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author:Yi Nianzhi

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-12 01:21

Latest chapter:Chapter 1945: Far Far Away, So Close [5,000 words]

Endless chaos, the ups and downs of the world. In the Ziyin world, demons are raging, and the people are in chaos. There are also immortal clans, with numerous sects, protecting the human race to thrive. Chen Nianzhi reincarnated with a volume of Taoism and became a disciple of the Chen family's immortal clan. Since then, I have embarked on the arduous path of spiritual practice and the road to everlasting life. PS: I have ordered nearly 10,000 copies of an old book with a million words. The quality is guaranteed, so you can rest assured to pursue the book.

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《everlasting》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1945: Far Far Away, So Close [5,000 words]
Chapter 1944: The Fourth Level of Da Luo’s Body [5,000 words]
Chapter 1943: Kill Da Luo, great harvest [4,200 words]
Chapter 1942 Da Luo Cannon [4,000 words]
Chapter 1941 The Chaos War breaks out [4,000 words]
Chapter 1940: The Ultimate Qiankun Yiqi Bottle [6,400 words]
Chapter 1939 Hunyuan Barter Conference [5,400 words]
Chapter 1938 The Qi of Pure Yin [4600 words]
Chapter 1937 Daluo Divine Armor [4,000 words]
《everlasting》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The Cultivation Family has suffered many hardships
Chapter 2 Family Meeting
Chapter 3 Working together to overcome difficulties
Chapter 4 Lingzhou Lake
Chapter 5 Spirit Peach Tree
Chapter 6: Opening up spiritual fields, Purple-striped Goose
Chapter 7 Hatching Purple Goose
Chapter 8 The spiritual peach matures and the eighth level of Qi training
Chapter 9 Two years
Chapter 10 Breathing Pills
Chapter 11 Promotion to Elder
Chapter 12 Pingyang County
Chapter 13 Detecting Spiritual Roots
Chapter 14 Magic Cultivation
Chapter 15 Make up your mind to get rid of the evil trouble
Chapter 16 Demonic Cultivator Storage Bag, Blood Crystal
Chapter 17 The Treasure of Refining Demons
Chapter 18 Blood-turning Demon Knife
Chapter 19: Fierce Sun Fire, Burning Demons
Chapter 20: The devil is eradicated, a bolt from the blue
Chapter 21 On Lingzhou Lake, demonic cultivators attack
Chapter 22 Fierce Fighting Demon Cultivation
Chapter 23: Fear, Fire Sky Sword Talisman
Chapter 24 Tianxu Mountain
Chapter 25 Lin Qianshu
Chapter 26 Past Causes and Effects
Chapter 27 Ancient Cave Mansion
Chapter 28 Lihuo Guixu Sword
Chapter 29: Crystal of Lihuo
Chapter 30: Spiritual Roots of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 31 The third mouthful of Hongmeng Purple Qi
Chapter 32 Shopkeeper, do you want to collect the alchemy book?
Chapter 33: Full of righteousness and righteous words
Chapter 34: Alchemy Promotion, Letter from Qingyang
Chapter 35 Qingyang Sect, Foundation Building Pill
Chapter 36: Nine Bells, Foundation-Building Demonic Ape
Chapter 37 The Fierce Demon-Refining Ape
Chapter 38 Killing the second-level demon ape
Let’s talk briefly about the plot.
Chapter 39: Grudges and Return to Linghu Continent
Chapter 40 Breakthrough Foundation Establishment
Chapter 41: The patriarch comes out of seclusion and is eager for revenge
Chapter 42 Plotting against the enemy
Chapter 43: The Second-Level Magical Artifact Green Ape Bead
Chapter 44 Enemies meet and fight fiercely
Chapter 45: Successful sneak attack, using different methods
Chapter 46: Kill the enemy in succession and achieve a complete victory
Chapter 47 Ming Yuan Dao Ze Jue
Chapter 48 Tianxu Mountain, the war is about to begin
Chapter 49: Crusade against Demon Wolf Mountain
Chapter 50 You guys stand back and let me come.
Chapter 51: Fire Sky Sword Talisman, breaking the deadlock
Chapter 52: Cooperate with each other to kill the big demon
Chapter 53 The Unlucky Demonic Cultivator
Chapter 54: Reward Lihuo Crystal
Chapter 55: Refining the Lihuo Guixu Sword
Chapter 56: Fu Ling’s heart arrives, purple energy refines the sword
Chapter 57 Bartering meeting, blood-tonifying ginseng
Chapter 58: Distribution of Foundation Building Pills
Chapter 59 The second level spiritual peach tree
Chapter 60: Double foundation building, double happiness
Chapter 61 Lin’s Immortal Clan
Chapter 62 Foundation Building Banquet
Chapter 63 Sword Fighting in Qingyuan Mountain
Chapter 64: The old patriarch takes action and wins the first battle
Chapter 65: Damage to the magic weapon and act cruelly
Chapter 66: Number one in sword fighting, freeing up fertility
Chapter 67: Distribution of Spirit Peach
Chapter 68: The Immortal Sword is promoted to a higher grade
Chapter 69: Seeking an enemy, angering both humans and gods
Chapter 70: No regrets in this life!
Chapter 71 The seeker in the world of mortals
Chapter 72: Refining magical powers
Chapter 73 Nirvana Immortal Apricot Tree
Chapter 74 Golden Beard Silk
Chapter 75 Fengyangfang City
Chapter 76 Barter Conference, meeting the enemy again
Chapter 77 Aoki Immortality Secret
Chapter 78 Purchasing Kuishui Elite
Chapter 79: Enemies meet and fight again
Chapter 80: Kill the opponent and make a grudge [please subscribe]
Chapter 81: I can’t be kind [please subscribe]
Chapter 82 Lingxing Mountain【Please subscribe】
Chapter 83 Xunfeng Soul-Severing Sword Talisman [Please subscribe]
Chapter 84: Repay the other person in his own way [First update]
Chapter 85 Qingmo Mountain, Peacemaker [Second update]
Chapter 86 Armistice [Third update]
Chapter 87 Refining the Ming Yuan Virtual Divine Sword [Fourth update]
Chapter 88 The Patriarch's Breakthrough [Fifth Update]
Chapter 89 Qingyang Sect comes to visit
Chapter 90 Return to Tianxu Mountain
Chapter 91 Yimu Earth Veins
Chapter 92: Rising and setting in the morning is a life [Additional update for Sunflower 2012’s reward]
Chapter 93 Trading Conference, Bu Yuanzhi
Chapter 94: Refining the Recovery Pill
Chapter 95 Battle against the Yimu Demon Clan
Chapter 96 Renshui Qinglian
Chapter 97 Qinglian Renshui Sutra
Chapter 98: Qinghe’s letter in the middle stage of foundation building
Chapter Ninety-Nine Black Iron Vein [Additional update]
Chapter 100 Killing the Gold-Eating Beast
Chapter 101 Occupying the Xuantieshan Dojo
Chapter 102: The Wei Clan
Chapter 103: Thunderbolt Skills, Shocking People [Added update to Yanyu Life Yannan Road]
Chapter 104: Refining Nine Bells
Chapter 105 Three Years
Chapter 106: Nianfu Establishes the Foundation
Chapter 107: Prepare to defeat the demon, determined to give it a try
Chapter 108: Thunderbolt Fiery Sword
Chapter 109 Thunder and Lightning Escape
Chapter 110: A sudden turn of events, killing the purple mansion demon peng
Chapter 111: Refining the Foundation Building Pill [Please subscribe]
Chapter 112 The Third-Level Treasure Boat [Please subscribe]
Chapter 113: The Theory of Daluo Jindan [Please subscribe]
Chapter 114: Using my father as a mirror to view myself [Additional update for rewards of karma]
Chapter 115: Eight Foundations in One Course [Please subscribe]
Chapter 116 Sixth Floor of Foundation Building
Chapter 117 Yangzhou Barter Conference
Chapter 118: Cloud Pattern Pill of Good Fortune [Additional update for a reward for those who call me daddy]
Chapter 119: Trouble at the Conference [Please subscribe]
Chapter 120: Pomo Ridge【Please subscribe】
Chapter 121 Yin and Yang annihilate the Aquarius Qi [Please subscribe]
Chapter 122: The third-level treasure medicine Xuanyu Ginseng [I’ll give you a reward for pretending to be fake]
Chapter 123: Sudden Attack
Chapter 124: Kill the enemy with one blow [Please subscribe]
Chapter 125: Refining the Mysterious Jade Pill
Chapter 126: The patriarch attacks the realm of Zifu [Please subscribe for more updates]
Chapter 127 Three Treasures Red Gold Flag [Please subscribe]
Chapter 128: Visit Tian’e Mountain
Chapter 129: Late stage of foundation building, promotion of fairy sword
Chapter 130 Gathering at Tianxu Mountain [Please subscribe for more updates]
Chapter 131 Signing a Covenant [Please subscribe]
Chapter 132 Tianya Sound Transmitting Mirror
Chapter 133: Recruiting Monks
Chapter 134: The Treasure of Thought
Chapter 135: The chaos of monsters breaks out [Please subscribe]
Chapter 136 Purple Spotted Wolf King
Chapter 137: The monster attacks unexpectedly, causing people to panic
Chapter 138: Siege of the Purple Mansion Monster Python
Chapter 139 The Ice Soul-Severing Divine Light
Chapter 140: Xumi splits light and condenses the sword
Chapter 141: Killing the Middle Stage of Zifu
Chapter 142: Victory in one battle, distribution of results
Chapter 143 Rushing to the aid of Fengjun
Chapter 144: Third-level treasure elixir Ziyun Dan
Chapter 145: Fighting the Purple Mansion Monster Wolf Alone
Chapter 146 The Yuanci Treasure Bracelet Contributes to Merit
Chapter 147 Vajra Banner
Chapter 148: Beat the Zifu monster to death with random punches
Chapter 149 The Fall of the Purple Spotted Wolf King
Chapter 150: Support Tianxu Mountain
Chapter 151: A Hundred Thousand Miles Attack
Chapter 154: Sky Python Demon King
Chapter 153 Ji Tu Kun Yuan Pan
Chapter 154 The Demon King Retreats
Chapter 155: The Monster Rebellion Ends
Chapter 156: Colluding with Demonic Cultivators
Chapter 157: Seeking skin from a tiger and getting robbed in the end
Chapter 158 Distribution of results
Chapter 159 Pan Boyuan’s Letter
Chapter 160 Enlightenment Tea Tree
Chapter 161: Promotion to Spiritual Root
Chapter 162 Cangqing Mountains, Heading to Yan Kingdom
Chapter 163: Ancient Cave Mansion
Chapter 164 Arrival at Yan State, Ice Spirit Root
Chapter 165 Yan State Barter Conference
Chapter 166: Renshui Crystal
Chapter 167: Refining the Renshui Green Lotus Platform
Chapter 168 Jasper Spiritual Eyes
Chapter 169 Wei Xuyuan comes out of seclusion
Chapter 170: Fighting in the Mountains
Chapter 171: Ancient Cultivator Inheritance
Chapter 172 Taking stock of harvest
Chapter 173: Golden Pill
Chapter 174: Zifu Gengjin Demon Spirit
Chapter 175 The third level spiritual peach tree
Chapter 176 Breaking through the Zi Mansion
Chapter 177: Two dozen Gengjin leylines
Chapter 178 Killing the Purple Mansion Demon Spirit
Chapter 179 Third-level mid-grade earth veins
Chapter 180: Taking stock of the results
Chapter 181: The Patriarch Breaks the Purple Mansion
Chapter 182: Refining Qi-Replenishing Guiyuan Pill
Chapter 183: Arranging the third-level formation
Chapter 184 Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
Chapter 185: Enlightenment in the Rain
Chapter 186: The Two Swords of Heavenly Li
Chapter 187 The greatest luck
Chapter 188 Take it all
Chapter 189: Planning for one’s own territory
Chapter 190: Raid on Cangkun Mountain
Chapter 191 Jiamu Divine Thunder
Chapter 192 Xian Ye builds the foundation
Chapter 193: The iron law of the family
Chapter 194 Summary of Annual Meeting
Chapter 195 Six years in a hurry
Chapter 196: Battle at Tianmang Lake
Chapter 197 Banquet for Ziji
Chapter 198: Bloody Battle at Tianmang Lake
Chapter 199 Breaking the situation with force
Chapter 200: A life-killing pill
Chapter 201: Killing the Late Zi Mansion [Please give me monthly votes for more updates]
Chapter 202 The End of the Demon King
Chapter 203: Taixu Five Tribulations Divine Light
Chapter 204: Redeem the Purple Blood Tower
Chapter 205: Distribute treasures and feel satisfied [please subscribe for more updates]
Chapter 206: Refining Pills
Chapter 207 Yaya builds the foundation
Chapter 208 Jiang Linglong breaks through the golden elixir
Chapter 209 Linglong survives the tribulation
Chapter 210: Refining Fayuan Dan
Chapter 211: Refining the Golden Pill
Chapter 212 Purple Blood Boat [Please subscribe for more updates]
Chapter 213: Deduction of the natal formation weapon
Chapter 214 Wei Xuyuan breaks through the Zi Mansion
Chapter 215 Taibai Star Bead
Chapter 216: Refining the Tianhe Renshui Sword [Please subscribe for more updates]
Chapter 217 The old friend dies
Chapter 218: The Refining Method of the Invisible Fairy Sword
Chapter 219 Purchasing the Lihuo Crystal
Chapter 220 News about the Sun Treasure Crystal [Please subscribe for more updates]
Chapter 221 Demonic Disaster [Additional update for Children’s Day]
Chapter 222: Blood-clothed Rebirth
Chapter 223 Lingyuan Mountain Spiritual Veins
Chapter 224: Refining the Invisible Fairy Sword
Chapter 225: Demon Refining Treasure
Chapter 226 Ziyang Jade
Chapter 227: Refining the Purple Qi Cloud Pattern Pill
Chapter 228 The old patriarch breaks through the middle stage of Zifu
Chapter 229 The middle period of Zifu
Chapter 230: Alliance of Tianxu
Chapter 231: Purple Green Gourd to Avoid Disaster
Chapter 232 Attacking Qingyang Mountain [More updates please vote]
Chapter 233 Killing Wei Chongyang
Chapter 234 Lin Mohe’s Determination
Chapter 235 The evil spirit of fire enters the body
Chapter 236 The last strength of Qingyang Sect
Chapter 237 Guangxiu Qiankun Scroll
Chapter 238 The final swan song
Chapter 239 The birth of Haotian Mirror
Chapter 240 Three chapters of the agreement, harvest after the war [please vote for additional updates]
Chapter 241: Replacement Magic Weapon
Chapter 242 Gathering the strengths of hundreds of schools to deduce the techniques
Chapter 243: Red Sun Burns the Void Furnace
Chapter 244 Xian Yan attacks Zi Mansion [Additional update]
Chapter 245 Entering the Demon Realm with Sword [Additional Update 2]
Chapter 246 Tianji Mountains
Chapter 247 Nascent Soul Preaching
Chapter 248 Crossing Youfeng Ridge Together
Chapter 249 Arriving at Tianluzhou [Additional update]
Chapter 250: The Method of Refining God
Chapter 251 The fifth level of Zifu, the perfection of divine refining
Chapter 252 Purchasing the Sun Crystal
Chapter 253 Treasure Hunting in Ruins
Chapter 254 Qingfeng Moon Sword
Chapter 255: The inheritance of Yuanying Sect
Chapter 256 Amazing Harvest, Canghai Ancient Scrolls
Chapter 257 Thousand Demon Slaying Demon Sword, Hundred Spirits Slaying Immortal Sword
Chapter 258 The annals of Qingxu history, gone and never coming back
Chapter 259: The Transformation of Divine Mind and Return to the Kingdom of Chu
Chapter 260: Twenty Years, Yaya Zi Mansion
Chapter 261 Attacking Jiaoyang Mountain
Chapter 262 Fake Lion Mastiff
Chapter 263: Killing the Demon King, Thunderbolt Golden Sun Halberd
Chapter 264: Exchange for Jiamu Leyline
Chapter 265: Refining the Golden Pill Again
Chapter 266: Sixteen Years of Retreat, Late Period of Patriarch Zifu
Chapter 267: Life in the world is suddenly like a traveler from afar
Chapter 268: Late period of Zi Mansion, promotion of the Immortal Sword
Chapter 269: The Fourth Level Lihuo Guixu Sword
Chapter 270 Sudden bad news, evil disaster
Chapter 271 Taicang Zhenren, crisis situation
Chapter 272: Going deep into the Demon Cave
Chapter 273: Combining body and sword, slaying demons
Chapter 274: The Immortal Sword shows off its evil ways and besieges the Lord of the Demon Cave
Chapter 275 Sudden changes, the Demon King’s layout
Chapter 276 Sword Killing Golden Pill
Chapter 277: Sacrificing one’s body to the sword
Chapter 278: Compensation and Harvest, Black Abyss Ancient Gold
Chapter 279: Luring the Devil into the Body
Chapter 280 Ji Feixue
Chapter 281 Xian Yan Zi Mansion
Chapter 282: The family’s thunder spirit root, the black python turns into a dragon
Chapter 283: Taoist Guxuan
Chapter 284 Deciding to take action, Ji He seeks revenge
Chapter 285 Tianhe Fairy Sword
Chapter 286 Millennium Qing Yuan Zhi
Chapter 287: Refining the Qingyuan Pill
Chapter 288: Deduction of magical powers, Liangyi Divine Thunder
Chapter 289: A Nine-Purple Mansion
Chapter 290 Family Meeting
Chapter 291: The catastrophe is difficult to overcome
Chapter 292: New people rise, old people die
Chapter 293 Bustling People
Chapter 294 Red Scorpion Demon King
Chapter 295: Tianhuan Demon Slaying Formation
Chapter 296 Why is she here?
Chapter 297: Killing the Black Dragon and Sacrifice the Immortal Sword
Chapter 298: Occupying Tianmang Lake, Water Yuan Orb
Chapter 299: Opening up territories, Tianxu Prefecture
Chapter 300: Distribution of Lingshan
Chapter 301: True Lord Ziqing
Chapter 302: Opening up the alchemy furnace
Chapter 303 The Fourth Level Renshui Qinglian Terrace
Chapter 304: The peach blossom tree should grow
Chapter 305 Jizhoufang City
Chapter 306 The enemy is coming
Chapter 307 Five Elements Spirit Fruit
Chapter 308: Yingying Dan
Chapter 309 Tian Xingzi
Chapter 310 Void Gem
Chapter 311: Refining the Golden Pill [Fourth update]
Chapter 312: Setting up the teleportation array
Chapter 313: Refining treasure ships and developing Tianxu Prefecture.
Chapter 314: The patriarch breaks through the fake elixir realm
Chapter 215 A brief introduction to the golden elixir
Chapter 316 Xu Qianyang borrows treasure
Chapter 317: Spiritual Pulse Promotion, Heaven and Earth Spirit Peach
Chapter 318: Breakthrough of the Golden Elixir
Chapter 319 Purple Sky Divine Thunder
Chapter 320: Broken Sword, Pure Yang Treasure
Chapter 321: Zi Yin’s Origin, Immortal’s Tribulation
Chapter 322: Immortal Sword Upgraded, On the Eve of the War
Chapter 323: Shiling, the Place to Send Troops
Chapter 324 Taiyi Heaven Sealing Formation
Chapter 325: Kill the Demon King
Chapter 326: Great victory, red gold and glazed armor
Chapter 327 Obtaining Supplies, Star Jade
Chapter 328: Counting Harvests and Distributing Treasures
Chapter 329: Deng’s Spiritual Mountain
Chapter 330: Yan Guo Immortal Cultivation Alliance
Chapter 331: True Lord Feiye
Chapter 332: Dealing with Spiritual Veins
Chapter 333: Refining alchemy, refining weapons, and processing the harvest
Chapter 334: Refining the Golden Pill, industry surges
Chapter 335: Twelve years in a hurry, deducing the exercises
Chapter 336: The old patriarch breaks the golden elixir
Chapter 337 Golden elixir banquet
Chapter 338: Splitting Light and Condensing Sword
Chapter 339 The Chen Family of Qi State
Chapter 340: Two hundred years, time is like smoke
Chapter 341: Distant Ancestor Chen Xuanyuan
Chapter 342 Ancestor Mo
Chapter 343 Xuanmo Mountain
Chapter 344: Grand Ancestor Mo’s Birthday
Chapter 345 Mo Yuan Sword
Chapter 346 Resolving Cause and Effect
Chapter 347: Ten years in a hurry, Huiyang Transformation Pill
Chapter 348 The Lord of Peach Blossom Mountain
Chapter 349 Potential Crisis
Chapter 350 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 351 Treasure Hunting in Ruins, True Lord Red Flame
Chapter 352: The Enemy of the Fake Baby
Chapter 353 The Ancient Scroll of the Setting Sun
Chapter 354: After two decades, the True Lord preaches again
Chapter 355 The third level of golden elixir
Chapter 356: The Treasure Against Fate, True Lord’s Preaching
Chapter 357 Heavenly Soul, Earthly Soul, Life Soul
Chapter 358 Five Meridians Transformation into Infant Formation
Chapter 359 Return to Chu State
Chapter 360: Manpower cannot reach it
Chapter 361 Qin Tianmu
Chapter 362 Ancient Furnace Heaven-Building Medicine
Chapter 363: Jade Heavenly Sword Talisman
Chapter 364: Kill the enemies and distribute the treasures
Chapter 365 Obtaining the Ancient Furnace Heaven-Mending Medicine
Chapter 366: Attack the Devil’s Cave Again [Please vote for me]
Chapter 367: Encounter on a narrow road
Chapter 368 Nine Domes Demon Refining Bracelet
Chapter 369: Destroying the Demon Cave
Chapter 370 Star fragments, post-war discussions
Chapter 371: The old patriarch is promoted to Zhongcheng Jindan
Chapter 372: The Magical Weapon for Overcoming Tribulation
Chapter 373: The middle stage of golden elixir
Chapter 374: Those who learn from me live, those who resemble me die
Chapter 375 Nianchuan Golden Pill
Chapter 376 Recruitment Order
Chapter 377: Destroying the Demon Clan’s Teleportation System
Chapter 378: Linking Spiritual Veins, An Accident
Chapter 379: The stunned demon clan
Chapter 380: Occupying the mineral veins and distributing void gems
Chapter 381 The Late Stage of Golden Elixir
Chapter 382 Strategies to open up wasteland
Chapter 383: Raising Spiritual Stones
Chapter 384 Leaving Jizhou
Chapter 385 The secret hand of the demon cultivator
Chapter 386 Fifth Level Thunder Bead
Chapter 387: Netherworld Stone
Chapter 388 Wang Family of Tianxingzhou
Chapter 389: Dao Discussion Conference, Ancient Relics
Chapter 390: Replacement of Tianjing, Daganhe
Chapter 391: See the world and understand the mountains and rivers
Chapter 392 Discussing the Tao
Chapter 393: Understanding the Inscriptions
Chapter 394: Deducing the natal spiritual treasure
Chapter 395: Five-color God Refining Technique
Chapter 396: Gilded Sapphire
Chapter 397 Twenty Heaven Crystals
Chapter 398 Four Elephants Formation Flag
Chapter 399 Three Treasure Glazed Armor
Chapter 400 The melodious ancient bell
Chapter 401: Killing Huo Zhenyan
Chapter 402 War Compensation
Chapter 403 Dao Mark Gemstone
Chapter 404 The Vast Sea
Chapter 405: Interrupted Ancestral Lineage
Chapter 406 Nascent Soul’s Legacy Treasure
Chapter 407: Demons are coming together, there is no way out
Chapter 408 Leader of Hanchuan Alliance
Chapter 409 Mother Earth Qi
Chapter 410 Thousand-year-old news, the method of creating pulses that conquers the sky
Chapter 411 Xianyan Golden Pill [First update]
Chapter 412: Revenge does not last overnight [Second update]
Chapter 413 Returning to Chu Kingdom [Third update]
Chapter 414 Holding the sun and moon in hand [Fourth update]
Chapter 415 Suppressing the True Lord [First update]
Chapter 416: Rich Harvest [Second Update]
Chapter 417: Distribution of Treasure Pills [Third Update]
Chapter 418: Family Heavenly Spiritual Root [Fourth update]
Chapter 419: Deducing the Alchemy Formula [First Update]
Chapter 420: Perfecting Magical Powers [Second Update]
Chapter 421 Wei Xuyuan is enthroned [Third update]
Chapter 422 The story behind
Chapter 323: Promotion to Demon Refining Treasure
Chapter 424: Missing the inheritance [First update]
Chapter 425: Dragon [Second update]
Chapter 426 Obtaining Star Fragments [Third Update]
Chapter 427: Open shops all over Jizhou
Chapter 428 Tao Body, Three Yin Bodies
Chapter 429: Promotion to Demon Refining Fairy Sword [Third update]
Chapter 430 Jiang Linglong accepts a disciple
Chapter 431 Medium-sized spirit stone veins
Chapter 432 Dealing with the Immortal Clan
Chapter 433: Sixth level of golden elixir, promotion of spiritual peach tree
Chapter 434: Migration Strategy
Chapter 435 Zhoutian Star Formation
Chapter 436: Enlightenment of magical powers
Chapter 437 Another Enlightenment
Chapter 438 The Qi of Nascent Soul
Chapter 439: Killing the True Lord
Chapter 440: If you don’t believe in destiny, man will conquer heaven.
Chapter 441 Lingbao Lihuo Guixu Sword
Chapter 442 Tian Xingzi
Chapter 443: Killing Tian Xingzi
Chapter 444: True Lord Haoran
Chapter 445 The Qi of Heaven
Chapter 446: Family Zifu died in battle
Chapter 447: Cutting down Yingke Peak with one sword
Chapter 448: An old friend who passed away
Chapter 449: Purchasing the Water Vein Jade
Chapter 450: Born Yuan Fei, promoted to Yin Yang Void Mirror
Chapter 451 Thirteen Demon Emperors
Chapter 452: Discussion before the war
Chapter 453: Finding out the inner ghost
Chapter 454: Golden Rhino Demon King
Chapter 455: Duel with the Demon King
Chapter 456 The formation was broken
Chapter 457: Level 5 Divine Thunder Bead
Chapter 458: Kill the Demon King
Chapter 459: The true king controls the dragon, or the dragon controls the true king
Chapter 460 The end of the war
Chapter 461 Counting the gains
Chapter 462: Replacement of fifth-level spiritual veins [Please vote for me at the end of the month]
Chapter 463 Qing Wan sits down
Chapter 464: Lingxu True Water
Chapter 465: Refining Spiritual Treasures, the Method of Heavenly Nascent Soul
Chapter 466: Opening up the continent to cultivate immortality
Chapter 467: Strategies for Founding a Country
Chapter 468: Goodbye, Taoist Zixu
Chapter 469 Qingluanzhou
Chapter 470: Selling Lingshan
Chapter 471: Gains from Enlightenment
Chapter 472: Don’t be sad about the past, don’t be afraid of growing old
Chapter 473: Hug left and right
Chapter 474: Breakthrough to the Eighth Level of the Golden Elixir
Chapter 475 Arriving at Qingluanzhou
Chapter 476 Dayan Ancient Scrolls
Chapter 477: Cave Heaven Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 478: Fire Taoist Body
Chapter 479 Star Lake Ancient Territory
Chapter 480: Arriving at the East China Sea Immortal Realm
Chapter 481 Old Monk
Chapter 482 The Bloodline of Ba Xia
Chapter 483: Be cautious
Chapter 484 Chen Nianzhi accepts a disciple
Chapter 485: Bagua Demon Refining Flag
Chapter 486 Mr. Wangchuan
Chapter 487: Working together to refine the demon
Chapter 488 Disaster, Blackmail Demon
Chapter 489: Distributing treasures, winning the tortoise shell
Chapter 490: The Mystery of the Bagua Demon Refining Flag
Chapter 491 Qing'ao Island, Lord Daoxuan
Chapter 492: Heavenly Thunder Bamboo, Jueling Sea
Chapter 493 The Three Demons of Dry Bone Island
Chapter 494: Hundred Spirits Killing Immortal Sword
Chapter 495: Defeat the Demon Cultivator
Chapter 496: Far Sea Immortal Realm, Tianling Fairy
Chapter 497 Blood God Sea Area, Garo Demon Island
Chapter 498 Facing the rocks to the east to view the sea
Chapter 499: Sneak into the Demonic Island and Control the Formation
Chapter 500: Battle with Gemini Jialuo
Chapter 501: Inventory of Harvest, Golden Lotus Demon-Conquering Pill
Chapter 502: Demon Cultivator Chases and Returns to Tianling Island
Chapter 503: Fifth-level Tianli Double Swords
Chapter 503 Return to Jizhou
Chapter 505: The ancestral land was leveled
Chapter 506: Sympathy between Heaven and Earth
Chapter 507: Son of Destiny
Chapter 508: Fighting for the Qi of Heaven
Chapter 509: Did it once
Chapter 510: Capturing the Qi of Heaven, the Eve of Nascent Soul
Chapter 511: Breakthrough of Nascent Soul
Chapter 512: Integration of natal supernatural powers
Chapter 513 Nascent Soul Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 514: Let’s practice dual cultivation
Chapter 515: Four Hundred Years of Greed
Chapter 516 Revenge
Chapter 517: The method of changing the world and continuing the connection with the earth
Chapter 518: The sword energy spans thirty thousand miles, and one sword radiates cold across nineteen continents
Chapter 519: Killing Lingshan with One Sword
Chapter 520: Destroy the Qin Clan
Chapter 521 Stargazing Ancient Scroll, Amazing Harvest [First Update]
Chapter 522: Three Ways to Become an Immortal [Second Update]
Chapter 523: Gold Foil Heavenly Book, Lingshan for Sale [Third Update]
Chapter 524: Dealing with the Vast Sea [Fourth update]
Chapter 525: The vast and fertile sea
Chapter 526: Continuing the Ground Fire Vein
Chapter 527: The Fifth Level Heaven and Earth Spirit Peach Tree
Chapter 528: Mahayana Magical Powers
Chapter 529 The Six Desire Fairy
Chapter 530 Ji Daoyan attacks the soul
Chapter 531: Demon blocks the way, critical moment
Chapter 532: Canglangzi, the First Sword Immortal in the East China Sea
Chapter 533 Taojun Changhe
Chapter 534: Yuanshen Daojun
Chapter 535 Linglong’s life experience
Chapter 536 Immortal’s Relic
Chapter 537: Lotus Platform, Lotus Seeds, Qingping Sword
Chapter 538: Replacement Treasure, Origin Golden Lotus
Chapter 539: Origin Golden Lotus Platform
Chapter 540: Immortal Apricot Tree Advanced
Chapter 541 Goodbye Pure Yang Fairy Sword
Chapter 542: Ruins of Tianhuan Island
Chapter 543: The Polluted Qi of Heaven
Chapter 544 Pure Yang Treasure Gold
Chapter 545: The so-called immortals and demons are just a thought
Chapter 546: Nianchuan Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 547: All flowers are mine, refining the Yingying Dan
Chapter 548 Daily Practice
Chapter 549: Forging a Favor
Chapter 550: Chen Guoxian Clan
Chapter 551 Chen Nianzhi’s sermon
Chapter 552: Immortals are not stained by the worldly atmosphere, and their sleeves are long and the wind blows thousands of miles.
Chapter 553: What Wen Yuan Sees
Chapter 554: Four Symbols of Taoism, Wenyuan becomes a disciple
Chapter 555: Chen’s seniority, Qingxu’s cause and effect
Chapter 556: Understand the Taoist body and deduce the techniques
Chapter 557: Organizing the Harvest
Chapter 558 Tianxuanzhou Barter Conference
Chapter 559 Taoist Dinghai
Chapter 559 Nirvana Fruit
Chapter 561: Arranging the Five Meridians Transformation Formation
Chapter 562: Going to Beiyuan
Chapter 563: Four Books and Eight Classics, Golden Crow Divine Fire Shield
Chapter 564: One Five Nascent Souls
Chapter 565: The Holy Land of the Long River
Chapter 566 Yuanshen Flower
Chapter 567 Beiyuan Snow Palace
Chapter 568 Ice Soul Fairy
Chapter 569: True Lord Tengyun
Chapter 570 Six Desires in the Red Dust Flag
Chapter 571 The tree buried in the soil
Chapter 572: Live up to my heart and live up to you
Chapter 573 Yin and Yang join together in the contract
Chapter 574: Refining the Ice Veins Shaping Heaven Pill
Chapter 575 Yaya breaks through Nascent Soul
Chapter 576: Star Glazed Body
Chapter 577 Yin Yang Baoshen Dan
Chapter 578: Killing Nascent Soul
Chapter 579: Return to the Eastern Wilderness
Chapter 580: Changes in the Vast Sea
Chapter 581: Surprise Attack on Purple Jade Lake
Chapter 582 Purple Marrow Divine Fruit Tree
Chapter 583: The Golden Rhino Demon King is at a dead end
Chapter 584: The Purple Jade Demon Emperor shows off his evil ways
Chapter 585: Everyone shows off their magical powers to repel powerful enemies
Chapter 586 Negotiating pensions and counting harvests
Chapter 587 Various Spiritual Treasures
Chapter 588: Digestion and Harvest
Chapter 589: Breakthrough to the Third Level of Nascent Soul
Chapter 590 Signing a contract, everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 591: Refining the fifth-level treasure boat
Chapter 592: Linglong’s breakthrough, the True Lord’s Banquet
Chapter 593 Fairy Qingyao, Taoist Dikun
Chapter 594: True Monarch Haoran’s opportunity to become enlightened
Chapter 595: Preparing the army for war, outside the Black Devil Ridge
Chapter 596: Attacking the Black Devil Ridge
Chapter 597: Five Magic Jars, Picture of One Hundred Ghosts
Chapter 598: The Great Divine Power of Nine Heavenly Stars Falling
Chapter 599: Kill the old devil and distribute the treasures
Chapter 600 Obtaining the Red Phoenix Furnace
Chapter 601: Rewarding Yingying Dan, Taoist Mingxin
Chapter 602: Three Questions of Understanding
Chapter 603 Hidden Cultivation
Chapter 604: Level 5 Soul-nurturing Wood
Chapter 605: Refining the Star Observation Tower
Chapter 606: Bagua Tree
Chapter 607: Bagua Demon Refining Flag
Chapter 608: Refining the Zhen clan’s heritage
Chapter 609 Ten Thousand Swords Lingxu Demon Slaying Array
Chapter 610 Invitation from the Tianlu Sect Leader
Chapter 611: Fifth-level high-grade leyline [Chapter 2]
Chapter 612: Powerful Balrog [Chapter 3]
Chapter 613: The calamity, the calamity of the soul [Fourth update]
Chapter 614 The critical moment [First update]
Chapter 615 The end of the emperor [Second update]
Chapter 616: Distribution of treasures, Quasi-Pure Yang Spiritual Treasure [Third update]
Chapter 617: Choose treasures, share of fire veins [Fourth update]
Chapter 618: Refining the Fire Source Divine Jade and Mastering the Secret Power of Heavenly Fire
Chapter 619: The New Primordial Spirit, Fairy Tianxuan
Chapter 620 Pure Yang Divine Liquid
Chapter 621: Desolate Demon Ridge
Chapter 622: Demon Killing Immortal Sword
Chapter 623 Disaster, disaster
Chapter 624: Ancestor of the God of Death
Chapter 625: Refining Quasi-Pure Yang Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 626 Taoist Jiuhe
Chapter 627 Accident
Chapter 628: Defeated, Transformed into a Blood Demon
Chapter 629 Xian Ling died in battle
Chapter 630: Ancestor of Yuanshen
Chapter 631: Red Dust Dream Butterfly Technique
Chapter 632 Xian Yan breaks the Nascent Soul
Chapter 633 Banquet, Xuantian Sword Immortal
Chapter 634 Ruins of Jiulong Pond
Chapter 635: The Treasure of the Dragon Palace
Chapter 636: Mythical Alien Species, Colorful Immortal Shell
Chapter 637: Join forces to kill demons and distribute the harvest
Chapter 638: Colorful Fairy Beads, Amazing Opportunities
Chapter 639 Moon God Bead
Chapter 640: The best auxiliary spirit treasure
Chapter 641: Family Expenditures and Industry
Chapter 642 Breaking through the middle stage of Nascent Soul
Chapter 643 Qian Tianyun
Chapter 644 Lingxu Continent
Chapter 645: Refining the Bagua Flag
Chapter 646 Chen Mingxuan
Chapter 647: The Fang Immortal Clan
Chapter 648: Suppressing the True Lord
Chapter 649: Lingxu Chen Family
Chapter 650 Jiang Linglong breaks through
Chapter 651: Star Palace
Chapter 652: Blood Cicada’s Escape Method
Chapter 653: Recovering the Qingyuan Sword Tip
Chapter 654: Refining the Dayan Astrolabe
Chapter 655 Repairing the Qingyuan Sword
Chapter 656 Taiyi Fine Gold
Chapter 657: Eastern Wasteland Immortal Alliance Recruitment Order
Chapter 658: On the eve of the catastrophe, we discussed sending troops
Chapter 659 Chen Nianchuan returns
Chapter 660: Eastern Wasteland Conference
Chapter 661: Replacement of Renshui Xianli
Chapter 662 Golden Rhino Treasure Ship
Chapter 663 Chen Qinghao breaks through Nascent Soul
Chapter 664: Troops in the East China Sea
Chapter 665: The pattern of the East China Sea
Chapter 666: The End of the Demonic Abyss
Chapter 667 Guarding the Suzaku Star Palace
Chapter 668: Quasi-pure yang magical power, catastrophe is coming
Chapter 669: The world is destroyed and the war begins
Chapter 670: Riding the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 671 Six-Winged Demon Clan
Chapter 672: Kill the Demon Lord with One Sword
Chapter 673: Great Victory and Great Defeat
Chapter 674 Taking the initiative
Chapter 675: Deducing the Secret, Backlash
Chapter 676: Defeat powerful enemies in succession and join forces together
Chapter 677: Killing the Half-Step Soul
Chapter 678: Demon Lord Jialuo
Chapter 679: The Great Five Elements Yuan Magnetic Universe Starlight Extermination Sword
Chapter 680 Five Directions Treasure Flag
Chapter 681: Killing the Jia Luo Demon Lord
Chapter 682: Statistical results, final battle
Chapter 683: A Last Stand
Chapter 684 Tragic, desperate, invincible!
Chapter 685 Lihuo Gourd
Chapter 686: Life and death crisis, killing the soul
Chapter 687: After the war, it was tragic
Chapter 688 The war is over
Chapter 689: Replacement of Treasures
Chapter 690: The Way of Nianchuan, the Secret Power of the Demon
Chapter 691: Destroy Moro Island and fulfill your wish
Chapter 692 Return to Jizhou
Chapter 693: The Revenge of the Purple Jade Demon King
Chapter 694: Purging the Demonic Cultivators
Chapter 695 Zhuangzhou dreams of butterflies, butterflies dream of Zhuangzhou
Chapter 696: You must wake up from the dream of thousands of lives
Chapter 697: Refining the Water Source Divine Jade
Chapter 698: The Yin and Yang Extinction and God Curse
Chapter 699 Dayan Yin Yang Star Path
Chapter 700 Barter Conference, Guyuan Fang Family
Chapter 701: Changes in the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 702 Barter Conference
Chapter 703: Nie’s injustice
Chapter 704: Decisive Killing
Chapter 705: Family Nascent Soul Seed
Chapter 706: Support Nascent Soul
Chapter 707 The branch is destroyed
Chapter 708: Encountering a fight of magic and transforming into an old demon from blood
Chapter 709: Defeat the old devil, the calamity of Qu Nishang
Chapter 710: The method of repairing the vast ocean veins
Chapter 711 The Fifth Level of Nascent Soul
Chapter 712 A Sect of Thirteen True Lords
Chapter 713 Sixth-level Pure Yang Treasure Ship
Chapter 714: Attacking the Blood God Sea Territory
Chapter 715 Xuanwu Cause and Effect
Chapter 716: Severely Injuring the Blood God Ancestor
Chapter 717: Distributing treasures and attacking with blood
Chapter 718: Tragic, life-threatening blow
Chapter 719: Returning to Jizhou, the old patriarch returns to the tribulation
Chapter 720: The old patriarch’s path of cultivation
Chapter 721: Replacement of Hell Fire Sea Leyline
Chapter 722: Cursing the Old Blood Demon and Creating a Continent
Chapter 723: Golden-winged Dapeng Demon King
Chapter 724: Chen Nianzhi borrows treasure
Chapter 725: Kill the enemy in the first battle
Chapter 726: Defeat the enemy and kill another half-step soul
Chapter 727: Distributing treasures and gaining a lot
Chapter 728: Qiantian Golden Wing Slash
Chapter 729: Luck and Gold
Chapter 730: Establishing Wanxu Continent
Chapter 731: Fight against the Blue Dragon Demon Emperor
Chapter 732 Flooded Tianxu Continent
Chapter 733: Countermeasures
Chapter 734 Dinghai helps to calm down the flood
Chapter 735 Qu Nishang breaks through the half-step soul
Chapter 736: Killing the Purple Jade Demon King
Chapter 737 The third secret power
Chapter 738 The Sixth Level of Nascent Soul
Chapter 739: Replacing the Qi of Heaven, the Great Tribulation of the Soul
Chapter 740: Soul Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 741 Pure Yang Qi
Chapter 742: Refining Tiandao Pill
Chapter 743: Ripening of Spiritual Roots, Promotion of Spiritual Peach Tree
Chapter 744: Refining Pure Yang Magical Power
Chapter 745: The Soul’s Legacy Treasure, Opportunity [Please vote]
Chapter 746: Dao Palace Holy Land, Half Immortal Ancestor
Chapter 747: Lord of Tao Palace
Chapter 748: South China Sea Immortal Realm, Tianli Sea Area
Chapter 749: The Black Turtle’s Enlightenment Tribulation
Chapter 750: Qinglong Haohai Sword
Chapter 751: Wen Dao Flower Tree
Chapter 752 Amazing Harvest
Chapter 753: Distribute the treasures and get the Blue Dragon Sea Sword
Chapter 754: Transplanting the Wen Dao Flower Tree
Chapter 755 The Seventh Level of Nascent Soul
Chapter 756: Promotion to Pure Yang Immortal Sword
Chapter 757: The Destruction of Tianxuan Sect
Chapter 758: The End of the Hero
Chapter 759: Seizing the Soul Pill
Chapter 760: Distributing treasures and forming alliances
Chapter 761 Ren Shuixian Pear Tree
Chapter 762 Yin Yang Yuanci Mountains
Chapter 763: Dinghai Yuanshen Tribulation
Chapter 764: The Dark Snake Emperor of Nether Water
Chapter 765: Lord Dinghai
Chapter 766: Visiting Lord Jiuyuan
Chapter 767: Seeking the Spiritual Roots of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 768: Lihuo Immortal Date
Chapter 769: Preparing to be promoted to Hell and Sea of ??Fire
Chapter 770: Rising Sun Taoist Lord, Immortal Alliance Conference
Chapter 771 Three Lines Ancient Domain Immortal Alliance
Chapter 772 Xuanyang Divine Pearl
Chapter 773: Rising Sun Fire Sword
Chapter 774: Confrontation between Dao Lords
Chapter 775: Defeating Strong Enemies
Chapter 776 The Immortal Alliance is established
Chapter 777: Sacrifice to the Eastern Emperor
Chapter 778: The Past of Donghuang
Chapter 779 The Fourth Secret Power
Chapter 780: The eighth level of the Nascent Soul, the sixth level of the Immortal Pear Tree
Chapter 781 Talent
Chapter 782 Haoran enters the soul
Chapter 783 Obtaining the Muyuan Divine Jade
Chapter 784: Promotion to Tianxu Immortal Sword
Chapter 785 Chen Xinghong, Yimu Taoist Body
Chapter 786: Giving Dharma
Chapter 787: Rebellion in Beiyuan
Chapter 788: Ziyin Sacred Tree
Chapter 789: Ice soul turns into rainbow boat
Chapter 790 Ying Jie Inheritance
Chapter 791 Kun Pengzi
Chapter 792 Immortal Cave Mansion
Chapter 793 Immortal inheritance, Ice Soul Cold Pond
Chapter 794: Rebuilding the Foundation, Ice Soul Immortal Body
Chapter 795 Ice Soul Mysterious Light Escape
Chapter 796 Fierce battle, crisis
Chapter 797: Killing Old Demon Wang
Chapter 798: Demon Suppressing Cauldron, Ziyin Divine Fruit
Chapter 799 Purple Flame Heart Lamp
Chapter 800 The Ninth Level of Nascent Soul
Chapter 801: Changes in Ziyin Realm
Chapter 802 Goodbye Daojun Changhe
Chapter 803 Qu Nishang breaks through the soul
Chapter 804 The Road to Ghosts and Immortals
Chapter 805: The Method of Ghosts and Immortals
Chapter 806: Barter Conference, Lapis Gold Glazed Armor
Chapter 807 Nine Heavens Star Core
Chapter 808: The Soul Pill is Completed
Chapter 809 Water Vein Ancestral Marrow Jade
Chapter 810 Ice Chi Demon Ancestor
Chapter 811: Receiving the Earth Soul
Chapter 812 Wanting to buy the Pure Yang Fire Treasure
Chapter 813: Ancestor of the Five Poisons
Chapter 814: Nanling Fire-Free Treasure
Chapter 815: Diyan Island in the South China Sea
Chapter 816 A Phoenix Egg [Fourth update]
Chapter 817 Purple Flame Heavenly Gold
Chapter 818 Sixth Level Lihuo Guixu Sword
Chapter 819 Hatching Phoenix Eggs
Chapter 820: Rebellion against Innateness
Chapter 821: Seclusion for a Hundred Years
Chapter 822 Ancestral Domain Zhang Family
Chapter 823 Meeting an old friend by chance
Chapter 824: West Ji Jingling Temple
Chapter 825: Getting what you want
Chapter 826 Return to Wanxu Continent
Chapter 827 Family Changes
Chapter 828 The fifth secret power
Chapter 829: The Seed of Life, the Demon God’s Backup
Chapter 830 Pure Yang Origin Qi
Chapter 831: Finally Becomes the Foundation of Hunyuan
Chapter 832 Returning to the Ruins Hunyuan Qi
Chapter 833 The Demonic Abyss Catastrophe Reappears
Chapter 834: Immortal Formation Sealing Demons
Chapter 835 Outside the Suzaku Palace
Chapter 836 The remaining power suppresses the magic dragon
Chapter 837: Kill the soul with one sword
Chapter 838: A sudden turn of events
Chapter 839: Hunyuan Pure Yang Fire
Chapter 840: Defeat the Demon
Chapter 841 Tianshiyuan Islands
Chapter 842: The method of closing the devil's abyss
Chapter 843: Attacking the Demonic Abyss
Chapter 844: One Sword with No Regrets
Chapter 845 Ants and Heaven and Earth
Chapter 846: The soul of half a broken picture returns
Chapter 847 Tragic Result
Chapter 848 An old friend dies
Chapter 849 Hengsha Jingling World
Chapter 850 Tianyahai Pavilion
Chapter 851 Turning point
Chapter 852: Killing the Ninth Level of the Soul
Chapter 853: Return to Jizhou and prepare for the soul
Chapter 854: Promotion to the Flame Hell Fire Sea Leyline
Chapter 855: The Eve of Breakthrough
Chapter 856: Four Souls in a row
Chapter 857: Attacking the Soul
Chapter 858: Enemies block the way
Chapter 859: Soul Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 860: Finally Entering the Soul
Chapter 861: Heavy damage to the Demon Lotus, the demon retreats
Chapter 862 The curtain comes to an end and all kinds of harvests are achieved
Chapter 863: The Far North Immortal Mansion, Ice Soul Immortal Ling
Chapter 864: Nian Chuan is possessed by demons, three fellow practitioners
Chapter 865: Revisiting Jinling Temple, Three Buddhist Sutras
Chapter 866: Quiet Spirit Baoguang Buddha
Chapter 867 The Sixth Level Heaven and Earth Spirit Peach Tree
Chapter 868 Qinglian advanced and received various treasures
Chapter 869: The Gu Clan Leader
Chapter 870 An old friend dies
Chapter 871: Human heart, human nature
Chapter 872 The Eye of the East China Sea
Chapter 873: Death of the Dragon Sea
Chapter 874: Killing the Green Dragon
Chapter 875 Qinglian Curse Pill
Chapter 876 The Ziyin Realm where the glory is gone
Chapter 877 Purple Marrow Divine Fruit Tree
Chapter 878 Qing Yin’s Doom
Chapter 879 Nether Flower, Pure Yin Flower
Chapter 880 Yin Yang Ginseng Xuandan
Chapter 881 The Second Level of the Soul, the Mahayana Five Elements Divine Thunder
Chapter 882 Fighting the Demon Again
Chapter 883 The Death Tribulation of Garou
Chapter 884 A great victory
Chapter 885: An ordinary heart
Chapter 886 Black Dragon
Chapter 887 The Oath of Reincarnation
Chapter 888 Seven Treasures Gourd Vine
Chapter 889: Farewell to the world of mortals, the return date has not yet been announced
Chapter 890: Suppressing Hatred
Chapter 891: Retreat for three months
Chapter 892: Scheme against Black Dragon
Chapter 893 The Relics of the Ancient Immortal Reappear
Chapter 894: The Four Treasures Together
Chapter 895: Beauty’s Grace
Chapter 896: Surrounding and Killing the Black Dragon
Chapter 897: Demonic Raid, Critical Moment
Chapter 898: Trapped in the Treasure Furnace, Demonic Fire Refining the Body
Chapter 899 The ultimate in the human world, the perfect body
Chapter 900: Not a half-immortal, but better than a half-immortal
Chapter 901: Suppressing the Demonic Furnace with One Hand
Chapter 902: Invincible on earth
Chapter 903 Sun Sacred Pond
Chapter 904 Yin Yang Fairy Water
Chapter 905: Distribution of Treasures
Chapter 906 Yin Yang Taixu Pill
Chapter 907: Latercomers
Chapter 908: Refining the elixir again
Chapter 909: Chen Nian’s Treasure
Chapter 910: Sacrificing the Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 911 Crocodile Ancestor
Chapter 912 Jiang Taibai, Xuan Qingyi
Chapter 913: The rising star in the Ziyin world
Chapter 914: Preaching at the Ruins
Chapter 915: The Way of Heaven and Man
Chapter 916 End of Sermon
Chapter 917: The Former Site of Ten Thousand Tribulations Thunder Mountain
Chapter 918: Old Events in Ziyin Realm
Chapter 919 The Thunder Pond of Ten Thousand Tribulations, the God Who Failed to Breed
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Chapter 920: Learn from the Three Classics and Create Immortal Techniques
Chapter 921 Hunyuan Immortal Sutra
Chapter 922 The Third Demonic Abyss Catastrophe
Chapter 923: The Demon God of Disaster
Chapter 924 Eight Demons Immortal Refining Formation
Chapter 925: Trapped in the formation, the Ancient Ice Silkworm
Chapter 926 Law Heavenly Sword
Chapter 927: The catastrophe subsides, the request of the half-immortal
Chapter 928: The Qi of Opening the Sky
Chapter 929 Nether Ancestor
Chapter 930 Eternal Glacier
Chapter 931 Taixuan Ice Pond
Chapter 932: Returning to the family, changing the world
Chapter 933: Family changes, Lihuo Suzaku
Chapter 934: Suzaku is born
Chapter 935 Purple Flame Immortal Gold, Purple Qi the Day After Tomorrow
Chapter 936 Return to the Holy Land of Taoist Palace
Chapter 937 Ancestor Xunfeng
Chapter 938: Fixed Wind Bead
Chapter 939: Xihai Immortal Realm
Chapter 940: Vajra Temple
Chapter 941: Suppressing the Soul
Chapter 942: Xunfeng Mountain
Chapter 943 The old man guarding the tomb
Chapter 944: Forging the Immortal Body
Chapter 945: Pulling out the Tianzhu in a bloody bath
Chapter 946 Broken Tianzhu
Chapter 947 The late stage of Yuanshen
Chapter 948 The Law of Pure Yang and Heavenly Fire
Chapter 949 Hunyuan Avenue
Chapter 950: Hall of Stars, Borrowing Immortal Scriptures
Chapter 951 The Sutra of Seven Immortals of the Stars
Chapter 952 Five Colors of Divine Light
Chapter 953 Riding the Phoenix into the East China Sea
Chapter 954: Grand Crisis, White Clothes Suppress Demons
Chapter 955 Battle against the Demon God
Chapter 956: Killing the Demon God with Various Techniques
Chapter 957: Destroy the Demon God, where the Demon Lotus is
Chapter 958: The Endless Netherworld
Chapter 959 Taiyin Immortal Jade
Chapter 960: One Sixteen Souls
Chapter 961: On the eve of the catastrophe, borrow scriptures
Chapter 962: Calm Catastrophe
Chapter 963: Walking with the Lord of the Tao Palace
Chapter 964: Borrowing Hundreds of Classics
Chapter 965: Integrating hundreds of scriptures to create an immortal method
Chapter 966: Promotion to Immortal Treasure and Immortal Sword
Chapter 967 Fairy Sword, Fairy Sword!
Chapter 968: Golden Taoist Body
Chapter 969: Kill the Demon with One Word
Chapter 970 Law! Pure Yang Sky Fire!
Chapter 971 The law finally comes into effect
Chapter 972 The Ziyin Divine Fruit Ripens
Chapter 973 Ruins of the Jueling Sea
Chapter 974: Refining the Void Layout, Shen Yuan Divine Iron
Chapter 975 Shen Yuan’s Divine Iron and Refining the Immortal Sword
Chapter 976: The Infinite Way of Yin and Yang
Chapter 977 The Ninth Level of the Soul
Chapter 978: Kill the devil with a snap of your fingers
Chapter 979: Some people are born with no choice
Chapter 980: Becoming an Immortal in the Red Dust [Chapter 4K]
Chapter 981 The Five Elements Ancestral Lineage
Chapter 982 Tianluo Sword Demon Lord
Chapter 983: Catastrophe of Life and Death
Chapter 984: Bloody battle, demons blocking the way
Chapter 985: Get out of seclusion, get out of seclusion!
Chapter 986: Reshape the soul, change destiny against the will of heaven
Chapter 987 Don’t forget your original intention
Chapter 988 Five Laws, Hunyuan Wuji
Chapter 989: The Eve of Immortality
Chapter 990 Hunyuan Dao Fruit, severely damaging the Demon God
Chapter 991 The Thunder Tribulation of Becoming an Immortal
Chapter 992: Become an Immortal, Become an Immortal!
Chapter 993: Cutting off the fate of dust
Chapter 994: Ziyin’s Legacy Treasure
Chapter 995 Before leaving
Chapter 996 The End of the Mortal World
Chapter 997 Fellow Taoists, come with me to fight
Chapter 998: The ultimate acquired magic treasure
Chapter 999: Old Man, Young Man
Chapter 1000 The Fall of the Demon God
Chapter 1001 The Road to Immortality
Chapter 1002 Huanxu Realm
Chapter 1, Year 03: Immortal Lower Realm
Chapter 1004 Under the jujube tree
Chapter 1005: Before leaving, arrange backup plans
Chapter 1006: Making tea and talking about becoming an immortal
Chapter 1007: Still Remembering Those Words
Chapter 1008: Ascension [The Human World Comes to a Successful End]
Summary of the Human World Chapter
Chapter 1009 Qingcang Immortal Realm
Chapter 1010 Nishi-Kami Minami
Chapter 1011 The Two Immortals of Qingyan Island
Chapter 1012: Red Dragon Sea Area, Three Clans Pattern
Chapter 1013: Attacking the Immortal Island, Red Sky Divine Thunder
Chapter 1014 Huosang Fairy Island
Chapter 1015 Three Immortals Island
Chapter 1016: Measuring the Tribulation of the Ancient Immortal
Chapter 1017 Qingyuan Island in the Immortal World
Chapter 1018: The Theory of Underworld
Chapter 1019: Refining the Void Immortal
Chapter 1020: Avoiding and Entering Tribulation [Third Update]
Chapter 1,021 The Netherworld
Chapter 1022 Lord Yin
Chapter 1,023 The Six Treasures of the Netherworld
Chapter 1,024 The Innate Beginning Qi Sutra [Third update]
Chapter 1025 Linglong is pregnant
Chapter 1026: Barter Conference, Earth Immortal Opportunity
Chapter 1027: Treasure of the Opening of Heaven
Chapter 1,028: Embarrassed
Chapter 1,029 Red Sun Sea Area
Chapter 1030 Chiyang God
Chapter 1031 Immortal Pure Yang Fruit
Chapter 1032: Defeat the Demon Immortal
Chapter 1033: Spiritual Medicine Garden
Chapter 1034: Great Harvest
Chapter 1035: Stealing the Best Immortal Medicine
Chapter 1,036 Opening the Divine Furnace
Chapter 1037: Taking stock of treasures
Chapter 1038: The ultimate immortal treasure, elixir recipe
Chapter 1039: Innate Divine Embryo Pill
Chapter 1040: High-grade Immortal Formation, Red Dragon Attacks
Chapter 1041 Red Dragon Shocking Halberd
Chapter 1042 Planting elixir and refining elixir
Chapter 1043: Spiritual Root Promotion, Fairy Peach Tree
Chapter 1044: Refining the High-Grade Elixir
Chapter 1045: Lu Miaoyin with double pupils
Chapter 1,046 Tianlong Relics
Chapter 1,047 The Canghai Divine Pearl
Chapter 1048 Meeting the Buddha
Chapter 1049: Nine-layered Pagoda, Cause and Effect of Relics
Chapter 1050 Seven Color Glazed Sea
Chapter 1051: The Theory of Nine Colored Immortal Shells
Chapter 1,052 Glazed Treasure House
Chapter 1053: Xiqi, the Second Cave of the Divine Abyss
Chapter 1054 Thirty-six Canghai Divine Pearls
Chapter 1055: Refining the Canghai Divine Pearl
Chapter 1056 Thirty-three Dinghai Divine Pearls
Chapter 1057 Return to Qingyuan Island
Chapter 1,058 Purchasing the Five Elements Essence
Chapter 1,059 Five Elements Immortal Energy
Chapter 1060: Promotion to Immortal Treasure
Chapter 1061 Chen Xianzhu
Chapter 1,062 Liuchen comes to visit
Chapter 1,063 Three Sons Descending the Mountain
Chapter 1,064 Give you a world
Chapter 1065 Return to the Glazed Sea
Chapter 1,066 Divine Mark Purple Gold
Chapter 1,067 The Third Prince of Red Dragon
Chapter 1068 Sun God Bead and Star God Bead
Chapter 1,069 The treasure exchange was successful
Chapter 1070: The Third Level of Immortality
Chapter 1071: Refining the Immortality Pill
Chapter 1072: Immortal Mineral Veins, Purple Yao Spirit
Chapter 1,073: Breakthrough to the Middle Stage of Immortality
Chapter 1,074 Different paths
Chapter 1075: The Law of Little Four Elephants
Chapter 1076: Baofeng emerges from hard work
Chapter 1077: Top grade natal immortal sword
Chapter 1078: Ten Thousand Years of Life
Chapter 1079: Invitation from Immortal Qingshu
Chapter 1,080 The Ruins of the Yin Yang Immortal Sect
Chapter 1,081 Demons are demons, demons are demons
Chapter 1082 Chalcedony Golden Pill
Chapter 1083: How to Cultivation of Chalcedony and Golden Bamboo
Chapter 1084: Old Medicine, Alchemy
Chapter 1085 Meteor Sea Area
Chapter 1086: Taoist Cantian, Zhenyuzi
Chapter 1087: Gate of Void, Yin Yang Immortal Sect
Chapter 1088: Fierce Fighting with Snakes
Chapter 1089: Carrying Yin and Yang and embracing Taixu
Chapter 1090 Yin Yang Aurora Sword
Chapter 1091 Immortal Death
Chapter 1,092 The Abyss and Purgatory Sea
Chapter 1093: Hard battle, death of Yin and Yang
Chapter 1094 Taiyi Gold Foil Paper
Chapter 1,095 Counting the Harvest
Chapter 1069: Distribution of Treasures
Chapter 1,097 Ancient Ice Soul
Chapter 1098 Obtaining the Yin and Yang Beads
Chapter 1,099: After all these years, see old friends again
Chapter 1010 Return to Qingyuan Mountain
Chapter 10101 Red Flame Ling, Hunyuan Bracelet, Taixuan Halberd
Chapter 10102 Five High-grade Immortal Treasures
Chapter 1,103 Star Glazed Realm
Chapter 1,104 Who is disturbing my Qingxiu?
Chapter 1,105 Mortal Matters
Chapter 1,106 Tianxin Jade, Heavenly Monument of Laws
Chapter 10107 Qu Nishang becomes an immortal
Chapter 1,108 Three Immortals Enlightenment
Chapter 1,109: Climbing to the Immortal Platform and Meeting Old Friends
Chapter 1110 Pure Bamboo
Chapter 1111 Ancestor of All Spirits
Chapter 1,112 Return to Qingyuan Island
Chapter 1,113 Two Women Become Immortals
Chapter 1,114 A Clan of Nine Immortals
Chapter 1115 Qianyang Tianhuo Furnace
Chapter 1,116 Xuanyin Wuji Pearl
Chapter 1,117 Killing the Red Flame Condor Emperor
Chapter 1,118
Chapter 1,119 The Third Transformation Elixir
Chapter 1,120 Refining the Red Feather Immortal Boat [Second update]
Chapter 1,121 Fairy Banquet on Fengwu Island [Third update]
Chapter 1,122 The Mystery of the Fall of the Red Dragon [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,123 God Emperor, Heavenly Emperor, Dao Ancestor [First update]
Chapter 1,124 Taiyuan Immortal Saint, Taishi Taoist Ancestor [Second update]
Chapter 1,125 Taiyin's robe for crossing the disaster [Third update]
Chapter 1,126 Nandou Tianfu Emperor
Chapter 1,127 Blood Spring Demon Realm
Chapter 1,128 Star Soul Clan
Chapter 1129: Driving the tiger and swallowing the wolf
Chapter 1,130 Blood Demon Ship
Chapter 1,131 The Sacred Mountain of Star Spirits
Chapter 1,132 Nine Heavens Star God
Chapter 1,133 The Power of the Immortal Talisman of Opening Heaven
Chapter 1,134 Star God fights to the death, blood fountain severely damaged
Chapter 1,135 Killing the Ice Demon Ancestor
Chapter 1,136 Taiyi Golden Bamboo Cultivation Method
Chapter 1,137 Star-derived Weapons
Chapter 1,138: Divide the Treasures
Chapter 1,139 I pity the suffering of all living beings
Chapter 1,140 The Seven Sacred Mountains of Huanxu Realm
Chapter 1,141 The Golden Age of Ziyin Realm
Chapter 1,142 Old uncle, long time no see, are you okay?
Chapter 1,143 Chen Nianzhi’s Gift
Chapter 1,144: Five Questions from Heaven and Man, the Clan’s Treasure
Chapter 1,145 Ascension Quota
Chapter 1,146 Meeting an Old Friend
Chapter 1,147 The Seven Immortals of Ziyin
Chapter 1,148 Guixu Immortal Alliance
Chapter 1,149 Preaching at Qingyuan Mountain
Chapter 1,150 The last three promotion places
Chapter 1151 Things are different and people are different
Chapter 1,152 Past events, so sad!
Chapter 1,153 Fenbao Cliff
Chapter 1,154: A rare treasure from heaven, the only true treasure
Chapter 1,155 The world has changed
Chapter 1,156: Thinking about old times in a small town
Chapter 1,157 Spiritual Root Testing
Chapter 1,158 Xian Ling’s Reincarnation
Chapter 1,159 Meeting Mr. Zhuanchou
Chapter 1,160: Three Thousand Years of Destroying Life from Heaven
Chapter 1,161 Ancient Starry Sky Beast
Chapter 1,162 The Most Powerful Ancient Beast
Chapter 1,163 The Birth of the Eastern Emperor
Chapter 1164: Heaven and Earth are promoted, merits are clear [First update]
Chapter 1,165: Ascending to the fifth level of immortality and attaining the immortal body [Second update]
Chapter 1,166 A Pot of Dragon Soup [Third Update]
Chapter 1,167 Another pot of dragon bone soup
Chapter 1,168 Retrograde Attack on Immortals
Chapter 1,169 The Mighty Thunder Sound Tathagata
Chapter 1,170: Suppressing the Red Halberd with a Flick of the Finger
Chapter 1,171 God is unfair
Chapter 1,172 What is great mercy?
Let’s talk briefly.
Chapter 1,173 Dividing treasures and refining treasures
Chapter 1,174 Old Man Huoyang
Chapter 1175: Immortal Fierce Sun
Chapter 1,176 Chaos-derived weapons, ghosts and immortals appear in the family
Chapter 1,177 Small Reincarnation Stone
Chapter 1,178 Re-entering the Netherworld
Chapter 1179 Lord Yin plots, enemies attack
Chapter 1,180: Kill all the enemies, Lord Yin of the Old Ruins
Chapter 1,181 The Lord of the Ruins Sea
Chapter 1,182 Eight Tribulations Ghost Immortal
Chapter 1,183 Goodbye Qu Nishang
Chapter 1,184 Attack on Red Dragon Island
Chapter 1185 Drought
Chapter 1,186 Red Dragon Falls
Chapter 1,187 Immortal Palace of Heaven
Chapter 1,188 The Red Dragon changes ownership and returns to the ruins sea area
Chapter 1,189 The Sixth Level of Immortality
Chapter 1,190 Return to Ruins and Nirvana
Chapter 1,191 Eight Thousand Years of Change
Chapter 1192: Promotion to the best acquired immortal root
Chapter 1,193 Erlang ascends to immortality
Chapter 1,194 Xiyuan Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1,195 The Ninth-Level Ancient Ship
Chapter 1,196 Repairing Immortal Treasures
Chapter 1,197 The Immortal’s Preaching Reflects the Heavens
Chapter 1,198 The Way to Open Heaven
Chapter 1,199 Three Ways to Support the Sky
Chapter 1,200 The superior method of opening the sky
Chapter 1,201 Returning home, family changes
Chapter 1,202: Seventh level of immortality, towering laws
Chapter 1,203 The Hidden Vein of Guixu Sea
Chapter 1,204 Liuchen borrows treasure
Chapter 1,205 Goodbye Lianxu
Chapter 1,206 Five-color Aurora
Chapter 1,207 Yin and Yang Plant Green Lotus
Chapter 1,208 Qing Ji Enlightenment
Chapter 1,209 Hundreds of Immortals
Chapter 1,210 Sword Fighting in the Sky Monument and Sea
Chapter 1,211 Taicang Black Fish
Chapter 1,212 Blackfish in Dazhong Town
Chapter 1,213 Tianlong Demon-Suppressing Sword Formation
Chapter 1,214 Divine Light defeats the enemy and the real dragon is defeated
Chapter 1,215 Taiyi Wu Earth Thunder Tribulation Sword Evil
Chapter 1,216 Refining the Heavenly Prison Clan
Chapter 1,217: Comprehending the Heavenly Monument, the Rules Are Perfect
Chapter 1,218 Returning to the Ruins Sea and Dividing the Best Immortal Treasures
Chapter 1,219 The Abyss of Return to Ruins
Chapter 1,220 The Boundless Black Snake
Chapter 1,221 Water Veins Blessed Land
Chapter 1,222 Tianli Sea Area
Chapter 1,223 The Great Completion of the Five Elements Divine Thunder
Chapter 1,224 Fierce Fighting with the Black Snake
Chapter 1,225 Suppressing the Black Snake
Chapter 1,226 Three Supreme Immortal Treasures
Chapter 1,227 Open Heaven Spiritual Root
Chapter 1,228 Distribution of Immortal Treasures, Taixu Ningyu
Chapter 1,229 The Ultimate Immortal Essence, the Source of Water Veins
Chapter 1,230 The Innate Spiritual Treasure Returns to the Xu Bead
Chapter 1,231 Innate Treasures
Chapter 1232: Rebellion against Innateness
Chapter 1,233 Hunyuan Yiqi Mahayana
Chapter 1,234 Chiyang Paradise will appear in this world
Chapter 1,235 Seven Ultimate Spirit-Slaying Sword
Chapter 1,236 Taoist Qianliu
Chapter 1,237 The Blessed Land Appears, the Sunset Heavenly Wheel
Chapter 1,238 The True Soul of the Black Dragon
Chapter 1,239 Shocking Change
Chapter 1,240 Qinglongjun
Chapter 1,241 The Innate Treasure, the Ancient Kowloon Cauldron
Chapter 1,242 A great calamity is about to occur, and all the immortals are fighting for the king
Chapter 1,243 Meeting, preparations before war
Chapter 1,244 Harvest, Innate Fragments
Chapter 1,245 The Twenty-Four Divine Strategies of the Heavens.
Chapter 1246: Kaitian Immortal Treasure, Black Dragon Suppressing World Cauldron
Chapter 1,247 Refining the Top Immortal Treasure
Chapter 1248 Tosen Yae, Gansei's promotion
Chapter 1,249 The disciples descended the mountain
Chapter 1,250 Sacrifice and Refining Immortal Treasures
Chapter 1251: Refining treasures, old friends ascend
Chapter 1,252 On the eve of the great calamity, the immortals ascended
Chapter 1,253 One Alliance of Fifty-six Immortals
Chapter 1,254 How to seal the mountain to avoid disaster
Chapter 1,255 The Cause of the Great Tribulation
Chapter 1,256 Luck and Gold
Chapter 1,257 Tianfeng Becomes the Taoist
Chapter 1,258 Tianfeng leaves
Chapter 1,259 The Eve of the Great Tribulation
Chapter 1,260 The great calamity is coming, Ancestor Suwei
Chapter 1,261: Hunyuan Yiqi's master of grappling
Chapter 1,262 Zhoutian Xingchen Sword Qi River
Chapter 1,263 Three Talents and Wonderful Beads
Chapter 1,264 Ten Thousand Demons Enter the Formation
Modified a setting
Chapter 1,265 Taibai Gengjin Kills the Immortal Sword Evil
Chapter 1,266 Suwei Transforms into the Dao
Chapter 1,267 A great harvest, ancient maple in ruins
Chapter 1,268 Distributing Treasures
Chapter 1,269 The Liu Clan is destroyed
Chapter 1,270 A life-and-death battle, the ultimate song of Shenwu
Chapter 1,271 The Treasure that Rules the Stars
Chapter 1,272 Tianlun Zhenhai
Chapter 1,273 The battle to break the formation
Chapter 1,274 The power of the ancient ship that opens the sky
Chapter 1,275 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 1,276 The End of the Immortals
Chapter 1,277 The God of Creation
Chapter 1,278 The Emperor of the Gods
Chapter 1,279 Breaking the formation and killing Huoyang
Chapter 1,280: Defeat the enemy with one sword
Chapter 1,281 The Fall of the Setting Sun
Chapter 1,282 The Source of the Earthly Path
Chapter 1,283 Heading to the Paradise of the Setting Sun
Chapter 1,284 The setting sun fire mulberry tree
Chapter 1,285 The Disaster of Qingyan Island
Chapter 1,287 The Origin of Fairyland
Chapter 1,288: Millennium Digestion, Immortals Harvest
Chapter 1,289: Breakthrough to the Half-Step Earth Immortal
Chapter 1,290 The Immortal of Eight Tribulations Uses His Body as Bait
Chapter 1,291 Riji opens the sky
Chapter 1,292 The goddess created the world and opened the sky with one sword
Chapter 1,293 The Six-Heaven Emperor
Chapter 1,294 Ri Ji’s Gift
Chapter 1,295 Suwei Sea Area
Chapter 1,296 Yuan Magnetic Golden Evil
Chapter 1,297 Mysterious magical powers, physical breakthrough
Chapter 1,298 Open Sky Void Mirror
Chapter 1,299 Falling out
Chapter 1,300 Five Elements Heavenly Dragon
Chapter 1,301 A battle without planning
Chapter 1302: The brave one wins when we meet on a narrow road
Chapter 1303 You Tai Ao
Chapter 1,304 The Ancient Dark Dragon
Chapter 1305: Killing the Heavenly Dragon with Four Moves
Chapter 1,306 Taikoo Kowloon
Chapter 1,307 Ghost Fire [First update]
Chapter 1,308 The Boneyard of Demons [Second Update]
Chapter 1,309 Beihai Dachun [Third update]
Chapter 1,310 The Source of Splitting Paths [Fourth Update]
Chapter 1311 Qianlong Lake Plan [First update]
Chapter 1,312 Heavenly Hell Flame Lord [Second update]
Chapter 1,313 Nine Tribulations Immortal [Third update]
Chapter 1,314 News about the best earth veins [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,315 Treasures from the Earth Spring [First Update]
Chapter 1,316 Mysterious Supernatural Powers [Second Update]
Chapter 1,317 The Heavenly Wind Opens the Sky [Third update]
Chapter 1,318 Opening the Lotus Platform [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,319 Life and Death Rescue [Fifth update]
Chapter 1320: Raise your hand to suppress the eight calamities [First update]
Chapter 1,321 The Strength of the Immortal Alliance [Second Update]
Chapter 1,322: The posture of an emperor [Third update]
Chapter 1,323 The first aurora in the sky [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,324 Xuantian Demon-Slaying Sword [5th update, please vote for me]
Chapter 1,325 Destiny [First update]
Chapter 1,327: Human Heart [Third Update]
Chapter 1,328 Race against time [Fourth update]
Chapter 1329: Stepping into the Taboo Area [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,330 Linglong comes out of seclusion [First update]
Chapter 1,331 Ten Heavenly Passes [Second Update]
Chapter 1,332 A Hundred Years of Truce [Third Update]
Chapter 1,334 The most ferocious battle [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,335 Nine Tribulations of Death [First update]
Chapter 1336: Duel with the Lord of Thousand Dragons [Second update]
Chapter 1,337: Conspiracy to retreat from the enemy [Third update]
Chapter 1,338: Thousand Dragons’ Dead End [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,339 Thousands of dragons died, and the blessed land was destroyed [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,340 Compensation due to robbery [First update]
Chapter 1,341 Top Grade Kaitian Treasure [Second Update]
Chapter 1,342 Huge Harvest [Third Update]
Chapter 1343: Mountains of Immortal Treasures [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,344 The Source of the Nine Tribulations [Fifth Update]
Chapter 1,345 Everyone retreats【
Chapter 1,346 Six Chen Opens the Sky [Second Update]
Chapter 1,347: Steel becomes steel after repeated tempering [Third update]
Chapter 1,348 What the Immortals Obtained [Fourth Update]
Chapter 1,349 Nine Heavenly Passes [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,350 Help Tianyuan [First update]
Chapter 1,351 Qing Ji comes out of seclusion, the foundation of the Nine Tribulations [Second update]
Chapter 1,352 The Heaven Abyss Opens Up [Third Update]
Chapter 1,353 The Ninth Heaven Realm [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,354 The situation has changed dramatically [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,355 The reason why the Star Palace is in disaster [First update]
Chapter 1,356 Hidden Crisis [Second Update]
Chapter 1,357 Heading to the Sea of ??Thunder [Third update]
Chapter 1,358 Taiyi Ningsha Jue [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,359 Taiyi Immortal Soldier [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,360 Nine Layers of Thunder Abyss [First Update]
Chapter 1,361 Heavenly Thunder Body Forging [Second Update]
Chapter 1,362 Nine Layers of Thunder Abyss, Taiyi Immortal Soldiers [Third update]
Chapter 1,363 Taiyi Leiyuan Sword of Ten Thousand Tribulations [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,364: Thrilling Treasure Hunt [Fifth Update]
Chapter 1,365 Ice Jade Immortal Palace [First update]
Chapter 1,366 Renting a blessed land to practice [Second update]
Chapter 1,367 Chifeng Valley [Third update]
Chapter 1,368 The Origin of Chaos [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,369 Heaven and earth are furnaces, Yin and Yang are fire [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,370 Return to the Ruins Sea Area [First update]
Chapter 1,371 The method of advancement in the Star Glazed Realm [Second update]
Chapter 1,372 The Twin Swords of Tianli are promoted to Kaitian [Third update]
Chapter 1,373: Heaven and earth merge into one furnace, power and body return to one [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,374 Hunyuan Immortal Dao Fruit [Fifth update]
Chapter 1375: Killing the Heavenly Hell Flame Lord [First update]
Chapter 1,376 The Tribulation Flower [Second update]
Chapter 1,377: Destruction into Taiyi [Third update]
Chapter 1,378: Return to the Ruins and Open the Sky [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,379 The Two Ancestors of Heaven and Earth, Six Heavens and Seven Realms [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,380 The Ancestor of Heaven [First update]
Chapter 1,381 Goodbye, True Lord Haoran [Second update]
Chapter 1,382 The Opening Banquet [Third update]
Chapter 1,383 Tianhe Ginkgo Tree [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,384: If you don’t become an immortal, you will end up as an ant [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,385: Familiar with the Road [First update]
Chapter 1,386 The great calamity subsides [Second update]
Chapter 1,387: Cave Heaven Methods [Third Update]
Chapter 1,388 Fairyland Rules [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,389 Haoran enters reincarnation [fifth update]
Chapter 1,390 Xiantian Taisu Sutra [First update]
Chapter 1,391 Linglong Opens the Sky [Second update]
Chapter 1,392 Spiritual Root Promotion Method [Third Update]
Chapter 1,393 One Hundred Thousand Years of Life [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,394 Erlang’s Birthday [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,395 The Changes of the Disciples [First Update]
Chapter 1,396 Returning to the ruins to kill the Dragon God Lord [Second update]
Chapter 1,397 Planning to build Canyangfang City [Third update]
Chapter 1,398 Taking stock of family property [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,399 Shenyuan Immortal City [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,400 Cut off the past and return to the true self [First update]
Chapter 1401 Eight Heavenly Dragon Pictures [Second Update]
Chapter 1,402 Qixuan Taoist [Third update]
Chapter 1,403 Taiyi elixir [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,404 The Ancient Tree of Reincarnation, Xutian Wood [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,405: Getting what you want [First update]
Chapter 1,406 Galaxy Star Shadan [Second update]
Chapter 1,407 Secret Help [Third Update]
Chapter 1,408 Thirteen Spiritual Roots [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,409 The Celestial Crocodile Clan Attacks [Fifth Update]
A New Year’s letter to book friends
Chapter 1,410 Understanding the Aurora [First update]
Chapter 1,411 Five Color Aurora Escape [Second Update]
Chapter 1,412 Weihai Dragon Palace [Third update]
Chapter 1,413 Shaking People [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,414 I have no fear, who dares to kill me? [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,415 God-killing Flying Knife [First update]
Chapter 1,416 The God-killing Gourd by the Wind [Second update]
Chapter 1,417 The Great Destroying Dragon Talisman [Third update]
Chapter 1,418 Purple Flame Blessed Land [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,419 Qiantian Qingqi [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,420: Exchange alchemy books and start alchemy [first update]
Chapter 1,421 Eighth-level high-grade alchemy [Second update]
Chapter 1,422 Fifty thousand years in a hurry [Third update]
Chapter 1,423 The Treasure of Universe Destruction [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,424 Planning the Small Universe [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,425 Pure Yang Fire Silk
Chapter 1,426 Heading to the Small Universe of the Underworld
Chapter 1,427 The Three Treasures of the Netherworld [First update]
Chapter 1,428: Failure in the first battle [Second update]
Chapter 1,429 Preparing for another battle [Third update]
Chapter 1,430: Deduction of Kung Fu Techniques, Incident in Liuli [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,431 The West Extreme Territory [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,432 Golden Evil Land [First update]
Chapter 1,433 An unexpected surprise [Second update]
Chapter 1,434 Sword Washing Pool [Third update]
Chapter 1,435 The Ten Great Demon Soldiers [Fourth Update]
Chapter 1,436 Breaking the Demon [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,437 The power of karma [first update]
Chapter 1,438 Ancestor Xigeng [Second update]
Chapter 1,439 Return to the Family
Chapter 1,440 Map, Rebirth from a Hundred Tribulations
Chapter 1,441 The background of Liuming Mars Palace
Chapter 1,442 The Abyss and Purgatory Sea
Chapter 1,443 Taoist Zixuan [First update]
Chapter 1,444 The Forbidden City of Crows [Second update]
Chapter 1445: Old Monster Crow [Third update]
Chapter 1,446 The Insidious Demon [Fourth update]
Chapter 1447: Determined Plan to Eliminate Demons [Fifth Update]
Chapter 1,448 Purple Light of Merit [First update]
Chapter 1,449 Escape from Tissot [Second update]
Chapter 1,450 Innate Spiritual Treasure, Yin Yang Ten Thousand Crows Pot [Third update]
Chapter 1,451 Crow Mountain [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,452: Breaking through Crow Mountain [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,453 Demon Meteor Continent [First update]
Chapter 1,454 Fallen Mo Qilin [Second update]
Chapter 1,455 Wutu Yuanqi [Third update]
Chapter 1,456 Taiyi Immortal Fruit [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,457 Nine Heavens Divine Thunder Sword [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,458 Black Cloud Demon Lord [First update]
Chapter 1,459 The Method of Dao Ancestor [Second Update]
Chapter 1,460 The Third Level of Earth Immortal [Third update]
Chapter 1,462 Fatal Crisis [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,463 Choice [First update]
Chapter 1,464 The undeliverable letter [Second update]
Chapter 1,465: Put yourself to death and survive [Third update]
Chapter 1,466 I will raise your wife and daughter [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,467 The end of the Lord of Flowing Fire Palace [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,468 Refining Galaxy Star Shadan [First update]
Chapter 1,469: Attacking the Mid-stage Earth Immortal [Second Update]
Chapter 1,470 The Middle Stage of Earth Immortal [Third Update]
Chapter 1,471 Promotion to the Treasure of the Open Sky [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,472: Refining and dividing treasures [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,473 The Central Wutu Spirit [First update]
Chapter 1,474 Huanglong Ancient Cauldron [Second Update]
Chapter 1,475: Repel the enemy [Third update]
Chapter 1,476 The Ancient Cauldron is restored [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,477 Return to the Small Universe of the Underworld [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,478 Kui Niu True Spirit [First update]
Chapter 1,479 Battle with the Four Spirits [Second update]
Chapter 1,480 Suppress the Four Spirits and Defeat the Enemy in the First Battle [Third Update]
Chapter 1,481 Imitation of Taiyi Ancient Treasure [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,482 Fighting Three Thousand Enemies Alone [Fifth Update]
Chapter 1,483 Result and Battle Damage [First update]
Chapter 1,484 The Dark Dragon Emperor [Second update]
Chapter 1,485 The Power of Taiyi Immortal Soldiers [Third Update]
Chapter 1486: Netherworld Turbid Qi [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,487 Huge Harvest [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,488 The Ancient Dragon Ball [First update]
Chapter 1,489 Something happened to the small universe of the underworld [Second update]
Chapter 1,490 Compassion for all living beings [Third update]
Chapter 1,491 Restoring the Origin [Fourth Update]
Chapter 1,492 Liyan Spirit [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,493 The Completion of the Hunyuan Immortal Body [First update]
Chapter 1,494 The Fifth Level of Earth Immortal [Chapter 2]
Chapter 1,495 Holy Son of Taixu [Third update]
Chapter 1496: Nirvana Sword, Blue Dragon Destruction [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,497 The Dragon King of Xiyuan [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,498 Zi Xuan becomes Taiyi
Chapter 1,499 Li Yan Shenjun
Chapter 1,500 The Way Ahead for the Hunyuan Immortal Body
Chapter 1501: Attacking the Flowing Mars Palace
Chapter 1502: Breaking through the Flowing Mars Palace [Third update]
Chapter 1,503 Six Hundred Acres of Fairyland [First update]
Chapter 1,504 The Sixth Level of Earth Immortal
Chapter 1505: Refining the Heavenly Treasure [Third update]
Chapter 1,506 The Small Universe in the Yangjian [Fourth update]
Chapter 1507 The strength of the small universe [Fifth update]
Chapter 1508: Gathering in the Cave and Heaven [First update]
Chapter 1,509 Holy Son of Taixu [Second update]
Chapter 1,510 The Small Universe in the Sun World
Chapter 1511: The Emperor of Heaven’s Sorrow
Chapter 1,512 Refining Endless Stars
Chapter 1513 Sirius Galaxy
Chapter 1514: Yin-Yang Revolving Pill
Chapter 1515 The Seventh Level of Earth Immortal
Chapter 1516 Hongmeng Yuanqi the day after tomorrow
Chapter 1517 Lihuo Guixu Sword Promotion
Chapter 1518: Raid on the Ancient Star of Immortal Phoenix
Chapter 1519: Ancient Spear, Mirror of the Past
Chapter 1520: Suppressing the Ice Phoenix Emperor [Third update]
Chapter 1521: Emperor Biyan [Fourth update]
Chapter 1522: Refining the Dragon and Phoenix Ascension Pill [Fifth update]
Chapter 1523 Rules Mahayana
Chapter 1524 Everyone breaks through
Chapter 1,525 The Mysterious Divine Power Mahayana
Chapter 1526: Encounter with the Tiansha Clan Leader
Chapter 1,527 The Five Elements Destroy Divine Thunder
Chapter 1,528 The four lines of opening the sky to the treasure Yin Yang Void Realm
Chapter 1529 Ancient Realm of Life
Chapter 1530 All Souls Purifying Bottle
Chapter 1531: The Demonic God’s Plan
Chapter 1532 Thunder Fire Kui Niu [First update]
Chapter 1533 Kui Niu Tiangu [Second update]
Chapter 1,534 The Way of the Universe [Third update]
Chapter 1535 The Conspiracy of the Emperor of Heaven [Fourth update]
Chapter 1536: Flesh to Taiyi
Chapter 1537 The Crisis of the Human Emperor Nebula
Chapter 1538 Meeting Jiang Daoxu
Chapter 1539: Innate Dao Ruins Sword
Chapter 1,540 The Incarnation of the Emperor of Heaven [Third update]
Chapter 1541: Yin-Yang Harmony Pot
Chapter 1542: The Innate Killing Sword Kills the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 1,543 The Destruction of the Universe
Chapter 1544: Porcelain-made vessels have only their appearance
Chapter 1545 Born here, died here
Chapter 1546: The Wonder of Qiankun Yiqi Bottle
Chapter 1547 Amazing Harvest
Chapter 1548: Fragments of Universe Light
Chapter 1,549 The Direct Succession of a Great Religion
Chapter 1,550 The Ultimate Open Heaven Spiritual Root [First update]
Chapter 1551: Lack of Immortal Source [Second Update]
Chapter 1,552 Seven Profound Blessed Lands [Third update]
Chapter 1,553 Recommended Guardians [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,554 The reason for rebirth after a hundred calamities [Fifth update]
Chapter 1555: One Hundred and Twenty Million Immortal Sources [First update]
Chapter 1,556 Bagua Tree [Second Update]
Chapter 1557 Chen Fuqu, Immortal Oogway [Third update]
Chapter 1,558 The Best Blessed Land [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,559 The Eighth Level Earth Immortal [Fifth update]
Chapter 1560 Past Cause and Effect
Chapter 1561 The Ghost Town on the Other Side
Chapter 1562 Meeting Qingyuan
Chapter 1563 Xuanming Ancient Gold
Chapter 1564: Chaos in the Starry Sky
Chapter 1565: Desire to Descend to the Mortal Realm
Chapter 1566: Immortals pity the common people
Chapter 1,567 The Sutra of the Sixth Life of Buddha
Chapter 1568 The Three Immortals of Huanxu
Chapter 1569: Destroy the Demon with a Snap of a Finger
Chapter 1570 Qingwei Cave Sky
Chapter 1571 Blood Demon Soul-Slaying Sword
Chapter 1572 A Sword Slave
Chapter 1573: Demon Galaxy
Chapter 1574 Xuanyu Immortal
Chapter 1575: Twelve Yuan Chen Demon Array
Chapter 1576 Demon Lord
Chapter 1577: Heaven and Earth Transform into Universe
Chapter 1578 Ten Thousand Soul Flags
Chapter 1,579 Killing the Dragon
Chapter 1580 Blood Demon and Evil Spirit Technique
Chapter 1581 Gathering Purple Light of Merit
Chapter 1582: Refining Golden Vein Blessed Land
Chapter 1,583 The Ninth Level of Earth Immortal
Chapter 1584 The Ninth Level Peach Tree
Chapter 1585: Refining Taiyi Golden Body Pill
Chapter 1586: The Great Wilderness
Chapter 1,587 The direct inheritance of the ancient religion
Chapter 1588: One against three
Chapter 1589 Taiyi Hunyuan Immortal Body
Chapter 1590 What is Return to Ruins? [Third update]
Chapter 1591 The first opening of the small universe [First update]
Chapter 1,592 The Innate Five Elements Fruit Tree [Second update]
Chapter 1,593 Half-step to Immortality [Third update]
Chapter 1594 Innate Hongmeng Purple Qi [Fourth update]
Chapter 1595: Innate Enlightenment Tea [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,598 The Bottomless Abyss [Third update]
Chapter 1599 Taiyou Zhenjian [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,600 The Netherworld Snake [Fifth update]
Chapter 1601: The power of the innate foul snake [First update]
Chapter 1,602 Killing the Dirty Snake [Second update]
Chapter 1,603 Goodbye Jiang Daoxu [Third update]
Chapter 1,604 Before leaving, support friends [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,605 Gathering the Five Blessings [Fifth Update]
Chapter 1606: Visit to Dahuang Taoist Palace [First update]
Chapter 1,607 Falling Phoenix Ridge [Second update]
Chapter 1,608 The Ancient Ice Phoenix [Third update]
Chapter 1609: Destiny [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,610 Fish turns into a flying bird [Fifth update]
Chapter 1611: Fuyao Cave [First update]
Chapter 1612 Qing Cang Tian [Second update]
Chapter 1,613 Xunfeng God [Third update]
Chapter 1614: Innate Xunfeng Ancient Gourd [Fourth update]
Chapter 1615: The Beacon of Xunfeng Cave Sky [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,616 The trouble in the small universe [First update]
Chapter 1617: All Taoists are destroyed [Second update]
Chapter 1618: Enlightenment of supernatural powers [Third update]
Chapter 1619: Innate Five Elements Thunder Pool [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,620 Taiyi Hunyuan Immortal Body [Fifth update]
Chapter 1621: Xunfeng Cave Sky [First update]
Chapter 1,622 Xunfeng Soul Chasing Bow [Second update]
Chapter 1,624 Ancient God Qingyang [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,625 The Secret of the Cave [Fifth Update]
Chapter 1626: The First Person in Open Heaven [First update]
Chapter 1,627 Nine Heavens Breathing Soil [Second Update]
Chapter 1628: Magical Medicine [Third update]
Chapter 1,629 Feixian Terrace [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,630 Taoist Qinghao [Fifth update]
Chapter 1631: What I saw in the main hall [First update]
Chapter 1,632 Taoist Miaoqing [Second update]
Chapter 1,633 The Book of Reincarnation
Chapter 1,634 The Ancient Immortal Clan
Chapter 1635 Erlang
Chapter 1,636 The Four Returning Sons
Chapter 1,637 Preparations for Dao Tribulation
Chapter 1,638 The Ancient Continent of Immortal Ruins
Chapter 1639: Ten Thousand Acres of Immortal Medicine Garden
Chapter 1,640 Dao Heart Purple Lotus
Chapter 1641: Ancient Innate Chaos Beast
Chapter 1,642 Chaos Whale
Chapter 1643 Chaos Lair
Chapter 1644 Zi Yetian
Chapter 1,645 Chaos Spirit Root
Chapter 1,646 Innate Dao Heart Purple Lotus
Chapter 1647: Purifying Immortal Dress, Purple Jade Immortal Clothes
Chapter 1,648 Innate Magic Power
Chapter 1649: Innate Hunyuan Yiqi Pearl
Chapter 1,650: All Worlds Gathered in One Body
Chapter 1651 Family Heritage
Chapter 1,652 Ready, Divine Abyss Cave
Chapter 1,653 The Dao Tribulation Begins
Chapter 1,654 Dead End
Chapter 1655 I like your incompetent and furious look
Chapter 1,656 ‘Tragic Battle’
Chapter 1,657 Total Destruction
Chapter 1658: Dividing Treasures
Chapter 1,659 Taiyi Hunyuan Dao Principle
Chapter 1660: Xiantian Taiyi Pill
Chapter 1,661 The Ninth-Level Ancient Ship
Chapter 1,662 The Dragon King is destroyed
Chapter 1,663 The Magnificent Victory
Chapter 1664: Innate Heaven-Building Pill
Chapter 1,665 Above the Taboo
Chapter 1,666: Send troops to Shenyuanhai
Chapter 1,667 The God of Weishui
Chapter 1,668: Divine Power as Hell
Chapter 1,669 Abandoned Son [First update]
Chapter 1,670 The Innate Ancient Sword [Second Update]
Chapter 1,671 The Emperor’s Fengtianjian [Third update]
Chapter 1,672 Innate Creation Qinglian [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,673 Three Limits of Mana
Chapter 1,674 All Spirits Enlightenment
Chapter 1,675 Cosmic Promotion
Chapter 1,676 The Innate Peach Tree
Chapter 1,677 Ten Nine Tribulations Ancestors
Chapter 1678 Luo Ming Palace
Chapter 1,679 Strategy
Chapter 1,680 The Nine Divine Sons of Purple Flame
Chapter 1,681 Linglong Breakthrough
Chapter 1,682 The Fruit of Reincarnation [First update]
Chapter 1,683 Seventeen-Third Taiyi Celestial Immortal [Second update]
A few words of small talk
Chapter 1,684 Emperor Tai Cang
Chapter 1685 I am the Buddha
Chapter 1,686 The Two Emperors of Tai Cang
Chapter 1,687 The Emperor's Son is Defeated
Chapter 1,688 Luck
Chapter 1,689: Destroy the Buddha
Chapter 1,690 Nine Innate Treasures
Chapter 1691 Beiwu Continent
Chapter 1,692 Catkin Villa
Chapter 1,693 Human Affairs
Chapter 1694 Diyang, Chiwu
Chapter 1,695 Ancient Pure Yang Cave Heaven
Chapter 1,696 Hunting
Chapter 1,697 The Innate Yin-Yang Wuji Pei
Chapter 1,698: Forbidden Prodigy, Ancient Emperor’s Son, Suppress All
Chapter 1,699 The Five Innate Evils at Yuanci Mountain
Chapter 1,700 Yin and Yang Become Emperor
Chapter 1,701 Tai Cang Emperor
Chapter 1,702 The Source of the Ten Tribulations
Chapter 1,703 Return to the Xu Cave
Chapter 1,704 Illusory Dao Fruit
Chapter 1,705 Eastern Region
Chapter 1,706 Taixu Mountains
Chapter 1,707 Emperor Yang Golden Crow
Chapter 1,708 Variables
Chapter 1,709 The Yin-Yang Falling Immortal Curse
Chapter 1,710 A sudden change of circumstances
Chapter 1,711 The Twenty-four Heavens Formation
Chapter 1,712 Six Ren Qizhu
Chapter 1,713 The formation of the heavens is broken
Chapter 1,714 The Yin-Yang Constellation Sealing Heaven Formation
Chapter 1,715 Sun Golden Chain
Chapter 1,716 A decisive battle [First update]
Chapter 1,717 The glorious end [Second update]
Chapter 1,718 Pushing the Thirty-Third Heaven [Third Update]
Chapter 1719: Luck [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,720 Infinite Dao Fruit [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,721 The dimension of the universe increases [First update]
Chapter 1722: Promotion to Immortal [Second update]
Chapter 1,723 Opening up the twenty-four heavens [Chapter]
Chapter 1,724 Chaos Returns to the Ruins Heaven [Fourth Update]
Chapter 1,725 ??Digestion and Harvest [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,726 An Alliance of Twenty-Six Immortals [First Update]
Chapter 1,727 The top grade returns to the Xudongtian [Second update]
Chapter 1,728 Opening up nine caves [Third update]
Chapter 1,729 The Immortal Ceremony【
Chapter 1730: Overlooking the Eternity, Fearless of Everything [Fifth update]
Chapter 1,731 Evergreen Ancient Immortal [First update]
Chapter 1,732 Goodbye Tai Cang Emperor [Second update]
Chapter 1,733 The First Divine General [Third update]
Chapter 1,734 Heavenly Source Device [Fourth update]
Chapter 1,735 Dongyuan Sea Area [First update]
Chapter 1,736 The Ancient Sword of the Divine Abyss [Second Update]
Chapter 1,737 Pure Xuzi [Third update]
Chapter 1,738 Sword Fighting in the Cave Abyss [First Update]
Chapter 1,739 The Divine Abyss Sword Technique [Second update]
Chapter 1,740 Xuanyuan Suppresses Immortal Ge [Third update]
Chapter 1,741 The Sword Defeats the Divine Abyss [Fourth Update]
Chapter 1742: Victory in three battles
Chapter 1,743 A Sword from Billions of Years Ago
Chapter 1,744 Homemade Sword Technique
Chapter 1,745 Chaos Yin Yang Sword Technique
Chapter 1,746 Three Hundred Thousand Years
Chapter 1,747 Reflecting the Heavens
Chapter 1,748 Returning to the ruins to create magic
Chapter 1,749 Sacrifice me
Chapter 1,750: Sacrifice the old self
Chapter 1,751 The True Body of Martial Arts
Chapter 1,752 The Immortal Treasure
Chapter 1,753 Promotion to Innate Ancient Treasure
Chapter 1,754 The prototype of the avenue
Chapter 1,755 Barter Conference
Chapter 1,756 Taiyi Golden Bamboo Sword Formation
Chapter 1,757 Thirty-sixty billion immortal sources
Chapter 1,758 Gift of Treasure
Chapter 1,759 Catastrophe
Chapter 1,760: Killing is also mercy
Chapter 1,761 The virtuous pursue enlightenment, the thoughts of Buddha and demon
Chapter 1,762: Flawless at the snap of a finger
Chapter 1,763 The Third Level of Heavenly Immortals
Chapter 1764: Deep into Chaos
Chapter 1,765 Chaos Nine-tailed Mastiff
Chapter 1,766 Chaos Pool
Chapter 1,767 Xiao Cheng’s Innate Hunyuan Immortal Body
Chapter 1,768 Taihan Fairyland
Chapter 1770 Canglingzi
Chapter 1771 Meeting old friends in the cave at the end of the world
Chapter 1772 The old friend remains the same
Chapter 1773 The Mystery of Ziyin
Chapter 1774 The goddess breaks through
Chapter 1775 Chaos Nine Dragons Nest
Chapter 1776 The Void-Splitting Sword Immortal
Chapter 1777 Successful sneak attack, killing with one blow
Chapter 1778 Dutian Red Flame Flag
Chapter 1779 Chaos Demonic Pill, Suppressing Red Flame
Chapter 1780 Shenzhen End Route
Chapter 1781 Chaos Holy Spirit
Chapter 1782 Five Meridians Immortal Spear Five Colors Immortal Armor
Chapter 1783 Holy Spirit of Chaos, Ao Hong
Chapter 1784 Nine-turn elixir,
Chapter 1785 Visitors
Chapter 1786 Taoist Zi Yao
Chapter 1787 Revisiting Chaos, the Golden Wing Ancestor
Chapter 1788 Chaos Immortal Flame Nest
Chapter 1789 Chaos Fairy Spirit
Chapter 1790 Suppressing the Flaming Horn Cattle [Two in One]
Chapter 1791 Shocking Change
Chapter 1792 The Broken Immortal Realm
Chapter 1793 Breaking through the middle stage of immortality
Chapter 1794: One person attains enlightenment, chickens and dogs ascend to heaven
Chapter 1795 The Demon King Splits the Sky
Chapter 1796 The Incomplete Immortal Realm
Chapter 1797 The Beast King’s Lair Amazing Gains
Chapter 1798 Massive Qi of the Universe [Two in One]
Chapter 1799 Shocking Changes, Incomplete Innate Spiritual Treasure [Two in One]
Chapter 1800 One World Blow [4,000 words]
Chapter 1801 The Innate Sacred Pregnancy Fruit [4,000 words]
Chapter 1802 The Taoist Ancestor of Destiny [4,200 words]
Chapter 1803: Understanding the Wonders of Time [4,300 words]
Chapter 1804 Hongmeng Holy Body Dao Fetus [4,000 words]
Chapter 1805 Three Realms [4,200 words]
Chapter 1806 World Realm
Chapter 1807 The Sixth Level of Immortality [4,000 words]
Chapter 1808 The Qi of Xuanyang [4,000 words]
Chapter 1809 The End of the World Breakthrough [Four thousand words]
Chapter 1810 The Great Completion of the Innate Hunyuan Immortal Body [4,200 words]
Chapter 1811 Breakthrough to the Late Stage of Immortal [4,000 words]
Chapter 1812 Take his life within three moves [4,200 words]
Chapter 1813 Return to the Ruins of Heaven [4,000 words]
Chapter 1814 Purple Sun Fairyland [4,200 words]
Chapter 1815 Tide of Chaos [4,000 words]
Chapter 1816 Chaos Immortal Gourd Nest [4,000 words]
Chapter 1817 The Innate Seven Treasure Gourd [4,000 words]
Chapter 1818 Sneak Attack, Big Change [4,000 words]
Chapter 1819 Chaos Purple Phoenix Nest [4,000 words]
Chapter 1820 Dao Principles Mahayana [Four Thousand]
Chapter 1821 The Tao has no end [4,000 words]
Chapter 1822 Lingbao Tianguan [4,000 words]
Chapter 1823 Glazed Light Fish [4,000 words]
Chapter 1824 Colorful Fairy Beads [4,000 words]
Chapter 1825 Da Luo’s Wonderful Method [Four thousand words]
Chapter 1826 Nine Limits of Mana [4,200 words]
Chapter 1827 Chase [Four thousand words]
Chapter 1828 Revenge [4,000 words]
Chapter 1829 Return to Qing Cangxian Realm [4,000 words]
Chapter 1830 The Ninth Level of Celestial Immortality [4,000 words]
Chapter 1831 Treasure of Yuan [4,000 words]
Chapter 1832 Chaos Azure Dragon Nest [4,000 words]
Chapter 1833 Green Dragon Immortal Fruit [Happy Valentine’s Day]
Chapter 1834 Half-step into the body of Da Luo [4,000 words]
Chapter 1835 A Chance Encounter in Chaos [4,000 words]
Chapter 1836 Tianhun Fruit Tree [4,000 words]
Chapter 1837 Chaos Yanyue Nest [4,000 words]
Chapter 1838 The Ten-Limited Soul [4,000 words]
Chapter 1839 The Immortal Spirit [4,000 words]
Chapter 1840 Heavenly Soldiers and Divine Generals [4,000 words]
Chapter 1841: Surrounded by Heavenly Demons [4,000 words]
Chapter 1842 Chaos Storm [4,000 words]
Chapter 1843 The Body of Seven Tribulations [4,000 words]
Chapter 1844 Feixian Qin [4,000 words]
Chapter 1845 Promotion to Innate Spiritual Treasure [4,000 words]
Chapter 1848: Millions of Years [4,000 words]
Chapter 1849: The Ancient World of Canyuan [4,000 words]
Chapter 1850: Ancient Xuanmulg Tree [4,000 words]
Chapter 1851 Ancient Picture of Blazing Phoenix [4,000 words]
Chapter 1852: Reincarnation [4,200 words]
Chapter 1853 The Original Immortal Realm [4,000 words]
Chapter 1854 Taiyou Emperor [4200 words]
Chapter 1855: Innate Soul Book [4,000 words]
Chapter 1856: Changed the world, but still sees the same person [4,000 words]
Chapter 1857: Yin and Yang's Ultimate Sword Formation [4,000 words]
Chapter 1858: Fallen Heavenly Palace [4,000 words]
Chapter 1859 Chaos Yi Qi, Yin Yang Ten Thousand Crows Pot [4,000 words]
Chapter 1860 The Ancient Ice Phoenix [4,000 words]
Chapter 1861 Birthday Banquet [4,000 words]
Chapter 1862 The Daluo Road is difficult to achieve [4,200 words]
Chapter 1863 Nine Apertures Yuan Shen [4300 words]
Chapter 1864 True Spirit Yuanshen [4,000 words]
Chapter 1865: Enlightenment [4,000 words]
Chapter 1866 Hometown [4,000 words]
Chapter 1867 The Turtle Immortal [4,000 words]
Chapter 1868 The peach blossom remains [4300 words]
Chapter 1869: Calamity breaks out [4,000 words]
Chapter 1870: Alone against the heroes [6,000-word chapter]
Chapter 1871 Ancient Demon Xuanheng [Six thousand words chapter]
Chapter 1872 Qing Cang’s Resurrection [4,000 words]
Chapter 1873: Ye Qi Pluto, Chunyang Avenue [6,000 words]
Chapter 1874: The Dao Heart is Flawed [6,200 words]
Chapter 1875: The Ancient Land of Immortal Ruins [6,000 words]
Chapter 1876: The Son of the Qiongtian Emperor [6,000 words]
Chapter 1877: Everyone gets something [6,000 words]
Chapter 1878: The Ruins of Daze [6,000 words]
Chapter 1879: Ancient Grudges [6,300 words]
Chapter 1880: The Ancient Land of Soul Destruction [6,200 words]
Chapter 1881 Linglong enters the true spirit [6,000 words]
Chapter 1882: Emperor Lingxiao’s True Spirit Body [6,000 words]
Chapter 1883: The Emperor of Heaven plots, Chaos has enemies [6,000 words]
Chapter 1884: The True Spirit Avenue [6,200 words]
Chapter 1885 Chaos Emperor Ant [6,200 words]
Chapter 1886 Black Sword White Sword [5600 words]
Chapter 1887 Nine Colored Immortal Deer [6100 words]
Chapter 1888 The Three-Yuan Return to the Ruins and the True Spirit of Reincarnation [Six Thousand and Two]
Chapter 1889: Discussing the Tao [6,200 words]
Chapter 1890 The Three Soul Emperor [6500 words]
Chapter 1891 True Spirit Mana [6,000 words]
Chapter 1892 Zi Yintian [4,000 words]
Chapter 1893: The path of the soul is rugged [4,000 words]
Chapter 1892 Chaos Mud [4,000 words]
Chapter 1893 The True Spirit Treasure Returns to the Ruins Seal [5,300 words]
Chapter 1896 The Seven True Spirits [4,000 words]
Chapter 1897: Enlightenment Daluo [5,000 words]
Chapter 1898: The Returned Immortal Lord [4,000 words]
Chapter 1899: Someone from the Immortal Courtyard [5,400 words]
Chapter 1898: Tracing Time and Space, Past Events [4,500 words]
Chapter 1899 Those respectable people [4,000 words]
Chapter 1900 Weiyang Tian Daluo Immortal Banquet [4,000 words]
Chapter 1903 The Seven-Aperture Divine Stone [4,000 words]
Chapter 1904: Forbidden Magical Powers
Chapter 1905 The Black Abyss Emperor [4,000 words]
Chapter 1906 Dojo Relocation [4,000 words]
Chapter 1907 Chaos Green Lotus Seed [5,300 words]
Chapter 1908 The Ancient Demonic Ape [4,000 words]
Chapter 1909: Perfecting the Way of Sacrifice [4,000 words]
Chapter 1910: Reincarnation and Demonstration of Tao Daluo [5,000 words]
Chapter 1911 Lu Chong'a [5,200 words]
Chapter 1912 Chaos Realm Grass [5,000 words]
Chapter 1913: Rebuilding the Foundation [5,000 words]
Chapter 1914 Yan Jinghan Ye Yinghui [5,000 words]
Chapter 1915 The Third Innate Light of Grand Meng [4,000 words]
Chapter 1916: Ancient Purple Phoenix [7,500 words]
Chapter 1917 Daluo Immortal Pill [4,000 words]
Chapter 1918: Billion Years Birthday Banquet [4,300 words]
Chapter 1919 The Second Tribulation [8,000 words]
Chapter 1920 Jiang Linglong’s Enlightenment [5,000 words]
Chapter 1921 Madman Chu, Ancestor Jiang [5,000 words]
Chapter 1922 The Second Level of Da Luo [6,000 words]
Chapter 1923: Killing the Red Mastiff Demon Lord [6,200 words]
Chapter 1924: Chance Encounter, the Cauldron of Good Fortune [6,000 words]
Chapter 1925 Chaos Lei Peng [4,000 words]
Chapter 1926: Snow Soul Immortal Lord [5,000 words]
Chapter 1927: Rebuilding the Foundation
Chapter 1928: Resurrection of spiritual energy [4,000 words]
Chapter 1929: The Third Level of Da Luo’s Body [4,200 words]
Chapter 1930: On the eve of the third calamity [4,300 words]
Chapter 1931 Meeting Chi Huang Again [Four thousand words]
Chapter 1932 Three calamities, inheritance of the Emperor of Heaven [4,000 words]
Chapter 1933 Qing Ji’s Enlightenment [4,000 words]
Chapter 1934: Nine Great Luos of One Family [4,000 words]
Chapter 1935: The Golden-Backed Bull King [4,000 words]
Chapter 1936 Chaos War [4,000 words]
Chapter 1937 Daluo Divine Armor [4,000 words]
Chapter 1938 The Qi of Pure Yin [4600 words]
Chapter 1939 Hunyuan Barter Conference [5,400 words]
Chapter 1940: The Ultimate Qiankun Yiqi Bottle [6,400 words]
Chapter 1941 The Chaos War breaks out [4,000 words]
Chapter 1942 Da Luo Cannon [4,000 words]
Chapter 1943: Kill Da Luo, great harvest [4,200 words]
Chapter 1944: The Fourth Level of Da Luo’s Body [5,000 words]
Chapter 1945: Far Far Away, So Close [5,000 words]