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Accountant detective in American TV series

Accountant detective in American TV series

author:Qingsi looks back

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-02 00:46

Latest chapter:Chapter 588 There is no worst, only worse!

He made little Sheldon cry every day and made little Leonard's eyes sparkle. He kicked down Dr. House's cane and set off the madness of the good doctor Sean. He made bankrupt sisters pair up and made old friends grudge against their mothers. Melancholy. He swept scoundrels into the junkyard and blasted the Fast and Furious franchise. He made Sherlock Holmes smell sweet and made Basic Mommy change her ambition. He helped Suits for a while and watched Breaking Bad finally die. . He has a beautiful heart and a soft belly, and he is happy in the big bang life. He can't bear the lawless millions of tears, and quietly asks the bloodthirsty forensic doctor whether to go.

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《Accountant detective in American TV series》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 588 There is no worst, only worse!
Chapter 587 The ultimate viciousness! Screaming Little Sheldon: No!
Chapter 586 I am Groot, I mean I can’t breathe!
Chapter 585: Put on a big show as soon as you come back!
Chapter 584 The true self is not directed at anyone, I am referring to everyone present.
Chapter 583 Detective Chuck: It’s okay to deceive others, but don’t deceive yourself
Chapter 582 If it is fertile, why should it be fertile?
Chapter 581 Detective Chuck: Your efforts are meaningless!
Chapter 580: Peggy has an impossible mission? It still depends on my ability
《Accountant detective in American TV series》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 AC Consulting in Little Sheldon
Chapter 2 In the Cloud
Chapter 3 Clean and Hygienic
Chapter 4 Never seen such an arrogant person
Chapter 5 Crying Little Sheldon
Chapter 6 Xiao Lai and Xiao Xie Er
Chapter 7 Shuangwen template of the big heroine
Chapter 8 Everyone makes mistakes
Chapter 9 Family and Sister
Chapter 10 It's Naughty
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 The Dangerous World
Chapter 13 My brother is a straight man of steel
Chapter 14 Chaoying three brothers and sisters, you are just a HelloKitty
Chapter 15 The joy of vision, I understand!
Chapter 16 Call me Doctor!
Chapter 17 The Cold Heart and Yex
Chapter 18 Accountants in Ping An Town
Chapter 19 Introduced Objects
Chapter 20 The FBI Comes to Your Door
Chapter 21
Chapter 22 Monana and Peggy
Chapter 23 Only one person
Chapter 24 Extreme Passive
Chapter 25 Professor and Classmates
Chapter 26 Little Sheldon's Provocation
Chapter 27 Snitching
Chapter 28 You Deserve It
Chapter 29 Tell me what you are unhappy about, everyone is happy
Chapter 30
Chapter 31 Because I'm Batman
Chapter 32 Math Problems in the Corridor
Chapter 33 Campus Romance
Chapter 34 Hunting the Wind River Valley
Chapter 35 Your Yida
Chapter 36
Chapter 37 Locking the target, the brothers first appeared
Chapter 38 Traditional Skills, Empty Magazines
Chapter 39 Texans Don't Lie to Texans
Chapter 40 Who is the Sage
Chapter 41 Best Friend
Chapter 42 It's Myself
Chapter 43 Preparation 777
Chapter 44
Chapter 45: We Don't Want to Talk About Edison
Chapter 46 Jane: 777 Does it have to be Monica?
Chapter 47 I am the smartest person in the world
Chapter 48 Peggy: Sheldon, you have to reflect!
Chapter 49 I never take the initiative!
Chapter 50 I'm not a clown!
Chapter 51
Chapter 52 The Great Wisdom and the 7-Year Period
Chapter 53 Mrs Harper's Dinner
Chapter 54 I'm Good at Cudgel
Chapter 55
Chapter 56 Fanatical Invitation
Chapter 57
Chapter 58 I Don't Drink
Chapter 59 Cold Humor and Weirdness
Chapter 60 Only you can't think of it, nothing is impossible
Chapter 61 The third date I like to hear
Chapter 62 Mathematical Scavenger Hunt
Chapter 63
Chapter 64 Dogs Play Poker
Chapter 65 The Geniuses of Chuck's Contemporaries
Chapter 66 The Knight Mona Xing
Chapter 67 Hunting God
Chapter 68 You are finished, no one in heaven and earth can save you!
Chapter 69 It's Terrifying
Chapter 70
Chapter 71 Is Sherlock Holmes Bald?
Chapter 72 Goodbye BAU
Chapter 73 Be confident
Chapter 74 The Man With His Own Eightfold Mirror
Chapter 75
Chapter 76 Batman is a lunatic
Chapter 77 I want to challenge my weakness
Chapter 78 You are still a fetus
Chapter 79 Acknowledging that other people's shows are also a kind of show
Chapter 80 Little Cutie and Morrie Show
Chapter 81 Rule out a correct answer first
Chapter 82 Big sister can only be sure next time
Chapter 83
Chapter 84 Super Sense Detective
Chapter 85
Chapter 86 The Consequences of Poisonous Tongues
Chapter 87 The face is swollen
Chapter 88 The Woman Who Paints Oil Paintings
Chapter 89
Chapter 90 Little Leonard's Gift
Chapter 91 The Punisher Comes to the World
Chapter 92 Peggy: Chuck can do it, so can I
Chapter 93 Poisonous little girl
Chapter 94 The Adler Family
Chapter 95 It's All Right, Don't Say It Next Time
Chapter 96 Never seen such a brazen person!
Chapter 97 Shallow Chuck
Chapter 98 Lively and Surprise
Chapter 99 East Coast Mathematical Circle
Chapter 100: The Annoying Detective
Chapter 101 It shouldn't be an interrogative sentence
Chapter 102 You don't want the money given for free?
Chapter 103 Worry? It's the other party who should be worried!
Chapter 104 Oil painting beauty: I hate detectives!
Chapter 105 You worms!
Chapter 106 Assassination from the sky!
Chapter 107 I bet you have no bullets in your gun!
Chapter 108 Why are you here?
Chapter 109 What a detective who doesn't talk about martial arts!
Chapter 110 Dr. Wolf, let's talk about the fact that you're a serial killer
Chapter 111 Don't go to England in the future!
Chapter 112 AC Company's A!
Chapter 113 The system girl who lives in the thinking space
Chapter 114 The second respect for the sages, the first for the future
Chapter 115 Social Man Chuck: Still playing football?
Chapter 116 Are You A Grim Reaper Primary School Student?
Chapter 117 I have a bold idea
Chapter 118 Madam, don't you want to?
Chapter 119 Ee drops, Ee drops, Ee drops!
Chapter 120 The IRS Comes To Live (Dragon Boat Festival!)
Chapter 121 One Punch, One Monster and World Famous Paintings
Chapter 122 No One Knows Reason More Than Me
Chapter 123 You'll always have to pay it back
Chapter 124 Susan: What advantages do I have, you tell me, I will change it!
Chapter 125 Sheldon's Diary: Because of Chuck, the world is darker than Gotham!
Chapter 126 Jane: Chuck and I, um, why not?
Chapter 127 The smile gradually solidified
Chapter 128: Be Yourself
Chapter 129 Little Sheldon: These days are impossible to pass
Chapter 130 Not a Supreme VIP, nor a VIP, just a P
Chapter 131 Jane: Obviously I came first!
Chapter 132 Susan: Listen to my sister's advice, Chuck is too cold, you can't control it!
Chapter 133 Detective No. 8, the elite of the elite?
Chapter 134 You don't even want to call me godfather
Chapter 135: Swinging Your Hand Is a Big Bid
Chapter 136 Waving the middle finger
Chapter 137 Who dares to be worse than me?
Chapter 138 Monica: I like you wearing glasses, don't take them off!
Chapter 139 Jane: There is a case, forgive me for laughing unkindly
Chapter 140 Susan: Are you interested in going to a world power together?
Chapter 141 The clown is actually me!
Chapter 142 Chuck: I Want to Eat Kung Pao Chicken
Chapter 143 Isn't this more burning than Top Gun?
Chapter 144 All the logic is smooth, there is only one truth!
Chapter 145 Accompany you to face up to your emotional troubles and help you resolve the anguish in your life
Chapter 146 Chuck: Im rich!
Chapter 147 The Clown Killer Arrives
Chapter 148 The Magical Amy That Can't Be Avoided Everyday
Chapter 149 Winning the role model of happiness, losing to work in prison
Chapter 150 Little Sheldon: Praise the Fool, I understand!
Chapter 151 What is it like to have a circle of friends full of jokes?
Chapter 152 Your Yida is your Yida~
Chapter 153 Optimize graduation, mirror twins!
Chapter 154 New Jersey's Bat Lantern, Little Sheldon's Help
Chapter 155 Chuck: Treating OCD, I'm Professional!
Chapter 156 The crime scene filming a sitcom
Chapter 157 Cinderella and the House of Cards game
Chapter 158 Memory is the source of pain, you can forget it is a blessing!
Chapter 159 Blue Sky Wolf, Gongsun Chandler
Chapter 160 Sunflower knife, angry Dora
Chapter 161 I jumped out again, hit me, idiot
Chapter 162 Thanks Chuck
Chapter 163 The new son-in-law returns, the cartoonist possessed by Uncle Ding Ding
Chapter 164 Proud Punisher: Brother, I'm a Superhero!
Chapter 165 My Stupid Oudoudou, The Magical Amy Who Was Kidnapped
Chapter 166 Biography Sun Bani, rich people really know how to play!
Chapter 167 Chuck: Yes, it's that easy to investigate! Poor Amy!
Chapter 168 Suit lawyer, billionaire provocative face to face
Chapter 169 Chuck: Listen to me, thank you! Suits: What did I do?
Chapter 170 Magical Amy: Dr. Wolf, I'm afraid~
Chapter 171 Wharton: You can really do whatever you want with money! Chuck: What did you say?
Chapter 172 Peggy: Stop pretending, Magical Amy, you can't fool Chuck!
Chapter 173 Beauty in Oil Painting: Sister, you don't want Chuck to be hurt, do you?
Chapter 174 Adler Sisters Shura Field, help from DC!
Chapter 175 Succession of Wolff, the Goddess Detective
Chapter 176 Xiamu: Are you going to become a Senator Hunter? Chuck: It's up to you to give me a chance
Chapter 177 Small bones: I have a hormone that needs to be balanced
Chapter 178 Angela: OMG, you laughed! Chuck: Happy today!
Chapter 179 Girlfriends: You're not right! Xiaogu: Children of science, take it easy!
Chapter 180 The truth is revealed, the girlfriend who knocked on the door late at night
Chapter 181 Chuck: You want to be beautiful! The nine palaces of the system girl!
Chapter 182 Little Sheldon: This must be another nightmare of Zhuang Zhou Mengdie, the big devil retreats!
Chapter 183 Chuck: Give you a chance, you won't be useless!
Chapter 184 Little Sheldon, the Mini Demon King, Peggy, the Emerging Genius of Bad Seeds
Chapter 185 Peggy: You're Batman, so I'm Robin?
Chapter 186 The good girl of modern family, the fierce name is Ping'an Town
Chapter 187 A girl's feelings are always poetry
Chapter 188 Jane: Say it again, why did you choose Ping An Town?
Chapter 189 Mrs. Dunphy: Chuck, you know me!
Chapter 190 Jane: You know the detective so well, isn't it because of his daughter and niece?
Chapter 191 Little Sheldon: My grandmother is Teacher Niu Ben Niu!
Chapter 192 Jane: Mrs. Bolland, I'll just ask, what do you want to do with such a fuss?
Chapter 193 Bernadette: Everyone Says I'm Like My Cousin, So I'm Good
Chapter 194 Chuck: Is this difficult?
Chapter 195 The Uninvited Guest of the Magical Amy Signing Party: Hitman, you are the best!
Chapter 196 Fat Ni: Chuck is amazing, my dad said it!
Chapter 197 Little Sheldon: Now I'm finally not the only one!
Chapter 198 Chuck: I have predicted your prediction!
Chapter 199 The Scientific Experiment of Dr. Wolfe and Professor Harper
Chapter 200 Detective Chuck and Detective Amon
Chapter 201 Chuck: As you wish, now you can go crazy!
Chapter 202 The first lawsuit on the east coast strikes: Detective Chuck, listen to me, thank you!
Chapter 203 Jane: For love and peace, I want to open a Shura field!
Chapter 204 50% off old friends, Mona, I can
Chapter 205 Chuck: Why don't you laugh? You can keep laughing, don't stop!
Chapter 206 The grief-stricken first lawyer: Your Excellency, I object, he personally attacks!
Chapter 207 The Unyielding First Lawyer: The God Detective Chuck is just a man, not a god!
Chapter 208 Shocked the audience! Detective Chuck: Who agrees and who opposes what I said?
Chapter 209 Surrender and lose half?
Chapter 210 One wave just flattened one wave after another, the widow's wonderful help!
Chapter 211 The widow: My husband has an IQ of 180, higher than Einstein! Jane: Hahaha!
Chapter 212 Savory little Leonard: Hey, Beth Harmon, what are you looking at?
Chapter 213 Chess Queen: Mom said that there is no one with a higher IQ than him in this world!
Chapter 214 Detective Chuck: You can't be that stupid, can you? Can't you? Can't you?
Chapter 215 The game at Qianning Manor! Chuck: Are you convinced? Master: Impossible! Absolutely impossible!
Chapter 216 I Still Like Your Unruly Appearance!
Chapter 217 Holding a knife to Monica, screaming Jane Banner
Chapter 218 The Good Doctor: Sean, Mommy Hopes You Are Like Chuck
Chapter 219 The Shameless of Chicago
Chapter 220 The knock on the door in the middle of the night! Jane: I won't fall in the same place twice!
Chapter 221 Detective Chuck: Go and find out who I am!
Chapter 222 Encountering the sarcasm of the net boss: Let her go to Chuck, anyway, he is the best at keeping people calm!
Chapter 223 Detective Chuck: One sentence cost him 12 million! Just ask you, am I brave?
Chapter 224 The Aggrieved Encounter Net Boss: The Detective Chuck, this is not over!
Chapter 225 The Beauty in Oil Painting: She Is Really My Good Sister
Chapter 226 Little Howard's debut: who can be more wretched than me?
Chapter 227 The numb Woror wizard: Troublesome! Nasty! Don't come here~!
Chapter 228 Armed Robot VS Embrace Robot, Wizard Woro: No one knows robots better than me!
Chapter 229 New case! Pointing at the bald man and scolding the monk!
Chapter 230 Shocked, the murderer is actually him! Is this a distortion of human nature, or a loss of morality?
Chapter 231 Crying Little Sheldon: You're only facing death, but I'm facing Chuck!
Chapter 232 Now you tell little Sheldon, who is more dreadful of death or Chuck!
Chapter 233 Xiamu: We give you face and you have face! Chuck: What did you say?
Chapter 234 Enthusiasm! Chuck has suffered an unprecedented setback!
Chapter 235 Dante Questionnaire! Beverly: Dr. Wolf, let's do an experiment together!
Chapter 236 No one should be so special to you, the beauty in oil painting! Little Sheldon who wakes up laughing in his sleep!
Chapter 237 Calm Chuck: Missed Me!
Chapter 238 Oil painting beauty: Where is my sister?
Chapter 239 Peerless Shuangjiao! The first meeting of Chuck and the oil painting beauty!
Chapter 240 Showdown! Oil painting beauty: How much collateral damage can you accept?
Chapter 241 Candle red wine and her laughing wildly!
Chapter 242 Chuck: She shot, now it's our turn!
Chapter 243 Doctor House: Ha! Chuck, I finally caught your mistake! Come and beg me!
Chapter 244 Chuck: House, if you can't do it, I'll do it!
Chapter 245 A red rose on the bed!
Chapter 246 Oil Painting Beauty: Chuck, Am I Beautiful?
Chapter 247 Alicia: Chuck, you like me, don't you?
Chapter 248 Genmei Appears! Chuck: I'm not here to break up you!
Chapter 249 Genmei: Chuck is your sister's lover and is about to date you for the second time... Let me stroke it!
Chapter 250 Dr. House: This world does not allow such awesomeness
Chapter 251 Little Clever Guy and Great Cleverness
Chapter 252 Little Howard fainted: The big devil Chuck!
Chapter 253: Poor little Howard! Brave Wolowitz!
Chapter 254 Which one has the stronger poisonous tongue?
Chapter 255 The venomous radio host who speaks harshly
Chapter 256 You can fuck me too!
Chapter 257 Revenge with a backhand! Chuck: I’m showing off my cards, my little
Chapter 258 Who do you think you are? Batman?
Chapter 259 Chuck: I, a Texan, am accustomed to light and justice!
Chapter 260 The smart bingo’s appearance show!
Chapter 261 There is a way to heaven but you don’t take it, and there is no door to hell but you break in
Chapter 262 The willful Fuchak, the attacking suit man
Chapter 263 The bankrupt sisters turning from pink to black MAX: Mad Max,
Chapter 264 He is anxious, he is anxious!
Chapter 265 Arrogant Radio Host: What can you do to me?
Chapter 266 Detective Chuck: Take note, he fell off the bench!
Chapter 267: Chuck who takes the spotlight: Why don’t you laugh? Continued
Chapter 268 Proud Little Sheldon: Chuck, give you a chance
Chapter 269 Little Sheldon and Dr. House, the enemy of my enemy
Chapter 270 Chuck: Greg Wilson, I don’t want to kill anyone
Chapter 271 Detective Chuck: Mia, you have a bad heart, don’t post it
Chapter 272 Mia: I can’t breathe!
Chapter 273 Little Howard: Chuck, you’re finally here!
Chapter 274 What a fool! Little Howard’s sadness!
Chapter 275 Mia: Three-legged toads are hard to find!
Chapter 276 Chuck: I have a good stomach! A daily tip for fear of marriage
Chapter 277 On the verge of crisis! Chuck, you don’t want anything to happen to Susan
Chapter 278 System Elf, Anna speaks out: You are not worthy!
Chapter 279 Peggy: I agree to this marriage, you can do whatever you want!
Chapter 280 Peggy: I shouldn’t compare you with Chuck! Little Sher
Chapter 281 Proud Little Sheldon: I am Zero! Chuck: Add
Chapter 282 The illusion that I am in my own profession, the widow’s request for help
Chapter 283: Self-inflicted resentment as an orphan, farewell
Chapter 284: Kill Chuck first, then the detective, I am the only orphan, resentment
Chapter 285 Detective Chuck: Not only did he not surrender directly when he saw me, he actually
Chapter 286 Detective Chuck: Little Sheldon is the smart one!
Chapter 287 Orphan’s Resentment: Chuck, we will meet again!
Chapter 288 Little Sheldon’s new trick, the original creation of the Wanderer
Chapter 289 Reality does not need logic, only film and television novels do!
Chapter 290 Little Howard: Can you still call yourself a young man if you are not so angry?
Chapter 291 Peggy: If you want to be a psychopath, are you worthy?
Chapter 292 Court Stenographer: With the presence of the divine detective Chuck, everything is
Chapter 293 It was Emma who killed the person, what does it have to do with me, Esther?
Chapter 294: Should a good man be pointed at a gun? Please call in Detective Chuck
Chapter 295 The furious first lawyer: Recruiting a psychiatrist
Chapter 296 Little Sheldon: No cue!
Chapter 297 The light of Texas women naturally settled in Ping An!
Chapter 298 The Texas Girl Who Really Explores: What does it mean to break the defense with one move!
Chapter 299 The three major injustices in Ping'an Town are to rectify the injustice!
Chapter 300: Little Sheldon who can’t be evil, Alicia who is divorced successfully!
Chapter 301 If she sees all the prosperity, take her to see the carousel!
Chapter 302: Know everything from one thing to another, the secret of longevity village!
Chapter 303 Detective Chuck: Professor Harper, you can’t do it!
Chapter 304 Great changes in Pingan Town
Chapter 305 The Girl in the Mirror
Chapter 306 The Rising Little Leonard: Ask me who my good friend is!
Chapter 307 The whole city is going crazy! What is it like to win the US$2.04 billion jackpot?
Chapter 308: Divorce Hero Ross, even if I give you a chance, you’ll be useless!
Chapter 309 Detective Chuck: Do you think it’s over? No, this is the beginning!
Chapter 310 The ultimate humiliation, naive Chuck!
Chapter 311 Rose opens a new world: I am an urban legend! God
Chapter 312 Detective Chuck: I’m in Florida and just got off the plane
Chapter 313 This moment is just like that moment!
Chapter 314 That’s right, it’s me!
Chapter 315 Bloodthirsty Forensic Doctor: Welcome to Miami
Chapter 316 Chuck: Spencer, this is not your big sister!
Chapter 317 Infinite solution experiment, Monica’s call for help
Chapter 318 The curse of sudden wealth, Rose’s scream, and Rose’s tank
Chapter 319 Oil Painting Beauty’s Red Rose
Chapter 320: The extremely smart little Howard, misfortune never comes singly.
Chapter 321 IRS is back, excited Texas girl!
Chapter 322 The arrogant God, the needy sister!
Chapter 323 The story of the growth of sister and best friend
Chapter 324 Little Sheldon’s future, a lost little lamb!
Chapter 325 Susan: Chuck, who among the three of us should be called?
Chapter 326 The strange reunion of the three Chaoying brothers and sisters
Chapter 327 Bloodthirsty Forensic Doctor: What the hell is Handled?
Chapter 328 Chuck: I’m really not Batman, nor am I Night Stalker
Chapter 329 The Trembling Punisher: Dealing with Breaking Bad
Chapter 330 Little Sheldon: Why is it only 70%? Little Leonard
Chapter 331 Missy: I only feel sorry for my brother! Hailey: Ellie
Chapter 332 Dr. House is looking for death
Chapter 333 Little Sheldon’s Aunt Alice
Chapter 334 Shocked Little Sheldon: My grandmother’s biological sister is a thief
Chapter 335 Chuck: Mrs. Cooper, you don’t want Little Sheldon either
Chapter 336 Dr. House: Are you just going to do this and watch me get arrested?
Chapter 337 Chuck: Lisa, don’t even think about it!
Chapter 338 The anger of the injustice in Ping An Town, New Jersey Pizza Hut
Chapter 339 Young Sheldon: The Peace Prize is not the Nobel Prize at all
Chapter 340 Chuck: We never make dramas, we all
Chapter 341 What is a well-known double standard? A good guy who comes to ask for help
Chapter 342 Detective Chuck: Do I look like I’m begging?
Chapter 343 Detective Chuck: House is locked up, I said so!
Chapter 344 The angry Doctor House, Yongshen’s Japanese persuasion
Chapter 345 Texas Girl: What to do on Halloween? Chuck:
Chapter 346 Chuck: No Spider-Man for Halloween!
Chapter 347 The smart murderer: I am a specially formulated anti-god
Chapter 348 The Big Bang Theory version of Justice League appears
Chapter 349 Tit for tat! Zhenglian gathered around Dr. House
Chapter 350: Killing but also killing the heart! Justice League: Doctor House
Chapter 351 Dr. House: Are you happy? Satisfied? Can you wake up laughing even in your dreams?
Chapter 352 Dr. House meets the best mother
Chapter 353 Dr. House: There is only one truth, you and Chuck
Chapter 354 Little Sheldon: Have I become a negative example?
Chapter 355 Chuck’s malice! Please look for the black toad anti-counterfeiting mark
Chapter 356 Detective Chuck: There is only one truth, you are a gambling dog
Chapter 357 Dr. House: Three days later, three days later, and three days later
Chapter 358 The Best Mom: Mrs. House, you don’t want to either, right?
Chapter 359 Peggy: This is not me! Best Mom: You can do it
Chapter 360 Chuck: You are different from Ouyang Feng, you don’t have a son
Chapter 361 Little Howard: I just want to ask, is your mother going to leave?
Chapter 362 Little Leonard: Chuck is real, I cry to death!
Chapter 363 An anxious little Howard: Nonsense! You are not allowed to conspire
Chapter 364 Professor Alicia Harper: I believe you, but I
Chapter 365 Dr. House: Are you playing hard-to-get with me?
Chapter 366 Modern Family Fitzball: Happy New Year’s Eve!
Chapter 367 The Crisis of Santa Claus (Happy New Year, Year of the Rabbit)
Chapter 368 Bloody Christmas Eve!
Chapter 369 Texas Girl: I really like using the bell I gave Chuck!
Chapter 370 Dr. House: I have quit! Chuck: I know, there are still 5 months!
Chapter 371 Modern Family version of Home Alone
Chapter 372 Is that a marksmanship? No! That’s an American Iaijutsu!
Chapter 373 The imaginative Home Alone
Chapter 374 Sudden illness and the gun of kindness
Chapter 375 Alex: Chuck, I have a friend who wants to ask you something
Chapter 376 Chuck: Do you want to eat your shit? Or do you want to eat your intestines?
Chapter 377 A Texas girl with big dreams, Detective Chuck who doesn’t believe in love!
Chapter 378 Chuck: Please take a seat, Dr. House: Thank you!
Chapter 379 The God of War returns and finds his daughter
Chapter 380 Law and Order
Chapter 381 Go and ask God to detect Chuck!
Chapter 382 Famous Drunkard Doctor: How is Dr. House? Chuck: He is worse off than dead!
Chapter 383 The angry alcoholic famous doctor and the fearful bald doctor!
Chapter 384 Family Man: What she lost was just her life, but what I lost was family time!
Chapter 385 God Detective Chuck: You may be a little good, but your sins are extremely evil!
Chapter 386 The Dao heart is broken, infinitely terrifying!
Chapter 387 When Wangcai meets Xiaoqiang, there is no worst, only worse!
Chapter 388 Famous Drunkard Doctor: You caught me, what happens next?
Chapter 389 Mock Court, Prosecutor Chuck!
Chapter 390 Soul Torture: Is it intentional or accidental?
Chapter 391 You have been practicing medicine for 25 years, not two and a half years. Is there anyone better suited to scare the monkeys than you?
Chapter 392: Killing! Sure enough, it was intentional (proud face)!
Chapter 393 This is too tragic!
Chapter 394 Bankrupt Sisters MAX: They all like the 36-year-old twin sister DD, but they don’t like me who is 17!
Chapter 395 Bankrupt Sisters MAX: I only look at the face but not the figure, but it’s really meaningful. She deserves to be my idol.
Chapter 396 Are you going to be 007?
Chapter 397 Bankrupt Sister MAX and The Big Bang Theory Bernadette
Chapter 398 Bankrupt Sisters MAX: Bernie, you are too young to be able to grasp the situation, let me go first!
Chapter 399 Bankrupt Sister MAX and Texas Big Girl Lisa
Chapter 400 Little Sheldon’s scream: No! Give me back my favorite train!
Chapter 401 Monica’s baseball challenge, the female thief’s hell joke
Chapter 402 Bet: If I win, I want you!
Chapter 403 Little Sheldon: You, strike out! Chuck: Give you a chance to patch it up!
Chapter 404 The God of War appears, such a weak god!
Chapter 405 I will support your wife, and I will have to pay more!
Chapter 406: A loving father and a filial son, Manhattan’s top socialite circle
Chapter 407 Bankrupt Sister Caroline: Hunter, I want to lend you your head to have a relationship!
Chapter 408 The bankrupt sisters meet for the first time, MAX: Little C, I can fight four!
Chapter 409 The bankrupt sisters’ bet, a house worth 100 million!
Chapter 410 Dr. House: Do I still want to thank you?
Chapter 411 Chuck, Peggy, Little Sheldon, and the Three Devils’ Journey to Texas
Chapter 412 Super-sense Detective: I was careless and didn’t dodge. The poor thing is me!
Chapter 413 Missy collapses: Chuck, Peggy, take me away!
Chapter 414 Phoebe was shot, and Watson finally showed up!
Chapter 415 Dr. Jon Watson: Dr. Wolfe, you redefined detective and simplicity!
Chapter 416 The shocking truth! Joey Tribbioni fainted!
Chapter 417 Detective Chuck: Outlaw, I’m here to make you trending!
Chapter 418 Dr. House: Damn Chuck, you are so poisonous!
Chapter 419 The most beautiful shy fan of Prince Bin, the ups and downs of the prodigal son Joey!
Chapter 420 Damn Ursula, Goddess Detective Monica!
Chapter 421 Detective Chuck: I will take this case! I will not accept the plea bargain!
Chapter 422 Detective Chuck: The Lord doesn’t care!
Chapter 423 Witness without martial ethics, the Emperor of Japan appears quickly!
Chapter 424 Defense lawyer: We will definitely appeal!
Chapter 425 Speed ??Emperor: Your glasses are very beautiful
Chapter 426: The Daily Life of a Detective, Abnormal Toothache
Chapter 427 Heavy trucks attack, speeding cars attack!
Chapter 428: The extended little finger and the devilish eyes: Will we still be good sisters in the future?
Chapter 429 Bold Rachel: I’m not good at math
Chapter 430 Hell Joke in Central Park
Chapter 431 Let’s tell a joke: all illegal things are imaginary, they absolutely don’t exist!
Chapter 432 Detective Chuck: Want to record? This is your right! Why are you destroying it now?
Chapter 433 Accountant Man Chuck: Do you know why I chose to be an accountant back then?
Chapter 434 Detective Chuck: Let me tell you what professional old money means!
Chapter 435 District Attorney: We decide whether to prosecute, not Detective Chuck!
Chapter 436 Detective Chuck: One sentence made the district attorney change his story!
Chapter 437 District Attorney: Do I still want to thank you? Detective Chuck: You’re welcome!
Chapter 438 Righteous Speech OTN: We want everyone to know that rich people can’t do whatever they want!
Chapter 439 Rich Girl: It’s a win-win situation now, so why lose both sides?
Chapter 440 The Emperor of Sai: Hunting is dangerous and uncontrollable, but breeding is full of controllable wisdom!
Chapter 441 Chuck laughed again: What kind of minister is this?
Chapter 442: An inventory of scientific research partners, the secret of the Speedy Sailor Emperor
Chapter 443 Monica, PhD in Chemistry, and Beauty Contest Beauty Bernie!
Chapter 444 Bernie’s Puppet Talk Show, MAX’s Science Competition
Chapter 445 Murder Suspect MAX: Detective Chuck, please investigate carefully!
Chapter 446 Chinatown Detective: The American Dream Doesn’t Believe in Tears
Chapter 447 Chinatown Detective: Don’t Dream
Chapter 448: Detective Chuck was deeply impressed: Who else?
Chapter 449 Judge: Reject the search warrant application! No discrimination!
Chapter 450 Detective Chuck: Are you here to trick or attack? Just come!
Chapter 451 It’s not that simple! Someone takes the initiative to join the war!
Chapter 452 The prosecutor under the mask of pain: Detective Chuck belongs to everyone, New York cannot be exclusive!
Chapter 453 Since you don’t want to be a human being anymore, then follow through to the end!
Chapter 454: True Bestie Rachel: Thank you Ross for helping me enter the hall of science!
Chapter 455 Trap, another trap!
Chapter 456 We all have a bright future!
Chapter 457 The snowflakes are fluttering and the north wind blows in the green Ross
Chapter 458 Super-flammable space elevator, the first god Monica!
Chapter 459 Chuck: Little Sheldon, I still like your unruly look!
Chapter 460: God’s way brings reincarnation, who will the roommates agree to spare?
Chapter 461 Little Sheldon: I never agree with the fragrance!
Chapter 462 Brothers in Suffering, Little Sheldon and Dr. House!
Chapter 463 A fateful encounter, Mars collides with Mars!
Chapter 464 Thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi. Don’t bully young people into poverty!
Chapter 465 No disrespect, beware of numerous cases!
Chapter 466 What kind of existence is the completely blackened Little Sheldon?
Chapter 467 Detective Chuck: I am the legendary senior officer!
Chapter 468 This is not science fiction
Chapter 469 What a coward
Chapter 470 Little Sheldon’s Voldemort, Chuck, you are not my father
Chapter 471 The infinitely rotating lens is Anna’s eyes
Chapter 472 Oil painting beauty and root girl in London
Chapter 473 The terrifying gentleman sister is so similar
Chapter 474 San Diego Police Detective Chuck, you are finally back and my head is about to burst.
Chapter 475: Detective Chuck, even if you get out of the way, I’m going to slap you in the face.
Chapter 476 If you can’t deal with his illegal ones, you can’t deal with your legal ones.
Chapter 477 It’s hard to persuade the damn ghost with good words
Chapter 478 Chuck, stop talking about ambulance and ambulance.
Chapter 479: Stop talking, you are obviously petty
Chapter 480 God Detects Chuck. It’s you who listen but believe nothing.
Chapter 481: There’s always a hell joke for you if you’re so angry
Chapter 482 Life and death are just a few steps away from the stars and the sea
Chapter 483: Confession Bureau: If I want to beat Chuck, who will support and who will oppose it?
Chapter 484 Detective Chuck, you can’t deceive me.
Chapter 485 Detective Chuck thanks you for ruining your undefeated myth by being honest.
Chapter 486 The old unlucky man and the Wolfe Partner Award
Chapter 487 Let go of the need to help others and respect the fate of others
Chapter 488 This bizarre magical world
Chapter 489 The Nuggets beside Little Sheldon
Chapter 490 Don’t calculate, don’t calculate, don’t calculate
Chapter 491 Coach, I want to learn this psychotherapy method
Chapter 492 The annoying detective. Haha, my charm finally surpassed that of Detective Chuck.
Chapter 493: Detective Chuck, defend him and don’t kneel down so quickly
Chapter 494 Public Defender My professional ethics are as pure as Snow White
Chapter 495 Dian within Dian Madam, you don’t want your husband to be put in a women’s prison, right?
Chapter 496 Just one sentence is disgusting, disgusting
Chapter 497 The frightened and desperate no and the eternal yes
Chapter 498 Escape from New York and move to California
Chapter 499 BAU Who wouldn’t want to have a mentor like Detective Chuck?
Chapter 500 Newport Beach Orange County Man
Chapter 501: Detective Chuck, you are really good at Fast and Furious
Chapter 502 Chuck’s Authentic Aesthetics MAX’s Afterwords from Ershe
Chapter 503 Chuck’s Nightmare Anna’s Warning
Chapter 504 Oil Painting Beauty Welcome to our fourth date
Chapter 505: Three-eyed Sherlock, please stop fighting.
Chapter 506 Sheldon I am no longer little Sheldon. Chuck, kids, don’t make trouble.
Chapter 507 Changshan Chuck Wolfe, Texas poor relative Sheldon
Chapter 508: A nymphomaniac in her prime, a funny charity show!
Chapter 509 The Big Bang Theory begins 15 years in advance
Chapter 510 Little Howard’s regretful cousin Jesse and Mrs. Cooper
Chapter 511 Little Sheldon: Genius child? No! IQ is not up to par
Chapter 512 Little Sheldon:?
Chapter 513: Layla, whose IQ can’t keep up, I want to compete with the big and small devils
Chapter 514 Little Sheldon: Oh no, I have become a unit of measurement!
Chapter 515: Chuck, a rich man can spend 100,000 on a dog, but I can’t enjoy it
Chapter 516 You have high emotional intelligence! Your whole family has high emotional intelligence!
Chapter 517: Suspicious clouds abound, a woman among women!
Chapter 518: Fast and Furious late-night racing, the super-sense detective is lonely
Chapter 519 If Theresa is missing something, the punishment of being a late bloomer
Chapter 520 Teresa: If you don’t find a lawyer, I won’t find a detective
Chapter 521 Hailey: Chandel, why do you hate me?
Chapter 522 Chandel man, you successfully attracted my attention
Chapter 523: The suspicion remains in Orange County, and the Los Angeles night game begins
Chapter 524 Hailey: No way, no way, you are also calling this
Chapter 525 Boss Tang: Ask anyone who has the highest speed
Chapter 526 Bald Boss Tang: Have you ever heard of Family Man?
Chapter 527 Hailey: Brother, you don’t want your sister to have an accident
Chapter 528 Can Nitrogen Explode? I don’t have much education, so don’t lie to me
Chapter 529 How embarrassing! How easy it is to investigate the case!
Chapter 530 Chuck’s dinner, there is another case within the case!
Chapter 531 Little Howard: I swear! I will never let my
Chapter 532 The iron-clad Boss Tang!
Chapter 533 The debt that cannot be avoided! Little Howard was broken into by the FBI
Chapter 534 Super genius starts a group, Dungeons and Dragons!
Chapter 535 Detective Chuck and Detective Amon finally meet
Chapter 536 The incredible detective Chuck!
Chapter 537 Hailey and Brian’s new bet!
Chapter 538 A very insulting message! A trip to Mexico full of expectations!
Chapter 539 New case! Another Batman origin story?
Chapter 540 Goodbye Ping An Town’s injustice!
Chapter 541 You all heard it, she is threatening Detective Chuck!
Chapter 542 Hailey: Brother, let’s take a casual trip!
Chapter 543: Chuck’s two-year review, a new journey is about to begin
Chapter 544: The lost spiritual leader of BAU: Chuck, you must not become evil!
Chapter 545: When you are in Mexico, the moment you take action, you will be shocked by the little America!
Chapter 546 Norabin is never absent and the fatal crisis is coming!
Chapter 547: Mrs. Bin, a writer who collects stories, and Qiao Haili, a madman who slaps her in the face!
Chapter 548 Explosion is the ultimate romance for men!
Chapter 549 Do you call this an accountant assassin?
Chapter 550 On the night of the full moon, I will come, please stretch your neck and wait!
Chapter 551 Detective Chuck: I just want to kill you, or
Chapter 552 Assassin’s Creed, Stumbling Block Plan!
Chapter 553 Better Call Saul: Damn Chuck! I am America
Chapter 554 The coquettish lawyer who broke the defense
Chapter 555 Uncle Fried Chicken is unhappy
Chapter 556 Prequel to Black Robe Pickets
Chapter 557 The inhumane Chuck!
Chapter 558 doctorX, for Anna!
Chapter 559 Detective Chuck falls in love with me!
Chapter 560: How to seduce the God Detective Chuck? Waiting online, very urgent!
Chapter 561 Fishing is the only way to fight!
Chapter 562 The Right One Tyrannosaurus Rex
Chapter 563 Boss Tang’s Enlightenment in Longchang
Chapter 564 The old friend is gone, Tokyo Drift
Chapter 565 Tokyo Love Story
Chapter 566 Lost in Translation, Girl at the Beach
Chapter 567 Whose car is this?
Chapter 568 Akana Rika: Reiko, the clown is me!
Chapter 569 The rogue whistle sounded in the operating room!
Chapter 570: Hit someone in the face!
Chapter 571 Reiko: After all, she still followed her mother’s old path!
Chapter 572 Who is the real Akina Mountain Racing God?
Chapter 573 Tokyo Finale, the truth about Fast and Furious 3 in Chuck’s eyes
Chapter 574 The super genius living in the shadow of Detective Chuck
Chapter 575: My IQ minus 10 is the shame of a super genius!
Chapter 576 The case is solved! You are forming a group to cosplay Detective Chuck
Chapter 577 Is there a possibility that you are not pretending?
Chapter 578 Peggy: I’m not targeting anyone, I just want to be present
Chapter 579 Crazy Scorpio: Tell me! Are you willing to degenerate?
Chapter 580: Peggy has an impossible mission? It still depends on my ability
Chapter 581 Detective Chuck: Your efforts are meaningless!
Chapter 582 If it is fertile, why should it be fertile?
Chapter 583 Detective Chuck: It’s okay to deceive others, but don’t deceive yourself
Chapter 584 The true self is not directed at anyone, I am referring to everyone present.
Chapter 585: Put on a big show as soon as you come back!
Chapter 586 I am Groot, I mean I can’t breathe!
Chapter 587 The ultimate viciousness! Screaming Little Sheldon: No!
Chapter 588 There is no worst, only worse!