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What's wrong with me, an online ride-hailing driver, who has a lot of money?

What's wrong with me, an online ride-hailing driver, who has a lot of money?

author:king of clouds

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:11-27 19:37

Latest chapter:Chapter 657 Liu Tianxian was bullied by a stick?

Because he couldn't accept the unspoken rules of the workplace, Yang Chen became an online ride-hailing driver. Because he was unwilling to accommodate unreasonable passengers, Yang Chen bound himself to the [Bad Reviews and Politeness] system. As long as he didn't compromise with weird passengers, he would be fine if he got negative reviews or complaints. Award-winning book friends, if you think 'I'm an online ride-hailing driver, what's wrong with having a lot of money?' is good, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in the QQ group and Weibo!

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《What's wrong with me, an online ride-hailing driver, who has a lot of money?》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 657 Liu Tianxian was bullied by a stick?
Chapter 656: Arms dealers are awesome
Chapter 655 Meeting Liu Tianxian
Chapter 654 It feels like filming a TV series
Chapter 653 Yang Chen wins again
Chapter 652 Announcement of Room Temperature Superconducting Materials
Chapter 651: Think your social connections are here?
Chapter 650 It’s useless for Brother Ma to plead for mercy
Chapter 649 Dare to freeze my money?
《What's wrong with me, an online ride-hailing driver, who has a lot of money?》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The Strange Passenger
Chapter 2 Are you spying on me?
Chapter 3 Enemy's Narrow Road
Chapter 4 Show Me Your True Strength
Chapter 5 He is the second boss of our group
Chapter 6 Demonstrating strength 'losing his wife and losing his troops'
Chapter 7 A Delicate and Poor Girl
Chapter 8 What do you think of me?
Chapter 9 The wages that should be paid must be returned
Chapter 10 Rich second generation experience life?
Chapter 11 Yang Chen, you destroyed me
Chapter 12 Meeting Classmate Daxue
Chapter 13 I Really Can't Help It
Chapter 14 Sue Yang Chen
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 Driving Upstairs
Chapter 17 Critical Reward, Binjiang Villa No. 1
Chapter 18 I really don't want to get involved
Chapter 19 Take me home and show you if there is any guan gong on my back
Chapter 20 Bullied
Chapter 21 Solving Problems with Wisdom
Chapter 22
Chapter 23 Resolutely No Reconciliation
Chapter 24 Wang Lixin’s boyfriend “gifted” a car
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27 Siege?
Chapter 28 Reciprocity
Chapter 29 Do you have a problem with your orientation?
Chapter 30 Don’t be afraid of BMW and Land Rover, just be afraid of Volkswagen with letters
Chapter 31
Chapter 32 Yaowu Group must be destroyed
Chapter 33 The Gold Digger's Little Trick
Chapter 34 Zhang Hengzhi leads people to intercept Yang Chen
Chapter 35 Friends Should Help Each Other
Chapter 36 Sorry for being late
Chapter 37 Shock after wave
Chapter 38
Chapter 39: Dog Licking Showdown
Chapter 40 Hey, ask the train driver to wait for me for ten minutes
Chapter 41 The Rich Second Generation Pursues Zhao Yun
Chapter 42 Don't You Accept The Atmosphere Is Here?
Chapter 43 The atmosphere is here, I can’t control it
Chapter 44 Even the license plate number can be customized
Chapter 45 Must embarrass him
Chapter 46 His car is a Passat
Chapter 47 Stop! Everyone Stop!
Chapter 48 YC is Yang Chen, not Yu Cheng
Chapter 49: Siblings and Brothers Turn Against each other
Chapter 50 Let's Test Yang Chen's Identity Again
Chapter 51 Double Critical Strike Reward
Chapter 52 Xu Xiaowan Uses a Car
Chapter 53 Meeting Wang Jiayi Again
Chapter 54 Choose the most expensive set
Chapter 55 Breaking them apart
Chapter 56 Get a set of clothes that can earn you 3,000 yuan
Chapter 57 You can earn more than 10,000 a month driving online car-hailing, right?
Chapter 58: Wine for Mr. Yang
Chapter 59 Who Said Women Only Admit That They Married The Wrong Man?
Chapter 60 Identity, what is it?
Chapter 61 I invite you to go swimming
Chapter 62 Good figure is so attractive
Chapter 63: A Role Model For Men
Chapter 64 Calling someone
Chapter 65 I'm here to buy goods
Chapter 66 Even if I give you a chance, you won’t be able to use it.
Chapter 67 Run around
Chapter 68: Going fast in a straight line is not called fast, but turning fast is called really fast
Chapter 69 Tactical slots in the professional arena
Chapter 70 What kind of professional driver is that?
Chapter 71
Chapter 72 Your boyfriend cheated too
Chapter 73 The system rewards 100 million virtual currency
Chapter 74 The atmosphere is here
Chapter 75 The Blind Date Introduced by My Aunt
Chapter 76 Didn't She Treat Me Like a Licking Dog?
Chapter 77 Help me warm up the food
Chapter 78 Interviewing Anchor
Chapter 79 Why did the boss go to the opposite side?
Chapter 80 Don’t give in, keep brushing
Chapter 81
Chapter 82
Chapter 83 Rewarding a Golden Alliance
Chapter 84
Chapter 85 As long as you get the money, it doesn’t matter what they think.
Chapter 86 Don't be like a child
Chapter 87 The college roommate is back
Chapter 88 This Car Has Serious Flaws
Chapter 89 - Repeated Rejection
Chapter 90 Preparing to Start an Internet Celebrity Company
Chapter 91 Mental breakdown and bad temper
Chapter 92 Tearfully blessing the goddess to go to the star boss
Chapter 93 Hongxing Group's 50 million solicitation plan
Chapter 94 Don't give me the chance to take shortcuts
Chapter 95 Pretend to be my boyfriend
Chapter 96 The way to pursue is to collect gifts
Chapter 97 You rented this car, right?
Chapter 98
Chapter 99
Chapter 100 Beep Customer Service Takes the Initiative to tease Yang Chen
Chapter 101 Zhang Yaowu is about to be ransacked
Chapter 102 Wishing you father and son to go to kindergarten together early
Chapter 103 Let’s comment, can you blame me for this bad review?
Chapter 104 The pride and dignity of a great designer?
Chapter 105 The Show-off Fat Child
Chapter 106
Chapter 107 Take over the whole neighborhood
Chapter 108 Personal Butler Yu Shishi
Chapter 109 Get Slapped
Chapter 110 Loyalty +5
Chapter 111 Helping others is a great pleasure in life
Chapter 112 The Army of Xiti Harmony
Chapter 113 The opportunity to buy a Rolls-Royce has come
Chapter 114 Stop shooting, you will never be able to afford it in your life
Chapter 115 He actually asked me to take a rubbish online ride-hailing ride
Chapter 116 Am I Lying and Collecting Rent Before I’m 25?
Chapter 117 Crouching Dragon and Phoenix Young Among Men
Chapter 118 The sharp-tongued anchorwoman
Chapter 119 Urban Population Transfer Engineer
Chapter 120 Why are you, a ride-hailing driver, so nosy?
Chapter 121 What a man from the Dragon Kingdom should look like
Chapter 122 Waiting for Bankruptcy and Liquidation
Chapter 123 The true love of an old classmate
Chapter 124 There is a fugitive in your car
Chapter 125 Shattered Three Views
Chapter 126 You, a ride-hailing driver, still hire a secretary?
Chapter 127 Our Children Don't Need You to Raise
Chapter 128 Yang Chen, you have made great achievements again
Chapter 129
Chapter 130 Her AIDS Antibody Tested Positive
Chapter 131 Can the recipient of the Good Citizen Award for Bravery and Goodwill come to the massage parlor?
Chapter 132 Why do you, a ride-hailing driver, buy the copyright of a novel?
Chapter 133 Brothers, follow me to Bibi Headquarters tomorrow morning
Chapter 134 Competing to win over Yang Chen
Chapter 135 Brother Chen, help me break them up
Chapter 136 Little Junior Sister with Fluttering Long Hair
Chapter 137 My father and second uncle can’t do it, so why should he?
Chapter 138 As long as I am not the three shareholders of Longmei Group, I can take revenge
Chapter 139 Want to leave after threatening me?
Chapter 140 It's a pity that you are just a ride-hailing driver
Chapter 141: Rewarding the Owner for the Right to Compulsory Purchase at Half Price
Chapter 142 Mr. Yang, everyone is looking at you
Chapter 143: It feels good for a while, but I regret it later.
Chapter 144 We have reconciled with Mr. Yang
Chapter 145 My family has 100,000 cows, please be my girlfriend
Chapter 146 No one is nobler than anyone else, why should ordinary people embarrass ordinary people?
Chapter 147 I wish my brother and sister to get married soon and have a lot of children.
Chapter 148 Pu Xin female ceiling, I won’t let you succeed
Chapter 149 Yang Chen Precisely Calculates Every Step
Chapter 150 Even though I am a rag picker, I will not pick up rags like her.
Chapter 151 Yang Chen is the manipulator
Chapter 152 There was a bottle of Red Bull in the car, and the school girls misunderstood it.
Chapter 153 After three years, I can finally show off in front of Yang Chen.
Chapter 154 Impossible, how could Yang Chen be Mr. Yang?
Chapter 155 After three years of hard work, in the end I was not even qualified to talk to Yang Chen.
Chapter 156 Send it upstairs to you? Sorry, we don’t have this service
Chapter 157 It's just a broken phone
Chapter 158 Reward Jinhai + Jinying Golf Club
Chapter 159 I am a platinum card customer, so it’s not too much to grab a venue, right?
Chapter 160 Kill Zhou Zhenyang three times, you can’t pretend to be cool in front of me
Chapter 161 Ask Mr. Yang to Facilitate the Merger of the Two Clubs
Chapter 162 Promoting the merger to create the largest club in the world
Chapter 163 Reward 28% of China Eastern Airlines’ Equity
Chapter 164: Business is not as good as expected, Brother Chen helps you create publicity
Chapter 165 I really won the lottery, is this destiny?
Chapter 166 The Junior Girl Sends the Invitation Letter and Gets Tricked by the Porcelain Gang
Chapter 167 Sir, they sent you another banner
Chapter 168 When it comes to showing off, Yang Chen admits he is second, but no one dares to admit he is first.
Chapter 169 Is Yang Chen a fast guy?
Chapter 170 Find me the ride-hailing driver and let him know the consequences of meddling in his own business.
Chapter 171 Stop pretending, let’s show off, Lin Yiren must be my woman
Chapter 172 I can't kill you father and son!
Chapter 173 What if a Patek Philippe watch? Let’s get two.
Chapter 174 Chen Yanni calls for help
Chapter 175: Pretending to be cool, planes and armored vehicles are dispatched together
Chapter 176 Unambitious Second Shareholders Are Not Good Second Shareholders
Chapter 177 All the bosses came to find Yang Chen
Chapter 178 The struggle for power has always been cruel, and the winner will always be king.
Chapter 179 Twins, one paints and the other writes poetry
Chapter 180 A painting impresses everyone and the twins are heartbroken
Chapter 181 After all, he is a rich man, so why not choose a girlfriend?
Chapter 182 People are different, do you understand this?
Chapter 183 Wow, the Lin sisters were actually rejected by an online ride-hailing driver
Chapter 184 Yang Chen is so powerful, capable of both literary and military skills
Chapter 185 Are You Using Counterfeit Products to Blackmail People?
Chapter 186 Brother Chen, you are Mr. Jinghu
Chapter 187 Yang Chen and the Traffic Police Team Up to Rescue a Pregnant Woman
Chapter 188 There are 100 tables for women, but the two tables for men are not full, what should I do?
Chapter 189 What kind of magical figure is he? There are so many big guys coming to congratulate him.
Chapter 190 The God of Investment?
Chapter 191 Kneel down and walk through the shards of glass and let you go
Chapter 192 Li Xiang made the first move
Chapter 193 The request from the top brother on the list requires an online ride-hailing driver
Chapter 194 I have pretended to be my boyfriend professionally for twenty years
Chapter 195 Give me a good lesson and teach her a lesson
Chapter 196 The biggest backer is the Tang family
Chapter 197 It’s so immoral to come back from the United States to laugh at a patient.
Chapter 198 System, are you asking me to repeatedly brush rewards on one person?
Chapter 199 Brother, I invite you to watch Jay Chou’s concert
Chapter 200 Chance to Play and Sing 'Blue and White Porcelain' with Jay Chou
Chapter 201 If you let me on stage again, I will beat you up.
Chapter 202 The Song Family's Dirty Plan
Chapter 203 Attending the wedding? Isn't this obviously a provocation?
Chapter 204 Isn’t this a Dimensionality Reduction Strike?
Chapter 205 The most talented senior? Let me show you what talent is
Chapter 206 This is just a prelude, the climax is later
Chapter 207 If the wedding continues today, everyone present will be my enemy
Chapter 208 Do you have to compete whose relationship is stronger?
Chapter 209: Sacrificing his son first and then his granddaughter, how can such people cooperate?
Chapter 210 Who Says There Are No Men in Dragon Country?
Chapter 211 The Tang family wants to deal with Yang Chen
Chapter 212 Didi Besieges Yang Chen and Tang Xia
Chapter 213 Trouble solved, a new beginning
Chapter 214 Today is a day to do good deeds
Chapter 215 Beauty and billions of wealth, how do you choose?
Chapter 216 Yang Chen takes action and changes his fate against the will of heaven
Chapter 217 Wang Qianni's Suitor Thinks Too Much
Chapter 218 Meeting a Brother Haoheng who Snatches Fish Meat
Chapter 219 100 million bets against each other
Chapter 220 The wicked should be ruled by the wicked
Chapter 221 You drive an online car-hailing car with bodyguards?
Chapter 222 Acting in such a big drama just to show off in front of Yang Chen
Chapter 223 The confrontation between the two capital camps
Chapter 224 Two consecutive rewards, Yang Chen decides the fate of Jiacheng Investment
Chapter 225 Yang Chen, please continue my dream
Chapter 226 Preparing to Hold a Charity Auction
Chapter 227 Let him dance for two more days
Chapter 228
Chapter 229 Brother, how about you make a counteroffer?
Chapter 230 The Mixed Blood Northeast Girl
Chapter 231 An Uncle Looking for His Son
Chapter 232 I got this girl, you can change her to another one
Chapter 233: The Overwhelming Foreigner Plagues Lin Yiren
Chapter 234: This foreign garbage is very good at pretending. It costs at least three times the rent.
Chapter 235
Chapter 236 Like a mouse crossing the street
Chapter 237 It was fine when I came here, but I can’t go back
Chapter 238 Girlfriend's Butcher's Plate
Chapter 239 You are such a prodigal car-hailing driver
Chapter 240 Is this the joy of betting on stones?
Chapter 241 The Ultimate Temptation of Immortal Blood Once in a Thousand Years
Chapter 242 Armored Vehicles Leading a Hundred-Man Battalion
Chapter 243 Why Reward Five Old and Small Buildings? Waiting for the Demolition
Chapter 244 For the country, for the people, and for the great rejuvenation of the nation
Chapter 245 It’s ten buildings, not ten suites
Chapter 246 I have ten apartments, so I feel confident enough to pursue your girlfriend.
Chapter 247 Don’t scare me with your relationship with the Tang family. The worst is possible.
Chapter 248 Only if Tang Chenghu comes to beg me will I save the old man
Chapter 249 If you have to say what’s going on, it’s because evil energy has entered the body
Chapter 250 Rewarding a Charity Foundation
Chapter 251 There are so many pretenders, one after another
Chapter 252 You show off, I’ll make my money
Chapter 253 I can bear all the expenses, but the truth must be announced first
Chapter 254 Your Trap Arrangement Is Too Obvious
Chapter 255 Young man, really good at playing
Chapter 256 I bet all your remaining rocks are empty
Chapter 257 Looking for Mercenaries to Kill Yang Chen and Ning Shaoqing
Chapter 258 The details of the Jiang family, 30 billion gold fraud
Chapter 259 The Jiang family wants revenge? They have no chance
Chapter 260 Reward Quantum Chip Technology
Chapter 261 Return of the God of War
Chapter 262 He is the legendary senior Yang Chen
Chapter 263 Senior Yang Chen will not let you down, he will always be your role model
Chapter 264 Yida Movie, Yida Business, all come to the bowl
Chapter 265 A Female CEO Who Gets in the Wrong Car
Chapter 266 Discipline Wang Nianming like a child
Chapter 267 Tang family and Ye family want to marry
Chapter 268 Special Mission, Reward Gate of Time and Space
Chapter 269 Tang Xia wants to be the head of the Tang family
Chapter 270 She is not Tang Xia now, but Niu Colu Xia
Chapter 271 Teaching Liu Tianwang to Act
Chapter 272 Is it reasonable for me to earn a building as a ride-hailing driver?
Chapter 273: Reward the owner with a chance to buy a lot
Chapter 274 If you dare to target me, I will make you pay the price
Chapter 275 Jinbai's Little Princess Escapes Marriage
Chapter 276: Rewarding the Largest Shareholder of Mituan Group
Chapter 277 Even if I buy the building, I have to force you to delete the negative reviews.
Chapter 278 I was a rider delivering flowers, but Bai Fumei confessed my love.
Chapter 279 Don’t be afraid, young man, we are good people
Chapter 280 Being a human being is like driving an online ride-hailing service. You must know your position.
Chapter 281 Damn it! If you dare to block my Mi Tuan account, I don’t want to do it anymore.
Chapter 282: No negative reviews, no complaints
Chapter 283 Helicopter delivers food and scares the stars
Chapter 284 Come to me in Balenciaga and Valentino
Chapter 285 Splitting into two creates an additional listed company
Chapter 286 The LV spokesperson can clear the venue and drive away customers at will
Chapter 287 It’s useless to beg, your endorsement must be taken away
Chapter 288 I want to take away my own money, why should I tell you the use?
Chapter 289 Inviting Yang Chen to Acquire Equity in Penguin Technology
Chapter 290 Come to the rooftop and I will give you the money and bank card
Chapter 291 Unwritten Rules for Female Subordinates, Yang Chen Wants to Clean Up the House
Chapter 292 Obtain 15% + 5% equity of Penguin Technology
Chapter 293 I Came Back from Time Travel in 2030
Chapter 294 Everyone is ready to meet the big boss
Chapter 295 The great powers are actually myself
Chapter 296: My cousin was scolded for playing games, Yang Chen immediately banned him for life
Chapter 297: Take down Weibo + Douyin, and gain control of the internet’s voice
Chapter 298 Banning Wang Nianming's Weibo Account
Chapter 299 Yang Chen's Wonderful Design for LV
Chapter 300: The evil threat to Lao Yu was manipulated by Yang Chen
Chapter 301 Longmei Hospital put people to death?
Chapter 302 Reward 21% equity of BMW Group
Chapter 303 Want to join hands with Yang Chen?
Chapter 304 Yang Chen's identity is stronger than the other
Chapter 305 I will definitely guarantee the interests of the country
Chapter 306 Want to Sanction Yang Chen? Dreaming!
Chapter 307 Funny Female Star
Chapter 308: If you are arrogant in front of Yang Chen, the entire Penguin Department will ban you
Chapter 309 Yang Chen solved the difficult problem that had not been studied for more than half a year in one sentence?
Chapter 310 The green tea bitch wanted to blackmail Yang Chen, but was tricked by Wang Nianming
Chapter 311 Taking over Buffett’s 10% stake in Bivadi
Chapter 312 Buffett doubts life. Did Bivadi’s shares be sold wrong?
Chapter 313: Actually Can Really Spit Out Blood
Chapter 314 Yang Chen made a phone call to ask Buffett to come out to see Big Brother
Chapter 315 Ali Gaba Equity Contributed by Strange Girl
Chapter 316 Taikoo Li street bombing, Wang Nianming becomes Yang Chen’s parking boy
Chapter 317 The mysterious rich second generation who can only see the back in the circle of friends
Chapter 318 Is this the legendary one hand covering the sky?
Chapter 319 Happiness is hard-won, we should cherish it
Chapter 320 The Helicopter Takes Off for the First Time to Save People
Chapter 321 Tang Xia Encountered Big Trouble
Chapter 322 What Shura God of War, that’s it?
Chapter 323 Why do you want to seal Yang Chen's account?
Chapter 324 Ye Family's Attack
Chapter 325 The Rich Wife Pays a Lot of Money for a Child
Chapter 326: Internet Celebrities Shooting Scripts, This Is This
Chapter 327 The Truth About the Car Accident
Chapter 328 Reward 15% equity of Mercedes-Benz Group
Chapter 329 It's Time to Use the Power of the Mercedes-Benz Group's Shareholders
Chapter 330 Buy a car and get a car model for free?
Chapter 331 Suicide in red?
Chapter 332 The First Passenger in Beijing Is So Outrageous
Chapter 33 Celebrities fight for singles
Chapter 334 I Really Have a Community
Chapter 335 My Second Cousin Is Here to Be the Captain of Security
Chapter 336 Aren't you giving him a reward for nothing?
Chapter 337 Fake celebrities meet fake celebrities
Chapter 338 The true identity is exposed (manga revision is coming)
Chapter 339 Smecta's Past Star
Chapter 340 The Little Princess of the Two-Star Group Born Noble
Chapter 341: Two Consecutive Rewards
Chapter 342 Helicopter to the Great Wall to pick up Yang Chen
Chapter 343 All the houses on the east side of the building are mine
Chapter 344 Surprised the entire Bangzi Country
Chapter 345 Pretending to be struck by lightning
Chapter 346 Two-Star Group's Young Master Fails to Pretend
Chapter 347 The young master of the Lotte Group is about to be abused and become stupid
Chapter 348 The two presidents of Liangxing Group and Lotte Group gathered in Haicheng
Chapter 349 The last card is played, it’s time to clean up the Ye family
Chapter 350 Solve the Ye Family
Chapter 351 Frisbee? Isn't that for dogs?
Chapter 352 Uncle
Chapter 353
Chapter 354 Money Can Really Distort Human Nature
Chapter 355 Kang Xiaolong Wants to Pursue Cheng Junjun
Chapter 356: Suffering a Heavy Injury
Chapter 357
Chapter 358 Do You Know What Despair Is?
Chapter 359 What Miss Sister Said Is Eye-Opening
Chapter 360 If he wants to die, then let him do it
Chapter 361 I Have Many Friends
Chapter 362 My purpose is to go public through a back door
Chapter 363: Airplane + armored vehicle, making a blockbuster movie?
Chapter 364 Shopping SKP
Chapter 365: Last year’s net profit was 10 million. Can you earn it by driving an online ride-hailing service?
Chapter 366 If I say he still has 11 houses, will you collapse?
Chapter 367 You handle him for me, or I will handle you
Chapter 368 Your Poor McLaren Wants To Pry My Girlfriend?
Chapter 369 She Saved Her Life
Chapter 370 Do you know this watch? More than 5 million pieces
Chapter 371 Are Your Stockings Strong?
Chapter 372 Brother Chen, Stop Doing Such Perverted Things
Chapter 373 Flirting with my girl on my site?
Chapter 374
Chapter 375 You want me to be a father
Chapter 376 Killing Both Sides
Chapter 377 Don't Disdain To Talk To You, You Have To Stretch Out Your Face
Chapter 378 Tomorrow Help Me Pretend To Be A Ten Billion Rich Second-Generation Boyfriend
Chapter 379
Chapter 380 Still Not Convinced After Being Beaten Up by Wang Nianming Last Time?
Chapter 381 Do you two want to go in and reform together?
Chapter 382 The Green Tea Whore Was Violated
Chapter 383 Yang Chen customizes the city government plan
Chapter 384 Even if you are the major shareholder of SKP, you are as powerful as Big Brother
Chapter 385 Can Even Big Brother Can't Hold Him Down?
Chapter 386 Master of Success?
Chapter 387 Returned Talented Student?
Chapter 388 She Can Be Resurrected With Just One Phone Call
Chapter 389 The Female CEO Has Yang Chen's Mother's Necklace
Chapter 390: Pinching Your Fingers, Your Head Turns Green
Chapter 391 The first sword on the shore cuts off the person he likes first
Chapter 392
Chapter 393 More and more evidence points to the Tang family
Chapter 394 The Murderer Who Caused the Traffic Accident
Chapter 395 If the mastermind is really him, none of the Tang family can escape
Chapter 396 New Rewards Realize National Production of Medical Devices
Chapter 397
Chapter 398 Investing in Filming the Captain of a Great Country
Chapter 399
Chapter 400 Luxury goods belonging to the Dragon Kingdom
Chapter 401
Chapter 402 I am the new owner of Prince Gong's Mansion
Chapter 403 I heard that the two of you want to hire Aegis security guards to deal with me
Chapter 404 Do You Think Your Dad Can Save You?
Chapter 405
Chapter 406 Do you two want to be stars?
Chapter 407 Wang Chao Begs Yang Chen
Chapter 408 Do you dare to surround Yang Chen if you try to get sideways?
Chapter 409 Is this the bully you mentioned that even Wang Dong is afraid of?
Chapter 410: The New Reward Is My Fate
Chapter 411 He really had an accident
Chapter 412
Chapter 413 Fame
Chapter 414
Chapter 415 Forcing Yang Chen to Attend the Exchange Meeting
Chapter 416: You Catch All
Chapter 417 Professor Yang Wants to Discuss Important Matters with Yang Chen
Chapter 418 Yang-Yang Team Up to Attack Quantum Entanglement
Chapter 419: Two Consecutive Rewards
Chapter 420 Here Comes the Prince Who Can Pretend
Chapter 421: The Golden Sports Car Is Not Smell Instantly
Chapter 422 1 Billion Mikin Sold Aegis Security Group
Chapter 423 Buying 1 Billion, Selling 10 Million, Easy Operation
Chapter 424 Buffett: Mr. Yang, I was wrong
Chapter 425
Chapter 426 Controlling Jinbai Oil and Gas Company
Chapter 427 The Prince Was Stabbed
Chapter 428 The Trip to the Golden Worship
Chapter 429: The Secret Behind the Assassination
Chapter 430 Both sides show their strength
Chapter 431 For the Son's Future
Chapter 432
Chapter 433
Chapter 434: The Decisive Battle Is Coming
Chapter 435 Buffett is in a hurry
Chapter 436 Vigorous Harvest (Today's Exemption Only)
Chapter 437 Want to play tricks and freeze the funds invested by Xingchen?
Chapter 438 You located the wrong place, blame me for sending it wrong?
Chapter 439: A Liar
Chapter 440 I think brother Chen is the boy who makes my heart beat
Chapter 441 You want face, so I don't?
Chapter 442: There Will Be Results Within 70 Days
Chapter 443 Going to Shenzhen to Negotiate
Chapter 444 Don't Tell Me Brother Ma, You've Exposed My Vest
Chapter 445 This Man Changed His Face So Quickly
Chapter 446 Do you want to show off your wealth?
Chapter 447 Mr. Ren asked to interrupt the press conference, waiting for Yang Chen to attend
Chapter 448 What Level of Boss Needs Mr. Ren in Person
Chapter 449 Do you want to build a car?
Chapter 450: Big bosses line up to invite Yang Chen to dinner
Chapter 451: Both Fruit and Two Stars Are Worried About Quantum Chips
Chapter 452 Someone invited Yang Chen to listen to Yang Chen's lecture
Chapter 453 Is Little Ma an Accomplice?
Chapter 454 Mr. Ren, Mr. Wang, Brother Xiao Ma, all present
Chapter 455 Announcing the Research Results of Quantum Entanglement
Chapter 456 A Attention Frightens Big Mimi
Chapter 457 Rewarding 67% Equity of Michelin Group
Chapter 458 Permanently Block Xinrong Ji
Chapter 459: If You Have More Savings, You Can Be the Vice President
Chapter 460 Scared my father-in-law so much that he fell several times
Chapter 461 I Can't Copy It
Chapter 462 The Little Purchasing Manager Is So Arrogant
Chapter 463 Canceling the rating of Tang Pavilion
Chapter 464 Treat differently?
Chapter 465 Cannibalism is Soft, But Hands Are Short
Chapter 466 Give it all to Arnold
Chapter 467 Arnold gave it all to Yang Chen
Chapter 468 Kurk Came to Look for Yang Chen Again
Chapter 469 New Reward—Possession of Bad Luck
Chapter 470
Chapter 471 Sister, your design is broken
Chapter 472 You Say You Like Me Before We Have Met Me?
Chapter 473 Doing Good Today and Eliminating Harms for the People
Chapter 474 You Have to Pay the Price for Bad Mouth
Chapter 475 No one can save them
Chapter 476 An Old Man Playing Hooligans in Public
Chapter 477: Everyone Takes Action
Chapter 478
Chapter 479 Assassinate Yang Chen
Chapter 480 Tang Xuexu Wants Revenge
Chapter 481
Chapter 482
Chapter 483 The film king harassed Chen Yanni
Chapter 484
Chapter 485 Held a press conference, but none of the reporters came
Chapter 486 Playing with the Poor Power in His Hands
Chapter 487: There is no need for Mr. Yang to take action, we Dragon Science Academy will solve it
Chapter 488 Let me say that you are a mob
Chapter 489 Is it a black shop?
Chapter 490 Husband, just say something
Chapter 491 Mrs. Fu Wants to Keep Yang Chen
Chapter 492 Huo Song and Wu Yuchen are dead
Chapter 493 What kind of genius scam is this?
Chapter 494 I'm on a horse and my mentality has collapsed.
Chapter 495 What kind of three views is this?
Chapter 496 Do you still have Guan Gong on your back?
Chapter 497: The Queen of the Sea's Cell Phone
Chapter 498 Don't be shameless
Chapter 499 I want to check if you have any tattoos
Chapter 500 Two consecutive rewards
Chapter 501 Liu Tianwang and Liang Chaowei collaborate in a new movie
Chapter 502 New reward, artificial control of wind, rain, thunder and lightning
Chapter 503 This time we will fight to the end
Chapter 504 No skills, just throwing money
Chapter 506 The CEO of a listed company flirted with Lin Yiren in front of Yang Chen
Chapter 507 Isn’t 'Thirty Only' tailor-made for Wang Jiayi?
Chapter 508 Successful experiment of artificial rainfall and artificial cloud creation
Chapter 509 The whole world witnesses the stealth function of rain bombs
Chapter 510 Shocked by Many Sides
Chapter 511 Cousin was bullied
Chapter 512 It turns out he is a powerful person, no wonder he is so arrogant
Chapter 513 Yang Chen, I’m going to the city government to sue you.
Chapter 514 What’s the use of crying and admitting your mistake now?
Chapter 515: Rectify the urban passenger transport industry
Chapter 516 A bigger fish is involved
Chapter 517 I would rather kill him by mistake than let him go
Chapter 518 Do you want to blackmail someone in broad daylight?
Chapter 519 Rewarding National Chain Hospitals
Chapter 520 Scumbag, didn’t you agree to let me be the champion?
Chapter 521 Gao Qiguo wants to take revenge on Yang Chen?
Chapter 522 The bad old man really has his eye on Yang Chen’s body
Chapter 523 Thank you husband
Chapter 524 A child is not a person?
Chapter 525 Why is it so difficult to get negative reviews and complaints?
Chapter 526: How dare a man who fishes for money pretend to be rich
Chapter 527 I said I would make you regret it
Chapter 528 Want to treat Yang Chen as a blood slave?
Chapter 529 Just give me 200 million
Chapter 530 Has anyone said you are pretending?
Chapter 531 I want to stay with you and assassinate you
Chapter 532 There are still plans for the next step
Chapter 533 Everyone agrees to change Yang Chen’s number
Chapter 534 Go to Hangzhou to have a massage with Brother Ma
Chapter 535: Having morning tea with Brother Malaysia and meeting the boss of LV
Chapter 536 Yang Chen’s new design canvas bag for LV
Chapter 537 Sleep Tester
Chapter 538 Let’s make a bet, 10 billion meters of gold is the standard
Chapter 539 Official declaration of war
Chapter 540 On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 541 Sun Zhengyi is defeated
Chapter 542 New Reward, Immortality Research Laboratory
Chapter 543 Poverty does limit imagination
Chapter 544 I want the county’s mineral development rights
Chapter 546: Pfizer and Johnson {xml} Johnson surrender, Merck admits defeat
Chapter 547 All Surrender to Star Technology
Chapter 548 Is a mere ten million worth risking your life?
Chapter 549 Picking up a wife for nothing
Chapter 550 Opening the door to a new world
Chapter 551 Qiu Tian has become a big shot that others cannot reach?
Chapter 552 Want a hundred people to besiege Yang Chen?
Chapter 553 The things you are proud of are not worth mentioning here.
Chapter 554: Bangzi Country developed room temperature superconducting material?
Chapter 555 Your room temperature superconductivity is fake, mine is real
Chapter 556 Mr. Porsche? I thought he was Mr. Porsche
Chapter 557 You can’t cover the sky with just one hand
Chapter 558 I understand your sense of crisis as a man
Chapter 559 The rich woman falls in love with Yang Chen
Chapter 560 There are too many companies, I forgot about this company
Chapter 561 Advanced Level Green Tea
Chapter 562: You are so arrogant in front of me, but you don’t dare to look at my phone when I give it to you
Chapter 563 Benefits brought by technological progress
Chapter 564 Foreign countries want to buy rain bombs
Chapter 565 Bai Fumei who lives in Tan Palace
Chapter 566 Wall Street declares war on Yang Chen
Chapter 567 The first round of the battle
Chapter 568 Isn’t it easy to find a girlfriend? Just take whoever you like!
Chapter 569 I am so poor that I drive a BMW X7
Chapter 570: Coming to the door for a satisfactory solution
Chapter 571 Two girls whose views are shattered
Chapter 572 No need to refund the rent, I also have a house to rent to you in Haicheng
Chapter 573 Poverty does limit our imagination
Chapter 574: Scolding the developer to his face for being brainless
Chapter 575 I want to exchange identities with Yang Chen for a day
Chapter 576 The blind date has a misunderstanding
Chapter 577 Misunderstanding about pregnancy
Chapter 578 Zhao Yong is finally accused
Chapter 579 Test Yang Chen’s ability
Chapter 580 Determined to Win
Chapter 581 I’ve finished my words, who has any opinions?
Chapter 582 I swear to keep my chastity
Chapter 583: Full, time to hunt
Chapter 584 Cousin Li Xiaofei is besieged
Chapter 585: Wall Street shorted Luckin, Yang Chen got Maotai shares
Chapter 586 What is the combination of coffee + Moutai?
Chapter 587 The poor little brother is wearing a hat
Chapter 588 Yang Chen bought too much gold and was misunderstood by the police
Chapter 589 You, a small character, cannot affect the battle situation
Chapter 590 Wall Street’s second short-selling report
Chapter 591 Is the President of Longguo District of the Fruit Company very powerful?
Chapter 592 Star Investment, JPMorgan Chase, Satori, short fruit company
Chapter 593 From now on, the offensive and defensive positions change
Chapter 594 The Arrogant Stick Star
Chapter 595 Appreciating Li Sharong’s special performance
Chapter 596 Kidnapping?
Chapter 597 Donating animal heads with Yang Chen
Chapter 598 New York Gold Reserve Center joins the war
Chapter 599 You are all pawns
Chapter 600 Starting a special mission
Chapter 601 Do you believe that I am Qin Shihuang, or do you believe that she is still here for the first time?
Chapter 602 Let you experience the feeling of a perfect girlfriend
Chapter 603 Yang Chen fell in love with Chongming Island
Chapter 604 Your superiors ordered you to actively cooperate with all Mr. Yang’s requests.
Chapter 605: You can’t bear the reputation for not having done practical things.
Chapter 606 You’re teasing me by riding a horse, right?
Chapter 607 The Misery of the World
Chapter 608 A shameless woman
Chapter 609: After tomorrow, I will slowly play with you
Chapter 610 Yang Chen is a liar who talks about cheating?
Chapter 611 Dad, didn’t you say you wanted to teach him a lesson?
Chapter 612 Long Wei wants to hire a spokesperson!
Chapter 613 New Reward, Dongjing Electric Power Group
Chapter 614: Discharge polluted water?
Chapter 615 Discharging sewage into the sea? I firmly oppose it!
Chapter 616 Admit it, it was you who created the typhoon
Chapter 617 What’s going on, engaging in seafood farming in Xinjiang Province?
Chapter 618: Can a powerful dragon not overwhelm a local snake?
Chapter 619 You gave it to him
Chapter 620 Perverted Thoughts from My Best Friend
Chapter 621 Local snake? You are not worthy of being an earthworm!
Chapter 622: What first blood? Don’t talk nonsense.
Chapter 623: Do you have a strong relationship?
Chapter 624 I’ll do whatever you say
Chapter 625 Three children don’t have the same father
Chapter 626 Yang Chen is preparing to make a robot to benefit men
Chapter 627 A woman’s mind is adaptable
Chapter 628: You will marry me if you catch me, but you slipped away
Chapter 629 New reward, 20% equity of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Chapter 630 Little Panasonic still wants to threaten me?
Chapter 631 Passengers with dogs and others intercepted Yang Chen
Chapter 632: The new company will be called Sungrow
Chapter 633 Wang Nianming slaps the bastard who provoked Yang Chen
Chapter 634 I demand that Mitsubishi Motors must withdraw from the Dragon Country market
Chapter 635 Do black agents still dare to cause trouble?
Chapter 636 More than people, right?
Chapter 637 New Reward——Embryo Technology Company
Chapter 638 You are not qualified to overtake my car
Chapter 639: Can even being beaten make a great contribution?
Chapter 640: Can you two eldest ladies kiss me?
Chapter 641 Vice President Truss? Then you have to go in!
Chapter 642 Max fights with Yang Chen
Chapter 643 Want to use Disney President to get Yang Chen?
Chapter 644 Wave after wave of surprised black brothers
Chapter 645 New reward, 20% equity of Walt Disney
Chapter 646 The bad luck card is finally used
Chapter 647 Yang Chen—the real god!
Chapter 648 Disrupting the global medical device industry
Chapter 649 Dare to freeze my money?
Chapter 650 It’s useless for Brother Ma to plead for mercy
Chapter 651: Think your social connections are here?
Chapter 652 Announcement of Room Temperature Superconducting Materials
Chapter 653 Yang Chen wins again
Chapter 654 It feels like filming a TV series
Chapter 655 Meeting Liu Tianxian
Chapter 656: Arms dealers are awesome
Chapter 657 Liu Tianxian was bullied by a stick?