Chapter 646: Killing in the Holy Land of Immortal Court (please give me monthly votes for 10,000 words)

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"I broke through, it's really comfortable." Wu Yuan felt the majestic power contained in his body.

Nurtured by the eternal divine body, Wu Yuan's body-refining deity's spiritual soul is constantly transforming and becoming stronger.

The stronger the soul, the more efficient you will be in deducing your own way or practicing and understanding various secret arts.

This is the benefit of a strong foundation.

"However, it took more than a hundred thousand years for my divine body to crazily consume all kinds of energy crystals, before I could barely build my divine body." Wu Yuan secretly said: "It is even slower to conceive and raise the divine soul. Now the refined body's divine soul can barely compete with the immortal state.


That's right.

One hundred thousand years ago, that is, when Wu Yuan devoted himself to cultivation for more than 700,000 years, under a high roof, he had unknowingly deduced a thousand of the nine thousand original pictures of "The Original Law" and was able to create the eternal divine body.

However, the energy required to cultivate the eternal divine body is too huge. Even if Wu Yuan was prepared in advance, it still took him 100,000 years to complete the cultivation.

Until today.

This is just the initial transformation of the divine body. Want to transform the divine soul to the level of a saint? Without the help of external objects, Wu Yuan estimates that it will take tens of millions of years.

This is not a long time.

At the eternal level, it is normal to sometimes spend hundreds of millions of years refining a powerful treasure or practicing a special secret technique.


"Only by completely controlling the Holy Armor of Hunyu and the Infinite Saber can we display our strongest strength." Wu Yuan thought in his mind.

Suddenly, a layer of silver battle armor appeared on the surface of the majestic body that was 900 million miles high. The surface of the battle armor was engraved with countless eternity-like Dao patterns. Many of the Dao patterns converged into one, like huge vortexes of chaos, making Wu

The aura exuded by Yuan is even worse.

"The innate treasure is indeed an innate treasure. Even my eternal divine body can barely bear it. It is not in vain that I spent 6.8 million Xuanhuang meritorious deeds." Wu Yuan silently sensed the sacred armor of Hunyu that he had just recognized as his master.

The power of soul penetrates into the source of Tao, and it is constantly comprehended and pondered.

Without the transformation of his divine body, Wu Yuan would not have been able to defeat the Hunyu Holy Armor.

The power of the Holy Armor of Hunyu, even if Wu Yuan initially controls it, is much stronger than that of the Source Armor.

If it takes more time, the power is destined to be stronger.

"The Eternal Divine Body represents the strongest defensive power. Now that I have reached the level of Xiaocheng, my physical defense is close to the True Saint level." Wu Yuan said secretly: "Coupled with the Hunyu Holy Armor, I can reach the threshold level of the True Saint.


The eternal divine body is divided into three levels: Xiaocheng, Dacheng, and Perfection.

Xiao Cheng, whose true height is 900 million miles, and whose divine body strength is comparable to the peak of a saint.

Dacheng, whose true height is tens of billions of miles, whose divine body strength is comparable to the threshold of a true saint, must understand the first three thousand pictures of the nine thousand original pictures.

To achieve perfection, the true height is 300 billion miles, the power of the divine body is completely comparable to the peak of the true saint, and one must understand the first six thousand pictures of the nine thousand original pictures.

Of course, this true body height is all within the universe.

If it is in the ocean, affected by changes in the dimensions of time and space, the expressive power will be far less than that of the interior of the universe.

"Most of the true saints cannot achieve the small completion of the eternal divine body, let alone the perfection of the eternal divine body?" Wu Yuan secretly shook his head: "What if it is a higher level of Xuanhuang body? When the true body is revealed in the universe, it will reach an exaggerated level of light.


The eternal divine body is perfect, and even many sages cannot reach this level. Most of the paths they opened are not good at practicing the "Original Method".

"The small achievement of the eternal divine body is so amazing, the legendary black and yellow body?" Wu Yuan sighed secretly.

The black and yellow body is the legend of the endless sea, and there are only a few holy cities that can be reached.

All nine thousand original pictures must be understood.

For example - the Taoist Lord of Creation.

The true body he left behind in the world of creation reached one light-year, which deeply shocked Wu Yuan, who was at the Star Lord level.


Wu Yuan waved his hand again, and a set of dark swords exuding endless destructive aura floated in front of him.

It was the nameless sword that Wu Yuan exchanged from the witch court's treasury that had never been born before.

However, he was named ‘Wuji’ by Wu Yuan!

"The Infinite Holy Sword." Wu Yuan waved his big hand, and the huge palm passed through the void easily breaking through ten thousand times the speed of light, causing the space to rumble and shatter, and he grabbed the hilt of the war sword that was hundreds of millions of miles long.

As an innate treasure, as long as Wu Yuan is capable enough, it would be normal for him to expel it to a size of dozens of light-years.

"This sword is indeed as I expected, it suits me very well." Wu Yuan felt the secret of the inner source of the sword and showed a satisfied smile.

Battle armor is similar, as long as it conforms to your own path, the requirements are not high.

But offensive treasures are different. Wu Yuan selected the Wuji Holy Sword among the more than ten innate treasure swords in the Wuting Treasure House because it best suited his own Tao.

"The Infinite Holy Sword."

"It should come from the Avenue of Destruction, which fits the artistic conception of 'Great Destruction'." Wu Yuan secretly said: "And at the end of endless destruction, there is a trace of life."

Wu Yuan was very satisfied.

He doesn't dare to expect too much. Want to find a weapon that perfectly suits his way? It's almost impossible.

"Since the beginning, not to mention that my way is similar to mine, I'm afraid there are not many even close to it." Wu Yuan shook his head secretly: "Want to find a completely suitable weapon? Difficult!"

The best choice is to accumulate enough rare materials in the future to forge an innate treasure or chaotic spiritual treasure that is most suitable for you.

Look across the sea.

Most of those saints who stand at the top end up refining Chaos Spiritual Treasures themselves.

Similar to Ji Dao’s unique skills, the one that suits you is the best.

"Not in a hurry."

"First, completely control the two innate treasures before going out." Wu Yuan continued to silently comprehend the two treasures.

at the same time.

Deep in Wu Yuan's body-refining deity, the mysterious eternal heart is slowly evolving.

The Eternal Heart is the core of an eternal strong man, the source of divine soul and mana energy.


A slightly illusory black tower emerged from Wu Yuan's body, shrouding the Eternal Heart and slowing the evolution of the Eternal Heart to an extreme.

"My eternal heart, the world in my heart has not yet been opened up, it is in chaos!" Wu Yuan silently sensed that in the eternal heart, there are countless powerful mana tumbling, but they still only dominate the ultimate mana.

There are also countless innate air currents wandering in the eternal heart.

This is because Wu Yuan only transformed his divine body, but his own way has not yet cut off the original connection with Yuhe, and has not yet transcended the shackles of the river.

Only by detachment can we truly leave a mark on the original rules and achieve eternal enlightenment.

Only then can a brilliant and endless world be opened up in the Eternal Heart.

A completely independent world, transcending time and space.

"The Eternal Divine Body can also make the Eternal Heart initially evolve and open up a primitive world inside." Wu Yuan secretly said: "At that time, even if the shadow of the Ancestral Tower shrouds it, it will not be able to cover up the aura of the Eternal Heart."

In essence, Wu Yuan's body-refining deity is now an eternally powerful person.

Material is eternal.

He just used the phantom of the Ancestral Tower to prevent Yuhe's origin from sensing the Eternal Heart and delay his strength. However, no matter how much he delayed, he could not hide it forever.

"One hundred million years!"

"At most 100 million years, no matter whether I use my own way to construct the inner world, the eternal heart will be completely transformed." Wu Yuan had vague judgments and perceptions.

Therefore, Wu Yuan must complete the plans of the two deities within 100 million years.

"One hundred thousand years later, take action." A fierce light flashed across Wu Yuan's eyes.

Think about it for a moment.

Wu Yuan then passed the approximate time of his action to the Houtu Ancestral Witch and asked the Luanjiang Ancestral Witch and others to prepare.

The witch court realm is a mysterious world in the ancestral witch palace.

"Meet the ancestral witch Houtu." The ancestral shaman Luanjiang saluted respectfully. He had just received the order and hurried over.

At the end of the void, there is a vague and towering figure.

"One hundred thousand years later, implement the plan I gave last time." Hou Tu Zuwu said in a gentle voice: "In the next few years, you will be prepared. I will stay in the holy world with peace of mind, ready to come to Yuhe at any time.


"Yes." Luanjiang Ancestral Witch said solemnly: "When the time comes, I will definitely do my best to entangle the True Sage Xiaoyao so that it will be difficult for him to interfere with Wu Yuan."


Hou Tuzu Wu said indifferently: "The plan is carried out as usual, but in this battle, your mission has changed. Xiaoyao Zhensheng does not need you to deal with it. You only need to guard secretly to prevent other strong men from raiding."

"If everything goes well, maybe you don't have to take action." Hou Tu Zuwu looked down at Luanjiang Zuwu.

"I just need to defend secretly? No need for me to take action?" Luan Jiang Ancestral Witch was stunned and said with some hesitation: "Could it be that the Taoist Master of Time and Space wants to take action?"

All he could think of was the Taoist Master of Time and Space.

"The Taoist master will not interfere." Hou Tuzu Wu's voice was vague: "The main force in this battle is Wu Yuan."

"Let him deal with True Saint Xiaoyao. Perhaps, he can kill True Saint Xiaoyao."


Ancestral Wu Luanjiang was stunned, his eyes widened.

Blood Dreamland is a plane belonging to the Taoist Master of Time and Space. In an inconspicuous corner, there are a series of palaces.

The two true saints received the order and gathered here.

"Taiyuan, I didn't expect that one day we would join forces." The Immortal Saint sighed with emotion.

"I didn't expect that either."

Taiyuan Zhensheng smiled and said: "However, you are actually Wu Yuan's master, which is beyond my expectation."

They also received orders from the Taoist Master of Time and Space.

"Why does the Taoist Master want to help Wu Yuan?" The Immortal True Saint couldn't help but said: "From the information I know, Wu Yuan seems to have nothing to do with the Taoist Master? Could it be that the witch court is asking for help?"

"You know a lot, and you must have deduced it." Taiyuan Zhensheng had an inexplicable smile on his face: "Don't you have any guesses in your heart?"

The Immortal True Saint's pupils shrank, and he naturally had some suspicions.


When he thought about that possibility, he couldn't believe it.

"You have better luck than me."

"If you accept Master Wu Yuan as your disciple, even if you don't have a deep relationship, you are still a master in name only." Taiyuan Zhensheng said with emotion: "If Master Wu Yuan rules a universe in the future and stands at the top of the sea... you

The benefits are huge.”

"So, there is no need to ask me the truth. You will know when there are things you should know." Taiyuan Zhensheng looked at him: "Do you have any worries this time?"


"Of course not." The Immortal Saint shook his head, with a cold light in his eyes: "This time, whoever blocks Wu Yuan's way will die."

"That's enough." Taiyuan Zhensheng smiled.

The two true saints communicated with each other, and they were all ready. For the next hundreds of millions of years, they would always pay attention to the movements of the Lingjiang universe.

In the past eight hundred thousand years, the entire Lingjiang Universe seemed to have calmed down, and neither Master Mingjian nor Master Wu Yuan made any shocking moves.

In fact, undercurrents are still surging.

Territory Sea, Xiaoyao Holy World, the main continent is bright, and a large number of monarchs and masters cultivate and live in it.

On the east side of the continent, in the highest temple, the Xiaoyao Zhensheng and Xianfeng Daogu, dressed in green, stood in front of the railings in the square outside the temple, overlooking the vast and endless continent.

There was a hint of worry in his eyes.

"Eight hundred thousand years, no movement at all?" True Sage Xiaoyao thought: "Wu Yuan, what are you doing?"


"Huh?" Xiaoyao Zhensheng was thoughtful, turned his head and looked behind him, and saw countless light points converging, and a blurry figure condensed.

"Immortal Lord." Xiaoyao Zhensheng bowed slightly and saluted.

The person who came was none other than Jiuyou Immortal Lord.

"I just got the news." The voice of the incarnation of Jiuyou Immortal Lord was ethereal. He looked at Xiaoyao Zhensheng and said: "In the Qingling world of Lingjiang universe, there are some special fluctuations. There is a certain probability that it is Wu Yuan or Mingjian.

Prepare to attain eternal enlightenment.”

"Proof of eternity?" Xiaoyao Zhensheng's eyes flashed with a hint of shock.

Although I had expected it, I was surprised to hear that they would attain eternity so soon.

How long have they been practicing?

"It's just deductions and conjectures based on intelligence." Jiuyou Immortal Lord said slowly: "In the entire Qingling world, all timelines and cause and effect lines are very confusing. It seems that Hou Tuzu Witch has covered it up."

The True Sage Xiaoyao listened.

He knew very well that in terms of control over time and space, Jiuyou Immortal Master was the best among the sages in the Immortal Court, but compared to Houtu Zuwu, he was naturally much inferior.

"It is almost impossible to kill Wu Yuan or Ming Jian in the universe." Jiuyou Immortal Lord said slowly: "In a sense, it is difficult for us to cut off their path to the Holy Saint. Their talents are so amazing.


The holy way?

Xiaoyao True Sage sighed in his heart. His cultivation years were not long among the true saints, but he still longed to become the Holy Saint.

The Holy Saint is the pinnacle of Yuhai.

And the two juniors, who obviously have a long life, have a high probability of becoming saints in the future, which naturally makes him jealous.

"That?" Xiaoyao Zhensheng was confused.

"Now, what our Immortal Court has to do is to stop either Wu Yuan or Ming Jian from opening up a holy realm in the universe." Jiuyou Immortal Lord said slowly: "No matter who of them does it, they will be reincarnated in this world.

When it ends, it is very likely that another Emperor Yantuo will be born, even more terrifying than Emperor Yantuo."

Xiaoyao Zhensheng's heart trembled, Emperor Yantuo?

That is also the legend of Yu Hai. In terms of prestige and fame, it is no less powerful than the Emperor Jiang Zuwu of the Witch Court.

"I understand how to stop Wu Yuan." Xiaoyao Zhensheng hesitated: "Can you stop the Lord of the Ringing Sword? He seems to be the successor of the Taoist Master of Time and Space."

Mingjian is the successor of the Taoist Master of Time and Space. This matter can easily be kept secret in the universe.

But looking at the entire sea of ​​​​the territory, the true saints and the holy saints have such a high vision. Most of them are familiar with the Taoist Master of Time and Space, and they will naturally make deductions based on various clues.

"He is indeed the successor of the Taoist Master of Time and Space." Jiuyou Immortal Lord said lightly: "But so what? When he helped Wu Yuan massacre the powerful men of our Immortal Court, did he ever think about today?"

"He chose to be my enemy in Immortal Court."

"Then, don't blame me, Immortal Court, for taking action." Jiuyou Immortal Lord said slowly: "Don't worry, this matter is not only shared by our Immortal Court, but also the consensus of many forces in the region and sea."

"When the day comes when any of them opens up the Yunei Holy Realm, many true saints in Lingjiang Universe will take action."

Xiaoyao Zhensheng has great concentration in his heart.

He knew in his heart that there was a high probability that Jiuyou Immortal Lord had already communicated with the leaders of other major forces in Yuhai.

For no other reason than that, all the forces do not want another heaven-defying terrifying being to be born in Yuhai.

"Self-proven eternity, there will be movement and stillness naturally."

"But before Wu Yuan and Ming Jian attained eternity, the most likely thing they would do was to attack the Holy Land of Xianting Lingjiang." Jiuyou Immortal said: "Once the Holy Land is breached and the anchor point of your descent is destroyed,

Then, if things change in the future, you won't be able to come quickly."

If there is an anchor point, if the True Sage Xiaoyao wants to return to the universe, he only needs to count his breaths.

If not? You have to rush to Xianting Universe first, and then rush to Lingjiang Universe, which will be too slow.

"Don't worry, Immortal Lord." Xiaoyao Zhensheng nodded and said: "I also expected it. I have been paying attention to the universe for hundreds of thousands of years."

"In addition, the four saints under my command who can descend are also on standby and ready to descend at any time."

When it comes time to fight, the True Saint is the core force, but the time for the True Saint to fight for a long time is limited.

At critical moments, the saint's arrival can also play a huge role.

"That's good." Jiuyou Immortal Lord nodded with satisfaction, and then he transformed and dispersed.

There is no time to practice.

The time it took to comprehend the two innate treasures was shorter than Wu Yuan imagined. It only took about 80,000 years to basically master the many mysteries of the source of the treasure.

But it is enough to show how terrifying the innate treasure is. If it were a top-grade innate spiritual treasure, Wu Yuan would have been able to comprehend it for several years now.

However, just having a thorough understanding does not mean that you can trigger it.

"If you want to activate it perfectly, you need true saint level magic power." Wu Yuan thought thoughtfully, silently sensing the two innate treasures.

Skill and strength are indispensable.

"But just activating the first two levels, with the power of the eternal divine body, is enough." Wu Yuan felt peaceful in his heart.

It's not that he didn't expect to practice for a while longer, but whether it was taking the third step in his own path or taking a further step in the eternal divine body, it would take too long.

As in the past 100,000 years, Wu Yuan clearly felt that his progress was slowing down.

In other words, it's not slowing down.

But all the past accumulation has been transformed into strength, and if you want to go further, you need more accumulation. How long will this take?

One hundred million years? One billion years? No definite number at all.

"When your Tao evolves into the eternal heart and becomes a saint, you will be able to initially take control of the power of the Tao." Wu Yuan said secretly: "At that time, the speed of cultivation will become faster again."

But at that point, Wu Yuan will also be suppressed by the origin of Yuhe in Yuhe, and it will be even more difficult to kill other true saints.

"about there."

"Even if you practice for thousands of years, your strength will never change again."

"It's time to take action."

Wu Yuan's body-refining deity took one step forward and flew out of the Yuanjie headquarters, rushing towards the dark and endless void at an astonishing speed.

at the same time.

Wu Yuanyuan also flew out of the abyss world, and then quickly collected all relatives and friends, such as his sister Wu Yijun, mother, Fang Xia, etc. into the cave magic weapon.

The source body does not have an eternal heart. Even if the perception is high enough, it cannot cultivate the eternal divine body.

But with many treasures such as Mo Yuan Sword and Yuan Jia, Yuan Jia can also burst into the threshold of saint strength.

"Yuan Shen, just stay in the big world and protect your relatives and friends."

"With the isolation of the big world, even if the true saint comes, it will be difficult to hurt relatives and friends through the source body." Wu Yuan's plan was perfect.


The Qi Refining Lord will also sit in the Qingling Great Realm, observing everything secretly, and will take action if the critical moment comes.

In the Wuting Lingjiang Holy Land, time and space are intertwined, and in the huge and endless Luanjiang Palace, there is a sudden storm.

Astonishing fluctuations spread, causing the several masters guarding the palace to be shocked and looked into the void in shock.

follow closely.

"Wow~" Countless brilliance emerged, and a purple-robed figure appeared out of thin air. He seemed to be in another time, space, and world, and was incompatible with the entire universe.


He stepped from the void step by step, and with each step he took, the endless void vibrated, and countless brilliance converged, as if he was gradually walking from the outside of the universe into the universe.

After taking nine steps.

He has truly been in this world.

"It's the ancestral witch."

"The ancestral witch has arrived."

"Meet the ancestral witch." The three witch court masters who were guarding here quickly saluted respectfully, but their hearts were extremely shocked.

In their eyes, the Ancestral Witch at this moment was vaguely more majestic and vast than the entire universe, surpassing the entire world.

While they were shocked, they also felt a little confused.

Ancestral witch, why did you come in true form?

"I'm really not used to it. I was completely suppressed." Ancestral Witch Luan Jiang frowned slightly. He felt that there was a vast and endless power staring at him.

Suppressing myself.

There is no one strength left in a hundred, and as time goes by, the strength that can be exerted will become weaker and weaker.

"You can stay here with peace of mind." Ancestral Wu Luanjiang glanced at these masters and said calmly: "Remember, don't leak the news."

"Yes." The three masters said in fear.


Ancestral Wu Luanjiang took one step forward and quickly rushed towards the direction of Xianting Lingjiang Holy Land.

At the same time as he comes.

In the Immortal Land, the Taiyuan Divine Court Headquarters, the Immortal True Saint and the Taiyuan True Saint also arrived quietly.

The three eternal true saints have arrived.

At the same time, they rushed towards the Holy Land of Xianting Lingjiang.

Even the Ancestral Witch of Luanjiang and the Immortal Saint were extremely careful and tried their best to restrain their auras.

However, the arrival of several true saints in succession caused great commotion, no less than the arrival of dozens of saints, which caused more obvious fluctuations in the entire Yuhe River.

Especially in the Lingjiang universe, the fluctuations and oscillations of the origin of the universe are more obvious.

In the holy realm of Xiaoyao.

"Huh? Is there a true saint coming? Such an obvious fluctuation?" True Saint Xiaoyao has been silently sensing the origin of the entire Lingjiang universe through the Holy Land Formation, and immediately noticed the strange phenomenon.

"At least two true saints have arrived."

"Who is it? Luan Jiang?" A trace of hesitation flashed in Xiaoyao Zhensheng's eyes, and he immediately reported it to Jiuyou Immortal Lord.

But he did not come immediately because he was not yet sure who was coming or whether he was coming for him.

Once it comes, your own strength will gradually be suppressed, and the enemy does not come to kill you immediately, so the situation will become more passive.


Most of the time, if a war breaks out between true saints in the universe, it will be caused by one party suddenly attacking the other party's lair in the Holy Land.


"Damn it! How dare Wu Yuan come here alone?" A hint of coldness flashed across Xiaoyao Zhensheng's eyes: "I'm afraid it's just Yuan Shen who came here to trick me into coming."

"Saint Anliu, prepare to come immediately." True Saint Xiaoyao immediately sent a message.


Under Xiaoyao Zhensheng, there are a total of four saints who can return to the Lingjiang Universe, with varying strengths and weaknesses.

In fact, through the holy world channel, the true saints can directly transmit their saints into the universe, but the cost is very high.

To teleport once, the original power of the Holy Realm consumed is no less than the treasure value of 10,000 Xuanhuang meritorious deeds.

Therefore, it will only be enabled at critical moments.

Ten breaths ago.

Xianting Lingjiang Holy Land, as the headquarters of Xianting in the Lingjiang universe, has opened up a huge and endless vast world, which is no less than all the immortal continents in the great world combined.

This vast continent is home to countless powerful people from the Immortal Court, and the entire continent has been made extremely beautiful by the Immortal Court.

The number of powerful monarchs who have lived here for a long time alone exceeds 20,000.

As for the Star Lords, the immortals and gods, there are countless of them.

The entire continent is actually divided into many subsidiary time spaces and worlds. Only the monarch has the authority to travel between different worlds in the headquarters.

There is an endless mountain range on the east side of the continent, the main peak is majestic and endless, and a huge star hangs in the sky, shining on this world.

Here is the famous ‘Pengshi Realm’ of Xianting Lingjiang Holy Land.

The residence of the Lord of Pengshi.

"I never thought that Master would one day fall." Outside a palace in the mountains, two monarchs were having a drink. One of them, a female monarch, was dressed in purple and was extremely beautiful.

At this moment, her face was full of depression.

"Xueyou, please forgive me and accept the change." The black-armored young monarch sighed: "Who could have thought that the Lord of Pengshi was famous for his fame and was good at the way of time and space, but he would suddenly fall."

Lord Xueyou's eyes darkened.

She was originally extremely favored by the Master of Pengshi. As a disciple of the Master of Pengshi, although she was only a middle-level monarch in strength, her status was extremely high, which made many powerful monarchs treat her extremely politely.

Now, the backer has fallen.


"Those monarchs who were previously attached to the master's sect, now that they saw the master's death, they moved away from the Pengshi Realm one by one." A trace of resentment flashed in the eyes of Lord Xueyou: "They didn't even think of revenge.


"They are all ruthless and unjust people."

"Heidong, have you ever thought about avenging your master?" Lord Xueyou looked at the young monarch in black armor.

Lord Heidong was stunned and couldn't help but smile bitterly and said: "Xueyou, I have been favored by the master, so naturally I hope to avenge the master... But you and I should be very clear that the one who killed the master was the master of Wu Ting Wu Yuan. That is

The one who created the myth of the long river."

"According to legend, more than one eternally powerful person fell in his hands, and his reputation was as great as that of the former Emperor of Heaven."

"I? I am powerless." Lord Black Winter smiled bitterly and shook his head, but he was secretly muttering in his heart.


If I hadn't been greedy for the treasure left by the rumored master of Pengshi, I would have left you long ago.

A spoiled guy, Lord Black Winter actually doesn't want to get involved with him anymore.

"Wu Yuan?" The hatred in Lord Xueyou's eyes deepened: "The eternal strong man in our Immortal Court will definitely take action and will definitely kill him."

Lord Black Winter continued to smile bitterly and said nothing.

"Xueyou, you still have to keep a low profile." Lord Black Winter advised: "I heard that the person who killed the master back then might have been the mysterious ringing sword master. He was very good at the fate of time and space."

"If you keep talking like this all day long, you may be sensed by him secretly. If he wants to take action against you, he may kill you with just one thought." Lord Black Winter said.

Although he doesn't care about the life or death of Lord Xueyou, if the other party dies, where can he find the treasure of Lord Pengshi?

"A thought? Kill me?" Monarch Xueyou sneered: "Heidong, you were frightened by them. I have been staying at the Holy Land headquarters, so Wu Yuan and Mingjian can't do anything to me if they join forces."

"This is the headquarters of the Holy Land. Not even the Eternal Power can try to get in." Lord Xueyou snorted coldly.

It's not surprising that she behaves like this.

Over the long years, through reincarnations of heaven and earth, many holy land headquarters have rarely been provoked by other forces.

The myth of the long river?

Basically, they will not provoke the Holy Land headquarters.

at this time.

Rumble~ Lord Xueyou and Lord Black Winter felt it at the same time, and suddenly raised their heads to look into the void.

As monarchs, they have extremely high authority and can control some formation restrictions.

In an instant.

They looked through the layers of time and space and saw it.


A dazzling endless light suddenly streaked hundreds of light-years across the endless continent... The entire peripheral formation of the Xianting Lingjiang Holy Land headquarters began to collapse and disintegrate.

An extremely majestic figure, about tens of thousands of miles high, has stepped out of that ray of light.

He stood there, overlooking the continent below. When his gaze swept across, the hearts of the monarchs on the continent trembled.

Endless majesty!

Tao Yun Tiancheng!

Like the sky.



"That's that?" Lord Xueyou and Lord Heidong were both stunned, looking at that majestic figure in shock. They felt fear involuntarily emanating from their hearts.


In their perception, that majestic figure definitely transcended this world and the scope of Tao and Dharma.

"Eternally strong?" Both monarchs were afraid of him.

Not only them, but at this moment, there are tens of thousands of monarchs in the entire Immortal Holy Land, whether they are standing on the mainland, hiding in some caves, or in some independently developed worlds.

They all saw the majestic figure in black robes from a distance.

Because, when Wu Yuan penetrated into the Holy Land of Xianting Lingjiang, with a single thought, his thoughts were projected to all dimensions of time and space, which can be said to be everywhere.

There is nowhere to hide.

"Destroy!" Wu Yuan stood in the void, and with a glance, a terrifying coercion instantly passed through many dimensions of time and space, sweeping across all time and space in the entire Xianting Lingjiang Holy Land.

In an instant.




"Buzz~" In silence, countless creatures in the Holy Land of Xianting Lingjiang, those tens of millions of star kings, trillions of immortals and gods... fell!

Except for a very few who are hiding in some extremely restricted palaces or hiding in innate spiritual treasures.

The rest, no one was spared.

This move is the "Eternal Eye" that comes with Wu Yuan's eternal divine body. It is an absolute divine body pressure.

As for those countless mortal beings? Wu Yuan disdained to kill them.

Moreover, with this move alone, even tens of thousands of monarchs had their wills collapse and fall.

This is the eternal strong man!

It is difficult to appear forever. Once it appears, ordinary life in the long river is not even qualified to look directly at it.


"No!" The tens of thousands of monarchs in the entire Xianting Lingjiang Holy Land were completely confused and even more frightened.

They have already sensed that just one glance can cause billions of lives to perish?

"It's Wu Yuan!!"

"It's Lord Wu Yuan of the Wuting Court." Finally, the Lord of the Immortal Court recognized him.

"He's coming to kill him."

"How dare he come to our Holy Land headquarters?"

"Escape!" These tens of thousands of monarchs, frightened and frightened, began to run for their lives one by one.

Most of these monarchs have never met Wu Yuan and have only heard of his legends.

Today, they finally met.

It's so scary, it's like a nightmare.

With such a disparity in strength, even if they are monarchs, they are no better than so-called ants.

Slowly speaking.

In fact, when Wu Yuan broke through the outer formation of the holy land with one move, he wiped out hundreds of millions of lives in a single thought.

"Wu Yuan, you are so presumptuous."

"court death!"

"How dare you kill my Immortal Court Holy Land? Who gave you the courage?" There were sounds of shock and anger, and figures exuding powerful auras flew into the sky.

They are the more than ten masters of Xianting Lingjiang Holy Land.

However, this group of masters seemed to be very powerful, but in fact, they were all timid and did not dare to escape.

They have received orders from the True Saint Xiaoyao.

at the same moment.

"Rumble~" The huge Xianting Lingjiang Holy Land finally began to operate. Countless innate air currents emerged, and countless streams of light streaked across the sky and earth, twisting the void layer by layer.

The auras of the masters in the void surged.

The protective formation of Xianting Lingjiang Holy Land has finally been activated. This is the trump card that makes Fangfang Holy Land stand firm.


When the formation was activated, incomparable fluctuations enveloped the entire holy land, and also faintly suppressed the terrifying coercion emanating from Wu Yuan.

Each of the tens of thousands of Immortal Lords is feeling much better, at least the mental pressure is reduced a lot.


"The legendary holy land protection formation cannot be broken even by eternal existence."

"We can definitely stop Wu Yuan." Many monarchs breathed a sigh of relief and felt a sense of security.


Wu Yuan's revealed strength was so terrifying that these Immortal Lords did not even dare to expect to kill him.

I just think it would be nice to be able to protect the Holy Land.


"Without this formation, I would have just thought about killing you." Wu Yuan looked down at the group of immortal court masters. He didn't care at all, and his voice echoed in endless time and space.


These dozen Immortal Court Masters were aggrieved, but they could not refute each other at all. After all, nearly a million years ago, thousands of Immortal Court Masters fell at the hands of their opponents, and they were all at least three levels of masters.

What's more, they are mainly at the second level, and there are only two at the third level.

"Wu Yuan, you are indeed powerful."

"But this is the headquarters of our Immortal Court Holy Land. You, a long-lived person, have no hope of breaking through it."

"It is shameless to slaughter billions of river lives." These masters shouted angrily, and their voices resounded in all directions.

Wu Yuan looked indifferent and didn't care at all.


If he is willing, he has every hope of destroying the opponent's anchor point before True Saint Xiaoyao comes.

However, once you do that, I'm afraid it will frighten the True Sage Xiaoyao.

The chance to kill Xiaoyao True Saint is forever lost.

Therefore, Wu Yuan is still waiting.

"Huh? Here?" A glimmer of light flashed across Wu Yuan's eyes, and then he frowned slightly: "A saint?"


A mighty and eternal aura was born from the depths of the Immortal Court Lingjiang Holy Land, followed by the turbulence of time and space, and instantly attracted the attention of all the Immortal Court monarchs and masters.

"What's wrong?"

"What's going on?" Tens of thousands of monarchs were confused.

"Eternity has arrived." The dozen or so masters showed excitement.

How could they, the masters, confront Wu Yuan? They were too powerless.


A stream of light streaked across the heaven and earth, and finally condensed into a blue-robed figure. Standing there was a vast eternal aura, covering the heaven and earth.

Far beyond those group of fairy court masters.

"Meet the Saint Anliu."

"Meet the saint." More than ten masters saluted respectfully, and they all breathed a sigh of relief.

In their opinion, there was hope that a saint would be able to block Wu Yuan or even kill him with his formation.

"The Eternal Strong."

"The eternal strong man of my fairy court?"

"The legendary saint?" Tens of thousands of monarchs in the Immortal Court felt the blue-robed figure at the end of the void, as vast as heaven and earth.


That is a place that faintly transcends heaven and earth.

"If there is an eternal strong man, he will be able to defeat Wu Yuan."

"Maybe we can still kill him." Countless monarchs are thinking this.

Don't blame them for this.

Although Wu Yuan created the myth of the Yangtze River, the reputation of the Eternal Powerhouse is also very strong, and this is the Holy Land of Immortal Court, which has the absolute advantage of home field.

At the end of the void, time and space intertwine.

"Wu Yuan, you are so brave." Saint Anliu said in a cold voice, "How dare you come to our Immortal Court Holy Land to act so recklessly."

However, he just observed Wu Yuan's aura and did not dare to take action easily.

Without him!

The other party had such a fierce reputation that even the Light-Chasing Saint considered himself inferior. That was nearly a million years ago.

Now, how far has Wu Yuan’s strength reached? No one knows!

When Saint Anliu returned to Yuhanei, he was at the peak of the Immortal Realm. Even with the support of formations, he was only slightly stronger than the True Saint of Chasing Light who had descended.

"Not Xiaoyao?"

"What a pity!" Wu Yuan, standing in the void, shook his head slightly, with a trace of regret on his face.

"Humph, Wu Yuan."

"How can you allow True Saint Xiaoyao to take action? I, Anliu, can..." Saint Anliu shouted angrily, but secretly he kept communicating with True Saint Xiaoyao and reported back what he had observed.

"No need to say your name."

"After today, you are dead! Today, I just want to see Xiaoyao. Any other saint who comes will have to die." Wu Yuan's voice was cold and he interrupted the other party directly.

"go to hell."

Wu Yuan's cold voice resounded through endless time and space, shocking countless monarchs and rulers of the Immortal Court.

A look of anger flashed across Saint Anliu's face, but the next moment, his face was filled with shock.


Wu Yuan immediately drew his sword.


"Wow! Wow!" The overwhelming sword light bloomed, and nine sword lights swept across the entire world in an instant.

The endless destructive aura erupted instantly, and countless sword lights transcended time and space, completely flooding the entire Xianting Lingjiang Holy Land main continent.

"Rumble~" The powerful formation began to collapse in an instant.

"not good!"

Saint Anliu looked frightened and angry, and he exploded with all his strength. Several innate spiritual treasures flew out, activating the formation to try to resist Wu Yuan's sword.


In front of Wu Yuan's sword light, all his struggles seemed to be in vain. Like a tide, many formations were shattered, and the vast and endless Holy Land continent began to collapse under the sword light.

Time and space collapsed, and at least tens of thousands of monarchs fell under the aftermath of this sword.

"No!!!" Saint Anliu roared in despair.


However, the main power of this sword was extremely restrained. It directly broke through the formation and penetrated time and space to kill the Anliu Saint.


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