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The fierce son-in-law of Zhenguan

The fierce son-in-law of Zhenguan


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Latest chapter:Chapter 1498 Begin body training

Your Majesty, the stock market run by your son-in-law has made all the money out of my coffin. Please make the decision and return the money to me. An old man cried and shouted...

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《The fierce son-in-law of Zhenguan》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1498 Begin body training
Chapter 1497 Exposed
Chapter 1496 Playing with the rules
Chapter 1495 It’s all fake!
Chapter 1494 The old man in golden robe
Chapter 1493 Doing Business
Chapter 1492 Black Dog Wood Carving
Chapter 1491 The Way of Disease
Chapter 1490 Purple Gold Gate
《The fierce son-in-law of Zhenguan》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Qin Huaidao
Chapter 2 New Mission
Chapter 3 Building Weapons
Chapter 4 Digging
Chapter 5 Responses
Chapter 6 Who is the Oriole
Chapter 7 Lore
Chapter 8: Killing Six Birds With One Stone
Chapter 9 Undercurrents
Chapter 10 Luo Zhang
Chapter 11 Cooperating with Hunting
Chapter 12 Interrogation
Chapter 13: Teaching the Art of Roasting Tea
Chapter 14 Money-making plan
Chapter 15 Humiliation
Chapter 16 What does the overall situation have to do with me?
Chapter 17 Killing Night
Chapter 18: King Tiger
Chapter 19 Cheng Laohei
Chapter 20 Confrontation
Chapter 21
Chapter 22 Kidnapping and Rescuing
Chapter 23 Resignation
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26 Three Things
Chapter 27
Chapter 28 Chao Yilang
Chapter 29 Sued
Chapter 30 The subject is guilty
Chapter 31 Pretending to be too much
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34 Tit for Tat
Chapter 35 Wang Gui Admits Cowardly
Chapter 36
Chapter 37
Chapter 38 The Wang Family's Means
Chapter 39 The Bandits Appear
Chapter 40 Demonstration of suturing
Chapter 41 Auction
Chapter 42 On-site competition
Chapter 43
Chapter 44 Leave
Chapter 45 Murder
Chapter 46 Xue Rengui
Chapter 47 Solicitation
Chapter 48 - Ambush
Chapter 49
Chapter 50 Killing Night
Chapter 51
Chapter 52 Zhang Family Village
Chapter 53 Hops
Chapter 54 Back to Chang'an
Chapter 55
Chapter 56 Clues
Chapter 57 Find a place
Chapter 58 Bloody Battle
Chapter 59
Chapter 60
Chapter 61 Dont dwell on the past, dont be afraid of the future
Chapter 62 The monarch and his ministers were shocked
Chapter 63 Rejection
Chapter 64 The Wang family panicked
Chapter 65 The princess enters the village
Chapter 66 Treatment
Chapter 67 Assassination
Chapter 68 Yu Zhang thanks
Chapter 69 Conditions
Chapter 70 Settlement of Accounts
Chapter 71 Obtaining the Coal Mountain
Chapter 72 Memorial
Chapter 73 Brick Kiln
Chapter 74 Jinyang deception
Chapter 75 A tough journey
Chapter 76 Qinjiazhuang is in trouble
Chapter 77 Li Jings shock
Chapter 78 Xue Rengui shows off his power
Chapter 79 The Young Master Returns
Chapter 80 Gift of Fruit
Chapter 81 Qin Huaidaos suspicion
Chapter 82 Fighting Wei Zheng
Chapter 83 Strike
Chapter 84 Offering Advice
Chapter 85 Meeting Li Junxian
Chapter 86 Returning a favor
Chapter 87 Bait
Chapter 88 Briquette Mold
Chapter 89 Someone cant sit still
Chapter 90 Recruitment
Chapter 91 Overnight arrest
Chapter 92 Kidnapping someone
Chapter 93 Sneaking out of the city
Chapter 94 Fight against the wall
Chapter 95 Shocking News
Chapter 96 The pursuers arrive
Chapter 97 Forced
Chapter 98 Prepare to Charge
Chapter 99 Charge
Chapter 100 Seizing Power
Chapter 101 Advice and Suggestions
Chapter 102 Luo Zhangs Thoughts
Chapter 103 Going to court
Chapter 104 Supervisory Office
Chapter 105: War of words
Chapter 106 Counterattack
Chapter 107 Clues
Chapter 108 Fighting against the King of Wei
Chapter 109: Knock on the door
Chapter 110 Catching Cui Shihai
Chapter 111 Blocked
Chapter 112 A tough move
Chapter 113 Reporting each other
Chapter 114 Xuan Qinlis audience
Chapter 115 Beating
Chapter 116 Li Jing solves the problem
Chapter 117 Talking about the Art of War
Chapter 118 Gift-Giving Heer
Chapter 119 Buying a Shop
Chapter 120 Offering Advice
Chapter 121 Hiring Wounded Soldiers
Chapter 122 Assignment of Palace Guards
Chapter 123 Misery
Chapter 124 Three Things
Chapter 125 Transporting Coal
Chapter 126 Infiltration and Killing
Chapter 127 Hunting
Chapter 128 Follow-up
Chapter 129 Send Troops
Chapter 130 Horrible discovery
Chapter 131 Guess
Chapter 132 Pulling coal again
Chapter 133 Meeting
Chapter 134 Cui Shihais confession
Chapter 135 Shangdong Palace
Chapter 136 Who is the sword holder?
Chapter 137 Preparing to Burn Lime
Chapter 138 Planning the waterwheel
Chapter 139 The Princess Visits
Chapter 140 Li Xueyan
Chapter 141 Shop Candidates
Chapter 142 Secret Investigation
Chapter 143 Changsun Wujis decision
Chapter 144 Fairy Fruit is on sale
Chapter 145 Fang Xuanling asks for advice
Chapter 146 Zhenguan Furnace
Chapter 147 Burnt Lime
Chapter 148 The advent of briquettes
Chapter 149 Gypsum News
Chapter 150 Questioning
Chapter 151 Taking credit
Chapter 152 Improvement Tools
Chapter 153 Establishing a Craftsmans Workshop
Chapter 154 Gathering the wool of the King of Wei
Chapter 155 Seeking help
Chapter 156 Forming a Logistics Team
Chapter 157 Encourage registration
Chapter 158 Transaction
Chapter 159 Strong
Chapter 160 Interrogation
Chapter 161 Exploding a Fish
Chapter 162 The prince wants to have sex for free
Chapter 163 Meeting the Saint
Chapter 164 I have two strategies
Chapter 165 A permanent solution
Chapter 166 Action
Chapter 167 Silencing
Chapter 168 Clue broken
Chapter 169 Submitted to the Tribunal for Trial
Chapter 170 Methods to suppress food prices
Chapter 171 Recommended by Fang Xuanling
Chapter 172 Healing
Chapter 173 Customized Stone Mill
Chapter 174 Bow Making
Chapter 175 Departure
Chapter 176 Conspiracy
Chapter 177 Hunting
Chapter 178 Unexpected News
Chapter 179 Yuzhang complains
Chapter 180 The Holy Emperor is Angry
Chapter 181 Return to the Village
Chapter 182 Trading Coal for Food
Chapter 183 Killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 184 An unexpected discovery
Chapter 185 Master Cui Ren dies
Chapter 186 Wind and Rain Tower
Chapter 187 Settling down the people of Zhaojiacun
Chapter 188 Bet
Chapter 189 The merit lies in the country
Chapter 190 Preparation before departure
Chapter 191 Improving the combat effectiveness of the village protection team
Chapter 192 Practice
Chapter 193 Establishing Prestige on the School Ground
Chapter 194 The village protection team shows off its power
Chapter 195 Xue Wanshu
Chapter 196 Two snakes strangling
Chapter 197 Military Discussion
Chapter 198 Trap shows off its power
Chapter 199 Sparrow Strategy
Chapter 200 Conquer
Chapter 201 The situation changes suddenly
Chapter 202 The Siege of Goguryeo
Chapter 203 Xiwandan tribe ran away
Chapter 204 Siege
Chapter 205 Burning Food
Chapter 206 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 207 The sled is born
Chapter 208 Attack
Chapter 209 Li Jings speculation
Chapter 210 Capture He Da He Department
Chapter 211 Building an Ice City
Chapter 212 Khan Surrenders
Chapter 213 Mercenaries
Chapter 214 Opportunity to make meritorious deeds
Chapter 215 Avalanche
Chapter 216 I intend to conquer in person
Chapter 217 Bombing the Camp
Chapter 218 Tacit understanding
Chapter 219 Taking Huaiyuan
Chapter 220 Robbery of the City Gate
Chapter 221 Bloody Battle
Chapter 222 Morning meeting
Chapter 223 Fighting General
Chapter 224 A bloody battle to the end
Chapter 225 Enemy troops attack the city
Chapter 226 Delay
Chapter 227 Abnormality
Chapter 228 Seizing An City and Prefecture
Chapter 229 The generals compete
Chapter 230 Provocation
Chapter 231 Fang Yiai is released
Chapter 232 Night Attack
Chapter 233 Reunion
Chapter 234 The North and the South show off their power
Chapter 235 Seizing the City Gate
Chapter 236 Capturing the King of Goguryeo Alive
Chapter 237 The usage of the King of Goguryeo
Chapter 238 Taking Xicheng
Chapter 239 Troops Arrive at Pyongyang
Chapter 240 Siege
Chapter 241 Please Surrender
Chapter 242 Confidentiality
Chapter 243 Proposal to build roads
Chapter 244 Return to Chang'an
Chapter 245 Arrangement
Chapter 246 Fan Yanglu Family
Chapter 247 Paper Making
Chapter 248 Poetry will show its power
Chapter 249 Offering Advice
Chapter 250 Selling Liquor
Chapter 251 Investigation along the way
Chapter 252 The Saint is Angry
Chapter 253 The shop was smashed
Chapter 254 Return
Chapter 255 Li Ers awakening
Chapter 256 Marriage Grant
Chapter 257 Paving the Way
Chapter 258 Being attacked
Chapter 259 Assassination
Chapter 260 Convincing Sun Simiao
Chapter 261 Take you flying
Chapter 262 Return
Chapter 263 Fengyu Tower Killer
Chapter 264 What a big pit
Chapter 265 Clues
Chapter 266 Shocking Trap
Chapter 267 Fight to the Death
Chapter 268 Catching Wang Tongbiao
Chapter 269 Reestablishing the Supervisory Office
Chapter 270 Capture Ludongzan
Chapter 271 Various preparations
Chapter 272 Tubo Provocation
Chapter 273 Slap in the face
Chapter 274 Su Dingfang
Chapter 275 Opening Business
Chapter 276 Play a song
Chapter 277 A happy place
Chapter 278 Amnesty
Chapter 279 Exploding the Lu Mansion
Chapter 280 Found clues
Chapter 281 Night Trial Lu Dongzan
Chapter 282 Offering Advice
Chapter 283 The dispute over the inscription
Chapter 284 Attacked
Chapter 285 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 286: Peeling off the cocoon
Chapter 287 Shocking News
Chapter 288 Night Attack
Chapter 289 On the way to the expedition
Chapter 290 Lightning Tactics
Chapter 291 Taking Luoshou City
Chapter 292 The enemy is closing in on the city
Chapter 293 Establish your authority in one battle
Chapter 294 Sneak Attack
Chapter 295 Fierce Fight to the End
Chapter 296 Defeating Lun Qinling
Chapter 297 Fraudulently opening the city gate
Chapter 298 Tenzin
Chapter 299 All parties come to vote
Chapter 300 The barbecue bar was burned down
Chapter 301 Duojis arrangement
Chapter 302 Abolition of Slavery
Chapter 303 Plot against Xu Guogong
Chapter 304 Li Er is angry
Chapter 305 Punishment
Chapter 306 Lobbying
Chapter 307 Two Roads
Chapter 308 Appointment
Chapter 309 Family Opportunity
Chapter 310 Good news comes to Chang'an
Chapter 311 Li Er cheers
Chapter 312: Praise and Killing
Chapter 313 Framed
Chapter 314 How to crack it
Chapter 315 Constant Trouble
Chapter 316 Undercurrent
Chapter 317 A Letter
Chapter 318 Li Ers decision
Chapter 319 Message
Chapter 320 Xue Renguis layout
Chapter 321 Plan
Chapter 322 Who is the Yellow Bird?
Chapter 323 Entering Prince Villa
Chapter 324 Rescue
Chapter 325: Competition in the Court
Chapter 326 Determining the Candidate
Chapter 327 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 328 Playing Right
Chapter 329 Hidden Front
Chapter 330 Deliberately alienating the princess
Chapter 331 Storm Rising
Chapter 332 Brothers come to surrender
Chapter 333 Changing Fang Yiais fate
Chapter 334 Arrest
Chapter 335: Door-to-door threats
Chapter 336 The King of Qi rebels
Chapter 337 Avoid
Chapter 338 The situation changes drastically
Chapter 339: Going out for the cause of justice
Chapter 340: Strategies to quell chaos
Chapter 341 Collection of Lotus
Chapter 342 Departure
Chapter 343: Laying out the killing plan
Chapter 344 Crazy Killing
Chapter 345 Great Victory
Chapter 346 Night Attack
Chapter 347 Blocking the Enemy
Chapter 348 Fierce Fighting
Chapter 349 Fighting to Stop the Enemy
Chapter 350 Chase
Chapter 351 Three Things
Chapter 352 Siege
Chapter 353 Shocking Secret
Chapter 354 Catching the Strong Man
Chapter 355 The Princes Ambition
Chapter 356 Qibi Samana
Chapter 357 All races were deceived
Chapter 358 The situation is serious
Chapter 359 The Bearded Guest
Chapter 360 Calculation
Chapter 361 War-hungry
Chapter 362 Heavy damage to the enemy
Chapter 363 Niu Jindas visit
Chapter 364 Enemy Attack
Chapter 365 Heavy Cavalry Attacks
Chapter 366 The Crown Prince sent someone to visit
Chapter 367 War resumes
Chapter 368 Defeated
Chapter 369 Defeat the opponent again
Chapter 370 Retreating to Advance
Chapter 371 Frontal Breakout
Chapter 372 Confrontation between the Three Armies
Chapter 373 Provocation
Chapter 374 The Crown Princes Decision
Chapter 375 Li Jing offers advice
Chapter 376: Mutual Schemes
Chapter 377 Cut off the beard
Chapter 378 Prepare to counterattack
Chapter 379 Instigating rebellion before the formation
Chapter 380 The soldiers show off their power
Chapter 381 Ambush
Chapter 382 Mutual Schemes
Chapter 383 Eat the bait
Chapter 384 Something happened to He'er
Chapter 385: Soldiers Arrive at Black City
Chapter 386 Deploying troops and generals
Chapter 387 Siege
Chapter 388 Fire Attack
Chapter 389 Bad News
Chapter 390 Li Ers transformation
Chapter 391 Yu Zhangs Visit
Chapter 392 Yu Zhangs thoughts
Chapter 393 Forced Force
Chapter 394 Disappointment in eyes
Chapter 395 Return to Qinjiazhuang
Chapter 396 Wei Zhengs Test
Chapter 397 Judgment
Chapter 398 Father and daughters night talk
Chapter 399 A piece of complaint
Chapter 400 Three Things
Chapter 401 Li Zhis visit
Chapter 402 Take action
Chapter 403 Secret Meeting with Lu Dongzan
Chapter 404 Li Ers decision
Chapter 405: Conditions
Chapter 406 Li Daozongs visit
Chapter 407 Conversation between Weng and his son-in-law
Chapter 408 Wedding
Chapter 409 I just want my way
Chapter 410 Li Ers Beating
Chapter 411 Bridal Chamber Flowers and Candles
Chapter 412 Li Xueyans request
Chapter 413 Jiangnan Banditry
Chapter 414 Lack of Salt
Chapter 415 Departure
Chapter 416 Shopkeeper Song
Chapter 417 Preparation
Chapter 418 Salt Refining
Chapter 419 Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 420 The oriole hits the iron plate
Chapter 421 Counterattack
Chapter 422 Reward
Chapter 423 Fight to the death
Chapter 424 Quit
Chapter 425 Li Ers decision
Chapter 426 Variables
Chapter 427 Rushing to Chang'an
Chapter 428 Food Supplements
Chapter 429 Trial by the Three Divisions
Chapter 430 Giving birth
Chapter 431 The business war begins
Chapter 432 Impeachment
Chapter 433 Price War
Chapter 434 Questioning the Salt Method
Chapter 435 Take action again
Chapter 436 Robbery
Chapter 437 Large-Scale Recruitment
Chapter 438 Li takes action
Chapter 439 Game
Chapter 440 A fatal blow
Chapter 441 Li Er panicked
Chapter 442 Laying out the Navy
Chapter 443 Li Ers decision
Chapter 444 Rejection
Chapter 445 The provocation of Japanese pirates
Chapter 446 Paper money becomes
Chapter 447 Preparing for Shipbuilding
Chapter 448 Attack
Chapter 449 Fierce Battle
Chapter 450 Annihilation
Chapter 451 Yao Xunsi
Chapter 452 Attack
Chapter 453 Shipbuilding
Chapter 454 Trial Battle
Chapter 455 Departure
Chapter 456 Dimensionality Reduction Strike
Chapter 457 The Truth
Chapter 458 Conspiracy and calculation
Chapter 459 Login
Chapter 460 Tiger and Wolf Division
Chapter 461 Descendants of the Yin people
Chapter 462 Finding Sulfur
Chapter 463 Decision
Chapter 464 Arriving at Nagasaki
Chapter 465 Capture
Chapter 466 Leapfrog Tactics
Chapter 467 Court Discussion
Chapter 468 Windfall
Chapter 469 Kidnapped
Chapter 470 Huge Money
Chapter 471 Pursuit
Chapter 472 The Dukes Decision
Chapter 473 Luo Ying deceives
Chapter 474 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 475: Fight in
Chapter 476 Burning
Chapter 477 Forcing Emperor Shuming to Surrender
Chapter 478 Iron-Blooded Means
Chapter 479 Get the letter
Chapter 480: Flirting from both sides
Chapter 481 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 482 Evacuation
Chapter 483 Air Raid
Chapter 484 The sudden change in the valley
Chapter 485 The conspiracy emerges
Chapter 486 Return
Chapter 487 Meeting Shen Mei
Chapter 488 Return to the village
Chapter 489 Three Things
Chapter 490 Blow it up for me
Chapter 491 Li Er is scared
Chapter 492 Preparation before departure
Chapter 493 Luo Tong comes out of the mountain
Chapter 494 Arriving at Jiaohe City
Chapter 495 Li Jingren
Chapter 496 Determine the route
Chapter 497 Encountering Bandits
Chapter 498 Capture
Chapter 499 Rough Incorporation
Chapter 500 Military System Reform
Chapter 501 Appointment
Chapter 502 Loulan City
Chapter 503 A little test
Chapter 504 Prepare to fight again
Chapter 505 Arrival
Chapter 506: Rush in
Chapter 507 Counterattack
Chapter 508 Mo Daos first battle
Chapter 509 Begging to Surrender
Chapter 510 Begin the layout
Chapter 511 Infiltration
Chapter 512 Gambling Fight
Chapter 513 Killing Server
Chapter 514 Iron-Blooded Recovery
Chapter 515 Luo Zhang arrives
Chapter 516 Li Derjians Plan
Chapter 517 Taking Seven Tuns
Chapter 518 Reunion
Chapter 519 Appointment
Chapter 520 Mother and child are safe
Chapter 521 Sneak attack on Chi Xian
Chapter 522 Capture
Chapter 523 The road ahead is difficult
Chapter 524 Luo Wu
Chapter 525: Rose Tao invades
Chapter 526 Siege and Killing
Chapter 527 Trap
Chapter 528 Battle
Chapter 529 Kill at the Door
Chapter 530: Scheming
Chapter 531 Reuse Su Dingfang
Chapter 532 Dianhe sends troops
Chapter 533 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 534 Luo Tong shows off his power
Chapter 535 The power of one person
Chapter 536 Internal strife
Chapter 537 Catch up
Chapter 538 The choice in the building
Chapter 539 Arriving at Qiemo City
Chapter 540 Xue Rengui returns
Chapter 541 Opening the Net and Waiting
Chapter 542 A surprise appearance of the crossbow
Chapter 543 Trench tactics show their power
Chapter 544 Winning streak
Chapter 545 Perfect Deployment
Chapter 546 The decisive battle begins
Chapter 547 Qin Huaidaos prediction
Chapter 548 Luo Yings meritorious service
Chapter 549 Crazy beheading
Chapter 550 Arrangement
Chapter 551 Entering the city
Chapter 552 Rescue He'er
Chapter 553 Return
Chapter 554 Interview
Chapter 555 The Dukes Visit
Chapter 556 Meeting the Saint
Chapter 557 Alternative Trading
Chapter 558 The alchemists sophistry
Chapter 559 Please seal
Chapter 560 Wang Des Thoughts
Chapter 561 Marriage
Chapter 562 Forced
Chapter 563 Luo Wu comes to collect debts
Chapter 564 Li Ers attitude
Chapter 565 Punishment
Chapter 566 Wang Xuance
Chapter 567 Begin the layout
Chapter 568 Wang Xuance Returns
Chapter 569 Inspection
Chapter 570 Changans Top Purchasing Power
Chapter 571 Strong means
Chapter 572 Four Rules
Chapter 573 Impeached
Chapter 574 Counterattack
Chapter 575 Liu Sanbang
Chapter 576 Luo Wu arrives
Chapter 577 Ma Zhou
Chapter 578 Break in
Chapter 579 Wei Zheng arrives
Chapter 580 Beat Li Zhi
Chapter 581 Cheng Yaojin regains control of Nan Yasi
Chapter 582 Ma Zhous decision
Chapter 583 Public Trial
Chapter 584 King Jin pleads for mercy
Chapter 585 Meeting Fang Xuanling
Chapter 586 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 587 News about Duan Zan
Chapter 588 The department store collapses
Chapter 589 Countermeasures
Chapter 590 Duan Zhixuan
Chapter 591 King Jin
Chapter 592 The Price War Begins
Chapter 593 Gathering Wool
Chapter 594 The caravan sets off
Chapter 595 Four Carriages
Chapter 596 Daichokai
Chapter 597 Li Er is short of silver
Chapter 598 Lu Dongzans methods
Chapter 599 Countermeasures
Chapter 600 Closing the Net
Chapter 601 Alternative Debt Collection
Chapter 602 Refugees were beaten
Chapter 603 Game within a game
Chapter 604 Summation
Chapter 605 Compensation is delivered
Chapter 606 Officials come to visit
Chapter 607 Heaven on Earth
Chapter 608 Li Ers Beating
Chapter 609 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 610 Giving out red envelopes
Chapter 611 Secret Conversation between Father and Son
Chapter 612 New Years greetings
Chapter 613 Three things about Li Jing
Chapter 614 Lobbying
Chapter 615 Big Exam
Chapter 616 Confused Kong Yingda
Chapter 617 Li Ers sense of crisis
Chapter 618 Recruiting Pei Xingjian
Chapter 619 Gathering Troops
Chapter 620 Beating up Tang Jian
Chapter 621 Wang Des speculation
Chapter 622 Lu Dongzans decisive victory
Chapter 623 The King of Jin conferred the title of Crown Prince
Chapter 624 Turks send troops
Chapter 625 Departure
Chapter 626 The Three Kingdoms Dukes run away
Chapter 627 Arriving at Wuwei County
Chapter 628 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 629 Artillery Debut
Chapter 630 Pu Minsi
Chapter 631 Test Attack
Chapter 632: Artillery repels the enemy
Chapter 633 Tragedy
Chapter 634 Lets end this troubled world
Chapter 635 The conspiracy emerges
Chapter 636 Air Raid
Chapter 637 Urban Chaos
Chapter 638 Killing Prisoners
Chapter 639 Duijing Temple
Chapter 640 The Imperial Army Returns
Chapter 641 Hanzhou Beacon Fire
Chapter 642 Li Er wants to conquer in person
Chapter 643: Soldiers Arrive at Yumen Pass
Chapter 644 Infantry and Artillery Cooperation
Chapter 645 Ambush Reinforcements
Chapter 646 Siege and Killing
Chapter 647 Yangguan Conspiracy
Chapter 648 Capture
Chapter 649 Provocation and Counter-Provocation
Chapter 650 Pei Xingjians insights
Chapter 651 Blocking War
Chapter 652: Killings one after another
Chapter 653 Fierce Battle
Chapter 654 The Turks change their generals
Chapter 655 Reinforcements are in action
Chapter 656 Luo Zhang takes action
Chapter 657 Rescue
Chapter 658 Turks change their fighting style
Chapter 659 The war resumes
Chapter 660 Frontline Command
Chapter 661 The army arrives
Chapter 662 Seizing Power
Chapter 663 The decisive battle
Chapter 664: Frontal toughness
Chapter 665: Persuading the Khotanese Army to Surrender
Chapter 666 Zhegas choice
Chapter 667 Fierce Battle
Chapter 668 Brutal Fighting
Chapter 669 Chase
Chapter 670 Arriving at Hanzhou Palace
Chapter 671 Postwar Deployment
Chapter 672 Ambition
Chapter 673 Li Ers coolness
Chapter 674 Accumulating Strength
Chapter 675 Khans Persistence
Chapter 676 Xu Shijis choice
Chapter 677 Li Er went crazy
Chapter 678 Preparing for War
Chapter 679 Li Zhi ascends the throne
Chapter 680 Departure
Chapter 681 Xue Wanche
Chapter 682 Xu Shiji
Chapter 683 Seizing the City
Chapter 684 Capture
Chapter 685 All parties respond
Chapter 686 The Four Princes of Tubo
Chapter 687 Fighting General
Chapter 688 Taking advantage of the situation to break the city
Chapter 689 Late Night Ambush
Chapter 690 Night attack on Taozhou
Chapter 691 Xue Zhi Surrenders
Chapter 692 Praise Blade
Chapter 693 Heavy Cavalry Charge
Chapter 694 Entering the city
Chapter 695 Capture
Chapter 696 Duan Guan comes to vote
Chapter 697 Conspiracy and calculation
Chapter 698: On Qin Lings Killing
Chapter 699 Before the war
Chapter 700 Attacking the Heart
Chapter 701 Establish power with one explosion
Chapter 702 Hostages
Chapter 703 Trapping and Killing the Cavalry
Chapter 704 Exchange of Prisoners
Chapter 705 Burning Food
Chapter 706 Fight to the End
Chapter 707 The coalition forces are about to withdraw
Chapter 708 The truth
Chapter 709 Rejecting the Imperial Edict
Chapter 710 Changsun Wuji takes action again
Chapter 711 Fang Xuanlings response
Chapter 712 Li Zhi regrets
Chapter 713: The might of a tiger cannot be defeated
Chapter 714 The troops arrive at Chang'an
Chapter 715 What the People Want
Chapter 716 Mutiny
Chapter 717 The city is broken
Chapter 718 Attacking Zhao Guogongs Mansion
Chapter 719: Soldiers Arrive at the Suzaku Gate
Chapter 720 Rescue people
Chapter 721 Under the Palace City
Chapter 722 Li Er fights back
Chapter 723 Enable Liu Hongji
Chapter 724 Reunion
Chapter 725: Danger
Chapter 726 Conquer
Chapter 727 Niu Shidu
Chapter 728 Bloody Battle
Chapter 729 Meeting the enemy again
Chapter 730 Zhejia shows off his power
Chapter 731 Fierce Battle
Chapter 732 Plotting against the enemy tribe
Chapter 733 Counterattack and ambush
Chapter 734 On the increase of troops in Qinling
Chapter 735 Cheng Chubi wants to ambush
Chapter 736 Fueling Tactics
Chapter 737 Canyon Battle
Chapter 738 Xue Renguis ambition
Chapter 739 Special War
Chapter 740 Everyone shows off their power
Chapter 741 Dark Moon Scimitar
Chapter 742 Capture
Chapter 743 On Qin Lings Awakening
Chapter 744 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 745 Chase all the way
Chapter 746 Chasing Chasing Chasing
Chapter 747 Confrontation
Chapter 748 On Qin Lings Awakening
Chapter 749 Competition
Chapter 750 Lack of Water
Chapter 751 Formulating a Harassment War
Chapter 752 Night Attack
Chapter 753 Ambush of Cavalry
Chapter 754 The results are unexpected
Chapter 755 The main force arrives
Chapter 756 Tingzhou Guard Battle
Chapter 757 Wengcheng Tactics
Chapter 758 Burning the City
Chapter 759 Xue Rengui discusses plans
Chapter 760 Apprenticeship
Chapter 761 Capturing the Turkic Khan Alive
Chapter 762 Choice
Chapter 763 Friendly forces arrive
Chapter 764 Persuasion
Chapter 765: Capturing Qin Ling Alive
Chapter 766 Hostage Exchange
Chapter 767 Attacking the Heart
Chapter 768 Father and son talk
Chapter 769 The frustrated Li Er
Chapter 770 Lu Dongzan takes action
Chapter 771 Duojis thoughts
Chapter 772 Luo Tong calls for war
Chapter 773 On the Qinling Plan
Chapter 774 Shouting
Chapter 775 Soldiers Escape
Chapter 776 The peace talks failed
Chapter 777 Incorporation
Chapter 778 Surrounded on all sides
Chapter 779 Canyon Battle
Chapter 780 Pursuit
Chapter 781 Discovering the target
Chapter 782 Lu Dongzan begs for life
Chapter 783 Death of Tubo
Chapter 784 Prepare for a rainy day
Chapter 785: Duoji returns home
Chapter 786 Intelligence
Chapter 787 Two-front battle
Chapter 788 King Wei enters Chang'an
Chapter 789 Li Ke heads west
Chapter 790 Mutiny
Chapter 791 Seizing the throne
Chapter 792 Li Er, died
Chapter 793 Conquering the Turks
Chapter 794 Oil
Chapter 795 News
Chapter 796 Enemy Situation
Chapter 797 Preparing for an ambush
Chapter 798 Death Trap
Chapter 799 Divide the troops again
Chapter 800 Four Rules
Chapter 801 Latest Information
Chapter 802 All over the city
Chapter 803 Infiltrating into the City
Chapter 804 Rescue
Chapter 805 Taking advantage of the chaos to assassinate
Chapter 806 Capture
Chapter 807 Layout
Chapter 808 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 809 Planning
Chapter 810 Fighter Mutation
Chapter 811 Fire
Chapter 812 Enemy troops are in chaos
Chapter 813 Great Victory
Chapter 814 The court takes action
Chapter 815 Battle
Chapter 816 Cavalry Attacks
Chapter 817 Overt fighting and secret cooperation
Chapter 818 He Liecheng
Chapter 819 The troops arrive at Broken Leaf City
Chapter 820 Poison Scheme
Chapter 821 Counterattack
Chapter 822 Breaking the City Gate
Chapter 823 Hostage Threat
Chapter 824 Mutation
Chapter 825 The Turkic Army Arrives
Chapter 826 Confrontation
Chapter 827 Retreat to the city
Chapter 828 Captive Hot Blood
Chapter 829 The army arrives
Chapter 830 The enemy wants to run away
Chapter 831 River Beach Interception
Chapter 832 Terrifying Attack
Chapter 833 Mohe fled
Chapter 834 Seeking Sword Techniques
Chapter 835 Reinforcements
Chapter 836 Khans decision
Chapter 837 The tacit understanding of generals
Chapter 838 The Power of the Demon King
Chapter 839 Fierce and Invincible
Chapter 840 Entering the City
Chapter 841 Persuading Surrender
Chapter 842 Calm defense
Chapter 843 The Three-Three System of Defending the City
Chapter 844 Forced
Chapter 845 A ruthless conspiracy
Chapter 846 See Through
Chapter 847 The three women decide
Chapter 848 defection
Chapter 849 Luo Ying arrives
Chapter 850 Crazy Repeating Crossbow
Chapter 851 Rejection
Chapter 852 Turks Escape
Chapter 853 Qin Huaidaos prediction
Chapter 854 Encountering friendly forces
Chapter 855 Xue Wanche goes to Yibohai
Chapter 856 Moheshe the Traitor
Chapter 857 Grand Master
Chapter 858 Turks Countermeasures
Chapter 859 Fierce Battle
Chapter 860 Turks Counterattack
Chapter 861 Wolf Pack Tactics
Chapter 862 Those who surrender will not be killed
Chapter 863 Chase
Chapter 864 Death of Turkic Khan
Chapter 865 Brothers meet
Chapter 866 Three Letters
Chapter 867 Planning for the future
Chapter 868 Rewards
Chapter 869 Father and son go into battle
Chapter 870 Overt and covert fighting
Chapter 871 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 872 Return
Chapter 873 Naming
Chapter 874 Offering Secret Guards
Chapter 875 Discussion
Chapter 876 Introduction of Military Rank System
Chapter 877 Jin Yiwei is born
Chapter 878 Deployment
Chapter 879 Opening the Market
Chapter 880 Night Talk in the Study
Chapter 881 Enlightenment
Chapter 882 Appointment
Chapter 883 Guo Xiaoke comes to surrender
Chapter 884 Three Agreements
Chapter 885 Assassination
Chapter 886 The identity of the murderer
Chapter 887 The assassination expands
Chapter 888 Capture
Chapter 889 Cold Interrogation
Chapter 890 Countermeasures
Chapter 891 Li Tais plan
Chapter 892 Seizing Power
Chapter 893 King Lin Yi surrenders
Chapter 894 Pirates Attack
Chapter 895 Defeat
Chapter 896 Pirate attack
Chapter 897 Blockade at every level
Chapter 898 The trench reappears
Chapter 899 Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 900 Defeat
Chapter 901 Great Victory
Chapter 902 Communication
Chapter 903 Deception
Chapter 904 The court takes action
Chapter 905 Preparing to Send Troops
Chapter 906: Courtesy to the Caravan
Chapter 907 Zhega defends the city
Chapter 908 Guarding the City Gate
Chapter 909 Night Battle
Chapter 910 Fight to the death
Chapter 911 Reinforcements
Chapter 912 The King of Han Arrives
Chapter 913 Li Tais trump card
Chapter 914 The Artillery Battalion Beheaded
Chapter 915 Yuanzhou surrenders
Chapter 916 Bombardment of Longzhou
Chapter 917 Two more states
Chapter 918 Night Attack
Chapter 919 Guarding the City Gate
Chapter 920 The army arrives
Chapter 921 Challenge
Chapter 922 Taking Qizhou
Chapter 923 Harassment
Chapter 924 Trap
Chapter 925 Lu Chenghes response
Chapter 926 Scrambling and Increasing
Chapter 927 Determined Plan
Chapter 928 Sneak Attack on Xingzhou
Chapter 929 Capture
Chapter 930 defection
Chapter 931 Rushing out of the city
Chapter 932 Surrender
Chapter 933 The general attack begins
Chapter 934 Accident
Chapter 935 Shan Daozhen
Chapter 936 Surrounded
Chapter 937 Li Tais response
Chapter 938 Worship
Chapter 939 Heroes emerge in large numbers
Chapter 940 Military Discussion
Chapter 941 Yuwen Huchen
Chapter 942 Fighting General
Chapter 943 An old friend comes to surrender later
Chapter 944 Forming a sniper battalion
Chapter 945 Fighting General
Chapter 946 Xue Rengui establishes his power
Chapter 947 Fighting
Chapter 948 Great Victory
Chapter 949 Xiongshou surrenders
Chapter 950 The first battle of the sniper camp
Chapter 951 The city wall is broken
Chapter 952 Street Fighting
Chapter 953 Find someone
Chapter 954 Enemy troops arrive
Chapter 955 Terrifying Ambush
Chapter 956 Jin Yiwei is in action
Chapter 957 Attacking Liangyi Palace
Chapter 958 Wei Lai died tragically
Chapter 959 Beheading
Chapter 960 Enemy troops withdraw
Chapter 961 Under Chengtian Sect
Chapter 962 Rest and fight again
Chapter 963 Siege
Chapter 964 Luo Wus Revenge
Chapter 965 Chase
Chapter 966 Yuwen Huchens Death
Chapter 967 Deployment
Chapter 968 Concubine Yang comes to see you
Chapter 969 Dongshis announcement
Chapter 970 Fermentation of speech
Chapter 971 Travel to the East Market
Chapter 972 Celebration Banquet
Chapter 973 Appointment
Chapter 974 Recommend talents
Chapter 975 Persuasion
Chapter 976 Three Persuasion and Three Refusal
Chapter 977 The Founding of the Han Dynasty
Chapter 978 Chinese Music Palace Appears
Chapter 979 spread throughout the world
Chapter 980 The storm is surging and we are competing for Chang'an. How can we let down our young men?
Chapter 981 Debate
Chapter 982 Military Strategy
Chapter 983 Youthful Spirit
Chapter 984 The Spring of Hundreds of Families
Chapter 985 Calculation of Wuyi Gua
Chapter 986 Good News
Chapter 987 Momen Han Qi
Chapter 988 Competition
Chapter 989 Steam Engine Tractor
Chapter 990 Convince Han Qi
Chapter 991 New Music Here
Chapter 992 Students making trouble
Chapter 993 On how to achieve equality for everyone
Chapter 994 Imperial Examination
Chapter 995 The Flower Visitor
Chapter 996 Chang'an Daily
Chapter 997 New Thoughts
Chapter 998 Asking questions in court
Chapter 999 Serving the People
Chapter 1000 Wuxun Reorganization
Chapter 1001 Night Attack on Industrial City
Chapter 1002 Secret Hand
Chapter 1003 Sniper
Chapter 1004 Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 1005 One-on-one?
Chapter 1006 Easily won
Chapter 1007 Rebels, surrender!
Chapter 1008 Establishment of the Ministry of State Affairs
Chapter 1009 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 1010 Refugees
Chapter 1011 Strange things at night
Chapter 1012 The County Magistrates Thoughts
Chapter 1013 Violence
Chapter 1014 Someone is coming
Chapter 1015 Luo Wu arrives
Chapter 1016 Arrest
Chapter 1017 Silver Clues
Chapter 1018 State Representative
Chapter 1019 Going to Jiangnan
Chapter 1020 Peony
Chapter 1021 News of Assassination
Chapter 1022 The bright card
Chapter 1023 Major Events in Caogang
Chapter 1024 Take action
Chapter 1025 Quick Defeat
Chapter 1026 Interception
Chapter 1027 Destruction of the Family
Chapter 1028 Changan Daily goes to Yangzhou
Chapter 1029 Theory of Equality
Chapter 1030 Jiangnan Wu Family
Chapter 1031 The Wu family is the vanguard
Chapter 1032 Political Questions in Hangzhou
Chapter 1033 Undercurrent
Chapter 1034 He brought artillery?
Chapter 1035 Giant Crossbow Attack
Chapter 1036 The power of artillery
Chapter 1037 Siege bed crossbow, destroyed!
Chapter 1038 Appearances one after another
Chapter 1039 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1040 The river boats are destroyed
Chapter 1041 Escape overnight
Chapter 1042 Changes in Hangzhou
Chapter 1043 Where the tax money goes
Chapter 1044 The meeting between Xue and Zhao
Chapter 1045 The great man is happy
Chapter 1046 There are bandits in the south of the Yangtze River
Chapter 1047 His Majesty arrives
Chapter 1048 Entering the Mountain to Suppress Bandits
Chapter 1049 Rescue
Chapter 1050 Duel
Chapter 1051 Hangzhou Insider
Chapter 1052 The Mo familys return
Chapter 1053 Instrument Theory
Chapter 1054 Persuasion
Chapter 1055 The giant agrees
Chapter 1056 Big Dry Wave
Chapter 1057 Arrangement
Chapter 1058 The Eve of Battle
Chapter 1059 Bandits visiting the camp
Chapter 1060: Setting up passwords
Chapter 1061 Bombing the camp late at night
Chapter 1062 Or bomb the camp
Chapter 1063 Bandit Pioneer
Chapter 1064 The group is destroyed
Chapter 1065 Another victory
Chapter 1066 Turtle Shell Attacks the Mountain
Chapter 1067 The power of artillery
Chapter 1068 Battle on the Mountain Top
Chapter 1069 Breaking the turtle shell
Chapter 1070 Wang Jianshan
Chapter 1071 Fire Attack
Chapter 1072 Purgatory on Earth
Chapter 1073 Tax and Bank Crisis
Chapter 1074 Confrontation
Chapter 1075 The news comes out
Chapter 1076 Reorganization of the Government Army
Chapter 1077 Lets go together
Chapter 1078 Setting up the arena
Chapter 1079 The world belongs to the people
Chapter 1080 An opportunity to take advantage of
Chapter 1081 Wheel War
Chapter 1082 Gathering
Chapter 1083 Confrontation
Chapter 1084 Evidence
Chapter 1085 Kill
Chapter 1086 Thirty years of progress
Chapter 1087 Conquering the Momen
Chapter 1088 Chinese Ceremony
Chapter 1089 New Age National Style
Chapter 1090 Put it into practice
Chapter 1091 Road construction before the meeting
Chapter 1092 Dont move the treasury
Chapter 1093 Road Tolls
Chapter 1094 Reprinting of Banknotes
Chapter 1095 Obstruction of the Sky Eye
Chapter 1096 Where to go
Chapter 1097 Cement House
Chapter 1098 Communication
Chapter 1099 Trip to the Imperial College
Chapter 1100 Chicken and rabbit in the same cage
Chapter 1101 Silver for Paper
Chapter 1102 There is rain in the northwest
Chapter 1103 Jiang Yusheng
Chapter 1104 The Embankment of Thousand Miles
Chapter 1105 News back to Chang'an
Chapter 1106 Lanzhou Dam
Chapter 1107 The Crisis of Grain Merchant
Chapter 1108 The No. 1 Grain Merchant in Changan
Chapter 1109 Clues to the Sky Eye
Chapter 1110 Death of Grain Merchant
Chapter 1111 Is it related to the Eye of Heaven?
Chapter 1112 Three Heavenly Eyes
Chapter 1113 Clues
Chapter 1114 Convincing Zhang Daozi
Chapter 1115 The Eve of Crisis
Chapter 1116 The Suffering Lord Who Destroys the Family
Chapter 1117 Test of Steam Tractor
Chapter 1118 Creating a historical precedent
Chapter 1119 Negotiation
Chapter 1120 There is a son Xue Na
Chapter 1121 Wei Shuyu
Chapter 1122 Wei Zhengs Two Sides
Chapter 1123 Lingnan Wei Family
Chapter 1124 There is a fan in Dongshi
Chapter 1125 Thousands of gold to buy horse bones
Chapter 1126 Qin Huaidao arrives in person
Chapter 1127 Invitation to the Chinese Music Ceremony
Chapter 1128 Fan Price
Chapter 1129 Pre-sale
Chapter 1130: Being a Grain Merchant
Chapter 1131 Grain Premium Speculation
Chapter 1132 Confrontation
Chapter 1133 Heavy Rain in Chang'an
Chapter 1134 Floods throughout the basin
Chapter 1135 The soldiers are making trouble
Chapter 1136 Tied
Chapter 1137 Not leaving
Chapter 1138 Heroic Act
Chapter 1139 The sack arrives
Chapter 1140 Conspiracy words
Chapter 1141 Testing
Chapter 1142 Yangtze River Plan
Chapter 1143 Night attack on Wei Shuyu
Chapter 1144 Real-name Report
Chapter 1145 Certificate of Surrender
Chapter 1146 Important Information
Chapter 1147 Urgent emergency
Chapter 1148 Civil Disaster
Chapter 1149 The flood is finally here
Chapter 1150 Hidden dangers in Chang'an
Chapter 1151 Do the government soldiers dare to bully the people?
Chapter 1152 Talking to the People
Chapter 1153 Puzhou Pushi Town
Chapter 1154 Blade and Spear Shadow
Chapter 1155 The government is defeated
Chapter 1156 Three Generals of Puzhou
Chapter 1157 Qin Huaidaos hands are itchy
Chapter 1158 Opportunistic people?
Chapter 1159 The strong wind rises and the iron halberd comes out
Chapter 1160 Its too obvious for Your Majesty to let go
Chapter 1161 Big Killer
Chapter 1162 Encounter
Chapter 1163 The enhanced version of the Thirty Repeating Crossbow appears
Chapter 1164 Hit
Chapter 1165 Water Wheel
Chapter 1166 Belief and Betrayal
Chapter 1167 Where are the people?
Chapter 1168 Xiu Xius Death
Chapter 1169 Rescue the victims
Chapter 1170 Grain Merchants Decision
Chapter 1171 Lower Lingnan
Chapter 1172 Chapter 1172: Tong Chen Wangzhi
Chapter 1173 River Regulation and Blockade
Chapter 1174 Lingnan Discussing the Country
Chapter 1175 Sanmenxia, disaster relief!
Chapter 1176: Breaking with the Dragon
Chapter 1177 River Management Manual
Chapter 1178 Pretending to be a ghost
Chapter 1179 Six-way Alliance
Chapter 1180 A famous teacher
Chapter 1181 Reporting family wealth
Chapter 1182 Important information about Ma Yi
Chapter 1183 The alliance is completed
Chapter 1184 Who said there is no support?
Chapter 1185 I need an explanation
Chapter 1186 You have to ask my dad first to give me my last name.
Chapter 1187 The Battle of the Weapons Platform
Chapter 1188 Xu Zhensheng
Chapter 1189 Crisis of Dead Soldiers
Chapter 1190 The Price of Being Soft-hearted
Chapter 1191 Subtle influence
Chapter 1192: This kneeling is not polite, it is excessive
Chapter 1193 Your Majesty is the chess player
Chapter 1194 Don’t be afraid of heaven, respect your conscience
Chapter 1195 A white wolf with nothing?
Chapter 1196 Testing each other
Chapter 1197: Rule the world with benevolence
Chapter 1198 Pretending to return to Chang'an
Chapter 1199: Under Liangcheng, the army is coming
Chapter 1200: Battle of Punishment
Chapter 1201: Three people become tigers, accumulate and destroy bones
Chapter 1202 The human heart is a battlefield
Chapter 1203 Finally broke up
Chapter 1204: Mutual Schemes
Chapter 1205: True and false, false and true
Chapter 1206 No choice but to surrender
Chapter 1207: One Emperor Through the Ages
Chapter 1208 The Zhuge family surrenders
Chapter 1209: Exploding the Jingjiang Dam
Chapter 1210 The mantis stalks the cicada, followed by the oriole
Chapter 1211: Leaving Homeland
Chapter 1212 To serve the world
Chapter 1213 Catching a turtle in a urn
Chapter 1214: The Wang family does not believe in evil
Chapter 1215: Sympathizing with each other
Chapter 1226: Capture the thief first and capture the king first
Chapter 1227 A fatal meal
Chapter 1228 Tips and Secrets
Chapter 1229 The Jiang family escapes
Chapter 1230 A big gift
Chapter 1231 They are all mine
Chapter 1232 Three-Year Plan
Chapter 1233 Physics Knowledge
Chapter 1234 Eat people without spitting out bones
Chapter 1235 Shameless Village Chief
Chapter 1236 Who are you?
Chapter 1237 Death-Free Gold Medal
Chapter 1238 I’m beating you
Chapter 1239 Punish you for your crime
Chapter 1240 Death of the County Grand Master
Chapter 1241 I want your lives
Chapter 1242 Conquering Dafeng Village
Chapter 1243 Rich Zhantai County
Chapter 1244 Two major families
Chapter 1245 Hai Dafu was poisoned?
Chapter 1246 Find the Yin family
Chapter 1247 Murder and Silence
Chapter 1248 I am the Emperor of Han Dynasty
Chapter 1249: Stabilizing Zhantai County
Chapter 1250 Humble Surrender
Chapter 1251 Corpse Found
Chapter 1252 Offering good advice
Chapter 1253 Something big happened
Chapter 1254 Falling into the trap
Chapter 1255 You did it on purpose
Chapter 1256 Cruel means
Chapter 1257 Complete annihilation
Chapter 1258 Wang Yuan is granted the title of Marquis
Chapter 1259 The troops surrendered to Goguryeo
Chapter 1260: Shameless to face Duke Hu?
Chapter 1261: Small loyalty in person, great loyalty in heart
Chapter 1252 Uneasiness and Fear
Chapter 1253 Deliberate temptation
Chapter 1254 Replacement
Chapter 1255 Secret talks about cooperation
Chapter 1256 Is he so kind?
Chapter 1257 Its all under control
Chapter 1258 Testing the War Boat
Chapter 1259 Testing each other
Chapter 1260 The Millennium Bastard
Chapter 1261 Can you live forever?
Chapter 1262 Emperor Naka no Oe Sei
Chapter 1263 The calculation is too cruel
Chapter 1274 Determining the future
Chapter 1275 Method of Reconciliation
Chapter 1276 150,000 Warriors
Chapter 1277 Regretful Choice
Chapter 1278 Strange Woman
Chapter 1279 Controlling the Crisis
Chapter 1270 Catching the Spy
Chapter 1271 Lets kill him
Chapter 1272 Two big-eared melon seeds
Chapter 1273 The Japanese Kingdom Will Be Destroyed
Chapter 1274 Brainwashing
Chapter 1275 Unscrupulous provocation
Chapter 1276 Crisis is everywhere
Chapter 1277 Bold conspiracy
Chapter 1278 War begins!
Chapter 1279 Take out capital
Chapter 1280 I will win
Chapter 1281 The final trump card
Chapter 1282 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 1283 Going to the Island
Chapter 1284 Ambition
Chapter 1285 Choose one of three
Chapter 1286 Long-term vision
Chapter 1287 The Prefecture of Japanese County
Chapter 1288 Three Orders
Chapter 1289 Wolf Ambition
Chapter 1290 Conspiracy in private
Chapter 1291 Making insinuations
Chapter 1292 Peaceful Life
Chapter 1293 Leave no grass behind
Chapter 1294 Playing with three people
Chapter 1295 A good show
Chapter 1296 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 1297 Grasshopper on a rope
Chapter 1298 Dog bites dog, a hairy mouth
Chapter 1299 Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 1300 A vicious heart
Chapter 1301 A loyal heart?
Chapter 1302 The army is ready to go
Chapter 1303 Set off to sea
Chapter 1304 Western Combat Power
Chapter 1305 Full of Malice
Chapter 1306 Missing
Chapter 1307 Defeat
Chapter 1308 Surrender
Chapter 1309 Jevbul
Chapter 1310 Merovingian Dynasty
Chapter 1311 Soldiers also need women
Chapter 1312 The real reason
Chapter 1313 Familiar Smell
Chapter 1314 Asking for help
Chapter 1315 Help
Chapter 1316 Dilemma
Chapter 1317 Strategy
Chapter 1318 Bad luck
Chapter 1319 Meeting
Chapter 1320 The so-called gladiator
Chapter 1321 The shocked young lord
Chapter 1322 Cooperation reached
Chapter 1323 Murder
Chapter 1324 Banquet
Chapter 1325 Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 1326 You still have to die
Chapter 1327 Two Royal Cities
Chapter 1328: Strike first to gain the upper hand
Chapter 1329 Siege
Chapter 1330 Treacherous and cunning
Chapter 1331 Overthrow of Slavery
Chapter 1332 Both sides suffer losses
Chapter 1333 Retreat
Chapter 1334 Never humble
Chapter 1335 True Rule
Chapter 1336 Repeating the same trick
Chapter 1337 Evil intentions have arisen
Chapter 1338 Crack
Chapter 1339 Assassination
Chapter 1340 A broken mirror is hard to be reunited with
Chapter 1341 If people don’t do it for themselves, they will be punished by heaven and earth.
Chapter 1342 Surrender to Your Majesty
Chapter 1343: No power to govern
Chapter 1344 The real murderer
Chapter 1345 Noncommittal
Chapter 1346 Real Thoughts
Chapter 1347 Seeing Through the Plan
Chapter 1348 Tragic End
Chapter 1349 The real purpose
Chapter 1350 Bold words and ambitions
Chapter 1351 Fight to the death
Chapter 1352 Audacity
Chapter 1353 Follow His Majesty and purge the empire
Chapter 1354 The power of the royal family
Chapter 1355 The murderous intention of the palace minister
Chapter 1356 Refusing to Surrender
Chapter 1357 It would be easy for me to kill you
Chapter 1358 Indiscriminate bombing
Chapter 1359 Despair
Chapter 1360 Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 1361 This is despair
Chapter 1362 The noble must die!
Chapter 1363 Savior
Chapter 1364: Think long-term
Chapter 1365 Under Control
Chapter 1366 Making a plan
Chapter 1367 Something big happened
Chapter 1368: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 1369 Assassination Plan
Chapter 1370 Uneasy
Chapter 1371 Preparation
Chapter 1372 Provocation
Chapter 1373 Leading the troops in person
Chapter 1374 Secret Weapon
Chapter 1375 The human heart is the battlefield
Chapter 1376 The tea falls and the dynasty is destroyed
Chapter 1377 The King and the Emperor
Chapter 1378 Conquering the King
Chapter 1379 Surrender
Chapter 1380 Imperial Examination
Chapter 1381 Angry
Chapter 1382 Everyone shouts to beat the rat crossing the street
Chapter 1383 The real art of slavery
Chapter 1384: The country is based on the people
Chapter 1385 Literary Examination
Chapter 1386 Choice
Chapter 1387 Palace Examination
Chapter 1388 A strategy for long-term peace and stability
Chapter 1389 March
Chapter 1390 Decay
Chapter 1391 Jumping off a cliff to commit suicide
Chapter 1392 Resurrection from the dead?
Chapter 1393 The sudden top master
Chapter 1394 Cave Spring Water
Chapter 1395 Peerless Master
Chapter 1396 The army presses the territory
Chapter 1397 Provocation
Chapter 1398 Rescue
Chapter 1399 Luo Liuli
Chapter 1400 Wild History
Chapter 1401 Crisis
Chapter 1402 A great sniper
Chapter 1403 Turning from defense to offense
Chapter 1404 Powerful Weapon
Chapter 1405 Conditions
Chapter 1406 The army enters the cliff
Chapter 1407 Underground Ruins
Chapter 1408 The green-robed magic stick?
Chapter 1409 What a huge appetite
Chapter 1410 Come to the main hall again
Chapter 1411 It’s him again
Chapter 1412 The Gate of Hidden World
Chapter 1413 Two years
Chapter 1414 Crusade
Chapter 1415 Divide
Chapter 1416 No choice
Chapter 1417 Killing Intention
Chapter 1418 Willingness
Chapter 1419 This is an opportunity
Chapter 1420 Defective Products
Chapter 1421 Powerful Weapon
Chapter 1422 You are finished
Chapter 1423 The mysterious helper
Chapter 1424 A strong battle
Chapter 1425 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind
Chapter 1426 Fell into a trap
Chapter 1427 Surrender
Chapter 1428 Bai Zhanglin
Chapter 1429 The Declined Nobility
Chapter 1430 Kneel down and say it
Chapter 1431 Imperial Deterrence
Chapter 1432 Beheading in the Street
Chapter 1433 The mysterious dense forest
Chapter 1434 The fog is thick
Chapter 1435 Weird Altar
Chapter 1436 Mysterious Gaze
Chapter 1437 Entering the woods again
Chapter 1438 Jealousy
Chapter 1439 A vicious hand
Chapter 1440 Fog
Chapter 1441 Self-rescue
Chapter 1442 Getting more and more weird
Chapter 1443 Changes
Chapter 1444 The powerful Qin Huaidao
Chapter 1455 The Second Warning
Chapter 1456 Difficulties with Internal Qi
Chapter 1457 Assassination
Chapter 1458 Citywide Search
Chapter 1459 Preaching and Teaching
Chapter 1460 A group of scourges
Chapter 1451 Negotiation
Chapter 1452 Exchange
Chapter 1453 Never a Saint
Chapter 1454 Entering the Pagoda
Chapter 1455 A battle of life and death?
Chapter 1456 Literary Fight
Chapter 1457 The Big Secret
Chapter 1458 I can’t swallow this breath
Chapter 1459 The Only Life Sect
Chapter 1460 A lonely boat in the sea
Chapter 1461 Myth
Chapter 1462 The most important thing
Chapter 1463 Three Tips for Escaping from the World
Chapter 1464 The martial arts idiot Luo Yichen
Chapter 1465 Why are you so confident?
Chapter 1466 Apprenticeship
Chapter 1467 The Woman in the Pavilion
Chapter 1468 The Guide
Chapter 1469 The Law of the Human Emperor?
Chapter 1470 The ratio of hiding in the world
Chapter 1471 Entering Penglai
Chapter 1472 Little Lover
Chapter 1473 Burying people
Chapter 1474 The Fifth Xiao Feng
Chapter 1475 Who is not?
Chapter 1476: Digging a hole just to bury you
Chapter 1477 The Glory of the Shi Family
Chapter 1478 I said you can’t leave, you can’t leave
Chapter 1479 Arena Battle
Chapter 1480 You lost
Chapter 1481 Just one punch!
Chapter 1482 What a good gun
Chapter 1483 Double Guns
Chapter 1484 Entering the Central Mountain
Chapter 1485 The Inheritance of the Human Emperor
Chapter 1486 Four Clans
Chapter 1487 Earthshaking
Chapter 1488 The Fengluo Sect’s ambivalence
Chapter 1489 Ancient Tomb Opening
Chapter 1490 Purple Gold Gate
Chapter 1491 The Way of Disease
Chapter 1492 Black Dog Wood Carving
Chapter 1493 Doing Business
Chapter 1494 The old man in golden robe
Chapter 1495 It’s all fake!
Chapter 1496 Playing with the rules
Chapter 1497 Exposed
Chapter 1498 Begin body training