Chapter 6498 Two scammers

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Gu Fei broke through the magical power of the Dark Lord, saved the Chaos Monkey, and directly provoked the Black Lord from the depths of the Black Abyss to kill him.

Countless monsters rushed out from the black abyss, but were killed by Gu Fei with one move.

Killing all the beasts with one sword, this scene made the Chaos Demon Monkey and Demon Ling'er stunned in shock.

At this time, in the overwhelming demonic energy, a pair of bloody demonic eyes stared coldly at Gu Fei and the others.

A cold and murderous aura enveloped the entire world.

The whole world became dark.

In the endless demonic energy, there seemed to be countless demonic shadows looming.

"Is this the Dark Lord?"

Gu Fei looked at the huge looming demonic figure in the demonic aura in front of him, his expression serious.

He was locked onto the other side.

Mo Ling'er is also locked.

The Chaos Demon Monkey is naturally no exception.

"What do you think?"

Mo Ling'er stared nervously at the demonic figure in front of him, holding the demonic knife tightly with both hands.

Her magic sword was also suppressed by this world.

However, although this magic knife cannot exert its true power, it is still extremely sharp.

Demon Ling'er just cut off the devil's hand of the Dark Lord with one strike.

The Chaos Demon Monkey also tightly held the Chaos Ruyi Wand in his hand, sweating on his forehead, and he was very nervous.

He had no choice but to be thrown into the black abyss by Gu Fei just now, which almost frightened him out of his wits.

This person in the Black Abyss is an extremely terrifying existence.

He was almost captured by this Dark Lord just now.

Being caught by a demon of this level will only lead to one outcome, and that is to become the food of the Dark Lord.


The mysterious Lord of Darkness has taken action.

The next moment, terrifying murderous intent erupted directly, sweeping across the sky and the earth.

The demon king has murderous intentions, the wind and clouds change colors, and the sun and moon lose their light.

Countless tentacles rushed out from the demonic energy and entangled directly towards Gu Fei and the others.

Gu Fei took a closer look and was shocked because he saw the tentacles were covered with sharp barbs.

If they are entangled by these tentacles, a large piece of flesh and blood can be ripped off directly from their body.

"No sword is better than a sword, but no kendo!"

Gu Fei let out a low roar, his whole body filled with sword energy. Countless sword energies appeared out of thin air and strangled him directly towards the entangled tentacles.

The extremely sharp sword energy strangled the tentacles in an instant.

However, a shocking scene occurred. The sharp sword light was unable to do anything to those tentacles, and they were all bounced away by the tentacles.

Gu Fei couldn't help but be startled when he saw this, and then he immediately retreated, avoiding the entangled tentacles.


Demon Ling'er and the Chaos Demon Monkey wanted to hide when they saw Gu Fei. They turned around and ran away without even thinking.

Just kidding, both Demon Ling'er and Chaos Demon Monkey asked themselves that their combat power was much worse than Gu Fei's.

Their level of cultivation is higher than that of Gu Fei, but Gu Fei can leapfrog and challenge powerful men of higher levels.

The Chaos Demon Monkey had previously wanted to be a level higher than Gu Fei and wanted to repair Gu Fei, but unexpectedly, Gu Fei killed him directly back to the resurrection point.

At this time, countless tentacles were seen dancing, frantically wrapping around Gu Fei and the others.

Gu Fei and the others moved quickly among the mountains.


A tentacle swept directly over.

Gu Fei soared into the sky.

With a loud noise, a mountain ridge behind him was directly swept by the tentacles. It exploded instantly and turned into powder. The earth shook and smoke and dust filled the air.

Countless monsters in the mountains were frightened and fled for their lives.

The whole mountain trembled.

At this time, countless demonic energies spread out from the Black Abyss, covering the entire mountain range.

"You two are cheating, don't you think this guy is easier to deal with than Lord Fire Cloud?"

Gu Fei kept avoiding the entanglement of the tentacles. He was a little depressed and speechless.

The two guys, Demon Ling'er and Chaos Demon Monkey, are unreliable!


Mo Ling'er was embarrassed.

In fact, she doesn't know the reality of the Dark Lord.

This Black Underworld Demon Lord is hidden in the depths of the Black Underworld Abyss. Although Demon Ling'er has stepped here a little bit, he has not gone deep into the Demon Abyss, let alone the strength of this Black Underworld Demon Lord.

Anyway, they are not afraid of death and cannot die.

The reason why the person on the top of the Diji Demonic Mountain set up this twelfth level is probably to drive the people trapped here crazy!

If you are stuck here forever and can't get out, and you want to die but can't, anyone will be driven crazy one day.

"I'm so scared!"

The Chaos Demon Monkey roared angrily, turned around and killed it.

Then, the result was that he couldn't even get close to the true form of the Dark Lord, so he was entangled by a tentacle and pulled into the demonic energy.


Gu Fei was surprised when he saw this.

"Fellow Taoist, let's go!"

Demon Ling'er sighed while avoiding the entangled tentacles.

"You old bastard, I will die with you."

The roar of the Chaos Demon Monkey came from the demonic energy.

"What does he want?"

Gu Fei frowned.


Demon Ling'er turned around and ran away.


The next moment, an earth-shaking loud noise came from the demonic energy, and an extremely terrifying force exploded in the demonic energy.

The tentacles extending from the demonic energy were immediately shattered, a huge mushroom cloud rose, and a terrifying energy storm swept out in all directions.

Wherever the energy storm passed, everything was torn to pieces in an instant, and the mountains turned directly into dust.

Even the Black Abyss was shaken.


When Gu Fei saw the energy storm sweeping over him, he turned around and ran away without even thinking.

No wonder Mo Ling'er ran away so fast. She guessed that the Chaos Monkey was going to self-destruct.

This is the self-destruction of a demon king level powerhouse.

Moreover, this Chaos Demon Monkey is the pinnacle Demon King.

The destructive power released by his self-destruction is truly terrifying.

The monstrous demonic energy surrounding the Dark Lord was dispersed by this shocking explosion, revealing his true form.

Gu Fei soared into the sky, and when he turned around to look, his hair stood on end.

I saw that the Dark Lord turned out to be a huge strange octopus, no wonder there were so many tentacles.


The whole world was shaking.

Countless huge cracks broke out on the ground.

"Too cruel!"

Gu Fei couldn't help but be moved, this Chaos Demon Monkey was really a ruthless demon.

You know, even though he knows that he will not die here, the only demon king who has the courage to self-destruct is probably the Chaos Demon Monkey.


The Dark Demon King looked up to the sky and roared. His demonic body was injured. Although some tentacles were only blown off, this guy was angered.

I saw him rising into the sky, setting off a monstrous demonic energy and killing Gu Fei and Mo Ling'er directly.

The tentacles on the Dark Lord's body quickly grew out.

"too strong."

Gu Fei unfolded his Steps to the Sky, and with just one step, he instantly disappeared into the void. His speed was so fast that even the Demon Lord could not catch up.

"so fast?"

Demon Ling'er was stunned when he saw it.

She used secret magic to escape.

Even so, he still received a severe blow from the tentacle on his back, and his back was bruised and bloody by the stinging tentacle.


Demon Ling'er turned into a streak of blood and disappeared instantly.

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