Chapter 1513 Strong Killing

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Such terrifying rule energy has been compressed to the extreme, just like two nuclear bombs. Once it explodes, it will be a scene of destruction.


Many strong men snorted coldly, their eyes full of cold murderous intent. Many strong men did not expect that the shield in the hands of the quasi-holy emperor was so powerful. The quasi-holy emperor relied on the shield to reach the point where he could confront them head-on. It was simply

Somewhat scary.

Moreover, the Quasi-Saint Emperor only had the cultivation level of a Quasi-Saint Emperor, so this was no longer as simple as shock, but terrifying.

After several powerful collisions, the dark eyes of the quasi-saint emperor also burst out with intense murderous intent. The golden light kept flashing, probing the weaknesses of the cooperation of many powerful people. In the eyes of the quasi-saint emperor, many

The strong ones no longer pose much of a threat.

"The broken weapon of the Holy Emperor is really extraordinary. I killed you today and still get such a treasure. It's really good!"

Many strong men said angrily.

"Haha, stop talking nonsense, I will kill you today!"

Hearing this, the Quasi-Saint Emperor's words were full of disdain.

Their murderous gazes collided in the void, as if they had a telepathic connection, and the Quasi-Saint Emperor and many powerful men erupted at the same time again.


The Quasi-Saint Emperor collided with many powerful men again, but this time many powerful men took a few steps back slightly, while the Quasi-Saint Emperor stood motionless on the spot, and the eyes of many powerful men were suddenly full of

A look of disbelief.

However, many powerful men looked carefully at the Quasi-Saint Emperor, only to find that there were wisps of Holy Emperor aura constantly flowing around the Quasi-Saint Emperor.

Although the aura of the Holy Emperor looked inconspicuous, it exuded an aura as grand as the creation of the world, and it was filled with endless power of rules. After a moment, many strong men lost their voices and said: "The weapons of the Holy Emperor are indeed better than ours."

Think stronger!"

After hearing the words of many powerful men, the quasi-Saint Emperor just smiled coldly and rushed towards the many powerful men again. This time, the shield in his hand was filled with the aura of the Holy Emperor. The terrifying energy of the rules continued to flow, and a terrifying rule shook the earth.

The explosion of power caused the vast universe to tremble continuously.

"Join forces!"

The expressions of many powerful men changed drastically. They once again used regular energy together, instantly emitting countless regular energy with different colors. They transformed into many forms in the void and charged towards the quasi-holy emperor. The terrifying regular power directly

It cuts a series of ferocious cracks into the void, which is extremely fascinating.

"Bang bang bang!"

Muffled sounds like thunder sounded one after another. Under the gaze of many powerful men, the quasi-holy emperor held a shield like a terrifying god of war, unstoppable.

At the moment of contact, the attacks of many strong men suffered horrific blows, and the bright light suddenly became extremely dim. Without even holding on for a breath, it directly turned into a bright light and dissipated in the vast universe.

But the Quasi-Saint Emperor chose to take advantage of your illness to kill you, and his terrifying speed suddenly increased, turning into afterimages and rushing towards many powerful people.


In an instant, the quasi-holy emperor had arrived in front of a powerful man. Under the opponent's shocked gaze, the shield in his hand was filled with terrifying regular energy and struck the opponent's chest fiercely, causing blood to spurt out.

The strong man slowly lowered his head and looked at the wounds on his body. The shock disappeared and was replaced by deep fear. Drops of scarlet blood followed the shield and fell into the void, turning into a rain of blood all over the sky.

, shocking.

"How can this be!"

All of this happened in a flash of lightning. Until now, many strong men still can't believe that this is true. However, the severe pain that penetrated into the soul made that strong man understand that all of this was true.

"Humph, it's nothing more than that!"

The quasi-holy emperor snorted coldly and retreated. The shield in his hand was stained with scarlet blood as he stared at the many powerful men!

Seeing the blood that was constantly flying in the void turning into blood rain and falling down, many strong men seemed to be petrified and stood there blankly.

With such a result, no one expected that many powerful people would be defeated by the powerful quasi-Saint Emperor when they joined forces, and even one person was killed by the quasi-Saint Emperor in front of his eyes. Not only did many powerful people not believe it, but

Even the fallen strong man himself never thought that he would die.

Many strong men were able to detect the aura of the Quasi-Saint Emperor. He only had the cultivation level of the Quasi-Saint Emperor, but the combat power of the shield he held...

Many strong men dare not think about it anymore. They rely on their cultivation at the quasi-Saint Emperor level to hold up many strong men. The most important thing is that the weakest among the many strong men are at the Saint Emperor level, and they are the best among the Saint Emperors.


In fact, except for the Holy Emperor shield in the hands of the quasi-Saint Emperor, everything was a coincidence. Although the quasi-Saint Emperor was able to defeat most of the powerful people present with the broken Holy Emperor weapons, he definitely would not.

It's so easy.

Many powerful people were defeated because they underestimated the enemy and did not take the quasi-Saint Emperor seriously at all. However, the quasi-Saint Emperor went all out from the beginning. Different attitudes largely determined this battle.

The outcome of the battle.

At this moment, the hearts of many strong men can be said to be full of mixed feelings, including frustration, anger, and unwillingness. How many strong men would end up like this when they joined forces. Although it is not fatal, this kind of blow is even more frustrating for many strong men.

Difficult to accept.

When did the Quasi-Saint Emperor gain such terrifying strength? This is the answer that many powerful people want to know the most.

"Don't be too happy too early. Do you think you can win like this? I tell you that you will face the most terrifying thing next!"

After calming down the shock in their hearts, many powerful men suddenly said.

I saw many strong men with crazy and ferocious looks on their faces, and under the gaze of the quasi-holy emperor, they all burst out with terrifying regular energy.

Seeing many powerful men erupting with such terrifying regular energy again, the Quasi-Saint Emperor remained calm and just looked at the many powerful men quietly, with gleams of light flashing in his eyes, as if he already knew something.


Suddenly, this vast universe exploded with many strong men, and a terrifying force burst out. Then this vast universe changed color, forming terrifying regular tornadoes that swept in all directions.

With the emergence of this terrifying regular energy, this vast universe is filled with an oppressive aura, making it impossible to breathe, and endless ferocious energy spurts out, making people tremble.

"You're just a clown. Do you still want to fight me?"

Finally, the Quasi-Saint Emperor spoke.

"You are really arrogant. Even a true Saint Emperor would not dare to say such a thing in the face of so many powerful men like us. Do you know what kind of disaster will happen because of your words?


Many strong men couldn't bear it anymore and said.

This chapter has been completed!
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