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Summoning the Heroes of the Chaotic War in Another World

Summoning the Heroes of the Chaotic War in Another World

author:Snow falling from the sky

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-20 03:22

Latest chapter:Chapter 1021: The Emperor’s Fist and Golden Hammer are fighting each other. Donghuang has no choice but to retreat for the time being.

Magnificent China, how many heroes have there been since ancient times? The killing god Bai Qi! The military god Li Jing! The overlord Xiang Yu! The king of heaven Ran Min! Li Yuanba, the king of Zhao in the West! Li Cunxiao, the born god of war! Look at me, the heroes of China, fighting against heroes from other worlds!

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《Summoning the Heroes of the Chaotic War in Another World》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1021: The Emperor’s Fist and Golden Hammer are fighting each other. Donghuang has no choice but to retreat for the time being.
Chapter 1020: Yuanba’s double hammers block Donghuang, but I am the only one who respects Emperor Wu’s fist
Chapter 1019 The Chaos Heart Bell shakes the top five, and the Taoist priest of Queen Dong appears
Chapter 1018: The Eastern Emperor Taiyi changes into a golden crow, and the five heavenly beings join forces
Chapter 1017 The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesnt stop, the Donghuang bell rings and the Donghuang appears
Chapter 1016: Qing Yi Zui Meng is one, Dongfang Gu throws Wang Yu
Chapter 1015 There is a mystery in Zuimeng Tower, the secrets of the four imperial merchants
Chapter 1014 Drunken Dream Upstairs Drunken Dreamer, the versatile Dongfang Yu
Chapter 1013: Attending a banquet with the Dongfang family, Wang Yu seeks the Donghuang
《Summoning the Heroes of the Chaotic War in Another World》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 New World
Chapter 2 Am I hanging?
Chapter 3 Hegemony Summoning System
Chapter 4 The First Summon
Chapter 5 Departure
Chapter 6 Missions
Chapter 7 Bandits
Chapter 8 Realm Skills
Chapter 9 The Grandmaster Appears
Chapter 10 The Supreme Master
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 Reporting
Chapter 13 Arrival
Chapter 14 The First Meeting of Lu Shenmo
Chapter 15 The Kyoto Courtyard
Chapter 16
Chapter 17 The National Talents Gather in Kyoto
Chapter 18 Takeo
Chapter 19 Trouble is coming
Chapter 20 Competition
Chapter 21 The First Prince
Chapter 22 Intelligence
Chapter 23 Shocking Salamander
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26 The Prince
Chapter 27 Temptation
Chapter 28 Zhao Converse
Chapter 29 Conversation
Chapter 30 Cang Emperor
Chapter 31 Wu Weizhong is gone
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34 Meeting Bai Ruolan for the First Time
Chapter 35
Chapter 36 The battle between masters and masters
Chapter 37
Chapter 38 Sima
Chapter 39 Drunk Dream Building
Chapter 40 Meeting Wumei Again
Chapter 41 Drunk Dream Upstairs Drunk
Chapter 42
Chapter 43 Something Happened?
Chapter 44
Chapter 45 Summoning
Chapter 46 True God General
Chapter 47 Martial Madness
Chapter 48
chapter 49
Chapter 50
Chapter 51 Alien Liangshan
Chapter 52 Sima's visit
Chapter 53
Chapter 54
Chapter 55
Chapter 56 The Eight Masters
Chapter 57
Chapter 58: Three Mountains and Seven Dragons
Chapter 59
Chapter 60
Chapter 61: Gentian Zhao Zilong
Chapter 62 Heavenly Commander Summons
Chapter 63 Will the soul?
Chapter 64 The Evil King
Chapter 65 Fan Tong
Chapter 66
Chapter 67 Mr. Ming
Chapter 68 Yannan Crazy Lion
Chapter 69
Chapter 70 Ambush
Chapter 71
Chapter 72
Chapter 73
Chapter 74 Killing Prisoners in Yuchun
Chapter 75 Wu Changkong
Chapter 76 Yannan Wild Lion vs Jinggun Valkyrie
Chapter 77
Chapter 78 Shocking Gun
Chapter 79
Chapter 80 Sima's Strategy
Chapter 81
Chapter 82 Ling Dong Attacks Liangshan
Chapter 83
Chapter 84 Tianying bends her bow and shoots Beimiao
Chapter 85
Chapter 86 Offense and Defense
Chapter 87
Chapter 88 Disputes
Chapter 89
Chapter 90 Wu Xueji wants to invite Xu Beimiao
Chapter 91 Shi Zhixuan's question about Zhi Duo Xing
Chapter 92
Chapter 93 Crazy Waterfall
Chapter 94
Chapter 95
Chapter 96 Sima's Doubt
Chapter 97 Loss
Chapter 98
Chapter 99
Chapter 100 Liangshan Means
Chapter 101 The Arrow of Hou Yi
Chapter 102 Restart the Summoning
Chapter 103 Make a big profit!
Chapter 104 Balance
Chapter 105
Chapter 106 General Soul Store
Chapter 107 The Door God
Chapter 108
Chapter 109 The Ling of the Great Xia Emperor
Chapter 110 Chaos in Da Cang
Chapter 111
Chapter 112
Chapter 113 The Village Massacre
Chapter 114 Night Attack
Chapter 115 Zhao Zilong's Divine Might Cuts Two Enemies
Chapter 116
Chapter 117 The Arrival of Gao Jiong
Chapter 118 Gao Jiong on the Three Kings
Chapter 119 Yang Su's Attack
Chapter 120 The Three Kings Rebellion Quests
Chapter 121
Chapter 122 The Brave Meng Juehai
Chapter 123 I Can't Help My Child
Chapter 124 Heavenly God
Chapter 125: Zhongli Mo's Arrow Shoots Nangong
Chapter 126 The Five Elements
Chapter 127 Yang Su's Waiting
Chapter 128
Chapter 129 Ambush
Chapter 130 Reputation
Chapter 131 You Suifeng wants to talk about Zhang Guiba
Chapter 132 Yuan Shouxin
Chapter 133 Opportunity
Chapter 134 The Shemale General
Chapter 135 Zhang Guiba talks about Zhang Guihou
Chapter 136 Violence
Chapter 137 Bloody Killing
Chapter 138 Thunder Fire Shocking Halberd
Chapter 139 Double whip will make the beauty smile
Chapter 140 The wind is easy and the cold retreats to the north
Chapter 141 Yang Su fights You Suifeng again
Chapter 142 General Xionghu
Chapter 143 Domineering Sword
Chapter 144 The mission resumes
Chapter 145 Ling Donglai opens the door
Chapter 146 Huang Chaos plan
Chapter 147: Evils from all directions: Tuoba Longxiang
Chapter 148 The fourth prince blocks Xia Zheng
Chapter 149 Changes in Siming
Chapter 150 A Portrait
Chapter 151 Swapping identities
Chapter 152 Sword God
Chapter 153 Mission: First Blood
Chapter 154 Summon: Yue Fei
Chapter 155 King of Heaven
Chapter 156 Killing the Grandmaster with Sword
Chapter 157 Qin Qiong finally arrives
Chapter 158 Kill Xiantian Again
Chapter 159 Big Mac
Chapter 160 Lack of mood
Chapter 161 Yang Su is coming
Chapter 162 Zhao Zilong and Leopard Head
Chapter 163 The tiger idiot is born
Chapter 164 The general who destroyed the country
Chapter 165 Su Dingfangs Heart
Chapter 166 Xu Fengsu surrenders
Chapter 167 Su Lies Mission
Chapter 168 Su Lie said that tigers are crazy
Chapter 169 The fire is soaring into the sky
Chapter 170 Yang Sus plan
Chapter 171 The arrival of Mongol troops
Chapter 172 Big Mac kills the enemy
Chapter 173 Tianxiongs back attack
Chapter 174 Lin Chongs discovery and Yang Sus plan
Chapter 175 Yang Sus layout
Chapter 176 Big Macs skills explode again
Chapter 177 The generals join forces to fight against Nangong
Chapter 178 Kuohai single-handedly sweeps Nangong
Chapter 179 Tianzong Divine Power Yang Zaixing
Chapter 180 Extreme Strength
Chapter 181 Left and right door gods
Chapter 182 Iron-blooded God of War
Chapter 183 Tiger Crazy
Chapter 184 Purple Faced King
Chapter 185 Emergency Call
Chapter 186 The God-conferring General
Chapter 187 Balance
Chapter 188 Xiao Pingan and Xuantian Divine General
Chapter 189 Li Yuanba
Chapter 190 Yellow Emperor
Chapter 191 Hebei Shuangxiong
Chapter 192: Destruction of the country, falling of the eagle
Chapter 193 Feng Qianlang hammers the smiling beauty
Chapter 194 Zhao Yuntian shoots an arrow and flees the enemy
Chapter 195 Qin Qiong breaks the sky
Chapter 196 Undercurrent
Chapter 197 Ten Famous Swords
Chapter 198 Jiang Tianxin
Chapter 199: The picture shows the dagger
Chapter 200 Three masters brutally tortured Jiang Tianxin
Chapter 201 Gao Jiongs suggestion
Chapter 202 Divine General: Chu Qingtian
Chapter 203 First meeting Chu Qingtian
Chapter 204 Winning over
Chapter 205 Chu Qingtian vs. Big Mac
Chapter 206 Achievement: Thirst for talents
Chapter 207 Crazy Fight
Chapter 208 Savage Beast
Chapter 209 Xuanyuan Huang vs Magli
Chapter 210 Xuanyuan Huang sends troops to suppress the Southern Army
Chapter 211 Dragon and Tiger Storm: Ye, Jiang
Chapter 212 Lu Bu worships his father
Chapter 213 Chu Qingtian asks for a fight
Chapter 214 Desert Arrow God
Chapter 215 Hou Yi wants to fight Mulancha
Chapter 216 Two Heroes of the Grassland
Chapter 217: Flying Tiger Enemies Six Koreans
Chapter 218: Flying Tiger Enemies Six Koreans
Chapter 219 Unparalleled Warrior
Chapter 220: Han Yus knife kills Fei Hushuai
Chapter 221 Flying Tiger Commander kills powerful enemies with his hammer
Chapter 222 Dual Arrow Duel
Chapter 223 Arrow Saint
Chapter 224 Archery God vs Arrow Saint
Chapter 225 Invincible General
Chapter 226 Phantom Gun vs. Divine Hammer
Chapter 227 Thunderstorm
Chapter 228 Magic Sword Felton
Chapter 229 The Invincible General
Chapter 230 Wang Changs Thoughts
Chapter 231 Tiangang
Chapter 232 Nurhachi
Chapter 233 The terrifying Hou Yi
Chapter 234 Hou Yi shoots Fei Dong with an arrow
Chapter 235 Summoning
Chapter 236 Summoning
Chapter 237 Summoned
Chapter 238 The God General Summons
Chapter 239 The God General Summons
Chapter 240 Balance
Chapter 241 Han Gaozu
Chapter 242 The birth of Taoist heavenly beings
Chapter 243 Xiao He
Chapter 244 Battle Spirit Store
Chapter 245 Dongyi invades
Chapter 246 Gatling
Chapter 247 The choice of general
Chapter 248 Dongyis Trouble Series Missions
Chapter 249 Theocracy
Chapter 250 Rumors about Emperor Cang
Chapter 251 The Battle of Xia Chu
Chapter 252 Wen Zhong Arrives
Chapter 253 A plan to defeat the enemy
Chapter 254 Our Lady of the Golden Spirit
Chapter 255 Wang Changs Support
Chapter 256 Mission Refresh
Chapter 257 Zhendong
Chapter 258 Wang Yu rushes into battle
Chapter 259 The Four Heavenly Lords of Yellow Flowers
Chapter 260 Wang Yus divine power kills enemies
Chapter 261 The Three Knives of Guandao
Chapter 262 A great victory
Chapter 263 Soul Yang Zaixing
Chapter 264 Zhen Zai
Chapter 265 Dandy Young Master
Chapter 266 Shashi
Chapter 267 Attack on the City
Chapter 268 Attack the city
Chapter 269 Murdering Heavenly Beings
Chapter 270: Earth Splitting
Chapter 271 I heard that the Grand Master was showing off his power
Chapter 272 Sky Eye
Chapter 273 Lei Zun
Chapter 274 Attack on Sha Mansion
Chapter 275 Sha Celestial Being
Chapter 276 Wang Shengzhis Death
Chapter 277 Flying Sword?
Chapter 278 Jin Ling fights against Salonte
Chapter 279: Killing the Heavenly Man with the Sword
Chapter 280 The Sword Kills the Heavenly Man
Chapter 281 Sword kills everyone
Chapter 282 The Fall of Heavenly Man
Chapter 283 Harvest
Chapter 284 Snare
Chapter 285 Reward
Chapter 286 The battle in the court
Chapter 287: Snare Information
Chapter 288 Marching General of Yanbei Road
Chapter 289 Call again
Chapter 290 Eight Dragons and Three Ruos
Chapter 291 Guo Ziyi
Chapter 292 Flower Monk
Chapter 293 Zhang Sanfeng
Chapter 294 Song Zu
Chapter 295 Poisoner
Chapter 296 Second Database
Chapter 297 The poisonous man offers his plan
Chapter 298 Wang Zuo
Chapter 299 Jinghai Marine
Chapter 300 Recruiting Soldiers
Chapter 301 The Black Rider is the Strongest
Chapter 302: Tired Soldiers Strategy
Chapter 303 Wen Zhongs Night Attack
Chapter 304: The Grand Masters Fierce Fight with the Dongyi General
Chapter 305 Lei Zun fights the demon and kills him
Chapter 306 Er Xuns Plan
Chapter 307 Mercedes-Benz
Chapter 308 Divine General?
Chapter 309 Wynn, with a grateful heart
Chapter 310 Summoning God-Level Talents
Chapter 311 Xing Tian
Chapter 312 Battle Spirit
Chapter 313 The evil comes and the flying halberd destroys the God of War
Chapter 314 Xing Tianwu Qianqi
Chapter 315 God of War Xingtian, upgraded
Chapter 316 God of War Xingtian, upgraded
Chapter 317 Massacre of Prisoners
Chapter 318 Bait
Chapter 319 Great Xia Dragon Transformation
Chapter 320 Ren, Bai, Huang
Chapter 321 The war is about to begin
Chapter 322 A blessing will be born
Chapter 323 The Martial Saint is born
Chapter 324 Charge!
Chapter 325 The Battle between Heaven and Man
Chapter 326: Battle of Generals
Chapter 327: Overt and covert attacks
Chapter 328 Zuo Xiong
Chapter 329 Qiao Shefei kills the general
Chapter 330 Wen Zhong Arrives
Chapter 331 Martial Saint
Chapter 332 Bronze Head and Iron Arm
Chapter 333 Guan Yus Guandao
Chapter 334 Guan Yus Three Swords
Chapter 335 Xing Tian threatens Yelu Pang
Chapter 336 Iron Army
Chapter 337: Kill the General and Capture the Flag
Chapter 338 Lei Zun captures Jianyuan
Chapter 339 Dian Weis flying halberd shoots Sha Bin
Chapter 340 Capturing Sha Bin alive
Chapter 341 The war ends
Chapter 342 Yelu Pang opens his mouth
Chapter 343: Falling into the trap
Chapter 344 Four conspiracies join forces
Chapter 345 Burning the camp
Chapter 346 Old Prime Minister
Chapter 347: Treat others with their own medicine.
Chapter 348 Battle of Kamikaze Ridge
Chapter 349: Being rich and noble
Chapter 350 Flying General Lu Bu
Chapter 351 Three heroes fight against the seven stars
Chapter 352 Death Fight
Chapter 353 Nine Plains Tiger
Chapter 354: Laughing at Hongchen and fighting Zhongli Mo
Chapter 355 Dragon Roar
Chapter 356 A little person
Chapter 357 Seven Stars retreated from the army alone
Chapter 358 Five Elements Strengthening
Chapter 359 Summoning
Chapter 360 The First Emperor
Chapter 361 Confucian Heavenly Man
Chapter 362 Class Master
Chapter 363 General Xue Family
Chapter 364 Ancestor Wang Ao
Chapter 365 Yang Family General
Chapter 366 Entering Beijing
Chapter 367 Holy Medical Order
Chapter 368 Three Corpses Brain Pill
Chapter 369 The hero saves the beauty
Chapter 370 Traveling to Beijing together
Chapter 371 Grandmaster!!!
Chapter 372 Target: Going to Beijing
Chapter 373 The Black Rider Arrives
Chapter 374 Breaking into Beijing 1
Chapter 375: Heavenly Mans Action
Chapter 376 Breaking into Beijing 2
Chapter 377 Breaking into Beijing 3
Chapter 378: Defeating Shangjing 4: Dragging the Knife and Killing
Chapter 379 White Tiger Star Lord descends to the mortal world
Chapter 380 Battle between Heaven and Man
Chapter 381 Breaking into Beijing 5
Chapter 382 Yelus plight
Chapter 383 Death Road
Chapter 384 Ling Donglai fights Yelu
Chapter 385 The generals three arrows fixed Tianshan
Chapter 386: Sky Arrow Kills the Enemy
Chapter 387 Xing Tian shows off his power
Chapter 388 To retreat or not to retreat
Chapter 389: Vow to the death
Chapter 390 The old prime ministers determination
Chapter 391 Two Gods
Chapter 392 Kill! Dont kill!
Chapter 393 The Death of Gao Zhuyuan
Chapter 394 Death of Heaven and Man
Chapter 395: Heaven and man die
Chapter 396 Death of Heaven and Man
Chapter 397 Queen Dongyi
Chapter 398 Meeting again
Chapter 399 Threat
Chapter 400 Under Threat
Chapter 401 The third skill
Chapter 402 Xue Rengui upgrades
Chapter 403 God-level intelligence summons
Chapter 404 The Prime Minister in Black
Chapter 405 Temujin
Chapter 406 Yuqing
Chapter 407 Enhanced Functions
Chapter 408 Summoning
Chapter 409 Summoned
Chapter 410 Leaving
Chapter 411 The enemy is coming
Chapter 412 Burning in Fire
Chapter 413 Bloodshed in Kyoto and Death of Cang Emperor
Chapter 414 The God Generals Soul Is Broken
Chapter 415 Assassination
Chapter 416 Bai Di
Chapter 417 Seeking Monk
Chapter 418 Yao Guangxiao is in chaos
Chapter 419 Division of Troops
Chapter 420 Xue Rengui takes command
Chapter 421: General Planning
Chapter 422 Snow Dongyang
Chapter 423 Gao Yao Xue disobeys orders
Chapter 424 Xue Dingshan
Chapter 425 Huangfu Mingze
Chapter 426 Liangshan rebels against Cang
Chapter 427 The Battle of Liangshan
Chapter 428 Liangshan Rebellion
Chapter 429: Acting in vain to reject Song Jiang
Chapter 430 Shi Zhixuan controls Liangshan
Chapter 431 Attacking Yannan
Chapter 432 Wu Sheng cuts off the queen
Chapter 433 Two generals died in succession
Chapter 434 Subduing the Dragon and Subduing the Tiger
Chapter 435 Whereabouts Exposed
Chapter 436 Xue Renguis Hundreds of Cavalry Attack the Camp
Chapter 437 Xue Renguis Hundreds of Riders Attack the Camp
Chapter 438 Xue Renguis Hundreds of Riders Attack the Camp
Chapter 439 Subduing the Dragon
Chapter 440 Crouching Tiger
Chapter 441 Divine Power
Chapter 442 Xue Renguis divine arrow defeats the enemy
Chapter 443 Taishi Ziyi shoots Dongyi general again
Chapter 444 The Iron-Blooded God of War Yang Zaixing
Chapter 445 The Hundred Cavalry Attack on the Camp Ends
Chapter 446 The alliance between the demon monk and the poisonous man
Chapter 447 Poisoner
Chapter 448 Lure the Enemy
Chapter 449 Flooded Dongyi
Chapter 450 Cleaning up the mess
Chapter 451 Young Famous General
Chapter 452 The general is captured
Chapter 453 Chips
Chapter 454 Three towns want to build a mansion
Chapter 455 King Su wants to join forces with the king
Chapter 456 The final chase
Chapter 457 Xue Rengui returns
Chapter 458 Xue Renguis request
Chapter 459 Negotiation
Chapter 460 Exchange of Prisoners
Chapter 461 Summoning
Chapter 462 Meng De is born
Chapter 463 God will be born
Chapter 464 Crouching Dragon and Phoenix Chick
Chapter 465 Zhuge Liang
Chapter 466 The God General Summons
Chapter 467 The God General is Summoning
Chapter 468 The God General Summons
Chapter 469 The Call of the Martial Arts Sect
Chapter 470 The new commander of the Black Cavalry
Chapter 471 Standing on your own
Chapter 472 Yao Guangxiaos Plan
Chapter 473 The power of Wang Yu
Chapter 474 Coolness
Chapter 475 Abnormality
Chapter 476 Oiran Competition
Chapter 477 Wangs Divine General
Chapter 478 Oiran Competition 2
Chapter 479 Yun Family Qilinzi
Chapter 480 The Four Oirans
Chapter 481 Wang Mang
Chapter 482 Huge Profits
Chapter 483: Embarrassed
Chapter 484: thick-faced and dark-hearted
Chapter 485 The First Oiran
Chapter 486: Night Rafting Tour
Chapter 487 Frivolous
Chapter 488: Boating and Night Tour
Chapter 489 Unparalleled Disciple Part 1
Chapter 490: Unrivaled Scholar
Chapter 491 The Seven Confucian Masters
Chapter 492 Little Sage Village
Chapter 493 Zhuge Liang
Chapter 494 Xun Yu runs south
Chapter 495 Seventh Colonel
Chapter 496 Offering Prisoners
Chapter 497 Confrontation
Chapter 498: Build walls high, accumulate grain, and become emperor in a hurry
Chapter 499: Holding the Emperor hostage to order the princes
Chapter 500: Joining Three Kings?
Chapter 501 In the Name of Righteousness
Chapter 502 Shi Zhixuan meets Wang Yu again
Chapter 503 East
Chapter 504: Hug together for warmth
Chapter 505 Xingtian fights against Changkong
Chapter 506: Feelings come out as soon as you hit them
Chapter 507 Heroes of Araguan
Chapter 508 Getting Married
Chapter 509 'Talking on Paper'
Chapter 510 Blue Balloon Aragaki
Chapter 511 Blue Ball Geki Aragaki
Chapter 512 'Hold the Emperor' and 'The Emperor'
Chapter 513 Young talents seek peace
Chapter 514 Yuchi Laohei
Chapter 515: Conspiracy against Yuchi
Chapter 516: Left and right door gods
Chapter 517 Han
Chapter 518 Tiandu captures Zhang Han
Chapter 519 Zhuge Kongming
Chapter 520: Han 'Abandons Darkness and Turns to Light'
Chapter 521 Deng, Zhang
Chapter 522: Captured alive
Chapter 523: The past life, the teacher of the future
Chapter 524: Broadsword Wang Lanying
Chapter 525 Critical Attack
Chapter 526 Huang Zhong presses the formation
Chapter 527 Han Shengs divine shot blocks Tiandu
Chapter 528: Han Xians plan
Chapter 529 Night Attack
Chapter 530 Sirius God of War Yang Yanzhao
Chapter 531 Bloodline Inheritance: Yang Clan Tiger General
Chapter 532 Han Sheng shoots Chen Xuanbao with an arrow
Chapter 533: Handan City
Chapter 534 The Breakdown of Xuan Ping
Chapter 535 Surrender! No surrender!
Chapter 536 Xun Wenruo Zhenxuanping
Chapter 537 Eight Generals
Chapter 538 Conquering the enemy without fighting
Chapter 539: Resuming the Summoning
Chapter 540 Emperor Dongyue
Chapter 541 Alexander the Great
Chapter 542: One phase through the ages
Chapter 543: Kindred Summoning
Chapter 544 Double Whip
Chapter 545 Random Summoning: Second Database
Chapter 546: Concubine Xuan
Chapter 547 Li Mingjing
Chapter 548 Sword City
Chapter 549 Testing the Knife
Chapter 550 Entering the City of Swords
Chapter 551 Formation
Chapter 552 Knife Sharpening Hall
Chapter 553 Xing Tians Broken Sword Array
Chapter 554: Heavenly Swordsman
Chapter 555 Wang Yu, weakness
Chapter 556 Fan Qinghui
Chapter 557 Bi Xiuxin
Chapter 558 Nangong surrenders
Chapter 559 Guan Yu kills the 'Heavenly Man'
Chapter 560 Ending
Chapter 561 King Sus defeat
Chapter 562 After the God of War
Chapter 563 Chu Jingzhong attacks Wang Yu again
Chapter 564 Confrontation between the two armies
Chapter 565: The No. 1 Sharpshooter in Hebei Province
Chapter 566 The fourth skill: Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 567: Hit the snake seven inches
Chapter 568 Zilong bravely fights against the Huang family generals
Chapter 569 The Snow-Stepping Black Smoke Beast
Chapter 570 Fei Biao fights Zhao Zilong again
Chapter 571 The two armies are fighting
Chapter 572 Eagle War
Chapter 573 Wang Yus second move
Chapter 574 Liangshan Heavy Cavalry
Chapter 575: After one wave, another wave arises
Chapter 576 The first battle with Chu Xizhao
Chapter 577 Emperor of Heaven vs. God of War
Chapter 578 Lu Fengxian raises his halberd to fight against Xingtian
Chapter 579 Yanba
Chapter 580 Wen Zhongs pressure
Chapter 581 Dragon and Tiger Ranking No. 105
Chapter 582 Seven Langs and Eight Tigers
Chapter 583 Eight Guns Fighting Demon Slaughter
Chapter 584 Tiger and Wolf General
Chapter 585 Heavy losses
Chapter 586 General Retired
Chapter 587 If you dont advance, you will retreat.
Chapter 588 Summoning: Divine Lineage
Chapter 589 Summoning: Under the Divine Order
Chapter 590 Golden Hammer General
Chapter 591 Overlord of Western Chu
Chapter 592 Thirteen Taibao
Chapter 593 Character Extraction
Chapter 594 System Function
Chapter 595 Chu Xizhao teaches his son
Chapter 596 Wang Yu visits Guan Zhong
Chapter 597 Wang Yu visits Guan Zhong
Chapter 598 Guan Zhong discusses the Caobang
Chapter 599 Candidate
Chapter 600 Li Cunxiao
Chapter 601 Three Kings, Xuanyuan declares himself a minister
Chapter 602 Wang should pay attention to Xun Gongda
Chapter 603: The choice of master should be considered
Chapter 604 Great things finally come true
Chapter 605: Evils from all directions: Mad Emperor of Youyuan
Chapter 606: Golden Dragon vs Flying Eagle
Chapter 607 Liu Bei worships his father
Chapter 608 The Five Brothers in Taoyuan
Chapter 609 God of Death vs God of Fighting
Chapter 610 Limit
Chapter 611 Competition to recruit a bride
Chapter 612 Li Cunxiaos disdain
Chapter 613 Thirty Thousand, Money Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 614 Fear
Chapter 615 Li Cunxiao comes on stage
Chapter 616 Taibao
Chapter 617 Tianjiao Lin Bujue
Chapter 618 General Flying Tiger
Chapter 619 Making wedding clothes for others
Chapter 620 The Analects of Confucius, Whispering Confucius
Chapter 621 Guan Zhong meets Han Qianshan
Chapter 622: The Seven Jiao Gang
Chapter 623: The Wonderfulness of Troubled Times
Chapter 624 King Su proclaims himself emperor
Chapter 625: Heavenly Master and Heavenly Being
Chapter 626 Seven Heavenly Beings
Chapter 627 Ascension to the throne
Chapter 628 Replacement
Chapter 629: After ascending the throne
Chapter 630 System Rewards
Chapter 631 Heavenly Master
Chapter 632 The Golden Spirit Fights the Eight Immortals
Chapter 633 Qi Xuanzhen
Chapter 634 Canonization
Chapter 635 Dragon and Tiger Storm: Wu Tai Dou
Chapter 636 Broken Palace
Chapter 637 Huangfu Mingzes trump card
Chapter 638 The discovery of Xuanyuan Huang
Chapter 639 Old Emperor
Chapter 640 Beast God
Chapter 641 God of War vs God of Beasts
Chapter 642 Xuanyuan takes action?
Chapter 643 Yellow Emperor
Chapter 644 Holy Ancestor, Lei Zun
Chapter 645: Heavenly Man Attacks Again
Chapter 646 Four Grandmasters
Chapter 647 Evil King vs Heavenly Man
Chapter 648 The Shame of Heaven and Man
Chapter 649 Summoning Heavenly Beings
Chapter 650 Ghost Villa
Chapter 651 Half-Step Heavenly Man
Chapter 652 Xiao Qiushui takes action
Chapter 653 The despised heavenly being
Chapter 654 Zhao Xuansus greed
Chapter 655 The Fall of Heaven and Man
Chapter 656: One dead, one wounded and one disabled
Chapter 657 Cangjies Pen Feng
Chapter 658 Four Tricks
Chapter 659 Yan Yuxin escapes
Chapter 660 The end of the war
Chapter 661 Huangfus fear
Chapter 662: A lot of help
Chapter 663 Reward
Chapter 664 Intelligence Call
Chapter 665: The birth of the military leader
Chapter 666 The third hero in the world
Chapter 667 Designated Extraction
Chapter 668 Kumara
Chapter 669 Military Soul
Chapter 670 Martial Arts Random Summoning Card
Chapter 671 Martial Arts Extraction
Chapter 672 The Second King in the World Xianzhi
Chapter 673 Nurhacis Luck
Chapter 674 Dugu Potian
Chapter 675 Dongyi Coup
Chapter 676 The Rebellion of the Eight Kings
Chapter 675 Dongyi Coup
Chapter 677 Han Xin orders troops
Chapter 678 The battle begins on the wedding day
Chapter 679: Soldier Immortal Han Xin, a last-ditch battle
Chapter 680 Four fierce battles in Liangshan for hundreds of miles
Chapter 681 Jackal, Tiger and Leopard
Chapter 682 Two of the Eight Sons of the Yang Family Fight against Ancient Xuanzhen
Chapter 683 Jade Faced Tiger
Chapter 684 Wolfs Gaze
Chapter 685 Wen Zhong breaks the city
Chapter 686 Han Xins backup plan
Chapter 687 Zhao Yuns anger
Chapter 688: Conquering the enemy without fighting
Chapter 689 Li Xuanyi
Chapter 690: Prosperity, people suffer, death, people suffer
Chapter 691 Flying Tiger Attacks the City
Chapter 692 The city cannot be closed!
Chapter 693 Hundreds of Riders Break the City
Chapter 694: Fighting Evil
Chapter 695: The Flying Tiger General Slays the Silver Hammer Bravely
Chapter 696 Hundreds of Cavalry Arrive at the Governors Mansion
Chapter 697 Its hard to guard against hidden arrows
Chapter 698: Its easy to hide from an open gun
Chapter 699: The Flying Tiger General is trying to capture Yuan Kunlun
Chapter 700: Capturing Li Mingjing alive
Chapter 701 Han Xins goal
Chapter 702 Huang Zhongs Shooting Battle with the Longbow
Chapter 703 Old Man
Chapter 704 Huang Hansheng fights Lei Qiancheng again
Chapter 705 White Jade General
Chapter 706 Han Xin attacks the heart
Chapter 707 Mr. Yao
Chapter 708 Helan surrenders
Chapter 709 Breaking Taian Again
Chapter 710 Qin Shubao pursues Jingzhong
Chapter 711 Xuanyuan Huang leaves Yannan
Chapter 712 Zhang Jiao defeated Chu Xizhao
Chapter 713 Chu Xizhaos decision
Chapter 714 Daqian Lei Zhaohai
Chapter 715 Beiyuan Demon Lord: Helian
Chapter 716 Temujin sends troops
Chapter 717 Xirong Holy See
Chapter 718 Yannan Recruits
Chapter 719 Golden Fire Cavalry
Chapter 720 Wang Yus Farming
Chapter 721 Zhuge takes office
Chapter 722 Shadow Secret Guard
Chapter 723 Guan Zhong discusses politics
Chapter 724 Summoning Restarts
Chapter 725 'Fat Spirit'
Chapter 726: Fangs plan is over
Chapter 727 God-level Charm
Chapter 728 Dongyi Divine General
Chapter 729 Swallowing thousands of miles like a tiger
Chapter 730 Buddhist Heavenly Beings
Chapter 731 Xirong Tianren
Chapter 732: Gain another heavenly being
Chapter 733 Confucian Heavenly Man: Negi Yue
Chapter 734 Gu Qingzhus confidence
Chapter 735 The Southern Barbarian King
Chapter 736 Southern Barbarian Invasion
Chapter 1 The Death of Murong Yuan
Chapter 2 The royal robe is added to the body
Chapter 3 Daxia Four Points
Chapter 4 The miserable Da Wu
Chapter 5 The storm is coming
Chapter 6 Yao Guans plan
Chapter 7 Buddhist Medicine Master
Chapter 8 Yao Guangxiao offers another plan
Chapter 9 Taoist disciples enter the world
Chapter 10 Xuanyuan Huang wants to fight
Chapter 11 Huangfu Mingzes hatred
Chapter 12 The Queens Conspiracy
Chapter 13 The pharmacist enters Beijing
Chapter 14 Assassination
Chapter 15 The Queen is Poisoned
Chapter 16 The assassination of the pharmacist
Chapter 17 Pagoda Prison
Chapter 18 Pharmacist War
Chapter 19: Pledge to go to war
Chapter 20 The army sets out to fight
Chapter 21 Millions of soldiers gathered in Guangtian
Chapter 22 The princes gather together
Chapter 23 Chu Xizhao makes a decision
Chapter 24 Zhenbeis Rebellion
Chapter 25 Wang Changs Worry
Chapter 26 Yusi goes to battle
Chapter 27 Xiongkuohai defeats Qilin with one move
Chapter 28 Yang Zaixing defeated Xiong Laosi
Chapter 29 Zhang Wenyuan breaks through to heaven level
Chapter 30 Declaration of war!
Chapter 31: Soldiers are sent to Muze
Chapter 32 Cavalry Attack
Chapter 33 The Battle between Heaven and Demon
Chapter 34 Lu Shen Mo kills the enemy with two halberds
Chapter 35 The God of War and the God of War join forces
Chapter 36 The purpose of Lu Shenmo
Chapter 37 Dove Tiger vs Evil Lai
Chapter 38 Wang Dian joins forces to fight Lu Bu
Chapter 39 Yuanbas flying hammer injures Fengxian
Chapter 40 Lu Xiaobu fled in panic
Chapter 41 Huang Tianhua Arrives
Chapter 42 Lu Shenmo retreats
Chapter 43 Heavenly Sword Yang Jian
Chapter 44: War of words
Chapter 45: Zhen Guo becomes King Wu
Chapter 46 Takeo
Chapter 47 Dongyue
Chapter 48 Eye of the Sky
Chapter 49 The Revealed Holy King
Chapter 50: Heaven's secret soldiers attack Yuan Ba
Chapter 51 The secret soldiers of heaven attack Yuan Ba
Chapter 52 Huang Feihu wants to retreat
Chapter 53 Cavalry Fighting
Chapter 54 Trebuchet Li Yuanba
Chapter 55 Yang and Li join forces to capture Tianhua
Chapter 56 God fights the devil again
Chapter 57 Yang Jian fights against Bing Linggong
Chapter 58: Capture Duke Bingling alive
Chapter 59 Shuang Lu ambushes the God of Heaven
Chapter 60 The Mission Returns: The Battle of Heavenly Abandonment
Chapter 61: The God-conferring General
Chapter 62 The Lost Seven Killing Stars
Chapter 63 General Dashu
Chapter 64 Confucian God General
Chapter 65: Hundreds of Schools of Disciples
Chapter 66: White Soldier Immortal
Chapter 67 Ghost Valley
Chapter 68 Xunzi
Chapter 69 Retention, Replacement
Chapter 70 Yao Guangxiao offers advice
Chapter 71 Cooperation between Wang Yu and Xuanyuan Huang
Chapter 72 Xuanma Ancient Road
Chapter 73 The Yang family will go to war
Chapter 74 Gu Xuanzhen fights the Yang family general again
Chapter 75 Yang Yanzhao carries the coffin and fights to the death
Chapter 76 Du Qiniang beats the drum and fights on the ancient road
Chapter 77 Qilang rides alone to fight Xuanzhen
Chapter 78 Shichiro Breakthrough
Chapter 79 Wulang Bagua Stick
Chapter 80 Rokuros reinforcements
Chapter 81 White Horse Yi Cong
Chapter 82 Zhuge invites battle
Chapter 83 Er Yang fights against Chang Feng
Chapter 84 Jackal, Tiger and Leopard
Chapter 85 White Horse
Chapter 86 White Horse Charges into Formation
Chapter 87 Chang Xian
Chapter 88 Xuanyuan
Chapter 89 Wang Yu captures Chu Jingzhong alive
Chapter 90 Yang Huaiyu kills Ruohai with anger
Chapter 91 The female general of the Yang family captured Ba Qiao
Chapter 92 Yang Huaiyus Opportunity: On the Road to the Divine General
Chapter 93 Yang Huaiyus Opportunity: The Road to the Divine General
Chapter 94 Huangfu was defeated and fled to Liujin Road
Chapter 95: Kill Huangfu and kill Baili
Chapter 96 Chu Jingzhong goes to Guangyin
Chapter 97 Achievement Master Yang Yanzhao
Chapter 98 Eight sons go, six sons return
Chapter 99 Wei Ben comes to help
Chapter 100 Wei and Yang join forces to fight Xuanzhen
Chapter 101 shichirou ends on Kogenma
Chapter 102 Yang Qilang finally kills Gu Xuanzhenzhong
Chapter 103 Jing Shichiro Ends under Kogen
Chapter 104 The Battle of Heavenly Abandonment Begins
Chapter 105 Seven Saints Subduing Demons vs. Eight Bases Protecting the Country
Chapter 106 Soldier Immortal
Chapter 107 Chu Xizhaos War Letter
Chapter 108 Decisive Battle
Chapter 109 The Battle of Heavenly Abandonment 1
Chapter 110 The Battle of Heavenly Abandonment II
Chapter 111 Powerful Soldier Immortal
Chapter 112 Soldier Immortal vs. Military God
Chapter 113 The Battle of Heavenly Abandonment 3
Chapter 114 The Eight Foundations of Protecting the Country
Chapter 115 Double drums come to the rescue
Chapter 116 Zhao Yun fights against Xiao Qi
Chapter 117 Marksman Showdown
Chapter 118 Chu Xizhao is stimulated
Chapter 119: Light Chariot and Tiger Rider
Chapter 120 Han Xin destroys the cavalry in one battle
Chapter 121 The Seven Saints Conquer the Demon
Chapter 122 The Seven Saints Conquer the Demon
Chapter 123 Yang Jian kills Lu Chong
Chapter 124 Yang Jian fights Yan Ba
Chapter 125 The dragon roars and the tiger roars
Chapter 126 The Battle of Heavenly Abandonment 4
Chapter 127 Champion
Chapter 128 The Battle of Heavenly Abandonment 5
Chapter 129 The Battle of Heavenly Abandonment 6
Chapter 130 The Battle of Heavenly Abandonment 7
Chapter 131 Chu Xizhaos will to die
Chapter 132: Capture the Flying Tiger and Kill Huangfu
Chapter 133: Capture the Flying Tiger and Kill Huangfu Zhong
Chapter 134 Capture the flying tiger and kill Huangfu
Chapter 135: Xuanyuan beheads Huangfu
Chapter 136 Xuanyuan kills Huangfu
Chapter 137 The Death of the Military God
Chapter 138 Jingwu
Chapter 139 The Fall of the Military God
Chapter 140 Hu Luguangs breakthrough
Chapter 141 Return to Zhendong
Chapter 142 Return to Zhendongxia
Chapter 143 Xie Guanying
Chapter 144 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 145 Fighting the old emperor again
Chapter 146 Huangfu Yues First Battle
Chapter 147 Lu Shen Demon attacks Hu Lv
Chapter 148 A small defeat
Chapter 149 Zhongyue
Chapter 150 The old prince takes action
Chapter 151 Li Yuanba from another world: Wang Xuanba
Chapter 152 Wang Xuanba kills King Deng
Chapter 153 Han Xin vs Huangfu Yue
Chapter 154 General
Chapter 155 Lu Shenmo supports
Chapter 156 Divine soldiers descend from the sky
Chapter 157 Fusion of Souls
Chapter 158 'Airborne' Soldiers
Chapter 159 The flying general takes action
Chapter 160 Crucial Power
Chapter 161 Lu Xiaobu runs away
Chapter 162: Forging an Army
Chapter 163 Another victory
Chapter 164 Target: Eighth Battalion
Chapter 165 The old prince goes into battle
Chapter 166 Heavenly Sword Fights Demon God
Chapter 167 Strengthened Five Elements
Chapter 168 Three pillars of the country
Chapter 169 The Unparalleled Three Hammers
Chapter 170 Breaking the Stronghold
Chapter 171 Krypton Gold
Chapter 172 Restarting the Summoning
Chapter 173 Seven Kills Star Lord Zhang Kui
Chapter 174 The Summoning Ends
Chapter 175: Family Call: Qin Family General
Chapter 176 Repeating the same trick
Chapter 177 Zhennans defeat
Chapter 178 Huangfuyues wooing
Chapter 179 Huangfu draws his bow towards Xingtian
Chapter 180: The Final Abandonment of Heaven
Chapter 181 Finally broke the sky and abandoned it
Chapter 182 Lu Shenmo kills all the heroes with a single halberd
Chapter 183 Lu Shenmo kills all the heroes with a single halberd
Chapter 184 Seven Saints Conquer Demons vs Demon God
Chapter 185 The Fall of the Seven Saints
Chapter 186 Zhang Kui takes action
Chapter 187 Seven Kills
Chapter 188 Lu Shenmo kills another general
Chapter 189 Zhang Kui kills the forbidden army general with one sword
Chapter 190 Beheading Yue
Chapter 191 Zhongli doesnt use his bow to help the devil
Chapter 192 Two gods join forces to kill three generals
Chapter 193 Yang Jian breaks through, peach blossoms help
Chapter 194 Lu Bu is defeated and flees, Yuanba releases Xuanba
Chapter 195 Wu Yong surrenders to Lu Bu
Chapter 196 Lu Bus future
Chapter 197 The Forbidden Army was defeated
Chapter 198 Two bows work together to shoot Ding Que
Chapter 199 Xiao Qi breaks up the queen
Chapter 200: The End of Heaven Abandoned Mountain
Chapter 201 Hulu divides troops to defend the pass
Chapter 202 Zhenbei Army goes south
Chapter 203 Longhu Mountain
Chapter 204: Allied forces want to climb the mountain
Chapter 205 The Hundred and Eight Sword Army slaughtered Fengdu
Chapter 206 Longhushans attitude
Chapter 207 Battle of Weiguan
Chapter 208 Zhenbei Army plans to defend the pass
Chapter 209 The most powerful in the north of town
Chapter 210 Kill the enemy with the flaming knife
Chapter 211 Zhenbei Army Enters Henan
Chapter 212 Huangfu Yue attacks
Chapter 213 Huangfu Yue attacks
Chapter 214 Qi Men after the Wind
Chapter 215 The Queen of the Wind Wants to Destroy Huangfu Yue
Chapter 216: The Killing Game Against the Champion Camp
Chapter 217 Dragon God
Chapter 218 The coalition forces send envoys to unite Zhenbei
Chapter 219 War of words
Chapter 220 Who is the main general?
Chapter 221 The old emperor breaks the situation
Chapter 222: Put yourself to death and survive
Chapter 223 The First Warrior of China
Chapter 224 Meng Tian vs Huangfu
Chapter 225 Dragon God + Champion vs Warriors
Chapter 226: Order Li to join forces to fight Huangfu
Chapter 227 Order Li to join forces to attack Huangfu
Chapter 228: Fighting against Lei Jun alone
Chapter 229 Python Dragon
Chapter 230 Gathering the Wind
Chapter 231 Dragon Spear
Chapter 232 Han Xin arrives
Chapter 233: Fighting two generals with their lives for seven nights
Chapter 234 Tianjun breaks through
Chapter 235 The death of the old prince
Chapter 236 Li Shisan breaks through
Chapter 237: Kill a thousand enemies and lose a thousand to yourself
Chapter 238 The prince is away
Chapter 239: Down to the Southeast of the Town
Chapter 240 Xue Rengui goes deep alone
Chapter 241 Town West and Enter the River
Chapter 242 Everyone conspired to break Tianjing
Chapter 243: Soldier Immortal Conferred General
Chapter 244: General Planning
Chapter 245 Impregnable
Chapter 246 Xue Renguis surprise troops went to Xuanan
Chapter 247: One day after Xuan'an, Beidi changed again
Chapter 248: Its nothing but a blockbuster
Chapter 249 Destruction of the Imperial Capital 1
Chapter 250 Five Tigers Suppress the Army
Chapter 251 Breaking the Imperial Capital 2
Chapter 252 Breaking the Imperial Capital 3
Chapter 253 Wang Yu fights with flying swords
Chapter 254 Capturing Huang Feiyang alive
Chapter 255 Five great generals slay gods and demons
Chapter 256 The End of the Demon Lu
Chapter 257 Round Battle
Chapter 258 All the gods and demons Yuanba were injured
Chapter 259: Golden Bow and Silver Ejection of Gods and Demons
Chapter 260 The final death of gods and demons
Chapter 261 The Death of Huangfu Mingzhao
Chapter 262 Huangfu Mingzhaos determination
Chapter 263: Mingze is in danger, rushing to Yannans aid
Chapter 264 The Divine Call
Chapter 265 The God of War Appears
Chapter 266 The Birth of Ghost Valley
Chapter 267 Good Saint Sun Liu Xiu
Chapter 268 Lion Camel Ridge
Chapter 269 The door god strengthens
Chapter 270 Two rounds of random summons
Chapter 271 Two rounds of random summons
Chapter 272 Three Great Gods
Chapter 273 Attribute Strengthening
Chapter 274 Extraterritorial Buddhism
Chapter 275 Alexanders Southern Expedition
Chapter 276 Fire Dragon Ancestor Zhang Tianjie
Chapter 277 The Three Kings of Dayu
Chapter 278 Song Wu
Chapter 279 The New Demon God
Chapter 280 Both Emperors Die
Chapter 281 Eternal Wisdom Sage
Chapter 282 Zhuge plots against Dongyi
Chapter 283: Candidates for Guarding Generals
Chapter 284 Xue Rengui and Black Cavalry
Chapter 285 Wolong envoy Zhendong
Chapter 286 Zhendong Expedition against Dongyi
Chapter 287 Dongyi Three Points
Chapter 288 The secret place
Chapter 289: Going to Beijing to meet for alliance
Chapter 290 Black Cavalry rides into Dongyi
Chapter 291 Raid
Chapter 292 Zhang Xu joins forces to fight the barbarian generals
Chapter 293 Zhang Liaos Crisis
Chapter 294 Jiyang destroys the barbarian generals with three swords
Chapter 295: Duel with King Ye Jiyang
Chapter 296 Rengui designs to attack Dongyi
Chapter 297 Rengui shows off his power with a halberd
Chapter 298 Dongyi Young Talent
Chapter 299 Xue Rengui vs Three Generations Under One roof
Chapter 300 Ji Jue
Chapter 301 Rengui kills Dongyi general again
Chapter 302 Victory in the first battle
Chapter 303 Xue Rengui defeated three cities in one day
Chapter 304 Two hundred and eighty thousand Zhendong enters Dongyi
Chapter 305: A smooth start, Liaozu comes to help
Chapter 306 Xue Rengui vs Lu Fa
Chapter 307 Black Cavalry vs Three Wolf Guards
Chapter 308 Black Cavalry: Black Cloud
Chapter 309 Xue Renguis Three Arrows Suppress the Wolf
Chapter 310 The two heroes fight against Liao Zong
Chapter 311 The Meeting of Two Heroes
Chapter 312: Road attack and Hengji fight against Yang and Wu
Chapter 313 Hengwu
Chapter 314 Xiongkuohai was injured and defeated Xue Dongyang
Chapter 315: The door god seals the golden wolf, and the wolves will never come out
Chapter 316 Four Heroes Fight against the Door God, Benevolence Is a Backup
Chapter 317: Resurrection in Changkong and Defeat Lufa, the two fierce men fight Gatel again
Chapter 318 The backup plan has arrived
Chapter 319: Seven hundred fell into battle, eight hundred ascended first
Chapter 320: The road expedition retreats temporarily, Rengui wins a small victory
Chapter 321 Wang Yu plots against Dongyi, and Dongyi establishes a new king
Chapter 322 Son Emperor
Chapter 323 Wang Yus tangle: random summons from foreign races
Chapter 324 Strong men emerge in large numbers
Chapter 325 Heavenly Man
Chapter 326 Son of Light
Chapter 327 The Three Kings of Xirong
Chapter 328 The Southern Barbarians established their dynasty, and Dali was first established.
Chapter 329: The Southern Barbarians established their dynasty, and Dali was first established
Chapter 330 King of Sparta Leonidas
Chapter 331 Wang Yu sends troops, Yelu wants to fight
Chapter 332 Seven Great Generals
Chapter 333 Changkong defeats Ghat, Zhendong finally goes to battle
Chapter 334 Zhendong Battle against Liaozu
Chapter 335 Liao Ancestor
Chapter 336 Battle with Gat again in the sky
Chapter 337 Lion Leo, Golden Sword and Silver Spear
Chapter 338 Powerful Golden Sword and Silver Gun
Chapter 339: Euphorbia, trapped, first ascend vs. leather room
Chapter 340: Go to the crossbow shooting room first
Chapter 341 The most powerful general of the Pishi Army
Chapter 342 Zhang He VS Ren Jintong
Chapter 343 Hidden Black Rider
Chapter 344 Chu Qingtians killing spree
Chapter 345 Five Tigers + Eight Horses, Lu Junyi rises to prominence
Chapter 346 Lu Junyi breaks through one after another
Chapter 347 Gun Jue
Chapter 348 Lu Junyi kills Li Zhengen again
Chapter 349: The generals break through and Qingtian is defeated
Chapter 350: The Dog on the Road
Chapter 351 Gods goalkeeper
Chapter 352 The blessed general protects the body
Chapter 353 Abaojis preparations
Chapter 354 A real man will die if he dies
Chapter 355 Jin Wu
Chapter 356 Eagle Dog
Chapter 357 Shi Yongkais cavalry attack
Chapter 358 The crisis of Yelu Abao
Chapter 359 Nangong Shi kills the barbarian general with a sword
Chapter 360 Dragon Slayer
Chapter 361: Gartel fights Shi Yongkai with injuries
Chapter 362 Fire General
Chapter 363 Subduing the Dragon and Subduing the Tiger VS Subduing the Dragon and Subduing the Tiger
Chapter 364 Abao is in danger
Chapter 365 Abao is in danger
Chapter 366: Cut off the beard and abandon the robe
Chapter 367 Dongyi God General saves the Lord of Liao
Chapter 368 The Unparalleled God of War
Chapter 369 Shi Yongkais Breakthrough
Chapter 370: Dead Taoist Friends Dont Die Poor Taoists
Chapter 371: Killing Many Birds with One Stone for Yelu
Chapter 372 Jin Wuwei! Fight to the death!
Chapter 373: Shooting across the sky to save Yi Ke
Chapter 374: Rebuilding the Royal Family and Honoring a Generation
Chapter 375: Jin Wuwei ambushes
Chapter 376 Flesh and blood, golden and martial ambitions
Chapter 377 Su Dingfang kills Jin Anxin alone
Chapter 378 Su Dingfang strengthens
Chapter 379 Qingtian bravely captures Yelu Lei
Chapter 383
Chapter 380 Wen Zhong enters Nanping, the first appearance of the military god
Chapter 381 The audacious Li Jing
Chapter 382 Wen Zhong picks up corpses to help the pharmacist
Chapter 383 Er Li joins forces with Qian Qidong
Chapter 384 Military God
Chapter 385 Li Jing VS Abaoji
Chapter 386 Li Cunxiao VS Kratos
Chapter 387 The Wrath of God
Chapter 388 Kratos in the Battle of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 389 Double Jue vs All Soldiers
Chapter 390: Zhendong defeats Dongyi
Chapter 391 Internal Conflict in Dongyi
Chapter 392 Wang Yu sends troops
Chapter 393 Golden Wolf
Chapter 394 Legion combination, pack of wolves running together
Chapter 395 Xing Tian wants to kill the wolf
Chapter 396 Xing Tian kills four heroes
Chapter 397 The God of War Fights the Blood Spear
Chapter 398 Eight Treasures Opportunity
Chapter 399: Fuyelu at the foot of Fulang Ridge, Liao Zu returns north to Zhongping Road
Chapter 400 Yelu brothers, parents and children as bait
Chapter 401: Fu Yelu at the foot of Fulang Ridge, Liao Zu returned north to Zhongping Road
Chapter 402 Rengui captures the enemy on horseback
Chapter 403: Kill the Dongyi God with the Sky Stick
Chapter 404 War Roar
Chapter 405: Qingtian Stick kills Dongyi God
Chapter 406 The Battle at Fulang Ridge Ends
Chapter 407: Two Li blocked Yelu, thirteen were injured
Chapter 408: Cuan Xiao kills the Yi King, and the two masters finally advance to the next level
Chapter 409: Cunxiao kills the Yi king, and the two masters finally advance to the next level
Chapter 410: The Power of Two Masters
Chapter 411 Rengui shoots Yelu with three arrows
Chapter 412: Death of the Human Emperor, a great victory
Chapter 413 Master Yijian
Chapter 414: The movement of secret soldiers
Chapter 415 Wu Baiqi was demoted
Chapter 416 Wu Yus Marriage
Chapter 417 Wu Su Ruyu
Chapter 418 Xuande enters Wu to welcome Wu Su, and visits the commander of the army outside the Green Bamboo Canal
Chapter 419 Xuande enters Wu to welcome Wu Su, and visits the military chief outside the Green Bamboo Channel
Chapter 420 The death of Emperor Chu and the War of Xia
Chapter 421 The Holy See speaks out, the Five Kingdoms of Xirong
Chapter 422 The Holy See speaks out, under the Five Kingdoms of Xirong
Chapter 423 Crusades
Chapter 424 Yu enters the white dragon, Xiping is obtained
Chapter 425 Zheng Zongliang holds a banquet
Chapter 426 Rengui takes a concubine
Chapter 427: Call again, the Western God General
Chapter 428 Hexagon Warrior
Chapter 429 The Yang family continues to grow
Chapter 430 Picking up a heavenly being for nothing
Chapter 431 British Knights
Chapter 432 King Zhao Wuling, the Seven Confucian Masters
Chapter 433: The clear sky reaches the sky, and the devil is born
Chapter 434 Lucifer
Chapter 435: The Great Wrongful Lucifer
Chapter 436 Another random call
Chapter 437 Two rounds of random summons
Chapter 438 Two rounds of random summons continue
Chapter 439: Summoning a dragon indiscriminately
Chapter 440 Wang Yus imagination, Long Xiang falls into camp
Chapter 441 The random summons ends
Chapter 442 Xirong Holy War
Chapter 443 Pope
Chapter 444: Evils from all directions and heroes from the Vatican
Chapter 445: Spear and Halberd vs. Marshal Shengxie
Chapter 446 Evil God
Chapter 447 Two heroes compete, the terrifying evil god
Chapter 448 Xuan Po
Chapter 449 War Commander
Chapter 450: Conspiracy to kill the evil god?
Chapter 451 The initial establishment of the Kwantung Army
Chapter 452 The beginning of the union of two kings
Chapter 453 Two Kings Combined into One and Two
Chapter 454 Two Kings Combined into One and Three
Chapter 455 Two Kings in One and Four
Chapter 456 Two Kings in One and Five
Chapter 457 Two Kings in One Six
Chapter 458 The two kings merge into one
Chapter 459: Chaos Beidi should be looked at
Chapter 460 Nurhaci declares sweat
Chapter 461: Mountain Lion and Camel defeat Ferdon
Chapter 462 Dragon Elephant Fights Demon God
Chapter 463 Three lion and camel demons, four demons join forces
Chapter 464 Zhendong has great power and the network grows stronger
Chapter 465 Distinguished Guests Visit
Chapter 466 Moving to Xiping
Chapter 467 Wang Yu promises a century of wealth
Chapter 468: The two families compromise, and the government army returns
Chapter 469: The army is downsized and the navy is involved
Chapter 470: King Chengs destruction, Zhennans decision
Chapter 471 Xuanyuan Huangwu invites Wang Xianzhi
Chapter 472 Twelve Martial Slaves Enter the Heavenly Master
Chapter 473 Yanbei Navy, the beginning of the war
Chapter 474 Navy General, King of Inspiration
Chapter 475 Ling Gan Tian Shui, flying hammer destroys the enemy
Chapter 476: Ling Gan and San Ruan are beginning to show their discord
Chapter 477: Taking advantage of the opportunity to make a fortune, San Ruan fights hard
Chapter 478: A wise and brave general, wise and wise in protecting oneself
Chapter 479 There are generals in Yannan, Guan Yu is the vanguard
Chapter 480 Guan Yu is ambushed
Chapter 481 Guan Dao Du Yin Jiang
Chapter 482 Two Swords, Two Guns and Four Generals
Chapter 483 Defeat the Silver Spear with One Sword
Chapter 484 Defeat four generals with three swords
Chapter 485 The North Spear King saves his son
Chapter 486 Old Man
Chapter 487 Lu Bu worships his father
Chapter 488: Thirteen Taibao, Lu Family Fengxian
Chapter 489 Yunmeng Twin Ancestors, Young Generals
Chapter 490 Defeat the spear king with a drag of a knife, the fire cavalry has arrived
Chapter 491: Gui Ba angrily draws an arrow, Guan Meng fights Qiqiao
Chapter 492: The Three Brave Armies
Chapter 493: The war is over and all the Seven Biaos are dead
Chapter 494 Meng Tians appreciation, Dingshans growth
Chapter 495 The pain of losing a son, the gun king abandons his weapon
Chapter 496: We should look into Henan, strong alliances
Chapter 497 Guan Zhong: Ping Cangce
Chapter 498 Battle of Jiutiao Mountain
Chapter 499: Pulling the arrow and becoming a divine general, Ping An is the most powerful
Chapter 500: Ghost Sword and Crazy Axe, the Civil War of Jiejiao
Chapter 501 Jiang Zhi returns to his horse and Zhennan is defeated
Chapter 502 Three thousand disciples all bear armor
Chapter 503: Chess Game, Determined Plan
Chapter 504 Rich Bei Ming, Government Bonds
Chapter 505 I can’t even give money if I want to
Chapter 506: The generals set out to conquer, Hou Yi took the lead
Chapter 507 Whampoa Military Academy
Chapter 508 Beauty in armor, the beginning of the expedition
Chapter 509: Millions of troops in Zhenxi City
Chapter 510 Enter Dawu and go to Western Xinjiang
Chapter 511 The Huang family surrenders its feathers, Dragon and Tiger are seventy-nine
Chapter 512 Summoning: Sanity
Chapter 513 Disciples of Yunmeng Mountain
Chapter 514: The second son-in-law is a powerful general, and the grandson is a peerless hero.
Chapter 515: Everyone seeks balance
Chapter 516 Central Asia Xiang Yu
Chapter 517 Cheng Zhu Neo-Confucianism, Lu Wang Xin Xue
Chapter 518 Demon Master Palace
Chapter 519 Military Factory, Divine Arm Crossbow
Chapter 520 The New True God
Chapter 521 Human Massacre Appears
Chapter 522: Major dynasties, elite gathering
Chapter 523 Asking Emperor Qin to be the vanguard
Chapter 524: Position of Alliance Leader
Chapter 525 The three armies decide on their commander-in-chief
Chapter 526 Xia Chu attacks and Persia wins
Chapter 527: Northern Alliance with Beidi, Southern Alliance with Southern Barbarians
Chapter 528 Mo Jing falls from his horse, a hidden danger for the alliance
Chapter 529: Western Paladins, win first and then lose
Chapter 530: Three divine generals in one sect, heroes from ancestors to grandsons
Chapter 531 Hercules
Chapter 532 The crisis between Wang and his son
Chapter 533 Three Ultimate Spears
Chapter 534 Spear Saint
Chapter 535: The unique skill of the Spear Saint, defeating the enemy with one move
Chapter 536 Death of a Veteran
Chapter 537: Backhand from the Central Plains, surprise attack on the Three Fortresses
Chapter 538: The generals temporarily retreat, Guigantes
Chapter 539 Xirong tactics, the arrival of the yellow wind
Chapter 540: Forgetting to Welcome
Chapter 541 Yellow Wind Offers Treasure
Chapter 542: Beidi enters the game?
Chapter 543 Zhenwu comes to the world and the emperor reincarnates
Chapter 544: The Cang people go north, the two mansions in the northwest
Chapter 545 Battle of Liyang
Chapter 546: Big and Small Apollo, the blazing sun shoots Zhang Liao
Chapter 547: The Xirong general and the Yang family general died in battle
Chapter 548 Greek God of Death vs Indian God of War
Chapter 549: Taking risks, the general will die
Chapter 550 Qi Dangguo fights to the death, and people slaughter their relatives in battle
Chapter 551 Human Massacre
Chapter 552 Lao Liubian Jiuyuan
Chapter 553 Flame Arrow
Chapter 554 Jiuyuan fought for his life and died together
Chapter 555: Self-destruction of future and self-destruction of martial arts
Chapter 556: Passing away, losing troops and generals
Chapter 557: Attacking in the east and attacking in the west, winning for a while first
Chapter 558 Wang Ge will pursue him
Chapter 559: Mongolia issue, steppe eagle
Chapter 560: Battle of Ten Gods, Sword of Judgment
Chapter 561 Arrow of Love
Chapter 562: The God of War against the Three Gods, Thor, the God of Thunder
Chapter 563: Violent general death, chaos in Zhenbei
Chapter 564 Condor vs Skystorm
Chapter 565: The general is about to die violently, and chaos breaks out in Zhenbei
Chapter 566 Eight Swords Fold, Huangfu Pot
Chapter 567 Zhenbei Iron Army, proud and powerful generals
Chapter 568: Soldiers arrive, the God of Death dies
Chapter 569 Qianqiu’s strange troops arrive at the front line, and the coalition forces fight in a bloody battle at Liyangtun
Chapter 570 Four Strong Eight Hammers
Chapter 571 The God of Thunder slays the God of Death
Chapter 572: The Great Qian finally arrives, the young master of the Confucian sect
Chapter 573: The position of alliance leader must be fulfilled
Chapter 574: Qingzhu’s plan, one battle will determine the outcome
Chapter 575: Qingzhu’s gift, a dilemma
Chapter 576 System Task, Guanli Academy
Chapter 577: Conspiracy for the Holy See, Feather Guard
Chapter 578 Today, Yu can die, but Zhongyuan cannot be humiliated
Chapter 579: Will carry the coffin and fight to the death
Chapter 580: Black Cavalry rushes into battle and defeats the enemy in the first battle
Chapter 581: Move forward towards the shallow beach!
Chapter 582 Mad God
Chapter 583 The Sword God Fights the Tigress
Chapter 584 Wu Xuandai Changsheng, Changsheng killed three generals
Chapter 585 The sword god destroys the enemy, General Jiande
Chapter 586 The four commanders join forces to kill the enemy
Chapter 587 Successive Breakthroughs
Chapter 588: The destiny black bird descends and becomes a warrior
Chapter 589 Hawkeye Barton, Goddess of War
Chapter 590: Patton went crazy killing
Chapter 591: Backhand from the Central Plains, the First of the Five Riders
Chapter 592 Nine Heavens Shocking Dragon
Chapter 593: Thunder General, Four Strong Enemies
Chapter 594 Western Theology: Daxi
Chapter 595 Daxi plans to do something, and Jiwu enters the urn
Chapter 596 The Crisis of the Eight Hammers
Chapter 597: The Black Rider is coming, the four fierce men save themselves
Chapter 598 Ye Meng’s Poison
Chapter 599: Thousands of dangers, the arrival of the God of War
Chapter 600: Powerful Yellow Wind, Double Battle against the Orochi
Chapter 601 Hou Yi drew his bow and shot at the rising sun, and the divine general was killed by the arrow.
Chapter 602 The battle between the two great shooters, the sun-shooting hero VS the long-range shooting god
Chapter 603: Eight Piaos help out, Yi defeats the blazing sun
Chapter 604 The father of Hercules, the jade unicorn comes to the rescue
Chapter 605: Quality is not enough, quantity is needed
Chapter 606: The mace is bloody, and the leopard head grabs the head.
Chapter 607 Xu Ning’s golden spear kills the enemy alone, the first person among the eight lords
Chapter 608: Qilin kills powerful enemy, Junyi breaks through again
Chapter 609: The army arrives and the mad god appears
Chapter 610: Hunting Qingtian, Wang Yu breaks through
Chapter 611 The unparalleled genius, Kalsigai
Chapter 612 Three Giants with Hundred Arms, Flying Stones Retreat a Thousand Years
Chapter 613 Guigantes, the battle of revenge
Chapter 614: Battle of Giants, Nine Sticks of Chaotic Martial Arts
Chapter 615: Seven heroes attack Wang Yu, capture the thief first and capture the king first
Chapter 616 The righteous assault
Chapter 617: Tiger and Bennian Heroes, Wang Yu’s Crisis
Chapter 618 Dian Wei Fei Ji, terrifying power
Chapter 619: At the moment of life and death, strong support arrives
Chapter 620: Heaven’s secret soldiers behead the hero
Chapter 621 Six v Six, Wang Yu fights alone against the top seven heroes
Chapter 622: Die together, a brutal battle
Chapter 623: Lord Bingling of the Three Mountains, whose divine power shocked the enemy
Chapter 624: All seven heroes died, and the secret soldiers killed them continuously
Chapter 625: Strengthening of Secret Soldiers
Chapter 626 The God of War dies and the big snake escapes
Chapter 627 Ragnarok
Chapter 628 Quelehodo, the Pope dies
Chapter 629: The Holy See’s Secrets and the Pope’s Secret Techniques
Chapter 630: Inside the Holy See, stabbing the Pope in the back
Chapter 631: The Pope cuts off his queen, a battle to the death
Chapter 632: Wu Clan’s Way of War, Demon Master Kunpeng
Chapter 633 Kunpeng swallows the sky, three days of joining forces
Chapter 634: Qingzhu takes action and takes the lead to assist
Chapter 635: There is righteousness in the world
Chapter 636: The End of the Pope
Chapter 637 The Pope comes to an end
Chapter 638 System Tasks
Chapter 639 Generous Rewards
Chapter 640: The generals are promoted and their souls are fighting
Chapter 641 Loss and Gain
Chapter 642 Purple Orchid Stands, the Treasure of Life and Death
Chapter 643: A trip to the academy, the road to the east
Chapter 644 Mr. Meng Da
Chapter 645: Learning etiquette and enlightenment, academy elites
Chapter 646 The Two Kings Arrive and See the Seven Peaks
Chapter 647: The Qilin Son of the Wang Family, the Little Hanlin Academy
Chapter 648: Strategies for governing the world and recruiting good ministers
Chapter 649 Gaining Two Talents and Returning to Heaven
Chapter 650 Mongolia retreats, Wang Tingxiu
Chapter 651 The golden sword is attached to the horse, and the heavenly beings gather
Chapter 652: The Three Sages of Ancient Greece, the First Founder of Lyceum
Chapter 653 The Dark Holy See wants to unite with Persia
Chapter 654: The bishop enters Persia, Zeus gathers the gods
Chapter 655 Want to fight against the light, old grudges
Chapter 656: Ghosts and gods die, new gods emerge
Chapter 657 Overlord vs. Soldier Master
Chapter 658: Yue Hu defeated Xiang Yàn, and Chi You was killed.
Chapter 659 Demon vs. Ghost
Chapter 660 Demon God vs Ghost God
Chapter 661 Soldier Master
Chapter 662: Tiger Soul Kills Ghosts and Gods
Chapter 663: The God General Summons, the New True God
Chapter 664 Two Great Shooters
Chapter 665 The Great Demon of Meishan
Chapter 666 King Shang
Chapter 667 Six Emperors and the Holy Son
Chapter 668 Martial Saint
Chapter 669 Hou Tu
Chapter 670: Chaos summons of dynasties
Chapter 671 Mobile Defense Master
Chapter 672 Four generations of Yang family generals, all disciples are born
Chapter 673: Kuangyin meets Zhenbei, and Xuanyuan’s theory spreads
Chapter 674 Imperial City Department
Chapter 675 Coincidence?
Chapter 676 Returning to Yànbei, the New Year is approaching
Chapter 677 Warm-up before the new war
Chapter 678 Everyone gathers in the dark night
Chapter 679: Zhenbei incident, group conspiracy and dispute
Chapter 680: Seize Cangbei and unite with Jing to defeat Wei
Chapter 681 Shangyuan Night and Night
Chapter 682 Head of Hedong Road
Chapter 683: Old father Wang Chang marries his son
Chapter 684: The Soldier Immortal is about to get married, you should watch the series of stabs
Chapter 685 Buddhism outside the territory, the movement of Dongyi
Chapter 686: Du Cha Shen Lian, Bao Gong takes the person
Chapter 687 Killing the Monkey to Scare the Chicken
Chapter 688 Snow disaster in the north, Di people go south
Chapter 689: The Three Strongmen of Luotang, the Alliance of Shengjing
Chapter 690: North of Beidi, Subolian Tribe
Chapter 691 Beidi Religion, Titan Shaman
Chapter 692: Evils from all directions, big changes in rankings
Chapter 693: Dongyi watches the battle and Yu enters the Heavenly Wolf
Chapter 694: Tianlang Pass, new guard
Chapter 695: One side is in trouble and asks for help from all sides
Chapter 696 Di Bing arrives and the battle begins
Chapter 697: Things created by machines, all the old soldiers in Beidi
Chapter 698 Yu Chun is the master, all the generals come out together
Chapter 699: The Arrow Saint attacks Yuchun, Emperor Kangxi appears
Chapter 700: King of the Golden Hammer, Fighting against Xing Tian
Chapter 701 Four Beasts
Chapter 702 Sticky Deli and Xuan Ye
Chapter 703 Beidi Tuoba
Chapter 704 Lang Sima vs. Four Meng
Chapter 705 Temujin also smiled
Chapter 706 The Five Tigers of the Qing Dynasty, Shooting God’s Arrow
Chapter 707 Anxious mediation
Chapter 708 Using corpses as ladders
Chapter 709: Three Beidi Generals, Dragon Elephant Titan
Chapter 710: A plan to alienate each other?
Chapter 711 Summoning the Divine General
Chapter 712 The second son of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, brave and invincible
Chapter 713: The God-conferring General
Chapter 714: Years of preparation, trickery
Chapter 715: Gecko swims on the wall, flying tiger enters the barrier
Chapter 716 Qingtian is alert, Sirius sets fire
Chapter 717 Odysseus vs. Mountain Lion and Camel
Chapter 718 Above the Martial God, the Martial God of Heaven
Chapter 719 Xingtian vs Tuoba Longxiang
Chapter 720 Barbarian God
Chapter 721 Five Brave Fighters against Dragon and Elephant
Chapter 722 The Crucial Stick
Chapter 723: The veteran is seriously injured, Yuanba comes on stage
Chapter 724: General Fu aids the Five Sons, Tianbao fights against Shenwu
Chapter 725 Lei Zun
Chapter 726: Two top-level god-breaking generals join forces to enter the divine realm
Chapter 727: God-killing arrow is released, Wang Yu is in danger
Chapter 728: Heroes and Ghosts
Chapter 729 Appreciation of Dragon Elephant
Chapter 730: Dapeng’s breakthrough, dragon and elephant’s brutal elephant
Chapter 731 The Five Tigers break through and the army supports them
Chapter 732 Wu Mu’s power, the arrow of the god
Chapter 733 Sunset Arrow vs Dragon Elephant Stick
Chapter 734: The Man God is injured, Di Jun retreats
Chapter 735 Yue Fei
Chapter 736: Tianhua’s nail wounds are effectively glued, Huang Feng fights two generals
Chapter 737: Dragon Elephant’s murderous intention, Arrow Saint’s judgment
Chapter 738 Jinzu
Chapter 739: Li Jing responds to the war
Chapter 740: Northward Plan, Public Conspiracy Theory
Chapter 741: Guangxiao’s estrangement, businessman’s pursuit of profit
Chapter 742 Three-legged confrontation r Two-legged struggle for hegemony
Chapter 743 Guangxiao comes out and Zongzheng arrives
Chapter 744 Shanyin Land, Thirteen Thousand
Chapter 745 Eight major Shanxi merchants, involved in the net
Chapter 746: Changes in Hebei, Shi Kai deploys troops
Chapter 747: Lure the snake out of the hole, Guan Zhong’s plan
Chapter 748: Encirclement for reinforcements, Yu Qian is alone
Chapter 749: Po Jian vs Zhonghun
Chapter 750 Six Phases of the Yellow Emperor
Chapter 751: Going south to Ningping, Zhendong veteran
Chapter 752: The soldiers guarding the pass, An Shi resisted
Chapter 753 Six Great Families, Zhuge, Hebei
Chapter 754 The Four Saints of Kowloon, Entering the Xuanma Again
Chapter 755: The Four Saints scolded, Han Xin fought
Chapter 756: The veteran defeated Li Xingba
Chapter 757: Innate Spiritual Bead, Earth-Splitting Hunyuan
Chapter 758: The sharpshooter protects the veteran and the Hunyuan golden sword
Chapter 759 The brave giant fights the Four Saints alone
Chapter 760 Four dragons sealed the demon
Chapter 761 A violent blow
Chapter 762 The sword is rampant and the Dzi Bead is reversed
Chapter 763 The Four Saints are about to be defeated, Han Xian calls the gold
Chapter 764: The Way of the Immortal Soldier, Virtual Reality
Chapter 765: Flying Whip General, Yang’s in-laws
Chapter 766: There is a general in Hedong, Han Xin is shocked
Chapter 767: Hedong Lion’s Roar, Guan and Zhang Zhiyong
Chapter 768: Desperate stunts, reversing Yin and Yang
Chapter 769: Women, Four Famous Generals
Chapter 770 Wu Ba kills the enemy and wins without using force.
Chapter 771 Yunhu Five Heroes, Ningping’s Crisis
Chapter 772 Han Xin’s back-up plan and loyal heir’s use of troops
Chapter 773 The young general breaks through and kills Wolf Star
Chapter 774: The loyal heir arrives, overwhelming power
Chapter 775 The edge of town
Chapter 776: Quanzhong is critically injured, a miracle doctor from another world
Chapter 777: The male beast ransacked the house and wiped out his clan
Chapter 778 Former classmates, now strangers
Chapter 779: In the Tianlang Pass, the summoning starts again
Chapter 780 Killing a Hundred People
Chapter 781 Balance again
Chapter 782 The Last Roman, Byzantine God of War
Chapter 783 Four Spirits and Four Evils, Sima Bada
Chapter 784 Designated extraction, one of the four spirits
Chapter 785 Yuan San Dao, the third knife
Chapter 786 Zheng He’s voyages to the West, huge treasure ship
Chapter 787: Bull Demon Iron Fan, Beidi Enters the Urn
Chapter 788: The leader of the Eight Banners, the best in white armor
Chapter 789 The Suzaku of the Four Directions God, the New Five Fierce Fighters against the Dragon Elephant
Chapter 790: Suzaku Tianyao, Li Yang's Armor Breaking
Chapter 791: Suzaku shows off his power, four spirits suppress the sky
Chapter 792: Bull Demon Father and Son, Brave Huang Feng
Chapter 793 Black Hawk descends to earth
Chapter 794 Huang Family Father and Son + Wu Mu vs. Lang Sima
Chapter 795 Wu Mu Yuefei
Chapter 796 Subduing the Dragon, Subduing the Tiger and Killing the Wei Qi
Chapter 797: Trapped vs. Iron Mountain
Chapter 798 Tuoba Zongzheng, Nurhaci
Chapter 799: Khan's personal expedition, enter the sword of Lutang
Chapter 800: Khan's personal expedition, under the knife of Lutang
Chapter 801 Han Sheng Zhang Gong, a strong shaman
Chapter 802: Gui Xiong is angry at Huang Hansheng, and Ziyi travels with two dragon halberds.
Chapter 803: The king is physically disabled, but Ziyi is brave
Chapter 804 Tianhua replaces Zhu Quan, Kunpeng fights Long Xiang
Chapter 805: Cunning Kunpeng, Skeleton Blood Handprint
Chapter 806: Confucianism's unique skill, the five elements blending spirits
Chapter 807: Gathering the Heart Nail, Wang Yu fights in person
Chapter 808 Manchu Batulu, beheading Aixinjueluo
Chapter 809 Nurhachi: I can do it again
Chapter 810 Ryukyu Crown Prince, Legendary Warrior
Chapter 811 Showdown between kings, the power of Zhendong
Chapter 812 Although the War King is strong, Takeo is even more powerful
Chapter 813 The fighting spirit shows its power and the combination fails
Chapter 814 Once people are broken and injured, glory can never survive
Chapter 815: Evil comes to fight God's Hammer, the tiger shows its power
Chapter 816: Aoyu’s stunt, Giant Spirit Hammer
Chapter 817: Two halberds destroy the turtle, Dian Wei kills the divine general
Chapter 818: Evil comes to strengthen, fierce and evil comes
Chapter 819: Heaven’s secret soldiers attack the dragon and elephant, causing the dragon and elephant to become furious and wreak havoc
Chapter 820: Dragon Elephant Beheads General, Rengui Divine Arrow Supports
Chapter 821 The Barbarian God finally leaves, and the Archer God is injured
Chapter 822 Hidden Wolf Division, Sticky Rod
Chapter 823: Luo Yu's deputy, the battle between the three heroes
Chapter 824: Famous Doctors in the Qing Dynasty, Sticky Sticks and Secret Reports
Chapter 825: Suboran Tongcang?
Chapter 826: Mulan Cha’s alienation, the union of two powerful forces
Chapter 827: Arrow Saint passes the message, Zongzheng makes profit
Chapter 828 Jingying secret, follow the trend
Chapter 829 Zongzheng’s goal, Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 830 Civil strife begins and fighting begins
Chapter 831 The plan for alienation and counterattack
Chapter 832 Sword Sheng Lanhao, Four Small Dynasties
Chapter 833 Heavenly Master Martial Slave, Xuanyuan Xiangxi
Chapter 834 The Di people retreated and hesitated greatly
Chapter 835: One of the four deadlocks, God will have no way out
Chapter 836: Alliance of Two Powers, Alliance of Four Minorities
Chapter 837: Top ten sword scores, want to kill Yan Ba?
Chapter 838 Junior Brother Huangdi, the Taoist priest comes down the mountain
Chapter 839: The Immortal Killing Sword Formation, the Struggle between the Two Religions
Chapter 840 Disturbance in the suburbs of Yin, the arrival of the Seven-Star Soldiers
Chapter 841: Zhendong Black Rides Down to Hebei
Chapter 842: Five generals enter Xiping, and Hedong is horrified
Chapter 843: Empty City Strategy, Immortal Soldiers
Chapter 844: The First Legalist, Guan Zhong Defeats Pingxi
Chapter 845: Xian Lin Gong, have a backup plan
Chapter 846 The golden cicada escapes from its shell, the lonely soldier in Hedong
Chapter 847: Songs from all sides, military chaos in Hedong
Chapter 848: Wu Ba kills the enemy and the entire army is annihilated
Chapter 849: The character is revealed, Duke Di asks for orders
Chapter 850 Yu was attacked and entered Hedong
Chapter 851 Buyer, Xiaobian Emperor
Chapter 852: Navy enters the river to block things
Chapter 853 Five ministers discuss politics, the genius Lu Tao
Chapter 854 Guan Yunchang goes to the meeting alone
Chapter 855 Guan Yu’s breakthrough, two divine martial saints
Chapter 856 Guandao VS Chi Yong
Chapter 857 Advancement of Guandao, Three Swords of Spring and Autumn
Chapter 858 Zhang Bin’s conjecture, secret enemy
Chapter 859 Hundreds of schools of thought, Yin and Yang come and go
Chapter 860 Kunpeng takes action and invites you to enter the urn
Chapter 861 Zhou Tianxingdou, Moon God Bai Ze
Chapter 862 Sun and Taiyin, Five Elements and Five Stars
Chapter 863 The Ten Great Demon Saints, Rain Master Ji Meng
Chapter 864: Divine Kun Tianpeng, Twin Dharmakaya
Chapter 865 Kunpeng escapes, Nine Ghosts Curse Seal
Chapter 866 Yuwen Chengdu, the black knight is dispatched
Chapter 867 Su Dingfang arrives, Zhang Liao rushes to attack
Chapter 868 Qishan County Sheriff, greedy for money and lustful
Chapter 869 Dangerous old road, Bank of China camp
Chapter 870: Capture Dazhai bravely and challenge Gongsun with a gun
Chapter 871: White horse obeys, Gongsun sends troops
Chapter 872 Tianyang Nine Counties, Five Routes of Troops
Chapter 873 Wu Mu is the general and reinforcements from Hedong
Chapter 874: Heavenly Master Tao Shi Yanba
Chapter 875 Feiyang’s worries, the hidden traitor
Chapter 876: The Fall of the True God, the Two Gods of Fighting Hammer
Chapter 877 Chu is young and strong, five dragons and nine tigers
Chapter 878: The Overlord’s Soldier Soul, the Burning Cauldron
Chapter 879 The God in the Hammer, Tang Ritian
Chapter 880: The world's hammer tyrant, the unparalleled fighting god
Chapter 881 Death of Hammer God, Wrath of Death
Chapter 882: Overlord’s Ambition, Tianming Shenlong
Chapter 883 Three battles with the God of Death, the new Hammer God
Chapter 884 The Life of Ren, the God of War through the Ages
Chapter 885: Cloud’s Sorrow, New God Appears
Chapter 886 Wan Gui disappeared, Yu escaped alone
Chapter 887 Xiang Yu rebelled against Chu and established himself as king
Chapter 888: Bearing a thorn to plead guilty, the benevolence of Emperor Chu
Chapter 889: The momentum is overwhelming, take Ning Yue first
Chapter 890 Tianning Five Mountains, BOC War Begins
Chapter 891 Yan Liang rides out, and the two heroes fight Yun Sheng
Chapter 892 Yan Liang is decisive, Gendan Zhao Yun
Chapter 893 White horse and silver gun, the gun falls and people die
Chapter 894: Seven in and seven out, Zhao Yun breaks the God
Chapter 895 The brave Zilong kills several generals in a row
Chapter 896 The God of War, Zhao Zilong, whose bravery shocked thousands of armies
Chapter 897: The End of the Demon God, the Three Strongmen of Zhenbei
Chapter 898: The fierceness of the sky, the golden sword that stands on the ground
Chapter 899: Fight against the Three Fierce Ones Alone, Unparalleled in the World
Chapter 900 The power of explosive swords, invincible Qingtian
Chapter 901: The battle between the divine generals ends and the battle of Qishan
Chapter 902: Zhenbei’s important general, Yue Fei’s great victory
Chapter 903: Martial Saint Yue Fei suppresses Shi Hu
Chapter 904: The prototype of Beiwei, the glory of Zhenbei
Chapter 905: Loyal to Yue Pengju, the chosen worker
Chapter 906: Iron Spear Competition Overlord, Yue Fei Kills Two Fierce Men
Chapter 907: The mountain sun is about to set, and the flying anger
Chapter 908 Xu Huang’s determination, burning Zhongxing
Chapter 909: Internal strife in Zhenbei, Zilong aids Chu
Chapter 910 A desperate fight, hundreds of cavalry attack the camp
Chapter 911 Zhao Yun kills the North Wind in blood
Chapter 912 Zilong bravely surrenders thousands of troops, and the attack on the camp by hundreds of cavalry is finally successful
Chapter 913 Yan Wen is ruthless and will never die in peace
Chapter 914: Gan Ning’s Dilemma, Friendly Attacks
Chapter 915 Dingfang defeated the Sword Dynasty for the first time, and Yun Chang faced a powerful enemy alone.
Chapter 916 The power of Yun Chang, martial arts master
Chapter 917 Defeat Meng Meng, retreat to the North Kuang, fight against Xuan Ba
Chapter 918 Guan Gong’s unique skills and the righteousness of Spring and Autumn Period
Chapter 919 Xuan Ba repays his kindness and explains Guan Yu
Chapter 920 Su Dingfang invites a battle, one of the Iron Triangle
Chapter 921 Eating and being eaten, the determination of the big sword
Chapter 922 Deng Chanyu, five flying stones, defeated seven generals in one day
Chapter 923: The most powerful sword, General Shenmengtian
Chapter 924: The Invincible General with the Golden Gun, Three Fierce Fighters against Flying Dragons
Chapter 925 Quasi-divine general, the bloody battle begins
Chapter 926 Destruction of the country VS Iron Army
Chapter 927 Two great generals, fighting with gold and silver hammers
Chapter 928: Su Dingfang defeats three powerful enemies
Chapter 929 The First Great Sword Army, the Invincible Sword Warrior
Chapter 930 Su Lie’s plan, the capture strategy
Chapter 931 The sword sets up camp and Yuan Qiu leaves.
Chapter 932: Dingfang has no choice but Guan Yu is in danger
Chapter 933: Zhao Chu’s decline, Yan Wen’s battle
Chapter 934 Yan Wen breaks through Ren Guizhi, Wu Yue and Qi Yu go on a dangerous journey
Chapter 935: Unparalleled Hammer Divine Yuan Dominance, Tiger Guard Casualty and Murderous Aura
Chapter 936 The Battle of the Five Mountains, the Leader Backstabs
Chapter 937: Xia uses force to break the ban, the new governor of Shanyang
Chapter 938: Restart the Summoning, the Man of Two Gods
Chapter 939: Stabbing the Emperor in the Nest, the Famous Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 940: Summons of Heavenly Beings, Five Heavenly Beings
Chapter 941 Four Famous Generals, Eight Heroes and Six Evils
Chapter 942: The Demon Emperor is born, the Tang Emperor appears, and the Eternal Emperor is born at the wrong time
Chapter 943: The founding king, designated extraction
Chapter 944: Three Altar Sea Gods, Summoning Function Optimized
Chapter 945: Eastern Yi Da Cang, chaos along the coast, Arrow Saint's rebellion, Beidi Rebellion
Chapter 946: The power of the country, the battle of all the people, the army pressing down on the border, the battle of Guifang
Chapter 947: Calling names to seize souls, flying horses to kill enemies, unparalleled in the world, winning consecutive battles
Chapter 948: Heavenly fire changes, flying knives come out, gods fight, and thieves are punished
Chapter 949 Angrily kills the enemy generals and fights four fierce battles, Fantian prints a seven-star wound
Chapter 950 Zhang Bin’s plan, Youhou’s plan, Ziyi’s breakthrough, Yànbei’s bandits
Chapter 951: Ziyi sets up an ambush, Sun Prisoner, Panasonic Seven Meng, Bashan Islands
Chapter 952 Guo Ziyi comes up with a plan and Dongxie has magical powers
Chapter 953: Pirates attack, the power of the long sword, the most powerful general, Hachiman Bodhisattva
Chapter 954 The critical moment, Mo Peng arrives, Kamikaze camp, the naval battle begins
Chapter 955: The defeat of the Sun Kingdom, the danger of Zhongsheng’s victory, the surprise attack from heaven and man, and Ziyi’s near death
Chapter 956: Onmyodo, Onmyoji, Abe De, Fighting Emperor Wu, Searching for Yin and Yang, Shiki Kamui
Chapter 957: The male rabbit’s feet are confused and the female rabbit’s eyes are blurred
Chapter 958 Zhang He takes over Gao Shun's army, Zhang Bin enters the enemy camp alone
Chapter 959 The emperor’s grandson Li Qilang and Zhang Bin gave a heavy gift
Chapter 960: Da Cang releases his martial arts, and the world is in turmoil
Chapter 961 Zhang Bin’s handwriting, Yuan Qiu is gone, the secret writing technique and the strategy are launched
Chapter 962: Strike first to gain the upper hand. The third step begins. Da Hao’s army attacks the camp and Su Dingfang abandons Hao.
Chapter 963: Deng Chanyu flies stones to hit the god general, Ji Meng fights hard to kill general Xue
Chapter 964: Gold, silver, copper and iron, the four divine spears come out, first kill eight generals, and then kill two kings
Chapter 965 Di Qing takes action, Chengdu beheads generals, Jiuyuan Prince fights bravely in Chengdu
Chapter 966 Yuan Qing defeats the enemy with three hammers, Di Qing fights Zhang Kui fiercely, Wu Qu stars descend to the mortal world, and the military strategist shows his power
Chapter 967: Seize the enemy soldiers with bare hands, face the general's majesty, ride the kite on the west road, and fight Zhang Kui fiercely
Chapter 968: The silver hammer destroys the powerful enemy, a thousand troops behead the enemy, the Euphorbia warrior blocks the road, and then kills the Eight Wise Kings
Chapter 969: A great victory, switching from offense to defense, the Four Saints Li Cang, another evil hand
Chapter 970 The secret of the limit, the sorrow of heaven and man
Chapter 971: Yin Yang Family with ulterior motives, reborn Kratos
Chapter 972 The power of the fighting god, stubbornness and filial piety, thirteen opportunities, breakthrough to the peak
Chapter 973: Kratos defeated Li Cunxiao, the internal affairs order of Bailong Mansion was issued, and the heaven and earth moved in Xiping Road
Chapter 974: Yelv Lei enters the palace, Yi Palace is attacked, Wolong suppresses Yelu, and the secret soldiers are in charge
Chapter 975 Attacks and kills Zhuge Kongming, the leader of the Buddhist sect that resists foreigners. Yelu throws himself into the trap, and Kongming becomes suspicious.
Chapter 976 Smoke pops up, Wolong falls into the trap, behind-the-scenes plot, Zhuge prepares
Chapter 977: Zhi Zhuge slaughters the people with ruthless hands, Shura uses methods to win the people's hearts
Chapter 978 Emperor Qing attacked Zhuge with all his strength, and the Yi Xie army was in chaos and internal troubles arose
Chapter 979: Zhuge’s back-up plan comes in time, and the crisis is solved on the fifth day
Chapter 980: The arrow disappears and the four elephants shoot at the sunrise, and all the powerful forces join forces to kill the sky
Chapter 981: Three dirts, three poisons, greed, anger and ignorance, the Ximen sword kills heavenly beings
Chapter 982: Xiaofeng is shocked to discover Yuanxian Poison, and two heavenly beings attack Zhuge
Chapter 983 Dragon and Tiger Storm, the Power of the Evil God
Chapter 984: The Dongyi Army of the Immortal God, Yunqing has no choice but to stop his losses
Chapter 985 Yun Qing escapes, the Heaven Breakers, and the deadly battle begins
Chapter 986 Jin Ling fights three people alone, and the lion wounds Yang Lang with one blow
Chapter 987: The Wrath of Heaven and Man, exchanging moves, both sides are injured, and they are seriously injured and almost die.
Chapter 988: Going into exile in a difficult situation, executing heavenly beings, inviting the world, beheading to establish authority
Chapter 989: The Lion of Passing on the Kung Fu, the West of Xiping, a determined attack, a succession of battles and victories
Chapter 990 Three heroes fight against Yuanba, the double show of Yin and Yang family
Chapter 991 Zhang Bin enters the Four Small Dynasties, Wang Yu releases the enemy and then destroys it
Chapter 992 Di Qing leads the army back to Yànbei, and the navy moves eastward along the current
Chapter 993 Mo Kai resigns, the sword army returns to the sword
Chapter 994 Yin Jiao has no choice but to finally leave. Since ancient times, it has been difficult to have both filial piety and righteousness.
Chapter 995 Wujiang commits suicide and everyone betrays their relatives and leaves.
Chapter 996 Emperor Chu is ruthless, Lian San Clan, Yin Jiaoli, Xuanyuan Farewell
Chapter 997: The leader of the army, General Sanjiang
Chapter 998: Xuande pulled the chariot for thousands of miles, and Daewoo gained land for thousands of miles.
Chapter 999 Zhang Bin visits the Hao Dynasty again, and the civil war among the four small dynasties begins
Chapter 1000 Chengdu fights against the four fierce ones alone, and the silver hammer fights against the eight big hammers
Chapter 1001: Chengdu’s water kills the sledgehammer, Ling Gan bravely captures the sword general
Chapter 1002: Jie Wuling goes out into the world, Cihang Jingzhai chooses Allah
Chapter 1003: Shi Fei Xuan goes south to Henan and encounters a demon, Ning Daoqi reaches the ultimate level and Kunpeng appears
Chapter 1004: Demonic power surges into the sky, the sun rises, and the emperor is chosen again.
Chapter 1005 Cihang Jingzhai has a backup plan, three people are entangled in grudges, Zhang Xuan wakes up Wang Pengfei
Chapter 1006: Fenghua Young Master Xiao Ruofeng and Zhang Junyi attack Ye County again
Chapter 1007: There is a famous general in Ye County, Zhang Heye fights hard and fights against the three masters alone
Chapter 1008: The battle between fierce generals finally breaks through, Zhang Junyi pleads guilty, and the great generals have been tricked
Chapter 1009 Thirty-Seven Stratagems: Asking for forgiveness, Zhao Kuangyin and Lian Po internal disputes
Chapter 1010: The master 'takes the sword' and the seven monsters seize the corpse, Ying Xiao has no choice but to abandon Hedong
Chapter 1011 Bai Ze’s crazy plan, Donghuang Taiyi’s rejection
Chapter 1012: Borrow the power of the world’s masters to kill Tianji, borrow the power of Tianji to kill the world’s masters
Chapter 1013: Attending a banquet with the Dongfang family, Wang Yu seeks the Donghuang
Chapter 1014 Drunken Dream Upstairs Drunken Dreamer, the versatile Dongfang Yu
Chapter 1015 There is a mystery in Zuimeng Tower, the secrets of the four imperial merchants
Chapter 1016: Qing Yi Zui Meng is one, Dongfang Gu throws Wang Yu
Chapter 1017 The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesnt stop, the Donghuang bell rings and the Donghuang appears
Chapter 1018: The Eastern Emperor Taiyi changes into a golden crow, and the five heavenly beings join forces
Chapter 1019 The Chaos Heart Bell shakes the top five, and the Taoist priest of Queen Dong appears
Chapter 1020: Yuanba’s double hammers block Donghuang, but I am the only one who respects Emperor Wu’s fist
Chapter 1021: The Emperor’s Fist and Golden Hammer are fighting each other. Donghuang has no choice but to retreat for the time being.