Chapter 2795 Yan Wushuang

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Si Chongzhen: "No matter how talented he is, he is alone in the Supreme Sword Hall and has no foundation. Moreover, it is rumored that when he competed for the sword ranking, he was accompanied by his master. Those people are all over the world of Ten Thousand Swords.

Enemy. Therefore, what he lacks most now is a foundation, because without a foundation, there is no security."

He continued: "And he is the close disciple of the ancestor. If our branch gets his support, we can gain the recognition of the entire family and use the power of the Supreme Sword Hall. At that time, we can turn around

Support his growth and protect him as he grows up!"

Si Qingshan understood what his father meant: "Father is saying that he wants to bind us to him. But, is he worthy of us doing this?"

Si Chongzhen: "Whether it is worth it or not, we will know right away. He is now a third-class elite and will participate in the elite trial later. If he performs amazingly, the Si family will immediately move closer to him!"

After seeing off Si Qingshan, Wu Bei thought of Shen Xuanzong's instructions, so he found Qiu Sheng and asked, "Where does the Red Lotus Sword Master live?"

Qiu Sheng said: "The Red Lotus Sword Master is one of the seven most influential sword masters in the Supreme Sword Hall. He lives in the Red Lotus Valley. The Red Lotus Sword Master is a female cultivator, and the disciples he accepts are all female cultivators, so the Red Lotus Sword Master is a female cultivator.

Male practitioners are not allowed to enter. If you want to go, you can only post at the entrance of the valley first."

Regarding this, Wu Bei is not worried. He has a token in his hand, and presumably the Red Lotus Sword Master will meet him.

The Red Lotus Valley is located between two peaks and is quite large. Wu Beifei was flying in the air and he saw a large number of buildings in the valley.

The mouth of the valley is not wide, and there are several square boulders. At this moment, a female nun is sitting cross-legged on each boulder.

Wu Bei landed in front of the boulder, cupped his fists and said, "I have something to ask you to see the Red Lotus Sword Master."

Hearing this, a female cultivator flew to the ground and asked in a cold tone: "Who are you and why are you looking for the Sword Master?"

Wu Bei took out the handkerchief and said: "I am a third-class elite disciple Wu Bei. Please give this to the Sword Master, she will naturally know."

The woman looked at the handkerchief doubtfully, but the three

The status of an elite disciple is not low, after all, she is not even an elite disciple, so she immediately took it with both hands: "Please wait a moment, I will go see the Sword Master."

The female cultivator flew to the valley, while Wu Bei was waiting there.

While waiting for the news, a male cultivator suddenly landed not far away. He held a handful of flowers in his hand and said loudly: "Honghong, come out. I really love you. Please promise me!"

Wu Bei was stunned and quickly walked away to avoid being treated as the same person.

The man shouted a few words, and a female cultivator flew to the huge stone. She was very charming. She said coldly: "Don't come to me again, it's impossible for us."

The male cultivator was in great pain, beating his chest and feet, and continued to say some disgusting words.

At this moment, another male cultivator landed. Although he did not hold a bouquet, he looked infatuated and shouted: "Huahua, have you really not seen me? This is already the 1,300th time I have come to see you.

For forty-two days, if you don’t see me, I will come over every day!”

At this time, Wu Bei saw that dozens of female cultivators had appeared on the boulder to watch the excitement. It seemed that they had long been accustomed to this.

Several female cultivators' eyes fell on Wu Bei, and one of them asked: "Hey, this man has a good temperament and is handsome. Who is he here for?"

"Isn't he also an infatuated person?" Another female cultivator who amazed the man smiled and said, "I'll tease him."

The female cultivator who spoke has picturesque eyebrows, bright eyes and white teeth. She is wearing an embroidered silk skirt. Her skin is as white and delicate as snow, giving people a soft feeling. Her hair is thick and smooth, and she is combed into a high bun, showing her dignity and dignity.

Luxurious. She has a graceful figure, graceful curves, and her looming figure reveals a sense of mystery and temptation.

The female cultivator landed next to Wu Bei and asked with a smile

: "Master, are you looking for someone?"

Wu Bei looked at the female cultivator and nodded. He was indeed here to find someone.

The female cultivator sighed softly and said: "I wonder which girl can win the favor of the young master. My younger sister Yan Wushuang has not yet asked the young master for his name."

Wu Beixin said you misunderstood, right? But he didn't explain, and said: "Wu Bei."

Yan Wushuang smiled and said: "Senior Brother Wu is a talented person. He must be an extraordinary person. I don't know where he can practice?"

Wu Bei said: "I just came here and practiced on Zilong Peak." .??.

In fact, Yan Wushuang asked whether Wu Bei was practicing in the upper courtyard or the inner courtyard. She heard that he was practicing in the Purple Dragon Peak. She suddenly remembered something and couldn't help being surprised and said: "Are you the new number one on the sword list?"

Wu Bei smiled: "It's me."

Yan Wushuang let out a sweet cry, could it be the person she was destined to meet? She quickly said: "Little sister, I was just rude! I wonder which sister is so lucky that she can fall into the eyes of the young master?"

Before Wu Bei had time to answer, the female cultivator from before flew from the valley and said to Wu Bei: "Sir, the Sword Master has invited me."

Yan Wushuang's beautiful eyes widened. Is he here to see the master? He quickly said: "Senior sister, I will take Mr. Wu there."

The female cultivator nodded: "Okay."

Yan Wushuang immediately took Wu Bei to a palace in the valley. The door of the palace was open. Yan Wushuang walked to the door and said loudly: "Master, Mr. Wu is here."

"Master Wu, please come in." A gentle and sweet voice came out, and Wu Bei stepped into the hall.

Yan Wushuang's pretty face was full of doubts. Her master never allowed male cultivators to enter his Red Lotus Hall. How could he let Mr. Wu in this time?

When Wu Bei entered the palace, he saw a woman in white clothes sitting cross-legged on a red lotus. The red lotus seemed to be a magic weapon, surrounded by countless runes. At the same time, there was a cold fragrance in the palace.

The smell is very comfortable.


Zi's ​​face was covered with a layer of gauze, but his eyes were cold and beautiful. She smiled and asked, "Who is Shen Xuanzong, the young master?"

"He is the master of this junior generation."

Red Lotus Sword Master nodded slightly: "It seems that he has returned to the Immortal World of Ten Thousand Swords. You are the number one on the sword list, right?"

Wu Bei: "It's a junior."

Red Lotus Sword Master: "Your master and I have some connections. From now on, you can enter and leave the Red Lotus Valley at any time. This is the warrant."

As soon as he finished speaking, a jade token flew into Wu Bei's hand.

After receiving the jade token, Wu Bei bowed his hand and said, "Thank you, senior."

Red Lotus Sword Master: "The disciple outside is named Yan Wushuang. What do you think?"

Wu Bei was stunned, but after thinking about it he said, "That's pretty good."

Red Lotus Sword Master: "If you like, you can take her away."

Wu Bei was stunned, what is this? He was about to refuse, but Yan Wushuang who was outside the door had already walked in, with a look of joy in her beautiful eyes, and said: "Disciple, accept the order!"

Wu Bei's purpose of coming here was for the Sword Throne, and he immediately said: "Senior, I want to compete for the Sword Throne."

Red Lotus Sword Master nodded: "In five hours, the Sword Way Throne will appear. You don't have to worry, I will personally send you there in a while."

Wu Bei saluted: "Thank you, senior!"

The Red Lotus Sword Lord said: "Your master and I are old acquaintances. From now on, please call me uncle."

Wu Bei: "Yes, uncle."

Red Lotus Sword Master smiled and said: "Wu Shuang, you can tell Mr. Wu about your incident. In the past few hours, you can take him around to get familiar with the environment here."


Yan Wushuang smiled and pulled Wu Bei away from the Red Lotus Hall and out of the palace door. Wu Bei wanted to let go of his hand, but Yan Wushuang held on tightly. She smiled and said: "Young master, my master said, let me go with you.


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