Chapter 2653 Xiao Youyou’s troubles

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“Boss Zhang caught such a big fish!”

During the meal, Liuliu was eloquent and vividly told everyone about the magical experience of this trip, mainly to Ma Lanhua and Bai Jianping.

The two of them had never heard this before, so they listened with great interest. When they heard that Zhang Tan had caught such a big fish, they were also surprised and couldn't believe it, but Xiaobai and others at the table all agreed that it was.

, even Zhang Tan showed a mysterious smile, which seemed genuine.

Malanhua couldn't help but exclaimed: "That's really big. I have never seen such a big fish. A few years ago when I went home during the Chinese New Year, I saw Lao Bai fishing in the fish pond. At that time, I caught a fish of more than 40 years old.

The big grass carp weighing 5 pounds, that’s the biggest fish I’ve ever seen.”

Bai Jianping was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that this Lao Bai was not referring to him, but to the Lao Bai from Bai's village, Bai Guagua's father or grandfather.

But Xiaobai and the others didn't understand. They glanced at Bai Jianping and were amazed. It seemed they didn't expect that Bai Jianping had such ability. He could contract fish ponds and catch more than 40 kilograms of large grass carp.

Bai Jianping ignored these silly children and didn't bother to explain. It would be great to let them increase their admiration for him.

At this time, Liuliu quickly took a few mouthfuls of rice, stuffed a piece of braised pork in his mouth, and after eating it quickly, he said: "Not long after Boss Zhang caught the fish, I also caught it, good guy! Good guy duck

!Auntie, do you know how big the fish I caught is?"

Malanhua thought for a while, pointed to the braised carp on the dining table and said, "So big?"

Liuliu stared at this carp that had contributed to her carefully, feeling like she was playing the piano to a cow. She had obviously put on an extremely exaggerated expression, but why couldn't Aunt Ma get it? She even used such a small carp to deal with her!

Seeing Liuliu's dissatisfaction, Bai Jianping thought bigger, pointed at Xiaobai and said, "Is it as big as Xiaobai?"

Xiao Xiaobai, who was struggling to eat, suddenly looked over confusedly and didn't understand why her name was mentioned.

Xiaobai reassured: "Don't worry, don't worry, just keep eating Mangmang."

Xiaoxiaobai continued to work hard, and Liuliu laughed, saying that the big fish she caught was bigger than Xiaobai, even bigger than Xiaobai, bigger than Xiaobai+Xiaobai, bigger than Xiaobai+Xiaobai

+ Xi'er is even bigger...

Xiaobai couldn't stand her arrogant look, so he said, "It weighs 200 kilograms."

Liuliu stopped abruptly and looked at Xiaobai dissatisfied. It was really boring.

Teacher Jiang, Ma Lanhua and others all stared wide-eyed. They couldn't believe it. Can Luoliu catch such a big fish? Wouldn't he be dragged into the sea by the fish?

Fortunately, they soon found out what happened. However, the story was disguised by Liuliu, and she became the protagonist. Although it was Zhang Tan who went to the sea to release fish, Boss Zhang was just a tool man, and all the people standing beside the boat listened to him.

The command of Liuliu.

"Look, I have videos and photos~"

Luoliu seemed to be well prepared. He called up the video and photos from his phone and watch for everyone to see. Everyone was really interested. They put down their bowls and chopsticks, came over to watch, and exclaimed again and again.

What's even more amazing is that Liuliu can tell everyone stories without delaying her meal. She has already finished her bowl of rice, and Xi'er has just dug one hole. If Xiaobai is included, it will be three or four holes.

"Xiao Bai, help me get a bowl of rice."

Liuliu was so proud that she put the bowl she had finished eating in front of Xiaobai and asked Xiaobai to add some food to her.

Xiaobai was dumbfounded, and Xi'er quickly advised her not to be angry.

"I go."

Xi'er took Liliu's bowl and was about to add some rice, but was stopped by Xiaobai.

Xiaobai actually went to help Liuliu add rice by himself, but he just pressed hard again and again while adding rice, and didn't stop until he couldn't hold it down anymore.

She put the rice bowl in front of Liuliu and said with a secret smile: "You have to finish it and don't waste it. Waste is a crime and you will be punished."

"Hahaha~~Thank you, Xiaobai." Liuliu didn't realize anything was wrong, and thought she had conquered Xiaobai. She was very proud. It was only when she was eating that she realized why the rice was so tight. But it didn't matter, she

Can finish eating.

Moreover, Malanhua kept bringing her food. After she felt the enthusiasm, her appetite increased greatly.

Ma Lanhua takes durian as an example and tells Xiaoxiaobai and Xi'er to eat more and emulate durian.

Liuliu was even more proud. After finishing a bowl of rice, she called Xiaobai to help her get more food.

Xiaobai was not angry, so he went over with the rice bowl and pressed it hard again, almost flattening the flower bowl.

Liuliu laughed loudly, but she felt something was wrong just as she was eating. Why was she eating more and more food? She almost couldn't eat anymore, but Malanhua was still picking up vegetables for her enthusiastically, and even Xiaobai also

He was so enthusiastic that he kept adding vegetables to her bowl and smilingly asked her to eat more. She must finish it and not waste it.

"I won't be happy if it's wasted." Xiaobai said with a smile.

"My little Xiaobai will be unhappy if it's wasted." Xiaobai also joined in the fun and kept adding peas to the pomegranate bowl...

Liliu wanted to reject her, but after thinking about it, forget it, a few peas would not be enough for her to hold for a long time, and she didn't have more of them now anyway.


The most important thing is why I can't finish the rice in this little flower bowl.

Tan Jin'er noticed Liuliu's dilemma and thoughtfully told her not to eat it if she couldn't bear it anymore.

"It's okay! Duoliu can eat it. She has a good appetite. Eating is her strength. If she can eat it, there's nothing wrong with her. She must finish it." Xiaobai said.

Liuliu nodded. She also believed that her strength was eating. Now in public, how could she not be able to eat?

If she can't eat today, rumors will spread all over Little Red Pony Academy.

For the sake of face and honor, the durian must be eaten.

As a result, Liuliu was holding the edge of the table and getting off the table. Her clothes could not cover her bulging belly at all, which made Xiaoxiaobai and Xier couldn't help but touch it, laughing and joking, asking if there was anything there.

The little baby.

Seeing that she still wanted to sit down, Tan Jin'er immediately asked her to stand for a while and watched TV. Tan Jin'er then asked her to go downstairs for a walk and called all the children away, including Zhang Tan.

Behind her, Malanhua told Liuliu to come back next time when she is free.

"Come on, I'll come on, I'm so enthusiastic, I'm so enthusiastic."

At this moment, Liuliu's affection for Ma Lanhua soared, surpassing Boss Zhang and becoming her best friend.

The group of people walked slowly towards Little Red Horse Academy. People kept coming out of the shops along the street to say hello to Zhang Tan, Xiao Bai and others.

After walking for a while, Xi'er couldn't help it anymore and asked her sister why there were so few people saying hello to her sister.

What can Tan Jin'er say, she can only say that she is not famous.

Only kid Tan Xier would ask this question stupidly.

Tan Jin'er did not answer, but instead asked Liuliu if her stomach was feeling better.

Liuliu held her belly in her hands. When she heard Tan Jin'er's question, she immediately breathed heavily: "The food cooked by Aunt Ma is so delicious. It's so delicious. I want to eat it even more."

Xiao Xiaobai, this little friend, was laughing and joking, and reached out to touch Liuliu's big belly.

Liuliu didn't hide it either, he let her touch it if she wanted, but every time he was touched, he had to say: "One dollar!"

Along the way, Xiaobai already owed Liliu 100 yuan, and Xier owed 12 yuan.

The sun has completely set and the moon has risen. Huangjia Village is brightly lit and very popular. Many white-collar workers are looking for small restaurants to eat along the street.

When passing by a pancake and fruit shop, I saw that the business in front of the shop was very good. Although Malanhua did not go there tonight, the staff were working in an orderly manner, so Zhang Tan and others did not go in to disturb them. They were already very busy.

Unknowingly, I arrived at Little Red Horse Academy. I happened to see a child sitting on the back seat of a small electric stove. He was holding his mother's clothes in his right hand and holding a big soft and fragrant meat bun in his left hand. He arrived at the gate of Little Red Horse Academy.

, was hugged down by her mother, landed on the ground, and couldn't wait to stuff the big meat bun into her mouth, took a bite, and chewed it with satisfaction.

Her mother took him into the academy, squatted in front of her and gave her a few words before turning around and leaving.

The little friend didn't cry or make a fuss, and quietly watched his mother leave on the electric donkey, taking a bite of a big meat bun from time to time.

It seems that since he has a big meat bag, he can do without his mother.

"Eh? I don't know this little boy at all?" Xiaobai thought about it carefully and found out that he had never seen this little boy before.

Liuliu said: "Could it be our new friend who came when we went on a trip?"

"Maybe, let's go ask him." Xi'er took the lead, followed closely by Xiaobai, who went to question the little boy eating the big meat bun.

When Luoliu saw this, he ran away first. As soon as he ran in front of the little boy with the big meat bun, he turned around and ran away with the big meat bun in his hands. He slipped into the classroom, leaving a question mark on Luliu's head.

"It's Liliu who's back - ah! It's Xi'er and Xiaoxiaobai!!!"

Some children in the yard were surprised when they discovered the new arrivals.

"Xiao Bai is back——"

"It's Sister Xi'er——"

"Xiao Xiaobai, why haven't you been seen for so long?"

The already lively Little Red Horse Academy suddenly became even more lively. Everyone buzzed and gathered around the newly returned Liuliu and others, asking questions and chattering, all with a hundred thousand reasons in mind.

curious baby.

Suddenly, Xiaobai saw a little girl sitting on the steps in front of the classroom, it was Xiao Youyou.

I saw little Youyou holding her cheeks with both hands, looking worried.

Xiaobai walked over and sat next to her. When Xiaoyouyou heard the noise, she looked sideways at her, smiled and said, "Xiaobai, you are back."

"Hohoho, you didn't recognize me wrong." Xiao Bai was a little surprised.

Xiao Youyou tried her best to smile. She mainly mistook Liuliu and Dudu easily. Others were okay, either they couldn't recognize who they were. If they could recognize them, they would rarely recognize them.

"What are you thinking about?" Xiaobai asked.

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