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Yuan Tianzun

Yuan Tianzun

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Latest chapter:Final remarks and some news about the new book!

When I am the Heavenly Lord, I will level the Immortal Court - Wu Yuan - ps: Genius flow! No system! Also known as 'Unable to Ascend and Have to Kill to the Heavenly Court', 'Lord of the Yuan' and 'Wu Ben Weizun' ps: The book has been completed The full-length works 'Hantian Emperor' and 'Hongzhu' (high order broke two...

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《Yuan Tianzun》The latest nine chapters
Final remarks and some news about the new book!
Extra: Emperor Tian and Tianxu
Chapter 733 (Part 2 of the finale)
Chapter 732 (in the finale)
Chapter 731 (Part 1)
Chapter 730 The way of the Emperor of Heaven! Original reincarnation!
Chapter 729 Fierce battle! Ten paths have the same origin
Chapter 728 Fighting
Chapter 727: Reincarnation Tribulation, the Final Battle Begins
《Yuan Tianzun》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Wu Yuan
Chapter 2 Bullying your youth into poverty
Chapter 3: He who knows the current affairs is a hero
Chapter 4 What is home?
Chapter 5 Martial Arts Nine Gravity Over Ten Thousand Kg
Chapter 6 The Importance of Genes
Chapter 7 Star Tower
Chapter 8 Huan Xinyan
Chapter 9 Tiger and Leopard Bone Training
Chapter 10 Hard Work Brings Miracles
Chapter 11 Mantis Catching Cicadas
Chapter 12 Clan Unity
Chapter 13 Reborn
Chapter 14 The Tiger Gang
Chapter 15 The Fortune of the Wu Family
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18 Moon Black Wind High Night
Chapter 19 The Order of Chu Jiang
Chapter 20 Killing a Person in Ten Steps
Chapter 21 First-class experts
Chapter 22 Wu Yuan's strongest strength
Chapter 23 Treasures
Chapter 24 Who is he?
Chapter 25
Chapter 26 Chu Jiang, Da Jin, Hengyun
Chapter 27 Goodbye to the Patriarch
Chapter 28 It's We Delayed You
Chapter 29 Swordsman, Experiment
Chapter 30 Yang Conspiracy
Chapter 31 Yuanhu Villa
Chapter 32
Chapter 33 Changes in Thought
Chapter 34 The First Show of Talent
Chapter 35 Yunwu True Biography
Chapter 36 Gao Yu's Attention
Chapter 37 The three major dantian palaces! The limit of the human body!
Chapter 38 Invitation
Chapter 39 The Best Choice
Chapter 40
Chapter 41
Chapter 42 Choosing a Reconciliation
Chapter 43 Controlling the environment, night rain, killing
Chapter 44: Heaven Never Dies Me
Chapter 45 Immortal Treasure
Chapter 46 Mr. Gu Ji
Chapter 47
Chapter 48: The Effect of Concentration Pill
Chapter 49 The Black Tower of the Upper Dantian Palace
Chapter 50 Visualization! Mighty God!
Chapter 51 Suspected Soldiers
Chapter 52 Armor Piercing Crossbow
Chapter 53 Gui Yuzong
Chapter 54 Cost and Gain
Chapter 55 Flying Knife! Flying Knife!
Chapter 56 God's Order
Chapter 57 Let Me Free
Chapter 58 Nanmeng Wuyuan
Chapter 59 His name is Wu Yuan
Chapter 60 Ten Jin Origin Stone
Chapter 61 Hidden weapon master? Second grade?
Chapter 62 It is difficult for one person to keep two volumes
Chapter 63
Chapter 64 Palace Level Qunxing Building
Chapter 65 Weapons, Intelligence
Chapter 66 'The World List'
Chapter 67 The Twelve Grandmasters of Jiangzhou
Chapter 68
Chapter 69 Number 04013224182 Qianshan
Chapter 70 Samsung Assassin
Chapter 71 Drunk Moon Residence
Chapter 72 Come to Kill You
Chapter 73 Fierce Fight
Chapter 74 Huge Rewards
Chapter 75 The Landlord's Invitation
Chapter 76 Those who are good at water often drown
Chapter 77 Senior Brother Wu
Chapter 78 The tenth prince is inferior to the master
Chapter 79
Chapter 81
Chapter 82 Raising a knife to drink blood
Chapter 83 Single-handedly enter the city and kill!
Chapter 84 Surrender the Token
Chapter 85 Death to those who stand in my way!
Chapter 86
Chapter 87 Deduction Harvest
Chapter 88
Chapter 89 Farewell to Yunshan
Chapter 90: Entering the sect for the first time
Chapter 91
Chapter 92 Please come forward
Chapter 93
Chapter 94: No. 1 in Jiangzhou
Chapter 95
Chapter 96
Chapter 97
Clash! Battle Month
Chapter 98: Able to Fight the Grandmaster
Chapter 99 Grandmaster! Only a life-or-death battle will tell
Chapter 100 Kill! Kill! Moved to Two Thousand Miles
Chapter 101 The World Shakes
Chapter 102 The Wrath of the Jin Emperor
Chapter 103 Mountains and Rivers Thousands of Miles
Chapter 104 Invitation from Chujiang
Chapter 105: The Experience of the Master of Spiritual Sense Generation
Chapter 106: A Qi Refiner Is Immortal
Chapter 107 The Foundation of Qi Refining
Chapter 108 Assassination
Chapter 109: Grandmaster Falls
Chapter 110: Dark Knife Is Wu Yuan's Monthly Pass
Chapter 111 The Spirit of the Divine Weapon
Chapter 112: Monthly Pass of Tianwu True Inheritance
Chapter 113 First Grade Divine Weapon
Chapter 114: The Terror of the Unity Realm
Chapter 115 Traveling the World
Chapter 116 Heaven, Earth and Human Beings Are One and Seeking the Moon
Chapter 117
Chapter 118 Gathering of All Parties
Chapter 119 Entering the super body training talent
Chapter 120 Battle! Wu Yuan's Strength
Chapter 121 The assessment is over! Senior is invited to be the Lord of Jiangzhou
Chapter 122 You Are Finally Here After One Hundred Thousand Years
Chapter 123 Monthly Ticket for the Great Dao Controversy
Chapter 124 Longevity in the Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 125 The strength of the heavenly-sent witch pattern soars
Chapter 126 Fang Xia Meets the Young Master Monthly Pass
Chapter 127 Kill! Terrifying Wu Yuan
Chapter 128 Great Harvest by Sweeping the Ding Wu Realm
Chapter 129 My Old Fang Accompanies the Young Master on the Road
Chapter 130 Return of the Patriarch
Chapter 131 The Body of the Earth
Chapter 132 Covering the sky with one hand
November summary
Chapter 133 Asking for a monthly pass in the name of Fang Xia
Chapter 134
Chapter 135: A Body Beyond the Sea of ??Qi
Chapter 136 Killing Formation Clone Gu
Chapter 137 Soldiers approach the city and issue a monthly ticket
Chapter 138: Monthly Ticket for World Attention War
Chapter 139 Shock God! Tear Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 140 No. 1 in the world
Chapter 141: Middle-earth Asgard Monthly Pass
Chapter 142: Warning of the Appearance of Golden Core Cultivator
Chapter 143: Number One on the Sky List Asking for a Monthly Pass
Chapter 144 The Devil's Nest in the Barren State
Chapter 145 Recover King Qionghai
Chapter 146: Becoming a Sorcerer and Seeking a Monthly Pass
Chapter 147 The Soaring Strength
Chapter 148 The Great Tribulation of Middle Earth
Chapter 149: Blood Demon, Prison Demon, and Insect Demon
Chapter 150 I am also Wu Yuan of the Middle Earth
Chapter 151 I just want no regrets
Chapter 152: Forerunner
Chapter 153 Invincible
Chapter 154 Wu Yuan! Wu Yuan
Chapter 155 Blood Fog Miraculous Effect
Chapter 156 Spirit Body Realm Demon Soldier
Chapter 157 Birth!
Chapter 158 Fighting! Exploding with all strength
Chapter 159: The First Person in the Immortal Way of Central Earth
Chapter 160: The Eve of the Final Battle
Chapter 161 Wanxing and Dongpan Monthly Pass
Chapter 162 Epiphany of Earth Waves
Inform readers to take a look!
Chapter 163 Territory
Chapter 164 Entering the Demonic Soil
Chapter 165 The direction of the long knife! Crazy
Chapter 166 Desperate Situation
Chapter 167 Opening a way for all living beings in China
Chapter 168 The catastrophe ends
Chapter 169 The Second Function of the Blood Mist
Chapter 170: Sword Cultivator
Chapter 171 Changes in Middle Earth
Chapter 172
Chapter 173 Chance to Unify Middle-Earth
Chapter 174 Battle
Chapter 175 Xuanhuang Swordsmanship
Chapter 176 Opening up the Sea of ??Qi and Condensing the Nine Swords
Chapter 177: September 8th
Chapter 178 Monthly Ticket to the Peak of Shengjing
Chapter 179 The Final Chapter of the Light Across the Sky
Chapter 180 The Lord of the World
Chapter 181 Entering the Treasure Realm to Seek the Moon
Chapter 182 The deity, the Dharma Body, the source of the Absolute Silver League
Chapter 183 He Lied
Chapter 184 The Humble Witch
Chapter 185 Space Silver Tower
Chapter 186: Fifteen Years of Immortal Wu
Chapter 187: Qi Refining Deity Asks for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 188 Goodbye Landlord Monthly Pass
Chapter 189 Heavenly Witch and Immortal Court
Chapter 190 Preparations Before Leaving Asking for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 191 Blood Refinement Comes to Report
Chapter 192 Asking for a Monthly Ticket at the First Frontier
Chapter 193 Taiyuan Shenting is the lord Jing Qijia
Chapter 194: Qiong Hai Prepares to Kill Someone for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 195 Nine Swords into Light
Chapter 196 The Second World of Immortal Cultivators Asking for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 197 Six Realms of Immortal Dao
Chapter 198: Toyokawa Tu Clan Begging for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 199 Sudden Change
Chapter 200 Speculation
Chapter 201 Buying Treasures
Chapter 202: The Transformation of Strength
Chapter 203 Black Sun
Chapter 204 Begging for a monthly pass without mercy
Chapter 205 Immortal
Chapter 206 His Highness Kaigetsu
Chapter 207 Control Everything
Chapter 208 I Advice You Not Guilty
Chapter 209 Rejection
Chapter 210 He is very good
Chapter 211 Immortal Rank Flying Boat
Chapter 212 Asking for a Monthly Ticket on Nanyue Island
Chapter 213
Chapter 214 He is less than a hundred years old
Chapter 215 Sweeping the monthly pass all the way
Chapter 216 Explosion of the Thousand Swords Formation Asking for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 217 Invitation from all directions to ask for a monthly ticket
Chapter 218 Sixty-eight floors
Chapter 219 I will open up a fairyland and ask for a monthly pass
Chapter 220 The Scarlet Moon Turns the Sky
Chapter 221
Chapter 222 The Strongest Sword Immortal Pass
Chapter 223 Exploration
Chapter 224 The Earth Immortal Arrives
Chapter 225 The Vision of the Dragon and Phoenix Shocks the Quartet
Chapter 226 You Are Weak, I Am Stronger Ask for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 227: The Peerless Genius Asks for a Monthly Pass
Chapter 228: The First Case of Xianzhou
Chapter 229: One Realm, One True Inheritance
Chapter 230: Facai Couple Wishes Everyone a Happy New Year
Chapter 231 The Power of Saying No Asking for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 232 Three Thousand Taoist Priests from the One Hundred Thousand Purple Mansion
Chapter 233 Don't be burdened by fame
Chapter 234
Chapter 235: Qingfeng Earth Immortal's Advice
Chapter 236 Multiple Harvests
Chapter 237 Nine Treasures
Chapter 238: A Genius Rare in Hundreds of Millions of Years
Chapter 239 Call Me Old Crazy
Chapter 240 Expensive Sword Code
Chapter 241: The Law of the Higher Level
Chapter 242 Freak
Chapter 243 The Price of the Flying Sword
Chapter 244 Eight years later
Chapter 245 Asking for a monthly pass for high-level source techniques
Chapter 246 Guarding the Spiritual Tide and Asking for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 247
Chapter 248 Level 247 Break! Break! Monthly Pass
Chapter 249
January summary
Chapter 250 Monthly Pass
Chapter 251 Who dares to fight
Chapter 252 I Have a Veto
Chapter 253 Dongyang's Worries
Chapter 254 The Temple of the Way
Chapter 255 Meet Again Monthly Ticket
Chapter 256 Thirty trillion source crystals
Chapter 257
Chapter 258 Master is a lover, so he has far-reaching plans
Chapter 259 Leave it to the teacher
Chapter 260: Being a Teacher Will Not Let You Down
Chapter 261 Five Years Later
Chapter 262 Meet Your Majesty and Ask for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 263 Hengyang Immortal Realm
Chapter 264 Sword Intent Seeking a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 265 Dragon Star Showdown
Chapter 266: A Strong Defeat Asking for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 267 Unshakable
Chapter 268 Nine Swords Out of the Final Battle Ask for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 269: Brother Jindan
Chapter 270
Chapter 271 Foresight
Chapter 272 Master’s Advice
Chapter 273 The Transformation of Soul
Chapter 274 The Peerless Genius of Middle-Earth Asks for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 275: Huoyan Daoist
Chapter 276 Mountains and Rivers Come and Ask for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 277
Chapter 278 Fist Town Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 279 Natsuyama Yuuki!
Chapter 280 Slaying the Immortal Beyond Heaven with One Sword
Chapter 281 The Name of Dongyang
Chapter 282 Everything is Ready
Chapter 283 Entering the Demon Palace for the First Time
Chapter 284: Stone Breaker
Chapter 285 The Star Lord Arrives
ask for the moon
Chapter 286 Yin He's Expectation
Chapter 287 The second median rule is the absolute leader of the silver alliance
Chapter 288 Asking for a monthly ticket on the first day of the Immortal Kingdom
Chapter 289: Asking for a Monthly Ticket with Red Moon Double Stars
Chapter 290: Willing to Let Xingjun Accept His Apprentices
Chapter 291 I'm Waiting for You in the Court of God
Chapter 292 Blood Refining One Billion Blood Demon Token Monthly Pass
February Summary! Sprint
Chapter 293 Kill!
Chapter 294: The Strongest Golden Elixir Is the Patriarch Boer, the Leader of the Silver Alliance
Chapter 295 Eighth! The Black Tower Mutation! 2000 Monthly Ticket 4000 Monthly
Chapter 296 Star God Body
Chapter 297 Breakthrough! Who is the King?
Chapter 298 Undefeated 6000 Monthly Pass 8000 Monthly
Chapter 299: Peak duel blood refining king
Chapter 300
Chapter 301 The breakthrough in time and space of blood refinement chases the silver lord
Chapter 302 Kings Gather to Rule the Hall
Chapter 303 The legend of full power explosion 10000 months
Chapter 304: Blackness in Rifted Time and Space
ask for the moon
Chapter 305: 10,000 Months by Order of the Sorcerer
Chapter 306 Picking the world with one hand
Chapter 307 Cangfeng Witch Realm is 16,000 Months
Chapter 308 Disciples of the Three Sorcerers
Chapter 309 The Fifth Original Witch Realm
Chapter 310 I, Wu Yuan, Ask for a Monthly Pass Next
Chapter 311 Talent is not just enlightenment
Chapter 312: The True Intent of the Stars Opens and Asks for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 313: Seeing the master after success
Chapter 314: Mountains and Rivers, Zifu is 20,000 months
Chapter 315 Purification of Faith in the Fate Void Realm
Chapter 316: Transformation of Strength
Chapter 317 Huocang Army Commands 20,000 Months
Chapter 318 Invited to participate in the war 22,000 monthly tickets
Chapter 319 The First Battle in the Starry Sky
Chapter 320 Killing the Strong
Chapter 321 The Beginning of the Killing
Chapter 322 The Name of the Ming Sword 24000 26000 months
Chapter 323 The First Blood Orb Asks for a Monthly Ticket
Chapter 324 Explosion! The Sword Domain Breaks Ten Thousand Laws and Becomes the Golden Alliance Leader Gu
Chapter 325 Congratulations to the main house of the Silver League
Thank you Gu Yue for talking about house food, the two masters
Chapter 326 Bronze Immortal Order
Chapter 327 Descending to the Main Continent
Chapter 328 Ten Years, The Birth of a Monster (for 30,000 months
Chapter 329 Primordial God Extreme Realm Tribulation (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 330 First Class Immortal Foundation (30,000 months
Chapter 331: The Beginning of a Legend
Chapter 332 Today, I am here, fighting in all directions (30,000 months
Chapter 333 Breakthrough, civil engineering changes (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 334 Famous World (36000 months
Chapter 335: Fifteen High-level Rules
Chapter 336 The Road to the Strongest Genius (40,000 months
Chapter 337 The Only Space Sovereign
Chapter 338 First Arrival at Linxian Pavilion
Chapter 339 Fifteen years of growth (40,000 months
Chapter 340 Battle of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 341 Prepare to set off
Chapter 342 Hello, Young Master Dark Saber
Chapter 343 Lei Ze World (42000 months
Chapter 344 Thunder Beast Picture, Mysterious Conception
Chapter 345 You Are Just a Shield
Chapter 346 The True Secret of the Thunder Beast Stone
Chapter 347 Harvest, Thunder Spirit (46000 months
Chapter 348 Thunder Beast Diagram? Life Dao Pattern Diagram?
Chapter 349 Origin Avenue
Chapter 350 Asking for a monthly ticket on the last day of the original map of good fortune
Chapter 351 Final realization of the law of life (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 352: Dark Moon, kill them all! Ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 353 First Arrival at the Land of Immortality
Summary for March!
Chapter 354 Witch Immortals Fight for Hegemony
Chapter 355 Higher Witch Division (5000 months
Chapter 356 The Millennium Goal
Chapter 357: The First Genius in the History of the Wu Clan
Chapter 358 Sky Witch Trial Pass)
Chapter 359 Straight into the Temple of the Heavenly Witch
Chapter 360 The Witch God
Chapter 361: One Hundred Floors of One Star Tower (10,000 Months)
Chapter 362: First in the Court of God, Ten Years Expired
Chapter 363 The only authority in heaven and earth
Chapter 363 The only authority in heaven and earth
Chapter 364 A Centennial Layout, Life and Death
Chapter 365 Life and Death, True Meaning
Chapter 366: Houfeng Sorcerer God (June 20,000)
Chapter 367 First Class Wu Ji
Chapter 368 Years, Stone Sculpture
Chapter 369
Chapter 370 Sweeping, the number one person in the ancient times (ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 371 No Regrets
Chapter 372 The Temple of Creation
Chapter 373 You Are Finally Here (Monthly Ticket 30,000
Chapter 374
Chapter 375 That Knife
Chapter 376 Faxiang (Distracted Monthly Pass)
Chapter 377: Seal of the Taoist Lord (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 379
Chapter 380 Meeting after Hundreds of Years
Chapter 381 Time and Space Island (40,000 months
Chapter 382 Taiyuan Shenting Lineage (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 383 Time and Space, the Essence of Creation
Chapter 384 Time and space mission
Chapter 385 Immortal Rank Formation
Chapter 386: The Sword Splits the Void
Chapter 387 What If I Say No?
Chapter 388 Integrate High Dimension, Black Demon Pillar
Chapter 389 Explosion, Acquired (45000 months
Chapter 390 The Secret of the Dark Demon
Chapter 391 Miraculous Effect of Blood Mist, Siyuan Dharma Sacrifice (55,000 months
Chapter 392 Teaming up to break through (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 393 Terrible Wu Yuan (65,000 months
Chapter 394 Completion, Time and Space Labyrinth
Chapter 395: Ice Vortex (70,000 Months)
Chapter 396 You Are the Chosen One
April summary
Chapter 397 The Secret Code of Time and Space (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 398 Enemy's Narrow Road
Chapter 399
Chapter 400: Wu Yuan's Fall (Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 401 Breakthrough
Chapter 402: Holy Forbidden Art Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 403: Fellow Daoist, please stay for 5000 months
Chapter 404 Dao world rules, what do I have to do with it (monthly ticket)
Chapter 405 Surprising Harvest Monthly Pass)
Chapter 406 Wanted
Chapter 407 Karma Mystery 15000 Months
Chapter 408
Chapter 409: Remembering Me is the Greatest Help to Me
Chapter 410 Time and space, good fortune, only 20,000 origin
Chapter 411: The Heaven and the Earth Have an End
Chapter 412 Superior Dotai (25000 Months)
Chapter 413: Wu Yuan Returns, Memories Blend
Chapter 414: The Source of Power of Faith
Chapter 415 Xia Shan and the Wu family
Chapter 416 The Treasure of King Xing
Chapter 417
Chapter 418 Sword Name Hundred Stars
Chapter 419: The Sword Rises and the Celestial Immortals Fall
Chapter 420 Existence that cannot be deduced
Chapter 421 Master, Really Not Enough!
Chapter 422 Monarch Conference
Chapter 423 Senior Expert (30,000 Months)
Chapter 424: Crying Sword Comes Out of the Mountain
Chapter 425 I'll Kill You
Chapter 426 Under the Star Lord, one sword can kill
Chapter 427: First Casting of a Vicious Name
Chapter 428 Stirring a Storm
Chapter 429 Megatron Time and Space Island
Chapter 430 Five Hundred Years Later
Chapter 431 Sword Slaying Star Lord
Chapter 432: The Arrival of the Master
Chapter 433: The Devil's Nest
June 1 book list activity
Chapter 434 Bloody Massacre Guaranteed Monthly Pass)
Chapter 435: The Biggest Threat (Guaranteed Monthly Pass)
Chapter 436: Wu Yuan's Dilemma
Chapter 437: A Long Way Behind
june calling month
Chapter 438
Chapter 439: Twelve Black Magic Token Monthly Tickets)
Chapter 440 Breakthrough
Chapter 441: Zuta wants you to die (monthly pass)
Chapter 442: The Truth
Chapter 443: Two True Deities, Double Extreme Realm Monthly Pass)
Chapter 444: Generous Inheritance Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 445: The foundation has become a monthly ticket)
Chapter 450: The transformation of the soul, even the highest can be beheaded (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 451 Assassination Exposed (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 452 Dominator Level Secret Treasure (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 453 Unshakable (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 454 The Fall of the Monarch (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 455 The inheritance of the Taoist master (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 456 The most perfect imprinter (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 457: Reincarnation Never Ends (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 458 The Taoist Master of Time and Space (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 459 Space Origin Stone (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 460 The battle over luck (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 461 Showdown between geniuses
Chapter 462 Countless casualties
Chapter 463 Wu Yuan and Mu Long
Chapter 464 Knife! Yongyan Xia Xuan!
Chapter 465: Insights from the bloody battle, the fourth style
Chapter 466 Future Choices
Chapter 467: Fame spreads throughout the world (final chapter of this volume)
Chapter 468 No. 1 in the Divine Court
Chapter 469 Invincible
Chapter 470 Taiyuan True Saint
Chapter 471 Space Dao Body
Chapter 472 Time, Mingjian’s Transformation
Chapter 473 Departure
Chapter 474 The undercurrent is surging
Chapter 475 The Heavenly Road Opens
Chapter 476 Original Law
Chapter 477 First Show of Strength
Chapter 478 This is luck
Chapter 479 Tao and Dharma both originate from matter
Chapter 480 Confronting the Strongest Genius
Chapter 481 Treasure Land of Life and Death
Chapter 482 The two great deities join forces
Chapter 483 The Realm of Creation
Chapter 484 Another Eternal Road
Chapter 485 Shock
Chapter 486 Eight Thousand Years
Chapter 487 Qualification
Chapter 488 The vibration of the Samsara Sword
Chapter 489 Palms as strong as the sky
Chapter 490 Entering the Heaven Realm
Chapter 491 Who was the original leader?
Chapter 492 I respect this way
Chapter 493 Strong Showdown
Chapter 494 Wu Yuan and Zhushan
Chapter 495 Top Ten
Chapter 496 Two Roads
Chapter 497 Third Class Holy Name
Chapter 498 The Holy Name Tianjiao
Chapter 499 The return of heaven and earth to ruins, the end (5,000 monthly votes for additional updates)
Chapter 500 The body of the great road, famous in the universe
Chapter 501 I will protect you from the wind and rain
July summary and votes.
Chapter 502 The name of the sword is Black Rock (please vote for me)
Chapter 503 The Leader of the Witch World (3000 votes plus update)
Chapter 504 Give it all (please vote)
Chapter 505 Wu Yuanxingjun (asking for monthly votes)
Chapter 506 Xingjun’s Limit (please vote for me)
Chapter 507: The Realm of Creation (asking for monthly votes)
Chapter 508 The Battle of Tianlang Mountain (please vote for me)
Chapter 509: Outbreak, Invincible Star Lord (please vote for me)
Chapter 510 The pursuit of Xianting
Chapter 511 Dominate the Cemetery
Chapter 512 Breakthrough, Lord of the Ringing Sword
Chapter 513 The top of the long river of life (6,000 monthly tickets for additional updates)
Chapter 514 The First Person in Hengyang
Chapter 515: Those who come ashore are not fish (9,000 monthly votes for additional updates)
Chapter 516 Ten Thousand Years Later
Chapter 517 The epiphany behind the stone gate
Chapter 518 Material Monarch
Chapter 519: Star Lord is No. 1, the storm is surging
Chapter 520 He is Wu Yuan
Chapter 521 Intensifying (Congratulations to the Silver Alliance ‘Warm Yang 1314’
Chapter 522 The sword appears and the monarch falls
Chapter 523 Massacre
Chapter 524 Summoning Order, Holy Land War
Chapter 525 Abyss Area, Source Armor Appears
Chapter 526 Four Masters
Chapter 527 I am like the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 528 The Fallen Supreme
Chapter 529 The Hope of Enlightenment (12,000 monthly votes plus more updates)
Chapter 530 What is a Taoist Master?
Chapter 531 The Second Step of Eternity
Chapter 532 The First Spirit Reappears, the Original Ancestral Tower
Chapter 533 Unification of Marks
Chapter 534 Crazy Monarchs
Chapter 535 Rescue
Chapter 536 A sword reflects the long river
Chapter 537 Beheading, number one in the world
Chapter 538 Green Saint Soldier Tower
Chapter 539 Noisy! Kill!
Chapter 540 Gu Nian? Who are you?
Chapter 541 Wu Yuan’s Taoist Heart
August summary
Chapter 542 The army is coming! The strongest explosion of Mingjian!!
Chapter 543 Bloody Massacre (please vote)
Chapter 544: Lord of the Ringing Sword (please vote for me)
Chapter 545 Dominate the five realms and become famous in the universe
Chapter 546: Immortality, Pathfinding, True Saint
Chapter 547 Tomb of the Green Saint (3,000 monthly tickets for additional updates)
Chapter 548 The Madness of the Blood Refining Master
Chapter 549 I am the master of the Qingling world
Chapter 550: Two Points in the Great World (6,000 monthly votes for additional updates)
Chapter 551 Shared Respect from All Parties
Chapter 552 The Successors of the Taoist Master (please vote for me)
Chapter 553 News from the Xuanhuang Universe (please vote for me)
Chapter 554 Success, the Original Ancestral Pagoda (please vote for me)
Chapter 555 The power of the avenue and the unification of consciousness (9,000 monthly votes plus more updates)
Chapter 556 Five Steps of Eternity, Legend of Tianzun (please vote for me)
Chapter 557 The treasure of protecting the Tao (please vote for me)
Chapter 558 A thousand paths are the basis to open up the way forward (please vote for me)
Chapter 559: The beginning of a new path, the first formula (12,000 monthly tickets for additional updates)
Chapter 560 Breakthrough, Body Refining Monarch
Chapter 561 Mass Extinction Plan (please vote)
Chapter 562 Wu Yuan returns
Chapter 563 The strong wind rises
Chapter 564 Wu Yuan appears and the sword is unsheathed (please vote)
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Chapter 565 Ambush from all sides, kill!
Chapter 566: Closing the net! The wheel of life and death, the void is like blood (please vote for me)
Chapter 567 The Battle of the Dominator Mo Yuan Unsheathes
Chapter 568 Wu Yuan! Dominate the peak! (Please vote for me)
Chapter 569 Immortal Court’s ‘Love’
Chapter 570 Yu He’s Number One Genius (please vote for me)
Chapter 571: Who will make history after coming back a hundred times (final chapter of this volume)
Chapter 572: Leave your name on the reincarnation list (15,000 monthly votes for additional updates)
Chapter 573 The Life and Death of Dongyang Sword Immortal
Chapter 574: Avenue oath? They are all trash!
Chapter 575 Opportunity in Dongyang
Chapter 576 The choice of Demon Moon Temple
Chapter 577 Don’t want to give? I’ll beat you until you give.
Chapter 578 Luanjiang Ancestral Witch
Chapter 579 Ancestral Witch Palace Status
Chapter 580 The Second Level of the Samsara Sword (18,000 monthly tickets for additional updates)
Chapter 581 The Destruction of the Ancient World
Chapter 582 I’ll make up for what you missed
Chapter 583 Ninety Thousand Years
Chapter 584 A transaction
Chapter 585 Xia! Demon Emperor Xia!
Chapter 586 The Power of a Sword
September summary
Chapter 587 Flower of Sin
Chapter 588 Do you think I’m easy to bully?
Chapter 589 Battle of the Demon King
Chapter 590 The strongest point, beheading
Chapter 591 The Wrath of the True Saint
Chapter 592 Eternal Arrival and Resurrection
Chapter 593 Houtu Zusha enters the abyss again
Chapter 594 Nine Heavenly Road
Chapter 595 The Demon Emperors Arrive and Kill
Chapter 596 The Invincible Xia Demon Emperor
Chapter 597 Eternity Arrives
Chapter 598 Defense Against Heaven, Flowers of Sin Bloom
Chapter 599 The First Demon Emperor
Chapter 600 Blade of the Abyss
Chapter 601 Killing Eternity, Myth
Chapter 602 The Beginning of Myth
Chapter 603 Ring of the River
Chapter 604 The Entrustment of Houtu Zusha
Chapter 605 Entering the Territory Sea
Chapter 606 Nine Realms of Time and Space
Chapter 607 The boundless sea of territory
Chapter 608 The strong man in the holy world
A later summary
Chapter 609 In the Ancient Dream Mountain
Chapter 610 Immortal can also be killed
Chapter 611 Nuwa Stone Fragments
Chapter 612 Dream? Desperate situation?
Chapter 613 The Realm of Dreams
Chapter 614 The real desperate situation
Chapter 615 The greatest hope (first update)
Chapter 616 Three Billion Years (Second Update)
Chapter 617 Transformation, Eternal Soul (First Update)
The last battle, no regrets
Chapter 618 The Birth of Xinmengliu (Second Update)
Chapter 619 Success (third update)
Chapter 620: What Nuwa Empress left (1st update)
Chapter 621 Return (Second update)
Chapter 622 You fell down before I even took action (third update)
Chapter 623 He is coming (1st update)
Chapter 624 Eternal Battle, Another Saint Killing (Second Update)
Chapter 625: The Name of the Lord of the Ringing Sword (1st update, please vote for me)
Chapter 626: The Most Holy Attention (Second update, please vote for me)
Chapter 627 The arrival of the Taoist Master (please vote for the third update)
Thank you to the golden leader for saying, 'How long will it be before you drink the flowers when the wine blooms', thank you
Chapter 628 The oldest one (fourth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 629 Thirty Thousand Years Later (5th update, please vote for me)
Chapter 630: Reincarnation Sword? Xuanhuang Daobao (please vote for the sixth update, thank you
Chapter 631 Immortal Court Killing Bureau (1st update please vote for me)
Chapter 632 Yu Heuchi, I am a myth (Second update, please vote for me)
Chapter 633 Yuhe Beacon (please vote for the third update)
Chapter 634 The dream world illuminates the void! The light of the sword reflects on the Yuhe River! (10,000-word request)
Chapter 635 Since the beginning, the first in Changhe (please vote for me)
Chapter 636: Xia Demon Emperor? It’s Wu Yuan! (Please vote for me)
Chapter 637 Entering the Universe (please vote for me)
Chapter 638 Mythical Stars (please give me monthly votes for 10,000 words)
Chapter 639: The end of the long river, fighting against all the ways (please vote for me)
Chapter 640: The Beginning of the Path, Refining the False to the True (Calling for Monthly Tickets)
Chapter 641: Smelting a Thousand Ways, Transcending All Dharmas (10,000 words for monthly votes)
Chapter 642: In the long river, I am the myth (please vote for me with 10,000 words)
Chapter 643: My way is the way of heaven (end of this volume, please vote for me with 10,000 words)
Chapter 644 The hope of ruling the universe (please vote for 10,000 words)
Chapter 645: Eight Hundred Thousand Years (10,000 words for monthly votes)
Chapter 646: Killing in the Holy Land of Immortal Court (please give me monthly votes for 10,000 words)
Chapter 647: Infinite Chaos, Killing the True Saint (10,000 words, please vote for me)
Chapter 648 Wu Yuan’s reputation (10,000 words, please vote for me)
Chapter 649 Tomb of the Green Saint (10,000 words, please vote for me)
Chapter 650 The Ninth Heaven and Earth (10,000 words, please vote for me)
Chapter 651 The Six Holy Emperors (please vote for me)
Chapter 652: Entering the Holy Sect, the first genius (please give me monthly votes for 10,000 words)
Chapter 653 I will bear my calamity (please vote)
Chapter 654: The Ultimate of the Nine Realms, the War Begins (please vote for 10,000 words)
Chapter 655 The Fall of the Holy Emperor
Chapter 656 The Supreme Realm
Chapter 657: Tian Toad’s Promise, Go Your Own Way (Ten thousand words for monthly votes)
Chapter 658 Xuanhuang Yuan, returns (please give me monthly votes for 10,000 words)
Chapter 659 The Heavenly Toad Devours the Way (please vote for me)
Chapter 660: The No. 1 True Saint (please vote for me)
Chapter 661: Self-certification of eternity (please vote for me)
Chapter 662 True Sage Mingjian
Chapter 663 I am the Lord of Creation
Chapter 664: Billions of Years of Practice
1213 Young Emperor extra trailer and November summary
Chapter 665 Zhuo Haiyue and Lei Sheng (please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket)
Chapter 666 Nine Ruins of Chaos
Chapter 667 The First Chaos Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 668 If you survive a disaster, you will be blessed later.
Chapter 669 Rampant
Chapter 670 Wu Yuan’s Power
Chapter 671 Ranking of Wanyu Tower
Chapter 672 Billions of Years
Chapter 673 The Birth of the Tenth Ruins Realm
Chapter 674 True Saints Gather
Chapter 675 The first battle, whoever stands in the way will die
Chapter 676: Five Thousand Years of Opening Up Wasteland, Amazing Harvests
Chapter 677 The storm is rising
Chapter 678 The power of Mingjian
Chapter 679 New Ranking
Chapter 680 Chaos Jade Crystal is Born
Chapter 681 The Resurrected True Saint
Chapter 682 Peak showdown! Success!
Chapter 683 East Wing’s Promise
Chapter 684 The third step of one’s own path, the chosen one
Chapter 685 The Terrible Wu Yuan
Chapter 686 Death of Yun Sheng
Chapter 687 Return of Tianxu
Chapter 688 Value
Chapter 689 Xuanhuang Daobao
Chapter 690 Exposed! Another Taoist Master!
Year-end summary
Chapter 691 Void Temple
Chapter 692 Heart Dream Realm! Determined to belong!
Chapter 693 I want them all!
Chapter 694 One person shocks thousands of saints
Chapter 695 The First Alliance Leader
Chapter 696 Tianhan Mountain
Chapter 697: A sea of unique knowledge (double monthly tickets, please vote on the last day)
Chapter 698 The Seventh Form ‘Eternity in a Moment’ (please vote for me)
Chapter 699 'Five Styles of Destruction' (please vote for me)
Chapter 700: Cultivation for Millions of Years
Chapter 701: The original thought, the end (Final chapter of this volume)
Chapter 702 Return, the target of public criticism
Chapter 703 The Original First True Saint
Chapter 704 Target, Wu Yuan
Chapter 705: Become the Holy Saint, the Strongest Taoist Master
Chapter 706 The Creator of the Ancestral Tower
Chapter 707 The Taoist Treasure! Boundless Mana!
Chapter 708 The Name of Yuan Sheng
Chapter 709 Saints gather and the war begins
Chapter 710 Hou Tu! Hou Tu!
Chapter 711 The Powerful Wu Yuan
Chapter 712 The Fall of the Holy Ancestor
Chapter 713 The Path of Cultivation
Chapter 714 The original swordsman
Chapter 715 The hand that covers everything
Chapter 716 Four Roads to Power
Chapter 717 Taoist Guide
Chapter 718 Encounter in the Domain of Destruction
Chapter 719 Yuan Sheng and Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 720 Confrontation
Chapter 721 The power of great destruction
Chapter 722 The battle of life and death, reincarnation and destruction
written before the ending
Chapter 723 Enlightenment under reincarnation
Chapter 724 The Witch Court’s Response
Chapter 725 A long time
Chapter 726: Duel with the original, semi-real world
Chapter 727: Reincarnation Tribulation, the Final Battle Begins
Chapter 728 Fighting
Chapter 729 Fierce battle! Ten paths have the same origin
Chapter 730 The way of the Emperor of Heaven! Original reincarnation!
Chapter 731 (Part 1)
Chapter 732 (in the finale)
Chapter 733 (Part 2 of the finale)
Extra: Emperor Tian and Tianxu
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