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The police of Hong Kong comprehensive world

The police of Hong Kong comprehensive world

author:Dream shrimp

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-22 07:23

Latest chapter:Chapter 146 Thoughts

Coming to a world that is a collection of Hong Kong variety movies and becoming a small patrol policeman, Zhang Pin said that he was panicking, but it was okay. The golden finger was in place in time. You killed the 100th criminal and activated the title Crime Buster. Everything was killed from the beginning. Liangkun started to win the title of Wan Chai Gunslinger...

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《The police of Hong Kong comprehensive world》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 146 Thoughts
Chapter 145 Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 144 Disagreement
Chapter 143 Everyone has his own plans
Chapter 142 Heartbeat
Chapter 141 Enthusiastic Policewoman
Chapter 140 Fast and Furious 5
Chapter 139 Escape
Chapter 138 Method
《The police of Hong Kong comprehensive world》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Wan Chai Gun God
Chapter 2 PTU
Chapter 3 Pier! Pier!
Chapter 4 Improve Shooting Skills
Chapter 5 I am inseparable with sin
Chapter 6 Mobile Forces - Human Nature
Chapter VII Mobile Units - Police Cases
Chapter 8 Help and Clues
Chapter 9 New Titles: Black Police, Vigilante
Chapter 10 Shooting and Closing the Case
Chapter 11 Questions by the Complaint Section
Chapter 12 Zhu Tao
Chapter Thirteen Long Wei and Xiao Fu
Chapter 14 The $100 Million Revenge Fund
Chapter 15 The King of Killers
Chapter 16 Crocodile's real name is Han Chen
Chapter 17 Who is the Seraph
Chapter 18 The Fierce Battle at Tsukamoto Building
Chapter 19 The End of the Killer King
Chapter 20 System: Recharge 100 million US dollars
Chapter 21 Xiaofucheng is bold
Chapter 22 Le Huizhen's Reminder
Chapter 23 New Function: Mustard Space
Chapter 24 News and Hospitalization
Chapter 25 The visit of Chen Jiaju and Dazui
Chapter 26 Overlord Flower
Chapter 27 Instructor Hu
Chapter 28 First impressions
Chapter 29 Zhang Pin VS Overlord Flower
Chapter 30 Flying Tigers Zhou Xingxing
Chapter 31 Personal Teaching
Chapter 32 The Pulley Incident
Chapter 33 Jewelry Thief
Chapter 34 Bad Luck Appears
Chapter 35 Flying Tigers Team Extermination
Chapter 36 Jewelry Thief Appears
Chapter 37 The Overlord Flower is over
Chapter 38 Director Chen and Li Xiner
Chapter 39 Unlucky Zhou Xingxing
Chapter 40: Director Huang's troubles
Chapter 41 Undercover Police Officer - Zhou Xingxing
Chapter 42 The case is blocked
Chapter 43 Zhang Pin goes out
Chapter 44 Teacher He
Chapter 45: Finding Clues
Chapter 46: Meeting Le Huizhen Again
Chapter forty-seven two big fly
Chapter 48 The gun is returned to its original owner
Chapter 49: Bigger and Stronger
Chapter 50: Da Fei Departs to the East Star
Chapter 51 Serving in the Serious Crime Team
Chapter 52 Small Gathering
Chapter 53 The Best Li Xiuxian
Chapter 54 Layout of Gold Shops
Chapter 55 When the case is in progress
Chapter 56 Everyone is happy
Chapter 57 Chen Jiaju's invitation
Chapter 58 The Beginning of the Police Story
Chapter 59 Captured by Flying Goose Mountain
Chapter 60 Chasing the Fragrant Car
Chapter 61 Zhu Tao's arrest
Chapter 62 The evidence is conclusive
Chapter 63 Protection of Witnesses
Chapter 64 Buying a mobile phone and encountering Chen Yongren
Chapter 65 Mary and Mr. Ni
Chapter 66 The Forgotten Golden Partner
Chapter 67 Traffic Team Warning
Chapter 68 Public Servant
Chapter 69 Clues
Chapter 70: A Head of the Serious Crime Squad
Chapter 71 Zhou Xingxing meets Li Xiuxian
Chapter 72 Media Interviews
Chapter 73 System, add points!
Chapter seventy-four cronies
Chapter 75 Jagged Mounted Police
Chapter 76 Arrest Action
Chapter 77 Do whatever you want
Chapter 78 Plan
Chapter 79 Conclusion
Chapter 80 Sir Zhang, I want to talk to you
Chapter 81: Zhou Xingxing, the expression of love
Chapter 82 Director Huang's Personal Reward
Chapter 83 The Beggar Edition of the Deadly Scissor Legs
Chapter 84 Cointreau Hotel
Chapter 85: Boldly Calling the Police
Chapter 86 sneak attack
Chapter 87 The robbers in the hall are all wiped out
Chapter 88 Never compromise
Chapter 89 Routines! Routines!
Chapter 90 The hostages are rescued
Chapter 91 Le Huizhen Disappears
Chapter 92 Female Robber
Chapter 93 Case Closing and Promotion
Chapter 94 Small Gathering
Chapter 95 Galaxy Center Mall
Chapter 96 Bombs and Evacuation
Chapter 97 Commendation
Chapter 98 The Central Police Station's Routine
Chapter 99 Clues
Chapter 100 The Last Chance
Chapter 101 Solving the Case
Chapter 102 Yun Lai Teahouse Walks Up
Chapter 103 When the blind date is in progress
Chapter 104: Police, don’t move (will be released tomorrow, please subscribe)
Chapter 105 Han Chen joins the Ni family (will be released tomorrow, please subscribe)
Chapter 106: Teahouse Battle
Chapter 107 Don’t blame brothers for not being human (please subscribe)
Chapter 108 Buying a Murderer
Chapter 109 Li Xiuxian VS Chen Jiaju (please subscribe)
Chapter 110 Interrogation (Fifth update, please subscribe)
Chapter 111 The water is very deep here (sixth update, please subscribe)
Chapter 112 Arms Depot
Chapter 113 Black eats black
Chapter 114: Uncle Hai ends
Chapter 115 A great victory
Chapter 116 The three heroes of wisdom, bravery and beauty
Chapter 117 Mingxin Hospital
Chapter 118 Split Action (1)
Chapter 119 Split Action (2)
Chapter 120 Split Action (3)
Chapter 121 Split Action (End)
Chapter 122: The police and the bandits are at odds
Chapter 123: Sneak Attack and Explosion
One hundred and twentieth chapters hear the wind and move
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Five Best Praise Yuan Haoyun
Chapter 126 100% hit
Chapter 127: Return to the Kidnapping Case
Chapter 128 Emergency Mission
Chapter 129 Interrogation Coke
Chapter 130: Cause of Kidnapping
Chapter 131 Comrade, I confess
Chapter 132 My name is Li Zhengyang
Chapter 133 Super Police
Chapter 134: Justice of Chen Jiaju
Chapter 135 The King of Routines
Chapter 136: Undercover Action
Chapter 137 Undercover Plan
Chapter 138 Skill Test
Chapter 139 Two kicks show the power
Chapter 140 Characters and Undercover
Chapter 141 escape
Chapter 142 Perfect penetration
Chapter 143 Wanted to run away
Chapter 144 Shiy
Chapter 145 Distribution Conference
Chapter 146 Rockets from the sky
Chapter 147 The Art of Explosion
Chapter 148 Kuala Lumpur seven-day tour
Chapter 149: Chen Jiaju's little brain
Chapter 150 Shura Field
Chapter 151 Expose the crisis
Chapter 152: Listen to the corner
Chapter 153 Plan
Chapter 155 Internal strife
Chapter 156 Cool Running
Chapter 157 Speeding Chase
Chapter 158 Return to Hong Kong and Changes
Chapter 159 Fuki Maru Cruise
Chapter 160 Chen Jiaju puts on his vest again
Chapter 161 City Hunter
Chapter 162 Cousin Huixiang
Chapter 163: Small gambling pleasure
Chapter 164 The Eve of Chaos
Chapter 165: Discovering clues
Chapter 166 Terrorists
Chapter 167 Asking for help
Chapter 168 Awkward Meeting
Chapter 169 Action, action
Chapter 170: The Title of Sin Buster
Chapter 171 Liberating the Cab
Chapter 172
Chapter 173 Gambling Skills
Chapter 174 The End
Chapter 175 Kowloon Spear Club
Chapter 176: Gun King
Chapter 177: Also in charge of the anti-gang group
Chapter 178 Social Reunion
Chapter 179 Everyone has their own unique moves
Chapter 180 Compromise
Chapter 181 Wang Bao and Tianhong
Chapter 182: Playing Truant 2
Chapter 183: Hope of Promotion to Chief Inspector
Chapter 184 The dumbfounded Zhou Xingxing
Chapter 185 New Vest: Teacher Zhang
Chapter 186: Convincing people with reason
Chapter 187: Slander
Chapter 188 Plan
Chapter 189 Sensible Zhang Pin
Chapter 190 Golden Partner
Chapter 191 A Backstab
Chapter 192 Bad News
Chapter 193 Terrorists in Action
Chapter 194 Response and Orders
Chapter 195 Zhou Xingxings opportunity
Chapter 196: Cao Dahua, who only lasted for three seconds
Chapter 197: Powerless
Chapter 198 Opportunity
Chapter 199 On-site Commander
Chapter 200: Call and ask about kung fu
Chapter 201: Shoot him with a gun
Chapter 202: Prepare to enter
Chapter 203 The First Wave of Hostages
Chapter 204: Heading towards the teaching building
Chapter 205 Action
Chapter 206 Attack
Chapter 207 Accident and Confrontation
Chapter 208 Excessive Demands
Chapter 209 Catching bullets with bare hands
Chapter 210 Let the doctor come and take a look
Chapter 211 Shura Field?
Chapter 212: Little Confusions Naive Thoughts
Chapter 213 The Blessing of All People
Chapter 214 Anti-gangster plan
Chapter 215: Headline Temptation
Chapter 216 Hongxings response
Chapter 217 Prestige
Chapter 218: Be the first to threaten
Chapter 219 Attracting Hatred
Chapter 220 Grouping
Chapter 221 Surrender
Chapter 222 Interrogation
Chapter 223 Test
Chapter 224: Subordinates who want to take over
Chapter 225: Applying eye drops and beating
Chapter 226 Meeting with the Plane
Chapter 227 Camels Plan
Chapter 228 Hong Xings plan
Chapter 229 Bamboo Union Gang
Chapter 229
Chapter 230 A sudden firefight
Chapter 231 The Ghost Director Huang
Chapter 232 The Death of Jiang Tiansheng
Chapter 233 The Hidden Danger of Dongxing
Chapter 234 I want to borrow money from you
Chapter 235: You must wear a helmet when fishing
Chapter 237 Camels Plan
Chapter 238 Times have changed
Chapter 239 Chen Haonans battle of revenge
Chapter 240 Disciple
Chapter 241 The clown is actually myself
Chapter 242 Sunset Industry
Chapter 243 He is your big brother
Chapter 244: Face Collision
Chapter 245 Ding Yaos Ambition
Chapter 246 Zhang Pin is targeted
Chapter 247: I havent been a big brother for many years
Chapter 248 I have been waiting for you for three years
Chapter 249: Wrong choice of road, no matter how you go, it will never be right
Chapter 250 Borrow one million
Chapter 251 Yuan Haoyun VS Xiaozhuang
Chapter 252 I bet there are no bullets in your gun
Chapter 253: Alarming the Snake
Chapter 254 Xiao Ma and Xiao Zhuang
Chapter 255: The last vote
Chapter 256: Black eating and drinking
Chapter 257: Establishing Rules
Chapter 258: There is plenty of time anyway
Chapter 259 Tan Cheng reports the crime
Chapter 260: Fierce Little Ma
Chapter 261 Little Fanboy Chen Jin
Chapter 262: A lifeless fight
Chapter 263 Death and Destination
Chapter 264 Xiaozhuang or Xiaoma?
Chapter 265 The new mission of the system
Chapter 266 The hero saves the beauty
Chapter 267 The body is very honest
Chapter 268 Taking the initiative to come to the door
Chapter 269 Ding Yaos Ambition
Chapter 270: Chips
Chapter 271 Operation Thunder
Chapter 272 I dont believe it
Chapter 273 Confrontation
Chapter 274 Ding Yao ascends to power
Chapter 275 The power is in hand
Chapter 276 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 277 News about Ali
Chapter 278 Villa Shootout
Chapter 279 Dodging bullets to the extreme
Chapter 280 Killing Wang Hai
Chapter 281 Lin Kun was arrested
Chapter 282 Sorry, Im a policeman
Chapter 283 Leader of the Ni Family
Chapter 284 Ni Yongxiao, Liu Jianming
Chapter 285 Li Xiuxians Troubles
Chapter 286 Cuckold?
Chapter 287 Break your legs
Chapter 288 The God of Gamblers gets beaten
Chapter 289 Ding Yao wants to find a gambling expert
Chapter 290 He Mins Cousin
Chapter 291 Flowers and cow dung
Chapter 292 A false alarm
Chapter 293 Solving the person who caused the problem
Chapter 294 Tu Mao Zhou Xingxing
Chapter 295 Gao Jins intuition
Chapter 296 Gao Yis little thoughts
Chapter 297 Dayue loses
Chapter 298 The God of Gamblers takes action
Chapter 299 Enemy Card
Chapter 300 Stud
Chapter 301 Ending
Chapter 302 Lucky or Unlucky
Chapter 303 Janet calls the police
Chapter 304 Knife Zais little thoughts
Chapter 305 Dakou Jiu surrenders and loses half
Chapter 306 Doomed
Chapter 307 Good Luck Zhou Xingxing
Chapter 308 The dirty tricks
Chapter 309 Murderous intent arises
Chapter 310 Super God Kill
Chapter 311 Speed of Life and Death
Chapter 312 The God of Gamblers Returns
Chapter 313 Gao Jin wants to cooperate
Chapter 314 Chen Jinchengs plan
Chapter 315 Twenty-Five Boys
Chapter 316 The gambling begins
Chapter 317 Key Card
Chapter 318 The Final Battle
Chapter 319: Killing with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 320 Gambling God Consultant
Chapter 321 The Brave Overlord Flower
Chapter 322 New Mission
Chapter 323 Disappearance
Chapter 324 Abu
Chapter 325: Encounter on the Island
Chapter 327: One hundred thousand thugs a day
Chapter 326: If you cant beat him, then win him over
Chapter 329 The Thoughts of Recruitment
Chapter 328 Take action
Chapter 331 I bet there is no gun in your gun...
Chapter 330: The inexplicable gun battle
Chapter 333 The Overlord Flower is in trouble
Chapter 332 Abus Return
Chapter 335 The whereabouts of the Overlord Flower
Chapter 334: Divine soldiers descend from heaven
Chapter 337 The Five Lucky Stars Appear
Chapter 336: Zhou Xingxings arrogance lasts only three seconds
Chapter 339: Place the Overlord Flower
Chapter 338: Overlord Flower disbands
Chapter 341: SWAT Team Traitors and Counterfeit Money Group
Chapter 340 Five Lucky Star Cleaning Company
Chapter 343: Chen Jiajus Changes
Chapter 342 The unlucky Chen Jiaju
Chapter 345 Big Teapot and Big Nose
Chapter 344: Show off Biao Shu
Chapter 347 Do you know where I am?
Chapter 346 The Party Trip of the Five Lucky Stars
Chapter 349: Little A, I cant afford it
Chapter 348: Excellent Acting Skills
Chapter 349 I cant afford it
Chapter 350: Fire merger
Chapter 351 Lucky Stars Shine
Chapter 352: Mens bad thoughts
Chapter 353: Flirting with vaginal feet
Chapter 354: Fighting...Robbery
Chapter 355 The Art of Binding
Chapter 356 Sufficient funds
Chapter 357 Differential Treatment
Chapter 358 Return it
Chapter 359 Big Brother
Chapter 360 Tokyo Strategy
Chapter 361 Lin Guiren
Chapter 362 The strange Li Xin'er
Chapter 363 Conversation and reasons
Chapter 364 Hotel Crisis
Chapter 365 Fierce Firepower
Chapter 366: Dumbfounded Lin Guiren
Chapter 367: Careless
Chapter 368: Taking advantage of others danger
Chapter 369 Full-time Killer
Chapter 370 Bounty Target
Chapter 371 Drunk Accident
Chapter 372 Revisit Kiyoko Imamura
Chapter 373 Keiko Sasaki
Chapter 374: Planning
Chapter 375 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 376 Transparent Shower Room
Chapter 377 Killer O appears
Chapter 378 Its hard to persuade the damn ghost with good words
Chapter 379: The gun in your hand has no bullets
Chapter 380 Mission Completed
Chapter 381 Excessive Power
Chapter 382: Thunderous Means
Chapter 386 Crazy Thor
Chapter 384 Return to Hong Kong
Chapter 385 Family Banquet and Killer
Chapter 389: Bandit of the Century
Chapter 387 The first clues are emerging
Chapter 388: Ordinary Jimmy Tsai
Chapter 392 The target of the attack
Chapter 390 Rich Man
Chapter 391 We are brain eaters
Chapter 395: The decent kidnapper
Chapter 393: Chance Encounter
Chapter 394 Li Chaoren and the eldest son of the Li family
Chapter 398: Two billion ransom
Chapter 396 The Discovery of the Plane
Chapter 397 The rich man comes to visit
Chapter 401 The unlucky guy who was tied up
Chapter 399 Raising money
Chapter 400 Coincidence
Chapter 404: The King of Thieves Shock
Chapter 402 A sneak attack by two people
Chapter 403 Fifty minutes!
Chapter 408 Lu Qichangs pattern
Chapter 405 Li Chaorens thank you gift
Chapter 406: The mystery of the thank you gift
Chapter 407 New Territories Ding Quan
Chapter 412 Emergency Meeting
Chapter 409: Tsim Sha Tsui Storm
Chapter 410 The proud Sir Zhang
Chapter 411 The police station exploded
Chapter 416 The action begins
Chapter 413 Big Event
Chapter 414 News and the Unlucky Ma Jun
Chapter 415 Commander
Chapter 420: Taking Over the Command
Chapter 417 The gangster appears
Chapter 418 Action!
Chapter 419: Stand up!
Chapter 424 Interview Troubles
Chapter 421 Cooperation
Chapter 422: Fight hard!
Chapter 423: Help him look decent
Chapter 428 Li Zhengyang VS Ma Jun
Chapter 425 Witness Protection
Chapter 426 Zhongnanhai Bodyguard
Chapter 427 Li Zhengyang
Chapter 432 Wang Jianjun comes to Hong Kong
Chapter 429 Meeting
Chapter 430 Accident in the dressing room
Chapter 431: Fierce Fighting in the Shopping Mall
Chapter 426: Murder and Silence
Chapter 423: Questioning by the Political Department
Chapter 424 Ma Jun VS Wang Jianjun
Chapter 425: Zhang Pins Abnormal Shooting Techniques
Chapter 430: The oriole is behind
Chapter 427: Zhuo Jingquans superior operation
Chapter 428: Getting ready to do something
Chapter 429 The Shapqiu group is destroyed
Chapter 434: An era has come to an end
Chapter 431 Desperate Chen Jin
Chapter 432: Rollover
Chapter 433: Shattered to pieces
Chapter 438 (Thanks to Cheng Q Cheng for the ten thousand reward)
Chapter 435 Infernal Affairs II
Chapter 436: Newcomer from Wan Chai Police Station
Chapter 437: Cross-district handling of cases
Chapter 438
Chapter 439: Killing people
Chapter 440 Ji Shaoqun and Lu Minghua
Chapter 441 Liu Jiehui
Chapter 442 Wang Bao was arrested
Chapter 443 Faith of Loyalty
Chapter 444 Seventeen Million
Chapter 445 Oolong and Danger
Chapter 446: Wan Chai Police Station was attacked!
Chapter 447 The power of public opinion
Chapter 448: Fatty Huang returns home in fine clothes
Chapter 489: Doing things
Chapter 490: The long-lost golden partner
Chapter 491 Hongxings new leader
Chapter 492 Clues and Targets
Chapter 493 Jinzis Spring
Chapter 494 Corridor Shootout
Chapter 495 Ma Jun VS Luo Tianhong
Chapter 496: Transferred to Tsim Sha Tsui?
Chapter 497 Arrangement (Part 1)
Chapter 498 Arrangement (Part 2)
Chapter 499: The long-lost recharge and purchase of attribute points
Chapter 500 The Superintendent takes office
Chapter 501 The situation in Tsim Sha Tsui is out of control
Chapter 502 Treating guests to dinner
Chapter 503 A Xiang who looks like Thor (Long Zai Jiang Hu)
Chapter 504: Sudden encounter with weapons
Chapter 505: Goodbye, its Liang Qiqi
Chapter 506 Confession
Chapter 507 Taking the initiative to come to the door
Chapter 513 Action
Chapter 509 The heartbroken Wei Jixiang
Chapter 510: Inquiry
Chapter 511 Revenge
Chapter 512 Test
Chapter 518 Eavesdropping + Gun King
Chapter 514 Plan
Chapter 515: Catching Ghosts
Chapter 516: Firing the first shot
Chapter 517 Two Invitations
Chapter 518 Eavesdropping + Gun King
Chapter 519 Accident
Chapter 520 Shopping
Chapter 521: Isnt Brother Zhas name useful?
Chapter 522: The Delusion of the Dragon Crossing the River
Chapter 523 Chen Yongren is quite a good person
Chapter 524: Big Brother and Little Brother
Chapter 525: Murder! (Playing Truant 3)
Chapter 526: Tang Zhudis special habits
Chapter 527 Lin Dayue who blew himself up
Chapter 528 Continuous self-destruction?
Chapter 529: The truth is revealed?
Chapter 530 Crucial Evidence
Chapter 531 An unexpected discovery
Chapter 532: Sir Zhang who abandons his integrity
Chapter 533 The inside story of soaring stock prices
Chapter 534: A lighter equipped with eavesdropping
Chapter 535: Poaching people and making mistakes
Chapter 536 Stocks soar
Chapter 537 Han Chen VS Tony
Chapter 538: One against twenty
Chapter 539: Pressure from Twenty-one Murder Cases
Chapter 540: Han Chen who killed someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 541: Sir Zhangs Bad Peach Blossom Inventory
Chapter 542 Search Operation
Chapter 543 The missing murderer
Chapter 544 More than one gun
Chapter 545: Within three steps, fast and accurate
Chapter 546 Liu Piaopiao
Chapter 547 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 554 Cao Dahuas self-rescue
Chapter 549 Car Crash
Chapter 550 The unlucky Cao Dahua
Chapter 551: Huang Zhichengs opportunity
Chapter 552 The Inertia of History
Chapter 553 Family and Family
Chapter 560 The police appear on the scene
Chapter 555 See you or see you
Chapter 556: The idea of taking advantage of others
Chapter 557 Ni Yongxiao wants to clear his name
Chapter 558: Ni Yongxiaos Cutting
Chapter 559: Sudden Firefight
Chapter 566 Ive got you covered
Chapter 561 No evidence
Chapter 562 I want to testify against Ni Yongxiao
Chapter 563: A plane caught in internal and external troubles
Chapter 564: Storm in Tsim Sha Tsui
Chapter 565: Certificate of Surrender
Chapter 672 Ni Yongxiao was attacked
Chapter 667 Liu Jianmings actions
Chapter 668: With fewer people walking, the road grows grass and disappears
Chapter 669 I will kill Ah Xiao tonight
Chapter 670 The Shameless Ghost
Chapter 671 The weird two people
Chapter 678: There can only be one Haonan in Causeway Bay
Chapter 673: Huang Zhichengs incident
Chapter 674 Car accident
Chapter 681 An oolong coincidence
Chapter 676: Winning streak
Chapter 677 Chen Haonan returns
Chapter 684: No one is a fool
Chapter 679 Big D fishing without a helmet
Chapter 680: Plans from all sides
Chapter 687: Run, run, run
Chapter 682: The Outstanding Bird
Chapter 683: Turbulence
Chapter 690: The Beginning of The True Colors of a Hero II
Chapter 685 Situ Haonan PK Chen Haonan
Chapter 686: One person versus a group
Chapter 693 Suspected News
Chapter 688 The police appear on the scene
Chapter 689 The end of the night
Chapter 696: Appearing in front of others
Chapter 691: Everyone is a talent
Chapter 692 The tacit understanding between the two parties
Chapter 699: The Wisdom of Survival
Chapter 694 Very sudden
Chapter 695: Protagonists Face
Chapter 702 Determining the location of the stolen money
Chapter 697: Inquire about the professor
Chapter 698: Stumbling Block Plan
Chapter 704 The aftermath of the case
Chapter 700: Shoot!
Chapter 701 The professor is arrested
Chapter 707 Testing
Chapter 703: Finding the stolen money
Chapter 703: The Beginning of The True Colors of a Hero II
Chapter 710 Live roundup
Chapter 711 Confrontation and Discovery
Chapter 706: Lots of doubts
Chapter 713 Publicity and Reputation
Chapter 708 Ambush
Chapter 709: Alertness
Chapter 716 Mini Game
Chapter 717 Report
Chapter 712: Exaggerated ratings
Chapter 719 New Action
Chapter 714 He Wenzhan cooperates with Ma Jun
Chapter 715 Treating guests to dinner
Chapter 722 Thirteenth Sister and Arun
Chapter 723: Ill pay you back next time
Chapter 718 Annie and Joey Luo
Chapter 725 Impossible! Absolutely impossible!
Chapter 720: Macau Storm
Chapter 721 Daily life
Chapter 728: Crisis of Loyalty and Faith
Chapter 729: Crazy Faith of Loyalty
Chapter 724: Oolong! Another Oolong!
Chapter 731 The end of the road
Chapter 726 Obedience
Chapter 727: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 734: Bet once
Chapter 735: Challenge from the East Lake Gang
Chapter 730 The Eve of Crazy
Chapter 737: Begonia with Peony Pattern
Chapter 732 Ma Jun VS Wang Bao
Chapter 733: Successful opening
Chapter 740: Twists and turns
Chapter 741: Shake people
Chapter 736: A $90 Million Gambling Game
Chapter 743: Seeking the Eternal God of Defeat at the Gambling Table
Chapter 738: The Soft Rice Grandmaster?
Chapter 739 Gao Jins Weakness
Chapter 746: Fight to the death
Chapter 747 Huo Qingsong
Chapter 742 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 749 Gong Mu Qianju Group
Chapter 744 Red Oil Smuggling
Chapter 745: Investing in China
Chapter 752: Someone was killed
Chapter 753 Hostage Rescue
Chapter 748 A big project worth 500 million yuan
Chapter 755: Plots from all sides
Chapter 750: Born to raise seven brothers and sisters
Chapter 751 Kidnapping Case
Chapter 758 Chen Jin was crushed
Chapter 759: Asias No. 1 Fast Player
Chapter 754: Gangs and lakes tactics
Chapter 761 The Supreme
Chapter 756: Review by the Political Department
Chapter 757 One hundred million US dollars
Chapter 764 Working to pay off debts
Chapter 765 Important Person
Chapter 760: Rosen who eats soft food
Chapter 767: Attacking Arms Dealers
Chapter 762: Dumbfounded Rosen and Crab
Chapter 763 Stanley Reservation
Chapter 770: He Yongqiang
Chapter 771 The last choice
Chapter 766 Big Case
Chapter 773 Money Laundering
Chapter 768 Ma Jun VS Tian Yangyi
Chapter 769: Lucky Chen Jiaju
Chapter 776 Recharge 100 million US dollars
Chapter 777 Fierce Firepower
Chapter 772 The end of the world
Chapter 779 Special chips
Chapter 774: Unexpected Skills
Chapter 775: The Zhang brothers who were ganged up on
Chapter 782 Swift Action
Chapter 783 Unlucky Zhou Xingxing
Chapter 778: Generous Amin
Chapter 785: Zhou Xingxing suffered from dementia due to daughter
Chapter 780: The Aftermath of the Dollar Robbery Case
Chapter 781: Solving the case in 24 hours
Chapter 788 Wing Chun, Zhang Pin
Chapter 789 The stubborn Sir Zhang
Chapter 784 Marydonna
Chapter 791 Doing Business
Chapter 786 Black Bears Armani
Chapter 787 Invincible Hot Wheels
Chapter 794: The flag cannot be set up casually
Chapter 795: Attack of Marydonna
Chapter 790: Real Kung Fu
Chapter 797 Let the bullets fly for a while
Chapter 792 The bad guy Zhou Xingxing
Chapter 793: Policemen and Bandits
Chapter 800 Ding Yaos troubles
Chapter 801: Cracking Thousand Techniques
Chapter 796: Transaction Scene
Chapter 803 Casino Consultant
Chapter 798 Warehouse scene
Chapter 799: Even if he dies, the money will be yours too
Chapter 806: Flying Dragon General
Chapter 807 Crouching Dragon and Phoenix Chick
Chapter 802 The fate of the old man
Chapter 809: Chen Jiaju, both civil and military
Chapter 804 Challenge Sir Zhang
Chapter 805 Chen Jiajus changes
Chapter 812 The impossible poisonous oath
Chapter 813 Master Guan appears
Chapter 808 The Threat of Eavesdropping Devices
Chapter 815 One hundred million, one hundred million per person
Chapter 810 Warehouse exposed
Chapter 811: The lucky guy
Chapter 818 Dont offend women
Chapter 819 Useless backup plan
Chapter 814 Simple tasks are not easy
Chapter 821 Its really about grabbing a nuclear bomb
Chapter 816 Luck VS Qian Shu
Chapter 817: Lost face, enriched lizi
Chapter 824: Movies are all lies
Chapter 825: Falling into the beauty trap
Chapter 820: Help
Chapter 827 Who is afraid of whom?
Chapter 822 Sir Zhang tells the truth
Chapter 823 Maintaining World Nuclear Peace
Chapter 830: Door-to-door challenge
Chapter 831 Heart of the Ocean
Chapter 826: Obtaining the Nuclear Warhead
Chapter 833: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 828 I am your brother-in-law
Chapter 829 The secret war begins
Chapter 836 Sir Zhang is very good at fighting
Chapter 837 Perfect Body
Chapter 832 Cooperation in handling cases
Chapter 839 The game is not over yet
Chapter 834 Unexpected
Chapter 835 Come on, Sir Zhang
Chapter 842: Real and Fake Gems
Chapter 843 Obtaining the gem
Chapter 838 It is impossible for Shura Field to exist
Chapter 845 Zhang Lang VS Hua Di
Chapter 840 Sir Zhang wants to take action
Chapter 841: Sit back and wait.
Chapter 848: We are right, what are we afraid of?
Chapter 849 The consequences of being overconfident
Chapter 844: One wave has just subsided, and another wave arises again
Chapter 851: Handling Cases in Partnership (Happy New Year to Everyone!)
Chapter 846 Chaos Renewed
Chapter 847: In the clear world, do you dare to hit the police?
Chapter 854 Li Wenbin
Chapter 855: Its too late to explain
Chapter 856: Sir Zhang who doesn’t follow the rules
Chapter 850: You dont have to sit in jail for a day
Chapter 858 Terrorist Attack
Chapter 852 Zhou Wenli has a bad taste in wine
Chapter 853: The Heart of the Ocean Was Robbed
Chapter 861 Situation and meeting
Chapter 861 Purchasing Information
Chapter 856: Sir Zhang who doesnt follow the rules
Chapter 857: Transaction Scene
Chapter 864: Boarding and Covering
Chapter 859 Countermeasures
Chapter 860: It is my destiny to enter the world
Chapter 867 Car accident!
Chapter 868 Achieving a Goal
Chapter 862 Yellow Sea
Chapter 863 Are your eyes dry?
Chapter 871: Plans from all sides
Chapter 865 The Riddler
Chapter 866 The scapegoat
Chapter 874 Professor Jins Wife
Chapter 875 A strange combination of circumstances
Chapter 869 New Product: Talent
Chapter 870 Counterattack! Counterattack!
Chapter 878 The consequences of not being a dog
Chapter 872 Achieving a goal unexpectedly
Chapter 873 Kim Tae-wons discovery
Chapter 881 No escape
Chapter 882: I will satisfy you with such a cheap request
Chapter 876: Insider
Chapter 877 I dont want to be a dog
Chapter 885 Part-time Bodyguard
Chapter 879 Damn misunderstanding
Chapter 880 Gao Jianzhus self-rescue
Chapter 888 If this happens, its all over
Chapter 889 He is my brother
Chapter 883 Li Wenbin asks for help
Chapter 884 The final mission clue
Chapter 892 I caught you
Chapter 886 Sudden Attack
Chapter 887 Ambush and Counterattack
Chapter 895 Fireworks Show
Chapter 896 Overreaction
Chapter 890 Before the Storm
Chapter 891 Smile transfer
Chapter 899 Assassination of the Commander
Chapter 893 Shenma Dongxi VS Zhang Qian
Chapter 894 Target Blue House
Chapter 902: Sir Zhang, a local and arrogant person
Chapter 903 Abolition of the Political Department
Chapter 897: Life is full of surprises
Chapter 898 The Blue House exploded
Chapter 906 Cao Dahuas opportunity
Chapter 900: Its too late to explain, get in the car quickly
Chapter 901 Leaving
Chapter 909: Bourne Amnesia
Chapter 910 The unlucky Chen Jiaju
Chapter 911 The hero saves the beauty
Chapter 905: Secret War 2
Chapter 913 Best Assist: Cao Dahua
Chapter 907
Chapter 908 Professor Zhao Zhiren
Chapter 916 Su Jianqius decision
Chapter 917: Your name is Duan Kun
Chapter 912: Killer becomes bodyguard
Chapter 919 Blocking the door
Chapter 914: Good people will fight to the end
Chapter 915: Dont be careless
Chapter 922: Generous Li Wenbin
Chapter 923 The show begins
Chapter 918: Cant get off stage
Chapter 925: Playing Double Act
Chapter 920: One vs. fifty Bourne
Chapter 921 An Oolong Coincidence
Chapter 928 Two against a hundred
Chapter 929: Shooting yourself in the foot
Chapter 924: Only routines can win people's hearts
Chapter 931 Extreme Agent
Chapter 926 Clearance Operation
Chapter 927: Come to the door
Chapter 934: Dying! Dying!
Chapter 935: Attacking Fang Jiexia
Chapter 930: Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 932: Impulsive Detective
Chapter 938: With critical purpose
Chapter 934: Dying! Dying!
Chapter 940 Unexpected
Chapter 936 Li Wenbins choice
Chapter 937: Target Eight-faced Buddha
Chapter 943 Personal Behavior
Chapter 939: Tough Guy Su Jianqiu
Chapter 945 The attack begins
Chapter 941: Delivered to the Door
Chapter 942 Beautiful Assist
Chapter 948: Pursue the victory
Chapter 944 The Eve of the Raid
Chapter 950 Chacais counterattack
Chapter 946: Victory in the first battle
Chapter 947: Go up to the sixth floor in one breath
Chapter 953: Fight hard!
Chapter 949: Fight hard! Fight hard!
Chapter 955 I am the special forces
Chapter 951: The Opposite of Good and Evil
Chapter 952 The final counterattack
Chapter 958 The End
Chapter 954: The Light of the Righteous Path
Chapter 960: Deep Brotherly Love
Chapter 956: Happy guessing
Chapter 957: Extreme joy leads to sorrow
Chapter 963 Just making a wedding dress
Chapter 959: Murderous intention arises
Chapter 965 Personal Behavior
Chapter 961: The Eight-faced Buddhas Plan
Chapter 962 A hasty ending
Chapter 968: Father-son dialogue
Chapter 964 Sir Zhang is not interested in money
Chapter 970: Gong Wei doesnt look like the protagonist
Chapter 966 Letter to Dad
Chapter 967 News about the Painter
Chapter 973: Darkness and lightness
Chapter 969: The ruthless Fu Guang
Chapter 975: Really accurate at reading people
Chapter 971 Fierce Fight in the Restaurant
Chapter 972 Dont move
Chapter 978 Han Chen comes back
Chapter 974: Changing the tragic fate
Chapter 980: Haitang has a tattoo of peonies on her body
Chapter 981: Dont take Sir Zhang seriously
Chapter 982 Sudden accident
Chapter 983 Oolong and Confidence
Chapter 979 Everyones Thoughts
Chapter 985 We found a traitor
Chapter 986 Great Principle
Chapter 987 Stud in one breath
Chapter 988: Taking advantage of the topic
Chapter 984 Deadlock
Chapter 990 Speechless Gao Jin
Chapter 991: Pressure from Public Opinion
Chapter 992: Little Black Face Tomohiro Guan
Chapter 993: The competition between the ruthless male gods
Chapter 989 Dont dare to gamble
Chapter 995: Live Target Shooting
Chapter 996: Saving people and killing people
Chapter 997 First Degree Murder
Chapter 998 Asking for Foreign Aid
Chapter 994: Everything goes wrong
Chapter 1000: The deal fell through
Chapter 1001: Scheme against each other
Chapter 1002: Investigation process with results
Chapter 1003: White Wolf with Empty Gloves
Chapter 999 Poor Self-Esteem
Chapter 1005 The beginning of the storm
Chapter 1006 Its really an accident
Chapter 1007 Good Citizens
Chapter 1008 Assault Operation
Chapter 1004 Arrest on the spot
Chapter 1010 Long Wei is kidnapped
Chapter 1011 Rescue Long Wei
Chapter 1012 Sir Zhang takes action
Chapter 1013: Arresting someone for an own mistake
Chapter 1009: Lost it
Chapter 1,015 The Bold Brother Pa
Chapter 1016 Enjoy tonight
Chapter 1017: Reincarnation of Cause and Effect
Chapter 1018: Smart Man Cao Nan
Chapter 1014: Race against time
Chapter 1020 Huang Wenbins Self-destruction
Chapter 1021 The Rules of the Landowners Association
Chapter 1022 Luo Minshengs fate
Chapter 1023 ICAC Meeting
Chapter 1,019 Case Completed
Chapter 1025: Too Arrogant
Chapter 1026 Jockey Club
Chapter 1,027 Key Evidence
Chapter 1,028 Half done
Chapter 1024 Lu Zhilian who doesnt pay tuition
Chapter 1030 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 1031 Anti-Corruption Storm II
Chapter 1032 Police Integrity Cooperation
Chapter 1,033 There is a mole
Chapter 1,034 Peripheral Betting Station
Chapter 1035: Girl showing off her wealth
Chapter 1036: To alert the snake
Chapter 1037: Murder in the Night
Chapter 1,038 The consequences of not telling jokes
Chapter 1039: The Willfulness of Rights
Chapter 1040 The End of Z Fund
Chapter 1041 Dirty Rat
Chapter 1,042 Joint Financial Intelligence Group
Chapter 1043: Sir Zhang who is indifferent to fame and wealth and has no interest in money
Chapter 1044: Police integrity cooperates again
Chapter 1045: Cutting Raw Pork
Chapter 1,046: The dead duck has a tough mouth
Chapter 1,047 A familiar scene
Chapter 1,048 The Dirty Rat Delivered to Your Doorstep
Chapter 1,049 A Little Stutter
Chapter 1050: Dark Night in Mong Kok
Chapter 1051 A sudden turn of events
Chapter 1052 Headless Fly
Chapter 1053: The submissive country bumpkin
Chapter 1054: Send money to your door
Chapter 1055: Hitting the muzzle
Chapter 1,056 The end of the chase
Chapter 1057: Time is also destiny
Chapter 1,058 Anti-Corruption Storm III
Chapter 1,059 The Insider
Chapter 1060: Reporting and Decision
Chapter 1,061: Human Dao Zu
Chapter 1,062 The duck you got flew away
Chapter 1,063 Strange Kidnapping
Chapter 1,064 The witty Chen Jiaju
Chapter 1065: Call it a day
Chapter 1066: Corruption
Chapter 1,067 I heard
Chapter 1068: Fighting the Big Tiger
Chapter 1069 Ten Billion
Chapter 1,070 Complex Human Nature
Chapter 1071 There is a mole
Chapter 1,072 The shocking scapegoat
Chapter 1,073 Who is the fool?
Chapter 1,074 The police in Hong Kong movies always appear after the fact
Chapter 1,075 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 1076: Extreme Joy Begets Sadness
Chapter 1,077 Newborn Calf
Chapter 1,078 Self-defeating
Chapter 1079: Overwhelming wealth
Chapter 1,080 Dangerous Elements
Chapter 1081 Crazy Idea
Chapter 1082 Crazy Action
Chapter 1083: A step too late
Chapter 1084: Menacing
Chapter 1,085 Bomb Disposal Expert
Chapter 1,086 Taking over command
Chapter 1,087 The confidence to attack
Chapter 1,088 Dont panic, the situation is still under control
Chapter 1089 Unexpected
Chapter 1090 Showing the Tread
Chapter 1091 Everything is done
Chapter 1092: Desperate
Chapter 1093: Arrangement
Chapter 1,094 Important news is not important
Chapter 1095 Sir Zhang lost contact
Chapter 1096: All the beauties gathered together
Chapter 1,097 Flip-Flops and Blockbusters
Chapter 1098: Panic and no choice of road
Chapter 1099: Shock on the Escalator
Chapter 1,100 Baby Plan
Chapter 1,101 The Lot of Life and Death
Chapter 1,102 Unlucky Ji Shaoqun
Chapter 1,103 Get back what I deserve
Chapter 1,104 Blocking the Door
Chapter 1,105 Stealing People
Chapter 1,106 Chen Jiaju meets flip-flops
Chapter 1,107 Sir Zhang was slapped in the face
Chapter 1,108 The old guy who cant keep up with the times
Chapter 1,109 Special Relationship
Chapter 1,110 People from all walks of life gather together
Chapter 1111: Chaotic Relationship
Chapter 1,112 Ten million reward
Chapter 1,113 Turmoil in the Society
Chapter 1,114 Ten Million and Thirty Million
Chapter 1,115 Job transfer successful
Chapter 1,116 Corruption
Chapter 1,117 The growing family
Chapter 1,118 The system appears
Chapter 1,119 Its too late, dont ask
Chapter 1,120 A fierce ghost turns into a dead ghost
Chapter 1,121: Stick to Justice
Chapter 1,122 The regret of not being able to empathize
Chapter 1,123 Flaws
Chapter 1,124 Voluntarily surrender
Chapter 1,125 Justice and Innocence
Chapter 1,126 Sir Zhang is very angry
Chapter 1,127 I didnt book this deal for you
Chapter 1,128 No retreat
Chapter 1,129 Chen Jiajus guilt
Chapter 1,130 Robbery and Revenge
Chapter 1,131 The Eve of Financial Harvest
Chapter 1,132 Safety Tips
Chapter 1,133 If you fall behind, you will be caught
Chapter 1,134: Undercover in jail
Chapter 1,135 Fairness and Justice
Chapter 1,136 Lu Zhilian jumps left and right
Chapter 1,137 White Gloves
Chapter 1,138: Shoot at the slightest disagreement
Chapter 1,139 Give it a try
Chapter 1,140 The Battle of La Kua
Chapter 1,141 Its too late to surrender
Chapter 1142 Jianing Murder Case
Chapter 1,143 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 1,144 The Mantis and the Oriole
Chapter 1,145 Mangrove
Chapter 1,146
Chapter 1,147: Murder and Silence
Chapter 1,148: Playing the long game to catch the big fish
Chapter 1,149 Extremely Repeated Offender
Chapter 1,150 Li Dang meets Sir Zhang
Chapter 1151 Meeting
Chapter 1152: Caught the wrong fish?
Chapter 1,153 Society Reform
Chapter 1,154 Mercenaries
Chapter 1,155 The Unlucky Mercenary
Chapter 1,156 Patient Sir Zhang
Chapter 1,157 My name is Ajie
Chapter 1,158 Huang Zhicheng gives up on himself
Chapter 1,160 Principled Sir Zhang
Chapter 1,161 A unique blow
Chapter 1,162 Killer Yaodong
Chapter 1,163 An unexpected discovery
Chapter 1,164 Business Rules
Chapter 1,165 Just looking
Chapter 1,166 Accident
Chapter 1,167 The matter is exposed
Chapter 1,168 Door-to-Door Delivery
Chapter 1,169 The Final Struggle
Chapter 1,170 The oriole is behind
Chapter 1,171 Attack
Chapter 1,172 Fire Suppression
Chapter 1,173 Lucky Chen Jiaju
Chapter 1,174 An unexpected way to die
Chapter 1,175 Gao Gang
Chapter 1,176 Black Boxing
Chapter 1,177 Interests are heart-warming
Chapter 1,178 Ferris Wheel
Chapter 1,179 Bullshit
Chapter 1,180 Broken Egg
Chapter 1,181 So bad that it oozes pus
Chapter 1,182 Temptation
Chapter 1183: Be vigilant
Chapter 1,184 Bait
Chapter 1,185 Taking the bait
Chapter 1,186 Killing People
Chapter 1,187 Shooting
Chapter 1,188 Killer Bullet
Chapter 1,189 Birthday Party
Chapter 1,190 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 1191 Death of Yaodong
Chapter 1,192 Killing people and dancing
Chapter 1,193 Canvassing votes
Chapter 1,194: Wrong Person
Chapter 1,195 The boxing match begins
Chapter 1,196 Small Moves
Chapter 1,197 Something is wrong, very wrong
Chapter 1,198 Times have changed
Chapter 1,199 Death of Wei Jixiang
Chapter 1,200 Wheel Battle
Chapter 1,201 Interesting
Chapter 1,202 Agui and Awu
Chapter 1,203 Be sensible
Chapter 1,204 Ambush
Chapter 1,205 Shootout in the Mall
Chapter 1,206 Fierce Battle at the Bridge Hole
Chapter 1,207 The God of War in the Carriage
Chapter 1,208 Murderous Intent
Chapter 1,209 Explosion
Chapter 1,210 Chase
Chapter 1,211 Taking off
Chapter 1,212 Time is also destiny
Chapter 1,213 Rush Hour
Chapter 1,214 Rookie Detective
Chapter 1,215 Across the World
Chapter 1,216 Just kidding
Chapter 1,217 The Takeaway Deliverer
Chapter 1,218 Antique Exhibition
Chapter 1,219 Im not hungry yet
Chapter 1,220 Langley in action
Chapter 1,221 Sir Zhang who convinces people with reason
Chapter 1,222 One after another
Chapter 1,223 The war breaks out
Chapter 1,224 Consultant of the Investigation Bureau
Chapter 1,225 The Beginning of Fast and Furious
Chapter 1,226 A match
Chapter 1,227 Life is always so difficult
Chapter 1,228 Crazy Stan
Chapter 1,229 Help
Chapter 1,230 Matilda
Chapter 1,231 Invitation to join the team
Chapter 1,232 Choice
Chapter 1,233 Thats it
Chapter 1,234: Money moves peoples hearts
Chapter 1,235 Food Truck
Chapter 1,236 Underground Racing
Chapter 1,237 The game begins
Chapter 1,238 Pulled to the same level
Chapter 1,239 The Correct Way to Open a Racing Car
Chapter 1,240 Little Wild Cat
Chapter 1,241: Ones own people are attacking ones own people
Chapter 1,242 Looking for Someone
Chapter 1,243 Diamond
Chapter 1,244 Get started
Chapter 1,245 Trouble
Chapter 1,246 Delivery Man Frank
Chapter 1,247 Human Snake Group
Chapter 1,248 The Beginning of Fast and Furious 2
Chapter 1,249 Crush
Chapter 1,250 Showing Strength
Chapter 1,251 The Wise Kapos
Chapter 1,252 Pier
Chapter 1,253 Shooting
Chapter 1,254 The destruction of the human-snake group
Chapter 1,255 Cruel and ruthless
Chapter 1,256 Fatal Cradle
Chapter 1,257 Black Diamond
Chapter 1,258 Empty Joy
Chapter 1,259 Weapons of Mass Destruction
Chapter 1,260 Target
Chapter 1,261 Encounter
Chapter 1,262 Fire Merger
Chapter 1,263 Borrowing a gun to kill someone
Chapter 1,264 Things are not easy to handle
Chapter 1,265 Shooting
Chapter 1,266 Race against time
Chapter 1,267 Harvest Moment
Chapter 1268: Divide Money
Chapter 1,269 Entering
Chapter 1,270: Moving your feet is not your hands
Chapter 1,271 A big fight
Chapter 1,272 Another purpose
Chapter 1,273 Obtaining the Black Diamond
Chapter 1,274 Strange Phenomenon
Chapter 1,275 The Spy II
Chapter 1,276 Mission: Impossible
Chapter 1,277 Helpless Ethan
Chapter 1,278 Chips
Chapter 1,279 Peace Talks
Chapter 1,280 Conditions for settlement
Chapter 1,281: Catch someone by surprise
Chapter 1,282 Reconciliation and Cooperation
Chapter 1,283 Cooperation with Langley
Chapter 1,284 Take the initiative to join
Chapter 1,285 Claires Plan
Chapter 1,286 Collecting Interest
Chapter 1,287 Die Hard
Chapter 1,288 US$640 million in bonds
Chapter 1,289 Accident
Chapter 1,290 Suspicion
Chapter 1,291 Call the police
Chapter 1,292 Purpose
Chapter 1,293 Suspicion
Chapter 1,294 Negotiation
Chapter 1,295 Delaying time
Chapter 1,296 Its a win-win situation
Chapter 1,297: Really accurate at judging people
Chapter 1,298 Persuasion
Chapter 1,299 Beware of bombs
Chapter 1,300 Chaos and Escape
Chapter 1301: Walk gently, just as you come gently
Chapter 1,302 The Beginning of Fast and Furious Four
Chapter 1303: Real and fake Ethan
Chapter 1,304 The Beginning of Mission: Impossible 2
Chapter 1305 Join forces
Chapter 1,306 Suspicious Traces
Chapter 1307 Die Hard 2
Chapter 1,308 Sir Zhang made a mistake in judgment
Chapter 1309 Reversal
Chapter 1310: The defeated airport police
Chapter 1311 Accident
Chapter 1,312 The soldiers appear
Chapter 1313 Opposites
Chapter 1,314 High-end Technical Warfare
Chapter 1315 Purpose
Chapter 1,316 Taking Back Control
Chapter 1,317: Lorenzo, the scapegoat
Chapter 1,318 Hidden Danger Eliminated
Chapter 1319 Contact
Chapter 1,320 The group is destroyed
Chapter 1321 Belated Support
Chapter 1,322 Driver Selection
Chapter 1,323 The Art of Explosion
Chapter 1,324 Still a rookie
Chapter 1,325 Female Thief
Chapter 1,326 Stealing a Home
Chapter 1,327 Cooperation
Chapter 1,328 Infiltration
Chapter 1,329 Solution
Chapter 1330 Overturn
Chapter 1331 Succeed
Chapter 1332 Tank
Chapter 1,333 The Beginning of Die Hard III
Chapter 1,334 Explosion and Dividing the Spoils
Chapter 1,335 Everyones Thoughts
Chapter 1,336 The beginning of hurricane rescue
Chapter 1,337 Human Trafficking
Chapter 1,338: To alert the snake
Chapter 1,339 Action 1
Chapter 1,340 Action 2
Chapter 1341 Action 3
Chapter 1342 Action 4
Chapter 1,343 Going straight to the nest
Chapter 1,344 The group is destroyed
Chapter 1,345 Risk
Chapter 1,346 Revenge
Chapter 1,347 Banquet
Chapter 1,348 Kemi appears
Chapter 1349: Attracting Firepower
Chapter 131 The group is destroyed
Chapter 132 Risk
Chapter 133 Revenge
Chapter 134 Banquet
Chapter 135 Kemi appears
Chapter 136 Attracting Firepower
Chapter 137 Surrounded
Chapter 138 Method
Chapter 139 Escape
Chapter 140 Fast and Furious 5
Chapter 141 Enthusiastic Policewoman
Chapter 142 Heartbeat
Chapter 143 Everyone has his own plans
Chapter 144 Disagreement
Chapter 145 Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 146 Thoughts