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The stunning poisonous doctor princess

The stunning poisonous doctor princess

author:Lan Huayue

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-12 01:12

Latest chapter:Chapter 4029: Be brave after knowing your shame

She comes from time travel, and she has her own anti-virus radar. Beep-beep-what? The aunt is fierce, and there is a concubine with a snake and scorpion? Beep-beep-ah! Arranged marriage, but her husband still doesn't like her? It doesn't matter, with her super high IQ, she can kill her A scumbag only exists in the blink of an eye. With her stunning appearance, she attracts countless bees and butterflies, and she is extremely popular. She is the king, emperor, and prince, and they are all her subordinates. You are my woman! Why? Do you have an invoice? Do you have a credit card? ? The baby in your belly is mine. Damn it! He was actually beheaded first and then carried into the palace. What about turning your hand over to make clouds? What about turning your hands over to make rain? Give them all back to me!

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《The stunning poisonous doctor princess》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 4029: Be brave after knowing your shame
Chapter 4028: There are remains on the road
Chapter 4027 No confession allowed
Chapter 4026: Internal Changes in the Ancient Clan
Chapter 4025: First acquaintance with outsiders
Chapter 4024: Hospitality
Chapter 4023 Three-Party Cooperation
Chapter 4022 Death of Eucommia ulmoides
Chapter 4021: Useless trump card
《The stunning poisonous doctor princess》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Volunteering
Chapter 2 Crossing the sedan chair
Chapter 3 Live for you
Chapter 4 Make You Look Good
Chapter 5 How the Lord Holds Me
Chapter 6 Not Getting Hooked
Chapter 7 Expose the Conspiracy
Chapter 8 Detoxification
Chapter 9 Entering the bridal chamber
Chapter 10 The Prince is Hard to Serve
Chapter Eleven The awkward listening room
Chapter Twelve Co-playing
Chapter Thirteen: Preparing to Enter the Palace
Chapter Fourteen Entering the Palace
Chapter 15 Dismounting
Chapter 16 The splendor of the peerless Princess Yu
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter 18 Mother-in-law returns to the house
Chapter Nineteen I'm Going Back
Chapter 20 Back to the door confrontation
Chapter 21 Stealing Chickens Can't Be Done
Chapter 22 The Temptation of the Modern Sister-in-law
Chapter 23 What medicine is sold in the gourd?
Chapter 24 It's all XX's fault
Chapter 25 Obedient opponent
Chapter 26 Slap in the face
Chapter 27: No Money in Your Pockets
Chapter 28 The Teenager Who Touches Porcelain
Chapter 29 The End of Touching Porcelain
Chapter 30 Picked up a younger brother
Chapter 31 Quasi-Monster Lin Zhongyu
Chapter 32 Empty boudoir game
Chapter 33 Recruiting troops
Chapter Thirty-Four
Chapter 35 Who is hurting people?
Chapter 36 Lead the snake out of the hole
Chapter thirty-seven cruel trial assassin
Chapter Thirty-Eight
Chapter thirty-ninth escape
Chapter 40 The princess is not easy to mess with
Chapter 41 The Governor's Confession
Chapter 42: Behind the scenes
Chapter 43 Make a Transaction
Chapter 44 Searching to no avail
Chapter forty-fifth
Chapter 46 Hidden Murder
Chapter forty-seven waves again
Chapter 48 Vicious thoughts
Chapter forty-ninth safe strategy
Chapter 50 Qinghu's Mission
Chapter 51 The Birthday of Concubine Virtue
Chapter 52 The Queen arrives
Chapter Fifty-Three Wanted to be added to the crime
Chapter 54: The Sword Goes Sideways
Chapter 55 Crisis
Chapter 56: Showing your feet
Chapter fifty-seven let you shy
Chapter 58 Zhong Kui catches the ghost
Chapter 59 Ghost Hunting Plan
Chapter 60 The house is restless
Chapter 61 How old are you?
Chapter 62 Step by step scheming
Chapter 63 New hatred and old hatred
Chapter 64 Kill the chicken to warn the monkey
Chapter 65: Pit you
Chapter 66 Hey, we even brought someone here
Chapter 67 It's you who is angry
Chapter 68 Shameless
Chapter 69 and relatives
Chapter seventy
Chapter 71: Set a Poison Plan
Chapter 72: A lifetime is still three years
Chapter 73 What a joke
Chapter 74 Windfall
Chapter 75 Burning Incense and Worshiping Buddha
Chapter 76: Some people are willful
Chapter 77 Your Surname
Chapter 78: Splashing all the dirty water
Chapter 79: There is a price to pay for lying
Chapter 80 Do You Dare to Go Out to Find a Woman?
Chapter 81: Flying over the eaves to steal incense
Chapter 82 Take you to see the flowers
Chapter 83 I'm going to climb the wall
Chapter 84 You can be a hooligan when you are old?
Chapter 85 The Price of Desire
Chapter 86 I am Princess Yu
Chapter 87: The Handkerchief of Reunion
Chapter 88 Wrong idea
Chapter 89 Don't Touch My People
Chapter 90 The Night Fright
Chapter 91 Sort out the clues
Chapter 92: Framed and blamed
Chapter 93 I Can Help You
Chapter 94: The Status Quo of the Yue Family
Chapter 95 Mother-in-law doesn't give face
Chapter 96 The new monster in the palace
Chapter 97 The result of killing chickens to warn monkeys
Chapter 98: The Safeguard
Chapter 99 One lovesickness, two love sorrows
Chapter 100 The Liuxin Academy's spectator team was established
Chapter 101 I'm not jealous
Chapter 102 The trip to Lingju Mountain
Chapter 103 Don't be rude
Chapter 104 Good pair of shameless people
Chapter 105 Tigers
Chapter 106 Saving the White Tiger Operational Plan
Chapter 107 Where to stay where it is cool
Chapter 108: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 109 Little Wolf Axue
Chapter 110 Mingyue County Lord visits
Chapter 111: The White Tiger flees
Chapter 112: Shameless
Chapter 113: Ruthless
Chapter one hundred and fourteen
Chapter 115 Fighting with each other
Chapter 116: Anti-guests
Chapter 117: Step by step
Chapter 118: The Past of Yuefu
Chapter 119 Investigation and Evidence Collection
Chapter 120 Hu Lunan's Death
Chapter 121 The so-called family
Chapter 122: Camp Search
Chapter 123 If you dare to mess with me, you will be spared.
Chapter 124 Ming Xiu Plank Road Darkness Chen Cang
Chapter 125
One hundred and twentieth chapters unexpected sudden birth
Chapter 127 Mysterious Murder
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Eight Dangerous
Chapter 129 It was him
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Give You a Merit
Chapter 131 The end of the war
Chapter 132 Recuperation
Chapter 133 Battlefield Nurse Lin Mengya
Chapter 134: What people want
Chapter 135 Weasel Gifts
Chapter 136 I listen to you
Chapter 137: On the Skills of the Ancient Negroes
Chapter 138 Refreshing the mood
Chapter 139 The biscuits sisters
Chapter 140: The molestation failed and was beaten
Chapter 141: Whatever I have, I will give it to you
Chapter 142: Vicious Mrs. Yue
Chapter one hundred and forty third
Chapter 144 The backyard is on fire
Chapter 145 Yue Ting's funeral
Chapter 146: The Lin Family
Chapter 147 Send her the last ride
Chapter 148 Gossip
Chapter 149 The scandal of Prince Yu
Chapter 150 Ancient people also love gossip
Chapter 151 Shocking gossip
Chapter 152 The Prince's Palace
Chapter 153 The best gossip hero and heroine are born
Chapter 154 The most coquettish gardener in history
Chapter 155 Chrysanthemum Appreciation Conference
Chapter 156: Exploring the Pharmacy at Night
Chapter 157 Recruiting troops
Chapter 158 Masked guessing theme banquet
Chapter 159 The beginning of the banquet
Chapter 160: Here comes the spoiler
Chapter 161 The banquet is haunted?
Chapter 162 Possessed by evil spirits?
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three dog tooth cinnabar
Chapter 164: The Witch's Calamity
Chapter 165: Check carefully
Chapter 166 The same people have different fates
Chapter 167 Myolie's role
Chapter one hundred and sixty-eight of the plan
Chapter 169 The strange place
Chapter one hundred and seventieth death without proof
Chapter one hundred and seventy-first prince
Chapter 172 Unkindness and injustice
Chapter 173 The old story of the German concubine
Chapter 174: Princess Lingnan
Chapter 175: Life is like a play, it all depends on acting skills
Chapter 176 Wolf Heart and Dog Lung
Chapter 177 Who will kill the deer
Chapter 178 shudder
Chapter 179: Unknown Female Corpse
Chapter 180 Death is not a pity
Chapter 181 Dirty transactions
Chapter 182 covered with blood
Chapter 183 Borrowing flowers to offer Buddha
Chapter 184: Conquering Cloud Bamboo
Chapter 185 The Three Masters
Chapter one hundred and eighty sixth rich and powerful
Chapter 187: Mocking on the Street
Chapter 188 The palace is cold
Chapter 189: Demon Monk Diaoso Slave
Chapter 190: The Power of the Family
Chapter 191 It is not easy to hold the house
Chapter 192 The Battle of Silver
Chapter 193 Playing with scheming
Chapter 194: Rose Boy
Chapter 195: People are not as good as pets
Chapter 196: Frightened Undetermined
Chapter 197 The old meet
Chapter 198: Scumbag Master
Chapter 199 Cruel Truth
Chapter 200 Yaxuan Abnormal
Chapter 201 Betrayal Storm
Chapter 202 Treatment of Cloud Bamboo
Chapter 203 Jade Carving Rabbit
Chapter 204 The drama begins
Chapter 205 I believe her
Chapter two hundred and six
Chapter 207 Recalling the past
Chapter 208: The Conspiracy Begins
Chapter 209 Fried Chicken Beer
Chapter 210 Fried Chicken for Money
Chapter 211 Nan Sheng is in trouble
Chapter 212 Night Climbing Barracks
Chapter 213 The Difficulty of Qin Mo
Chapter 214: Unspeakable
Chapter 215: rushing to collect herbs
Chapter 216: Ambush in the middle
Chapter 217: Vicious Hands
Chapter 218: The Return of Herbs
Chapter two hundred and nineteen big tongue
Chapter two hundred and twentieth the cause of the fire
Chapter 221 Welcome the army
Chapter 222: Welcome outside the city
Chapter 223 father and daughter meet
Chapter 224: The Lin Family's Current Situation
Chapter 225 Settlement together
Chapter 226: Stunning Biren
Chapter 227 The master and servant are deeply in love
Chapter 228: The outbreak of acting skills
Chapter 229 Angelica suffers
Chapter 230 Who is right and wrong
Chapter 231: Turning defeat into victory
Two hundred and thirtieth chapters clever tricks
Chapter 233 She wants to enter the palace
Chapter 234 Asking for help
Chapter 235 Telling Cold Jokes
Chapter 236 Visiting the Qin Family
Chapter 237 Lin Family Righteous Son
Chapter two hundred and thirty eight falsehoods
Chapter two hundred and thirty nine
Chapter two hundred and fortieth surprise attack
Chapter 241: The Eve of the Memorial
Chapter 242 The Winter Festival
Chapter 243: Peony and Peony
Chapter 244: Visit the Taimiao Temple
Chapter 245 Life and Death Moment
Chapter 246 Hidden Mysteries
Chapter 247 Looking for trouble
Chapter 248: Flying and praying for blessings
Chapter 249 Goddess Flying
Chapter 250 Pre-emptive strike
Chapter two hundred and fifty first hidden
Chapter 252 Heart ashes
Chapter 253 regain the fighting spirit
Chapter 254 Chess is one move away
Chapter 255 Convince Father
Chapter 256 Corpses block the way
Chapter 257 Dual Personality
Chapter 258 Competition of Poison
Chapter 259 Yin and Vicious Technique
Chapter 260 Let's sleep together
Chapter 261 Busy life
Chapter 262 inexplicable resentment
Chapter 263 Lin Family Visitor
Chapter 264 Protecting the short is the strongest
Chapter 265 Concocting scandals
Chapter 266 Yaxuan farce
Chapter 267 Super Memory
Chapter two hundred and sixty-eight the physique
Chapter 269: Dustless Defection
Chapter 270 The Prince is injured
Chapter 271 Yaxuan Conspiracy
Chapter 272: See Wanyan Lie
Chapter 273 Harrier Xiaojin
Chapter 274 Dungeon Secret Talk
Chapter two hundred and seventy-fifth plan to kill the heart
Chapter 276 see through the identity
Chapter 277 The reason for the misunderstanding
Chapter 278: Sugar-fried chestnuts
Chapter 279: Selling Information
Chapter 280 Inside the Sanjue Hall
Chapter 281 Intelligence Transaction
Chapter two hundred and eighty second beauty visit
Chapter 283 Radar Start
Chapter 284 Shennong System
Chapter 285 North Building Wenyuan
Chapter two hundred and eighty sixth red plum dazzling
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh heartache
Chapter 288 The pain of parting
Chapter two hundred and eighty-ninth femme fatale
Chapter 290 The Secret of Concubine Virtue
Chapter 291 New Year's Banquet
Chapter two hundred and ninety-two blue bird trapped in a cage
Chapter two hundred and ninety third strongly persuade
Chapter 294 Chongqing Blood Banquet
Chapter 295 slandering good people
Two hundred and ninetieth chapters have their own plans
Chapter two hundred and ninety seventh Feng Shui flow
Chapter 298 Pearl Onyx
Chapter two hundred and ninety-ninth needle control technique
Chapter 300 Wonderful Performance
Chapter 301 Ask but not
Chapter 302 Uninvited guests
Chapter 303 Lu Yu Concubine
Chapter 304 Trapeze
Chapter 305 Accidental Discovery
Chapter 306 Lovely Prince
Chapter 307 The palace maid is abnormal
Chapter 308 Emergency
Chapter three hundred and ninth palace countermeasures
Chapter 310: King Yu's Visit
Chapter 311: Drawing Paper Teaser
Chapter 312 Crisis Game
Chapter 313: Greetings to the Master
Chapter 314: The strategy is successful
Chapter three hundred and fifteen
Chapter 316: Pulse Case Questions
Chapter three hundred and seventeenth secret doubts
Chapter 318: Seeing Things and Thinking of People
Chapter 319: Poisoning and Harming People
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Pulse Case Lost
Chapter 321 The target of public criticism
Three hundred and twentieth chapters escape plan
Three hundred and twentieth chapters drive away the pearl
Three hundred and twentieth chapters crazy
Three hundred and twentieth chapters strange fire
Chapter 326 Murder and Arson
Three hundred and twentieth seventh chapter rescue success
Chapter 328: The Choice to Save People
Chapter 329: The soldiers are divided into two groups
Chapter 330 Weird Poison
Chapter 331 Detoxification Program
Chapter 332: Parting Clothes
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty-Three Framing
Three hundred and thirtieth chapters turn around
Chapter 335 is parting again
Chapter 336 Lantern Festival
Chapter 337 Mysterious Disappearance
Three hundred and thirtieth eight chapters open and secret struggle
Chapter 339 The golden cicada escapes its shell
Chapter three hundred and fortieth escape successfully
Chapter 341 Lead the snake out of the hole
Chapter 342 The princess returns to the house
Three hundred and fortieth chapters embarrassing men and women
Chapter 344: Clear rewards and punishments
Chapter 345: Makeover
Chapter 346 Blood Jade Ginseng
Chapter 347 Shangguan's visit
Chapter 348: Peeling Cocoons
Chapter three hundred and forty-ninth love token
Chapter 350: Tricky Traitor
Chapter three hundred and fifty first imaginary rival
Chapter 352 The situation in the palace
Chapter 353 The listener has a heart
Three hundred and fiftieth chapters restless
Chapter 355 The Ministry of War Problem
Three hundred and fiftieth chapters are full of doubts
Chapter 357: Willows and Flowers
Chapter 358 Old Events in Kyoto
Chapter 359 Watch the dog
Chapter 360 Mother's Relics
Chapter 361 Mysterious Seal
Chapter three hundred and sixty second hypocrisy
Chapter three hundred and sixty third conspiracy
Chapter 364 Tian Family Mother and Son
Three hundred and sixtieth chapters sturdy princess
Chapter three hundred and sixty sixth unreasonable
Chapter three hundred and sixty seventh old reunion
Chapter 368 I will go with you
Chapter 369 The hero is beautiful
Three hundred and seventieth chapters come to their senses
Chapter 371 The strongest girl
Chapter three hundred and seventy second sinister plan
Chapter 373: Exploring the Bottom of the Lake at Night
Chapter 374: Lake Heart Frightened
Chapter 375: Gentle General
Three hundred and seventieth chapters today is not what it used to be
Chapter 377 The princess returns to the house
Chapter three hundred and seventy-eight of the blue zither
Chapter 379 Other countries seek medicine
Chapter three hundred and eighty dark waves
Chapter three hundred and eighty first not allowed to leave
Chapter 382 The mark of red plum
Chapter 383: Destined
Chapter three hundred and eighty fourth intimate nagging
Chapter three hundred and eighty fifth escape
Chapter 386 Humanoid Garbage
Chapter 387 Punish the scum
Three hundred and eighty-eighth chapter road rogue
Chapter 389: Honestly explain
Chapter three hundred and ninetieth inn overnight
Chapter 391 Deliberately find fault
Chapter three hundred and ninety second dirty deeds
Chapter 393: Another Dispute
Chapter 394 The reason for the incident
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters night exploration of Yizhuang
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters strange coffin
Chapter 397 Mysterious Murderer
Three hundred and ninetieth eight chapters candid Axiu
Chapter three hundred and ninety-ninth tip off
Chapter 400 The Hunchback Man
Chapter 401 Healing Hope
Chapter 402 Late night secret conversation
Chapter 403 shocking the world
Chapter 404: The King of Drama Fights for Hegemony
Chapter 405 What is Dabai
Chapter 406: Do not give in to each other
Chapter 407: Flower-picking thieves
Chapter 408: Whereabouts exposed
Chapter four hundred and ninth street old road
Chapter 410 Borrowing wine to drown sorrow
Chapter 411: Looking for flowers and asking willows
Chapter 412 Weird Red Plum
Chapter 413: Crazy Skills
Chapter 414 Hot Dancer
Chapter 415: Meeting Ziyun again
Chapter 416: Tough Mo Qin
Chapter 417: Inviting people into the gang
Chapter 418 The Secret Place
Chapter 419 It turned out to be a scam
Chapter 420 My Specialty
Chapter 421: Child’s Temperament
Chapter 422: A good recipe for stimulating generals
Chapter 423: Being let go
Chapter 424 A mess
Chapter 425: Leave as soon as possible
Chapter 426 Arriving in another country
Chapter 427: Overnight in Xinglin
Chapter 428 Deliberately looking for trouble
Chapter 429: Money Making Plan
Chapter 430 Acting Competition
Chapter 431: Explore the path first
Chapter 432: Ambush in natural danger
Chapter 433: Emergency Situation
Chapter 434 General saves life
Chapter 435: Pull out the crossbow arrow
Chapter 436 The mystery of life experience
Chapter 437 Princess Anle
Chapter 438: Things go wrong
Chapter 439 Competition for favor
Chapter 440: Searching for a doctor
Chapter 441 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 442: Fully Eaten
Chapter 443: Cunning Deal
Chapter 444: Anecdotes about the Royal Palace
Chapter 445: Gossip Night
Chapter 446 I listen to her
Chapter 447: Romance and Infamy
Chapter 448 Deliberately setting up a trap
Chapter 449: Revealing the Purpose
Chapter 450 Sweet surprise
Chapter 451: Crazy show of affection
Chapter 452: Chess is like life
Chapter 453 Abandoned Sons and Chaos
Chapter 454 Ruby Farewell
Chapter 455 Sad and desperate
Chapter 456 The Mysterious Farmhouse
Chapter 457: A cloud of masters
Chapter 458 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 459: Boring Provocation
Chapter 460: Two Thoughts
Chapter 461 Rushing to the old capital
Chapter 462: Shocking Words
Chapter 463: A good strategy to deceive people
Chapter 464 Lintian’s National Conditions
Chapter 465: The city gate is difficult to enter
Chapter 466 Prince Qing
Chapter 467: Having evil intentions
Chapter 468 A sudden visit
Chapter 469: Furious
Chapter 470 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 471 Interest Alliance
Chapter 472: Conjecture in mind
Chapter 473 The beginning of civil strife
Chapter 474 Escape
Chapter 475 Late Night Visitor
Chapter 476: Inexplicable Targeting
Chapter 477 Revealing Flaws
Chapter 478 Let’s talk
Chapter 479: The horse steps forward
Chapter 480: Dark Shadow Exploring Love
Chapter 481: Know yourself and the enemy
Chapter 482 The so-called initiative
Chapter 483 Hengyun Gambling House
Chapter 484 The old man
Chapter 485 The price of life and death
Chapter 486: Trouble with inner demons
Chapter 487: Endless Hell
Chapter 488: Premeditated Betrayal
Chapter 489: People are unpredictable
Chapter 490: Secretly Attacked
Chapter 491 Survey Site
Chapter 492 The Zhu family’s confusion
Chapter 493 The Five Elders
Chapter 494 The preliminaries begin
Chapter 495: The Hou Family’s Compassion
Chapter 496: Meet the Princess
Chapter 497: Turn the gun
Chapter 498: The Zhu Family Attacks
Chapter 499 Notorious
Chapter 500: Reversal of the Game
Chapter 501: Guessing
Chapter 502: Weird Maternity
Chapter 503: Vicious Heart
Chapter 504: Strategies for detoxification
Chapter 505: Reinvigorate your spirit
Chapter 506: Bone-piercing pain
Chapter 507 The storm is coming
Chapter 508 Black Dragon Token
Chapter 509: Abuse of Single Dogs
Chapter 510: United with the Zhu Family
Chapter 511 Everyone has their own secrets
Chapter 512: Entering Baicao Pavilion
Chapter 513 The Elder Visits
Chapter 514 Disputes in the Cabinet
Chapter 515 Gentle and affectionate
Chapter 516 Finally noticed
Chapter 517 Mystery Box
Chapter 518 Death of Eucommia ulmoides
Chapter 519: Premeditated Framing
Chapter 520 The farce ends
Chapter 521: Difficult to deal with
Chapter 522: Fake Death Incident
Chapter 523: Reciprocity
Chapter 524: Riding the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 525 Unexpected Situation
Chapter 526 Sacrifice Stone Chamber
Chapter 527: Trapped in the Stone Chamber
Chapter 528 The Secret of the Stone Statue
Chapter 529: Past Events in Lintian
Chapter 530 Another article
Chapter 531 Reunion in a foreign land
Chapter 532: Monstrous Power
Chapter 533 Sudden Change
Chapter 534: Dog-Headed Military Advisor
Chapter 535: Delivered to your door
Chapter 536 Bloody Mary
Chapter 537: Making Trouble
Chapter 538: Falling out and being ruthless
Chapter 539: Accidental defeat
Chapter 540: Zhulong Cult
Chapter 541: Street Pharmacy
Chapter 542: Weird Charming Potion
Chapter 543 Meeting an old friend again
Chapter 544: Beauty and Crazy Bones
Chapter 545 The mysterious boss
Chapter 546: Imprisoned for Three Days
Chapter 547: What do you want?
Chapter 548 The tip of the iceberg
Chapter 549 Testing each other
Chapter 550: Unkind Invitation
Chapter 551 Secret Cooperation
Chapter 552: Be careful of fraud
Chapter 553 Sin Dungeon
Chapter 554: Catching a turtle in a urn
Chapter 555: Risking Yourself
Chapter 556 The real truth
Chapter 557 The ruthless boy
Chapter 558 Prevention Method
Chapter 559 There is something fishy about the disease
Chapter 560: The Disaster of Epidemic
Chapter 561 Return to Kyoto
Chapter 562: Family meeting
Chapter 563: Deep maternal love
Chapter 564: The mother and concubine calm down
Chapter 565: Bu Yao Test
Chapter 566 Entering the Palace to See You
Chapter 567: Entrusted by the Concubine Xian
Chapter 568: The Disaster of the Jade Card
Chapter 569 The prince comes to the house
Chapter 570 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 571: Visiting the Teacher
Chapter 572 The old recipe for poison
Chapter 573: Iron Armored Gu Insect
Chapter 574 Teasing the Eyeliner
Chapter 575 Business Elite
Chapter 576: Li Daitao is stiff
Chapter 577 Love Experience
Chapter 578: Conquering People’s Hearts
Chapter 579 Unique
Chapter 580: Past Events
Chapter 581 The smell of Xumi medicine
Chapter 582: Burying the Baby Alive
Chapter 583 Save your life
Chapter 584 Sinister Purpose
Chapter 585: His heart can be killed
Chapter 586: Trying to commit suicide
Chapter 587 The Gu Brothers
Chapter 588: Wind Ghost Acupuncture
Chapter 589: Chasing clues
Chapter 590: Investigating the Murderer
Chapter 591: Exposing the frame-up
Chapter 592: The target of public criticism
Chapter 593: Climaxes one after another
Chapter 594 Delaying time
Chapter 595: Hasty ending
Chapter 596: Hiding evil at every step
Chapter 597: Common Routines
Chapter 598: Wandering thoughts
Chapter 599: The Secret Order of the Poison Sect
Chapter 600: With bad intentions
Chapter 601: Named Mo Yan
Chapter 602: New method of rescuing people
Chapter 603 The last point
Chapter 604: Considerate and considerate
Chapter 605: Dispute over elixir
Chapter 606 The show ends
Chapter 607: The Way of the Emperor
Chapter 608: Caught in bed
Chapter 609: Already planned
Chapter 610: The evil plan is impossible to succeed
Chapter 611 Joint Letter
Chapter 612: Protect My Love
Chapter 613 Extraordinary measures
Chapter 614 Mysterious Identity
Chapter 615 The return of Qinghu
Chapter 616 The Prince’s Attack
Chapter 617 The plan begins
Chapter 618: Disappear while taking advantage of the chaos
Chapter 619: Not allowed to leave
Chapter 620 The Xiao family gets into trouble
Chapter 621: Embark on the return journey
Chapter 622 Love, love, love
Chapter 623: Take precautions before they happen
Chapter 624: The Battle of Nuange
Chapter 625: Reunion in the Broken House
Chapter 626: Secretly Saving Mother
Chapter 627: The wise mandarin duck
Chapter 628: Canonizing the Imperial Concubine
Chapter 629: Burning Splendid
Chapter 630 Charity Auction
Chapter 631: Sudden Confession
Chapter 632: The Gift of Unity
Chapter 633: Brother’s Visit
Chapter 634 Brother and sister talk
Chapter 635: A helpless move
Chapter 636: Disaster Relief Strategies
Chapter 637: Childish Games
Chapter 638 I want to live
Chapter 639: Pray for blessings
Chapter 640: Repulsion of Spirit and Flesh
Chapter 641: Giving Pearls under the Moon
Chapter 642 Special Purpose
Chapter 643 Part of the truth
Chapter 644: Selection of Beauty
Chapter 645: Visiting the Jin Family
Chapter 646: Jin Family Funeral
Chapter 647: Rescue Siblings
Chapter 648: Urgent Love
Chapter 649: Shangguan’s greeting
Chapter 650: Cultivating confidants
Chapter 651 Physical Condition
Chapter 652: Overnight in the Zen Room
Chapter 653: Greetings from the Buddhist Temple
Chapter 654 Princess Tiancheng
Chapter 655 Beauty Elopes
Chapter 656 Confrontation between ancestor and grandson
Chapter 657 The magic weapon appears
Chapter 658: Finding the Corpse
Chapter 659: Imprisoned in the woodshed
Chapter 660 The Evil Monk Attacks
Chapter 661: Crazy and Demonic
Chapter 662: Conspiracy Transaction
Chapter 663 Master Wuchen
Chapter 664 An unexpected turn of events
Chapter 665: Worrying
Chapter 666: Yunshen’s details
Chapter 667 Uncharacteristically
Chapter 668 Confessing the illness
Chapter 669: Secret plan
Chapter 670: So that’s it
Chapter 671: Deprivation of status
Chapter 672: Someone is causing trouble
Chapter 673: The Son of the Breaker
Chapter 674: Unable to abandon
Chapter 675: The Art of the Emperor
Chapter 676: Flirting
Chapter 677 Visiting Brother
Chapter 678: Detain the Idiot
Chapter 679: Setting up a trap
Chapter 680: Returning favors
Chapter 681: Pure and idiotic man
Chapter 682: Secret attack
Chapter 683: Brother’s Past
Chapter 684: Throw away the eyeliner
Chapter 685 Flower Street Interlude
Chapter 686: Gloating over misfortune
Chapter 687: Marriage Plan
Chapter 688: Return from resignation
Chapter 689 Marriage by Agreement
Chapter 690: Life experience revealed
Chapter 691: Taking the initiative
Chapter 692 Shangguan Mansion
Chapter 693: Poison Dao Token
Chapter 694 The Hypocritical Emperor
Chapter 695: I want to be reunited
Chapter 696: Government Office
Chapter 697 Successful Reunion and Separation
Chapter 698 Gou An’s Visit
Chapter 699: Killing everyone
Chapter 700 Calm down
Chapter 701 Princess Night Visit
Chapter 702: Already had second thoughts
Chapter 703: Spring Festival Vision
Chapter 704 Rumors are spreading
Chapter 705 Listening to books in the teahouse
Chapter 706: Humen Guards General
Chapter 707 Peace Messenger
Chapter 708 A big gift
Chapter 709: Killing relatives for justice
Chapter 710: The merits are equal to the faults
Chapter 711: Release the Brother
Chapter 712: Working in secret
Chapter 713: Force a smile
Chapter 714: Reciprocity
Chapter 715: Leave at night
Chapter 716 Leaving the Capital
Chapter 717: Feelings in the Heart
Chapter 718 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 719 Encountering an old acquaintance
Chapter 720 Stalkers
Chapter 721: Meeting a pregnant woman on the road
Chapter 722 Emergency Delivery
Chapter 723: Tian is vicious
Chapter 724: Be the first to strike
Chapter 725: Stalker
Chapter 726: Tian Po’s Daughter
Chapter 727 Doubts in my heart
Chapter 728 The Wang family is wiped out
Chapter 729 Deliberate disclosure
Chapter 730: Escape overnight
Chapter 731 Escape from the town
Chapter 732: Encountering Hundred Birds on the Road
Chapter 733 Arriving at the border
Chapter 734 Found you
Chapter 735 Let’s set off together
Chapter 736: Childish Disputes
Chapter 737: Exotic Beauty
Chapter 738: The test failed
Chapter 739 Arriving at Jiangcheng
Chapter 740: Rogue City Lord
Chapter 741: Married Woman
Chapter 742: Join forces to conceal
Chapter 743 The Legacy of the Ancient Guard
Chapter 744: Prepare in advance
Chapter 745 Good intentions
Chapter 746: Stopped halfway
Chapter 747: Attracting Firepower
Chapter 748 Ji Cheng leaves
Chapter 749: Blood Hall Protector
Chapter 750 Snow Mountain Warm Spring
Chapter 751 Seven Poison Sacred Herbs
Chapter 752: Detoxification and Rebirth
Chapter 753: Escape Plan
Chapter 754: Concealing the truth
Chapter 755: Dragon Bones Renew Life
Chapter 756: Arrangements are in order
Chapter 757: Sister-sister talk
Chapter 758 Xiaoyu’s life experience
Chapter 759: Change of appearance
Chapter 760 Reunion of old friends
Chapter 761: Meeting an Angry Youth on the Road
Chapter 762 Peony Crisis
Chapter 763: Gong E comes to the rescue
Chapter 764 Mrs. Jingrou
Chapter 765 Ambition disguised
Chapter 766: Exploring the enemy’s situation
Chapter 767: The magical effect of morning exercises
Chapter 768 Peony is poison
Chapter 769: Hidden secrets
Chapter 770: Chaos
Chapter 771: Inquire about information
Chapter 772 Catching wind and shadow
Chapter 773 Born for oneself
Chapter 774 Staring Contest
Chapter 775 Imperial Love
Chapter 776: Winning in Chaos
Chapter 777: Dealing with Beauty
Chapter 778: Cruel and evil
Chapter 779: Sisters Meet
Chapter 780: Different Eye Hypnosis
Chapter 781 Escape from the clutches of the devil
Chapter 782: Killing the Priest
Chapter 783 The Xin Family Siblings
Chapter 784 Sudden Change
Chapter 785 The counterattack begins
Chapter 786 Portrait Mark
Chapter 787: Meeting Gong E on the Road
Chapter 788: The bait is poisonous
Chapter 789: Attempted Murder
Chapter 790: Going with the flow
Chapter 791: Bite back
Chapter 792: The Confinement Palace
Chapter 793 The storm is coming
Chapter 794: So that’s it
Chapter 795: Release from Hypnosis
Chapter 796: Violent in appearance but soft in heart
Chapter 797: Both the person and the person got the stolen goods
Chapter 798: Gratitude and hatred
Chapter 799 The Antidote Master
Chapter 800 The Witch Queen’s Celebration
Chapter 801 Persuasion failed
Chapter 802 Similar Appearances
Chapter 803: Run away separately
Chapter 804 Goodbye Axiu
Chapter 805: Taking the Eye to Cast the Gu
Chapter 806 The Eastern Family
Chapter 807: Matchmaking fails
Chapter 808: Active exposure
Chapter 809 The End of Destiny
Chapter 810 Read all the glitz
Chapter 811 Yao Lu leaves the palace
Chapter 812 Funeral Procession
Chapter 813: Eternal Imprisonment
Chapter 814 The mysterious man
Chapter 815: Husband and wife meet
Chapter 816 Flirting
Chapter 817 Undercurrent is surging
Chapter 818 Meeting at midnight
Chapter 819 Cloud Pattern Jade
Chapter 820 The battle between queens
Chapter 821: Being rejected
Chapter 822: Sending love in the rain
Chapter 823: Father and brother were robbed
Chapter 824 Weird Behavior
Chapter 825 Chicken Soup for the Soul
Chapter 826 Four women died suddenly
Chapter 827 Flower of Anesthesia
Chapter 828 Unresolved
Chapter 829 It’s all a misunderstanding
Chapter 830: Corpse changes
Chapter 831 Summary of clues
Chapter 832 Seeing Plum Blossoms Again
Chapter 833 Conspiracy against the world
Chapter 834 The Suspicion of the Witch
Chapter 835 The visit failed
Chapter 836: Discovering Identity
Chapter 837: Night Viewing in the Back Mountain
Chapter 838 Meeting Xin Luan again
Chapter 839: Knocking on the Mountain to Shock the Tiger
Chapter 840: Pavilion Setup
Chapter 841: Stirring up the situation
Chapter 842: Strange and Confusing
Chapter 843 The truth about Gu Wei
Chapter 844 The Key to the Fairy City
Chapter 845 Xin Luan’s Test
Chapter 846 The Witch Temple
Chapter 847: Mother’s Old Friend
Chapter 848 Sisters Separated
Chapter 849: Meeting an old friend on the road
Chapter 850: Concealment and Deception
Chapter 851: Confrontation
Chapter 852: Misrepresentation of Friendship
Chapter 853 The truth about the Gu girl
Chapter 854 Xin Luan’s Purpose
Chapter 855 Where to find roots
Chapter 856 Oriental Medicine Store
Chapter 857: Change of Mind
Chapter 858: Invited into the Mansion
Chapter 859 Mrs. Dongfang
Chapter 860 Axiu’s life experience
Chapter 861 The Secret Words of the Stone Tablet
Chapter 862: Recreating the Gu Girl
Chapter 863 The preparation begins
Chapter 864 Qinghu enters the palace
Chapter 865: Zhulong Disguise
Chapter 866 Xin Li’s movements
Chapter 667: Gu King and Witch Queen
Chapter 868 Meeting in Yushan
Chapter 869 The Fox and the Wolf
Chapter 870 Xin Family Banquet
Chapter 871: Disguised Dancer
Chapter 872 Dance at the Banquet
Chapter 873: Pretending to be mysterious
Chapter 874 Ambush at the Inn
Chapter 875: A plan in mind
Chapter 876: Changes in the Gu Pond
Chapter 877 Ice Jade Cicada Gu
Chapter 878 The real and fake Wang Ji
Chapter 879 The Xin Family’s Test
Chapter 880 The cold and charming guest
Chapter 881: Entering the Back Mountain for the First Time
Chapter 882: High-sounding
Chapter 883 The Xin family makes plans
Chapter 884 Trivial preparations
Chapter 885 Escape from Yushan
Chapter 886 High Taxes
Chapter 887 Heading to Jin Dynasty
Chapter 888 Return to Kyoto
Chapter 889: Family Carnival
Chapter 890: Entanglement between grudges and grudges
Chapter 891: Night Talk by Holding a Candle
Chapter 892 Kyoto News
Chapter 893: Exploring the truth
Chapter 894 The so-called deep love
Chapter 895: Caught Peeping
Chapter 896: Reunion
Chapter 897: Great changes in the sect
Chapter 898: Be honest with each other
Chapter 899 An important person from the Feng family
Chapter 900: Falling into the scheme
Chapter 901: Being taken away
Chapter 902: Irreconcilable
Chapter 903: Elder Zhulong
Chapter 904 Fairy City Trap
Chapter 905 Destiny and Destiny
Chapter 906: Rescue the Teacher
Chapter 907: Scheme against the Feng family
Chapter 908 The beginning of the plan
Chapter 909: Frank confession
Chapter 910 She wants to cause trouble
Chapter 911 Transformation
Chapter 912 Princess Rongan
Chapter 913 Determined to bring disaster
Chapter 914: She came to collect debts
Chapter 915: Playing on occasion
Chapter 916 Public opinion guidance
Chapter 917 The Emperor’s Visit
Chapter 918: The Way of Game
Chapter 919: Banquet for the Emperor
Chapter 920 The Emperor is Attacked
Chapter 921: Frank and frank
Chapter 922: Sneaking into the Study
Chapter 923: The Cold-hearted Monarch
Chapter 924: Obtain the secret decree
Chapter 925: Evil intentions
Chapter 926 Crazy Love
Chapter 927 Crazy love
Chapter 928 Mother’s last wish
Chapter 929 The Queen’s Dream
Chapter 930: No intention of breaking the situation
Chapter 931 The Great Dream of Spring and Autumn
Chapter 932 Internal strife and chaos
Chapter 933: Ambitious
Chapter 934 Wearing the wedding dress again
Chapter 935 Pretend to agree
Chapter 936 The Darkness of Human Nature
Chapter 937 The counterattack begins
Chapter 938 A great victory
Chapter 939: The blame-shifting plan
Chapter 940 The Shameless Emperor
Chapter 941: Worship the Bodhisattva
Chapter 942 Teasing an old friend
Chapter 943: Kidnapping the Master
Chapter 944: Re-entering the Palace
Chapter 945 The Ultimate Kill
Chapter 946 Only one person
Chapter 947: Be your queen
Chapter 948 Please protect her
Chapter 949: Visiting the Princess
Chapter 950: Scare you to death
Chapter 951 Getting married again
Chapter 952: Rare Tenderness
Chapter 953 The Secret of the Leader
Chapter 954: Medical ethics is the most important thing
Chapter 955 The so-called mother
Chapter 956 News about father and brother
Chapter 957: Master of the Harem
Chapter 958: Exchange Conditions
Chapter 959 The strange leader
Chapter 960 Mythical Stories
Chapter 961: Asking for the Key
Chapter 962: Interview with the Seventh Prince
Chapter 963 Strange Breath
Chapter 964: Strange Death
Chapter 965 Past life memories
Chapter 966 New Year’s Eve
Chapter 967 I miss you so much
Chapter 968 The Day of Separation
Chapter 969: Prepare for a Rainy Day
Chapter 970 Mo Yan disappears
Chapter 971 Mysterious News
Chapter 972 Eager for revenge
Chapter 973: Challenged
Chapter 974: Fighting in the Hall
Chapter 975: Rude words
Chapter 976: Sue the Branch Hall
Chapter 977: Counting the Crimes
Chapter 978: Clear rewards and punishments
Chapter 979: Entering Wuxiong Mountain
Chapter 980 Forced to go up the mountain
Chapter 981 Bandit Leader
Chapter 982: Notify the Government
Chapter 983: Killing Trap
Chapter 984: Entering the bandit camp again
Chapter 985 Revenge for killing his wife
Chapter 986 Escape
Chapter 987 Everyone knows
Chapter 988: Disbanding the Cottage
Chapter 989 Return to Lieyun
Chapter 990 Xiaoyu Crisis
Chapter 991: Crisis of Trust
Chapter 992: The method of luring the enemy
Chapter 993 The Qi family is wiped out
Chapter 994: Injured in a sneak attack
Chapter 995: Auspicious Heavenly Appearances
Chapter 996: Asking for forgiveness
Chapter 997 Crazy Talk
Chapter 998: Visiting the Divine Witch
Chapter 999: Framed for Murder
Chapter 1000: Inside Tianji Mansion
Chapter 1001 Killing three birds with one stone
Chapter 1002: Assassination
Chapter 1003 Xin Luan’s Visit
Chapter 1004: Sneaking in in the middle of the night
Chapter 1005 I’ll piss you off to death
Chapter 1006 The trial begins
Chapter 1007 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 1008 There is another secret
Chapter 1009 The news leaked out
Chapter 1,010 Regret is unbearable
Chapter 1011: Suspense of cheating death
Chapter 1012 Face it Bravely
Chapter 1013: The oriole is behind
Chapter 1,014 The interrogation yielded no results
Chapter 1015: Being framed
Chapter 1016: Shake hands and make peace
Chapter 1017 The difference between strong and weak
Chapter 1018 Mysterious Secret Technique
Chapter 1,019 The Drama of Forced Concubine
Chapter 1020: The Wrath of King Gu
Chapter 1021: Meeting of Storms and Clouds
Chapter 1,022 Accidents one after another
Chapter 1023: Stepping into the Trap
Chapter 1024: Weird King Gu
Chapter 1,025 Finally gave birth to a baby
Chapter 1,026 The Proud One of Heaven
Chapter 1,027 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 1,028 Flesh Sacrifice
Chapter 1,029 Good and Bad News
Chapter 1030 Sweet Test
Chapter 1031: Teasing an old friend
Chapter 1032: Bloodline Concerns
Chapter 1033: Tribal War
Chapter 1,034 The Weird Xin Family
Chapter 1035: Leaving the Palace in Secret
Chapter 1036 Proposal Letter
Chapter 1037 Bear Spirit Tribe
Chapter 1038: A Loved One
Chapter 1039: Finally Getting Married
Chapter 1040: After all the hardships, happiness comes
Chapter 1041 The troops are divided into two groups
Chapter 1,042 Preparations Complete
Chapter 1043: Dirty Romance
Chapter 1,044: Encirclement and Suppression of Villains
Chapter 1045: Demons dancing wildly
Chapter 1046 Returning to the Village
Chapter 1047 Dark Dawn
Chapter 1048: Escape from Death
Chapter 1,049 Father and Daughter Meet
Chapter 1050 Family Reunion
Chapter 1051 Intricacies
Chapter 1052 Xiong Lin’s strange behavior
Chapter 1053: Being used
Chapter 1054 She is the antidote
Chapter 1055: Brother and sister become one
Chapter 1,056 The Origin of the Xin Family
Chapter 1057: Traveling all the way
Chapter 1058: Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 1059: Coercion and inducement
Chapter 1060: Victory with one blow
Chapter 1061: Discovering the secret passage
Chapter 1,062 Strange Intersection
Chapter 1,063 From the inside out
Chapter 1064: New and old grudges
Chapter 1,065 Revenge
Chapter 1066 Qinghu escapes
Chapter 1,067 Bold Assumption
Chapter 1,068 Looking for Ruby
Chapter 1,069 Right and Wrong
Chapter 1070: Trespassers will die
Chapter 1071: Hand-torn green tea
Chapter 1,072 A sudden awakening
Chapter 1073: Cut in two
Chapter 1074 Xiong Lin wakes up
Chapter 1075 Symbiosis Poison
Chapter 1076: Antidote
Chapter 1,077 Greedy People
Chapter 1,078 Following Feng'er
Chapter 1,079 Grandma Snake Flower
Chapter 1080 I'm not greedy
Chapter 1081: Entrance Guess
Chapter 1,082 Killing Relatives
Chapter 1083 Xiong Lin commits suicide
Chapter 1,084 Feng'er's Life Experience
Chapter 1,085 The so-called fake
Chapter 1,086 Hongyu’s lovelorn
Chapter 1,087 Mother’s Instructions
Chapter 1088 The Poison of Illusion
Chapter 1089 The palace was destroyed
Chapter 1090: Sneaking into the Corpse Puppet
Chapter 1091 Jump into the entrance
Chapter 1,092 Underground Square
Chapter 1093 Confrontation between the two sides
Chapter 1,094 The so-called miracle
Chapter 1095: Baiting Xinli
Chapter 1096 The real purpose
Chapter 1,097 You come with me
Chapter 1,098 Meeting An Zichen
Chapter 1,099 Family History
Chapter 1,100 Tiancheng died tragically
Chapter 1,101 Killing the Guardian Envoy
Chapter 1,102 Living Puppet
Chapter 1,103 Green Jade Card
Chapter 1,104 The power of dismounting
Chapter 1,105 Temporarily living in the North Campus
Chapter 1,106 Supplies were burned
Chapter 1107: Stolen in the middle of the night
Chapter 1,108 The ship sets sail
Chapter 1,109 Arriving at Weiguo
Chapter 1,110 The Snakes
Chapter 1,111 Saving An Zichen
Chapter 1,112 Thunder Reappears
Chapter 1,113 The Five Idiots of the Gong Family
Chapter 1,114 Taking back the old house
Chapter 1,115 Unreasonable
Chapter 1,116 Welcome back the plaque
Chapter 1117: Reunion Dinner
Chapter 1,118 Gong Yu Old News
Chapter 1,119 Ambitious
Chapter 1120: Dismissing Visitors
Chapter 1121: Settling down as before
Chapter 1,122 Rebuilding the Gong Family
Chapter 1,123 Arrangements by the Gong Family
Chapter 1,124 Discovering the Secret Room
Chapter 1,125 Gold and Silver
Chapter 1,126 Sold into Slavery
Chapter 1,127 Black-Cambodian Provocation
Chapter 1,128 Baozi practices martial arts
Chapter 1,129 Blackmailer
Chapter 1,130 The cowardly Gong Qiang
Chapter 1131: Entrusting the Children
Chapter 1,132 Revealing the Truth
Chapter 1,133 Rushing to Xinzhou
Chapter 1,134 Establishing a Family School
Chapter 1,135 Someone sneaked in
Chapter 1,136 A genius descended from heaven
Chapter 1137: Saving people is important
Chapter 1,138 Treating the Auntie
Chapter 1,139 Arriving at Xinzhou
Chapter 1,140 Palace Road Test
Chapter 1,141 Bai Su fights
Chapter 1,142 Gong Er gives a gift
Chapter 1,143 The Rong family is in danger
Chapter 1,144 An unexpected reunion
Chapter 1,145 Changing Boxes
Chapter 1,146 Rong Family Slave
Chapter 1,147 Old Enmities and New Hatreds
Chapter 1,148: Strictly guard against death
Chapter 1149: Being deceived
Chapter 1,150 The pursuers are coming
Chapter 1151 Transferring Chu Feng
Chapter 1,152 Disguise Successful
Chapter 1,153 The owner’s carriage
Chapter 1,154 Refuse to hook up
Chapter 1,155 Bidding for Famous Swords
Chapter 1,156 Spending Money Like Water
Chapter 1,157: Human Relationships
Chapter 1,158 Wu Nu Bidding
Chapter 1,159 Undercurrent is surging
Chapter 1,160 Seeing Old Friends Again
Chapter 1,161 Redeeming Zhu Yan
Chapter 1,162 Little White Little Tiger
Chapter 1,163 Slaves Resistance
Chapter 1,164 Setting up camp
Chapter 1,165 Inspiring people
Chapter 1,166: Becoming King of the Mountain
Chapter 1,167 A clever plan to enter the city
Chapter 1,168 Return to the inn
Chapter 1,169 Dogs and Wolves
Chapter 1,170 Return without success
Chapter 1171 The last day
Chapter 1,172 Auction of the Carriage
Chapter 1,173 Acquisition of Gold and Jade
Chapter 1,174 Gong Bin was beaten
Chapter 1,175 Be careful of temptation
Chapter 1,176 Return to the Trading Company
Chapter 1,177 Virtual and Real
Chapter 1,178 The hero saves the beauty
Chapter 1,179 Unbearable Means
Chapter 1180: Being plotted against
Chapter 1,181 Returning under the moon
Chapter 1,182 Secret plot
Chapter 1,183 Gong San goes up the mountain
Chapter 1,184 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 1,185 Qinghu Escapes
Chapter 1,186 King Xiao’s Elite Soldiers
Chapter 1,187 The Crown Prince Selects a Concubine
Chapter 1,188 A Thousand Miles Away
Chapter 1189: Encounter at the City Gate
Chapter 1,190 I feel the cold occasionally
Chapter 1,191 Princess Banquet
Chapter 1,192 He forgot me
Chapter 1,193 Being Forcibly Kissed
Chapter 1,194 Rumors are fearless
Chapter 1,195 A plan in mind
Chapter 1,196 Truth and Hypocrisy
Chapter 1,197: How to Provoke Generals
Chapter 1,198 Visiting the Military Camp
Chapter 1199: A true wife forgets her husband
Chapter 1,200 The man behind the scenes
Chapter 1,201 Meeting the Prince on the Road
Chapter 1,202 So that’s it
Chapter 1,203 Liu Jiao and Liu Mu
Chapter 1,204 The plot against Liu Jiao
Chapter 1,205 Long experience
Chapter 1,206 Hongxing cheats
Chapter 1,207 United Front
Chapter 1,208 Oolong in the dream
Chapter 1,209 The Fairy Teases the Man
Chapter 1,210 Visiting the Lian Family
Chapter 1,211: Father and mother together
Chapter 1,212 Convincing Lian’s Father
Chapter 1,213 A Little Hobby
Chapter 1214: Caught on the spot
Chapter 1,215 I’m secretly happy
Chapter 1,216: Wisdom emerges from desperation
Chapter 1,217 Continuous Warnings
Chapter 1,218 Completion of Upgrade
Chapter 1,219 Sharing the same bed
Chapter 1,220 Want her life
Chapter 1,221 The venue was robbed
Chapter 1,222 The Pain of Losing a Child
Chapter 1,223 A hundred miles of doubt
Chapter 1,224 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 1,225 Against Chonghua
Chapter 1,226 Chonghua Qi leaves
Chapter 1227: Consoling Lian Xing
Chapter 1228: Strange Movement at Night
Chapter 1,229 Differences in Love
Chapter 1,230 Winter Solstice Snow Sculpture
Chapter 1,231 Unintentional Enlightenment
Chapter 1,232 Little Children
Chapter 1,233 The Emperor Travels
Chapter 1,234 The Emperor of Weiguo
Chapter 1,235 Princess Fanghua
Chapter 1,236 Poisoning the Emperor
Chapter 1,237 Developments
Chapter 1,238 Strange Assassination
Chapter 1,239 Invitation from the Queen
Chapter 1,240 Facing it Together
Chapter 1,241 The Real Killing Move
Chapter 1,242 The tip of the iceberg
Chapter 1,243: Summoned into the Palace
Chapter 1,244 Middle-aged Green Tea
Chapter 1,245 Comforting Madam
Chapter 1,246 Listening to a Opera in the Theater
Chapter 1,247 Confused
Chapter 1,248 His Highness’s Adopted Son
Chapter 1,249 Gu Pan’s Visit
Chapter 1,250 Logic Victory
Chapter 1,251 Play hard to get
Chapter 1,252 Bullying the weak
Chapter 1,253 Entrusted by the Winning Streak
Chapter 1,254 Investigating Ailian
Chapter 1,255 The Key Reason
Chapter 1,256 Investigation Results
Chapter 1,257 Borrowing someone from her
Chapter 1,258 Escape
Chapter 1,259 Visiting the Princess
Chapter 1,260 A Tune
Chapter 1,261 The Princess’s Dilemma
Chapter 1,262: Banquet for VIPs
Chapter 1,263 She is everywhere
Chapter 1,264 Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 1,265 Losing Favor
Chapter 1,266 Do you agree or not?
Chapter 1,267 Unknown Danger
Chapter 1,268 The Way of the Emperor
Chapter 1,269 An expert outside the world
Chapter 1,270 Shy Cai Ling
Chapter 1,271 Former Imperial Attendant
Chapter 1,272 Cutting off halfway
Chapter 1,273 Rejected
Chapter 1,274: An Family Banquet
Chapter 1,275 An unexpected meeting
Chapter 1,276 Cai Ling visits the patient
Chapter 1,277 Cutting off old friendships
Chapter 1,278 Sudden illness
Chapter 1,279 Choose to believe
Chapter 1,280 Gu Pan’s Visit
Chapter 1,281 See you again eventually
Chapter 1,282 Looking for the Black Market
Chapter 1,283 Qingwei Guild Hall
Chapter 1,284 A kind reminder
Chapter 1,285: Suspicion and Being Suspicion
Chapter 1286: Banquet to break off the engagement
Chapter 1,287 A Farce
Chapter 1,288 The conspiracy is easy to understand
Chapter 1,289 Reunion in Longdu
Chapter 1,290 Gong Family Reunion
Chapter 1,291 The Lian Family’s Old Grudge
Chapter 1,292 We encountered them all
Chapter 1,293 Use it as an excuse
Chapter 1,294 It’s mine
Chapter 1,295 Going to see the snow sculptures
Chapter 1,296 It turns out to be him
Chapter 1,297 I don’t guarantee
Chapter 1,298 Memories of Months
Chapter 1,299 All for profit
Chapter 1,300 Please Anjia again
Chapter 1,301 So that’s it
Chapter 1,302 The An family is in trouble
Chapter 1,303 Gu Pan is sick
Chapter 1,304 Caught
Chapter 1,305 Meeting the Ancient Clan Again
Chapter 1,306 Worry about Father and Brother
Chapter 1,307: Kaijie Gong San
Chapter 1,308 Punishing An
Chapter 1309 Discovering Ailian
Chapter 1310 Just teasing her
Chapter 1311 Visiting Qi Yue
Chapter 1312 Qi Yue declined
Chapter 1,313 It’s not a coincidence
Chapter 1314 Murong Liangyu
Chapter 1,315 It’s New Year’s Eve
Chapter 1,316 Employment Relationship
Chapter 1,317 Old Stories of the Third Uncle
Chapter 1,318 The Drama Queen
Chapter 1,319 Deliberate Framing
Chapter 1,320 Cooperation and conspiracy
Chapter 1321 Candidate Emperor
Chapter 1,322: Family Recognition Ceremony
Chapter 1,323 No brains
Chapter 1,324 Chonghua pretends to be crazy
Chapter 1,325 The relationship between father and son
Chapter 1,326 The Lock of Destiny
Chapter 1,327 Different Treatment
Chapter 1,328 The System Defies Heaven
Chapter 1,329 It’s not an accident
Chapter 1,330 Purpose of Investigation
Chapter 1,331 Meeting an old friend again
Chapter 1,332 Chaos
Chapter 1,333 Unity
Chapter 1,334 The whole family goes to a banquet
Chapter 1,335 Sudden disclosure
Chapter 1,336 Things are different now
Chapter 1,337 The Parade Is Abnormal
Chapter 1,338 Strange things happen again
Chapter 1,339 Jun'er asks for help
Chapter 1,340 Strange Frozen Corpse
Chapter 1341 It’s hard to separate
Chapter 1,342 Transparent Human Cocoon
Chapter 1,343 The crowd dispersed
Chapter 1,344 Fanatic Believers
Chapter 1,345: A decree from the palace
Chapter 1,346 Someone is unlucky
Chapter 1,347 It turns out to be you
Chapter 1,348 Leaving Longdu
Chapter 1,349 The Royal Attendant’s Sacrifice
Chapter 1,350 Warm Reunion
Chapter 1,351 The journey is difficult
Chapter 1,352 Headless Corpse
Chapter 1,353 Human Body Simulation
Chapter 1,354 Someone is looking for trouble
Chapter 1,355 The Strange Holy City
Chapter 1356: Family Rules
Chapter 1,357 The Gong Family’s Situation
Chapter 1,358 Mr. Snow Master
Chapter 1,359: Planting Eyes
Chapter 1,360 I want your legs
Chapter 1,361 The An family is not worthy
Chapter 1,362 Cheng Family and Ma Family
Chapter 1363: Occupied
Chapter 1,364: Chief Priest and Deputy Priest
Chapter 1,365 It’s not too late
Chapter 1,366 For Sacrifice
Chapter 1,367 Scandal Spread
Chapter 1,368 A little worse
Chapter 1,369 The heart of spring sprouts
Chapter 1,370 Mountain Passage
Chapter 1371 We are all one family
Chapter 1,372 As expected
Chapter 1,373 Perceiving the Oracle
Chapter 1374: High-sounding
Chapter 1375: Adultery is on fire
Chapter 1,376 Both are surrounded
Chapter 1,377 Tracking down the Saint Slave
Chapter 1,378 Overtly and secretly
Chapter 1,379 The situation is complicated
Chapter 1,380 Please let him go
Chapter 1381: Let people escape
Chapter 1,382 No Entry
Chapter 1,383 With bad intentions
Chapter 1,384 People’s hearts are unpredictable
Chapter 1,385 The Holy Spirit’s Order
Chapter 1,386 Is it a blessing or a sin?
Chapter 1,387: Punishment for Guilty
Chapter 1388: Deprivation of Deputy Priest
Chapter 1,389 Restoration
Chapter 1,390 Kneel down and apologize
Chapter 1,391 Deliberate concealment
Chapter 1,392 The Poisoner
Chapter 1,393 The Last Day
Chapter 1,394 Revealing Flaws
Chapter 1,395 Bite your tongue and commit suicide
Chapter 1396: Being taken away
Chapter 1,397 The Strange Young Master
Chapter 1,398 Playing tricks to deceive people
Chapter 1,399 Conspiracy and Conspiracy
Chapter 1,400 What to do
Chapter 1401 The Twelfth Floor
Chapter 1,402 The Mysterious Fairy City
Chapter 1,403 Above and Underground
Chapter 1,404 Killing the Messenger
Chapter 1,405 The Holy Lord is Trapped
Chapter 1,406 Master and Disciple Meet
Chapter 1,407 Already prepared
Chapter 1,408 The Queen’s Conspiracy
Chapter 1,409 The tip of the iceberg
Chapter 1,410 Fairy City Map
Chapter 1,411 Leaving a book and running away
Chapter 1412: Furious
Chapter 1,413 You can rest in peace
Chapter 1,414 Is it true or false?
Chapter 1415: Wolf Heart and Dog Lung
Chapter 1416: Born by my mother
Chapter 1,417 The Drama Queen
Chapter 1,418 Showing off each other’s acting skills
Chapter 1,419 White Lotus Bitch
Chapter 1420: Forced to Marry the Crown Prince
Chapter 1421 Imprisoned in the Palace
Chapter 1,422 Promised her
Chapter 1,423 Meeting in the Palace
Chapter 1,424 The Emperor’s Confrontation
Chapter 1,425 The true nature of a scumbag
Chapter 1,426 I want to marry you
Chapter 1,427 Kidnapped by Others
Chapter 1428: House Demolition Brigade
Chapter 1,429 To drink or not to drink
Chapter 1,430 Human Blood Peach Blossom
Chapter 1,431 Her method
Chapter 1,432 A secret fight at night
Chapter 1,433 Dealing with Housework
Chapter 1,434 Chonghua bites back
Chapter 1,435 Chonghua Confesses
Chapter 1,436: Cheating Intelligence
Chapter 1,437 Looking for Xie Han
Chapter 1,438 Cruel Ghost Market
Chapter 1,439: Premeditated Seizing of Power
Chapter 1,440 True and False
Chapter 1,441 It’s all a trap
Chapter 1,442 So that’s it
Chapter 1,443 Goodbye Winning Streak
Chapter 1,444 Only one
Chapter 1,445 He came running
Chapter 1,446: Missing Day and Night
Chapter 1,447 The Emperor invites you
Chapter 1,448 For the World
Chapter 1,449 I only believe in her
Chapter 1,450 The teacher comes to visit
Chapter 1,451 I want a hug
Chapter 1,452 Conquering the Ghost Market
Chapter 1,453 Sold into Slavery
Chapter 1,454: Entering the Ghost Market for the First Time
Chapter 1,455 Buying Drugs
Chapter 1,456 The most hated thing in my life
Chapter 1,457 Human Milk Nursing
Chapter 1,458 Absurd Therapy
Chapter 1,459 Crazy Man
Chapter 1,460 The Master of Dragon Suppression Hall
Chapter 1,461 The Poison Master Disappears
Chapter 1,462 The Change of the Old and the New
Chapter 1,463 It’s all a routine
Chapter 1,464 The so-called good wife
Chapter 1465: Lure her up
Chapter 1,466: Betrayal and separation from relatives
Chapter 1,467 It’s all an illusion
Chapter 1,468: Understanding the human heart
Chapter 1,469 Someone is making trouble
Chapter 1,470 Just talking nonsense
Chapter 1,471 The fake show is really done
Chapter 1,472: Sitting and living in vain
Chapter 1,473 Start making money
Chapter 1,474 This place belongs to me
Chapter 1,475 Come one by one
Chapter 1476: Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 1,477 I want a prescription
Chapter 1,478 The Weird Medicine Slave
Chapter 1,479 Cleaning up the mess
Chapter 1480: Die together
Chapter 1,481 Opening the door to welcome guests
Chapter 1,482 Heart of Fear
Chapter 1,483 The winner in the world
Chapter 1484: Vicious Methods
Chapter 1485: Sorting out the church rules
Chapter 1,486 New and old grudges
Chapter 1487: Poison Sect and Medicine Sect
Chapter 1,488: Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 1,489 Quarrel and Fighting
Chapter 1,490 The first clues emerge
Chapter 1,491 A series of fake shows
Chapter 1492 Who was played by whom
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-three chapters are not allowed to hurt her
Chapter 1,494: Seeing Two Souls Again
Chapter 1,495 The separation is imminent
Chapter 1496: Detour Strategy
Chapter 1497 Anjia Trends
Chapter 1,498 Arriving at Beiling
Chapter 1,499 Do you want to die?
Chapter 1,500: Slander and Arson
Chapter 1501 Blackmail
Chapter 1,502 Arrangements are in place
Chapter 1503 Temporary Safety
Chapter 1504 The hero saves the beauty
Chapter 1505: Come to the door
Chapter 1506 I am better than him
Chapter 1,507 Rushing back to the Gong family
Chapter 1508 Seeing the baby
Chapter 1509: The style of painting went off the rails
Chapter 1510 People’s hearts are unstable
Chapter 1511 I can’t help it anymore
Chapter 1,512 Shameless
Chapter 1513: Attracting Talents
Chapter 1514: Building a Library
Chapter 1515 The Saint Makes a Mistake
Chapter 1516: Watery
Chapter 1517 Innocent Victims
Chapter 1518 Someone is jealous
Chapter 1519 It’s all mine
Chapter 1520: Cooking Love Rival
Chapter 1521: Treating Wounds
Chapter 1522 Gathering old officials
Chapter 1523: Disturbing the Scenery
Chapter 1,524 Stubborn Song Di
Chapter 1525: Wrong topic
Chapter 1,526 Secretly Unfavorable
Chapter 1527 The carriage runs wildly
Chapter 1528 New Functions
Chapter 1,529 You have to do it
Chapter 1530: Treatment and Recuperation
Chapter 1531 New Female Mr.
Chapter 1,532 Returning favors
Chapter 1533: Deploy troops and generals
Chapter 1,534 Joint expulsion
Chapter 1535: Mistakes deserve punishment
Chapter 1,536 Greedy
Chapter 1,537 The Dream of a Rich Family Broken
Chapter 1,538 Large Compensation
Chapter 1539: You and me
Chapter 1540 Sweet and fragrant
Chapter 1541 It’s her fault
Chapter 1542 Madam Liang
Chapter 1543: Revisiting old matters
Chapter 1544: Testing Great Ancestor
Chapter 1545: Lie to seize the hospital
Chapter 1546: Let go
Chapter 1547 Beauty Temptation
Chapter 1548 Trust wholeheartedly
Chapter 1549: Make the Best Use of Everything
Chapter 1550 Invitation to Party
Chapter 1551 Instigating Liang Qing
Chapter 1552: Losing moral integrity after drinking
Chapter 1553 Confrontation on the spot
Chapter 1554: Expelled from the House
Chapter 1,555 The farce ends
Chapter 1,556 Farewell to the past
Chapter 1,557 Unbearable
Chapter 1558: Parting the Clouds and Seeing the Moon
Chapter 1559 Something happened to Gong Er
Chapter 1560: Love and Healing
Chapter 1561 The sweetest in the world
Chapter 1562 Aggressive
Chapter 1,563 No proof
Chapter 1,564 Sudden disclosure
Chapter 1565: Taking the opportunity to cause trouble
Chapter 1,566
Chapter 1,567 Coming one after another
Chapter 1568: Forced to come to the door
Chapter 1,569 The plan succeeds
Chapter 1570: An open gun is easy to block
Chapter 1,571 Expressing one’s feelings
Chapter 1572: One Night at Dawn
Chapter 1,573 Deliberately showing off
Chapter 1574 Role Playing
Chapter 1575 Looking for Qingrou
Chapter 1576 He is here too
Chapter 1577 Accidental break-in
Chapter 1,578 Leave it to her
Chapter 1579 Qingrou escapes
Chapter 1580 Escape
Chapter 1581 Exchange Conditions
Chapter 1582 Jiang Yi rebels
Chapter 1583 Checking the Poison
Chapter 1584: Laying the Root of Disaster
Chapter 1585 Cracks appear
Chapter 1586: Conquering People’s Hearts
Chapter 1587 Mu Family Conditions
Chapter 1588: Undercurrent
Chapter 1589 Kick the maid away
Chapter 1590 Self-defeating
Chapter 1,591 A vicious plan
Chapter 1592 Mu Family History
Chapter 1593: First Arrival at the Mu Family
Chapter 1594: Both Visits
Chapter 1595: Fanning the flames
Chapter 1596: Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 1597 Unknown Plant
Chapter 1598 Confrontation in front of people
Chapter 1599: Seizing Food from the Tiger's Mouth
Chapter 1600: Deliberately done
Chapter 1601: Substituting one thing for another
Chapter 1,602 Emergency Situation
Chapter 1,603 System Counterattack
Chapter 1,604 A quarrel broke out
Chapter 1605: After the rain, the sky is clear
Chapter 1606 Hidden Secrets in the Fire
Chapter 1,607: Raising troops to investigate crimes
Chapter 1,608 The situation is reversed
Chapter 1,609 Show off your power
Chapter 1610: True love in times of adversity
Chapter 1611 Becoming Strong
Chapter 1612: Tweaking the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 1,613 Innocents Suffered
Chapter 1,614 The hero saves the beauty
Chapter 1615: Framed
Chapter 1,616 Creditor Collection
Chapter 1617 Dog bites vicious dog
Chapter 1,618 Seeing Relatives
Chapter 1619 Strange Blood
Chapter 1,620 Being chased
Chapter 1621 The thief shouts to catch the thief
Chapter 1622: Rolling around
Chapter 1623: Escape whole body
Chapter 1624: Losing Face
Chapter 1,625 To sleep or not to sleep
Chapter 1,626 Blood Disease
Chapter 1,627: Scandals all over the world
Chapter 1,628 The Rightful Master Comes to the Door
Chapter 1629: Killing the chicken to scare the monkeys
Chapter 1,630 Greed is a sin
Chapter 1631 It is inevitable to win
Chapter 1,632 Future Sister-in-law
Chapter 1,633 Come to the door
Chapter 1634 Seven Moon Lanterns
Chapter 1635 Special posture
Chapter 1,636: Ferrying the Jin Family
Chapter 1,637: Substitution into the Mansion
Chapter 1,638: Consultation by a Miracle Doctor
Chapter 1,639: Detention Test
Chapter 1640: Scheme against each other
Chapter 1641: Kill two birds with one stone
Chapter 1,642 Falling into the pond
Chapter 1,643 Secretly Dissatisfied
Chapter 1,644 Come to Apologize
Chapter 1,645 The illusion of improvement
Chapter 1646: Love but not getting it
Chapter 1,647 Getting closer
Chapter 1,648 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 1,649: Setting up suspicion
Chapter 1,650 The only way
Chapter 1651 The connection begins
Chapter 1,652: Wisdom emerges from desperation
Chapter 1,653 Xiao Yao’s Awakening
Chapter 1,654 A critical moment
Chapter 1655 I'm worried about you
Chapter 1,656 The two leave the house
Chapter 1657: Distancing Enemies
Chapter 1,658 Arrangement of Manpower
Chapter 1,659 The Great Evil Star
Chapter 1660: Setting a Trap
Chapter 1,661 The fake show comes true
Chapter 1662: There is a crossing horse on the road
Chapter 1,663 Arriving in time
Chapter 1,664 Arriving smoothly
Chapter 1665 The thief shouts to catch the thief
Chapter 1,666: Strike first and gain the upper hand
Chapter 1,667: Deception
Chapter 1,668 Welcome back
Chapter 1,669 Anomaly Found
Chapter 1,670 Planting the fuse
Chapter 1,671 Rescue the Maid
Chapter 1,672 Internal strife in the Gong family
Chapter 1,673 Succession Ceremony
Chapter 1674: Opportunism
Chapter 1,675 Are you worthy?
Chapter 1676: Strong Alliance
Chapter 1,677: Severance of grudges
Chapter 1678: Divide Power
Chapter 1,679 Eliminating hidden dangers
Chapter 1,680 The body was found
Chapter 1,681 Pretending to be crazy and acting stupid
Chapter 1,682 Bloody Youth
Chapter 1683: Ulterior Motives
Chapter 1684: Solving the Trouble
Chapter 1685: Scepter Bracelet
Chapter 1,686: Visiting Night Square
Chapter 1,687 Seeking Death
Chapter 1,688 Tell the truth
Chapter 1,689 Good things come in pairs
Chapter 1690 Asking for help
Chapter 1691: Prince Xiao’s Secret Affairs
Chapter 1,692 The Intention of a Drunkard
Chapter 1,693 The so-called princess
Chapter 1,694: Failure to provoke
Chapter 1,695 Visiting Relatives
Chapter 1,696 Assassination in the middle of the night
Chapter 1697: Pre-emptive Strike
Chapter 1698: Hit someone in the face
Chapter 1,699 The situation between North Korea and China
Chapter 1,700 Wishful Thinking
Chapter 1,701 Pretending to be a good person
Chapter 1702: Embarrassed in Public
Chapter 1,703 Reinforcements are seen again
Chapter 1704: Reluctant
Chapter 1,705 Suspected Disappearance
Chapter 1,706 That’s it
Chapter 1,707 Impostor
Chapter 1708: United with the Lian Family
Chapter 1709: Retreating to Advance
Chapter 1,710 Family Reunion
Chapter 1,711 Reborn
Chapter 1,712 The Chosen Place
Chapter 1,713: Coercion and inducement
Chapter 1,714 Unexpected Situation
Chapter 1,715 The Beauty of Light
Chapter 1,716 A strange scene
Chapter 1,717 The Confusion of the Jin Family
Chapter 1,718 The History of Grudges and Grudges
Chapter 1719: Friendship Banquet
Chapter 1720: Show your feelings
Chapter 1,721 The beginning of the banquet
Chapter 1,722 The Protagonist of the Banquet
Chapter 1,723 The mysterious figure
Chapter 1,724 The only one in my heart
Chapter 1725: Malicious intentions
Chapter 1726: Give up first if you want to gain
Chapter 1,727 Encountering a Stranger
Chapter 1,728 A Little Test
Chapter 1,729 Shameless Delusions
Chapter 1730: Suspicion arises in heart
Chapter 1731: Fishing with a Line
Chapter 1,732 Designing an Escape
Chapter 1,733 There is a mine at home
Chapter 1,734 Forging Weapons
Chapter 1,735 Similar People
Chapter 1,736 The Intention of a Drunkard
Chapter 1,737 Night Tour of the Academy
Chapter 1,738 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 1,739 He wants her
Chapter 1,740 Extraordinary Means
Chapter 1,741 Sita College
Chapter 1,742 Speculating the direction
Chapter 1,743 A strange banquet
Chapter 1744: Collective Hypnosis
Chapter 1,745 The Poisonous White Scorpion
Chapter 1746 Strange little beast
Chapter 1747 is forcibly sucked
The first thousand seven hundred and forty-eight chapters rescued everyone
Chapter 1,749 Changing Master
Chapter 1,750 Cats Fight
Chapter 1,751 Blue Poisonous Scorpion
Chapter 1,752 A Blessing in Disguise
Chapter 1,753 Ambush in Secret
Chapter 1,754: Sneaking into the Corpse Puppet
Chapter 1,755 Losing Control
Chapter 1,756 There is a beast behind
Chapter 1,757 Want to kill her
Chapter 1758: Just what you want
Chapter 1,759 Fighting for the Nest
Chapter 1,760 Escape from the tiger's mouth
Chapter 1761: Zha Hu recognizes his master
Chapter 1,762 Bravely Breaking into the Herd of Beasts
Chapter 1,763 The Return of the King
Chapter 1764: Settling the Herd
Chapter 1,765: The aftermath
Chapter 1,766 Nightmare Coincidence
Chapter 1,767 Business Plan
Chapter 1,768 Her Ambition
Chapter 1,769 A surprise meeting with an old friend
Chapter 1,770 I love you so much that I become crazy about you
Chapter 1,771 The sea and the sky are vast
Chapter 1,772 Searching for clues
Chapter 1,773: Repaying Kindness with Revenge
Chapter 1,774 Nothing more than that
Chapter 1,775: Silencing Failed
Chapter 1776: Walk away
Chapter 1,777 People’s hearts are changeable
Chapter 1,778 Partners
Chapter 1,779 Seeking Cooperation
Chapter 1,780 Initial Intention
Chapter 1,781 Charge some interest
Chapter 1,782 The Domineering Concubine
Chapter 1,783 Believe it to be true
Chapter 1,784 Rogue Means
Chapter 1785: Angry from Humiliation
Chapter 1,786 True and False
Chapter 1787 She is jealous
Chapter 1,788 A Marriage
Chapter 1789: Holding the trump card
Chapter 1,790 Being targeted
Chapter 1,791 Fire Snake Gang
Chapter 1,792 Old grudges
Chapter 1,793 There is still a hidden secret
Chapter 1,794 Acting Alone
Chapter 1,795 Acting in the street
Chapter 1,796 Bringing Back Past Events
Chapter 1,797 Pain Endurance
Chapter 1,798 A Farce
Chapter 1799: Coming to make trouble
Chapter 1800 Nonsense
Chapter 1801 Fan Girl Mode
Chapter 1802 Uncle Zheng Family
Chapter 1803: Wolf Heart and Dog Lung
Chapter 1804 Killing each other
Chapter 1805: Battle among peers
Chapter 1806: Famous Doctors Are Fraudulent
Chapter 1807 Fuzzy Clues
Chapter 1808: Shameless
Chapter 1809: Suppressing Family Love
Chapter 1810 Famous Doctors Are Neighbors
Chapter 1811 Catalytic properties
Chapter 1812: The gun went off
Chapter 1813 Hints and Clues
Chapter 1814 Someone invites you
Chapter 1815: Both soft and hard tactics
Chapter 1816 Blood-stained Jade Buddha
Chapter 1817 The Zheng Family Storm
Chapter 1818 Someone has been here
Chapter 1819 The Holy Medicine is Lost
Chapter 1820: Already had a backup plan
Chapter 1821 Search for stolen goods
Chapter 1822: Failed to Steal the Chicken
Chapter 1823 Heading to Zhao’s House
Chapter 1824 Crazy Fans
Chapter 1825 Shameless
Chapter 1826 Crazy Zhao Han
Chapter 1827: Arson and Stealing Treasures
Chapter 1828: Brutal Interrogation of Xu Liang
Chapter 1829: Narrowly arrived
Chapter 1830: Revenge
Chapter 1831: Tragic
Chapter 1832: Old and New Enmities
Chapter 1833 Dealing with the Evil Thief
Chapter 1834 Actions from all parties
Chapter 1835 The second room of the Xu family
Chapter 1836: Collect some interest
Chapter 1837 Please enter the urn
Chapter 1838: Root out the traitor
Chapter 1839 Mother Instinct
Chapter 1840 Return to the Zheng Family
Chapter 1841 Confusing Right and Wrong
Chapter 1842: Evil will be punished
Chapter 1843 Public Opinion Deteriorates
Chapter 1844: Killing and stealing goods
Chapter 1845: C is born
Chapter 1846: Random couplets
Chapter 1847: Encounter in a foreign country
Chapter 1848: A woman has someone to rely on
Chapter 1849 Return of the original object
Chapter 1850: Thief in the middle of the night
Chapter 1851: Falling out and being ruthless
Chapter 1852: Sex Change with One Knife
Chapter 1853: Another broken product
Chapter 1854: Abandoning the Car to Save the Commander
Chapter 1855 Family Conference
Chapter 1856 Lucky Cloud Lotus
Chapter 1857 Forming a Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1858 Jiang De confesses
Chapter 1859 It’s terrifying to think about it carefully
Chapter 1860 The arrival of the second wife
Chapter 1861 It’s hard to choose
Chapter 1862 The chicks leave the nest
Chapter 1863: Overt praise and covert criticism
Chapter 1864 Malicious smear
Chapter 1865: Gathering a crowd to make trouble
Chapter 1866: Getting sick again
Chapter 1867 Apology
Chapter 1868 Bai Family Invitation
Chapter 1869: Self-motivated
Chapter 1870 The whole story
Chapter 1871 A small punishment but a big commandment
Chapter 1872 Impostor
Chapter 1873: Favoring one and favoring another
Chapter 1874: The First Disciple Surnamed Xun
Chapter 1875 The thief shouts to catch the thief
Chapter 1876: Old Events in Xunyang
Chapter 1877 Deliberately irritating people
Chapter 1878 Spying in the middle of the night
Chapter 1879: Diversion of sight
Chapter 1880: Different from the past
Chapter 1881 Old friends turn against each other
Chapter 1882: Stick to the Bottom Line
Chapter 1883: Involved
Chapter 1884 Crisis
Chapter 1885: Treating Patients
Chapter 1886: Ungrateful
Chapter 1887: Retire after success
Chapter 1888: Entering the Bai family again
Chapter 1889: Taking the initiative
Chapter 1890: Tacit understanding of rules
Chapter 1891 Trouble is coming
Chapter 1892: Treat the sick
Chapter 1893: Forced to get married due to illness
Chapter 1894: Wedding ceremony
Chapter 1895: Direct Line Identity
Chapter 1896 The Bai family admits defeat
Chapter 1897 Reshuffle the cards
Chapter 1898: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 1899 Huge Compensation
Chapter 1900 A great victory
Chapter 1901: Lust the cat to relieve stress
Chapter 1902 Sacrifice Anjia
Chapter 1903: Finding Helpers
Chapter 1904 Bai Family Request
Chapter 1905: Pulling out the roots
Chapter 1906: Dig your own grave
Chapter 1907 Naive and Stupid
Chapter 1908 Order someone to inquire
Chapter 1909 Additional Conditions
Chapter 1910 Revealing the truth
Chapter 1911: Exposing lies
Chapter 1912 The Current Situation of the Family
Chapter 1913 Opportunity is at hand
Chapter 1914: Old Events
Chapter 1915 Goodbye Jun'er
Chapter 1916 Obsession
Chapter 1917 Something is fishy
Chapter 1918 The Bai Family’s Black Hand
Chapter 1919 Suspicious candidates
Chapter 1920 Please enter the urn
Chapter 1921 Someone is in a hurry
Chapter 1922 It’s not an accident
Chapter 1923 Doubt the truth
Chapter 1924: Illusion and Truth
Chapter 1925 Re-examination of old cases
Chapter 1926 The Bai family’s revenge
Chapter 1927: Threat and Suspicion
Chapter 1928 Love and Support
Chapter 1929: Sue Xunyang
Chapter 1930: Gold and Silver Offensive
Chapter 1931 Confrontation
Chapter 1932: Being identified
Chapter 1933 Who is the oriole?
Chapter 1934 Already prepared
Chapter 1935: Ungrateful
Chapter 1936 Brother and sister meet again
Chapter 1937: Blood Relatives
Chapter 1938 New Identity
Chapter 1939: Already planned
Chapter 1940 Unfinished Words
Chapter 1941 Provocation in court
Chapter 1942 The same trick
Chapter 1943 Leaving the Bai Family
Chapter 1944: Unexpected disaster
Chapter 1945 Everyone has casualties
Chapter 1946: Turning Defeat into Victory
Chapter 1947: Keep the Child
Chapter 1948 Inexplicable
Chapter 1949 Physician Ban
Chapter 1950: Disaster to Chiyu
Chapter 1951 Returning to the Gong Family
Chapter 1952 The medicine field was destroyed
Chapter 1953 The Wrath of the Poison Doctor
Chapter 1954: Pretty Girl
Chapter 1955: Rescued
Chapter 1956: Unconscious
Chapter 1957 Wenjing comes to visit
Chapter 1958 Conquering Wenjing
Chapter 1959: Medical Poison Sect
Chapter 1960 Poison Pill Appears
Chapter 1961 Blood Poison Mutation
Chapter 1962 Brainwashing Fails
Chapter 1963 Special Teaching Aids
Chapter 1964 The body was found
Chapter 1965 Hidden Academy
Chapter 1966 The despicable truth
Chapter 1967 Who is responsible?
Chapter 1968: Rumors of Refining Medicine
Chapter 1969 Rushing to the Village
Chapter 1970: Drug Disaster in a Small Town
Chapter 1971: Framed Notoriety
Chapter 1972: Punishment Alone
Chapter 1973 Jin Pan Shuangshu
Chapter 1974: People are uneasy
Chapter 1975 Little Enemies
Chapter 1976: Conflict of Powers
Chapter 1977: Familiar with Stitches
Chapter 1978 Stunning Beauty
Chapter 1979 Tit for tat
Chapter 1980 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 1981: Life and Death
Chapter 1982: Accessing the Mansion
Chapter 1983: Protecting Your Men
Chapter 1984 Women are proud
Chapter 1985: A fishy fish
Chapter 1986 Only each other
Chapter 1987: Nasty
Chapter 1988 The Feng Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 1989 Pretending to be pitiful
Chapter 1990: Little reunion
Chapter 1991 Seducing the Truth
Chapter 1992 Conflict breaks out
Chapter 1993 The charm is lost
Chapter 1994 Changing the Crown Prince
Chapter 1995 This palace is here
Chapter 1996: Living by the side
Chapter 1997: Meeting under the moon
Chapter 1998: Crying in the middle of the night
Chapter 1999 The Feng family bids farewell
Chapter 2000 The theater troupe silenced
Chapter 2001 Deliberate provocation
Chapter 2002: Bad intentions
Chapter 2003: Crushed by Backers
Chapter 2004 Fatal Pursuit
Chapter 2005 Weirdness
Chapter 2006: Murder and Silence
Chapter 2007 The hero saves the beauty
Chapter 2008 Love is stronger than gold
Chapter 2009 The tragedy repeats itself
Chapter 2010 The slightest suspicion
Chapter 2011: People are panicked
Chapter 2012 Who played who?
Chapter 2013 Gong Bin was dumped
Chapter 2014 The Jin family’s plan
Chapter 2015 Capricious
Chapter 2016: Stalking
Chapter 2017: The Maniac Showing Off His Wealth
Chapter 2018 The whereabouts of my father
Chapter 2019 Jealousy
Chapter 2020 She has to do it
Chapter 2021 Love is crazy
Chapter 2022: Visiting the College
Chapter 2023: Like a play or a dream
Chapter 2024 New Year Preparations
Chapter 2025 Deliberately Provoked
Chapter 2026 The Secret of Immortality
Chapter 2027 Double Tragedy
Chapter 2028 Strange People
Chapter 2029: The Great Witch of the Witch Clan
Chapter 2030: Heavy Piety
Chapter 2031: Ancestors are angry
Chapter 2032 Identity Verification
Chapter 2033: Family Pattern of the Family Patriarch
Chapter 2034 One Half
Chapter 2035 Already prepared
Chapter 2036 The pain is unbearable
Chapter 2037 Death Hypnosis
Chapter 2038 Final Goal
Chapter 2039: Sacrifice to Ancestors
Chapter 2040: Cat-loving Nature
Chapter 2041 Strategies to lure the enemy
Chapter 2042 The Mystery of the Mountain God
Chapter 2043 Gong Tu attacks
Chapter 2044: Poisonous Vine
Chapter 2045 Black Cat Worships the Lord
Chapter 2046 Mother and Daughter Meet
Chapter 2047: Follow the clues
Chapter 2048 Ambiguous Feelings
Chapter 2049 About Children
Chapter 2050: Being a mother makes you strong
Chapter 2051 Parent-child time
Chapter 2052 Special Investigation
Chapter 2053 Another year
Chapter 2054: No hospitality
Chapter 2055: Staying up late at the end of the year
Chapter 2056 New Year Red Envelope
Chapter 2057 Provoking public outrage
Chapter 2058 Bufang Conspiracy
Chapter 2059: Inside Story of the Poison Sect
Chapter 2060: The Battle between the Two Sects
Chapter 2061: Guarding Secrets
Chapter 2062: The Poison Sect’s Disciples
Chapter 2063: Changes in the Poison Sect
Chapter 2064 Meeting a fellow disciple on the road
Chapter 2065 Star-Chasing Youth
Chapter 2066: It’s hard to escape after entering the game
Chapter 2067 Threats and Intimidation
Chapter 2068: Night exploration of Liuhe River
Chapter 2069: Refining Human Gu
Chapter 2070: Solving internal strife
Chapter 2071: Exploring the Poison Cave
Chapter 2072 Huge Cocoon
Chapter 2073 The crisis is coming
Chapter 2074 Accidents happen frequently
Chapter 2075 Disappeared
Chapter 2076: Discovering the Trap Formation
Chapter 2077 Breaking through the formation
Chapter 2078 Reflection in Water
Chapter 2079 Amazing Discovery
Chapter 2080 Goddess Believers
Chapter 2081 Low Temperature Charcoal
Chapter 2082 Revealing Flaws
Chapter 2083: Extraordinary Mink
Chapter 2084: What do you want?
Chapter 2085 Twenty years ago
Chapter 2086 Mysterious Murder
Chapter 2087 The strange dream is coming
Chapter 2088 The real murderer
Chapter 2089 Noisy
Chapter 2090 Wu Chao commits suicide
Chapter 2091 Seriously injured and comatose
Chapter 2092 Slice Research
Chapter 2093: Seeing Dream Kill Again
Chapter 2094: Who plots who?
Chapter 2095 The Water Ghost Attacks
Chapter 2096 The Final Attack
Chapter 2097 The Clippers leave
Chapter 2098: The art of confusing the mind
Chapter 2099 The first gift
Chapter 2100 The gunpowder is getting thicker
Chapter 2101 Medical Elder
Chapter 2102 The Second Gift
Chapter 2103: Recognizing scents and identifying people
Chapter 2104 Surprise
Chapter 2105 Acting Sect Leader
Chapter 2106 Shameless Doctor
Chapter 2107 Visiting Baili’s House
Chapter 2108 Searching to no avail
Chapter 2109 The Temptation of Ambition
Chapter 2110 Bronze Ball Message
Chapter 2111 Pretending to find relatives
Chapter 2112 The battle between the sect leaders
Chapter 2113 Lure the enemy deeper
Chapter 2114: Fighting with the Same Sect
Chapter 2115 A new beginning
Chapter 2116 A match made in heaven
Chapter 2117 Whisper in the ear
Chapter 2118 Entering Yanxia Mountain
Chapter 2119 Chasing the Beast
Chapter 2120 Tiger Roaring in the Forest
Chapter 2121 Current status of the camp
Chapter 2122: Configuring Poison
Chapter 2123 The mysterious sinkhole
Chapter 2124: Descending the Mountain Safely
Chapter 2125 The competition begins
Chapter 2126 A two-pronged approach
Chapter 2127 Pure and adorable
Chapter 2128 Old Events
Chapter 2129: Killing and Prestige
Chapter 2130: Regaining the Situation
Chapter 2131: Infighting within the same sect
Chapter 2132 The Horror of the Tiankeng
Chapter 2133: Discard the bait
Chapter 2134 An unexpected enemy arrives
Chapter 2135 The Secret of the Little Beast
Chapter 2136: Cheating Couple
Chapter 2137 Deliberate Cultivation
Chapter 2138 Sneaking into the Tiankeng
Chapter 2139 Tiankeng Poison
Chapter 2140 What do you want?
Chapter 2141: Heavy Plans
Chapter 2142 The competition is not over yet
Chapter 2143 Measurement Data
Chapter 2144: The Viper that bites the child
Chapter 2145 The Secret of the Tiankeng
Chapter 2146 Teammates are like dogs
Chapter 2147 Taking advantage of each other
Chapter 2148 Fatal Jealousy
Chapter 2149 Death Threat
Chapter 2150: reap the consequences
Chapter 2151 Wishful thinking
Chapter 2152: Escape in defeat
Chapter 2153 Late Night Raid
Chapter 2154 The Rong family was captured
Chapter 2155 The Rong family was cheated
Chapter 2156 Return to Yaocheng
Chapter 2157 It’s all a calculation
Chapter 2158: Killing with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 2159 Those who wish take the bait
Chapter 2160 The Smartest
Chapter 2161: Both defeated
Chapter 2162: Getting carried away
Chapter 2163 The last scene
Chapter 2164 The conspiracy exposed
Chapter 2165 Man-made disaster is coming
Chapter 2166 Conspiracy is like fire
Chapter 2167 The truth comes to light
Chapter 2168 Return safely
Chapter 2169 The Origin of Poison
Chapter 2170: Powerful Crush
Chapter 2171 Father and daughter get together
Chapter 2172: Join forces to prepare
Chapter 2173 Dealing with the Trouble
Chapter 2174: A famous teacher
Chapter 2175 The Daily Life of the Gong Family
Chapter 2176 Unbelievable
Chapter 2177 Official Departure
Chapter 2178 New conspiracy
Chapter 2179 Gong Kang was tricked
Chapter 2180 Ice Cellar and Black Coffin
Chapter 2181 Repairing Gong Kang
Chapter 2182 Similar faces but different minds
Chapter 2183 Frost Flower Gets Sick
Chapter 2184 Real Fragrance Warning
Chapter 2185 Rescue the Ice Tribe
Chapter 2186 Force Trends
Chapter 2187 A profound lesson
Chapter 2188 Secret Experiment
Chapter 2189: Containing Each Other
Chapter 2190: Good deeds and evil deeds are rewarded
Chapter 2191 Everyone has their own strengths
Chapter 2192 The person left without a trace
Chapter 2193 New Regulations of the Holy City
Chapter 2194 Taking in the Li Family
Chapter 2195: Murder case
Chapter 2196 Both swear an oath
Chapter 2197 Someone visits the prison
Chapter 2198 Three Powers
Chapter 2199 Trapped in the guest house
Chapter 2200 Another one dies
Chapter 2201 Suspect
Chapter 2202 Shifting focus
Chapter 2203 The truth about the murder
Chapter 2204 God’s Grace
Chapter 2205: Gathering Crowds for Precaution
Chapter 2206 The Strongest Plug-in
Chapter 2207 Innocent Implications
Chapter 2208 Extremely Arrogant
Chapter 2209 Destruction of the Plan
Chapter 2210 Frequent tricks
Chapter 2211 Bird's Beak Escapes
Chapter 2212 The Holy Witch Clan
Chapter 2213 A clever plan
Chapter 2214 There is a mark in the eyes
Chapter 2215 Lure the enemy deeper
Chapter 2216 Who is the winner?
Chapter 2217 Arriving at the Temple
Chapter 2218 The Cold Man
Chapter 2219 Caught off guard
Chapter 2220 Eye Control
Chapter 2221: Seize the opportunity
Chapter 2222 Myth Mural
Chapter 2223 Horrible Conjecture
Chapter 2224 Meeting the Palace Master
Chapter 2225 Convincing the Palace Master
Chapter 2226 Don’t be mean-mouthed
Chapter 2227 Small Punishment and Big Commandment
Chapter 2228 Looking for Brothers
Chapter 2229 Reverse Hypnosis
Chapter 2230 Sweet Punishment
Chapter 2231 Everything is ready
Chapter 2232 Start taking action
Chapter 2233 Emergency Situation
Chapter 2234 Succession Ceremony
Chapter 2235 The battle between the palace masters
Chapter 2236 The Death of the Deputy Palace Master
Chapter 2237 Escape into the Temple
Chapter 2238 Mysterious Female Voice
Chapter 2239 Miss Jun Family
Chapter 2240 Someone set up a trap
Chapter 2241 The Jun family slanders
Chapter 2242 Eliminating Rebellion
Chapter 2243: Old Engagement
Chapter 2244 The Jun family’s plan
Chapter 2245 Overestimating one’s own capabilities
Chapter 2246 Jun Family Traitor
Chapter 2247 Reaching Cooperation
Chapter 2248 Supporting Succession
Chapter 2249 Mysterious White Clothes
Chapter 2250 Formal Proposal
Chapter 2251 Preparation for the wedding
Chapter 2252 Threat before marriage
Chapter 2253: Turning the Danger to Safety
Chapter 2254 Real Man
Chapter 2255: Glory with Him
Chapter 2256 Exiting the Temple
Chapter 2257 Temple Debt Collection
Chapter 2258: Chaos
Chapter 2259 Temple Chronicles
Chapter 2260 Confrontation between the Queens
Chapter 2261 The Emperor’s Ambition
Chapter 2262 Huge Shadow
Chapter 2263 Absolutely impossible
Chapter 2264: Hard work and hard work
Chapter 2265 The Peak of Bagua
Chapter 2266 Brothers Acting
Chapter 2267 The Death of the Empress
Chapter 2268 Investigating the Empress
Chapter 2269 Future Vision
Chapter 2270 The Li family forms an alliance
Chapter 2271 Unbelievable
Chapter 2272 The Suspect Appears
Chapter 2273 The Meaning of the Temple
Chapter 2274 Catch the murderer
Chapter 2275: An ulterior motive
Chapter 2276 Continue the investigation
Chapter 2277 Locked Again
Chapter 2278 Liang Jing’s sneak attack
Chapter 2279 Coming one after another
Chapter 2280: Ulterior Motives
Chapter 2281 Condolences to the Queen
Chapter 2282 Feeling sick and weak
Chapter 2283 The evil dog lying on the bed
Chapter 2284: Eradicating the roots with a ruthless hand
Chapter 2285 Temple Rules
Chapter 2286 Ancient Secrets
Chapter 2287 Groundless accusations
Chapter 2288 Preconceptions
Chapter 2289 A small quarrel
Chapter 2290 The Mysterious Guardian
Chapter 2291 The only love
Chapter 2292 The Wu family is tempted
Chapter 2293 Unintentional Suspicion
Chapter 2294 Who plots who?
Chapter 2295: Compromise
Chapter 2296 Serial Scam
Chapter 2297 The Judgment Elder
Chapter 2298 Elder’s Question
Chapter 2299 There has been cause and effect for a long time
Chapter 2300 Design to lure the enemy
Chapter 2301 The terrain is exquisite
Chapter 2302: Suspicious Fog in the Forest
Chapter 2303 Clever Mouse
Chapter 2304 There are mountains beyond the mountains
Chapter 2305 Provocation fails
Chapter 2306: Show of Goodwill
Chapter 2307 The conspiracy behind the scenes
Chapter 2308: Hypocrisy
Chapter 2309: Kidnapping Gu Pan
Chapter 2310 Preparation before the war
Chapter 2311 A visitor from the Li family
Chapter 2312 Moody
Chapter 2313 The Celestial Clan
Chapter 2314 Visitors from Heaven
Chapter 2315: Concealing the truth
Chapter 2316 Not interested
Chapter 2317 Father and son hate each other
Chapter 2318: Relics of the Queen
Chapter 2319 Rejection of the Marriage Letter
Chapter 2320: The owner’s relics
Chapter 2321 The mysterious visitor
Chapter 2322: Le Gu escapes from the world
Chapter 2323: Illusion before the Formation
Chapter 2324: Breaking Formation Music Score
Chapter 2325 Gu Pan steals medicine
Chapter 2326: Defeat the Enemy Army
Chapter 2327 Good news one after another
Chapter 2328 Enemy Movements
Chapter 2329: Good Wine and Good Wine
Chapter 2330 The old man died in vain
Chapter 2331 Killing and grabbing wine
Chapter 2332 Two Lovesicknesses
Chapter 2333 Seeing the Phantom Gu Again
Chapter 2334 The routine is deep
Chapter 2335 Shocking Sound
Chapter 2336 Her Persistence
Chapter 2337 He is not dead yet
Chapter 2338 Looking for clues
Chapter 2339 Disturbing the mood
Chapter 2340 Lord of the World
Chapter 2341 Tracking Qinghan
Chapter 2342 Gu Pan sends a message
Chapter 2343: Attracting Enemies
Chapter 2344 Training the Enemy in a Small Town
Chapter 2345 The real top management
Chapter 2346 Testing Qinghan
Chapter 2347 Tracking the Fugitive
Chapter 2348 Who is the most cunning?
Chapter 2349 Something is fishy
Chapter 2350: Daddy Scumbag’s Raid
Chapter 2351: Doubting Father’s Fate
Chapter 2352 Run away again
Chapter 2353 Greed is a disaster
Chapter 2354 Soldiers descend from the sky
Chapter 2355 Only you know
Chapter 2356: First acquaintance with the inner palace
Chapter 2357: Get rid of Yinglong
Chapter 2358 Cooperation Consensus
Chapter 2359 Giving Benefits
Chapter 2360: Strong Friendship
Chapter 2361 Secret Negotiation
Chapter 2362 The Eve of the Banquet
Chapter 2363 Shared with you
Chapter 2364 Someone is disrupting the situation
Chapter 2365 Chaos and confusion
Chapter 2366: Die together
Chapter 2367 Phantom Gu Kagura
Chapter 2368 Spreading Divine Joy
Chapter 2369 The True Face of Divine Works
Chapter 2370 New Challenges
Chapter 2371 The Secret of the Condor
Chapter 2372: Want to poach someone
Chapter 2373 Shameless and shameless
Chapter 2374 Deliberately Provoked
Chapter 2375: Tracing the Roots
Chapter 2376 Disputes among the Four Houses
Chapter 2377 Six Forces
Chapter 2378 Correcting the Key Points
Chapter 2379 Looking for clues
Chapter 2380 Attempt to frame
Chapter 2381 Leaving the Inner Temple
Chapter 2382 The Li family is imprisoned
Chapter 2383 Le Gu’s way out
Chapter 2384 Recruiting a new younger brother
Chapter 2385 Couple’s Daily Life
Chapter 2386 Infiltration Plan
Chapter 2387: Sad and happy
Chapter 2388 Destined to be alone
Chapter 2389 The Gong Family is Prosperous
Chapter 2390: Kidnapping Students
Chapter 2391 Forced to Action
Chapter 2392 Accidental kidnapping
Chapter 2393 The critical situation
Chapter 2394 The Blond Man
Chapter 2395 Gong Er rescues people
Chapter 2396 Love Is Unreasonable
Chapter 2397 You will taste the consequences yourself
Chapter 2398: Situation at Home
Chapter 2399: Stifling Criticism
Chapter 2400 No one is allowed
Chapter 2401 Pheasant Covenant
Chapter 2402 Worshiping Mother
Chapter 2403 Someone broke into the tomb
Chapter 2404 Guarding the Tomb
Chapter 2405 Finally got married
Chapter 2406 Taking the opportunity to cause chaos
Chapter 2407 Behind the Wedding Banquet
Chapter 2408 Going to the Ancient Clan
Chapter 2409 The Song family recognizes relatives
Chapter 2410: Continuous Tests
Chapter 2411 True and False
Chapter 2412: Acting together
Chapter 2413 Yushan Temple
Chapter 2414: Cure the Scoundrels
Chapter 2415: Don’t know how to restrain yourself
Chapter 2416 Bandits are coming
Chapter 2417 Heading to the cottage
Chapter 2418 Everyone is crazy
Chapter 2419: Shared Hatred and Enemy
Chapter 2420: Go on their own
Chapter 2421 It’s all a misunderstanding
Chapter 2422: Shattering the Dream
Chapter 2423: Ulterior motives
Chapter 2424 Change of Mind
Chapter 2425: Sneak Attack from the Back Mountain
Chapter 2426 There are still plans
Chapter 2427: Taking advantage of the chaos
Chapter 2428: Find out and go down the mountain
Chapter 2429: Female Bandit Forced Marriage
Chapter 2430: Making suggestions
Chapter 2431 Jealousy
Chapter 2432 The groom runs away
Chapter 2433 Hongmen Feast
Chapter 2434 The same purpose
Chapter 2435 The oriole is behind
Chapter 2436 Love rivals meet
Chapter 2437: Coercion and inducement
Chapter 2438 Regrets of Life and Death
Chapter 2439 Recognizing the Jade Pendant
Chapter 2440 Thoughtful Thoughts
Chapter 2441 Mysterious Transaction
Chapter 2442: Thousands of pieces of gold are in trouble
Chapter 2443 A lot of trouble
Chapter 2444 Seeking Cooperation
Chapter 2445 Cooperation reached
Chapter 2446 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 2447 Join forces to save people
Chapter 2448: Going up Yashan Mountain
Chapter 2449: Threat of Chaos
Chapter 2450 Cruel System
Chapter 2451: Make a decision and then act
Chapter 2452 Trouble is coming
Chapter 2453: Treat evil with evil
Chapter 2454 A small punishment
Chapter 2455 Entering the maze
Chapter 2456 Mixed into iron ore
Chapter 2457 Doubt and Temptation
Chapter 2458 Inspiring everyone
Chapter 2459 The public is furious
Chapter 2460 Traitor Betrayal
Chapter 2461 Taking risks
Chapter 2462 Ruining Ambition
Chapter 2463 Join forces to deceive
Chapter 2464 Xie Han’s movements
Chapter 2465: Heartbroken
Chapter 2466 Departure in a hurry
Chapter 2467 Entering the Li family
Chapter 2468 Being Surveilled
Chapter 2469: Dealing with Beauty
Chapter 2470 Crazy
Chapter 2471 The whole family is in danger
Chapter 2472 Self-righteous
Chapter 2473: Wanting the child back
Chapter 2474: Imprisonment in the Ancestral Hall
Chapter 2475: Planning to build a new house
Chapter 2476 Little Invention
Chapter 2477: Seduction failed
Chapter 2478 Second Plan
Chapter 2479 Special Method
Chapter 2480 A bold guess
Chapter 2481 Night visit
Chapter 2482 Uncle Cai
Chapter 2483 Empathy
Chapter 2484: Playing and pretending to be true
Chapter 2485 Suddenly
Chapter 2486 Forced to take action
Chapter 2487 The Fall of the Ancestral Hall
Chapter 2488: Exploring the Bottom of the Pit
Chapter 2489 Danger in Potholes
Chapter 2490 A shocking coincidence
Chapter 2491: A sudden turn of events
Chapter 2492 Mysterious Existence
Chapter 2493: Using her name
Chapter 2494 Summoning the Jade Dolphin
Chapter 2495 The Jade Dolphin Chases the Murderer
Chapter 2496 Divine Weapons from Heaven
Chapter 2497 The most painful thing in the world
Chapter 2498: Lots of Conspiracies
Chapter 2499 A bold guess
Chapter 2500: Cause of Binu’s Death
Chapter 2501: Small Tunnel
Chapter 2502 Arrangement of the Li Family
Chapter 2503: Just fight.
Chapter 2504: Cut off her escape route
Chapter 2505 Misunderstanding of Purpose
Chapter 2506 Gan family’s request
Chapter 2507 Heading to Gan’s Family
Chapter 2508: Being framed
Chapter 2509: Reluctance to Give in to Each Other
Chapter 2510 Gan Er threatens
Chapter 2511 Funny forced marriage
Chapter 2512: Love for Daughter
Chapter 2513: The wet nurse is cruel
Chapter 2514: Detecting the conspiracy
Chapter 2515: Something strange in the middle of the night
Chapter 2516 The Secret of the Forbidden Land
Chapter 2517: The number one cheater
Chapter 2518 The Dispute between Ergan
Chapter 2519 The rain is fierce
Chapter 2520 Delaying the onset of poison
Chapter 2521 The owner’s plan
Chapter 2522 Brothers turn against each other
Chapter 2523: Past destiny
Chapter 2524: Obsession Becomes a Demon
Chapter 2525: Stick to your heart
Chapter 2526 A brief reunion
Chapter 2527 New Discovery
Chapter 2528 Visitors from God’s Domain
Chapter 2529 Visitors leave
Chapter 2530: Hidden Crisis
Chapter 2531 Wedding invitation
Chapter 2532 The Gan family pleads
Chapter 2533 Self-recommended pillow mat
Chapter 2534: Someone crashed the scene
Chapter 2535 The Fourth Old Master
Chapter 2536 True Life Experience
Chapter 2537 Gathering People’s Hearts
Chapter 2538 God-given business opportunity
Chapter 2539 Returning with a Full Load
Chapter 2540: Another crisis
Chapter 2541 Arrival at Sheng’s House
Chapter 2542 The appearance is familiar
Chapter 2543: Inexplicable Arrogance
Chapter 2544 Killer Attack
Chapter 2545: Happy
Chapter 2546 Shocking Information
Chapter 2547: Vicious and Shameless
Chapter 2548: Bullying others with power
Chapter 2549: Taking advantage of the topic
Chapter 2250 The relationship is complicated
Chapter 2551: Old grudges in the back house
Chapter 2552 The storm is rising
Chapter 2553: Shocking changes in the Sheng family
Chapter 2554 Source of aroma
Chapter 2555 Escape from the Sheng Family
Chapter 2556: Separate ways
Chapter 2557: Infatuated and Ruthless
Chapter 2558 Two Parties Action
Chapter 2559 A gift from heaven
Chapter 2560: Different Bloodline
Chapter 2561 Crazy Love
Chapter 2562 The vines disappear
Chapter 2563: Good intentions are rewarded with evil consequences
Chapter 2564 Parasitic Characteristics
Chapter 2565: Ghost Vine Blooms
Chapter 2566: Fighting for Ghost Vine
Chapter 2567 Ruins Exploration
Chapter 2568: Different Thoughts
Chapter 2569 Malicious temptation
Chapter 2570 The Zhao family is looking for trouble
Chapter 2571 Teasing the Zhao Family
Chapter 2572: Confronting the Divinator
Chapter 2573: Chaos abounds
Chapter 2574 Fatal Ambush
Chapter 2575 Two groups of people
Chapter 2576 Blind Woman’s Request
Chapter 2577 Fire falls from the sky
Chapter 2578 The blind woman delivers medicine
Chapter 2579 The bitterness of fortune-telling
Chapter 2580 The wounded get better
Chapter 2581 Love and Hurt
Chapter 2582 Wonderful Thoughts
Chapter 2583: Harsh words hurt others
Chapter 2584 The new drug has miraculous effects
Chapter 2585: Little Expectations
Chapter 2586 Excessive stimulation
Chapter 2587 Difficult Reunion
Chapter 2588 Fang Huo Yiyun
Chapter 2589 Under heavy pressure
Chapter 2590 Huo Zhai Murderer
Chapter 2591: Waste of effort
Chapter 2592 The nightmare is coming
Chapter 2593 Mental Treatment
Chapter 2594: Counterattack with one move
Chapter 2595 Fang Family Trends
Chapter 2596 Unexpected News
Chapter 2597 Young Master of the Zhao Family
Chapter 2598: Teach him how to behave
Chapter 2599 City-wide arrest
Chapter 2600 A profound lesson
Chapter 2601: Bad consequences
Chapter 2602 The cold-blooded Fang family
Chapter 2603 Fang Rao’s request
Chapter 2604 The master comes in
Chapter 2605 Accidental Injury
Chapter 2606 Serial Scam
Chapter 2607: Superior Skills
Chapter 2608 Alternative Liberation
Chapter 2609 Huo Xiao figured it out
Chapter 2610 Divine Weapons from Heaven
Chapter 2611 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 2612 Fang Gui makes trouble
Chapter 2613 Erasure of Personality
Chapter 2614 Temporary patience
Chapter 2615 Never give up
Chapter 2611: Pressure from Elders
Chapter 2617 Image Collapse
Chapter 2618 Such a father-in-law
Chapter 2619 Mo Yan becomes ill
Chapter 2620 Huo Jiayunsi
Chapter 2621 Active Provocation
Chapter 2622 Fang Gui’s evil deeds
Chapter 2623: Threatening to Silence
Chapter 2624: Elder interception
Chapter 2625: Persuading Love
Chapter 2626: False Loyalty
Chapter 2627: Frequent poisonous schemes
Chapter 2628: Conspiracy backfires
Chapter 2629: White Lotus Clad in Skin
Chapter 2630 Birthday Gift
Chapter 2631 Encountering an accident
Chapter 2632: Breakthrough Hint
Chapter 2633 Family Harmony
Chapter 2634 Visitors from the old house
Chapter 2635: Deep Love for Sons
Chapter 2636 New Goal
Chapter 2637 Bloody Feud
Chapter 2638 Chaos in the Fang Family
Chapter 2639: Hint and Guidance
Chapter 2640 The Han family is domineering
Chapter 2641 Death Threat
Chapter 2642 Obvious Flaws
Chapter 2643 There may be a hidden secret
Chapter 2644: Revenge for the Woman
Chapter 2645: Revenge for the Woman
Chapter 2646 The Secret of the Wall
Chapter 2647: Survival in the Fire
Chapter 2648 After the Fire
Chapter 2649 Never let go
Chapter 2650: Old Love in the Huo Mansion
Chapter 2651: Complete the task of eradicating evil
Chapter 2652 Unknown Abnormality
Chapter 2653: My biological father is insidious
Chapter 2654 Abandoned child as bait
Chapter 2655: Dig a hole and jump
Chapter 2656 Forgotten clues
Chapter 2657 Playing with Qinghan
Chapter 2658 An unexpected decision
Chapter 2659 Trigger Function
Chapter 2660 Rampant Framing
Chapter 2661: Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law don’t get along
Chapter 2662: Outsmarting the Mother-in-Law
Chapter 2663 Yun Si’s Memory
Chapter 2664 Another one comes
Chapter 2665 Cause of disease
Chapter 2666: Suspicions about the Adopted Son
Chapter 2667 Born to be a dramatist
Chapter 2668 Rampant Robbery
Chapter 2669 The Farce Ends
Chapter 2670 Framing Cairu
Chapter 2671 The Illusion of Troubles
Chapter 2672: Catch a thief in the middle of the night
Chapter 2673 One after another
Chapter 2674 The Elder Returns
Chapter 2675: Revisiting old matters
Chapter 2676: Bad intentions
Chapter 2677: Human Relationships
Chapter 2678 The Secret Room in the Study
Chapter 2679: Already planned
Chapter 2680: Here to win over again
Chapter 2681 The Talkative Young Master
Chapter 2682: Life-saving Grace
Chapter 2683: Lost his horse again
Chapter 2684: Old accounts
Chapter 2685 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 2686: Reap the consequences
Chapter 2687 Water Treatment
Chapter 2688 The Villa hides evil
Chapter 2689 Adding obstruction for no reason
Chapter 2690 Banquet Test
Chapter 2691 The Perfect Woman
Chapter 2692 Forced Marriage
Chapter 2693 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 2694 The most sinister
Chapter 2695: Evil Retribution
Chapter 2696: Many Ghosts
Chapter 2697: Friendly Friendship
Chapter 2698 Accidental temptation
Chapter 2699 New Cooperation
Chapter 2700 Each has its own conditions
Chapter 2701 Failed again
Chapter 2702 Help comes to the door
Chapter 2703: Playing tricks
Chapter 2704: Self-sowing evil consequences
Chapter 2705: You will taste the consequences
Chapter 2706 Asking for trouble
Chapter 2707: Love is shallow but profit is deep
Chapter 2708 A visitor is coming
Chapter 2709: Inexplicable anger
Chapter 2710: Ingenious Hospitality
Chapter 2711 The reason for the secret hatred
Chapter 2712 The warmth of the snow scene
Chapter 2713 Medicinal Hot Pot
Chapter 2714 Making trouble
Chapter 2715 Relieving Symptoms
Chapter 2716 Proving the Source of Poison
Chapter 2717 Pretending to understand if you don’t understand
Chapter 2718 Interfering with Judgment
Chapter 2719: Spying on the Immortal Ring
Chapter 2720: Scare yourself
Chapter 2721 Start digging a hole
Chapter 2722 Mother and Daughter’s Plan
Chapter 2723 Hiring a Thief
Chapter 2724 Original Reason
Chapter 2725 Preparations for Return
Chapter 2726: Secretly assassinating Chen Cang
Chapter 2727 Twin Suspicions
Chapter 2728 Winter Snow Eats the Child
Chapter 2729 Family members object
Chapter 2730: Saving New Life
Chapter 2731 Taking risks
Chapter 2732 Hope of Life
Chapter 2733 Looking for the root cause
Chapter 2734 Population Status
Chapter 2735 Taking the initiative
Chapter 2736: Tie aboard the pirate ship
Chapter 2737 Contract Conditions
Chapter 2738: Seize the opportunity
Chapter 2739 Confrontation with each other
Chapter 2740: Leading out backers
Chapter 2741 Not to be outdone
Chapter 2742: Focus on one thing and lose the other
Chapter 2743: Stealing children
Chapter 2744: Talk breaks down again
Chapter 2745 Pretending to be obedient
Chapter 2746 The Perverted Strange Doctor
Chapter 2747 The Mystery of the Holy Body
Chapter 2748: Controlling the Soul
Chapter 2749 The Secret Room of Sin
Chapter 2750 Hot Spring Escape
Chapter 2751 Unexpected reaction
Chapter 2752 The Deepest Hidden
Chapter 2753 The unexpected truth
Chapter 2754 Torture between two parties
Chapter 2755 How could it be him?
Chapter 2756: Full of Evil
Chapter 2757: Seeing the clues
Chapter 2758: Riding the Tiger Away from the Mountain
Chapter 2759 The House of Sin
Chapter 2760: Life in exchange for life
Chapter 2761 The Cycle of Sin
Chapter 2762 Missing Mother and Son
Chapter 2763: Discovering the lair
Chapter 2764: Not to be underestimated
Chapter 2765 It’s time to close the net
Chapter 2766: Blind?
Chapter 2767 Dangerous Ideas
Chapter 2768: Cold Attitude
Chapter 2769 Aunt Fang runs away
Chapter 2770 Disappeared overnight
Chapter 2771 Awakening Method
Chapter 2772: Trembling
Chapter 2773 The Secret Meeting of the Ancient Clan
Chapter 2774 Returning in despair
Chapter 2775 Recovery of Consciousness
Chapter 2776 Memory Loss
Chapter 2777: Coming to the door again
Chapter 2778: Grudges between men and women
Chapter 2779 Continue tracking
Chapter 2780 Father and son quarrel
Chapter 2781: Father and son reveal their shortcomings
Chapter 2782 Ruthless Zhao Xun
Chapter 2783: The dog jumps over the wall in a hurry
Chapter 2784 Difficult Rescue
Chapter 2785: Threatening the Enemy
Chapter 2786 Blood is thicker than water
Chapter 2787 The Zhao Family’s Delusion
Chapter 2788 The Ambition of the Ancient Clan
Chapter 2789: The scumbag’s real attack
Chapter 2790: Taught by Yun Niang
Chapter 2791 He has to be
Chapter 2792: Hidden Too Deeply
Chapter 2793 Leaving a letter and running away
Chapter 2794 Not bad intentions
Chapter 2795: At your own risk
Chapter 2796: Sweeping Out
Chapter 2797: Shock Xiao Xiao
Chapter 2798 An accident
Chapter 2799: Minding other people’s business
Chapter 2800 The Heartbreaking Truth
Chapter 2801: Fight hard
Chapter 2802: Inquire about military intelligence
Chapter 2803 I have something to ask for
Chapter 2804 She is a profiteer
Chapter 2805: Shut up first
Chapter 2806 The two elders of the Zhao family
Chapter 2807 Taking the opportunity to blackmail
Chapter 2808 Emotional changes
Chapter 2809: Substitute for Inspection
Chapter 2810 The Pei family’s excuse
Chapter 2811 Excellent conditions
Chapter 2812: Counterattack General One Army
Chapter 2813 Lezheng Zitan
Chapter 2814 Signs of Awakening
Chapter 2815 Cai Ru’s thoughts
Chapter 2816 A chance encounter with a thief
Chapter 2817 Leave it to her for safekeeping
Chapter 2818 We are destined
Chapter 2819 Hair Clues
Chapter 2820 New Discovery
Chapter 2821 The Beginning of Independence
Chapter 2822: Let the tiger return to the mountain
Chapter 2823 Beyond Joy
Chapter 2824: Leave a backup plan
Chapter 2825 The Bai Family Troubles
Chapter 2826: Fake Heart and Fake Intent
Chapter 2827: Real and Fake
Chapter 2828: Love Talk Attack
Chapter 2829 The traitor is exposed
Chapter 2830: Accompanying
Chapter 2831 Confrontation on the spot
Chapter 2832 Purse Evidence
Chapter 2833: Wanting to impose a crime
Chapter 2834: The dusty old case
Chapter 2835 Unsolved Unsolved Cases
Chapter 2836: Shifting the blame
Chapter 2837: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 2838 The Secret of Light and Shadow
Chapter 2839 Light and Shadow Therapy
Chapter 2840 The winter snow melts
Chapter 2841: The sisters-in-law fight against each other
Chapter 2842 Zhao Family Fengyun
Chapter 2843 Juggling Team
Chapter 2844 Two families are entangled
Chapter 2845 Sudden Attack
Chapter 2846 Blood-clothed Killer
Chapter 2847 The loophole in sound
Chapter 2848 Blood Sound Killing Technique
Chapter 2849 Combination of Ancient and Modern Times
Chapter 2850 Dream Fog
Chapter 2851 He is back
Chapter 2852 The Pain of Childbirth
Chapter 2853 Breaking through life and death
Chapter 2854 Just an ant
Chapter 2855: Asking for it
Chapter 2856 Sacrificing the Truth
Chapter 2857 Gold Friendly
Chapter 2858 Reaching a Consensus
Chapter 2859 Missing News
Chapter 2860 The situation is improving
Chapter 2861 Double Whammy
Chapter 2862 Bathing Plan
Chapter 2863: Temporarily avoiding the edge
Chapter 2864 False Information
Chapter 2865: Chamber of Commerce Concept
Chapter 2866 Planting Hope
Chapter 2867 Self-reliance and self-reliance
Chapter 2868 God Worship Ceremony
Chapter 2869 Full of loopholes
Chapter 2870 A Farce
Chapter 2871 Absurd Hatred
Chapter 2872 Year-end and New Year’s Eve
Chapter 2873: Being a scumbag for no reason
Chapter 2874 Let’s play together
Chapter 2875 Game Winner
Chapter 2876: Hundreds of Signs on New Year’s Eve
Chapter 2877 Reasons for Jealousy
Chapter 2878 Hidden Crisis
Chapter 2879 The Mute’s Past
Chapter 2880 Cherish your heart
Chapter 2881 Zhao Jue asks for an audience
Chapter 2882: Use tricks to please
Chapter 2883 Gong Family Trends
Chapter 2884 Xiaoyu responds
Chapter 2885 Aunt Fang and Cousin
Chapter 2886: Door-to-door robbery
Chapter 2887 Fang Huo’s old story
Chapter 2888 The reason for the destruction of the family
Chapter 2889 Fear of losing control
Chapter 2890 Huo Xiao figured it out
Chapter 2891 Huo Xiao changes
Chapter 2892 The Bastard’s Sorrow
Chapter 2893: Inspiring thoughts
Chapter 2894 The Liao Family Butler
Chapter 2895 Temporary delay
Chapter 2896 Father’s love is like a mountain
Chapter 2897 It’s a beautiful thought
Chapter 2898: Heavy calculations
Chapter 2899 The meaning of the gift
Chapter 2900 The cycle of retribution
Chapter 2901: Fighting to the death in the nest
Chapter 2902 Aunt Fang returns
Chapter 2903 Mother and son turn against each other
Chapter 2904: Unbearable Encounter
Chapter 2905 The unexpected truth
Chapter 2906 Missed by accident
Chapter 2907 Red Spot Blocking the Road Chapter 2907
Chapter 2908 Secret Transfer
Chapter 2909 A gratifying change
Chapter 2910 Reversing the Situation
Chapter 2911 The Drama Couple
Chapter 2912 Tianxiu’s Favorite
Chapter 2913 Reconciliation between Father and Son
Chapter 2914 Mother’s Anger
Chapter 2915: Death is Not Enough
Chapter 2916 Pretend to defraud money
Chapter 2917: Vicious and vicious
Chapter 2918: Divine Arrow Saves People
Chapter 2919 Thrilling
Chapter 2920: Falling out of face
Chapter 2921: Getting away with biting
Chapter 2922: It’s Difficult to Be a Poker Student
Chapter 2923: Those who know the inside story
Chapter 2924 Seizing the initiative
Chapter 2925: Come and invite me in person
Chapter 2926 Loss of Face
Chapter 2927 Shocking Secret
Chapter 2928 The reason is far-fetched
Chapter 2929 Fire in the woodshed
Chapter 2930 The day of the theft
Chapter 2931 Double-sided personality
Chapter 2932: Recognition from the Same Sect
Chapter 2933 Deliberate revenge
Chapter 2934: Ineffective and miserable
Chapter 2935: Substitution plan
Chapter 2936 The evil has not yet been eliminated
Chapter 2937 The Old History of the Gong Family
Chapter 2938 Gangster Brothers
Chapter 2939: Pretending to be an identity
Chapter 2940: Stupid without knowing it
Chapter 2941 The Unlucky Gangster
Chapter 2942: The art of tricking people
Chapter 2943: Surrounding the Bandits
Chapter 2944 Zhao Jue’s Thoughts
Chapter 2945 Forced eviction from the guest house
Chapter 2946: Evil Retribution
Chapter 2947: Snake and Scorpion Siblings
Chapter 2948 Arrogant Blocking the Road
Chapter 2949 Who is the prey?
Chapter 2950: Caught the person
Chapter 2951 Horrible Human Nature
Chapter 2952 Reaching Moon City
Chapter 2953: Inside and outside the city
Chapter 2954: Wushuang leads the enemy
Chapter 2955 Secret Movements
Chapter 2956: The smell of tea in the tea
Chapter 2957 The Best White Lotus
Chapter 2958 Room Compensation
Chapter 2959 Self-destructive tricks
Chapter 2960 Xueer forced marriage
Chapter 2961 Seems like an old person
Chapter 2962 The bad fate continues
Chapter 2963: Laying the Back Move
Chapter 2964: Ancient Book of Love
Chapter 2965 The Pei family picked up the leak
Chapter 2966 Revealing the mind
Chapter 2967 Old White Lotus
Chapter 2968: The fragrant powder is poisonous
Chapter 2969 Pseudo Shura Field
Chapter 2970 Becoming a demon again
Chapter 2971: Superb means
Chapter 2972 ??Brothers cheating on each other
Chapter 2973 Spread the news
Chapter 2974 A Farce
Chapter 2975 The Huo Family is the Worst
Chapter 2976 The Huo Family’s Mission
Chapter 2977 Division of Powers
Chapter 2978: Wrong Learning from Dong Shi
Chapter 2979: The Demon Guardian
Chapter 2980 The Master of Fooling
Chapter 2981 The Chu family’s plan
Chapter 2982 Privately hired thief
Chapter 2983: Wife-showmaniac
Chapter 2984 Who is the joke?
Chapter 2985 It’s a beautiful thought
Chapter 2986: High-sounding
Chapter 2987: Tribe Tricks
Chapter 2988: Protecting the Zhang Family
Chapter 2989 The Young Man from the Zhang Family
Chapter 2990 The ancient clan settles the case
Chapter 2991 Nothing more than that
Chapter 2992 The Zhang family’s good intentions
Chapter 2993: Secret Chase
Chapter 2994 The Zhang Family Disaster
Chapter 2995: The Hands of the Medicine Farmer
Chapter 2996 Changes in the Clan Association
Chapter 2997 Extraordinary Means
Chapter 2998 Audacious Act
Chapter 2999 The Pei Family’s Evil Deeds
Chapter 3000: Save people, save lives
Chapter 3001 Happy cooperation
Chapter 3002 The atmosphere is tense
Chapter 3003 Ancient Ritual
Chapter 3004: Greedy
Chapter 3005 Allergic Reaction
Chapter 3006: Save others, save yourself
Chapter 3007: Fate is inevitable
Chapter 3008 Entering the city smoothly
Chapter 3009 Difficult Cooperation
Chapter 3010: Something to rely on
Chapter 3011 Gratitude and resentment
Chapter 3012 Pei Family Riot
Chapter 3013: Calculated
Chapter 3014 The deal is concluded
Chapter 3015: Defying Heaven and Taking a Life
Chapter 3016 The Chu Family Conspiracy
Chapter 3017: Stealing Medicine Fails
Chapter 3018: Hiding deeply
Chapter 3019 The Poison of the Human Cauldron
Chapter 3020: The Madman Who Dotes on His Grandchildren
Chapter 3021 Song Jia’s Choice
Chapter 3022: Plastic Master and Apprentice
Chapter 3023 The final retreat
Chapter 3024: Deceived to come in and kill
Chapter 3025 Different Phases on the Battlefield
Chapter 3026: Asking for trouble
Chapter 3027: Asking for medicine at home
Chapter 3028 Multiple Lies
Chapter 3029: Disaster of Wild Bees
Chapter 3030 Zheng Yuan delivers medicine
Chapter 3031: Avoid trouble
Chapter 3032: The prototype of charity
Chapter 3033 Friends Quarrel
Chapter 3034 Beekeeper
Chapter 3035 The Secret of the Wooden Box
Chapter 3036 The situation is alleviated
Chapter 3037: Coming to die
Chapter 3038: Big compensation
Chapter 3039 Who is more powerful?
Chapter 3040 Returning in vain
Chapter 3041 Assistant is online
Chapter 3042 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 3043: Beat if disobedient
Chapter 3044: They are used to it
Chapter 3045: Settlement to the End
Chapter 3046: Follow into the formation
Chapter 3047 It’s all a transaction
Chapter 3048 Frequent back moves
Chapter 3049: Ambition Revealed
Chapter 3050: Siege and Threat
Chapter 3051 Special Dream
Chapter 3052: Ten Years of Difficulties
Chapter 3053: Suffering is a blessing
Chapter 3054 Confirming Intention
Chapter 3055: The Abandoned Son of the Moon God
Chapter 3056: Collecting strange news
Chapter 3057: Heart throbbing
Chapter 3058: Low-key Wei Family
Chapter 3059: Deliberately Provoking Anger
Chapter 3060 Qingran saves his mother
Chapter 3061 Wei Family Father and Son
Chapter 3062 Heart-wrenching moment
Chapter 3063 The fragrance of tea overflows
Chapter 3064: Suspect
Chapter 3065 Temporary Relief
Chapter 3066: Sending Green Tea Away
Chapter 3067 Many Secrets
Chapter 3068: Delivered to your door
Chapter 3069: Dreaming Again
Chapter 3070 The Wei family back then
Chapter 3071 Remind Qingran
Chapter 3072: Detoxification is Difficult
Chapter 3073 Different Toxicity
Chapter 3074 Drama Fairy Conference
Chapter 3075 Punishing the scumbag
Chapter 3076: Deliberately irritating people
Chapter 3077 Emergency Response
Chapter 3078: Remuneration for Medical Treatment
Chapter 3079: Evil Plan
Chapter 3080 Birth of Delusions
Chapter 3081 Loving Couple
Chapter 3082: People’s hearts are unpredictable
Chapter 3083: Collective medication
Chapter 3084: Still not good at learning?
Chapter 3085 Warning everyone
Chapter 3086: Threat and Deterrence
Chapter 3087: Early Rebellion
Chapter 3088: Revisiting old matters
Chapter 3089 Bloody Crock
Chapter 3090 Heartbeat again
Chapter 3091 Internal Chaos
Chapter 3092 Slap Mr. Chen in the face
Chapter 3093: Spreading Dog Food Crazy
Chapter 3094: Sword Hidden Map
Chapter 3095: It’s related to her
Chapter 3096: Waiting for the Treasure
Chapter 3097: Attracting Xiaoya
Chapter 3098: Greed and Delusion
Chapter 3099: Insidious conspiracy
Chapter 3100 Why?
Chapter 3101 Xiaoya escapes
Chapter 3102 Accidental Victimization
Chapter 3103: Falling out of love
Chapter 3104: Designing Two Houses
Chapter 3105: Wrong Delivery of Entrustments
Chapter 3106 The drama begins
Chapter 3107: Killing each other among the same race
Chapter 3108 The Secret Meeting Envoy
Chapter 3109: Desire is hard to calm down
Chapter 3110 The purpose of the secret meeting
Chapter 3111 Behind the provocation
Chapter 3112 Sacrifice accident
Chapter 3113: Full of mistakes
Chapter 3114 Whose fault is it?
Chapter 3115 Domineering Gong Ya
Chapter 3116 Under the conspiracy
Chapter 3117 Not a group
Chapter 3118 The Marriage of the Lake God
Chapter 3119 The Wang family asks for help
Chapter 3120 The rank is too low
Chapter 3121 Shameless
Chapter 3122 It doesn’t matter who you are
Chapter 3123 Intimate Gesture
Chapter 3124: Calculating Bloodline
Chapter 3125 Breaking through the wall
Chapter 3126 Slapping the Commander in the Face
Chapter 3127 Evacuation from Moon City
Chapter 3128 The situation is complicated
Chapter 3129 Meet the Zhang family again
Chapter 3130 Temporary Settlement
Chapter 3131 Special Material
Chapter 3132 Teacher’s Old Stories
Chapter 3133: First hearing about outside the territory
Chapter 3134 Eliminating the Tail
Chapter 3135 Lynching and Torture
Chapter 3136: Someone caught
Chapter 3137 The Female Mastermind
Chapter 3138 Metal Bracers
Chapter 3139 The cunning master
Chapter 3140: Disagreements at Secret Meeting
Chapter 3141: Coincidence after Coincidence
Chapter 3142 Accidental Rescue
Chapter 3143 Escape from the secret passage
Chapter 3144 Qi Yan’s Transaction
Chapter 3145 Strange Reaction
Chapter 3146 Exposing the truth
Chapter 3147 He came to help
Chapter 3148: Find the center of the lake
Chapter 3149 The murderer is him
Chapter 3150: Just be stupid if you say it
Chapter 3151 No more hesitation
Chapter 3152 An appointment with an old friend
Chapter 3153 Strange Butterfly
Chapter 3154 Escape from Moon City
Chapter 3155 Nightmare Cage
Chapter 3156 The camp is exposed
Chapter 3157 Already made arrangements
Chapter 3158 The surprise is gone
Chapter 3159 A Peach Blossom
Chapter 3160 Miracle Doctor Le Ran
Chapter 3161 Revealing the truth
Chapter 3162 This is not right
Chapter 3163: Follow the clues
Chapter 3164: Enjoy the pursuit
Chapter 3165 Self-Righteous
Chapter 3166 Military Disposal
Chapter 3167: Eliminate future troubles
Chapter 3168 Break off your fingers
Chapter 3169 Almost silenced
Chapter 3170: Another plan
Chapter 3171 Someone jumped in line
Chapter 3172 Whose money is spent?
Chapter 3173 Remind the other party
Chapter 3174 Seeing the problem
Chapter 3175: Increase in favorability
Chapter 3176: Determining its Source
Chapter 3177 Re-treatment
Chapter 3178 The camp is unstable
Chapter 3179 Competing with each other
Chapter 3180 Another stupid move
Chapter 3181 It just so happens
Chapter 3182: Liquidation one by one
Chapter 3183 Accidental Death
Chapter 3184 But full of anger
Chapter 3185: Hold everyone accountable
Chapter 3186 Pay the money and leave
Chapter 3187: Setting up a trap to expose the skin
Chapter 3188 The real back-up plan
Chapter 3189 Poison Danger
Chapter 3190: Too Toxic
Chapter 3191 The scent of medicine is restrained
Chapter 3192 The experiment was successful
Chapter 3193: Falling asleep due to exhaustion
Chapter 3194 Tomb of the God Queen
Chapter 3195 I don’t know how to lose my horse
Chapter 3196 Fairy Lady
Chapter 3197 Help him fish
Chapter 3198: Premeditated Framing
Chapter 3199 The Deputy Envoy Complains
Chapter 3200: Everything is under control
Chapter 3201: Scheming Sisters
Chapter 3202: Neptune Overturns
Chapter 3203 The ferocious bat
Chapter 3204 Exclusive Secret
Chapter 3205 Crazy
Chapter 3206 The Cycle of Retribution
Chapter 3207: Walking out of the tunnel
Chapter 3208 The town is abnormal
Chapter 3209 Taking over the town
Chapter 3210 The person who collects medicine
Chapter 3211 The fog is thick
Chapter 3212 Suspected Missing
Chapter 3213 She has a good remedy
Chapter 3214 A good remedy is available
Chapter 3215: Sleeping in a Deserted Village
Chapter 3216: The wicked turn against each other
Chapter 3217 Find them
Chapter 3218 Safe Rescue
Chapter 3219 Weirdness
Chapter 3220 The Mystery of Shen Tang
Chapter 3221 Deliberate provocation
Chapter 3222 Three touching views
Chapter 3223: I think she’s an eyesore
Chapter 3224 Catching Shen Tang
Chapter 3225: Come to the door
Chapter 3226 The Beauty Hall Master
Chapter 3227 Disguised Poison Master
Chapter 3228 Crazy Delusion
Chapter 3229: Human Slaves are Fierce
Chapter 3230: Demonic Purple Eyes
Chapter 3231 Sudden appearance
Chapter 3232 The True Blood Curse
Chapter 3233 Forced to study
Chapter 3234: Winning over and Suppressing
Chapter 3235 Three people conspired
Chapter 3236: Don’t fall for it
Chapter 3237: Leading the Deputy Hall Master
Chapter 3238: The plot comes later
Chapter 3239: Joint Attack
Chapter 3240: Defeat the Shadow
Chapter 3241 Abnormal Disappearance
Chapter 3242 She stays
Chapter 3243: Anger and murderous intention
Chapter 3244: Uneasy and kind-hearted
Chapter 3245 Talking too much can cause trouble
Chapter 3246 The real plan
Chapter 3247: Blaming each other
Chapter 3248 Colorless Lotus
Chapter 3249 Looking for Descendants
Chapter 3250: Pure and Pure
Chapter 3251 Chaos in the city
Chapter 3252: Kill with one blow
Chapter 3253 He doesn’t know either
Chapter 3254 Huge boulder
Chapter 3255 Disaster of the same race
Chapter 3256 Start making trouble
Chapter 3257 Clan riot
Chapter 3258: Life is safe
Chapter 3259 Love Liar
Chapter 3260 Determining the Goal
Chapter 3261: The most mean-mouthed person
Chapter 3262 Exposing one’s shortcomings
Chapter 3263 Emergency Contact
Chapter 3264: Rescue the Cellar
Chapter 3265 New Green Lotus Envoy
Chapter 3266 The Connector
Chapter 3267 The task is difficult
Chapter 3268 Location Exposed
Chapter 3269: Someone caught
Chapter 3270 Missed opportunity
Chapter 3271: Taking advantage of others and suffering disaster
Chapter 3272: Exploring Skills
Chapter 3273 Searching the mountains for people
Chapter 3274 A comprehensive attack
Chapter 3275: Counterattack in the Forest
Chapter 3276 The plan goes big
Chapter 3277 The Soul-Destroying Evil Dog
Chapter 3278: Even dogs take advantage of it
Chapter 3279 The crisis is approaching
Chapter 3280: Forced to jump off a cliff
Chapter 3281 The scary thing
Chapter 3282 The dog's mouth escapes from danger
Chapter 3283: Treating the Dog
Chapter 3284: Unlocking the Mechanism
Chapter 3285: Experience in training pets
Chapter 3286: Run or Stay
Chapter 3287 The scumbag must die
Chapter 3288: Sue the Commander
Chapter 3289: Transfer Crisis
Chapter 3290 Zhong Yan intervenes
Chapter 3291 Just wait and see
Chapter 3292: Rescue in the cellar
Chapter 3293 Breaking through the defenses
Chapter 3294: The scum of the scum
Chapter 3295: Revenge for Brother
Chapter 3296: Deliberately done
Chapter 3297: From Love to Hate
Chapter 3298: Fulfill you all
Chapter 3299 Who is taller than whom?
Chapter 3300: Dirty thoughts
Chapter 3301: Deter them
Chapter 3302 There are still old enemies
Chapter 3303 The Final Test
Chapter 3304: Deliberately done
Chapter 3305 Going Further
Chapter 3306 Chef Wu Gui
Chapter 3307 Writing the Document
Chapter 3308: Cooking Competition
Chapter 3309 Picking Ingredients
Chapter 3310 Foodie Nature
Chapter 3311 Fresh and Delicious
Chapter 3312: One meal saves life
Chapter 3313 Qi Yan’s plan
Chapter 3314 Private Action
Chapter 3315 The ultimate trap
Chapter 3316: Leader of Hypocrisy
Chapter 3317: Squeeze out the value
Chapter 3318 Completely different
Chapter 3319: Suspected about joining the army
Chapter 3320: Suspicious Target
Chapter 3321 Mysterious Opponent
Chapter 3322: Be careful how delicious it is
Chapter 3323 The food is so delicious
Chapter 3324 Poison Doctor Chef
Chapter 3325: Hold her accountable
Chapter 3326 The Master of Fooling
Chapter 3327 Shifting focus
Chapter 3328 Someone else
Chapter 3329 Zhou Xin’s transformation
Chapter 3330 Poison Doctor Chef
Chapter 3331 Visitors who join the army
Chapter 3332 Beautiful Sister
Chapter 3333 Suspected Flaw
Chapter 3334: Close the distance
Chapter 3335 Something is going to happen again
Chapter 3336 Pretending to fall into the trap
Chapter 3337: Hypocritical Young Master
Chapter 3338 Deliberate provocation
Chapter 3339 Ambitions are clear
Chapter 3340: Already suspected
Chapter 3341 Are you taking the bait?
Chapter 3342 Creating Crisis
Chapter 3343 Emotional Problems
Chapter 3344 Unexpected Action
Chapter 3345 Scumbags tear each other apart
Chapter 3346 Pretending to agree
Chapter 3347 Unexpected
Chapter 3348 Dragging people into the water
Chapter 3349: Slandering Shi Niang
Chapter 3350: Strict order to disrupt the situation
Chapter 3351 The bloody truth
Chapter 3352 The two of them were deceived
Chapter 3353 Bad consequences and bad retribution
Chapter 3354: Strict Order to Escape
Chapter 3355: Self-exposure one after another
Chapter 3356 Unlocking Memory
Chapter 3357 The scumbag is here again
Chapter 3358 Another mission
Chapter 3359 Escort Mission
Chapter 3360 Seeing Seven Colors Again
Chapter 3361 Conflict hurts lives
Chapter 3362 Another rescue
Chapter 3363: Hiding in the Deserted City
Chapter 3364 Divine Eye Leng Zhao
Chapter 3365 Leng Zhao
Chapter 3366 General Demon Eyes
Chapter 3367 The truth about the demon pupil
Chapter 3368: Going to find trouble
Chapter 3369: Come and catch the current situation
Chapter 3370: Misleading
Chapter 3371: Extremely Sick
Chapter 3372 Wrong medicine
Chapter 3373 Damage to the meridians
Chapter 3374: The inside story of the wound medicine
Chapter 3375: Asking for it
Chapter 3376 Forced Become a Disciple
Chapter 3377 Conspiracy
Chapter 3378 Seeing the Beast Bone Knife
Chapter 3379 Forced to Collect Medicine
Chapter 3380 Don’t move to rob
Chapter 3381: Herb Collecting Village
Chapter 3382 The loss of a loved one
Chapter 3383 Map and Knife
Chapter 3384: Die together
Chapter 3385 Prepared
Chapter 3386 Huge Tree Hole
Chapter 3387 Save the little bastard
Chapter 3388 Echoes of Thoughts
Chapter 3389 The Scimitar Stranger
Chapter 3390 An unexpected path
Chapter 3391 All parties gather together
Chapter 3392: Start rescuing people
Chapter 3393 The First Person
Chapter 3394 Death Struggle
Chapter 3395 Seeking Death
Chapter 3396: Dealing with Poisons
Chapter 3397 Cousin Relationship
Chapter 3398 Purple Bumblebee
Chapter 3399: Discovered
Chapter 3400: Run away after the fight
Chapter 3401 Just play with him
Chapter 3402 Just walk him for fun
Chapter 3403: Professional obstruction
Chapter 3404 Stirring up fighting spirit
Chapter 3405: ??Disguise Swamp
Chapter 3406 Swamp Black Snake
Chapter 3407 Believing it to be true
Chapter 3408 Convinced
Chapter 3409: Foreign Priest
Chapter 3410 Killing three birds with one stone
Chapter 3411 Save people to the end
Chapter 3412: Consciousness from both sides
Chapter 3413: Don’t leave for now
Chapter 3414 Return to the Military Camp
Chapter 3415 Gradually emerges
Chapter 3416 The Perfect Conspiracy
Chapter 3417: Bad intentions
Chapter 3418 Scared to Death
Chapter 3419: Take the opportunity and run away
Chapter 3420: People leave the camp empty
Chapter 3421: Persuading to Leave
Chapter 3422 Leaving the Forest
Chapter 3423 Handover successful
Chapter 3424: Girl’s Encounter
Chapter 3425 Who is the prey?
Chapter 3426: To control or not to care
Chapter 3427 The Misery of the World
Chapter 3428: Crazy
Chapter 3429 Unlucky Physique
Chapter 3430: Put them all down
Chapter 3431 Successfully rescued people
Chapter 3432 Escape on your own
Chapter 3433 Deliberately starting a fire
Chapter 3434 Absolute Control
Chapter 3435 Planting Medicine Plan
Chapter 3436 Hunting in the Mountains
Chapter 3437: Placing the Corpse
Chapter 3438 A pair of master and servant
Chapter 3439: Human traffickers stabbed in the head
Chapter 3440: Seeking Death on Your Own
Chapter 3441 Arriving at the Altar
Chapter 3442: Successfully approaching
Chapter 3443: Change the vest
Chapter 3444 Slap Qi Yan in the face
Chapter 3445: Treat her as nothing
Chapter 3446: Revealing the truth
Chapter 3447 Who Earns More
Chapter 3448: Forcibly Recruiting People
Chapter 3449: Nothing more than that
Chapter 3450 The unexpected person
Chapter 3451 The Scumbag’s Plan
Chapter 3452: Scumbag man resents woman
Chapter 3453: Door-to-door Warning
Chapter 3454: Fight back against the scumbag
Chapter 3455: Hard to eat soft rice
Chapter 3456: Midnight Conspiracy
Chapter 3457 Altar Tunnel
Chapter 3458 The Mysterious Killer
Chapter 3459: Outsmarting the Crocodile
Chapter 3460 Big Fish in the Pool
Chapter 3461 Big Fish Xuanqi
Chapter 3462 Don’t reject anyone who comes
Chapter 3463: Trapped and Killed at the Altar
Chapter 3464 I finally want to see you
Chapter 3465 Crystallization of Wisdom
Chapter 3466: Integrating into the Group
Chapter 3467: Unspeakable Hidden Things
Chapter 3468 Hidden Boss
Chapter 3469: It’s better to take action
Chapter 3470: Scheming and vicious
Chapter 3471: Natural Nemesis
Chapter 3472 The Sinful Clan
Chapter 3473: Counterattack before death
Chapter 3474: Asking what happened
Chapter 3475 The Savior
Chapter 3476: Taking the opportunity to pretend to claim it
Chapter 3477 The Troublemaker
Chapter 3478: Complaints and grievances
Chapter 3479: Take the blame for her
Chapter 3480 Defeat the Line of Defense
Chapter 3481 Request for Repayment of Favor
Chapter 3482 Transfer of Grudges
Chapter 3483 Special Statue
Chapter 3484: Using the wrong trick
Chapter 3485 Change someone else
Chapter 3486 The old house is on fire
Chapter 3487: Fierce counterattack
Chapter 3488 Young and toothless
Chapter 3489 The human heart can be broken
Chapter 3490: Duplicity
Chapter 3491: Malice
Chapter 3492 Want her to take the blame
Chapter 3493: Showing off their methods
Chapter 3494: Natural Charm
Chapter 3495 Two choices
Chapter 3496 Thirty Fire Types
Chapter 3497 Keep moving forward
Chapter 3498 Leading to a dead end
Chapter 3499 Big Furry
Chapter 3500 It’s the Rabbit King
Chapter 3501 Furry Paradise
Chapter 3502 Xuantu wakes up
Chapter 3503: Sheltering the Rabbits
Chapter 3504 Breaking into the Rabbit Nest
Chapter 3505 The victory of the rabbit group
Chapter 3506 There are still accomplices
Chapter 3507 A better way
Chapter 3508 Rabbit God Temple
Chapter 3509 It’s not an accident
Chapter 3510 The inheritance of divine machine
Chapter 3511: Willing to humble oneself
Chapter 3512 Retribution is coming
Chapter 3513: Reaping the consequences
Chapter 3514 Bunny Carnival
Chapter 3515: Finding the bait
Chapter 3516: Raising Animals
Chapter 3517 A strange person
Chapter 3518 The Terrifying Beast Lord
Chapter 3519: Falling into a trap
Chapter 3520 The Legend of the Beast Lord
Chapter 3521: Beast Taming Sect
Chapter 3522 Losing troops and generals
Chapter 3523: Begging her to no avail
Chapter 3524: This place is poisonous
Chapter 3525: Stealing Her Poison
Chapter 3526 Catch the thief
Chapter 3527 We are even
Chapter 3528 Poison Master
Chapter 3529: Comprehension
Chapter 3530: Discovering the enemy
Chapter 3531 Internal strife begins
Chapter 3532 The leopard is coming
Chapter 3533: Mutation of Beasts
Chapter 3534 Animals are crazy
Chapter 3535 The fight started
Chapter 3536: Flame Red Fox
Chapter 3537: Three-Party Struggle
Chapter 3538 Riding a Deer and Running Wildly
Chapter 3539 The Beast Lord is Crazy
Chapter 3540 Refuse to Accept
Chapter 3541: Both escaped
Chapter 3542 Her Thoughts
Chapter 3543 Mysterious Plants and Plants
Chapter 3544 Pulling out the pebbles
Chapter 3545: Affected
Chapter 3546 Amazing
Chapter 3547: Gourd Hairpin
Chapter 3548: It’s actually related
Chapter 3549 Another gain
Chapter 3550: Someone sweeps up the rear
Chapter 3551 Mother and daughter turn against each other
Chapter 3552: There’s a fuss
Chapter 3553 Finally appears
Chapter 3554 Circular Mark
Chapter 3555 Arriving in time
Chapter 3556: Ten Thousand Beast Sect Members
Chapter 3557 The last move
Chapter 3558: Tracking the Smell
Chapter 3559 He is not worthy
Chapter 3560 An unexpected scene
Chapter 3561 Internal strife among disciples
Chapter 3562: Face the enemy head-on
Chapter 3563: Beat the Hardest
Chapter 3564 Beast Control Lies
Chapter 3565 The real secret
Chapter 3566: Get rid of the pursuers
Chapter 3567: Covering up the abnormality
Chapter 3568: The bloody melon
Chapter 3569 Discovering business opportunities
Chapter 3570: Deliberately done
Chapter 3571 Improving Listening
Chapter 3572 Completely unaware
Chapter 3573 There is a trap ahead
Chapter 3574 Wrong idea
Chapter 3575 Expired Lovers
Chapter 3576 A new look
Chapter 3577 Unknown Threat
Chapter 3578: Intentional Rumors
Chapter 3579 True Purpose
Chapter 3580 The Trap Falls
Chapter 3581 Intentional disclosure
Chapter 3582: So angry that I vomited blood
Chapter 3583 Special Statue
Chapter 3584: Terrifying if you think about it carefully
Chapter 3585 Foolish fool
Chapter 3586 Target Divine Bone
Chapter 3587: Going to the Great Temple
Chapter 3588 Temple Mechanism
Chapter 3589: Light Chasing Phantom
Chapter 3590: Sacrifice once
Chapter 3591 Sinister Intentions
Chapter 3592 The mystery inside
Chapter 3593 It has no effect
Chapter 3594 Serial Scam
Chapter 3595 The whereabouts of the child
Chapter 3596: Collecting Intelligence
Chapter 3597 Partners
Chapter 3598 Her Growth
Chapter 3599 Military Medical Exercise
Chapter 3600 Looking for the Long Sword
Chapter 3601 Unlocking Memory
Chapter 3602 Scanning the Skeletons
Chapter 3603: Comparing Broken Bones
Chapter 3604 Escape from the Temple
Chapter 3605: One hundred taels per person
Chapter 3606 Accidental Robbery
Chapter 3607 Destroyed
Chapter 3608: Everyone gets his own place
Chapter 3609: Turns out to be an old friend
Chapter 3610 The Song Sisters
Chapter 3611: Revenge against the scumbag
Chapter 3612: Settling the Herd
Chapter 3613 Return of Shi Niang
Chapter 3614: Overheard
Chapter 3615 Who is barking?
Chapter 3616: Take a Broad View
Chapter 3617: Get rid of control
Chapter 3618: Work for her
Chapter 3619: Current Situation of Wounded Soldiers
Chapter 3620: Generating Income
Chapter 3621: The dog jumps over the wall in a hurry
Chapter 3622: Suffer the consequences
Chapter 3623 The Last Link
Chapter 3624 Take the initiative to speak out
Chapter 3625 Zhou Ning Ideal
Chapter 3626: Rejuvenated
Chapter 3627 Accidental Disappearance
Chapter 3628: All the best
Chapter 3629 Nine Pass Bandits
Chapter 3630 The tiger comes out of the mountain
Chapter 3631 Promotion Methods
Chapter 3632 Thirteen Levels
Chapter 3633 What a hell
Chapter 3634 Master Guan
Chapter 3635: Reason for kidnapping
Chapter 3636: Sincerity will kill
Chapter 3637 Three difficult levels to overcome
Chapter 3638: Thrilling at a Glance
Chapter 3639: Maybe crazy
Chapter 3640 Which one is it?
Chapter 3641 Invitation from the Master
Chapter 3642 Entering the Central Territory
Chapter 3643 Planned Cooperation
Chapter 3644: Gong Family Sacrificial Vessels
Chapter 3645 Something happened suddenly
Chapter 3646 Testing the poisonous wine
Chapter 3647 Still not admitting it
Chapter 3648: Fighting to Death
Chapter 3649: Almost Caught
Chapter 3650: Provocation failed
Chapter 3651 Wensi confesses
Chapter 3652 Continue to pursue
Chapter 3653 Who is the monster?
Chapter 3654 The last level
Chapter 3655: Being targeted
Chapter 3656: Midnight Raid
Chapter 3657 Early morning enemy attack
Chapter 3658 Not normal
Chapter 3659 The whole army attacks
Chapter 3660 The fire attack failed
Chapter 3661 A new look
Chapter 3662 Qinghu lost contact
Chapter 3663: Prepare to respond
Chapter 3664 Deliberate disruption
Chapter 3665 Bringing back old memories
Chapter 3666: Finding Qinghu
Chapter 3667: Extremely Evil in the Cage
Chapter 3668: Give him hope
Chapter 3669 The whereabouts of the magic medicine
Chapter 3670 The truth about the magic medicine
Chapter 3671 Jing Que New Tea
Chapter 3672 Precious medicinal materials
Chapter 3673 Key Records
Chapter 3674 It turns out to be her
Chapter 3675 Choosing to Stay
Chapter 3676 Poor and hateful
Chapter 3677 Believe it or not
Chapter 3678 The flow of medicine
Chapter 3679 Resources disappear
Chapter 3680: Persuading Yuan Bao
Chapter 3681 Selling girls to survive
Chapter 3682: Determined to Die
Chapter 3683: Saving the Eldest Sister
Chapter 3684 I don’t know who to blame
Chapter 3685: Hunting the Ancient Clan
Chapter 3686: Pursuing Opportunities
Chapter 3687 Let’s go together
Chapter 3688 Medicine Delivery Arrives
Chapter 3689 Warehouse Transfer
Chapter 3690 Entering the Valley
Chapter 3691 Unexpected Situation
Chapter 3692 Secret Harbor
Chapter 3693: Life and Death Hatred
Chapter 3694: Board the ship to investigate
Chapter 3695 Entering the cabin
Chapter 3696 She wants to save people
Chapter 3697: Poor quality
Chapter 3698 A group of cowards
Chapter 3699: Treat oneself the same as others
Chapter 3700: Scum must die
Chapter 3701 Excellent Opportunity
Chapter 3702 Just take a gamble
Chapter 3703: Sensing something wrong
Chapter 3704 The Best Helper
Chapter 3705 Brothers of Life and Death
Chapter 3706 The Lie of Salt
Chapter 3707 Shipwreck Plan
Chapter 3708: Everyone follow her
Chapter 3709 Escape ashore
Chapter 3710 God help them
Chapter 3711 The result is the same
Chapter 3712: Rumors of Haunting
Chapter 3713: It’s better to make a big fuss
Chapter 3714: Rotten to the Root
Chapter 3715: All dragged into the water
Chapter 3716 Forced transfer
Chapter 3717 Hiding in the dense forest
Chapter 3718 The Tragic Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 3719: Collect debts by yourself
Chapter 3720: Victimized Alliance
Chapter 3721: Military morale is turbulent
Chapter 3722: Self-disruption
Chapter 3723: Take the opportunity to gather together
Chapter 3724: The military’s morale
Chapter 3725: Monopolizing the Yamen
Chapter 3726 Heading to the private house
Chapter 3727: Helping others
Chapter 3728: Biting each other
Chapter 3729: Give me a surprise
Chapter 3730: So wrong
Chapter 3731 An unexpected illness
Chapter 3732 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 3733 Continue to explore
Chapter 3734 Don’t try to steal her
Chapter 3735: Weakness and Threat
Chapter 3736: Conspiracy
Chapter 3737 Visiting his camp
Chapter 3738 Cloth Clues
Chapter 3739: Being Smart
Chapter 3740 Good vision
Chapter 3741: Teaching Martial Arts
Chapter 3742 The Suspect Behind the Scenes
Chapter 3743 The transformation of father and son
Chapter 3744 Farewell Gift
Chapter 3745 Deliberately causing trouble
Chapter 3746: Masters compete against each other
Chapter 3747: Falling out at each other
Chapter 3748: Fearless of Rumors
Chapter 3749 Yuan Bao’s Old Enmity
Chapter 3750: Drive out of the military camp
Chapter 3751 A small revenge
Chapter 3752 It’s just begun
Chapter 3753: Different inside and outside
Chapter 3754: Pay off old debts
Chapter 3755: Finishing a Deal
Chapter 3756: Old scumbag and son-in-law
Chapter 3757: Trends from all parties
Chapter 3758 The Mo Family Attacks
Chapter 3759 The finishing touch
Chapter 3760: Close before your eyes
Chapter 3761: Generational soft rice
Chapter 3762 Reason for leaving
Chapter 3763: Temporary Farewell
Chapter 3764: Closing the Firm
Chapter 3765: Hoarding Weapons
Chapter 3766: Coincidence after Coincidence
Chapter 3767 Exposed on the spot
Chapter 3768 Intention of Cooperation
Chapter 3769 Qinghan is missing
Chapter 3770 Gong Huo’s old friend
Chapter 3771 Fengming Villa
Chapter 3772 Leaving a message and running away
Chapter 3773 Inside and outside the villa
Chapter 3774 Dragon Turtle Top Pearl
Chapter 3775: Binding Couple
Chapter 3776: Strange Cocoon Room
Chapter 3777 Two people fighting each other
Chapter 3778: Backyard Buddhist Hall
Chapter 3779: The Strong Mu Qiang
Chapter 3780 Black Coffin
Chapter 3781 Death Cocoon
Chapter 3782 Determining Identity
Chapter 3783 Bamboo Slip Log
Chapter 3784 Visitors in the middle of the night
Chapter 3785: Unpredictable
Chapter 3786 Courtyard Maze
Chapter 3787 Sleeping forever
Chapter 3788: Ghostly Mist Forest
Chapter 3789: Envy-inducing
Chapter 3790 Original False Dragon
Chapter 3791 Ceramic Doll
Chapter 3792 The real location
Chapter 3793 Deliberately frightening
Chapter 3794: Overnight outside the forest
Chapter 3795 Entering the woods
Chapter 3796 Stone Hourglass
Chapter 3797 Qinghan Experience
Chapter 3798 Young Hansi
Chapter 3799 An accident between two people
Chapter 3800: Can’t get in
Chapter 3801: Bug Gem
Chapter 3802: Deep Father’s Love
Chapter 3803 The power of the mechanism
Chapter 3804 Treasure Hunter
Chapter 3805 Accidental Death
Chapter 3806: Suddenly Falling
Chapter 3807 Already prepared
Chapter 3808: Run first
Chapter 3809: Grateful to the Benefactor
Chapter 3810: Stirring up the storm
Chapter 3811 The gangster style
Chapter 3812: Resting Place
Chapter 3813: Continuous inheritance
Chapter 3814: Surprise Changes at the Old Site
Chapter 3815 The Mo Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 3816 It’s a pity it’s useless
Chapter 3817: Bring a message to the Mo family
Chapter 3818 Sincerity will kill
Chapter 3819 Revitalizing the Huo Family
Chapter 3820: Too Careful
Chapter 3821 Active Substances
Chapter 3822: Find someone to test the medicine
Chapter 3823 Mo Family Trends
Chapter 3824: Expert
Chapter 3825 Bloody Feud
Chapter 3826 The Head of the Wang Family
Chapter 3827 Sudden Change
Chapter 3828 The Wang Family Gathering
Chapter 3829: Escape through a secret passage
Chapter 3830 Blocking the retreat
Chapter 3831 Revenge
Chapter 3832: Different
Chapter 3833 Shuangshu surnamed Liu
Chapter 3834: Regaining Hope
Chapter 3835 Broken Calligraphy and Painting
Chapter 3836: One World
Chapter 3837 The key to decryption
Chapter 3838: Knocking on the Mountain to Shock the Tiger
Chapter 3839 Visitors from the Mo Family
Chapter 3840 It’s not too much
Chapter 3841 The first patient
Chapter 3842 Her Wish
Chapter 3843: Enough fun
Chapter 3844: Crash into the old site at night
Chapter 3845 His Plan
Chapter 3846 Catch the thief
Chapter 3847 She is a variable
Chapter 3848: Raising the price while sitting on the ground
Chapter 3849 Grand appearance
Chapter 3850 Bloody Wedding
Chapter 3851 Crazy Heartbeat
Chapter 3852 Selling the Camp
Chapter 3853 Pricing Standards
Chapter 3854: Hot Sales
Chapter 3855: Plan to divide
Chapter 3856: Shock Xiao Xiao
Chapter 3857 The hidden secrets of the Zhao family
Chapter 3858: Chosen the wrong person
Chapter 3859 Moral Kidnapping
Chapter 3860 Facing Crisis
Chapter 3861 Selection Rules
Chapter 3862: Bald Head Saves People
Chapter 3863: Stretching your hand too long
Chapter 3864 The Second Uncle of the Rong Family
Chapter 3865: Inquire about information
Chapter 3866 The inside story of the Rong family
Chapter 3867: Rescue incident
Chapter 3868: Recruiting Young People
Chapter 3869 Retrieve the Three People
Chapter 3870 Leaving the Plan
Chapter 3871: Stinky Attack
Chapter 3872 The fatal kick
Chapter 3873 The situation in the arena
Chapter 3874 Only once
Chapter 3875 Cruel Rules
Chapter 3876 Three Powers
Chapter 3877 Death Arena
Chapter 3878 The last chance
Chapter 3879 Everyone hides their traitors
Chapter 3880 Family Craftsmanship
Chapter 3881: Winning in Chaos
Chapter 3882 Interrupting the Sacrifice
Chapter 3883 Three Children
Chapter 3884 Wild vegetable dumplings
Chapter 3885 Warning everyone
Chapter 3886: Sister Qiao’s concerns
Chapter 3887 Looking for someone overnight
Chapter 3888 Someone is testing
Chapter 3889 Fortunately
Chapter 3890 Why
Chapter 3891 In-law Relationship
Chapter 3892: Furious
Chapter 3893: Force her to confess
Chapter 3894 Losing Reason
Chapter 3895: The Disaster of Sound Poison
Chapter 3896: Cleverly Breaking Two Songs
Chapter 3897 The Secret of Sound Killing
Chapter 3898: Intercepting the flow to save people
Chapter 3899 Everyone escapes from danger
Chapter 3900: Various forms of human nature
Chapter 3901: Four Sounds of Killing
Chapter 3902 Completely out of control
Chapter 3903 Cherry Revenge
Chapter 3904 Anomalies
Chapter 3905 Obtaining the Dragon Scissors
Chapter 3906 Broken String Injured
Chapter 3907: Bloodthirsty
Chapter 3908 The Mo family’s plan
Chapter 3909: Rise up to resist
Chapter 3910 The Mo family was defeated
Chapter 3911: Where people’s hearts belong
Chapter 3912 Find the key
Chapter 3913 Mo Family Kung Fu
Chapter 3914 There is a problem with the water
Chapter 3915: Soothing People
Chapter 3916 Cherry Awakens
Chapter 3917: Scare the Evil Dogs
Chapter 3918: Forever Unforgettable
Chapter 3919 The evil deeds of the Rong family
Chapter 3920: The Rong Family’s Plan
Chapter 3921 Herb Collecting Army
Chapter 3922 One day
Chapter 3923: Scare the Children
Chapter 3924: A heart-breaking act
Chapter 3925 Hidden dangers of internal strife
Chapter 3926: Miraculous Bone Spurs
Chapter 3927 Poor Fish
Chapter 3928 Buying Injury Medicine
Chapter 3929 Store Opening Plan
Chapter 3930 The Goddess of Wealth
Chapter 3931: Serve her as the master
Chapter 3932 Three Tigers Ask for Help
Chapter 3933: Looking for the wounded
Chapter 3934 The Cloud Falls
Chapter 3935: Self-retribution
Chapter 3936 Sun Family Ambition
Chapter 3937: Transaction Insider
Chapter 3938 Don’t dirty her hands
Chapter 3939 Sinful Transaction
Chapter 3940 Playing really dirty
Chapter 3941 The worst plan
Chapter 3942 Wisdom of Life
Chapter 3943 No more sadness
Chapter 3944 Turmoil in the Jianghu
Chapter 3945 Her Responsibility
Chapter 3946 Betrayal long ago
Chapter 3947: Intended for them
Chapter 3948: Money is rolling in
Chapter 3949: Face to Face
Chapter 3950 First Impression
Chapter 3951: Sit back and enjoy the success
Chapter 3952 Acting arrogantly
Chapter 3953 The real and fake Mo family
Chapter 3954 Inexplicable
Chapter 3955 Let go completely
Chapter 3956 The Price of Selfishness
Chapter 3957: Never retreat even an inch
Chapter 3958: Infatuated Dog Licking
Chapter 3959 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 3960 Father and Daughter Meet
Chapter 3961 Almost went crazy
Chapter 3962: Old acquaintances
Chapter 3963 If not
Chapter 3964 Brother and sister meet
Chapter 3965 Social Terror Sect
Chapter 3966 Inviting each other
Chapter 3967 Regret for Life
Chapter 3968 He is going too
Chapter 3969 The ancient tribe seizes power
Chapter 3970 No Regrets
Chapter 3971 The veteran takes action
Chapter 3972: Defending Home and Country
Chapter 3973 Raising supplies
Chapter 3974 The Strength of the Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 3975: Pavilion Master’s Golden Tie
Chapter 3976 Invitation to Peace Talks
Chapter 3977 Invitation to Join
Chapter 3978: Reshaping the Character
Chapter 3979 Untying the Heart Knot
Chapter 3980 Gathering Manpower
Chapter 3981: The Divine General of the Gong Family
Chapter 3982: A girl is coming into adulthood
Chapter 3983 A surprise from heaven
Chapter 3984 Win-win proposal
Chapter 3985 Another possibility
Chapter 3986 Found the person
Chapter 3987 Ordinary People
Chapter 3988: Borrow her power
Chapter 3989: Red Cloud Shrouded
Chapter 3990 Hearing it in the middle of the night
Chapter 3991 Taking the initiative to come to the door
Chapter 3992: Make plans
Chapter 3993: Paranoid becomes crazy
Chapter 3994: Losing one and losing both
Chapter 3995 Emergency
Chapter 3996 The real black hand
Chapter 3997 Greedy Desire
Chapter 3998: The Miraculous Use of New Drugs
Chapter 3999: Condition improves
Chapter 4000 Tragic Scene
Chapter 4001: Following the Traces
Chapter 4002 The Price of Arrogance
Chapter 4003: It’s not easy to calculate
Chapter 4004 The Origin of the Sea Clan
Chapter 4005 An old debt
Chapter 4006: The secret pain of defending the country
Chapter 4007 Bloodline Speculation
Chapter 4008 Last Will
Chapter 4009: Die together
Chapter 4010 The partial person
Chapter 4011 The Mystery of the Bird’s Belly
Chapter 4012 Bird trouble is coming
Chapter 4013: Touch her reverse scales
Chapter 4014: Already had second thoughts
Chapter 4015 Instant Subversion
Chapter 4016 Coastal Peace Talks
Chapter 4017 See it with your own eyes
Chapter 4018 Reaching a Consensus
Chapter 4019: Clear Contrast
Chapter 4020: Constant disagreements
Chapter 4021: Useless trump card
Chapter 4022 Death of Eucommia ulmoides
Chapter 4023 Three-Party Cooperation
Chapter 4024: Hospitality
Chapter 4025: First acquaintance with outsiders
Chapter 4026: Internal Changes in the Ancient Clan
Chapter 4027 No confession allowed
Chapter 4028: There are remains on the road
Chapter 4029: Be brave after knowing your shame