chapter 697: When did the Book of Times become so bad!?
Chapter 698: If I could make the main world a reality...
Chapter 699: The Honkai Factor and the New World
Chapter 700: Today I am going to charge 70,000!
Chapter 701: As soon as I stamp my foot, there will be an eight-magnitude earthquake in Arad
Chapter 702: In one sentence, unlock new functional modules!
Chapter 703: Motherly Love Module, allowing you to instantly transform into a loving father
Chapter 704 Aha! Something bad happened to Hedunmar today!
Chapter 705 Kelly! How dare you try to touch me!
Chapter 706: You are sweating profusely, kid!
Chapter 707: Treat others with their own medicine.
Chapter 708 Fang Mo: How dare I even torture myself!
Chapter 709 Grand Forest: Thank you so much
Chapter 710 Touken Ranbu x Demon Ranbu
Chapter 711: Let me tell you, the tauren like you the most...
Chapter 712: When word spread, Brother Zhongzisu almost made a big move
Chapter 713: I recommend an excellent career to you...
Chapter 714: Come on, see the Queen of Poison Schemes!
Chapter 715: What is it like to play Castlevania in the same way as you used to play Castlevania?
Chapter 716: You Dark there something wrong?
Chapter 717: The portal becomes reality, and the king of multidimensionality is ready!
Chapter 718: The fusion of main world dimensions, now the problem is huge
Chapter 719 Its time to continue working
Chapter 720 Damn it! Why havent I awakened the girly module yet!
Chapter 721: Why, I heard that your boy is the eighth apostle?
Chapter 722: Just watch my performance next!
Chapter 723 Question: What is the alias of squid?
Chapter 724: This is the graduation equipment for magical girls
Chapter 725: Actually, apostles are not that difficult to communicate with.
Chapter 726 The Second Apostle, Held with Tearful Eyes
Chapter 727: Now its your turn to make a choice, girl
Chapter 728: What is a level 1 dog head wearing?
Chapter 729: Unexpected reinforcements, you wake up
Chapter 730 Copy: Fang Mos tough battle?
Chapter 731: In this case, let me beat you to death...and wake you up!
Chapter 732: Back then, I kicked the Big Red God with my feet and tore Gaibojia apart with my hands.
Chapter 733: Di Ruiji has obtained it, and the next target is... the Flame Snapping Turtle!
Chapter 734 As long as your wife is not a rabbit
Chapter 735: I only killed a few people, dont be nervous
Chapter 736: You call this Angry Sandor?
Chapter 737 You can eat wild strawberries, but you cant drink wine!
Chapter 738: Kallet still lost to Hit after all...
Chapter 739: Never believe in light, child
Chapter 740: So the most important thing in life is...what? Temperature!?
Chapter 741: It even looks like Fang Mo in terms of holding grudges...
Chapter 742: I have a sewer on my left hand and a mermaid on my right hand!
Chapter 743 What!? Did you learn your medical skills from Fang Mo?
Chapter 744: Take out the map and let me modify it...
Chapter 745: I said, I don’t want to follow the mechanism today
Chapter 746: This Kallet is really chilling
Chapter 747 Sorry, actually I only like people older than me
Chapter 748: Ill plant a tree and leave
Chapter 749: The Peak of the Past, Antoun the Devourer of Flames
Chapter 750: My friend, do you think I am a human being or a god?
Chapter 751 The plan has changed, I want to kill her first.
Chapter 752: Time Stands Still Series No Miserable Held
Chapter 753: How many steps are needed to make the second apostle into ice?
Chapter 754 God VS God, I really have to protect Arad this time!
Chapter 755: Become our bait in the abyss, Creator
Chapter 756: This shot, together with the stars, penetrates you
Chapter 757 No wonder that hedgehog man was so rampant back then
Chapter 758: Mother’s Love Across the World
Chapter 759 Return to the main world
Chapter 760: When I woke up, there were countless new ideas in my mind!
Chapter 761: Here Mo Zhen becomes the ancient Greek god in charge of hybridization...
Chapter 762 The Essence of the Divine Tree
Chapter 763: It was so dangerous, it almost turned into the Mother Tree of Desire!
Chapter 764: Your Majesty, it’s time to renovate the world’s brand
Chapter 765: That terrifying back!
Chapter 766: Very good, let’s buy tickets now
Chapter 767: Everyone says I’m a devil, so it’s normal for me to have hell skills, right?
Chapter 768: Everything Xiao Huang said is true!!!
Chapter 769: Misunderstandings, all misunderstandings...
Chapter 770 I’m waiting for King Daimao, but you’re waiting to die?
Chapter 771: Be more open-minded, Tohsaka Rin, at least your heroic spirit is not him.
Chapter 772 Double chant: I just want to save my failed empire
Chapter 773: Tell me again, who failed to learn history well?
Chapter 774: Stop fighting, stop fighting, these are friendly forces!!!
Chapter 775 God can’t throw dice, but I can
Chapter 776: What's wrong? Why are you showing this expression?
Chapter 777 Hehe, Master, do you have a younger sister?
Chapter 778 I haven’t eaten yet! I haven’t eaten yet!!!
Chapter 779 Idiot! Do you think I can’t speak if I shut up?!
Chapter 780: If you ask me, it’s really not as good as the Magnesium Country.
Chapter 781: Do you understand the value of Bie Tianzui?
Chapter 782 As we all know, invincibility is a debuff
Chapter 783: After being together for a long time, she actually learned to concentrate and gain wisdom!?
Chapter 784: I like torturing an old Jew like you the most.
Chapter 785: The evil that the cross cannot overcome can be replaced by the Iron Cross
Chapter 786: Broken, this is not the HF line, it is the HH (Hei Hitler) line!
Chapter 787: That crispy fruit on that crispy tree, you and me under that crispy tree
Chapter 788: Although it has turned dark, it has little impact?
Chapter 789 Customized plan: Blitz against Liudong Temple
Chapter 790: Golden Shining Gilgamesh: When will you send me my lunch?
Chapter 791: It seems like Archer likes to trick the Tohsaka family?
Chapter 792: Have you... ever seen the fall of heaven?
Chapter 793: The easiest way to identify the authenticity of a priest
Chapter 794: On the Differences between the New Testament and the Old Testament
Chapter 795: Captain, it’s okay, you can stop now...
Chapter 796: Sister! I’m going to take away your most precious thing... Archer!
Chapter 797: The third master, King Daimao, produces and sells his own products, Emiya Shirou
Chapter 798 The belated new module unlocking prompt sound
Chapter 799 I have work... Are you free?
Chapter 800: There are no outdated idols, only shaky beliefs!
Chapter 801 Fang Mo: This pendant is too powerful, I seem to be deified.
Chapter 802 What is about to come now is... the final battle of the Holy Grail Chapter!
Chapter 803: Tell me again, what are you here for?
Chapter 804: He is out of mana, everyone should come together!
Chapter 805 Lord Fang Mo...hasn't used his full strength yet!
Chapter 806: The loser retires and the Great Holy Grail arrives
Chapter 807 Administrator Root: You have been kicked out of the server!
Chapter 808: Don’t tell others that I broke the root cause...
Chapter 809: I didn’t cheat this time, but you cheated on me, right?
Chapter 810 What’s coming soon is my final speech!
Chapter 811 I have the right to remain silent...right?
Chapter 812 The rebellious Naxi???
Chapter 813: Broken... How come she is still a crowned heroic spirit!?
Chapter 814: Inhibition: Take it away if you like it, just don’t come back next time
Chapter 815: From now on, this is the peace line, I said so
Chapter 816: You don’t do anything like being around other people...
Chapter 817 How come the world was destroyed as soon as I crossed over?
Chapter 818 God is coming, we are finally saved!
Chapter 819 Uncle Wolf: Son, why do you think he is here to save us?
Chapter 820: On how different gods deal with people who are disrespectful to them
Chapter 821 Levadin? No, no, no, this is Burn! Heaven! God! Soldier!
Chapter 822: Tell me again what is the name of this thing?!
Chapter 823 Return to 1973: The Ultimate Ghostly All-Star Limited Edition
Chapter 824 What a good guy! He’s still riding a horse and it’s like a water bed!!!
Chapter 825 Your question makes it difficult for Uncle Lang to explain...
Chapter 826 From now are also the root devil!!!
Chapter 827: The smell of this banner is too great. Can I not want it?
Chapter 827 No child is allowed to be hurt in front of me!
Chapter 829 Believe me, you will become the anti-magnetic treasure
Chapter 830 This is the module I have been dreaming about for a thousand years!!!
Chapter 831: Watch out, brothers, this move is called... Mutant’s life is also life!
Chapter 832 Do you understand the gold content of the old magnesium version T0?
Chapter 833: Don’t talk about anything else! Just say that I can’t reverse the future, right?
Chapter 834: The sissy module...the ruthless version of the T0 manufacturing machine!
Chapter 835: Mutants with super-fast regeneration can’t handle this kind of headache!
Chapter 836 Xavier Academy for Geniuses x Xavier Academy for Natural Disasters √
Chapter 837: Among the four vendors, his food is the only one that cannot be eaten!
Chapter 838: Today, I won’t smoke eggplant anymore, I’ll smoke something really strong...
Chapter 839 How can you not call me for such a good thing as being on TV?
Chapter 840 This is not a mutant ability, this is... love!!!
Chapter 841 You can never expect me to come up with any good ideas
Chapter 842 Tianqi: Thank you so much!!!
Chapter 843: No, buddy...are you four knights playing with me?
Chapter 844 Congratulations on getting the same experience as Uncle Wolf
Chapter 845: If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight...Why don't you understand this?
Chapter 846 To be fair, you might as well commit suicide if you do this.
Chapter 847: The power of the captain of the Magnesium Country? The power of the President of the Magnesium Country!!!
Chapter 848: At least the world is finally at peace, right?
Chapter 849 Now we are break the sky!!!
Chapter 850 It would be a pity not to use your module to make a second game
Chapter 851 Give Uncle Wolf a little shock of the effeminate module Shura Field
Chapter 852: What is it like to work with the president to harm an old friend?
Chapter 853 I know you don’t mean any harm, but isn’t this metaphor a bit too...
Chapter 854 Hey! John! Isn’t this much more exciting than flying leaves?
Chapter 855: Don’t push me. If you push me hard, I will just blow myself up...
Chapter 856: Is the honeymoon period okay?
Chapter 857: Tell me again what this cup is for?
Chapter 858 Colossus x Aditelux√
Chapter 859 Such a hellish behavior is just so that everyone can go to heaven...
Chapter 860 This Emerald Chamber of Commerce!
Chapter 861 Why did I see you sneaking away as soon as I returned to the main world?
Chapter 862: Brother, your Book of Times smells so good...
Chapter 863 Come! Let’s count the sins of this hateful square man together!
Chapter 864 I want to make a simple little deal with you
Chapter 865 The new world
Chapter 866 He is Uncle A and I am Uncle C. How about we put you in the middle!?
Chapter 867: This is bad... Fang Laomo's Tucao servant was robbed!
Chapter 868: Containment Breach: The Headache Meme Begins to Spread!!!
Chapter 869...Tell me again what your identity is?
Chapter 870 Question: Are the three major disasters in Europe __________?
Chapter 871 Although it was very real, the scene was very embarrassing for a time
Chapter 872 Why, is there anything more blasphemous than vampires?
Chapter 873: Who is the real priest? Who is the fake priest?
Chapter 874 What? You actually found out my true identity!?
Chapter 875: Since it makes sense...then I might as well just cooperate with you and continue acting.
Chapter 876 Aizen: No, is this how you use my illusion?
Chapter 877…Your voice sounds very much like an old friend of mine who passed away
Chapter 878: It’s useless to persuade him, he will still be a vampire in his next life
Chapter 879 From now on, this will be the vampire’s Hellsing Park!
Chapter 880: Don’t let him go, give me a harder blow!
Chapter 881 Do you want to watch the birth of your new sister?
Chapter 882: Do you...want to guess what my 'C' refers to?
Chapter 883 Stop! Don’t run! You bastard cat-eared boy...child!
Chapter 884: No, buddy, your ability is too abstract, right?
Chapter 885: No, how can I rejuvenate the country?
Chapter 886: Major, the war you like is no longer clean!!!
Chapter 887 I was just on a whim, remember to kneel down and beg me next time
Chapter 888 As long as I don’t show up, I won’t be killed
Chapter 889 Walter: I voted, I won’t fight!
Chapter 890: A new module that touches the truth infinitely, will be unlocked soon!
Chapter 891 What? Is the decisive battle coming so soon?!
Chapter 892: You may be the most honorable way to die in this dungeon.
Chapter 893: Watch out, my ship will be very handsome when it gets off
Chapter 894: true identity is the wishing chicken
Chapter 895: Except for me, everyone else who plays hallucination must die.
Chapter 896 It’s okay, I just fed her something very hot...
Chapter 897 Sorry, I borrowed...what?! Hey brother, why do you look like this???