Chapter 911 Taking off

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Of course Li Yu knew that it was best to use zombie attracting potions when it rained.

However, it is more than 400 kilometers from here to Kentuang, and it takes more than an hour for a helicopter to fly there. The helicopter's cruising range is only more than 900 to 1,000 kilometers.

It's raining heavily now, so it's difficult for them to stop the plane for refueling on the way. It's too dangerous.

It takes at least ten minutes to refuel the helicopter. This is only possible if there is no unexpected situation.

But without refueling on the way, the helicopter's cruising range can only ensure that they fly over, directly drop the attractant, and return quickly without staying for a second longer.

A round trip will take nearly 900 kilometers.

The most important thing is that there is lightning and thunder now, which is not suitable for helicopter flying.

If it is hit by lightning, the helicopter is most likely to crash.

Li Yu was unwilling to let his third uncle take such a risk.

After hearing what Li Yu said, the third uncle wanted to insist, but seeing Li Yu's resolute expression, he shook his head and stopped talking.

Li Yu looked at the back of his third uncle as he left. The rain outside hit his body, and he felt a little moved in his heart.

In today's apocalyptic world where everyone is out for themselves, the third uncle is very capable but has great trust in him. Sometimes, in order to maintain Li Yu's authority, he will ask Li Yu for his opinion even though he knows what to do.

For Li Yu, solving these fraudsters in Southeast Asia is very important, but compared with Sanshu, Sanshu's safety is much more important than solving those fraudsters in Southeast Asia.

Rain falls from the damaged cracks in the pagoda.

The rain became heavier and heavier, and the wind and rain blew the branches in the temple topsy turvy.

Li Yu sat on the threshold of the temple, quietly watching the wind and rain outside.

The temple wall is also quite high, 4.5 meters high. As long as there are not a large number of zombies coming over and the zombies stacking up, they are relatively safe here.

There are only two small villages around this temple, and the nearest cities are dozens of kilometers away, so the population base is small and the number of zombies is not large.

However, if it rains for a long time, zombies from far away will come, and it will be more dangerous.

But it has just rained now, and there are only about a hundred zombies outside the temple.

Although the height of the temple is okay, the width is only 30 centimeters, making it impossible for a person to stand.

So Ju Tianrui and the others were driving their car and leaning it against the wall so that they could step on the car to stop the zombies outside.

There was originally no road for vehicles to enter this temple, but after being bombarded by a rapid-fire cannon, there was a road.

That hole was also blocked with a missile vehicle.

Li Yu sat on the threshold of the pagoda, watching Ju Tianrui and the others busy, preparing to stop the attack if the rain continued to fall and more zombies came outside.

Li Yu was not too panicked. After all, he still had two bottles of zombie attracting potion in his hand. He could just take out one bottle, open it and fly it out with a drone, which could also attract these zombies away.

Although I am anxious to deal with the fraudsters in Myanmar as soon as possible, it is raining too hard now and I can't rush for a while.

Walk to a waterless place and sit down to watch the clouds rise.

Since the situation is like this, it is still too dangerous for a helicopter to go out under the thunder and lightning and the pouring rain.

If it's light rain, that's okay.

Li Yu sat on the threshold watching the rain, smoking a cigarette, and was stunned for a moment.

The rain hits the historic blue bricks, and the splashes look like many small umbrellas.

The leaves of the ancient pagoda were blown off by the wind and rain.

Some rainwater has accumulated on the ground, and fallen leaves float on the water, following the water to the ground.

The sound of rain was hypnotic, and Li Yu felt sleepy without realizing it.

He used a walkie-talkie to contact Li Tie, who was controlling the drone, and asked him to contact him immediately after seeing the zombie swarm.

Then he returned to the armored RV to rest in the rain.

The rain is pouring.

Li Yu listened to the sound of rain and fell asleep leaning on the sofa.

Half an hour later.

Suddenly, Li Yu noticed someone entering the RV.

Li Yu woke up instantly and subconsciously held the gun in his arms.

Look at the person coming.

Still the third uncle.

"Xiaoyu, the rain has become lighter. I think we can fly the helicopter there. Such light rain will have no impact on the helicopter, and it won't take long. We can be back in two and a half hours, two and a half hours."

When the third uncle saw Li Yu wake up, he said straight to the point without any nonsense.

The third uncle leaned over and sat on the sofa, looked at Li Yu seriously and said: "When we were dealing with the forces of the Yue Kingdom, we consumed a lot of heavy artillery shells. At present, these shells are non-renewable. One less shell is used.


Now that it’s raining, we can deal with those scammers without using heavy artillery. This is a rare opportunity! Don’t worry about it anymore. Your third uncle and I have experienced many battles and nothing will happen to us. You have to believe me!”

The third uncle's attitude was very resolute. If he hadn't been concerned about Li Yu's mood, he would have taken Lao Qin and the others to fly the helicopter.

When Li Yu heard what his third uncle said, he didn't answer immediately.

Walking straight out of the RV, the rain was indeed much lighter.

There was no thunder anymore, but the sky was still dark and there was no sign of clear weather.

This kind of sky seems to have temporarily become smaller.

No one can tell how long it will take before the rain becomes heavier again.

"Xiaoyu, time is tight, please give me the zombie attracting potion quickly. The helicopter has been filled with fuel and is ready to go at any time. Don't worry!"

The third uncle saw Li Yu get out of the RV and said again.

Li Yu heard the third uncle's firm attitude and pondered for a few seconds.

Without saying anything, he went directly into the small room at the back of the RV and pulled out a silver box from underneath.

I took out the zombie attracting potion, and just like last time, I found a thermos bottle and stuffed some cotton into it.

He handed the zombie attracting potion to his third uncle.

The third uncle took it and his face lit up.

Turn around and leave.

"Uncle San." Li Yu suddenly said.

"Huh?" Third uncle turned around.

"Be safe and be sure to come back!"

Li Yu said.

A warm current surged in the third uncle's heart. He naturally knew the reason why Li Yu was unwilling to let him go and was worried about his safety.

This chapter is not finished yet, please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! So he said to comfort: "Don't worry, I have flown helicopters in heavy rains before, so this is no good."

After saying that, he left directly from the RV.

Go towards the helicopter.

Li Yu got out of the RV and watched his third uncle get on the helicopter.

In the helicopter, there were not only Uncle San and Lao Qin.

There is also Cannon, physicist and translator Lao Zhang, and two Burmese fraudsters.


The helicopter braved the light rain, and the helicopter's rotors swept away the rain and flew towards the sky.

Watching the helicopter getting further and further away, Li Yu's heart lifted.

He had to worry!

I don't know since when, his third uncle and his second uncle gave him great support and relieved a lot of his burden.

According to his character, he had no intention of expanding the Da Zhangshu base to so many people.

It is precisely because people like his third uncle gave him enough confidence and courage that he dared to let the base continue to develop and reach this point today.

"Captain and the others have left?"

Lao Luo, who came from behind the temple, walked over, looked at the helicopter high in the sky in the distance, and asked.

"I just left. What's wrong? What's the matter?" Li Yu looked at Lao Luo and asked.

Lao Luo shook off the drizzle on his body and said, "Mr. Li, the brigade just came over and asked me how many shells were left in the heavy artillery, so I cleaned up and calculated them.

The heavy artillery shells we brought out on this trip are less than a hundred rounds."

"Huh? So few? How many are there at Da Zhangshu Base?" Li Yu frowned and asked.

"Yes, we spent too much money on the Yue side yesterday. The heavy artillery shells are already few. There should be a few thousand rounds at the base."

"Huh -" Li Yu breathed a sigh of relief after hearing that there were still thousands of rounds at the base.

The shells of heavy artillery can no longer be consumed like this. I brought more than 800 rounds with me on this trip. If I use them like this, they will be used up five or six times at most.

"Okay, I understand, is there anything else?" Li Yu asked.

Lao Luo was a little embarrassed and said to Li Yu: "The brothers didn't sleep last night, I thought about letting them rest first.

The preparations over there to stop the zombies have been made."

Lao Luo and the others started bombing the Yue Kingdom with heavy artillery from twelve o'clock last night until five o'clock in the morning, and then went all the way to the Yue Kingdom to clean up the battlefield.

Immediately afterwards, we quickly drove to Myanmar.

Li Yu looked at the time, it was already past five o'clock in the evening.

It's raining now, and I can't tell whether it's day or night.

Hearing what Lao Luo said, Li Yu said with some embarrassment: "I was negligent. Okay, you let the brothers rest, and I will ask Yang Tianlong and his team to support you."

"Okay, thank you Mr. Li."

After saying that, Lao Luo walked behind the pagoda.


The other side.

Jackal controlled the helicopter and flew about forty kilometers when he suddenly saw dense zombies on the ground, walking in the direction they came from.

"Captain, look below." Jackal exclaimed.

The third uncle quickly looked down, having the same thought as the jackal.

When it rains, zombies' sense of smell is extremely sensitive.

Able to smell humans from far away and then walk in the rain.

Especially the more people a place has, the more popular it is and the more zombies it attracts.

The third uncle said to the ants: "Use the military radio to notify Li Yu and others to prepare for the attack of the zombie wave. Tell them that a group of zombies is heading in their direction."

"Okay." Ant nodded and immediately operated the military radio.

"Captain, how about we use rocket bombs to kill some zombies?" Lao Qin said.

"No, we are very pressed for time. The more serious business is to go to the Myanmar National Park as soon as possible. Xiaoyu and the others can solve it."


"I am Ant, Mr. Li. I am seeing a group of zombies to the southwest of you. It is estimated that there are tens of thousands of zombies coming towards your direction. Please be careful."


Ten seconds later, Li Gang replied:

"I am Li Gang. I have received your reminder. You should also pay attention to safety."

Ant put down the headset and nodded towards the captain.

The helicopter continued to fly, gaining altitude and crossing the clouds. The helicopter's body was relatively flat and its flying speed was much faster.

The helicopter's fastest flying speed is 318 kilometers per hour. If there are no accidents on the way, it can reach the Myanmar park in about one hour and fifteen minutes.

The thick clouds are below, looking magnificent.

It makes people feel relaxed and happy to see it.

On the horizon, the sun sets.

A red sun hangs in the sky.

Standing at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters, overlooking the mountains and rivers exposed through the gaps in the clouds, everyone in the helicopter was shocked by the beautiful scenery.


Only the sound of helicopter turbines and engines.

From time to time, Da Pao asked Lao Zhang to question the two fraudsters.

These two people are the only remaining Burmese fraudsters, and the others were slaughtered because they were not cooperative enough.

"Going south? Are you sure?" The third uncle frowned. He remembered that it was not this direction.

When the third uncle was performing missions in Southeast Asia before the end of the world, he went to Kentuan, so he also knew the approximate location.

Now the location informed by this scammer is even wrong in the general direction.

Lao Zhang nodded and said, "Yes, he said he was going south anyway."

The third uncle looked at the scammer who answered with a faint look.

His eyes were deep, as if he wanted to penetrate him with one glance.

The scammer who answered in this direction was seen by his third uncle as feeling guilty, so he lowered his head.

The other fraudster also had an unnatural expression. The third uncle said to Jackal and the others: "Do you remember that Kentuan is heading south?"

"No, I remember walking straight to the southwest. Look, isn't that the Nu River? Southwest!"

"Yes, I also remember it was heading southwest."

Not only Jackal said this, but also Lao Qin.

The third uncle nodded and said: "Well, then continue flying to the southwest."

He looked at the lying fraudster with a cold look in his eyes.

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After saying that, the third uncle suddenly opened the cabin door.

Hula hula——

The strong wind outside swept in.

The third uncle gestured towards the cannon.

Dapao understood immediately, unbuckled the fraudster's seat belt and pushed him toward his third uncle.

The third uncle firmly grasped his shoulders. The fraudster's hands were tied behind his back and he was unable to resist.


The fraudster kept chattering, his face was a little pale, and he looked at the third uncle in horror.

"What did he say?" Third Uncle asked Lao Zhang.

Lao Zhang's face changed slightly when he saw his third uncle's actions.

He said a little nervously: "He said he remembered it wrong and it was to the southwest."

The third uncle sneered, and then pushed half of the fraudster's body out of the helicopter.

Whirring whirring--

It's windy and cold at high altitudes.

The scammer was blown away by all kinds of things. The most important thing was that as soon as the third uncle let go, he would fall from a height of several thousand meters.

Death is certain.

The third uncle held the fraudster tightly and did not let go of his hands.

Five minutes later.

The third uncle suddenly pulled him in.

The fraudster was shaking all over, his lips were blue, and his face was full of fear.


"He said he didn't dare anymore. Please don't throw him down. He is afraid of heights!"


After everyone heard this answer, they felt a little happy inexplicably.


The third uncle immediately closed the cabin door.

The wind suddenly stopped.

The fraudster was still trembling and had not recovered from the horror just now.

When another fraudster saw this scene, his eyes became a little straight and his legs trembled.

The third uncle said: "Old Zhang, let them remember to be obedient and give good directions. If they lie again, they will be thrown away."

When Lao Zhang heard this, he quickly translated for the two fraudsters.

The two fraudsters nodded quickly, their frightened little eyes full of fear.

When the third uncle saw this, he still did not relax his vigilance.

Of course he knew the risks of this trip.

For a helicopter with a maximum range of only 1,000 kilometers, the journey from Li Yu to the Burmese fraud park is only 450 kilometers, and the round trip is 900 kilometers.

There is still a surplus of 100 kilometers.

But that is calculated based on the best condition of the helicopter.

Myanmar is a country with many mountains and forests. If they want to land halfway, they can't land in the forest at all. They can only land in a flat place, and such places are usually towns or cities, where there will be more zombies.

It took ten minutes to refuel, and the zombies probably rushed over before they even finished refueling.

Therefore, the third uncle knew that he could not take any detours this time.

Get it right at once!

After you get there and put the medicine in, you have to go back immediately without having time to observe the effect.

After this operation, the two fraudsters became much more honest.

Time passes slowly.

After an hour.

They came to Kentuan City.

In the color of the rain, the buildings in Kentuan City are extremely dilapidated, but full of dilapidated beauty.

There are walking zombies everywhere in the city, and these zombies are all walking to the west.

Jackal lowered the helicopter to an altitude of 800 meters.

Lao Zhang asked for the specific direction, and both fraudsters pointed to the west of Kentuan.

The third uncle looked at the direction in which the zombies were walking below, and they were walking towards the west.

So he said to the jackal: "Fly to the west."

Then he said to Lao Zhang: "How far is it?"

Lao Zhang quickly translated.

"ten kilometers."


Another five minutes passed.

There is a mountain col among the two mountains ahead.

There is a tall wall at the front and back, definitely over twenty meters high.

It seems quite impressive.

On top of the wall, there are people blocking the zombies.

There are tens of thousands of zombies outside the wall, layer upon layer, and some zombies have even climbed to a height of seven or eight meters.

Boom, boom, boom!

The people on the wall kept throwing big rocks at them, knocking down the stacked zombies.

Flying over the Myanmar National Park, there are densely packed buildings inside.

There were many people inside, definitely more than 5,000 people.

There were many people carrying stones to the wall, and the whole thing looked very united.

Is this a scam park?

Cannon was a little surprised after seeing it.

"Captain, I remember being here." Ant said suddenly.

He looked at the buildings below and felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

The third uncle pondered, he felt the same way.

"I remember, I remember this place. Do you still remember the crackdown on cross-border drug traffickers? It seems to be here at that time, the big drug lord Naw Kang in northern Myanmar."

Lao Qin said suddenly.

A flash of lightning flashed in Uncle San's mind, and he remembered it.

There are many jungles in northern Myanmar and it is very chaotic. There is an area that belongs to the "Three No Ones" zone.

There are a lot of drugs and violence in this place.

When they first captured Pu Nuokang, it seemed that they ended up chasing him to this place.

This place is full of crime, drugs, fraud, organ trafficking...

All illegal things are treated as normal business here.

They had seen someone here selling a teenage girl as a slave.

You know, that was before the end of the world.

At the beginning, if they hadn't been busy with their mission and lacked manpower, they would have wanted to destroy this place.

At this time, I am back here again.

What a fate.

The third uncle slowly took out a thermos cup from his arms.

"Hey, isn't this my thermos cup?" Cannon asked in surprise.

The third uncle glanced at him, and then took out the zombie attracting potion from the thermos cup.

Cannon looked straight.

This, this, this, you use my thermos cup to hold zombie attracting potion and you don’t even say a word to me?

"Li Yu gave it to me." Third Uncle said calmly.

Then he handed the thermos cup to him and said, "Give it back to you."

I knew it in my heart. When I set out today, I saw Li Yu casually grabbing a thermos cup in the RV. The one he used last time should have been Li Yu's own.


Nowadays, there is no need for a thermos cup. It would be the same to just throw it away. The purpose of the thermos cup is to prevent accidentally breaking the glass during transportation and letting the medicine inside flow out.

This chapter is not finished yet, please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! "No, no, no need. You can use it as you like, third uncle, or you can throw it away. Hehe." Cannon said with a somewhat embarrassed smile.

Would he still dare to use a thermos cup filled with zombie attraction potion?

Even if the medicine didn't flow out, he was still afraid.

He has seen the effect of zombie attracting potion.

The agent has strong adhesion and is difficult to wash off once contaminated.

If he drinks water from a thermos cup, if even a drop is left in the thermos cup, he will become a humanoid zombie attractor if he drinks it.

A cannon that attracts zombies?

He could imagine that he was running in front, with a large group of zombies chasing him behind him.

Thinking about this picture makes me feel horrified.

The third uncle smiled slightly when he saw his answer.

Then open the cover of the thermos cup, open the mouth of the medicine, and put it into the thermos bottle.

Twist the cap slightly.

When the helicopter flew to the center of the park, it was dropped.


The thermos flask rotates in the air, and the lid of the thermos cup is slowly loosened.

flew out.


It fell into the gap between the two buildings.

Dang Dang Dang!

The thermos cup rolled around and the medicine inside spilled out.

However, the gap between the two buildings was too small, only less than 30 centimeters. In addition, it was raining, and the roars of zombies outside the wall were covered up, so no one noticed it.

On the contrary, the lid of the thermos bottle stained with two drops of medicine fell off in the air and hit the edge of a building.

Then ejected.

Dang Dang Dang!

It happened to hit a person coming out of the house.


The man's head was hit by the lid and he fainted on the ground.

"Brynn, Brynn!"

Several people around shouted.


After throwing away the potion, the third uncle asked the jackal to return immediately.

There is no need to go back the same way, just follow the straight line distance according to the position on the electronic beacon.

On the way here, they tried to take a straight line, but because they didn't know the specific location, they still flew an extra dozen kilometers.

After hearing what Uncle San said, Jackal pulled the helicopter up, and then returned to Li Yu and the others according to the position of the electronic beacon.

Before setting off again, I had already made my reservation.

After leaving the park, Cannon saw the park getting further and further away.

He said to his third uncle: "What should we do with these two fraudsters?"


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