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From Corsica to the Fourth Rome

From Corsica to the Fourth Rome

author:Like to eat fat cow

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Latest chapter:Chapter 312 The king’s wishful thinking

Standing in front of you now is: the most noble Governor of the Republic of Corsica, the uncle of the French Emperor Napoleon, the founder of the Fourth Rome, the patron of the entire Mediterranean trade route, the guardian of the two holy places between Rome and Jerusalem, and the lifelong professor of Sinology at the University of Munich. The founder and first Speaker of the European Parliament, Mr. Laurence Bonaparte. If you think 'From Corsica to the Fourth Rome' is good, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in the QQ group and Weibo!

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《From Corsica to the Fourth Rome》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 312 The king’s wishful thinking
Chapter 311: Coming out of the dragon pool and entering the tiger's den
Chapter 310 Paris is undefended
Chapter 309: Compatriots, go to the Tuileries Palace!
Chapter 308 Escape
Chapter 307 The second crime
Chapter 306 Public Trial
Chapter 305 I'm sorry, I betrayed you
Chapter 304 How can the defendant be absent?
《From Corsica to the Fourth Rome》Chapter Contents
Chapter 176: One Million Liver
Chapter 175 The first hooked fish
Chapter 174 Capitalists and Power
Chapter 173 Send a big gift to the financial world in Paris
Chapter 172 The victory of the Li faction
Chapter 171 The King's Generous Reward
Chapter 1 Attacked
Chapter 2 Bloody Battle
Chapter 3 Brothers Recognize
Chapter 4 Meeting with the Governor
Chapter 5 The situation on Ko Island
Chapter 6 First Meeting with Anna
Chapter 7 Taking office
Chapter 8 Li Wei
Chapter IX Consequences
Chapter 10 Countermeasures
Chapter Eleven: All men are created equal
Chapter 12 Residence
Chapter 13 Retaliation
Chapter 14 Ambush
Chapter 15 Chief Ciro
Chapter 16 Winning People's Hearts
Chapter 17 The Eve of the Storm
Chapter 18 Parliament
Chapter 19 Temptation
Chapter 20 Calculations
Chapter 21 Planning
Chapter 22 Expansion
Chapter 23 Changes
Chapter 24 Subduing
Chapter 25 Arrangement
Chapter 26 Patrol the West City
Chapter 27 fierce battle
Chapter 28 Rescue
Chapter 29 Recruitment
Chapter 30 Harvest
Chapter 31 Intelligence
Chapter XXXII Major Bonaparte
Chapter 33 Rifling
Chapter 34 Northern Army
Chapter 35 Chaos
Chapter 36 Barracks
Chapter 37 Rectification (1)
Chapter 38 Rectification (Part 2)
Chapter 39 Rectification (2)
Chapter 40: Withdrawal (Part 1)
Chapter 41: Withdrawal (Part 2)
Chapter 42 Boost
Chapter 43 surprise attack
Chapter 44 Attack
Chapter 45 Unexpected joy
Chapter 46 Harvest
Chapter 47 Design
Chapter 48: Hostage
Chapter 49 Evacuation (1)
Chapter 50 Evacuation (Part 2)
Chapter 51 Epoch-making weapons
Chapter 52 Return
Chapter 53 Meeting (1)
Chapter 54 Meeting (Part 2)
Chapter 55 Preparation (1)
Chapter 56 Preparation (Part 2)
Chapter 57 Preparation (Part 2)
Chapter 58: Miserable Image (1)
Chapter 59: Miserable Image (Part 2)
Chapter 60: Miserable Image (Part 2)
Chapter 61: The Wind and Rain Are Coming (Part 1)
Chapter 62 The storm is about to come (Part 2)
Chapter 63 Who will punish (1)
Chapter 64 Who will punish (2)
Chapter 65 Closing
Chapter 66 Aftermath (1)
Chapter 67 Aftermath (Part 2)
Chapter 68 Suicide
Chapter 69 Allegiance
Chapter 70: Stable Position
Chapter 71 Changes After Two Years
Chapter 72 The Legend of the Future
Chapter 73 Unknown visitor
Chapter 74: Engaging (Part 1)
Chapter 75: Covet (Part 2)
Chapter 76 Investigation (1)
Chapter 77 Investigation (Part 2)
Chapter 78 Interrogation (1)
Chapter 79 Interrogation (Part 2)
Chapter 80 Interrogation (2)
Chapter 81 Goodbye Poly
Chapter 82 Treatment (1)
Chapter 83 Treatment (Part 2)
Chapter 84 Treatment (Part 2)
Chapter 85 Participation
Chapter 86 You are treason, Governor
Chapter 87 Sardinian Invasion
Chapter 88: Tiaohu Lishan
Chapter 89: Going South (Part 1)
Chapter 90: Going South (Part 2)
Chapter 91: Sniper Tactics (1)
Chapter 92: Sniper Tactics (Part 2)
Chapter 93 Sniper Tactics (2)
Chapter 94 Seizing Power
Chapter 95 Victory
Chapter 96 Return (1)
Chapter 97 Return (Part 2)
Chapter 98 Disguise
Chapter 99 Arrangement
Chapter 100 A crown
Chapter 101 The Duke of Choiseul
Chapter 102 A Corsica with a Constitutional Monarchy (Part 1)
Chapter 103 A Corsica with a Constitutional Monarchy (Part 2)
Chapter 104 The new captain
Chapter 105 Everything is ready (1)
Chapter 106 Everything is ready (2)
Chapter 107: The Curtain Rises (Part 1)
Chapter 108: The Curtain Rises (Part 2)
Chapter 109 Riot (1)
Chapter 110 Riot (Part 2)
Chapter 111 Riot (Part 2)
Chapter 112: Entering the Governor's Palace
Chapter 113 On behalf of all Corsicans, I disagree (Part 1)
Chapter 114 On behalf of all Corsicans, I disagree (Part 2)
Chapter 115 Please abdicate, Governor
Chapter 116 Governor Bonaparte
Chapter 117: The Obedience of Parliament
Chapter 118 The British Counterattack
Chapter 119 Reinforcements
Chapter 120 Yes, I'm Threatening You
Chapter 121 The Burning Reasonable Number (1)
Chapter 122 The Burning Reasonable Number (Part 2)
Chapter 123 The Burning Reasonable Number (Part 2)
Chapter 124 Let them atone for their sins with flames
Chapter 125: The Disposition of the British
Chapter 126: The Crisis of Civil War
Chapter 127 Hearts float
Chapter 128 Coercion
Chapter 129: On the eve of the expedition
Chapter 130 Undefeated rumors
Chapter 131 Who is going to shoot your governor?
Chapter 132: The pacification of Corsica
Chapter 133 Agricultural Tax Reform (1)
Chapter 134 Agricultural Tax Reform (Part 2)
Chapter 135 The visit of the Duke of Choiseul
Chapter 136 National Silver Corporation (Part 1)
Chapter 137 National Silver Corporation (Part 2)
Chapter 138: Religious power must be under public power
Chapter 139: Which is more important, the God in heaven or the kingdom on earth?
Chapter 140 The Obedience of the Church
Chapter 141 State Secret Police (Part 1)
Chapter 142 State Secret Police (Part 2)
Chapter 143 Shadia's Allegiance and Meeting Ceremony
Chapter 144: Go to Paris
Chapter 145 Unexpected Visitors
Chapter 146 Dubali Casino
Chapter 147: Let Dubali's Reminder
Chapter 148: Meeting with the Duke of Richelieu
Chapter 149 Secret deal with Lavoisier
Chapter 150 Bribery and Financial Fraud
Chapter 151 Hunting that His Royal Highness the Crown Prince participated in
Chapter 152: The Generous Choiseul
Chapter 153 Her Royal Highness Princess Mary
Chapter 154: Young Louis XVI
Chapter 155 Self-directed and self-acted crisis
Chapter 156 The trust of Crown Prince Louis
Chapter 157 King Louis of Joy
Chapter 158: Winning the Locksmith Crown Prince
Chapter 159: Exciting General and Duel
Chapter 160 It seems that we have an extra eunuch count
Chapter 161 Preparations before the banquet
Chapter 162 A chance encounter in the Palace of Versailles
Chapter 163 A tiny but useful pawn
Chapter 164 Secret Talk in the Opera House
Chapter 165 One person for another island
Chapter 166 Transfer of St. Kitts
Chapter 167 Banquet in the Hall of Mirrors
Chapter 168 The unexpected arrival of Justice Mopu
Chapter 169 The king arrives
Chapter 170 The hero of the European continent, only you Louis XV
Chapter 171 The King's Generous Reward
Chapter 172 The victory of the Li faction
Chapter 173 Send a big gift to the financial world in Paris
Chapter 174 Capitalists and Power
Chapter 175 The first hooked fish
Chapter 176: One Million Liver
Chapter 177: The deal is reached
Chapter 178 Marching to the Public Opinion Circle
Chapter 179: Nobody Knows Newspapers Better Than I Do
Chapter 180: The Sensation in the Exchange Square
Chapter 181 Confrontation and Appearing Defeat
Chapter 182 Return to Versailles
Chapter 183 Sudden Attack
Chapter 184: The Collapsed Falcone
Chapter 185 Okay, you did a good job
Chapter 186 Capitalist Successor
Chapter 187: Cracks in the Alliance
Chapter 188 Get them big news
Chapter 189 When dancing with the market, be the lead dancer
Chapter 190: Making Evidence Without Evidence
Chapter 191: The First Appearance of His Highness the Crown Prince
Chapter 192: Cheering Citizens
Chapter 193 Thirty million
Chapter 194: Feast of Capital
Chapter 195 Start to fight back
Chapter 196 We care more about the effectiveness of the means
Chapter 197 I would rather you call me Your Excellency the Tax Collector
Chapter 198 High-end politics often only require simple techniques
Chapter 199: Killing chickens to make an example to monkeys
Chapter 200 Absolute handle
Chapter 201: The Tragedy in the Basement
Chapter 202 Falcone's Revenge
Chapter 203 Dubali's Hope
Chapter 204 The confrontation between Lawrence and Falcone
Chapter 205 You are stepping on the land of Corsica
Chapter 206 The Final Compromise
Chapter 207: The Wrath of Versailles
Chapter 208: The Eve of Farewell to Paris
Chapter 209 The Great Famine
Chapter 210 The Scholar in the Ancient Prison
Chapter 211: Rousseau and the Corsican Constitution
Chapter 212 The Chief Justice's Warning
Chapter 213 The Wheels Are Turning
Chapter 214 Ambition to Seize Local Power
Chapter 215: The City Official Who Falls into the Trap
Chapter 216 Extremely Abnormal South Italy
Chapter 217: The Best Capital for the New Monarch
Chapter 218: Cut off the chain
Chapter 219 For Corsica, For Bonaparte
Chapter 220 On track
Chapter 221 Get Rid of These Damn Insects
Chapter 222 Put on a hat first
Chapter 223: Spit it all out with bloody teeth
Chapter 224 The reaction of the landlord group
Chapter 225 The Eve of War
Chapter 226 This is a class war, Major
Chapter 227 Lawrence’s Fury
Explanation of previous discontinued updates (quibbles) and plans for subsequent updates
Chapter 228 I said you can leave
Chapter 229 'Land Bill' and 'Agricultural Tax Reform Bill'
Chapter 230: Cheer, compatriots!
Chapter 231 Propriano’s letter
Chapter 232 The trend of longing for freedom
Chapter 233: The strongest fortress is never self-defeating
Chapter 234 Attacking the Heart
Chapter 235 The Spark of Resistance
Chapter 236 Dawn Offensive (Part 1)
Chapter 237 Dawn Offensive (Part 2)
Chapter 238 Total Collapse
Chapter 239 The liberation of all Corsica is achieved today
Chapter 240 The arrival of the British Ambassador
Chapter 241 The Beginning of Negotiations
Chapter 242 Knights of St. John of Jerusalem
Chapter 243: The ambition to seize the Knights
Chapter 244 The decision to enter the island of Malta
Chapter 245: Filling the Bellys of 300,000 People
Chapter 246 Production of new rifled guns
Chapter 247 Arrival at Valletta Port
Chapter 248 Grand Commander Erwin de Medici
Chapter 249 I bring peace to you
Chapter 250: A sacred object passed down for thirty-four generations
Chapter 251: The Snare for Franche
Chapter 252 The Obedience of the Guard Chief
Chapter 253 The choice at the crossroads
Chapter 254 The Eve of the Rainstorm
Chapter 255 The storm is coming
Chapter 256: Die with me, brother!
Chapter 257: Who is the hunter and who is the prey?
Chapter 258 Second Offensive
Chapter 259: Push the British guy into the sea!
Chapter 260 It’s time to harvest the fruits of victory
Chapter 261 Grand Master Louis XV
Chapter 262 Let Lawrence come back to Paris
Chapter 263 The Establishment of the Golden Iris Sect
Chapter 264 Final preparations
Chapter 265 Charter of the Kingdom of Corsica
Chapter 266: Parliament must obey, there is no other choice
Chapter 267 Gentle Cleansing
Chapter 268 Rising public opinion
Chapter 269 The Birth of the Kingdom
Chapter 270 Return to Paris
Chapter 271 An eager visit
Chapter 272 The Union of Tian Ping and Golden Iris
Chapter 273 Dinner before Christmas
Chapter 274: Miss Elvy’s Wandering Mind
Chapter 275 The interference of the Choiseul family
Chapter 276 Duke Charles
Chapter 277 A fuse
Chapter 278: The Big Gamble with Madame Du Barry
Chapter 279 Public Opinion Offensive
Chapter 280: Asking for orders for the people
Chapter 281 The fire under the ashes
Chapter 282 A messy paper?
Chapter 283 Did he bring the sun into the synagogue?!
Chapter 284 This blow completely penetrates!
Chapter 285 The Supreme Glory of the Academy of Sciences
Chapter 286 Prostitutes in the Palace of Versailles?
Chapter 287 Insiders in the Palace
Chapter 288 The Duke’s Counterattack
Chapter 289: Tell me, what is support?
Chapter 290 The second link of the plan
Chapter 291 How dare you take me?
Chapter 292 Controlling the Paris Police Force
Chapter 293: A grain of sand in the storm
Chapter 294: People’s hearts are like water
Chapter 295: No comparison, no harm
Chapter 296 Are you going to attack me?
Chapter 297: Her Royal Highness Mary’s Favor
Chapter 298 The guilt-ridden king
Chapter 299 Now is the time I need you
Chapter 300: Taming the City Defense Troops
Chapter 301 The Rats in the Sewer
Chapter 302 Everyone gets to their places and the curtain opens
Chapter 303 Riots at the Palace of Justice
Chapter 304 How can the defendant be absent?
Chapter 305 I'm sorry, I betrayed you
Chapter 306 Public Trial
Chapter 307 The second crime
Chapter 308 Escape
Chapter 309: Compatriots, go to the Tuileries Palace!
Chapter 310 Paris is undefended
Chapter 311: Coming out of the dragon pool and entering the tiger's den
Chapter 312 The king’s wishful thinking