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Chapter 11898 Awe

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Now Ye Chen and Ren Feifan have arrived. If he wants to destroy Shiva's skeleton, he can only join forces with Ye Han and borrow the power of Vishnu behind Ye Han.

The rotten ancestor said with a smile: "This is natural, Mr. Yehan, you go ahead and I will arrive in a few days. If you and I join forces, we will definitely kill Shiva!"

After the discussion was settled, the Rotten Ancestor gave some more blessings from the abyss, and sent the Ancient Mie Zhenjun to follow Ye Han. The two set off first and entered the Shiva Blood Valley.

At this time, Ye Chen, Fairy Floating Light, and Ren Feifan had returned to Jiuyang Holy Ruins.

Recalling the danger that had just destroyed the ancient city, the three of them all felt like Shen Ran.

Fairy Floating Light looked towards the direction of the destruction of the ancient city and murmured: "The power of the abyss is really terrifying."

In fact, the rotten ancestor's cultivation level is at best that of a super-grade Heavenly Emperor. According to common sense, Ren Feifan does not need to take action. Ye Chen alone can fight against him with the help of the power of the blood dragon and some trump cards.

But unfortunately, now that Ye Chen, Ren Feifan, and Fairy Floating Light have joined forces, they can't defeat the Rotten Ancestor.

All this is because the power of the abyss behind the Rotten Ancestor is too terrifying!

Even if the supreme Dao Lord, Soul Heaven Emperor, comes, he may not be able to compete with him on the territory of the Rotten Ancestor.

This is not the power of the Rotten Ancestor, but the power of the abyss behind him. It is the real terror of darkness, a cancer that can eat away at the beginning of time!

"If you want to kill the Rotten Ancestor, you must first cut off his connection with the abyss."

"Or I can use Buddhism to destroy his spiritual consciousness, but it must be outside his territory."

"If the three of us join forces on his territory, I'm afraid we will end up being crushed."

Ye Chen shook his head and said, in fact, he already has the means to crush the Rotten Ancestor, but it must be used outside the Rotten Ancestor's territory.

Ren Feifan looked towards the horizon in the direction of the Linga Pillar and said, "Then just lead him to the Shiva Blood Valley and kill him."

"We want to dig out Shiva's bones. Ancestor Rot will definitely not sit idly by and do nothing. He will definitely take action."

Ye Chen looked at Lin Jiazhu, licked his lips, his eyes flashed with a beast-like light, and said: "That's right, the battle is not over yet, we still have a chance!"

Ren Feifan said: "Let's light the Heavenly Slashing Holy Fire first. The Shiva Blood Valley is filled with the mist of the abyss. Without enough blessings, it will be difficult for us to fight against the abyss."

He looked back at the top of a mountain in Jiuyang Holy Ruins, where there was an altar. The ceremony of lighting the holy fire was still in progress.

The so-called Holy Fire of Heavenly Slash is the unique skill of Shiva, the energy condensed atmosphere of "Sky Slash".

Among Shiva's ten methods, "Heavenly Slash" and "Supreme Destruction of the World" are the most powerful, far surpassing other methods.

The unique skill of "Heavenly Slash" entrusts Shiva's ambition to cut through the abyss, and it is most fierce and domineering.

Ren Feifan knew very well that the power of the abyss had spread unchecked in the Shiva Blood Valley, and he must have Shiva's blessing in order to fight against the abyss.


At this time, a ball of golden-red flame suddenly ignited on top of the altar on the top of the mountain. It was ten times more brilliant and sacred than the Nine Sun Giant Hammer, and it kept blooming.

The entire Jiuyang Holy Ruins also became warmer, and along with it, the territory of Jiuyang Holy Ruins expanded outwards. Many abyssal haze outside was dispersed under the illumination of the golden-red flames.



"Is the flame lit so quickly?"

Ren Feifan was a little surprised. Yang Zending had said before that it would take at least three days to light the holy fire, but now the holy fire has been lit.

"Lord of Reincarnation, Dharma King Ren, Fairy Floating Light, you are back."

After the Heavenly Slash Holy Fire was ignited, a stream of light flew down from the top of the mountain, which was the Holy Lord Yang Zending of Jiuyang Holy Ruins.

When he saw the three people returning safely, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I'm so thankful to have escaped from the Rotten Ancestor."

Ren Feifan said: "It is indeed a fluke. I underestimated the power of the rotten ancestor. Under the abyss, we are all as insignificant as ants."

He looked at the world outside Jiuyang Holy Ruins, and the outside world was filled with endless haze of the abyss.

Yang Tianding said: "Compared with the truly vast abyss, the energy of our abyss is like a drop of water and the endless sea. Relying on the blessing of ancestor Shiva, it is enough to resist."

The mist of the abyss that permeates the shrine of Shiva is of course not the whole of the abyss. At most, it is just a drop of water in the abyss, and it may not even be counted as a drop of water.

Of course, this abyss and miasma between heaven and earth is troublesome enough for Ye Chen and Ren Feifan, and they must be dealt with carefully.

Fortunately, with Shiva's blessing, the two of them could relax a lot.

"You two, the Holy Fire of Heavenly Slash has been ignited. You must accept the protection of the Holy Fire first, and then go to the Shiva Blood Valley. This will ensure that everything is safe."

Yangtianding Road.

Ye Chen said: "Okay."

Fairy Fuguang said: "I have used the Zhu Yan you killed before as a sacrifice to speed up the lighting of the holy fire. I hope you won't be offended, Lord of Reincarnation."

Ye Chen smiled bitterly and said: "It doesn't matter, I will also sacrifice the Nine-Yang Giant Hammer of Holy Master Yang. After all, I still owe you a debt, and I will try to make up for it."

Yang Tianding hurriedly said: "It's okay, Lord of Reincarnation, I hope you come back safely. Then the Nine-Yang Giant Hammer and the Nine-Heaven Thunder Crown are my gifts to you."

"You are a friend of ancestor Shiva, and I am one of Shiva's people. It is natural for you to contribute everything to Shiva."

Ye Chen felt a little relieved when he saw that Yang Tianding did not blame him.

Yang Tianding took out another picture scroll, offered it with both hands, and said: "This picture of the mighty heavenly dragon is also one of the crystallizations of ancestor Shiva's secret knowledge. Please accept it from the Lord of Reincarnation."

The picture scroll in his hand is the Picture of the Mighty Heavenly Dragon, the trophy that Ye Chen dropped after he killed Zhu Yan.

"Thank you."

Ye Chen accepted it without any excuse.

Now that the Rotten Ancestor is facing a powerful enemy, if he wants to defeat him, Ye Chen cannot let go of any opportunity to improve his strength.

Now the group of people went to the altar on the top of the mountain and looked at the holy fire burning on the altar. Ye Chen's eyes flashed slightly. The holy fire turned golden red, like a golden sun embedded in it. The light was so dazzling that it was difficult to look directly at it.

Ye Chen felt an inexplicable sense of awe in his heart, as if he saw the shadow of Shiva in the holy fire.

Back then, Shiva was sitting on the edge of the Destruction Sea of ​​the Abyss, looking at the dark surging abyss and seeing many undead souls struggling in the abyss. He was also afraid, fearing that he would also be swallowed by the abyss.

This fear turned into the will to fight, and he created a unique skill called "Heavenly Slash" to express his desire to cut through the abyss and achieve transcendence.

Ye Chen saw thousands of runes through the holy fire, which was the specific training method of "Heavenly Slash".

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