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Tyrant Martial Spirit

Tyrant Martial Spirit

author:Muchen Qianli

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-12 02:33

Latest chapter:Chapter 12294 Lu Fanghua, die!

He is a beggar with mediocre qualifications and humble origins. He cultivates hard with his perseverance and unwillingness to be mediocre. By chance, he awakens the ancient martial spirit that has long been extinct in the world. From then on, he is out of control, like Rising like a comet, he embarked on the path of cultivation to dominate the world. Starting from a beggar who could be deceived by everyone, he stepped into this sect with countless talents, thousands of races competing for supremacy, and human heroes. A vast and magnificent era of chaos has emerged. He will use his Tyrant Martial Spirit to create his own myth!

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《Tyrant Martial Spirit》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 12294 Lu Fanghua, die!
Chapter 12293 Who is the monster?
Chapter 12292 Do you think there is no one in Zhan Zhan Academy?
Chapter 12291 Just don’t believe it
Chapter 12290 Xiao Lianzhu’s strategy
Chapter 12289 I’ll give you all the treasures
Chapter 12288 Ying Wuxia’s anger
Chapter 12287 The pursuit of the beast master
Chapter 12286 Level 1 Holy Pattern Master
《Tyrant Martial Spirit》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Young Ling Xiao
Chapter 2 Mysterious Fragments
Chapter 3 Mountains and Rivers Martial Spirit
Chapter 4 One move to defeat the enemy
Chapter 5 Breakthrough Realm
Chapter 6 Genius Lingfeng
Chapter 7 Deliberately making things difficult
Chapter 8 Magical Use of Martial Soul
Chapter 9 The Two Magical Works
Chapter 10 Start Cultivation
Chapter 11: Rapid Entry
Chapter 12 Too Luck?
Chapter 13 Ice Fairy
Chapter 14
Chapter 15 Amazing Movement
Chapter 16 The Pill of Breakthrough
Chapter 17 Another move!
Chapter 18 Continue to Improve
Chapter 19 Fulong Mountains
Chapter 20 Mountains and Rivers World
Chapter 21 Hundred-step Flying Sword
Chapter 22 Howling Moon Wolf
Chapter 23 Shameless
Chapter 24
Chapter 25 Ling Family Medicine Hall
Chapter 26
Chapter 27 Martial Meridian Triple Layer
Chapter 28 The Black Turban Thief
Chapter 29
Chapter 30 Flying Clouds and Floating Dragon
Chapter 31 Ling Family Iron Hand
Chapter 32
Chapter 33 The Patriarch of the Ling Family
Chapter 34
Chapter 35 Generous Rewards
Chapter 36 Strength Ranking
Chapter 37 Experts Gather
Chapter 38 Elimination Tournament
Chapter 39 Winning streak
Chapter 40
Chapter 41
Chapter 42 Best Sparring
Chapter 43 Easy promotion
Chapter 44 Thousands of people fighting in chaos
Chapter 45 Frost God Palm
Chapter 46: Amazing Defense
Chapter 47 Indestructible
Chapter 48
Chapter 49
Chapter 50
Chapter 51 The first battle
Chapter 52 Take the first place
Chapter 53 Kendo Will
Chapter 54 Realm Breakthrough
Chapter 55 Martial Arts Will
Chapter 56 Status Improvement
Chapter 57
Chapter 58
Chapter 59 Killing Swordsmanship
Chapter 60 Nine-turn golden body
Chapter 61 Rebirth from a severed limb
Chapter 62
Chapter 63
Chapter 64
Chapter 65 The Giant Beast Attacks
Chapter 66 Hercules Ape
Chapter 67 Cold Pool Gold Liquid
Chapter 68 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 69
Chapter 70 The Finals Begin
Chapter 71: A Finger of Terror
Chapter 72 Genius Privilege
Chapter 73 Terrorist Power
Chapter 74
Chapter 75 Intense Challenge
Chapter 76 Come and challenge me!
Chapter 77 Challenge the first
Chapter 78 Domineering
Chapter 79
Chapter 80 Purple Flame
Chapter 81
Chapter 82 Instant Freeze
Chapter 83 I am the first
Chapter 84 Generous Rewards
Chapter 85 Continue to become stronger
Chapter 86
Chapter 87: Cultivating Ultimate Moves
Chapter 88 Double Shadow Swordsmanship
Chapter 89 Injustice
Chapter 90 Ice Glass Sword
Chapter 91 Breakthroughs one after another
Chapter 92 Family Secret Technique
Chapter 93 Kneel down and apologize
Chapter 94
Chapter 95
Chapter 96
Chapter 97
Chapter 98 Domineering knife
Chapter 99 Ling Xiao's Shot
Chapter 100 Multiple Darkness
Chapter 101 The body is amazing
Chapter 102
Chapter 103 Extraordinary Profound Truth
Chapter 104
Chapter 105 Humanoid Beast
Chapter 106 Qi Sha elder
Chapter 107 Broken Martial Soul
Chapter 108 So Powerful
Chapter 109 The Peak Showdown
Chapter 110 Two evildoers
Chapter 111 Spiral Ultimate Move
Chapter 112 The Remnant Soul of the White Tiger
Chapter 113: The Ninja Attacks
Chapter 114 Tianren Academy
Chapter 115 The Ling family is surrounded
Chapter 116 Shameless Betrayal
Chapter 117 Ling Chen's Betrayal
Chapter 118
Chapter 119 Perfect Double Kill
Chapter 120 Fighting the Martial Artist
Chapter 121 Ninja Cherry Tree
Chapter 122 Complete Martial Spirit
Chapter 123 God's Ape Punch
Chapter 124 Mysterious Stele
Chapter 125 Comprehend the Profound Truth
Chapter 126 Snow Lotus Sword Art
Chapter 127: Creation of God Sword Gate
Chapter 128
Chapter 129 The Black Turban Thief's Nest
Chapter 130 The Treasure of Thieves
Chapter 131 Dream Pill
Chapter 132 Longmen Selection
Chapter 133 The Frog at the Bottom of the Well
Chapter 134 Yixue's Shot
Chapter 135
Chapter 136 Martial Arts Soul Realm
Chapter 137: Reversing Black and White
Chapter 138 Remnants of the Ghost Ship
Chapter 139 The King of Shadows Appears
Chapter 140 What is extraordinary
Chapter 141 The Road to the Strong
Chapter 142 Baiyun Capital
Chapter 143 Twelve Tiger Guards
Chapter 144 September General
Chapter 145 Yin Spirit Remnant Soul
Chapter 146 Challenge the Captain
Chapter 147 Blood Sword Ancestor
Chapter 148
Chapter 149
Chapter 150 Deputy Commander
Chapter 151 Military Missions
Chapter 152 The Sixth Peak
Chapter 153
Chapter 154: Poison Pill Factory
Chapter 155 Secret Infiltration
Chapter 156 Great Sword and Heroic Spirit
Chapter 157 The Three Souls Come Out Together
Chapter 158
Chapter 159
Chapter 160
Chapter 161 Thunder Hammer
Chapter 162 Joining hands to defeat the enemy
Chapter 163
Chapter 164
Chapter 165 Masked Killer
Chapter 166: A Meteor Strike
Chapter 167 Nail in the Eye
Chapter 168: The First Military Merit
Chapter 169 Shadow Cultivation Secret Technique
Chapter 170 Breaking Through the Seventh Layer
Chapter 171 Beheading Murong
Chapter 172
Chapter 173 Devouring True Essence
Chapter 174 The Pavilion of Treasures
Chapter 175 Extraordinary Martial Arts
Chapter 176 Heavenly Dragon Golden Body
Chapter 177 Breaking Through the Second Floor
Chapter 178 College Genius
Chapter 179 The Art of Giant Transformation
Chapter 180
Chapter 181 Powerful Golden Body
Chapter 182 The truth about snow lotus
Chapter 183
Chapter 184 The new must kill
Chapter 185 True Genius
Chapter 186 The Master Selects Apprentices
Chapter 187 Potential Test
Chapter 188 Seven-star strange flower
Chapter 189 True Disciple
Chapter 190 Special Physique
Chapter 191 Bold Request
Chapter 192
Chapter 193: Amethyst Magical Art
Chapter 194 Breakthrough in battle
Chapter 195 Ruthless Sword
Chapter 196
Chapter 197 God's Prison King Fist
Chapter 198 Exchange Gold
Chapter 199 Crazy Trading
Chapter 200 Magical Iron Sheet
Chapter 201
Chapter 202
Chapter 203 Disciple Examination
Chapter 204 Yunlong's Divine Journey
Chapter 205 Two Swords Come Out Together
Chapter 206 Rebirth of the Broken Arm
Chapter 207 Absolutely enchanting
Chapter 208 The Master's Covenant
Chapter 209 Flying Snow Strikes
Chapter 210 Master's partiality
Chapter 211 War is coming
Chapter 212 Guarding the City
Chapter 213 Destroy the puppet
Chapter 214 Stealth Assassin
Chapter 215 The cooperation between master and apprentice
Chapter 216 Shadow Martial Soul
Chapter 217 Extraordinary Ferocious Beast
Chapter 218
Chapter 219 The extraordinary battle
Chapter 220 Martial Arts Myth
Chapter 221 Hidden World Sect
Chapter 222: Expansion of Sect Enrollment
Chapter 223 Taikoo Human Race
Chapter 224
Chapter 225: Concentrate on Cultivation
Chapter 226 Heavenly Dragon Scale Armor
Chapter 227 Mysterious nephew
Chapter 228 Disciple Dissatisfied
Chapter 229 Amaterasu Flame Armor
Chapter 230 Two lunatics
Chapter 231 Master's Wrath
Chapter 232 The Realm of Heaven and Man
Chapter 233 Strength is respected
Chapter 234
Chapter 235 Insidious boy
Chapter 236 The Soul Clan Comes
Chapter 237 Hell Mode
Chapter 238 Extreme Qualification
Chapter 239 Melting Water Force Field
Chapter 240 Going to Yuehua
Chapter 241 Genius Xu Ying
Chapter 242 Prince Zhao Zhi
Chapter 243 Domineering Elder
Chapter 244
Chapter 245 Divine Treasure Body
Chapter 246 Control Potential
Chapter 247 Giant Beast Passage
Chapter 248: Conferred God Catalogue
Chapter 249 Comprehend the sword move
Chapter 250 Stealing the Divine Map
Chapter 251 Joining the Sect
Chapter 252 Moon Flower Pagoda
Chapter 253
Chapter 254 Eight Realms
Chapter 255 Take the opportunity to suppress
Chapter 256 The Ghost King Destroys the Enemy
Chapter 257 Weird Martial Spirit
Chapter 258 Nine Demons Divine Art
Chapter 259 The Hall Master of the Medicine Hall
Chapter 260 Sudden promotion
Chapter 261: The Power of Killing
Chapter 262 Open Challenge
Chapter 263 New Ability
Chapter 264 Entering the Medicine Hall
Chapter 265 Alchemy Genius
Chapter 266 Super Memory
Chapter 267: Spiritual Objects of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 268: Superb Comprehension
Chapter 269 Alchemy on the spot
Chapter 270 What a monster
Chapter 271 Too Hateful
Chapter 272 Wind and Rain Swordsmanship
Chapter 273: A Combined Enemy
Chapter 274
Chapter 275 Invincible
Chapter 276 Can't defend?
Chapter 277 Completely Demonized
Chapter 278 Top Ten Hole Cards
Chapter 279
Chapter 280
Chapter 281 Challenge Reward
Chapter 282 Extraordinary plastic body
Chapter 283 Golden Body Promotion
Chapter 284 Hall Master Aoki
Chapter 285 Paying homage to Master Yuan Zun
Chapter 286 Twelve Divine Fires
Chapter 287 Unnecessary Crime
Chapter 288 Alchemy Showdown
Chapter 289 Black Flame Alchemy
Chapter 290 Perfect Panacea
Chapter 291 Nine Layer Peak
Chapter 292 Formation Method
Chapter 293 Trading Market
Chapter 294
Chapter 295 Alchemy to Make Money
Chapter 296: Zongmen Celebrities
Chapter 297: Guanghan Temple
Chapter 298 Resurrection
Chapter 299 Overbearing Junior Brother
Chapter 300 Death Challenge
Chapter 301 Ten Deaths and No Life
Chapter 302: The Day of the Deadly Battle
Chapter 303 Puppet Warrior
Chapter 304 Terrible Sword Art
Chapter 305 Killing Three People in a Row
Chapter 306 Mammoth Shock
Chapter 307 The Body of the Wild Beast
Chapter 308 Primordial Beast Blood
Chapter 309 Use of Potential
Chapter 310: Seizing Soul and Punishing Soul
Chapter 311 Shocking with one finger
Chapter 312 Extraordinary Enemy
Chapter 313 Heavenly Venerable Arrives
Chapter 314: First in the Outer Sect
Chapter 315 Inner Martial Arts
Chapter 316 Twelve Golden Lotuses
Chapter 317 Dangerous technique
Chapter 318 The Power of Celestial Phenomena
Chapter 319 Two-petalled lotus
Chapter 320 Envious Master
Chapter 321 Formation Expert
Chapter 322 Breaking Through the Great Formation
Chapter 323 The Volcanic Demon Palace
Chapter 324 Stealing into the Forbidden Area
Chapter 325 Enemies Meet
Chapter 326 Extinguish the Extraordinary
Chapter 327: The Big Hand That Covers the Sky
Chapter 328 Yuan Zun was suppressed
Chapter 329 One Year Time Limit
Chapter 330 Promotion to the Extraordinary
Chapter 331 Mountain and River Mutation
Chapter 332 Primordial Dragon
Chapter 333 The Divine Dragon Revives
Chapter 334: Pillar of Law
Chapter 335 The Mysterious Realm Shakes
Chapter 336 Martial Arts Laws
Chapter 337 The danger of exterminating the family
Chapter 338
Chapter 339 Fierce Sword Art
Chapter 340 Invincible Fist
Chapter 341: Like a Demon God
Chapter 342
Chapter 343 The Wrath of the Untouchables
Chapter 344 Shadow Transformation Sword Art
Chapter 345 Sword Soul Clone
Chapter 346 Inner Sect Joint Training
Chapter 347 Extraordinary Level 2
Chapter 348 Soul Shock
Chapter 349 Sheep into Wolves
Chapter 350 Low Status
Chapter 351 Core Shot
Chapter 352 Benefits Withheld
Chapter 353: Senior Sister Fairy
Chapter 354: Half-Step Heavenly Venerable
Chapter 355 Two Fingers
Chapter 356 Poison God Fist
Chapter 357 The Pill of Demonization
Chapter 358: The Celestial Phenomena of Thunder
Chapter 359
Chapter 360 The Arrival of the Young Sovereign
Chapter 361 Exclusive Martial Arts
Chapter 362 Fierce Competition
Chapter 363 Sect Mission
Chapter 364 Soul Dice
Chapter 365 Heavenly Dragon Finger
Chapter 366 Plague Demon King
Chapter 367 Receiving the Mission
Chapter 368 Plague Valley
Chapter 369 Strange Manor
Chapter 370 Underground Demon Cave
Chapter 371 Demon Appears
Chapter 372 Plague Bone
Chapter 373 Turning the tide
Chapter 374 Tiangang Shows His Power
Chapter 375 Secret Hidden Weapon
Chapter 376 Repelling the Demon General
Chapter 377 Refining Magic Formation
Chapter 378: True Demon Empire
Chapter 379: Demon King Body
Chapter 380 Horror Coercion
Chapter 381 Two Wastes
Chapter 382 The Mouth of the Abyss
Chapter 383 Magic Formation Movement Technique
Chapter 384 Human Dragon Form
Chapter 385 Where is Holy?
Chapter 386
Chapter 387 Primordial Martial Soul
Chapter 388: Demon King's Treasure
Chapter 389 Divine Artifact
Chapter 390 Plague Seeds
Chapter 391 Get Rich
Chapter 392 Five Step Viper
Chapter 393 Killing with one palm
Chapter 394 Black Panther Martial Soul
Chapter 395 Soul Special Skill
Chapter 396 Burning Flames
Chapter 397
Chapter 398 The Skeleton Creditor
Chapter 399: One Sword Shock
Chapter 400
Chapter 401 The Elder Arrives in Person
Chapter 402
Chapter 403 The Battle of Strength
Chapter 404 Ghost Fire Martial Soul
Chapter 405 Shameless Elder
Chapter 406: Shocking Genius
Chapter 407 The Great Disparity Battle
Chapter 408 Seven-Star Will-o'-the-wisp
Chapter 409: Ice Crystal Giant Sword
Chapter 410 Martial Soul Variation
Chapter 411 Fire Giant Monster
Chapter 412 Power Fusion
Chapter 413 Kill in front of you!
Chapter 414 Core Invitation
Chapter 415: Great Reward from the Sect
Chapter 416: Demon King's Inheritance
Chapter 417 Supreme Achievement
Chapter 418 Three Requests
Chapter 419: Her Royal Highness Moon Maiden
Chapter 420 Super Backer
Chapter 421 Forest of Thousand Ghosts
Chapter 422 Nine Meridian Qi Sword
Chapter 423 What a monster!
Chapter 424 Hard training
Chapter 425
Chapter 426 Fairy Linglong
Chapter 427 Ruin the Pharmacy
Chapter 428: Success in Cultivation
Chapter 429 Fire Serpent Dance
Chapter 430: Ice Sparrow Sneak Attack
Chapter 431 Mountain Distress
Chapter 432 Ancient Martial Cave Mansion
Chapter 433 Take Advantage
Chapter 434 Rare medicinal materials
Chapter 435: Mysterious Dragon Wing
Chapter 436
Chapter 437
Chapter 438: The Beast's Inner Alchemy
Chapter 439 The Shadow of the Flying Dragon
Chapter 440 Golden Light Dragon Wing
Chapter 441: The First Wings
Chapter 442 Nine Dragon Souls
Chapter 443 Yuanshi Dragon Soul
Chapter 444: Cruel Training
Chapter 445 Earth Vision and Heaven Listening
Chapter 446 Wolf-shaped Qi Sword
Chapter 447 Mysterious Spirit Immortal Grass
Chapter 448: Giant Lava Beast
Chapter 449 Chasing soldiers appear
Chapter 450 Prey Turns Back
Chapter 451: A Strong Enemy Appears
Chapter 452 Ten times the reward
Chapter 453 Killing Game
Chapter 454 Immortal
Chapter 455 Hemlock Martial Soul
Chapter 456 Martial Soul Combat Technique
Chapter 457: A Weightless Cudgel
Chapter 458 Notorious
Chapter 459 Death Snake Formation
Chapter 460 Lure the Enemy Deep
Chapter 461 Bravery and Divine Power
Chapter 462
Chapter 463 Revenge
Chapter 464 Secret Scroll
Chapter 465 Super Powerful
Chapter 466 Martial Soul of the Moon
Chapter 467 Tiangang God Refining
Chapter 468 Shocking Battle
Chapter 469: Ten Thousand Beasts Refining Blood
Chapter 470 Heaven-defying ants
Chapter 471 Rescue the Moon Girl
Chapter 472 Fairy Dragon Soul
Chapter 473 Master's Girlfriend?
Chapter 474
Chapter 475: Crazy
Chapter 476 Earth Spirit Core
Chapter 477 The Demonic Body of the Celestial Silkworm
Chapter 478 Dragon Battle
Chapter 479 Rescue the Prisoners
Chapter 480: Killing decisively
Chapter 481 Sixth Layer of Transcendence
Chapter 482 Marry You as My Wife
Chapter 483 Tai Sui
Chapter 484 He is a Demon God
Chapter 485
Chapter 486 Unscrupulous
Chapter 487 The Death of Shuoshu
Chapter 488: The King Snake Makes a Move
Chapter 489 The Gun of Death
Chapter 490 Come to be buried with him
Chapter 491: Half Demon, Half Hero
Chapter 492 Hall of Divine Weapons
Chapter 493 Thunder Shadow Stormrage
Chapter 494 Purple Lightning Shocks the World
Chapter 495: The Feather of the Neon Phoenix
Chapter 496 Tantai Ayako
Chapter 497 Competing for places
Chapter 498 Powerful Mingtian
Chapter 499 Stronger Than a Genius
Chapter 500 Despicable Tricks
Chapter 501 Leng Hao's Big Gamble
Chapter 502 The Evil of Human Nature
Chapter 503: Murder in the Rain
Chapter 504 Pipa Martial Soul
Chapter 505: Magic Sound Sword Art
Chapter 506 Immortal
Chapter 507 Insidious and Vicious?
Chapter 508 Easy Victory
Chapter 509 Jealousy and envy
Chapter 510 Survival Game
Chapter 511 Death Begins
Chapter 512 Black Winged Roc
Chapter 513 Get Inheritance
Chapter 514
Chapter 515
Chapter 516: Miraculous Medicine Garden
Chapter 517 The Grass of Murder
Chapter 518 Half-beast secret technique
Chapter 519: Demon Fox and Sword
Chapter 520 Quartet Crystal
Chapter 521 Illusion Killing Intent
Chapter 522: Seal Card
Chapter 523 Murder and Treasure?
Chapter 524 Severely punish Ling Xiao?
Chapter 525
Chapter 526 Monster Lair
Chapter 527 The Mysterious Figure
Chapter 528 So It Was You!
Chapter 529 Rising Sun Sword Glow
Chapter 530: The Giant Gate of the God's Tomb
Chapter 531 Opening the Treasure Chest
Chapter 532 The Seventh Layer of Transcendence
Chapter 533 The Last Way
Chapter 534
Chapter 535
Chapter 536 I Can't Kill You!
Chapter 537: Treasure Chest Controversy
Chapter 538 Life Forbidden Zone
Chapter 539: Cultivation Secret Ground
Chapter 540 Trial Variables
Chapter 541 Flashing Dragon Scale
Chapter 542 The Land of the Dragonmen
Chapter 543 Extinction Plan
Chapter 544 Black Dragon Lord
Chapter 545 Death Dragon Extinguishes
Chapter 546 Dragon's Roar
Chapter 547 Cyclops
Chapter 548 Killing the Giant Beast
Chapter 549 Talented Martial Arts
Chapter 550: Dark Night Assassination
Chapter 551 Dragon Palace Master
Chapter 552 Dragon Clan King Law
Chapter 553
Chapter 554 The Arrival of the Poisonous Dragon King
Chapter 555 But that's all
Chapter 556: Snatching the Dragon Ball
Chapter 557 The Power of Elements
Chapter 558 Mountain and River Will
Chapter 559: Intercepting Halfway
Chapter 560: Thunder Method
Chapter 561 Black Rope Purgatory
Chapter 562 The Array of Trapped Dragons
Chapter 563 Death of the Black Dragon King
Chapter 564 Obtaining the Divine Book
Chapter 565: City of Black Spirits
Chapter 566
Chapter 567
Chapter 568 Weird Disc
Chapter 569 Destroying the Clone
Chapter 570: The Escape Begins
Chapter 571: Level Guardian Monster
Chapter 572
Chapter 573 Opening of the fourth floor
Chapter 574: Thousand Lightning Jedi
Chapter 575: Successive Eliminations
Chapter 576 Unnecessary Crime
Chapter 577 Nine Lives Spider Demon
Chapter 578 Breaking the Jedi
Chapter 579 The Furnace of Strangeness
Chapter 580 Strange Elixir
Chapter 581 Death Valley
Chapter 582 Mysterious Creature
Chapter 583 To be eliminated?
Chapter 584 Magical Butterfly
Chapter 585: Pendant of Justice
Chapter 586 Violently Beating the Dragon
Chapter 587 Capture the Dragon Soul
Chapter 588 Life and death choice
Chapter 589 Devouring Dragon Soul
Chapter 590: Attack of the Black Spirit
Chapter 591: Hell Dragon Sword
Chapter 592: Sealing the Celestial Venerable
Chapter 593 First Trial?
Chapter 594 Expelled from the school?
Chapter 595 Wu Xiang's Prestige
Chapter 596: Five Rewards
Chapter 597 Evolution of Kung Fu
Chapter 598 Exchange Rewards
Chapter 599: Troll Prison
Chapter 600 Heavenly Vein Divine Stone
Chapter 601
Chapter 602 The Trial Ends
Chapter 603 Shocking the High Level
Chapter 604 Guardian Divine Beast
Chapter 605 Ugly Face
Chapter 606
Chapter 607: Reversal of the Situation
Chapter 608 Moon Girl’s Bedroom
Chapter 609 Preparing for the martial arts meeting
Chapter 610 Divine Phoenix Continent
Chapter 611 Compensation Rewards
Chapter 612 Another Breakthrough
Chapter 613
Chapter 614 Intensive Training
Chapter 615 Inheritance of Terror
Chapter 616 Challenge the Core
Chapter 617
Chapter 618
Chapter 619 Two Ways to Solve
Chapter 620: Demon Fox Mingtian
Chapter 621 Desperate Upstairs
Chapter 622 Life and Death Showdown
Chapter 623 Complete Fox
Chapter 624: Sealing the Demon Fox
Chapter 625 Mysterious forces
Chapter 626
Chapter 627 He is a Legend
Chapter 628: Forces on the Island
Chapter 629: Whale Island Owner
Chapter 630: Island Owner Kneeling
Chapter 631 Storm Legion
Chapter 632 The Weird Sea Clan
Chapter 633 Killing the Demon General
Chapter 634 Soul Control Secret Art
Chapter 635: Deep Sea Demon City
Chapter 636 Greedy Deacon
Chapter 637
Chapter 638 Capture and Kill the Elder
Chapter 639 Strong Strength
Chapter 640 Remnant Snow Demon General
Chapter 641 Meeting the Castle Lord
Chapter 642: The New Demon General
Chapter 643 Bully
Chapter 644 Martial Soul Fruit Tree
Chapter 645 Undersea Giant Monster
Chapter 646 Primordial Fossil
Chapter 647 Soul Confrontation
Chapter 648
Chapter 649 Returning to the Magic Castle
Chapter 650 Battle against the Castle Lord
Chapter 651 Hidden Ultimate Move?
Chapter 652 The Sword Demon Comes to the World
Chapter 653 Die to me!
Chapter 654: Victory Harvest
Chapter 655 Secret Infiltration
Chapter 656
Chapter 657: Sword King Zong Arrives
Chapter 658: Battlefield of Beasts
Chapter 659 Challenge the Rules
Chapter 660 Undead Prisoner King
Chapter 661 Lava Fire Chain
Chapter 662 Ling Chi Execution
Chapter 663 Shameless means
Chapter 664
Chapter 665
Chapter 666: Kicked to Death
Chapter 667: Too Stupid
Chapter 668 Revenge
Chapter 669
Chapter 670
Chapter 671: Trash Chief
Chapter 672 Ruthless Killing
Chapter 673
Chapter 674: The Day of the Martial Arts Meeting
Chapter 675: The Holy Code of the Sword King
Chapter 676: The Discussion Begins
Chapter 677 Holy Pilgrimage Son
Chapter 678
Chapter 679: The Great Battle
Chapter 680 Ice and Fire Showdown
Chapter 681 The Battle Between the Dragon and the Tiger
Chapter 682 First Form
Chapter 683 Hell Furnace
Chapter 684: Promise Makes a Move
Chapter 685: No Front Sword Body
Chapter 686 Martial Arts Festival
Chapter 687: The Devil's Eye Is Invulnerable
Chapter 688 Yin Yang Moth
Chapter 689
Chapter 690 The key person
Chapter 691
Chapter 692: The Holy Son Arrives
Chapter 693: Heavenly Venerable Master
Chapter 694 Don't Counsel
Chapter 695 Stronger than you!
Chapter 696
Chapter 697 Northern Hand City
Chapter 698 Challenge the Giant Elephant
Chapter 699 Silver Jade Golem
Chapter 700
Chapter 701 Prince Zhao Yu
Chapter 702: Mercury Ghost Baby
Chapter 703: What a Nemesis
Chapter 704 Unexpected Ending
Chapter 705 Sky-high Spiritual Liquid
Chapter 706 Forbidden Land of True Demons
Chapter 707 God's pet
Chapter 708 Scarlet Desert
Chapter 709
Chapter 710 Potential Enemy
Chapter 711 Enchanting Woman
Chapter 712 Dangerous
Chapter 713 Snow Feather Excalibur
Chapter 714 Death of Ten Thousand Snakes
Chapter 715: Two Devils
Chapter 716 Life-locking Poison Needle
Chapter 717 Wolf and Sheep
Chapter 718: Chosen Son
Chapter 719: Intelligent Puppet
Chapter 720
Chapter 721 Dark Sky Qidan
Chapter 722 Rapid Breakthrough
Chapter 723 Arrogant Tang Qi
Chapter 724: True Demon Palace
Chapter 725 Horror Painting Wall
Chapter 726 Tang Jiu Seeks Revenge
Chapter 727: Giant Man-Eating Crocodile
Chapter 728
Chapter 729: Sky Feather Blocks the Way
Chapter 730 New moves
Chapter 731 Breaking through the defense
Chapter 732 Immortal Soul
Chapter 733 Enemies Gather
Chapter 734: Stupid way to die
Chapter 735 Imperial Soldiers
Chapter 736 Powerful Miscellaneous Soldiers
Chapter 737 70% Strength
Chapter 738 Trash Genius
Chapter 739
Chapter 740 Tianmai Martial Artist
Chapter 741 The Gate of Life and Death
Chapter 742: Birth of a Treasure
Chapter 743: A Deal
Chapter 744 Ghost Eye Scarlet Flame
Chapter 745 Heavenly Vein Pill
Chapter 746 Gu Poison God Palm
Chapter 747: Golden Silkworm Variant
Chapter 748 The Two Join Forces
Chapter 749 Trapped in a forbidden area?
Chapter 750
Chapter 751
Chapter 752 Immortal with Hundred Treasures
Chapter 753
Chapter 754: Terrorist Formation
Chapter 755
Chapter 756 Who is going to get out?
Chapter 757 Heading to the Holy City
Chapter 758
Chapter 759
Chapter 760 Gathering in the Holy City
Chapter 761 Stars Compete for Glory
Chapter 762 Young giant
Chapter 763 Still Short of Money
Chapter 764: Scrap Auction
Chapter 765 Mysterious expert?
Chapter 766 Undercurrent Surges
Chapter 767
Chapter 768: Breaking the Record
Chapter 769
Chapter 770
Chapter 771 The highest treatment
Chapter 772
Chapter 773
Chapter 774: Lotus Heaven Vein
Chapter 775 Breaking down the barrier
Chapter 776 Combat Strength Test
Chapter 777 Hundred Golden Lamps
Chapter 778: The Final Begins
Chapter 779: Ling Xiao Appears
Chapter 780 Wind Demon Thousand Army
Chapter 781 Thunderbird Sword Technique
Chapter 782: The Glory of the Sect
Chapter 783: So Scary
Chapter 784
Chapter 785
Chapter 786
Chapter 787 Confronting a Strong Enemy
Chapter 788
Chapter 789: Art of Harmonizing Souls
Chapter 790 The Flying Man
Chapter 791 I Can Fly, Too!
Chapter 792 Confronting Sword Promise
Chapter 793 Despised
Chapter 794 Power out of control
Chapter 795 Who Can Stop It?
Chapter 796
Chapter 797 Scary Blood Knife
Chapter 798 Invitation from the Holy Emperor
Chapter 799
Chapter 800: Alcohol is Poisonous
Chapter 801
Chapter 802 Cowardly as a mouse?
Chapter 803
Chapter 804 Killing Sword Promise
Chapter 805: Wrath of the Holy Emperor
Chapter 806 Seed Player
Chapter 807 Looting Luck
Chapter 808
Chapter 809 Doppelganger Possession
Chapter 810
Chapter 811 Ineffective defense
Chapter 812 Thirty Two Swords
Chapter 813: A Paradigm of Genius
Chapter 814: Battle of the Twins
Chapter 815 The Power of the Demon Eye
Chapter 816: Fat Fish Project
Chapter 817 Jade Hand and Knife
Chapter 818 Dance of Thunder and Blood
Chapter 819: Saint Son Peerless
Chapter 820 The War of Mutants
Chapter 821 The Dragon Emperor Dominates the World
Chapter 822: Invincible
Chapter 823 Under the Holy Son
Chapter 824 Eyes of the World
Chapter 825: Ten Tricks For You
Chapter 826 Fighting Bai Qianjiao
Chapter 827 Clear Water Sword Art
Chapter 828 Invincible
Chapter 829 Invincible Fist
Chapter 830: The Crucial Battle
Chapter 831 The Wrath of Heaven and Man
Chapter 832: Defeating Qin Bixue
Chapter 833 The Last Battle
Chapter 834
Chapter 835 Heavenly Mystery Martial Soul
Chapter 836 Ferocious Sword Cannon
Chapter 837 The Holy Son is defeated?
Chapter 838 Tianyuan Battle Armor
Chapter 839: The Realm of Heaven and Man
Chapter 840: Such a Fast Sword
Chapter 841: Son of Voltage Stabilizer
Chapter 842: A Death-Racing Strike
Chapter 843 The Sword of Heaven's Punishment
Chapter 844 The Tragic Son
Chapter 845 Confronting the Holy Emperor
Chapter 846 Nine Cauldrons Illusion
Chapter 847
Chapter 848 The Holy Emperor is very angry
Chapter 849 The Battle of Yin and Yang
Chapter 850 Heavenly King Divine Cauldron
Chapter 851: Butterfly Girl Makes a Move
Chapter 852: The Two-Faced Butterfly Girl
Chapter 853: Wrath of the Golden Dragon
Chapter 854
Chapter 855
Chapter 856: Rebirth from the Cocoon
Chapter 857: Inheritance of Light
Chapter 858: Crisis in the Holy City
Chapter 859 Blood Stained Earth
Chapter 860 A Savior Appears?
Chapter 861 Reversing the Universe
Chapter 862 Killing the Chasing Soldiers
Chapter 863 The Speed ??of Light
Chapter 864
Chapter 865
Chapter 866: Scarlet Sun's Scourge
Chapter 867 Divine Phoenix Continent
Chapter 868 Imperial City
Chapter 869 Overbearing Girl
Chapter 870
Chapter 871 Innocent disciple
Chapter 872 I'm useless in front of you!
Chapter 873
Chapter 874: The Son of the Divine Phoenix
Chapter 875: Prince Chu's Hidden Mountain
Chapter 876: Divine Phoenix Academy
Chapter 877 Trash and Dog
Chapter 878 Disappointed
Chapter 879 Lowly Human?
Chapter 880
Chapter 881 It's just moths
Chapter 882 Defeating the Enemy with One Finger
Chapter 883 Xiaocheng Sword Intent
Chapter 884 Slave contract?
Chapter 885 Fengming Snow
Chapter 886 Join Qingxu
Chapter 887 Six Departments One
Chapter 888 Sixth Department II of the Academy
Chapter 889: Six Tests
Chapter 890
Chapter 891 Unqualified?
Chapter 892 Breaking the Record
Chapter 893: Opening Ceremony
Chapter 894 Big Announcement
Chapter 895
Chapter 896 General Ji Ning
Chapter 897
Chapter 898: The Demon King Was Tricked
Chapter 899 The Imperial Decree
Chapter 900 Northern Desert Border Town
Chapter 901 Five Immortal Islands
Chapter 902: Hong Qi Reappears
Chapter 903 Competing for the Pagoda
Chapter 904
Chapter 905 Kicking Down the Pagoda
Chapter 906 Who is more domineering!
Chapter 907 Blood-red Skull
Chapter 908 Scarlet Sun Cone
Chapter 909 Humiliation
Chapter 910 It's time to pay off the debt
Chapter 911 Shadow Armor
Chapter 912: Focus Person
Chapter 913
Chapter 914: Three Ways To Pick You Up
Chapter 915 Life and Death
Chapter 916: Courageous enough
Chapter 917 Heavenly Spirit Pill
Chapter 918 Heavenly Dragon Auction
Chapter 919: Many VIPs
Chapter 920
Chapter 921 The Golden Crow Sword
Chapter 922 The Red Emerald Waist Card
Chapter 923
Chapter 924 Cone of Shadow
Chapter 925: Black Ice Mad Lion
Chapter 926 Shame of Humanity
Chapter 927 Forced Threat
Chapter 928 Toast and fine wine
Chapter 929 God of War Martial Soul
Chapter 930 Richer Than You
Chapter 931
Chapter 932 Assassin Strikes
Chapter 933 Danger Comes Again
Chapter 934 Immortal Pot Collects Souls
Chapter 935 The Island of Pixiu
Chapter 936 Goddess Assassin
Chapter 937: The Real Purpose
Chapter 938 Shallow Sea Monitor Lizard
Chapter 939 Fear of Leeches
Chapter 940: What a Trap
Chapter 941 Treatment of Livestock
Chapter 942 The Walking Dead
Chapter 943 The Oppression Is Too Hard
Chapter 944 Not a Man
Chapter 945: Golden Crow Shadow Crocodile
Chapter 946 Leech Celestial
Chapter 947 Vulnerable
Chapter 948 Looting the spar
Chapter 949 Flying Squirrel Tianzun
Chapter 950 Earth Fire Heavenly Exalted
Chapter 951: The Strongest Boss
Chapter 952 God Cone of Light and Shadow
Chapter 953 Factory Riot
Chapter 954
Chapter 955: The Deacon Takes Action
Chapter 956 Humanoid Light Pillar
Chapter 957 The Tomb of the Young Master Chu
Chapter 958 Treating Differently
Chapter 959
Chapter 960 Peacock Divine Light
Chapter 961 The Flower Guardian
Chapter 962: The Strong Are Respected
Chapter 963 Notorious
Chapter 964: The Day of the Confrontation
Chapter 965
Chapter 966
Chapter 967 Shameless Sneak Attack
Chapter 968 Torn skin?
Chapter 969 The Crown Prince Arrives
Chapter 970 Bloody Fire
Chapter 971 Dead Space
Chapter 972: Skeleton Battle Body
Chapter 973
Chapter 974 Void Giant Beast
Chapter 975: Critical Moment
Chapter 976: Sky Swallowing Giant Beast
Chapter 977: Gluttonous Doomsday
Chapter 978
Chapter 979 Reversal of the Situation
Chapter 980 Broken Arm Dean
Chapter 981
Chapter 982 Scaring Huang Zi away
Chapter 983 Final Killer
Chapter 984
Chapter 985 The Pill of Returning to Heaven
Chapter 986: The Counterattack Begins
Chapter 987: College Chaos
Chapter 988 Missing a pharmacist
Chapter 989
Chapter 990
Chapter 991 United with Yunya
Chapter 992
Chapter 993
Chapter 994
Chapter 995
Chapter 996 Privilege Waist Card
Chapter 997 Formal alliance
Chapter 998: The End of the Divine Phoenix
Chapter 999
Chapter 1000 Bullying the Soft and Fearing the Hard
Chapter 1001 Absolute Power
Chapter 1002 Escape Invincible
Chapter 1003 Repelling Sikong
Chapter 1004 Assassinate Sun Shang
Chapter 1005
Chapter 1006
Chapter 1007 All-out Rescue
Chapter 1008
Chapter 1009 Robbery of Medicinal Materials
Chapter 1010 The plan is successful
Chapter 1011 Your Highness is welcome
Chapter 1012 Lingyue Bieyuan
Chapter 1013 Arrogant Young Master Jia
Chapter 1014 Gathering of Nobles
Chapter 1015
Chapter 1016 Special Rewards
Chapter 1017 Battle Conditions
Chapter 1018 A Gamble
Chapter 1019 One Move Instant Kill
Chapter 1020
Chapter 1021 Unscrupulous
Chapter 1022 The Strongest Ally
Chapter 1023 Secret Training
Chapter 1024 Confronting Mengtong
Chapter 1025
Chapter 1026 The Square Incident
Chapter 1027 Break Your Arm
Chapter 1028 Divine Phoenix Barracks
Chapter 1029 Capture the Flag Test
Chapter 1030 Traitor Emperor Brother
Chapter 1031 Leng Mei goes to battle
Chapter 1032 Perfect Victory
Chapter 1033 Earth Splitting Thunderbolt
Chapter 1034 Breaking the Rules
Chapter 1035 Serve the country loyally
Chapter 1036
Chapter 1037 Arriving in the North Desert
Chapter 1038
Chapter 1039 Undercurrent Surges
Chapter 1040 The Empty City Plan
Chapter 1041 Jiumo's Wisdom
Chapter 1042 The Commander in the Army
Chapter 1043 Transformation Formation
Chapter 1044 Special Forces
Chapter 1045
Chapter 1046
Chapter 1047 Defeating the Enemy Army
Chapter 1048
Chapter 1049
Chapter 1050: Ji Ning Hit by an Arrow
Chapter 1051
Chapter 1052 Night Massacre
Chapter 1053: Countless Casualties
Chapter 1054 Breaking the Northern Desert Pass
Chapter 1055
Chapter 1056
Chapter 1057
Chapter 1058 Power of the Strong
Chapter 1059
Chapter 1060
Chapter 1061 Fearless
Chapter 1062 Trouble
Chapter 1063
Chapter 1064 Capture the Prince Alive
Chapter 1065 Desert Scorpion
Chapter 1066 Ferocious Scorpion Woman
Chapter 1067: Mutu Appears
Chapter 1068 Unreasonable
Chapter 1069 The Tragedy of the Scorpion Man
Chapter 1070 Shadow Swordsman
Chapter 1071 Body of Divine Light
Chapter 1072
Chapter 1073: True Swordsman
Chapter 1074 The Death of Situ
Chapter 1075 Controlling the World
Chapter 1076 The Battle of the Giant Lizard
Chapter 1077 The Monstrous King
Chapter 1078 Using a demon technique?
Chapter 1079 The Scorpion King died in battle
Chapter 1080 Strange State
Chapter 1081 Strange Battle Situation
Chapter 1082 Shadow Black Hole
Chapter 1083 Tai Chi Sword Body
Chapter 1084 Blood Mirror Forbidden Land
Chapter 1085 The Arrival of the Moon Girl
Chapter 1086 Killing with a flick of a finger
Chapter 1087 The Annihilation of the Whole Army
Chapter 1088: Fragment of Primordial Spirit
Chapter 1089 Moonlight Heart
Chapter 1090: Creating the Moon
Chapter 1091: Made in Heaven
Chapter 1092 Burning the City
Chapter 1093 Torture in Heaven Prison
Chapter 1094
Chapter 1095
Chapter 1096 Imperial City Nemesis
Chapter 1097 Kill the Admiral
Chapter 1098: Jia Yun's Death
Chapter 1099
Chapter 1100 Completely Disappointed
Chapter 1101: Heavenly Soldier
Chapter 1102: A Bunch of Beasts
Chapter 1103 Heroes' Elegy
Chapter 1104 The Emperor Appears
Chapter 1105
Chapter 1106 Blood Mirror Divine Might
Chapter 1107
Chapter 1108 A slap in the face
Chapter 1109
Chapter 1110
Chapter 1111 Five Powerhouses
Chapter 1112
Chapter 1113 A Complete Victory
Chapter 1114 Greater Ambition
Chapter 1115 The Godly Soldier of Justice
Chapter 1116 Young Master Underworld
Chapter 1117 Defending Self-esteem
Chapter 1118 The City Lord Appears
Chapter 1119
Chapter 1120 Capture Turtle Island
Chapter 1121: Visualization of Light
Chapter 1122 Three heads and six arms
Chapter 1123 The Soul Emerges
Chapter 1124 Going to the Magic City
Chapter 1125 Pharmacist Association
Chapter 1126 Assessment Qualification
Chapter 1127 The Daughter of Sikong
Chapter 1128 Too Simple
Chapter 1129 Shocking the Audience
Chapter 1130 Perfect Violence
Chapter 1131 Member Privileges
Chapter 1132 Senior Pharmacist
Chapter 1133 Soul Armor Traces
Chapter 1134 Night visits to the palace
Chapter 1135 Singled out against the Demon Emperor
Chapter 1136
Chapter 1137 Capture the Soul Armor
Chapter 1138 Restoration Organization
Chapter 1139 Crushing the Sea Clan
Chapter 1140
Chapter 1141 Flood Dragon Hunting Beasts
Chapter 1142 No One Left Behind
Chapter 1143 Xianglong Trading Company
Chapter 1144 Sudden Change
Chapter 1145
Chapter 1146 Blood Cross Slash
Chapter 1147 The Cunning Boy
Chapter 1148 Underworld Fire Cave
Chapter 1149 Go All Out
Chapter 1150 Underworld Fire Armor
Chapter 1151 Shadow and Fire Showdown
Chapter 1152
Chapter 1153: Rebellion
Chapter 1154 Cave Skeleton
Chapter 1155 Deterring the City Lord
Chapter 1156 The Shadow of Death
Chapter 1157
Chapter 1158: Leader of Gaoyang Alliance
Chapter 1159 Humanity is the Strongest
Chapter 1160
Chapter 1161
Chapter 1162 - Too Big a Difference
Chapter 1163 Killing Gao Yang
Chapter 1164
Chapter 1165
Chapter 1166 Breaking through the city easily
Chapter 1167 Self-righteous
Chapter 1168 Breaking through the Imperial Palace
Chapter 1169 Never Relent
Chapter 1170 Stubbornness
Chapter 1171
Chapter 1172 Heavenly Emperor Ling Xiao
Chapter 1173 - Imperial Jade Seal
Chapter 1174: Black Market in Sin City
Chapter 1175 The Black Python Family
Chapter 1176 The Deadly Swordsman
Chapter 1177 Bibo Disciple
Chapter 1178 Two sets of swords
Chapter 1179 Unreasonable
Chapter 1180 Python Howl Is Scared
Chapter 1181 Alchemy Conference
Chapter 1182 Black Wind Pavilion
Chapter 1183 Meeting Yun Ya by chance
Chapter 1184 Captain of the Guard
Chapter 1185 Cooperation Again
Chapter 1186 The Dirty Person
Chapter 1187 The Controversy of Geniuses
Chapter 1188 is rich
Chapter 1189 Bronze Seal
Chapter 1190: Gluttonous Martial Soul
Chapter 1191 Three Billion Spirit Stones
Chapter 1192 Pirate Captain
Chapter 1193 The Lamb to be Slaughtered
Chapter 1194 The Power of the Shadow
Chapter 1195 Surprise Master
Chapter 1196 Extracting Martial Soul
Chapter 1197 Yuan Zun makes a move
Chapter 1198
Chapter 1199 - Wind of the Dharma Protector
Chapter 1200
Chapter 1201 The Flower of Everlasting Bliss
Chapter 1202 Pharmacists Gather
Chapter 1203 Dogs see people
Chapter 1204
Chapter 1205 White Blood Toxic
Chapter 1206 Miraculous Therapy
Chapter 1207 Windfall
Chapter 1208 Invitation with a lot of money
Chapter 1209 The One-eyed Captain
Chapter 1210 Danger is approaching
Chapter 1211
Chapter 1212 The Wrath of the Black Snake
Chapter 1213 Domain Yuan Force
Chapter 1214 Don't Kill Me!
Chapter 1215 Still killed
Chapter 1216 Armored Flywheel
Chapter 1217 Inexplicable Death
Chapter 1218 Cruel and merciless
Chapter 1219 Thousand Corpses
Chapter 1220 Infighting among firms
Chapter 1221 Jade Cage Formation
Chapter 1222 Venerable Poison Soul
Chapter 1223 Full Conflict
Chapter 1224 Foresight
Chapter 1225 Direct Collision
Chapter 1226 Difficult Boy
Chapter 1227 Poison Toad Cave
Chapter 1228
Chapter 1229 The dead mother-in-law
Chapter 1230
Chapter 1231 Black Carriage
Chapter 1232 Python Five Appears
Chapter 1233 Don't Let It Go
Chapter 1234 Jade Seal Exposed
Chapter 1235 Four Monsters of Sin City
Chapter 1236 Giant God's Soldiers
Chapter 1237 Killing Three Monsters
Chapter 1238
Chapter 1239 The grand event is approaching
Chapter 1240 Pharmacist Danqing
Chapter 1241 The scene of the event
Chapter 1242 The Disciple of the Medicine King
Chapter 1243 Pre-Match Test
Chapter 1244
Chapter 1245 The topic is so difficult
Chapter 1246 Test failure?
Chapter 1247 Last place?
Chapter 1248 Really No. 1
Chapter 1249 Inexplicable hatred
Chapter 1250 Invitation from the Medicine King
Chapter 1251 Fire General
Chapter 1252 Just do what you say
Chapter 1253 Really Not Weak
Chapter 1254 The Outrageous Battle
Chapter 1255 Narrow-minded
Chapter 1256
Chapter 1257 The Death of Xiao Zhan
Chapter 1258 Burning with Jealousy
Chapter 1259 General Ice
Chapter 1260 Forced to install a fork
Chapter 1261 Not enough herbs
Chapter 1262 Pursuit of perfection
Chapter 1263 Imagining Alchemy
Chapter 1264
Chapter 1265
Chapter 1266 Sky Sea Pearl
Chapter 1267 I am the strongest
Chapter 1268 Letting water out of the competition?
Chapter 1269: The Problem
Chapter 1270
Chapter 1271 Still No. 1!
Chapter 1272 The Last Level
Chapter 1273 Last Stand
Chapter 1274 Strange Behavior
Chapter 1275
Chapter 1276
Chapter 1277 Breaking Through the Shackles
Chapter 1278 Playing with Fire and Self-immolation
Chapter 1279 Dongtian Zhengyi
Chapter 1280 Unstoppable
Chapter 1281
Chapter 1282
Chapter 1283 The Curse of the Jade Seal
Chapter 1284 The Crisis of Ruining the Temple
Chapter 1285 Situ Confidante
Chapter 1286 Shameless mother-in-law
Chapter 1287
Chapter 1288 Evil Witchcraft
Chapter 1289
Chapter 1290 Returning from the dead
Chapter 1291 Peerless Sword Demon
Chapter 1292 Life-saving elixir?
Chapter 1293 Please let me die!
Chapter 1294 The Day of Harvest
Chapter 1295 Temple of Ghosts and Gods
Chapter 1296 The Tragedy at the City Gate
Chapter 1297 Mysterious forces
Chapter 1298 Plaza Accord
Chapter 1299 Design Assassination
Chapter 1300 Chain Killing
Chapter 1301 Domineering Counterattack
Chapter 1302 Ghost General Re-Builds
Chapter 1303 Never give in
Chapter 1304
Chapter 1305 Sacrifice Mo Chou
Chapter 1306 Overbearing Fengming
Chapter 1307 The Old Man in Black Robe
Chapter 1308 Violating the Prohibition
Chapter 1309 My name is Sword Demon
Chapter 1310 Arrogant Swordsman
Chapter 1311 Crazy Plan
Chapter 1312 Star of the Imperial City
Chapter 1313 Brother's Daughter
Chapter 1314
Chapter 1315 Return of the God of Killing
Chapter 1316 Transposition of the Holy Son
Chapter 1317
Chapter 1318 The First Genius
Chapter 1319 It's a mess
Chapter 1320 Shameless
Chapter 1321
Chapter 1322 Don't Give Face
Chapter 1323 Bold and Careful
Chapter 1324 Spoiled
Chapter 1325 Emperor Guard
Chapter 1326 Kill Ji Xingxing
Chapter 1327 The Divine Guard's Questioning
Chapter 1328 Unparalleled Fierce God
Chapter 1329 The Lost Phoenix
Chapter 1330 Tianpeng Doomsday
Chapter 1331 A sensation in the whole city
Chapter 1332 Old Man Hong Qi
Chapter 1333
Chapter 1334 The Age of Heroes
Chapter 1335 Shangguan Rainbow
Chapter 1336 Fengming Cliff Mountain
Chapter 1337 Shock
Chapter 1338 The Temple of the Dark God
Chapter 1339 Three Inch Throwing Knife
Chapter 1340 Killer's Knife
Chapter 1341 Fleeing With Broken Arm
Chapter 1342 Double Sword Domain
Chapter 1343 Son of Light and Shadow
Chapter 1344 I am a villain
Chapter 1345 The Ruthless Monarch
Chapter 1346 Finally Breakthrough
Chapter 1347 The Battle of the Phoenix
Chapter 1348 Powerful Shangguan
Chapter 1349
Chapter 1350 Seven-Color Arrow
Chapter 1351 Bright Excalibur
Chapter 1352 Favoritism and Injustice
Chapter 1353 The Seventh Phoenix
Chapter 1354 The Frog in the Well
Chapter 1355 High-End Killer
Chapter 1356
Chapter 1357 Fengming's pity
Chapter 1358 Living Treasure of Martial Arts
Chapter 1359 Zhigang Zhiyang Chiyang Nine Transformations
Chapter 1360 The most yin and evil demon destroys the world
Chapter 1361
Chapter 1362 All threats are useless
Chapter 1363 A Cup of Poisoned Wine Retaliates
Chapter 1364
Chapter 1365 The Interrogation of the Wicked
Chapter 1366: Bossed Manager Jia
Chapter 1367 The Fearless Ling Xiao
Chapter 1368 The Dark Demon Sword
Chapter 1369 Terrible Talent, Terrible Potential
Chapter 1370 Species from Hell
Chapter 1371 Ling Xiao's proud danger is approaching
Chapter 1372 short and ugly body
Chapter 1373 An Unstoppable Crisis?
Chapter 1374 Comprehension in adversity
Chapter 1375 A proud body is tougher than a cockroach
Chapter 1376 The Black History of the Eight Great Clans
Chapter 1377 The Powerful Butterfly Girl: The Six-Colored Cage
Chapter 1378 The Sword of the King of Liquor Demon Sword
Chapter 1379 It's better to destroy it
Chapter 1380: Ling Xiao Annihilation Plan
Chapter 1381 The three phoenixes are making a fuss
Chapter 1382 Unyielding Shangguan Hong
Chapter 1383 Dragon and Phoenix Join Forces
Chapter 1384
Chapter 1385
Chapter 1386 Volcanic Martial Soul Lava Domain
Chapter 1387 Obsessed
Chapter 1388 The Demonic Head of the Immortal Island
Chapter 1389 Martial Slave Contract
Chapter 1390 Willing to be a slave can't escape death
Chapter 1391 The Council of Elders
Chapter 1392 dare to use the name of the emperor
Chapter 1393 Young Master Qingshan
Chapter 1394 Cow Dung Nobles
Chapter 1395
Chapter 1396 Fengming Qingshan's Crazy Attack
Chapter 1397 The Difference Between Three Moves and One Move
Chapter 1398 Snake-like Sneak Attack
Chapter 1399 Abandoned Arm
Chapter 1400: People's crimes are unforgivable
Chapter 1401 Gentleman's Sword: End of the Moon
Chapter 1402 scare off hypocrites
Chapter 1403 Resurrected from the Dead
Chapter 1404 The Importance of Master
Chapter 1405 Please!
Chapter 1406 Zhengqi Academy
Chapter 1407 Fury of Ice: Kill!
Chapter 1408 Nine Deaths Reincarnation Art
Chapter 1409 Zong Yu Huangquan
Chapter 1410 Get lost!
Chapter 1411 The Malice of the World
Chapter 1412 Heading to the Holy Pilgrimage to Immortal Island
Chapter 1413 Ghost Villa
Chapter 1414 Sword Intent Wandering Soul
Chapter 1415 Contest: Green Hair Misses
Chapter 1416
Chapter 1417 Kill the green hair!
Chapter 1418 Terrifying Martial Soul
Chapter 1419 Ji Mengmeng
Chapter 1420 Immortal Sword Intent
Chapter 1421 The Weird Scene of the Crater
Chapter 1422 The volcano was razed to the ground
Chapter 1423 Seal
Chapter 1424 stupid decision
Chapter 1425 Dragon Sword Art: A Good Deal
Chapter 1426 Encounter on a Narrow Road: Nan Xiong
Chapter 1427 Let me go and leave the storage ring?
Chapter 1428 The Sword of Slaughter: Killing chickens to scare monkeys
Chapter 1429
Chapter 1430 Choice: Suicide or be killed!
Chapter 1431 Killing Game
Chapter 1432 Young Master Ying, Ant and Wild Boar
Chapter 1433 Two Sword Lights and Two Corpses
Chapter 1434 Grinding the gun and killing the southern shark
Chapter 1435 The Fire Dragon Burns the Sky and the Storm Is Wrathful
Chapter 1436 Ranked Second on the Dragon and Phoenix Ranking
Chapter 1437
Chapter 1438 The Power of Returning to Heaven
Chapter 1439 Another Big Enemy
Chapter 1440 The Crow Queen
Chapter 1441 The Three Great Influences Will Destroy Him
Chapter 1442 The Seventh Evil Star
Chapter 1443 Bloodline of the Outer Demon Race
Chapter 1444 Fire Dragon Fighting Sky Demon
Chapter 1445 The Indestructible Azure Dragon Moisturizes Everything!
Chapter 1446 The Resurrected Evil Star
Chapter 1447 Fire Dragon Black Dragon Sky Demon
Chapter 1448 Killing in the Night
Chapter 1449 Shameless Wheel Battle
Chapter 1450 Soul Secret Art: Ugly and Beautiful
Chapter 1451 Slapped the old people in the face
Chapter 1452 Teleportation
Chapter 1453
Chapter 1454 Appearance:
Chapter 1455 Eye Technique: Bronze Troll
Chapter 1456 Swallow!
Chapter 1457 Right Eye Mutation
Chapter 1458 Fatal Order
Chapter 1459 Silver Moon Greedy Wolf
Chapter 1460 Bitten by a wolf
Chapter 1461 Jungle Overlord: The Terrifying Insect Girl
Chapter 1462 Enemies meet on a narrow road: The Insect Demon King
Chapter 1463 Greed: Besieging the Insect Demon King
Chapter 1464 Escape!
Chapter 1465 Bewitchment: The power of the magic eye
Chapter 1466 Immortal True Sun Sword
Chapter 1467 The Sword of the Orochi, the Light of Fireflies
Chapter 1468 Poisonous Scorpion: Fusion
Chapter 1469 Release: Golden Crow’s fighting spirit!
Chapter 1470: Breaking out of the cocoon: surge in strength
Chapter 1471 Reversal of Yin and Yang: Deal from Hell
Chapter 1472 Breath Fusion: Silver Moon Knight
Chapter 1473 50% Golden Crow Fighting Will
Chapter 1474 Madness: The Demon Conquers the Golden Crow
Chapter 1475 Aftermath: The fishy storm is coming
Chapter 1476 Enlightenment: Superposition of mysteries
Chapter 1477 Siege: Revenge Begins
Chapter 1478 Destruction: Dragon’s Wrath
Chapter 1479 Good brother! Don’t be in a hurry to die
Chapter 1480 Fury: All-out war
Chapter 1481 Fatal Mistake
Chapter 1482: Moon Girl Crisis: Against the Seven Yin and Yang Realms
Chapter 1483 Moonlight Fury: Kill!
Chapter 1484 The crisis deepens: powerful enemies surround you
Chapter 1485 Return: Domineering Little Man
Chapter 1486: Arrogant: One Cavalry Can Equivalent to a Thousand
Chapter 1487 Killing: The Brutal Ling Xiao
Chapter 1488 A pair of ninety-five
Chapter 1489 Wushuang: Lawn Mowing Game
Chapter 1490 The Last Six People
Chapter 1491 Lifting the Ban: Long Tu, Ye Gushan
Chapter 1492: Gun of Strange Light
Chapter 1493 Destroying Kong Wu: The Showdown between Dragon and Peacock
Chapter 1494 Slavery or death?
Chapter 1495 Fierce battle: Three days and three nights, no light from the sun or the moon
Chapter 1496: Become famous: the whole world is shocked
Chapter 1497: Furious: The Emperor’s Personal Conquest
Chapter 1498 The army presses the territory, and the dean changes position
Chapter 1499 First Kill
Chapter 1500 Second Kill
Chapter 1501 The emperor at the end of his rope
Chapter 1502 There is no retreat from the killing
Chapter 1503 The Three Kingdoms Stand in Dignity
Chapter 1504 Golden Crow’s fighting spirit is fully released
Chapter 1505: Breakthrough in cultivation, great secrets
Chapter 1506 The star of the times is hated by others
Chapter 1507 Geniuses gather and the event is about to begin
Chapter 1508 Dragon Killing Forest: The event begins
Chapter 1509 Provocation? Bringing humiliation to oneself!
Chapter 1510 Assessment: Gate of Ruins
Chapter 1511 Demonic Battlefield: Killing Game
Chapter 1512: Scheming against Ling Xiao: Shameless? Ignorant!
Chapter 1513 Ridiculous Trap
Chapter 1514 The Nightmare of the Holy Island
Chapter 1515 The Martial Spirit of Sand
Chapter 1516 Melee: Shadow of Death
Chapter 1517 Crisis: Strange Special Martial Spirit
Chapter 1518 Wuhun: Gate of Space
Chapter 1519 Genius Terminator
Chapter 1520 Targeted by the Alliance Leader
Chapter 1521 Secret Tower
Chapter 1522 More ruthless and terrifying than the devil
Chapter 1523 Gathering: The final battle in the Secret Tower
Chapter 1524 Going against him? A dead end!
Chapter 1525 The divine dragon scares the black python
Chapter 1526 The brother who stabbed you in the back
Chapter 1527: Jealousy: Simei helps Ling Xiao
Chapter 1528 The assessment is over: the furious Ling Xiao
Chapter 1529 New Force: Longhuang Mountain
Chapter 1530 Release it, the blood of the true dragon!
Chapter 1531 Fierce Battle: Dragon’s Wrath
Chapter 1532 You three, come together!
Chapter 1533 Evil: The magic sword is unsheathed
Chapter 1534 Trump Card: Sword of the Human King
Chapter 1535 The domineering sword that suppresses everything
Chapter 1536 You have offended a devil!
Chapter 1537 Crush: Terrible Monster
Chapter 1538 Sneak Attack: The Eighth Attack on the Dragon and Phoenix List
Chapter 1539: Trapped and Killed: Advanced Magical Array Ten Thousand Doors Array
Chapter 1540 The Ancient Golden Crow: Release!
Chapter 1541 Twin Martial Spirits Thunderbolt
Chapter 1542 Shock: The Art of Wisdom and Strength
Chapter 1543: Riding a Tiger and Being Difficult to Get Down: The Alliance Leader’s Choice
Chapter 1544 A sword that shocked everyone
Chapter 1545 Madness: Furious Alliance Leader
Chapter 1546 Martial Soul Showdown: A Dark Decisive Battle
Chapter 1547 Traveling through the Void: People from Dragon Phoenix Mountain
Chapter 1548 Unstoppable: Life and death of the python!
Chapter 1549 Hell Dragon Fire: Burn!
Chapter 1550 Execution: Ninth and Eighth on the Dragon and Phoenix List!
Chapter 1551 Yuan Tianlun: Who can be worse than me?
Chapter 1552 Killing God with a White Blade
Chapter 1553 The Domineering Emperor Fengming Qishan
Chapter 1554 The Cruel Desert General
Chapter 1555 Golden Eagle Mercenary Group
Chapter 1556 Vulture and Golden Eagle
Chapter 1557 We won’t take the blame!
Chapter 1558 The strange power of darkness and death
Chapter 1559 Darkening: The cruel reality
Chapter 1560 Now that you are here, don’t leave!
Chapter 1561 Dominate the Black Desert
Chapter 1562 The Blood Prince is coming
Chapter 1563 The ferocious vampire bat clan
Chapter 1564 Siege: One Hundred Sons of the Blood Prince
Chapter 1565 Legend: Resurrection of the Blood Demon
Chapter 1566 Sudden: Release
Chapter 1567 Crisis: The End of Black Crow City
Chapter 1568 The end of the Black Crow Empire
Chapter 1569 Nobles and Untouchables
Chapter 1570 Greed: The Targeted Martial Spirit
Chapter 1571 Breaking the city: Killing the city’s defense leader
Chapter 1572 Brewing: A good opportunity for breakthrough
Chapter 1573: reaping the consequences: facing the blood demon army alone
Chapter 1574 Siege: Roar of the Blood Demon Army
Chapter 1575: A man’s journey: to create a bright future!
Chapter 1576 Bird-faced Man and Sky Thunder Talisman
Chapter 1577 Blood Soul Talisman, the Secret of Yin and Yang Realm
Chapter 1578 Destroying the Holy Elephant: Obtaining Memory Metal
Chapter 1579 Unexpected Harvest: Body of Hell
Chapter 1580 Blood Soul Talisman: Hell Dragon Fire
Chapter 1581 The Undefeated God of War
Chapter 1582 Fengming Qishan’s actions
Chapter 1583 If you don’t understand the rules, you should be killed!
Chapter 1584 Three Heroes of Dragon and Phoenix, Seven Heroes of Water Temple
Chapter 1585 Domineering and arrogant to the extreme
Chapter 1586 Bet on Life: Prince Long, do you dare?
Chapter 1587 Wolf Clan: Specialty of the White Tiger Continent
Chapter 1588 Execution: Death of Shuang Ying
Chapter 1589: Coward: The Humiliation of the Fifth Hero
Chapter 1590 Sneak Attack: The Shameful Fourth Hero
Chapter 1591 Provocation: Taking turns to slap the Water Temple in the face
Chapter 1592 Showdown: Yin-Yang Realm Second Level Heavenly Sea Pearl
Chapter 1593: Strange Weapon: Seven Pearls of the Water God
Chapter 1594 Horror: Incarnation of the Demon
Chapter 1595: Killing: Only one of the seven heroes remains
Chapter 1596 Tracking: Silent Ghost
Chapter 1597 Domineering: Breaking into the palace single-handedly
Chapter 1598: Suppress your dissatisfaction!
Chapter 1599 Leaving: The Failure of Fengyin Mountain
Chapter 1600 Assassin: Mysterious forces emerge
Chapter 1601 Beheading: The Monster Under the Bones
Chapter 1602 Conquest: The Battle for Dominance of the Divine Phoenix Continent
Chapter 1603 Going against the will of heaven: the person who changes the trend
Chapter 1604 The Peak of Changle, the Battle of Overlord
Chapter 1605 The Seven Great Fifth Level Powerful Men of Yin and Yang Realm
Chapter 1606 Evolution: Bronze Troll Incarnates Demon God Baal
Chapter 1607 One battle determines success or failure
Chapter 1608 Fengming Qishan’s Twin Martial Spirits
Chapter 1609 Who is more poisonous? The Emperor or the Demon Lord
Chapter 1610 Three Swords versus Two Martial Spirits
Chapter 1611 Black Hell Ghost Sword Formation
Chapter 1612 The enemy’s fear: Surrounding and killing turns into being killed
Chapter 1613 The Sorrow of the Weak
Chapter 1614 Rampage: Desperate Fengming Qishan
Chapter 1615 A ??generation of demon king
Chapter 1616 A vision from the sky: Divine Phoenix and Heavenly Dragon unite
Chapter 1617 Blood Book: The warriors who hate Lingxiao
Chapter 1618 Five Elements Yin-Yang Formation of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1619 Changle Secret Realm
Chapter 1620 The Mysterious Peerless Powerful Man
Chapter 1621 Miraculous Kung Fu: The Body of the Mysterious Realm
Chapter 1622 The powerful power of the emperor and queen
Chapter 1623 A Little Farewell
Chapter 1624 Seeking Revenge: The Tianhai Frenzy of Being Cheated
Chapter 1625 Ling Xiao avoids the battle? Are you scared?
Chapter 1626 What a big breath: Take the Lingxiao flag as a sacrifice
Chapter 1627 The power of a thousand crocodiles versus the power of the emperor and queen
Chapter 1628 A domineering blow: Tianhai’s frenzied death!
Chapter 1629: Chase: Demonic Cultists
Chapter 1630 The powerful demon sword array
Chapter 1631 Evil Beast: A monster with deviant swords
Chapter 1632 Deep Sea Monster, Hell Dragon Talisman
Chapter 1633 The Power of Dragon Talisman: Self-destruction is useless
Chapter 1634 White Tiger Continent: Arrogant Dragon Prince
Chapter 1635: The Realm of Sin: A Lawless Place
Chapter 1636: Ruthless: Ling Xiao who will never show mercy
Chapter 1637 Young Master of Chongshui Tower: Young Master Tianhai Yun
Chapter 1638 Invisible Fork: Tianpin VIP Waistband
Chapter 1639 Auction: Blockbuster Ice Talisman
Chapter 1640 Chaos: The Demon Sect also appears
Chapter 1641 Teasing: Just making you lose money
Chapter 1642: Resurrection from the dead: Dan Ming’s reincarnation
Chapter 1643 Yuan Zun’s Secret
Chapter 1644 Divine Pill: Blue Blood Fire Phoenix
Chapter 1645 The water god hunts, Ling Xiao is behind
Chapter 1646: Fight for the treasure!
Chapter 1647 All four treasures obtained
Chapter 1648 Nine Transformations of Chiyang: Transformation of Tianyang
Chapter 1649 Master’s Enemy: The Lord of Domination
Chapter 1650 Longhuang Mountain: The situation is tense
Chapter 1651 Revenge alone
Chapter 1652 The White Tiger of the Ten Ancient Bloodlines
Chapter 1653 The incarnation of the white tiger versus the incarnation of the devil
Chapter 1654 Explosion: The Contest between Thunder and Darkness
Chapter 1655 Violence: Terrifying Thunderstorm Form
Chapter 1656 The Emperor and the Empress Earth Demon Fist
Chapter 1657 Invitation from Prince Long
Chapter 1658 The real bloodline of the Heavenly Dragon King
Chapter 1659 Tianlong Thunderbird: The Powerful Dragon Prince
Chapter 1660 The Evil God: The Essence of the Eleven Mysteries of Light and Shadow
Chapter 1661 Rage: The terrible tornado of destruction
Chapter 1662 Wind and Thunder Tornado vs. Hell Dragon Talisman
Chapter 1663 Shock: The terrifying soul attack
Chapter 1664 Destruction: Smelting the Dragon Prince
Chapter 1665 Ruthless: The Overbearing Demon Lord Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 1666 Breakthrough: Another leap in strength
Chapter 1667 Heroes gather at Longhuang Mountain
Chapter 1668 Frosty Wind
Chapter 1669 Never show mercy when killing enemies
Chapter 1670 Tianhai City
Chapter 1671 Qijing Tower
Chapter 1672 Expensive Food
Chapter 1673 Nine Yang Poison Wine
Chapter 1674 Obstruction from the tenth level of Yin-Yang realm
Chapter 1675 The Wine Master
Chapter 1676 Fifteenth Floor of Qijing Building
Chapter 1677 Blast away
Chapter 1678 Tiangang Disha Chiyang Malatang
Chapter 1679: Fighting: Looking ugly
Chapter 1680 The man in purple
Chapter 1681 Eighteen Hell Talismans: Demon Killing
Chapter 1682 Domineering: All belong to me
Chapter 1683 The Four Heroes of Tianhai and the Seven Little Saints
Chapter 1684 Evil Mirror Hell
Chapter 1685 All breakthroughs
Chapter 1686 Mysterious Energy: The Powerful Source
Chapter 1687 Idiot Sun Wuji
Chapter 1688 Diverting trouble to the east: Unlucky Sun Wuji
Chapter 1689 Repaying kindness with hatred
Chapter 1690 A group of frogs in a well
Chapter 1691 Secret Room Treatment
Chapter 1692 Poison: Demonic Insect
Chapter 1693 Healing: Beloved by the Beautiful Woman
Chapter 1694 Another treasure of the Liu family
Chapter 1695 Calling a deer a horse and blaming Ling Xiao
Chapter 1696: Overbearing and Domineering: The Wrath of Young Master Wushuang
Chapter 1697 Ten Thousand Ghost Banners: Ling Xiao’s Reason for Taking Action
Chapter 1698: Burning with Jealousy: Ten Thousand Poison Palms
Chapter 1699 When the devil appears, who can compete with him?
Chapter 1700 Royal Warriors Intervene
Chapter 1701 Crushing Sun Wushuang to Death
Chapter 1702 Dad and son, a shameless pair
Chapter 1703 Yin-Yang Fish vs. Nine-Headed Demonic Bird
Chapter 1704 Spear of Ice and Fire
Chapter 1705 Collect: Nine Nether Demonic Skills and Nine-Headed Demonic Bird
Chapter 1706 Noble Genius: Sun Yuanji Arrives
Chapter 1707 Do I need to escape?
Chapter 1708 Cannon fodder and elites
Chapter 1709 Terrifying Sword Technique: The Crushing Begins
Chapter 1710 Yin and Yang are reversed, black and white are reversed
Chapter 1711 The price of self-righteousness
Chapter 1712 Ice Fire Grass
Chapter 1713 The Seven Little Saints Gather at the Liu Family
Chapter 1714 Knock back with one palm
Chapter 1715 White Ape
Chapter 1716 Giant Dragon Fights White Ape
Chapter 1717 Four beasts versus the warriors of the Celestial Empire
Chapter 1718 The terrifying punch of the white ape
Chapter 1719 Abuse!
Chapter 1720 Appearance: Wind Demon Holy Sword
Chapter 1721 Take my move!
Chapter 1722 Breaking Move: Endless Darkness
Chapter 1723 Crocodile Demon Guard and Shadow Crocodile Guard
Chapter 1724 Tianhai City Trading Market
Chapter 1725 Secret Technique: Eye of Appraisal
Chapter 1726 The medicine grabber breaks his arm
Chapter 1727 There are quite a few people seeking death.
Chapter 1728 Important information about Tianlong Trading Company
Chapter 1729 A good deal
Chapter 1730 The bossy female official
Chapter 1731 Crown Princess
Chapter 1732 The Underground World of Tianhai City
Chapter 1733 Hell Tower: Challenge!
Chapter 1734 The power of fists: The winning streak begins!
Chapter 1735 An unstoppable winning streak
Chapter 1736: Not an enemy at all
Chapter 1737 The Dark Temple’s Gloom
Chapter 1738 Poison Killing Palm: Poisonous Spider
Chapter 1739 The martial arts of Zhen Sect is nothing more than this
Chapter 1740 Leveling the 50th Floor
Chapter 1741 Killing the Blue Whale
Chapter 1742 Lightning Mink Martial Spirit
Chapter 1743 Defeat Kou Ziling
Chapter 1744 Fan Ruolin’s strange martial spirit
Chapter 1745 Guzheng Wuhun: Playing the music of killing
Chapter 1746 Ling Xiao versus Jun Mochou
Chapter 1747 The Terrifying Layer of Death
Chapter 1748 Destroy the Hell Lord and Seize the Secret Realm Map
Chapter 1749 Night Human Altar
Chapter 1750 Greedy Heart
Chapter 1751 The Domineering Demon Sword
Chapter 1752 The Terrifying Killer Spider
Chapter 1753 Demonic Bone Jungle
Chapter 1754 The Night People’s Raid
Chapter 1755 The Dark Fire Tribe of the Night People Kingdom
Chapter 1756 Humanoid Flame
Chapter 1757 Duke of Black Flame
Chapter 1758 The siege of the Dark Fire Clan
Chapter 1759 The battle of soul secrets
Chapter 1760 Genius at the True Immortal Level
Chapter 1761 Powerful! The furious leader of the Dark Fire Tribe
Chapter 1762 Everyone is cunning and ghost-like
Chapter 1763 Treasures of the Soul Temple
Chapter 1764 A temple filled with monsters
Chapter 1765 Audacious: Amazing Cultivation Method
Chapter 1766 Using one’s body as a furnace to refine monsters
Chapter 1767: Demons are annihilated and cultivation levels increase dramatically
Chapter 1768: Stealing the Magic Crystal Liquid
Chapter 1769 Martial Soul Evolution: Thunder God!
Chapter 1770 The terrifying monster: Night Stalker
Chapter 1771 Trapped in Space Cracks
Chapter 1772 The Night Demon is angry and a giant shadow emerges
Chapter 1773 Seal the Seven Night Demons
Chapter 1774 The miraculous effect of magic crystal liquid
Chapter 1775 The siege on the magic mountain
Chapter 1776: Stirring the hornet's nest of the Demon Sect
Chapter 1777 Plan: Defeat each one
Chapter 1778 Killing: The strongest warrior in the Demon Sect
Chapter 1779 Difficult: The extremely cunning boy
Chapter 1780 Strong Enemy: Another Terrible Guy
Chapter 1781 Lifting the Seal: Release of the Demon King
Chapter 1782 Crush: The Terrifying Demon King
Chapter 1783 Big Winner
Chapter 1784 The showdown between the soul and the devil
Chapter 1785 Red Moon and Blue Snow
Chapter 1786 The Prince of White Horse Country
Chapter 1787: The tiger fell and was bullied by the dog
Chapter 1788: Kill the Yin and Yang Demon King and fully recover your cultivation!
Chapter 1789 The art of changing faces
Chapter 1790 The Last Train of the White Tiger Club
Chapter 1791 The powerful Long Chen
Chapter 1792 Slap Tianhai in the face: Ling Xiao’s friends
Chapter 1793 Challenge Prince Charming
Chapter 1794 Two fingers solve the battle
Chapter 1795 The powerful body of the mysterious world
Chapter 1796 Opponents worth fighting
Chapter 1797 Comparing speed with me? Ridiculous!
Chapter 1798 Two Faces: Resurrected Ling Xiao
Chapter 1799 Reunion
Chapter 1800 Disrupting the Crown Princess’s Banquet
Chapter 1801 The Wind Demon Holy Sword is going crazy
Chapter 1802: Use the other person's way to repay the other person's kindness
Chapter 1803 Drinking to achieve a breakthrough in cultivation
Chapter 1804 Drink until you lose everything!
Chapter 1805 Ten Thousand Thunder Jedi: Death or Opportunity?
Chapter 1806 Departure: Target Thunder City
Chapter 1807 Showdown on the Flyer
Chapter 1808 A hard slap in the face!
Chapter 1809 The prince takes action
Chapter 1810: Vow to kill and arrive at the Land of Ten Thousand Thunders
Chapter 1811 Mr. Sirius, Princess Silver Wolf
Chapter 1812 The top twelve geniuses
Chapter 1813 The enemies are all gathered together
Chapter 1814 Not strong enough!
Chapter 1815 Hundred-Eyed Demon Lord Wu Long
Chapter 1816 All the first-level geniuses are here
Chapter 1817 The strength of Tianhai Tyranny
Chapter 1818 There is no weakling: the fierce battle for first place
Chapter 1819 The Four Great Temples of Ten Thousand Thunder Jedi
Chapter 1820 The arrogant Aoi family
Chapter 1821 Thousand Thunder Immortal Killing Formation
Chapter 1822 Lan Xue shows off his power: the powerful ice dragon
Chapter 1823 Unbearable, Ling Xiao takes action
Chapter 1824: Killing: The power of the red sun
Chapter 1825 Dark Prison, Light Prison
Chapter 1826 The Unbreakable Yuanli Shield
Chapter 1827 Anyone who stands in the way will die!
Chapter 1828 If you want to destroy it, make it crazy first
Chapter 1829 The rat-throwing weapon: the cowardly enemy
Chapter 1830 The family that regards the human king as its enemy
Chapter 1831 Rules of the White Tiger Society
Chapter 1832 Cannon fodder? Let the fool do it
Chapter 1833 The momentum is huge: powerful enemies are coming to kill
Chapter 1834 Never give in: a bloody battle
Chapter 1835 If this harm is not eliminated, the world will be unrest!
Chapter 1836 The black hand coming from behind
Chapter 1837 Instead of escaping, it’s better to come and kill him!
Chapter 1838 Audacious, go straight to Huanglong
Chapter 1839 To kill Ling Xiao, all the elites come out
Chapter 1840 True love is revealed between life and death
Chapter 1841 Heroes from all walks of life: powerful resistance force
Chapter 1842 God’s Envoy: The Supreme Xuanwu Temple
Chapter 1843 A shocking sword: the terrifying Martial God who protects the country
Chapter 1844 The place of bloody battle in purgatory: Black Wind Canyon
Chapter 1845 Temple, Wrath of the Enemy
Chapter 1846 Sixteen caves, sixteen strong men
Chapter 1847 The Lord of the Temple: Lawless
Chapter 1848 The war begins: the moment that changes destiny
Chapter 1849 Beast Paradise: Genius is Food
Chapter 1850 Encounter: Sword Immortal Tomb
Chapter 1851 Five doors, five opportunities
Chapter 1852 Terrifying Comprehension: Understanding Powerful Sword Moves
Chapter 1853 The secret of speed and slowness, killing Chang She
Chapter 1854 The miraculous effect of the black wind inscription
Chapter 1855 Sneak Attack: The Cruelty of the Bloody Battle in Purgatory
Chapter 1856 Encountering a powerful enemy: Wu Long, the Hundred-Eyed Demon King
Chapter 1857 Weird Sword Technique: Wu Long is Frightened and Furious
Chapter 1858 A stronger existence than top geniuses
Chapter 1859 Sit back and wait: the prey becomes the hunter
Chapter 1860 The Mysterious Underground Palace: The Most Suitable Inheritance
Chapter 1861 Emperor Tianhou Tu, God of Yin and Yang
Chapter 1862 Kill the king elephant and understand the inheritance
Chapter 1863 A shocking battle in the Tyrant Universe
Chapter 1864: Changes in heaven and earth, destruction by black wind
Chapter 1865: Powerful: Ling Xiao steps out of the underground palace
Chapter 1866 The power of the emperor, the fist of the sky
Chapter 1867 The body of the mysterious world: the thirteenth level of transformation
Chapter 1868 The Incarnation of the Heavenly Dragon: The Ruler of Thunder and Lightning
Chapter 1869 Wanting to start trouble on the head of a genius
Chapter 1870 Battle of Two Powers, Hundred-Eyed Demonic Array
Chapter 1871 Incarnation of Emperor Tian, ??holding up the sky with a sword
Chapter 1872 Arrogant Feng Feiye
Chapter 1873 Blood Red Corpse Bones, Sword of Origin
Chapter 1874 The bloody battle is over: some are happy and some are sad
Chapter 1875 Want to kill me? Give you a chance
Chapter 1876: King Kong is indestructible and kills enemies with murderous intent
Chapter 1877 A short rest, deepening hatred
Chapter 1878 The Sword of Red Blood and the Sword of Blood Sun
Chapter 1879 Seizing the inheritance: Changes in the Demon Sect
Chapter 1880 Mysterious and Weird: The Scary Little One
Chapter 1881 Greed kills people
Chapter 1882 Inherited Memory: Terrifying Sword Intent
Chapter 1883 The Red Blood Sword: The Demonic Sword that Swallows Blood
Chapter 1884 Tomb of Ten Thousand Demons, Little One’s Rage
Chapter 1885 Treasure Hunt Crisis: So Many Enemies
Chapter 1886 The Challenge Begins: The Madman’s Treasure Hunt
Chapter 1887 The first treasure: Swamp Beauty Flower
Chapter 1888 Underworld River, Yaksha Ghost
Chapter 1889 Mutation: Plane Vortex, Space Crack
Chapter 1890 Opportunity: Treasure House of Breathing Magic Weapon
Chapter 1891 Entering the Space Crack: Giant Bones
Chapter 1892 Discovery of Reincarnation Bones: Reincarnation Seeds
Chapter 1893 Ling Xiao versus Lei Mang: The fight for the seeds of reincarnation
Chapter 1894 The Wrath of the Crack: The Last Two Remaining People
Chapter 1895 Ling Xiao is dead? Announcement of results in advance?
Chapter 1896 Announcement of Results: Two Dark Horses
Chapter 1897 Fighting: The bloody battle to the last point
Chapter 1898 Two figures falling from the sky
Chapter 1899 First!
Chapter 1900 Legend of the Feather World: Black Feather People
Chapter 1901 Accident: The mysterious young master of the temple
Chapter 1902 The Trap of the Glazed Armor: Kill Aoi Weiwo
Chapter 1903 Yin Yang Powder: Deadly Poison
Chapter 1904 Temple shock: alarmed divine guards
Chapter 1905 Temple Crisis: Bloody Devil
Chapter 1906 Bloody Battle: Furious Killing
Chapter 1907: Temple Master, Stand-in Doll
Chapter 1908: Recovery of strength? Being abused or being abused!
Chapter 1909 The leader of the Xuanwu Temple arrives
Chapter 1910: Injury: The biggest crisis
Chapter 1911 Full body bone fractures: the most dangerous bet
Chapter 1912: Falling into a trap: Top strong men also capsize
Chapter 1913 Mirror Array: Xuan Ming’s Compromise
Chapter 1914 The Battle of Kings Begins
Chapter 1915 Not even a chance to admit defeat
Chapter 1916 The terrifying black feather assassination
Chapter 1917 They are all geniuses and strong men!
Chapter 1918 Jiutian Palace
Chapter 1919 Half of them were eliminated, new rules
Chapter 1920 Enemies gather together: The opponent is the Hundred-Eyed Demon King
Chapter 1921 The devil is laughing, the devil is crying
Chapter 1922 Destroying the Will: The Devil’s Tactics
Chapter 1923 Cold Declaration: Either you die or I live
Chapter 1924 Invitation to Battle: Ling Xiao’s grudges with top geniuses
Chapter 1925: Tit for tat, clear distinction between ourselves and the enemy
Chapter 1926 Elite: The Last Seventeen
Chapter 1927 Strong Showdown: Ling Xiao vs. Crown Princess
Chapter 1928 Weird: Emerald Phantom Body Technique
Chapter 1929 Killing the Crown Princess
Chapter 1930 Civil War: The Best Choice
Chapter 1931 The extremely terrifying Mu Wanshuang
Chapter 1932 Golden Dragon Fights Silver Wolf
Chapter 1933 Drunken Linglong fights with the little one
Chapter 1934 The Last Ten: The Reformed Resurrection Match
Chapter 1935 Rubik’s Cube Trial
Chapter 1936 The Proud Temple Genius
Chapter 1937 Join the Xuanwu Temple?
Chapter 1938 Gathering: Place of Trial
Chapter 1939 Deprivation of Qualification: Unfair Treatment
Chapter 1940 Jedi Counterattack: Kill Fairy Qingqiu
Chapter 1941 Tianlao Temple: Can’t Break into the Reincarnation Realm
Chapter 1942 Destiny
Chapter 1943 Powerful lineup: Thirteen powerful men in the reincarnation realm
Chapter 1944 Against the Divine Light of Destiny
Chapter 1945 Dislocated Space: The Mysterious Old Woman
Chapter 1946 A blessing in disguise: Understanding the three swords of origin
Chapter 1947 Using the Dominant Mind: To Conquer the Demon King
Chapter 1948 I am the only one in heaven and on earth
Chapter 1949 Becoming Stronger: Geniuses Stepping Out of the Trial Place
Chapter 1950 The heart of a strong man that cannot be locked by chains
Chapter 1951 The Supreme Powers of the Four Empires Arrive
Chapter 1952 New Rules: Inescapable Battle
Chapter 1953 The ranking battle begins: The power of the magic mirror
Chapter 1954 Another top genius falls
Chapter 1955 A mediocre person who robs others of opportunities
Chapter 1956 Confrontation between mountain giants
Chapter 1957 The little one reveals his true colors
Chapter 1958: Frontal Confrontation: What about Master Xuanming?
Chapter 1959 The Nine Heavens Order is issued, who dares to disobey!
Chapter 1960 Outbreak of hatred: Little provocation
Chapter 1961 Kuai Sword: See the true chapter under your hands
Chapter 1962 The Sword of Blood Sun versus the Nest of Insects
Chapter 1963 Accident: A strong man fell from the sky
Chapter 1964 Taoist Yimei
Chapter 1965 Linglong Envoy
Chapter 1966 Not giving face to Linglong Palace
Chapter 1967 Samadhi True Fire vs. Sky Fox Demon Fire
Chapter 1968 Qingqiu Lihuo’s Eye Technique
Chapter 1969 Crush: Battle of Demonic Eyes
Chapter 1970 The Glory Son of Tianlong Continent
Chapter 1971 Only victory is allowed, no defeat is allowed!
Chapter 1972 The white tiger thunders and kills!
Chapter 1973 The promised life and death showdown
Chapter 1974 The arrogant Tianhai Tyranny
Chapter 1975 The Divine Crocodile Fights the White Tiger
Chapter 1976 The angry sea destroys the thunder
Chapter 1977 The Complete Victory of Soul Power
Chapter 1978 Swordsman’s War
Chapter 1979 A sword shocks the world, and the color of the world changes!
Chapter 1980 Lei Lie died in battle, King Tiger lost his arm
Chapter 1981 Feng Feiye versus Tianhai Tyranny
Chapter 1982 Demonic Qi vs. Haoran’s Righteous Qi
Chapter 1983 Heaven and Earth Righteous Sword: The Ultimate Judgment!
Chapter 1984 The Immortal Tardigrade Martial Spirit
Chapter 1985 Reincarnation Soup
Chapter 1986 The last dark horse strikes!
Chapter 1987 Complaint?
Chapter 1988 Shocking! Five Emperors and Demon Kings
Chapter 1989 Demon Purgatory Defeats Feng Ying
Chapter 1990 Feng Ying gives in and the final battle begins
Chapter 1991 Divine Crocodile Fights Divine Phoenix
Chapter 1992 The Gate of Heavenly Law vs. the Body of the Demon King
Chapter 1993 The crazy battle between demons and heavens
Chapter 1994 The peerless two prides decide the winner.
Chapter 1995 Ling Xiao’s Battle: The Arrogant Feng Feiye
Chapter 1996: Death Realm versus Dacheng Sword Intent
Chapter 1997 Breaking the body protection of Qiankun and hurting Feng Feiye
Chapter 1998 True strength!
Chapter 1999 The Sword of Heavenly Punishment versus the Sword of Bloody Sun
Chapter 2000 The dark horse is galloping, and the ants defy the sky!
Chapter 2001 The real decisive battle: Ling Xiao vs. Tianhai Tyranny
Chapter 2002 Two-Faced Buddha: The Body of the Demonic Buddha
Chapter 2003 Extermination of the Twelve Paths of Sanskrit
Chapter 2004 You are happy too early!
Chapter 2005 The first genius: Set foot on the top of the White Tiger!
Chapter 2006 Closing of the Conference: Some are happy and some are sad
Chapter 2007 Competition for Talent: Strong Men from Xuanwu Continent
Chapter 2008 The Privilege of Genius: Choosing a Sect
Chapter 2009 Ling Xiao becomes popular
Chapter 2010 Invitation from Seven Star Sword Palace
Chapter 2011 The geniuses all have their own place
Chapter 2012 Jiutian Palace’s sincerity, Ling Xiao’s ambition
Chapter 2013 Three potential opponents
Chapter 2014 Half-month intensive practice, Song Mofeng’s challenge
Chapter 2015 The seventh level of the fatal realm
Chapter 2016 Suzaku Orb, Lava Clone
Chapter 2017 I will control this world!
Chapter 2018 Terrifying Coercion: Your Highness Arrives
Chapter 2019 The Master of Ten Thousand Thunder Jedi
Chapter 2020 Comes domineeringly, escapes in embarrassment
Chapter 2021 Skyscraper Furnace
Chapter 2022 Black Sky Lord’s Ring
Chapter 2023 Others’ poison is my elixir!
Chapter 2024 Demon Fetus
Chapter 2025 The Emperor and the Empress fight against the Demon God
Chapter 2026 Skyscraper Furnace: Where Demons Gather
Chapter 2027 The imprisoned devil
Chapter 2028 Human King Cauldron
Chapter 2029: Kill the devil and run away Mr. Sen Luo
Chapter 2030 Two ways of reincarnation
Chapter 2031 The thank-you gift from Medicine King Sun Yan and Mr. Fan
Chapter 2032: Brother behind bars, anger ignited again
Chapter 2033 Kill!
Chapter 2034 Join forces to beat up the reincarnation realm
Chapter 2035 A new empire with internal and external troubles
Chapter 2036 The ambush of Master Rubik's Cube
Chapter 2037 The horror of entering the realm of reincarnation
Chapter 2038 Killing Samsara Realm Warriors
Chapter 2039 Shadow under the Imperial City: The enemy is on the move
Chapter 2040: Rape
Chapter 2041 Destroy the Tianhai League’s Nest
Chapter 2042 The mastermind behind the scenes was finally killed
Chapter 2043 Urgent report: Allied forces press the border and the general dies tragically
Chapter 2044 Rising anger, bloody murderous intention
Chapter 2045 Fight to the death: There are no cowards!
Chapter 2046: Killing one is enough, killing two is enough to earn money
Chapter 2047 One person can be worth a million soldiers
Chapter 2048: A sword shocks the enemy and breaks their courage
Chapter 2049 Terrifying Soul Power: Resurrection of the Army of Demonic Corpses
Chapter 2050 Heading to the Deep Sea: Extermination of the Sea Tribe
Chapter 2051 Alone, bravely enter Longtan
Chapter 2052 The inhumane poisonous miasma attack
Chapter 2053 Five Poisons Killing Formation
Chapter 2054 The emperor is ruthless, and I have no choice but to resist!
Chapter 2055 Tianhai Tyranny is still domineering and powerful!
Chapter 2056 A carefully planned trap
Chapter 2057 The battle between reincarnation realm warriors
Chapter 2058 Under the moonlight, the fairy arrives
Chapter 2059 Yue Nu’s power makes the enemy despair
Chapter 2060 Gate of Shura, Diamond Bracelet
Chapter 2061 The Twelve Immortals of Zhengyi Sect
Chapter 2062 Son of the Moon
Chapter 2063 Return to original form
Chapter 2064 Bewitched
Chapter 2065: Shocking the Enemies: Killing the King of Tianhai
Chapter 2066 Fire Killing in Hell
Chapter 2067 Refining Yimei Taoist
Chapter 2068: Killing intent is difficult to control: one person faces a powerful enemy alone
Chapter 2069 His Highness Appears: Fighting for the Throne of the King
Chapter 2070 Seven Demons in One: The Resurrection of the Night Devil
Chapter 2071 Completely Possessed: The Dark and Terrifying Combat Power
Chapter 2072 Let’s all die!
Chapter 2073 The Wrath of the Demon!
Chapter 2074 Fighting against the devil
Chapter 2075 Divine Thunder Tempering Demon
Chapter 2076 Tianlong Territory, Divine Phoenix Territory, White Tiger Territory
Chapter 2077 Nine Heavens Demon Sealing Seal
Chapter 2078 Asura Demonic Core
Chapter 2079 Madman’s Bet!
Chapter 2080 Night Demon Flower
Chapter 2081 Revenge before leaving the White Tiger Territory
Chapter 2082 Xuanwu Continent: Reincarnation
Chapter 2083 I’ve had enough of it: let’s go crazy!
Chapter 2084 Teach the ignorant genius a lesson
Chapter 2085 Palace of Eternal Life
Chapter 2086 The most dangerous tomb in the cemetery
Chapter 2087 Killer
Chapter 2088: Destroying the Diamond Shield with one punch
Chapter 2089: Fierce martial spirit, entangled endlessly
Chapter 2090 Perfect Advancement: Falling Star Sword Technique
Chapter 2091 The Sword Technique is Completed and the Cultivation Level Is Improved
Chapter 2092 Demonic Madness: The human heart is really sinister
Chapter 2093 Heavenly Marrow Cleansing Pill
Chapter 2094 The betrayer must die!
Chapter 2095 Black Snake and Violent Bear
Chapter 2096: Gold versus jade, low-level martial arts wins over high-level ones
Chapter 2097 The self-righteous Ling Moyu
Chapter 2098 Battle
Chapter 2099: Only kneel to parents, not to heaven
Chapter 2100 Transaction: Ling Yuhua’s irresistible benefit
Chapter 2101 Tracking: The Shocking Light
Chapter 2102 Treasure: Sword of Secrets
Chapter 2103 The Girl in the Sword: Mysterious Codex
Chapter 2104: Randomized Earth Bear’s home
Chapter 2105 For Breakthrough: Fighting against the Earth Bear
Chapter 2106 Demonic Combat Body: Ling Xiao’s True Strength
Chapter 2107 Annual meeting showdown, battle of the top four
Chapter 2108 The last moment: Ling Xiao is back
Chapter 2109: Making a big fuss at the annual meeting, angering Ling Tianxiong
Chapter 2110 Bet: For the Seal of Eternal Life
Chapter 2111 Showdown: Qianshan Wind and Rain Sword
Chapter 2112 Sneak attack: Master of the Black Snake Demon Sect
Chapter 2113 Ruthless: Ling Yuhua abandons his loved ones
Chapter 2114 The Feathered King, the Revenge of Killing His Father
Chapter 2115: A slap in the face: The aggrieved Chen family
Chapter 2116 Feathering Festival: Day of Revenge
Chapter 2117 Dharma Seal of Eternal Life Seal
Chapter 2118: Insatiable and greedy
Chapter 2119 Falling Star Sword vs. Chen’s Sword Technique
Chapter 2120 Chen Kun who hides his cultivation
Chapter 2121 Black Snake Demonic Skill
Chapter 2122 The place where the moon girl is reincarnated
Chapter 2123 Mysterious Beast Cauldron and Mysterious Beast Seal
Chapter 2124 Soul Brand: Hell Dragon Seal
Chapter 2125: Internal and external cultivation: inner and outer seals of eternal life
Chapter 2126 The conspiracy of genocide
Chapter 2127 A dog bites Lu Renxian, but he doesn’t recognize a good heart.
Chapter 2128 Feathering Festival: The test of survival in the wild
Chapter 2129 Black Lion with Golden Eyes and Hell Fruit
Chapter 2130 The desperate Ling family geniuses
Chapter 2131 The stars are destroyed and Chen Kun dies
Chapter 2132 The second subordinate who was tricked to death
Chapter 2133 If you can’t get it, destroy it
Chapter 2134 The legend of Yuhua Town is the great thief
Chapter 2135 The showdown between reincarnated warriors
Chapter 2136 Fighting fire with fire: Who is afraid of those who play dirty tricks?
Chapter 2137 Day of Despair
Chapter 2138 Reversal of events: The stage of three people
Chapter 2139 Negotiation: Ling Xiao’s request
Chapter 2140 The Dream of Life and Death
Chapter 2141 Revenge for father: kill Chen Long!
Chapter 2142 The Wrath of the True Dragon: Perish, Chen Family!
Chapter 2143 A Dream: From Heaven to Hell
Chapter 2144 The remnants of the Chen family: The genius warriors of the Shen family
Chapter 2145 Threat from the Big Family
Chapter 2146 Hell Fruit Plan
Chapter 2147 Ling Yuhua was tied up
Chapter 2148 One person’s killing: Shadow Sword Light
Chapter 2149 Demonic Corpse Reappears
Chapter 2150: Kill Shen San and Shen Si
Chapter 2151 The terrifying combat power of a warrior
Chapter 2152: Strong: Defeating the Yin-Yang Realm Warriors
Chapter 2153 The Shadow Sect, Mo Fengzi
Chapter 2154 The real dragon is not afraid of local snakes
Chapter 2155 Breakthrough in battle: fight to the death!
Chapter 2156 The Martial Spirit of the Immortal: The Martial Spirit of Life
Chapter 2157 Revealing the trump card: the tragic Mo Fengzi
Chapter 2158 Greedy people will not die well
Chapter 2159 Killing the elders and the resistance of the coolies
Chapter 2160 Save the leader of the resistance and destroy the head of the Mu family
Chapter 2161 Twelve families are destroyed, and a new legend is born
Chapter 2162 Target: Eight Immortals Mountain
Chapter 2163 What a big city, the secret of the reincarnation realm
Chapter 2164 Mr. Shen buys a sword and is willful when he has money!
Chapter 2165 Ling Xiao failed to teach him a lesson and broke his leg instead
Chapter 2166 The sword belongs to you: call it and it will agree
Chapter 2167 Storm Destruction Fist
Chapter 2168 Sadness: The Genius Who Was Frightened to Pee
Chapter 2169 Storm Eagle vs. Wind and Fire Universe
Chapter 2170 Inherited Relic: Mysterious Jade Ring
Chapter 2171 Stronger: Meteoric Sword Technique!
Chapter 2172 The day of assessment, half step of yin and yang
Chapter 2173 Young Master Zhou Cui, all his opponents seem to be very strong
Chapter 2174 Government-run forces: Tianfeng Group
Chapter 2175 Blood Teleportation Array: Destroy the Blood Cave Village
Chapter 2176 Bloody robe, skull mask
Chapter 2177 Mo Feiyu: Destroy the Blood Cave Village with one move
Chapter 2178 Bullying others with power: On the road to death
Chapter 2179 Seal the throat with one sword
Chapter 2180 The terrifying mad genius
Chapter 2181 Genius? He doesn’t deserve it at all!
Chapter 2182 Shen Chong’s Difficulties
Chapter 2183 Flying Flower Soul-Destroying Finger
Chapter 2184 Black Death Crazy Flower
Chapter 2185 Meteor Sword Technique Defeats the Black Death Crazy Flower
Chapter 2186 The Unkillable Ling Xiao
Chapter 2187 Joining the Eight Immortals Mountain and visiting the fairyland for the first time
Chapter 2188 Never become a handyman disciple
Chapter 2189 Black Fairy Mountain
Chapter 2190 There is no normal person
Chapter 2191 Meteor on the moon, many crises
Chapter 2192 Me? The boss of thieves?
Chapter 2193 Tianlong Trading Company, senior VIP
Chapter 2194 Mission Shadow, Death?
Chapter 2195 The Wind-controlling Eagle, Shen Chong’s Plan
Chapter 2196 Hunyuan Diamond Formation, a vicious trap
Chapter 2197 Hell Demon Dragon, feeds on beasts
Chapter 2198 The destruction of the Mo family, the shocking secret
Chapter 2199 Barren Mountain, Mo Laosan
Chapter 2200 Shadow Gate: A terrifying organization
Chapter 2201 Three Corpses Soul-Destroying Pill, Sect Traitor
Chapter 2202 Forbidden Blood-sucking Technique
Chapter 2203 One Sword, Three Lives: Pretend to be a pig and eat the tiger, a proficient person
Chapter 2204 Confrontation with Mo Yuan: Roar of Blood Fang
Chapter 2205 Blood Bird Tianxiang will also die!
Chapter 2206 Blood-sucking Sacrifice: The End of the Eight Immortals County?
Chapter 2207: Irrefutable evidence, merits and demerits
Chapter 2208 The Sand Clan of the Eight Ancient Clan
Chapter 2209 Sha Hai: Genius with noble blood
Chapter 2210: Teach Feng Yu a lesson and go to the Hall of Rewarding Good and Punishing Evil
Chapter 2211 Magical and expensive sculpture
Chapter 2212 Enemies meet on a narrow road: the sea of ??sand blocks the road
Chapter 2213 Fury: Chi Yaner disfigured with one kick
Chapter 2214 Hall Master Lin: Trivial Punishment
Chapter 2215 Studying Sculpture: Entering an Alien Space
Chapter 2216 Two Giants: Son God and Ox God
Chapter 2217 Battle of Beast Gods, Soul Grave
Chapter 2218 The strongest inheritance in Xuanwu Continent: Beast God Warrior
Chapter 2219 The hatred caused by Lei Yuanyu
Chapter 2220: The elixir was taken away: Is it unbearable?
Chapter 2221 Stealing the Red Fairy Mountain Warehouse and Killing Zhou Chui
Chapter 2222 Condensing the Thunder Combat Body
Chapter 2223: Bleeding from the seven orifices, the form of the Son God shows its power
Chapter 2224 Done: Forging the Thunder Combat Body
Chapter 2225 The battle body is about to break through, and the ghost prison trial is coming
Chapter 2226 The Scorned and Despised Black Fairy Mountain
Chapter 2227 Defending the Black Immortal Battle Flag!
Chapter 2228 The two most promising people: Sha Hai and Cheng Feiying
Chapter 2229 Do your own thing and let the dog bark!
Chapter 2230 The arrogant Orange Feiying
Chapter 2231 The little bug will also be plotted by the big family
Chapter 2232 Stepping into the ghost prison: the ferocious face of Shahai
Chapter 2233 Kill Fengyu and start the trial
Chapter 2234 Meeting Yuan Neng, a moment of shock
Chapter 2235 Entering Magma: Tempering the Lava Combat Body
Chapter 2236 Breakthrough: Dual Intermediate Combat Body
Chapter 2237 The end of the disciples of Chixian Mountain: the hunting begins
Chapter 2238 Ling Xiao fights the dark horse Luo Yunsheng
Chapter 2239 Killing Luo Yunsheng: Ling Xiao’s Transformation
Chapter 2240 The finale of the trial, Yuan Neng reappears
Chapter 2241 Snake Yan'er: Masters compete for favor and want to kill Ling Xiao
Chapter 2242 Thunder and sky fire, destroying three out of four
Chapter 2243 Killing Chi Yan'er, Chi Lian's anger
Chapter 2244 Mutation! The trial of rampage!
Chapter 2245 Despair! All the disciples in the assessment will die?
Chapter 2246 No retreat: fighting to survive
Chapter 2247 Despair: Invincible Energy
Chapter 2248 Hope: Thunder God descending from the sky
Chapter 2249: Shared Enemies: Joining forces to fight against Yuan Neng
Chapter 2250 Who fell into the trap?
Chapter 2251: Dark Prison of Light, Netherworld Battle Body
Chapter 2252 A good brother who can really block a knife!
Chapter 2253: Killing Yuan Neng, Sand Clan Divine Inscriptions Shine
Chapter 2254 Huang Shalom, the fall of the realm
Chapter 2255 The wasted nine-turn rebirth elixir
Chapter 2256 Being protected by a woman again?
Chapter 2257 The trial is over and the harvest is fruitful
Chapter 2258 Heavenly Genius
Chapter 2259 The Deacon of the Shadow Sect is the son of Captain Tianfeng
Chapter 2260 Monster Spirit: Steel Armored Bull Demon
Chapter 2261 Going to the Eight Immortals Mountain for the assessment, Chi Linger
Chapter 2262 The haunting Sand Clan
Chapter 2263 Continue to improve, bad news in Yuhua Town
Chapter 2264 The fallen Yuhua Town, the terrifying blood-sucking sacrifice
Chapter 2265 The order of the seven mountain masters: No rescue allowed
Chapter 2266 Beat up Zhou Tong and scare away the desert clouds
Chapter 2267 The Awakened Sword Emperor Martial Spirit
Chapter 2268: The Sword of Immortality: Demon-Slaying Shadow Sect Protector
Chapter 2269 Rescue: Proud and Powerful Young Man
Chapter 2270 I would rather see Hades than mess with Ling Xiao
Chapter 2271 Interrogation: The Shocking Conspiracy of the Shadow Sect
Chapter 2272 Identity exposed? The reputation of a genius!
Chapter 2273 Sneaking into the Shadow Gate: A grand gathering in the underground city
Chapter 2274 The Dog Thief Liu Tai and the Black and White Heroes
Chapter 2275 Blood-sucking formation, gathering of disciples
Chapter 2276 Who is the spy? Ling Xiao’s counterattack!
Chapter 2277 The end of spies: death like bed bugs
Chapter 2278 Chen Feng sneak attack, the devil is seriously injured
Chapter 2279 Start the rescue plan: respective tasks
Chapter 2280 You should be ruthless when dealing with beasts!
Chapter 2281 The cold sect, the enthusiastic Lin Ruoxian
Chapter 2282 Live Broadcast: Shadow Carnival in the Underground City
Chapter 2283 The battle begins: everything is under control
Chapter 2284 Ling Xiao takes action and all the hall masters are destroyed!
Chapter 2285 Diamond Formation, Blood Ghost
Chapter 2286 The end of the county: Ling Xiao is the only hope
Chapter 2287 Martial Spirit of the God of Death
Chapter 2288 Blood Mist Array: Chen Fengxiao and Sha Diao are trapped
Chapter 2289 The formation is activated and the blood pig is killed
Chapter 2290 Reversal: The power of the Overlord God
Chapter 2291: Worse than a beast, he deserves to die
Chapter 2292 Ling Xiao fights the Demon Envoy: The final fierce battle!
Chapter 2293 Killing the Demon Envoy: The Hero of the Eight Immortals County!
Chapter 2294 Sword Flowing Wind
Chapter 2295 Invitation from the Sword Clan
Chapter 2296 You are not qualified to protect her!
Chapter 2297 Netherworld Ghost Claw——Yaksha!
Chapter 2298 Chi Linger’s provocation
Chapter 2299 Blood pool training, walking with Orange Fei Ying
Chapter 2300 Secrets of the Sect: Imprisoned Ling Yan
Chapter 2301 Extremely Evil Cage
Chapter 2302 Mutation: Iron-backed Thorn Beast
Chapter 2303 Hard Attack: A Contest with the Behemoth
Chapter 2304: Head-to-head confrontation, the monster was beaten to the point of running away with its head in its arms!
Chapter 2305 Convinced: The shocked disciples of Chengxian Mountain
Chapter 2306 The genius who received the guidance of the immortal
Chapter 2307 Beast God Ring: Blood Demonic Dragon Spirit
Chapter 2308 The unlucky deacon, fused with the steel-armored bull demon
Chapter 2309 Shahai Provocation: The Second Life and Death Arena!
Chapter 2310 Are you stupid? The Lower Eight Immortals challenge the Upper Eight Immortals!
Chapter 2311 The Terrifying Immortal Mark
Chapter 2312 Invincible Defense: Steel Armored Bull Demon
Chapter 2313 Release Mark: Immortal Thunder
Chapter 2314 Immortal Power: Sand Man
Chapter 2315 Starburst, Immortal Thunder
Chapter 2316 Destroy the Sand Sea and Shock the Eight Immortals Mountain
Chapter 2317 Passing the Review: Dangerous Promotion Assessment
Chapter 2318 Give up, your cultivation is the weakest!
Chapter 2319 Auction: Expensive Lava Yuan Jade
Chapter 2320 Rich and powerful, red devil fighting body
Chapter 2321 Rich and willful! Angry Chi Linger
Chapter 2322 Danger: Being flanked by two geniuses
Chapter 2323 Shock: Ling Jiaojiao’s dark future
Chapter 2324 Smelting Dark Fossils: Breakthrough!
Chapter 2325: Advanced Combat Body, High-level Jade Secret Technique
Chapter 2326 Slapping in the face is his strength!
Chapter 2327 Breaking through the Demon Mountain: Ling Xiao’s problem
Chapter 2328 The humiliation of the disciples guarding the mountain
Chapter 2329 Twenty slaps per person, the pretty face turns into a pig’s head
Chapter 2330 Demon Outpost
Chapter 2331 The following offenders should be killed if they act wantonly
Chapter 2332 Ling Xiao’s Three Sins
Chapter 2333 Chi Lian’s three major sins
Chapter 2334 Even though scorpions are small, they can still sting!
Chapter 2335 Invisible in the dark night: Killing without leaving traces
Chapter 2336 Who will be a burden?
Chapter 2337 I want to turn to you, your maid
Chapter 2338 Embarrassment: Qingluanhua was rescued by Ling Xiao
Chapter 2339: Predicting the enemy’s opportunity: Ling Xiao’s strength
Chapter 2340 Unlucky Sarin: Erased Consciousness
Chapter 2341 The first drop of blood: Kill the captain
Chapter 2342 Qingluan Flower: Not unlucky, but lucky
Chapter 2343 Nether Wolf: A cunning monster that meets its nemesis
Chapter 2344 Dark horse? Just release a little bit of strength
Chapter 2345 Such a monster! Approaching the Spider Cave
Chapter 2346 Knife and Sword: Violet vs. Qingluan Flower
Chapter 2347 Martial Spirit: The Sentimental Swordsman’s Ruthless Sword
Chapter 2348 Demonic Spider
Chapter 2349 I really have to ask you to save me!
Chapter 2350 When we meet on a narrow road, the brave one wins!
Chapter 2351 Unexpectedly powerful!
Chapter 2352 Swallowing the poison sac and making the antidote
Chapter 2353 Meeting Violet Again: The New Beast Warrior
Chapter 2354 The Power of the Heavenly Demon Spider Beast Warrior
Chapter 2355 The Blood Demon Dragon Battles the Demon Spider
Chapter 2356 The Treasure of the Mountain: Eight Divine Grade Spiritual Weapons
Chapter 2357: Slap the elder in the face and destroy the enemy’s prestige
Chapter 2358 A series of slaps in the face, the second level is completed in groups
Chapter 2359 So what if I killed him!
Chapter 2360 Confrontation with the Demonic Peak: A fight without giving in.
Chapter 2361 Powerful: Desert Cloud’s strange martial arts
Chapter 2362 Lava Battle Body vs. Red Demon Battle Body
Chapter 2363 Evenly matched? Furious Chi Linger!
Chapter 2364 No limit: Ling Xiao’s terrifying strength!
Chapter 2365: Using the weak to bully the strong: the mid-level overpowers the high-level!
Chapter 2366 Angry enemies!
Chapter 2367 Dark Night takes action, Chi Linger dies!
Chapter 2368 The enemy’s reinforcements: Sha Lin of the Sand Tribe
Chapter 2369 Dark brothers join forces: strength is king
Chapter 2370 The First Genius Battle: The Battle of Life and Death!
Chapter 2371 Netherworld Peak: A terrifying and dangerous battlefield
Chapter 2372 He is strong and I am stronger! He is more violent than me!
Chapter 2373 Suppressing the Desert Cloud: Advanced Thunder Combat Body
Chapter 2374 Complete outbreak: Ling Xiao’s full strength
Chapter 2375 Thunderstorm Technique: Kill the desert clouds and advance!
Chapter 2376 Revenge is coming: Qingluanhua is tied up!
Chapter 2377 Rescue: Raid at Night
Chapter 2378 Lava Storm: Funeral Requiem!
Chapter 2379 Purple energy comes from the east, and a sword returns to the west
Chapter 2380 The Cultivation of a Madman: Breakthrough between Life and Death
Chapter 2381 Nine Powers: The Sword Move that Destroys Everything
Chapter 2382 A beautiful man with strong combat power
Chapter 2383: Surrounding the Mountain: Overbearing Warriors of the Sand Clan
Chapter 2384 Formation: Black Fairy Mountain that is easy to defend but difficult to attack
Chapter 2385: Catching a Turtle in a Jar: An Unbreakable Formation
Chapter 2386: Beating the Dogs with Closed Doors: Only Four People Died
Chapter 2387 Just don’t bow your head: Reasonable, well-founded and powerful
Chapter 2388 Seriously injured Shark Tongtian: invisible rage in the dark night
Chapter 2389 I have to swear an oath: the miserable Sand people
Chapter 2390 Don’t be a slave of the three surnames, become stronger on your own
Chapter 2391 Dark Tribe: A New Beginning
Chapter 2392 Ling Xiao relies on him to go to the Heaven Sacrifice Hall
Chapter 2393 An Feitian: Inexplicable hatred
Chapter 2394 Unable to kill Ling Xiao, he was injured instead!
Chapter 2395 The increasingly domineering Lord of Black Fairy Mountain
Chapter 2396 Shadow Black Gourd
Chapter 2397 The most difficult challenge: Ling Xiao, can you do it?
Chapter 2398 White Wolf County: Black Wolf Soldiers
Chapter 2399: Defeating the enemy with one move: The unlucky leader of the black wolf soldiers
Chapter 2400: Many traps: Treasure Cave and General Black Wolf
Chapter 2401 Yin Yang Realm Breaking Pill, Dark Sword Immortal Picture
Chapter 2402: Hard attack! Breakthrough! Battle between snipe and clam!
Chapter 2403 Killing Baiyin: Confronting the Black Sun Storm Sword!
Chapter 2404: Destroying General Black Wolf: New Beast Soul Returns
Chapter 2405 Destruction with one sword
Chapter 2406 Another breakthrough: Thank you for the power of the black sun
Chapter 2407: Killing the Sand Sculpture: Complete Suppression of Strength!
Chapter 2408: The magical power of spring breeze transforming into rain, Hundred Flowers Art, Wolf Travels Thousands of Miles
Chapter 2409 No punishment, but reward?
Chapter 2410 The inner hall of rewarding good and punishing evil
Chapter 2411 Deliberately looking for trouble: The arrogant giant guard
Chapter 2412 Great! Electrocute two watchdogs!
Chapter 2413 The number one foreigner: Su Mo
Chapter 2414 You are a knife and I am a fish? Funny!
Chapter 2415 Sword Soul Stone
Chapter 2416 Wolf Travels Thousands of Miles: Lone Wolf
Chapter 2417: Provoking: The angry old lady with hidden flowers
Chapter 2418 A slap in the face: even the elders have to hold it in!
Chapter 2419 The Suspended Sea: Cultivation Channel and Demonic Sea Area
Chapter 2420 Ten times the air pressure, giant insects
Chapter 2421 Giant Sea Serpent, Sand Eagle
Chapter 2422 Unlucky guy: Guardian of the Demonic Sea
Chapter 2423 Weird Sea Tribe: Shui Lao
Chapter 2424 Shui Lao’s Initiation: Another breakthrough!
Chapter 2425 The expectations of the three brothers in the dark night
Chapter 2426 Don’t be cowardly!
Chapter 2427 Refining the Sword Soul Stone: Divine Code Transformation
Chapter 2428 The Eight Immortals County is the Strongest
Chapter 2429: Murderous intent is boiling: Prepare to make a big fuss!
Chapter 2430 Kill Su Mo, beat Dark Jin, save senior brother
Chapter 2431 Shocked the whole audience and escaped unscathed
Chapter 2432 Showing Power: Robbery of another courtyard in the middle of the night
Chapter 2433 Sister has a letter: Relatives who are imprisoned
Chapter 2434 Killing the Sword Clan (1)
Chapter 2435 Killing the Sword Clan (2)
Chapter 2436 Come and go without a trace: Earth Demon Assassin Lingyou
Chapter 2437 The target of public criticism: The sword clan was suddenly isolated
Chapter 2438 Death of Jian Mofeng (1)
Chapter 2439 Death of Jian Mofeng (2)
Chapter 2440 Jianjia takes action: the sneak attack of the red dragon
Chapter 2441 The ant regrets the elephant
Chapter 2442 Jian Jia dies, Jian Yu is injured: killing sword body
Chapter 2443 Killing, doomsday!
Chapter 2444 Unstoppable: This tough life!
Chapter 2445 The war begins: the strengthening effect of the formation
Chapter 2446 Demon Hunting in the Sand (1)
Chapter 2447 Demon Hunting in the Sand (2)
Chapter 2448 Demon Hunting in the Sand (3)
Chapter 2449 Complete Body: Roaring Monster
Chapter 2450 Shaheen dies, the sword storm takes action
Chapter 2451 Let’s see who is more cruel than who!
Chapter 2452 Love Gu: Insidious means (1)
Chapter 2453 Love Gu: Insidious means (2)
Chapter 2454 I am too overbearing! How do you treat me!
Chapter 2455 The frustrated Sword Clan: watching the enemy leave!
Chapter 2456 The battle for the shadow black gourd
Chapter 2457 I, Brother Ling, from the dark tribe, am ruthless and don’t talk much!
Chapter 2458 The respective crises of Heiye Invisible and Ling Xiao
Chapter 2459 Three heads and six arms, showing great power
Chapter 2460 Kill them all and reach the treasure hiding place
Chapter 2461: Changing the rules, the elder’s partiality is too obvious
Chapter 2462 Shadow Seal, Weird Movement Technique
Chapter 2463 Shadow Demon Hunting, Black Lin Sword
Chapter 2464 Black Lin strangles the war wolf and travels thousands of miles
Chapter 2465 Forty-eight Sword Qi, Eighty-one Wolf Shadows
Chapter 2466 Winning the battle but not getting the reward?
Chapter 2467 Finally got the shadow black gourd
Chapter 2468 There is no use in plotting!
Chapter 2469 Divine Spiritual Weapon Black Immortal Sword
Chapter 2470 Complete version of Shadow Martial Arts
Chapter 2471: Retribution: seeking justice for the invisible night
Chapter 2472 Trap: The Young Master’s Woman
Chapter 2473: Enchanted: The secret method that can control people
Chapter 2474 Young Sect Leader Lin Yuetian Arrives
Chapter 2475 Ling Xiao’s trick: I’ll give you three moves!
Chapter 2476 Breakthrough! The Black Immortal Sword comes out!
Chapter 2477 Your face is worthless!
Chapter 2478 The Battle for the Throne of the Eight Immortals: The Labyrinth of the Ox God
Chapter 2479 The King’s Vision: The Key to Becoming Stronger
Chapter 2480 Secret Academy: A magical and powerful place
Chapter 2481 Rescue Ling Yan: Enter the fifth floor of the ghost prison again
Chapter 2482 Disaster of sea beasts: Shui Lao’s help!
Chapter 2483: Old and cunning: Encountering the strongest enemy
Chapter 2484 Falling into the sea: unknown future
Chapter 2485 The Ancestor of the Eight Immortals, the Place of Demon Sealing
Chapter 2486 The inheritance of the Eight Immortals Ancestor
Chapter 2487 Advancement: Four-leaf Demonic Eyes
Chapter 2488 Return to the surface: The most wanted criminal
Chapter 2489 Jian Liufeng Mo Feiyu: Seeking death through tricks
Chapter 2490 Angry!
Chapter 2491 Thunder: The resurrected man comes for revenge
Chapter 2492 A big commotion among the Sword Clan (1)
Chapter 2493 A big commotion among the Sword Clan (2)
Chapter 2494 Former Head
Chapter 2495 All the elders of the seven major clans are dispatched
Chapter 2496 The divine code shows its power, and the clan elder becomes a grandson
Chapter 2497 Sudden: The golden knight appears on the horizon
Chapter 2498 Golden Heaven: Huang Jin Ruofeng
Chapter 2499 A paper tiger can scare a bunch of strong men to death
Chapter 2500: Give some punishment to intimidate all the masters
Chapter 2501 You will know who is a waste only after fighting!
Chapter 2502 Monster! Monster! Not human!
Chapter 2503 A sword, a wolf, five madmen
Chapter 2504: Defeat Ye Wuzun and obtain the qualification to participate in the competition
Chapter 2505 I will never treat anyone who treats me badly
Chapter 2506: Ling Yan’s bloody feud
Chapter 2507 Tit for Tat: Meeting of Geniuses
Chapter 2508 New Beast Soul: Jade Jade Rabbit
Chapter 2509 Attack in the cesspool: The unlucky eleven geniuses
Chapter 2510 Wolf attack, lightning wolf!
Chapter 2511 Genius List and Odds List
Chapter 2512 The invincible emerald statue
Chapter 2513 Death by Swords Like Tides: Two Swords Come Out, Yinshan and Huangquan
Chapter 2514 Heavenly Thunder Chalcedony
Chapter 2515: Insidious plot, Xiaofeng and setting sun
Chapter 2516 A disagreement leads to a fight
Chapter 2517 Condensing the power of the sky thunder, the cultivation level skyrockets again
Chapter 2518 Nothing is more poisonous than a woman’s heart
Chapter 2519 Interception: Man-made beast tide
Chapter 2520 The Immortal Thunder will not stop until death
Chapter 2521: Fusion: Heavenly Thunder Chalcedony, Immortal Thunder
Chapter 2522 Howling Thunder: Battle of Six Hells
Chapter 2523: Ending: Killing Xuan Ming vs. God’s Blade
Chapter 2524 The mysterious dagger returns to the Eight Immortals Mountain
Chapter 2525 The Death of Jian Kun: The Heaven-defying Immortal Thunder
Chapter 2526 Hongmen Banquet: The Thirteenth Prince’s Dinner Party
Chapter 2527 Killing the Thirteenth Prince’s Personal Accompany!
Chapter 2528 Extremely arrogant: Complete disregard for royal power
Chapter 2529 Heavenly Thunder Holy Emperor
Chapter 2530 Three Divine Texts: The Thirteenth Prince’s Plan
Chapter 2531 The eight magic weapons can be gathered together!
Chapter 2532 One-on-six: Crushingly powerful!
Chapter 2533 Kill six geniuses and seize eight magic weapons
Chapter 2534 Blood Spirit Fruit Tree, Thunder Flame Mango Tree
Chapter 2535 General Nine Snakes and General Leng Yue
Chapter 2536 Be careful, you flashed your tongue!
Chapter 2537 The Cheating Nine Snake Generals: The Serpent Falls from the Sky!
Chapter 2538 Nine heads, nine kinds of venom
Chapter 2539 New Beast Soul: Nine Snake General Beast Soul
Chapter 2540 Tianlei Cave: The inevitable battle
Chapter 2541 The Golden Armored Valkyrie and the Demon King Hydra
Chapter 2542 Step into the thunder pool and face the Holy Emperor of Thunder
Chapter 2543 Mysterious Space: The Master of the Purple Lightning Thunder Bull
Chapter 2544 Devouring the Demon Fetus
Chapter 2545: Controlling the Demon Fetus, Incarnation Outside the Body
Chapter 2546 Gaining both strength and wealth: the biggest beneficiary
Chapter 2547 The growth of the devil fetus, the little devil girl
Chapter 2548 Demonic Dragon Blood Sacrifice, Cruel Lin Yuetian
Chapter 2549 Is Chen Beixuan the big winner? Ling Xiao is not convinced!
Chapter 2550 Beast Soul Transformation: Heavenly Wolf Fights Heavenly Thunder Holy Emperor
Chapter 2551 Howling Moon Sirius versus Purple Lightning Bull
Chapter 2552 Defeat Chen Beixuan and destroy Lin Yuetian!
Chapter 2553 The top three on the genius list all failed
Chapter 2554 Prince? Who are you?
Chapter 2555: Repaying kindness with hatred is the specialty of some people
Chapter 2556 Battle with Chen Changsheng and destroy the Eight Immortals Palace
Chapter 2557 The birth of the imperial weapon and the promotion of martial arts
Chapter 2558 A place of death?
Chapter 2559: People from the Royal Capital are coming, and the fierce battle begins!
Chapter 2560 The unparalleled devil versus the three masters (1)
Chapter 2561 The unparalleled devil versus the three masters (2)
Chapter 2562 A thunderstorm knocked out the two leaders!
Chapter 2563 Demonic Dragon Lin Quan, Immortal Body
Chapter 2564 You are strong! I am stronger!
Chapter 2565 The final blow, the ghost dragon appears!
Chapter 2566 Ghost Dragon Slayer: Kill Lin Quan!
Chapter 2567 Zhixian King Chen Canglan
Chapter 2568: Taking control of the Eight Immortals County, friends come from far away
Chapter 2569: Those who are mean deserve to die: an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf
Chapter 2570 The Dark Soul Appears: The Most Dangerous Battle!
Chapter 2571 Shadow Ghost Gate, Night Demon Flower
Chapter 2572 Danger! The terrible black death poison!
Chapter 2573: Survival after death: a blessing in disguise
Chapter 2574 Breakthrough, kill!
Chapter 2575 A self-righteous smart man
Chapter 2576 The Black Turtle's car was broken into pieces, and he was in danger on the road
Chapter 2577 Counterattack: The end of the masters of the Demonic Dragon Cult
Chapter 2578 Mysterious cave, Moon Girl reappears?
Chapter 2579 Lifelong Commitment, Yue Fanghua
Chapter 2580 Beast! Kill the leader of Black Wind Village!
Chapter 2581 Royal Lackey: Disciple of Secret Academy
Chapter 2582 One step and one sword, one sword kills many lives!
Chapter 2583 Beast Family: Gu Mingyu, Gu Tianba
Chapter 2584 War Eagle General Chen Cangmang
Chapter 2585 Bet? Low-key prince and domineering common people
Chapter 2586 The top level lava battle body is completed, and the cultivation level is broken through
Chapter 2587 Flying Eagle Army, Flying Eagle Killing God
Chapter 2588: One against ten, with ease
Chapter 2589 Complete victory: Annihilation of the enemy, volcano accident
Chapter 2590 Leng Yue is ruthless but affectionate: Fanghua takes action
Chapter 2591 Horrible! A desperate fighting genius
Chapter 2592 Awesome! Three Heroic Women
Chapter 2593 Smelting new beast souls and breaking through the nine levels of hell
Chapter 2594 Leidu: The person who stirred up the storm is here
Chapter 2595: Defiant: the dog raised by the fourteenth prince
Chapter 2596 Fight back domineeringly and never compromise!
Chapter 2597 Her arrogance was completely shattered!
Chapter 2598 The ten loudest slaps!
Chapter 2599 Threat: A man like a poisonous snake
Chapter 2600 Take action: Who dares to touch my man!
Chapter 2601: Blow away King Zhixian’s first counselor with one palm
Chapter 2602 King Zhixian came to invite him personally
Chapter 2603 The Demonic Dragon Cult: A force powerful enough to compete with the royal family
Chapter 2604 Chen Canglan’s Six Strong Generals: Rude Request
Chapter 2605 Bet: Golden Crow Sword
Chapter 2606 A stupid challenge? Or does it have other intentions?
Chapter 2607 The three-headed lava dog fights the cobra king
Chapter 2608 Scorching Hell, Heavenly Thunder Guards
Chapter 2609 Defeat Wuyue, seize the treasure, and suppress King Zhixian
Chapter 2610 Emperor Grass
Chapter 2611 The Magic Dragon’s Secret Skill: Ling Yan’s Weird Changes
Chapter 2612 Thunder Emperor Raison
Chapter 2613 Boye Liuli, Gu Fang, Long Yi
Chapter 2614 Dissatisfaction: The Unjust Lei Zun
Chapter 2615 Injuring Lei Zun: Shocking the whole audience
Chapter 2616 Huangji Secret Realm: The seventh area of ??military level
Chapter 2617 Treasure Beast: The Warrior’s Dream
Chapter 2618 Threats and intimidation from enemies
Chapter 2619 Random Portal: Secret Realm Monster
Chapter 2620 Dabu Decoction: The Tragic Whirlwind White Wolf King
Chapter 2621 The battle breaks out: Yuanling clan attacks
Chapter 2622 Kill Wuyue to relieve your anger!
Chapter 2623 Stealth: The Yuanling Tribe’s Nest in the General Area
Chapter 2624 Awakening: The Golden Light Technique
Chapter 2625: Who can defeat the Tree Fort Giant?
Chapter 2626 The strongest genius fights the tree fort giant!
Chapter 2627 The amazing effect of life essence
Chapter 2628 Don’t seek death!
Chapter 2629 Shadow Sword Demon!
Chapter 2630 Awakening: Bloodthirsty Plague!
Chapter 2631 The evil of Secret Academy!
Chapter 2632 So what about the divine costume? Still killed!
Chapter 2633 Ugly death, angry Haino family
Chapter 2634 A dog fights with human power!
Chapter 2635 Don’t be too arrogant!
Chapter 2636: Commander of the Mansion: Cowardly to the outside world, cruel to the inside
Chapter 2637: One person does the work and the other takes responsibility!
Chapter 2638 Burn, hell lava!
Chapter 2639 The Wrath of Yuehua, the Seal of Guanghan!
Chapter 2640: Those who raised an army to investigate the crime were completely wiped out
Chapter 2641 Millions of Death Troops!
Chapter 2642 Resistance! The roar of millions of ants!
Chapter 2643 Powerful! Black booby trap!
Chapter 2644: Being deposed and seeking death: Death of the Eighth Prince
Chapter 2645 Nine-tailed Red Fox: Tu Shan Miner
Chapter 2646 Don’t cause trouble to the boss: Ling Yan self-destructs!
Chapter 2647 Ling Yan self-destructs, Ling Xiao becomes furious!
Chapter 2648 The power of the royal family? Nothing more than that!
Chapter 2649 Heavenly Thunder Clone VS Heavenly Thunder Divine Guard
Chapter 2650 Promotion in confrontation!
Chapter 2651 Tyrant: Shadow Sword Demon!
Chapter 2652 King Zhixian dies and reshapes his body
Chapter 2653 What the Demon Dragon Sect couldn’t do, Ling Xiao did it
Chapter 2654 This is my territory! Leave or die!
Chapter 2655 Bo Yechen is cut to pieces with a thousand cuts
Chapter 2656 The Heavenly Jue Formation of the Ten Jue Formations from Another World
Chapter 2657 Demonic Sky, Demonic Sea, Demonic Green, Demonic Red
Chapter 2658: Killing thieves and slaying enemies: Ten unique formations show their power
Chapter 2659: Arrange the practice formation and receive spiritual energy and sweet rain from the sky
Chapter 2660 General Purple Thunder and the Ten Demon Envoys
Chapter 2661 All breakthroughs! Take the initiative!
Chapter 2662 Thunder City: Volcano Tower
Chapter 2663 Buying information: The enemy’s lair
Chapter 2664 Re-exploring Prince Zhixian’s Mansion: The Minions of the Shadow Sect
Chapter 2665: Killing the Poison Demon with One Move
Chapter 2666 Monster Xiaojin breaks the blood evil formation
Chapter 2667 Mummy: Give him his own way!
Chapter 2668: Improvement in Cultivation: Seeking Revenge in the Volcano Tower
Chapter 2669: Killing: The nightmare in the Volcano Tower begins
Chapter 2670 One Sword: Kill General Qinglei
Chapter 2671 Provoking chaos in Leidu and killing the owner of Huoshan
Chapter 2672 Trapped in Thunder City: surrounded by 60,000 people
Chapter 2673 Thousands of people were killed!
Chapter 2674: Descendants of the Beast Family: Won Ye’s Injustice
Chapter 2675 Vulnerable!
Chapter 2676: The rebel who severely damaged the royal power
Chapter 2677 A powerful enemy arrives: General Zi Lei
Chapter 2678 Danger: Not an enemy with one move?
Chapter 2679 The Black Immortal comes to the world!
Chapter 2680 Destruction of the Purple Thunder Halberd
Chapter 2681 If I can hurt you once, I can hurt you a second time!
Chapter 2682 The one who must die? Weird sword skills!
Chapter 2683 Good Brothers: A Life-Burning Battle
Chapter 2684 Bloody Rat Demon: Ling Xiao’s Wrath!
Chapter 2685 Thunder God Dharma VS Bloody Rat Demon
Chapter 2686 The Birth of a Miracle: The Troubled Thunder City
Chapter 2687 King of Glory!
Chapter 2688 Target: Demon Dragon Cult!
Chapter 2689 Demonic Dragon Realm: Prince War’s obstruction!
Chapter 2690 Half an hour: A chance to survive
Chapter 2691 The royal family are all equally shameless!
Chapter 2692 Counterattack: The Embarrassing Flying Eagle Killer God
Chapter 2693 The Soul of the Butterfly Girl: The Final Explosion!
Chapter 2694 Blood Thunder King Sword
Chapter 2695 The Last Fight: Counterattack at All Costs
Chapter 2696 Leader of the Demonic Dragon Cult: Be my disciple!
Chapter 2697 The crisis is resolved: It’s great to have a leader and a master
Chapter 2698 Emperor Heaven Sword and Demonic Dragon Sword
Chapter 2699 Arriving at Magic Dragon City
Chapter 2700 The conflict outside the city gate
Chapter 2701 Loud Slap: The Pathetic Middle Disciple
Chapter 2702 Supreme Might: My name is Ling Xiao!
Chapter 2703 Liu Yan: Poor guy who was so scared that he had hallucinations
Chapter 2704 The stinking third elder
Chapter 2705 I will seek justice for you, my teacher!
Chapter 2706 The power of the leader
Chapter 2707 The Arrogant Three Elders
Chapter 2708 Question: Is Ling Xiao a fake?
Chapter 2709 My name is Mr. Zong!
Chapter 2710 The Four Supreme Martial Arts (1)
Chapter 2711 The Four Supreme Martial Arts (2)
Chapter 2712 Fake Ling Xiao vs. Thirteenth Prince
Chapter 2713 This guy is so crazy!
Chapter 2714 Defeat of the Thirteenth Prince: New and old grudges settled together
Chapter 2715 Continue to attack the upper-level disciples?
Chapter 2716 Yinshan
Chapter 2717 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 2718 Young Master Pianpian vs. Fake Ling Xiao
Chapter 2719 The strange willow tree martial spirit
Chapter 2720 Disappointment: Liu Yan’s trump card
Chapter 2721 Tragic Opponent: Heartbroken Liu Yan
Chapter 2722 Wasteland Battlefield: The Final Showdown
Chapter 2723 In the name of thunder, I will eliminate you!
Chapter 2724 The fateful battle: Yinshan vs. Lingxiao
Chapter 2725 Cultivation is completely restored!
Chapter 2726 The third sect elder, if you don’t agree, let’s compete!
Chapter 2727 Grimoire Hall
Chapter 2728 Threatening the Leader: The Rampant Three Sect Elders
Chapter 2729 Challenge the Third Sect Elder!
Chapter 2730 Weird Attack: Power of Death
Chapter 2731 Death Cage
Chapter 2732 The will of Tyrant versus the will of Hades
Chapter 2733 The Killing Curse of Hades: The Battle of Soul Secrets
Chapter 2734 Defeat! The elder’s reputation will be ruined!
Chapter 2735 Chen Buyi takes action and Mr. Zong dies!
Chapter 2736 Diaphragm: The Yin and Yang Strange Qi Yun Zhongfeng
Chapter 2737 Phantom of the Demonic Dragon
Chapter 2738 Reverse Scale
Chapter 2739 It’s your own fault: Zheng Quan becomes a eunuch
Chapter 2740 Dead End: Dangerous Colosseum
Chapter 2741 Mu Qing: The second strongest genius in the Demon Dragon Cult
Chapter 2742 Ten Demons, Yun Luan
Chapter 2743 Barking Mad Dog, Earth Dragon Beast
Chapter 2744 Madman: Challenge the undefeated beast
Chapter 2745 Restraint: The power of lava and earth armor
Chapter 2746 Devouring the Earth Dragon Beast and Improving the Soul of the Demonic Dragon Beast
Chapter 2747 Xiao Jin appears, miserable Yun Luan
Chapter 2748 Brothers of life and death!
Chapter 2749 Arrogant and Arrogant: Colosseum Manager
Chapter 2750: Seeking wealth in danger: Breakthrough again!
Chapter 2751 Kill the Colosseum Manager and Destroy Yunluan
Chapter 2752 It’s not that we are stupid, it’s that you are too evil!
Chapter 2753 The second elder turned into a pig
Chapter 2754 Divine Thunder Guard: Balui
Chapter 2755 Suppression of Power: Killing Balui
Chapter 2756: Meritorious Service in the First Battle: The Magic Dragon Phantom
Chapter 2757 Controlling the Heaven and Earth, Lei Zun’s Uneasiness
Chapter 2758 Demonic Sword Shadow: Kill Lei Zun!
Chapter 2759 Tuo Ba Ling Hu Yan Lan Hu Yan Hong
Chapter 2760: Trash is looked down upon wherever he goes
Chapter 2761 Stupid and paranoid Hu Yanhong
Chapter 2762 Mr. Jade Fan: Tuoba Jade
Chapter 2763 The four frost-cold monsters, the art of suspended animation
Chapter 2764 A great hero in the eyes of a stupid woman. A great hero.
Chapter 2765 Tuoba Yu’s twisted thoughts
Chapter 2766 One-eyed Blood Wolf, Young Master with Two Swords
Chapter 2767 Kill the blood wolf and seize the Thirteen Blood Swords
Chapter 2768: The special skill of killing enemies: the secret technique of earth demon
Chapter 2769 Extremely stupid! This woman is hopeless!
Chapter 2770 The Red Witch’s Resistance: Brothers Struggle
Chapter 2771 My name is Tuo Ba Ling, and I want to take away the Red Witch!
Chapter 2772 My woman is in the Palace of Eternal Life!
Chapter 2773 Killing Tuoba Yu: Who is the peerless genius?
Chapter 2774 Old guy, do you want to die?
Chapter 2775 You are afraid of me!
Chapter 2776: Trapped in a cocoon: The end of the Tuoba family
Chapter 2777 Sky Old
Chapter 2778 Battle against Kong Lao: Demon Fairy vs. Thunderbird
Chapter 2779 The young swordsman became famous in one battle!
Chapter 2780 With one sword, Tuoba Fengdun died!
Chapter 2781 The cunning young man and Kong Lao who was almost killed
Chapter 2782 Escape into Qingniu Palace
Chapter 2783 Weird Beast Talisman: The Controller of Time?
Chapter 2784 Death of Kong Lao
Chapter 2785 The Rebellion of the Demonic Dragon Cult
Chapter 2786 I’m not dead, are you disappointed?
Chapter 2787: Split the soil and dismember the corpse: You can’t!
Chapter 2788 Snake Spirit Ghost Killing
Chapter 2789 I surrender! The cry of the demonic shadow!
Chapter 2790 Abolition of the Demonic Shadow, the Benefits of the Demonic Sea Secret Realm
Chapter 2791 Someone is seeking death again: Yun Lan’s trap
Chapter 2792 Scum!
Chapter 2793 The secret realm of the Demonic Sea, the domineering sword and ghost
Chapter 2794 Ghost Li’s Disciple: Tuoba Yunxiang
Chapter 2795: Demon Sea Behemoth: Xiao Jin’s Favorite
Chapter 2796 Demon Sea Beast King, rapid breakthrough
Chapter 2797 The truth about the Beast King, the Purple Lightning Yin Thunder Essence
Chapter 2798 The hunting begins!
Chapter 2799 Soul Capturing!
Chapter 2800 Catch them all (1)!
Chapter 2801 Catch them all in one fell swoop (2)!
Chapter 2802 Tuoba Yunxiang: Immortality?
Chapter 2803 Yun Lan: Being shameless makes me afraid
Chapter 2804 Molten Core
Chapter 2805 The trial is over: Guaranteed victory
Chapter 2806 Their trial results are zero!
Chapter 2807 The mad dog started biting people!
Chapter 2808 Yunlan is guilty!
Chapter 2809 Deputy Leader Yun cheats
Chapter 2810 Amazing results, gaining peerless martial arts
Chapter 2811 The Successor of the Leader: Refining the Purple Lightning Yin Thunder
Chapter 2812 A thorn in the flesh
Chapter 2813 Deputy Leader Yun’s trick
Chapter 2814 Late Night Assassination: Undercover Agent Turned to Ashes
Chapter 2815 Old Gou Yun, get out of here!
Chapter 2816 Genius Nemesis
Chapter 2817 Arrogant, domineering, and arrogant!
Chapter 2818 Provoke the whole audience: Who dares to fight me!
Chapter 2819: How can we talk about siege when everything is scattered?
Chapter 2820: Get angry for your benefactor!
Chapter 2821 Fusion: Warriors and Monsters
Chapter 2822 Siege and Killing Ling Xiao: The Root of the Demonic Dragon Sect?
Chapter 2823 Dark Dragon Group: Blood Massacre
Chapter 2824 Jungle Ghost, God of Killing
Chapter 2825 Dead Soldier, Sky Silk
Chapter 2826 Even dead men are afraid: Shura killing field!
Chapter 2827 In the Demon Dragon Mountain: The frightened Yun Zhongfeng
Chapter 2828 Nine Sons Demonic Dragon Sword
Chapter 2829 The truth of the true demon sword!
Chapter 2830 True Demonic Sword Qi, one strike will kill!
Chapter 2831 Blood of the Behemoth: Leader of the Dark Dragon Group
Chapter 2832 Can’t break the defense?
Chapter 2833 Mammoth Behemoth: The Dark Dragon’s Last Struggle
Chapter 2834 Purple Lightning Bull VS Mammoth Behemoth
Chapter 2835 Slaughter the Mammoth and Kill Yamada
Chapter 2836 Walking on the sword!
Chapter 2837 The end of the traitor (1)
Chapter 2838 The end of the traitor (2)
Chapter 2839 The Demon Dragon City is destroyed: Confrontation in front of the Demon Palace
Chapter 2840 The Sixth General Burned to Death
Chapter 2841 Reinforcements!
Chapter 2842 Now that we’re here, let’s all go to hell.
Chapter 2843 Fighting with the Tyrant Sword Ghost Li, the Second General
Chapter 2844: Thanos Sword Ghost Li, kills the fifth general
Chapter 2845 Black Eagle, War Wolf, Thunder and Lightning
Chapter 2846 Shocking: Ten kinds of sword intent are released at the same time!
Chapter 2847 Kill the first general and get promoted!
Chapter 2848 Total annihilation!
Chapter 2849 Panic! The Thunder Emperor asks for help from Tianchi Mountain
Chapter 2850 Return to Thunder City!
Chapter 2851 Tiger Poison Food Seed: Rescue Chen Cangmang
Chapter 2852 Forbidden Land: Royal Medicine Garden
Chapter 2853 You God: The beast god who controls time and birds
Chapter 2854 Huo Lao, strange fire
Chapter 2855 Red Flame Lion Martial Spirit
Chapter 2856: Being rich is a big deal? Just kill him!
Chapter 2857 Vulcan
Chapter 2858 Death of Huo Lao, Secret Illusion Array
Chapter 2859 Leah: Princess of the Yuanling Tribe
Chapter 2860 The deposed prince and the targeted princess
Chapter 2861 The enemy of my enemy is my friend
Chapter 2862 If you are unkind, I will be unjust!
Chapter 2863 The greedy snake swallows the elephant
Chapter 2864 The Royal Dog
Chapter 2865 Upa who overestimates his capabilities
Chapter 2866 Destroy Yuan Mo
Chapter 2867 So what if I kill one more prince?
Chapter 2868 Hell after ten breaths!
Chapter 2869 Life Review
Chapter 2870 Leah’s gift: immortality
Chapter 2871 The Day the Yuanling Tribe Was Destroyed
Chapter 2872 Blood Drinking Spear: General Pan Feng
Chapter 2873 One man is worth a thousand: destroy Pan Feng and save Tuoba
Chapter 2874 Tianchi Mountain: Li Xiaotian
Chapter 2875 The terrifying potential
Chapter 2876 Master of sweeping the floor, Uncle Fu?
Chapter 2877 The Resurrection of King Zhixian: Palace Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 2878 The Battle for the Throne: King Zhixian’s Soul Technique
Chapter 2879 Bet on life!
Chapter 2880 The Blade of the God of War: The long-lost seal of immortality!
Chapter 2881: Kill Feng Lao with one move!
Chapter 2882 Soul Nemesis
Chapter 2883 The five elders of Chen Guo are all useless cowards!
Chapter 2884 Dharma Appearance: God of War Yang Jian!
Chapter 2885 Sun Sword Technique: Day of Destruction
Chapter 2886 Sword Light Escape VS Ground Vertical Golden Light Technique
Chapter 2887 The Complete End of King Zhixian
Chapter 2888 I am just arrogant!
Chapter 2889 Give you a chance to defeat me!
Chapter 2890 The first challenger: Chen Cangxiong!
Chapter 2891 Meeting an opponent in chess: The King and the True Demon
Chapter 2892 Talent gap: seven years and two months
Chapter 2893 My king has arrived!
Chapter 2894 Die together? You are not qualified!
Chapter 2895 Fighting the Thunder Emperor: The day of revenge has arrived!
Chapter 2896 The Strength of the Thunder Emperor
Chapter 2897 It’s over, Thunder Emperor!
Chapter 2898 Xiao Jin’s Revenge: The enemy was wiped out in ashes
Chapter 2899 Kuishui Yin Lei: Yin Lei Emperor
Chapter 2900 The newly resurrected Yang Lei Emperor dies again
Chapter 2901 Revenge: The frustrated royal family and nobles
Chapter 2902 Complete Transcendence: Ignore Yin Lei Emperor’s Attack
Chapter 2903 A generation of kingdoms was buried in the hands of Ling Xiao
Chapter 2904 Yue Nu takes action: The tragedy of Tianchi Mountain
Chapter 2905 The Threat of the Palace of Eternal Life
Chapter 2906 Provocateur: Fire Rain from the Volcano Country!
Chapter 2907 Contempt from a foreign genius
Chapter 2908 Who is the waste?
Chapter 2909 True Demonic Sword Formation!
Chapter 2910 Revenge for Huo Yu: Seven Generals and Chief Situ
Chapter 2911 King of Hell Beasts
Chapter 2912: The sky is not responding, the earth is not working
Chapter 2913 I will destroy the Volcano Country too!
Chapter 2914 The Volcano Prince who likes to slap himself in the face
Chapter 2915 Nine Dragons Divine Fire Cover
Chapter 2916 The Bloodline of the Phoenix
Chapter 2917 The Volcano King is going to win?
Chapter 2918 The showdown of finishing moves!
Chapter 2919 Except for cultivation, you are better than me in nothing.
Chapter 2920 The Tragedy of Nirvana and Rebirth
Chapter 2921 The future is uncertain: the real Xuanwu Continent
Chapter 2922 Here it comes! The strong man from the Palace of Eternal Life!
Chapter 2923 Royal Family
Chapter 2924 Extremely Evil: Black Ling Xiao (1)
Chapter 2925 Extremely Evil: Black Ling Xiao (2)
Chapter 2926 Black Demon, Demonic Dragon Sword Court
Chapter 2927 Sword Temple
Chapter 2928 Unfounded charges
Chapter 2929 If anyone offends me, I will kill them!
Chapter 2930 Invincible Defense!
Chapter 2931 Phoenix Bifang’s apprentice?
Chapter 2932 No warriors from the Sword Temple will be left alive!
Chapter 2933 Saved a young lady
Chapter 2934 The strength of the nine top experts
Chapter 2935 It turns out to be just a frog in the well
Chapter 2936 A vicious woman
Chapter 2937 Bingli: A powerful bitch
Chapter 2938 A desperate breakthrough!
Chapter 2939 Phoenix Fire vs. Ten Thousand Years of Ice
Chapter 2940 The unstoppable strange fire: Bingli begs for mercy
Chapter 2941 Leaving Mingcheng in the west, Xiaojin breaks through
Chapter 2942 The aftermath of the black devil incident
Chapter 2943 Qiqi: The surprising little guy
Chapter 2944 Entry Review: Pride and Prejudice
Chapter 2945 A typical example of showing off and getting slapped in the face
Chapter 2946 Devil’s Cave
Chapter 2947 The terrible soul pressure: The battle for first place
Chapter 2948 Shock! Faster than elemental arrows!
Chapter 2949 Source of Energy: Seventy-two Demonic Sculptures
Chapter 2950 Your uncle is your uncle after all!
Chapter 2951 Xiao Qiqi’s limit?
Chapter 2952: Flat Record: Golden Crow Divine Palm!
Chapter 2953 Finally transformed! Look at my strongest attack!
Chapter 2954 Keep breaking records!
Chapter 2955 Son of the Demon Lord: Lan Di Meichen
Chapter 2956 Melee: Floating Battlefield
Chapter 2957 Ling Xiao’s bodyguard beauty
Chapter 2958 Shameless Demon General, so-called fairness
Chapter 2959 Even if I die, I still want an explanation!
Chapter 2960 Divine Fire Kills Demon General
Chapter 2961 The King of New Disciples!
Chapter 2962 Accident: An abandoned child that no one wants?
Chapter 2963 You demon generals have no vision!
Chapter 2964 Moving forward amidst ridicule and contempt
Chapter 2965: Falling into a trap? Demon Lin Xuan’s hatred
Chapter 2966 Nine-story Demon Tower
Chapter 2967 Ninth Senior Brother
Chapter 2968 Swallowing the Demonic Dragon and Breakthrough in Cultivation!
Chapter 2969 New goal: Becoming the King of Beast Gods
Chapter 2970 Fierce Battle: Blazing Red Rat
Chapter 2971: Diverting trouble to the east: vicious fellow disciples
Chapter 2972 ??Mysterious Picture Scroll: Demon Lord’s Picture Book
Chapter 2973 Sub-divine beast soul container: Wuji Heavenly Rat
Chapter 2974 King-level martial arts: Nine Sword Techniques!
Chapter 2975 Powerful! The awakening power of the sub-divine beast soul
Chapter 2976 Things are different now: Return to the Demonic Dragon Sword Court
Chapter 2977 Death penalty! Is Ling Xiao dead?
Chapter 2978: Failing to save anyone: The indifference of the Demon General
Chapter 2979 Easily repelled: Fang Feiyun, you are so bad!
Chapter 2980 Is there something wrong with this disciple’s brain?
Chapter 2981 On the stage of life and death, the orchid in the empty valley
Chapter 2982 Dzogchen: Black Cloud Sword Technique
Chapter 2983 The advantage of the weapon: the marrow-sucking sword
Chapter 2984 Peak of Soldier Level: True Demon Supreme Sword
Chapter 2985: Be your personal disciple? I don’t care!
Chapter 2986 Eighteen Swords
Chapter 2987 The Wine Demon Mansion, Sword Luo Ying
Chapter 2988 Xuanming Sword Technique
Chapter 2989 You are such a monster!
Chapter 2990 Gravity Sword, Gravity Martial Spirit
Chapter 2991 Harvest of the tragic victory: the girl’s heart
Chapter 2992 The truth about the demon general’s rebellion
Chapter 2993 If your mouth is dirty, I will beat you or something!
Chapter 2994 Jian Shiba: I like you very much!
Chapter 2995 Qiqi and Lin Feiyang are engaged?
Chapter 2996 Lin Feiyang who overestimates his abilities
Chapter 2997 Terrible: The power of the Golden Crow Talisman
Chapter 2998 Demon General Chen Luo: Blind with a bad heart and a stupid mind
Chapter 2999: Escape safely from the two demon generals
Chapter 3000 General Level Martial Arts: Golden Phoenix Incarnation
Chapter 3001 Whoever scolds Lin Geng will have his tongue cut off!
Chapter 3002 The flattering Lord of Ming City Bing Fengyu
Chapter 3003 The peerless sword unsheathed!
Chapter 3004 Madman
Chapter 3005 The madman who provokes everyone!
Chapter 3006 Frozen Jade Broken Arm, Lin Xuan Takes Action
Chapter 3007 Explosion of Light and Shadow: Escaped Light and Night Demon Flower
Chapter 3008 Death of Lin Xuan: The incarnation of the golden phoenix shows its power
Chapter 3009: Encirclement and Suppression by the Army: The Roaring Phoenix
Chapter 3010: Burning and Killing Thousands of Armies: The Terrifying Fire of the Phoenix
Chapter 3011 Killing Bing Fengyu, there is a reward
Chapter 3012 Bounty Hunter: Bloody Clothes and Ruthless
Chapter 3013 Lin Chuang, Feng Jianshan
Chapter 3014 The best sparring partner: Jian Luoying
Chapter 3015 Angry Wild Boar: Chen Yuan
Chapter 3016 Powerful: The Real Emperor Tianlong Body
Chapter 3017: The benefits of knowing how to make alchemy: angering people to death will not pay for their lives
Chapter 3018 The evolved bloody rat demon
Chapter 3019 Kill Chen Yuan and get the Emperor Tianlong Body
Chapter 3020 No. 1 on the Bounty Dragon List: Ruthless
Chapter 3021 Ruthless Sword, Ling Xiao Breakthrough
Chapter 3022 Kill!
Chapter 3023 The Sword Temple is furious and the bounty increases sharply
Chapter 3024 The Horrifying Sea of ??Blood: The Vampire Spirit
Chapter 3025 Ruthless invitation to fight
Chapter 3026 The Ten-Day Promise: Ling Xiao Fights Wu Wu
Chapter 3027 Defeat Wuqing with one sword!
Chapter 3028 Breaking through the shackles of gravity: Ling Xiao’s defeat and Ying’s defeat
Chapter 3029 The battle for the Xuanwu Seal begins: villains are like ghosts
Chapter 3030: Making trouble on Tai Sui’s head: Unlucky Chen Luo
Chapter 3031 Peerless Genius: Lan Di Meichen
Chapter 3032 Fighting for the Magic Dragon: The Four Most Favored People
Chapter 3033: Wind Formation: Capture ten magic dragons in one fell swoop
Chapter 3034 The Domineering Emperor Tianlong Body
Chapter 3035 The best reward for the champion
Chapter 3036 Share! What a wonderful senior brother and sister!
Chapter 3037 Shocking: The blockbuster Wine Demon Mansion!
Chapter 3038 The counterattack of the crane tail: Becoming the strongest from the bottom
Chapter 3039 Lord Demon General, save me!
Chapter 3040 The magic pill that brings the dead back to life
Chapter 3041 Lin Chuang, Bloody Clothes, come on together!
Chapter 3042: Hard-spoken! Cowardly in strength!
Chapter 3043 The final killing move: Blood Demon is reborn!
Chapter 3044 Blood Curse Package: Blood Demon’s Nemesis
Chapter 3045 Don’t give the young master face!
Chapter 3046 The young master is angry and Lin Chuang breaks through
Chapter 3047 Horror! The gathering of Tyrannosaurus rex!
Chapter 3048 From a warrior from a small country to a dragon genius
Chapter 3049 Demon Lord: Lan Mei Mo
Chapter 3050 A tough life, no need to explain!
Chapter 3051 Bloody Rat Demon’s three levels of power, fully activated!
Chapter 3052 Want to kill me? Pay the price first!
Chapter 3053: Bluffing: Ling Xiao is strong on the outside but smart on the inside?
Chapter 3054: The rat-throwing weapon: Lan Meimo finally bows his head
Chapter 3055: Third on the bounty list: Ling Xiao’s vicious reputation spreads far and wide
Chapter 3056 Nine Rebellions Organization: Phoenix Bi Fang Appears
Chapter 3057 Five masters with full personality
Chapter 3058 Misty Valley: Golden Dragon and Ancient Golden Crow
Chapter 3059 Mission Execution: Target Tianjue City
Chapter 3060 Little Vulcan (1)
Chapter 3061 Little Vulcan (2)
Chapter 3062 Get out!
Chapter 3063 Ghost Master
Chapter 3064 Strange Goods Building
Chapter 3065 Fighting for the Phantom
Chapter 3066 The arrogant and angry little Vulcan
Chapter 3067: Fire Lord Catalog, Dragon Clan Core
Chapter 3068: Interception outside the auction house
Chapter 3069 Unbelievable: Death of the Ghost Master
Chapter 3070 The Burning Phoenix: The Ghost Villa is completely destroyed
Chapter 3071 The little Vulcan’s trump card: Unparalleled Flame Wolf
Chapter 3072: Swallowed by the Dark Prison: Extracting Strange Fire!
Chapter 3073 Shooting: The divine arrow Chang Qingqing takes action
Chapter 3074 Tianjue Ancient Ruins, Ice Lord Illustration
Chapter 3075 Black Turtle Vision
Chapter 3076: Stealing the Power of the Black Turtle: The Lanmei Demon Attacks
Chapter 3077 Xiao Jin escapes from his shell and his combat power soars!
Chapter 3078: The cultivation level skyrocketed and the Xuanwu divine body was developed!
Chapter 3079: Killing the Sword King, Ling Xiao is reborn perfectly!
Chapter 3080 Explode! The terrifying power of the Xuanwu Divine Body
Chapter 3081 Kill the Fire Sword King head-on and escape intact
Chapter 3082 Heavenly Tribulation Jade: A key item in the life-threatening realm
Chapter 3083: Heaven’s Jue Scattered Flowers: Dressed Beasts
Chapter 3084: Hand of Demon Buddha, Ice Dragon Breath
Chapter 3085 Blood Soul Sword Talisman
Chapter 3086: Beasts deserve to suffer the eighteen levels of hell
Chapter 3087 The Tianjue Palace takes revenge
Chapter 3088: Come in the excitement, but die in defeat!
Chapter 3089 Princess Tianjue
Chapter 3090 Tianhai Guisheng: Immortal Warlock Martial Spirit
Chapter 3091 Kisame's Sword, Shark Tongtian
Chapter 3092 The immortal body born from Tianhai Ghost
Chapter 3093 The bounty increases again: 20 million mid-grade spiritual stones!
Chapter 3094 Heavenly Tribulation: Take your life from the sky!
Chapter 3095: Cultivation soared, condensing the true essence of the Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 3096 The Weakest and Strongest of the Nine Powers
Chapter 3097 Meeting Lan Meimo Again: The Battle of the Illustrations
Chapter 3098 Quick sword, incarnation!
Chapter 3099: Ice Crystal’s Help: Breakthrough with the Tyrant Sword
Chapter 3100 Zhou Guanghu: Guard Commander of Tianjue Ancient City
Chapter 3101 King Tianjue takes action and kills Zhou Guanghu with one move
Chapter 3102 The body of Zhou Guang, the Ice Lord Illustration is born
Chapter 3103 Vajra Ape, Assassinating the Sword King
Chapter 3104 Death of the Demon King
Chapter 3105 Emperor Tianlong Body VS Xuanwu Divine Body
Chapter 3106 Transaction: Ice Lord’s Atlas for Earth Core Fire Lotus
Chapter 3107: Profiteer: Lan Di Meichen’s Sword Master’s Illustration
Chapter 3108 Cracks in the Forbidden Land: A Small World Full of Treasures
Chapter 3109 Destruction: Terrifying Void Energy
Chapter 3110 Cangsong Emperor, Tu Xing Emperor, Golden Phoenix Sword Emperor
Chapter 3111 Entering the Forbidden Land: The Battle on the Longhorn Icefield
Chapter 3112 Blizzard Formation: Onslaught of Snow Sculptures
Chapter 3113 The last burst: the wrath of the black snake!
Chapter 3114 Big Harvest: Treasure Forest
Chapter 3115: Enemies meet on a narrow road: Encounter with fire clouds and ghosts
Chapter 3116: Taking Life from Heaven: Two Demonic Thunder Tribulations
Chapter 3117 The Ghost Emperor who was beaten into a pig head
Chapter 3118: Survive the natural disaster and kill the Ghost Emperor
Chapter 3119: Surrounded by Nine Sword Emperor Level Masters
Chapter 3120 Defeat Emperor Tu Xing and break out of the encirclement
Chapter 3121 The third level of fatal realm: Poisonous Great Sage
Chapter 3122 Dark Jungle: Flames Burning the Sky
Chapter 3123 The King of Darkness: Emperor Hesen
Chapter 3124 Cemetery Guardian: King of Water Element
Chapter 3125 The Power of Tyrant: Overwhelm the King of Water Elements
Chapter 3126 Canopy Beast, Linglong Catalog
Chapter 3127 The Strong Man of All Nations: Shell Emperor’s Trap
Chapter 3128 The Power of the Great Sage: Breaking into the Ice Cave
Chapter 3129 Ancient Tiangang Sword Formation, Entering the Cemetery
Chapter 3130 The blood of ancient monsters, enemies on a narrow road
Chapter 3131 Invincible defense? I specialize in breaking defense!
Chapter 3132 General Level Intermediate Martial Arts: Five Ghost Secret Techniques
Chapter 3133 When flash sales become the norm!
Chapter 3134 Duel with the Xuanzhen Emperor
Chapter 3135 Death of King Tianjue
Chapter 3136 My ghost king is justice!
Chapter 3137 Emperor’s Sword
Chapter 3138 The best treasure: Earth Spirit Fruit
Chapter 3139 Melee under magma: fighting for treasures
Chapter 3140 The Fall of the Turtle Shell Emperor and the Painted Plum Fairy
Chapter 3141 Another battle with Lan Mei Mo: complete suppression!
Chapter 3142 Swallowing the Earth Spirit Fruit: King-Level Xuanwu Divine Body
Chapter 3143 Good Luck: Grabbing the Ice Lord Sword
Chapter 3144 The final battle: the threat of the poisonous great sage
Chapter 3145 Defeat the Poisonous Great Sage and obtain the Ice Lord’s Catalog
Chapter 3146 Tomb of the Ancient Gods, Nine Forbidden Lands
Chapter 3147 The Two Envoys of God and Demon, God’s Tomb Order
Chapter 3148: The decision of the Golden Phoenix Sword Emperor
Chapter 3149 Ling Xiao announces: Golden Phoenix Sword Emperor joins his army
Chapter 3150 The gap is too big: The embarrassed Jin Fengyan
Chapter 3151 All it takes to defeat you is a slap!
Chapter 3152 If you want to impose a crime, it’s all fart!
Chapter 3153 Princess of Lingxiao Fighting Sword Dynasty
Chapter 3154 The Jade Queen smiles and is charming
Chapter 3155 The Jade Queen’s swordsmanship: Glory to Xuanwu Prefecture!
Chapter 3156 The Eight Immortal Kingdom’s sharp-edged special forces?
Chapter 3157 Prepare to take action and overthrow the Sword Dynasty!
Chapter 3158: Pass five levels and kill six generals
Chapter 3159 Arriving at the Dragon Elephant Department, something happened to Yan Yue?
Chapter 3160 Xiang Fei, the old shaman, the poisoner
Chapter 3161 Arrangement, Fishing Plan
Chapter 3162 The truth about Jiu Ni, the mask of hypocrisy
Chapter 3163 Flying Thunder God
Chapter 3164 Desperate Flying Thunder God: Can’t Escape
Chapter 3165 Dugu Shengjian arrives in person
Chapter 3166 Battle with Dugu Holy Sword, strike first to gain the upper hand!
Chapter 3167 Crazy Combo: Depressed His Highness the Crown Prince
Chapter 3168 Millions of troops, attack in full force!
Chapter 3169 Gambling in front of the battle, a battle without bloodshed
Chapter 3170 Xiao Jin VS the Great Sage of the Ministry of War
Chapter 3171 Soldier Talisman Martial Spirit
Chapter 3172 Dragon Elephant Emperor VS Poisonous Great Sage
Chapter 3173: Winning? The Poisonous Great Sage was defeated?
Chapter 3174 The Dark Poison of the Dead Country, the Miracle of Life
Chapter 3175 Fight! Fight! Fight!
Chapter 3176: Kill the Great Sage of the Ministry of Industry with one move
Chapter 3177 Ling Xiao VS Dugu Holy Sword
Chapter 3178 A passionate man: an undefeated battle!
Chapter 3179 Holy Sword Art: The King’s Judgment
Chapter 3180 Evolution: King-level Holy Body!
Chapter 3181 Genius falls, Ling Xiao dies in battle?
Chapter 3182 Unpredictable luck: sudden thunder disaster
Chapter 3183 Complete Defeat: The Destruction of the Sword Dynasty’s Army
Chapter 3184 The Legend of Dragon Elephant Division
Chapter 3185 The Secret of the Nine Illustrations
Chapter 3186 Sword God City: Show your sharp edge
Chapter 3187 His Royal Highness the Crown Prince’s Guards: Ruby
Chapter 3188 Slap: Ninety-nine slaps!
Chapter 3189 Bloodthirsty Sword Tomb, Gopher King
Chapter 3190 Rescue Jian Shiba, the way to leave
Chapter 3191 The fourth floor: Golden Rat Saint, Flying Squirrel
Chapter 3192 Complete Crush: Death of the Golden Rat Saint
Chapter 3193 The fifth level: Blackwater Great Sage, Mingjian Great Sage
Chapter 3194 Your attack is so bad!
Chapter 3195: Destroy two saints with one sword and rescue Yan Yue
Chapter 3196 The Bloodthirsty Sword Master Attacks
Chapter 3197 Ice Lord Sword VS Bloodthirsty Demon Sword
Chapter 3198 Blood Devil Fish, the figure in the blood cocoon
Chapter 3199 Sword Fulong
Chapter 3200 Dragon Puppet
Chapter 3201 Golden Dragon Seal, Artificial Red Sun
Chapter 3202 Swallowing Chiyang and opening the way to escape
Chapter 3203 A powerful wedding team
Chapter 3204 Rebellion in Sword God City
Chapter 3205 Powerful: Sword-backed Giant Bear Puppet Army
Chapter 3206 The powerful Eunuch Gao
Chapter 3207 Dugu Bajian’s sneak attack
Chapter 3208 The royal family is disgraced!
Chapter 3209 What I want is the world of the Nine Lords!
Chapter 3210 The bride-to-be team: What a grand occasion
Chapter 3211 Surprise Attack: The Trap of Dugu Shengjian
Chapter 3212 Evil Possession Pill
Chapter 3213 Puppet Stand, Jian Shiba’s Counterattack
Chapter 3214 Would rather die than surrender: great fatherly love
Chapter 3215 Yanyue takes action, the inner demon of Dugu Shengjian
Chapter 3216 Son of Miracle
Chapter 3217 He is a devil!
Chapter 3218: Head-to-head confrontation, absolutely true!
Chapter 3219 Burn, the King-level Holy Body!
Chapter 3220 The Crown Princess takes action: Battle Flag Martial Spirit
Chapter 3221 An unbreakable turtle shell?
Chapter 3222 The end of the prince!
Chapter 3223 Big Crisis: The Demonic Dragon Puppet Resurrects!
Chapter 3224 Two hundred years of planning, terrible scheming
Chapter 3225 Demon Suppressor
Chapter 3226 Rescued Jian Luoying, Dragon Mother’s puppet
Chapter 3227 The Black Sword God of All Nations
Chapter 3228 The dragon puppet is so terrifying!
Chapter 3229 Ling Xiao VS Demon Dragon Puppet
Chapter 3230 Full Output: Release
Chapter 3231 Destruction: The end of the dragon puppet
Chapter 3232 The Birth of the Order of Gods and Demons
Chapter 3233: People from all over the world come, the dragon and elephant are captured
Chapter 3234 Ice Dynasty: Princess Murong Qi
Chapter 3235 Xiao Jin wakes up: Instantly kills the fifth level of the fatal realm
Chapter 3236 Xiangshan vs. Dugu Ba Sword
Chapter 3237 The power of dead souls
Chapter 3238 Golden Dragon Seal vs. Eight Hundred Dragons and Elephants
Chapter 3239 Xiang Shan was killed and took advantage of the situation.
Chapter 3240 Seizing the Body: The Tragic Dugu Ba Sword
Chapter 3241 The only man in Sword God City
Chapter 3242 Defeat Dugu Cangying and comprehend the bloodthirsty demon sword
Chapter 3243 Sun Sea: Golden Wolf
Chapter 3244 Sunbird: Sea of ??Beasts Tactics
Chapter 3245 Fierce Battle: The Golden Boy and Ling Xiao
Chapter 3246 Extinction Golden Light
Chapter 3247 Treasures from the Sun City Ruins
Chapter 3248 Enlightenment: Extermination Divine Sword
Chapter 3249 The Arrogant Eight Warriors
Chapter 3250 Black Snake, Young Master Yinlin
Chapter 3251 You can’t touch the corners of my clothes!
Chapter 3252 Testing the Copper Pillar: The Tea Party of Gods and Demons Begins
Chapter 3253 The powerful demon in black
Chapter 3254 The performance of the four strongest people, Ling Xiao takes the stage
Chapter 3255: Killing the Fox: I don’t understand compassion at all
Chapter 3256 Boy, you are dead!
Chapter 3257 Four Dark Horses
Chapter 3258 Evolution of Kung Fu: Enhanced Version of Huoyuanzi
Chapter 3259 I said I am your grandfather, do you believe it?
Chapter 3260 Ninefold Sword Intent versus Three Fire Intentions
Chapter 3261 The final begins, You Fei’s soul technique
Chapter 3262 Conquering the soul with the soul: Kneel down and surrender!
Chapter 3263: Defeat the iceberg with three moves, the strongest will defeat the other two
Chapter 3264 The battle of complete victory: Dugu Cangying and Xiang Mofei
Chapter 3265: Juling and dispatching generals
Chapter 3266 Eye Technique: Torment of Eighteen Hells
Chapter 3267 Competition requires strategy!
Chapter 3268 Champion, reward, counterattack
Chapter 3269 Assassin, Shadow Rabbit Martial Spirit
Chapter 3270 Ling Xiao’s ambition
Chapter 3271 The mystery of the nine gods, the army is approaching
Chapter 3272 The brave men go to war: The courage of Jian Fulong
Chapter 3273 Seize the troll puppet and kill Murong Qi
Chapter 3274 Seal of Ghosts and Gods, Body of the Undead
Chapter 3275 Ling Xiao appears and gives the enemy a blow
Chapter 3276 Martial Spirit from Hell: God of Death
Chapter 3277 Ling Xiao versus Dugu Cangying
Chapter 3278 Golden Dragon Seal vs. Death Sword
Chapter 3279 Unifying the Sword Dynasty
Chapter 3280 Imperial City Banquet, Late Night Uninvited Guests
Chapter 3281 Dugu Cangying’s conspiracy
Chapter 3282 Crisis in the Eight Immortals City
Chapter 3283: The spirit of enchantment shows its power again
Chapter 3284 Congratulations
Chapter 3285 Death Variation
Chapter 3286 Seal of Ghosts and Gods, Release!
Chapter 3287 The Golden Dragon Seal destroys the Seal of Ghosts and Gods, and the soul returns
Chapter 3288 Dugu Cangying dies, and the map of nations is recorded!
Chapter 3289 Killing General Yulan and challenging the black demon envoy
Chapter 3290: Full of magical powers, fight against the devil in black
Chapter 3291: Ghosts and gods dancing wildly, a terrifying genius
Chapter 3292 Kill the Black Demon Envoy, the God of the Eight Immortals Kingdom!
Chapter 3293 Bloody God and Demon Order, the last ten days
Chapter 3294 The Dark Jungle Law of the Tomb of the Ancient Gods
Chapter 3295 Nine deities united into one, a vision from heaven
Chapter 3296: Into One: Tomb of the Gods of the Western Regions
Chapter 3297 Fire Lord Blazing Sky Sword Technique
Chapter 3298 King-Level Sword Technique: Kill the God in White with One Sword
Chapter 3299 The door to the tomb of the gods opens: heroes gather
Chapter 3300 The arrival of the peak powerhouse
Chapter 3301 Dragon Mother, Ming Shuang
Chapter 3302 A generation of geniuses, even a small insect can shake a big tree
Chapter 3303: Enemies meet on a narrow road: Encounter with the Emperor’s Prince
Chapter 3304 The gap in strength is too big, we can’t give up
Chapter 3305 Jedi counterattack
Chapter 3306: Injuring the Emperor's Prince and successfully escaping from trouble
Chapter 3307 Undercover Plan (1)
Chapter 3308 Undercover Plan (2)
Chapter 3309 Ice crystal snake, internal strife
Chapter 3310 Kick away Boss Lei and kill the ice crystal snake
Chapter 3311 District 10 Ice City Mutation
Chapter 3312 The God and Demon Order that can evolve
Chapter 3313 The Ancient Sword Emperor and the Eight Ancient Emperors
Chapter 3314 Fire Snake Brothers, Black Fire Sword, Snake Venom Sword
Chapter 3315 Kill the fire snake brothers and seize two swords
Chapter 3316 Terrifying Natural Disaster: Extremely Cold Blizzard
Chapter 3317 Wolf Soul Transformation
Chapter 3318 Killing Lei Laolang: The Sword of Extreme Cold
Chapter 3319 Ice City, Executioner
Chapter 3320 Arrogant executioner, kill!
Chapter 3321 Ice City changes ownership, Dragon Mother takes charge
Chapter 3322 General’s Tomb, Four Kings of All Nations
Chapter 3323: Genius in-laws, fighting for fate
Chapter 3324 Ling Xiao’s plan to seize the treasure
Chapter 3325 Linglong Palace attacks, the plan continues
Chapter 3326 The Koi King fights the old woman in blue
Chapter 3327 One vs. Three, Soul Orb
Chapter 3328: Picking up the bargains
Chapter 3329 The Grandmaster Level Koi King
Chapter 3330 Get the treasure and run away!
Chapter 3331 The Emperor of the Eight Immortals Kingdom is now famous
Chapter 3332 The power of the phantom formation, successful escape
Chapter 3333 Nine-turn Life Soul Grass
Chapter 3334 Stupid boy in white robe
Chapter 3335 Seizing the Nine-Revolution Life Soul Grass and Killing the White-robed Boy
Chapter 3336: Destruction of Water and Ten Thousand Shadows, Leng Mei’s Changes
Chapter 3337 The Imperial Mausoleum Opens
Chapter 3338 Battle against the eighth level of the fatal realm, identity exposed
Chapter 3339 The Killing Sword of the Mobile Treasure House
Chapter 3340 Total Destruction
Chapter 3341 One person faces three kings of nations
Chapter 3342 Bone-eroding Ecstasy Mirror
Chapter 3343 The dance of ghosts and gods VS Three Thousand Mirror Shadows
Chapter 3344 If you want to kill him, make him crazy first
Chapter 3345 Killing the Mirror Demon King
Chapter 3346 Suppressing the Koi King
Chapter 3347 Raging Sea Talisman
Chapter 3348 The Twins of Ice and Fire
Chapter 3349 The fight for the inheritance of the Ice Emperor
Chapter 3350 Extreme Cold Realm
Chapter 3351 The Ancient Ice Emperor Technique
Chapter 3352 Giant Sword: Ice Age
Chapter 3353 Dragon Mother is furious
Chapter 3354 The terrible meteor area, the monster bloodthirsty
Chapter 3355 Star City: Void Battleship
Chapter 3356 Surprise Appearance: King of the Undead
Chapter 3357 King of the Undead VS Mingshuang
Chapter 3358 Soul Emperor inheritance: Soul sealing chain
Chapter 3359 Rescue Ming Shuang: The Domineering Little Brother
Chapter 3360 The first doctor in the Western Region?
Chapter 3361 The Green Zone Occupied by the Soul Palace
Chapter 3362 Yama Demon
Chapter 3363: Being forced to sell medicinal materials?
Chapter 3364 Cultivation breakthrough, soul palace invitation
Chapter 3365 Yan Xifeng
Chapter 3366 The true effect of the God and Demon Order
Chapter 3367 Leng Qiuyan
Chapter 3368 Under Crisis: Refining the Extreme Cold Realm
Chapter 3369 Medicine Dust
Chapter 3370 Kill Yaochen and destroy Aya
Chapter 3371 Risking his life to save, Mingshuang was poisoned
Chapter 3372: Medicine Demon’s Antidote Pill
Chapter 3373 The detoxification depends on Ling Xiao!
Chapter 3374 I will kill anyone who dares to touch Ling Xiao!
Chapter 3375 Xuanwu Lake, Butcher
Chapter 3376 Giant Whale Gang
Chapter 3377 Thousands of thunders descended from the sky, and the lake surged into the sky
Chapter 3378 The Butcher Takes Action: Blood Knife Technique
Chapter 3379 Completed: King Level Intermediate Basalt Divine Body
Chapter 3380 Get out! This is your last chance!
Chapter 3381 Breakthrough! Kill the butcher casually!
Chapter 3382 The treasure touches people’s hearts and the greedy medicine demon
Chapter 3383 Xuanwu Beast, Shadowless Gu
Chapter 3384 The Powerful Ice Age
Chapter 3385: Golden Silkworm Martial Spirit, Explosion of Corpse Insects
Chapter 3386 Killing the Drug Demon
Chapter 3387 Destroy the Xuanwu Beast
Chapter 3388 Barbarian Luo
Chapter 3389 Killing Barbarian Luo, the powerful Ming Shuang
Chapter 3390 Powerful Soul-Eating Domain
Chapter 3391 The bet between the Ice Emperor’s inheritance and the Soul Emperor’s inheritance
Chapter 3392 Ten-day agreement, a life and death battle
Chapter 3393 Monster attacks the city
Chapter 3394: Monopolizing the Bloodthirsty King
Chapter 3395 The bloodthirsty state that keeps getting stronger
Chapter 3396 Soul-Eating Wand, Soul-Sealing Chain
Chapter 3397 Killing the King of the Undead
Chapter 3398 One man’s unparalleled monster
Chapter 3399 Who is the coward?
Chapter 3400 Exquisite Qiqiao Jade
Chapter 3401 You are the one being fooled!
Chapter 3402 Clues to the remnant soul of God You
Chapter 3403 The Forbidden Life Soul
Chapter 3404 The secret plan of the Soul Palace
Chapter 3405 The day of duel
Chapter 3406 Soul moving magic light, wind chasing magic thunder
Chapter 3407 The powerful second-level Xuanwu divine body
Chapter 3408 Three Thousand Demonic Thunder Jade
Chapter 3409 Soul-Destroying Sword, Desolation Sword Technique
Chapter 3410 In battle! Finally breakthrough!
Chapter 3411 Yama’s last trump card: bloodthirsty transformation
Chapter 3412 So powerful that it makes people despair
Chapter 3413 Death of Yama
Chapter 3414 If they touch you, I will let them die!
Chapter 3415 One man fighting in the Soul Palace!
Chapter 3416 Full combat power: Ling Xiao’s killing!
Chapter 3417 The inheritance of the Ice Emperor is so terrifying!
Chapter 3418 Hunyuan Bottle, Soul Bead
Chapter 3419 The strange black skeleton martial spirit
Chapter 3420 Explosion: Whale Hunting Thunder Gun
Chapter 3421 Death of Yan Xifeng
Chapter 3422: Destroy the entire inner palace for the beauty!
Chapter 3423 Gods and Demons Invitational Tournament
Chapter 3424 Six treasures from the Ancient Sword Imperial Mausoleum
Chapter 3425 Ming Shuang, you are so awesome!
Chapter 3426 Understanding the Soul Emperor’s inheritance
Chapter 3427 Being targeted by the Demon Eye King
Chapter 3428 The Heavenly Dynasty is coming
Chapter 3429 Confrontation outside the city gate
Chapter 3430 King of Heaven
Chapter 3431 Heavenly Sword Killing Domain
Chapter 3432 The past king is worse than a dog
Chapter 3433 War begins
Chapter 3434 The Heavenly Dynasty fled in embarrassment
Chapter 3435 Ankang Linglong Saint
Chapter 3436 City of Gods and Demons
Chapter 3437 Turbulence: Four major forces gather together
Chapter 3438 The Proud Linglong Saint
Chapter 3439 Punch the white ape and kick the barbarian girl
Chapter 3440 Blood Ax Snake Clan
Chapter 3441 Duel between Samsara God Realm Warriors
Chapter 3442 Soaring Strength
Chapter 3443 Killing the Samsara God Realm Warrior
Chapter 3444 Hostages
Chapter 3445 Abolition of cultivation!
Chapter 3446 The different choices of the Saint and the Emperor
Chapter 3447: Strike first to gain the upper hand
Chapter 3448 You want me to die? Then I will kill you first!
Chapter 3449 She Shaozong
Chapter 3450 The master of the gods and demons appears
Chapter 3451 Armor of Rules
Chapter 3452 Go ahead and commit suicide!
Chapter 3453 Crush by strength!
Chapter 3454 Demon Spirit
Chapter 3455 Ninth Level of Reincarnation God Realm: Ice Emperor Demonic Spirit
Chapter 3456 Your uncle is still your uncle!
Chapter 3457 The Emperor’s trick: Escape!
Chapter 3458 Kill Ankang!
Chapter 3459 The rising young generation
Chapter 3460 Tit for tat
Chapter 3461 The Secret of the Seven-Star War Emperor’s Inheritance
Chapter 3462 Strong Leng Mei, Domineering Xiao Jin
Chapter 3463 Destruction of the Sea Tyrant Map, Prince Zhantian
Chapter 3464 Killing the Heavenly Prince, Ling Xiao fights against the Dragon Shark King
Chapter 3465 Seven-star battle body vs. Xuanwu divine body
Chapter 3466 Almighty Warrior
Chapter 3467 Seven Star War Light
Chapter 3468 The door to breakthrough opens
Chapter 3469 Poseidon’s Wrath, Seven-Star Armor
Chapter 3470 Do you want to be my brother?
Chapter 3471 The only opponent: King Zhong
Chapter 3472 The final battle of the Gods and Demons Invitational Tournament
Chapter 3473 Ling Xiao versus King Zhong
Chapter 3474 Innate Martial Spirit
Chapter 3475 A magic gun moves Xuanwu
Chapter 3476 The Wrath of the Gun God Destroys the World
Chapter 3477 Break out! Five-color sword light
Chapter 3478 The terrifying Poseidon Technique!
Chapter 3479 Useless struggle?
Chapter 3480 Freezing moment!
Chapter 3481 Ancient Imperial Mirror
Chapter 3482 Weird Black Storm
Chapter 3483: The Sword of All Nations, the Giant Python of Cold Pond, the Demon Lord Sword
Chapter 3484 Ruining Mother Dragon’s good deeds
Chapter 3485 The Mount of the Ancient Sword Emperor
Chapter 3486 The end of the Green Zone
Chapter 3487 Violent Blood
Chapter 3488 King of the Beast Tribe, Ancient Legend
Chapter 3489 The Turtle shows its power
Chapter 3490 Sword Technique Upgrade, Cultivation Breakthrough
Chapter 3491 Cultivation of Martial Spirit
Chapter 3492 The Tragedy of She Shaozong
Chapter 3493 Duel with the Blood Ax Snake Tribe Chief
Chapter 3494 Entering the Ancient Sword Emperor’s Tomb
Chapter 3495 Bone Spirit
Chapter 3496: Behemoth Space, Eighteen to Nine
Chapter 3497 Sudden: Parasite Tribe
Chapter 3498 Kill the King of Heaven and settle the grudges
Chapter 3499 The Second Level: Kai Ling Treasure Box
Chapter 3500 Martial Soul Armor
Chapter 3501 Yuan Sheng, Split Life, Parasitism!
Chapter 3502 Ling Xiao fights against the parasite clan
Chapter 3503 Crazy Battle
Chapter 3504 Resurrected from the dead and started to fight back!
Chapter 3505 Parasitic Disaster
Chapter 3506 Killing the living being, the mysterious man appears
Chapter 3507 Yin Yang Sword Picture, God and Demon Sword Soul
Chapter 3508 Di Tuotian Swordsman Chu Ling
Chapter 3509: Kill the Revenge Leader and Destroy Yuan Sheng
Chapter 3510 Ancient Sword Emperor
Chapter 3511 Nine Transformations of Gods and Demons
Chapter 3512 The ever-changing magic weapon, the heart of gold
Chapter 3513 Encirclement: The Orcs and the Lord of Gods and Demons Appear
Chapter 3514 There are some things that cannot be tolerated!
Chapter 3515 Do you dare, take my sword!
Chapter 3516: Severely inflicted on Zilin, the orcs leave
Chapter 3517 Xuanjia Army
Chapter 3518 Blood-killing sword, provoking the Lord of Gods and Demons
Chapter 3519 Lord of the Gods and Demons, are you tired of living?
Chapter 3520 The strength explodes, the glacier turns nine
Chapter 3521 Occupying the City of Gods and Demons
Chapter 3522 The four terrifying domains
Chapter 3523 A group of eighth level warriors in the realm of reincarnation
Chapter 3524 Black Warrior
Chapter 3525 Traitor
Chapter 3526 Killing the Black Warrior
Chapter 3527 The Great Purple Mansion
Chapter 3528 Fire City
Chapter 3529 Mutated Heart of Gold
Chapter 3530 Divine Vein Realm Warrior
Chapter 3531 Ugly and bad Miss Ma
Chapter 3532 Miss Ma lost and needs compensation
Chapter 3533 Special Envoy of the Purple Mansion
Chapter 3534 Innate Golden Combat Body
Chapter 3535 Puppet Master and Enchanter
Chapter 3536 Beiming Divine Water and Divine Vein Pill
Chapter 3537 Miss Ma seeks revenge, Liu Ruhuo gets angry
Chapter 3538 The Fire Dragon Collapses
Chapter 3539 Breakthrough: Level 1 of Divine Vein Realm
Chapter 3540 Burning and Killing Liu Ruhuo
Chapter 3541 Gods and Demons Come to the World
Chapter 3542 Blood Exchange: Evil Gu Technique
Chapter 3543 Special Envoy of the Birds
Chapter 3544 Wang Yongming with a human face and a beast heart
Chapter 3545 Ling Xiao’s Fury
Chapter 3546 Almost killed Wang Yongming
Chapter 3547 The King at the Peak of King Level
Chapter 3548 Blood Gu Possession
Chapter 3549 The Heaven-defying Effect of the Heart of Gold
Chapter 3550 Breakthrough, tragedy of Wang Yongming!
Chapter 3551 Kill the special envoy of Zifu and go to Mengjiazhai
Chapter 3552 Qianshui Lake, Hydra
Chapter 3553 Destroy the Hydra, the magical Nine-Eyed Lotus
Chapter 3554 Assassination in the middle of the night, the fox’s tail is exposed
Chapter 3555 The leader of the black warriors
Chapter 3556 Fierce battle with the big boss!
Chapter 3557 Six statues appear and slay the demon heads!
Chapter 3558 Alchemy and Divine Body Breakthrough
Chapter 3559 Wanyan Main City Zifu Army
Chapter 3560 Bloody battlefield
Chapter 3561 Escort Mission
Chapter 3562 If you don’t accept it, feel free to take action!
Chapter 3563 Delicious Food Lingchu
Chapter 3564 Those who kill will always be killed!
Chapter 3565 Black Desert Army
Chapter 3566 Ziyang Pill, the second form of Nine Transformations of Gods and Demons
Chapter 3567 The Arrogant Young City Lord
Chapter 3568 Ten Wolf Kings
Chapter 3569 Battle of Black Desert Tucheng
Chapter 3570 The fisherman profited and grabbed the Ziyang Pill
Chapter 3571 Chen Feng is quite resistant
Chapter 3572 Abuse Chen Feng
Chapter 3573 Others also have imperial martial arts
Chapter 3574 Imperial Martial Skill: Wolf Shadow Cross Kill
Chapter 3575 Killing the Tenth Wolf King
Chapter 3576 Purple Spirit Capital, Millions of Purple Mansion Army
Chapter 3577 Harsh recruitment conditions
Chapter 3578 Lieutenant General Qilong, Lord Zi Qianye
Chapter 3579 Divine Ape Sun Sheng
Chapter 3580 The gathering of divine elixir realm warriors
Chapter 3581 Purple Dragon
Chapter 3582 Assassination, breakthrough!
Chapter 3583 The Weakest Person
Chapter 3584 The vulnerable waste!
Chapter 3585 Preview of the bloody battlefield
Chapter 3586 Thunder Puppet, Invisible Puppet
Chapter 3587 Harsh examiners
Chapter 3588 The reason for cheating is too weird
Chapter 3589 Blood Demon Soldier
Chapter 3590 A stunning blow: shattering the blood demon soldiers
Chapter 3591 Extreme Rating
Chapter 3592: Dissatisfied! Exposing the examiner’s hypocrisy!
Chapter 3593 Examiner’s Apology
Chapter 3594: Trick: Substitute Talisman
Chapter 3595 Fire Dragon Mark
Chapter 3596 Ninefold Demon Slaying
Chapter 3597 Fang Ming’s wishful thinking
Chapter 3598 The divine light first appears, and the demonic shadow attacks
Chapter 3599 Killing the late Tang Dynasty and achieving a breakthrough in cultivation
Chapter 3600 War Dragon Camp
Chapter 3601 Captain Lei Bao
Chapter 3602 The secret of the corps leader’s training room
Chapter 3603 Defeating Thunder Leopard
Chapter 3604 The Yin World
Chapter 3605 Evil Spirit, Blood Evil Camp, Giant Beast Skeleton
Chapter 3606 Ten times faster than the king: Enlightenment successful
Chapter 3607 Hell Zhouguang Tiger
Chapter 3608 Jiang Qing
Chapter 3609 Ling Xiao fights against Tang Chu’an
Chapter 3610 Seriously Injured Centurion
Chapter 3611 Fusion: Wrath of Black Soul
Chapter 3612 Mysterious Bow, Murderous Intent in the Jungle
Chapter 3613 The perfect battle plan
Chapter 3614 Spider Web Talisman
Chapter 3615 Purple Spirit Shield
Chapter 3616 Beast Soul Advancement, Cultivation Breakthrough
Chapter 3617 The mystery of the divine elixir realm
Chapter 3618 Tang Yi, Captain of Ten Thousands
Chapter 3619 The strength is still too weak
Chapter 3620 Bloody Gate
Chapter 3621 Before the bloody battlefield!
Chapter 3622 Death War God Dan Realm
Chapter 3623 Defeat Tang Yi and escape whole body
Chapter 3624 Thirty years is too long!
Chapter 3625 Two-Headed Hell Crocodile
Chapter 3626 Bloody Soul Stone, Meeting a Centurion
Chapter 3627 Black Flame Demonic Sword
Chapter 3628 Killing and stealing goods
Chapter 3629: Sworn Reunion: Surrounded and Killed!
Chapter 3630: Teaching the sworn party a lesson
Chapter 3631 The Legend of the Demon Palace
Chapter 3632 Demon Hall Selection Competition
Chapter 3633 The poor little kid
Chapter 3634 Ninja warriors: Kazekage, Raikage, Naruto
Chapter 3635 Hell Rock Monster
Chapter 3636 Deathly Treasure
Chapter 3637 Illusion Talisman
Chapter 3638 The anger of both humans and gods
Chapter 3639 Zombie Cave: Door of Poison, Door of Fire
Chapter 3640 Will-o'-the-wisp zombies, ghost lice
Chapter 3641 Will-o'-the-Wisp Zombie King
Chapter 3642: Burning Corpse in Fierce Fire, Breakthrough in Cultivation
Chapter 3643 Seven people broke into the zombie lair
Chapter 3644 Dafeng’s strength surges again!
Chapter 3645 Amber Green Dragon
Chapter 3646 Imperial Level 2 Soul Technique, Ancient City
Chapter 3647: Scheme against each other
Chapter 3648 Ancient City Treasure House
Chapter 3649 Kill the Hell Rock Monster!
Chapter 3650 The bloody current in the fossil
Chapter 3651 Plotting against Heiyu
Chapter 3652 Final reward: Divine Pill!
Chapter 3653 Tolerance Gang of One Hundred People
Chapter 3654 Bloody Thunder God
Chapter 3655 Underworld
Chapter 3656 Rebirth from the Fire, Gate of Hell
Chapter 3657 Emperor Level 2: Hundred-Step Divine Fist
Chapter 3658 Seriously Injured at the Second Level of the Divine Pill Realm
Chapter 3659 The Test of the Nine-Life Flower
Chapter 3660 Ling Xiao is back!
Chapter 3661 Deserve a beating
Chapter 3662 The Lord’s Mansion
Chapter 3663 Yu Qilong’s murderous intention
Chapter 3664 Refining the Nine Life Pill
Chapter 3665 National Budokai
Chapter 3666 Evil Sword: Bloody Yang World
Chapter 3667 Blood Shadow Sword Technique
Chapter 3668 The female devil: Nie Shuang
Chapter 3669 Blood Yang Meridian
Chapter 3670 Blood Sword Lord Xueyang
Chapter 3671 The grand party begins
Chapter 3672 Popular Champion
Chapter 3673 Phantom Array: One person versus ten thousand
Chapter 3674: Give up and avoid the physical pain!
Chapter 3675 Boots of Galloping
Chapter 3676 The Power of the Ancestors
Chapter 3677 Sword Master Bahuang VS Eight Swords in One
Chapter 3678 Two weirdos: relying on oneself and relying on grandpa
Chapter 3679 A strange victory
Chapter 3680 Kill Tang Bing without giving the lieutenant general any face!
Chapter 3681 God destroys purgatory, demon locks the void
Chapter 3682 Nine Swords in One VS God of War Sword Formation
Chapter 3683: Giving up? Thinking too much!
Chapter 3684 The Great Success of Water Pill: Breaking through the Half-Step Divine Pill Realm
Chapter 3685 Death of Nie Shuang
Chapter 3686 The Call of the Dark Soul
Chapter 3687 Champion, siblings, face!
Chapter 3688 The Miraculous Blood Yang Meridian
Chapter 3689: Burning Sky Realm, Insect Gu among Flowers
Chapter 3690 The key to breakthrough: Xuan Ming Grass!
Chapter 3691 Ling Xiao’s killing plan!
Chapter 3692 Mission Tower, Xuanming Valley
Chapter 3693 Bloodthirsty General, Ghost Exploration Station
Chapter 3694 Infectious Disease, Isolation Zone, Cause of Death
Chapter 3695 Ghost in the Night
Chapter 3696 The Resurrected Exploration Captain
Chapter 3697 The Bloodthirsty General’s Lair
Chapter 3698 Bloodthirsty Demon Cave
Chapter 3699 Altar, Blood Pool, Traitor, Demon General
Chapter 3700 Condensing Blood Pill: The realm of condensing pill is perfect!
Chapter 3701 Corpse poison, Hell Hydra
Chapter 3702 You are not qualified to negotiate terms with me!
Chapter 3703 Blackmailing the Bloodthirsty Demon General
Chapter 3704 Major General Nie Feng’s Difficulties
Chapter 3705: How can I fight if I can’t even touch it?
Chapter 3706 Upgrade Talisman, Hanyue Bloodthirsty
Chapter 3707 Killing Yuan Chong reveals clues to the truth
Chapter 3708 Self-explosion inner elixir
Chapter 3709 Xueyang River, giant ship
Chapter 3710 The trouble caused by the storage ring
Chapter 3711 There are some people you can’t afford to offend!
Chapter 3712 Terrible woman: Yang Shuyi!
Chapter 3713: Riding a dragon to become a son-in-law
Chapter 3714 Let’s go to Ziling Country together!
Chapter 3715 What the master refines is garbage!
Chapter 3716 Purple Dragon’s whereabouts, strong reinforcements join
Chapter 3717 Purple Thousand Pages Gu
Chapter 3718 The conspiracy is exposed and Ling Xiao returns
Chapter 3719 General of the Purple Mansion Army Hua
Chapter 3720 Make the general lose his temper!
Chapter 3721 Weird breakthrough
Chapter 3722: Brothers and sisters are of the same mind, and they are more powerful than gold
Chapter 3723 The Menacing Masters of the Zi Family
Chapter 3724: You don’t want to be the head of the family?
Chapter 3725 Don’t mess with me!
Chapter 3726 Desperate Yu Qilong
Chapter 3727 Cruel character!
Chapter 3728 Open the ban!
Chapter 3729 It’s mine, it’s still mine after all!
Chapter 3730 Evil Ghost
Chapter 3731 Killing Game
Chapter 3732 Kill Feng Tian and rescue Zilong
Chapter 3733 Ambush Nie Feng, Trap the Dragon Talisman
Chapter 3734 Blood Spear Demon Slaying Technique, Body of Wild Beast
Chapter 3735 Fargo
Chapter 3736 The divine pill defeats the copper pill and kills Nie Feng!
Chapter 3737 The Secret of the Blood Lord Armor
Chapter 3738 I am your third uncle!
Chapter 3739 Fishing and Hunting
Chapter 3740 The person with the highest killing points
Chapter 3741 Pig teammates?
Chapter 3742 Encounter with Yu Qilong
Chapter 3743 Dangerous Gu Insects
Chapter 3744 King of Gu, Hundred-Eyed Centipede
Chapter 3745 Hundred Eyes Field
Chapter 3746 Gu King Kill VS Phantom Kill
Chapter 3747 Ten Thousand Snakes!
Chapter 3748 Return to the Ruin with Furious Killing!
Chapter 3749 Last hit!
Chapter 3750 Who is number one?
Chapter 3751 The last resting place
Chapter 3752 Death Wail Game
Chapter 3753 Blood Demon Seal, Killing the Nine Heavens
Chapter 3754 Mysterious Ancient Martial Arts
Chapter 3755 A disaster more terrifying than traps
Chapter 3756 The Way of Killing
Chapter 3757 Are you in a hurry to die?
Chapter 3758 Brutal torture of Yu Hao!
Chapter 3759 What kind of monster is this guy!
Chapter 3760 Horrible hallucination
Chapter 3761 The skeleton on the throne!
Chapter 3762 First: Game over!
Chapter 3763 The biggest winner!
Chapter 3764 Dongsheng Guhuang
Chapter 3765 Competing with the Blood Sword Lord
Chapter 3766 Taikou Dao
Chapter 3767 Love is born from the heart, the soul sea world
Chapter 3768 Ling Xiao versus Blood Sword Lord?
Chapter 3769 Bloody Clone Kill
Chapter 3770 I want to fight ten!
Chapter 3771 Bloodtooth Beast
Chapter 3772 Bloodthirsty Demon Realm, Summon the Demon!
Chapter 3773 The opportunity to kill the Blood Sword Lord
Chapter 3774 Dongsheng Emperor Ring
Chapter 3775 Ten Thousand Heroic Spirit Army
Chapter 3776 Four Realms and Nine Heavens, Conquer the Two Swords!
Chapter 3777 Ancient Emperor Dongsheng’s last gift
Chapter 3778 Seizing the She Dan
Chapter 3779 Evacuation Plan
Chapter 3780 The Blood Sword Lord is really useless!
Chapter 3781 Death of Yu Hua
Chapter 3782 The Sky-Destroying Sword Demon: Ancient Fenghua
Chapter 3783 Half-demon city: Bloodthirsty Sect
Chapter 3784 The Decline of Shengtian Sect
Chapter 3785 With me, you don’t need to be bullied anymore!
Chapter 3786 Donghuang Demon-Slaying Formation
Chapter 3787 Demon Contractor: Sheng Bule
Chapter 3788 Destroy the demon and subdue Sheng Bule
Chapter 3789: Luoxia Sect, Lion Roar Sect, Vampire Sect
Chapter 3790 The Supreme Sect Leader
Chapter 3791 Martial Spirit: Donghuang Taiyi!
Chapter 3792 Bitch!
Chapter 3793 A life and death showdown between geniuses!
Chapter 3794 Death of Lin Xiaoqian!
Chapter 3795 Either surrender or die!
Chapter 3796 Killing the Young Master of Luoxia Sect
Chapter 3797 Three major forces besiege Shengtian Sect
Chapter 3798 A sword seriously injured the mad lion
Chapter 3799 Golden Seal, Golden Thunder!
Chapter 3800 Killing the Seven Masters (1)
Chapter 3801 Killing the Seven Masters (2)
Chapter 3802 Bloodthirsty Jungle: Terrible Bloodthirsty Demon
Chapter 3803 I like you, you don’t have to die!
Chapter 3804 The conditions for practicing the Blood Demon Seal
Chapter 3805 Purple Spirit City: City of Zombies
Chapter 3806 The most terrifying enemy
Chapter 3807 Yu Qilong chased to the half-demon city
Chapter 3808 Human Demon
Chapter 3809 Picking up the leak: The bloodthirsty demon king is so angry
Chapter 3810 Blood Demon Seal Advances to God Demon Seal!
Chapter 3811 The trapped dragon talisman of the heavenly king's weapon level
Chapter 3812 A battle of great disparity: Bronze Core Realm vs. Golden Core Realm
Chapter 3813 How terrifying! The seal of gods and demons appears!
Chapter 3814 Immortal Sword Body VS God and Demon Sword Domain
Chapter 3815 The leader of the Bloodthirsty Sect was tricked
Chapter 3816 Breakthrough in cultivation and return to Ziling Kingdom!
Chapter 3817 The End of the Lord’s Mansion
Chapter 3818: Glacier funeral, millions of corpses buried
Chapter 3819 I will let you know what regret is!
Chapter 3820 Killing Zilan, intercepted and killed by Yu Zhen
Chapter 3821 Entering Taoyuan City by mistake
Chapter 3822: Strong folk customs and disasters caused by water bandits
Chapter 3823 Taoyuan Treasure
Chapter 3824 The Legend of the God of Thieves
Chapter 3825 Cooperating with water bandits
Chapter 3826 The mantis stalks the cicada, the oriole follows behind
Chapter 3827 The terrifying trap
Chapter 3828 Four forces gathered in the secret cave
Chapter 3829 Treasure Hunt: Thousand Machine Hands
Chapter 3830 The Four Treasures of the God of Thieves!
Chapter 3831 Conquering the Three Color Hot Wheels
Chapter 3832 Falling Plum Blossoms and Clear Shadow Steps
Chapter 3833 The God of Thieves’ Plot
Chapter 3834: Strength surges, leaving Taohua Bay
Chapter 3835 Yu Zhen’s Thunder Sword Body
Chapter 3836 The World-Destroying Divine Thunder Sword VS Three Divine Dragons!
Chapter 3837 Gu Fenghua’s greed
Chapter 3838 Looking into the dream mirror: Yue Fanghua reappears
Chapter 3839 Zifu Royal Capital, here I come!
Chapter 3840 Zi Qianye trapped in the underworld of Zi Mansion
Chapter 3841 Public Execution
Chapter 3842 Yue Fanghua escapes, Ling Xiao goes to the royal capital again
Chapter 3843 The net of heaven and earth is waiting for Ling Xiao
Chapter 3844 One person fights against the great power of Zifu!
Chapter 3845 The execution ground turns into a killing field!
Chapter 3846 Ling Xiao is missing?
Chapter 3847 Obtain the treasure and then destroy the general!
Chapter 3848: Walk the King, Walk the Marshal, Walk the General!
Chapter 3849: Witch, do you dare to challenge me?
Chapter 3850 The way to improve your life
Chapter 3851 Ten moves have passed, reborn from the ashes!
Chapter 3852 Qingmoxue’s most powerful attack!
Chapter 3853 Death of the Death Witch!
Chapter 3854 The choice given by Gu Fenghua
Chapter 3855 Blood Thunder Bull Demon
Chapter 3856 Conquering the higher souls!
Chapter 3857 The terrifying power of the Blood Thunder Bull Demon!
Chapter 3858 The only one who was beaten was the young master of the inner alchemy.
Chapter 3859 The Destruction of the Savage Legion (1)
Chapter 3860 The Destruction of the Savage Legion (2)
Chapter 3861 Demon Relics
Chapter 3862 The Heaven Swallowing Technique
Chapter 3863 Mountain-like demon skeleton!
Chapter 3864 Heavenly Demon Grass, Heavenly Demon Marrow!
Chapter 3865 The power of the devil!
Chapter 3866 Refining the Demon Skeleton!
Chapter 3867 Fairy descends from the sky, the shock of ancient grace
Chapter 3868 Seeing through the scam and following the Zifu Army
Chapter 3869 Senluo Sword Formation, Xuan Lei Armor
Chapter 3870: Anger turns beauty into beauty!
Chapter 3871 The Blessing of the Water God
Chapter 3872 Possession by Tyrant
Chapter 3873 The sudden superpower
Chapter 3874 Can’t escape!
Chapter 3875 The power of the sea demon
Chapter 3876 I won’t lose to you in a battle of wits and courage!
Chapter 3877 Poseidon’s Body
Chapter 3878 The Soul of the Dragon Mother
Chapter 3879 Emperor Dongsheng comes in person
Chapter 3880 The emperor has to run away with his tail between his legs!
Chapter 3881 Recovery: I will never let you down in this life!
Chapter 3882 Target: Western Heaven Power
Chapter 3883 Royal Power and Destiny
Chapter 3884 One Queen and Four Emperors
Chapter 3885 Twelve Beast Divine Techniques
Chapter 3886 Encounter with Ming Shuang, the Young Lion Shaobao
Chapter 3887 The Royal Capital in the Blizzard
Chapter 3888 Fairy Xue Wushuang
Chapter 3889 What a horrible way to die!
Chapter 3890 Select ten people out of one hundred thousand people
Chapter 3891 Magical Hot Wheels
Chapter 3892: One punch to blast Feixue Wushuang
Chapter 3893 The bitter cold test
Chapter 3894 Are you outraged?
Chapter 3895 Ling Xiao is the weakest?
Chapter 3896: Defeat the enemy with one move: no one dares to underestimate him anymore!
Chapter 3897 The unkillable monster!
Chapter 3898 The terrifying immortality
Chapter 3899 Leave no one behind!
Chapter 3900 Whose poison is stronger!
Chapter 3901: Kill Poison Jiuye!
Chapter 3902 Return to the divine elixir realm!
Chapter 3903 General Wolf
Chapter 3904 Who is the mentor?
Chapter 3905 Young Master Lion, you idiot!
Chapter 3906 Soul Princess, Ling Xiao’s Test
Chapter 3907 The Master of General Wolf
Chapter 3908 Xueyue Beast Master
Chapter 3909 Sword Master
Chapter 3910 Don’t waste a good seedling!
Chapter 3911 Fire Lord
Chapter 3912 Sword Mountain Sting
Chapter 3913 Who do you think is a waste?
Chapter 3914 Sword Mountain Grass
Chapter 3915 Kill! Leave no one behind!
Chapter 3916 Peak Sword Intent, another breakthrough in cultivation!
Chapter 3917 Longjian Mountain seeking death
Chapter 3918 Provocation from Xueyang Palace
Chapter 3919 Beat up Yuan Hai!
Chapter 3920 The last one crushes the first one!
Chapter 3921 This Ling Xiao is not easy to mess with!
Chapter 3922 Dangerous secret realm!
Chapter 3923: Cannibal Mural (1)
Chapter 3924 Cannibal Mural (2)
Chapter 3925 Battle of Revenge
Chapter 3926 Killing Three Eyes, Ling Xiao returns!
Chapter 3927 The evildoer complains first
Chapter 3928 Fierce Battle at Xueyang Palace and Moon Demon Palace
Chapter 3929 Moon Slaughter Demon Palace
Chapter 3930 You are not worthy of convicting me!
Chapter 3931 Sect Relics
Chapter 3932 Skeleton Strong Man
Chapter 3933 The Great Country with Hidden Swords
Chapter 3934 Reborn
Chapter 3935 Women are not inferior to men
Chapter 3936 Ghost Soul Bead, the Power of Blood Clothes
Chapter 3937 Ghost Apostle, Blood Net Strangulation
Chapter 3938 The self-righteous ice mystery
Chapter 3939 Ice Goddess
Chapter 3940 If you don’t hand over the treasure, you will be killed!
Chapter 3941 Peak Ice Will
Chapter 3942 Mysterious Martial Spirit
Chapter 3943 Dream Crystal The Art of Dreams
Chapter 3944 Peak Showdown
Chapter 3945 Dragon Whip
Chapter 3946 Blood Refining
Chapter 3947 Ao Fei
Chapter 3948 Earth Blade
Chapter 3949 The strong join forces to seize the treasure
Chapter 3950 Phoenix Blood
Chapter 3951: The Death of Feng Qianqian
Chapter 3952 Guidance from the Lord of the Secret Realm
Chapter 3953 Bloodthirsty Portal
Chapter 3954 Huangquan River
Chapter 3955 Sword Soul Hall
Chapter 3956 Divine Ice Crystal
Chapter 3957 The unlucky Hun Mie Zhong
Chapter 3958 The Lord of the Refining Secret Realm
Chapter 3959 Control the secret realm!
Chapter 3960 The Secret to Killing Ice
Chapter 3961 Battle Soul City
Chapter 3962: Red Fire Patriarch, Qinglian Sword Girl, Zhao Fengyun
Chapter 3963 A little spiritual stone stumps the heroic man
Chapter 3964 The Mysterious Golden City
Chapter 3965 Long Knife Gang
Chapter 3966 Eradicate the scum!
Chapter 3967 The Favor of the Green Lotus Sword Girl
Chapter 3968 Ten thousand people from the Long Sword Gang attack
Chapter 3969 Mysterious secret method, flowers bloom in an instant!
Chapter 3970 Kill those scumbags!
Chapter 3971 Qinglian Sword Girl’s Invitation to Battle
Chapter 3972 Join the Holy City of Fighting Souls!
Chapter 3973 Kill Butler Bai!
Chapter 3974 Disciples of the Holy Lord
Chapter 3975 Recruiting a new palace, the city lord is here!
Chapter 3976 Accidentally became the focus again!
Chapter 3977 Battle Soul Breaking Heaven Sword
Chapter 3978: Be your disciple? You don’t deserve it!
Chapter 3979 Long-lost enemy: Di Tuotian!
Chapter 3980 War Soul Valley
Chapter 3981 The blind leader!
Chapter 3982 Jasmine and Rose were injured!
Chapter 3983 Zhang Ruofeng, a disciple of the Holy Lord
Chapter 3984 Destroyed the Holy Lord’s invitation!
Chapter 3985 Kill Chen Hao, domineering and crazy!
Chapter 3986 The disciples of the Holy Lord will be killed without fail!
Chapter 3987 The Lord of Flower City suddenly appears!
Chapter 3988 Tie Yu in the Palace of Criminal Law
Chapter 3989 Black Sword Snake
Chapter 3990 Ghost Dragon Slash
Chapter 3991 I’m so angry!
Chapter 3992 Dihua Rejuvenation Pill!
Chapter 3993 Nine Yang Refining Pill
Chapter 3994: Queuing up to die?
Chapter 3995: Interception in the Palace of Criminal Law
Chapter 3996 Criminal Law Guard Shi Yong, the battle between swords!
Chapter 3997 The consequences of underestimating Ling Xiao!
Chapter 3998 The threat hidden in the dark
Chapter 3999 The Xinglu Palace is completely destroyed!
Chapter 4000 The Secret of Flowers
Chapter 4001 Ugly possessed transformation!
Chapter 4002 The Seal of the Ogre!
Chapter 4003 Killing Hua Fei
Chapter 4004 The Test of the Golden City
Chapter 4005: Being envied and ridiculed by others!
Chapter 4006 He comes from the Holy Land of Heaven!
Chapter 4007 Big River Bandit!
Chapter 4008 Parchment Scrolls and the North Wind Power
Chapter 4009 Golden Divine Code
Chapter 4010 Zhu Xiaohan
Chapter 4011 Di Ying leaves, triggering an accident!
Chapter 4012 The ambush of the big river bandits!
Chapter 4013: A great person needs to make the last move!
Chapter 4014 One person destroys the big river bandit!
Chapter 4015 Honoring the River God
Chapter 4016 Spy Ghost Li
Chapter 4017 Fell into a trap!
Chapter 4018 Catching a turtle in a urn!
Chapter 4019 The disciples of the Holy Lord have embarrassed the Holy City!
Chapter 4020 You want to trap me even if you break the cage?
Chapter 4021 Kill the great river bandit general!
Chapter 4022 Sixth Master Yun Shangcai
Chapter 4023 Donghuang elites appear!
Chapter 4024 The disciples of the Holy Lord must also kneel!
Chapter 4025 A little plan
Chapter 4026 The puppets of the Sixth Master!
Chapter 4027 Invincible defense, violent fist!
Chapter 4028 Yun Shangcai’s weird weapon!
Chapter 4029 Divine Armor
Chapter 4030 Finally a breakthrough!
Chapter 4031 Kill the Sixth Master!
Chapter 4032 She comes from the devil!
Chapter 4033 Chi Yaoguang
Chapter 4034 The power of Biluo Huangquan joining forces
Chapter 4035 I’m going to explode my inner elixir!
Chapter 4036 A shocking reversal!
Chapter 4037 The fierce appearance is revealed!
Chapter 4038 Sky Eagle Protection Technique
Chapter 4039 An unbreakable defense?
Chapter 4040 Compare your true energy with me?
Chapter 4041 Kill Di Ying!
Chapter 4042 The small world of the River God Festival
Chapter 4043 Descendants of the Ancient Nian Beast
Chapter 4044 Sneaking into the lair of the great river pirate
Chapter 4045 The real boss of the Great River Pirates!
Chapter 4046 How can you, a beast, be worthy of being my brother!
Chapter 4047 The boss takes action!
Chapter 4048 The witty Yun Qiao
Chapter 4049 Dahe Star
Chapter 4050 Counterattack!
Chapter 4051 Qinglian Sword Qi
Chapter 4052 Your grandfather is my master!
Chapter 4053 Three more big backers!
Chapter 4054 The first drop of blood!
Chapter 4055 Blood Knife and Eagle Claw!
Chapter 4056 Encountering Yunfeng
Chapter 4057: Practicing the Twelve Beast Divine Techniques
Chapter 4058 The Beast God of Blood and Killing!
Chapter 4059: Mastering magical skills and achieving a breakthrough in cultivation!
Chapter 4060 The mysterious sixteen golden-robed men
Chapter 4061 Dark Firebird
Chapter 4062 The lethality of the Red Blood Sky Rat!
Chapter 4063 Return to River City!
Chapter 4064 The disobedient Yun Qiao is back again
Chapter 4065 Death of Blood Eagle
Chapter 4066 Nine Heavens Ice Dragon
Chapter 4067 A strong man can’t win even if he beats a child!
Chapter 4068 The collision of the strongest martial arts!
Chapter 4069 Death of Yunfeng!
Chapter 4070 Blood Pool Monster Liu Qingmang!
Chapter 4071 The number one person in the Holy City of Fighting Spirits
Chapter 4072 Temple Martial Spirit
Chapter 4073 Blood Temple!
Chapter 4074 Bloody Knight!
Chapter 4075 Seed of Light
Chapter 4076 Who is the hero?
Chapter 4077 The Sword Soul Holy City is here to cause trouble!
Chapter 4078 Di Tuotian, shut up!
Chapter 4079 The miserable Xingluwei!
Chapter 4080: Treat others like trash!
Chapter 4081 Death of Koi!
Chapter 4082 Di Tuotian is going to attack Ling Xiao!
Chapter 4083 Battle Soul Array
Chapter 4084 Golden Sword Soul, Red Gold Sword!
Chapter 4085: Use all your strength to fight against the strong!
Chapter 4086 Golden Light Divine Realm, Meteoric Sword!
Chapter 4087 The galaxy falls and the blood rat swallows the sky!
Chapter 4088 This account should be settled!
Chapter 4089 Burn and kill Di Tuotian!
Chapter 4090 The first person in eternity!
Chapter 4091 Rewards from the Golden City
Chapter 4092 The mysterious eternal desert!
Chapter 4093 Fengdu Demon Kingdom
Chapter 4094 The Position of the Demon Lord
Chapter 4095 The sister who was taken away!
Chapter 4096 Maybe the enemy is the Demon Lord!
Chapter 4097 The end of the Chi family
Chapter 4098 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 4099 Is your Yu family amazing?
Chapter 4100 The power of Chi Niming’s sword!
Chapter 4101 Blood Transformation Palm
Chapter 4102 Dark Explosion!
Chapter 4103 Demon Epiphyllum
Chapter 4104 What a arrogant Yu family warrior!
Chapter 4105 Demon Fist or Kitten Fist?
Chapter 4106 I told you earlier, don’t seek death!
Chapter 4107: Burial at sea, burial in the sky!
Chapter 4108 Heavenly Eye
Chapter 4109 It’s all the spirit stone’s fault!
Chapter 4110 Ghost Sword
Chapter 4111 Fierce place!
Chapter 4112 Fengdu Demon Tiger, Poisonous Jungle!
Chapter 4113 Shadowless Spider
Chapter 4114 Four jars of divine wine!
Chapter 4115 The Heaven-Covering Palm!
Chapter 4116 Black Pearl
Chapter 4117: With a blow that covers the sky, the Shadowless Spider Queen dies!
Chapter 4118 The Puppet City built by the Demon Emperor!
Chapter 4119 Divine King Flying Sword Talisman
Chapter 4120 Red Robe Teaching Yuan Ye
Chapter 4121 Senluo Ghost Claw
Chapter 4122 Damn Yu Changzong!
Chapter 4123 Flying Flame Lion
Chapter 4124 The war of geniuses!
Chapter 4125 Those who engage in internal strife will die!
Chapter 4126 Fighting the Flying Flame Lion Alone!
Chapter 4127 The strongest support!
Chapter 4128 The last hope: Ling Xiao!
Chapter 4129 Thunder Mountain
Chapter 4130 Demon Thunder Jade
Chapter 4131 Kill Yu Changzong, the Heaven-capturing Demon Thunder Jade!
Chapter 4132 The genius of man and demon, the scholar in white!
Chapter 4133 The Demon-Suppressing Black Blood Bead!
Chapter 4134 Nine Yin Gu Demon!
Chapter 4135 The Demonic Soul Sound!
Chapter 4136 The Nest of Humans and Demons?
Chapter 4137 Golin Demon!
Chapter 4138: Magic Red Pill, Flying Knife Hidden, Ziyuan Heiman
Chapter 4139 Demon Black Blood Pill
Chapter 4140 One-on-one with Ziyuan!
Chapter 4141 Kill Ziyuan and destroy all demons!
Chapter 4142 The Demon King appears!
Chapter 4143 The man who rebels against fate, the sword that breaks the sky!
Chapter 4144 White Jade Nine Refined Demonic Light
Chapter 4145 The seven demon flames kill Yang Qu!
Chapter 4146 Evolved Monster: Man-Eating Bee!
Chapter 4147 Your hell, my heaven!
Chapter 4148 Ghost Sword: People are ruthless and don’t talk much!
Chapter 4149 Cooperation, Thunder Demon Clan!
Chapter 4150 Hanging corpse!
Chapter 4151 Cat Demon!
Chapter 4152 The Thunder Demon's lair is surrounded and killed!
Chapter 4153 The miserable snake demon!
Chapter 4154 Transformation: Savage Battle of Beast Transformation!
Chapter 4155 Evolution: The big hand seal that covers the sky!
Chapter 4156 The plan of the demon
Chapter 4157: Insidious bloody speed, coward Yuan Meng!
Chapter 4158 If you are a man, you can’t bear it!
Chapter 4159 Two gods fighting two demons!
Chapter 4160 Blood-destroying gallop! Cultivation breakthrough!
Chapter 4161 Finally saw Tian Mo Tan
Chapter 4162 I dare not kill the Yu family?
Chapter 4163 The loyalty of allies!
Chapter 4164: Destroy the Green Seat and shock the heroes!
Chapter 4165 The barrier is broken, fighting for the treasure!
Chapter 4166 The Demon King appears!
Chapter 4167: Drive away the human demon king!
Chapter 4168 The Demonic Array!
Chapter 4169 The Soul of the Wild Thunder Green Tree!
Chapter 4170 The cunning demon!
Chapter 4171 The Yin Demon King!
Chapter 4172 Hunting demons and cultivating trolls!
Chapter 4173 The most suitable battlefield for Ling Xiao!
Chapter 4174 Rescue!
Chapter 4175 Kill five hundred demons!
Chapter 4176 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 4177 Aries Unparalleled Seal!
Chapter 4178 The Savage Ancestor and the Demon Emperor!
Chapter 4179 The cold Eternal Emperor
Chapter 4180 Kill Yu Chen and kill the devil!
Chapter 4181 Controlling Tianmotan
Chapter 4182 Battle in the Divine Body Realm!
Chapter 4183 Dapeng Beast Lord
Chapter 4184 The direct disciple of the ancestor of the wilderness!
Chapter 4185 Demon
Chapter 4186 This revenge must be avenged!
Chapter 4187 Looking for medicine!
Chapter 4188 The Yu family’s alchemy conference!
Chapter 4189 You can meet mad dogs everywhere!
Chapter 4190 My troll!
Chapter 4191 Cartilage!
Chapter 4192 Immortal fire burns the leader!
Chapter 4193 The vicious Demon Lord!
Chapter 4194 Smelting the Soul of the Demon Lord!
Chapter 4195 Baohe Hall
Chapter 4196 Alchemist Green Ling
Chapter 4197 Preliminary Selection
Chapter 4198 Worst grade?
Chapter 4199 The best answer sheet!
Chapter 4200 The leader of Luluo Sect is about to recruit disciples!
Chapter 4201 Disciple of the Fire King?
Chapter 4202 Yu Luan’s shock!
Chapter 4203 The dove takes over the magpie’s nest?
Chapter 4204 Yu Zhan’s anger!
Chapter 4205 Kill Yu Zhan in front of the Yu family!
Chapter 4206 The alchemy conference begins!
Chapter 4207 The trap in the assessment!
Chapter 4208 Melting Water Flame!
Chapter 4209 The final trap!
Chapter 4210 Whose elixir is the most perfect?
Chapter 4211 The second round of assessment is a little weird!
Chapter 4212 The bet with the Fire King!
Chapter 4213 Pure Fire Alchemy, the Art of God!
Chapter 4214 I am willing to admit defeat!
Chapter 4215 Fire King: I fell into this kid’s trap!
Chapter 4216 Five Elements Body Tempering Pill!
Chapter 4217 Ling Xiao is in trouble!
Chapter 4218 The Imperial Weapon is stronger than the Heavenly King’s Weapon!
Chapter 4219 Black and white fairy fire!
Chapter 4220 He actually took the elixir!
Chapter 4221 The championship belongs to me!
Chapter 4222 The Red Flame of the Sun appears!
Chapter 4223 Level 4 elixir: Yin and Yang Reconciliation Pill!
Chapter 4224 On-site drug testing!
Chapter 4225 Ling Xiao’s madness!
Chapter 4226 How dare a fool come to provoke you?
Chapter 4227 Almost all the experts from the Yu family came out!
Chapter 4228 Yu Wentian is looking for trouble!
Chapter 4229 I’m so arrogant, why?
Chapter 4230 Unacceptable conditions for cooperation!
Chapter 4231 Is there anyone left in the Yu family?
Chapter 4232 It’s no use having too many people!
Chapter 4233 So what if I give you three moves!
Chapter 4234 Three moves have passed, you can lose!
Chapter 4235 The Righteous Ghost Sword
Chapter 4236 The Sky-Breaking Demon King!
Chapter 4237 The felon who escaped from the Golden City!
Chapter 4238 The most difficult and cunning opponent!
Chapter 4239 Ling Xiao can also play dirty tricks!
Chapter 4240 Kill Yu Biao!
Chapter 4241 Twenty-three Dragon Subduing Swords
Chapter 4242 Yu Dingtian’s insidious plan!
Chapter 4243 Shining Holy Light Tiger!
Chapter 4244 Your forbidden area is so nice!
Chapter 4245 Tiangang Earthly Demon Subduing Array
Chapter 4246 Setting up the arena at Yu’s house!
Chapter 4247 Will-o'-the-wisp Chen Zhou!
Chapter 4248 I am the invincible below the Tiandan realm!
Chapter 4249 Undefeated Challenge!
Chapter 4250 The heinous crime: killing the tiger!
Chapter 4251 Who is the strongest below the Tiandan realm!
Chapter 4252: Drive Tuhu underground!
Chapter 4253 The true face of Tuhu!
Chapter 4254 Luomei Qingying Step VS Nine Heavens Wind Control Technique!
Chapter 4255 Sha Tuhu: My trump card is better than yours!
Chapter 4256 Kill the Sheep Battle with one move!
Chapter 4257 Yu Qiong’s challenge!
Chapter 4258 The Fire King fights against the head of the Yang family!
Chapter 4259 Demonic Shadow Sword Body!
Chapter 4260 This is the power of the ultimate realm of Dan!
Chapter 4261 The frustrated Yu Qiong!
Chapter 4262 The Demonic Sword Roars Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 4263 The Demon’s Big Hand Seal!
Chapter 4264 The crucial battle in half a month!
Chapter 4265 Demon Lord City
Chapter 4266 The Resurrected Human Demon King!
Chapter 4267 The most thrilling selection battle!
Chapter 4268 Blood Spirit Cult: Nebula!
Chapter 4269 Ling Xiao’s first battle!
Chapter 4270: Give up, you will lose!
Chapter 4271 Kill Yu Qiong and establish your reputation!
Chapter 4272 I don’t want you to lose too badly!
Chapter 4273 One punch! Liu Yu is defeated!
Chapter 4274 Flowing Water Knife Technique!
Chapter 4275 The critical attack of water and fire!
Chapter 4276 Ling Xiao’s winning streak!
Chapter 4277 Great disparity in cultivation: Ling Xiao versus Shen Dao!
Chapter 4278 Defeat Shen Dao, Jian Wuwu invites a battle!
Chapter 4279 A huge avalanche!
Chapter 4280 The knockout round is over, swallowing the demonic energy!
Chapter 4281 A hundred-foot-long demonic shadow, the demonic shadow transforms into an emperor!
Chapter 4282 Ling Xiao became a piece of fat!
Chapter 4283 The troll shows its power and defeats the green flames!
Chapter 4284 Ling Xiao is so fat!
Chapter 4285: Killing Yu Luo in anger for beauty!
Chapter 4286 Huo Lingzi battles Chi Ni Ming!
Chapter 4287 The duel between knives and swords!
Chapter 4288 Yu Qiren versus Ling Jiaojiao!
Chapter 4289 Yu Nu’s Demonic Eyes!
Chapter 4290 I can see through your actions in seven seconds!
Chapter 4291 Nemesis!
Chapter 4292 The real fighting master!
Chapter 4293 The battle for third place on the Heavenly List!
Chapter 4294 The heart of revenge!
Chapter 4295 Completely Devouring Tian Motan
Chapter 4296 The Human Demon King fights Ling Xiao!
Chapter 4297 The gap in martial arts levels!
Chapter 4298 A battle like a madman!
Chapter 4299 The Devouring Demon King!
Chapter 4300 The Yu family’s plan begins to be implemented!
Chapter 4301 Kill Yu Wentian and Yu Dingtian!
Chapter 4302 Yin and Yang twin ghosts!
Chapter 4303 Warrior in the God of War Body Realm!
Chapter 4304 Nine-Headed Giant Monster!
Chapter 4305: The human soul is united, a powerful punch!
Chapter 4306 Haitian Heidi! Deep Sea Dragon Territory intervenes!
Chapter 4307 Divine Essence!
Chapter 4308 Identity exposed? Martial spirit exposed?
Chapter 4309 Suppressing two powerful men in the divine body realm!
Chapter 4310 Destroy the enemy!
Chapter 4311 The dust has settled and the devil is gone!
Chapter 4312 Has the Holy Lord of the Holy City of War Souls been replaced?
Chapter 4313 The new Holy Lord raises an army to investigate the crime!
Chapter 4314 Kill Zhang Wu and establish a new Holy Lord!
Chapter 4315: Three Thousand Number One, the Holy City of Discipline!
Chapter 4316 The Avengers of Sword Soul Holy City!
Chapter 4317 The powerful Koi King!
Chapter 4318 Kill the Koi King, Zhao Fengyun returns!
Chapter 4319 His Majesty the Emperor of Heaven is acting like a monster again!
Chapter 4320 The old guys are kind and loyal!
Chapter 4321 This choice will benefit you for life!
Chapter 4322 Leng Qiuyan and her dog come to cause trouble!
Chapter 4323 Monkey Sai Lei fights six hundred dead soldiers!
Chapter 4324 Even the Holy City of Discipline doesn’t give you face!
Chapter 4325 The life and death battle between Ling Xiao and Leng Qiuyan!
Chapter 4326 A heart-piercing sword!
Chapter 4327 Flying Sword Storm!
Chapter 4328 Is your trump card limited to this?
Chapter 4329 The death of Monkey Sai Lei makes Leng Qiuyan despair!
Chapter 4330: Not satisfied with killing Leng Qiuyan?
Chapter 4331 Holy Lord? The level is too low!
Chapter 4332 Kill the Holy Lord!
Chapter 4333 Battle Soul Alliance!
Chapter 4334 Challenge from Black Demon Fang
Chapter 4335 The four major districts of Shenwu Holy City!
Chapter 4336 The Ten Holy Sons Kill Polang!
Chapter 4337 Black technology in combat zones
Chapter 4338 The first battle in Shenwu Holy City!
Chapter 4339 Everyone in the Sinful Holy City deserves death!
Chapter 4340 Challenge the Black Demon Fang!
Chapter 4341 Lu Minghao of the Ten Holy Sons!
Chapter 4342 The Gate of All Evils and the Killing Sword!
Chapter 4343 Didn’t you agree to give me three moves?
Chapter 4344 Blood sacrifice, the evil of all evils!
Chapter 4345: Destroy the Black Demon Fang and seize the Sword of Death!
Chapter 4346 Chi Xiao!
Chapter 4347 Victory in every battle!
Chapter 4348 Madman Wu!
Chapter 4349 Lawless guy!
Chapter 4350 I want to fight ten of them!
Chapter 4351 Ice Phoenix Sword!
Chapter 4352 Yin Lei Purgatory!
Chapter 4353 Reversal! Defeat Lu Minghao and win the treasure!
Chapter 4354 Three of the top ten holy cities have been offended!
Chapter 4355 The aura of You Divine Beast Soul reappears!
Chapter 4356 Fusion of the remnant soul of Youshen again!
Chapter 4357 Zhouguang Fist, Void Finger!
Chapter 4358 Chaotic Sand Sea!
Chapter 4359 This is too much!
Chapter 4360 The villain of the Holy City of Discipline!
Chapter 4361 The Protective Red Sun Holy Lord!
Chapter 4362 Planning to get rid of Chi Xiao!
Chapter 4363 Destroying the Holy City of Discipline!
Chapter 4364 Questioning the Lord of the Exchange Tower!
Chapter 4365 What an insidious boy!
Chapter 4366 Holy Lord Chiyang fled in despair!
Chapter 4367 Establishing rules instead of the Holy City of Discipline!
Chapter 4368 Everyone wants to kill Ling Xiao in the ranking battle!
Chapter 4369 The exchange tower has become your own backyard!
Chapter 4370 The magical skill that determines the outcome of the battle in three seconds!
Chapter 4371 Crazy Lu Minghao!
Chapter 4372 Beat up the drowned dog!
Chapter 4373 Swallowing of the Water of Sin!
Chapter 4374 Understanding the law of time!
Chapter 4375 The Sky-Shattering Technique!
Chapter 4376 The Zhouguang Divine Fist destroys the Holy Son!
Chapter 4377 The Beast Controlling General of the Golden City!
Chapter 4378 Treasure Hunting Arena!
Chapter 4379 Discipline Knight Zhang Han!
Chapter 4380 Brutal torture of the Discipline Knight!
Chapter 4381 Snow Mountain Sword World!
Chapter 4382: Breaking Snow Mountain Sword World, defeating Gao Shen!
Chapter 4383 Red Lotus Hell!
Chapter 4384 The big hand seal that covers the sky versus the seal of the giant ape!
Chapter 4385 Crazy Demon’s Eighteen Fists!
Chapter 4386 Defeat the Master of Wanbao Pavilion with one move!
Chapter 4387 An unexpected gain!
Chapter 4388 Fusion of Xuanlin!
Chapter 4389 Golden Battle!
Chapter 4390 The Death of the Poison Fire Holy Lord!
Chapter 4391 The Divine Sword Lord is here to cause trouble!
Chapter 4392 The pride of the Three Thousand Holy Cities!
Chapter 4393 If you don’t leave, then let’s all die!
Chapter 4394 The God-Slaying Pavilion
Chapter 4395 Yan Chihuo, mysterious sword skills!
Chapter 4396 Release light!
Chapter 4397 Kill Yan Chihuo!
Chapter 4398 Black Wind Step, Tidal Fist!
Chapter 4399 The furious lion has no fear!
Chapter 4400 Demonic Martial Arts!
Chapter 4401 The Demonic Technique of the Immortal God!
Chapter 4402 Fist of God!
Chapter 4403 Shenyin kills the enemy!
Chapter 4404 Killing God!
Chapter 4405 Bagua Sword Domain!
Chapter 4406 The wild beast space collapses!
Chapter 4407 Assassination of the Discipline Knight!
Chapter 4408 Netherworld Holy City!
Chapter 4409 Residual blood!
Chapter 4410 Soul Sword Technique Second Style: Drinking Blood!
Chapter 4411 Offended Netherworld Holy City again!
Chapter 4412 You have so many enemies!
Chapter 4413 Snake road!
Chapter 4414 The Five Elements Obstruction!
Chapter 4415 Strength surges again!
Chapter 4416 The referee who is out of his mind!
Chapter 4417 The most despised number one?
Chapter 4418 Holy Power!
Chapter 4419 Kill the Discipline Knight again, Chi Xuran provokes!
Chapter 4420 I will let you know what regret is!
Chapter 4421 Chi Xuran becomes a soft monster!
Chapter 4422 The heavenly dragon bites people and destroys them!
Chapter 4423 Late night visitors: Several referees came!
Chapter 4424 Marrow-Destroying Pill!
Chapter 4425 Let’s have something interesting!
Chapter 4426 Encountering a ghost, Youruo!
Chapter 4427 The power of the small world: Nether Fist!
Chapter 4428: Jade Fire Skeleton versus Demonic Blood!
Chapter 4429 Nether Spider Web!
Chapter 4430 Black Hell Marrow Destroying Dog!
Chapter 4431 Opponents’ countermeasures!
Chapter 4432 Gathering in the top ten competition!
Chapter 4433 It’s a strong conversation right from the beginning!
Chapter 4434 The powerful Chi Xiao!
Chapter 4435 Enemy of all races!
Chapter 4436 The plan of the beast-controlling general!
Chapter 4437 Killing two birds with one stone!
Chapter 4438 The Holy City of Tyrant Sword joins the Fighting Soul Alliance!
Chapter 4439 You all must die!
Chapter 4440 The Dharma Master appears!
Chapter 4441 Ling Xiao encounters Shi Wufei!
Chapter 4442 Lion and tiger collide!
Chapter 4443 Divine Yuan Duel!
Chapter 4444: Killing lions without fear, the strength of the First Holy Son!
Chapter 4445 The last two duels!
Chapter 4446 The Great Split Sky!
Chapter 4447 Endless evil thoughts!
Chapter 4448 Death of Black Demon Fang!
Chapter 4449 Chiyang Battle Beast God!
Chapter 4450 Ten rounds of red sun seals!
Chapter 4451 You are not worth mentioning at all!
Chapter 4452 The Water of Sin Reappears!
Chapter 4453 Imperial Weapon: Heart of the Dragon!
Chapter 4454 Is this the end?
Chapter 4455 Completely broken skin!
Chapter 4456 Legal charge!
Chapter 4457 Killing Holy Lord Chiyang!
Chapter 4458 Battle with the Master!
Chapter 4459 Destroy the Beast Controlling General!
Chapter 4460 A killing spree!
Chapter 4461 Someone is coming from the Golden City!
Chapter 4462 Champion!
Chapter 4463 The ruins of Chiyang Holy City!
Chapter 4464 Puppet Holy City
Chapter 4465 The magical puppet warrior!
Chapter 4466 White Jade Cat!
Chapter 4467 Thousands of miles to die!
Chapter 4468 The strange man wearing a mask
Chapter 4469 Nine-turn Gourd, Geng Golden King Snake!
Chapter 4470 Leader of the Shuanghu Gang!
Chapter 4471 Chase!
Chapter 4472 Double Tiger Seal!
Chapter 4473 Kill Chi Yuan!
Chapter 4474 Please don’t seek death!
Chapter 4475 The chaotic storm area!
Chapter 4476 The King of Hell is easy to mess with, but the kid is difficult to deal with!
Chapter 4477: Apprentice, come as a teacher!
Chapter 4478 Don’t be afraid, disciple, the master will vent your anger for you!
Chapter 4479 The real devil, the terrifying god of death!
Chapter 4480 Paradise Area
Chapter 4481 Yuhua Divine Cult
Chapter 4482 Tianya Hai Pavilion
Chapter 4483 Yuhua Tianrui!
Chapter 4484 What a powerful family background!
Chapter 4485 Treasure!
Chapter 4486 The mysterious master!
Chapter 4487 You are not qualified!
Chapter 4488 The boy in golden robe!
Chapter 4489 Godson: Yuhua Demon!
Chapter 4490 Dwarf Killer!
Chapter 4491 The tacit cooperation between master and apprentice!
Chapter 4492 Shadow’s Martial Spirit Transformation
Chapter 4493 Three Imperial Weapons!
Chapter 4494 Death of Shadow!
Chapter 4495 One-on-one challenge to Yuhua Divine Cult!
Chapter 4496 I’m here to bloodbath the Yuhua Divine Sect!
Chapter 4497 ??He can only be handsome for three seconds!
Chapter 4498: Deprived of the Divine Phoenix Armor!
Chapter 4499 Nine Nether Gourd!
Chapter 4500 The Nine Nether Troll Demon King!
Chapter 4501 The Death of Yuhua Demon!
Chapter 4502 The Nine Nether Waters Flooded the Yuhua Divine Sect
Chapter 4503 What a big scapegoat!
Chapter 4504 Boss!
Chapter 4505 Golden Crow’s magical power: Emperor Yan!
Chapter 4506 Umbrella, Guzheng, Mirror!
Chapter 4507 The God of Yuhua!
Chapter 4508 The enemy resurrected from the dead!
Chapter 4509 I will kill anyone who dares to touch the boss!
Chapter 4510 Yuhua Tianmo’s wolf lover!
Chapter 4511 Kill the wolf!
Chapter 4512 Is it amazing to have an awesome father?
Chapter 4513 An old friend from the ancient tomb of the gods!
Chapter 4514 The pursuit of Yuhua Divine Cult!
Chapter 4515 The shameless father and son!
Chapter 4516 Mysterious Jade Pendant
Chapter 4517 Looking for the Lost Troll King
Chapter 4518: Demon-Suppressing Forest
Chapter 4519 The terrifying forbidden land for humans!
Chapter 4520 A fairy-like figure!
Chapter 4521 Deal with the devil!
Chapter 4522 Emperor Lotus!
Chapter 4523 The peerless devil escapes from trouble!
Chapter 4524 Black Lotus!
Chapter 4525 Bai Fan, Hei Feng!
Chapter 4526 The Arrogant Golden City Genius!
Chapter 4527 The Eternal Royal Family: Yue Chen!
Chapter 4528 The devil’s path cannot be provoked!
Chapter 4529 Aoki Sacred Needle!
Chapter 4530 Xuanmu Killing Formation, the True Form of Qing Emperor!
Chapter 4531 Are you qualified enough?
Chapter 4532 The Realm of the Dead
Chapter 4533 Terrifying ruins!
Chapter 4534 Undead Black Sheep
Chapter 4535 Nine Nether Demon Realm: Hundreds of Insects!
Chapter 4536 The body of the undead, the siphon of darkness!
Chapter 4537 The killer who ambush the Nine Nether Demon Realm!
Chapter 4538 Black Snake Man, Bat Girl!
Chapter 4539 Destroy the enemy!
Chapter 4540 Dead Soul Mountain
Chapter 4541 Ghost Road, Necromancer Tribe
Chapter 4542 Nightmare Knight
Chapter 4543 The mysterious killer
Chapter 4544 Enemies meet on a narrow road!
Chapter 4545 Shadow King
Chapter 4546 Holy Water of the Dead!
Chapter 4547 Black Lotus Demon Lord
Chapter 4548 Kill the Shadow King and raid the Deep Sea Dragon Domain!
Chapter 4549 Strong Suppression: Depressed Jellyfish Tianhua!
Chapter 4550 The Holy Ruins Demonic Shadow is activated!
Chapter 4551 Black Lotus Light, Infinite Demons and Buddhas!
Chapter 4552 The Ghost King!
Chapter 4553 Paradise Holy Land Lang Qingqing
Chapter 4554 Necromancer Spider, cooperation achieved!
Chapter 4555 Bright Knight Martial Spirit!
Chapter 4556 All the treasures belong to me!
Chapter 4557 Shelter
Chapter 4558: Raging Flame Star Realm: Ancient Flame!
Chapter 4559 Silver Dragon
Chapter 4560: Revenge! Revenge!
Chapter 4561 There is something underground!
Chapter 4562 Demonic Infant King
Chapter 4563 Blood of God You, mysterious death!
Chapter 4564 Beast God Alliance: Tiger Soul!
Chapter 4565 Counter-kill Lei Fei!
Chapter 4566 Fire Giant, Storm Dragon!
Chapter 4567 Wind Formation of Gods, Ghosts and Demons
Chapter 4568 Hai Shen Huangquan Formation Diagram!
Chapter 4569 Gu Yan’s Phoenix Blood!
Chapter 4570 The flaming phoenix fights the undead black sheep!
Chapter 4571 The missing Demonic Infant King!
Chapter 4572 Get the eternal fruit!
Chapter 4573 The King of Ghost Fire, the Demonic Dragon!
Chapter 4574 Cooperate with the warriors of the Beast God Alliance!
Chapter 4575 The whereabouts of Leng Mei, an unexpected enemy!
Chapter 4576 Fight against the Ghost Fire King alone!
Chapter 4577 Dragon God Ice Son God Blood Realm Formation Diagram!
Chapter 4578 The Will-O-Wisp King seeking death!
Chapter 4579 The ancient war tree full of treasures!
Chapter 4580 Swallow the Ancient War Tree Whole!
Chapter 4581 Ice Crystal Fantasy World
Chapter 4582 The madness of the orcs!
Chapter 4583 Picture of the Saint!
Chapter 4584 Void Breaking Finger: Create Void!
Chapter 4585: Surrender!
Chapter 4586 Nine Nether Demonic Sea, Beast Tribe Appears!
Chapter 4587 Blast the black wood with one punch!
Chapter 4588 Death of Fire Wolf!
Chapter 4589 Destroy the Blood Thunder Blue Eyes!
Chapter 4590 The powerful pterosaur!
Chapter 4591 Dragon Tooth Sword!
Chapter 4592 Dragon extinguishes hell!
Chapter 4593 Thousand Miles of Magic Talisman
Chapter 4594 The City of No Return
Chapter 4595 Everyone gathers in the City of Fear!
Chapter 4596 The arrogant royal power in the world!
Chapter 4597 The world is dominating
Chapter 4598 Who is the bed bug? Who is the ant?
Chapter 4599 Kill Wang Quan Tianxia and kill the Yongsheng Team
Chapter 4600 The terrifying King of Abomination!
Chapter 4601 Ghost Shop
Chapter 4602 Horror Wax Figure!
Chapter 4603 Cemetery, will-o'-the-wisp!
Chapter 4604 The self-exploding ghost spirit!
Chapter 4605 Fifteen undead guards!
Chapter 4606 Blood Clone!
Chapter 4607 The powerful Ling Xiao!
Chapter 4608 Ghost King Tower, Imperial Weapon!
Chapter 4609 Resurrection from the dead!
Chapter 4610 The Cruel Undead Emperor!
Chapter 4611 Black and White Impermanence
Chapter 4612 The fatal temptation of treasure!
Chapter 4613 Stupid and greedy infighting!
Chapter 4614 Fighting the living dead again!
Chapter 4615 The Imprisoned Soul!
Chapter 4616 Time and Space Corridor
Chapter 4617 The True Face of the Undead Emperor
Chapter 4618 The mysterious man in the time and space corridor
Chapter 4619 The Sword Against God: A Gourmet Feast!
Chapter 4620 Escape from the Time and Space Corridor!
Chapter 4621 Counterattack against the Necrons
Chapter 4622 What do you want? Give your life in exchange!
Chapter 4623 Drinking blood against God!
Chapter 4624 Cemetery of the Gods!
Chapter 4625: The Great Sun Divine Fist vs. the Overbearing Divine Fist!
Chapter 4626 Sun Wheel, Golden Armor!
Chapter 4627 Kill the leader of Yuhua Divine Cult!
Chapter 4628 Changes in the Elder Tower!
Chapter 4629 Raise an army to prosecute!
Chapter 4630 Please ask me to kill you?
Chapter 4631 The miserable deep sea dragon realm
Chapter 4632 The real master is here
Chapter 4633 The Fire King has arrived!
Chapter 4634 Octopus King
Chapter 4635 The Dragon Emperor comes in person
Chapter 4636 The Deep Sea Dragon Domain vs. the Golden Sky Domain!
Chapter 4637 Human King Cauldron, the incarnation of the Emperor!
Chapter 4638 Giant Spirit Divine Fist!
Chapter 4639 Soul Flute
Chapter 4640 No mercy!
Chapter 4641 I won’t treat you badly if you treat me well!
Chapter 4642 Elders Meeting!
Chapter 4643 The old woman seeking death!
Chapter 4644 Destroy the Elders of the Eternal Life Palace!
Chapter 4645 The secret in the Anti-God Sword!
Chapter 4646 Hundreds of gods come to support us!
Chapter 4647 King Quan Zheng has arrived!
Chapter 4648 Do you dare to bet your life?
Chapter 4649 The beautiful girl of heaven, the peerless talent!
Chapter 4650 The battle between beast god warriors!
Chapter 4651 The price of despising Ling Xiao!
Chapter 4652 The miserable and proud golden dragon!
Chapter 4653 The Golden Dragon Mirror of the Heavens!
Chapter 4654 The Invincible Formation of the Divine Ape!
Chapter 4655 The body of the beast god!
Chapter 4656 The Emperor’s Formation!
Chapter 4657 Kill the counterfeit Yue Fanghua!
Chapter 4658 The Emperor kills the golden dragon!
Chapter 4659 Whoever steals my woman will be killed by me!
Chapter 4660 Yue Qiushui
Chapter 4661 Leader of the Beast God Alliance!
Chapter 4662 The beast god swallows the sky and flashes!
Chapter 4663 The Wrath of the Gods
Chapter 4664 The Necrons reappear!
Chapter 4665 Undead Bodyguard: Number Thirteen!
Chapter 4666 The miserable Hu Lie
Chapter 4667 The black crystal stone in the huge skeleton
Chapter 4668 Kill the Thirteen Deadly Guards!
Chapter 4669 Bloody Holy City: Killing the Great Emperor!
Chapter 4670 The blood of inheritance!
Chapter 4671 The Emperor’s Sword: The Red Blood Demon Sword!
Chapter 4672 The four supreme kings of the Eternal Palace!
Chapter 4673 Tu Hongtian
Chapter 4674 King Quan is my chance for revenge!
Chapter 4675 Wedding in one month!
Chapter 4676 Return to Three Thousand Holy City!
Chapter 4677 Ling Xiao’s die-hard admirer!
Chapter 4678 Battle King Alliance!
Chapter 4679 It’s time to take back what was lost!
Chapter 4680 One person versus the entire Chiyang Holy City!
Chapter 4681 A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye!
Chapter 4682 The Chiyang Holy City turned into purgatory!
Chapter 4683 Crush by strength! Crush by quantity!
Chapter 4684 Golden Eyes
Chapter 4685 Your formation seems useless!
Chapter 4686 The Punishment Hall is nothing!
Chapter 4687 The Ancient Divine Dragon Seal
Chapter 4688 Great Emperor Palace
Chapter 4689 He is a legend!
Chapter 4690 Kao Luoxi
Chapter 4691 The catastrophe is coming!
Chapter 4692 Under One Person: The Golden King!
Chapter 4693 Repay the favor!
Chapter 4694 Punishment Commander Lin Hong
Chapter 4695 Little Thunder God Lei Xinglie!
Chapter 4696 The Way of Thunder and Lightning, Golden Thunder Snake!
Chapter 4697 Defeat the Little Thunder God and save Yin Lihua!
Chapter 4698 The Fire King has such a bad temper!
Chapter 4699 White Peony borrows flowers to offer to Buddha
Chapter 4700 The powerful punishment guard!
Chapter 4701 Combination Skills: Golden God of War!
Chapter 4702 The Hated Punishment Hall
Chapter 4703 Kill Lin Hong!
Chapter 4704 The Fair King has arrived
Chapter 4705: Judgment of my son?
Chapter 4706 You are not qualified to kill me!
Chapter 4707 The waist card of the third generation emperor!
Chapter 4708 Eternal Blood Jade Talisman
Chapter 4709 Conditions for becoming a golden king
Chapter 4710 The domineering and arrogant punishment hall
Chapter 4711: Win people’s hearts
Chapter 4712 The remnants of the Deep Sea Dragon Domain!
Chapter 4713 Red Lotus Karmic Fire!
Chapter 4714 Do you know martial arts better than me?
Chapter 4715 Come on together!
Chapter 4716 Golden Dragon King
Chapter 4717 There is only one King of East China Sea left!
Chapter 4718 Kill the King of East China Sea with one sword!
Chapter 4719 Dragon Slayer City!
Chapter 4720 The Hypocritical King of Fairness
Chapter 4721 This slap in the face is too hard!
Chapter 4722 The Supreme King was tricked by that boy!
Chapter 4723 Elder Lou Shan’s superb acting skills!
Chapter 4724 Counterattack!
Chapter 4725 Yang Fan’s actions!
Chapter 4726 Undead Insect
Chapter 4727 Baili Xuwu battles Ling Xiao!
Chapter 4728 Baili Xuwu’s true intention!
Chapter 4729 Space rift, lizard man!
Chapter 4730 Soul Realm Mark
Chapter 4731 Crown Prince
Chapter 4732 The disgraceful King of Criminal Law
Chapter 4733 Emperor Dongsheng
Chapter 4734 The former ants have become giant beasts!
Chapter 4735: Kill Emperor Dongsheng and torture King Lu!
Chapter 4736 The Great Crisis in the Golden City!
Chapter 4737 Lizardman Tribe
Chapter 4738 Mr. Jinxiu
Chapter 4739 Chief’s Daughter
Chapter 4740 Giant Hammer Tribe, Yue Chen reappears!
Chapter 4741 Stealing the Giant Hammer Totem!
Chapter 4742 Ancient Imperial City
Chapter 4743 Arrangement: Crazy plan!
Chapter 4744 Ye Hantian
Chapter 4745 Qin Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 4746 Kill Uncle Zhong! Master Jinxiu is furious!
Chapter 4747 You think too highly of yourself!
Chapter 4748 The Nine Nether Demon Realm’s lair was taken away
Chapter 4749 We were one family ten thousand years ago!
Chapter 4750 The spoiler at the summit
Chapter 4751 The Legend of Tianyong City
Chapter 4752 The powerful Shadow Thirteen
Chapter 4753 I also want to be the commander-in-chief!
Chapter 4754 The Nether Demon Lord was beaten violently
Chapter 4755 Killing Shadow Thirteen!
Chapter 4756 Huge Dragon Corpse!
Chapter 4757 Fighting for the treasure
Chapter 4758 The Terror of the Fusion Body
Chapter 4759 Defeat the Four Geniuses!
Chapter 4760: Indecent behavior!
Chapter 4761 The King of Four Monsters
Chapter 4762 Dark Monster
Chapter 4763 Plan
Chapter 4764 The affectionate and righteous young chief
Chapter 4765 Son of Prophecy
Chapter 4766 Level 9 Early Warning!
Chapter 4767 Black Crow
Chapter 4768 My strength is not good enough?
Chapter 4769: Beat you until you are convinced!
Chapter 4770 Worshiped by all people!
Chapter 4771 The frustrated totem sacrifice
Chapter 4772 The anger of the totem sacrifice
Chapter 4773 Meeting the Undead Guards Again
Chapter 4774 Death penalty can be avoided, but living crime cannot be forgiven!
Chapter 4775 The four demon kings launched a beast tide at the same time!
Chapter 4776 A happy hunting feast?
Chapter 4777 Leadership Qualifications
Chapter 4778 Meteor Secret Technique
Chapter 4779 The powerful King of Rocks!
Chapter 4780 The three major tribes bow down!
Chapter 4781 Someone comes to Tianyong City again
Chapter 4782 The so-called genius who thinks highly of himself
Chapter 4783 White Jade Cat Kills Tianyong City Genius
Chapter 4784 Dark Storm Defeats Young Master Jinxiu!
Chapter 4785 Saint Tianyong
Chapter 4786 Young Lord of Tianyong City
Chapter 4787 Dragon Valley: Golden Scales!
Chapter 4788 The Furious Thunder Star Lord
Chapter 4789 The summit was messed up
Chapter 4790 Activate the killing array!
Chapter 4791 Everyone was tricked by Ling Xiao!
Chapter 4792 I will definitely defend the Golden City!
Chapter 4793 The King of Fire vs. the King of Criminal Law!
Chapter 4794 The wheel battle against Ling Xiao!
Chapter 4795 The Golden Cauldron has become the target of public criticism!
Chapter 4796: Repaying the Immortal King with Gratitude
Chapter 4797 Undead Evil Emperor Sword
Chapter 4798 Give you a chance to become a king!
Chapter 4799 It’s time to show your strength!
Chapter 4800 The body of a god?
Chapter 4801 Duobao Pavilion Martial Spirit
Chapter 4802 Finally broke through again!
Chapter 4803 Golden Jade Turned into Bones
Chapter 4804 Yang Fan showed his fox tail
Chapter 4805 Destroy the Golden Cauldron!
Chapter 4806 I am the Emperor!
Chapter 4807 Kill King Fair!
Chapter 4808 The formation is completed, please enter the urn!
Chapter 4809 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 4810 The treacherous Ling Xiao
Chapter 4811 Taking the bait
Chapter 4812 The treasure gourd that defeats the formation?
Chapter 4813 The crusaders were crucified instead
Chapter 4814 Futile resistance!
Chapter 4815 Kill the Thunder Star Lord!
Chapter 4816 A great victory
Chapter 4817 Burning Thunder City
Chapter 4818 Billions of warriors perform pilgrimage!
Chapter 4819 Crowning the Emperor!
Chapter 4820 Emperor Lingxiao!
Chapter 4821 The shocking emperor’s body!
Chapter 4822 The Messenger of the Beast God Alliance
Chapter 4823 Bloody Giant Eye
Chapter 4824 The Weakness of the Blood Devil
Chapter 4825 The counterattack begins!
Chapter 4826 Rescue the Leader of the Beast God Alliance
Chapter 4827 All the undead guards are dispatched
Chapter 4828 Killing No. 6
Chapter 4829 Blood Demon Beast
Chapter 4830 Shadow of Death
Chapter 4831 Anu
Chapter 4832 Take the initiative to kill the Blood Demon Black Panther!
Chapter 4833 The power of the eternal blood jade talisman!
Chapter 4834 Young Master, I have many magic weapons!
Chapter 4835 Suppress Yang Fan!
Chapter 4836 Yama is coming!
Chapter 4837 Six-tailed Yama, Bull Demon Yama!
Chapter 4838 Kill Vulpix!
Chapter 4839 Foil the conspiracy!
Chapter 4840 Hero Post!
Chapter 4841: Kill the Eternal Emperor!
Chapter 4842 Yue Heng? Ling Heng?
Chapter 4843 Heading to the Eternal Emperor Realm!
Chapter 4844 Eternal Sea, Tongsheng Island, Shipwreck!
Chapter 4845: Ruining other people’s good deeds
Chapter 4846 Azi: A cruel and cunning woman!
Chapter 4847 Sneaking into the Palace of Eternal Life!
Chapter 4848 The very unfriendly Tu family warrior!
Chapter 4849: Repaying kindness with hatred?
Chapter 4850 Bitch!
Chapter 4851 Makes things big!
Chapter 4852 I have never seen such a shameless person!
Chapter 4853 Shooting yourself in the foot!
Chapter 4854 Devil’s Wings
Chapter 4855 I’ve given up, but you still can’t?
Chapter 4856 Bloodline Martial Spirit
Chapter 4857 Crazy Chu Mo
Chapter 4858 Kill Chu Mo and threaten Tujun!
Chapter 4859 A chance encounter with the Eternal Emperor
Chapter 4860 The Saint and the Master of the Dragon Palace!
Chapter 4861 Demon Dragon Fire
Chapter 4862 The Rise of the First Prince!
Chapter 4863 The Seven Supreme Beast Kings!
Chapter 4864 Falling out with the Beast King!
Chapter 4865 Go meet Prince Yuehua
Chapter 4866 Golden Winged Peng King vs. Golden Crow
Chapter 4867 King of the Sky!
Chapter 4868 Kill the Golden Winged Peng King!
Chapter 4869 Mysterious Heaven and Holy Land
Chapter 4870 Practicing with the help of the enemy
Chapter 4871 Forbidden Land of Eternal Life
Chapter 4872 Fierce battle with Tu Hongtian!
Chapter 4873 Suppress the Supreme King!
Chapter 4874 Killing Tu Hongtian
Chapter 4875 The Golden City Mission Arrives
Chapter 4876 Xiao Jin slaps Wang Quanjian in the face!
Chapter 4877 The terrifying Eternal Emperor!
Chapter 4878 Three heroes fight against the emperor!
Chapter 4879 In this life, only one person is allowed!
Chapter 4880 Emperor Baiye comes forward to propose marriage
Chapter 4881 King Quan Destiny returns from resurrection!
Chapter 4882 A battle between top geniuses!
Chapter 4883 Golden sculpture!
Chapter 4884 The genius whose pride was hurt
Chapter 4885 Ghost Dragon Giant Sword
Chapter 4886 The Body of the Beast God: The Ghost Dragon Roars!
Chapter 4887 Behead the king’s power and destiny!
Chapter 4888 How about joining the Palace of Eternal Life?
Chapter 4889 The four realms and nine realms are mine!
Chapter 4890 The Contract of Divine Punishment
Chapter 4891 The power of a snap of the fingers!
Chapter 4892 Revenge should be early!
Chapter 4893 The Wrath of the Law!
Chapter 4894 The Awakening of the Ox God’s Body!
Chapter 4895 The terrifying Earth Demon punishment!
Chapter 4896 Thunder Beast: The last earth evil spell!
Chapter 4897 The resurrected beast god!
Chapter 4898 The power of taboo: the heart of the strong!
Chapter 4899 A sudden war!
Chapter 4900 Heavenly fire envelopes the Palace of Eternal Life!
Chapter 4901 The stubborn Eternal Emperor!
Chapter 4902 Hand of Eternal Life
Chapter 4903 The victory of the ants!
Chapter 4904 The strongest man who swallowed the heart of the strong!
Chapter 4905 Five Elements Chaos Ball
Chapter 4906 The Death of the Emperor!
Chapter 4907 I am the king, who can dissent!
Chapter 4908 Savage Martial Emperor
Chapter 4909 The Ten Demon Kings
Chapter 4910 Howling Sirius Emperor!
Chapter 4911 Meeting Yang Fan again with the Golden Cauldron!
Chapter 4912 Blood Barrier!
Chapter 4913 The seal is opened!
Chapter 4914 Purple Fire Flowing Cloud Sword
Chapter 4915 A ten thousand year old demon, nothing more than that!
Chapter 4916 Completely eliminate the Savage Emperor!
Chapter 4917 Undead Fruit Tree!
Chapter 4918 Purgatory on earth in the Wind Wolf Kingdom!
Chapter 4919 The moonlight of salvation!
Chapter 4920 The encounter with the Sixth Palace of Yama!
Chapter 4921 Kill the First Yama!
Chapter 4922 Bone Demon Black Flame!
Chapter 4923: Breaking through your strongest state!
Chapter 4924 Killing Yang Fan, the Beast King sneak attack!
Chapter 4925 Giant Bear and Dragon!
Chapter 4926 The dome where the heart of the strong merges!
Chapter 4927 A face appears in the sky!
Chapter 4928 The Strong Man’s Promotion Pill
Chapter 4929 Purifying Light
Chapter 4930 The whereabouts of Bai Ye and Xiao Jin
Chapter 4931 Undead Killer
Chapter 4932 Counterattack!
Chapter 4933 Ice Corpse Magical Skill
Chapter 4934 Completely transformed into the Ice Corpse King!
Chapter 4935 The victory of the madman!
Chapter 4936 Blood Bat King
Chapter 4937 The strange strength of the Holy Land of Heaven!
Chapter 4938 Strength is a pass!
Chapter 4939 Two people are missing and one person has lost his memory.
Chapter 4940 A business!
Chapter 4941 The Golden Spear Lord
Chapter 4942 Strong! Kill the Lord with the Golden Spear!
Chapter 4943 I’ll cut off your arm, and I’ll kill you if you do it again!
Chapter 4944 The expected trap
Chapter 4945 Extreme Rescue!
Chapter 4946 Battle against the Blood Bat King!
Chapter 4947 Shocking Scream!
Chapter 4948: The Tribunal of Light, King of Time!
Chapter 4949 Battle against Twelve Golden Saint Warriors!
Chapter 4950 The magical power of the constellations!
Chapter 4951 The Order of the Holy Lord
Chapter 4952 The incarnation of Capricorn, half human and half goat!
Chapter 4953 The majesty of God!
Chapter 4954 The battle of giant beasts!
Chapter 4955 Libras abilities: Choose!
Chapter 4956 A battle that emphasizes both wisdom and strength!
Chapter 4957 The Holy Lord of Heaven appears!
Chapter 4958 For the sake of brothers, no matter the danger!
Chapter 4959 Desperate situation!
Chapter 4960 Executioner: Black Chain!
Chapter 4961 Alien Martial Spirit: Mirror World!
Chapter 4962 Mirage!
Chapter 4963: Lifting the Illusion, the Strange Door!
Chapter 4964 All executioners are dispatched!
Chapter 4965 Chiyang Martial Spirit Array!
Chapter 4966 Martial Soul Skill: Mirage!
Chapter 4967 Immortal enemy!
Chapter 4968 Tai Chi Eye Evolution!
Chapter 4969 Three Great Ghost Emperors!
Chapter 4970 Ling Xiao returns, Pisces dies!
Chapter 4971 United as one to fight against the undead!
Chapter 4972 The battle of hundreds of millions of armies!
Chapter 4973 Kill the Blood Bat King instantly!
Chapter 4974 The time of the Giant Devil Emperor stands still!
Chapter 4975 Capricorn died heroically!
Chapter 4976 Transform into a phoenix and make a last stand!
Chapter 4977 The strong man who turns the tide of the war!
Chapter 4978 How to win without going crazy!
Chapter 4979 The power after the breakthrough!
Chapter 4980 Invincible!
Chapter 4981 The King of the Dead Tree!
Chapter 4982 Fusion: Ghost Emperor and Tree King!
Chapter 4983 Battle of Giants!
Chapter 4984: Destroy the giant devil emperor and the war is over!
Chapter 4985 Emperor Lianhua’s back-up plan!
Chapter 4986 Changes in the Palace of Eternal Life!
Chapter 4987 The madman’s choice!
Chapter 4988 The surprise attack is coming!
Chapter 4989 Tianyong Ghost Emperor!
Chapter 4990 Treasure: Temple of Eternal Life!
Chapter 4991 The nemesis of Emperor Lianhua!
Chapter 4992 Black Evil Dragon
Chapter 4993 Strong reinforcements are coming!
Chapter 4994 As soon as he entered the cemetery, he was ambushed!
Chapter 4995 The three top killers of the Dark Temple!
Chapter 4996 Tomb of the God King!
Chapter 4997 All three killers are wiped out, and they meet at the tomb of the God King!
Chapter 4998 The layout of both sides!
Chapter 4999 Pixiu Dragon
Chapter 5000 Book of Darkness, Sacred
Chapter 5001 Destruction Array and Judgment Array!
Chapter 5002 The Light of Purification
Chapter 5003 The four souls of Emperor Lianhua!
Chapter 5004 Yin Yang Gourd
Chapter 5005 That day, despair came!
Chapter 5006 I would rather die than surrender!
Chapter 5007 One hundred thousand warriors!
Chapter 5008 Dragon Battle!
Chapter 5009 Yue Nu’s true form!
Chapter 5010 Life goes on and the fight goes on!
Chapter 5011 The will of the younger generation!
Chapter 5012 Gather the power of the four domains and nine realms!
Chapter 5013 Ling Xiao’s recovery!
Chapter 5014 Step over my corpse!
Chapter 5015 The power of the dragon, the golden gun!
Chapter 5016 Yue Fanghua’s final blow!
Chapter 5017 The glorious moment of Emperor Baiye!
Chapter 5018 The King Returns!
Chapter 5019 Instant kill!
Chapter 5020 The Sword of the God and Demon Emperor!
Chapter 5021 Emperor Lianhua wants to escape!
Chapter 5022 Chase!
Chapter 5023: Rebirth of Soldiers!
Chapter 5024 Prepare for war!
Chapter 5025 Tianyong City Vanguard Army
Chapter 5026 A set of combos to take away the enemy leader!
Chapter 5027 Lord Tianyong
Chapter 5028 Kunpeng Martial Spirit
Chapter 5029 Observers of the Eternal Kingdom of God!
Chapter 5030 The cunning Ling Xiao!
Chapter 5031 The Invincible Land!
Chapter 5032 The ability to control the battle situation!
Chapter 5033 Kunpeng kills!
Chapter 5034 You are selected to become seeds!
Chapter 5035 Immortal Monument
Chapter 5036 Counterfeit
Chapter 5037: One person attains enlightenment, and chickens and dogs ascend to heaven!
Chapter 5038 Rebellion!
Chapter 5039 Take back Tianyong City!
Chapter 5040 The Army of Gods
Chapter 5041 Giant Ax General
Chapter 5042 Divine Angel Sokai
Chapter 5043 God’s Domain!
Chapter 5044 Golden Martial Kingdom
Chapter 5045 Every blade of grass is a magic weapon
Chapter 5046 Qiankun Beast
Chapter 5047 Double Ax Gang
Chapter 5048 Adversary to the Adversary Sword!
Chapter 5049 Blood Ax Tower
Chapter 5050 Why argue with a fool!
Chapter 5051 Black and Yellow Tarragon
Chapter 5052 The most terrifying opponent!
Chapter 5053 Blood Red Clothes!
Chapter 5054 Divine Yuan Level
Chapter 5055 Ax God and Sea Serpent God
Chapter 5056 The boss behind the scenes
Chapter 5057 Blood Explosion
Chapter 5058 Commander Zhang of Blue Sea City
Chapter 5059 The showdown between divine spirits!
Chapter 5060 Heavy reward
Chapter 5061 Pursuit
Chapter 5062: Find a way to survive
Chapter 5063 Phantom Butterfly
Chapter 5064 Dragon Treasure
Chapter 5065 City of Dragons
Chapter 5066 Horrible Dragon Crystal
Chapter 5067 The city wall made of the dragon’s body
Chapter 5068 The terrifying dragon sculpture
Chapter 5069 Conspiracy against Huang Taifeng
Chapter 5070 Black Wind Dragon
Chapter 5071: Strength surges, dragon eggs hatch!
Chapter 5072 Want to die? I will help you!
Chapter 5073 Sound the clarion call for counterattack!
Chapter 5074 Plan to Annihilate the Enemy
Chapter 5075 Besieging the Black Wind King!
Chapter 5076 Welcome to die!
Chapter 5077 The sneak attack was successful!
Chapter 5078 I want revenge!
Chapter 5079: Single kill of Xue Hongyi!
Chapter 5080 Wan Teng penetrates the heart!
Chapter 5081 Black Sand City
Chapter 5082 Golden Crow Weeping Blood Grass
Chapter 5083 Encountering a powerful person in the Soul Realm!
Chapter 5084 The black wind young dragon has made meritorious service!
Chapter 5085 The bloody handprint covering the sky!
Chapter 5086 The Mysterious Method of Blood Ax Slaughter
Chapter 5087 Soul Control Pill
Chapter 5088: Trap Xue Ning!
Chapter 5089 Temple of the Moon
Chapter 5090 Holy Mark Sect, Holy Mark Technique!
Chapter 5091 It’s not a fuel-efficient lamp!
Chapter 5092 Golden Light Sacred Pattern
Chapter 5093 Huang Yu, Princess of the Golden Martial Kingdom
Chapter 5094 Two Evils Injure the Imperial Jade
Chapter 5095 Soul Searching Technique!
Chapter 5096 The victory of the little guy!
Chapter 5097 Seven Great Divine Secrets
Chapter 5098 Imperial Snow
Chapter 5099 Powerful first-grade holy pattern!
Chapter 5100 Golden Domain
Chapter 5101 Imperial Sea
Chapter 5102 Related Households
Chapter 5103 Quadruple Formation
Chapter 5104 Her Royal Highness the Princess’s reminder!
Chapter 5105 The vicious prisoner Mad Dog Li
Chapter 5106 Kill the Salamander with the bloody handprint!
Chapter 5107 Sword Pill Technique and Wuhun Transformation into God!
Chapter 5108 Fire Thunder Bead
Chapter 5109 The Death of the Killer!
Chapter 5110 A vicious strategy
Chapter 5111 Hypocrisy
Chapter 5112 Kill the deputy team and fight the team leader!
Chapter 5113 Huang Xue took the initiative to reconcile
Chapter 5114 Who is qualified to be a team leader?
Chapter 5115 Ye Chen: Sword God Martial Spirit!
Chapter 5116 Magic Sword Zhang Tai
Chapter 5117 A clean victory!
Chapter 5118 The status achieved!
Chapter 5119 Semi-finals: Ling Xiao versus Ye Chen!
Chapter 5120 Counter Sword!
Chapter 5121 Let me borrow your Sword God Martial Spirit!
Chapter 5122 Qi Tianmei, Lord of Wucheng
Chapter 5123 Dragon Cave
Chapter 5124: Fighting for the right to practice in the Dragon Cave!
Chapter 5125 Deputy Commander, you are not as good as me!
Chapter 5126 Qi Yue loses to Qi Heng
Chapter 5127 The power of holy patterns
Chapter 5128 Poisonous Snake Soul Talisman
Chapter 5129 City Lord Qi is so shameless!
Chapter 5130 Collective Breakthrough
Chapter 5131 A mission with malicious intent
Chapter 5132 Soul Sword Technique
Chapter 5133 Their respective opponents
Chapter 5134 True Saint Level Martial Skill: Poisonous Explosive Hammer
Chapter 5135 Kill all the killers
Chapter 5136 Using the Princess’s Guards
Chapter 5137 The Sixth Leader of the Hummer Gang
Chapter 5138 Nine Dragons Map
Chapter 5139 Xiao Hei goes crazy and becomes powerful in the sky!
Chapter 5140 All Ninth Team Promoted
Chapter 5141 Nine Dragons Divine Technique
Chapter 5142 Dragon Scale Guest
Chapter 5143 Everyone has become stronger!
Chapter 5144 The Soul Returns to One Realm
Chapter 5145 The selection of commander begins!
Chapter 5146 The situation is tense
Chapter 5147 An unexpected victory
Chapter 5148 Yue Fanghua versus Gu Qiu!
Chapter 5149 Defeat Gu Qiu, Fanghua fights Yang Xiu!
Chapter 5150 Huang Taiyun
Chapter 5151 A roar stunned Huang Taiyun
Chapter 5152 Ling Xiao fights Qi Heng!
Chapter 5153 Dog God Martial Spirit
Chapter 5154 The Secret Method of Rabid Dogs
Chapter 5155: Soul Sword Technique, I can do it!
Chapter 5156 Qi Tianmei, do you want to rebel?
Chapter 5157 Sword King
Chapter 5158 Black Sandstorm Organization
Chapter 5159 Temporarily join forces
Chapter 5160 Sword King City, Ye Hua!
Chapter 5161 Fight together!
Chapter 5162 Defeat Qi Fei with one move!
Chapter 5163 Ye Qiu, Hua Tianyi
Chapter 5164 Black Death Snake Curse Poison
Chapter 5165: Saving people or harming people?
Chapter 5166: Silencing
Chapter 5167 The Rebellion between Man and God
Chapter 5168 General Sand Crocodile
Chapter 5169 Only the young master follows the lead!
Chapter 5170 Shinmeitan
Chapter 5171 Soul Armor Sect
Chapter 5172 The end of Sword King City?
Chapter 5173 Kuangsha King
Chapter 5174 Picking up treasures!
Chapter 5175 Pursuit
Chapter 5176 Do what others can’t do
Chapter 5177 Mysterious Bronze Mirror
Chapter 5178 The huge fruit of the gods
Chapter 5179 The war begins: fighting for the divine object!
Chapter 5180 A battle of wits with the flaming lion!
Chapter 5181 The mysterious martial spirit warrior!
Chapter 5182 Poisonous Dog God
Chapter 5183 Flying into the sky!
Chapter 5184 The abominable remnants of the Holy Pattern Sect!
Chapter 5185 Finish Qi Fei!
Chapter 5186 Picking up a martial soul puppet for nothing!
Chapter 5187 King Kuangsha is in desperate situation!
Chapter 5188 Destroy the Kuangsha King!
Chapter 5189 One Hundred Thousand Soul Armors!
Chapter 5190 Nine-turn Glazed Tower, Blood of Ancient Clan
Chapter 5191 Mysterious Soul Armor
Chapter 5192 Execution of the Deputy Commander!
Chapter 5193 Shield Sword Martial Spirit, Earthworm Martial Spirit
Chapter 5194 The powerful power of soul armor!
Chapter 5195 Divine Bow
Chapter 5196 Qi Tianmei’s warning
Chapter 5197 Becoming the Prince Consort inexplicably?
Chapter 5198 This consort is not easy to be!
Chapter 5199 Twelve golden statues!
Chapter 5200 Yang Qi takes action!
Chapter 5201 Use the Golden King!
Chapter 5202 Golden Palace
Chapter 5203 The lion in the sky opens his mouth!
Chapter 5204 You are cheating!
Chapter 5214: Squeezing out the value of the Golden King
Chapter 5215 The Silent Mountains
Chapter 5216: The Furious Sand Sea
Chapter 5217 Huang Taifeng’s murderous intention!
Chapter 5218 Fusion
Chapter 5219 Battle with the Golden Skeleton!
Chapter 5220 Nine Snakes Scepter, Dark Sacred Pattern!
Chapter 5221 Encounter with Huang Taifeng
Chapter 5222: Golden Power, Doomsday Golden Dragon!
Chapter 5223: Accept your fate, Huang Taifeng!
Chapter 5224 Secret Guard of the Secret Pavilion
Chapter 5225 Martial Divine Pattern
Chapter 5226 Xiaojin takes action, one fights six!
Chapter 5227 Powerful and cunning!
Chapter 5228: The sound of harp and flute, the rhythm of gold and silver!
Chapter 5229 Ancient Blood Medicine
Chapter 5230 The Gun of the Ancient Clan
Chapter 5231: Conspiracy against the Deputy Pavilion Master
Chapter 5232 The Secret Pavilion is looking for trouble
Chapter 5233 The Golden King Pains Pavilion Master
Chapter 5234: Something that can kill Ling Xiao
Chapter 5235 The Day of Duel
Chapter 5236 Dog King
Chapter 5237 Dugu Shengwen
Chapter 5238: Great Encyclopedia of Martial Kingdoms, Demonic Realm
Chapter 5239 Golden Soul Armor
Chapter 5240: Work hard to help me get promoted!
Chapter 5241 The Heart-Eating Demon
Chapter 5242: Kill the Heart-Eating Demon!
Chapter 5243 Qi Rufeng
Chapter 5244 Ten Thousand Demons Pit
Chapter 5234: Sweep away the monsters and swallow the demonic energy!
Chapter 5235 The assassination plan of the Criminal Court
Chapter 5236 Demon Spirit, Soul Water
Chapter 5237 The physique that attracts monsters
Chapter 5238 The Guardian of the Fifth Level
Chapter 5239 Blessed Water
Chapter 5240 Ambush the Secret Guard Huang Yunhe!
Chapter 5241 Capturing the Blessed Water
Chapter 5242 The Arrogant Huang Taihao
Chapter 5243: Assassination on the day of departure
Chapter 5244 Ye Qiu’s Sword
Chapter 5245 Golden Battleship
Chapter 5246 Shock
Chapter 5247 Don’t accept punishment!
Chapter 5248 The Ancient Battlefield of the Gods
Chapter 5249 Space God Insect
Chapter 5250 Silver, Black Iron, Tree God
Chapter 5258 Conferred God Natural Disaster
Chapter 5259 Divine Sword Natural Disaster
Chapter 5260 Arrogant Shura Feng
Chapter 5261 Strong oppression
Chapter 5262 Challenge from Shura Wu Kingdom
Chapter 5263: Picking up eight divine dragon-patterned imperial weapons for nothing
Chapter 5264 The Divine Insect Appears
Chapter 5265 The Blood Tiger
Chapter 5266 Success in seizing the treasure
Chapter 5267 The fate of those who repay kindness with hatred!
Chapter 5268 Divine Tiger Bloodline
Chapter 5269 Seriously Injured Shura Feng
Chapter 5270 The Insect King’s Great Teleportation Technique!
Chapter 5271 The mastermind behind everything
Chapter 5272 Psychic Envoy
Chapter 5273 The Puppet of the Ancient Clan
Chapter 5274 Injuring Huangxue
Chapter 5275 Golden Wings
Chapter 5276 The Divine Power of the Ancient Clan
Chapter 5277 The treasure became Long Chen’s delicacy
Chapter 5278 Destroying Huangxue
Chapter 5280 Lightning Golden Carving Pattern
Chapter 5281 Uninvited guests from the Beast Dynasty
Chapter 5282 Long Wu
Chapter 5283 Demonic Qi
Chapter 5284 Looking for Jin Na, the strong man of the Beast Dynasty
Chapter 5285 The powerful Huang Taihao
Chapter 5286 Destroy Huang Taihao’s pride
Chapter 5287 Ancient Sacred Pattern
Chapter 5288 Blood of Gods
Chapter 5289 Wu Guo Genius List
Chapter 5290 Holy Heaven
Chapter 5291: Refining the blood of gods, the strength increases greatly
Chapter 5292: Good luck and help
Chapter 5293 Brother, the boss will protect you!
Chapter 5294 Four Rising Stars
Chapter 5295: Zhu Yunhe, destroy Rufeng
Chapter 5296 Even the genius of God of War Soul Realm is not in vain
Chapter 5297 Four Wastes!
Chapter 5298 Shura Feng takes action
Chapter 5299 Destroy Shura Red
Chapter 5300 The successor of the Killing Emperor
Chapter 5301 Awakening the monster with 100% of the divine bloodline
Chapter 5302 Better than the Killing Emperor
Chapter 5303 Conferred God Platform
Chapter 5304 Huang Taihao’s threat
Chapter 5305 Arriving at the Conferred God Platform: God’s Resentment
Chapter 5306 The giant spirit is invincible
Chapter 5307 The Qualifications of Shura Hai
Chapter 5308 Five monsters!
Chapter 5309: Entering the top four on the potential list!
Chapter 5310 Shengtian’s plot
Chapter 5311 The Watchdog of the Ancient Clan
Chapter 5312 Breaking Shengtian’s record
Chapter 5313 The jealousy of the Son of God!
Chapter 5314 River Styx
Chapter 5315 Jealousy from the Holy Heaven
Chapter 5316 Sudden Assassination
Chapter 5312 Blood Dragon Scroll
Chapter 5313 Soul Chasing Powder
Chapter 5314 Monster with human head and snake body
Chapter 5315 Nine Child Demon Mother Divine Gong
Chapter 5316 The Great Heaven Demon Refining Technique
Chapter 5317 The Shura Hai whose body was taken away
Chapter 5318 Please enter the urn
Chapter 5319 The Rebellion of the God of Dharma
Chapter 5320 The Secret of Earth
Chapter 5321 Divine Punishment
Chapter 5322 Ten Divine Dragon Patterns!
Chapter 5323 Ling Xiao fights against Huangshan!
Chapter 5324 Divine Blood Explosion
Chapter 5325 Ling Xiao fights Huang Taihao!
Chapter 5326: Understand the secret of thunder in battle!
Chapter 5327 The Secret of Thunder Destroys the Thunder General!
Chapter 5328 Another psychic!
Chapter 5329 The ancient tribe transforms into a dragon
Chapter 5330 Dragon’s Forbidden Zone
Chapter 5331 The Land of Zhuolu
Chapter 5332 Thunder Seal
Chapter 5333 The Battle of the Four Beast Gods!
Chapter 5334 Insect Mist
Chapter 5335 The Unlucky Star God Martial Kingdom
Chapter 5336 Lava Dragon
Chapter 5337 Treasure Tree
Chapter 5338 Shura Hai and War God Wind!
Chapter 5339 Four Symbols Sacred Marks
Chapter 5340 The battle for treasures!
Chapter 5341 Don’t even think about taking any of the treasures!
Chapter 5342 Fire of the God of War
Chapter 5343 Divide the spoils and complete the Holy Seal!
Chapter 5344 Ice Lake Divine Corpse!
Chapter 5345 Ice crystal prisoner cow!
Chapter 5346 Beat them until they give in!
Chapter 5347 Crazy Jiulang
Chapter 5348 A great victory and great harvest!
Chapter 5349 Divine Blood Awakening, Comprehensive Improvement!
Chapter 5350 The Tragic God of War Wind
Chapter 5351 Scare away the Shura Sea
Chapter 5352 Three Crazy Brothers
Chapter 5353 Shengyao’s plan
Chapter 5354 The power of the divine body
Chapter 5355 Defeat the Thunder Python!
Chapter 5356 Sheng Yao takes action
Chapter 5357 Sinful
Chapter 5358 Immaculate Saint Clothes
Chapter 5359 Shattering Shengyao’s Pride
Chapter 5360 Trial of God (1)
Chapter 5361 Trial of God (2)
Chapter 5362 The only way to escape control!
Chapter 5363 Countdown to death!
Chapter 5364 Great Self-Sacrifice
Chapter 5365 There is also true love in the moment of life and death!
Chapter 5366 Cunning
Chapter 5367 Reversal
Chapter 5368 Life or death, I have the final say!
Chapter 5369 Three powerful female warriors
Chapter 5370: One to nine, is it difficult?
Chapter 5371 He is the strongest one!
Chapter 5372 The first round is over!
Chapter 5373 The final trial!
Chapter 5374 Four treasures!
Chapter 5375 Lingbao Seal, Divine Blood Crystal!
Chapter 5376 The monster appears!
Chapter 5377 Whoever hurts her, I will kill!
Chapter 5378 Ling Xiao fights the thunder seal!
Chapter 5379 The power of an ordinary punch!
Chapter 5380 The Thunder Talisman of One Billion Spiritual Stones
Chapter 5381 Defeat Thunder Seal!
Chapter 5382 Insect Nest
Chapter 5382 Insect Nest
Chapter 5383 Ming Huang
Chapter 5383 Ming Huang
Chapter 5384 The top ten gather!
Chapter 5385 Challenge!
Chapter 5386: God of War Wind, the giant spirit is invincible and eliminated!
Chapter 5387 Ling Xiao fights Xingfeng!
Chapter 5388: Defeating Star Peak, fighting Shengyao!
Chapter 5389 God’s Order
Chapter 5390 Bewitched
Chapter 5391 Another minion of the ancient clan!
Chapter 5391 Another minion of the ancient clan!
Chapter 5392 Win Shengyao again!
Chapter 5392 Win Shengyao again!
Chapter 5393 The stars have changed!
Chapter 5394 Heavenly Magic Field!
Chapter 5395 Shengtian’s conspiracy is implemented!
Chapter 5396 The True Body of the Demon
Chapter 5397 The powerful Ling Xiao!
Chapter 5398 Ancient Tribe: Dynasty!
Chapter 5399 The final showdown!
Chapter 5400 Extremely Unfavorable Situation
Chapter 5401 The true form of the ancient clan, Yang Qi awakens!
Chapter 5402 Wind God Seal
Chapter 5403 The powerful Holy Heaven!
Chapter 5404 Ling Xiao: The most difficult opponent!
Chapter 5405 Extreme Challenge!
Chapter 5406 Time and Space Hunting!
Chapter 5407 Ancient Demonic Dragon Talisman
Chapter 5408 Holy Demon: The planner behind the scenes!
Chapter 5409 Get the treasure!
Chapter 5410 The Holy Demon and the Ancient Strong Man!
Chapter 5411 Killing the strong men of the ancient clan!
Chapter 5412 The Holy Demon is also destroyed!
Chapter 5413 The three tribes are attacking!
Chapter 5414 The strong man of the soul clan: the dream of the soul!
Chapter 5415 Ling Xiao is targeted!
Chapter 5416 The counterattack starts from Ling Xiao!
Chapter 5417 A dream of regret!
Chapter 5418 One Hundred Divine Dragon Patterns: Divine Fire Tiger Talisman!
Chapter 5419 Lang Tianxing’s Bewitchment!
Chapter 5420 Shengtian defected!
Chapter 5421 Strong bones!
Chapter 5422 Not a demon! Not a god! Not an immortal!
Chapter 5423 The power of the black devil!
Chapter 5424 The hero of the human race!
Chapter 5425 The top of ice and snow, arriving in the Soul Kingdom!
Chapter 5426 Meeting a noble person on the way!
Chapter 5427 I, Yuan Zun, am just a passerby!
Chapter 5428 Hatred caused by a meal!
Chapter 5429: Anger turns beauty into beauty!
Chapter 5430 Instant Kill Sees Instant Kill Again!
Chapter 5431 Snow Organization
Chapter 5432 Jian Tianqing
Chapter 5433 The Big Five Teenagers!
Chapter 5434 Yindu rushes to help!
Chapter 5435 Defeat Sword Tianxing!
Chapter 5436 Smash the conspiracy!
Chapter 5437 The Dark Temple Again
Chapter 5437 The Dark Temple Again
Chapter 5438 Jian Tianqing’s engagement party
Chapter 5439 Sword Soul Tower
Chapter 5440 Kill the guardian of the soul tower!
Chapter 5441 Nine Immortals Palace
Chapter 5442 A record that no one can break!
Chapter 5443 Four of the Big Five are here!
Chapter 5444 Compete with the giants!
Chapter 5445 A villain who laughs at giants?
Chapter 5446 Breaking Jian Tianxing’s record!
Chapter 5447 Beyond the Big Five Teenagers!
Chapter 5448 The Eye of the Soul Demon
Chapter 5449: The record of defeating the Soul Emperor!
Chapter 5450 Shadow of God
Chapter 5451 Dharma Appearance Heaven and Earth Seal!
Chapter 5452: Trampling the genius underfoot!
Chapter 5453 Jian Tianxing relies on him!
Chapter 5454 Ice Sword Soul Technique!
Chapter 5455 Three Soul Sword!
Chapter 5456 Nether Incense Burner!
Chapter 5457 Nezha shows off his power and roars to the sky!
Chapter 5458 Final Reward
Chapter 5459 The Lord of Sword City is replaced!
Chapter 5460 Swallowing the Dragon!
Chapter 5461 Snow Linglong
Chapter 5462 See the Ancient Demonic Dragon Talisman again!
Chapter 5463 Black Shop
Chapter 5464 Dingya
Chapter 5465 These assassins are difficult to deal with!
Chapter 5466 Dark Barrier!
Chapter 5467 Money can communicate with gods!
Chapter 5468 Xia Hou Yuanfang
Chapter 5469 Dragon Tooth Team
Chapter 5470 One versus four, complete victory!
Chapter 5471 Became the captain of the Dragon Teeth Team!
Chapter 5472 Mammoth beast, bloody altar!
Chapter 5473 Control the giant elephant and destroy the devil's nest!
Chapter 5474 Thunder King Divine Punishment?
Chapter 5474 Thunder King Divine Punishment?
Chapter 5475 Successfully overcoming the tribulation
Chapter 5475 Successfully overcoming the tribulation
Chapter 5476 The provocation of the hyena team!
Chapter 5477 Dare to blackmail me?
Chapter 5478 The destruction of the hyena team!
Chapter 5479 Soul-binding magic!
Chapter 5480 The Five Iceberg Ghosts, the Blood Fiend Team!
Chapter 5481 Yang Lun got into the trap!
Chapter 5482 Soul Technique, Black Sun!
Chapter 5483 The Hand of the Soul Emperor!
Chapter 5484 I never bow to threats!
Chapter 5485 The couple join forces and are invincible!
Chapter 5486 The domineering soul dreams!
Chapter 5487: Submit to me and conquer the world together!
Chapter 5488 Swordsman Xiao Fei!
Chapter 5489 The first genius and the unknown!
Chapter 5490 Thunder King Divine Sword vs. Blizzard World-Destroying Sword!
Chapter 5491 Ice Glass Sword
Chapter 5492 Defeat Xiao Fei, Hun Xue’s true face!
Chapter 5493 Demon Leader!
Chapter 5494 Magic Knife
Chapter 5495 Demon Blood Bead!
Chapter 5496 Hunxue became angry from shame
Chapter 5497 Ling Xiao makes a big fuss in the Snow City!
Chapter 5498 Completely broken skin!
Chapter 5499 Break out of the Snow City!
Chapter 5500 Beast City
Chapter 5501 Don’t let yourself suffer!
Chapter 5502: Demon-Conquering Mountain, Divine Deer Clan!
Chapter 5503 The sacred deer is green, the heaven and earth are shaking!
Chapter 5504 The demonic shadow enters the body!
Chapter 5505 A blessing in disguise?
Chapter 5506 Snake, scorpion and poisonous woman!
Chapter 5507 Seeking death!
Chapter 5508 Divine Deer Heavenly Tree
Chapter 5509 Genius? Vulnerable!
Chapter 5510 Third-party troops!
Chapter 5511 Divine Fox Tribe: Fox Delusion!
Chapter 5512 Five-tailed Divine Fox!
Chapter 5513 Self-created move: Soul Sword!
Chapter 5514 Phoenix vs. Two-tailed Demon Fox!
Chapter 5515: Destroy Hu Huan and upright Jin Na!
Chapter 5516 Fight against the Divine Deer Tianshu again!
Chapter 5517 Two geniuses fell!
Chapter 5518 Water King Stone King!
Chapter 5519 Breaking through the Soul Realm!
Chapter 5520 The Heavenly Demon Devouring Formation
Chapter 5521 The army of zombies!
Chapter 5522 Mrs. Bones
Chapter 5523 The Divine Deer King has arrived
Chapter 5523 The Divine Deer King has arrived
Chapter 5524 The destruction of the bones!
Chapter 5525 Powerful magic!
Chapter 5526 The powerful and cunning Divine Deer King!
Chapter 5527 The devil is released!
Chapter 5528 The Spirit of the Ancestors!
Chapter 5529: Scare away the Divine Deer King!
Chapter 5530 Another battle!
Chapter 5531 Provocation is also very useful!
Chapter 5532 Blood Road!
Chapter 5533 Brothers join forces!
Chapter 5534 Space Magic
Chapter 5535 Demon Slaying City
Chapter 5536 Divine Crocodile Clan
Chapter 5537 Xuanbing Magic, Guanghan Palace!
Chapter 5538 Four ferocious monsters!
Chapter 5539 Kill the Lord of Demon Slaughter City!
Chapter 5540 Guard: Brothers and Wife!
Chapter 5541 Illusion: The unique skill of the god Daji!
Chapter 5542 Crisis: Complete disadvantage!
Chapter 5543 The fusion body of Long Chen and Xiao Jin!
Chapter 5544 The four kings are coming!
Chapter 5545 Desperate situation!
Chapter 5546 Degenerated into a demon!
Chapter 5547: Destroy Jinna and kill the Eagle King!
Chapter 5548 On the top of ice and snow, looking for the trace of the devil!
Chapter 5549 The devil’s nemesis!
Chapter 5550 Ice and Snow Palace
Chapter 5551 Complete Demonization: Demon versus Demon!
Chapter 5552 Demon-Slaying Treasure Seal
Chapter 5553 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 5554 Death of the expedition team!
Chapter 5555 Ghost Evil
Chapter 5556 Demon Realm
Chapter 5557 The Killing Emperor is not dead?
Chapter 5558 The Emperor reappears!
Chapter 5559 Holy Object!
Chapter 5560 High Priest Tie Shanfeng
Chapter 5561 Shock the high priest!
Chapter 5562 Iron Mountain King
Chapter 5563 The evil spirit is coming!
Chapter 5564 The sacred object was destroyed, Ling Xiao took action!
Chapter 5565 The shame of the legion commander!
Chapter 5566: Destroy all the ghost army!
Chapter 5567 Villain!
Chapter 5568 The deal is concluded!
Chapter 5569 The mysterious man wearing a mask!
Chapter 5570 The strong man from the shadow gate!
Chapter 5571 Destroy the conspiracy!
Chapter 5572 The Ghost Demon King battles the Tieshan King!
Chapter 5573 The holy wall that protects dignity!
Chapter 5574 King Tieshan is defeated, Ling Xiao goes to battle!
Chapter 5575 Ling Xiao: God-like power!
Chapter 5576 Ling Xiao fights against the Ghost King!
Chapter 5577 The end of the Ghost King!
Chapter 5578 The Immortal Ghost King
Chapter 5579: Destroy the Ghost King and conquer the Tieshan Clan!
Chapter 5579: Destroy the Ghost King and conquer the Tieshan Clan!
Chapter 5580 Xuanwu Holy Armor Pattern!
Chapter 5581 Adventurer Town
Chapter 5582 Purple Sword Blood Knife!
Chapter 5583 The Lord of the Demon Realm!
Chapter 5584 The Eternal Heart!
Chapter 5585 The hiding place was found!
Chapter 5586 Weapon Clan: Ice Sword and Fire Knife!
Chapter 5587 The mayor, financial officer and housekeeper!
Chapter 5588 Mountain Dance Silver Snake, Doomsday Crazy Sword!
Chapter 5589 Xiao Jin’s Revenge!
Chapter 5590 Ling Xiao arrives at Rainbow Territory
Chapter 5591 Seven Color City
Chapter 5592 Make a fortune silently
Chapter 5593 The Holy City of Slaughter: Slaughter Cang Mountain!
Chapter 5594 Human Hero!
Chapter 5595 The geniuses of the Holy City!
Chapter 5596 Crazy Demon Stone Beauty!
Chapter 5597 Sky Crocodile!
Chapter 5598 Upgraded version of void-breaking power!
Chapter 5599 The number one genius in the Eternal God Realm!
Chapter 5600 Holy Palace, Crisis!
Chapter 5601 Crazy Volcano, Niu Batian!
Chapter 5602 Who dares to fight with me!
Chapter 5603 Killing White: Dragon Martial Spirit!
Chapter 5604: Possessed by a dragon, man and gun merge into one!
Chapter 5605 Defeat Lu Bai!
Chapter 5606 The frightened Lu Feifei!
Chapter 5607 Ice Elf Sword
Chapter 5608 Self-deception
Chapter 5609 One fool is enough!
Chapter 5610 Mountain God Rebellion!
Chapter 5611 Storm Beast Soul, One Hundred Thousand White Bears!
Chapter 5612 Complete victory!
Chapter 5613 The powerful Niu Batian!
Chapter 5614: Ghost Pen, Kill Black, Thunder Spring!
Chapter 5615 Eternal Island
Chapter 5616 Palace Master Qisehong
Chapter 5617 Arriving at the Secret Realm
Chapter 5618 Seventy-two Directors of the Divine Alliance!
Chapter 5619 Message from Long Chen and Xiao Jin!
Chapter 5620 Shen Shaohao
Chapter 5620 Shen Shaohao
Chapter 5621 Provocation from Shen Shaohao!
Chapter 5622 Fusion of seven-color stones!
Chapter 5623 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 5624 Inhuman Race
Chapter 5625 Fighting for the seven-color stone!
Chapter 5626 New and old grudges!
Chapter 5626 New and old grudges!
Chapter 5627 I am the stronger illusionist!
Chapter 5627 I am the stronger illusionist!
Chapter 5628 Defeat the Mountain Warrior of God Realm!
Chapter 5629 A blockbuster!
Chapter 5630 Identity exposed!
Chapter 5631 The Holy Sword of Killing
Chapter 5632 Encounter with Shen Shaohao!
Chapter 5633 Breaking the Light of God!
Chapter 5634 The most extraordinary monster!
Chapter 5635 Grassroots Heroes
Chapter 5636 Xiao Jin vs. Beast God Warrior!
Chapter 5637 Qixia Villa’s trump card!
Chapter 5638 Ling Xiao went crazy again!
Chapter 5639 Discovering the Earth Origin Treasure!
Chapter 5640 Ling Xiao disappeared!
Chapter 5641 Capture the source of the earth!
Chapter 5642: Fusion of earth source, strength skyrocketed!
Chapter 5643: Second in Poseidon Domain: Ghost Fish!
Chapter 5644 The only hope: Ling Xiao!
Chapter 5644 The only hope: Ling Xiao!
Chapter 5645 The unlucky big crab!
Chapter 5646 Brothers join forces, the ghost fish suffers!
Chapter 5647 The powerful ghost fish knight!
Chapter 5648 Three treasures!
Chapter 5649 Ling Xiao’s crazy plan!
Chapter 5650: Vow not to live in harmony
Chapter 5651 The person who arranged the plan!
Chapter 5652 Death by Blood Knife!
Chapter 5653 Fallen Feather!
Chapter 5654 The ruthless father and son
Chapter 5655 Emperor Lotus Appears
Chapter 5656 The championship belongs to
Chapter 5657 Star Peak humiliates the Holy City!
Chapter 5658 The shady story of death
Chapter 5658 The shady story of death
Chapter 5659 Unscathed
Chapter 5660 Internal strife in the Seven Color Palace!
Chapter 5661 The ghost fish who ignores the rules!
Chapter 5662 Never suffer the loss of being dumb!
Chapter 5663 Ling Xiao’s Wrath!
Chapter 5664 Xiao Jin versus Shen Shaohao!
Chapter 5665 Fallen Feather
Chapter 5666 Shameless God and Ignorance
Chapter 5667 Kill the God Shaohao!
Chapter 5668: Seeing people’s hearts in critical moments!
Chapter 5669 Ling Xiao fights the ghost fish!
Chapter 5670 Deep Sea Barrier!
Chapter 5671 Strong suppression!
Chapter 5672: Capture the ghost fish’s treasure!
Chapter 5673 Blood Puppet Talisman
Chapter 5674 Ling Xiao: The enemy’s nightmare!
Chapter 5675 Kill the director of the Divine Alliance with a sword!
Chapter 5676 Proud and unyielding young man!
Chapter 5677 Lingxiao God of War Wu Ming!
Chapter 5678 Power: Gravity!
Chapter 5679 A boy who won’t despair!
Chapter 5680 Almost killed Shen Wuming!
Chapter 5681 A master suddenly appears!
Chapter 5682 Little Master!
Chapter 5683 The Scarlet Emperor!
Chapter 5684 Dragonborn Empire!
Chapter 5685 The Demon-Slaying Treasure Seal is Exposed!
Chapter 5686 The threat of Qisehong!
Chapter 5687 Speed ??and the Law of Life!
Chapter 5688 Relics of the Tiger God
Chapter 5689 Male and female ghosts!
Chapter 5690 Kill the ghosts!
Chapter 5691 The Alliance of Gods forms an alliance with Tianhun Valley!
Chapter 5692 The battle of the degenerated strong men
Chapter 5693 Killing Tiger: Killing Feifei’s father!
Chapter 5694 Do I need your forgiveness?
Chapter 5695 One hundred thousand demons!
Chapter 5696 Revenge on God Realm Mountain!
Chapter 5697 The comeback of the Heavenly Demon Shura Hai!
Chapter 5698 Holy Tower
Chapter 5699 Strength is respected!
Chapter 5700 Battle with Jin Yang!
Chapter 5701 Useful promotion!
Chapter 5702: Massacre caused by heavy treasure!
Chapter 5703 Volcano Martial Spirit, Lava Python
Chapter 5704 The Magical Use of Void Technique
Chapter 5705 Obtaining the Heavy Treasure
Chapter 5706 Destroy Cangshan!
Chapter 5706 Destroy Cangshan!
Chapter 5707: The void spell was broken?
Chapter 5708 Tai Chi Bear
Chapter 5709 One Hundred Thousand Beast Gods!
Chapter 5710 The Power of the Great Emperor!
Chapter 5711 Death of Killing Tiger!
Chapter 5712 Challenge the Killing Emperor!
Chapter 5713 The mortality rate is 10%!
Chapter 5714 I will arrange my destiny!
Chapter 5715 Life for life!
Chapter 5716 Time Exile!
Chapter 5717 Thunder Ax of Destruction!
Chapter 5718 Become my sword spirit!
Chapter 5719 Tyrant Emperor!
Chapter 5720 The tiger god’s soul is obtained!
Chapter 5721 Famous!
Chapter 5722 The wild beast god realm!
Chapter 5723 Pledge of allegiance!
Chapter 5724 Gods and Demons Trial Ground!
Chapter 5725 Killer
Chapter 5726 Ghost
Chapter 5727 Invisible enemy!
Chapter 5728 The ghost is also destroyed!
Chapter 5729 Three heads, six arms, eight powers!
Chapter 5730 Shenhan Shenze!
Chapter 5731 The strength of the black peacock!
Chapter 5732 Leng Feng
Chapter 5733 Don’t give up! Don’t give up!
Chapter 5734 You must be the domain lord!
Chapter 5735 Martial Arts Divine Pearl
Chapter 5736 Return to Wucheng!
Chapter 5737 It’s going to be a big deal at the New Year’s Eve!
Chapter 5738 No matter life or death!
Chapter 5739 Friends and Enemies!
Chapter 5739 Friends and Enemies!
Chapter 5740 The Dog King is angry!
Chapter 5741 Provoking the Elder Council!
Chapter 5742 You two come together!
Chapter 5743 Qitian Bureau!
Chapter 5744 The Qi family wants to seize power!
Chapter 5745 You all can’t see enough!
Chapter 5745 You all can’t see enough!
Chapter 5746 Kill the Three Elders and the Dog Fighting King!
Chapter 5746 Kill the Three Elders and the Dog Fighting King!
Chapter 5747 Kill the Dog King!
Chapter 5748 I am the only one who dominates!
Chapter 5749 The Holy City of Niu: Niu Qinghai!
Chapter 5749 The Holy City of Niu: Niu Qinghai!
Chapter 5750 Invitation from the Holy City of Ox!
Chapter 5751 The Holy Land of God’s Kingdom!
Chapter 5752 Hostility from the warriors of the Holy City!
Chapter 5753 Four Emperors Hall
Chapter 5754 The sinister intentions of the Four Emperors!
Chapter 5755 Sculpture of Life and Death!
Chapter 5756 A group of ignorant fools!
Chapter 5757 What a genius!
Chapter 5758: Being beaten to the point of doubting life!
Chapter 5759 Destruction of Sacrifice
Chapter 5760 Thunder Fire Cage!
Chapter 5761 I have a showdown!
Chapter 5762 House arrest in Dream Garden!
Chapter 5763 The coveted bloodline!
Chapter 5764: Kill Ling Xiao with a borrowed knife
Chapter 5764: Kill Ling Xiao with a borrowed knife
Chapter 5765 Son of Hades: Ming Ming!
Chapter 5766 Bloodline of Hades
Chapter 5767 Ling Xiao is here!
Chapter 5768 Save people!
Chapter 5769 Zhan Mingming!
Chapter 5770 Kill Styx!
Chapter 5771 Poseidon’s Rebellion, Tree God’s Rebellion!
Chapter 5772 Thank you to the son of Hades for the treasure!
Chapter 5773 You can’t kill me!
Chapter 5774 Hades Dragon!
Chapter 5775 The two elders, Black and Ming, escape into the void!
Chapter 5776 Breaking through the trapped demon formation!
Chapter 5777 Weeping Blood Dragon Pot!
Chapter 5778 The Holy King’s Crusade Message!
Chapter 5779 Sinner or hero?
Chapter 5780 The Evil Martial Kingdom
Chapter 5780 The Evil Martial Kingdom
Chapter 5781 Injuring the covenant and seizing the dragon pot!
Chapter 5781 Injuring the covenant and seizing the dragon pot!
Chapter 5782 Reasoning!
Chapter 5782 Reasoning!
Chapter 5783 Pluto takes action!
Chapter 5783 Pluto takes action!
Chapter 5784 I’ll give you a big gift!
Chapter 5784 I’ll give you a big gift!
Chapter 5785 Emperor Ba Tian is going crazy!
Chapter 5786 A madman’s way to become stronger!
Chapter 5785 Emperor Ba Tian is going crazy!
Chapter 5787 Yin Yang Pearl
Chapter 5788 Dark Yin and Yang!
Chapter 5786 A madman’s way to become stronger!
Chapter 5787 Yin Yang Pearl
Chapter 5789 Sea of ??Wrong Souls
Chapter 5790 The Mystery of Immortality
Chapter 5788 Dark Yin and Yang!
Chapter 5789 Sea of ??Wrong Souls
Chapter 5791 Black Hole Hell!
Chapter 5790 The Mystery of Immortality
Chapter 5791 Black Hole Hell!
Chapter 5792 The top of the Wu Kingdom!
Chapter 5793 The Holy King left in despair!
Chapter 5794 The job of serving the ancient tribe!
Chapter 5795 Blood Flame King
Chapter 5796 Cheap Senior Sister!
Chapter 5797 Your name is Shameless!
Chapter 5798 I’ll remember today’s revenge!
Chapter 5799 Another Guest
Chapter 5800 Eastern Prince Ziyu
Chapter 5801 Entering Thunder Fire Purgatory!
Chapter 5802 Ancient tribe’s paradise, human purgatory!
Chapter 5803 Divine Mansion
Chapter 5804 The vicious Eastern Prince Ziyu!
Chapter 5805 The arrogant ancient warrior!
Chapter 5806 The sky is broken again!
Chapter 5807 Even the commander can’t stop him!
Chapter 5808 Lord of the Divine Mansion
Chapter 5809 The terrifying source of thunder and fire
Chapter 5810 Devouring the Holy Pattern!
Chapter 5811 Ten Thousand Years of Living Dead!
Chapter 5812 The secret that sends chills down your spine!
Chapter 5813 Commander Liao Ming
Chapter 5814 Tomb of Heroes
Chapter 5815 The secret of Eastern Prince Ziyu!
Chapter 5816 Shinfu Blood World!
Chapter 5817 Blood Blockade
Chapter 5818 Rescue Donghuang Yue!
Chapter 5819 Accidentally Entering the Tomb of Heroes
Chapter 5820 Xingtian Clan!
Chapter 5821 The terrifying magic box is opened!
Chapter 5822 Illusion Holy Pattern!
Chapter 5823 Three people join forces to fight against Xing Tian!
Chapter 5824 Donghuang Sword Intent, Dragon Shadow’s ultimate move!
Chapter 5825 Destroy the Xingtian Clan!
Chapter 5826 Fusion of Eternal Heart
Chapter 5827 Battle Commander Liao Ming!
Chapter 5828 Three commanders join forces
Chapter 5828 Three commanders join forces
Chapter 5829 Kill Liao Ming and shock the God Guards!
Chapter 5830 Confrontation in the thatched house!
Chapter 5831 Kui
Chapter 5832 Enemies meet!
Chapter 5833 Ling Xiao fights against the Eastern Prince Ziyu!
Chapter 5834 Donghuang Lock
Chapter 5835 Accept the baptism of fear!
Chapter 5836 Vent your anger for your apprentice!
Chapter 5837 Cunning meets madness!
Chapter 5838 The desperate Eastern Prince Ziyu!
Chapter 5839 General Lan
Chapter 5840 True colors revealed!
Chapter 5841 Shocking Account Book!
Chapter 5842 Tyrannosaurus King’s helplessness
Chapter 5842 Tyrannosaurus King’s helplessness
Chapter 5843 Evil Prison Camp
Chapter 5844 Red Spider King
Chapter 5845 The steward of one hundred thousand prisoners!
Chapter 5846 Kitchen Prisoners Rebellion
Chapter 5847: Big fist is king!
Chapter 5848 Prison No. 7: Fat Dragon!
Chapter 5849 Prison No. 8: Yun Rong!
Chapter 5850 Defeat Yunrong and beat the Golden Bell!
Chapter 5851 A gathering of ten bosses!
Chapter 5852 King of Punishment
Chapter 5853 The prisoners rebelled!
Chapter 5854 Not on the same level!
Chapter 5855 We will follow the steward to the death!
Chapter 5856 Transform the prison camp!
Chapter 5857 The Holy Land of Beasts, Twelve Divine Codes!
Chapter 5858 Wall of God, City of Sighs!
Chapter 5859 Successfully obtained the quota!
Chapter 5860 The most despicable group of people!
Chapter 5861 The anger of an honest man!
Chapter 5862 Heading to the City of Sighs!
Chapter 5863 Eternal Benefits
Chapter 5864 Gathering in the City of Sighs!
Chapter 5865 Challenge from the Holy City of Zi!
Chapter 5866 The confrontation between the emperors and the tense situation!
Chapter 5867 Killing gold and fighting Ling Xiao!
Chapter 5868 Golden Fire of the Universe
Chapter 5869 Supernatural power: Space solidification!
Chapter 5870: Killing Gold is defeated, Killing Silver is on!
Chapter 5871 The power of the Wall of God!
Chapter 5872 Holy Ancestral Beast!
Chapter 5873 Ten years later, Xuanwu was destroyed!
Chapter 5874 The Ice-Blooded King’s Gamble!
Chapter 5875 The determination of Emperor Miaoyin!
Chapter 5876 The Bloody Emperor, the Void Emperor!
Chapter 5877 The out-of-control Ice-Blooded King!
Chapter 5878 Climbing the Divine Ladder!
Chapter 5879 Is it inevitable to escape?
Chapter 5880 Blood Red Meteor!
Chapter 5881 The mysterious huge black shadow!
Chapter 5882 Wanlong Lake!
Chapter 5883 Divine Dragon Sword Technique
Chapter 5884 Gift from the Holy Ancestor!
Chapter 5885 Five-color sacred cow
Chapter 5886 Senior sister? Are you worthy?
Chapter 5887: Changing the structure of the Holy City!
Chapter 5888 The Isolated Ice-Blooded King!
Chapter 5889 The Hundred-Way Divine Dragon Pattern Sword!
Chapter 5890 The combined attack of the three laws of power!
Chapter 5891 Crazy slashing!
Chapter 5892 Beast Transformation
Chapter 5893 Extremely cold space!
Chapter 5894 The Ice-Blooded King’s final struggle!
Chapter 5895 Complete defeat!
Chapter 5896 Ten thousand slaps on your face!
Chapter 5897 The Remains of the Killing Emperor!
Chapter 5898 The Chosen One or the Devil’s Disciple?
Chapter 5899 Hundreds of troops performing martial arts
Chapter 5900 Challenge the Guards!
Chapter 5901 The threat of the Taurus King!
Chapter 5902: Prisoner Camp Battle with Guards!
Chapter 5903 The fat dragon shocked the whole audience!
Chapter 5904 Guan Meng
Chapter 5905 The ugly soul
Chapter 5906 The Unfailing God of War
Chapter 5907 The despicable methods of the guards
Chapter 5908 The evil prison camp crushes the guard army!
Chapter 5909 Lin Aojun
Chapter 5910 The strongest one appears!
Chapter 5911 Soul Relocation
Chapter 5912 Beat up the Taurus King!
Chapter 5912 Beat up the Taurus King!
Chapter 5913 Find out his identity!
Chapter 5914 The master who controls the overall situation!
Chapter 5916 Changes in the Holy City of Niu!
Chapter 5917 One person penetrates an army!
Chapter 5918 The Evil Prisoner Camp Battles with the Divine Guards!
Chapter 5919 Niugui!
Chapter 5920 Defeat the Celestial Guard!
Chapter 5921 Weird breakthrough method!
Chapter 5922 Demigod
Chapter 5923 The Body of God!
Chapter 5924 The Immortal Emperor!
Chapter 5925 Rainbow Forest
Chapter 5926 Yinhun Tower
Chapter 5927 Magic weapon, coffin, figure!
Chapter 5928 The sealed body!
Chapter 5929: The Killing Emperor is from the Xingtian Clan?
Chapter 5930 Important clues ignored!
Chapter 5931 The Temple of Killing
Chapter 5932 The mysterious Aunt Xue!
Chapter 5933 Four flying swords!
Chapter 5934: Conquer the Killing Flying Sword!
Chapter 5935 Sword Pool
Chapter 5936 Uninvited guests who covet the treasure!
Chapter 5937 Get out of the Killing Temple!
Chapter 5938: Cutting off your arm is a lesson!
Chapter 5939 Golden Sword King
Chapter 5940 Provoking the King!
Chapter 5941 Someone comes to give experience again!
Chapter 5942 Come back after I recover from my injuries!
Chapter 5943 The Light of the Holy Ancestor
Chapter 5944 Promoted to Half-Step King!
Chapter 5945 Aunt Xue’s strength!
Chapter 5946: Get out of the temple within ten breaths!
Chapter 5947 Ten Thousand Enemies!
Chapter 5948 The power of flying swords!
Chapter 5949 Shocking combat power!
Chapter 5950 Killing and killing people!
Chapter 5951 The deal with the Golden Sword King!
Chapter 5952 Space Flying Sword!
Chapter 5953 Hidden in time!
Chapter 5954: Borrow something from me!
Chapter 5955 Soul Forbidden Zone!
Chapter 5956 Ni Lin was touched!
Chapter 5957 Mysterious black robe!
Chapter 5958 Five emperors join forces!
Chapter 5959 Star God Reverse!
Chapter 5960 The Tribulation of Life and Death
Chapter 5961 Death of the Golden Sword King!
Chapter 5962 The ruthless emperor!
Chapter 5963 Want to impose a crime
Chapter 5964 The battle between the great emperors!
Chapter 5965 Get all the treasures!
Chapter 5966 Waiting for the man in black robe!
Chapter 5967: The reinforcements were intercepted and faced the enemy alone!
Chapter 5968 Rainbow Cage!
Chapter 5969 Assimilated?
Chapter 5970 The temple is frightened and transformed into Xingtian!
Chapter 5970 The temple is frightened and transformed into Xingtian!
Chapter 5971 The greatest despair!
Chapter 5972 How to deal with Ling Xiao?
Chapter 5973 The so-called just trial!
Chapter 5974 Xingtian Serum!
Chapter 5975 The end is coming and chaos abounds!
Chapter 5976 The ancient tribe also got involved!
Chapter 5977 Ten-day trial!
Chapter 5978 Millions of Strong Men
Chapter 5979 The Eighteenth Emperor!
Chapter 5980 Demon-killing Formation!
Chapter 5981 Become a monster again!
Chapter 5981 Become a monster again!
Chapter 5982 Fighting the Ice-Blooded King Again!
Chapter 5983 The seal of the Yinhun Tower is released!
Chapter 5984 The whole place is filled with the Xingtian Clan!
Chapter 5985 I am a monster, showdown!
Chapter 5986 The battle of courage, the battle of pride!
Chapter 5987 Tenacious vitality!
Chapter 5988 Defeat the Ice-Blooded King
Chapter 5989 Obsession
Chapter 5990 The Kilometer Giant Appears!
Chapter 5991 Seventeen Emperors Battle Xingtian!
Chapter 5992 The cloud of doom!
Chapter 5993 The monster’s trap!
Chapter 5994 The Seventeen Emperors were defeated!
Chapter 5995 The spirit drives away objects
Chapter 5996 The giant exploded
Chapter 5997: Whales swallow the world, snakes swallow whales!
Chapter 5998 Everyone attacks!
Chapter 5999 Three Souls Returned to One
Chapter 6000 Destroy monsters!
Chapter 6001 The missing battleship!
Chapter 6002 It can’t be any more disappointing!
Chapter 6003 Eternal Demonic Dragon
Chapter 6004 Holy King City
Chapter 6005 Challenge the Holy King
Chapter 6006 Tyrant Empire and Holy Alliance!
Chapter 6007 God of Light
Chapter 6007 God of Light
Chapter 6008 Hit by the speed of light!
Chapter 6009 The unkillable body of the God of Light!
Chapter 6010 The divine body of light and shadow!
Chapter 6011 Defeat the Holy King!
Chapter 6012 War Song of the Gods
Chapter 6013 Mysterious Girl: Gu Qiu Longyue
Chapter 6014 God’s Will!
Chapter 6015 The God of Samsara is angry!
Chapter 6016 Quasi-God Realm
Chapter 6017 The Ancestor Saint!
Chapter 6018 Dark Jungle
Chapter 6019 The roaring dog fights the nine-headed monster!
Chapter 6020 God comes to kill the evil demon!
Chapter 6021 The Dark World!
Chapter 6022 The sword breaks through the dark world!
Chapter 6023 Defeat the Sower!
Chapter 6024 The black blood reappears, the change of Ming Cang!
Chapter 6025 The adherents and the traitors!
Chapter 6026 Reincarnation Stone
Chapter 6027 Blood River Ruins
Chapter 6028 The real reincarnation corpse!
Chapter 6029 God’s Resentment!
Chapter 6030 Xingtian Demon Cult
Chapter 6031 God Swallowing Centipede
Chapter 6032 Fire larvae!
Chapter 6033 Antler Snake, Dragon Society!
Chapter 6034 Eternal Light
Chapter 6035 Tens of millions of troops underground!
Chapter 6036 God Shura!
Chapter 6037 God’s Law
Chapter 6038 Promoted to Demigod!
Chapter 6039 Split Demonic Insect
Chapter 6040 The Mysteries of Life and Death
Chapter 6041 Yue Fanghua’s determination!
Chapter 6042 Great Wife!
Chapter 6043 Husband’s Responsibility!
Chapter 6044 Metal Life Form!
Chapter 6045 God is still alive!
Chapter 6046 The battle with the guardian of God!
Chapter 6047 God’s Law, King Kong!
Chapter 6048 Divine Eyes
Chapter 6049 Spirit Cage Book
Chapter 6050 Mysterious Divine Power: The Wrath of the Blood River!
Chapter 6051 Reinforcements!
Chapter 6052 The end of God’s Guard!
Chapter 6053 Destruction
Chapter 6054 Terrifying conjecture!
Chapter 6055 The Emperor’s Round Table Conference!
Chapter 6056 True and False Gods!
Chapter 6057 The Secret of the Demon Realm!
Chapter 6058: Raise an army to prosecute!
Chapter 6059 The God of Hades Entrusts a Dream
Chapter 6060 The God of Hades appeared and punished?
Chapter 6061 The Black Blood Emperor reappears!
Chapter 6062 Another puppet is born!
Chapter 6063 Arrows shoot at gods!
Chapter 6064: Cruel tactics to intimidate the whole audience!
Chapter 6065 Evidence
Chapter 6066 The Crazy Scarlet Emperor!
Chapter 6067 The Ancient Soul Control Technique!
Chapter 6068 Cowards and Warriors!
Chapter 6069 Dead Space Array!
Chapter 6070 Black Death Bullet!
Chapter 6071 The calamity of inner demons!
Chapter 6072: Kill the inner demons and get promoted smoothly!
Chapter 6073 The disappeared time controller!
Chapter 6074 Demon: Bitter River, Bingling, and Mad Dragon!
Chapter 6075 An emperor-level demon!
Chapter 6076: One wave after another!
Chapter 6077 The Eleventh Emperor reappears!
Chapter 6078 Take advantage of the situation!
Chapter 6079 Blood River Killing Array!
Chapter 6080 One Hundred and Eight Gods Subduing Demons Array!
Chapter 6080 One Hundred and Eight Gods Subduing Demons Array!
Chapter 6081 The emperors regain their sanity!
Chapter 6082 The sealed divine corpse!
Chapter 6083 The Emperor surrenders!
Chapter 6084 Bad news from the Holy King City!
Chapter 6085 The devil in the night!
Chapter 6086 The critical Holy Palace!
Chapter 6087 A powerful and cunning enemy!
Chapter 6088 The power of one sword!
Chapter 6089 Defeat the Demonic Dragon Society’s army!
Chapter 6090 The veteran of Xingtian Sect!
Chapter 6091 New Plan
Chapter 6092 Three Disasters
Chapter 6093 Tyrannosaurus King’s invitation to battle!
Chapter 6094 Zombie Tyrannosaurus!
Chapter 6095 Ling Xiao fights the Tyrannosaurus King!
Chapter 6096 Bone Hell Spider Web!
Chapter 6097 The third life!
Chapter 6098 Trump card? No one is as good as him!
Chapter 6099 Entering the realm of three disasters!
Chapter 6100 Drought!
Chapter 6101 Drought
Chapter 6102 Plague beast, dragon flood!
Chapter 6102 Plague beast, dragon flood!
Chapter 6103 The Xingtian Giant reappears!
Chapter 6104 Chaos Talisman
Chapter 6105 The layout is successful!
Chapter 6106 Three-eyed mad bull!
Chapter 6107 Ten centipedes!
Chapter 6108 The Qinghai Emperor!
Chapter 6109 Moon God Reverse!
Chapter 6110 Shuo Yue’s attack!
Chapter 6111 Sound the clarion call for counterattack!
Chapter 6112 Death Lightning!
Chapter 6113 Defeat the Mad Bull Emperor!
Chapter 6114 The ancestor wakes up!
Chapter 6115 The battle is over!
Chapter 6116 Full preparation for war!
Chapter 6117 Meeting the Vice-President of the Demonic Dragon Society Again
Chapter 6118 A cunning way of fighting!
Chapter 6119 Killing the Vice-President of the Demonic Dragon Society
Chapter 6120 The Demon Emperor appears!
Chapter 6121 Iron Armored Crazy Dragon
Chapter 6122 The divine tiger fights the mad dragon!
Chapter 6123 Heavenly Being!
Chapter 6124 The Sword of the Sky
Chapter 6125 Completely prepared!
Chapter 6126 Fusion of Twelve Sacred Artifacts!
Chapter 6127 Punishment Team!
Chapter 6128 Nest under the Ice
Chapter 6129 The Cruel Black Blood Emperor!
Chapter 6130 A trap just for Ling Xiao!
Chapter 6131 One person fights three emperors!
Chapter 6132 Ice Fox King’s sneak attack
Chapter 6133 Destroy the Four Emperors!
Chapter 6134 Fighting the Black Blood Emperor Alone!
Chapter 6135 The Death of the Black Blood Emperor!
Chapter 6136 The Hanging Sky Sword is successfully fused!
Chapter 6137 The invincible Hanging Sword!
Chapter 6138 The Desperate Demonic Blood Emperor
Chapter 6139: Survive, kill!
Chapter 6140 Cooperation between demons!
Chapter 6141 Oracle Stone, God-killing Formation!
Chapter 6142 Sixiang Island
Chapter 6143 Elemental Creatures!
Chapter 6144 God of Four Symbols
Chapter 6145 The three demons take action!
Chapter 6146 Demonic Shadow Saint Pattern Technique!
Chapter 6147 Two battlefields!
Chapter 6148 I will always be with you!
Chapter 6149 Thirty-nine emperors join forces!
Chapter 6150 God-killing Blood Killing Formation!
Chapter 6151 The power of demons!
Chapter 6152 The red moon is in the sky!
Chapter 6153 Ling Xiao is the last hope!
Chapter 6154 Void Mirror
Chapter 6155 Dream Demon
Chapter 6156 Beast God Tower
Chapter 6157 Illusion Showdown!
Chapter 6158 Beast God Force Field!
Chapter 6159 Cultivation breakthrough, advantage comes!
Chapter 6160 Victory is in sight!
Chapter 6161 Seventy-two Demon Gods!
Chapter 6162 Demonic Seed!
Chapter 6163 The truth!
Chapter 6164 The Demon God’s Wrath!
Chapter 6165 Parasitic Demon God!
Chapter 6166 Fight hard!
Chapter 6167 Sacrifice! Heavy damage to the demon blood!
Chapter 6168 Kill! The parasitic demon!
Chapter 6169 Sowing discord
Chapter 6169 Sowing discord
Chapter 6170 The truth comes out
Chapter 6170 The truth comes out
Chapter 6171 The Kingdom of God returns!
Chapter 6171 The Kingdom of God returns!
Chapter 6172 The Twilight Zone Rat!
Chapter 6172 The Twilight Zone Rat!
Chapter 6173 Yin and Yang are in chaos, and the world is upside down!
Chapter 6174 Moon God Reverse, Emei Yue!
Chapter 6175 The destruction of the Yin and Yang world!
Chapter 6176 Ling Xiao, survive!
Chapter 6177 The Human Emperor!
Chapter 6178 The unification of the Kingdom of God!
Chapter 6179 The human race will never be slaves!
Chapter 6180 Soul Emperor
Chapter 6181 The domain chief collects tolls
Chapter 6182 Scared the Territory Lord to Paralysis!
Chapter 6183 Reappearance of the inheritance of the Beast God!
Chapter 6184 Divine Power and the Secret of Variety!
Chapter 6185 The Cruel Poseidon Realm!
Chapter 6186 The Demon God’s Revenge!
Chapter 6187 Friends from Poseidon Realm
Chapter 6188 Young Lord of Huansha City
Chapter 6189: Meeting a villain when going out
Chapter 6190 Five Elements Sword Seal
Chapter 6191 Dragon Bone Hell!
Chapter 6192 Divine Water Sword Seal
Chapter 6193 Flying Sword Fusion!
Chapter 6194 Destroy the Dragon Bone Hell!
Chapter 6195 The Five Elements Tribulation is coming!
Chapter 6196 General Long’s mutation!
Chapter 6197 Breaking the Tribulation (1)
Chapter 6198 Breaking the Tribulation (2)
Chapter 6199 Sand Demon Insect!
Chapter 6200 Another one is crazy!
Chapter 6201 Your delusion will not succeed!
Chapter 6202: Put yourself to death and survive
Chapter 6203 Crush!
Chapter 6204 The Benefactor of the Sea Clan!
Chapter 6205 The uncivilized sea tribe!
Chapter 6206 East China Sea Crystal Palace!
Chapter 6207 Return the favor!
Chapter 6208 Dragon Emperor of the Four Seas!
Chapter 6209 Nine Turns Pill, Crab Emperor
Chapter 6210 Decisively kill the Crab Emperor!
Chapter 6211 Turning against guests!
Chapter 6212 Ma Yuer
Chapter 6213 Suspicion
Chapter 6214 The double-faced Blue Ring Emperor!
Chapter 6215 Behind the scenes
Chapter 6216 Ghost Fish Emperor!
Chapter 6217 Acting with you!
Chapter 6218 There’s no discussion about playing tricks on you
Chapter 6219 Prime Minister Turtle’s Worries
Chapter 6220 Plan to seize inherited items!
Chapter 6221 Dinghai Temple
Chapter 6222 A breath of bad breath!
Chapter 6223 Instantly kill the Sword Shark Emperor!
Chapter 6224 Resist! Ma Yuer!
Chapter 6225 Moon Poison!
Chapter 6226 Vicious Conscience!
Chapter 6227 The Test of the Blue Ring Emperor!
Chapter 6228 God-Killing Blade
Chapter 6229 Extremely poisonous explosion!
Chapter 6230 Paralyzing the enemy
Chapter 6231 Sneaking into Dinghai Temple!
Chapter 6231 Sneaking into Dinghai Temple!
Chapter 6232 Restriction!
Chapter 6232 Restriction!
Chapter 6233 Prime Minister Turtle’s Fox Tail
Chapter 6234 The miserable assassin Ghost Fish Emperor
Chapter 6235 The determination of the Dragon Emperor of the East China Sea
Chapter 6236 You owe me a favor!
Chapter 6237 Fight against the Blue Ring Emperor again!
Chapter 6238 The complete body of the God-killing Blade!
Chapter 6239 Toxic volcano!
Chapter 6240 Defeat the Blue Ring Emperor!
Chapter 6241 A distinguished generation
Chapter 6242 The Mutating Poseidon Emperor?
Chapter 6243 Saving the Sea God Emperor
Chapter 6244 Divine Monkey Secret Region
Chapter 6245 The devil reappears!
Chapter 6246 Twelve Emperors!
Chapter 6247 The secret method of shadow!
Chapter 6248 Ambush!
Chapter 6249 Three Eyes!
Chapter 6250 The magical powers of the four demons!
Chapter 6251 Destroy the Four Demons!
Chapter 6252 Yuan Shen Eagle Eye Technique!
Chapter 6253 Witch Feng Qianqian
Chapter 6254 Phoenix Blood Fruit
Chapter 6255 Join forces with the witch!
Chapter 6256 Qianyuan Xuanwu Dragon
Chapter 6257 Three Demon Palaces join forces
Chapter 6258 Dragon Blood Fossil
Chapter 6259 Vitality Tree Seed
Chapter 6260 It’s so cheap!
Chapter 6261 Hostage Exchange
Chapter 6262 The Temple of the Divine Ape
Chapter 6263 Besieging the Guardian of the Ape!
Chapter 6264 Sneak into the temple!
Chapter 6265: Trap Demon Emperor Feng Gou to death!
Chapter 6266 The calamity of the Six Gods is coming!
Chapter 6267 If the sky wants to destroy me, I will break it!
Chapter 6268 Six Gods Sword Seal!
Chapter 6269 Promotion!
Chapter 6270 Mysterious Underground Palace
Chapter 6271 The showdown between demons and humans!
Chapter 6272 Instant Kill Fengqing and Qin Ying!
Chapter 6273 Fighting the Wind Ghost!
Chapter 6274 Transformation into a demon!
Chapter 6275 The powerful twelve emperors
Chapter 6276 Collecting the Underground Palace
Chapter 6277 Three magical monkey hairs!
Chapter 6277 Three magical monkey hairs!
Chapter 6278 Divine Monkey Battle Xuanku!
Chapter 6278 Divine Monkey Battle Xuanku!
Chapter 6279 Defeat Prime Minister Turtle!
Chapter 6280 Sea God Realm Entering Heaven!
Chapter 6281 Changes in the Demon Realm!
Chapter 6282 The Eternal God Realm is in chaos!
Chapter 6283 Border crisis!
Chapter 6284 You can’t be kind to a woman!
Chapter 6285 The demonic orc army!
Chapter 6286 Redemption!
Chapter 6287 For home and family!
Chapter 6288 The hidden strong man
Chapter 6289 War Elephant Tribe: Elephant Barbarian!
Chapter 6290 War Tramples!
Chapter 6291 Xiangman’s choice
Chapter 6292 The Soul Emperor’s Attitude
Chapter 6293 The Scarlet Emperor breaks through!
Chapter 6294 Great Chief
Chapter 6295 The tragic battlefield!
Chapter 6296 Purifying Fire
Chapter 6297 It’s not you who has the final say whether it’s finished or not!
Chapter 6298 The battle of the strong, the battle of time!
Chapter 6299 Chief Sirius
Chapter 6300 The formation barrier is in danger!
Chapter 6301 New mysterious magical powers!
Chapter 6302 Holy Dragon King Sword
Chapter 6303 Ling Xiao fights against Holy Heaven!
Chapter 6304 Monster-like!
Chapter 6305 Monkey Monkey Sun has made extraordinary achievements
Chapter 6306 The flag does not fall!
Chapter 6307 The strangeness of Shengtian
Chapter 6308 Kill Shengtian and reverse the situation!
Chapter 6309 Quasi-god: Tianlong Emperor!
Chapter 6310 Even if you die, you will have someone to support you!
Chapter 6311 Quasi-God: Blood Flame King!
Chapter 6312 The miserable Tianlong Emperor
Chapter 6313 The real decisive battle is coming!
Chapter 6314: Suzaku Emperor, Jiuying Emperor, and Xiangliu Emperor!
Chapter 6315 Battle with Nine Infants!
Chapter 6316 The terrifying quasi-god!
Chapter 6317 It’s good to have elixir!
Chapter 6318 The God of Revenge and Killing who accumulates power!
Chapter 6319 The frightened Jiuying Emperor!
Chapter 6320 Nine Infant Emperor, suffer death!
Chapter 6321 Escape!
Chapter 6322 Queen Ant
Chapter 6323 The Nine Emperors of Elements!
Chapter 6324: Get into my trap!
Chapter 6325 Counterattack against the Nine Elemental Emperors!
Chapter 6326 Capturing the Three Emperors Alive!
Chapter 6327 The Poseidon Emperor suddenly appeared!
Chapter 6328 Soul Showdown!
Chapter 6329 Nightmare Demon God!
Chapter 6330 Battle against the Demon God!
Chapter 6331 The words of the devil!
Chapter 6332 Orcs never owe favors
Chapter 6333 The most insidious and cunning person in the world
Chapter 6333 The most insidious and cunning person in the world
Chapter 6334 Billions of soul powers unite!
Chapter 6334 Billions of soul powers unite!
Chapter 6335 How powerful is the demon with half the soul power!
Chapter 6336 Soul Force Field!
Chapter 6337 Devouring the Demon God!
Chapter 6338 What a naive person!
Chapter 6339 Quasi-God Disciple!
Chapter 6340 The leader of the Xingtian Sect appears!
Chapter 6341 Is everything over?
Chapter 6342 Spying on the enemy!
Chapter 6343 Playing with the Suzaku Emperor
Chapter 6344 Red Moon Secret Technique
Chapter 6345 The decisive battle is ahead of schedule!
Chapter 6346 All the chiefs were captured!
Chapter 6347 Why not escape!
Chapter 6348 The decisive battle is coming!
Chapter 6349 I would rather die than surrender!
Chapter 6350 The power of Master!
Chapter 6351 Red Moon Secret Technique: Moon Shadow!
Chapter 6352 Fire Dragon Ring
Chapter 6353 The Weakness of Leader Cang Yue!
Chapter 6354: Chasing the Leader of Cang Yue!
Chapter 6355 A fool who has trapped himself in a cocoon!
Chapter 6356 Cang Yue’s last killer move!
Chapter 6357 Divine Crystal
Chapter 6358 The formation barrier is cracked!
Chapter 6359 I protect hope for my master!
Chapter 6360 The Tyrant Emperor returns!
Chapter 6361 Fierce battle with the Earth Emperor!
Chapter 6362 Sudden! The disaster of the Seven Seas is coming!
Chapter 6363 Enemy reinforcements!
Chapter 6363 Enemy reinforcements!
Chapter 6364 Seven Sea Gods!
Chapter 6364 Seven Sea Gods!
Chapter 6365 A cunning way to overcome the tribulation!
Chapter 6365 A cunning way to overcome the tribulation!
Chapter 6366: Kill the Seven Gods and Overcome the Heavenly Tribulation!
Chapter 6367 Enemy reinforcements arrive on the battlefield!
Chapter 6367 Enemy reinforcements arrive on the battlefield!
Chapter 6368 Death of Donghuang Yue
Chapter 6368 Death of Donghuang Yue
Chapter 6369 Life-saving Monkey Hair!
Chapter 6369 Life-saving Monkey Hair!
Chapter 6370 The old demon of ruined flames
Chapter 6370 The old demon of ruined flames
Chapter 6371 Soul Lock
Chapter 6372 The old devil has three thousand souls and dies!
Chapter 6373: If you don’t want to be a human, you have to be a dog
Chapter 6374 I am a legend!
Chapter 6375 Gu Qiu Mengyue, Dragonborn Legion
Chapter 6376 Do you know Hong Qi?
Chapter 6377 Fight against the quasi-god army alone!
Chapter 6378 Instant kill of the great quasi-god!
Chapter 6379 It’s useless to besiege!
Chapter 6380 Dragon God Body
Chapter 6381 The white tiger fights the giant dragon!
Chapter 6382 Burning the Source of Life!
Chapter 6383 Fugue Possession Technique
Chapter 6384 Battle of Demon Gods
Chapter 6385 Nightmare Dragon
Chapter 6386 The invincible nightmare demon?
Chapter 6387 The Unkillable Monster
Chapter 6388 Seeing through the weakness of the devil!
Chapter 6389 Soul Divine Work
Chapter 6390 What a young man, I respect you!
Chapter 6391 Death of the Demon God
Chapter 6392 The Bloodline of the God of Destruction
Chapter 6393 Someone is carrying the load for you!
Chapter 6394 The Soul Emperor appears
Chapter 6395 Be my man!
Chapter 6395 Be my man!
Chapter 6396 Red God and Black God
Chapter 6397 The three supreme powerful men meet
Chapter 6398 Submission: Beast Dynasty and Elemental God Realm
Chapter 6399 Fifteen-day bet!
Chapter 6400 Killing the Blood Realm
Chapter 6401 The sky is shattered and the earth is shattered
Chapter 6402: Natural fusion, the one who escaped
Chapter 6403 Time Master
Chapter 6404 Showdown: Queen and Beast King!
Chapter 6405 Overlord Shuttle
Chapter 6406 Lost a life
Chapter 6407 Snowy Lost City
Chapter 6408 Gods and Demons Ice Prison
Chapter 6409 Winning the Bet
Chapter 6410 Two powerful men gifted treasures
Chapter 6411 Heading to the Demon Realm!
Chapter 6412 Gifts from Territory Lords
Chapter 6413 Anti-Magic Fortress
Chapter 6414 Lord Chen
Chapter 6415 Cold Wind Valley, demons!
Chapter 6416 The eradicated anti-demon organization
Chapter 6417 Pocket Formation
Chapter 6418 Tomb of Gods
Chapter 6419 Seizing the Divine Crystal!
Chapter 6420 Encounter with the Heavenly Official!
Chapter 6421 Protect your own man
Chapter 6422 Destroying the Heavenly Official!
Chapter 6423 The Eight Hells are coming!
Chapter 6424: Overcoming the tribulation successfully!
Chapter 6425 Feathered Divine Corpse!
Chapter 6426: Sneak attack on Tianzun!
Chapter 6427 Confrontation with Zhi Tianzun
Chapter 6428 The Great Saint fights the devil!
Chapter 6429 Husband and wife join forces to fight Feathering!
Chapter 6430 God-level corpse!
Chapter 6431 The two elders Xuanyin
Chapter 6432 The divine fire shows its power and the fighting god from Lingxiao!
Chapter 6433 Father and son meet!
Chapter 6434 Make the enemy so desperate that he commits suicide!
Chapter 6435 Ling Xiao’s life experience
Chapter 6436 The Seal of the Human King
Chapter 6436 The Seal of the Human King
Chapter 6437 The Law of Forging God
Chapter 6438 Fighting two great gods alone!
Chapter 6439: Kill: Force Battle Tianzun!
Chapter 6440 Blood Demon Lord and Tao Yao
Chapter 6440 Blood Demon Lord and Tao Yao
Chapter 6441 Demonic Killing Fist
Chapter 6442 The Incarnation of the Demon God
Chapter 6443 Fighting Demon Lord
Chapter 6444 Night Slayer Demon
Chapter 6445 The Nightmare Demon God, falling into reincarnation forever!
Chapter 6446 The Demon God of Illusion resurrects!
Chapter 6447 The seal is about to be opened!
Chapter 6448 Godhead
Chapter 6449 Fearful Illusion
Chapter 6450 The despairing gap!
Chapter 6451 The last chance!
Chapter 6452 The war initiated by the Soul Emperor
Chapter 6453 Ice Ancient City
Chapter 6454 The Dark Side of the Soul Emperor
Chapter 6455 Blazing Blade
Chapter 6456 Ling Xiao returns!
Chapter 6457 The parasitic demon reappears!
Chapter 6458 You can’t escape this time!
Chapter 6459: Soul-destroying zombie, fighting soul emperor!
Chapter 6460 The power of God’s law!
Chapter 6461 Understanding the Law of God!
Chapter 6462 Defeat the Soul Emperor!
Chapter 6463 The Holy Pattern of the Ghost Sect!
Chapter 6464 The Soul Emperor reappears!
Chapter 6465 Five Elements Giant Sacred Pattern
Chapter 6466 Crush God’s Law!
Chapter 6467 Forbidden Land of Ten Thousand Tombs
Chapter 6467 Forbidden Land of Ten Thousand Tombs
Chapter 6468 The Soul Emperor’s Daughter: The Soul Is Still the Same!
Chapter 6469 The God in the Soul Tomb?
Chapter 6470 Monster imprisoned at birth
Chapter 6471 Reversal of the illusion!
Chapter 6472 The Demonic Array of Ten Thousand Deaths
Chapter 6473 The former Nine Soul Emperors!
Chapter 6474 The ancestor of the soul clan!
Chapter 6475 Zifu Shrine
Chapter 6476 Beast God Wu Ma
Chapter 6477 Fighting the Soul Emperor again!
Chapter 6478 Shen Ze Dan
Chapter 6479 Dan Emperor
Chapter 6480 Bet you to be my servant!
Chapter 6481: Conquer the Dan Emperor and return to the Demon Realm!
Chapter 6482 Thousand Illusion Divine Techniques
Chapter 6483 The Seal of Reincarnation
Chapter 6484 Crush the Demon God!
Chapter 6485 Killing Gods and Demons!
Chapter 6486 The nine-day calamity is coming!
Chapter 6487 The will of all living beings helps me become a god!
Chapter 6488 Kill the Lava Demon instantly!
Chapter 6489 The ultimate imperial weapon!
Chapter 6490 Battle against the Three Demon Gods!
Chapter 6491 Reincarnation Artifact
Chapter 6492: Number one in all realms
Chapter 6493 Two ultimate imperial weapons!
Chapter 6493 Two ultimate imperial weapons!
Chapter 6494 The Pluto-Killing Sword!
Chapter 6495 The collapse of Hurricane Valley!
Chapter 6496 Unexpected changes!
Chapter 6497 The function of Xingtian Divine Ax
Chapter 6498 Fierce battle with the Earth Demon!
Chapter 6499 Try your best to win!
Chapter 6500 Xiao Jin takes action!
Chapter 6501 The Metal Demon Awakens!
Chapter 6502 My reincarnation artifact!
Chapter 6503: Capture the Xingtian Divine Ax!
Chapter 6504 Killing the Earth Demon God
Chapter 6505 The day of decisive battle
Chapter 6506 Blue-Eyed Ancestor
Chapter 6507 Master is not here, I will take care of it!
Chapter 6508 Donghuang Yue fights two divine generals!
Chapter 6509 The troubles of the blue-eyed ancestor
Chapter 6510 Master, I’m tired!
Chapter 6511 Leave the rest to your master!
Chapter 6512 Yang Shen Rebellion!
Chapter 6513 Cut off the dragon arm of the King of Kai!
Chapter 6514 Sky Fox Demon Kingdom
Chapter 6515 The Sky Fox Empress, crowned by divine fire
Chapter 6516 Prince Ceremony
Chapter 6517 Alchemy God
Chapter 6518 Heaven and earth are the furnace, and soul power is the core!
Chapter 6519 Let yourself go?
Chapter 6520 Ancestor Level Divine Pill!
Chapter 6521 Dragon Godhead
Chapter 6522 I am the leader!
Chapter 6523 Demon Slayer Alliance
Chapter 6524 The Dragon King’s Conspiracy
Chapter 6525 The fighting art of divine magic!
Chapter 6526 The last seven seals!
Chapter 6527: One man is in charge, and ten thousand men are not allowed to open it!
Chapter 6528 Long-armed Demon God
Chapter 6529 Reinforcements: Xiao Jin!
Chapter 6530 Fusion of the God of Punishment Axe!
Chapter 6531 Demon slayers gather!
Chapter 6532 The nightmare of demons!
Chapter 6533 Fusion of Demon God
Chapter 6534 Black Earth, Ghost Blade, Jiuyou!
Chapter 6535 The twelve realm kings awaken at the same time!
Chapter 6536 Five versus twelve, the battle of destiny!
Chapter 6537: The Demon Lord’s Intention
Chapter 6538 Don’t be afraid, just fight!
Chapter 6539 There is hope while alive!
Chapter 6540 The Four Demon Gods Awaken!
Chapter 6541 Live together and die together!
Chapter 6542 Time and Space Lost Array
Chapter 6543 Kill the Dark Demon!
Chapter 6544 It turns out to be you!
Chapter 6545: Stealing your luck
Chapter 6546 Blood Pool Soul Armor
Chapter 6547 Endless Killing Claws
Chapter 6548 A deadly battle between three brothers!
Chapter 6549 The Rule of the Immortal God
Chapter 6550 Death Formation of All Things
Chapter 6551 Endless Killing in the Blood Realm
Chapter 6552 The Supreme Killing and Exterminating Sword
Chapter 6553 Is this Godhead?
Chapter 6554 The Death of Fighting Demon God
Chapter 6555 The True Body of the Nine-Life Mage
Chapter 6556 The Devil’s Deal
Chapter 6557 The Miscalculated Demon Lord
Chapter 6558 The Eternal Boat
Chapter 6559 Going to the Blood River Again
Chapter 6560 Seal Guardian
Chapter 6561 Sealed Body, Bronze Soul Armor
Chapter 6562 Life God Realm
Chapter 6563 River of Chaos
Chapter 6564 Boarding the Ship
Chapter 6565 Evil Dragon Pirates
Chapter 6566 The terrifying chaos and turbulence
Chapter 6567 Falling into the River of Chaos
Chapter 6568: Overcoming the calamity of reunification!
Chapter 6569 Futian Clan and Qin Clan
Chapter 6570 Eternal Ship Advances
Chapter 6571 Qin County Qin Mansion
Chapter 6572 Nine Yang Golden Wheel
Chapter 6573 Snake and poisonous woman
Chapter 6574 The ruined Qin Rouhua
Chapter 6575 The Secret Agent of the Evil Dragon Pirate?
Chapter 6576 God of Mending Heaven
Chapter 6577 The Artifact of Reincarnation: The Mountain-Suppressing Stone!
Chapter 6578 Young Master Qin being taught a lesson
Chapter 6579 Brutal torture of Qin Hen
Chapter 6580 Commander Qin is going crazy
Chapter 6581 The human king slays the dragon in his dream
Chapter 6582 Headless Blood Dragon
Chapter 6583 Fu Tianzun
Chapter 6584 Blood Dragon Secret Realm
Chapter 6585 Dragon Corpse
Chapter 6586 A cunning plan to obtain the dragon head
Chapter 6587 Killing the Blood Demon Dragon
Chapter 6588 The Wine Demon, Dugu Sword
Chapter 6589 Futian Armor
Chapter 6590 Thunder Martial Spirit
Chapter 6591 Yue Qingxin
Chapter 6592 Era Shrine
Chapter 6593 He is the person I like!
Chapter 6594 The Yue family is here
Chapter 6595 The powerful Yue Fanghua
Chapter 6596 A hundred times more powerful, finally reaching the top!
Chapter 6597 Realm King Disciple: Le Dingdang
Chapter 6598 Call me Senior Sister
Chapter 6599 The last hundred meters
Chapter 6600 Siege and Killing
Chapter 6601 The powerful gathering holy pattern
Chapter 6602 Sword Martial Spirit Fusion with Nine Yang Golden Wheel
Chapter 6603 Nine Yang Sword Soul
Chapter 6604: Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 6604: Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 6605 Yue Fang seeks revenge for her husband
Chapter 6606 The Qin family deserves to die!
Chapter 6607 The Era Assessment Begins!
Chapter 6608: Monster Fu Tianzun
Chapter 6609 Looking for Qin Rouhua
Chapter 6610 Ling Xiao is not dead!
Chapter 6611 Pass easily
Chapter 6612 What is his limit?
Chapter 6613 Humiliate Qin Hen!
Chapter 6614: Tied Fu Tianzun’s record
Chapter 6615 Identity exposed
Chapter 6616 (Don’t read it again if you’ve seen it before) A hundred times more powerful, finally reaching the top!
Chapter 6617 Glory belongs to Ling Xiao
Chapter 6618 The frustrated Fu Tianzun
Chapter 6619 Eye of Destruction, Shocking Killing Sword
Chapter 6620 Ants trample on geniuses!
Chapter 6621 I’ll trample you to death!
Chapter 6622 Ling Xiao fights Fu Tianzun!
Chapter 6623 Talent, Comprehension, Effort, Luck
Chapter 6624 Shocking Killing Sword VS World-Destroying Halberd Technique
Chapter 6625 The battle to lift restrictions
Chapter 6626 Mysterious Showdown
Chapter 6627 Fu Tian’s Incarnation
Chapter 6628 VS Futian’s avatar
Chapter 6629 Devouring the Overlord’s Halberd
Chapter 6630 Defeat Fu Tianzun and eliminate Qin Rouhua
Chapter 6631 Asking for trouble
Chapter 6632 Assessment of taking pills
Chapter 6633 Sleeping Hall
Chapter 6634 The soul realm skyrockets!
Chapter 6635 Mysterious Space
Chapter 6636 The profound energy of the king of realms
Chapter 6637 Bloody Trial
Chapter 6638 The fallen place where killing skills are honed
Chapter 6639 Faceless Man
Chapter 6640 Assassination through the Void
Chapter 6641 Death of the Faceless Man
Chapter 6642 Disciples of the Demon King
Chapter 6643 Red Lady
Chapter 6644 Banana Fan Martial Spirit
Chapter 6645 Her name is Iron Fan
Chapter 6646 Natural Treasure House
Chapter 6647 Slave of Bloodline and Martial Spirit
Chapter 6648 Jian Fengzi
Chapter 6649 Obsidian Treasure
Chapter 6650 The backer is very strong
Chapter 6651 Fu Tianzun is going to be in trouble
Chapter 6652 The loyal Princess Iron Fan
Chapter 6653 Mission Completed
Chapter 6654 Teleportation Array Guardian
Chapter 6655 Those who insult others will die!
Chapter 6656 Come and die
Chapter 6657: Overcoming the Difficulties Together
Chapter 6658 One thought becomes a devil
Chapter 6659 Must die!
Chapter 6660 Killing people in other people’s homes
Chapter 6661 The evil spirit of wine is overwhelming, I am the only one in the world!
Chapter 6662 Something big happened
Chapter 6663: Come arrogantly, leave in embarrassment
Chapter 6664 Heavenly Monument
Chapter 6665 Futianzun was eliminated
Chapter 6666 The day of canonization
Chapter 6667 Iron Fan arrives at Shengong Mountain
Chapter 6668 The King of the Epoch Realm Appears
Chapter 6669 Black Ice Phantom Wings
Chapter 6670 The Evil Eye Palace comes to cause trouble
Chapter 6671 Yuelun is defeated
Chapter 6672 The Battle of the First Disciple
Chapter 6673 Ling Xiao fights Ling Chong
Chapter 6674 Eye of Troll VS Eye of Destruction
Chapter 6675 Kill Lingchong
Chapter 6676 Gu Qiu Longyue’s Victory
Chapter 6677 Exclusive Palace
Chapter 6678 Teach Yueying a lesson
Chapter 6679 The Way of Heaven
Chapter 6680 Thousand Chance Ball
Chapter 6681 Master’s wife’s personal disciple
Chapter 6682 The Qin family’s pursuit
Chapter 6683 No match
Chapter 6684 Kill the second level king!
Chapter 6685 Arriving at the City of Chaos
Chapter 6686 Stone Gambling Event
Chapter 6687 Mo Hai
Chapter 6688 Stone Gambling
Chapter 6689 Golden Divine Sculpture Fossil
Chapter 6690 Peerless Divine Weapon
Chapter 6691 Chaos Sea Spirit
Chapter 6691 Chaos Sea Spirit
Chapter 6692 Ling Xiao’s conspiracy
Chapter 6693: Tricked the Qin family and the Futian family
Chapter 6694: Framing Fu Tianzun and the Qin family
Chapter 6695 The Qin clan is almost destroyed!
Chapter 6696 The ruins at the bottom of the Chaos River
Chapter 6697 Tuqiong and Dagger Appearance
Chapter 6698 Tongtian River
Chapter 6699 Divine Poison Dragon Ball
Chapter 6700 Hidden Portal
Chapter 6701 Yihua Palace
Chapter 6702 Ye Qiushui
Chapter 6703 Fairy Lingbo
Chapter 6704 The Blood Transforming Sword
Chapter 6705 The fairy moved the mortal heart
Chapter 6706 Magic Pen Zhang Chen
Chapter 6707 Blame the blame
Chapter 6708 Give me face
Chapter 6709: One general succeeds and thousands of bones wither
Chapter 6710 Ziwei Junlin Godhead
Chapter 6711 Self-humiliating immortality
Chapter 6712 Meeting Ye Qiushui again
Chapter 6713 Arriving at Nine Gods City
Chapter 6714 Discussing Talents over Cooking Wine
Chapter 6715 Bearded
Chapter 6716 The wine is poisonous!
Chapter 6717: God-Slaying Alliance, Guardian of Destiny
Chapter 6718 Fu Tianzun was taught a lesson
Chapter 6719 Seriously, I’ll accompany you!
Chapter 6720 The demon disintegrates
Chapter 6721 Kill Qin Hen and meet Jian Fengzi again
Chapter 6722 The righteous sword Fengzi, humbleness is longevity
Chapter 6723: Take care of Changsheng again
Chapter 6724 The people from the Era Shrine are here
Chapter 6725 Blood Light Palace
Chapter 6726 Blood Sword Small World
Chapter 6727 Su Xiangmi
Chapter 6728 Killing the Blood Dragon
Chapter 6729 Bloody Figure
Chapter 6730 It’s a crime to be handsome!
Chapter 6731 Seven-orificed Exquisite Grass
Chapter 6732 Mysterious Master Group
Chapter 6733 No one is allowed to touch him!
Chapter 6734 The Peak of Killing, the Day of Decisive Battle
Chapter 6735 The Fairy on the Back of the Eternal Demonic Dragon
Chapter 6736 Lingbo Sea of ??Flowers
Chapter 6737 White Fairy and Shadow Fairy
Chapter 6738 I am the only immortal, the ultimate killing move
Chapter 6739 The two skills of piano and flute
Chapter 6740 Flower Moving Order
Chapter 6741 Ling Xiao’s choice
Chapter 6742 Plan to kill the family
Chapter 6743 Jian Lin
Chapter 6744 Meeting the Patriarch
Chapter 6745 Fire Twelve, Tiger Nine, Dao Seven
Chapter 6746 The Young Master of the Killing Family
Chapter 6747 Leave no one behind
Chapter 6748 The Thoughts of the Sword God
Chapter 6749 Tianji Pavilion
Chapter 6750 The Mystery of Heaven’s Secret
Chapter 6751 Godhead points, omnipotent
Chapter 6752 Supreme Godhead
Chapter 6753 Million god level!
Chapter 6754 Turning waste into treasure
Chapter 6755 Sky Eye’s Plan
Chapter 6756 Wood King Armor
Chapter 6757 Cursed Staff
Chapter 6758 Blood Dragon
Chapter 6759 Lei Jian
Chapter 6760 Smart Ye Qiushui
Chapter 6761 Fierce Battle with Blood Crow
Chapter 6762 Fairy Guanghan
Chapter 6763 The Cunning Holy Dome
Chapter 6764 Dark Body
Chapter 6765 Five Million Godheads
Chapter 6766 Killing the Holy Dome
Chapter 6767 The mission of Tianji Tower
Chapter 6768 Dongfang Tianxin
Chapter 6769 The old man in Tianji Pavilion
Chapter 6770 Golden Godhead
Chapter 6771 Chasing the Sky Eye
Chapter 6772 The choice of the guardian of destiny
Chapter 6773 Secret Realm of Secrets
Chapter 6774 Dongfang Tianxin was robbed again
Chapter 6775 The magical effect of the universe
Chapter 6776 Rule loopholes
Chapter 6777 Iron Wheel Bloodthirsty Insect
Chapter 6778 Devouring Poison
Chapter 6779 The ultimate monster appears
Chapter 6780 Essence of the Secret of Killing
Chapter 6781 The King of Traps
Chapter 6782 Refining the Killing Essence
Chapter 6783 Nine Knives
Chapter 6784 Hellfire
Chapter 6785 Killing the Blood Crow
Chapter 6786 Fighting Demon Crow
Chapter 6787 Xiwang Yuchan
Chapter 6788 Twelve Monsters
Chapter 6789 Are you willing to join Tianji Pavilion?
Chapter 6790 Space Fault
Chapter 6791 The Mysterious Divine Body and the Fate-defying Divine Body
Chapter 6792 The strange effect of the divine lotus
Chapter 6793 Young Master of Yaochi, Descendant of Tianlong
Chapter 6794 The Eastern Family came out in full force
Chapter 6795 The Secret of God
Chapter 6796 Two monsters join forces
Chapter 6797 The Undefeated God of War
Chapter 6798 The Palace of the End
Chapter 6799 The Tragedy King
Chapter 6800 Gate of Void
Chapter 6801 Poisonous Obsidian
Chapter 6802 The Eternal Holy Grail
Chapter 6803 Clean up the trap king
Chapter 6804 The final madness
Chapter 6805 Demon Dance
Chapter 6806 Golden Light Shield
Chapter 6807 Killing the Chaos Skyscraper
Chapter 6808 The final exchange
Chapter 6809 Purgatory Reincarnation
Chapter 6810 The Tianji Master finally appears
Chapter 6811 Predicting the future
Chapter 6812 Noble Man
Chapter 6813 Peerless Demon King
Chapter 6814 A person who is not envied is a mediocre person
Chapter 6815 Waste Body
Chapter 6815 Waste Body
Chapter 6816 The mysterious young man
Chapter 6816 The mysterious young man
Chapter 6817 Snake Island, Qianyanghua
Chapter 6818 Heavenly Fire Devours
Chapter 6819 Engagement Banquet
Chapter 6820 Ling Xiao ruins the situation
Chapter 6821 Death of Moon Wheel
Chapter 6822 Void Flame Demon Sword
Chapter 6823 Soul Forbidden Killing
Chapter 6824 Shenmu Clan
Chapter 6825 Heavenly Feather
Chapter 6826 The invisible realm
Chapter 6826 The invisible realm
Chapter 6827 Uninhabited Valley
Chapter 6828 Ling Xiao fights Tianyu
Chapter 6829 Sacred Pattern of the Temple
Chapter 6830 Thunder Fire Wind Demon Sword
Chapter 6831 The Defeat of Tianyu
Chapter 6832 The choice of Tiansha Lone Star
Chapter 6833 Duel with the Demonic Strategy
Chapter 6834 Ye Qiushui’s decision
Chapter 6835 Revenge Begins
Chapter 6836 Five Demonic Cities
Chapter 6837 Demon City Assassination
Chapter 6838 The cunning evil star
Chapter 6839 The Strongest Monster
Chapter 6840 The Poison of Love Flower
Chapter 6841 Dreamland
Chapter 6842 Lord Huodexing
Chapter 6843 Triple Assassination
Chapter 6844: Can a strong dragon not overwhelm a local snake?
Chapter 6845 So what about the Dongfang family!
Chapter 6846 The identity of Boss Jade
Chapter 6847 Recruiting a Marriage at the Demon King’s Mansion
Chapter 6848 Bullying others with power
Chapter 6849 Challenge the Eastern Sky
Chapter 6850 Futianzun vs. Ye Chen
Chapter 6851 Supreme Realm
Chapter 6852 Yue Fanghua’s Battle with the Demonic Strategy
Chapter 6853 The Eternal Demonic Soul Disperses
Chapter 6854 Defeat after ten moves
Chapter 6855 You lost!
Chapter 6856 The Dongfang family is so majestic!
Chapter 6857 Ling Xiao’s Domain of God
Chapter 6858 Void vision, mirage
Chapter 6859 The terrible secret order
Chapter 6860 Threaten the Demon Realm King
Chapter 6861 Three palace lord-level enemies
Chapter 6862 Hostages
Chapter 6863 Return to eternity
Chapter 6864 Ye Lingtian
Chapter 6865 Someone from the Nine Gods Realm
Chapter 6866 The disaster of Ba Tian Academy
Chapter 6867 The threat from the Nine Gods Realm
Chapter 6867 The threat from the Nine Gods Realm
Chapter 6868 Who is finished?
Chapter 6869 The Arrogance of Emperor Ba Tian
Chapter 6870 A shocking sword
Chapter 6871 His expression changes when talking about Ling Xiao
Chapter 6872 The Killing Family Appears
Chapter 6873 God’s Forbidden Land
Chapter 6874 The monsters gather together
Chapter 6875 Witch God, Lord Yan
Chapter 6876 Poor Taoist Shen Gongbao
Chapter 6877 Nine Dragons Demon Sealing Formation
Chapter 6878 The evil dragon was killed and the seal was broken
Chapter 6879 Purgatory Divine Comedy
Chapter 6880: The thief never escapes
Chapter 6881 Senior brother takes action
Chapter 6881 Senior brother takes action
Chapter 6882 Sunglasses
Chapter 6882 Sunglasses
Chapter 6883 Spirit Artifact Broken
Chapter 6884 The Nine Gods Realm is in chaos
Chapter 6885 Ancient God Palace
Chapter 6886 Breakthrough in cultivation and gathering of new martial souls
Chapter 6887 Witchcraft Wand
Chapter 6888 I’m Jiang Ziya
Chapter 6889 Teach the evildoer a lesson
Chapter 6890 I am enough!
Chapter 6891 Fallen Angel Gives Up
Chapter 6892 Witch God Crystal
Chapter 6893 The terrible curse
Chapter 6894 Shen Gongbao reappears
Chapter 6895 Many spiritual artifacts
Chapter 6896 Many treasures appear
Chapter 6897 Obtaining the Yan Jun Divine Crystal
Chapter 6897 Obtaining the Yan Jun Divine Crystal
Chapter 6898 Cruel person
Chapter 6899 Hand over the treasure and get out!
Chapter 6900 The Statue of Ming Shuang
Chapter 6901 Five Evil Men
Chapter 6902 Swallowing the Sky and Unsheathing it
Chapter 6903 Dongfang Haitian’s plan
Chapter 6904 Spy
Chapter 6904 Spy
Chapter 6905 Tianji Ling came out for his companions
Chapter 6905 Tianji Ling came out for his companions
Chapter 6906 Breaking into the Futian Family
Chapter 6907 Lonely Lingxiao
Chapter 6908 The Futian Family’s Shocking Day
Chapter 6909 Poison and Zombies
Chapter 6910 The Futian family is destroyed
Chapter 6911 Level 5 Realm King Bai Chen
Chapter 6911 Level 5 Realm King Bai Chen
Chapter 6912 Evil Eye Precept
Chapter 6913 The Breaker Ling Xiao
Chapter 6914 Dongfang Yu
Chapter 6915 The Secret Order, out!
Chapter 6916 Nine Intermediate God Realm Powerful Persons
Chapter 6917 The leader of the God-Slaying Alliance takes action
Chapter 6918 Chaos Battlefield
Chapter 6919 Terrifying Swordsman
Chapter 6920 Six Desires Divine Sword
Chapter 6921 Dragon Prince Ao Bing
Chapter 6922 Meeting old friends in a foreign land
Chapter 6923 Seven Swords
Chapter 6924 Assassination of Su Xiangmi
Chapter 6925 Fierce battle with the fifth-level God King
Chapter 6926 Don’t worry, I won’t die yet!
Chapter 6927 Identity Exposed
Chapter 6928 Sect Shrine
Chapter 6929 Sky Fox God Emperor God Queen
Chapter 6930 Su Zhe
Chapter 6931 Demon Blood Marriage Stone
Chapter 6932 Su Zhe’s provocation
Chapter 6933 The strength surges
Chapter 6934 How are you going to kill me?
Chapter 6935 Seven Swords of Punishment
Chapter 6936 Ice Kill: Crushing with Strength!
Chapter 6936 Ice Kill: Crushing with Strength!
Chapter 6937 Destroy the fifth-level God Emperor
Chapter 6938 The Tianhu Shrine opens
Chapter 6939: Reception
Chapter 6940 The mysterious stranger
Chapter 6941 Seventh Grade Ice and Snow Saint Pattern
Chapter 6942 Ice Dragon Crystal
Chapter 6943 The crazy test of the envoy
Chapter 6944 Can’t even get close
Chapter 6945 The last eight people
Chapter 6946 An angry confrontation with the envoy
Chapter 6947 Thirteen shrines gather
Chapter 6948 Gold level talent
Chapter 6949 Space Temple
Chapter 6950 The Book of Thirteen Void
Chapter 6951 Bronze Armor Corpse Materials
Chapter 6952 Book of Advanced Gods
Chapter 6953 Zhu Rong
Chapter 6954 Tianlong City
Chapter 6955 Demonic City: Gathering in the Shrine
Chapter 6956 I am Ling Xiao’s friend!
Chapter 6957 Tyrant Sect Fengshen Hall
Chapter 6958 The Palace of Revenge and Evil Eyes
Chapter 6958 The Palace of Revenge and Evil Eyes
Chapter 6959: Damn ghost, you still know how to come back!
Chapter 6959: Damn ghost, you still know how to come back!
Chapter 6960 Ling Xiao is still alive?
Chapter 6961 Fighting against the King of Evil Eyes
Chapter 6962 The Domineering Demon King
Chapter 6963 Suggestions from the King of the Era
Chapter 6964 Avenger Ao Bing
Chapter 6965 Scavenger
Chapter 6966 If you can’t beat it, change the rules!
Chapter 6967 Targeting the Demon Palace
Chapter 6968 The Devil Transforms
Chapter 6969 Nine Sons of Divine Eyes
Chapter 6970 The four embarrassing forces
Chapter 6971 Showdown with the fifth sword
Chapter 6972 Ling Xiao comes back strong!
Chapter 6973 The second round begins
Chapter 6974 Siege of Era Shrine
Chapter 6975 Death of the Great Sage
Chapter 6976 The bell rings and the soul is scattered
Chapter 6977 Confrontation between palace lord level powerhouses
Chapter 6978 Everyone takes a step back
Chapter 6979 Ling Xiao fights hard
Chapter 6980 The third round
Chapter 6981 Inescapable Death
Chapter 6982 The Unlucky Demon Palace
Chapter 6983: Cheating the Eighth Son to Death
Chapter 6984 Demon Cultivator: Ren Mo Xing
Chapter 6985 The direct disciple of the King of the Era
Chapter 6986 Ye Lingtian kills the seventh son
Chapter 6987 The last round: decisive battle!
Chapter 6988 Ling Xiao who turned things around
Chapter 6989 The Demon Realm King’s plan is tricked again
Chapter 6990: Deception
Chapter 6991 Demonic Shadow Kill
Chapter 6992 Killing the Demon and Fighting the Metal Clan
Chapter 6993: Making a fuss in the Demonic City
Chapter 6994 The Gate of Luck
Chapter 6995 Thirteen sects from nine states, ten countries gather together
Chapter 7001 The battlefield at the bottom of the Chaos River
Chapter 7002 Skeleton Man
Chapter 7003 Question and Answer Game
Chapter 7004 The plot was seen through?
Chapter 7005 Death Dream Killing
Chapter 7006 The Mysterious Artifact Killed by the Demon
Chapter 7007 Obtaining the Key to Life
Chapter 7008 The Secret of Dongfang Haitian
Chapter 7009 Instant kill! Top-grade fifth-level realm king
Chapter 7010 Iceberg Picture
Chapter 7011 Destroy Su Zhe
Chapter 7012 I am the bait, and you will take the bait!
Chapter 7013 Another fight with Demon Killer
Chapter 7014 Killing Curse
Chapter 7015 The Heaven-Destroying Wheel
Chapter 7016 Devouring Mysterious Artifact
Chapter 7017 The event is over
Chapter 7018 The storm is coming, the crisis of the era
Chapter 7019 The Demonic Shadow
Chapter 7020 The unwilling Ye Lingtian
Chapter 7021 The stronghold of the Tyrant Empire
Chapter 7022 From the Heart of Life
Chapter 7023 The King of Destiny
Chapter 7024 Killers are everywhere
Chapter 7025 The terrifying auxiliary
Chapter 7026 Eight Swords!
Chapter 7027 Domineering Yan Jun
Chapter 7028: Destroy the seventh and eighth sword!
Chapter 7029 Ye Qiushui is missing
Chapter 7030 Day of Despair
Chapter 7031 Meet the Palace Master
Chapter 7032 Destroy the Demonic City
Chapter 7033 Crazy revenge
Chapter 7034 Killing Volume
Chapter 7035: Killing in Demon City
Chapter 7036 The Nightmare of the Demon Palace
Chapter 7037 It’s your turn to be afraid!
Chapter 7038 The Demonic God Array
Chapter 7039 Fighting the Demonic Knife
Chapter 7040 Burning the Demon Palace on Fire
Chapter 7041 Heavenly Demon Sect, Demon God Palace!
Chapter 7042 The disappeared strong man is back
Chapter 7043 The young man of the Xiao family who thinks highly of himself
Chapter 7044 There is something in my mind
Chapter 7045 The Demon Sect’s trump card
Chapter 7046 Lotus Scroll, Twelve Beast Gods!
Chapter 7047 The poisonous plan of the God-Slaying Alliance
Chapter 7048 Mutation
Chapter 7049 The Terrifying God-Slaying Alliance
Chapter 7050: Counter the trend and come back, all thanks to Ling Xiao
Chapter 7051 Attack from the Seventh God Realm
Chapter 7052 The King of Destiny
Chapter 7053 Questioning the King of Destiny
Chapter 7054 Bagua Ancient City
Chapter 7055 The Ancient Mirror Family
Chapter 7056 Two thousand times the power of the secret
Chapter 7057 Deputy City Lord
Chapter 7058 Breaking into the ancient mirror world
Chapter 7059 Xiao Cheng
Chapter 7060 Silver King Spear, clone
Chapter 7061 So what about the Xiao family, kill!
Chapter 7062 New Intermediate God Realm Powerhouse
Chapter 7063 Ye Chen is the God Killer?
Chapter 7064: Teach the Demon Chang Hao a Lesson
Chapter 7065 Real World
Chapter 7066 The Battle to Exterminate the Evil Eye Palace
Chapter 7067 The Helpless King of Evil Eyes
Chapter 7068 Kill the Demonic Spirit Demonic Soul!
Chapter 7069 True and False God-Slaying Alliance
Chapter 7070 Young Leader
Chapter 7071 Tianxiang Pavilion
Chapter 7072: Cooking wine and discussing monsters
Chapter 7073: King’s Landing in the Fallen Palace
Chapter 7074 Terrifying lineup
Chapter 7075 The provocation of the heart of life
Chapter 7076 Defeat Duan Dao
Chapter 7077 Five people versus one hundred thousand!
Chapter 7078 The truth comes out
Chapter 7079 Something’s not right with the Life Maker
Chapter 7080 Battle against the Demon Realm King
Chapter 7081 The Death of the Demon Realm King
Chapter 7082 The Secret of the Temple of Destiny
Chapter 7083 Aunt Xue takes action
Chapter 7084 Encirclement and Suppression of the Big World
Chapter 7085: Blackmailing the Sixth Level Realm King
Chapter 7086 Elf City
Chapter 7087 Beast Tamer Amy
Chapter 7088 The small world is shaken
Chapter 7089 The Ten Great Temples
Chapter 7090 Tenmoku Divine Realm
Chapter 7091 Mysterious Broken Sword
Chapter 7092 Identity exposed
Chapter 7093: Preventing Demonic Drunk
Chapter 7094 The Soul-eating Demon Elder
Chapter 7095 Friends who are charged with souls
Chapter 7096: Thorny Ling Xiao
Chapter 7097 Yicheng Patrol
Chapter 7098 The ten major temples gather in Yicheng
Chapter 7099 Lord Black Sun
Chapter 7100 Audacious
Chapter 7101 Threaten Demon Dark
Chapter 7102 Lord Black Sun’s Inspection
Chapter 7103 Counter-killing the Sixth Level God King
Chapter 7104 Entering the Arena
Chapter 7105 The outer realm of life is mine!
Chapter 7106 Kill Xiao Cheng and defeat Xiao Ran!
Chapter 7107: Threaten the Demon Temple
Chapter 7108 Qi Mu Realm King
Chapter 7109 Taking Back Master’s Things
Chapter 7110 Tianmu Mountain, nothing more than that!
Chapter 7111 Leaving the Demon Temple
Chapter 7112 Demonic Island, Controlling the Fox
Chapter 7113 Iceberg, Thunder Speed
Chapter 7114 Monster-like improvement
Chapter 7115 Sword God Broken Sword
Chapter 7116 Eating alone
Chapter 7117 Jin Ming, Feng Yuzi
Chapter 7118: Torturing Demon An again, saving Dingdang
Chapter 7119 Sword God Palace Map
Chapter 7120 Assassinated
Chapter 7121 The tenth fragment
Chapter 7122 Sword God Phantom
Chapter 7123 Five Elements Jedi
Chapter 7124 Meeting Dugujian
Chapter 7125 Ruins of Sword God Palace
Chapter 7126 Jedi Storm
Chapter 7127 The giant sword guides
Chapter 7128 White Wolf Mountain
Chapter 7129: Making a fuss in Bailang Mountain
Chapter 7130 Arrival at Sword God Palace
Chapter 7131 Heavenly Book
Chapter 7132 Heaven and earth are for my use!
Chapter 7133 The strong man in the Temple of Life
Chapter 7134 Return to the big world
Chapter 7135 Red Boy, Divine Grass
Chapter 7136 The Holy Ape Pattern, Xiao Qi
Chapter 7137 The Xiao Family’s Intermediate Divine Realm Powerhouse
Chapter 7138 The power of the sword explosion holy pattern
Chapter 7139 The Holy Infant King is famous
Chapter 7140 Black-hearted Master
Chapter 7141 Extortion
Chapter 7142 Luring the wolf into the house
Chapter 7143 Bullying Medicine King Temple
Chapter 7144 Medicine King is furious
Chapter 7145 Attacking the Demon Temple
Chapter 7146 The destruction of Medicine King Temple
Chapter 7147 Identity exposed
Chapter 7148 Destroy the Demon Temple
Chapter 7149 Seven Leaders
Chapter 7150 The Threat of Tianmu Mountain
Chapter 7151 The coming of demons
Chapter 7152: Destroying the strong men of Tianmu Mountain
Chapter 7153 The Battle between Qiandao and Tianmu
Chapter 7154 Black Iron City
Chapter 7155 Puppet Master Apprentice
Chapter 7156 Tiangong Martial Spirit
Chapter 7157 Building a Metal Puppet
Chapter 7158 Kendo Hall
Chapter 7159 Qiankun Hall Chang Shao
Chapter 7160 The Fallen Xia Mulian
Chapter 7161 Puppet Master Competition
Chapter 7162 Xia Muqing
Chapter 7163 Five major seed players
Chapter 7164 Advance to the second round
Chapter 7165 The test of falling into purgatory
Chapter 7166 Leave the flame and sacred pattern to me!
Chapter 7167 Immortal Fire Shocks the World
Chapter 7168 Puppet Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 7169 Puppet Mei Xue
Chapter 7170 The referee has poor vision!
Chapter 7171 Special Elder
Chapter 7172 Xia Xin kills the great elder
Chapter 7173: Crush and Win
Chapter 7174 Promotion to the Intermediate God Realm!
Chapter 7175 The Death of Chang Sheng
Chapter 7176 The Ten Great Divine Kingdoms
Chapter 7177 Arrogance from Jiange
Chapter 7178 Sword Fighting Summit
Chapter 7179 The Challenge of Jiange
Chapter 7180 The secret of killing swordsmanship
Chapter 7181 The Sword of Nothingness
Chapter 7182 Master of the Sword Pavilion
Chapter 7183 Queen Yi Xue
Chapter 7184 Ice King Soul
Chapter 7185 Kun Clan
Chapter 7186 Ghost King Soul
Chapter 7187 Who should get out?
Chapter 7188 Sword Attendant
Chapter 7189 The birth of Dharmaxiang Immortal Palace
Chapter 7190 The unbreakable formation
Chapter 7191 Dare to chase the Demon Queen?
Chapter 7192 Dharma Spirit Martial Spirit
Chapter 7193 Ji Mingshuang and the Great God Xuanwu
Chapter 7194 God Destruction
Chapter 7195 Heaven won’t tolerate me, I want to destroy Heaven!
Chapter 7196 Killing God Against Heaven
Chapter 7197 Ming Shuang’s Dagger
Chapter 7198 Shadow Killing Blade
Chapter 7199: Being with the Devil
Chapter 7200 Xiao Jin appears
Chapter 7201 I stand here, waiting for you to kill!
Chapter 7202 Killing the Shadow Clan Genius Again
Chapter 7203 Demon
Chapter 7204 The Magic Clothes That Hidden the Sky
Chapter 7205 Black Sun Martial Spirit
Chapter 7206 Fighting Demon Tu
Chapter 7207 Demon Emperor's Secret Art
Chapter 7208 Golden Flame
Chapter 7209 Brothers recognize each other
Chapter 7210 Half of the Book of Heaven
Chapter 7211 The Book of Dirty Land
Chapter 7212 Ji Mingshuang’s cruelty
Chapter 7213 Triple Divine Destruction
Chapter 7214 Demon Emperor’s Divine Destroying Fist
Chapter 7215 Demon God Chi You
Chapter 7216 The Emperor’s Artifact: Kun’s Armor
Chapter 7217 Kill Kun Ao and get the treasure!
Chapter 7218 Ghost and God Palace
Chapter 7219 Titled King
Chapter 7220 Xiaoyao Pavilion
Chapter 7221 What suits you is the best
Chapter 7222 Examiner Gao Le
Chapter 7223 Xuanyuan Mie and Shang Zun
Chapter 7224 Ghost and God House Examination
Chapter 7225 It’s your misfortune to keep an eye on me!
Chapter 7226 The Swordsman in White and Miss Gao
Chapter 7227 Killing Qin Ming
Chapter 7228 Not giving face to the eldest lady
Chapter 7229 Public revenge and private revenge
Chapter 7230 Targeted
Chapter 7231 The Gate of Hell
Chapter 7232 No one can be left behind
Chapter 7233 Ghost God Card
Chapter 7234: People are ruthless and don’t talk much.
Chapter 7235 Ghost King Tower
Chapter 7236 People List Challenge
Chapter 7237 Cold-blooded and Five Elements Sword Soul
Chapter 7238 Life and Death
Chapter 7239 Seizing the Palace
Chapter 7240: Accusing Ling Xiao!
Chapter 7241 The Secret of the Wine Demon Fairy
Chapter 7242 Killing Zhang Li
Chapter 7243 Heavenly Change Sword Dao
Chapter 7244 Special Enrollment
Chapter 7245 Thunder Fire Beast
Chapter 7246 Taking away the prey
Chapter 7247 The sky changes and the drought demon appears!
Chapter 7248 The third battle and the ninth on the list of people
Chapter 7249 Young Master Shang
Chapter 7250 Ling Xiao will challenge Renzitang
Chapter 7251 Defeat Kun Zhan first, then Defeat Jing Ci
Chapter 7252 The victory of Lingxiao Society
Chapter 7253 Heavenly Monument Martial Spirit
Chapter 7254 Ling Xiao vs. Goodwill
Chapter 7255: Goodwill retreats, Ling Xiao will be victorious
Chapter 7256 I want to join the Lingxiao Society!
Chapter 7257 Here comes the familiar special admissions student again
Chapter 7258 Centennial Celebration
Chapter 7259 First visit to Ghost Valley
Chapter 7260 Shadow Witch
Chapter 7261 Threat
Chapter 7262 A bunch of bastards
Chapter 7263 Silver Armored Corpse: Thunder and Fire
Chapter 7264 Eight Wasteland Elders
Chapter 7265 One person challenges Renzitang!
Chapter 7266 Le Dingdang was selected
Chapter 7267 The choice of the eight wasteland elders
Chapter 7268 The Underground Palace of the Faxiang Clan
Chapter 7269 Holy Buddhist Academy, Kuafu Academy
Chapter 7270 Ancient Sword User
Chapter 7271 Don’t follow the routine
Chapter 7272 Law Phase Crystal
Chapter 7273 Mysterious Mural
Chapter 7274 Dharma Minister Young Emperor
Chapter 7275: Sharing worries for senior brother
Chapter 7276 Dharma Secret Book
Chapter 7277 Who dares to hurt my devil!
Chapter 7278 Renzitang was completely panicked
Chapter 7279 Numerous Advantage
Chapter 7280 Attrition Tactics
Chapter 7281 Carbon Elemental Martial Spirit
Chapter 7282 The terrifying Ling Xiao
Chapter 7283 Demonic Martial Spirit
Chapter 7284 Kuai Jian Dugu
Chapter 7285 The terrifying witch
Chapter 7286 Goodwill’s losing streak!
Chapter 7287 Reversal of ancient times
Chapter 7288 Baihua Valley
Chapter 7289 Flower of Ten Thousand Calamities
Chapter 7290 Kao
Chapter 7291 Do what you need to do!
Chapter 7292 Coming to Black Iron City
Chapter 7293: Settling accounts with the temple!
Chapter 7294 Return to Tianmu Divine Realm
Chapter 7295 The mysterious master of the Tyrant Empire
Chapter 7296 Ba Tian Academy
Chapter 7297 Give the temple a kick in the ass
Chapter 7298 Winning over
Chapter 7299 Those who obey me will prosper and those who go against me will perish!
Chapter 7300 Wuchen Yao Lao
Chapter 7301 The Medicine King Temple is vulnerable!
Chapter 7302 Revenge of the Era Shrine!
Chapter 7303 Tianmu Mountain Attacks
Chapter 7304 Who is Tianmu Mountain!
Chapter 7305: Taking sides
Chapter 7306 Battle with Mingyu Realm King
Chapter 7307 Overwhelming Advantage
Chapter 7308 Mountain Lord
Chapter 7309 Headmaster of Tianmu Mountain
Chapter 7310 Hua Wubing
Chapter 7311 Small Underworld
Chapter 7312 Underworld
Chapter 7313 Gate of Chaos
Chapter 7314 Black-lined Demonic Eyes
Chapter 7315 Fighting the Hades Ox
Chapter 7316 Boring Swordsmanship
Chapter 7317 Game between the Lords of the Underworld
Chapter 7318 Ten Thousand Years Ice Flame
Chapter 7319 Special Program
Chapter 7320 One against eleven!
Chapter 7321 Two winners
Chapter 7322 Symbiosis Curse
Chapter 7323 Invasion of the Underworld
Chapter 7324 Join forces with the indigenous people
Chapter 7325 The ruined city
Chapter 7326 The Last Fortress
Chapter 7327 Five Cities Alliance Army
Chapter 7328 Demon King
Chapter 7329 The Heart of Refining the World
Chapter 7330 Kill E Huo
Chapter 7331 Shameless E Chonghou
Chapter 7332 Control of the Small Underworld
Chapter 7333 Divine Tomb World
Chapter 7334 Ambush
Chapter 7335 Treasure Hunt
Chapter 7336 Tai Chi Sword Saint Pattern
Chapter 7337 Dream Tower
Chapter 7338 Yuanlong
Chapter 7339 Return to the battlefield
Chapter 7340 Blackbeard Legion
Chapter 7341 The Fall of the Island of Gods
Chapter 7342 Old friends from the past
Chapter 7343 Domineering Seal
Chapter 7344 Xiong Yulong
Chapter 7345 Demon Clan
Chapter 7346 Heavenly Demon Saint Pattern
Chapter 7347 The Great Invasion of the Xuanwu World
Chapter 7348 Fighting the Greedy Wolf
Chapter 7349: Third on the Goodwill Battlefield List
Chapter 7350 The first encounter with Shang Zun
Chapter 7351 The incident occurred
Chapter 7352 Re-entering the Tomb of Gods
Chapter 7353 Donghuang Yue and Ling Xiao meet
Chapter 7354 Nie Fei, Long Yuanxing
Chapter 7355 Lingxiao Meeting Battlefield Zitang
Chapter 7356 Illusion and Divine Way
Chapter 7357 Unfair Law Enforcement Team
Chapter 7358 Shang Zun: Titled King!
Chapter 7359 Business Banquet
Chapter 7360 Humiliating Goodwill
Chapter 7361 Suppressing the Shang Clan
Chapter 7362 All understand the divine way!
Chapter 7363 Counterattack: Crazy revenge!
Chapter 7364 Ling Xiaohui is going to rebel
Chapter 7365 The Third Palace Master
Chapter 7366 Killing Nie Fei
Chapter 7367 Crush Tianzitang
Chapter 7368 The Age of Five Kings
Chapter 7369 The Moon Clan is looking for trouble
Chapter 7370 Emperor Tian Dongfang Jiuyang
Chapter 7371 The Past of Lord Black Sun
Chapter 7372 Emperor Heaven
Chapter 7373 Treasure Fight
Chapter 7374 Let me think about it
Chapter 7375 Forced dismantling
Chapter 7376 The Supreme Palace of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 7377 Battle of the Human List
Chapter 7378: Grab the rooftop
Chapter 7379 Tianlei asked
Chapter 7380 Mr. Shang, get out!
Chapter 7381 Three Dark Horses
Chapter 7382 Ling Xiao fights Xue Wushuang
Chapter 7383 The terrifying Lu Wanggu
Chapter 7384 Killing the Emperor Industry
Chapter 7385 Xuanyuan is destroyed and defeated again
Chapter 7386 Ling Xiao fights Youdu
Chapter 7387 The Secret Technique of Sky Monument
Chapter 7388 It’s okay not to have such a list!
Chapter 7389 Number one on the list
Chapter 7390 Soul Observation Idea
Chapter 7391 Luxurious Betrothal Gift
Chapter 7392 Weird Goodwill
Chapter 7393 The Five Gods
Chapter 7394 Dilemma
Chapter 7395 The War between the Gods
Chapter 7396 Hong Qi appears
Chapter 7397 True God?
Chapter 7398 Crazy decision
Chapter 7399 Revenge of the Merchant Clan
Chapter 7400 Holy Religion Fairy City
Chapter 7401 Millennium Promise
Chapter 7402 Qinglong Divine Cult
Chapter 7403 Long Feiye, Long Aotian
Chapter 7404: Gold has no life, beasts have no boundaries
Chapter 7405 Tower of Babel
Chapter 7406 Record-breaking
Chapter 7407 Ladder to Heaven
Chapter 7408 The Leader of Light
Chapter 7409: The attitude of the Suzaku Cult
Chapter 7410 Sword Spirit God
Chapter 7411 Great Rift Valley
Chapter 7412 The secret of goodwill
Chapter 7413 Human head and snake body
Chapter 7414 Son of Spider God
Chapter 7415 True God Fossil
Chapter 7416 Seizing Fossils
Chapter 7417 Dark Jungle
Chapter 7418 Duel between Geniuses
Chapter 7419 Heavenly Thunder God
Chapter 7420 The Divine Body of the Cult Leader
Chapter 7421: Making things bigger
Chapter 7422 Four Divine Arts
Chapter 7423 Kneel down!
Chapter 7424 One person fights one hundred thousand!
Chapter 7425 Great Light Swordsmanship
Chapter 7426 Queen of the Moon Clan
Chapter 7427 Yue Wuya
Chapter 7428 Let Ling Xiaogun come to see me!
Chapter 7429 My wife is back!
Chapter 7430 Who wants to kill me?
Chapter 7431 Domineering Wine Demon Fairy
Chapter 7432 Is there still going to be a war?
Chapter 7433 The power of the leader of light
Chapter 7434 The True God of the Moon Clan
Chapter 7435: Will I die?
Chapter 7436 The true God is the protagonist
Chapter 7437 Vow to destroy the Moon Clan
Chapter 7438 God-like operation
Chapter 7439 The true identity of Goodwill
Chapter 7440 God's Destruction and Immortality Scripture
Chapter 7441 Revenge of the Shang Clan!
Chapter 7442 Kill Shang Wuyou
Chapter 7443: War business is unethical
Chapter 7444 Destroy the Shang clan!
Chapter 7445 The disappearance of the monster
Chapter 7446: Shock in the Demon Realm
Chapter 7447 The Caught Demon
Chapter 7448 Demon King Seed
Chapter 7449 Capture Peng Shiba
Chapter 7450 Demon Slaying Platform
Chapter 7451 Powerful Demon King Seed
Chapter 7452 The titled king was defeated
Chapter 7453 Soul-Eating Blood Thunder
Chapter 7454 Warning to the Demon Realm!
Chapter 7455 Eternal Divine Kingdom
Chapter 7456 Nightless Fairy City
Chapter 7457 Mysterious Metal
Chapter 7458 Too flamboyant
Chapter 7459 True God Level Combat Power
Chapter 7460 The Imprisoned King of the Era
Chapter 7461 Holy Pattern God Clan
Chapter 7462 Bone-eroding Water Prison
Chapter 7463 Wild Girl
Chapter 7464 Dongguo Qingcheng
Chapter 7465 Creating a ninth-level holy pattern master
Chapter 7466 Mysterious Monsters
Chapter 7467 Ji Xingzhou’s Disciples
Chapter 7468 Dongguo Qingcheng is here!
Chapter 7469 The Holy Mark Temple was slapped in the face
Chapter 7470 There are no rules in my eyes
Chapter 7471 The Dongguo God Clan has no true god
Chapter 7472 Rescue Ji Xingzhou
Chapter 7473 Destroy the Dongguo God Clan
Chapter 7474 The Sacred Pattern Ten Thousand Immortals Formation
Chapter 7475 Ximen Lei and Dongfang Linger
Chapter 7476 Strong and Domineering
Chapter 7477 All Saints Array
Chapter 7478 Come and break the formation, mortal!
Chapter 7479 The Mystery of Divine Eyes
Chapter 7480 Earth Core Martial Spirit
Chapter 7481 Holy Spirit
Chapter 7482 Dongfang Yu’s conspiracy
Chapter 7483 Locking Dragon Pillar
Chapter 7484 Strange Ancient Bell
Chapter 7485 Imperial Formation Bronze Bell
Chapter 7486 Eternal Divine City
Chapter 7487 Wind City, Wind Clan
Chapter 7488 Di Jiang, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of God
Chapter 7489 God Lingtian, Chen Xianling!
Chapter 7490 Danma
Chapter 7491 The disastrous defeat of Danta
Chapter 7492 Wind King
Chapter 7493 Life or death
Chapter 7494 Defeating the Wind Battle
Chapter 7495 Meeting Dongfang Yu and the mysterious woman again
Chapter 7496: One advantage
Chapter 7497 The Fear of the Storm Clan
Chapter 7498 Group of Five
Chapter 7499: Lesson Wenmo
Chapter 7500 The ambitions of monsters from all walks of life
Chapter 7501 Fair Battlefield
Chapter 7502 A small world starting from scratch
Chapter 7503 Team
Chapter 7504 Demonic Illusion
Chapter 7505 The final test
Chapter 7506 Promotion
Chapter 7507 If you can catch me, come and kill me!
Chapter 7508 Kill the Demon Seed
Chapter 7509 Death of Wind King
Chapter 7510 The Hunting of the Trio
Chapter 7511 Death Song Asura
Chapter 7512 Tianji Divine Seal
Chapter 7513 Kannawue
Chapter 7514 The last twenty-four people
Chapter 7515 Prince Xifeng, Feng Wuji
Chapter 7516 Destroy Dongfang Yu
Chapter 7517 Top Ten
Chapter 7518 Seed Players
Chapter 7519 Top Ten Showdown
Chapter 7520 Ling Xiao versus Fu Tianzun
Chapter 7521 Castle Giant
Chapter 7522 Winning Streak God Lingtian Fu Tianzun
Chapter 7523 The number one monster in the Ten Kingdoms!
Chapter 7524: Oracle’s Trouble
Chapter 7525 Ruthless Killing
Chapter 7526 Miracle, true artifact!
Chapter 7527 The power of the All Saints Array
Chapter 7528 Ten Worlds Heavenly Palace
Chapter 7529 The first reward
Chapter 7530 Carnival in the Kingdom of Life
Chapter 7531 Substitute
Chapter 7532 The Ancient Sword Immortal Palace should be destroyed!
Chapter 7533 Allies of the Ancient Sword Immortal Palace
Chapter 7534 The Wrath from the Supreme God
Chapter 7535 Want to destroy the Tyrant Empire?
Chapter 7536 Shameless Rat
Chapter 7537 Ye Family in Heaven
Chapter 7538 Lei Zhentian
Chapter 7539 Civil strife in the Moon Clan
Chapter 7540 Beating up Yue Wuya
Chapter 7541 Temple Encirclement and Suppression
Chapter 7542 Destroying the Temple
Chapter 7543 Unify the Ten Countries
Chapter 7544 Just you? Not qualified!
Chapter 7545 So what about the Nine Ring God!
Chapter 7546 Killing Lei Yun
Chapter 7547 Battle with the God of Thunder
Chapter 7548 Thunder Temple, collapsed
Chapter 7549 Another fight for goodwill
Chapter 7550 The Cage of the Gods
Chapter 7551 They are all cannon fodder
Chapter 7552 Want to go out?
Chapter 7553 Gods descend to earth
Chapter 7554 Thunder Spirit General
Chapter 7555 Divine Stone of All Living Beings
Chapter 7556 Battle with Thunder Spirit General
Chapter 7557 Goddess
Chapter 7558 Teach the Goddess a Lesson
Chapter 7559 The Ancient Secret Realm
Chapter 7560 Magical Forbidden City
Chapter 7561 Mysterious Killer
Chapter 7562 Man in Black Robe
Chapter 7563 Evil God
Chapter 7564 Void Claws and Void Secret Code
Chapter 7565 Killing the God
Chapter 7566 The wrath of heaven
Chapter 7567 Killing General Stormrage
Chapter 7568 The ruthless way
Chapter 7569 makes Ling Xiao miserable!
Chapter 7570 Lei Ying’s plan
Chapter 7571 The Ruthless God
Chapter 7572 Eternal World
Chapter 7573 Destroy the Priest
Chapter 7574 Taking the Goddess Hostage
Chapter 7575 Lord God’s Thunder Punishment
Chapter 7576 Battle of Gods
Chapter 7577 War Thunder Punishment
Chapter 7578 The Wrath of the Thunder Supreme God
Chapter 7579 Five Elements God Realm
Chapter 7580 The mysterious realm of beasts is exposed
Chapter 7581 In the Beast God Tower
Chapter 7582 The livestock farm of the gods
Chapter 7583 Xingtian level artifact
Chapter 7584 The blood of inheritance, the beast god army!
Chapter 7585 Void shuttle
Chapter 7586 Xuanwu God Realm
Chapter 7587 Xuanwu Blood
Chapter 7588 The arrogant young patriarch
Chapter 7589 Young Patriarch, you are too weak!
Chapter 7590 The young patriarch was defeated!
Chapter 7591 Kneel down, servant!
Chapter 7592 Do you want revenge? Ill help you!
Chapter 7593 One hundred million creatures are not as good as one god!
Chapter 7594 Xuanwu Soul Stone
Chapter 7595 The Soul Seizing Stone
Chapter 7596 The Holy War Begins
Chapter 7597 Kill Taikang and destroy Taishan!
Chapter 7598 Dark Seed
Chapter 7599 Heading to the Heavenly Punishment Battlefield
Chapter 7600 Encountering the Four-phase God Clan
Chapter 7601 You are too weak!
Chapter 7602 Death of the Supreme God
Chapter 7603 Seventy-Two Peaks Flying Immortal Sword
Chapter 7604 List of Lord Gods
Chapter 7605 Death!
Chapter 7606 The Ruthless Supreme God
Chapter 7607 Nine Supernovas
Chapter 7608 Challenge the Lord God List
Chapter 7609 Big Bed Martial Spirit
Chapter 7610 Death of Beauty
Chapter 7611 Eight Evil Men
Chapter 7612 The End of the Wicked
Chapter 7613 The Sword Art of Ecstasy
Chapter 7614 Battle with Ximen Zun
Chapter 7615 Death of Ximen Zun
Chapter 7616 Butterfly Transformation Technique
Chapter 7617 Battle against the Supreme God
Chapter 7618 Heavenly Punishment Killing Order
Chapter 7619 Snow Demon Sky Fox
Chapter 7620 The Demonic Mother
Chapter 7621 The Devil in White
Chapter 7622 Duguqing was humiliated?
Chapter 7623 The horror of the God-killing Arrow
Chapter 7624 Death of the Devil in White
Chapter 7625 Ancient Tomb God Emperor Yang Xinghun
Chapter 7626 Five Elements Heaven
Chapter 7627 Water of Death
Chapter 7628 Five major natural disasters
Chapter 7629 Kill Youdu
Chapter 7630 Eighty-one Difficulties
Chapter 7631 Destroy the Five Elements Heaven
Chapter 7632 Against the Three-ring Supreme God
Chapter 7633 The Supreme God of Thunder is coming
Chapter 7634 Killing the Supreme God of Thunder
Chapter 7635 The True Body of Buddha and Demon
Chapter 7636 Defeat Sanskrit with one sword
Chapter 7637 Destroy the Five Elements God Realm
Chapter 7638 Leaving the Realm of God of Punishment
Chapter 7639 Lord Sky Fox
Chapter 7640 Fighting Spirit Realm
Chapter 7641 Soul Ring
Chapter 7642 Black Wind Old Monster
Chapter 7643 Killing the Blood Realm
Chapter 7644 Soul Fire
Chapter 7645 Heavenly Soul Transformation
Chapter 7646 Qualified Hostages
Chapter 7647 Three Thousand Thunder God Armor, Three Thousand Thunder God Sword
Chapter 7648 Immortal Fire Chain
Chapter 7649 Lord of Thunder
Chapter 7650 The soul has no life
Chapter 7651 Dark Matter Cursed Nightmare
Chapter 7652 The gap in the world
Chapter 7653 The power of the world, sacrifice to the world
Chapter 7654 Entering the Blood Realm, Blood Soul Crystal
Chapter 7655 Bloodthirsty Demonic Spear
Chapter 7656 Beast God Hunter
Chapter 7657 Space Dominance
Chapter 7658 Destroy the Space Master
Chapter 7659 Secondary bloodline, Dragon God inheritance!
Chapter 7660 The Cursed Nightmare Appears
Chapter 7661 Ling Xiao’s anger
Chapter 7662 Controlling the Cursed Nightmare
Chapter 7663 Battle against the Beast God Hunter
Chapter 7664 Controlling the Killing Blood Realm
Chapter 7665 Heavenly Silkworm Realm
Chapter 7666: Heavenly Silkworm Ancestor’s Fight with the Earth
Chapter 7667 Xiao Clan Chief
Chapter 7668 Golden Silkworm Fire Silkworm
Chapter 7669 Demon Phoenix
Chapter 7670 Demon God Palace Master
Chapter 7671 The key to victory
Chapter 7672 Annihilation Demon Knife, Wuji Demon Tower
Chapter 7673 Beast God Cemetery
Chapter 7674 Fire Dragon Emperor
Chapter 7675 Feng Yutian Xiangyi
Chapter 7676 The Trap of the Queen of Wisdom
Chapter 7677 Duel with Xuanwu Jade
Chapter 7678 Thousand Paper Cranes
Chapter 7679 Blank Paper Hell
Chapter 7680 Elephant Ancestor
Chapter 7681 The Behemoth Son of God
Chapter 7682 Qingwu Goddess
Chapter 7683 Black Snake Demonic Coffin
Chapter 7684 Kill Xuanwu
Chapter 7685 President Zhantian Punishment
Chapter 7686 Dream World
Chapter 7687 Dream Spirit and Dream Emperor
Chapter 7688 Curse
Chapter 7689 Blood Dream King
Chapter 7690 Devil’s Eye
Chapter 7691 Heavy damage to Meng Emperor
Chapter 7692 Domination Order
Chapter 7693 The strongest among the three thousand gods
Chapter 7694 The Lord of Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 7695 Don’t want to be enslaved!
Chapter 7696 Xiao Yan versus the Flame Dominator!
Chapter 7697 Barefoot God
Chapter 7698 Dominator Star
Chapter 7699 Failure is just as meaningful
Chapter 7700 Finally won
Chapter 7701 Bloodline Suppression
Chapter 7702 The Ancestor Master is about to take action!
Chapter 7703 The Lord of Heavenly Punishment versus Ling Xiao!
Chapter 7704 You lost!
Chapter 7705 A slap!
Chapter 7706 New threat: Beast Demon God
Chapter 7707 Black Flame Demon
Chapter 7708 Sneaking into the Beast God Cemetery
Chapter 7709 The Beast Ancestor Resurrects!
Chapter 7710 The Seven Great Beast Ancestors Appeared Together
Chapter 7711 Decisive Battle
Chapter 7712 Feng Zu and Ao Zu died in battle!
Chapter 7713 The Xingtian Clan is coming
Chapter 7714 Marching into Tianwaitian
Chapter 7715 The Heaven-Swallowing Saint
Chapter 7716 Three Heaven-killing Destinations
Chapter 7717 Call me brother!
Chapter 7718 Ancestral Dragon Tower
Chapter 7719 Holy Ancestor Dragon Fist
Chapter 7720 Spiritual Food
Chapter 7721 He is my prey!
Chapter 7722 Looted
Chapter 7723 Devouring the Ancestral Dragon, God of War Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 7724 Shuhai Pavilion
Chapter 7725 Elder of Shuhai Pavilion: Baili Tingfeng
Chapter 7726 Hall Master Qin who knows how to do business
Chapter 7727 The Second Floor of Zulong Tower
Chapter 7728 The Divine Art of the Heavenly Book
Chapter 7729 It’s time to collect debt!
Chapter 7730 The entrance to the fifth hall
Chapter 7731 Peerless Tianjiao
Chapter 7732 The domineering uncle!
Chapter 7733 Who makes whom despair!
Chapter 7734 This woman is absolutely evil!
Chapter 7735 Kneel down!
Chapter 7736 Resign as acting head of the family!
Chapter 7737 You are worse than my sister!
Chapter 7738 Destroy Ling Jian!
Chapter 7739 Ling Yuxiao is completely defeated
Chapter 7740 Tiangong Martial Spirit, Bloodline of God
Chapter 7741 Saint Bloodline, Heavenly Book Martial Spirit
Chapter 7742 Snow Dragon City
Chapter 7743 The evil slave, the evil young man!
Chapter 7744 Killer: Martial Arts Master!
Chapter 7745 Tianchen Sect Recruitment Day
Chapter 7746 Black Gold Elder
Chapter 7747 booby trap
Chapter 7748 Kill Shangguan Dun
Chapter 7749 Shangguan Jian’s plan
Chapter 7750 Poisonous Scorpion
Chapter 7751 Fight to the Death with Shangguan Sword
Chapter 7752 Bronze Trial
Chapter 7753 Nightmare Mountains
Chapter 7754 Blood Demon Martial Spirit
Chapter 7755 Bloodline: Lord Tianchen
Chapter 7756: See one, destroy one!
Chapter 7757 It’s just a blame, you’re looking for death!
Chapter 7758 The Sky-Swallowing Clan
Chapter 7759 Kill Lin Heng
Chapter 7760 Dragon Blood Lizard
Chapter 7761 Blood Vein Stone
Chapter 7762 Despicable Night Spirit
Chapter 7763 Treating good intentions as donkey liver and lungs
Chapter 7764 Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Array
Chapter 7765 Ninth Level Bloodline
Chapter 7766 Nine Dragons Divine Spear, Zhan Tianchenfeng!
Chapter 7767 Kill Tianchenfeng and seize the treasure!
Chapter 7768 I bet with you!
Chapter 7769: First in the Trial!
Chapter 7770 The frustrated Tianchenhe
Chapter 7771 A fight against three on the stage of life and death!
Chapter 7772 Shadow Secret
Chapter 7773 Mist Ring
Chapter 7774 Powerful Shadow Beast
Chapter 7775: Shooting Showdown
Chapter 7776 The whereabouts of the Blood Coagulation Fruit
Chapter 7777 Ankylosaurus Body, Ice Dragon Spear
Chapter 7778 The day of decisive battle
Chapter 7779 Who suppresses whom?
Chapter 7780 Violent Pill
Chapter 7781 Thunder Talisman
Chapter 7782 Feng Lao
Chapter 7783 Mission: Black Gold Valley Harm Removal
Chapter 7784 Death of Shura
Chapter 7785 Martial Arts Grandmaster!
Chapter 7786 Desperate situation?
Chapter 7787 The King of Martial Arts
Chapter 7788 Father’s Brother
Chapter 7789 Poison Dragon Spear Technique, Black Magic Stone
Chapter 7790 With this strength, you still want to kill me?
Chapter 7791 Law Enforcement Team Zhou Shangren
Chapter 7792 Thieves in Lingtian City
Chapter 7793 The destruction of the wolf bandits
Chapter 7794 The conspiracy of the Tianchen family
Chapter 7795: Kill trespassers!
Chapter 7796 Dark Moon Society
Chapter 7797 What about the Tianchen family!
Chapter 7798 I will destroy the Dark Moon Society!
Chapter 7799 Why should I listen to you!
Chapter 7800 One person challenges the law enforcement team
Chapter 7801 The strength of a half-step master
Chapter 7802 Nine Dragons Divine Power
Chapter 7803 Domineering Qin Xiruo
Chapter 7804 Keep him and let me kill him!
Chapter 7805 Bronze List
Chapter 7806 Poisonous Mountains
Chapter 7807 Arrogant Shenlong Cult Disciples
Chapter 7808 There is a treasure in the poisonous mountains
Chapter 7809 Isn’t it okay even if you want to die?
Chapter 7810: I have no conscience and will not die a good death
Chapter 7811: One against a hundred, the wrath of the gun god
Chapter 7812 Let you see a good thing
Chapter 7813 Jade Body Art
Chapter 7814 Giant Python Corpse
Chapter 7815 Snow Dragon Peak, Nine Bronze Bells
Chapter 7816 Millennium Bells
Chapter 7817 Nine Rings
Chapter 7818 Bronze Arena
Chapter 7819 The powerful Zhou Shangren
Chapter 7820 Elder, I also want to challenge!
Chapter 7821 Kill!
Chapter 7822 Eight consecutive victories!
Chapter 7823 Kill He Ziyu!
Chapter 7824 Transcendence is an attitude!
Chapter 7825 Rising Star
Chapter 7826 Ninefold Sword Technique
Chapter 7827 Show me how crazy you are!
Chapter 7828 Threat from the Young Masters Alliance
Chapter 7829 The goal is the championship
Chapter 7830 Ankylosaurus Martial Spirit
Chapter 7831 Zulong’s number one swordsman!
Chapter 7832 The vanity of imposter
Chapter 7833 You are not that strong!
Chapter 7834 Referee, he committed a foul!
Chapter 7835 Kneel down and admit defeat!
Chapter 7836 I didn’t break the rules
Chapter 7837: Treat others with their own medicine!
Chapter 7838 You are afraid of him, but I am not!
Chapter 7839 Very crazy and very strong!
Chapter 7840 Flame Thorn Martial Spirit
Chapter 7841 You still want to take first place?
Chapter 7842 Ling Xiao fights Yan Xing
Chapter 7843 The primary school student is cheating
Chapter 7844 It turns out to be you!
Chapter 7845 You’re in a hurry, kid?
Chapter 7846 Top Ten Battle
Chapter 7847 Are you so proud to admit defeat?
Chapter 7848 Detoxify him!
Chapter 7849 The battle for the top three
Chapter 7850 He finally used a gun!
Chapter 7851 I really don’t dare to go all out
Chapter 7852 The Peak Battle
Chapter 7853 Promotion: Half-step Grandmaster!
Chapter 7854: First on the Bronze List
Chapter 7855 A good deal
Chapter 7856 Feather Transformation Technique
Chapter 7857: Good-for-nothing lady’s fiancée
Chapter 7858 The miraculous effect of the third floor of Zulong Tower
Chapter 7859 Young Master, I miss you so much!
Chapter 7860 Jealousy makes people crazy
Chapter 7861 Beyond the Limit, Level 12 Bloodline
Chapter 7862 Provoking the Fifth Hall!
Chapter 7863 Anyone else, please come up!
Chapter 7864 The people in Snow Dragon Hall are not that good either!
Chapter 7865 Come up, all of you!
Chapter 7866 Almost capsized in the gutter
Chapter 7867 What is a frog in a well?
Chapter 7868 Just practice casually
Chapter 7869 Geniuses, come together!
Chapter 7870 Kill!
Chapter 7871 Reject Snow Dragon Hall
Chapter 7872 Breakthrough to the Grandmaster
Chapter 7873 Ice Demon Clan
Chapter 7874 Ice Fortress
Chapter 7875 Silver Disciple’s Provocation
Chapter 7876 You are crazy!
Chapter 7877 The timid young heroes
Chapter 7878 Destroy the Behemoth
Chapter 7879 Altar
Chapter 7880 The monsters of the ice monster clan
Chapter 7881 An unexpected victory
Chapter 7882 Ling Xiao and Lang Xing
Chapter 7883 Target: Altar!
Chapter 7884 Stop those humans!
Chapter 7885 The person the Ice Demon Clan fears the most
Chapter 7886 The Secret Realm of the Ice Demon Clan
Chapter 7887 Mechanism Beast
Chapter 7888 Counterattack
Chapter 7889 The fourth floor of Zulong Tower
Chapter 7890 The sealed magic gun
Chapter 7891 The ruins of the capital of the Ice Empire
Chapter 7892 Magical Girl
Chapter 7893 Black Dragon Spirit
Chapter 7894 Cooperating with the Witch
Chapter 7895 The Ice Emperor is a woman
Chapter 7896 Mountains and Seas
Chapter 7897 Ling Xiao is dead?
Chapter 7898 Counting the spoils
Chapter 7899 Xuan Bing Bloodline
Chapter 7900 Are you going to test me with this?
Chapter 7901 Begonia Heart
Chapter 7902 People from the Tianchen family deserve to die!
Chapter 7903 Kill him in anger!
Chapter 7904 Ling Xiao’s anger!
Chapter 7905 You are all going to die!
Chapter 7906 Burning Demon Blood
Chapter 7907 Blood Demon Talisman
Chapter 7908 Kill Tianchen Yufeng!
Chapter 7909 Chase to Lightning Hall!
Chapter 7910 Anyone who stands in my way will die!
Chapter 7911 Killing the Martial Arts Overlord
Chapter 7912 The ninth level spiritual bloodline!
Chapter 7913 Even the ninth level overlord can’t stop me!
Chapter 7914 I order you to let him go!
Chapter 7915 Dragon Control Sword Technique
Chapter 7916 I can’t lose!
Chapter 7917 The sect leader is here
Chapter 7918 Expelled from the sect!
Chapter 7919 Sad Woman
Chapter 7920 The Inanimate Land
Chapter 7921 The girl who has lived for thousands of years
Chapter 7922 Divine Level Appraisal Technique
Chapter 7923 Someone is coming from Xuanwu Continent
Chapter 7924 God-level identification technique has achieved meritorious service
Chapter 7925 Total destruction!
Chapter 7926 Bloodline of the Human King
Chapter 7927 Wanlin Demon Conquering Array
Chapter 7928 Tens of Millions of Spiritual Crystals
Chapter 7929 Arriving at Zulong City
Chapter 7930 You can’t afford to offend this person!
Chapter 7931 Let you taste despair
Chapter 7932 Teach Hua Rong a lesson
Chapter 7933 Zulong Academy
Chapter 7934 Sixth in the World
Chapter 7935 What an easy test
Chapter 7936 The Secret of the Inner Courtyard
Chapter 7937 The Nine Secret Realms of the Academy
Chapter 7938 I never show off my achievements!
Chapter 7939 You are too weak!
Chapter 7940 Dean Long Qian
Chapter 7941 Three Divine Spears
Chapter 7942 Should newcomers be bullied?
Chapter 7943 If you hurt him, he will die soon!
Chapter 7944 Whoever I want to kill, no one can stop me!
Chapter 7945 Return a thousand times!
Chapter 7946 Leng Ningxue
Chapter 7947 This man is a bit arrogant
Chapter 7948 The terrifying power of the human magic gun
Chapter 7949 The Emperor’s Disciple
Chapter 7950 Five mysterious organizations
Chapter 7951 Magic Stone Secret Realm
Chapter 7952 The threat from the Dragon Cult
Chapter 7953 Eighteen Dragon Sons
Chapter 7954 Try touching her!
Chapter 7955 Kill Longzi
Chapter 7956 Another one of Longzi died
Chapter 7957 Shenlong Sect disciples, kill each one on sight!
Chapter 7958 Demonic Stone Beast
Chapter 7959 Twelvetlets
Chapter 7960 The ginseng fruit tree that kills people
Chapter 7961 Playing with the remaining fire
Chapter 7962 Third Level Demon King
Chapter 7963 Killing the Third Level Demon King
Chapter 7964 Demonic Stone Beast King’s Lair
Chapter 7965 Lu Mingtian must die!
Chapter 7966 I’m here to rob!
Chapter 7967 Destroy Lu Mingtian and kill Qin Fei!
Chapter 7968 One is worth a thousand
Chapter 7969 A worthy death
Chapter 7970 The fusion of three potentials
Chapter 7971 Tiangang Talisman
Chapter 7972 Kill Dongfang Tianxiang
Chapter 7973 Demonic Stone Beast King
Chapter 7974 Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 7975 The ridicule from the Dragon Cult
Chapter 7976 You lose!
Chapter 7977 Defeat the second dragon in three moves
Chapter 7978 Eat everything inside and out!
Chapter 7979 Became a nouveau riche again
Chapter 7980 Ancestral dragon bloodline evolution?
Chapter 7981 Dragon God Arena
Chapter 7982 Who violated the rules?
Chapter 7983 Arrogant! Too arrogant!
Chapter 7984 Dragon God Death Row
Chapter 7985 Two extremely evil people!
Chapter 7986 Tianlong Guard
Chapter 7987 Ancient Soul Crystal
Chapter 7988 I am determined to get this!
Chapter 7989 Defeat the Martial Arts Overlord
Chapter 7990 Dragon Transformation Technique
Chapter 7991 Kill Dongfang Jun
Chapter 7992 Ancestral Dragon Twins
Chapter 7993 Dao Wuyi
Chapter 7994 The Strongest Backstage
Chapter 7995 Father’s whereabouts
Chapter 7996 Mr. Snow Dragon and Mr. Sword!
Chapter 7997 A stormy meeting, heroes gathered together
Chapter 7998 Ten Thousand Years of School Celebration, the East is Invincible!
Chapter 7999 Shenlong Royal Academy
Chapter 8000 Desperate situation
Chapter 8001 A critical moment
Chapter 8002 The Battle of the Seventh Young Master
Chapter 8003 A new generation replaces the old one
Chapter 8004 Divine Scythe
Chapter 8005 Tianchen Sect was severely humiliated
Chapter 8006 Martial Spirit: Shadow of Death
Chapter 8007 Come all, I will kill him alone!
Chapter 8008 Crush the genius of the Dragon Cult
Chapter 8009: People from the Shenlong Sect forcefully break into the academy
Chapter 8010 The traitor still dares to be so arrogant?
Chapter 8011 Kill the Overlord
Chapter 8012 Tianlong Guard goes to battle
Chapter 8013 Blazing Desert
Chapter 8014 It turns out that I am already so powerful!
Chapter 8015 I am cursed!
Chapter 8016 Rescue Father!
Chapter 8017 Ling Yunlong is dead?
Chapter 8018 Shadow Beast Secret Technique Advancement
Chapter 8019 Fourth Level Demon King
Chapter 8020 The mother is the Heavenly Phoenix Saint
Chapter 8021 Cursed Eye
Chapter 8022 Relics of the Three Saints Sect
Chapter 8023: When a person dies, he turns into essence and blood?
Chapter 8024 Ancestral Dragon Bloodline Promotion
Chapter 8025 Is this still a human being?
Chapter 8026 Breakthrough: Martial Arts Overlord!
Chapter 8027 Unique Holy Bloodline
Chapter 8028 Martial Soul: Tool Soul Tower!
Chapter 8029 Plot against the Black Fire Young Dragon
Chapter 8030 Trial of the Three Saints Sect
Chapter 8031 ??Duel with Bingxueluo
Chapter 8032 Narrow victory over Bingxueluo
Chapter 8033 Secret Skill: Defying Fate!
Chapter 8034 What a magical skill!
Chapter 8035 The effect of the fifth floor of Zulong Tower
Chapter 8036 Challenge the Black Master
Chapter 8037 Understanding the nirvana
Chapter 8038 Are you the only one with spiritual bloodline?
Chapter 8039 Black Master begs for mercy
Chapter 8040 Surrender
Chapter 8041 Clues to the Secret Treasure
Chapter 8042 Expedition Team
Chapter 8043 Teach him what politeness is!
Chapter 8044 I’ll beat you until you’re convinced!
Chapter 8045 Late Night Enemy Attack
Chapter 8046 Only I can kill my people!
Chapter 8047 Long live the commander-in-chief!
Chapter 8048 A hundred thousand troops unexpectedly appeared
Chapter 8049 The Ninth Prince is dying
Chapter 8050 Tianlong Army
Chapter 8051 Don’t underestimate the combat power of the Tianlong Army!
Chapter 8052 Kill the commander of the Wind Dragon Army!
Chapter 8053 Forbidden Land on the Grassland
Chapter 8054 Dragon Bird
Chapter 8055 Rush to the rescue of Baisha Fortress
Chapter 8056 The crushing battle of the Dragon Eagle Cavalry
Chapter 8057 Someone actually awakened to the royal bloodline!
Chapter 8058 Kill the enemy general
Chapter 8059 Commander-in-Chief of the Three Armies
Chapter 8060 Heavenly Dragon King
Chapter 8061 The Rising New Era
Chapter 8062 The magic gun is born!
Chapter 8063 The magic gun that destroys heaven and earth
Chapter 8064 Angrily Killing the Half-Step King
Chapter 8065 Miao Luoer’s tragedy
Chapter 8066: Things that interest the Ancestral Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 8067 Breaking the Curse
Chapter 8068 Slap the Prince
Chapter 8069 The Third Prince’s Revenge Plan
Chapter 8070 Can talent suddenly soar?
Chapter 8071 Entering the Forbidden Land
Chapter 8072 Evil and Cruel Plan
Chapter 8073 Blood Demon Lord
Chapter 8074 The old monster was plotted by the little monster
Chapter 8075 Have you ever heard of Yang Rentu?
Chapter 8076 Shenlong Royal Academy is established
Chapter 8077 The destruction of Zulong Academy
Chapter 8078 Must kill Dongfang Invincible!
Chapter 8079 Marching into the Imperial Capital
Chapter 8080 The whereabouts of Long Qian and others
Chapter 8081 Dragon Bird Evolution
Chapter 8082 Siege of Shennan Mountain
Chapter 8083 Kill Shenanshan!
Chapter 8084 Four Kings
Chapter 8085 The secret weapon of the Tyrant Empire
Chapter 8086 Ling Xiao returns!
Chapter 8087 Defeating Tianchen Wuxia
Chapter 8088 Angry Sword Rain Kills Tianchen
Chapter 8089 The victory belongs to the Tyrant Empire!
Chapter 8090 Creation of Batian Academy
Chapter 8091 Dragon God Army Selection
Chapter 8092 Dragon God Envoy
Chapter 8093 Fighting for recruitment orders
Chapter 8094 Going to Tianlong City
Chapter 8095 Green Robe Sect
Chapter 8096 My friend has a bad temper
Chapter 8097 Is Wanzhou Hidden Dragon List very powerful?
Chapter 8098 A drop of wine breaks the ice and falls
Chapter 8099 Bingxueluo kneels down!
Chapter 8100 Becoming Famous in Tianlong City
Chapter 8101 Bingtian, Yuan Feixiong!
Chapter 8102 Qualifiers Begin
Chapter 8103 Tyrant Empire, a blockbuster!
Chapter 8104 The showdown of the top five!
Chapter 8105 The terrifying elimination rate
Chapter 8106 Didn’t Ling Xiao die inside?
Chapter 8107 Yin Yang Scholar’s ??Unreasonable Demands
Chapter 8108 The Dragon Palace is born
Chapter 8109 Apologize to my sister!
Chapter 8110 Evolution of Potential
Chapter 8111 Crystal Egg Pill
Chapter 8112 Strange Box
Chapter 8113 The Moving Golden Carp City
Chapter 8114 The Land of Dragon Destruction
Chapter 8115 Missing Leng Ningxue
Chapter 8116 Lang Xing kneels again
Chapter 8117 A few weaklings dare to threaten to kill me!
Chapter 8118 Want to kill me? You die first!
Chapter 8119 White Bone Dragon
Chapter 8120 The battle for strongholds
Chapter 8121 Geniuses also have levels!
Chapter 8122 Fighting the Green Snake Gang!
Chapter 8123 Can the Ancestral Dragon Tower be used as a spiritual treasure?
Chapter 8124 Finally promoted
Chapter 8125 Battle Formation
Chapter 8126 Chains of Heaven and Earth, Evil Dragon Spear!
Chapter 8127 Young Master of the Green Snake Gang
Chapter 8128 The strong men of Huzhou
Chapter 8129 Meeting an opponent
Chapter 8130 You are the ones being robbed!
Chapter 8131 Demon God's Blade
Chapter 8132 Fighting Lan Fei again
Chapter 8133 Cleaning up the loot
Chapter 8134 Secret Realm Key
Chapter 8135 Demon Refining Mountain
Chapter 8136 A pill with a diameter of more than ten meters
Chapter 8137 The amazing elixir
Chapter 8138 Will Crystal
Chapter 8139 The terrifying shadow of the devil
Chapter 8140 Promotion: Half-Step King!
Chapter 8141 Dragon’s Tomb
Chapter 8142 Slap to death!
Chapter 8143 Revenge in progress
Chapter 8144 You weaklings!
Chapter 8145 Annihilation of Langzhou Geniuses
Chapter 8146 No. 2 in Langzhou: Lang Jinglong!
Chapter 8147 The newly dead bones
Chapter 8148: Phoenix prisoner, dragon Jingtian!
Chapter 8149 Clearing the Place: Ling Xiao’s Ignorance!
Chapter 8150 Battle against Hu Xiaohai
Chapter 8151 Dragon Soul Stone
Chapter 8152 The Will of the Dragon Bone
Chapter 8153 Black Dragon: Shadow of Death
Chapter 8154 People who have lived for thousands of years
Chapter 8155 Rebirth
Chapter 8156 Killing the Fire Dragon
Chapter 8157 Blood Dragon Spear Code
Chapter 8158 Dongfang Tianyu becomes stronger
Chapter 8159 Ling Xiao, you are still alive!
Chapter 8160 There is no wave in my heart!
Chapter 8161 What are you betting on?
Chapter 8162 Wanzhou’s surprise!
Chapter 8163 Traitor: Dongfang Tianyu!
Chapter 8164 Selection of Five God Generals
Chapter 8165 This world is so crazy!
Chapter 8166 Ling Xiao, you are shameless!
Chapter 8167 This is so lucky!
Chapter 8168 Fear Halo
Chapter 8169 The god general must be one of them
Chapter 8170 Ling Xiao’s strange request
Chapter 8171 Two monsters join forces
Chapter 8172 The prototype of dual will
Chapter 8173 You can’t win even if you burn your energy and blood!
Chapter 8174 Kill Dongfang Tianyu
Chapter 8175 Sky Thunder Seal, North Temple
Chapter 8176 Longshan
Chapter 8177 The Cave of the Five Divine Generals
Chapter 8178 Understanding the Will of Devouring
Chapter 8179 Who kills whom?
Chapter 8180 Three Conditions for a King
Chapter 8181 You are too impatient!
Chapter 8182 The Ancestor Dragon Empire is destroyed
Chapter 8183 They are all useful materials.
Chapter 8184 Duel between life and death
Chapter 8185 Are you looking down on me?
Chapter 8186 It’s too late to admit defeat!
Chapter 8187 Teach Pei Rushui a lesson!
Chapter 8188 Ling Yuxiao’s current situation
Chapter 8189 Wasted veins, choice!
Chapter 8190 Ling Xiao’s persistence!
Chapter 8191 The suppression of the Thundergod Hall Master!
Chapter 8192 Threatening the Master of Thunder God Hall!
Chapter 8193 Smelting Black Dragon Bones
Chapter 8194 Entering the Wanlong Pit
Chapter 8195 Golden Crow Mirror
Chapter 8196 There are good treasures in the savage storage ring
Chapter 8197 Conquering the Gate of Time and Space
Chapter 8198 Long Wuji is promoted to king
Chapter 8199 Sacred Pattern Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 8200 Do you believe in me or your master?
Chapter 8201 I understand the pain of lack of money!
Chapter 8202 So what if it’s too much!
Chapter 8203 What a desperate man!
Chapter 8204 A bet of one billion spiritual crystals!
Chapter 8205 Double King? Nothing more than that!
Chapter 8206 The strongest genius in the Dragon God Realm!
Chapter 8207 Qiu Feng, you are too weak!
Chapter 8208 Blood of Kirin
Chapter 8209 Fusion of eight wills!
Chapter 8210 You have to give it even if you give it, and you have to give it even if you don’t give it!
Chapter 8211 Gifts from the Seven Masters!
Chapter 8212 The evil plan of the Thunder God Hall Master
Chapter 8213 The Resurrection of the White Bone Demon Sect
Chapter 8214 The mystery of the sect’s destruction
Chapter 8215 Armored Corpse
Chapter 8216: Suturing Man, Soul Woman, Manipulating Corpse
Chapter 8217 Desperate Situation
Chapter 8218 Ling Xiao breaks out, one versus three!
Chapter 8219 The fox’s tail is exposed
Chapter 8220 Corpse General
Chapter 8221 Challenge the Corpse General
Chapter 8222 Ling Xiao’s King’s Heavenly Tribulation!
Chapter 8223 God wants to kill me, but I won’t die!
Chapter 8224 Promoted to King!
Chapter 8225 King’s Team
Chapter 8226 Surrender or die!
Chapter 8227 The King Returns!
Chapter 8228 Deal with Qiu Luan hard!
Chapter 8229 Battle against the Seventy Kings!
Chapter 8230 The Ancestral Dragon of Time and Space escapes into the sky!
Chapter 8231 Unify all states
Chapter 8232 Tribulation Field
Chapter 8233 Sirius Emperor
Chapter 8234 The real strong man
Chapter 8235 Let’s die together with your Tyrant Emperor!
Chapter 8236 Destroy the Sirius Emperor!
Chapter 8237 All nations come to surrender
Chapter 8238 Shadow General
Chapter 8239 Someone from the Lei family comes
Chapter 8240 The Young Master of Divine Lightning
Chapter 8241 Miao Luoer fights Lei Yan
Chapter 8242 Destroy the genius of the Lei family!
Chapter 8243 The Lei family is not only useless, but also shameless!
Chapter 8244 Threaten Thunder Fire
Chapter 8245 You are not welcome in our Northern Temple!
Chapter 8246 The Domineering Lord of the North Temple
Chapter 8247 Heavenly Bodhi
Chapter 8248 I’m afraid I won’t survive!
Chapter 8249 Ambush!
Chapter 8250 Xiaohong, kill me!
Chapter 8251 The bloody nature of the North Temple warriors!
Chapter 8252 Longxing City
Chapter 8253 The nosy Feng family
Chapter 8254 Snow Linglong
Chapter 8255 Wind Sword
Chapter 8256: Half a bottle of jealousy
Chapter 8257 Eastern Genius List
Chapter 8258 No matter how poor you are, you can’t practice hard.
Chapter 8259 God of War Armor
Chapter 8260 Feiyu’s Small World
Chapter 8261 First encounter with the Feiyu tribe
Chapter 8262 Almost died
Chapter 8263 Let’s be oriole for once!
Chapter 8264 Annihilating the Bone Guards
Chapter 8265 Crystal Mine
Chapter 8266 Innocent face, snake heart
Chapter 8267 The person who plotted against Ling Xiao was plotted against
Chapter 8268 White Bone Demon Sect Stronghold
Chapter 8269 Blood General
Chapter 8270 Blood Banquet
Chapter 8271 A fierce battle with the bloody general
Chapter 8272 The body of the undead, holy level body skills
Chapter 8273 Hunting the Kings of Feng Family and Lei Family
Chapter 8274 You are surrounded by me!
Chapter 8275 Equality sign
Chapter 8276 The Master of the Gate of Time and Space
Chapter 8277: Trapping a warrior from the Lei family
Chapter 8278 Promoted to the fifth level king!
Chapter 8279 A house of your own!
Chapter 8280 The provocation of the genius of the Lei family
Chapter 8281 Why don’t you kneel down to apologize!
Chapter 8282 Can it be replaced by Remo!
Chapter 8283 Let’s settle old and new grudges together!
Chapter 8284 This guy is more sinister than me!
Chapter 8285 Kill Lemo and avenge his companions!
Chapter 8286: It’s a 50-50 split with everyone
Chapter 8287 I’ll trick you without any discussion!
Chapter 8288 God-like young man!
Chapter 8289 Unparalleled Demon
Chapter 8290 Thunder God is coming
Chapter 8291 Powerful Thunder Lightning
Chapter 8292 Half-year appointment
Chapter 8293 This master is so generous!
Chapter 8294 The King of Demons!
Chapter 8295 Want to build martial arts armor!
Chapter 8296 Dragon Gold
Chapter 8297 The seventh floor of Zulong Tower
Chapter 8298 It turns out there is an ambush
Chapter 8299 A trivial matter is not worth mentioning!
Chapter 8300: Everything depends on Lord Dragon God General!
Chapter 8301 Don’t bully children
Chapter 8302 Flying sword, kill!
Chapter 8303 Help me build a flying sword
Chapter 8304 Sword General!
Chapter 8305 Intercepting Ling Xiao
Chapter 8306 Launch the plan in advance
Chapter 8307 I only believe in evidence!
Chapter 8308 Sword General and Sword General
Chapter 8309 The Villa Falling from the Sky
Chapter 8310 Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 8311 The army besieged Yanglong Village
Chapter 8312 Complete Treasure Map
Chapter 8313 The terrifying giant beast
Chapter 8314 Sneak Attack on the Master of Thunder God Hall
Chapter 8315 This opponent is a bit strong!
Chapter 8316 The White Bone Demon Sect also came in
Chapter 8317 Scare away General Jian
Chapter 8318 It’s just a price tag!
Chapter 8319 General Sword Destroyer!
Chapter 8320 Special cheats for flying swords
Chapter 8321 Demonic Dragon Scales
Chapter 8322 Moon Shadow Queen
Chapter 8323 The Immortal Spider Queen of the Ten Divine Beasts
Chapter 8324 A genius comparable to the Bone Lady?
Chapter 8325 Destroy the Lord of Thunder God Hall!
Chapter 8326 The Broken Void Land
Chapter 8327 Capturing the Corpse General
Chapter 8328: Fighting against generals!
Chapter 8329 The Fairy Tribe
Chapter 8330 Seize the giant ship!
Chapter 8331 Shelter
Chapter 8332 The Guardian of the Immortal Realm
Chapter 8333 Tiger God Realm
Chapter 8334 Give you face?
Chapter 8335 City Teleportation Array
Chapter 8336 Sacred Pattern Acupuncture
Chapter 8337 Tiger God Auction
Chapter 8338 Imperial Tribulation Stone
Chapter 8339 It’s my turn to auction!
Chapter 8340 A drop of dragon blood
Chapter 8341 Threat if the auction fails?
Chapter 8342 Lei Wushang’s leg was broken!
Chapter 8343 Battle of the Gods
Chapter 8344 Meet the killer of dark matter again
Chapter 8345 You must be underestimating the enemy!
Chapter 8346 Thunder God Rain on the Eastern Realm Genius List!
Chapter 8347 Fighting against the Martial Emperor
Chapter 8348 Bone Demon
Chapter 8349 I am your senior sister!
Chapter 8350 You are simply obsessed!
Chapter 8351 Bai Feifei and Bai Youyou
Chapter 8352 The wedding day
Chapter 8353: Driving Qin Chaoyang away
Chapter 8354 He is a waste, but I am not!
Chapter 8355 Destroy Elder Lei Huo!
Chapter 8356 What can Ling Xiao win?
Chapter 8357 Wangpin Bloodline
Chapter 8358 The battle is over!
Chapter 8359 Thunder God was defeated!
Chapter 8360 Ushering in the Heavenly Tribulation of the Emperor
Chapter 8361 If you slap us in the face, you deserve to die!
Chapter 8362 Feng Zang wants to kill Ling Xiao
Chapter 8363 Ice and Snow Rakshasa
Chapter 8364 My master is awesome!
Chapter 8365 Xue Linglong’s special training plan
Chapter 8366: See you in the main hall one year later!
Chapter 8367 Beyond the Armor
Chapter 8368: Once a teacher, always a father
Chapter 8369 What mistake did I make?
Chapter 8370 Unify the Northern God Territory
Chapter 8371 The Holy Pattern Master of Qilin Continent
Chapter 8372 Starry Sky Cultivation Method
Chapter 8373 I really doubt you are the reincarnation of the Human King!
Chapter 8374 This guy is quite low-key!
Chapter 8375 You are a miracle incarnate!
Chapter 8376 Eleven Keys
Chapter 8377 Huang Meng Ze
Chapter 8378 Who did I provoke?
Chapter 8379 It turns out to be a big lobster!
Chapter 8380 Mrs. Yu? Mrs. Fish!
Chapter 8381 If you want to see it, I’ll let you see it as much as you want!
Chapter 8382: Embarrass yourself by yourself
Chapter 8383 You are bringing humiliation upon yourself, Mr. Fanchen!
Chapter 8384 The second village owner is bald
Chapter 8385 Abolish Gu Fanchen
Chapter 8386 Harmful?
Chapter 8387 Imprisonment of the Second Village Owner
Chapter 8388 General Soul’s gift
Chapter 8389 Mrs. Yu finally takes action
Chapter 8390 Entering the forbidden area of ??Bilong Villa
Chapter 8391 Dazhuang Lord Longjiang Ao
Chapter 8392 Within 1,000 on the genius list
Chapter 8393 Being looked down upon
Chapter 8394 The cultivation level skyrocketed!
Chapter 8395 The terrifying combat power of the Holy Pattern Master!
Chapter 8396 Wings of Wind Business Group
Chapter 8397 The terrifying wild beast!
Chapter 8398 Wild Wolf Mountain Bandits
Chapter 8399 I will take action with 100 million spiritual crystals!
Chapter 8400 Time Stop
Chapter 8401 Chaotic Liucheng
Chapter 8402 Black Shop
Chapter 8403 The Liu Gang comes to seek revenge
Chapter 8404 Destroy the Liu Gang!
Chapter 8405 Great Wilderness Battle Stage
Chapter 8406: A method of provocation to seek death
Chapter 8407 Kill Wuxie!
Chapter 8408 Sha Wuxie versus Feng Ming
Chapter 8409 The Cage of Wind and the Waterless Domain!
Chapter 8410 Battle Sky Fruit
Chapter 8411 Eight consecutive victories!
Chapter 8412 The mysterious shadow of division
Chapter 8413 Battle with the Masked Man!
Chapter 8414 Holy Pattern Master Yang Jian
Chapter 8415 Defeat Sha Wuxie!
Chapter 8416 White-robed Ancestor
Chapter 8417 Xia Houjun comes to fight?
Chapter 8418 The Desolate Tribe is coming!
Chapter 8419 Liucheng: The battle between wild beasts and humans
Chapter 8420 Encountering a Half-Step Power!
Chapter 8421 Killing the Half-Step Power
Chapter 8422 The Mouth of the Abyss
Chapter 8423 Xia Houjun is not as good as Yang Jian!
Chapter 8424: Is the city chief defeated?
Chapter 8425 Dongfang Longshen comes to help!
Chapter 8426 Competition for spoils of war
Chapter 8427 Zhenlong Zhenren, the place of emergence
Chapter 8428 I can’t bear it anymore, no need to bear it anymore!
Chapter 8429 Saint Pattern Puppet
Chapter 8430 Treasure Hall
Chapter 8431 Eradicate Long Jiang Ao
Chapter 8432 The Evil Dragon Appears
Chapter 8433 Some things should not be eaten randomly!
Chapter 8434 Three Hundred Million Hangs
Chapter 8435 Battle against Nangong Jue
Chapter 8436 Suppression
Chapter 8437 Nine Dragons Magic
Chapter 8438: Being tricked?
Chapter 8439 Young people today are so scary!
Chapter 8440 Make things bigger!
Chapter 8441 Twelve keys gathered!
Chapter 8442 Domes are everywhere
Chapter 8443 Was actually ambushed!
Chapter 8444 What a terrifying holy pattern puppet
Chapter 8445: Attacked by Shen Wuting and Shen Wujiao!
Chapter 8446: Strength surges, nine-level half-step power!
Chapter 8447 The secret of the Desolate tribe being sealed
Chapter 8448 Xiangman who deserves a beating
Chapter 8449 Night Rabbit
Chapter 8450 The cultivation method of desolate power
Chapter 8451 Someone come and kill this evil boy!
Chapter 8452 You can’t do it, but I can!
Chapter 8453 Blinding the eyes of the Rabbit Tribe
Chapter 8454 I’m tired, I need to rest first!
Chapter 8455 Killing God Faceless
Chapter 8456 Haitang Shuiling is in trouble
Chapter 8457 Anti-Saint Pattern Array
Chapter 8458 Killing the Elephant Man
Chapter 8459 The Huangxiang tribe’s army presses on the territory
Chapter 8460 It’s impossible to betray allies!
Chapter 8461 The chaos caused by Ling Xiao
Chapter 8462 One person is enough to stop the army!
Chapter 8463 Do you know the terror of the power of desolation!
Chapter 8464 A drop of desolate power
Chapter 8465 Holy City Challenge!
Chapter 8466 Do you want to know who I am?
Chapter 8467 Holy Emperor
Chapter 8468 Invincible posture
Chapter 8469 God Emperor Jade
Chapter 8470 Killing someone with a pen
Chapter 8471 Three moves to kill the alchemy realm!
Chapter 8472 Hanging Door
Chapter 8473 God Emperor Jade
Chapter 8474 White Bone Demon Sect Bone Eighteen!
Chapter 8475 Gu Shiba apologized
Chapter 8476 Enemies are really on a narrow road!
Chapter 8477 You really can’t do it!
Chapter 8478 Seven Royal Clan
Chapter 8479 Immortal level skill: the magical skill of transforming into gold!
Chapter 8480 The Sword of Escape!
Chapter 8481 Leave your life to him!
Chapter 8482 Meng Feifan: Twelve God Emperors?
Chapter 8483 Thirty-Six Quasi-God Emperors: Jin Wusheng!
Chapter 8484 Stepping onto the God Emperor’s Jade!
Chapter 8485 Who is the true pride of heaven!
Chapter 8486 The ninety-first floor!
Chapter 8487 Get out!
Chapter 8488 Turns out to be a coward!
Chapter 8489 Taoist Priest and One-Armed
Chapter 8490 One hundred levels of madness!
Chapter 8491 Fantasy Warcraft
Chapter 8492 Behemoth Suspension Bridge Surrounded and Killed!
Chapter 8493 Jade Dragon Pattern
Chapter 8494 The ambush of the White Bone Demon Sect
Chapter 8495 Battle against Meng Feifan!
Chapter 8496 You are not as good as me, this is a fact!
Chapter 8497 Interference from the referee!
Chapter 8498 Meng Feifan’s despicable plan
Chapter 8499 A loser who can’t afford to lose!
Chapter 8500 Snowstorm Realm, the siege failed!
Chapter 8501 Who is Huaiyangzi!
Chapter 8502 Meng Tianjiao, Jin Yehuo!
Chapter 8503 I’ll take action, you guys will hit me!
Chapter 8504 The souls of the three clans killed were scattered to pieces!
Chapter 8505 No one can save you!
Chapter 8506 Meng Feifan, Lei Tengyun, die!
Chapter 8507 Stepping into Yunshang Temple
Chapter 8508 Yin and Yang inner elixir
Chapter 8509 City of the Great Emperor
Chapter 8510 This is too much!
Chapter 8511 Do you want to worship me as your teacher?
Chapter 8512 A mission to die?
Chapter 8513 I am really awesome!
Chapter 8514 The genius of the holy pattern!
Chapter 8515 The shameless Xue family!
Chapter 8516 I want to destroy this family!
Chapter 8517 Who dares to touch my apprentice!
Chapter 8518 Such a family no longer needs to exist!
Chapter 8519 If you make a mistake, you have to pay the price!
Chapter 8520 Seems to be underestimated?
Chapter 8521 I am the weakest of the three!
Chapter 8522 There are always people who like to find trouble!
Chapter 8523 This time, I made a profit!
Chapter 8524 Dragon God Heavenly Weapons
Chapter 8525 The Chen family’s team is so young
Chapter 8526 A girl destroyed an entire team
Chapter 8527 One person’s battle
Chapter 8528 Death of Master Wolong
Chapter 8529 I’ll send you back to the west now!
Chapter 8530 Dad, I hate you!
Chapter 8531 Bailong Village has offended me!
Chapter 8532 White Dragon Order
Chapter 8533 Nangong Family
Chapter 8534 I am no longer what I used to be!
Chapter 8535 Angry Thunder God
Chapter 8536 Traces of the God of War
Chapter 8537 I am the rule!
Chapter 8538 I am more domineering than you!
Chapter 8539 Four people are chasing him!
Chapter 8540 A few losers also want to kill me?
Chapter 8541 Destroy Nangong Sword!
Chapter 8542 Long Jiang is quite sensible!
Chapter 8543 The road to a stronger secret realm!
Chapter 8544 Martial Arts Memory
Chapter 8545 The top of Bailong Mountain
Chapter 8546 Thirteen Steps to Capturing the Dragon
Chapter 8547 Suppressing Lei Xinglie
Chapter 8548 How can a pariah be better than me?
Chapter 8549 Come on! I’m not dead yet!
Chapter 8550 I can still hold on!
Chapter 8551 Leng Ningxue comes to help
Chapter 8552 Ling Xiao’s domineering appearance
Chapter 8553 The terrifying assassin
Chapter 8554 It’s so touching!
Chapter 8555 Atomic Cutting Technique
Chapter 8556 Killing Lei Xinglie, Jin Wulie!
Chapter 8557 Dragon God Heavenly Guard: The sky is full of snow!
Chapter 8558 Martial Spirit Demon Pill
Chapter 8559 Ling Xiao’s choice
Chapter 8560 The Holy Pattern Array is at your service!
Chapter 8561 Destroy all the masters of the Nangong family!
Chapter 8562 Kill Jin Fengtian!
Chapter 8563 Sea of ??All Spirits
Chapter 8564 Leng Ningxue is missing?
Chapter 8565 Bloodline Divine Cauldron!
Chapter 8566 Forbidden Land of One Hundred Tombs
Chapter 8567 Mother’s secret treasure house!
Chapter 8568 The Secret Art of the Underworld Emperor
Chapter 8569 You two are my coolies!
Chapter 8570 Being targeted by the Dragon God Emperor!
Chapter 8571 Powerful Long Yuan!
Chapter 8572 Advancement to the Soul Tower: Ring of Life!
Chapter 8573 The Ghost Corpse King awakens!
Chapter 8574 The Ninth Level Evil Beast in the Alchemy Realm
Chapter 8575 Willing to Become a Slave
Chapter 8576 I am the master’s maid!
Chapter 8577 Mr. You
Chapter 8578 Revenge
Chapter 8579 The Provocation of the White Bone Demon Sect
Chapter 8580 An old friend who came back from the dead
Chapter 8581 Crush the Wind Witch!
Chapter 8582 Xue Xue fights Gu Qi!
Chapter 8583: King Grade
Chapter 8584 King’s seventh-level bloodline: Death Knight!
Chapter 8585 Who dares to fight with me!
Chapter 8586 Gathering of Kings
Chapter 8587 The Ancestral Dragon Statue is alive
Chapter 8588 The battle between dragon and snake!
Chapter 8589: Using snake gallbladder to make medicine
Chapter 8590 The battle between the four major forces begins!
Chapter 8591 Hope of Dragon Temple
Chapter 8592 The powerful tiger idiot
Chapter 8593 Ling Xiao versus Hu Chi!
Chapter 8594 Give up? There is no way!
Chapter 8595 The tiger-killing idiot!
Chapter 8596 The Holy Son of the Holy Land
Chapter 8597 Sacrifice
Chapter 8598 We will carry it with you!
Chapter 8599 Battle with the Holy Son!
Chapter 8600 Let the Holy Son kneel down!
Chapter 8601 The way to become stronger!
Chapter 8602 The Ancestral Dragon Statue is resurrected again!
Chapter 8603 Shenlong, help me!
Chapter 8604 The battle with the divine elixir realm!
Chapter 8605 Killing God Pill Realm!
Chapter 8606 The Dragon Temple abandoned me!
Chapter 8607 Kill Nangong Huang!
Chapter 8608 Six half-step emperors!
Chapter 8609 Battle with the Half-Step Emperor!
Chapter 8610 The leader of the Jin clan can’t stand it anymore!
Chapter 8611 Who dares to touch my disciple!
Chapter 8612 Commander of the Dragon God Heavenly Guard
Chapter 8613 Nine dragons gather together and transform into half dragons!
Chapter 8614 Confrontation with the Dragon God Emperor
Chapter 8615 Kill the leader of the Thunder Clan!
Chapter 8616 Beat up the Dragon God Emperor
Chapter 8617 The Heavenly Phoenix Saint takes action
Chapter 8618 You won’t survive that day!
Chapter 8619 Who dares to kill my man!
Chapter 8620 You alone dare to stop me!
Chapter 8621 The next plan
Chapter 8622 Shengtian Mansion
Chapter 8623 The grandson of Emperor Shengtian
Chapter 8624 I will be your palace master!
Chapter 8625 Some things cannot be touched!
Chapter 8626 Palace Master’s Test
Chapter 8627 If you want to take it, take first place!
Chapter 8628 Feixianyuan
Chapter 8629 The Troubles of Taiyuan Bingchen
Chapter 8630 Ling Xiao discovered the secret of the holy pattern
Chapter 8631 Strength recovery, refining the holy pattern stone
Chapter 8632 Enlightenment Hall
Chapter 8633 Just making excuses if you can’t beat them?
Chapter 8634 Jealousy makes people crazy!
Chapter 8635 The sensation caused by Ling Xiao!
Chapter 8636 Returning to the City of the Great Emperor to cause a scene
Chapter 8637 Beat up Yuchi Huo
Chapter 8638 Come on together!
Chapter 8639 It’s not enough for me to sweat!
Chapter 8640 Who allowed you to leave!
Chapter 8641 Holy Pattern Paradise
Chapter 8642 Discussing with the Hall Master
Chapter 8643 Soul Movement Peak, Assessment Begins
Chapter 8644 He really can’t do it!
Chapter 8645 Am I cheating?
Chapter 8646 Ten Thousand Buddhas Cave
Chapter 8647: Being underestimated again?
Chapter 8648 It’s easy to get slapped in the face if you make random guesses!
Chapter 8649 Record setting: Clear the level!
Chapter 8650 Yuchimo, please accept it!
Chapter 8651 Weird System
Chapter 8652: Use the other person's way to repay the other person's kindness
Chapter 8653 The power of the double-faced Thousand-Armed Buddha!
Chapter 8654 Twin Holy Pattern Array
Chapter 8655 I’m so lucky to have a good father!
Chapter 8656: Give up, Yang Jian!
Chapter 8657 Powerfully crushing Ancient Brahma!
Chapter 8658 Zulong Island
Chapter 8659 Chaotic Forbidden Land
Chapter 8660 Little Tiger, Little Bear and Little Snake!
Chapter 8661 Divine Eye: Void Xuan!
Chapter 8662 The battle of the gods throughout the Ancestral Dragon Realm!
Chapter 8663 God’s Boundary Battlefield, Dead Soldiers
Chapter 8664 Identity exposed
Chapter 8665 Bridge of Light
Chapter 8666 Entering the battlefield of the gods
Chapter 8667 Evil God Clan
Chapter 8668 Huashen Mountain
Chapter 8669 Duel with the Traitor
Chapter 8670 Destroy Wang Xuanying
Chapter 8671 Battle with the Four Masters
Chapter 8672 Nine-eyed Snow Lotus King
Chapter 8673 The Wild Python
Chapter 8674 Students are in danger
Chapter 8675 The battle in front of Fire Cloud Cave
Chapter 8676 Mad Talisman
Chapter 8677 Kill Jin Yehuo and three others
Chapter 8678 Meng Tianjiao was so angry that he vomited blood
Chapter 8679 Breaking through the spiritual elixir realm!
Chapter 8680 Hand over the treasure without killing!
Chapter 8681 The hunted disciples of Shengtian Mansion!
Chapter 8682 Too weak
Chapter 8683 The situation of Shengtian Mansion
Chapter 8684 If you want to break the formation, come to me!
Chapter 8685: Destroying Bone Three, beating up the genius!
Chapter 8686 Believe in the young master!
Chapter 8687 The genius who plays with the three major forces
Chapter 8688 Heavy treasure!
Chapter 8689 Four Elephants Monument
Chapter 8690 Fighting Meng Tianjiao Again
Chapter 8691 The dream-killing genius, the invasion of the evil gods
Chapter 8692 Emperor-level inheritance
Chapter 8693 Besieged by the Evil God Clan
Chapter 8694 The Shadow of God joins the battle!
Chapter 8695 Space Sacred Pattern
Chapter 8696 Snail-dwelling Beast
Chapter 8697 The former number one genius!
Chapter 8698 You can’t hurt me even if I stand here!
Chapter 8699 Killing Jin Chengzong Lei Lihuo!
Chapter 8700 You fight back!
Chapter 8701 Feng Tianqing is stronger than Thunder God!
Chapter 8702 Killing and Saving People
Chapter 8703 Twelve Secret Keys
Chapter 8704 The terrifying Thunder Mountains
Chapter 8705 Meng Tianheng and Xiang Yan
Chapter 8706 Sun and Moon Stone, Tree of Life!
Chapter 8707 Encountering Elephant Rock
Chapter 8708 Battle against Meng Tianheng
Chapter 8709 Xiang Yan, you deserve to die!
Chapter 8710: Destruction of Elephant Rock, strength surges!
Chapter 8711 Thunder Key
Chapter 8712 The truth about the battle of gods
Chapter 8713 Body of God
Chapter 8714 Warriors from Wild Beast Island?
Chapter 8715 The alliance of the three weakest forces!
Chapter 8716 When Ling Xiao comes out, who can compete with him?
Chapter 8717 Completely destroy the warriors of Wild Beast Island
Chapter 8718 The madness of the evil gods!
Chapter 8719 The last attack!
Chapter 8720 The Evil God City was razed to the ground
Chapter 8721 Seizing the secret key to the evil way!
Chapter 8722 Entering the City of God
Chapter 8723 The Four Emperors of the East!
Chapter 8724 Elimination without smoke!
Chapter 8725 The lucky guy whose luck is greater than his strength?
Chapter 8726 Did Ling Xiao fall?
Chapter 8727 All the shadows of gods surrender!
Chapter 8728 Why did I become fat?
Chapter 8729 Pocket battlefield
Chapter 8730 This piece of fat is poisonous!
Chapter 8731 Ling Xiao shows strength!
Chapter 8732 Bone Destroyer King
Chapter 8733 Battle against fifteen Yuxiangs!
Chapter 8734 Killing Yuxiang, fighting Meng Tianheng!
Chapter 8735 Death of Meng Tianheng!
Chapter 8736 The battle situation on other battlefields
Chapter 8737 Xue Xue: The girl who shocked the whole audience!
Chapter 8738 Twelve people are promoted!
Chapter 8739 Five World-Destroying Thunders
Chapter 8740 Thunder Bear VS Nine Color Dragon
Chapter 8741 Do you forgive me?
Chapter 8742 Kill the Thunder God!
Chapter 8743 The top six showdown!
Chapter 8744 The person Jin Yan admires the most
Chapter 8745 Battle against Thunder God!
Chapter 8746 Forced to use all his strength!
Chapter 8747 The God of Thunder and the Dragon!
Chapter 8748 Thunder God is going to be defeated!
Chapter 8749 The number one in the East has given up!
Chapter 8750 We are number one!
Chapter 8751 The three forces merge into one!
Chapter 8752 The threat of the Dragon God Emperor!
Chapter 8753 Dragon Temple invades on a large scale!
Chapter 8754 The Dragon God Emperor personally conquers!
Chapter 8755 The Holy Lady Tianfeng is promoted to quasi-emperor!
Chapter 8756 The Water of the Wild Sea
Chapter 8757 Heading to the Holy Land
Chapter 8758 The body of God is made!
Chapter 8759 The Devil’s Forbidden Land
Chapter 8760 Ling Batian and Ling Xue
Chapter 8761 Fengbo City, Tianxing Gate!
Chapter 8762 It’s not easy to trust strangers
Chapter 8763 Does the antidote worsen the condition?
Chapter 8764 He definitely can’t detoxify!
Chapter 8765 Guan Tiande’s threat!
Chapter 8766 Tianxing Sect marriage robbery!
Chapter 8767 Kill one person in one minute!
Chapter 8768 Are all Tianxing Sect scum?
Chapter 8769 We know we were wrong!
Chapter 8770 Guan Tiansheng’s treasure
Chapter 8771 He is simply not human!
Chapter 8772 Beiming Demonic Art? Palace of Hades?
Chapter 8773 Ye Feiyan appears!
Chapter 8774 You are just good!
Chapter 8775 The killed Ye Feiyan fled in embarrassment!
Chapter 8776 Fifth Tianxing Sect: Ye Chen!
Chapter 8777 Come here and die!
Chapter 8778 He has no reason to live!
Chapter 8779 Go to hell and repent!
Chapter 8780 Fighting for the Flower of Life
Chapter 8781 Being targeted by the divine elixir realm!
Chapter 8782 Ye Qiu
Chapter 8783 The grudges are wiped out!
Chapter 8784 Awakening the magical power of the ancestral dragon!
Chapter 8785 Meeting Ye Qiu again
Chapter 8786 Showdown between monsters
Chapter 8787 Master of Pluto Palace
Chapter 8788 The strength is still too weak!
Chapter 8789 Monster: Red Lotus Lian Yurou!
Chapter 8790 Four beauties and one emperor
Chapter 8791 Peach Banquet
Chapter 8792 Comprehending the New Sword Control Technique
Chapter 8793 Soul-shielding cloak, skill stone!
Chapter 8794: Breaking Yaoshan’s bet
Chapter 8795 Brother Ling, please take a seat!
Chapter 8796 Provocation from Underworld!
Chapter 8797 Crush the underworld minister!
Chapter 8798 Are the second-level geniuses very powerful?
Chapter 8799 Everyone watched quietly!
Chapter 8800 My true energy is ten times more than yours!
Chapter 8801 Xuanwu Mirror Wall is really useful!
Chapter 8802 Hua Jiaoyu’s request
Chapter 8803 The strongest state!
Chapter 8804 Kill the master of the divine elixir realm!
Chapter 8805 Herb Garden
Chapter 8806 Time and Space Spirit Grass
Chapter 8807 Ancestor Bingchen
Chapter 8808 The ancestor fled!
Chapter 8809 Condensing the space-time spirit body!
Chapter 8810 The end of A Zuo and A You!
Chapter 8811 Divine Fruit
Chapter 8812 The Palace of Hades wants a mantis to catch a cicada!
Chapter 8813 The high-flying oriole is behind!
Chapter 8814 The real goal of Hades Palace!
Chapter 8815 The blocked Baicao Garden!
Chapter 8816 White Mist City
Chapter 8817 What a cruel and poisonous woman!
Chapter 8818 Destroy the head of the Lin family!
Chapter 8819 God of War Cage
Chapter 8820 The third bloodline finally awakens!
Chapter 8821 Today, I swear to destroy the Lin family!
Chapter 8822 The Death of the Lin Family Ancestor!
Chapter 8823 Destroy the Lin family and advance to the divine pill!
Chapter 8824 A grand gathering of books in the middle world
Chapter 8825 Immortal Vein Pill
Chapter 8826 The Eastern Boundary is really weak!
Chapter 8827 The genius of the Eastern Boundary was taught a terrible lesson!
Chapter 8828 Revenge
Chapter 8829 Book Festival
Chapter 8830 Dragon Fighting Skills
Chapter 8831 The battle between the Underworld Sword and Thunder God!
Chapter 8832 Sea of ??Books: Secret Realm of Blood Pool!
Chapter 8833 The test from Shuhai Pavilion
Chapter 8834 This record is too easy to break!
Chapter 8835 Do you think I’m a soft persimmon?
Chapter 8836 The Holy Realm of Sea of ??Books opens!
Chapter 8837 The Eighth Monster: Baili Xiaoyao
Chapter 8838 Book Sea Order
Chapter 8839 Surrounded by Hades Palace
Chapter 8840 It turns out it’s not a trash fish!
Chapter 8841 The Underworld Sword was dealt with so badly!
Chapter 8842 Bloodthirsty Spider
Chapter 8843 Grab the important treasure!
Chapter 8844 Eye of Hell
Chapter 8845 You are domineering, I am even more domineering!
Chapter 8846 I don’t have time to play with you!
Chapter 8847 Jian Pingzong was also eliminated!
Chapter 8848 Northern Demon Sword
Chapter 8849 Battle against the monster sword madman!
Chapter 8850 Facing three powerful men at the same time!
Chapter 8851 The Book of Heaven appears!
Chapter 8852 Fighting for the Heavenly Book Order!
Chapter 8853 The Heavenly Book Order explodes!
Chapter 8854 Apex Predator
Chapter 8855 Just solve it together!
Chapter 8856 Instantly killed Ming Hai!
Chapter 8857 New monster rises?
Chapter 8858 The World of Heavenly Book
Chapter 8859 Quasi-Emperor Spiritual Treasure!
Chapter 8860 We can’t live in a dream!
Chapter 8861 Black Spear Demon Emperor
Chapter 8862 The inheritance of the Heavenly Book Emperor!
Chapter 8863 Holy Capital
Chapter 8864 The Birthday of the Holy Ancestor!
Chapter 8865 Join the Royal Knights!
Chapter 8866 Being targeted by the captain!
Chapter 8867 Are you blackmailing me?
Chapter 8868 The captain was beaten until he was rolling and crawling!
Chapter 8869 Place of Exile
Chapter 8870 Shengdu Yamen, Chief of Police
Chapter 8871 Haitang Zun’s insidious plan
Chapter 8872 Teach the assassin a lesson!
Chapter 8873 If it hurts, give me some candy!
Chapter 8874: Ask the prefect of the Holy Capital for salary!
Chapter 8875 Those who resist arrest will be killed without mercy!
Chapter 8876 Tribulation of the Law Field?
Chapter 8877 Beheaded according to law!
Chapter 8878 The Great Contest in the Holy Capital!
Chapter 8879 Tianshan Sword Sect is causing trouble?
Chapter 8880 Let them bring the ransom!
Chapter 8881 The show is about to begin!
Chapter 8882 Can’t even beat the little head catcher?
Chapter 8883 Jian Pingzong rolled his eyes!
Chapter 8884 Everyone kneels down to show off!
Chapter 8885 Unless the Holy Emperor becomes shameless!
Chapter 8886 Ask for Shang Fang’s sword!
Chapter 8887 You are not worthy to be the Son of God!
Chapter 8888 Kill the half-step quasi-emperor!
Chapter 8889 Even the Holy King doesn’t give him any face!
Chapter 8890 Holy Emperor: Haitang Zhuri!
Chapter 8891 More than a dozen quasi-emperors arrived in person!
Chapter 8892 Don’t judge a person by his appearance!
Chapter 8893 Remember you owe me a condition!
Chapter 8894 This test is a bit difficult!
Chapter 8895 They are all monsters!
Chapter 8896 Is the Eastern Boundary going to recover?
Chapter 8897 Another fight with the sword madman
Chapter 8898 Identity exposed?
Chapter 8899 A melee of geniuses!
Chapter 8900 All Tianshan Sword Sect was eliminated!
Chapter 8901 Ling Xiao fights against Shengyu!
Chapter 8902 Shengyu is suppressed!
Chapter 8903: Fighting with Shi Haotian?
Chapter 8904 The last ten people!
Chapter 8905 Shi Haotian’s terrifying strength!
Chapter 8906 The golden flame is ruthless!
Chapter 8907 Ling Xiao fights the Northern Demon Sword
Chapter 8908 It turns out he is Ling Xiao!
Chapter 8909 Fight Shi Haotian again!
Chapter 8910 The Holy Emperor talks like farts?
Chapter 8911 Entering the Place of Exile
Chapter 8912 The Fourth Holy King is chasing after him personally!
Chapter 8913 The hunter becomes the prey!
Chapter 8914 My performance moment!
Chapter 8915 Kill the Fourth Holy King!
Chapter 8916 The Exiled Warriors
Chapter 8917 Impossible mission!
Chapter 8918 The nightmare of the Sky-Swallowing Clan!
Chapter 8919 City of Hope
Chapter 8920 Longshan
Chapter 8921 Fallen Angel: Begonia Water Spirit!
Chapter 8922 Entering Longshan, weird dragon roar!
Chapter 8923 Destroy the black dragon, the oppressed!
Chapter 8924 Your name is Ling Tian!?
Chapter 8925 Breaking out of the place of exile!
Chapter 8926 Star Order: A heavy reward for Ling Xiao!
Chapter 8927 Star Eyes: The terrifying spiritual treasure!
Chapter 8928 My brother is such a monster!
Chapter 8929 How to deal with star eyes
Chapter 8930 The overlord forces in the middle realm have gathered together
Chapter 8931 Terrifying Killing Formation: Plot against the Quasi-Emperor!
Chapter 8932 God-level movement: Angel Wings!
Chapter 8933 Destroy the Tianshan Sword Sect!
Chapter 8934: Kill the quasi-emperor of the Tianshan Sword Sect!
Chapter 8935 King Kong Sword Emperor and Hades Emperor!
Chapter 8936 Zhenwu Token
Chapter 8937 The majestic Holy Emperor is just a villain!
Chapter 8938: Slap Haitang’s heart away!
Chapter 8939 An existence that defies heaven!
Chapter 8940 Damn mouse, don’t run away!
Chapter 8941 A man who almost unified the middle world!
Chapter 8942 Fighting for the Zhenwu Token!
Chapter 8943 Chaos in the Middle Realm!
Chapter 8944 Demonic Abyss
Chapter 8945 Taoyuan Sword Sect
Chapter 8946 Three months later
Chapter 8947 Rescue Tianxing Sect!
Chapter 8948 I’m here to destroy the Palace of Hades!
Chapter 8949 Death of the Underworld Sword
Chapter 8950 The Black Emperor was killed!
Chapter 8951 Return to the East Boundary
Chapter 8952 The unfathomable Dragon God Emperor
Chapter 8953 Demonic Dragon Sect
Chapter 8954 Blitzkrieg
Chapter 8955 Attack the Demon Mountain!
Chapter 8956 Emperor Yinshan surrenders!
Chapter 8957 Zerg
Chapter 8958 Gambling with Emperor Blackwater!
Chapter 8959 One move!
Chapter 8960 The northern boundary is unified, and the Tyrant King comes!
Chapter 8961 The Dragon God Emperor’s surprise attack!
Chapter 8962: Scared away by a bird!
Chapter 8963 A mysterious master comes from overseas!
Chapter 8964 The great opportunity of Zhenwu Shenzhou!
Chapter 8965 Geniuses from all walks of life gather together again!
Chapter 8966 You are nothing but a loser!
Chapter 8967 The miserable Zhao Yufeng!
Chapter 8968 Do you want to die so much?
Chapter 8969 Destroy Thunder God!
Chapter 8970 The mysterious woman’s strange methods
Chapter 8971 Arriving at Fulong Continent
Chapter 8972 Dongxian Valley, Tianzihao
Chapter 8973 Provocation from Fire Island!
Chapter 8974 The Zulong Island warrior who was taught a lesson
Chapter 8975 Is there really no one on Zulong Island!?
Chapter 8976 Why don’t you all come together!
Chapter 8977 Shi Haotian’s little secret
Chapter 8978 Dawn Fairy
Chapter 8979 Time Stone
Chapter 8980 The furious Yang Huo!
Chapter 8981: Knock out the Yanghuo with one punch!
Chapter 8982 Fulong Stone
Chapter 8983 Dare to challenge Mr. Zhao?!
Chapter 8984 I’ll beat you to your knees!
Chapter 8985 Zhao Yujian fled in disgrace!
Chapter 8986 Fulong Stone Crater, meteorites falling from the sky!
Chapter 8987 You messed with the wrong person!
Chapter 8988 The Zhao family’s revenge is coming!
Chapter 8989 Suppressing the Half-Step Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 8990 Quasi-Emperor Zhao Wutian!
Chapter 8991 The city in Fulong Stone Pit!
Chapter 8992 Fallen Angel of the Evil God Clan!
Chapter 8993 King of Dreams
Chapter 8994: Settling accounts with the Zhao family!
Chapter 8995 Artificial Fulong Stone!
Chapter 8996 Continuous treasures!
Chapter 8997 The crystal core of the ancient demon fox
Chapter 8998 Kirin Stone
Chapter 8999 Dongxianfeng
Chapter 9000 Three groups of enemies!
Chapter 9001 The Four Immortals Valley gathers!
Chapter 9002 Lingtian Sect
Chapter 9003 Divine Angel
Chapter 9004 Mysteries in the small world
Chapter 9005 The terrifying space-time realm!
Chapter 9006 Being treated as prey!
Chapter 9007 Do you think I don’t exist?
Chapter 9008 The most powerful genius, Yan Rong!
Chapter 9009 It’s great to have guidance from a famous teacher!
Chapter 9010 The unique skill of martial arts will
Chapter 9011 Demonic Flame Palm Cultivation Successfully
Chapter 9012 Now that you’re here, stay!
Chapter 9013 A drop of blood, the death of Shengyu!
Chapter 9014 The Battle of Taiyuan Bingchen
Chapter 9015 The strongest summon!
Chapter 9016 Cut off Ouyang Du’s tail!
Chapter 9017 The Strongest Secret Realm
Chapter 9018 This is my prey!
Chapter 9019 Showing tyrannical strength!
Chapter 9020 Encountering a strong man in the poisonous forest
Chapter 9021 What a shame
Chapter 9022 Purple Enchantress
Chapter 9023 The nine-level divine elixir realm is completed!
Chapter 9024 The bad relationship with Ouyang Du
Chapter 9025 Fighting the Half-Step Quasi-Emperor!
Chapter 9026 Mr. Xiao of Lingtian Sect!
Chapter 9027 So what about the people from Lingtian Sect!
Chapter 9028 Lingtian Sect is at the bottom!
Chapter 9029 Heavenly King Sect?
Chapter 9030 Not qualified to participate in the assessment?
Chapter 9031 Teach Sean a lesson
Chapter 9032 Destroy Sean!
Chapter 9033 Ling Tianzong is so frustrated!
Chapter 9034 Is it related to Ling Xiao again?
Chapter 9035 Encountering Dongxianfeng
Chapter 9036 Civil War in the Haitang Family!
Chapter 9037 My sisters victory!
Chapter 9038 Ling Xiao really knows how to play!
Chapter 9039 You are not qualified to make me admit defeat!
Chapter 9040 Suppressing Emperor Yan!
Chapter 9041 Crush two top geniuses!
Chapter 9042 I choose the Heavenly King Sect!
Chapter 9043 Stupid decision?
Chapter 9044: Twelve and a half steps of quasi-emperor encirclement and killing!
Chapter 9045 The Quasi-Emperor takes action
Chapter 9046 Deep Dream!
Chapter 9047 Hunting the Quasi-Emperor!
Chapter 9048 Welcome to hell!
Chapter 9049 Become my mount!
Chapter 9050: Transformation Technique
Chapter 9051 Treasure Map
Chapter 9052 Master Ruoshui
Chapter 9053: Grab the map and be besieged!
Chapter 9054 The number one genius in Fulong Shenzhou!
Chapter 9055 Who is the clown?
Chapter 9056 Cracking the treasure map!
Chapter 9057 The giant beast in the lake!
Chapter 9058 Light Gate
Chapter 9059 Ancient City
Chapter 9060 The Wraith King
Chapter 9061 Obtain the magic of transformation!
Chapter 9062 Poseidon Fork
Chapter 9063 Fight against the Quasi-Emperor again!
Chapter 9064 Temple of Heaven
Chapter 9065 The Secret Code of Heaven
Chapter 9066 The nightmare must be over!
Chapter 9067 Heart of Taoyuan
Chapter 9068 The most difficult test!
Chapter 9069 The spiritual body of the Queen of Heaven!
Chapter 9070: Practicing the Secret Code of Heavenly Dao
Chapter 9071 Can even the quasi-emperor be suppressed?
Chapter 9072 A stronger quasi-emperor!
Chapter 9073 Weak Chicken Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 9074: Defeat?
Chapter 9075 Nine-Nine Return to One, the Power of Heaven!
Chapter 9076 Destroy the Quasi-Emperor!
Chapter 9077 Who said I was dead?
Chapter 9078: Be conscientious!
Chapter 9079 Great changes in Zulong Island
Chapter 9080 Teach the Dragon Emperor a lesson
Chapter 9081 You are the frog in the well!
Chapter 9082 I’m convinced, I’m totally convinced!
Chapter 9083 Rescue Shuhai Pavilion
Chapter 9084 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 9085 Meeting an old friend again: General Soul!
Chapter 9086: Superior to the Quasi-Emperor!
Chapter 9087 A duel between two quasi-emperors!
Chapter 9088 Being attacked!
Chapter 9089: Hardly defending the second level peak quasi-emperor!
Chapter 9090 I’ll kill you in one move!
Chapter 9091 Big victory!
Chapter 9092 Dilemma faced
Chapter 9093 Two Tyrant Emperors!
Chapter 9094 I’ll give you an opportunity!
Chapter 9095 Heading to Shengtian Pavilion
Chapter 9096 Alliance with Shengtian Pavilion
Chapter 9097 See the real chapter under my hands!
Chapter 9098 Battle of the Holy Sea!
Chapter 9099 Gaining the trust of Shengtian Pavilion!
Chapter 9100 The demon body goes to the Holy Religion
Chapter 9101 I swear to the death!
Chapter 9102 Drinking wine to save people
Chapter 9103 No Fear of Destroying the Elephant
Chapter 9104 The mysterious young strong man
Chapter 9105 Defeat Bai Youyou!
Chapter 9106 Sacrifice
Chapter 9107 Total Annihilation!
Chapter 9108 So what if you bully your master and destroy your ancestors!
Chapter 9109 The War Saint Queen!
Chapter 9110 Death of the Holy Queen!
Chapter 9111 The war between quasi-emperors!
Chapter 9112 Young Master Leimen
Chapter 9113 Fighting the Triple Quasi-Emperor!
Chapter 9114 The young master of Leimen escaped!
Chapter 9115 The Dragon God Emperor was beaten and vomited blood!
Chapter 9116 Thirteen Demon Puppet
Chapter 9117 The Dragon God Emperor falls!
Chapter 9118 The Holy Emperor commits suicide!
Chapter 9119 Ancestral Dragon Cave
Chapter 9120 True Body
Chapter 9121 The prototype of the realm of heaven
Chapter 9122 Fight Lei Suo again!
Chapter 9123 What about Thunder Gate?
Chapter 9124 A sudden crisis!
Chapter 9125 The Immortal Ascension Order is exposed!
Chapter 9126: Once you’re here, don’t leave!
Chapter 9127 They are all going to die anyway!
Chapter 9128 Monster, what a monster!
Chapter 9129 Leaving Zulong Island
Chapter 9130: Making a fuss on Yunwu Island
Chapter 9131 Destroy Yunlang!
Chapter 9132: Trick the strong ones around!
Chapter 9133 Do something big!
Chapter 9134 Crazy plan!
Chapter 9135: Conquer the enemy without fighting!
Chapter 9136 Heaven’s Judgment
Chapter 9137 Maomao makes meritorious service!
Chapter 9138 One piece!
Chapter 9139 Chase!
Chapter 9140 Do you think our Heavenly King Sect has no one?
Chapter 9141 Ling Ye
Chapter 9142 Arriving at Zhenwu Divine Continent
Chapter 9143 The real emperor!
Chapter 9144 Cave Mansion
Chapter 9145 Eye-opening!
Chapter 9146 Become a pauper!
Chapter 9147 Explosive Awakening!
Chapter 9148 Saint’s Secret Realm
Chapter 9149 The powerful young man in blue robe
Chapter 9150 Sisters join forces!
Chapter 9151 Zhao Feilong takes action!
Chapter 9152 Boy, you dare to hit me!
Chapter 9153 Beat up Zhao Feilong!
Chapter 9154 The Saint’s Secret Realm is Opened!
Chapter 9155 Black Sand Martial Saint!
Chapter 9156 Young Master Haotian
Chapter 9157 The Dark Road
Chapter 9158 Teach local youth a lesson
Chapter 9159 Completely crushed!
Chapter 9160 If you are targeted by me, you will die!
Chapter 9161 Clean up Dongxianfeng!
Chapter 9162 Battle Haisheng!
Chapter 9163 The Quasi-Emperor Heavenly Tribulation is coming!
Chapter 9164: Kill me while I’m going through the tribulation?
Chapter 9165 Hunyuan Pearl
Chapter 9166 Death of Hai Sheng
Chapter 9167 Brilliant Thunder Prison
Chapter 9168 Successfully overcome the tribulation and be promoted to quasi-emperor!
Chapter 9169 Treasure Hunt
Chapter 9170 Behead!
Chapter 9171 The Emperor’s Corpse
Chapter 9172 Sold to you!
Chapter 9173 Underground Palace
Chapter 9174 Domain Divine Stone
Chapter 9175 The inheritance of the underground palace!
Chapter 9176 Blood Knife Gate
Chapter 9177 Does anyone still want to die?
Chapter 9178 The ultimate genius: Yue Wu
Chapter 9179 Thunder Fire Cauldron!
Chapter 9180 Nine inheritances
Chapter 9181 Heart-Destroying Ghost Bat
Chapter 9182 Breaking the Emperor Pill
Chapter 9183 The inheritance of the Dragon Spear Emperor
Chapter 9184 Unlucky Yang Feitian
Chapter 9185 The Holy Palace Appears
Chapter 9186 Descendants of high-level officials?
Chapter 9187 Battle against Cangkong!
Chapter 9188 Fog and Sea of ??Fire!
Chapter 9189 This request is a bit excessive!
Chapter 9190 Are you the Black Sand Martial Saint?
Chapter 9191 I have to stop you!
Chapter 9192 The fight for the imperial treasure
Chapter 9193 Nine Swallowing Divine Armor
Chapter 9194 Everyone is so shameless!
Chapter 9195 Two Martial Saints!
Chapter 9196 The resistance of ants!
Chapter 9197 Space-time Array!
Chapter 9198 Ouyang seeks death!
Chapter 9199 Do I deserve death?
Chapter 9200 Please, take me away with you!
Chapter 9201 Oppression from the Emperor!
Chapter 9202 A villain’s move!
Chapter 9203 Choose the mountain!
Chapter 9204 What qualifications do you have to criticize me!
Chapter 9205 Silver Spear Mountain Master!
Chapter 9206 The Lord of Dragon Spear Mountain: Yue Zun!
Chapter 9207 Be my close disciple!
Chapter 9208 Dragon Spear Cave Mansion
Chapter 9209 Divine Thunder Stepping on Heaven Technique!
Chapter 9210 Thunder Fire Thunder Bing
Chapter 9211 Tianbao Pavilion
Chapter 9212 Earth-level bloodline true body!
Chapter 9213 Sect Mission: Bizarre Death!
Chapter 9214: Someone wants to mess with Ling Xiao?
Chapter 9215 Draw-out Cave
Chapter 9216 The plan is full of loopholes!
Chapter 9217 The terrifying White Tiger Mountain
Chapter 9218 Why is this guy so strong!
Chapter 9219 Soul-Destroying Demonic Sound
Chapter 9220 The secret realm of magic?
Chapter 9221 Sun and Moon God Sect
Chapter 9222 Escape!
Chapter 9223 Fight head-on with the Emperor!
Chapter 9224 Coming to the Demon Sect
Chapter 9225 Unreasonable rage!
Chapter 9226 Young Master Mo Tian
Chapter 9227 Good-for-nothing brother?
Chapter 9228 Duel
Chapter 9229 Defeat Mo Yu again!
Chapter 9230 Domain Confrontation!
Chapter 9231 Slap everyone in the face!
Chapter 9232 Demon Sect Master
Chapter 9233 The pursuit is indeed coming!
Chapter 9234 Counterattack to kill the seventh-level quasi-emperor!
Chapter 9235 Giant Ape
Chapter 9236 The pillar that breaks the sky
Chapter 9237 His name is Monkey King!
Chapter 9238 The Great Sage’s Gift
Chapter 9239 Demonic Sky Shield
Chapter 9240 Destroy Mo Hai!
Chapter 9241 Taken back to the Law Enforcement Hall for trial?
Chapter 9242 Kill the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall!
Chapter 9243 What a scary senior brother and sister!
Chapter 9244 Burning corpses to eliminate traces?
Chapter 9245 The Battle of the Mountain Lord!
Chapter 9246 Soul Search!
Chapter 9247 Death of Zhao Feihu!
Chapter 9248 The purpose of the Sun Moon God Sect
Chapter 9249 Rare items become popular!
Chapter 9250 The Land of Laws: Feilong Mountain!
Chapter 9251 Defeated!
Chapter 9252 Gambling!
Chapter 9253 Promotion in the realm of heaven!
Chapter 9254 Repudiation?
Chapter 9255 Do you know your guilt?
Chapter 9256 Tenth Senior Brother: Ming Qin!
Chapter 9257 They are all monsters!
Chapter 9258 Level 4 in the Heavenly Domain!
Chapter 9259 Aspirational Grand Meeting
Chapter 9260 Little madman!
Chapter 9261 Wolong Town
Chapter 9262 A half-step emperor-level spiritual beast!
Chapter 9263 The Emperor: God has no action!
Chapter 9264 The White Jade Palace in the Sea!
Chapter 9265 Attacked by Shen Wuxing
Chapter 9266 Trapped Dragon Stone
Chapter 9267 Dragon Treasure House
Chapter 9268 Don’t be too greedy
Chapter 9269 Accidentally Obtained Dragon Corpse
Chapter 9270 Qilin Divine Cauldron
Chapter 9271 Teach Cang Kong a lesson
Chapter 9272 Being chased by the Nine Levels Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 9273 I will kill you sooner or later!
Chapter 9274 Tianbao Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 9275 Wind and Thunder Boots, Shadowless Hand!
Chapter 9276 Blood Knife Gate interception!
Chapter 9277 The Demon Sect intervenes again
Chapter 9278 Seriously injured Mo Tian!
Chapter 9279 The top ten monsters: Meteor and Qingcheng!
Chapter 9280 There are many monsters on the other side!
Chapter 9281 The reserve force of the top forces!
Chapter 9282 The murderous intention from Shen Wuxing!
Chapter 9283 The Tianwang Sect is targeted!
Chapter 9284 We must fight back!
Chapter 9285 It’s finally time to fight back!
Chapter 9286 Ling Xiao takes action to kill the enemy!
Chapter 9287 Just seeing that you are unhappy!
Chapter 9288: Competing with the seventh-level quasi-emperor?
Chapter 9289 Just be angry!
Chapter 9290 The fury of thunder!
Chapter 9291 Three sects who had no choice but to change their strategies!
Chapter 9292 Shen Baibai: Secret Sword Technique!
Chapter 9293 Destroy God in vain!
Chapter 9294 Lei Huo is in trouble
Chapter 9295 Star Reaching God of War manga!
Chapter 9296 Ling Xiao and Xuedizi
Chapter 9297 Kill the blood droplets!
Chapter 9298 Violation of the rules
Chapter 9299 Ling Xiao fights against Ren Kuang!
Chapter 9300 Ren Kuang used the imperial weapon!
Chapter 9301 Kill Ren Kuang!
Chapter 9302 Strategic Abandonment
Chapter 9303 The wheel battle against Ling Xiao!
Chapter 9304 This attack is too overbearing!
Chapter 9305 Increase the power!
Chapter 9306 Ling Xiao is going to be defeated?
Chapter 9307 A grand gathering for one person!
Chapter 9308 Fatal murderous intention!
Chapter 9309 Meteor God of War has no action!
Chapter 9310 The young and strong man
Chapter 9311 Fourth Senior Brother: Bai Wushuang!
Chapter 9312 Five-Year Agreement
Chapter 9313 The siege of the Sun and Moon Palace!
Chapter 9314 Breakout!
Chapter 9315 Kill the Peak Quasi-Emperor!
Chapter 9316 The Confinement of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 9317 Laws of the World
Chapter 9318 Ling Xiao’s strange changes?
Chapter 9319 Destroy the Great Emperor!
Chapter 9320 Medicine Village
Chapter 9321 Salvation Medicine
Chapter 9322 Poison Valley
Chapter 9323 Shock!
Chapter 9324 Black Fire Plains!
Chapter 9325 Black Fire Seed
Chapter 9326 Come and destroy one!
Chapter 9327 The legend of the powerful fat man!
Chapter 9328 Lingtian Sect is here again
Chapter 9329 Just an ordinary fat man
Chapter 9330 Yueying returns, black fire changes dramatically
Chapter 9331 Stepping into the Black Fire Plains!
Chapter 9332 Ren Qingcheng’s thoughts
Chapter 9333 Surrounded
Chapter 9334 Dare to do it or not!
Chapter 9335 Super divine bloodline!
Chapter 9336 The Holy Soldier is Born?
Chapter 9337 Controlling the Black Tornado for Revenge!
Chapter 9338 Holy Blood Sword
Chapter 9339 Bloodthirsty Martial Saint
Chapter 9340 The person who should have died
Chapter 9341 Three Emperors of Heaven!
Chapter 9342 Wutian
Chapter 9343 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 9344 Snow Mountain Shrine
Chapter 9345 The Holy Stone of Desolation
Chapter 9346 Shadow Blade Killing Technique!
Chapter 9347 Facing the killer alone!
Chapter 9348 My flying knife is even more powerful!
Chapter 9349 You loser star!
Chapter 9350 Five Elements Realm
Chapter 9351 There’s no need to risk your life!
Chapter 9352 Deserted Man
Chapter 9353 Shadow Blade Sect brings warmth!
Chapter 9354 Death Core
Chapter 9355: Crazy with jealousy!
Chapter 9356 The strength of Mrs. Bones!
Chapter 9357 Despicable villain!
Chapter 9358 Being chased by the Five Elements!
Chapter 9359 Heaven-defying combat power!
Chapter 9360 Dragon Remains
Chapter 9361 Ancestral Dragon’s true form is promoted!
Chapter 9362 Fighting the killer!
Chapter 9363 This battle must be over!
Chapter 9364 Ten Thousand Treasures Magic
Chapter 9365 Desolate Battle Platform!
Chapter 9366 You are seeking death yourself!
Chapter 9367 If you’re not a half-step emperor, don’t come up!
Chapter 9368 Not even half-step emperor?
Chapter 9369 Death Scythe!
Chapter 9370 Lin Baoyu and Bai Fengfeng!
Chapter 9371 The treasure is born?
Chapter 9372 Nine-Life Martial Saint
Chapter 9373 Four Jade Pendants
Chapter 9374 The deal with Bai Fengfeng!
Chapter 9375 Fighting the Five Elements Chaos!
Chapter 9376 Death of Five Elements Chaos!
Chapter 9377 The ancient core: Feiyan Village!
Chapter 9378 You are too weak!
Chapter 9379 The Black Sand Region is too humble!
Chapter 9380 Eye-opening
Chapter 9381 Fatty and the Wind Eagle
Chapter 9382 All nine jade pendants are born!
Chapter 9383 You don’t deserve it!
Chapter 9384 Being targeted
Chapter 9385 Assassination from Feng Xiongying
Chapter 9386 The master of the emperor will not intervene?
Chapter 9387 The Wind-Destroying Eagle
Chapter 9388 Feiyan Village is in chaos
Chapter 9389 The top ten strong men!
Chapter 9390 Complete victory!
Chapter 9391 Sirius
Chapter 9392 Unrivaled!
Chapter 9393 The location of the Holy Tomb: Nanhuang Mountain!
Chapter 9394 The ambush of the deserted man!
Chapter 9395 Coward?
Chapter 9396 Jungle of Life
Chapter 9397 Meeting the Nine-Life Martial Saint!
Chapter 9398 Fusion of the Ancient Tree of Life!
Chapter 9399 The iron-destroying pagoda Lin Baoyu!
Chapter 9400 Crush Huang Jiu, Wolf Encounter!
Chapter 9401 The Emperor’s siege!
Chapter 9402 Breaking through the encirclement!
Chapter 9403 The Desolate Man’s Clearance Plan!
Chapter 9404 The Ancient City
Chapter 9405 Killing the Master-Level Human Emperor!
Chapter 9406 Rescue Plan!
Chapter 9407 Trapped Beast
Chapter 9408 The time to break out has arrived!
Chapter 9409 Kill the Peak Human Emperor!
Chapter 9410 Let him die!
Chapter 9411 Canglan Sanctuary
Chapter 9412 Xiaoyao Tianxia Palace
Chapter 9413 Senior Brother Arrives
Chapter 9414 Such a shameless person!
Chapter 9415 The Emperor’s Thoughts
Chapter 9416 Eliminate the root cause!
Chapter 9417 Ancestor of the Xu family
Chapter 9418 Bronze Piece
Chapter 9419 The royal family is in danger!
Chapter 9420 Destroy the Great Emperor Again!
Chapter 9421 Two little monsters!
Chapter 9422: Seize the spot for the grand event!
Chapter 9423 You are so shameless!
Chapter 9424 Yinhai knelt down and begged for mercy!
Chapter 9425 If you want to establish your authority, you will be embarrassed!
Chapter 9426 I want the best one!
Chapter 9427 The scene from five years ago reappears
Chapter 9428 I am no longer the person I used to be!
Chapter 9429 Kannawue
Chapter 9430 An old friend from Zulong Island
Chapter 9431 All members are perfect human emperors!
Chapter 9432 Master, I am awesome!
Chapter 9433 Four plans failed
Chapter 9434 The hunter is killed!
Chapter 9435 Hanhan’s fighting style
Chapter 9436 The four major sects that are unable to dismount from the tiger
Chapter 9437 The apprentice performs the master’s myth!
Chapter 9438 Resolving the past feud?
Chapter 9439 Rules of the Summit Event
Chapter 9440 The magical effect of Maomao
Chapter 9441 The consequences of not admitting defeat
Chapter 9442 Don’t let me meet you!
Chapter 9443 Ling Xiao’s acting skills
Chapter 9444 Acting is really hard
Chapter 9445 Don’t you admit defeat?
Chapter 9446 Kanna Yue is begging for mercy!
Chapter 9447 Unrivaled!
Chapter 9448: Get first place and face Kanna Wuxing!
Chapter 9449 The decisive battle between Ling Xiao and Shen Wuxing!
Chapter 9450 Suppression!
Chapter 9451 The secret method of Shen Wuxing
Chapter 9452 Have you forgotten that I am a Holy Pattern Master?
Chapter 9453 God has no action and must not die!
Chapter 9454 Yueying takes action!
Chapter 9455 The ambush of the Sun Moon God Sect
Chapter 9456 It’s all chaos!
Chapter 9457 Death of the Martial Saint Nirvana!
Chapter 9458 Black Sand Order
Chapter 9459 Golden Cauldron Magical Skill
Chapter 9460 One year later
Chapter 9461 A Rumor
Chapter 9462 The killer is coming!
Chapter 9463 Coercion!
Chapter 9464 Something happened to the body of God!
Chapter 9465 Promoted to the Great Emperor!
Chapter 9466 The Body of Heaven
Chapter 9467 Hunting the three major sects!
Chapter 9468 The Human Emperor is invincible!
Chapter 9469 The World’s Secret Skill
Chapter 9470 Defeat the Spirit Emperor again!
Chapter 9471 The mountain protection formation was broken
Chapter 9472 Alliance
Chapter 9473 Peeping into the Sky Monument!
Chapter 9474 The Crisis of Haitang Shuiling
Chapter 9475 Demon Ancestor
Chapter 9476 Kill the Lord of Silver Spear Mountain!
Chapter 9477 Allies
Chapter 9478 Breaking into the Demon Sect!
Chapter 9479 The Spiritual Emperor is Consummated
Chapter 9480 Flying Immortal from Heaven
Chapter 9481 Chaotic War
Chapter 9482 Kill the Bloodthirsty Martial Saint
Chapter 9483 Crusade against the Sun and Moon God Sect!
Chapter 9484 Raimon intervenes?
Chapter 9485 The desperate coalition
Chapter 9486 For the Hope of the Future
Chapter 9487 Killing the Half Saint
Chapter 9488 I’m so unwilling!
Chapter 9489 News from everyone
Chapter 9490 Old Enemy
Chapter 9491 Black Imperial City, old acquaintance
Chapter 9492 Holy Gate
Chapter 9493 Hundred Flowers Ceremony
Chapter 9494 Where did the wild dog come from?
Chapter 9495 Twelve Goddess
Chapter 9496 The powerful Canglan Sanctuary
Chapter 9497 Slapped away
Chapter 9498 Snow Lotus?
Chapter 9499 Bai Fengfeng’s suggestion
Chapter 9500 Feng Yu Feng Lian
Chapter 9501 The gap between people!
Chapter 9502 Beat up Huang Ba!
Chapter 9503 Battle against the five geniuses!
Chapter 9504 Shameless Zhang Haoran
Chapter 9505 Meeting Lord Fengming Mountain
Chapter 9506 Two major forces come to seek revenge
Chapter 9507 Although there are thousands of people, I will go!
Chapter 9508 Time and space transfer
Chapter 9509 Tianhe Temple Zhu Tianpeng
Chapter 9510 Ninety-eight rabble!
Chapter 9511 Twelve Sons of the Supreme
Chapter 9512 So shameless!
Chapter 9513 Saints also have strengths and weaknesses
Chapter 9514 The test of heaven is coming again
Chapter 9515 The Demonic God
Chapter 9516 Seeing the body of heaven
Chapter 9517 Attacked by the body of heaven
Chapter 9518 The River of Heaven
Chapter 9519 Qianxiu Hall
Chapter 9520: Suppressing the Body of Heaven
Chapter 9521 Just survive!
Chapter 9522 The final test
Chapter 9523 Illusion? Reality?
Chapter 9524 Congratulations, you passed the assessment!
Chapter 9525 Unique product
Chapter 9526 Reward
Chapter 9527 Twelve Volumes of Heavenly Patterns
Chapter 9528 The First Goddess
Chapter 9529 The Provocation of the Wanbao Divine Sect
Chapter 9530 The powerful first goddess
Chapter 9531 Jealousy
Chapter 9532 Want to fight? I’ll help you!
Chapter 9533 Lin Baojun feels miserable!
Chapter 9534 Slaves from the Black Sand Territory!
Chapter 9535 Must be saved!
Chapter 9536: Making a fuss at the auction house!
Chapter 9537 Destroy the genius!
Chapter 9538 Kill the Emperor of Heaven!
Chapter 9539 Hidden in the city
Chapter 9540 Different Fire Sect
Chapter 9541 Eighty Saints!
Chapter 9542 The Secret of Strange Fire
Chapter 9543 Who ambushed whom?
Chapter 9544 Huang Si fled frantically for his life
Chapter 9545 Ling Xiao enters the inner hall of Yihuo Sect
Chapter 9546 The confrontation between the nine saints!
Chapter 9547 The Tribulation of Immortality
Chapter 9548 Saints have no virtue
Chapter 9549 Battle of Saints!
Chapter 9550 Ling Xiao wants to kill the saint!
Chapter 9551 Imprisoning the Saint
Chapter 9552 Refining Blood Pill
Chapter 9553 Brothers: Sharing life and death!
Chapter 9554 The Five Saints join forces!
Chapter 9555 I will bless you with my body!
Chapter 9556 Kill the True Saint!
Chapter 9557 God-given Pill
Chapter 9558 The true bloodline body is promoted!
Chapter 9559: Surrounding and killing Bai Fengfeng
Chapter 9560 Booby Plan
Chapter 9561 Siege Ling Xiao!
Chapter 9562 Do you dare to kill me?
Chapter 9563 What can you do to me!
Chapter 9564 Collective promotion!
Chapter 9565 Changkong Family
Chapter 9566 I don’t know you!
Chapter 9567 Three possibilities
Chapter 9568: Teach the Nangong Family a Lesson
Chapter 9569 Submit to me!
Chapter 9570 Win the game!
Chapter 9571 Come up and fight!
Chapter 9572 Come on together!
Chapter 9573 Slap him away!
Chapter 9574 Assessment Day
Chapter 9575 Secret Force
Chapter 9576 One blow determines the outcome!
Chapter 9577 A complete victory
Chapter 9578 Bloody Blessed Land
Chapter 9579 Robbery
Chapter 9580 The Lord of Demon Valley
Chapter 9581 Three parties join forces
Chapter 9582 I don’t want to hurt you!
Chapter 9583 The overall situation has been decided
Chapter 9584 Go to Xiaoyao Tianxia Palace
Chapter 9585 The Forgetful Contract
Chapter 9586 The grandson of the saint
Chapter 9587 Whoever dares to kill him, I will kill!
Chapter 9588 Slap the Half-Saint to Death!
Chapter 9589 Great Wilderness Sanctuary
Chapter 9590 Is this considered a genius?
Chapter 9591 Killing the Emperor of Heaven is like killing a chicken
Chapter 9592 The Secret of the Great Wilderness Sanctuary
Chapter 9593 Eight Great Families
Chapter 9594 This is a trap!
Chapter 9595 Death Arena
Chapter 9596 Don’t admit it?
Chapter 9597 Cross-level challenge!
Chapter 9598 The first genius of the Desolate tribe!
Chapter 9599 Falling out?
Chapter 9600 Three Life Stones
Chapter 9601 The Sword of Prehistoric Times
Chapter 9602 This young man is too scary!
Chapter 9603 Holy City College
Chapter 9604 Successfully joined the academy
Chapter 9605 Snow Clan
Chapter 9606 Do you dare to go to the stage of life and death!
Chapter 9607 Death Battle with Huang Yi
Chapter 9608 Phoenix Blood
Chapter 9609 Tyrant Meeting
Chapter 9610 The Snow Clan will come to cause trouble
Chapter 9611 The Snow Tribe fights against the Tyrant Tribe!
Chapter 9612 A melee of imperial capital!
Chapter 9613 Reversing the Tide of the War
Chapter 9614 One more ant, so what!
Chapter 9615: Easy to come, hard to leave!
Chapter 9616 Holy Spear Stone Tablet
Chapter 9617 Ninety Meters
Chapter 9618 Seizing the Holy Spear!
Chapter 9619 General’s Tomb
Chapter 9620 Relics
Chapter 9621 Are we cannon fodder?
Chapter 9622 I don’t want to serve you anymore!
Chapter 9623 Make a fortune!
Chapter 9624 Black Holy Pattern
Chapter 9625 Goodbye, Master of Tianwen Sect
Chapter 9626 Armor Man
Chapter 9627 Take the Dragon Soul Grass first!
Chapter 9628 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 9629 Changes in rankings on the Heavenly Emperor List
Chapter 9630 Six Saints
Chapter 9631 Sage Lectures
Chapter 9632 The last person
Chapter 9633 You are so thick-skinned
Chapter 9634 Ling Xiao fights Xu Canglong
Chapter 9635 Defeat me!
Chapter 9636 Chu Zhongtian intervenes
Chapter 9637 Chu Zhongtian, you are too conceited!
Chapter 9638 Ba Tian meets Chu Zhongtian
Chapter 9639 Swallowing Life
Chapter 9640 The sage of the Chu family is here
Chapter 9641 The Great Sage takes action
Chapter 9642: The novice period has passed?
Chapter 9643 The Holy Court is in chaos
Chapter 9644 Pluto
Chapter 9645 One person challenges the Pluto Society!
Chapter 9646 Seal of the City Lord
Chapter 9647 Attacking Troll Valley
Chapter 9648 Three major forces
Chapter 9649 I quit Tianxia Palace!
Chapter 9650 The whereabouts of the good disciple
Chapter 9651 Ancestor of the Qin Family
Chapter 9652 Smart medicinal fragrance
Chapter 9653 Fruit of Life and Fruit of Heaven
Chapter 9654 Discovered!
Chapter 9655 Immortality Armor
Chapter 9656: Sowing discord between the Chu family and the Qin family
Chapter 9657 The war between the two tribes
Chapter 9658 Great Sage Showdown
Chapter 9659 Holy Tree Palace
Chapter 9660 Entering the Tree Palace!
Chapter 9661 Wow, so many bad people!
Chapter 9662 He is Ling Xiao!
Chapter 9663 Ants without eyes!
Chapter 9664 The Master of the Holy Spear Sect
Chapter 9665 This is my truth!
Chapter 9666 God-like existence
Chapter 9667 Who allowed you to leave?
Chapter 9668 The sense of oppression from the leader
Chapter 9669 Infinite Sea of ??Trees
Chapter 9670 Today I will disobey orders!
Chapter 9671 A conspiracy!
Chapter 9672 Regret!
Chapter 9673 Battle with the Thousand Earth Alliance
Chapter 9674 Infinite City
Chapter 9675 The Empress is Mighty
Chapter 9676 Creating the Dragon
Chapter 9677 Are you threatening me?
Chapter 9678 Kill!
Chapter 9679 All capital crimes!
Chapter 9680 They are all supreme!
Chapter 9681 The enemies are all gathered!
Chapter 9682 Behead the Supreme!
Chapter 9683 Tree King
Chapter 9684 Infinite Divine Tree
Chapter 9685 Cultivation is promoted again
Chapter 9686 The unusual behavior of the Tree King
Chapter 9687 Weird black giant shadow
Chapter 9688 The law takes shape
Chapter 9689 Battle in the wormhole!
Chapter 9690: Bewitched by You
Chapter 9691 Heaven takes shape
Chapter 9692 Staring into the Abyss
Chapter 9693 People from Chu!
Chapter 9694 Relics of the Sixth Continent
Chapter 9695 The Holy Pattern Ancestral Dragon Transforms
Chapter 9696 Zero Continent
Chapter 9697 Blood is needed to open the channel
Chapter 9698 Chaos
Chapter 9699 Golden Flame vs. Black Sky
Chapter 9700 Death of Xu Canghu
Chapter 9701 The terrible law of creation
Chapter 9702 Chaos Life
Chapter 9703 Perfection
Chapter 9704 Huge Sculpture in the Universe
Chapter 9705 The Remains of the Holy Lord
Chapter 9706 The world is about to collapse
Chapter 9707 The Twelve Evils of the Fairy Clan
Chapter 9708 Fairyland Passage
Chapter 9709 The final glory of the Holy Lord!
Chapter 9710 Six Saints come out together!
Chapter 9711 Escape from the Holy City
Chapter 9712 Return of the Holy Lord
Chapter 9713 The whereabouts of my father
Chapter 9714 Hunting the strange clan
Chapter 9715 Trophies
Chapter 9716 You can’t redeem it!
Chapter 9717 The imperial qualifications of the Fairy Clan
Chapter 9718 Enlightenment on the battlefield!
Chapter 9719 The Corner of the Saint
Chapter 9720 Killing the Saint!
Chapter 9721 Kill the Snow Clan!
Chapter 9722 You can try it!
Chapter 9723 Seriously injured the leader of the Snow Clan!
Chapter 9724 Six Saints Punishment Order
Chapter 9725 God Realm Abandonment Site
Chapter 9726 The coalition victory!
Chapter 9727 Mountain and River Map
Chapter 9728 Seal Channel
Chapter 9729 I will protect you with my body!
Chapter 9730 Complete Victory
Chapter 9731 If you don’t die, I will live!
Chapter 9732 Fourth level virtual saint
Chapter 9733 The most shameless family
Chapter 9734 The Lin Family’s Disaster
Chapter 9735 The Qin family is looking for trouble
Chapter 9736 The Qin family is in ruins
Chapter 9737 The Chu family is here too!
Chapter 9738 Tao
Chapter 9739 The number one hero!
Chapter 9740 Destroy Void Saint by yourself!
Chapter 9741 What is the limit?
Chapter 9742 Let’s settle old and new grudges together!
Chapter 9743 Holy Spear in the right hand, Magic Spear in the left hand!
Chapter 9744 Holy Body and Holy Spear
Chapter 9745 The three major forces fled in confusion
Chapter 9746 The Strongest Battle
Chapter 9747 Entering the Bloody Blessed Land
Chapter 9748 Stinger Beast King
Chapter 9749 Demonic Flower
Chapter 9750 A group of people seeking death
Chapter 9751 Wanyan Aruo
Chapter 9752: Rescue turns into kidnapping?
Chapter 9753 Long live the birthday
Chapter 9754 Pushing the envelope!
Chapter 9755 You are here to apologize!
Chapter 9756 If you don’t want to stay here, you will have a place to stay!
Chapter 9757 This time it’s up to you!
Chapter 9758 Brutal Man
Chapter 9759 Heijia, you are finished!
Chapter 9760 It’s different than expected
Chapter 9761: Those who bully the weak and fear the strong
Chapter 9762 Wu Tu Meng is too strong!
Chapter 9763 Crush the Void Saint!
Chapter 9764 Defeat Wu Tu Meng!
Chapter 9765 Heading to the Bloody Demon Academy
Chapter 9766 Huo Lin'er
Chapter 9767 I’ll kill you within ten moves!
Chapter 9768 You lost!
Chapter 9769 Void Battleship
Chapter 9770 Bloody Martial Saint
Chapter 9771 You can’t participate in the competition!
Chapter 9772 The provocation of the Immortal Demon Academy!
Chapter 9773 The suppressed Bloody Demon Academy
Chapter 9774 My name is Miushi!
Chapter 9775 The Bloody Demon Academy was defeated!
Chapter 9776 Let me fight!
Chapter 9777 Defeating the Three Supreme Sons
Chapter 9778 The battle to destroy the world!
Chapter 9779 I trusted the wrong person
Chapter 9780 Bloody Deserted Sea
Chapter 9781 Danger!
Chapter 9782 Why bother to die!
Chapter 9783 Send you on your way!
Chapter 9784 Silent Ancient City
Chapter 9785 Sword Demon
Chapter 9786: Cheating the True Saint!
Chapter 9787 Weird Creatures
Chapter 9788 The guidance of the magic gun
Chapter 9789 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 9790 Fire Demon General, thank you!
Chapter 9791 The power of strange monsters
Chapter 9792 Kill the Fire Demon General
Chapter 9793 Leng Ningxue’s recovery
Chapter 9794 Rescue Yaoxiang
Chapter 9795 God-killing Spear Technique
Chapter 9796 Holy Light Battleship
Chapter 9797 Void Beast Tide
Chapter 9798 Beast Taming House
Chapter 9799 The Prodigy Throne
Chapter 9800 The Supreme Confrontation
Chapter 9801 Duel with the Son of Destruction
Chapter 9802 The Confrontation of the Son of the Sacred Pattern
Chapter 9803 You lost!
Chapter 9804 Holy Jade Jade
Chapter 9805 The Way of Time and Space
Chapter 9806 Friends of the Heavenly Body
Chapter 9807 Beat up Cangsong
Chapter 9808 Hostage Exchange
Chapter 9809 Arriving at the City of Holy Light
Chapter 9810 Space Magic Eye, Cerberus Organization
Chapter 9811 A counterattack against the killer
Chapter 9812 The prey becomes the hunter
Chapter 9813 Death of the Son of Heaven
Chapter 9814 Revenge of friends!
Chapter 9815 Many old acquaintances
Chapter 9816 My master is not dead!
Chapter 9817 Cangsong fights Xue Xue
Chapter 9818 Destroying the Cang Family’s Prodigy
Chapter 9819 Ling Xiao fights Hong Yi!
Chapter 9820 Three women, three true saints!
Chapter 9821 The audition ends, Tower of Holy Light
Chapter 9822 A corner of the fairy world
Chapter 9823 The genius of the fairy world?
Chapter 9824 Holy Pattern Magic Cannon
Chapter 9825 Formal decisive battle
Chapter 9826 Ling Xiao’s winning streak
Chapter 9827 Successive eliminations
Chapter 9828 Who draws with you?
Chapter 9829 Ling Xiao fights Cangsong again!
Chapter 9830 He is not dead!
Chapter 9831 The Last Thirteen People
Chapter 9832 Some people are not convinced
Chapter 9833 The Twelve Prodigies of the Ancestral Dragon Realm
Chapter 9834 Defeat the world again!
Chapter 9835 Chu Zhongtian defeats Hong Yi!
Chapter 9836 Time and Creation
Chapter 9837 The man with a winning streak
Chapter 9838 The Battle of Heaven
Chapter 9839 Shiren has met his opponent!
Chapter 9840 Ling Xiao wants to take first place?
Chapter 9841 Fight Chu Zhongtian again!
Chapter 9842 Who is the champion?
Chapter 9843 Is it really impossible to win?
Chapter 9844 Win first place!
Chapter 9845 A visitor from the fairy world
Chapter 9846 The terrifying strength of the genius of the fairy world
Chapter 9847 Angry from shame
Chapter 9848 Seek justice for my brother!
Chapter 9849 Finally defeated the genius of the fairy world!
Chapter 9850 You can’t go to the fairy world!
Chapter 9851 The dragon swims in the shallows and the tiger falls in Pingyang!
Chapter 9852 An opportunity?
Chapter 9853 Still failed!
Chapter 9854 Gifts from Brother and Sister-in-law
Chapter 9855 Unique promotion method
Chapter 9856 The enemies began to join forces
Chapter 9857 Let’s destroy you first!
Chapter 9858 The Phoenix Clan is wiped out
Chapter 9859 Battle with the Cang Family Patriarch
Chapter 9860 The battle for control of Canglan Sanctuary
Chapter 9861 Weird Body Promotion
Chapter 9862 The Tenth Supreme Law
Chapter 9863 Junlin Tianwang Sect!
Chapter 9864 Goodbye Ghost Dragon Martial Saint
Chapter 9865 You have grown up over the years!
Chapter 9866 Killing the Ghost Dragon Martial Saint
Chapter 9867 Attacking the Lei Family’s Lair
Chapter 9868 Do you feel despair?
Chapter 9869 Weird remnants
Chapter 9870 To pacify the three realms!
Chapter 9871 Changes in Heaven and Earth
Chapter 9872 Spiritual Energy Recovery
Chapter 9873 The current situation of the Tyrant Empire
Chapter 9874 Don’t be angry with ants
Chapter 9875 Zulong Fruit Tree
Chapter 9876 Four major forces
Chapter 9877 Total annihilation!
Chapter 9878 What are the top ten geniuses?
Chapter 9879 Cousin Ling Sa
Chapter 9880 Defeating the Prodigy
Chapter 9881 Training Geniuses
Chapter 9882 In Sun and Moon City
Chapter 9883 I want to defeat Ling Xiao!
Chapter 9884 Ling Xiao, get out!
Chapter 9885 Ling Sa takes action
Chapter 9886: Teach the sun, moon, heaven and earth a lesson
Chapter 9887 Where are your companions?
Chapter 9888 I am Ling Xiao!
Chapter 9889 Ling Xiao fights against the Son of God!
Chapter 9890 Dealing with the four major forces!
Chapter 9891 Is this the fairy world?
Chapter 9892 Good luck!
Chapter 9893 Ancient Undead
Chapter 9894 You are that peerless loser!
Chapter 9895 A stone monument
Chapter 9896 Cross Monument
Chapter 9897 Hualan
Chapter 9898 The Immortal Spider Queen is back
Chapter 9899 Dealing with Bai Shaoqing
Chapter 9900 What a big dragon bone
Chapter 9901 Immortal Magic
Chapter 9902 Mysterious Fortress
Chapter 9903 Take advantage of us?
Chapter 9904 Finding Qin Xiruo
Chapter 9905 Treasures should be given to the strong?
Chapter 9906 How wronged!
Chapter 9907 Nine-tailed Sky Fox: Su Yan'er!
Chapter 9908 Hidden dangers in the passage
Chapter 9909 The tactics of the strange clan
Chapter 9910 Can’t stand idly by anymore
Chapter 9911 The Ancestral Dragon Statue Awakens Again
Chapter 9912 Destroy the Holy Lord
Chapter 9913 Solve the fundamental problem!
Chapter 9914 Completely Seal the Channel
Chapter 9915 Fulong City
Chapter 9916 The key to breakthrough
Chapter 9917 Peach Blossom Sword in Peach Blossom Village
Chapter 9918 Shock!
Chapter 9919 Hope of breakthrough
Chapter 9920 Promoted to True Saint!
Chapter 9921 Meeting an old friend in the fairy world
Chapter 9922: Not strong enough, a lot of nonsense!
Chapter 9923: Kill Heitian and Kill Qingsheng
Chapter 9924 Chu Zhongtian is also here
Chapter 9925 Heir of the Book of Heaven
Chapter 9926 The four of you come together!
Chapter 9927 The Holy Lord steps in to save people
Chapter 9928 Chaos Valley opens
Chapter 9929 Fairy Spirit
Chapter 9930 Heavenly Scroll Assessment
Chapter 9931 Obtaining the Ancestral Dragon Sky Scroll
Chapter 9932 Holy Lord, is it amazing?
Chapter 9933 The fairy shows its power!
Chapter 9934 Challenge all geniuses!
Chapter 9935 Win!
Chapter 9936 Sixth level true saint!
Chapter 9937 Good at slapping people in the face
Chapter 9938 He actually broke through?!
Chapter 9939 The first person under Longzi
Chapter 9940 Thunderclouds Millions of Miles Away
Chapter 9941 That boy is dead!
Chapter 9942 Fight against the Thirty-sixth Heaven!
Chapter 9943 Rushing into the thundercloud!
Chapter 9944 God King?
Chapter 9945 Longzi’s challenge!
Chapter 9946 The Holy Lord intervenes
Chapter 9947 Who wants to kill my son!
Chapter 9948 The whereabouts of my brother
Chapter 9949 Heavenly Punishment Palm and Immortal Dragon Body
Chapter 9950 That guy is a newcomer
Chapter 9951 This is too strong!
Chapter 9952 Heading to the Little Holy Battlefield
Chapter 9953 Desperate situation breaks out
Chapter 9954 Combat Power Glasses
Chapter 9955 What a freak
Chapter 9956 One year, tenth level of perfection!
Chapter 9957 The Sorrow of the Weak
Chapter 9958 Coward!
Chapter 9959 Alien Prodigy Fights Long Zi
Chapter 9960 No one can fight!
Chapter 9961 Is there no hope?
Chapter 9962 Six unknown people
Chapter 9963 Ling Xiao fights against Guitianshu!
Chapter 9964 Exchange Conditions
Chapter 9965 Incompetent rat!
Chapter 9966 I won’t accompany you anymore!
Chapter 9967 The Killer
Chapter 9968 The Hunting of the Bai Family
Chapter 9969 Stirring a hornet's nest
Chapter 9970 Surrounded
Chapter 9971 Entering the Black Dragon Sky
Chapter 9972 The Resisting Warriors
Chapter 9973 Seizing Supplies
Chapter 9974 Fighting the Great Sage to the Death
Chapter 9975 Shelter
Chapter 9976 Dragon Blood Soil
Chapter 9977 The Changes of Tiandao Bodhi
Chapter 9978 The shelter was attacked
Chapter 9979 Escape into the Black Dragon Forbidden Land
Chapter 9980 Descendants of the Dragon
Chapter 9981 Thirteen Dragon Kings
Chapter 9982 Discussion with Long Shan
Chapter 9983 Dragon Blood Burning Technique
Chapter 9984 Long Yuan Jue
Chapter 9985 Dragon Yuan is born in the body
Chapter 9986 Withdraw from Black Dragon Sky
Chapter 9987 Re-entering Heaven
Chapter 9988 The Twelve Immortal Kings of Heaven
Chapter 9989 The highlight of the wedding
Chapter 9990 The Revenge of the Prodigy of the Ancestral Dragon Realm
Chapter 9991 The battle of Shiren
Chapter 9992 Fenghou, come up!
Chapter 9993 The gap between third and second!
Chapter 9994 Xue Xue challenges the Twelve Dragon Sons!
Chapter 9995 Who is first!
Chapter 9996 Fat version of Ling Xiao
Chapter 9997 The First Dragon Son, nothing more than that!
Chapter 9998 Want to default on your debt?
Chapter 9999 The Thirteen Dragon Kings take action
Chapter 10000 Forty-eight God Generals Appear
Chapter 10001 Destroy the Bai family!
Chapter 10002 Goodbye Leng Ningxue
Chapter 10003 Raising Gu
Chapter 10004 Challenge the Great Sage
Chapter 10005 Defeating the Great Sage
Chapter 10006 Feilai Peak
Chapter 10007 Rat Tide
Chapter 10008 Betrayer
Chapter 10009 Red Clothes Perform Meritorious Service
Chapter 10010 Fighting the Great Sage of the Weird Tribe Alone
Chapter 10011 Three passers-by
Chapter 10012 Sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight
Chapter 10013 Backstab
Chapter 10014 Refining Chalcedony Liquid
Chapter 10015 Promoted to the Great Sage!
Chapter 10016 Nine Seniors
Chapter 10017 Flying to the Temple
Chapter 10018 World Spirit
Chapter 10019 Nine Saint Patterns
Chapter 10020 A lot of treasures!
Chapter 10021 Kill Kong Jie!
Chapter 10022 The Last Palace
Chapter 10023 Conquering the Thunder Eagle
Chapter 10024 Fairy Beast Feed
Chapter 10025 Breakthrough at the same time
Chapter 10026 Kill Kong Fang!
Chapter 10027 Mountain Giant
Chapter 10028 Thatched House World
Chapter 10029 Attack the King of Five Elements
Chapter 10030 Bright and smooth road, dark end
Chapter 10031 Congratulations!
Chapter 10032 World Spirit’s Treasure
Chapter 10033 Too much hatred!
Chapter 10034 Conquering Five Guardian Beasts
Chapter 10035 Distribution of spoils
Chapter 10036 Apology
Chapter 10037 Return to the Ancestral Dragon Realm
Chapter 10038 The troops are divided into nine groups
Chapter 10039 Black Snake Saint
Chapter 10040 Picking up mother to meet father
Chapter 10041 Assassinated
Chapter 10042 The new number one genius?
Chapter 10043 You are not qualified to challenge me!
Chapter 10044 Kill the Great Sage with one hand!
Chapter 10045 Settle accounts with the Cang family!
Chapter 10046 The mountain giant shows its power
Chapter 10047 The old monsters of the Cang family
Chapter 10048 Showing great power
Chapter 10049 The Cang family is destroyed
Chapter 10050 The Black Snake Saint takes action!
Chapter 10051 Death of the Holy Lord!
Chapter 10052 The Ancestral Dragon Realm is Unified!
Chapter 10053 The conspiracy of Cerberus
Chapter 10054 Supreme!
Chapter 10055 The Immortal Emperor
Chapter 10056 100% weird power!
Chapter 10057 Reinforcements are coming
Chapter 10058 This guy is weird!
Chapter 10059: Both soft and hard tactics
Chapter 10060 Twenty years of suffering
Chapter 10061 Make him despair!
Chapter 10062 Fight against Juitianshu again
Chapter 10063 The weird clan, nothing more than that!
Chapter 10064 Centenary Genius List
Chapter 10065 Savage Leopard Wei Tianheng
Chapter 10066 Kill the Immortal Imperial City
Chapter 10067 All three together!
Chapter 10068 I’m so sorry for this guy!
Chapter 10069 Winning streak!
Chapter 10070 The ninth genius!
Chapter 10071 Destroy the Prince
Chapter 10072 White Purgatory!
Chapter 10073 Let the first genius get out!
Chapter 10074 Zhan Zhanfei!
Chapter 10075 The panic of the Fairy Tribe
Chapter 10076 Hell of Despair
Chapter 10077 Hannibal
Chapter 10078 War Saint
Chapter 10079 Dragon Yuan Jue Breakthrough!
Chapter 10080 Possibility of escape!
Chapter 10081 The Titan Bull is resurrected!
Chapter 10082 Escape from the Hell of Despair
Chapter 10083 Underworld
Chapter 10084 Ksitigarbha
Chapter 10085: Sealing the Temple
Chapter 10086 Please kill the Immortal Emperor!
Chapter 10087 Crisis in the underworld!
Chapter 10088 Ancestor Yan Mo
Chapter 10089 Method to expel the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 10090 Return to Fairyland
Chapter 10091 Land of Hope
Chapter 10092 Descendants of the Holy Ancestor
Chapter 10093 Yao Chi Divine Water
Chapter 10094 Friends enough!
Chapter 10095 The Trap of Arrow Bones
Chapter 10096 Duel with Arrow Bone
Chapter 10097 Everyone is trying to get out of singles
Chapter 10098 Refining foreign consciousness
Chapter 10099 Tianchi appears
Chapter 10100 Above the Holy Realm
Chapter 10101 Secrets of the Immortal Realm
Chapter 10102 Surrounded
Chapter 10103 I told you it was a misunderstanding!
Chapter 10104 Who can kill me!
Chapter 10105 I’m here to kill you!
Chapter 10106 Dragon-shaped Fist
Chapter 10107 Guest Octopus
Chapter 10108 General Ranking Battle
Chapter 10109 You talk too much!
Chapter 10110 Expel him!
Chapter 10111 Defeat General Oak!
Chapter 10112 Become a general!
Chapter 10113 The Demon General’s Provocation
Chapter 10114 Kill the Demon General’s Mansion
Chapter 10115 The First General
Chapter 10116 Entering the Forbidden Land
Chapter 10117 A Book
Chapter 10118 Ice and Fire Pool
Chapter 10119 Kill the King of Ebony Kingdom!
Chapter 10120 Heading to Baisang Powerful Country
Chapter 10121 Another forbidden area
Chapter 10122 Ancestral Dragon Tower Upgrade
Chapter 10123 So many treasures!
Chapter 10124 Opportunities for Everyone
Chapter 10125 The Book of Tai Chi
Chapter 10126 The controlled world of Tianchi
Chapter 10127 Depressed Hannibal
Chapter 10128: Don’t chase the poor criminals
Chapter 10129 Source of Life
Chapter 10130 The heartless man
Chapter 10131 Entering the White Tiger Forbidden Land
Chapter 10132 Saving the Nine-tailed Sky Fox
Chapter 10133 The Four Holy Bones
Chapter 10134 Hostage Crisis
Chapter 10135 Four Holy Islands
Chapter 10136 Rescue
Chapter 10137 Confrontation between Gods
Chapter 10138 Join forces
Chapter 10139 Melee
Chapter 10140 The weirdo in black robe
Chapter 10141 Guardian
Chapter 10142 Metal Assessment
Chapter 10143 Let’s farm!
Chapter 10144 The Wall of Shinto
Chapter 10145 The Final Land
Chapter 10146 Fighting for the Source of Life
Chapter 10147 Realm King: Dragon Python!
Chapter 10148 The inheritance of Meng Xantian
Chapter 10149 Ancient Martial Arts Mantra
Chapter 10150 All laws are unified, and the body becomes a god
Chapter 10151 Mortals and Gods
Chapter 10152 Recover Tianwaitian!
Chapter 10153 Tyrant Court
Chapter 10154 Seventy-two Demon Lords
Chapter 10155 Today, it’s time to establish your authority!
Chapter 10156 Attacking Black Dragon Sky
Chapter 10157 The battle of three brothers!
Chapter 10158 Recovering lost ground
Chapter 10159 Sword God in Tsing Yi
Chapter 10160 The Eight Desolate Sword Gods and the Nine Difficulties Spear Gods
Chapter 10161 Tianjian Xinli
Chapter 10162 Building Bone Dragon City
Chapter 10163 Entering the Immortal World
Chapter 10164 The new leader of hell
Chapter 10165 I don’t have time to talk to you
Chapter 10166 Six demigods surrounded and killed
Chapter 10167 The Immortal Killing Emperor wakes up
Chapter 10168 The Immortal Legion, the Great Qin Legion
Chapter 10169 The war begins!
Chapter 10170 Assassination of Ji Mingkong!
Chapter 10171 Demigod versus Demigod!
Chapter 10172 Old Monsters
Chapter 10173 The Immortal Legion attacks
Chapter 10174 The Immortal Killing Emperor takes action
Chapter 10175 Stop the Immortal Emperor!
Chapter 10176 Ling Xiao comes out of seclusion
Chapter 10177 Four Elephants Entrapment Demon Array
Chapter 10178 Ling Xiao fights against the Immortal Emperor!
Chapter 10179 The fairy world begins to counterattack
Chapter 10180 The big deal is that the fish will die and the net will fall apart!
Chapter 10181 The heavenly gate opens and the true god descends!
Chapter 10182 The world of low martial arts, the world of high martial arts
Chapter 10183 Evil Feather Palace
Chapter 10184 Evil Feather Palace Invasion
Chapter 10185 The struggle of the Zulong world
Chapter 10186 Killing the God
Chapter 10187 The sealed stone pillar is dangerous!
Chapter 10188 It’s impossible not to fight hard!
Chapter 10189 Third level virtual god: Yu Gang
Chapter 10190 Defeat Yu Gang!
Chapter 10191 Three Plans
Chapter 10192 Rushing out of the Tianmen!
Chapter 10193 Kidnapping the Young Master of Evil Feather Hall
Chapter 10194 Look for your opportunities!
Chapter 10195 Disorderly God Realm
Chapter 10196 Discovered
Chapter 10197 Ancestral Dragon Army
Chapter 10198 Hope
Chapter 10199 People from Zulong Palace
Chapter 10200 Lin Xiuning
Chapter 10201 Who is the Palace Master?
Chapter 10202 The King of Time: Kong Yu
Chapter 10203 The realm of Shinto
Chapter 10204 Five Wastelands
Chapter 10205 Being targeted by Xie Yudian
Chapter 10206 Treasure?
Chapter 10207 Angry Guardian Beast
Chapter 10208 Obtaining the treasure
Chapter 10209 Discovered
Chapter 10210 The vulture escapes
Chapter 10211 Revenge
Chapter 10212 Besieged
Chapter 10213 The mysterious operating room
Chapter 10214 Divide the spoils
Chapter 10215 Golden City
Chapter 10216 Goodbye Yujie
Chapter 10217 Bet 10 million!
Chapter 10218 Five Elements Deadly Gun
Chapter 10219 Performing tasks
Chapter 10220 Guarding the Star Mine
Chapter 10221 The Kuai Clan Swordsman
Chapter 10222 The enemy’s attacks in the east and west
Chapter 10223 The ulterior secret
Chapter 10224 The Relics of the Lord God
Chapter 10225 Nine Snakes
Chapter 10226 Secretly entering the ruins
Chapter 10227 Strange Murals
Chapter 10228 Yu Xie is about to die of anger
Chapter 10229 True God War
Chapter 10230 Killing Wei Liren
Chapter 10231 A great victory
Chapter 10232 Eighteen Big Macs!
Chapter 10233 Primary Election
Chapter 10234 Not good enough!
Chapter 10235 Breakthrough
Chapter 10236 What a bunch of trash!
Chapter 10237 Beat this drum!
Chapter 10238 East China Sea Divine Kingdom
Chapter 10239 Metaverse
Chapter 10240 I want to eat grilled fish
Chapter 10241 An adventure that no one gets
Chapter 10242 Partition
Chapter 10243 The ability to draw hatred
Chapter 10244 Six geniuses!
Chapter 10245 Tianlong Magical Advancement
Chapter 10246 I admit defeat!
Chapter 10247 Should I take it easy?
Chapter 10248 You cheated!
Chapter 10249 Are you sympathizing with me?
Chapter 10250 Tianlong Divine Skill is promoted again
Chapter 10251 The first round of assessment is over
Chapter 10252 Seven Star Steps
Chapter 10253 Final Showdown
Chapter 10254 Destroy Sharks Again
Chapter 10255 Didn’t take it seriously at all!
Chapter 10256 Battle of the Twelve Strong
Chapter 10257 Battle against the shark dragon!
Chapter 10258 Advance to the top three
Chapter 10259 Being scrambled
Chapter 10260 Reject the Emperor’s Sect!
Chapter 10261 Join Tai Chi Sect!
Chapter 10262 Arriving at Tai Chi Gate
Chapter 10263 Welcome from old disciples
Chapter 10264 Don’t mess with me!
Chapter 10265 Teach an old disciple a lesson
Chapter 10266 Fatty’s Warning
Chapter 10267 Evergreen Son of God Society
Chapter 10268 So stubborn!
Chapter 10269 Three Onions
Chapter 10270 Newcomer Secret Realm
Chapter 10271 The fish took the bait
Chapter 10272 The assassin appears
Chapter 10273 Destroy all enemies
Chapter 10274 The Encirclement and Suppression of the Son of God Society
Chapter 10275 Flame Dragon?
Chapter 10276 Secret Records of the Gods
Chapter 10277 Overall Breakthrough
Chapter 10278 Who hunts whom?
Chapter 10279 Death of Deacon!
Chapter 10280 Why treat people as fools?
Chapter 10281 Jiang Yue’s Secret
Chapter 10282 Farewell
Chapter 10283 Write the will!
Chapter 10284 The sect master invites you!
Chapter 10285 The cunning old fox
Chapter 10286 Acting in a show
Chapter 10287 Girl Hualing
Chapter 10288 Martial arts truth
Chapter 10289 I want to see the sect master
Chapter 10290 Betting
Chapter 10291 You must be underestimating the enemy!
Chapter 10292 Why is this guy so strong!
Chapter 10293 Threat!
Chapter 10294 New Showdown
Chapter 10295 Jinghong was defeated
Chapter 10296 Anyone else dare to play?
Chapter 10297 Poisonous Divine Way
Chapter 10298 Blood Soul Stone
Chapter 10299 Meeting Yin Lihua
Chapter 10300 The Secret Realm of Wang Bao
Chapter 10301 Another master on the bronze list?
Chapter 10302 Killing the King Beast
Chapter 10303 Sixth on the bronze list!
Chapter 10304 Kill Gu Jingyun
Chapter 10305 Gu Jinglei was seriously injured and escaped
Chapter 10306 Monster-attracting physique
Chapter 10307 Three Seconds of Real Man
Chapter 10308 Revenge
Chapter 10309 Quick letter mantra
Chapter 10310 The Land of Fall
Chapter 10311 The outer disciples a hundred years ago
Chapter 10312 Red Lotus Karmic Fire
Chapter 10313 Surrounded
Chapter 10314 They have treasures on them!
Chapter 10315 The Malice of the Top Ten on the Bronze List
Chapter 10316 One is worth a thousand!
Chapter 10317 The battle has just begun!
Chapter 10318 Destroy Du Lean!
Chapter 10319 Categories of Rune Stones
Chapter 10320 Exchange the King’s Shinto Technique
Chapter 10321 The Sect Leader’s Task
Chapter 10322 The Unrecognized Captain
Chapter 10323 Hand over the captain’s token!
Chapter 10324 King of Speed
Chapter 10325 I’m convinced!
Chapter 10326 Waste Captain?
Chapter 10327 Everyone kneel down!
Chapter 10328 Even sitting down is invincible
Chapter 10329 Lingshan Temple is indeed useless!
Chapter 10330 Fight another day
Chapter 10331 The Light Tribe
Chapter 10332 Tai Chi Crown
Chapter 10333 Fierce Battle with Shadow Dragon
Chapter 10334 Besieged by Lingshan Temple
Chapter 10335 The Fall of Black Eagle
Chapter 10336 Mysterious Stone
Chapter 10337 I will never kneel to death
Chapter 10338 Bai Yu knelt down
Chapter 10339 Stepping into the Abyss
Chapter 10340 White Shadow Tribe
Chapter 10341 The unobtainable crown
Chapter 10342 Why did it start acting?
Chapter 10343 The most distinguished guest
Chapter 10344 Surrounded by the Light Clan
Chapter 10345 It’s not yet certain who will live and who will die!
Chapter 10346 Breakthrough to the True God!
Chapter 10347 The defeat of the Bright Tribe
Chapter 10348 Protect Ling Xiao!
Chapter 10349 The Light Tribe Escapes
Chapter 10350 Ancestral Dragon God Son Association
Chapter 10351 The Legend of the Emperor
Chapter 10352 Ancestral Dragon Palace is in crisis
Chapter 10353 Would rather die than surrender
Chapter 10354 Fighting for the Ancestral Dragon Palace!
Chapter 10355 Reinforcements are coming
Chapter 10356 Are you here to die?
Chapter 10357 The Prodigy of Mieling Mountain
Chapter 10358 The tenth level true god still kills
Chapter 10359 Open the Heavenly Gate
Chapter 10360 Promotion to Inner Disciple
Chapter 10361 Giant Spirit Fruit
Chapter 10362: Assassinated right after leaving home?
Chapter 10363 Found the Yang family
Chapter 10364 Giant Spirit King
Chapter 10365 Grab the map
Chapter 10366 Killing the Giant Spirit King
Chapter 10367 Giant Spirit Divine Court
Chapter 10368 The mysterious assassin
Chapter 10369 Trap
Chapter 10370 The giant spirits appear
Chapter 10371 Eat a lot of giant spirit fruit
Chapter 10372 Death of Fatty Du
Chapter 10373 Patriarch, stop it!
Chapter 10374 Gathering the giant spirit body!
Chapter 10375 Jade of the Gods
Chapter 10376 So many gods!
Chapter 10377 Invitation from the Goddess
Chapter 10378 Let’s cooperate!
Chapter 10379 The Son of God and the Goddess have arrived!
Chapter 10380 Silver List
Chapter 10381 Decree Ling Xiao to be the Son of God!
Chapter 10382 He is the genius!
Chapter 10383 Destroy Kong Yue!
Chapter 10384 Blood Transformation Array
Chapter 10385 Ninety-eight on the Silver List
Chapter 10386 Nothing more than that
Chapter 10387 Ye Chen: Fifth on the silver list!
Chapter 10388 Poison Hands and Flying Sword Technique!
Chapter 10389 Defeat Ye Chen
Chapter 10390 The Threat of Gods and Goddesses
Chapter 10391 Night Demon
Chapter 10392 Condensing the Yin and Yang Divine Way
Chapter 10393 The little guys have evolved
Chapter 10394 I will destroy the Evergreen Sons of God Society!
Chapter 10395 Dealing with Guo Wei
Chapter 10396 Confrontation with the Evergreen Son of God
Chapter 10397 The Wujiao Goddess fights against the Evergreen Son of God
Chapter 10398 Qinglong Martial Spirit
Chapter 10399 Ling Xiao fights against the Son of God Evergreen
Chapter 10400 Defeating the Son of Evergreen God
Chapter 10401 Obtaining the Qinglong Martial Soul Technique
Chapter 10402 Looking for the Qinglong Forbidden Land
Chapter 10403 Qinglong Cliff
Chapter 10404 Climbing
Chapter 10405 Ancestral Dragon’s Gift
Chapter 10406 ??The war between the Sons of God?
Chapter 10407 Can you accept the punishment?
Chapter 10408 The Jade Jade of the Gods is opened!
Chapter 10409 Entering the World of Gods
Chapter 10410 The lingering ghost of the Evergreen Son of God
Chapter 10411 Ancient Breath
Chapter 10412 Gods and Demons
Chapter 10413 Obtaining the treasure
Chapter 10414 Combat Power Surges
Chapter 10415 Crush t