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Lingao Qiming

Lingao Qiming


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Latest chapter:Chapter 2737 Capital (90)

Traveling into troubled times is not about being struck by lightning, it is their own choice. Some people want to be kings and hegemons, some want to relieve the people from hanging upside down, and some want to use their own power to prevent the last barbaric conquest of civilization, thereby rewriting the history of the Chinese nation. Of course, there are also people who only want to have three wives and four concubines, living an extremely corrupt life that is impossible to live in this world. This group of ordinary people who are half-hearted and have their own ambitions have no tiger body, no bastard spirit, and no mentally retarded halo props. It is a mess. Crowded on an old ship, there are only modern machines, technology and various theories. With ambitions, dreams and ideals that cannot be achieved in this world, the time travelers head towards the troubled times of the late Ming Dynasty. Target: Hainan. Discussion Group: 74097524 (Friendly sponsored by Lingao Suckling Pig)

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《Lingao Qiming》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 2737 Capital (90)
Chapter 2736 Capital (eighty-nine)
Chapter 2735 Capital (eighty-eight)
Chapter 2734 Capital (eighty-seven)
Chapter 2733 Capital (eighty-six)
Chapter 2730 Capital (eighty-five)
Chapter 2729 Capital (eighty-three)
Chapter 2728 Capital (82)
Chapter 2727 Capital (81)
《Lingao Qiming》Chapter Contents
The first wormhole
Section 2 General Wen's Ambition
Section 3 Nuggets - Confusion of holding high
Section 4 Nuggets - Australian Maritime Business
Chapter 5 The Destruction of Myths
Section 6 Clark Porcelain (1)
Section 7 Clark Porcelain (2)
Section 8 Taiwan or Hainan
Section IX The New Society and the Old Society
Chapter 10 The Secret House
Chapter 11 Slaves (1)
Chapter 12 Slaves (2)
Section 13 Old Workers
Section 14 Meeting – First Grouping
Section 15 Meeting-Energy Issues
Section 16 Meeting - Machinery and Chemical Engineering
Section 17 Meeting - Detachment of Women
Section 18 Meeting - Food and Accommodation
Section 19 Military Questions
Section 20 North American Sub-rudder
Section 21 Weapons
Section 22 The fifth person in North America
Section 23 Gao Qing's troubles
Section 24 The troubles of exalted
Section 25 Equal emphasis on grace and power
Section 26 Yangcheng Dark Whistle
The twenty-seventh chapter is a newcomer
Section 28 Oriole Club
Section 29: The Disappearing President Wen
Section 30: Reasoning in the Seventeenth Century
Section 31: Violence Escort
Section 32 Response
Section 33 Rescue Tickets
Section 34: No Missing Bullets
Section 35 Aftermath
Section 36 The Prophet
Section 37: Farewell to Daming
Section 38 Unexpected Visitors
Chapter thirty-ninth new arrival
Section 40 Personnel
Section 41 Ships (1)
Section 42: Vessels (2)
Section 43 Standardization of Resources
Section 44 Core Issues
Chapter forty-fifth ready to go
Forty-sixth final episode
Section 47 The Eve
The first new world
The second part of the high angle
Section 3 A New Beginning
Section 4 Port Construction (1)
Section 5 Port Construction (2)
Section 6 Port Construction (3)
Section 7 Toilet
Section 8 Ribbon Cutting
Section 9 Camp
Chapter 10 The Accidental Stowaway
chapter 11 persuasion
Section 12 Lingao City
Section 13 Lingao's Countermeasures
Section 14 Reconnaissance Team
Chapter 15: Ambush
Chapter 16 Fighting
Chapter 17 Bairen Beach (1)
Chapter 18 Bairen Beach (2)
chapter nineteen exercise
Section 20 Road Construction (1)
Section 21 Road Construction (2)
Section 22 Huang Dahu
Section 23 Wu De's New Task (1)
Section 24 Wu De's New Task (2)
Section 25 Wu De's New Task (3)
Section 26 Wu De's New Task (4)
Section 27 Bairen City
Section 28 Water and Electricity (1)
Section 29 Water and Electricity (2)
Section 30 Telecommunications
Section 31 Lingao's Counterattack (1)
Section 32 Lingao's Counterattack (2)
Section 33 Lingao's Counterattack (3)
Thirty-fourth post-war (1)
Section 35 After the War (2)
Section 36: Trial of Prisoners (1)
Section 37: Trial of Prisoners (2)
Section 38 Building Materials
thirty-ninth cement
Section 40 Thought Dynamics
Section 41 Bank Payment
Section 42 Negotiation of Peace (1)
Section 43 Negotiation of Peace (2)
Section 44 New Farm (1)
Section 45 New Farm (2)
Section 46 New Farm (3)
Section 47 Employment System (1)
Section 48 Employment System (2)
Section 49 Credit (1)
Section 50 Credit (2)
51. Lei District Work (1)
Section 52: Li District Work (2)
Section 53: Li District Work (3)
Section 54 Trade Agreements
Section 55 Salt Fields (1)
Section 56 Salt Fields (2)
Section 57 Mass Work
Section 58: Mobilizing the Masses (1)
Section fifty-ninth mobilizing the masses (2)
Section 60 Mobilizing the Masses (3)
Chapter 61: Mobilize the masses (4)
Section 62 New Education
Section 63 Military Sports
Chapter 64 Gou's Village (1)
Chapter 65 Gou's Village (2)
Chapter 66 Gou's Village (3)
Chapter 67 Gou's Village (4)
Section 68 Broken Fortress
Section 69 Earthplane
Section 70 Occupation
Section 71 Getting rich
Section 72 Meeting
Chapter 73 The first rain
Section 74 Dongmen City
Chapter 75: Dongmen Chuiyu and Dugu's Proposal
Section 76 Business Planning
Section 77 Women's Cooperatives
Section seventy-eighth good luck
Section 79 Guangzhou Tour (1)
Section 80 Guangzhou Tour (2)
Section 81 Guangzhou Tour (3)
Section 82 Guangzhou Tour (4)
Section 83 The City of People (1)
Section 84 People City (2)
Section 85 Guangzhou Advance Station
Section 86 Radio
Section 87 Ziming Building
Section 88 Quarantine (1)
Section 89 Quarantine (2)
Chapter 90 New Blood
Section 91 Achievements and Prospects
Section 92 New System (1)
Section 93 New System (2)
Section 94 Dongmen City Police Station (1)
Section 95 Dongmen City Police Station (2)
Section 96 Dongmen City Police Station (3)
Section 97 Navy
Section 98 The First Battle of the High Cape
Section 99: The Daming Pirate Ship
100th quarter on the pier
One hundred and one steelmaking
Section 102 Casting Cannons (1)
Section 103 Casting Cannons (2)
Section 104 Casting Cannons (3)
Section 105 Test Shots
Section 106 Armstrong Cannon
Section 107 Zhu Cai Lao
Section 108: The Conception of the New Army
Section 109 Recruitment
Chapter 110 A certain man
Section 111 Failed Nitrocellulose
Section 112 Factory
Section 113 Guns and Cannons
Section 114 Training
Section 115 Military Uniforms
One hundred and sixteenth chapter attack heart (1)
One hundred and seventeenth chapter attack heart (2)
Section 118 Training
Section 119: Platoon and Sharpshooter
Section 120 Land and Sea Disputes
One hundred and twenty one funeral
Day 122: Expedition to Baitu Village
Section 123 Grassland Project
Section 124 Armed Parade
Section 125: Occupying Baitu Village
Section 126 Battle Review
Section 127: Lin Gonglao and Zhang Machine
Section 128: 400-material Guangzhou Ship
Section 129 Zhu Cai Lao strikes
Section 130 Strange Victory (1)
131st Strange Victory (2)
Section 132 Ship Shadow
Section 133 Chinese and Western United Pirate Fleet
Section 134 Liu Xiang's Abacus
Section 135: The Battle of Bopu (1)
Section 136 The Battle of Bopu (2)
Chapter 137 The Battle of Bopu (3)
Section 138 Discussion on Improving the System
Section 139 Diana Mendoza
Section 140 Building a Harmonious Lingao (1)
141. Building a Harmonious Lingao (2)
Section 142 Building a Harmonious Lingao (3)
One hundred and forty-third festival New Year
The 144th New Year's Eve Movie
Section 145 Congratulatory Message
Section 146 Sending warmth
Section 147 Night Talk
Section 148 Wei Aiwen's New Year's Party
Section 149 Glass
Section 150 Trial Production
Chapter 151: Zizhenzhai
Section 152 Business (1)
Section 153 Business (2)
Chapter 154: The east is bright, the west is also bright
Section 155 Guo Yi's Report
Section 156 Macau Tour
One hundred and fifty-seventh section sale of stolen goods
Section 158 Weiss Lando
Section 159 Missionary Issues
Section 160 Li Huamei fell from the sky
One hundred and sixty-one bait
Section 162 Gou Er goes out of the mountain
Section 163 Pandora's Box
Section 164 Public Opinion Preparation
Section 165 Institutional Adjustment
Section 166 Grain Circulation Vouchers
Section 167 Circulation
Section 168 Grading and Allowance
Section 169 Church
Section 170 Negotiations
Section 171 Agreement
Section 172 Ten Thousand People Stadium
Section 173 Bamboo reinforced concrete
Section 174 General Assembly (1)
Section 175 General Assembly (2)
Section 176 General Assembly (3)
Section 177 General Assembly (4)
Section 178 Reasonable Burden
Section 179 Security Team
Section 180 Banquet
The 181st Festival Celebration Commendation Conference
Section 182 Military Parade
Section 183 Establish a new system
Section 1 Five-Year Plan (1)
Chapter II Five-Year Plan (2)
Section 3 Five-Year Plan (3)
Section 4 Light Industry Outlook
Section 5 Discussion on Trade (1)
Section 6 Discussion on Trade (2)
Section 7 Discussion on Trade (3)
Section 8 Flat Glass Factory
Section 9 Flat Glass Production Line
Section 10 Steam Engines and Boilers
Section 11 Simple Rail Transit
Section 12 Supporting Facilities
Section 13 Remote Exploration Team
Section 14 Knee Effusion and Kaolin
Section 15 Hot Crop Plantation
Chapter 16 Treating guests to dinner
Chapter 17 Bai Guoshi's Love
Section 18 Proposals for a trade expedition
Section 19 Shipyard
Section 20 The Brig of Chinese and Western Ancient and Modern (1)
Section 21 A Brig with a Combination of Chinese and Western Ancient and Modern (2)
Section 22 Li Huamei and the Navy
Section 23 Bopu Fortress Area
Section 24 Launching
Section 25: Li Chiqi's Commentary
Section 26 The expedition departs
Section 27 Navigation
Section 28 Changhua has arrived
Section 29 Changhua Fort
Section 30 Go to Shilu
Section 31 Lizhai
Section 32 Shi Lu's Investigation
Section 33 Lizhai Storm
Section 34 Simple Surgery
Chapter Thirty-Five
Chapter 36: The unexpected end of the love affair
Section 37 Coming to Yulin
Section 38 Entering Baoshan
Section 39 Coconut
Section 40 Yulin Fort
Section 41: Wang Tao's Ideal
Section 42: Navy Curry and Press Censorship
Section 43: White Sugar in Leizhou
Section 44: Tutangliao (1)
Section 45 Tutangliu (2)
Section 46 Leizhou Sugar Company
Section 47 Indentured Slaves
Section 48 South China Sugar Factory
Section forty-ninth female slave
Section 50 Corruption
Chapter 51: Lingao Visitors
Section 52 Technology is productivity
Section 53 The Tang Monk Project
Chapter 54 Sweet Harbor Storm - Intervene
Chapter 55 Sweet Harbor Storm - Countermeasures
Section 56 Conspiracy
Chapter 57 Sweet Harbor Storm - Rice Price and Sugar Price
Section 58: Sweet Harbor - Vietnamese Rice
Chapter 59: Sweet Harbor - Go to Hongji
Chapter 60 Sweet Harbor Storm - The Storm is Coming
Chapter 61 Sweet Harbor Storm - Upgrade
Chapter 62: Sweet Harbor - Yun Yin
Chapter 63: Sweet Harbor - Guangzhou’s Money
Section 64 Sweet Harbor Storm--New Fundraising Channel
Chapter 65 Sweet Harbor Storm - Game
Chapter Sixty-six Sweet Harbor Storm--Insidious Tricks
Chapter 67: Sweet Harbor - Pirates of the Gu Family
Section 68: Sweet Harbor - Guangzhou
Chapter 69 Sweet Harbor Storm - Funds in place
Section 70 The Sugar Ship was hijacked
Chapter 71 Sweet Harbor - Dark Clouds Overwhelm
Chapter 72: Sweet Harbor Storm - The solution to the problem
Chapter 73: Sweet Harbor - Xiao Zhanfeng
Chapter 74: Sweet Harbor - Linzhuang
Chapter 75: Sweet Harbor - Persuasion
Chapter 76: Sweet Harbor - Bribery
Chapter 77 Sweet Harbor Storm - The Beginning of the Rout
Chapter 78 Sweet Harbor Storm--Break one of his arms
Chapter 79: Sweet Harbor - Catching Turtles in a Urn
Chapter 80 Sweet Harbor - Encounters at Sea
Chapter 81 Sweet Harbor Storm - Battle of Juhua Island (1)
Chapter 82 Sweet Harbor Storm - Battle of Juhua Island (2)
Chapter 83: Sweet Harbor - Heads
Chapter 84 Sweet Harbor Storm - Seeking Peace
Chapter 85 Sweet Harbor Storm - Sugar Industry Association
Chapter 86 Sweet Harbor Storm--Death Struggle
Chapter 87 Sweet Harbor Storm-Special Warfare Equipment
Chapter 88: Sweet Harbor - Fire Temple
Chapter 89: Sweet Harbor - Rebellion in the Nest
Chapter 90 Sweet Harbor Storm - The Dust Has Settled
Section 91 Acquisition of Dachang
Section 92 Bairen General Hospital
Section 93 Human Anatomy
Section 94 Medical Planning
Section 95 Pharmaceutical Factory
Section 96 Nick's career (1)
Chapter 97 Nick's career (2)
Section 98: Rearing the Arms for War
Section 99: Suppressing Bandits in the County
Chapter 100: The Battle of Holding Pangshan
101. Occupy Thirteen Villages
Section 102 The work team and the priest (1)
Section 103 The work team and the priest (2)
Section 104 A rural romance
Chapter 105: Change of ways
Section 106 Another function of the church
Section 107 Deep Struggle
Section 108 Counterattack counts down (1)
Section 108 Counterattack Countdown (2)
Section 109 Lure
Section 110 Liu Sizhong's Plan
Section 111: The Bandit's Counterattack
Section 112: The Consequences of Victory
Chapter 113 The Abbot
Section 114 Traditional Chinese Medicine
Section 115 The first debate about traditional Chinese medicine
Section 116 Students
Section 117 Educational Discussion
Section 118 Academic System
Section 119 Campus
Section 120 Students
121. Quarantine Camp
Section 122 Manpower Distribution
Section 123 Worker Hierarchy
Section 124 The Dilemma of the Pharmaceutical Factory
Section 125 Acids and Bases (1)
Section 126 Acids and Bases (2)
Section 127 Acids and Bases (3)
Section 128 Acids and Bases (4)
Section 129 Sweet Potatoes
Section 130 Sweet Potato Kvass
One hundred and thirty-one energy use
Section 132: Products of the Pharmaceutical Factory
Section 133 Acquisitions by the Ministry of Health
One hundred and thirty-fourth chapter lure with medicine
Section 135: A Trip to Foshan (1)
Section 136: A Trip to Foshan (2)
Section 137: A Trip to Foshan (3)
Section 138: A Trip to Foshan (4)
Section 139: A Trip to Foshan (5)
Section 140: A Trip to Foshan (6)
One hundred and forty-one trips to Foshan (7)
Section 142: A Trip to Foshan (8)
Chapter 143: A Trip to Foshan (9)
Section 144: A Trip to Foshan (10)
Section 145: A Trip to Foshan (11)
Section 146: A Trip to Foshan (12)
Section 147: A Trip to Foshan (13)
Section 148: A Trip to Foshan (14)
Section 149: A Trip to Foshan (15)
Chapter 150: A Trip to Foshan (16)
One hundred and fifty one trip to Foshan (seventeen)
Chapter 152: A Trip to Foshan (18)
Chapter 153: A Trip to Foshan (19)
Chapter 154: A Trip to Foshan (20)
Section 155 Customs
Section 156 Joint Clinic
Section 157 Tian Du Development Plan
Section 158: Heaven and Earth Society
Section One Hundred and Fifty Nine
Section 160 Low-yielding fields
One hundred and sixty-one farmland construction
Section 162 Dongsha Island
Section 163 Mysterious Ship
Section 164 Suspicious elements
Section 165 Nanbao Highway
One hundred and sixty-sixth chapter Fu Fuer joins the club
Section 167 Small Loans
Section 168 Agricultural Materials Store
Section 169 Earthworms
Section 170 Farm
Section 171 Pig and Cow
Section 172 Feed
Section 173 Patrol Ship
Section 174 Five-masted ship
One hundred and seventy-fifth chapter get out of trouble
Section 176 Governing the country according to law
Section 177 Law Club
One hundred and seventy-eighth chapter recruit surrender
Section 179 Banyan Work
Section 180 Smuggling Ship
Section 181 The people on the boat
One hundred and eighty-two customers of Tiandihui
Section 183 Touring to the Countryside
Section 184: Agricultural Technician Wan Lihui
Section 185 Fu Bu Er Family
Section 186 Issues of Interest
Section 187: Camp Howl
One hundred and eighty-eighth small businessmen
Section 189 What can I sell
Section 190 Sweet Potato Versatile
Section 191 Xun Suji becomes an official
Section 192 Orders from Guangzhou
Section 193 Nanbao Coal Mine
Section 194 Nanbao Layout
Section 195 The new Ziming Building
Section 196 Ice Machine
Section 197 Manipulating the temperature
Section 198 First Arrival to Nanri Island
One hundred and ninety-ninth section fake drama and singing
Chapter 200: Going deep into the enemy's cave
Chapter 201 When the boat starts to leak
Section 202 Lin Baiguang's Dangerous Situation
Section two hundred and three escape
Section 204 Departure
Section 205 Recruitment
Section 206 Digestion
Section 207 Study Class (1)
Section 208 Study Class (2)
Section 209 Treatment
Section 210 Late Summer
Chapter 211: Wang Ci
Section 212 Conflict
Section 213 Readers
Section 214 Jasmine Works
Section 215 Do what you like
Section 216 Molixuan Academy (1)
Section 217 Molixuan Academy (2)
Section 218 Education Foundation
Section 219 Batteries and Timing
Section 220 Little Cross Road Project (1)
Chapter 221 The Little Cross Road Project (2)
Section 222 Traffic Problems
Section 223 Police Development
Section 224 Gou Er's Property
Section 225 Search again
Section 226 Ledger
Section 227 Password
Section 228 Delivered to your door
Section 229 Book Office
Section 230: Chen Minggang's Abacus
Chapter 231: Chen Minggang's housework
Section 232 Cooperation Objects
Section 233: The Knowledge of Grain Requisition
Section Two Hundred and Thirty-four Taxes
Section 235 Disadvantages
Section 236 Autumn Fu (1)
Section 237 Autumn Fu (2)
Section 238 Autumn Fu (3)
Section 239 Autumn Fu (4)
Section 240: Autumn Fu (5)
Two hundred and forty one autumn poems (six)
Section 242: Autumn Fu (7)
Section 243 Autumn Fu (8)
Section 244: Autumn Fu (9)
Section 245 Autumn Fu (10)
Section 246: Autumn Fu (11)
Section 247: Autumn Fu (12)
Section 248: Autumn Fu (13)
Section 249: Autumn Fu (14)
Section 250: Autumn Fu (15)
251. Autumn Fu (16)
Chapter 252: Autumn Fu (17)
Section 253 Autumn Fu (18)
Section 254: Autumn Fu (19)
Section 255: Autumn Fu (20)
Section 256: Autumn Fu (21)
Section 257: Autumn Fu (22)
Section 258: Autumn Fu (23)
Section 259: Autumn Fu (24)
Section 260: Autumn Fu (25)
Two hundred and sixty-one Autumn Fu (twenty-six)
Section 262: Autumn Fu (27)
Section 263 Autumn Fu (28)
Section 264: Autumn Fu (29)
Section 265 Autumn Fu (Thirty)
Section 266 Autumn Fu (31)
Section 267: Autumn Fu (32)
Section 268: Autumn Fu (33)
Section 269 Autumn Fu (34)
Chapter 270: Autumn Fu (35)
Section 271: Autumn Fu (36)
Section Two Hundred and Seventy-two Elimination of Malpractices
Section 273 Qingzhang Tianmu
Section 274 Literature and Art and Propaganda
Section 275 Propaganda Offensive
Section 276 Typhoon Comes
Section 277 Rescue and Disaster Relief
Section 278 Audit Committee
Section 279 The new title deed (1)
Section 280 New Deed (2)
Section 281 Iron Bird and Clairvoyance
Section 282 Population Census and Catching Waves
Section 283 Tang Yunwen Arrives
Section 284 Unannounced Visit to Bo Shop (1)
Section 285 Unannounced Visit to Bo Shop (2)
Section 286 Fucheng
Section 287 Blackmail
Section 288 Employment
The 289th section goes deep into Qiongshan
Section two hundred and ninetieth strips
Section 291 He Xin
Section 292 Haishuzu's Dilemma
Section 293 Partners (1)
Section 294 Partners (2)
Section 295 The new use of the five-masted ship
Section 296 Jiazi Coal Mine
Section 297 Employee Benefits
Section 298 New Equipment Proving Ground
Section 299 Capacity Bottleneck
Section 300 Coal Washing Plant
Section 301 Yulin Port Development Plan
Section 302 Preparations
Section 303 Small Steam Engine
Section 304 Sanya Dispatching Camp
Section 305 Central Agreement of the Army and Navy
Section 306: Second Lieutenant
Section 307: Interview with Pan Pan
Section 308: Brothers Gather
Section 309 Newly Obtained Posts
Section 310 The Leading Group of Sanya Special Economic Zone
Section Three Hundred and Eleven New Official Opportunities
Section 312 Secretary and Apprentice
Section 313 Undercurrent
Section 314 Dissatisfaction
Section 315 Action is better than talk
Section 316 Parade
Section 317: The Interrupted Date
Section 318 East Gate
Section 319 Resignation
Chapter Three Hundred and Twentieth
321. The first meeting of the caretaker cabinet
Section 322 The debut of the vest
Section 223 Aftermath
Section 324: Problems that surfaced
Section 325 Women's Issues
Section 326 Guangzhou Station before the meeting
Section 327 Guangzhou's Proposal
Section 328: People and Horses (Part 1)
Section 329: People and Horses (Part 2)
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty People and Horses (Part 2)
Three hundred and thirty-one problems to be solved
Section 332 Political Structure
Section 333 Navy, Army and Overseas Stations
Section 334 Guanglei Confluence
Section 335 Vest Rules of Procedure
Section 336: The General Assembly Applying the New Rules
Chapter 337 Common Program – Elders
Section 338 Debate
Section 339 Du Wen's Strategy
Section 340 Economic Policy
The 341st new version of the Executive Committee
Section 342 The new elders
Section 343 Dugu Proposal Case
Section 344: Unfamiliar Numbers
Section 345 Question Session
Chapter 346 Chang Shide and Dugu propose
Section 347 Hailin's Conspiracy
Section 348 Ministry of Forestry
Section 349: The End of the Dugu Incident
Section 350 Institutional Adjustment
Three hundred and fifty-one veterans military and political plan proposal system
Section 352 Grade System
Section 353 Draw the line
Section 354 Personnel Changes
Section 355: General Administration of Political Defense
Section 356 Handover
Section 357: Lu Cheng's Family
Section 358 Cihui Hall
Section 359: Political Insurance Students
Section 360 Girls Team
Three hundred and sixty-one discipline and training
Section 362 Informer
Section 363 Puppet Theatre and Thought Work (1)
Section 364 Puppet Theatre and Thought Work (2)
Three hundred and sixty-fifth section everyone passes
Three hundred and sixty-sixth chapter record of atrocities
Section 367: A Gathering of Talents
Three hundred and sixty-eighth martial arts
Section 369 Revolver
Section 370 Shooting Training
Section 371 Work Network
Section 372 Internal Security Conference
Section 373 Salvage the sunken ship
Section 374 Shipwreck Treasure
Section 375 Distribution of Booty
Section 376 The arrival of the maid
Section 377 Maid School
Section 378 The Education of Maid
Three hundred and seventy-ninth family conflicts
Chapter 380 Righteous Brother
Day 381 Dream (1)
Day 382 Dream (2)
Section 383: The Last Night in Anyou Le City
Section 384 On the boat
Day 385: Day d
Three hundred and eighty-sixth time t
Section 1 - Section 2 The Fall of Anyoule City
Section 3 - Section 4 Sanya City
Section 5 - Section 6 Blasting
Section 7 - Section 8 Malaria hits
Section IX Riot
Chapter 10 The Taoist priest is here
Section 11 The New Religion
Section 12 Breakthrough
Section 13 Xintian Solitary Town
Section 14 Initial results
Chapter 15 The Origin of Li Luo
Section 16 Hegemony in the Qiongzhou Strait
Section 17 Bopu News
Section 18 Customs
Section 19 The Road
Section 20 Liu Work
Section 21 Foreign Policy Controversy
Section 22 The usefulness of the British
Section 23 Liu San's Love
Section 24 Travel Notes on Dongmen City
Section 25 Continuing the Travel Notes of Dongmen City
Section 26 Trade Agreements
Section 27 In-depth cooperation
Section 28 The slave trade
Section 29 The Cannon Foundry
Section 30 Bribery and extortion
Section 31 Population of Eastern Liaoning
Section 32 Wudaokou Financial Conference
Section 33 New Monetary Policy
Section 34 Accounting System
Section 35: New Young People from the Organization Department
Section 36 Foreign Intelligence Bureau
Section 37 Intelligence Work Conference
Section 38 Organizational System
Section 39 Research on the E River
Section 40 Black Dragon Club
Section 41 Cooperation
Section 42 Training
Section 43: The Great Ming Dynasty
Section 44: Lin Quan'an's New Business
Section 45 Mountain and Sea Roads
Chapter 46 Books
Section 47 Printing House
Section 48: People on Ship A
Section 49 The task of earning a living
Section 50 Bargaining
Chapter 51 Lando's Mission
Section 52 The debate
Chapter 53 The Mistress of Ziminglou
Chapter 54: The first signs of exposure
chapter fifty-fifth doorway
The fifty-sixth chapter of sending the bell
Section 57: The Guiding Principles of War
Section 58: Defense or Offense
Section 59 Military Intelligence
Section 60 Battle Plan
Chapter 61 Preparation for Public Opinion
Section 62 Grenade
Section 63 New Weapons
Section 64 Mobilization
Section 65: The Strategy for Suppression
Section 66 Contribution
Section 67 Before Running
Chapter 68 Leave
Section 69 Before the War (1)
Section 70 Before the War (2)
Section 71 Before the War (3)
Section 72 Exercise
Section 73 The Guardian
Section 74 Raid and harassment war
Section 75 Raiding Qiongshan
Section 76 General (1)
Section 77 General (2)
Section 78: Hongyi Cannon
Chapter 79: The details of the thief
Section 80: Continuing the details of the thief
Section 81 Lai Da goes out
Section 82 Operational Plan
Section 83: Sacrifice Flags and Go to War
Section 84: Entering the Army
Section 85 Encounter
Section 86 A win-win battle
Section 87: Fighting
Section 88 Artillery Battle
Section 89: Battle on the Dike
Section 90: Victory on the First Day
Section 91 Night Attack
Section 92 World War I Shishan
Section 93 World War II Stone Mountain
Section 94 Confrontation
Section 95: Burning the Company
Section 96 Lost
Section 97 Defeat
Section 98 Chengmai Kaicheng
Section 99 Aftermath
Chapter 100 The follow-up brought by the captives
101. Civil Affairs Work
Section 102 Victory Parade
Section 103 Transformation
Section 104 Grassroots Construction
Section 105 Disintegration of work
Chapter 106: The prisoners
Section 107 Religious Persons
Section 108 Victory Parade
One hundred and ninety-ninth sea-like care
Section 110 Literary Weapons
Section 111 Annual Meeting
Section 112 The Next Generation
Section 113 New Housing
Section 114: Dislocation of the house
Section 115 Maid's Fashion
Section 116 Lai Da is here
One hundred and seventeenth chapter thirty seven open
Section 118 Wu Nanhai's thoughts
Section 119 Lai Da was captured
Section 120 Lai Da's mental journey
One hundred and twentieth first advance to the detachment
Section 122: The New Regime of Danzhou
Section 123 Gou Er and Hu Lanyan
Section 124 Objectives
Section 125 Tricks
Section 126: Besieged
Section 127 Desperate
One hundred and twentieth eighth chapter all destroyed
Section 129 Remnants
Section One Hundred and Thirtieth Collective Villages
One hundred and thirty one hook kiss
Section 132 Anti-guerrilla
Section 133 The relationship between fish and water
Section 134 Triangle Cloth
Section 135: The Mission of Jinli Pavilion
One hundred and thirty-sixth chapter people of the sect
Section 137 Five people in the quarantine camp
One hundred and thirty-eighth tattoo
Section 139 Exposure
One hundred and fortieth chapter, the pious man Lando
One hundred and forty one trial
Section 142 The last trump card
Section 143: Ferry Tickets to Dongsha Island
Section 144 Our business
Section 145: The First Appearance of the Fu Bureau
One hundred and forty-sixth chapter to force peace
Section 147 The Pearl River Estuary Task Force
Section 148: The Fleet Sets Off
Section 149 Go to Hong Kong
Section 150 Raising the Flag
One hundred and fifty-one pirates
Section 152 Zheng Bao's War and Peace
The one hundred and fifty-third section draws
Section 154 Instigation
Section 155 Countermeasures
Section 156 Shelling Tung Chung
Chapter 157 The Battle of Lantau Island
Section 158 Aftermath
Section 159: Undercurrent of the provincial capital
Section 160: The Plan to Negotiate Peace
One hundred and sixty-one handover
Section 162 Activities in Guangzhou
Section 163 Entering the Pearl River
Section 164 In front of Humen
Chapter 165 The Battle of the Big Horn and the Sand Horn
Section 166: The Battle of Shang Hengdang Island
Section 167: Occupy Humen
Section 168 Guangzhou's Defense
Section 169 Officials and Squires
Section 170 Sanliang City
Section 171 Bought the hearts of the people
Section 172 Preparations for Sanliang City
Section 173 Cruise Detachment
Section 174: A Story in the Battle of the Pearl River
Section 175: The Road to Sanliang Town
Section 176 Breakthrough Defense
Section 177 Liu Deshan's Backyard
One hundred and seventy-eighth chapter after breaking the fortress
Section 179: Underground Government
Section 180 Trials
Section 181 Ji Xin's Judgment
Section 182 Borrowing soldiers
Section 183 Angry Portuguese
Section 184 Food Processing Center
Section 185: Capture Wuyong
Section 186 Singing forward
One hundred and eighty-seventh final fire attack
Section 188: The Sound of Cannons at White Swan Pond
One hundred and eighty-ninth section sky-high asking price
Section 190 Redemption Fees
Section 191 Macau Peace Treaty
Section 192: The Return of Victory
The one hundred and ninety-third section is warm and grand
Section 194 The Origin of the House Party
Section 195: The Conspiracy on the Flying Cloud
Section 196 Feiyun Club
One hundred and ninety-seventh shipbuilding plan
Section 198 Bopu Shipyard
Section 199 Zhang Machine and Lin Xianming
Section 200 Shipbuilding
Two hundred and one technical problems
Two hundred and two festivals continue
203rd Festival People in Guangzhou Station
Section 204: Party at Sea (1)
Day 205: Party at sea (2)
Section 206: Party at Sea (3)
207th Festival Returning to Hometown (1)
Two hundred and eighth festival at sea party (four)
Two hundred and ninth festival returning home (2)
Two hundred and tenth day party at sea (5)
Two hundred and eleventh festival returning home (3)
Two hundred and twelve aftermath
Section 213 Law
Two hundred and fourteenth festival returning home (4)
Day 215 Return to Hometown (5)
Two hundred and sixteenth festival returning home (six)
Section 217 Fu Fu is involved in the investigation
Section 218 On-site investigation
Two hundred and nineteenth section status is different
Two hundred and twentieth festival son-in-law and husband-in-law
Two hundred and twenty one poor
Two hundred and twenty-two crime of destroying military marriage
Section 223 Public Opinion Orientation
Section 224 Court Trial
Section 225 Judgment
Section 226 Conditions
Two hundred and twenty-seventh cooperation in the direction of eastern Liaoning
Two hundred and twenty-eighth Liu Jinshi's illness
Two hundred and twenty-ninth day diagnosis and treatment
Two hundred and thirty festivals
Two hundred and thirty one room
Two hundred and thirtieth chapters unexpected things
Two hundred and thirty third slave ship
Two hundred and thirty-fourth slave trade
Two hundred and thirty-fifth festival New Year's reception
Two hundred and thirty-sixth county teaching
Two hundred and thirty-seventh festival New Year's message
Section 1 Dongfeng Motor
The second marriage
The third horse
Section 4 Task Force
Section 5 Clearing the Obstacles
Chapter 6 Missing
Section 7 Traces
Section 8 Macau
Chapter 9 The husband and wife on the farm
Section 10 Hong Kong Planning
Section 11 Commercial Station
Section 12 The guests of Huang Shunlong's house
Section 13 Australian Lifestyle
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter 15 An old acquaintance
Section 16 Li Yongxun's Reconnaissance
Section 17 Results
Section 18 Tian Du's Slaves
Section 19 Sanya Militia
Section 20 Machinery Factory
Section 21 Tipper
Section 22 The new plan
Chapter 23 Guo Fu
Section 24 Poisonous Mushrooms
Chapter twenty-fifth push down
Section 26 Ore Terminal
Section 27 Majiu Industrial Zone
Section 28 Iron and Steel Complex
Section 29 Blast Furnace (Technical Paper!)
Section 30 Gas Workshop
Section 31 Open Hearth Steelmaking (Technical Papers)
Section 32 Ignition
Section 33 Oven
Section 34 Tapping the Iron
Section 35 Go to Hongji
Section 36 People at Leizhou Station
Section 37: The Qing Dynasty
Section 38 Dabo Shipping Company
Section 39 Rice and Coal
Section 40 The Fishermen and Pirates of the Beibu Gulf
Section 41 The whereabouts of female temporary workers
Section 42 Closing the case without closing the case
Section 43: Under the Cat's Ear Mountain
Section 44 Governor De Carpentier
Section 45: Li Siya's Report
Section 46 Allies
Section 47 The Dutchman
Section 48 Trade
Section 49 Businessman's Report (1)
Section 50 Businessman's Report (2)
51. Ministry of Colonization and Trade
Section 52: The Use of the Dutch
Section 53 News from Hong Base Station
Section 54 Hong Base Station
Chapter fifty-fifth red eyes
Chapter 56: The Same Bed, Different Dreams
Fifty-seventh chapter each with his own mind
Fifty-eighth chapter rabble
Section fifty-ninth ordinary victory
Section 60 Businessman's Report (3)
61. Report of the businessman (4)
Section 62 Lingao Trade Agreement
Section 63 Re-export trade
Section 64 The Role of Hong Kong
Section 65
Section 66 Trini's experience
Section 67 Sinners
Section 68 Wrestling
Section 69: The Big World of Guangzhou
Section 70 Return to Guangzhou
Section 71 Reconstruction
Chapter 72: Destroyed
Chapter 73 Reunion
Section 74 Planning
Section 75 Land Acquisition
Section 76 Stocks and Bonds
Section 77 Go to Hangzhou
Section 78: Master Zhao
Section 79 The Daoist
Section 80 Markets in Hangzhou City
Section 81 How to engage in charity activities
Section 82: Expanding the Team
Section 83 Silk
Section 84 Cultural Bookstore
Eighty-five Hangzhou Printing Press
Section 86: A Different Way
Section 87: Investigation Team
Section 88 The Great Eunuch
Section 89 Dry Shares
Section 90 Phoenix Villa
Section 91 Future Planning
Section 92 Nanjing
Section 93 Sanshan Street
Section 94 Printing Workshop
Section 95: The Weakness of the Lonely Hanging Capital
Section 96 Jiangnan Headquarters
Section 97 Qiwei Zhan
Section 98 Tianshui Bridge Church
Section 99 Hangzhou Church
Section 100 Traditional Printing (Science and Technology)
Chapter 101: Qingyun Temple
Section 102 Zhang Chunyang
Section 103 Phoenix Villa Meeting
Section 104: Drive away tigers and devour wolves
Section 105 Provocation
Section 106 Standardized Ships
Section 107 H-800 Type
Section 108 National Inventory Code
Section 109 Operational Process
Section 110 Simple Food
Section 111 Simple Food Continued
Section 112 Joint Operations Command
Section 113 Logistics Training Team
Section 114 Logistics System Reform
Section 115 Regularization
Section 116: A Look at Jeju Island
Section 117 Taiwan Island
Section 118 Food Supply
Section 119 Difficulty of Outsourcing
Section One Hundred and Twenty Regulations
One hundred and twenty-one new clothes
Section 122 Yuan Ziguang
Section 123: Animals are not as good as
Section 124 Radio Gymnastics
One hundred and twentieth chapter students go out
Section 126 Reserve Team
Section 127 The Fourth Infantry Battalion
Section 128 Political Work
Section 129 Potential collaborators
Chapter 130: Zhao Yingong's Private School
One hundred and thirty-one flower boat
Section 132 Fengyue
Section 133 Dutch Telescope
Chapter 134 Flower Appreciation Party
One hundred and thirty-fifth chapter perfect bookstore
Section One Hundred and Thirty-Six Continued
Section 137 Australian Books
Section 138 Water Journal
Section 139 Comic Book
Section 140 Special Promotion
One hundred and forty-one truth office
Section 142 Sun Chun
Section 143 Penglai-1631
Section 143
Section 144: Three people on the deck
Section 145 Material Preparation
Section 146 Ministry of Science and Technology
Section 147 Presbyopic lenses
Section 148 Optical Workshop
Section 149 Optical Products
Section 150 Telescope
One hundred and fifty-one workers
Section 152 Morning Meeting
Section 153 Lesson Plan
Section 154 Fanning the flames
Section 155 intensifies
Section 156: Zhu Zongyuan
Section 157 Haitian
Section 158 Nan'ao Island
Section 159: Cruise on the Island
Section 160: From Officers to Fighting Dogs
One hundred and sixty-one chapters hit the dog on the mountain
Section 162 The first contact
Section 163 Turtle Gate
Section 164: On the Qiantang River
Section 165 Divorce Incident
Section 166 Zhao Yingong's visit
Section 167 Mission Sentient Beings
Section 168 Wood
One hundred and sixty-ninth chapter wine talk
Section 170 Meteorological work
Section 171 Floods
Section 172 Qiongshan County Office
Section 173 Relief
Section 174: The Application of Success Studies
Section 175 Central and Local (1)
Section 176 Central and Local (2)
Sanjiang Fengtui's Testimonials
Section 177 Central and Local (3)
Section 178 The big households
Section 179: Clearing up debts
Section 180 Newly Acquired Workforce
Section 181 Local Economy
Section 182 Tiandi Association Contracting System
Section 183 Chang Shide comes out of the mountain
Section 184 Heaven and Earth will be dispatched
Section 185 Agricultural Armored Wing
Section 186 Leizhou Experience
Section 187: Qiongshan Small Situation
Section 188 Summer Tax
Section 189 Ding Yin
Section 190 Local Finance
Section 191 Summer Tax
Section 192 Excessive Completion
Section 193 Dengzhou Road
Section 194 Sun Yuanhua
Section 195 Shandong Business
Section 196 Sweet Sorghum and Haiying Cuisine
Section 197: Chess Pieces from Shandong
Section 198 Yizhou
Section 199: The Undercurrent of Competition
Section 200 The Bet of New Taoism
201. Temporary workers of the intelligence bureau
Section 202 Qimu Island
Section 203 Jianghu Passengers
Section 204 Team Price
Section 205 The Daoist Crisis
Section 206 Zhuang Nei Zhuang Wai
Section 207: The Eve of the Fight
Section 208: The Messenger Comes
Section 209 Fighting
Section 210 Real People
Section 211 The Banker's Nephew
Section 212 Counterattack
Section 213 Ambush
Section 214: Captured Alive
Section 215 Pressure Tactics
Section 216 The messenger arrives
Chapter 217 The messenger and the altar master
Chapter 218 Saintess
Section 219 Before the Duel
Section 220 The main play begins
Two hundred and twenty one in place
Section 222 Fighting
Section Two Hundred and Twenty-Three Take All
Section 224 Reforming the Organization
Two hundred and twenty-fifth Lao film
Section 226 Trafficking of Illicit Salt
Section Two Hundred and Twenty Seven Rent
Section 228 Southeast Asia Company
Section 229: South to Hue
Section 230 Jinlan Bay
Two hundred and thirty one Champaign
Section 232 Priango
Section 233 Ayutthaya
Day 234 Thonburi
Section 235 Returning
Section 236 Changhua Fort
Section 237 Miao Village
Section 238 Recruits
Section two hundred and thirty-ninth those who join the army
Section 240 Military Dog
Two hundred and fortieth chapters Kong Lingyang's ambition
Section 242 The Heart of the Dutch
Section 243 Small Shopkeepers and Artists
Section 244 The company's worries and ambitions
Section 245 Future Artists
Section 246 Fire and Explosives Factory
Section 247 Project 2300
Section 248 Fuze
Section 249 Grenade Test
Section 250 Naval Artillery
Two hundred and fifty one battleship
Two hundred and fifty-second festival Lichun
Section 253 Admiral
Chapter 254: The hidden worries of Mingqiu
Section 255 Security Army
Section 256 Nanyang-style rifle
Section 257 Ocean Fleet
Chang Shide's Reply to His Charges
some finale
Zhang Yingchen's colleagues on New Taoism
Section 258 The people of Hong Kong
Section 259 Reception
Section two hundred and sixty sailing
Two hundred and sixty-one the master of Anping
Section 262 News from Macau
Section 263 Zheng Brothers
Section 264 The Dutchman
Section 265 Anping's Transaction
Section 266 Advantages
Section 267 The Eve of the Storm
Section 268 Prologue
Section 269 Landing on Jim Island
Section 270 The Butterfly of Wu Bridge
Section 271 Northward and Eastward
Chapter 272: Forcing Kong Against Ming
Section 273 The Change of the River Gate
Section 274 Return to the track
Section two hundred and seventy-fifth meal
Section 276 Inside the Yunsheng View
Section 277 Route
Section 278 Late Jeju D day
Section 279 Chengshan
Section 280 Landing
Section 281 Jeju Island Front Finger
Section 282: Trial of Prisoners
Section 283 Scholar-officials and servants and servants
Section 284 Pu brothers
Section 285 Jeju Investigation
Section 286: Occupying Jingyi
Section 287 Raiders of the whole island
Section 288 Leading the way parties
Section 289 Occupation
Section 290 Economic Overview of Jeju
Section 291 Military Control Commission
Section 292 Upstart Pu Dehuan
Two hundred and ninety-third night drink
Section 294 Launching
Section 295 Fenggong Team
Section 296 Nick's Arrival
Section 297 Receiving Horses
Two hundred and ninety-eighth new horse pen
Section 299 Status Quo and Drawbacks
Section 300: Under the City of Dengzhou
Chapter 301 Internal response
Section 302: Treasures in the City
Section 303 Elite Troops
Section 304 Breaking In
Section 305 Raiders of the Lost Ark
Section 306: Dangerous City Captures Treasures
Section 307 Sun Yuanhua's work
Section 308 Persuasion
Section 309 Persuasion Continued
Section 310 Refugees on the Island
Chapter 311: I know it well
Chapter Three Hundred and Twelve
Section 313 Engine Start
Section 314 Elution
Section 315: Business in the Capital
Section 316: Keep Laizhou
Section 317 Suppression and Fussing
Section 318 Refugee Receiving Team
Section 319 Cavalry Conflict
Section Three Hundred and Twenty Refugees
Chapter 321: Kong Youde in a delicate situation
Section 322 The Crisis of Cham Island
Section 323 S-Class
Section 324 Alarm
Section 325 Mao Chenglu
Section 326: Frontal Attack and Detour
Section 327 Shelling
Three hundred and twentieth eighth all cards
Section 329 Ending
Three hundred and thirtieth chapter after the war
Three hundred and thirty-one removing hidden dangers
Section 332 Laizhou City
Section 333 South Gate Gate
Section 334 Nanguan Pillars
Chapter 335 Tiger Head Cliff
Section 336 The situation in Laizhou
Section 337 Mr. Beishan
Three hundred and thirty-eighth chapter court struggle
Section 339 Tianshui Club
Section 340: Go to Taicang
Three hundred and forty-one Zhang Pu
Section 342 Test
Section Three Hundred and Forty-Three State Administration
Section 344 The benefits of party struggle
Chapter 345: President Lu Tuan
Section 346 Agreement
Section 347 Freedom of Action
The 348th Festival Jeju New Look 1
The 349th Festival Jeju New Look 2
Section 350 Gifts
Three hundred and fifty one brothers
Section 352 Defense
Section 353 The whole island is naturalized
Section 354 Youth Charm
Chapter 355 The stone man 'bleeds'
Section 356: Case 315
Three hundred and fifty-seventh chapter inside should be combined
Three hundred and fifty-eighth chapter in the city
Section 359 Jin Liushun
Three hundred and sixtieth chapters shaken and firm
Three hundred and sixty-one treatment
Section 362: Solving the Case
Section 363 Feng Zongze
Section 364: Public Judgment Conference
Section 365 Suwon-dong
Three hundred and sixty-sixth ten minutes
Section 367 New Planning
The three hundred and sixty-eighth section of the village and the village (1)
The three hundred and sixty-ninth section of the village and the village (2)
The 370th section of the village and the village (3)
Section 371: Planting afforestation
Section 372 Wanli Huang
Section 373 Comrade?
Chapter 374 Dr. Zhong
Section 375 Zhong Xiaoying
Three hundred and seventy-sixth test weight pendulum
Section 377 Taibai Observatory
Section 378 The Return of Li Siya
Section 379 Guo Huaiyi
Section 380 Important News
Section 381 Go to Taiwan
Section 382 The Sea
Section 383 Kaohsiung City
Three hundred and eighty-fourth chapter eight feet of ambition
Three hundred and eighty-fifth chapter eight feet of ambition continued
Section 386 Looking for Weaknesses
Section 387 Isolation Belt
Section 388 Access
Section 389 Private Purpose
Section 390 Huygens
Three hundred and ninety-first chapter subtly
Section 392 Clock Tower Project
Section 393 Zhong Xiaoying's Gift
Three hundred and ninety-fourth bath
Section 395 Cases
Section 396 Westerly's Wish
Section 397: The Death of Westerly
Section 398 The Murderer
Section 399 The Second Murderer
Chapter 400 Fingerprints
Chapter 401 The third person
Section 402: Cretia's Choice
Section 403 Continuation of the Sarajevo Incident
Four hundred and fourth chapter sisters
Section 405 Inspection
Section 406 Medical Insurance and Provincial and Hong Kong Hospitals
Section 407 Medical Section Chief
Section 408: Li Mo
Four hundred and ninth chapter sisters meet
Four hundred and tenth chapter true feelings and scheming
Section 411 Whistleblowing
Section 412 Investigation
Section Four Hundred and Thirteenth Sharpening
Section 414 Jinjiang County
Chapter 415: Lin Ten Hats
Section 416 Minister of Colonial and Trade
Four hundred and seventeenth section
Section 418: General Ping
Section 419 Japan-Korea Trade
Section 420: Tsushima Fan
Four hundred and twenty-one envoys
Section 422 Agreement
Section 423 Two-pronged approach
Section 424: Five Islands Archipelago
Section 425 Nintendo
Four hundred and twentieth chapter Hirado's trip
Chapter 427 Hamada Shinzo
Section 428: Sand Boat Gang
Section 429 Shen Tingyang
Section 430: Abolition of the waters and the sea
Four hundred and thirty one financial road
Section 432 Shanghai Headquarters
Section 433 Progress
Section 434 Stocking
Section 435: Military and Political Proposals of the Elders
Chapter 436 Retreat
Section 437 Market
Chapter 438 Buying 'goods'
Chapter 439 Zhu Si and Zheng Yue'e
Section 440 Ideological Education
Four hundred and forty one Manila Galen
Section 442 Preparations
Section 443 Chlorine
The four hundred and fortieth chapter set sail
Section 445 Interception
Section 446: Jump Gang
Chapter 447: Captive
Section 448 Disinfection
Section 449: Division of Troops
Four hundred and fiftieth chapter storm
Four hundred and fifty-one, the St. Raimondo
Section 452 Stranded
Section 453 Capture
Four hundred and fifty-fourth chapter epilogue
Four hundred and fifty-fifth chapter booty
Chapter 456 Donna Marina
Section 457 Miss Mendoza
Four hundred and fifty-eighth special treatment
Four hundred and fifty-ninth chapter marriage across the Pacific
Section 460 Dispatching tasks
Four hundred and sixty-one auction
Section 462 Slave Market
The four hundred and sixty-third section of the store
Four hundred and sixty-fourth section Sonia
Four hundred and sixty-fifth competition
Section 466 The Final Bid
Chapter 467 The whereabouts of Jin Wushun
Four hundred and sixty-eighth section make every effort
Section 469 Rescue
Four hundred and seventieth chapter babies
Four hundred and seventy-first chapter optional
Section 472 Argument
Section 1 Intelligence
Section 2 Female Pirates
Section 3 Galle Fort
Section 4 Disposal of spoils
Section 5 Naturalization
Section 6 Southeast Asian Company Members
Chapter 7 The way to find relatives
Chapter Eight: The Encounter of Fate
Chapter 9 Men
Section 10 Maritime Patrol
Chapter 11 Hijacking
Section 12 Xiaoliuqiu Island
Section 13 Business
Chapter 14 The Phantom of the Lichun
Chapter 15 New Weapons
Section 16 Operation Overlord
Section 17 Penghu
Chapter 18: Marching under the Moonlight
Section 19 The enemy is in Luoluowan
Section 20: The Troops Divide in Two Ways
Section 21 Under the Anping City
Section 22 Corrected Shooting
Section 23 Xiamen's Counterattack
Section 24 Naval Battle (1)
Section 25 Naval Battle (2)
Section twenty-six against
Section 27 Rewards
Section 28 Grape Bullets
Section 29 Bamboo Shield
Section 30: The Shelling of the Center Left
Section 31 The Wall of People
Section 32 Break the City
Section 33 Escape
Section 34 Ambush
Chapter thirty-fifth death
Section 36 Gun Factory
Section 37 Anping Falls
Section 38 Congratulations from the Dutch
Section 39 Ning Liujin
Chapter 40: Tontaro's Conspiracy
Section 41: The Intelligence Bureau's Conspiracy
Section 42 Promotion
The forty-third chapter ends
Section 44 Aftermath
Chapter 45: The morning of the Wu family
Section 46 The new look of the farm
Section 47 Wu Nanhai's daily life
Section 48 The First Fertilizer Factory
Forty-ninth Festival Talk on Chemical Industry on the Urban Railway
Section 50 Evening Leisure
Chapter 51: The Conversation in Jasmine's Private Room
Chapter 52: The Vision of the Heaven and Earth Society
Section 53 Ownership and Shares
Section 54 Resignation
Chapter 55 Xiao Zhanfeng
Section 56 Handling Opinions
The fifty-seventh chapter surfaced
Section 58 Resolutions
Chapter 59: The Aftermath of Overlord
Section 60 The Warring States Period in Zhangzhou Bay
Chapter 61 Mr. Qian
Section 62 Jinjiang Plan
Section 63 Recapture Anping
Section 64 The Prolonged War
Section 65 Critical Information
Section 66 Dengzhou siege
Chapter 67 Whereabouts
Chapter 68: Arrangements at the End
Section sixty-ninth catch up
Section 70 Sending Off
Section 71 Dengzhou Aftermath
Section 72 The first month of Yizhou
Section 73 Talks
Chapter 74 The curiosity of young people
Chapter 75: The Crisis of the Corrupt Daoist
Section 76 Refugees
Section 77 Mobilizing the Masses
Chapter seventy-eight each has a ghost
Section 79 Pots and Pots Array
Chapter 80 Spells
Section 81 Fighting
Section 82
Section 83 Arashiyama Head
Section 84: Gentle Township
Section 85: Combining leniency and strictness
Section 86: The End of the Engine
Section 87 Population Distribution
Section 88: The Army's Abacus
Section 89 Marriage in the Army
Chapter 90 The Song of Electricity 1
Chapter 91 The Song of Electricity (2)
Chapter 92 The Song of Electricity (3)
Chapter 93 The Song of Electricity (4)
Chapter 94 The Song of Electricity (5)
Chapter 95 The Song of Electricity (6)
Chapter 96 The Song of Electricity (7)
Section 97 Heavy Industry Central Laboratory
Section 98 Silver and Gelatin
Section 99 Glass Drying Board
Section 100 AES
Section 101 Silicon Steel Work
Section 102 Special blast furnace
Section 103 Steelmaking
Section 104 Silicon Steel Sheet
One hundred and five step by step
Chapter 106 'Learn from Kun and learn skills to control Kun'.
Section 107 Making the most of the situation
Section 108 Molixuan Education Investigation Delegation
Section 109: A Visit to Fangcao (1)
Section 110: A Visit to Fangcao (2)
Section 111: A Visit to Fangcao (3)
Section 112: Visiting Grasslands--Technology is the primary productive force
Section 113: A Visit to Fangcao--The Worries of Scholars
Section 114: Grassland Visits--Ball Game
Section 115: A visit to Fangcao - a sense of loss
Section 116: A visit to Fangcao - the way home
Section 117 After returning home
The one hundred and eighteenth section is helpless
Section 119 Picking up shellfish
Section 120 The usefulness of shells
One hundred and twenty-one room shortage
One hundred and twentieth-second chapter Ma Kui private collection
Section 123 Safflower Club
Section 124 Teaching Open Day
Section 125 has a bright future
Chapter 126 Strangeness
Section 127 Lushun and Zhenjiang
Section 128 Mao Thirteen
The 129th section seeks to capture Lushun
Section 130: On the Yalu River
Chapter 131: The country is poor and the people are poor
Section 132 VIP Treatment
Section 133 Etiquette
One hundred and thirtieth chapter interview
Section 135 Trade Agreement
Section 136 Slaves
Section 137 Suspicious elements among the bitter people
Section 138 - Fire Head Army
Section 139 Continuing the Fire Army
Section 140: Dry Food and Yellow Flower Daughters
One hundred and forty-one reward
Section 142 Shanghai Investment Promotion Bureau
Section 143 Raw Silk Business
Section 144 Wang Siniang
Section 145: Tea-picking female workers
One hundred and forty-sixth chapter Wang's family
Section 147 Site Selection
One hundred and forty-eighth silkworm house
Section 149 Charity
Section 150 Relief Talents
One hundred and fifty-one chapters public and private
Section 152 Silkworm Farmers
Section 153 Siniang Returns Home
Section 154 The first loan
One hundred and fifty-fifth section
Section 156 Sericulture
One hundred and fifty-seventh chapter credit leaves
Section 158 Silk Price
One hundred and fifty-ninth section must buy
Chapter 160 Armament
161. Semi-Mechanized Silk Reeling Factory
Section 162 Trial Production
Section 163 Mandatory Cooperation
One hundred and sixty-fourth chapter changed historical facts
Section 165 Each has an abacus
Section 166 Food and Silver
One hundred and sixty-seventh section of the long profit warehouse of rice
One hundred and sixty-eighth section rice disturbance
One hundred and sixty-ninth section of the people's rice official's rice
One hundred and seventieth chapter three people in the slum
One hundred and seventy-first chapter stinking him
The one hundred and seventieth section of the plan for the Mid-Autumn Festival
Section 173 Education
Section 174 Cao Gang
Section 175 Undercover
Section 176 Visit
One hundred and seventy-seventh chapter stubborn
Section 178 Zhou Yu beats Huang Gai
One hundred and seventy-ninth chapter spies
Section 180 Backdoor
Section 181: School
Section 182 face to face
Section 183 Shiweng
Section 184 Xiao En Xiaoyi
One hundred and eighty-fifth chapter directly in the chest
One hundred and eighty-sixth anti-interval
Section 187 Mutiny
Chapter 188: Defeat before saying victory
Section 189 Betrayal
Section 190: Crossing Chencang in the Dark
Section 191 Master and Apprentice
One hundred and ninety-second section the eve
Section 193 Disillusionment
One hundred and ninety-fourth chapter accidentally
One hundred and ninety-fifth section, all games are lost
One hundred and ninety-sixth true enemy
Section 197 Inspection Team
Section 198 Comrade Leader
Section 199 Cheka
Section 200 Corruption Issues
Chapter 201 The key to the problem
Section 202 Jia Le is arrested
Section 203 Calling
Section 204: The Man on the Boat
Section 205 Late Warning
Section 206 Song of the Senate is punished
Section 207 Continuing the sentence of Song in the Senate
Section two hundred and eight calluses
Section 209 Conclusion
Section 210 Confession
Section 211 Manila
Section 212 Appearance
Two hundred and thirteenth section within the stream
Section 214 Financial Officer
Chapter 215 Small talk on the carriage
Section 216 Beach House
Section 217 Shooting Range
Section 218 Fort Santiago
Section 219 Yachting
Section 220 Esmeralda
Two hundred and twenty-one timely reinforcements
Section 222 Mission Statement
Section 223 Hale's People
Section 224: The Arms Race of the Spaniards
Section 225 Monitoring Post
Section 226 Cannon
Section 227 Picking up junk
Section 228: Woman
Section 229 Ideal
Section 230 Cockfighting
Chapter 231 The Secret of the Shipyard
Section 232 Submarine
Section 233 Arson
Section 234 Putting it into action
Section two hundred and thirty fifth entry point
Section 236 tease
Section 237 Sun Shangxiang
Two hundred and thirty-eighth new master
Section 239 Autopsy Report
Section 240 The Dining Table of Three Women
Two hundred and fortieth chapter painstaking efforts
Section 242 The Second Report
Section 243: Interrogation at the Sentinel
Section 244 Suspect
Two hundred and forty-fifth chapter girlfriends
Section 246 Final link
Section 247 Yang Xinwu
Section 248 Interrogation
Two hundred and forty-ninth chapter bland truth
Chapter 250: Each has a ghost (1)
Two hundred and fifty-one chapters are pregnant with ghosts (2)
Two hundred and fifty-two chapters are pregnant with ghosts (3)
Two hundred and fifty-third chapters are pregnant with ghosts (4)
Two hundred and fifty-four chapters are pregnant with ghosts (5)
Two hundred and fifty-fifth chapters are pregnant with ghosts (six)
Two hundred and fifty-sixth chapters are pregnant with ghosts (seven)
Two hundred and fifty-seventh chapters are pregnant with ghosts (eight)
The two hundred and fifty-eighth chapter each has a ghost (9)
Two hundred and fifty-ninth chapters are pregnant with ghosts (ten)
Section 260: The Law of the Great Ming Dynasty
Chapter 261 Sun Shangxiang's Internship
Section 262 Shop No. 43
Section 263 The speaker has no intention
Section 264: Shan Liang's Return
Chapter 265: The Consciousness of Being a Spearman
Section 266 Institutional Reform
Section 267 Coating
Section 268 Restructuring
Section 269 Women's College of Arts and Sciences
Section 270 Legal Status and Civil Relations
Section 271 Legal Status and Civil Relations Continued
Section 272 Dorm Night Talk
Two hundred and seventieth chapter girlfriends
Section 274 The New Pill Party
Section 275 Highlights
Section 276 Dangerous Signal
Section 277 Dangerous elements
Chapter 278 The Demon in the Cage
Section 279 Evaluation
Section 280 Transactions
Section 281 Judgment
Section 282 Interview
Section 283 Nitrated starch
Chapter 284 Vanity at sea
Section 285 Banquet
Section 286 Mistress
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh battle
Section 288 Provocation
Section 289 boudoir
Section 290 Manila Arsenal
Section 291 Hale's Cannon
Section 292 The Marquis
Section 293 Spy
Section 294 Who is helping Hale
Section 295 Supply Chain
Section 296 Collaborators
Section 297 Test Shooting
Section 298 Barter Trade
Section 299 Results of the Duel
Section 300: An audience with the Governor
Chapter 301 Authorization of the Governor
Section 302 All the way is smooth
Section 303 New Business Experience
Section 304 Xiamen's Business
Three hundred and five chapters book on board
Section 306 Trading on Kinmen Island
Three hundred and seven festivals to invigorate circulation
Three hundred and eighth festival Lin Baihu
Three hundred and ninth section life experience
Three hundred and tenth section immigration
Three hundred and eleventh section successfully infiltrated
Three Hundred and Twelve Days Travel by Car
Section 313 Occupation Introduction
Three hundred and fourteenth festival mountain goods
Three hundred and fifteenth day brothers and sisters
Three hundred and sixteenth street lamp
Three hundred and seventeenth night market
Three hundred and eighteenth festival night watch
Three hundred and nineteenth night shift
Section Three Hundred and Twenty Household Registration Police
Three hundred and twenty one ideal
Three hundred and twenty-two new work
Three hundred and twenty-three night entertainment
Three hundred and twenty-fourth Festival Heyuan Street
Three hundred and twenty-five night flowers
Three hundred and twenty-six Australian-style enjoyment
Three hundred and twenty-seventh reunion with sister-in-law
Three hundred and twenty-eighth chapter looking for cousin-in-law
Three hundred and twenty-ninth section Refit
Three Hundred and Thirty Sections Flowing Orioles
Three hundred and thirty one bait?
Three hundred and thirty-two prisons
Three hundred and thirty-third festival Chengguan Town
Three hundred and thirty-fourth work talk
Three hundred and thirty-five, half on one side
Three hundred and thirty-sixth section selection
Three hundred and thirty-seventh festival singing and dancing
Three hundred and thirty-eight festivals the beginning of art
Three hundred and thirty-ninth chapter Bairen City Night Talk
Three hundred and fortieth section Talent
Three hundred and forty-one under the banyan tree
Three hundred and forty-two in the cinema
Three hundred and forty-third section Army-designated tea house
Three hundred and forty-four chapters boss
Three hundred and forty-fifth section Jinyiwei's men and horses
Three hundred and forty-six chapters dig spies
Three hundred and forty-seventh section Liu Fuqing
Three hundred and forty-eighth chapter Huang shopkeeper
Three hundred and forty-ninth festival open shop
Three hundred and fiftieth sections perform their duties
Three hundred and fifty one license
Three hundred and fifty-two real questions
Chapter 353 'Fraud'
Three hundred and fifty-four tips
Section 355 Investment Immigration
Three hundred and fifty-sixth female police officer
Three hundred and fifty-seventh day stay at the hotel
Three hundred and fifty-eighth retreat
Section 359 Immigrant Naturalization Seminar
Section 360 Policies and Regulations
Three hundred and sixty-one advertising booklet
Three hundred and sixty-two tasks
Three hundred and sixty-three section look at the face
Three hundred and sixty-fourth festival practicing neon clothes
Three hundred and sixty-five chapters (1)
Three hundred and sixty-sixth chapters (two)
Three hundred and sixty-seventh cultural festival
Three hundred and sixty-eighth chapter elders speech
Three hundred and sixty-ninth additional equipment
Three Hundred and Seventieth Festival Chinese Orchestra
Three hundred and seventy-one festival party (1)
Three hundred and seventy-two festivals (2)
Three hundred and seventy-three (3)
Three hundred and seventy-fourth day gathering (4)
Three hundred and seventy-five special tasks
Three hundred and seventy-sixth chapter, underage elder Lin Ziqi
Three hundred and seventy-seventh chapter first class all beings
Three hundred and seventy-eighth, the maid at home
Three hundred and seventy-ninth festival between father and daughter
Three hundred and eighty-day housework
Three hundred and eighty-one women on the Kokura (1)
Three hundred and eighty-two women on the Kokura (2)
Three hundred and eighty-three section set sail
Three hundred and eighty-fourth section sailing
Three hundred and eighty-fifth chapter first appearance
Three hundred and eighty-sixth contact
Three hundred and eighty-seventh rehearsal
Three hundred and eighty-eighth date
Three hundred and eighty-ninth festival long-haired elder in white clothes fluttering
Three hundred and ninetieth section
Three hundred and ninety-one section intersection
Three hundred and ninety-two chapters fish out the big fish
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters rely on themselves
Section 394 Action Plan
Section 395 Emergency Notice
Section 396 Face-to-face opportunity
Three hundred and ninety-seventh chapter farewell
Three hundred and ninety-eighth old uniforms
Three hundred and ninety-ninth chapter disguise
Chapter 400 Double Tap on the Water
Four hundred and one chapter exposure
Section 402 Destroyed
Section 403 The Band on the Road
Section 404 Backup Plan
Section 405 desperate fight
Section 406 Despair
Section 407 Teenager
Chapter 408: Pursuit
The four hundred and ninth section
Section 410: The Unexpected Incident
Section 411 Deep Throat
Section 412 Suspects
Section 413 Interrogation
Chapter 414: Imperfect Victory
Section 415 Shooting Cannons
Section four hundred and sixteenth offer question
The four hundred and eighteenth section has advance and retreat
Section 418 (2) Chairman Qian's Melancholy
Section 419 Temporary setbacks
Section 420 Recruitment
Four hundred and twenty-one undercurrents in the library
Section 422 Analysis of Internet Public Opinion
Four hundred and twentieth chapters Fengqing
Section 424 Zhangjiazhuang
Section 425: Strict House Rules
Four hundred and twentieth chapter housework
Section 427 Contact Map
Section 428 Memorandum
Section 429 Sugar-coated shells
Section 430 Gifts
Four hundred and thirty-one three divisions ordinance division
Section 432 The role of indigenous conservation associations
Section 433: The Wind of Institutional Reform
Section 434 The Leading Group for Institutional Reform of the Senate
The four hundred and thirtieth chapter is the direction of the majority system
Section 436 Director Liu takes office
Section 437: Xinde Ren Office
Section 438: Local Industry Potential
The four hundred and thirty-ninth section catch the wind and wash the dust
Section 440 Inside Information
Four hundred and fortieth chapters, the banquet of the elders
Chapter 442: Imperial Studies
Chapter 443 Political Lessons
Four hundred and fortieth chapters pursuer
Section 445 Appointment
Section 446: Housework
Section 447 Hyperthyroidism
Four hundred and forty-eighth chapter run away
The four hundred and forty-ninth section go to Guangzhou
Section 450: Australian Books
Four hundred and fifty-one chapters of peace and prosperity
The four hundred and fifty-second chapter receives the wind banquet
The four hundred and fifty-third section: Kun Xue
The four hundred and fifty-fourth chapter, the master of learning
Four hundred and fifty-fifth chapter anti-kun fighters
The four hundred and fifty-sixth chapter continues
Four hundred and fifty-seventh social studies students
Four hundred and fifty-eighth chapter small business
Four hundred and fifty-ninth chapter thief's business experience
Section 460 Bastion Market
Chapter 461 Investment Promotion Association
Section 462: Grain and Forage First
Section 463: Walnut Crisp for the Great World
Section 464 Advantages of water transportation
Four hundred and sixty-fifth vessel
Section 466 Tendering
Chapter 467 Hu Xuefan
Section 468 Leading the way parties
Four hundred and sixty-ninth chapter guide
Section 470 Staff Travel
Section 471 Military Rations
Four hundred and seventieth chapters thinking of Xianjiao
Four hundred and seventieth chapter three table seats
Section 474 Xijiang Route
Four hundred and seventieth chapters Little Three Gorges
The four hundred and seventieth chapter, the wharf saves the beauty
Four hundred and seventy-seventh chapter therefore know
Four hundred and seventy-eighth chapter Qiu eight
Four hundred and seventieth ninth chapter dog blood plot
Chapter 480: The Banquet at Piyun Tower
Four hundred and eighty-first festival singing and dancing
Section 482: Poems and Fus
Chapter 483 Bear-style recruiting
Section 1 General Assembly
The second mobilization speech
Section 3 Institutional Reform (1)
Section 4 Institutional Reform (2)
Section 5 Institutional Reform (3)
Section 6 Institutional Reform (4)
Section 7 Elder Marriage and Inheritance Law (1)
Section VIII Marriage and Inheritance Law of Elders (2)
Section IX Elder Marriage and Inheritance Law (3)
Section 10 Battle Plan (1)
Section 11 Battle Plan (2)
Section 12 Battle Plan (3)
Section 13 Second Five-Year Plan
Section 14 Colonial Plan
Section 15 Disputes over the colonial plan
Section 16 Agricultural Squats
Section 17 Lingao-Chengmai-Qiongshan
Section 18 Qiongzhou City
chapter nineteen
Chapter 20 Roadside chat
Section 21 Entering the Village
Section 22: Village Chief Fan's Trial
Section 23 Eating pie
Section 24 Ammonia
Chapter 25 Chat
Section 26 Symposium
Section 27 Ass Problem
Chapter 28 Accumulation
Section 29 Yard Economy
Section 30 Complaint
Section 31 Investigation
Section 32 Investigation continued
Section 33 Conversation
Section 34 Induction
Section 35 Stationed Police
Section Thirty-six Notes on Going to the Countryside
Section 37 Transcription of Notes on Going to the Countryside
Section 38: Notes on Going to the Countryside
Section 39 Summary
Section 40 Food Factory
Section 41 Food Factory Continued
Section 42 New uniforms
Section 43 New Military Uniforms Continued
Section 44 Training Team
Chapter forty-fifth letter from home
Section 46 Oath
Section 47 Expedition
Section 48 4th Battalion
Section 49 Hong Kong
Chapter 50 Assassination
Section 51 Transactions
Section 52 New Currency System
Section 53 Minting Technology
Section 54 Coinage Technology Continued
Chapter 55: Riverside Saves People
Chapter 56 Surgery
The fifty-seventh chapter can not accept disciples
Section 58: People in Guangzhou City
Section 59 Entering the City
Section 60 Humen
Chapter 61 Infighting
Section 62: Occupy Humen
Section 63 Entering the City
Section 64 Huang Erye, who lives in Guangzhou
Chapter 65
Section 66 Nantou City
Section 67 Public Opinion
Section 68 The mayor enters the city
Section 69: The Prefect Yamen
Section 70 Descend the people
Section 71: Lu Yizhong
Section 72 Guangzhou Giant Room
Section 73: The waves are rough
Section 74 Conspiracy
Section 75: Dong Mingjun
Chapter seventy-six point nine
Section 77 win
Section 78: Murder Liwei
Section 79 Chengxuan Street
Section 80 Illegal Buildings
Section 81 The Great Threshold
Section 82 The Head
Section 83
Section 84 Mo Family
Section 85 Thunder
Section 86 Sighing for Morning Tea
Section 87 Military Parade
Section 88 Six Vessels
Section 89 Guangzhou Special City Police Station
Section 90 Household Survey
Section 91. Household Census
Section 92 Tofu Workshop
Section 93 Epidemic Prevention
Section 94 Infectious Diseases
Section 95 Puji Hall
Section 96 Qing Festival Court
Section 97 Abandoned Baby Tower
Section 98 Escape
Section 99 Measures
Section 100 Financial Difficulties
Chapter 101 Meng Xian
Section 102 Nephew
Section 103 Li Ziyu
Section 104 Patrol Recruitment
Section 105 Pan Jiexin
Section 106 Police Training Class
Section 107 Training
Section 108 Acting in accordance with the law
Section 109 Currency Issuance
Section 110 Means of Issuance
Section 111 Stabilizing Grain Prices
Section 112 Grain Merchants
Section 113 Black Materials
Section 114 Tradition
Chapter 115: Goodbye
Section 116 Federation of Industry and Commerce
Section 117 Half a Cigar
Section 118 How much joy and sorrow
Section 119 and the first brother
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty The Battle of the Guild Hall
One hundred and twenty one commotion
Section 122
Section 123 Sweep
Section 124 Aftermath and Tax Collection
Section 125 Invitation
Section 126 Patrolman Li Ziyu
Section 127 Patrol
Section 128 Information
Section 129 Headless Corpse
Section 130 Criminal Police
One hundred and thirty one investigation
Section 132 Legend
Section 133 The Affair of the Widow Wang
One hundred and thirtieth chapter of the lost and found lever
Section 135: The Disappearing Dan's Boat
Section 136 Shanshan Guild Hall
Section 137 Yizhuang
Chapter 138 Mystery
Section 139 Dumping Shop
One hundred and fortieth chapter robe
One hundred and forty one dead
Chapter 142: The Missing King Big Bird
The one hundred and fortieth section
Section 144: A small meeting
Chapter 145: The Minds of the Merchants
Section 146 Big vision in business
Section 147: The Eve Before the Release
Section 148 Commissioner of Taxation
Section 149 Industrial and Commercial Taxes
Section 150: The Purge of the Customs Industry
Chapter 151 Ziminglou Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Section 152 Staking
Section 153 Educating the Next Generation
Section 154 Self-justifying
Section 155 Publicity Work
Section 156 Zhang Yunmi, who does not want to be a secretary
Section 157 Cadre Training
Section 158 Financial Training
Section 159: Sister Han Qiao
One hundred and sixtieth section Fang Temple congratulations
One hundred and sixty-one countermeasures
One hundred and sixty-two chapters forced to become prostitutes
One hundred and sixty-third section: both hard and soft
Section 164 Civil Servant Recruitment
Section 165 Exam Syllabus
Section 166 Dong's Shop
Section 167 Public Exam Consultation
Section 168 Mother and Daughter Talk
Section 169 Reporting
Section 170 Questioning
One hundred and seventy-first chapter step by step
Section 172 News
Section 173 Inn
One hundred and seventy-fourth section harvesting and cutting
One hundred and seventy-fifth chapter inexplicable riot
Section 176 Site Investigation
Section 177 Project
Section 178 Task Force
One hundred and seventy-ninth two real people
Section 180 The Haunted Yamen
Section 181 Cui Zhenren
Chapter one hundred and eighty-two pretending to be a ghost
One hundred and eighty-third chapter pretending to be a ghost continued
Section 184 Witchcraft
Chapter 185 'Jing', 'Color', 'Point', 'Wind'
Chapter 186 'Little Devil'
One hundred and eighty-seventh chapter wizard
One hundred and eighty-eighth sorcery factory
Section 189 Guangzhou Feng Shui
Section 190 Computer 3D Craniofacial Restoration
Section 191 Confession
Chapter 192 Catching the 'little ghost'
Chapter 193 Inner and outer ghosts
One hundred and ninetieth chapter spies
Section 195: Whereabouts
Section 196: Visiting the Spring Courtyard
Section 197 Painting Boat
Section 198: Closing business for rectification
One hundred and ninety-ninth chapter catch the typical
Section 200 Breaking in
Two hundred and one chapters
Section 202 Doubt
Section 203 Torture
Two hundred and four festival wood and stone Taoist
Two hundred and five new opportunities
Two hundred and six chapters brotherhood
The 207th Festival Guangzhou Dragon Vessel Legend
Section 208 The worries of the tea house owner
Two hundred and ninety-nine currency credit
Section 210: The Road to Expansion of Ziminglou
Two hundred and eleventh section Advanced workers
Two hundred and twelfth festival Guangzong Yaozu
Two hundred and thirteenth section, remove the wings
Two hundred and fourteenth chapter snake trail
Two hundred and fifteenth section late night attack
Two hundred and sixteenth section arrest (1)
Two hundred and seventeenth section arrest (2)
Two hundred and eighteenth section arrest (3)
Section 219 Physical Evidence
Two hundred and twenty the living corpse
Two hundred and twenty one confession
Two hundred and twenty-two chapters
Two hundred and twentieth chapters Huang Gongzi's
Two hundred and twenty-fourth chapter Zongzi Shixiong
Two hundred and twenty-fifth section, the contrast is strong
Section 226 Busy Mayor Liu
Two hundred and twenty-seventh Runshitang flagship store
Two hundred and twenty-eighth chapter Lingao's clerical affairs
Section Two Hundred and Twenty Nine Theory of Productivity
Two hundred and thirty festivals travel motivation
Two hundred and thirty one people who are beneficial to people's livelihood
Two hundred and thirty-two chapters lobbyist
Two hundred and thirty-three chapters are not on the point
Two hundred and thirty-four new judges
Section 235 Top-level Design
Two hundred and thirty-sixth festival recruiting troops
Two hundred and thirty-seventh section continues to recruit troops and horses
Two hundred and thirty-eighth section remove the old cloth new (1)
Two hundred and thirty-ninth section remove the old cloth new (2)
Two hundred and fortieth chapters remove the old cloth new (3)
Two hundred and forty-one chapters in addition to the old cloth new (4)
Two hundred and forty-two chapters remove the old and cloth the new (5)
Two hundred and forty-three chapters remove the old and cloth the new (six)
Two hundred and forty-four chapters remove the old and clothe the new (seven)
Two hundred and forty-five chapters remove the old and cloth the new (8)
Two hundred and forty-six chapters remove the old and cloth the new (9)
Two hundred and forty-seventh section remove the old cloth new (ten)
Two hundred and forty-eighth section remove the old cloth new (11)
Two hundred and forty-nine chapters remove the old and cloth the new (twelve)
Two hundred and fifty chapters remove the old and cloth the new (thirteen)
Two hundred and fifty one in addition to the old cloth new (fourteen)
Two hundred and fifty-two chapters remove the old and cloth the new (fifteenth)
Two hundred and fiftieth chapters remove the old cloth new (sixteen)
Two hundred and fifty-four chapters remove the old and clothe the new (seventeen)
Two hundred and fifty-five chapters plague war (1)
Two hundred and fifty-six chapters plague war (2)
Two hundred and fifty-seventh chapter plague war (3)
Two hundred and fifty-eight chapters plague war (4)
Two hundred and fifty-ninth chapter Liu's sister-in-law's words
Section 260 Abandoned Corpse
Two hundred and sixty one The difficulty of changing customs
Two hundred and sixty-two days, the depressed Lin Motian
Two hundred and sixty-three chapters forward in twists and turns
Two hundred and sixty-fourth section Epidemic escalation
Two hundred and sixty-fifth section Guangzhou under the plague
Two hundred and sixty-sixth section
Two hundred and sixty-seventh epidemic situation repeated
Two hundred and sixty-eighth freshmen
Two hundred and sixty-ninth festival melon vine copy
Two hundred and seventieth chapters new work
Two hundred and seventy-one festival five immortals
Two hundred and seventy-two chapters whale swallow
Two hundred and seventy-third festival public sacrifice
Two hundred and seventy-fourth chapters of Shinto teach
Two hundred and seventy-fifth public trial
Two hundred and seventy-sixth Shen Ruiming's indictment
Two hundred and seventy-seventh verdict
Two hundred and seventy-eighth debate
Two hundred and seventy-ninth public trial meeting
Section 280 Public Trial Continued One
Section Two Hundred and Eighty-One Public Trial Continued II
Section 282 Civil Service Exam (1)
Section 283 Civil Service Exam (2)
Section 284 Civil Service Exam (3)
Section 285 Civil Service Exam (4)
Two hundred and eighty-sixth civil service examination (5)
Section 287 Civil Service Exam (6)
Two hundred and eighty-eighth civil service examination (seven)
Two hundred and eighty-ninth civil service examination (8)
Section 290 Civil Service Exam (9)
Section 291 Civil Service Exam (10)
Two hundred and ninety-two festivals
Two hundred and ninety-third section ups and downs
Two hundred and ninety-fourth section interview (1)
Section 295 Interview (2)
Two hundred and ninety-sixth Annunciation
Two hundred and ninety-seventh political review and physical examination
Two hundred and ninety-eighth festival hair
Two hundred and ninety-ninth section The history of the Senate
Three Hundred Festival Artifact
301. Mechanical computer
Section 302 The person who repairs the computer
Section 303 is not a secretary of life
Three hundred and four chapters initial exploration
Section 305 Basic Theory
Section 306 Project Establishment
Three hundred and seven days into the agenda
Three hundred and eighth card standard
Three hundred and ninth day punch card
Three hundred and tenth section Xu Laowu
Section 311: Naturalized Citizens of the Data Center
Three hundred and twelfth section Zhu Qiujing
Three hundred and thirteenth female cadres in the new era
Section 314 Data Disclosure
Three hundred and fifteenth section two elders
Three hundred and sixteenth day punching machine
Section Three Hundred and Seventeen Tenants
Section 318 Relay
Three hundred and nineteenth section boil paint
Chapter 320 Li Jianai's Secret
Three hundred and twenty one
Three hundred and twenty-two original relays
Three hundred and twenty-three first date
Three hundred and twenty-four accumulators
Three hundred and twenty-five card copy
Section 326: Mathematical Theory of Error Checking
Section 327 Advanced Mathematics
Three hundred and twenty-eighth, the date of the 43rd shop
Three hundred and twenty-ninth festival youth
Section Three Hundred and Thirty Questions (1)
Chapter 331 Question (2)
Section 332 Classification Machine
Section 333 The use of the classification machine
Section 1 Great World Military Conference
Section 2 The Undercurrent of the Army
Section 3 Foshan
Section 4 Deputy Mayor Lin Ming
Section 5 Foshan Furnace Room
Section 6 Foshan Yeshi
Section 7: Problems in mobilizing the masses
Section 8 Sanshui Tower
Section 9 Traffic Issues
Section 10 Cooperation with shipping companies
Section 11 Antelope Gap
Section 12 Fire Attack Ship
Section 13 On Antelope Gorge
Section 14
Section 15: The Restoration of Zhaoqing (1)
Section 16 The Restoration of Zhaoqing (2)
Section 17: The Restoration of Zhaoqing (3)
Section 18: The Restoration of Zhaoqing (4)
Section 19: Zhaoqing’s Restoration (5)
Section 20 Zhaoqing’s arrangements
Chapter 21 Zhu Mingxia’s determination to fight
Section 22
Chapter 23 Abnormal phenomena
Chapter 24: The Plan to Exterminate Households
Chapter 25 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 26 Signal
Chapter 27 Intelligence
Chapter 28 One of the trump cards
Chapter 29 Spy
Chapter 30: Throwing the Kun to the Light
Chapter 31 New Army
Section 32 Hybrid Strategy
Section 33 Attack
Chapter 34 Shelling
Chapter 35 Riot
Chapter 36 Digging trenches
Section 37 Combat Deployment
Chapter 38 ZigZag Trench
Chapter 39 Breaking into position
Chapter 40 The First Trench
Chapter 41 Escape
Chapter 42: Escape from Death
Chapter 43: Surging Heart
Chapter 44: Instigating Rebellion
Chapter 45 Self-rescue
Chapter 46 Three strategies for defending the city
Chapter 47: Big Chaos
Chapter 48 Leaving the city
Chapter 49 Chang Qingyun
Chapter 50 Captured again
Chapter 51 Information about the city
Chapter 52 Secret Message
Chapter 53: Broken City
Chapter 54: Capture of Wuzhou
Chapter 55 Mess
Chapter 56 Became a prisoner again
Chapter 57 The new official takes office
Chapter 58 Xie Erren enters the city
Chapter 59: Climbing over the wall and admitted to hospital
Chapter 60 The hiding place
Chapter 61 Urgent Topics
Chapter 62 New tasks
Chapter 63 Contribute money and effort
Chapter 64: Fundraising for the aftermath
Chapter 65 Bailihou
Chapter 65 Butterfly Effect
Chapter 67: Watching the Flowers on Horseback
Chapter 68: Shinto Teaching
Chapter 69 Assassination
Chapter 70 Difficulties abound
Chapter 71: Another idea
Chapter 334 True or False
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty-Five: The Melon Is Ripened
Chapter 336 Director of the Finance and Taxation Bureau
Section 337 Indirect taxes, direct taxes and tax packages
Chapter 338 Zhang Yikun’s Little Abacus
Chapter 339 Deputy Directors
Three Hundred and Forty Festival Harbor Library
Chapter 341 Deputy Director Wang
Chapter 342 Adjustment
Chapter 343: Examination
Chapter 344 Tax Agency
Chapter 345 Tax Census
Chapter 72: The Mind of Merit
Section 73 Gou Xunli's Return
Section 74 Resurrection
Section 75 Reinforcement
Section 76 Rhapsody
Section 77 Arming
Section 78: The Household Affairs of Luo Yangming's Family
Section 79 Training
Section 80 Remedial Training (2)
Chapter 81 The first mission
Section 82 Patrol
Section 83 Jieshou Beach
Section 84 Harassment
Section 85: Captain Zhu Si
Section 85 Rescue Xu Gang
Section 87: Soldiers Approaching Xugang
Section 88: Take the initiative to attack
Section 89: Three Commanders
Chapter 90 There are joys and sorrows
Section 91 Passive to Active
Section 92
Section 93 Assault
Section 94
The ninety-fifth chapter is smelted into steel
Section 96 Post-War Summary
Section 97 The arrival of the chief
Chapter ninety-eight new battle
Section 99 Medical work
Chapter 100 Return to Zhaoqing
101. Assemble the team
Section 102 Public Security Strategy
Section 103 Strategy and Judgment
Section 104 Lianzhou Regional Director
Section 105 Go to Quang Ninh
Section 106 Yang Juren's Ambition
Section 107 Ambush (1)
Section 108 Ambush (2)
Section 109 Ambush (3)
Section 110 Ambush (4)
Section 111 Ambush (5)
Section 112: Stone Stream (1)
Section 113: Stone Stream (2)
Section 114: Stone Stream (3)
Chapter 115 Fighting alone
Chapter 116 Fighting alone (2)
Chapter 117 Unexpected news
Section 118: Recover Quang Ninh
Section 119 Huaiji Division
Chapter 120: Recover Lianshan
One hundred and twenty one ambush
Section 122 Two county magistrates
Section 123 The first step in Yangshan County
Section 124 Yonghua Appeasement
Section One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Three Rivers Joining Teachers
Section 126 Li Sanjiu's Abacus
Section 127 Negotiate Conditions
Section 128 Surrounds Yanxi Mountain
Section 129: Lianzhou makes a clearance
Section 130: Lianzhou City
One hundred and thirty-one chapters recover Lianzhou
Section 132 Let the newcomers perform
Section 133 Proton
Section 134: Pingjingyang Mountain (1)
Section 135: Pingjingyang Mountain (2)
Section 136 The middleman
Section 137 Bargaining
Section 138 Newly released lobbyists
Section One Hundred and Thirty Nine Officials Make a Wish
Section One Hundred and Fortieth Freshly Baked
One hundred and forty-one brotherhood
One hundred and forty-one chapters two peaches kill three soldiers
One hundred and forty-two chapters are pregnant with ghosts
One hundred and forty-third chapters are pregnant with ghosts (2)
Section 144 Supply Convoy
One hundred and forty-fifth chapter swear oath
One hundred and forty-sixth chapter clever tongue
Section 147 The road ahead is vast
One hundred and forty-eighth chapter clever tongue like a reed
One hundred and forty-ninth chapter drive away tigers and swallow wolves
The one hundred and fiftieth section is in full swing
One hundred and fifty-one dark clouds gather
One hundred and fifty-two chapters see the picture
Section 153 Two Flowers
Section 153 Breakthrough and Escape
Section 155: Seriously Wounded
Section 156 Blood Source
Section 157 Who comes first
Section 158 Tourniquet
Section 159 Doctor Xie on Medicine
Section 160 Principles and Obedience
One hundred and sixty-one the wounded
Section 162 Lying Talk
One hundred and sixty-third section: angry words, angry words, listen
Section 164 Drug Resistance
Section 165 Acting Magistrate
Section 166 Taking office
One hundred and sixty-seventh section boost morale
Section 168 Regroup
Section 169 Ouyang Xi
One hundred and seventieth chapter embarrassing reunion
One hundred and seventy-first chapter capture the thief and capture the king
Chapter 172 Another nest
Day One Hundred and Seventy-Third Night Attack on Dalangwei (1)
Day One Hundred and Seventy-Fourth Night Attack on Dalangwei (2)
Day One Hundred and Seventy-fifth Night Attack on Dalangwei (3)
Day One Hundred and Seventy-Sixth Night Attack on the Dalangwei (4)
One hundred and seventy-seventh chapter, the leader of the bandit
Section 178 Revitalization Plan
Section 179: Torture
Section 180 The situation has changed greatly
Section 181 Intercession
Section 182 Borrowing soldiers
Section 183 Eclectic
One hundred and eighty-fourth chapter panic all day long
Section 185 Moving
One hundred and eighty-sixth military heart shakes
One hundred and eighty-seventh chapter unpredictable
One hundred and eighty-eighth chapter anti-guest-based
Section 189: Solving Questions
Section 190: Catching turtles in the urn
Section 191 Cannibalism
Section 192 Gifts
Section 193 Guijiang Bridge
Section 194 Reunion on the River
Chapter 195 “Niece” Visits
Section 196 Chang Qingyun and Chang Pu
One hundred and ninety-seventh chapter elegant things
Section 198 Riverside Fishing
Section 199 Dachang Rice Trade Visits
Section 200: Unstable without food
Chapter 201 The plan is rough
Section 202 Captive Camp
Section 203: Hundred Phases in the Camp
Section 204: Management Liu Hope
Section 205 Finding the Gap
Section 206 into the incense
Section 207 Upstart
Two hundred and eighth two women
Section 209: Encounter in the Garden
Section 210 Beheading Plan
Two hundred and eleventh chapter each with their own minds
Section 212 The Secret of the Boudoir (1)
Section 213 The Secret of the Boudoir (2)
Section 214 Offers
Section 215: their own plans
Section 216 Determination
Section 217: Their respective plans
Section 218 Sharpening the knife
Section 219 Singing on the stage
Two hundred and twentieth chapter life brothers
Two hundred and twenty-one, the number one celebrity, Evergreen
Section 222 Dividing the spoils
Two hundred and twentieth chapters turn ruthless
Section 224: Drama Box
Section 225: High-sounding reasons
Section 226 Arrested
Section 227 Investigation
The two hundred and twenty-eighth chapter has been updated since
Section two hundred and twenty-ninth into the night
Section 230 Raid on Wuzhou
Two hundred and thirty one captures Xie Kun
Section 232 Luo Yangming and Wen Tietou
Section 233 Pursuit Battle
Chapter two hundred and thirty-four a close call
Section 235 Aftermath
Section 236 Intercession
Section two hundred and thirty seventh tricky confession
Section two hundred and thirty eight cover up
Section 239 Transactions
Section 240 New clues
Two hundred and forty-one two directors
Section 242 The third director
Section 243 Borrowing the topic to play
Chapter two hundred and forty fourth relationship tangled
Chapter 245: Some “good news”
Section two hundred and forty-six ideas of all parties
Section 247 Danzhou Development Seminar
Two hundred and forty-eighth, the land flowing with milk and honey
Section 249 Go to the South!
Section 250 Danzhou Planning
Two hundred and fifty-one industrial park planning
Section 252 Go to Wuzhou (1)
Section 253: Go to Wuzhou (2)
Section 254: Go to Wuzhou (3)
Section 255: Go to Wuzhou (4)
Section 256: Go to Wuzhou (5)
Section 257: Go to Wuzhou (6)
Section 258: Go to Wuzhou (7)
Section 259: Go to Wuzhou (8)
Section 260: Go to Wuzhou (9)
Two hundred and sixty-one to Wuzhou (ten)
Section 262 Go to Wuzhou (11)
Section 263 Hearing (1)
Section 264 Hearing (2)
Section 265 Hearing (3)
Section 266 Hearing (4)
Section 267 Hearing (5)
Section 268 Hearing (6)
Section 269 Personnel Adjustment
Section 270 Comprehensive Adjustment
Section 271 Freshly Baked Nanyang Company (1)
Section 272 Nanyang Company, a Fresh Outlet (2)
Section 273 Freshly Baked Nanyang Company (3)
Section 274 Freshly Baked Nanyang Company (4)
Section 275 Freshly Baked Nanyang Company (5)
Section 276 The Freshly Baked Nanyang Company (6)
Section 277 The Freshly Baked Nanyang Company (7)
Section 278 Freshly Baked Nanyang Company (8)
Chapter 279 Old friend Li Huamei (1)
Chapter 280 Old friend Li Huamei (2)
Chapter 281 Old friend Li Huamei (3)
Chapter 282 Old friend Li Huamei (4)
Chapter 283 Old friend Li Huamei (5)
Chapter 284 Old friend Li Huamei (6)
Section 285 First Arrival in Sanya
Section 286 The lonely Tang Menglong
Section 287: The Status Quo of Sanya (1)
Section 288: The Status Quo of Sanya (2)
Section 289: The Current Situation of Sanya (3)
Section 290 The Status Quo of Sanya (4)
Section 291 Agricultural Company (1)
Section 292 Agricultural Company (2)
Section 293 Agricultural Company (3)
Section 294 Agricultural Company (4)
Section 295 The Commercial Station in Sanya
Section 296 Financing (1)
Section 297 Financing (2)
Section 298 Financing (3)
Section 299 Financing (4)
Section 300 Financing (5)
Section 301 Financing (6)
Section 302 Financing (7)
Section 303 Fundraising (8)
Section 304 Financing (9)
Section 305 Financing (10)
Section 306 Financing (11)
Section 307 Financing (12)
Section 308 Financing (13)
Section 309 Financing (14)
Section 310 Financing (15)
Three hundred and eleventh financing (sixteen)
Section 312 Financing (17)
Section 313 Financing (18)
Section 314 Financing (XIX)
Section 315 Financing (20)
Section 316 Financing (21)
Section 317 Financing (22)
Section 318 Financing (23)
Section 319 Financing (24)
Section 320 Financing (25)
Three hundred and twenty-one financing (twenty-six)
Section 322 Financing (27)
Section 323 Zhongyi Trading Company
Section 324 Cold Food Vegetables
Section 325 Zhong Xiaoying's Request
Section 326 Zhang Yu's Dilemma
Section 327 The visit of the elders
Chapter 328: Great Opportunity
Section 329 Dilemma
Section 330 Reservation
Three hundred and thirty one benefactor
Section Three Hundred and Thirty Second
Section 1 Business Promotion Case
Section 2 Rectifying the Family Business (1)
Section 3 Rectify the Family Business (2)
Section 4 Rectify the Family Business (3)
Section 5 Fengsheng and Silk Factory
Section 6 Partners
Chapter 7 Difficulties
Section 8 Fragrant Cloud Yarn
Chapter 9 Dahualou Machine
Section 10 Silk Reeling Workshop (1)
Section 11 Silk Reeling Workshop (2)
Section 12. Foundational Questions
Chapter Thirteen: Leap Head
Chapter Fourteen: The Troubled Heart
Section 15 Mulberry Pond
Section 16 Trade Friction
Section 17 New Trade Agreements
Section 18 Private Capital
Section 19 Trade Adjustment Memorandum (1)
Section 20 Trade Adjustment Memorandum (2)
Section 21 Trade Adjustment Memorandum (3)
Section 22 Sonia (1)
Section 23 Sonia (2)
Section 24 Sonia (3)
Section 25 Sonia (4)
Section 26 Sonia (5)
Section 27 Sonia (6)
Section 28 Sonia (7)
Section 29 Sonia (8)
Section 30 Sonia (9)
Section 31 Sonia (10)
Section 32 Sonia (11)
Section 33 Sonia (12)
Section 34 Sonia (13)
Section 35 Sonia (14)
Section 36 Sonia (15)
Chapter 37 Persuasion (Part 1)
Section 38 Persuasion (2)
Section 39 Wu Nanhai is here
Section 40 Tea House Auction
Section 41 Tea House Auction (2)
Section 42 Tea House Auction (3)
Chapter 43 Old friends reunite
Chapter 44 Searching for people
Section 45 Cooperation
Section 46 Investigation
Chapter forty-seven new clues
Section 48 Agui's troubles
Section 49: Baiyun Mountain
Chapter 50: Uncle and Nephew Reunited
Chapter 51 New arrivals
Section 52: Like a painting
Section 53 Longhao Bay Hotel
Section 54 Longhaowan Hotel (2)
Section 55 Jasmine Hotel
Section 56: The Uses of Jasmine Hotel
Section 57 Fabric Store
Chapter 58: Treasurer An
Section 59 Department Store
Section 60 Women's Department
Sixty-one molesting women
Chapter 62: A Strange Case
Section 63 Model Textile Factory
Section 64 The Mule
Section 65 Plant Construction Plan
Section 66 Li Tang and Anjiu
Chapter 67
Section 68: The New Life of Female Naturalized Citizens (1)
Section 69: The New Life of Female Naturalized Citizens (2)
Section 70 The New Life of Female Naturalized Citizens (3)
Section 71 Haute Couture Customers
Section 72 The difference between high-end customers
Chapter 73 Old acquaintance
Chapter 74: Distant Relatives (1)
Chapter 75: Distant Relatives (2)
Section 76 The Stolen Silver Ingot
Section 77 Handling of Consolidated Cases
Section 78 The Second Meeting
Section 79 Copper Yuan
Section 80: Peeling and Pulling Cocoons (1)
Section 81: Spinning and Peeling Cocoons (2)
Section 82: Spinning and Peeling Cocoons (3)
Section 83: Spinning and Peeling Cocoons (4)
Section 84: Spinning and Peeling Cocoons (5)
Section 85: Spinning and Peeling Cocoons (6)
Section 86 Burning the Building (1)
Section 87 Burning the Building (2)
Section 88 Burning the Building (3)
Section 89 Burning the Building (4)
Chapter 90 Burning the Building (5)
Section 91 Burning the Building (6)
Section 92 Burning the Building (7)
Section 93 Burning the Building (8)
Chapter 94 Burning the Building (9)
Chapter 95 Burning the Building (10)
Section 96 Burning the Building (11)
Chapter 97 Burning the Building (12)
Section 98 Burning the Building (13)
Section 99 Burning the Building (14)
Chapter 100: Burning the Building (15)
One hundred and one chapter burning (sixteen)
Section 102 Burning the Building (17)
Section 103 Burning the Building (18)
Section 104 Burning the Building (19)
Section 105 Burning the Building (Twenty)
Section 106 Burning the Building (21)
Section 107 Burning the Building (22)
Section 108 Burning the Building (23)
Section 109 Burning the Building (24)
Section 110 Burning the Building (25)
Section 111: The DPRK
Section 112: Returning to the South
Section 113 Danjia Village
Section 114 President Tian and Doctor Hou
Section 115 Mobilization to go to school
Section 116 Principal Tian Liang
Section 117 Returning Home
Section 118 Xunfeng Night Banquet
Section 119 Empty talk
Section One Hundred and Twenty Continued Empty Talk
Chapter 121: The Proposal for Raising Arms
Section 122: Intertwined
Section 123 Continuation of intertwined
Section 124 Chen Wuren
Section 125 Taking office
One hundred and twentieth chapter complex situation
Section 127 On the way to Guangzhou
Section One Hundred and Twenty Eighth
Section 129 Huihai
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty: Chong, Fan, Tired, Difficult
One hundred and thirty one recommendation
Section 132 Baojia
Section 133 Indian Cotton and Domestic Cotton
Section 134 Preparing to build a factory
Section 135: Attracting Hearts in the Village (1)
Section 136 Attracting Hearts in the Village (2)
Chapter 137: Chen Qing's Secret
Section 138 Family Property
Section 139 Recapture Fengshenghe
Section 140: Corporate Restructuring
One hundred and forty-one trial production
Section 142 Guangzhou Textile Market (1)
Section 143 Guangzhou Textile Market (2)
Section 144 Guangzhou Textile Market (3)
Section 145 Guangzhou Textile Market (4)
Section 146 Guangzhou Textile Market (5)
One hundred and forty-seventh chapter hidden worries
Section 148: The Crisis Appears
Section 149: The Boss of Cloth Village
Section 150 New Quotes
Chapter 151: Chu He and Ren Youzi
One hundred and fifty-second section before and after
Section 153 Follow-up questions
Section 154 Paper Cotton Aftermath
Section 155 Undercurrent in Dongguan
One hundred and fifty-sixth chapter conspiracy in the nunnery
Section 157 Hope
Chapter 158: The Past of the Academy
Section 159 Press Conference
Section 160 Xunyang Tower
One hundred and sixtieth chapters for help
Section 162 Zheng Mingjiang
Section 163 New Medical Records
Section 164 Gap
Section 165 Hearthstone scattered
One hundred and sixty-sixth the same year
One hundred and sixty-seventh section garden
Section 168: Debate (Part 1)
Section 169 Debate (Part 2)
Chapter 170 Divination
Section 171 Investigation (1)
Section 172 Investigation (2)
Section 173: Elder Du's Jealousy (1)
Section 174: Elder Du's Jealousy (2)
Section 175 Investigation (3)
Section 175 Investigation (3)
Section 176 Investigation (4)
Section 177 Investigation (5)
Section 178 Investigation (6)
Section 179 Investigation (7)
Section 180 Investigation (8)
Section 181 Investigation (9)
Section 182 Investigation (10)
Section 183 Investigation (11)
Section 184 Investigation (12)
Section 185 (thirteen)
Section 185 (thirteen)
Section 186 Investigation (14)
Section 187 Investigation (15)
Section 188 Investigation (16)
Section 189 Investigation (17)
Section 190 Investigation (18)
Section 191 Investigation (19)
Section 192 Investigation (20)
Section 193 Investigation (21)
Section 194 Investigation (22)
Section 195 Investigation (23)
Section 196 Investigation (24)
Section 197 Investigation (25)
Section 198 Investigation (26)
Section 199 Investigation (27)
Section 200: Escape from the Tiger's Mouth
Chapter 201 Imperfect ending
Section 202 Evidence
Section 203 Planning
Section 204 Departure
Section 205 Sangyuan Wai
Section 206 Jiujiang Great Market
Section 207 Where the Star is
Section 208: Picking the Foundation into a Pond
Section 209 Continue to pick the base fish pond
Section 210 Four major fish
Section 211 Chickens and Dogs Jump
Section 212 Household Affairs
Section 213 Mulberry City
Section 214 The Eight Silkworms in Eastern Guangdong
Section 215 The road sees injustice
Section 216 Draw a knife to help
Section 217 Bargaining
Section two hundred and eighteen coercion and inducement
Section 219 Report
Section Two Hundred and Twenty Salt Fields
Two hundred and twenty-one Li Jiawei
Section 222 Welcome
Two hundred and twentieth chapters man of supernatural power
Section 224 Boarding the Ship
Section 225 Golden Pig
Section 226 Incense Ash
Section 227 The thief goes to the countryside
The two hundred and twenty-eighth section extra-judicial branches
Section 229 Raid Inspection
Section 230 Extracurricular Branches
231. The French-style lawsuit (1)
Section 232: The French-style lawsuit (2)
Chapter 233 French-style litigation (3)
Section 234: The French-style lawsuit (4)
Chapter 235: The Secret of Qiaonan Village
Chapter 236: Fran?ais Quick Gun
Section 237: Quick Gun Team
Chapter 238 Social Opera (1)
Chapter 239 Social Opera (2)
Chapter 240: Situation in Xiaoyao Market (1)
Chapter 241 The Storm in Xiaoyao Ruins (2)
Chapter 242 The Storm in Xiaoyao Ruins (3)
Chapter 243: Situation in Xiaoyao Market (4)
Chapter 244 The Capital (1)
Chapter 245 The Capital (2)
Chapter 246 The Capital (3)
Chapter 247 The Capital (4)
Chapter 248: The Capital (5)
Chapter 249: The Capital (6)
Chapter 250: The Capital (7)
Chapter 251: The Capital (8)
Chapter 252: The Capital (9)
Chapter 253 The Capital (10)
Chapter 254 The Capital (11)
Chapter 255 The Capital (12)
Chapter 256 The Capital (13)
Chapter 257 The Capital (14)
Chapter 258: The Capital (Fifteen)
Chapter 259: The Capital (Sixteen)
Chapter 260 The Capital (Seventeen)
Chapter 261: The Capital (Eighteen)
Chapter 2663 Capital (19)
Chapter 2664 Capital (20)
Chapter 2665 Capital (21)
Chapter 2666 Capital (twenty-two)
Chapter 2667 Capital (twenty-three)
Chapter 2668 Capital (twenty-four)
Chapter 2669 Capital (Twenty-five)
Chapter 2670 Capital (twenty-six)
Chapter 2671 Capital (twenty-seven)
Chapter 2672 Capital (twenty-eight)
Chapter 2673 Capital (twenty-nine)
Chapter 2674 Capital (Thirty)
Chapter 274: The Capital (Thirty-one)
Chapter 275: The Capital (Thirty-two)
Chapter 276: The Capital (Thirty-Three)
Chapter 277: The Capital (Thirty-Four)
Chapter 2679 Capital (35)
Chapter 2680 Capital (36)
Chapter 2681 Capital (thirty-seven)
Chapter 2682 Capital (thirty-eight)
Chapter 2683 Capital (thirty-nine)
Chapter 2684 Capital (forty)
Chapter 2685 Capital (41)
Chapter 2686 Capital (forty-two)
Chapter 2687 Capital (43)
Chapter 2688 Capital (44)
Chapter 2689 Capital (45)
Chapter 2690 Capital (46)
Chapter 2691 The Capital (47)
Chapter 2692 Capital (forty-eight)
Chapter 2693 Capital (forty-nine)
Chapter 2694 Capital Master (Fifty)
Chapter 2695 Capital (51)
Chapter 2696 The Capital (52)
Chapter 2697 Capital (53)
Chapter 2698 Capital (54)
Chapter 2699 Capital (55)
Chapter 2700: The Capital (56)
Chapter 2701 The Capital (57)
Chapter 2702 The Capital (58)
Chapter 2703 Capital (59)
Chapter 2704 Capital (Sixty)
Chapter 2704 Capital (61)
Chapter 2705 Capital (sixty-two)
Chapter 2706 Capital (sixty-three)
Chapter 2707 Capital (sixty-four)
Chapter 2708 Capital (65)
Chapter 2708 Capital (sixty-six)
Chapter 2709: The Capital (67)
Chapter 2710 The Capital (68)
Chapter 2711 Capital (sixty-nine)
Chapter 2712 Capital Master (seventy)
Chapter 2713 Capital (Seventy-one)
Chapter 2714 The Capital (72)
Chapter 2715 The Capital (73)
Chapter 2716: The Capital (74)
Chapter 2717 The Capital (72)
Chapter 2718: Capital (seventy-three)
Chapter 2719 The Capital (74)
Chapter 2720 The Capital (74)
Chapter 2721 Capital (Seventy-five)
Chapter 2722 Capital (seventy-six)
Chapter 2723 Capital (seventy-seven)
Chapter 2724 Capital (seventy-eight)
Chapter 2725 Capital (Seventy-nine)
Chapter 2726 Capital (eighty)
Chapter 2727 Capital (81)
Chapter 2728 Capital (82)
Chapter 2729 Capital (eighty-three)
Chapter 2730 Capital (eighty-five)
Chapter 2733 Capital (eighty-six)
Chapter 2734 Capital (eighty-seven)
Chapter 2735 Capital (eighty-eight)
Chapter 2736 Capital (eighty-nine)
Chapter 2737 Capital (90)