Chapter 356 Jade-faced Mengchang vs. Silver Fox

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 Judging from the prices at that time, I don’t believe that a Ming Dynasty Iron Buddha can be sold for tens of millions, but if the physical Iron Buddha can be sold for tens of millions, it must be true.

Tomb robbers, in addition to their own team, when working with others, you cheat me, and I cheat you.

No permanent friends, only permanent interests.

As long as you have enough money, you have to do it.

Boss and Tian Sanjiu have never been friends, otherwise, Luojia Mountain would not have been left alone in Heishui City.

The Iron Buddha hasn't shown up yet, so we can conclude that the Iron Buddha is the physical Buddha. There are two reasons.

They went to Baishui Town, Hanzhong, and found a large black pottery vat in a villager's house. It was from the mid-Ming Dynasty. This kind of vat was used for sitting Buddha. Tiefo Temple should have bought a batch of them at that time, not just one.

Another point is that you won’t know the brick pagoda in Tiefosi Village if you don’t go and see it with your own eyes. You will miss many details. Now I am looking at pictures and information online, and it says it is on the fifth floor.

After looking at it, he said that it was not five stories. In the Ming Dynasty, calculated from the base of the tower, it should have been seven stories, and they all collapsed.

Originally, the seventh floor should be a hut, and the physical Buddha of Monk Yuetian should be enshrined in the hut on the seventh floor.

Because it is a pagoda, the seven floors represent the seven levels of pagoda.

I was a little confused and asked for help.

I said that with Tian Sanjiu's IQ, how could he believe what he said? Tell him that Tang Xin is not dead.


He took a sip of hot water and said with a smile: "Tian Sanjiu is too smart, but his cleverness is mistaken for his cleverness. It's a pity that Wang Xinggui didn't kill him. Besides, I didn't tell him, but he guessed it afterwards."

That’s all.”

"Now the battle has been broken. Whoever can find the Iron Buddha first will be the final winner."

I asked: "Master Xing may be the only one who knows the whereabouts of the Iron Buddha. He is probably in Tian Sanjiu's hands now. What should we do?"


He raised his head and let out a long sigh, saying: "According to my investigation during this period, Wang Xinggui's mouth cannot be pried open. He will not tell even if he dies. We have to find it ourselves."

"Better head, we've searched all over the Lishu Wasteland, we've also searched all over the abandoned warehouse of Zangtie Tasha. There are so many factories in the Second Cotton District in the northwest, where should we look for them?"

"Yunfeng, you ignored someone."


The boss said calmly: "Everything must be done
Go back to the beginning and think about where you started."

I thought for a while and said: "Lao Bai? Bai Tingli?"

He looked at me and nodded.

"But Mr. Bai is dead."

"Bai Tingli is dead, but his family members are still alive. Bai Tingli's wife was also a member of the science popularization committee back then."


I was shocked because Mr. Bai told me that there were only three of them on the science popularization committee back then.

"That's because he hid it from you."

"I asked people in the factory to understand the situation. Rumors about Wang Xiaoqin and his brother Wang Xinggui were spread wildly, which directly led to Wang Xiaoqin unable to bear the pressure and hanging himself. If I guessed correctly, the person who deliberately spread the rumors was probably Bai Shiqiong.

The girl’s grandmother.”

"Why? Didn't they have a good relationship back then?"

At this time, Xiaoxuan rolled her eyes at me and said:

"Yunfeng, you have a straight mind. You don't understand women at all. Every woman has jealousy. If the man she loves likes another woman, she will definitely feel uncomfortable."


I was speechless.

Xiaoxuan finished combing her hair, put down the comb, and said with her fingers: "Yunfeng, look, Wang Xinggui likes his sister Wang Xiaoqin, right? Bai Tingli also likes Wang Xiaoqin, but Wang Xiaoqin likes Tang Xin from the science group, and Bai Shiqiong

Grandma likes Bai Tingli again."

"What is this?" Xiaoxuan asked me.

"This is too confusing. Is this love?"


Dou Sprout was drinking water from a cup. When he heard me say this is love, he spit out the water.

"Niubi, Fengzi, I think you are hopeless in this life. That's bullshit love! That's a love triangle!"

"You love me, but you can't get me, because I love someone else, do you understand?"

Dou Yazai pointed at me and said: "You can't rob tombs optically in the future. You need to learn more knowledge in this area. Otherwise, if you meet a woman like Li Qianwen, she will defraud you of all your money. When you run out of money, she will

Kicked you


"Who is Li Qianwen? Why don't I recognize him?" Xiaoxuan asked curiously.

Brother Yu's face turned dark instantly.

Dou Yazai smiled evilly and said: "Haha, Li Qianwen is a master, he can make some people fascinated, right Brother Yu?"

Douyazai imitated Brother Yu's voice and shouted: "Xiaoqian Xiaoqian"

"Rolling ball!"

Brother Yu was so angry that he stepped forward and grabbed Dou Sprout Zai's neck with both hands and shook him hard, trying to strangle him to death. ??

Douyazai hurriedly said that I was wrong, brother, don't hit me.

While they were fooling around, the phone rang with their head on the table.

"Stop making noise, I'll answer the phone."

I took the phone over, saw the caller ID, and frowned.

The ringing sounded for more than ten seconds, so I put my phone on the table and turned on the speakerphone.

At this time, Brother Yu also let go of Bean Sprouts.

On the phone, the other party's voice sounded cold.

"Wang Boss, you did a good job."

I swallowed, this was a call from Tian Sanjiu.

He turned his head to the phone and said with a smile: "Tian Boutou, you are not bad either."

"Haha," Tian Sanjiu suddenly laughed twice.

"Wang Xiansheng, I really didn't expect that you actually contacted that old worker in advance and asked him to give me false information. I was on guard against you, but you still took the lead in this step."

He has a habit of drinking water and tea when he is thinking about something, and he drinks very hot hot water no matter in winter or summer.

"Hoo. Hoo"

Holding the cup and blowing on it, he turned his head to the phone and said, "Tian Baotou, how are your injuries? I heard from Yunfeng that you were injured, are you okay?"

"Haha, thank you for your trouble, I can't die for the time being."

"Hey," Baotou sighed, "As long as everything is fine, I'll be relieved and come to my place for a meal when you have time."

"No need, I think it's better for you, Wang Baotou, to come and eat at my place."

The head continued: "Now those people from the Northern Shaanxi Cultural Relics Bureau have gone to Zhejiang. This is a good opportunity for us, whether it is to move the Iron Buddha or to remove the Iron Buddha. I still hope that we can compete peacefully. Whoever gets it will be the winner."


Tian Sanjiu's voice became colder.

"Wang Xiansheng, you are old, but you just won one step. Do you really dare to play with me?"

The head looked calm and did not speak.

Tian Sanjiu said calmly: "Then let's play."

"Be careful when you go out, the king is the leader."

There was a busy tone on the phone, and Tian Sanjiu hung up the phone.

Just a few minutes later, my mobile phone received a picture message. The picture message was a photo.

I can't tell where the photo was taken. I can only see Mr. Xing sitting on a chair, beaten so badly that he no longer looks like a human being.

The old man had long bloodshot eyes hanging from the corners of his mouth, the corners of his eyes were cracked, his left eye was so swollen that he could no longer see anything, and there were several traces of cigarette burns on his forehead.

Tian Sanjiu didn't kill him for a long time, but beat him like this just to pry open his mouth and get accurate information about where the physical iron Buddha was buried. It seems that he hasn't succeeded yet.

I glanced at the MMS and deleted it.

He shook his head and sighed:

"This person will not speak. He will guard what is in his heart. Maybe that thing once represented a girl to him."

Xiaoxuan couldn't bear to say: "Boss, how about we don't want the Iron Buddha?"

"Xiaoxuan, you are wrong."

He stood up, looked at the rest of us and said, "You remember what I said, in this world, if you are always soft-hearted and consider others, you will eventually find that you will always suffer the loss."

"If a man does not serve himself, he will be punished by heaven and earth."

"Yunfeng, do you remember?"

I just said remember it.


The boss told me: "Now it's a race to see who can find the Iron Buddha first. From the current point of view, we are one step ahead."

"Don't you know that girl?"

"White Eyelash Qiong?"

I said I knew him.

The head said: "Okay, you go get close to her, gain her trust, and then go meet that girl's grandmother."

Dou Sprout came over and patted me on the shoulder, speaking in a serious tone.

"Fengzi, I leave it to you."

"let's go."

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