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Exploitation Hollywood 1980

Exploitation Hollywood 1980

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Hollywood has summed up many formulas... What movies will be successful? But there are always big-budget movies that fit the formula and fail at the box office. Ronald Lee traveled to Hollywood in the 1980s. Can he discover the secret to a successful movie? Because he can dream about his past life. Film clips I have seen... He is good at making high-box-office movies and getting actors to win awards. He has brought many friends, enemies, and confidantes to Ronald... Helped Cameron invest; edited for Kurosawa Akira Script; Filling Tom Cruise's teeth; Bringing Demi Moore out; George Lucas, Francis Coppola, Martin Scorsese, rushing to announce that they are Ronald Lee's teacher, Spielberg went to Shanghai to film In the movie, Ronald Lee was asked to introduce the Chinese delicacy Turtle Jelly, one of the favorite directors of Hollywood actresses. A young man from Japan dedicated the MV he edited to

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《Exploitation Hollywood 1980》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 557: Forrest Gump’s Test
Chapter 556 Ronalds Secret
Chapter 555: Hollywood Director
Chapter 554: People who break the rules
Chapter 553 Everyone wants to be with Tom Cruise
Chapter 552: Hollywood is about to reshuffle again?
Chapter 551: All good men have been taken away, but...
Chapter 550: A sleepless night in Seattle where every opportunity is exploited
《Exploitation Hollywood 1980》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Rock High School
Chapter 2 Video Tapes
Chapter 3 Magic Light
Chapter 4 Fake Script
Chapter 5 Shooting starts
Chapter 6 Temporary Director
Chapter 7 Asking the Boss
Chapter 8 Then it's up to you to shoot
Chapter 9 Hollywood Construction Methods
Chapter 10 Dancing Beauties and Exploiting Movie Tycoons
Chapter 11 Film Directors: From Beginner to Master in 10 Minutes
Chapter 12 Crew Lunch
Chapter Thirteen What is your dream?
Chapter Fourteen I'll be here today, bye bye
Chapter 15: Going to College or Making Movies?
Chapter 16 New World Production
Chapter 17 Watch the Samples
Chapter 18 Ronald's Choice
Chapter 19 Regulations of Directors' Union
Chapter 20 Negotiations
Chapter 21 Silence is golden
Chapter 22 Directors Guild Card
Chapter 23 Jims Talent
Chapter 24 Shock
Chapter 25 The filming is packed
Chapter 26 Taking pictures in high-end apartments
Chapter 27 Female stars from Europe
Chapter 28 The Wanted Director
Chapter 29 Earn money to go to school
Chapter 30 Classified Advertisements
Chapter 31 Business is booming
Chapter 32 New Job
Chapter 33 Editing
Chapter 34 Trust Intuition
Chapter 35 Ordinary Life Syndrome
Chapter 36 Dating
Chapter 37 Double Happiness
Chapter 38 Stunt Model
Chapter 39 Sleepy Luo
Chapter 40 Oscar Promotional War
Chapter 41 The Ridicule from the Best Director Oscar
Chapter 42 Preview
Chapter 43 Apocalypse Now
Chapter 44 Whispers in my ear
Chapter 45 The meaning of intuition
Chapter 46 Highway Robbery
Chapter 47 Flying into the distance
Chapter 1 Taxi Drivers
Chapter 2 Ronald Lee Audition Portrait Studio
Chapter 3 The young man who broke into the casting studio
Chapter 4 This is a group play
Chapter 5 America's Dream
Chapter 6 Famous all over the world
Chapter 7 The Directors Bribery
Chapter 8 Intrigue
Chapter 9 Casting Auditions
Chapter 10 Filter Conditions
Chapter 11 The Script Battle
Chapter 12 Actors Studio
Chapter 13 Crying
Chapter 14 The So-called Method School
Chapter 15 Veterans
Chapter 16 What kind of dance is this?
Chapter 17 Do you want to make a movie?
Chapter 18 The first protagonist
Chapter 19 Breaking into the enemy
Chapter 20 Slaughterhouse-style auditions
Chapter 21 The second protagonist?
Chapter 22 We are finished
Chapter 23 Two out of three
Chapter 24 A good way to meet new friends
Chapter 25 Two-on-two date
Chapter 26 The Rocky Horror Show
Chapter twenty-seven old friends visit
Chapter 28 Why not me?
Chapter 29 The Rules of the Hollywood Game
Chapter Thirty: The Strategy of Attorney Lindsey Dole
Chapter 31 General
Chapter 32 Law and Business
Chapter 33 Script Evaluation
Chapter 34 Bargaining
Chapter 35 Holidays
Chapter 36 Gene is going to be fired?
Chapter 37 Another Coke
Chapter 38 Why are you here?
Chapter 39 Superstition
Chapter 40 Kill the chicken to warn the monkey
Chapter 41 The stove in July
Chapter 42 The Power of Trade Unions
Chapter 43 Hot Lunch
Chapter 44 Birthday Party
Chapter 45 Improvisation
Chapter 46 The Director's New Toy
Chapter 47: Play within play
Chapter 48: Knock it down and start over
Chapter 49 I can find a new job in two weeks
Chapter 50 The Unscrupulous Director
Chapter 51: Viper
Chapter 52 Salvation
Chapter 53 Agents and Film Critics
Chapter 54 Heads-Up at the Packing Party
Chapter 55: Going Home
Chapter fifty-six school starts
Chapter fifty-seven film and television majors persuaded to quit
Chapter 58 Ask and Answer
Chapter 59 Old Movies
Chapter 60 Never Say Never
Chapter 61 Still a nobody
Chapter 62 Interview
Chapter 63 54 Club
Chapter 64 You Can Play Ingrid Bergman's Daughter
Chapter 65 The Director's Talent
Chapter 66 This is not a pitch, it's office politics
Chapter 67: The Obstruction Behind
Chapter 68 Combination Boxing
Chapter 69 Is this over?
Chapter 70 Your Ads Don't Need To Be Used
Chapter 71 New Game Rules
Chapter 72 On-site voting
Chapter 73 Registering a Company
Chapter 74 What is the test?
Chapter 75 Brotherhood
Chapter 76 There was a Playboy cover girl at their party.
Chapter 77 The Madness of Fat Boy Director Cimino
Chapter 78: Judgment of Sales Results on Creativity
Chapter 79 Italian-language TV in New York
Chapter 80 Why not write an autobiography?
Chapter 81 Petition
Chapter 82 Secrets of Low-Cost Film Shooting
Chapter 83 New Youth Exploitation Film Casting
Chapter 84: A famous Italian director with some circumstances
Chapter 85: Insiders and Outsiders
Chapter 86 Buying a House
Chapter 87 Upgraded
Chapter 88 Male Hormone Test
Chapter 89 The Emotional Life of Actresses
Chapter 90 Speculative Script
Chapter 91 Elopement
Chapter 93 Premiere Part 1
Chapter 93 Premiere Part 2
Chapter 94 Premiere Part 2
Chapter 95: Big gift of leg warmers
Chapter 96 The Missing Script Agent
Chapter 97 Delay Tactics
Chapter 98 Vegetarian Extremists
Chapter 99 Arrested
Chapter 100 Your Customer My Customer
Chapter 101 Red Belt
Chapter 102 Everyone has an agent
Chapter 103 The Brokers War
Chapter 104: My hometown was raided
Chapter 105 The Price
Chapter 106 Customized Script
Chapter 107: The inspiration behind the naming of the script
Chapter 108 Responsibilities of the First Assistant Director
Chapter 109 Dessert at the 73rd minute
Chapter 110 What capitalists fear most happened
Chapter 111 Workers Pickets
Chapter 112: Rude CAA President Ovitz
Chapter 113 I never lie
Chapter 114 Is there a problem here?
Chapter 115 Walking on Water
Chapter 116 Jane Fondas Party
Chapter 117 Vanity Fair is a mens arena
Chapter 118 Father and Daughter
Chapter 119 Awkward
Chapter 120: Closed Doors and Guests
Chapter 121 The President of Columbia Reads the Script in Person
Chapter 122 Order from San Francisco
Chapter 123 The Art of Bragging
Chapter 124 Apprenticeship to learn skills
Chapter 125 The Curse of the Oscars
Chapter 126 Three Callbacks
Chapter 127 In the blink of an eye
Chapter 128: Disneys List of Genius Directors
Chapter 129: When can one violate principles?
Chapter 130 Youre on the front page of the New York Times
Chapter 131 There is a zero missing from the check
Chapter 132 The power to modify the script
Chapter 133: What does a big family mean?
Chapter 134: Take a vacation
Chapter 135 Companion
Chapter 136 Speaking French in Montreal
Chapter 137 The audiences response was very intense
Chapter 138 Going to America to Distribute Movies
Chapter 139 The Call of the Distant Mountains
Chapter 140: Can this be resisted?
Chapter 141 Moscow doesnt believe in tears
Chapter 142 Arkoff Movie Formula
Chapter 143 Hollywood Murder
Chapter 144 Hen and Chickens
Chapter 145: Laughing is harder than crying
Chapter 146 There is nothing between me and Calvin
Chapter 147 A new script is coming
Chapter 148 Son of Grease
Chapter 149: Unprecedented flying all over the sky
Chapter 150 Why did musicals die?
Chapter 151 Unexpected acquaintance
Chapter 152 Eisners Little Trouble
Chapter 153 Writing Inspiration
Chapter 154 Tom Cruises screen debut
Chapter 155: Pinch her big toe
Chapter 156 Best-Selling Author
Chapter 157: Wash away the brilliance
Chapter 158: Fast-paced trip to Los Angeles
Chapter 159 Undercover High School
Chapter 160 Generation Gap
Chapter 161 You are here again
Chapter 162: Stealing from David Lynch?
Chapter 163: Inspiration brought by the election of the Grand Commander
Chapter 164 R-rated movies and teenage actors
Chapter 165 Long-lost dream
Chapter 166 Golden Globe Nominations
Chapter 167 Christmas Eve
Chapter 168 Cashing the Rainy Cheque
Chapter 169 The Six Dynasties are like a dream and birds are singing
Chapter 170: The film is withdrawn and released
Chapter 171: Meeting with old friends
Chapter 172 Fighting for David Lynch
Chapter 173 Golden Globe Awards PR
Chapter 174 The Golden Globes is a big party
Chapter 175 Enemies meet
Chapter 176 Unpredictable world events
Chapter 177 You pinch her again
Chapter 178 Two Oscar nominations
Chapter 179 The prospect of winning?
Chapter 180: Appearance Opportunity
Chapter 181 Kidnapping?
Chapter 182 Seize the opportunity
Chapter 183 Moscow does not believe, tears
Chapter 184 Will the Oscars be postponed?
Chapter 185 The actress who does not steal the camera
Chapter 186 tear it up
Chapter 187: Unexpected Guest of Honor
Chapter one hundred and eighty eighth
Chapter 189 I can't imagine the picture
Chapter 190 The 1st Golden Raspberry Award
Chapter 191 Endless love is a blessing in disguise
Chapter 192 Are you ready?
Chapter 193 Interview
Chapter 194 Patricia Birch wants to work with you
Chapter 195: A leap of imagination
Chapter 166 Who are you filming for?
Chapter 197 Signing the Director
Chapter 198 Shooting Schedule
Chapter 199 Want to grab class and seize power?
Chapter 200 The Big House and the Little Bee
Chapter 21: Winning Allies
Chapter 22: Casting
Chapter 203 Please ask
Chapter 24 Tear!
Chapter 25 Do not forget the original intention
Chapter 26 Finalization
Chapter 27 Setting the tone
Chapter 28 Countdown
Chapter two hundred and nine boot
Chapter 210 Time Limit
Chapter 211 Director Authority
Chapter 212 Call me Spiccoli
Chapter 213 Super Card
Chapter 214 The script is the foundation of everything
Chapter 215 The director is the one who makes the decision
Chapter 216 Signing a special shooting contract
Chapter 217 Moving to Van Ness High School
Chapter two hundred and eighteen the car
Chapter 219 Clearance
Chapter 220 The actress's hesitation
Chapter 221 Family Visit
Chapter 222 The director must take a vacation
Chapter 223 The power of male stars
Chapter two hundred and thirty fourth debut dance
Chapter 225 How did you do it?
Chapter 226 Universal wants to send someone to check
Chapter 227 Bariatric Surgery
Chapter 228 Balance Game
Chapter 229 Evaluation and reshoots
Chapter 230 Private meeting Brooke Sis
Chapter 231 Please help Helen Slater
Chapter 232 How much money do I have now?
Chapter 233 Reshoots
Chapter 234 An epoch-making youth film
Chapter 235 Buy the Golden Globe Award, choose the Oscar
Chapter 236 The audience's reaction to the preview
Chapter 237 Evaluation and Schedule
Chapter 238 The beautification filter is invalid
Chapter 239 Insomnia and Dreams
Chapter 240 There are worse than me
Chapter 241 The MV should be shot like this
Chapter 242 Swear in the name of my child
Chapter 243 Coppola's Interview
Chapter 244 Have you ever fallen in love with someone?
Chapter 245 Gladiator-style audition
Chapter 246 Roman Rescue
Chapter 247 The All-Metal Robot in the Dream
Chapter 248 Bo Ji Xiaosi's Choice
Chapter 249: First Weekend Box Office Multiplier
Chapter 250 Helicopter Accident
Chapter 251 Repel Tom Mount
Chapter two hundred and fifty second unexpected counterattack
Chapter 253 Solving Problems with Oscar-winning Technology
Chapter 254 Decision
Chapter 255 Ronald the autistic
Chapter 256 I saw it
Chapter 257 Sleeping Beauty wakes up
Chapter 258 Roger Coleman Treats
Chapter 259 The Evening Show of Brooke Shields
Chapter 260 Shuttle Roadshow
Chapter 261 Malicious Film Review
Chapter 262 Apologize in disguise
Chapter 263 Homecoming
Chapter 264 The box office continues to explode
Chapter 265 Burger King's Discovery
Chapter 266 Baked is better than fried
Chapter 267 Another Ballet Girl
Chapter 268 The old friends are here
Chapter 269 The influence of piracy
Chapter 270 Post-match party
Chapter 271 Will Ronald dream of Helen's movies?
Chapter 272 Two audition invitations
Chapter 273 Wearing a uniform to audition
Chapter 274 Where does the money for your movie come from?
Chapter 275 Sahara
Chapter 276 If a comet hits the earth
Chapter 277 Reception
Chapter 278 Necessary Conditions for Dreams
Chapter 279 Book Publishing
Chapter 280 Days of Studying with Coppola
Chapter 281 Experience life and mischief
Chapter two hundred and eighty second order rehearsal
Chapter 283 Don't stop the camera
Chapter two hundred and eighty fourth with Tom Cruise filling teeth
Chapter 285 Fast-paced celebration reception
Chapter 286 Roger Coleman is only willing to invest half a million
Chapter 287 A dollar transaction
Chapter 288 Hollywood Reds
Chapter 289 Help each other
Chapter 290 Go to Ambolinla to invest
Chapter 291 New script
Chapter 292 High Concept
Chapter 293: The Acting Skills of the Crying Play
The 294th chapter prohibits dancing for 80 years
Chapter 295 Newspaper Interview
Chapter 296 She can't dance
Chapter 297 Deputy Producer
Chapter 298 No face shot
Chapter 299 NG twenty times
Chapter 300 This country has a problem
Chapter 31 What a wonderful feeling
Chapter 322 Crazy Legs
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirteen Pet Projects
Chapter 344 The Odd Man Orson Welles
Chapter 355 Helen is here
Chapter 360 Divergence of Ideas
Chapter 37 Shut up! Fat boy
Chapter 38: Each has its own way of playing
Chapter 399 Getting Started with Producers
Chapter 310 In 1985, the best director!
Chapter 311 Sunset Club
Chapter 312 Dragon Flying and Wind Dance
Chapter 313 Interview Object
Chapter 314 The third party
Chapter 315 Stars and Actors
Chapter 316 I'm just Christmas
Three hundred and seventeenth chapter root
Chapter 318 Disco Party
Chapter 319 Are you not going in?
Chapter 320 Daydream Pictures
Chapter 1 The Huge Check
Chapter 2 Difficulty in Transmuting
Chapter 3 Hollywood Events
Chapter IV Final Cut Right
Chapter 5 I Don't Like You
Chapter 6 Coleman's Secret
Chapter 7 The most important thing about special effects is realism
Chapter 8 The Great Cold
Chapter 9 Bunker Mountain
Chapter 10 Getting Ready to Shoot
Chapter Eleven Roger Coleman's Acting
Chapter 12 Lightning Special Effects
Chapter Thirteen Daytime Soap Opera Actors
Chapter 14 Submachine Guns and Motorcycles
Chapter 15 Guerrilla-style shooting
Chapter 16 Performing in front of the camera
Chapter 17 Is the director obsessed with shooting legs?
Chapter 18 Who is DMK?
Chapter 19 Vacation
Chapter 20 Weird Female Singer
Chapter 21 Expertise in saving money and shooting
Chapter 22 Early morning snapshot
Chapter 23 Computer Effects
Chapter 24 Dreaming of a Mermaid
Chapter 25: Actor's Career Planning
Chapter 26 New Clip Tape
Chapter 27 Trailer
Chapter 28 Prizes
Chapter 29 Rescue Field
Chapter 30: Brooke Shields' Beard
Chapter 31 Rollover
Chapter 32 Test Screening
Chapter 33 Ratings and Marketing
Chapter 34 This body suits me well
Chapter 35: The Streets of Rage
Chapter 36 The Stallone Brothers
Chapter 37: Strict Director
Chapter 38 Let's go to the concert together
Chapter 39 Premiere of the urchin outside the world
Chapter 40 MTV Preheating
Chapter 41 The Grand Premiere of Lightning Dance
Chapter 42 The Valley Girl is released
Chapter 43 Karate Martial Arts
Chapter 44 Collecting Styles
Chapter 45: The First Day Released
Chapter 46 First Weekend
Chapter 47 Celebration Party
Chapter 48: Rigid and Soft Flow
Chapter 49 The Second Weekend
Chapter 50 National Frenzy
Chapter 51 Asia Pacific Museum
Chapter 52 The New Dark Horse
Chapter 53 The Box Office List Nail Household
Chapter 54 The One-Armed Senator
Chapter 55 The famous leader calls
Chapter 56 Box Office Pillars
Chapter 57 Submitting the script
Chapter 58 Stealing
Chapter 59: Capra's Wisdom
Chapter 60 Price's Last Perseverance
Chapter 61: Easier said than done
Chapter 62 Star Wars Celebration Party
Chapter 63 The Children of the Stars
Chapter 64 The Singer's Pose
Chapter 65 The style of the big production
Chapter 66 Capcom
Chapter 67 The Million Dollar Dresser
Chapter 68 Good luck all the way
Chapter 69 Saab Fighter
Chapter 70 Stockholm
Chapter 71: The Inattentive Master
Chapter 72 There is nothing in the world that can match it
Chapter 73 You when you were young
Chapter 74 The Romantic Encounter and the Final Hand in Hand
Chapter 75 Scissor Scissors
Chapter 76 Ovitz's Ambition
Chapter 77 Casting Stuck
Chapter 78 Dragon Eagle
Chapter 79 Refused to be a spare tire
Chapter 80 Now that's your trouble
Chapter 81 Coppola's Tips
Chapter 82 Helen Returns to America
Chapter 83 Audition Video
Chapter 84 Almost made a mistake
Chapter 85 The Power of Burger King
Chapter 86 The Unspeakable Helen
Chapter 87 You are late
Chapter 88 Pause
Chapter 89 Best Choice
Chapter 90 Pretending to scramble
Chapter 91: Cove's Wrath
Chapter 92 Let them play in their true colors
Chapter 93 Eat fat, lose weight!
Chapter 94 Stud
Chapter 95 Shooting Rehearsal
Chapter 96 Potted Plants and Motorcycles
Chapter 97 Shooting
Chapter 98 Can you take a bath there?
Chapter 99 Beach Bonfire
Chapter 100 Gossip and Gossip
Chapter One Hundred and One Rumors
Chapter 12 You've been fired, Okun
Chapter 13 The smooth feeling of an artist
Chapter 14: Tonight is the meaning of youth
Chapter 15 When is the wedding?
Chapter 16 Let the substitute come
Chapter 17 The first long shot
Chapter 18: Dating a Beautiful Girl
Chapter 19: Flies and Magic
Chapter 110 The Crane Kick
Chapter 111 All-Valley Championship
Chapter 112 The Four Strongest Battles
Chapter 113 decisive battle
Chapter 114 The Dividend Order of the Night of the Comet
Chapter 115 encounter in the air
Chapter 116 Millionaire
Chapter 117: Aunt's Concession
Chapter 118 Appearance in the 1980s
Chapter 119: Wonderful Comprehension Ability
Chapter 120 Chinese-speaking exploitative films
Chapter 121 I want to make this movie
Chapter 122 Return to Club 54
Chapter 123 Times Square Countdown
Chapter 124 I want to get a share
Chapter 125 Roger Coleman's Trick
Chapter 126 Boogaloo Prawns and Sabah
Chapter 127 The first scene
One hundred and twenty-eight Belgian martial artist
Chapter 129 East and West Coast Dance
Chapter 130 Broom Dance
Chapter 131 Find a big star to make a cameo
Chapter 132 The true ending after the false ending
Chapter 133 Want a kiss scene?
Chapter 134: Bundled Release
Chapter 135 Orion is out of money
Chapter 136 The emotional design of the ending part
Chapter 137 I don't make this kind of sequel
Chapter 138 Some people don't like this plot
Chapter 139 Moonlight in London
Chapter 140 encounter
Chapter 141 I owe you once
Chapter 142 Oscar Girlfriend
Chapter 143: The New Filmmaker
Chapter 144 New York Film Circle
Chapter 145: Stay away from the Rat Gang
Chapter 146 Premiere Explosion
Chapter 147 The box office also exploded
Chapter 148 Chicago Film Review
Chapter 149 New York, sweet home
Chapter 150 Go to Cannes to sell films
Chapter 151 sells the world wildly
Chapter 152 Natasha's plea
Chapter 152 Orion's Counterattack
Chapter 153 Selling breakdance to the Eastern camp
Chapter 154 Start collecting scripts
Chapter 155 The handle of love
Chapter 156 Finally proud of
Chapter 157 Box Office Dark Horse War
Chapter 158: Expanding the Circle
Chapter 159 The audience responded overwhelmingly
Chapter 160: The film critic actually said good things
Chapter 161 Ronald in the eyes of insiders
Chapter 162 Ronald is a big man
Chapter 163 Ronald is the key figure
Chapter 164 The Party of Small Country Filmmakers
Chapter 165 This is the teen version of Rocky
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Sixth
Chapter 167 Ronald's Front Fist
Chapter 168 Ronald has many friends
Chapter 169 Ovitz can also martial arts
Chapter 170 Compensation to Helen
Chapter 171 Back to the Future Jennifer
Chapter 172 New role
Chapter 173 Everyone trusts Ronald
Chapter 174: The Great Commander Meets
Chapter 175: Father's Relic
Chapter 176: The Opening Ceremony Should Break Dance
Chapter 177 Can't you shoot like this?
Chapter 178 The Magic of the Olympics
Chapter 179: Is your girlfriend coming to audition too?
Chapter 180 Is it OK to shoot like this?
Chapter 181 Honorable Discharge
Chapter 182: American National Essence
Chapter 183 The new home is completed
Chapter 184 The Destruction of the Vulture Lawyer
Chapter 185: Donna Transforms
Chapter 186 Jodie Foster wants to come back
Chapter 187 The mystery of life experience
Chapter 188 The History of Dragons
Chapter 189 Three Scripts
Chapter 190 Screen Fund
Chapter 191 Dividing money and shopping
Chapter 192 The First MTV Music Awards
Chapter 193 Hollywood Shuffle
Chapter 194 Tiffanys Glass
Chapter 195 Contract Issues
Chapter 196 Jealousy
Chapter 197 The dust has settled
Chapter 198: The Essentials of Casting
Chapter 199 Who is the best at shooting jet fighters?
Chapter 200 The First Lady's Call
Chapter 21 You can come to me if you have any questions
Chapter 22: Ronald the Fishing
Chapter 23 The Navy refuses to assist
Chapter 24 The Commitment of the Secretary of the Navy
Chapter 25 I vomited
Chapter 26 Pros and Cons
Chapter 27 Grumman's expectations
Chapter 28 The right to say the script
Chapter 29 The hurried wedding
Chapter 210 Spend the money on the screen
Chapter 211 Go to Dongying for financing
Chapter 212 The Rock and Roll Saint
Chapter 213 Are you more popular than me in Dongying?
Chapter 214 Movie Emperor
Chapter 215 A big MV
Chapter 216 The actor is in place
Chapter 217 Invite the Golden Globe Award actress to perform
Chapter 218 Shooting the Train
Chapter 219 Material Girl
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Script Reading
Chapter 221: Anamorphic Wide Screen
Chapter 222 This movie is going to be accompanied by rock music
Chapter 223 Quick, tell Ronald
Chapter 224 The height of the boot photo
Chapter 225 Barefoot
Chapter two hundred and twenty sixth stealing the show
Chapter 227 The Unspoken Rules of Stars
Chapter 228 Negative Overexposure
Chapter 229 Undercurrents surging
Chapter 230: Shocking the high-rise
Chapter two hundred and thirty first leave one more hand
Chapter 232 Fang Jimo is in trouble
Chapter 233 Force Fang Kimer to submit
Chapter 234 How much does an aircraft carrier cost per hour?
Chapter 235 Another Secretary-General is sent away
Chapter 236 The commander wants to watch your movie
Chapter 237 CEO Mancuso is about to have a heart attack
Chapter 238 The Musical Talent Conference
Chapter 239 A wedding gift for Cameron
Chapter 240 Barrel Roll and Roll
Chapter 241 Air combat special effects
Chapter 242 Two missiles
Chapter 243 Best and Worst
Chapter 244 Las Vegas Expo
Chapter 245 Model special effects and flight stunts
Chapter 246: Accident Suspension of Shooting
Chapter 247 Editing should have a story
Chapter 248: regain dominance
Chapter 249 Is it OK to edit like this?
Chapter 250 How long have you been without a boyfriend?
Chapter 251: Three Applause
Chapter 252: The whole family goes to the movies
Chapter 253 Someone else's premiere party
Chapter 254 Hollywood Boys Gang
Chapter 255 Keep away from splashing on your body
Chapter 256 Touchstone Pictures
Chapter 257 How to direct a comedy?
Chapter 258 Matthew Effect
Chapter 259 It's just that I was lost at the time
Chapter 260 Hollywood Interviews Are Completely Changed
Chapter 261 I say one sentence, you repeat one sentence
Chapter 262 I say one sentence, you repeat one sentence
Chapter 263 Different Fate
Chapter 264 Back to the Future Premiere
Chapter 265 Ronald's constellation is very good
Chapter 266 The Silent Moment of Camp David
Chapter 267 Hollywood and rock star events
Chapter 268: The Year of the Dragon is released
Chapter 269 Gossip Report
Chapter 270 Now the whole country knows it
Chapter 271 The Gambino family did it
Chapter 272 Ronald is a real hero
Chapter 273 True Friends
Chapter 274 I want to learn photography
Chapter 275 Lightning Lamp
Chapter 276 Terrifying Mosquitoes
Chapter 277 3D Camera
Chapter 278 Star Treatment
Chapter 279 Please visit Captain Io
Chapter 280 Senator Inoue's Care
Chapter 281 The image of the star
Chapter 282 Deputy Commander's Helicopter
Chapter 283 Making a sequel is like a cookie mold
Chapter 284 Charity Fundraising Party
Chapter 285 The first lady asked the plan
Chapter 286 Cruise entertains Ronald
Chapter 287 Costner, please drink beer
Chapter 288 Can you add some more love scenes?
Chapter 289 Scorsese's Wrath
Chapter 290 Hairstyle Problems
Chapter 291 You kiss her on the screen, off the screen
Chapter 292 Nancy Three invites Ronald
Chapter 293 The Agreement Written on the Napkin
Chapter 294 Tom Cruise's Christmas Cake
Chapter 295 The film guerrillas from Australia
Chapter 296: Financing of $300 Million
Chapter 297 Why did Minahan get 300 million?
Chapter 298 Top Gun Revision Trial Screening
Chapter 299 Unresponsive audience
Chapter 300 Break free from the bondage of the earth
Chapter Three Hundred and One Stars Bright Premiere
Chapter 322 Special Schedule Operation
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirteen First Weekend Box Office Breaking Records
Chapter Three Hundred and Four Pauline Carr Angrily Rebuked Ronald
Chapter Three Hundred and Five Commissions for Your Videotape
Chapter 366 You can become a film master
Chapter 37 The box office rose against the trend in the second week
Chapter 38 Are You That Ronald?
Chapter Three Hundred and Nine The Audience of The Sound of Music is Missing
Chapter 310 The Price of Fame
Chapter 311 The Princess at the Royal Family Premiere
Chapter 312: Meeting with the Queen with Minahan
Chapter 313 Do you want to invest in the last emperor?
Chapter 314 Madman and Liar
Chapter 315 Top Gun returns to the top of the box office
Chapter 316 Real-life fighting between global high-level executives
Chapter 317 Squint Pollack
Chapter 318 Without Ronald, you can't make anything
Chapter 319 Are mentally handicapped characters easy to play?
Chapter 320 Dongbao's invitation to Ronald Sang
Chapter 321 Old friends and old enemies
Chapter 322 You fax the script to me
Chapter 323 Moonlight is sultry
Chapter 324 Ronald, you are my big brother
Chapter 325 Spring is not a reading day
Chapter 326 Helen, who are you listening to?
Chapter 327 Ronald chooses the heroine
Three hundred and twentieth eight chapters star taboo
Chapter 329 Ronald asked Coppola
Chapter 330 Longwei Kid 2 Premiere
Chapter 331 The first A+ score in four years
Chapter 332 The top five in the box office rankings account for two
Chapter 333 The best way for film critics to comment
Chapter 334 Premiere of the Evil Husband at Home
Chapter 335 The first weekend box office does not represent the total box office
Chapter 336 Hollywood-style fake hospitality
Chapter 337 The female star is torn up on the set
Chapter 338 Scorsese teaches the experience of working with stars
Chapter 339 Are you the Jonathan Coleman said?
Chapter Three Hundred and Fortieth Three Elements of a Movie Hits
Chapter 341 This is a check, I bought the production rights of Hot Body Dance
Chapter 342: The top three in the box office rankings
Chapter 343 The Treatment of Successful Hollywood Producers
Chapter 344 The new script
Three hundred and fortieth chapters new dream
Chapter 346: Adapting Video Games
Chapter 347 Do you have other scripts besides this one?
Chapter 348: Female Movies
Chapter 349 Would you rather have this than a hot dance?
Chapter 350 Small production is worse than publishing it yourself
Chapter 351 How much money do I have?
Chapter 352 Dreaming of Hot Body Dance Again
Chapter 353 Michael Douglas speaks
Chapter 354 The original capital is actually myself
Chapter 355: Forming a Distribution Team
Chapter 356 Looking for the location
Chapter 357 Operating three movies at the same time
Chapter 358 Spielberg's Thanks to Ronald
Three hundred and fiftieth IX thanks to Kim Cattrall
Chapter 360 Independent production is very troublesome
Chapter 361 The girl next door and the handsome guy with single eyelid
Chapter 362: Determine the heroine
Chapter 363: With me, without him
Chapter 364: Fulfilling the Duties of Producer
Chapter 365 Dance Training
Chapter 366 Intensive preparations
Chapter 367 Music copyright is in hand
Chapter 368 The Magical Top Gun
Chapter 369 Box office nails
Chapter three hundred and seventieth hot dance boot
Chapter 371 Turn on the camera during rehearsal
Chapter 372: Temporary Change of Angles
Chapter 373 Prohibition of physical contact
Chapter 374 Pull to sponsor!
Chapter 375 I came to the director to discuss the role
Three hundred and seventieth chapters social class division
Chapter 377 Finalize the theme song
Chapter 378 regain the feeling
Chapter three hundred and seventy-ninth cooperation with tacit understanding
Chapter 380 Accidental Injury
Chapter 381 No one can keep Baby in the corner
Chapter 382 The last leap
Chapter 383 You and I think exactly the same
Chapter three hundred and eighty fourth unlucky actress
Chapter 385 The more unlucky actress
Chapter 386 Lucky Actress
Chapter three hundred and eighty seventh understand naturally understand
Chapter 388: Advertisements that break the rules
Chapter 389 Ronald's Ace
Chapter 390 Their system has merits
Chapter 391 Minahan Golan may be going dementia
Chapter 392 Woody Allen's Casting Director
Chapter 393 Two crazy protagonists
Chapter 394 Because you are a bastard
Chapter three hundred and ninety fifth accidental encounter
Chapter 396: Support Ronald
Chapter 397 New challenges brought by multi-person long shots
Chapter 398 Why do men love women?
Chapter 399 Small roles can also be brilliant
Chapter 400 Christmas Charity Gala
Chapter 411 Do you know what is the most important thing about being a director?
Chapter 42 The big and round moon
Chapter four hundred and three at this moment
Chapter 404 Favor of the Movie God
Chapter 405 Thor, God of Thunder
Chapter 406 Playboy Mansion
Chapter 407: Annual Box Office Champion Top Gun
Chapter 408: Video tapes can be sold eight times more
Chapter 409: Nothing can stop us now
Chapter 410 The Director Who Cant Win the Golden Globe Award
Chapter 411 The Bet with Minahan
Chapter 412: Romantic scenes can easily become real
Chapter 413: The opinions of film critics and audiences are exactly the opposite
Chapter 414 The key factor in box office success
Chapter 415 Record-breaking video tape sales
Chapter 416 The interests are so great that they require renegotiation
Chapter 417 I am also anti-war
Chapter 418: False Ending and Ending Cookies
Chapter 419 Scientology Girl
Chapter 420 Boy rents girl
Chapter 421: Let Mount go away
Chapter 422 The President of the Screen Actors Guild supports him
Chapter 423 MJ said he must be the first to watch the film
Chapter 424: The person who was thanked the most at the Oscar party
Chapter 425: Smart Lazars Party
Chapter 426 I will never give up on you
Chapter 427 The Secret of Success Premiere
Chapter 428 MJs generosity
Chapter 429: Old Friends in Cannes
Chapter 430: The Cannon Brothers, who seem to be inseparable from each other
Chapter 431 The Princess at the Premiere
Chapter 432 French Boar
Chapter 433: The Palme dOr in Controversy
Chapter 434 Theater Betting
Chapter 435 Special session for film critics
Chapter 436 Pauline Carr thinks the movie is good
Chapter 437: Polarized Film Criticisms
Chapter 438 Spontaneous propaganda by the media
Chapter 439: Comprehensive warm-up
Chapter 440: Premiere at Twin Theater
Chapter 441: How much box office can it earn?
Chapter 442: A big hit at the box office on the first weekend
Chapter 443 New York Party
Chapter 444 We want to watch it 100 times!
Chapter 445: Over 10 million box office in five days
Chapter 446: We want to do better advertising than Pepsi
Chapter 447 Hello, beauty
Chapter 448: Also ranked first on the record sales list
Chapter 449 Platinum Record
Chapter 450: Working with Roger Corman
Chapter 451: Distributing money at the celebration party
Chapter 452 Someone wants to give you money
Chapter 453: Tokyo Film Festival Best Actor
Chapter 454: The one named Kimura looks most like a star
Chapter 455: Break dancing becomes very popular in the Mainland
Chapter 456: Box office champion for three consecutive weeks
Chapter 457: Purchasing Video Tape Copyright
Chapter 458 No one wants to play the leading role in a big production?
Chapter 459: Dirty Dancing is Ronalds reputation guarantee
Chapter 460: Wholesale Best Actor on Broadway?
Chapter 461: Skyscraper Plot
Chapter 462: Satisfying the Japanese financial lord
Chapter 463: Oscar hopefuls
Chapter 464: A $25 Billion Business
Chapter 465 Do you want to be the president of World Media Distribution Group?
Chapter 466 The Investment with the Most Generous Return
Chapter 467 Ronald is a real good friend
Chapter 468 How to spend 20 million?
Four hundred
Chapter 470 Orchestra Pond Theory
Chapter 471 For love
Chapter 472 Busy Ronald
Chapter 473 Black Monday
Chapter 474: Global Shock
Chapter 475: All industries are in depression
Chapter 476 Can I buy stocks now?
Chapter 477 Barbaras Trust
Chapter 478 Ronnie the Crocodile
Chapter 479 I cant do that
Chapter 480: How to get the heroine to quit voluntarily?
Chapter 481 A new journey
Chapter 482 Finalizing the Director and Protagonist
Chapter 483 Rickmans film debut
Chapter 484 Helicopter Aerial Photography
Chapter 485 Premiere Invitation
Chapter 486: What kind of agent does a star need?
Chapter 487 Two award-winning films
Chapter 488: Improving Marketing Plan
Chapter 489: Grateful Heart
Chapter 490 Preparing for the Premiere
Chapter 1 The Call of the Deep Sea
Chapter 2 The director who always exceeds expectations
Chapter 3 Moonlight is sultry Los Angeles premiere
Chapter 4: Go all out for marketing and public relations
Chapter 5 The explosive opening of the future star
Chapter 6 Diehards
Chapter 7 Working Girl
Chapter 8 Secret Test
Chapter 9 Celebrities Participating
Chapter 10 Stepping on other peoples toes
Chapter 11 The most beautiful girl in New York
Chapter 12: Making up for the situation after a desperate situation
Chapter 13 Who to choose as the heroine?
Chapter 14 The classic begins with the script
Chapter 15 Divorce Battle
Chapter 16 True evaluation is rare
Chapter 17 Trends in hot-selling themes
Chapter 18 Audition Stand-in
Chapter 19 New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Chapter 20 Mothers Daughter
Chapter 21 Dirty Dancings Second Twenty Million
Chapter 22 The Shortest Strike in History
Chapter 23 Two Bodyguards
Chapter 24 B-level action movie
Chapter 25 Master or Liar?
Chapter 26 Fighting to dominate the world
Chapter 27: Fighting between Dragon and Tiger
Chapter 28 Award Nomination Voting
Chapter 29 Hairspray Completed
Chapter 30 Women in Hollywood
Chapter 31 Donation
Chapter 32: Going to the Christmas Party
Chapter 33 Poverty is as unconcealable as pregnancy
Chapter 34 Thirty-year-old actress
Chapter 35 Role exchange
Chapter 36 The behavior of stars
Chapter 37 All-star lineup
Chapter 38: Subject to stars
Chapter 39 Differences between Eastern and Western Philosophy
Chapter 40 Choosing Womens Clothing
Chapter 41 Theme Song
Chapter 42 The higher the better
Chapter 43 The Dirty Dancing video is selling like crazy
Chapter 44 Only by keeping improving can you make big money
Chapter 45: Falling in love with someone you meet
Chapter 46 Oscar Nomination
Chapter 47: West Berlin Audiences Love Dirty Dancing
Chapter 47 Red Sorghum and Akira Kurosawa
Chapter 49 Golden Bear Flying
Chapter 50 Video Game Adaptation
Chapter 51: The screenwriter wants the right to decide?
Chapter 52 Harrison Ford becomes a vase
Chapter 53: Find a secret helper before the strike begins
Chapter 54 Ronald goes into battle in person
Chapter 55 Hairspray Star Dream Sales
Chapter 56 Gorilla and Little Hare
Chapter 57 The truth about adults
Chapter 58: Old friend comes to the rescue
Chapter 59 Heroines who are mirror images of each other
Chapter 60 Harrison Ford without acting skills
Chapter 61 Harrison Ford Favored by the Camera
Chapter 62: The fake show comes true
Chapter 63 Should we change the heroine?
Chapter 64 Dukaskis cousin
Chapter 65: Another wedding scene at Carnegie Manor
Chapter 66: Melanie Griffith wants to take the lead
Chapter 67 Dont be afraid of old age
Chapter 68: Two reversals and multiple satisfying endings
Chapter 69 Gathering talents at the packing party
Chapter 70 Prelude to the Oscars
Chapter 71: Encounter at Dinner
Chapter 72 Oscar under strike
Chapter 73: Those who are grateful and those who are not grateful
Chapter 74 Is it intentional or a misunderstanding?
Chapter 75 The most sincere apology
Chapter 76 Dianes new film
Chapter 77 Ronalds money-making machine
Chapter 78: Staten Island Snake
Chapter 79 Norio Ohgas new acquisition
Chapter 80 Bad news for small and medium-sized producers
Chapter 81 Comic Adaptation Movie
Chapter 82 Daydream produces a videotape
Chapter 83 Video tapes are the new movies
Chapter 84 Editing is like confession
Chapter 85 Something went wrong during the filming of Rain Man
Chapter 86 As long as you are not embarrassed, others will be embarrassed
Chapter 87 Do you want to become one of our own?
Chapter 88 Introducing a new girlfriend to Ronald
Chapter 89 Novel adaptation is popular
Chapter 90: Raising investment for new films
Chapter 91 Three reasons for Samsung Pictures investment
Chapter 92 How to invest so much money?
Chapter 93 Weintraubs generosity
Chapter 94: Come to my house to watch unreleased films?
Chapter 95 Lamb, Southern Girl, and Western Cowboy
Chapter 96 Why do you want to be a director yourself?
Chapter 97: Looking for someone to mediate the Silence of the Lambs
Chapter 98 Never has there been such an exciting Western
Chapter 99 Back to the Future is getting a sequel
Chapter 100 Dixie and the Yankees
Chapter 101 Is there real friendship between men and women?
Chapter 102: Hoarding Scripts for the Script Shortage
Chapter 103: All-Media Copyright Transaction
Chapter 104: Fighting for Female Stars
Chapter 105: How to spend the box office dividends after they arrive?
Chapter 106 Which of the two heroines do you choose?
Chapter 107: Sitting on the scene
Chapter 108 Endorsement
Chapter 109 Intention to Acquire
Chapter 110 Literary and Martial Arts
Chapter 111 Everyone gets what they need
Chapter 112: Warmly Welcomed
Chapter 113 True love comes first
Chapter 114 Marriage Hell
Chapter 115 Confrontation
Chapter 116 The answer is still No
Chapter 117 The Magic of Pixar
Chapter 118: Journey to the West of a Japanese-American Joint Venture
Chapter 119 Ronald wants to make more award-winning movies
Chapter 120: Who has the final say, Ronald or Herbert?
Chapter 121 Deep love
Chapter 122 Ronald is true to his word
Chapter 123 Three movies are advancing simultaneously
Chapter 124: Differences in Film and Television
Chapter 125 The premise of love
Chapter 126: A masterpiece collectively recommended by action men
Chapter 127 Superman Tom Cruise
Chapter 128: Arranging a sequel
Chapter 129 The Secretary to the Board is also a Secretary
Chapter 130 Yankees vs. Dixie
Chapter 131 Its the season to make money again
Chapter 132 I want it all
Chapter 133 The Third Labor Negotiation
Chapter 134: Longwei Boys Counterattack
Chapter 135 Big rebound
Chapter 136 Can you act?
Chapter 137 Is that you, Warren?
Chapter 138 Courage is the Most Important
Chapter 139: Hollywood Charity Sale
Chapter 140 A producers job is like a middle school principal
Chapter 141 Two stubborn people
Chapter 142 Where is Antonia?
Chapter 143 Cooperating with Creators
Chapter 144: Youthful Dream
Chapter 145 So you are here...
Chapter 146 This is life
Chapter 147 This script is poisonous
Chapter 148 Ronalds secret spread
Chapter 149 Seven and a half million gallons of sadness
Chapter 150 The bet may fail
Chapter 151 Everyone loves Ronald
Chapter 152 I want what she ordered...
Chapter 153: Playboy
Chapter 154: Shooting at New York Giants Stadium
Chapter 155 Rhythm
Chapter 156 Director Ronalds level has been upgraded
Chapter 157 The moment of truth
Chapter 158 Fish biting the tail and on-camera editing
Chapter 159 Buying a new big house
Chapter 160 The wave of bankruptcy is coming
Chapter 161: Return to Ronald
Chapter 162: Change the script after the movie is finished
Chapter 163: On the verge of bankruptcy without making a movie
Chapter 164: Ronald who understands the public psychology best
Chapter 165: The polls are flat
Chapter 166: Opportunity for heavy punch KO
Chapter 167: Support Rating Reversal
Chapter 168 You are not Jack Kennedy
Chapter 169 The breakfast of love prepared by Diane
Chapter 170 Men like Ronald need competition
Chapter 171 I have a headache
Chapter 172 The next commander-in-chief
Chapter 173 The Difficulties of Celebrities Participating in Publicity
Chapter 174 All the female stars in Hollywood are here
Chapter 175 Conquering the New York Audience
Chapter 176 I want to go to night school
Chapter 177 TV Series Version of Working Girl
Chapter 178 Interlude and Golden Globe Awards
Chapter 179 From Miss Golden Globe to Golden Globe Best Actress
Chapter 180 Accident at the Inauguration Ceremony
Chapter 181 Awards are for box office
Chapter 182 The Double Cannon and the Three-Yolked Egg at the Golden Globe Awards
Chapter 183 Oscar Nomination and Royal Premiere
Chapter 184 The Queen wants to knight you
Chapter 185 The Battle for Oscar Nominations
Chapter 186 Why werent you nominated?
Chapter 187 Directors Guild Award in Hand
Chapter 188: Team up at the Oscars
Chapter 189 Ovitz, you broke the rules...
Chapter 190: Stop talking nonsense
Chapter 191: What Ovitz can do, we can do too...
Chapter 192 The aftermath of the award ceremony
Chapter 193 Rob Lowes Videotape Scandal
Chapter 194 Truth Investigation Commission
Chapter 195 Just help make money
Chapter 196: Fixed remuneration or dividends
Chapter 197 Back to the Future Sequel - Everyones Turnaround
Chapter 198 Do you want to invest in other movies...
Chapter 199 The final right
Chapter 200 Must be tied to Dances with Wolves
Chapter 201 Central Park Runners
Chapter 202: Retired Bodyguard from the Special Service Team
Chapter 203 Tom Cruise wants to be a screenwriter
Chapter 204 The loss and opportunity of Australian beauty
Chapter 205: What stocks should I buy this time?
Chapter 206 Street Fight
Chapter 207 Prince Bandars Investment Plan
Chapter 208: Beat them out...
Chapter 209 Still using the original team
Chapter 210: Deep Love Premiere
Chapter 211 Local Media Group
Chapter 212 The Waiting Hunter
Chapter 213 Acquisition Master
Chapter 214 Ronald is a true friend
Chapter 215 Apologize in person
Chapter 216 Ronald as a witness
Chapter 217 Sequential shooting?
Chapter 218 Aunts Wedding
Chapter 219 Hollow Tycoon
Chapter 220: Preventing Media Monopoly
Chapter 221 Ruperts invitation
Chapter 222 Declining the invitation
Chapter 223 The movie title was stolen
Chapter 224: What is the most important thing when starting a production company?
Chapter 225 New plastic surgery technology
Chapter 226 I want to be with you
Chapter 227 I do
Chapter 228 The good business brought by Ronald
Chapter 229 The oldest special effects technology
Chapter 230: Matte Scenery and Photoshop
Chapter 231 Budget Black Hole
Chapter 232: Finding leak channels
Chapter 233 Who is messing with me?
Chapter 234 Everyone gets the stolen goods
Chapter 235 The first confrontation with Ovitz
Chapter 236 CIA and FBI intervene in eavesdropping case
Chapter 237 Ovitz wants to sue for peace
Chapter 238 Ovitzs Guinness World Records
Chapter 239 This is a personal grudge between Ovitz and me
Chapter 240: Ronald takes the heat from under the cauldron
Chapter 241 Ovitzs Surrender Conditions
Chapter 242: Going to be a father
Chapter 243 The Supreme Courts Impact on Hollywood
Chapter 244: A science fiction film was edited into an action film
Chapter 245 The big dark horse with $40 million in the first weekend
Chapter 246 The joy and sorrow of Longwei Boy 3
Chapter 247 Casting for the new film
Chapter 248 Special Marketing Plan
Chapter 249 Let word of mouth ferment
Chapter 250 New York Lover
Chapter 251 Misunderstanding and Trapping
Chapter 252 Lets watch Ronalds movie
Chapter 253: Which mayoral candidate do you endorse?
Chapter 254 Seinfeld is the dark horse
Chapter 255 The Wet Beach
Chapter 256: Forming a TV Drama Team
Chapter 257 Love Bomb
Chapter 258 Jealous Cindy Crawford
Chapter 259 Show your wedding ring
Chapter 260 Speeding up filming of the Star-Spangled Banner movie
Chapter 261 The Indispensable Ronald
Chapter 262: Someone really paid for it
Chapter 263 A surprising audition
Chapter 264 Demi Moore with a tearful eye
Chapter 265: Psychic prophecy and pottery training courses
Chapter 266: Demi Moores hairstylist flies from New York every week to do her hair
Chapter 267 Chemical Reaction on Film
Chapter 268 This kind of romantic plot can only be imagined by Ronald
Chapter 269 Where is my close-up?
Chapter 270: Filming passionate scenes with close-ups of fingers
Chapter 271: Showmanship or showmanship?
Chapter 272: Learn acting skills from Tom Cruise?
Chapter 273 Demi Moore doesnt like smiling
Chapter 274: Making a movie to support the election of New York mayor
Chapter 275 Various metaphors support Rudys election
Chapter 276 Endorsement
Chapter 277 Emergency Release
Chapter 282 Japan can say no...
Chapter 278: Go to Die Hard 2 to check the accounts
Chapter 279 Misunderstanding caused by blueberries
Chapter 280: Meeting with Members of Congress
Chapter 281 Ronalds recommended candidate for president
Chapter 282 Japan can say no...
Chapter 283 The Washington Posts Emergency Public Relations
Chapter 284: Senator Inoues Argument
Chapter 285 Orions Great Fireball
Chapter 286: Car crash at Lambada screening
Chapter 287: Focusing on the high-quality assets of Cannon Pictures
Chapter 288 Orion Cant Stop
Chapter 289 Buying insurance for Orion who may go bankrupt
Chapter 290 Kevins Gate
Chapter 291 Kevin, no way
Chapter 292: The first time someone filmed live at the FBI Academy
Chapter 293 Ghosts Little Troubles
Chapter 294 Another heroine who cant act
Chapter 295 The two-female meeting of the crew
Chapter 296 San Francisco Supervisory Formation
Chapter 297 The most important person in life
Chapter 298: A dark horse at the box office
Chapter 299: When will you take a photo of 007?
Chapter 300: Guess who I met at the Paris airport?
Chapter 301 Valmont Special Screening for Ronald
Chapter 302: The audience is not interested in repeated themes?
Chapter 303: Meeting ceremony and conclusion
Chapter 304 The end of an era begins
Chapter 305: The voting scandal that stole the show
Chapter 306 Roger Corman taught me how to deal with budget overruns
Chapter 307 New box office prediction formula
Chapter 308 Ronalds connections in Hollywood
Chapter 309: Thats the Godfather
Chapter 310 Hidden racial discrimination in Hollywood
Chapter 316 Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four
Chapter 311 A tool for making money
Chapter 312 Berlin Film Festival Jury Invitation
Chapter 313 The New Owner of the New York Daily News
Chapter 314: The male and female protagonists are in different frames again
Chapter 315 Roger Cormans cameo
Chapter 316 Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four
Chapter 317 Game of jockeying for seats
Chapter 318: The Year of the Berlin Film Festival
Chapter 319: Film Festival Witnessing the History of the Berlin Wall
Chapter 320: Caotai Team Double Yolk Egg
Chapter 321 Ronald starts the money printing press
Chapter 322: The ambition of Carloco Films
Chapter 323 International Entrepreneur Consulting Conference
Chapter 324: Copyright Problems with the Terminator Sequel
Chapter 325: Golden Globe Awards After Viewing
Chapter 326: Mayors Special Expert
Chapter 327 Tokyos Promise
Chapter 328 The youngest talk show host
Chapter 329: Oscar nomination was sniped
Chapter 330: Rushing to give Akira Kurosawa the award
Chapter 331: A super-giant project that costs 20 million before the project is established
Chapter 332 Beautiful Woman Premiere
Chapter 333 The award ceremony with the highest ratings
Chapter 334: Birthday Song at the Oscars
Chapter 335 Roger and Akira Kurosawa
Chapter 336: Editing method of cutting feet to fit shoes
Chapter 337: Who will play the heroine with Cage?
Chapter 338 The Fantastic Four was filmed in 21 days
Chapter 339: Those who wish take the bait
Chapter 340 The irresponsible richest man
Chapter 341: How to jump in the queue and release a movie during the award season?
Chapter 342: Are Ronalds days of being favored by God coming to an end?
Chapter 343: The B-level movie that knocked down the box office champion of Beautiful Woman
Chapter 344: Find a shield for the black Jews
Chapter 345: The trend of large-scale cancellation of TV series
Chapter 346 The debt king pleads guilty and the beautiful woman returns to the first place
Chapter 347: Beautiful Woman May Become the Annual Box Office Champion
Chapter 348: Gregory Pecks Plan
Chapter 349 The premiere of Thunderbolts and Die Hard
Chapter 350: Unresolved Love between Man and Ghost - Special Audience Reaction
Chapter 351 Another dark horse in romance movies
Chapter 352: The box office rises instead of falling
Chapter 353: Aircraft carrier is the best salesman in Hollywood
Chapter 354 The reason for the box-office miracle of the unresolved love between man and ghost
Chapter 355: The unresolved relationship between man and ghost brought about earth-shaking changes to the main creator
Chapter 356 The unresolved love between humans and ghosts is a hit in international distribution
Chapter 357 Apache in Action
Chapter 358 Working Girl Diane
Chapter 359 The Silence of the Lambs reaches its peak
Chapter 360 Finalizing the release of Silence of the Lambs
Chapter 361: Dances with Wolves begins announcement
Chapter 362 Dances with Wolves is hot before it airs
Chapter 363 Panasonic’s acquisition of MCA hits a wall
Chapter 364 Sugar-free Donuts
Chapter 365 Great art is not cheap
Chapter 366: Dances with Wolves premiere on Capitol Hill
Chapter 367 Hunger Marketing Strategy
Chapter 368: The commander-in-chief wants to watch Dances with Wolves in the White House
Chapter 369: Look at the shape of my mouth, he is a liar
Chapter 370: Less comedy, more reality
Chapter 371 It’s time to change the dynasty
Chapter 372 Someone insulted the Indians in Dances with Wolves
Chapter 373 Dancing with Clams
Chapter 374 Ronald is very angry
Chapter 375 Ovitz’s situation is a bit serious
Chapter 376: The most value-for-money invitation to a celebrity
Chapter 377 The most important scene
Chapter 378 The last person to make a riding crop
Chapter 379 The Dragon Prince and the White Beauty
Chapter 380: New Advertisement for Dances with Wolves
Chapter 381 The sky has been illuminated
Chapter 382: Coca-Cola’s big advertising move
Chapter 383 Record-breaking movie production costs
Chapter 384 The embarrassment caused by Ronald to the richest man
Chapter 385 The Silence of the Lambs Premiere
Chapter 386 Demonstration Against Silence of the Lambs
Chapter 387: Help from the Anti-Defamation League?
Chapter 388: Jews always hide behind
Chapter 389 The real version of Hannibal
Chapter 390 Oscar nominations announced
Chapter 391 Various Oscar Compasses
Chapter 392 Desert Storm Begins
Chapter 393 I really want to see Gregory Peck
Chapter 394: Sino-US co-production blossoms
Chapter 395 Terminator 2 filming completed
Chapter 396: Los Angeles, the City of Violence
Chapter 397: Film Centenary Celebration
Chapter 398: Stammering acceptance speech
Chapter 399 Oscars Quota
Chapter 400 The Little Golden Man in the Bathroom
Chapter 401: Integrating Chinese Films
Chapter 402: The Joy Luck Club and the History of Blood and Tears of Chinese Workers
Chapter 403: How to defeat Ovitz?
Chapter 404 Ronald should be in charge of Coca-Colas advertising business
Chapter 405: Good friends of filmmakers from three places in Hollywood
Chapter 406 The Individuals with Disabilities Act and Theater Acquisitions
Chapter 407: Camerons failed editing method
Chapter 408 The nun is also crazy
Chapter 409 Crazy Hype
Chapter 410 Low-cost marketing methods
Chapter 411 The Silence of the Lambs box office reboot
Chapter 412 The real version of Buffalo Bill
Chapter 413: The Oscar competition is ahead of schedule
Chapter 415 The special marketing method for the new film. Timing is indeed very important. What happened in Moscow
Chapter 416 The competition for the next Oscar is extremely fierce
Chapter 417 The second head-to-head confrontation with Ovitz
Chapter 418: Special Effects Head Changing Technique
Chapter 419: Talk Show Successor Controversy
Chapter 420 Lettermans biggest bargaining chip
Chapter 422 Richard signed a major client
Chapter 421 Where is the Godfather?
Chapter 422 Richard signed a major client
Chapter 423: The movie spoofing Top Gun won the box office championship
Chapter 424: Oscar Award Arrangements
Chapter 425 The Queens Appointed Movie
Chapter 426: Acquisition of British Starlight Cinemas
Chapter 427: The Biggest Gossip News in Hollywood
Chapter 428: Ronald Playing Mahjong
Chapter 429 Shoe Throwing Incident
Chapter 430: The Magical Use of Videotape
Chapter 431: Another blockbuster with Oscar potential
Chapter 432 Ovitz launches a new front
Chapter 433: Oscar Nomination Preliminary Battle
Chapter 434: Films competing for awards
Chapter 435: Christmas Gift from the Americans
Chapter 436 Jack Nicholson is addicted to acting
Chapter 437: Preliminary Battle of Awards Season
Chapter 438 The Winners and Losers of the Golden Globe Awards
Chapter 439: The true strength of actor Nicholson
Chapter 440 The story of modern men and women
Chapter 441 Staring at Ronald’s Movie Plagiarism
Chapter 442 The Prelude to the Election Year
Chapter 443: Make the Saturn Awards a festival for movie fans
Chapter 444: Oscar Controversy
Chapter 445 Oscar amid protests
Chapter 446 Ronald becomes the winner
Chapter 447 Ronald’s Grand Slam
Chapter 448: The Popular Ronald
Chapter 449: Red Pink Alliance and City Heroes
Chapter 450 Computer simulation of great white shark on land
Chapter 451: Forced to change location for filming
Chapter 452 Escape from Los Angeles
Chapter 453: Ronald’s secret to winning the Olympics
Chapter 454 Taekwondo version of Long Wei Boy
Chapter 455 Jennifer, where is your nose?
Chapter 456 Calling for fair competition
Chapter 457: Fighting for Anne
Chapter 458: Male celebrities also want to steal Sleepless Night in Seattle
Chapter 459 A subtle trade-off
Chapter 460: Ronald is the discoverer of good directors
Chapter 461 No one is irreplaceable
Chapter 462: CAA’s people are disbanded
Chapter 463: The more celebrities participating in the production, the better
Chapter 464 Breakthrough Star
Chapter 465: Paramount’s New President
Chapter 466: Ronald’s Secret to Choosing Movies
Chapter 467: The Year of the Woman in Hollywood
Chapter 468: Trouble with the Seattle crew
Chapter 469 Ronald, a good boy from the Navy
Chapter 470: Loopholes in Tax Laws and Changes in Elections
Chapter 471: Sugar-coated traps and stepping stones
Chapter 472: Eastern Hints
Chapter 473 Stars on the Avenue of Stars
Chapter 474: Casting from The Godfather
Chapter 475: Use movies to oppose old George
Chapter 476: Solution to the problem
Chapter 477 Ronald’s New Testament
Chapter 478 Don’t stop imagining the future
Chapter 479 The boy who makes a comeback
Chapter 480 New ideas for production
Chapter 481: Capcom, add more money!
Chapter 482 Ronald is a real man
Chapter 483 Tom Cruise’s acting skills have improved
Chapter 484 A sudden accident
Chapter 485 Movies Lead Social Change
Chapter 486: Documentary Filmmaker Jonathan Demme
Chapter 487 The Hidden Story of Philadelphia
Chapter 488: Dial down the deliberate element of acting
Chapter 489 Protagonist and Supporting Role
Chapter 490 Everyone loves Tom Cruise
Chapter 491: What will happen to a woman and Tom Cruise?
Chapter 492: A woman wants others to love her
Chapter 493: The Cayman Islands has laws
Chapter 494: Professional Director and Grassroots Team
Chapter 495: Aren’t you afraid of the commander-in-chief’s wrath?
Chapter 496: Guest appearance in Street Fighter
Chapter 497: The Year of Women’s Victory
Chapter 498 The big one is coming
Chapter 499: Collecting Action Movie Scripts
Chapter 500 Isn’t this plagiarizing Kurosawa Akira’s script?
Chapter 501 Panda and Children’s Story
Chapter 502 The Legacy of Marlene Dietrich
Chapter 503 The secret behind Kirk Douglas
Chapter 504 The Last Dinner at the White House Chapter 505 I can still protect you after I retire
Chapter 506: The Oscars Arms Race
Chapter 507 New Computer Editing Technology
Chapter 508: Harvey Weinstein took money to make a fool?
Chapter 509: I have good relations with the old and new commanders
Chapter 510 Finalizing the Bodyguard Global Concert
Chapter 511 It turns out you are the princess’s cousin
Chapter 512: Facts are the best way to refute rumors
Chapter 513: Collateral damage of counterattack
Chapter 514 This is a personal grudge
Chapter 515 An eye for an eye
Chapter 516 Mortal Kombat
Chapter 517 Panda Lovers
Chapter 518 Money-stealing couple
Chapter 519: A mysterious new prize winning tactic
Chapter 520: What do the elderly need most?
Chapter 521 Multimedia CD
Chapter 522 Who is your father?
Chapter 523: Where can I find a good person like Ronald?
Chapter 524: Microsoft asks Ronald to film commercials
Chapter 525 Congressional Subpoena
Chapter 526 How to become a legend
Chapter 527 Mr. Ronald Lee goes to Washington
Chapter 528: Barbecue tactics question panda lovers
Chapter 529: Old Friends of the Chinese
Chapter 530: Title Girl
Chapter 531: Account quota negotiation and face
Chapter 532: Extending Most Favored Nation Treatment and Negotiating Hollywood Account Sharing
Chapter 533: The genius director of commercial films from Britain
Chapter 534: Female Power in the Oscars
Chapter 535 Foreign VS Home Country
Chapter 536: Harvey Weinstein Asks for Secrets
Chapter 537 Computer Special Effects B-level Movie
Chapter 538: Old star guest stars in True Lies
Chapter 539: Ronald and Cameron join forces to fire a double cannon
Chapter 540: Opinions on Casting for Mortal Kombat
Chapter 541: Safety first in action movie shooting
Chapter 542 Ronald’s secret is to control costs
Chapter 543: Her face turned red
Chapter 544 The True and False Forrest Gump Project
Chapter 545: Interview with a Vampire at Night: Respect the Original Novel
Chapter 546 Sanmao in the interweaving of real shots and historical images
Chapter 547: New ideas for China’s film industry
Chapter 548 Two major directors join forces to make guest appearances
Chapter 549: Big Dinosaur’s Lobby Premiere
Chapter 550: A sleepless night in Seattle where every opportunity is exploited
Chapter 551: All good men have been taken away, but...
Chapter 552: Hollywood is about to reshuffle again?
Chapter 553 Everyone wants to be with Tom Cruise
Chapter 554: People who break the rules
Chapter 555: Hollywood Director
Chapter 556 Ronalds Secret
Chapter 557: Forrest Gump’s Test