1631 Mr. Yang is definitely a good carpenter

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Seeing Qin Huairu's appearance, Jia Zhang sneered, "I'm talking nonsense. I didn't know you still had money for the steamed buns you did in exchange for all those hook-ups?"

"Otherwise, as a widow, what would you be doing?"

Mrs. Jia Zhang roared angrily and revealed the deepest secret in her heart.

In an instant, Jia Zhang felt that her thoughts were clear, and her head didn't hurt that much anymore.

Hearing this, Qin Huairu felt cold all over, as if he was in a world of ice and snow, without a trace.

Silly Zhu was also astonished at the side.

What did he hear, Shanghuan? Shanghuan!

Qin Huairu is pregnant, so how can she have a baby?

No wonder, no wonder he and Qin Huairu have not had children for so long.

No wonder I can have three children with Jia Dongxu, but not with him?

I don't want to give him a child just because of the three children he has now.

This is to make his old He family extinct.

For a moment, he felt that the woman in his arms was too vicious.

People outside the room who heard this all stared at Qin Huairu.

It is self-evident why a widow wears a ring.

Many people think of the life of the Jia family in those years, with a widow taking care of her children and an old woman. How could their life be better than that of ordinary families?

I see.

Then everyone's eyes pierced Silhu like sharp swords, making Silhu feel that his head was a little hot and he was wearing too many hats.

"Zhuzi, believe me, I'm not that kind of woman."

"I don't have a ring. If you don't believe me, I can go to the hospital for a checkup. Just trust me."

Qin Huairu turned around and grabbed Sha Zhu's hand and said affectionately. Now she had to hold on to Sha Zhu's last straw.

"I, I believe you."

After hearing Qin Huairu's assurance and saying that he dared to go to the hospital for a check-up, Si Zhu hesitated a little, but finally believed in Qin Huairu.

Because not believing it right now will only make things worse.

Jia Zhang felt that her anger had calmed down, so she aimed at Silly Zhu, "And you, Silly Zhu, I'm telling you that you are a thief, a black-hearted thief."

"If you steal the chickens from the kitchen in the steel rolling mill, or steal the vegetables in the coal yard, you are not a cook, you are a thief."

"It's you who caused the bad situation."

Silly Zhu shivered in anger after hearing this, but Jia Zhang changed her target again and looked at the people watching the fun outside, "And you, you are all murderers."

"Our family is in such a difficult situation. If you don't lend a hand to help, are you still human?"

"BangGeng is so young when he asks for food and you don't give it to him. You even scare him. Do you have any conscience?"

"And that damn Yang Xiaotao, let the dog bite him, he will die, he will die, he will die."

"It's all you who killed me. It's all you. You all don't deserve to die well. You all wait for our Jia family to come and claim your lives."

"Lao Jia, Dongxu, and Bangge, you must remember these people, you must..."

Jia Zhang opened the map cannon and kept cursing the people in the courtyard.

But the people in the courtyard were not used to her, especially Yan Fugui, who saw that the people from the street office were still there. If she was allowed to mess around, he didn't know how it would end.

"Shut up, you're talking nonsense!"

Yan Fugui scolded and shouted loudly, "The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked. A spoiled child is like a murderer!"

"The reason why Banggeng is like this is because you parents and elders failed to teach him well and allowed him to cause trouble."

"You blame others, that is, you, your family, for causing great harm."

Mrs. Jia Zhang opened her mouth, then sat down on the ground and started crying.

Qin Huairu lowered his head, tears falling down.

Silly Zhu clenched his fists and thought about whether it was right to marry Qin Huairu in the first place.

Outside the alley.

Yang Xiaotao took Lao Jin and Ran Qiuye back to the courtyard.

As for Ms. Cui and the others, they still stay at Ran's house. There are many people at home tonight, so it is not convenient to come back.

If it weren't for the fact that he needed help at home and the lady Bai Jingshu, Yang Xiaotao wouldn't want Ran Qiuye to come back.

As for Lao Jin, he wanted to come and listen. After hearing about the machinery factory from Yang Xiaotao, he still hadn't recovered yet.

All he knew was that this machinery factory would flourish in the future.

And his grandson is about to rise to prominence.

How big is this?

Not to mention what he was doing at this age, it was just that he was almost done in this life, and his peak moment was the secretary of the automobile factory, and it was still an honor for the rest of his life, but in front of this grandson, he was nothing.

Let alone the future.

Judging from his attitude towards his superiors, this will be of great use to the machinery factory in the future.

It is not impossible to even establish a separate branch in the future.

With this mood, Comrade Lao Jin followed him back.

If possible, he would also like to help the old brothers in Shanghai.

The two stopped the car and Yang Xiaotao and Lao Jin walked into the alley. They saw a group of people running towards them on bicycles.

"Zhang Suo, long time no see."

Yang Xiaotao looked at the leader, Director Zhang from the police station, and hurriedly stepped forward to say hello.

Director Zhang stopped the car and when he saw Yang Xiaotao, he lowered his voice and said, "There is a death in your courtyard."


"The child from the Jia family in the middle court, Jia Gen, was killed."

"I heard it was his grandmother, Jia Zhang, who did it."

Zhang Suo said quickly and then walked towards the middle courtyard.

Yang Xiaotao hurriedly followed, but there were still some things in his mind that he couldn't react to.

Tiger poison does not even eat seeds.

What's more, they are relatives from another generation.

Yang Xiaotao couldn't think of any reason for Jia Zhang to kill Bangge.

Several people quickened their pace, and when they arrived at the middle courtyard, they heard Jia Zhang's cries coming from Jia's house, and then Zhang Suo walked into Jia's house.

The sound stopped suddenly.

Yang Xiaotao stood in the yard and took a look, then ignored him and walked home.

Outside the yard, Lou Xiao'e and others were paying attention to the progress of the matter. Wang Dashan's family was chatting with a few people, and the group was in high spirits.

"Xiao Tao, you are back, what you did just now was wonderful."

Wang Dashan's family said excitedly, and Lou Xiao'e also came over and said, "Did you know, this Qin Huairu actually got a ring?"

Yang Xiaotao didn't say anything after hearing this, and walked straight into the house.

"You can say whatever you want, and you're not afraid of not being able to get married."

When Wang Dashan's family saw Yang Xiaotao walking into the house, they knew they didn't want to deal with these things, and they heard Lou Xiao'e say these words without any hesitation, so they couldn't help but talk about Lou Xiao'e.

"Hey, if you don't want to marry, I won't marry. Anyway, I have a godson."

Lou Xiao'e said proudly that Duan Wu, her godson, was very close to her.

Several people continued to quarrel for a while, and then they saw Zhang Suo and his men taking away Jia Zhang, with a silver bracelet on his hand.

Qin Huairu and Shazhu were also taken away, and Director Li and Yan Fugui also had to take notes.

Finally, two police officers found Jia Geng and carried him out on a wooden board to confirm his death.

After everyone watched a group of people leave with cheers, the courtyard became quiet.

Yi Zhonghaijia.

"Head of the house, the stick is gone. If this Jia Zhang family eats peanuts, will this house still be able to do anything?"

The aunt said worriedly, and Yi Zhonghai also looked remorseful.

You shouldn't have put Banggian back into the Jia family in the first place.

Even if you put it back, you have to wait until Mrs. Jia Zhang leaves before putting it back.

It's fine now. Once this happens, the Jia family's house will most likely not be saved.

"fair enough!"

Yi Zhonghai took a deep breath, and then showed a meaningful smile, "This will make Zhu Zhu give up and stay at our house with peace of mind."

"As long as we don't die, this house won't be in his hands, and he will have to give it to us until we die."

Although the aunt didn't think it was a good thing after hearing this, she still nodded.

If you have no children, you are afraid that you will be left on the street when you grow old and no one will take care of you.

"By the way, I just heard from Mrs. Jia Zhang that Huairu has been ringed. If this is true, how will we live in the future?"

Aunt Ma became worried for Shazhu and Qin Huairu. If the two get divorced because of this matter, it will be difficult in the future.

The aunt sighed with emotion, but she didn't notice that Yi Zhonghai's face suddenly turned pale.

I felt even more sad and angry.

No wonder, no wonder.

Why couldn't he get pregnant when he was still okay?

It's all this woman's fault.

I thought he would be famous all his life, but he was...


The more I thought about Yi Zhonghai, the more I regretted it, and the more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable it became.

This last chance, just like that, gone.

He clenched his back teeth tightly, but forced himself to calm down, "It's all Jia Zhang's nonsense!"


Night falls.

The courtyard had just calmed down, but as Yang Youning and others continued to come in, it became lively again.

Liu Huaimin, Yang Youning and others had been here a long time ago and were no strangers to Yang Xiaotao's home.

But it was the first time for Bai Jingshu and Ding Xiangjun to come.

Fortunately, Chen Gong, Xu Yuanshan and a few others were with them.

When several people arrived, Yang Xiaotao had already prepared the meal, and Comrade Lao Jin was entertaining them in the room.

Everyone also knew Lao Jin's identity. Regardless of his job position, Yang Xiaotao's grandfather alone was treated politely by everyone.

"Mr. Yang, your yard has a special flavor."

The room was warm and cozy. It was Bai Jingshu's first time here, but he was very familiar with the courtyard.

Their family occupies a courtyard with two entrances, so they were very satisfied when they saw the courtyard where the Yang family was located.

"Director Bai, you don't know this right now."

Zhou Shenghong was looking at the furniture in Yang Xiaotao's house. According to Lou Xiao'e, Yang Xiaotao made it all by himself. As he was admiring Yang Xiaotao's craftsmanship, he heard Bai Jingshu's words and said to the side, "I also gave Mr. Yang a set from above."

The house, but Mr. Yang said he was used to living here, so the house was given to someone else."

Bai Jingshu nodded, "Indeed, I'm used to living in courtyards, but living in a building is a bit uncomfortable."

Lou Xiao'e talked about the layout of the courtyard at the side, and then came to the house.

At this time, everyone was sitting around the big table, eating tea fruits and melon seeds while talking about today's events.

Although everyone had heard a general idea, it was clear that the machinery factory became directly under the headquarters.

"Xiao Tao, please tell everyone."

Liu Huaimin sat next to Lao Jin. When the two of them were communicating, they discovered that they had both worked in the northwest. Then they found a common topic and were chatting enthusiastically.

Seeing this, Yang Youning asked Yang Xiaotao to say a few words first.


Yang Xiaotao put down the melon seeds and said, "I want to talk about the spirit of the superior's meeting."

Everyone listened with their ears pricked up, and then Yang Xiaotao explained the future positioning of Hongxing Machinery Factory, the focus of work and the development direction of each factory.

"In a word, we are like a 'pilot'. Whatever is needed, resources will be allocated to it."

"After the pilot was successful, we started to promote it, but this promotion is no longer internal, nor is it just a machine department, but a nationwide promotion."

"So, what we have to do is to maintain the ability to move forward and be the locomotive of industrial development."

"When you go back, you must make a plan based on your own factory. You must have a long-term plan, a short-term plan, and more importantly, determine the future development direction..."

Yang Xiaotao said what he thought, but everyone listened and thought about it carefully.

"Mr. Yang, it's easy to tell us what kind of machines we plan to build as a machine factory, and what kind of research we will do."

"But we idiots don't have any goals, so how can we set them?"

After thinking for a while, Zhou Shenghong said helplessly with a sad face.

They are carpenters, and they do whatever the boss wants.

What should I do if it doesn’t fit the size if I make it in advance?

Isn’t that a waste?

Yang Xiaotao glanced at Zhou Shenghong. Yang Xiaotao was different from others in this group of carpenters. He attached great importance to such professional talents.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t have brought the lumber factory with us this time.

The purpose is to retain these ‘special talents’.

"Lao Zhou, you are carpenters, but you are also craftsmen."

"The ancestors left a lot of good things. Didn't the last armor manufacturing use the Falcon Mou structure? This shows that there are many treasures left by the ancestors for us to discover."

"Also, you can work hard on bronzes, like wood carvings, carving patterns, patterns, and designs. Maybe these structures have special functions in industrial machines."

"Especially those special structures in ancient times. I remember in the book that there was a kind of aromatherapy ball in the Tang Dynasty. It would stay horizontal no matter how you turn it. This can definitely inspire us."

"Can I put it on the machine when the time comes?"

"Just like the special screws Lao Guo made, I think you can also use your brains more and think more about what can be used. These are all plans."

Yang Xiaotao was talking on the side, but Zhou Shenghong felt as if a door had been opened, and his face became excited.

At the same time, I admire Yang Xiaotao very much in my heart.

'This Mr. Yang is definitely a good carpenter.'

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