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Li Zhi, don’t be a coward

Li Zhi, don’t be a coward

author:Thieving eyebrows and rat eyes

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-05 06:40

Latest chapter:Chapter 1343 The dark room can be deceived

Does Your Majesty insist on going against me? Empress Wu's eyes were full of evil. Li Zhi took a step back in fear, swallowed his saliva and said: I don't dare... No! Li Qing, where is Li Qing? Li Qinzai fled after the achievements of the Three Dynasties. He came out, held down Li Zhi's retreating body, and said in a deep voice: Your Majesty, don't be afraid! Li Zhi seemed to have found a savior, and tugged on Li Qinzai's sleeve and whispered: I am not afraid, not at all, Li Qing, I am Authorize you to help me teach her a lesson!

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《Li Zhi, don’t be a coward》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1343 The dark room can be deceived
Chapter 1342 The final battle in Haidong
Chapter 1341 The bird is gone and the bow is hidden
Chapter 1340 Yun Po Tian Kai
Chapter 1339 Night Tour in the Palace
Chapter 1338 Night Banquet in the Palace
Chapter 1337 Taking Advantage of the Trend
Chapter 1336 Miracle of Life
Chapter 1335 Turning the Tide
《Li Zhi, don’t be a coward》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Catastrophe is imminent
Chapter 3 The Former Cauldron
Chapter 4 Men's Responsibilities
Chapter 5 Repeated Horizontal Jumps
Chapter 6 The purpose of exile
Chapter VII The twist
Chapter 8 The Tian Family Couple
Chapter IX Exoneration
Chapter 10 Grandfather and Grandson Night Chat
Chapter Eleven Things Have Cause and Effect
Chapter 12 Health Care
Chapter Thirteen Gathering the Stars
Chapter 14 The first acquaintance of famous generals
Chapter fifteen
Chapter 16 The General's Dog
Chapter 17 Unworthy Descendants
Chapter 18 The hero is short of breath
Chapter Nineteen Chang'an Weiyang
Chapter 20 Sharpening Layout
Chapter 21 Dispensing Revenge
Chapter 22 Conspiracy the enemy
Chapter 23 Kuafu Chasing the Sun
Chapter 24 High-profile revenge
Chapter 25 Ambition and Marriage
Chapter 26 The life of waste
Chapter twenty-seven free me
Chapter Twenty-Eight Past Events
Chapter 29 The Cui Family Has a Daughter
Chapter 30 Shaolang is not a good man
Chapter 31 The Royal Tegon
Chapter 32 The meaning of wealth
Chapter Thirty-Three: Innocent Disaster
Chapter 34: Brother Jing Chu, Be More Confident
Chapter Thirty-Five Li Jingchu
Chapter 36 I was so scared
Chapter 37 Intellectual Property Protection
Chapter 38: Pre-Modernist Life
Chapter thirty-ninth mother-in-law ran away
Chapter 40 It is impossible to break off the marriage
Chapter 41: Seeing the Son of Heaven for the first time
Chapter 42: Battlefield Autumn Soldiers
Chapter 43: The Horse Stumbled
Chapter 44: A Piece of Iron
Chapter 45: Poor White Happened
Chapter 46 Miss Trapped
Chapter 47 Is it wrong to waste time?
Chapter 48: It turns out that the troublemaker in the world is not the only one
Chapter 49 Fanning the flames
Chapter 50: Gao Domesticated Animals
Chapter 51 Hate me but can't kill me
Chapter 52: Apology at the Door
Chapter 53 Two pieces of hob meat
Chapter Fifty-Four
Chapter 55 The pillars of the country shine again
Chapter 56 This sub can be reused
Chapter 57: The ruler and the minister play against each other
Chapter 58 The Principle of All Things
Chapter 59 He just paints like that
Chapter 60 Raise your eyebrows
Chapter 61 Feeling at Home
Chapter 62 Another accident?
Chapter 63 Becoming a Dad?
Chapter 64 The joys and sorrows
Chapter 65: Well-educated old cadres
Chapter 66 The Past
Chapter 67: Really go to the house to reveal the tiles
Chapter 68: The ancestral southerners
Chapter 69 Trouble is coming again
Chapter 70 Don't hurt the peace
Chapter 71 Departing from Weinan
Chapter 72 Absolutely impossible
Chapter 73 You are not allowed to eat
Chapter 74 Let go of that beast
Chapter 75: The wise young lady from an aristocratic family
Chapter 76 The Autumn Harvest Opens the Sickle
Chapter 77 Revised Version of 'Hundred Family Surnames'
Chapter 78 Popularization and Promotion
Chapter 79 Awe of Knowledge
Chapter 80 The village girl who drills into the woods
Chapter 81 Don't pretend, I'll showdown
Chapter 82: People Are Not Pretentious
Chapter 83 Three Arrows Ding Tianshan
Chapter 84 Unintentional credit
Chapter 85: Palace Changes
Chapter 86: The Healing Gamble
Chapter 87: Auspicious people and gods
Chapter 88: Unrequited kindness
Chapter 89: If You Can't Get Your Marriage Back, You Can Find More
Chapter 90 Enemies Gather
Chapter 91: Not Angry
Chapter 92: Do what you have to do
Chapter 93 Dad, you fight
Chapter 94: No guesses for the two little ones?
Chapter 95: Meeting Miss Cui Again
Chapter 96 No one is allowed to go
Chapter 97 There are guests outside the village
Chapter ninety-eight private interview
Chapter 99: The Way of Clear Calculation
Chapter 100 Bring it to you
Chapter 101 This is a god
Chapter 102 Waiting for you to grow up slowly
Chapter 103: Dressing Treasures
Chapter 104 The little girl picking mushrooms
Chapter 105 Red Umbrella Umbrella White Pole
Chapter 106 Uncle Brother
Chapter 107 Brother and sister meet
Chapter 108: See for yourself, listen for yourself
Chapter 109 The toad climbs the high branch
Chapter 110 Have you paid for the food?
Chapter 111 Fraud and extortion
Chapter 112 The majestic little gentleman
Chapter 113 Just say I died violently
Chapter 114 Returning home, father's love hits
Chapter 115: The disciple sincerely studies
Chapter 116: Select talents and teach them
Chapter 117 treats no discrimination
Chapter 118 Nine-character mantra
Chapter 119 Does talent mean a good person?
Chapter 120 Mr. Unscrupulous Poor Disciple
Chapter 121 Do not engage in special
Chapter 122 This is my knowledge
Chapter 123 The blood man in the ditch
Chapter 124: Unknown origin
Chapter 125 Zhuanghu Veteran
Chapter 126 Sunbathing should not listen to grievances
Chapter 127 The county captain is Wang Fa
Chapter 128: Father and Stepmother
Chapter 129 blush when he mentions him
Chapter 130: Unjust Cases Are Hard to Snow
Chapter 131 Murder Immediately
Chapter 132 The wind rises
Chapter 133: Life and Death
Chapter 134: The fish died and the net broke
Chapter 135: The capital is shaken
Chapter 136: Catastrophe
Chapter 137: Imprisoned
Chapter 138 The trace of the enemy has been discovered
Chapter 139 I can tell my father
Chapter 140: The Jungle Intercept
Chapter 141: The dandy night pulls the bow
Chapter 142: My Xue family is full of martial arts
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Three Or I'll Still Follow
Chapter 144 Aftermath of the aftermath
Chapter 145: Doom the calamity
Chapter 146 I want to beat your chest too
Chapter 147 It is a polyphonic word
Chapter 148 Long-lost childhood feelings
Chapter 149: Listen to the sound of the New Year
Chapter 150 It can change the world
Chapter 151 Don't even think about a good New Year
Chapter 152 Mr. Li's disciple
Chapter 153: If jade is not cut, it will not become a tool
Chapter 154 Earth Shaking Mountains
One hundred and fifty-fifth chapter nobility show grace
One hundred and fifty-six chapters one door and two nobles
Chapter 157: There are beautiful village girls here
Chapter 158: The County Returns to Beijing
One hundred and fifty-ninth chapter fortune and misfortune lie in
Chapter 160: The Way of Non-Mingjun
Chapter 161 Undercurrent
Chapter 162 Unpredictable
Chapter 163 The business ability of the hundred riders is not good
Chapter 164: Blast his dog's head
Chapter 165 The loving couple
One hundred and sixty-six chapters serve multiple purposes
Chapter 167 Happy New Year
Chapter 168 Emergency Military News
Chapter 169 The whole story of starting the war
Chapter 170: Preparing for revenge
Chapter 171 The mysterious call
Chapter 172 I haven’t been on her kang yet.
Chapter 173: Remember to wear long johns
Chapter 174 The soldiers return to the army
Chapter 175 Veteran
Chapter 176 The History of the March
Chapter 177: Entrusted before departure
Chapter 178 Please expel the Tang envoy
Chapter 179: Three Admonitions Before Departure
Chapter 180: Armored Eastern March
Chapter 181 He just simply despises you
Chapter 182 Gathering in Dengzhou
Chapter 183 Why not?
Chapter 184 The old enemy with white beard
Chapter 185 Veteran Youzi
Chapter 186 Chong'er is at peace outside
Chapter 187 The Iron-Skeleton Trash
Chapter 188 The Arrogant Stick
Chapter 189: Huge Gap
Chapter 190: Raising sail to face the battle
Chapter 191: I can’t even take it anymore
Chapter 192 Another loud noise
Chapter 193: So powerful that it fell to pieces
Chapter 194: Bad temper
Chapter 195 The Nature of Despicable Peoples
Chapter 196: Battle of revenge
Chapter 197: Naval Battle Victory
Chapter 198 Cheng’s parents and grandchildren
Chapter 199 Dang!
Chapter 200 Landing on Japanese Island
Chapter 201: Massacre the city and plunder the territory
Chapter 202 Should I be punished or rewarded?
Chapter 203 The husband sings and the wife follows
Chapter 204 Tang-Japanese Negotiations
Chapter 205 Reinforcements Landing
Chapter 206: Offering a Girl to Beg for Peace
Chapter 207 Armistice Conditions
Chapter 208 Returning to China after the War
Chapter 209: Even if you stretch your head or shrink your head, it’s just a knife
Chapter 210 Return home in triumph, the evil beast suffers death
Chapter 211: Drag your feet a little more
Chapter 212: Noble Xiao Baga
Chapter 213 Majestic and majestic
Chapter 214: Stopping the car and driving in surprise
Chapter 215 Returning Home
Chapter 216 The evil slave deceives the master
Chapter 217: Long-standing grievances
Chapter 218: His Enemy, My Hero
Chapter 219: It’s polite to curse people behind their backs
Chapter 220 School starts again
Chapter 221 The battle between rewards and punishments
Chapter 222: Destroying a country is merit
Chapter 223 Jinjue County Count
Chapter 224 How to get married if the trouble is not solved?
Chapter 225 Abolition of punishment in person
Chapter 226 The familiar taste of dandy
Chapter 227: Each generation becomes stronger than the previous generation
Chapter 228: The splendor of the parents’ meeting
Chapter 229 The king and his ministers arrive together
Chapter 230: The manners of aristocratic families
Chapter 231 The society has been dead for a thousand years
Chapter 232: Lay a mine to blow yourself up
Chapter 233 Jinshi Master
Chapter 234: School Purpose
Chapter 235: The love and hatred of the enemy’s young general
Chapter 236 The Central Plains China is rich in martial virtue
Chapter 237: There are always unscrupulous people who want to harm this baby
Chapter 238: All mankind cannot lose me
Chapter 239 The enemy appears, the eldest daughter of the emperor
Chapter 240: Bloody Feud
Chapter 241 Veterans wither
Chapter 242 Suspicious flaws
Chapter 243 The final trump card
Chapter 244 The cherry blossoms in my hometown are blooming
Chapter 245: If you can’t find out, you will be buried with me
Chapter 246 The down-to-earth Baiqisi
Chapter 247 Are you afraid of the mace?
Chapter 248 Empress Wu summons
Chapter 249: Changes in the situation
Chapter 250 Chen Bingqi County
Chapter 251 Raise an army to investigate and burn down the ancestral home
Chapter 252: The Prestige of the Eldest Lady
Chapter 253: Seeking justice for my husband
Chapter 254 The other side of the lady from the aristocratic family
Chapter 255 The ruling and opposition parties were shocked
Chapter 256 Theory of Species Evolution
Chapter 257: When brothers meet, kick them first as a sign of respect
Chapter 258 The cousin who cheated on sick leave
Chapter 259: Reversal, changing surname
Chapter 260 Don’t be angry
Chapter 261: Imperial College Student
Chapter 262 The attitude of studying
Chapter 263: The good time has been decided, the past is like smoke
Chapter 264: Reach the sky in one step
Chapter 265: Future Prime Minister
Chapter 266: Chief of Xianyu Mountain
Chapter 267 It turns out that childhood has never been cured
Chapter 268 The completely dusty past
Chapter 269: Suffering will eventually pass
Chapter 270 The ideal look
Chapter 271: Squandering the Fine Wine
Chapter 272 The destination of knowledge
Chapter 273 The wedding is coming, return to Chang'an
Chapter 274 Family happiness
Chapter 275: Dandy’s grudges
Chapter 276: Easy to handle
Chapter 277 Another income
Chapter 278 The emperor can’t have trouble with money, right?
Chapter 279: Lovesickness is a disease, you need to take medicine
Chapter 280: First meeting with Weng’s son-in-law
Chapter 281 The Wedding (Part 1)
Chapter 282 The Wedding (Part 2)
Chapter 283 The Wedding (Part 2)
Chapter 284 The Li Family’s Bride
Chapter 285 Live and learn
Chapter 286 Waiting to pay homage to my uncle in front of Xiaotang
Chapter 287 Unusual official appointment
Chapter 288: I rule the world with morality
Chapter 289: A role model for men
Chapter 290: Kill if necessary
Chapter 291 Dilemma
Chapter 292 Treat it as your own child
Chapter 293 New arrival
Chapter 294: Obscure and unclear
Chapter 295 The real Bingzhou
Chapter 296: Seeking for life, fighting for life
Chapter 297 Korean Lady
Chapter 298: Advising you to go back
Chapter 299: Good person, good official
Chapter 300 Grain merchants stock up on strange things
Chapter 301: Do dandies need to consider the consequences of fighting?
Chapter 302: Soldiers first and then soldiers
Chapter 303 Even the governor can’t change the world
Chapter 304: Thousands of Merits
Chapter 305: Notorious
Chapter 306 Hongmen Night Banquet (Part 1)
Chapter 307 Hongmen Night Banquet (Part 2)
Chapter 308 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 309: Fire prevention, theft prevention and best friend protection
Chapter 310: The Dandy Clan
Chapter 311 The imaginative King Teng
Chapter 312 Chicken talk with duck
Chapter 313: Chicken and duck scolding each other
Chapter 314: Planning and digging holes
Chapter 315: Fishing Bait Hidden Hook
Chapter 316: Swarming in
Chapter 317: Surface
Chapter 318: Enter the urn and close the net
Chapter 319: Evil fate must be strangled to death!
Chapter 320: More money is needed!
Chapter 321 The beautiful lady Qing Ben
Chapter 322: Life and Death
Chapter 323 My rules are the rules
Chapter 324: Transferred and Returned to Beijing
Chapter 325 Shoes removed, Itako tide recedes
Chapter 326: Middle-aged couple, left hand touching right hand
Chapter 327: Wife and Children Reunion
Chapter 328: The first fraud case in the country
Chapter 329 School for the Mentally Retarded
Chapter 330: A mean mouth and a mean hand
Chapter 331 A natural chasm
Chapter 332 Facing the efforts of three generations
Chapter 333 Trampling on farmland
Chapter 334: Speaking too bluntly
Chapter 335 Dandy vs. Dandy
Chapter 336: It’s hard to stop doing good
Chapter 337: Classmate Friendship
Chapter 338 I’ll feed it to you below
Chapter 339: I eat meat and my disciples take the blame. It makes sense, right?
Chapter 340: If you don’t beat someone, then chirp chirp
Chapter 341 King Teng enters Beijing
Chapter 342: Meeting an old friend in a foreign land and a creditor
Chapter 343: This is the buyout price of love
Chapter 344 Work-for-relief
Chapter 345: I came up with another good thing
Chapter 346 Created
Chapter 347 Indestructible
Chapter 348: The Royal Driver Arrives in Person
Chapter 349: The cow fell and was injured
Chapter 350: The humble King Teng comes to collect debts
Chapter 351 If you want to be rich, build roads first
Chapter 352: Establishing a destiny for the people
Chapter 353: We are both kneeling and licking people from the end of the world
Chapter 354 Everyone licks his own
Chapter 355 Forgiveness in the end
Chapter 356: Everyone is a decent person
Chapter 357: Inner Saint and Outer King
Chapter 358 Sacrifice and Benefits
Chapter 359 Hideo shows off his face
Chapter 360: Asking for help
Chapter 361 More money
Chapter 362 Everyone gets what they need
Chapter 363: Recommendation is not human
Chapter 364 Guest Speech
Chapter 365: Political differences
Chapter 366 The inside story is complicated
Chapter 367: Newcomers enter the group, kick them out first as a sign of respect
Chapter 368: The eldest son of the imperial concubine
Chapter 369 Conflict in the Forbidden Palace
Chapter 370 Long, white and thin
Chapter 371 Do you want a wife?
Chapter 372: Taking bigger steps
Chapter 373 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 374: Is the pilot feasible?
Chapter 375: The Literary Old Man
Chapter 376: Veteran comes to visit
Chapter 377 Military Support
Chapter 378: The light in front of the Buddha
Chapter 379 The dispute between court and meeting
Chapter 380: Argue with reason
Chapter 381 The meeting has been decided
Chapter 382 Di Renjie returns to Beijing
Chapter 383 Ye Ting Leng Gong
Chapter 384 Siblings Reunion
Chapter 385: Insufficient Taoism and Inability to Subdue Demons
Chapter 386: National Property
Chapter 387: Palace Palace Jianghu
Chapter 388: Don’t cheat my father’s money again!
Chapter 389: The County Lord is Drunk
Chapter 390: The Art of Weary of Victory
Chapter 391: Waking up from a hangover, love ends with etiquette
Chapter 392: Ironclad evidence
Chapter 393: Get to the bottom of it
Chapter 394: Dali Temple interrogation
Chapter 395: Chance of Survival
Chapter 396: Killing evildoers and implicating them
Chapter 397: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 398: If I move, the enemy will move
Chapter 399: Sudden changes in the case
Chapter 400: Alone and alone
Chapter 401: Asking for help
Chapter 402: When something happens, the teacher will do his duty
Chapter 403 I shed blood for the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 404: Spreading out of control
Chapter 405: Forming a Network and Setting Up a Strategy
Chapter 406: Destiny or fate
Chapter 407 The Phantom of the Forbidden Palace
Chapter 408: Oppression from the Queen
Chapter 409: Poke a hole in the sky
Chapter 410 Tit for tat
Chapter 411 Self-imprisonment
Chapter 412: Hide for peace and quiet
Chapter 413: Inviting a Living Ancestor
Chapter 414: Suicide, Execution
Chapter 415 Jinxiang visits the Duke’s Mansion
Chapter 416: The Kirin Divine Beast Provokes Love
Chapter 417 Rescue from all sides
Chapter 418: Want to keep your life safe
Chapter 419: Being favored feels confident
Chapter 420 Best friends reunited
Chapter 421: Release after court discussion
Chapter 422: The man who came out of prison
Chapter 423 The only light
Chapter 424: 100% being killed with bare hands
Chapter 425 Purer than white paper
Chapter 426: Rebirth
Chapter 427: Only seeing the person in front of you
Chapter 428 The demonic aura soars into the sky
Chapter 429 The long-lost whip
Chapter 430: Junior Sister Xinzha
Chapter 431 A touch of sweetness
Chapter 432 Licking until there is nothing left
Chapter 433 Recruiting veterans
Chapter 434 The princess becomes a disciple
Chapter 435: Worshiping by the Li Family
Chapter 436 The unexpected academic master
Chapter 437 Cousin Affair
Chapter 438 There is something going on
Chapter 439: New dean?
Chapter 440: The visitor is evil?
Chapter 441: Unknown purpose
Chapter 442: The pillar of the country is very busy
Chapter 443: Find another way
Chapter 444: The sky is gray, people are gray
Chapter 445: There is no conflict between committing evil acts and compassion
Chapter 446: Becoming bald and becoming stronger
Chapter 447 The secret is revealed
Chapter 448: Mingde and Prosperity of the Country
Chapter 449 Talents are rare
Chapter 450: Cousin’s Dark History
Chapter 451 It’s the waistband that’s causing trouble again
Chapter 452: Prison Visit
Chapter 453: Brothers and sisters respect each other
Chapter 454: Power is locked in a cage
Chapter 455: Eating three bowls of rice in tears
Chapter 456: Caught off guard
Chapter 457: Can’t ignore it
Chapter 458 Rumors in Beijing
Chapter 459: Guests
Chapter 460: The Poorest of the Four Heroes of the Early Tang Dynasty
Chapter 461: Avoiding the Enemy’s Battlefield
Chapter 462: Layout and Setup (Part 1)
Chapter 463: Layout and Setup (Part 2)
Chapter 464 A surprise encounter with a major case
Chapter 465: Using conspiracy to control conspiracy
Chapter 466: Implicit Negotiation
Chapter 467 I only want to drink from a ladle
Chapter 468 The case escalates
Chapter 469 Important News
Chapter 470 Meeting
Chapter 471: Revenge must be early
Chapter 472 Dare to do it and admit it
Chapter 473: Come to apologize
Chapter 474 The shocking truth
Chapter 475 The Prince seeks peace
Chapter 476: People are thinner than peonies
Chapter 477: Just like training your grandson
Chapter 478 Tian Family Father and Son
Chapter 479 The prince comes to apologize
Chapter 480 Return to the Village
Chapter 481 Conspiracy
Chapter 482 The Three Stooges
Chapter 483 Lawlessness
Chapter 484 A small punishment but a big warning
Chapter 485: Enmity
Chapter 486: Sun Gong One Pawn
Chapter 487 The Golden Belt for Repairing Bridges and Roads
Chapter 488: A product that spans the ages
Chapter 489: Simple version of hydraulic press
Chapter 490: Iron piece as thin as cicada wings
Chapter 491 The Tian family couple came together again
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters seal wife Yinzi
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters on the potential
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters the emperor turned against each other
Chapter four hundred and ninety fifth stealing food
Chapter 496 The Unique Tang Dynasty
Chapter 497: A man who has become a family cannot be willful
Chapter 498: Meeting among ministers
Chapter four hundred and ninety-ninth dispatch candidates
Chapter 500: Urgently Return to Beijing
Chapter 501: A life-and-death job
Chapter Five Hundred and Two Leaving the City Westward
Chapter 503 Scouts go first
Chapter five hundred and fourth encounter on the way
Chapter 505 Surprised by the sudden change
Chapter 506 I'm careless, I didn't flash
Chapter 507 Driving to Liangzhou
Chapter 508 Watch the changes
Chapter 509: Sending troops is reasonable and reasonable
Chapter 510 Kou can go, I can go too
Chapter 511 Another famous general
Chapter five hundred and twelve the change in Liangzhou
Chapter 513 Princess Honghua
Chapter 514 Negotiations
Chapter 515: Send troops again
Chapter 516 Second Negotiation
Chapter five hundred and seventeen first battle
Chapter five hundred and eighteenth battle
Chapter five hundred and nineteen victory
Chapter five hundred and twentieth
Chapter 521: The city is stunning, the purple pupil is magical
Chapter 522 Temporary Tranquility
Five hundred and twentieth chapters confirmed the eyes
Five hundred and twentieth chapters interception to make
Chapter five hundred and twenty fifth aftermath
Chapter 526 The enemy of the enemy is not necessarily a friend
Chapter five hundred and twentieth seventh dance allure
Five hundred and twentieth eight chapters send the mission again
Chapter five hundred and twentieth nine
Chapter 530: The Mission Comes Again
Chapter 531 The Three-Country Talks (1)
Chapter 532 The Three-Country Talks (Part 2)
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-Three Great Powers Playing Chess
Five hundred and thirtieth chapters Ming canon punishment
Chapter 535 The enemy is also a friend
Chapter 536 Hidden Murder
Chapter 537: Clan Lobbying
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Eighth
Five hundred and thirtieth IX food poisoning
Chapter five hundred and fortieth murderous ambush
Chapter 541 Coincidence
Chapter 542 Creativity crashes
Chapter 543: Fire merger
Chapter 544 Preemptive Strike
Chapter 545 Isn’t this a coincidence?
Chapter 546 Dying
Chapter 547 Your Highness, please stop poking.
Chapter 548 Sitting in rows and dividing the fruits
Chapter 549 The king is ready to go
Chapter 550 Show affection and trust property
Chapter 551 Late night accident
Chapter 552 Is the dance graceful?
Chapter 553 The beautiful lady
Chapter 554: Stop pretending, let’s show off
Chapter 555 The Origin of Zi Nu
Chapter 556 Princess Loulan
Chapter 557 The truth forever buried
Chapter 558 Mobilizing the Border Troops
Chapter 559: Hunting the Lost Deer
Chapter 560 I’m leaving
Chapter 561 Leave a seed
Chapter 562 Entering Tuyuhun
Chapter 563 I saw the light
Chapter 564: No Country, No Home, Troubled Times
Chapter 565 Teach you how to behave
Chapter 566 The Prime Minister’s Style
Chapter 567 Battle
Chapter 568 Fighting and fighting
Chapter 569 Reciprocity
Chapter 570 Starry Night Beauty
Chapter 571 Love dispute
Chapter 572 The bottom line of common people
Chapter 573 Looking for the enemy to fight
Chapter 574 Here comes the bargaining chip
Chapter 575 Tit for tat
Chapter 576 Sorry, I want them all
Chapter 577 Save others, save yourself
Chapter 578 Profit from Chaos
Chapter 579 Meeting as promised
Chapter 580 The situation is out of control
Chapter 581 Thrilling Breakout
Chapter 582 Farewell
Chapter 583 Reunion and accumulation of troops
Chapter 584 Harassment and Sniper
Chapter 585 Rest and Supplies
Chapter 586 Righteousness and personal grudges
Chapter 587 The best years
Chapter 588: Containing Harassment
Chapter 589 The benevolent is invincible
Chapter 590 Conspiracy, head-on battle
Chapter 591 A fierce battle with Chenyan
Chapter 592: Boosting Military Morale
Chapter 593 Acacia is not as good as meeting again
Chapter 594 Marching eastward to break through
Chapter 595 Victory and danger
Chapter 596 Desperate Situation and Life and Death
Chapter 597 Xu Family Caravan
Chapter 598 The nameless righteous man
Chapter 599 Persuading surrender, fighting to the death
Chapter 600 Final battle, farewell
Chapter 601 Reinforcements arrive, defeated and fled
Chapter 602: Open up territory and expand territory
Chapter 603 A great achievement
Chapter 604 A Night of Fish and Dragon Dance
Chapter 605 Celebrating the victory
Chapter 606 Famous Minister Pei Xingjian
Chapter 607: Thank you, famous general
Chapter 608: Summoned back to Beijing
Chapter 609 But do good deeds
Chapter 610 Return to Beijing
Chapter 611 Mother and son in the deep house
Chapter 612 The reunion of monarch and ministers
Chapter 613 Juejin County Marquis
Chapter 614 Good news
Chapter 615 Feng Chan’s Admonition
Chapter 616 Reunion
Chapter 617 Couple’s Night Talk
Chapter 618 Naughty and rebellious son
Chapter 619 Exploring the Past
Chapter 620 It’s inevitable to be sentimental
Chapter 621 Secret Whispers in the Boudoir
Chapter 622 No one to return to
Chapter 623 Dandy nature
Chapter 624 Suspicion suddenly arises
Chapter 625 Family Crisis
Chapter 626 A loving father and a filial son
Chapter 627 The Li Family’s Concubine Room
Chapter 628 Sibling City
Chapter 629 Family affairs, state affairs, children and grandchildren affairs
Chapter 630 The deep love between teachers and students
Chapter 631 The Concubine Enters the Door
Chapter 632 The origins of siblings
Chapter 633 Compromise
Chapter 634 Another new thing
Chapter 635 Three generations of rubbish
Chapter 636 Veteran comes to visit
Chapter 637 Guests and distinguished guests
Chapter 638 The Emperor and the Empress visit
Chapter 639 The Emperor appoints talents
Chapter 640 The card table is also a world
Chapter 641 Each has its own way of playing
Chapter 642: New Year’s Eve
Chapter 643 You are not allowed to let go even if the sky is thundering and struck by lightning.
Chapter 644 Suffering from love, the lover has nothing to fear
Chapter 645 The old friend is in Yangguandong
Chapter 646 Rumors about Chang'an
Chapter 647: Discussion on the Zen status
Chapter 648 Headmaster
Chapter 649 The Past and Present Life of Nestorianism
Chapter 650 I just don’t like it
Chapter 651 Carrying guns together
Chapter 652 Nestorian Water Depth
Chapter 653 Departure, Encountered Changes
Chapter 654 The two girls meet
Chapter 655 Hu Shang Yiduo
Chapter 656: More harm than good
Chapter 657 Return to the village
Chapter 658 Kneel down at midnight
Chapter 659 The head coach comes to visit
Chapter 660: Proper etiquette
Chapter 661 A sudden turn of events
Chapter 662 Breaking a promise and regretting it
Chapter 663 I’m leaving
Chapter 664 The weight of Nestorianism
Chapter 665 Try your best
Chapter 666 Bloodline Suppression
Chapter 667 Don’t be afraid of heaven and earth
Chapter 668 The Origin of New Grain Seeds
Chapter 669 The New World Discovered in Advance
Chapter 670 Revenge is coming
Chapter 671 The Carnival Before the Doomsday
Chapter 672 Disciple accepts his labor
Chapter 673 Confrontation
Chapter 674 Attacking the Heart
Chapter 675 Dandy Enters the Village
Chapter 676 Night Assassination
Chapter 677 What do I want to give him?
Chapter 678 Discovered and attacked
Chapter 679 It’s hard to calm down
Chapter 680 Crazy Li Zhi gets second chance
Chapter 681 A bright future
Chapter 682 Trial Breeding
Chapter 683: Rewarding Merits and Land
Chapter 684 New way to eat
Chapter 685 Setting up a trap
Chapter 686 Overthrow, retribution
Chapter 687 Cause and effect, revenge
Chapter 688 Ashes to dust, dust to dust
Chapter 689 Great Merits
Chapter 690 The student returns
Chapter 691 Teachers and students chatting
Chapter 692 Inheritance from father to son
Chapter 693 School Examination
Chapter 694: Not human inside and out
Chapter 695 The king and his ministers arrive together
Chapter 696: Studying academically before cultivating morality
Chapter 697 Congratulations
Chapter 698 Getting married
Chapter 699 Father and Daughter
Chapter 700 The Fengchan Agreement
Chapter 701 Liu Rengui is demoted
Chapter 702 King Teng returns to Beijing
Chapter 703 King Teng whose tower was stolen
Chapter 704 Recruiting strong men
Chapter 705 No one to conquer
Chapter 706 Feeling at home
Chapter 707 Destroy it
Chapter 708 Windfall
Chapter 709 This trip is a success
Chapter 710 News from Chang'an
Chapter 711 Visit
Chapter 712 Loyal Minister
Chapter 713 Returning home to ask for help
Chapter 714 I’m leaving
Chapter 715 Private Visit on Weibo
Chapter 716 What I Saw and Heared
Chapter 717 Taste the pain
Chapter 718 Is this always the case?
Chapter 719 Identity Exposed
Chapter 720 Perfect Handover
Chapter 721 The idea is clear
Chapter 722: News from the palace
Chapter 723 The real account book
Chapter 724 Empress Wu urgently summons
Chapter 725 Breakup
Chapter 726 Inviting the hunter into the wild
Chapter 727 Hunting by the King and His Subjects
Chapter 728 Satire
Chapter 729 Speak out and give advice
Chapter 730: Not surprised by favor or humiliation
Chapter 731 Overjoyed
Chapter 732: Mingyi’s advantage and hardship
Chapter 733 Birth, Old Age, Sickness and Death
Chapter 734 The Emperor’s Thoughts
Chapter 735 Willing to advance and retreat together with Mr.
Chapter 736 Return to Beijing
Chapter 737 Encountering Obstacles
Chapter 738 Unstoppable
Chapter 739 Confrontation in the Golden Palace
Chapter 740 The Sea-Dinging Needle
Chapter 741 Bluntly Speaking
Chapter 742: Heartfelt Confession
Chapter 743 Sui Jian is not far away
Chapter 744 Secrets of the Previous Dynasty
Chapter 745 The Holy Family Is Gone
Chapter 746 Criticism across the wall
Chapter 747 Happy grudges
Chapter 748 Entering the Palace to Complain
Chapter 749 The Clown
Chapter 750: Enshrinement is over
Chapter 751 Couple’s Night Talk
Chapter 752 Live up to the common people
Chapter 753 Are you poisonous?
Chapter 754 Vegetarian
Chapter 755 Reconciliation
Chapter 756 Senior Brother
Chapter 757 Setting up a trap for revenge
Chapter 758 The incident happened
Chapter 759 Magnanimity
Chapter 760 Yi Bo Yuntian
Chapter 761: Clear grudges
Chapter 762 Feeling at home
Chapter 763 Crazy criticism of relatives
Chapter 764 Friends?
Chapter 765 The whole situation is crazy
Chapter 766 Meet the Jiaqian layman again
Chapter 767 Sudden changes
Chapter 768 Rebellious Dandy
Chapter 769: First time eating and then destroying the house
Chapter 770 Planning
Chapter 771 Why not choose a better son-in-law
Chapter 772 Deep lovesickness
Chapter 773 Comfort, Marriage Letter
Chapter 774: Love and hate
Chapter 775 Granting surnames to clansmen
Chapter 776 Warning and Beating
Chapter 777 The marriage certificate does not count
Chapter 778 The current situation is strong
Chapter 779 Public opinion is boiling
Chapter 780 Secretly guessing God’s will
Chapter 781 Planning
Chapter 782 Practicing Respectful Farewell
Chapter 783 Want to quit
Chapter 784 The bad fate is hard to break
Chapter 785 No regrets
Chapter 786 Si Nong
Chapter 787: Give in to others
Chapter 788 The host and guest enjoy themselves
Chapter 789 The First Parallel Prose Through the Ages
Chapter 790 Article handed down from generation to generation
Chapter 791 Popular in Chang'an
Chapter 792 A good son-in-law is rare
Chapter 793 Unique
Chapter 794: Eliminate the title
Chapter 795 The sky opens up
Chapter 796 Returning after completing the ceremony
Chapter 797 Sisters Meet
Chapter 798 Gravity
Chapter 799 A hero must not be without wings
Chapter 800 Literary Character
Chapter 801 The villain cannot be without minions
Chapter 802 Returning as a middle school boy
Chapter 803 Embarrassing
Chapter 804 Shameless
Chapter 805: The hero’s surname is Tang, and he is tortured to the point of sadness
Chapter 806 Promise, Asking for Someone
Chapter 807 The world is awake
Chapter 808 An expert outside the world
Chapter 809: Snatching halfway
Chapter 810 All grudges settled
Chapter 811 Don’t come over!
Chapter 812 Late Summer
Chapter 813 Three feet high
Chapter 814 Harvest
Chapter 815 Discussion on Promotion
Chapter 816 Mu Xiu Yu Lin
Chapter 817 Dream Bubble
Chapter 818 Food and Population
Chapter 819 New Job
Chapter 820 Father-in-law comes to visit
Chapter 821 Deep love between father-in-law and son-in-law
Chapter 822 School Catfish
Chapter 823 Not fighting for fame
Chapter 824 The chief examiner sets the questions
Chapter 825 The house is packed with guests
Chapter 826 Favor pressure
Chapter 827 Madam takes action
Chapter 828 Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger
Chapter 829 Change of Attitude
Chapter 830 Masters compete
Chapter 831 The Art of Assassin
Chapter 832 Disadvantages of the Imperial Examination
Chapter 833 Remonstrance against the Name System
Chapter 834 Loyalty and Filial Piety
Chapter 835 Imperial College Supervisor
Chapter 836 The battle between the county and the poor family
Chapter 837: Blind and blind
Chapter 838 Li Da’s injustice
Chapter 839 A rare windfall
Chapter 840 Negotiations break down
Chapter 841 The situation changes again
Chapter 842 The person destined to die
Chapter 843 Obstacles
Chapter 844 The Threat of Killing Horses
Chapter 845 Self-defense and Counterattack
Chapter 846: Coming to the door to start a fight
Chapter 847 Ghosts in the Night
Chapter 848: Vendetta, Entering the Urn
Chapter 849 You must have integrity
Chapter 850 Deadly fate
Chapter 851 Set up a dragon gate and rely on fish to leap
Chapter 852 Shopkeeper and Employee
Chapter 853 Tian Family’s secret help
Chapter 854 Black Material
Chapter 855 Upgrade
Chapter 856 Morning meeting
Chapter 857 Overturning the table
Chapter 858 The battle between court and meeting
Chapter 859 Remaining brave to chase the poor bandits
Chapter 860 Excellent Acting Skills
Chapter 861 A complete defeat
Chapter 862 Ambush in the Eastern Suburbs
Chapter 863: Parting after meeting
Chapter 864 Advice and Warning
Chapter 865 The days ahead are long
Chapter 866 The dust has settled
Chapter 867 Merit remains undiminished, justice remains
Chapter 868 Giving too much
Chapter 869 Not seeking improvement
Chapter 870 Obtaining a Scholarship through Scientific Examination
Chapter 871 Labor and delivery
Chapter 872 A baby
Chapter 873 Congratulations
Chapter 874 The house is packed with guests
Chapter 875 No distinction between concubine and concubine
Chapter 876 The grudges of the Wu family
Chapter 877 Family ties are as thin as paper
Chapter 878 Brother and Sister
Chapter 879 Father and Son
Chapter 880 A sudden murderous intention
Chapter 881 Knowing the book and being polite
Chapter 882 Hongbi
Chapter 883 The name of the national treasure
Chapter 884 The Taste of Family Love
Chapter 885 Something unexpected happened
Chapter 886 The situation is tense
Chapter 887 Breaking down the door and crying
Chapter 888 Leaving the city to avoid disaster
Chapter 889 It’s hard to tell right from wrong
Chapter 890 Sir is not sleeping either
Chapter 891 Summoned by the Emperor
Chapter 892 Clip its wings
Chapter 893 Deep love between husband and wife
Chapter 894 God’s will is unpredictable
Chapter 895 The tacit understanding between ancestors and grandchildren
Chapter 896 Min Zhi is still awake
Chapter 897 Shocking Change
Chapter 898 Refusing asylum
Chapter 899: Killing the family means killing the mouth
Chapter 900 Signs
Chapter 901 The storm is coming
Chapter 902 Midnight Warning
Chapter 903 Fierce battle, execution
Chapter 904 Analysis and Weighing
Chapter 905 Look at Zhu Chengbi
Chapter 906 Purging the Post-Party Party
Chapter 907 Immediate execution without mercy
Chapter 908: Angry and unwilling to argue
Chapter 909 Complete Youth
Chapter 910 Thunderbolt Method
Chapter 911 Father-in-law No. 1 arrives
Chapter 912 Fooling and rejecting
Chapter 913 The pattern is opened
Chapter 914 Father-in-law No. 2 arrives
Chapter 915: A man still gets hit twice until he dies
Chapter 916 Unrivaled Achievements
Chapter 917 Discussing the Reward
Chapter 918 Huo Qubing of the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 919 The emperor’s edict arrives
Chapter 920 Jinjue County Duke
Chapter 921 Thank you
Chapter 922: Hope of Eastern Expedition
Chapter 923 A Centenary Strategy
Chapter 924 We have woken up
Chapter 925 The mission of a generation
Chapter 926 Letter from Zinnu
Chapter 927: Congratulations from all directions
Chapter 928: The Glory of the Age of Prosperity
Chapter 929: Time can stand
Chapter 930 The absent protagonist
Chapter 931 The Envoy Visits
Chapter 932: Proper etiquette
Chapter 933: The Japanese Envoy Begs
Chapter 934 Strong veto
Chapter 935: With bad intentions
Chapter 936 Another new gadget
Chapter 937: The sense of ritual is very important
Chapter 938 The invention of domineering
Chapter 939 The monarch and his ministers were shocked
Chapter 940 A natural killer
Chapter 941 New Job
Chapter 942 Diplomatic Disputes
Chapter 943 Fists are also a foreign language
Chapter 944: I can’t talk and I can’t fight.
Chapter 945 Panda Diplomacy
Chapter 946 Wave after wave
Chapter 947 The feud between the two countries
Chapter 948 Xiba and Baga
Chapter 949: Sticky Ambition
Chapter 950 Rumors Rise
Chapter 951 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 952 It’s hard to decide
Chapter 953: Taking advantage of the situation to make plans
Chapter 954: Peninsula Layout
Chapter 955: The enemy is embarrassed, I will take off his clothes
Chapter 956: The city is full of people eating melons
Chapter 957: No Responsibility
Chapter 958: Plot to destroy Silla
Chapter 959 Proxy War
Chapter 960: Intrusion
Chapter 961 Tool Man
Chapter 962: Sudden changes in the county government
Chapter 963 Audacious Act
Chapter 964: Adding More Fire (Part 1)
Chapter 965 Adding more fire (Part 2)
Chapter 966: Father and son are of the same mind
Chapter 967: Leading a Single Division
Chapter 968 Return of Feng Yuyan
Chapter 969 Reunion
Chapter 970: Galloping Horse
Chapter 971: Huge Hidden Danger
Chapter 972: Disaster lies ahead
Chapter 973: This generation, the next generation
Chapter 974: Departure
Chapter 975: Point will set off
Chapter 976 Sharing joys and sorrows
Chapter 977: The Stance of the Great Sage
Chapter 978 Going to Dengzhou to go to sea
Chapter 979: Warlord Separatism
Chapter 980 An accident in the city
Chapter 981: Honest and Straight Man
Chapter 982 Talents are rare
Chapter 983 It’s too early to talk
Chapter 984: Board the ship and sail eastward
Chapter 985: Landing in Japan
Chapter 986: Chaos in Japan
Chapter 987: Driving to the capital
Chapter 988: Insights from the Capital City
Chapter 989: The incident at the palace banquet
Chapter 990 The appearance of the truth
Chapter 991 The fierce god establishes his power
Chapter 992: The Right to Establish a Crown Prince
Chapter 993: The name of orthodoxy
Chapter 994: Strategy to break the situation
Chapter 995: As Incorruptible as Water
Chapter 996 An Nei Zun Wang’s Order
Chapter 997 You think beautifully
Chapter 998: Feint Attack and Feint Defeat
Chapter 999: The plan to restore the country
Chapter 1000 Ambush Layout
Chapter 1001 Sharpening the Knife
Chapter 1002: Rising and closing the net
Chapter 1003 The final struggle
Chapter 1004 Please enter the urn
Chapter 1005 The dust has settled
Chapter 1006: Post-War Liquidation
Chapter 1007: Establish a new master
Chapter 1008: Ways to Make Money
Chapter 1009: Departure from Haidong
Chapter 1010: Landing in Xiongjin
Chapter 1011 Baekje surrenders its generals
Chapter 1012 Another strong general
Chapter 1013 Garrison in Xiongjin
Chapter 1014 Food Raising Military Order
Chapter 1015: Massacre and Punishment
Chapter 1016: Crush, Subdue
Chapter 1017 The aftermath is over
Chapter 1018: The Fierce General Mo Dao
Chapter 1,019 Heading north
Chapter 1020 Dad loves you
Chapter 1021: Probing for Battle
Chapter 1022: Fighting Enemy
Chapter 1023 The road is widened
Chapter 1024: Little Camp Commander
Chapter 1025 The war is coming
Chapter 1,026 The return of the Dandy
Chapter 1027: A fierce battle between the two armies
Chapter 1,028 The winner is decided
Chapter 1029: Increased Enemy Forces
Chapter 1030: Sacrificing Cannon Fodder
Chapter 1031: Supervising the battle
Chapter 1032: Desperate and desperate
Chapter 1,033 An unexpected incident
Chapter 1034: Accidental collision
Chapter 1035 New Military Order
Chapter 1036: Money is rolling in
Chapter 1,037: Soldiers Arrive at Cangyan
Chapter 1038: Obliteration and Loss
Chapter 1039: Paid Departure
Chapter 1040: Victory in the First Battle
Chapter 1041: Wrong Race in the World
Chapter 1042: Encirclement
Chapter 1043: Relieve the siege
Chapter 1044: It’s hard to accept people’s hearts
Chapter 1045 Five Thousand Enemies
Chapter 1,046 Military Law is Ruthless
Chapter 1,047 The murderous intention has arisen
Chapter 1048: Trouble is hard to eliminate
Chapter 1049: Love each other
Chapter 1050: Wanting to Die
Chapter 1051 Mispaying Loyalty
Chapter 1052: Suppression and Elimination of Trouble
Chapter 1053: Annihilate the Rebels
Chapter 1054: Self-clipping wings
Chapter 1055 The army swept across
Chapter 1056: Eating and looking elegant
Chapter 1057 Complete the process
Chapter 1058 The Minimum Price
Chapter 1,059 Special Operations
Chapter 1060: Fire breaks out in the city
Chapter 1,061 The city is destroyed successfully
Chapter 1,062 The First Success in Breaking the City
Chapter 1063: Reunion of Grandfather and Grandson
Chapter 1,064 Gathering of Stars
Chapter 1,065 Let’s talk about the first achievement
Chapter 1066: Elite Soldiers and Light Armor
Chapter 1,067 Grandson-in-law Sees
Chapter 1068: The Way to Command Troops
Chapter 1,069 The war cloud rises again
Chapter 1,070: Encirclement for reinforcements
Chapter 1,071 Traveling lightly
Chapter 1,072 Ambush in the Jungle
Chapter 1,073 Sudden bad news
Chapter 1074: A famous general is like a pine tree
Chapter 1,075 An unexpected disaster
Chapter 1076: Famous Doctor Da Suo
Chapter 1,077 The whereabouts of famous doctors
Chapter 1078: Finding a needle in a haystack
Chapter 1079: Meeting the Miracle Doctor for the First Time
Chapter 1080: Day and night
Chapter 1,081 Return from the Dead
Chapter 1,082 The calamity has passed
Chapter 1083: Turning from defense to offense
Chapter 1084: Blessings and Disasters
Chapter 1085: Worry is hard to calm down
Chapter 1,086 Flesh and blood
Chapter 1,087 The war situation suddenly changed
Chapter 1088: Contradictions and Oddities
Chapter 1089: Mutual support and mutual restraint
Chapter 1,090 The Invisible Enemy
Chapter 1091 Chang'an Boy
Chapter 1092: The Tiger Eats the Cow
Chapter 1093: Passionate Second Class
Chapter 1094: Common People and Soldiers (Part 1)
Chapter 1095: Common People and Soldiers (Part 2)
Chapter 1,096 Gathering for War
Chapter 1097: Facing the enemy head-on
Chapter 1,098 The Earth Shakes
Chapter 1099: Young Master’s Romance
Chapter 1,100 Risky Gambling
Chapter 1,101 A fierce battle is imminent
Chapter 1,102 A life-and-death battle
Chapter 1,103: Encouraging Surrender
Chapter 1,104 Hand-to-hand combat
Chapter 1,105 After the fierce battle
Chapter 1,106 Proud of you
Chapter 1,107: Treat Death as Homecoming
Chapter 1,108 Urgent emergency
Chapter 1,109 Reinforcements from all walks of life
Chapter 1,110 The Final Battle (Part 1)
Chapter 1,111 The Final Battle (Part 2)
Chapter 1,112 The Final Battle (Part 2)
Chapter 1,113 Mo Dao’s final battle
Chapter 1,114 The ambition to be trapped
Chapter 1,115 Reinforcements finally arrive
Chapter 1,116 Killing the General for Revenge
Chapter 1,117 When will the victory be achieved?
Chapter 1118: Life should not be cut off
Chapter 1,119 Growing Reputation
Chapter 1,120: Retreating Without Quickly
Chapter 1,121 Brothers reunited
Chapter 1,122 Please listen to Datian
Chapter 1,123: Memorial to Beijing
Chapter 1,124 Let’s go to Dengzhou together
Chapter 1,125: The Rituals of a National Scholar
Chapter 1,126 Ping Xin Luo Ce
Chapter 1,127 Returning home
Chapter 1,128 Dengzhou Fishermen
Chapter 1,129 Ranger of the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 1130: Enemy Spies
Chapter 1,131 The Courage of an Ordinary Man
Chapter 1,132 Fighting in the Jungle
Chapter 1,133 The prosperous age is not far away
Chapter 1,134: Walking across the street to meet each other
Chapter 1,135 A good wife is rare
Chapter 1,136 Life-saving Grace
Chapter 1,137 The Return of the Soul
Chapter 1,138 Return to Qingzhou
Chapter 1,139 Etiquette of the Family
Chapter 1,140 Good things come and good things go
Chapter 1,141 Uneven distribution of the spoils
Chapter 1,142 Ending in Chang'an
Chapter 1,143 The reunion of the monarch and his ministers
Chapter 1,144 Reunion Narration
Chapter 1,145 Home Reunion
Chapter 1,146: Promoted to the Duke of the County
Chapter 1,147 Feeling at home
Chapter 1,148 The Right Prime Minister Hidden Words
Chapter 1,149 The Duke’s New Residence
Chapter 1,150: Min Zhi avoids disaster
Chapter 1,151 The situation is strange
Chapter 1,152 Staying Out of the Matter
Chapter 1,153 Li Xian comes to visit
Chapter 1,154 Tips for settling in
Chapter 1,155 Virtue is not worthy of its place
Chapter 1156: Reprimanding Advisors
Chapter 1,157: Expelling guests and clarifying one’s ambitions
Chapter 1,158 Midnight Military Report
Chapter 1159: What a heroic hero
Chapter 1,161: Bearish on Life and Death
Chapter 1,162 The Great Wave Sweeps It All Away
Chapter 1163: Extreme Pull
Chapter 1,164 A clear conscience
Chapter 1,165 No reward
Chapter 1,166 The Holy King is Undoubted
Chapter 1,167 The Emperor and His Subjects Are Inseparable
Chapter 1,168 Internal Affairs of the Tian Family
Chapter 1,169 The traitor of the Zhang family
Chapter 1,170 The Duke steals the house
Chapter 1,171 The Zhang Brothers
Chapter 1,172 Mingyue Ditch
Chapter 1,173 Neat and Neat
Chapter 1,174 Teachers and students leave the city
Chapter 1,175 New Lesson in School
Chapter 1,176 Returning home for a nap
Chapter 1,177 Meet the Four Heroes Again
Chapter 1,178 King Pei’s intention
Chapter 1,179 No wind and no waves
Chapter 1,180 The cold wind does not cross
Chapter 1,181 Frustrated and Sad
Chapter 1,182 Beating the Mandarin Ducks
Chapter 1,183 Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 1,184 Qualifications for Advancement
Chapter 1,185 Unexpected Changes
Chapter 1,186: To alert the snake
Chapter 1,187 Willing to Attach a Tail
Chapter 1,188 Mistaking the Country and the King
Chapter 1,189 Severe and strong medicine
Chapter 1,190 It’s become a trend
Chapter 1,191 Buddha teaches immortality
Chapter 1,192 The evil intention is hard to get rid of
Chapter 1,193 The fateful Lord
Chapter 1,194: Versatile and gregarious
Chapter 1,195 Creating trouble
Chapter 1,196 Three Ginsengs to Admonish Ministers
Chapter 1,197 Empress Wu summons
Chapter 1,198: Husband and wife rebel
Chapter 1,199 The Alliance to Eliminate Rape
Chapter 1,200
Chapter 1,201 Hostility in the East Palace
Chapter 1,202 The Tao is not shallow
Chapter 1,203 Blind Method
Chapter 1204: Deception props
Chapter 1,205 Human lives matter
Chapter 1,206: Falling into a trap
Chapter 1,207 Tian Family Father and Son
Chapter 1,208 The truth comes to light
Chapter 1,209 True colors revealed
Chapter 1,210 Ambush and Kill (Part 1)
Chapter 1,211 Ambush and Kill (Part 2)
Chapter 1,212 Everyone is happy
Chapter 1,213: Discussing Heroes over Drinking Wine
Chapter 1214 Wine and Confidant
Chapter 1215 The king and his ministers are drunk
Chapter 1216 Secret Talk in Buddhist Temple
Chapter 1217 Exchange of Interests
Chapter 1218 The Majesty of the Queen
Chapter 1219 Make a good relationship
Chapter 1220 Military Report Arrives Again
Chapter 1221 The last piece of the puzzle
Chapter 1222 Empress Wu’s Ambition
Chapter 1223 The Prince passed away (Part 1)
Chapter 1224 The Prince passed away (Part 2)
Chapter 1225 The Prince passed away (Part 2)
Chapter 1226 A funeral ceremony
Chapter 1227 After the Funeral
Chapter 1228 Visiting to question the crime
Chapter 1229: Cowardice due to lack of reason
Chapter 1230 Requesting the Draft
Chapter 1231 Shangshu becomes more intense
Chapter 1232 Ambiguous Attitude
Chapter 1233 The main concern is the humiliation of the ministers
Chapter 1234 Everyone’s Expectation
Chapter 1235 Worry about the good of the people
Chapter 1236 All winners
Chapter 1237 Sacrifice and sacrifice of prisoners
Chapter 1,238 Men’s Happiness
Chapter 1,239: Couple’s Night Talk
Chapter 1,240 Little New Guest
Chapter 1,241 San Xiaowucai
Chapter 1,242 The couple parted
Chapter 1,243 The Miracle Doctor Enters the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 1,244 Benefactor Treatment
Chapter 1,245 Shocking changes on the front line
Chapter 1,246 The Best Actor
Chapter 1,247 Breaking off diplomatic relations and declaring war
Chapter 1,248 The golden bird in the cage
Chapter 1,249 Feast in the Hall
Chapter 1,250 Rumors in the Capital
Chapter 1,251 The in-laws are in trouble
Chapter 1,252 There is another secret
Chapter 1,253 Land Annexation
Chapter 1254 Seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages
Chapter 1255 Deafening
Chapter 1256 Alone in the battle
Chapter 1257 Disaster
Chapter 1258 Asking God’s Will
Chapter 1259 Untimely plan
Chapter 1260 Murder outside the city
Chapter 1261 Returning in vain
Chapter 1262 A visit from a distinguished family
Chapter 1263 Negotiations break down
Chapter 1264 Revenge of a prominent family
Chapter 1265: Hate cannot last overnight
Chapter 1266 Beating and Punishment
Chapter 1267 Clouds move in all directions
Chapter 1268 The Gu family is all destroyed
Chapter 1269 Destroy the house
Chapter 1270 Despicable and disgusting
Chapter 1271 Cleaning up the aftermath
Chapter 1272 Catering to the Holy Will
Chapter 1273 Consensus between monarch and ministers
Chapter 1274 A flood of impeachments
Chapter 1275 The wind direction reverses
Chapter 1276 The decision between the monarch and his ministers
Chapter 1277 Root Problem
Chapter 1278 Deep in the whirlpool
Chapter 1279 Come to apologize
Chapter 1280 Ugly people and ugly behavior
Chapter 1281 Good intentions and good deeds
Chapter 1282 Broken Heart
Chapter 1283: The great filial piety
Chapter 1284 It’s hard to argue
Chapter 1285: Paying attention to courtesy and extinguishing hatred
Chapter 1286: Betrayed on the spot
Chapter 1287 Invisible Confrontation
Chapter 1288 The grudges have been resolved
Chapter 1289 Calm and Calm
Chapter 1290 Be confident
Chapter 1291 Haidong is at peace
Chapter 1292 Mother-in-law returns to Beijing
Chapter 1293 Confirming the guess
Chapter 1294 Malicious Instigation
Chapter 1295 The doctor comes to visit
Chapter 1296 Famous and distinguished
Chapter 1297 It’s appropriate to be a slowdowner
Chapter 1298 Scientific Metaphysics
Chapter 1299 I don’t know the origin of love
Chapter 1300 Fire inheritance
Chapter 1301 Strict Master and High Disciple
Chapter 1302 Covering up trouble
Chapter 1303 A lot of trouble
Chapter 1304: Dog licking turns black
Chapter 1305: Cash now and pay now
Chapter 1306 Humble and pitiful
Chapter 1307 Licking to the depths
Chapter 1308 Perseverance
Chapter 1309 Infatuated Mispayment
Chapter 1310 New Prime Minister of Tubo
Chapter 1311 Grand Reception
Chapter 1312 Night banquet to entertain guests
Chapter 1313: Making Tang Laiyi
Chapter 1314 Top of the food chain
Chapter 1315 Miracle Medical Methods
Chapter 1316 She Niu Distinguished Guest
Chapter 1317 An unexpected gain
Chapter 1318 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 1319 Great Worry
Chapter 1320 Negotiations between the two countries
Chapter 1321 Things suddenly changed
Chapter 1322: Escape after being stabbed
Chapter 1323 Serious Consequences
Chapter 1324 The royal driver arrives in person
Chapter 1325 Complete set of drama
Chapter 1326 Deep love between father and son
Chapter 1327 Rumors are flying
Chapter 1328: Peeling off the cocoon
Chapter 1329 Deep in the whirlpool
Chapter 1330 The battle begins at Shang Shu
Chapter 1331 The Drama King and His Ministers
Chapter 1332 Light and Darkness
Chapter 1333 The war clouds are gathering
Chapter 1334 Strong Crush
Chapter 1335 Turning the Tide
Chapter 1336 Miracle of Life
Chapter 1337 Taking Advantage of the Trend
Chapter 1338 Night Banquet in the Palace
Chapter 1339 Night Tour in the Palace
Chapter 1340 Yun Po Tian Kai
Chapter 1341 The bird is gone and the bow is hidden
Chapter 1342 The final battle in Haidong
Chapter 1343 The dark room can be deceived