Chapter 560 Spy Work

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After entering the room, Thor looked at little Toby, looking him up and down, wanting to know where he came from.

But after seeing the other party's smile, he couldn't help but shook his head.

What can he do as a blacksmith?

Even if the other party is really a spy or something, what can he do? Isn't he just doing what he should do?

As for meritorious service and winning awards, that is simply impossible.

There is no way for them to get involved in anything related to the affairs of the great nobles. This is the iron rule.

The nobles get everything.

After all, they are leaders.

Otherwise, why would there be so many people going to Li Ke? Isn't it because their craftsmen create useful things or novel things that can really serve as officials?

If he reports it rashly, will Li Ke take revenge on him? Moreover, Stormwind City is about to be destroyed. What will happen in the future when it comes to liquidation?

But what would he do if he really asked about something?

At this time, the child care felt that it was not a good thing to bring this guy into the room, and they should talk on the street.

Just thinking about this made Sol feel aggrieved.

He clearly had the name of a god, but he was so useless, which made him very unhappy.

If he hadn't really felt that there would be any benefit in going there, he would have gone there long ago.

After all, he is not short of money. Materially, he has Li Ke's caravan, and after all, he is a skilled nobleman. He has served in the army before. Although he did not succeed in raising his title, he is still very capable.

He obtained the position of squad leader by relying on his own force.

You must know that when I first came back, there were a lot of orcs hiding in the forests of Stormwind City.

These miscellaneous beasts are all desperate beasts, and they are no easier to deal with than when they are in groups.

Therefore, he also has a lot of fame, and the children in his family have also learned a lot about etiquette and transactions between nobles in the aristocratic school.

But once you go to Li Ke's place, all of this is useless.

There were no nobles there, and there were not so many complicated interests. Even in the army, there was no need to kneel down when meeting a superior, they only needed to salute. In a place like this, he instinctively felt fearful.

Thinking of this, when Little Toby was about to close the door, Sol raised his hand to stop him and picked up his pipe.

"I want to smoke, so I don't have to close the door."

Little Toby looked at his tangled look, and immediately thought that the other party was worried that he was a spy, so he chuckled, took out a cigar from his pocket, and pointed outside.

"It just so happens that I also want to smoke. How about we talk outside? After all, it's cooler outside."

Thor hesitated for a moment, then nodded, took the pipe and walked out of the door. He glanced at the aggrieved apprentices who were still there, sighed, and walked to the roadside.

A few farmers could see them, but if they lowered their voices slightly, they were out of hearing distance.

Little Toby naturally saw what Thor was afraid of, so when Thor was about to light a fire with the saltpeter in his hand, he took out his match and handed the other man a cigar.

He had just observed the other party. Although the material of the other party's clothes was exquisite, there were many damages and traces of repairs, which proved that the clothes were not blacksmith uniforms before, but were similar to military uniforms and sailor uniforms.

The thing, combined with the coat of arms on the other person's body, should be a lonely little noble.

Moreover, there were many rough orc weapons and wild beasts on his body, and the scars caused by the venom showed that he was a battle-experienced warrior. However, the army he was in was not taken seriously, so there was no chaplain accompanying the army, resulting in a lot of wounds on his body.


As a blacksmith, the other party smoked ordinary types of cigarettes. Although it was already very good to him before, but now that cigarettes have become popular, he either likes the taste of pipe smoking, or he wants to save money and use his own cigarettes.

Tobacco leaves, and from the smell of smoke on the other party's body, it seemed that he grew his own tobacco leaves, because they were not that fragrant.

Moreover, the bag containing the tobacco leaves clearly showed signs of grabbing and dragging, and the tobacco leaves were broken in places that should not be broken. It looked like the fingerprints belonged to a child.

Moreover, the number of stools in the other party's room does not match the number of apprentices. There are obvious marks of sword slashes on the wall, but they are very low... The other party should have three children, and two of them should be

It's a girl, the oldest one should be a boy.

After he finished describing Sol's image, he understood how to communicate with the other party.

"Let's try this. I was able to smoke something good without telling my little daughter. Seriously, what's wrong with a man smoking some cigarettes? But those bastard scholars in Li Ke's territory said that smoking is harmful to health. It's true.

, I think scholars who have nothing to do and say some weird remarks are harmful to health. They even say that children should eat more fruits and go out to bask in the sun more. They don’t know how dangerous it is outside now.”

His words made Sol subconsciously catch the cigar he handed over, and he couldn't help but smile on his face, because his little daughter hated her smoking, and every time she saw him looking for bags under his eyes, he would ignore his hands.

If there's anything on him, grab his cigarette bag.

But he couldn't help but refute the other party's bad words about the scholar.

"There is some truth in what the scholar said. As for whether it is dangerous or not, it all depends on the father."

He didn't want to come into contact with little Toby, because anyone who could get that kind of gun would not be a good person.

But little Toby immediately guessed some of Sol's thoughts.

"He wants to go to His Majesty's territory, but he doesn't dare to go. Is it because he has too much here? But his apprentice can eat with him and does not seek refuge with His Majesty privately, so he is a kind man with some assets, but

But he is not a very powerful person. He did not seek refuge with His Majesty simply because he invested too much here and was worried about his noble status."

This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue reading! To put it simply, a good person who has some assets but has sunk costs and dare not leave the field he is familiar with can find someone he is familiar with to preach about His Majesty Li Ke’s territory.

policies can instigate rebellion.

And even if it is a whistleblower, this person will look forward and backward, and will not tell the truth out of suspicion even if there is no real possibility of being caught.

Thinking of this, Little Toby relaxed his mind, but he still kept some caution. After all, he was not a powerful person, and he had not received spy training. These were just his own opinions, and he didn't know whether they were accurate.

"Yeah, but let's not talk about it for now. When my employer left a place, she, um, bought a lot of guns for safety. After all, she is not well received by most people.

Yes. And you also know that if people like us were equipped with such sophisticated weapons here, well, we wouldn’t be very popular.”

Little Toby didn't lie this time. From his point of view, Valeela's life in Li Ke's harem was very miserable. As for why he said this?

Isn't it miserable enough that all this has been sent to my side?

Saul was stunned for a moment. He didn't know whether this was true or not, but these rifles would prevent him from being in trouble.

"How much do you plan to sell it for?"

He flicked the cigar in his hand. The moment he spoke the words, he knew that he was timid. That's not how business works.

"Thirty-one guns, I have more than 200 here. Of course, I know they are a bit cheap, but it is not without cost."

Little Toby spread his hands.

"I plan to buy some local goods to arm us. After all, we still need some force."

His words made Thor frown.

Of course he is willing to do this kind of business, but that was in the past. Although muskets were expensive in the past, they were generally only used by hunters and dwarves. But it is different now. No matter whether they belong to dwarves or others, muskets are needed.

The armor will be taken away.

Although they have not yet entered the terrifying factory, they are almost there.

Moreover, although the price of Little Toby is already very low, it is still unacceptable to him.

Because every time he makes a gun, he only makes a profit of ten gold coins. Although the materials are packaged there, it can be counted as ten gold coins, but in this case, he is still short of ten gold coins for each gun.

Although they can take out three hundred gold coins with gritted teeth, but after these guns are given away, they feel that their work ability has improved, and what should they do if they ask themselves to speed up?

Buy more guns next time?!

The air suddenly became silent. He kept smoking the cigar in his mouth and frowned tightly.

"I'm afraid not. I can help you forge some armor and swords, but muskets are impossible. There are none left."

"there is none left?"

Little Toby spoke in surprise.

"Yes, and you don't have to think about finding the musket."

Thor was afraid that he would lose money, but he was even more afraid that Little Toby would not sell to him. The other party's goods were in short supply, and there were many people like him waiting to use guns to complete the task to avoid being forced to go to that factory.

So he spoke subconsciously.

"Except for me and several other blacksmiths, most of the blacksmiths have been recruited, so you don't have to think about finding guns elsewhere. If you are willing to sell them to me, I can also contact someone to help you get them.

Order something else."

He was talking about a crossbow, and little Toby's brain was spinning rapidly.

"Such a large-scale purchase of guns should be to set up his own production line, and judging from his attitude, this factory will not be a good place. I am afraid that whether it is a blacksmith like him or the blacksmiths in the factory, the pressure will be very high

It's large, and it's not too urgent, which proves that although they are anxious, those people are confident that they can solve the workers' problems quickly... Is it necromancy? There is insufficient evidence, and we still need to find more clues..."

He was thinking quickly in his mind, but he didn't waste any time when talking to Sol. He put his arm around Sol's shoulders and spoke with a smile.

"I know you must have difficulties, but I also need friends. I can sell these guns to you for five gold coins as a way to make friends, but... I have some products that are not easy to sell."

Little Toby took out a large bag of sugar, a bottle of wine, and some scattered buttons, nail clippers, fruit knives and the like from his pocket.

There is even a beautiful doll and a handsome revolver.

These things are very exquisite, and the characteristics are almost identical. They are obviously manufactured on the assembly line of the factory.

Sol's mind went blank for a moment, but when he saw little Toby open the wrapping paper, pick up a piece of snow-white sugar, put it in his mouth to chew, and took a sip of wine, his face showed enjoyment.

You'll know it when you look at it.

She must have met someone from Li Ke's territory!

Only these bastards can be so luxurious!


Looking at those little bits and pieces and what the other person said before, he took a puff of his cigar, then picked up a piece of sugar from among the sugar cubes, stuffed it into his mouth, and chewed it hard.

The taste of sugar gave him great spiritual satisfaction, and the cigar made him even more excited. When he took the drink from Little Toby and poured it into his mouth, he found that it was the best drink he had ever tasted. He was silent.

After a while.

“A pleasure to work with.”

He made a dull sound.

Little Toby smiled and held his hand.

“A pleasure to work with.”

However, Thor would never know that in the afternoon after coming to him, little Toby visited four more blacksmith shops and registered three chambers of commerce with different names.

And everyone is just like him. In just a few words, he has fooled them into joining his cooperation system.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! And Van Cleef would never know that in just a few days, little Toby earned more than ten times the funds he received.

However, one person noticed it.

This man is Mathias Shore.

"Are all my agents idiots?!"

Seeing his subordinates' reports about little Toby, Mathias Shore almost went crazy with anger.

Because none of his subordinates saw anything wrong with little Toby, they all just thought he was a bold smuggler.

There is even a fool who thinks that this person has extraordinary charisma and can be recruited into the Seventh Intelligence Service.

But what pained him the most was that this fool was hand-picked by him, the person he trusted most, and was responsible for verifying the loyalty of the people who entered...

But looking at Little Toby's information, Mathias Shore had to admit that if Valeera hadn't been exposed early on, then he wouldn't have cared about Little Toby.

Because this person is too high-profile, and he looks too much like a slick businessman who can't afford to be too early for profit.

Even the funny sense of the nouveau riche imitating the nobility, he can imitate it perfectly, but it still makes people think that this guy is funny and kind, and he is an interesting and reliable warm-hearted person.

"This must be a spy carefully trained by Van Cleef!"

He slammed his fist on the table, but the next moment, he broke out in cold sweat, because at some point, a kind old woman who was knitting a sweater sat in front of him!

Pasonia Shore, his grandmother, the one who literally created MI7!

"Have you forgotten that a qualified thief must remain calm at all times? Mathias, or are you regretting your own mistakes?"

Pasonia Shore looked at her grandson coldly and even stopped knitting.

Although there are some issues with her grandson's sexual orientation, she trusts her grandson more than his mother, who is quite cautious after all.

but now……

"Grandma, I..."

Mathias was sweating coldly and opened his mouth, realizing that everything he said seemed to be quibbling.

"It seems like you have nothing to say. Little Toby's incident has indeed proved that your men are all a bunch of losers, but I want to ask you something, Mathias, what is your choice now?"

Pasonia Shore spoke casually, as if asking her grandson what he wanted to eat for dinner.


Mathias was stunned for a moment, and then couldn't help but take a step back, almost hitting the stool.

Because what Pasonya meant was simply to ask him if he was ready to stab Varian in the back!

But they are loyal to Varian and loyal to Wrynn!

"I...I didn't think about it well."

"Then do you plan to use the food and wine bags under your hands to fight against the hordes of soldiers in the city, or do you think the treatment you will give is better than that of Li Ke? In other words, do you think you can find a better hidden little Toby?


Mathias sweated even more, just like what he had thought before, if Valeera hadn't been by Little Toby's side, he wouldn't have cared.

Because many people smuggled some things from Li Ke's territory to sell them. Although the noble council had relevant regulations, he felt that Li Ke might not even know about these regulations, and those who violated these regulations were also the nobles.

So the thing about little Toby is really nothing.

"Or do you think Stormwind City can fight against soldiers composed of farmers? Or do you plan to tell me that you don't know the situation of Li Ke's soldiers."

Of course, Mathias knew that those soldiers had a fighting spirit and morale that the soldiers in Stormwind City did not have. Li Ke's military system did not accept empty pay, embezzlement, or theft of meritorious service and pensions. Even equipment and various military supplies

There is no such thing as "loss". Under such circumstances, it goes without saying how powerful the combat effectiveness is.

In the army, glory and slogans cannot compare with adequate pay.

"Then you still want to arrest that person?"

Pasonia asked her last question, and Mathias, who didn't answer a word, silently tore up the assassination order written by himself, and then asked.

"what should I do?"

He was a little confused. He thought he could be loyal to the Wrynn royal family forever, but now it seems that it is impossible.

"Show your worth, Mathias. We are thieves, and judging the situation is the only skill we must learn."

Pasonia placed a manuscript in front of Mathias that was filled with mistakes made by Van Cleef and others and how they should be improved. Then she stood up and walked outside.

"Remember to come back for dinner in the evening and teach your mother a lesson, she started acting stupid again. Also, it's time to clean up here, but you don't need to do it yourself, just see if there is anything useful."

"Yes, grandma."

Mathias lowered his head, and while sending his grandmother away, he also looked at the article left by his grandmother, and then——

He felt that if he wanted to kill Van Cleef, he didn't need to do anything else. If he put this pile of paper in front of the other person, the other person would commit suicide in shame.

No joke, the reason is that he wants to commit suicide now...

Because of the errors written on these papers.

He committed them too!

This chapter has been completed!
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