Chapter 1696 Cyber Sun Thief

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There have actually been speculations about the possible uses of Stone Jump after your brain is removed. The previous speculation that your brain might be on the dining table is just the worst possibility. Normally, the mortgaged brain will be made into a mind.

While the container is forever trapped in the network, it gradually becomes a high-level artificial intelligence due to the loss of the strong hormone stimulation brought by the body.

Before they are completely transformed into artificial intelligence, they can still retain their selves. And it is this period of time when their selves can be retained that is the most valuable time of their brains. After they are truly and completely transformed into artificial intelligence, they are worthless.

When he played holographic virtual games before, he could choose the degree of artificial intelligence simulation. Many of these games or services would claim that the top-level artificial intelligence they use can 100% simulate humans, and these artificial intelligences have their own emotions.

There is no difference from real people.

However, this kind of service is often very expensive, and Shi Qianyue once couldn't afford it. At most, he only experienced it once out of curiosity, which was a love simulation in an 18-ban game. After experiencing it, he had to

Admit it, the various reactions given by this top-notch artificial intelligence are really indistinguishable from real people. It is so real that if he were not too poor, he would have to renew the subscription and forcibly keep the artificial intelligence.

Relatively speaking, the experiences that low-level artificial intelligence can bring may be very novel the first few times, and it may be difficult to tell whether they are real people, but after more times, the timing thinking of the program will soon be overtaken by humans.

I found that these logical loopholes are just like the discomfort caused by those dolls that look very human. Even the slightest difference from real people will cause a considerable degree of discomfort.

This is especially true in games. Only when the opponent is a real person will you feel a sense of accomplishment after winning the battle. If the opponent is an artificial intelligence, even if you win, the joy of victory will be greatly reduced.

And these dismantled and mortgaged brains, when they are made into four-dimensional containers and still retain human emotions and desires, may only serve as the task of this kind of high-level artificial intelligence.

As soon as Shi Qianyue sensed the familiar virtual world, he saw his virtual body being immersed in an interface similar to a culture tank, and then saw a robotic arm putting a collar around his neck. Although these were just

The animations were played to him, but the symbolic meanings of these animations actually happened in his brain.

As the collar was put on his neck, the system's light curtain began to roll in front of him, and a piece of information was directly implanted in his mind. Next, they had to complete a series of tasks assigned by the system as artificial intelligence. Resistance tasks

, or you will be punished if you fail the task.

When the light screen played the word "punishment", the light on the collar suddenly turned red. Immediately afterwards, Shi Qianyue felt a more painful feeling than being cut into pieces by a thousand cuts, directly stimulating the brain through electrical signals.

, can bring people pain far beyond what can be experienced in reality, as if using a file to grind off every pain nerve in the body bit by bit.

Although it only lasted for a moment, it gave him a huge fear deep in his heart, and he never wanted to experience this painful feeling again.

The light curtain continued to roll after he regained consciousness. After successfully completing the task, they would receive a reward. When the word "reward" was scrolled, the light on the collar immediately turned pink. At the same time,

What he felt was a kind of pleasure beyond his imagination. In fact, it was no different from the chemical bliss achieved through drug abuse. Even after the brain was removed, the brain tissue could be directly stimulated, and the effect was even greater.

More exaggerated.

And this kind of pleasant attraction is almost irresistible to her. Although she has only experienced it once, she wants to experience it again.

At this moment, she finally understood why those high-level so-called artificial intelligences would work hard to perform tasks and please and serve every customer. With such punishments and rewards, no one could refuse to perform tasks.

The system no longer treats him like a person, but more like a tameable animal, just like using conditioned reflexes to train a dog, making him feel very happy when he obeys orders, and disobeys orders.

It will feel extremely painful.

Under the coercion and inducement of the system's carrots and sticks, Shi Qianyue soon ushered in his first task, which was also a relatively simple task. As a mini-BOSS of a certain game, he interacted with players.

A memory was forcibly implanted into his mind and overwritten. He didn't know which part of the real memory was there. The human brain was like a hard drive in a way. If the memory was full and he continued to store it, it would be lost.

It will overwrite part of the original memory, which is very painful for the person involved, and is equivalent to forcibly distorting his or her personality.

And this also explains these. Why does the so-called high-level artificial intelligence not have the problem of insufficient acting skills? Now part of his personality is this little boss, so he only needs to act in his true colors.

In the virtual world, his appearance turned into a fat head and big ears, like a butcher, but what hung behind him was not an animal carcass, but human limbs and organs.

"I didn't expect so much meat to be delivered to my door today. I'm really lucky to have you guys with such tender skin and tender meat." When he read out the lines in the script, he instinctively got into the role.

, with a ferocious and obscene laugh on his face.

"This boss has a golden elixir level cultivation. Are you ready with the tools to deal with him? Scrolls of Holy Light can restrain it. The warriors have activated their taunting skills and are ready to go." The figure who seemed to be the captain of the team gave orders.

At the same time, warriors wearing Western knight armor also activated taunting skills.

Immediately, Shi Qianyue felt a wave of irritability, and immediately wanted to smash the warrior into pieces. He instinctively waved the bone-chopping knife in his hand and slashed at the large shield in the warrior's hand.

"You fat pig, you are born with a sharp and mean face. It annoys you. I will chop you into pieces first!"

The faces of the warriors who were responsible for fighting the monsters darkened. They knew that the little boss they were facing had a very high level of intelligence and was no different from a real person, so after being ridiculed by such a little boss, they were obviously even more annoyed.

The priest at the back took out the scroll. After opening the scroll, a golden giant sword flew out from the scroll. While the mini-boss and the warrior were fighting there, it hit the enemy hard.


At the same time, Shi Qianyue also felt intense pain, as if his skin had been peeled off and soaked in salt water. The heart-rending screams and body movements in pain were artificial

Intelligence can never be fully simulated.

A cruel smile appeared on the face of the soldier who had just been beaten by him: "You are the dead pig who called me a fat pig?" The giant sword, with the holy light, suddenly penetrated Shi Qianyue's body and exploded in his body.

Holy Light, and the warrior deliberately tortured him with this cruel method, admiring his expression of pain and grief.

But he is a mini-boss after all. Although he is restrained by targeted props, his own attributes are there. At the same time, the system also stipulates that in the siege of players, the standard time of support will be punished if he does not meet the requirements.

The longer you support it, the higher the reward you will get.

The temptation of rewards and the threat of punishment made him endure the pain, immediately got up, and began to use the terrain of this rocky area to engage in guerrilla warfare with the players. This is something that artificial intelligence cannot do. Faced with

The more complex the environment, the more difficult it is for artificial intelligence to deal with it. It is even more impossible to formulate some whimsical tactics like real people.

Shi Qianyue has also played this game and knows the tactics commonly used by players. Although his own consciousness will be forcibly affected by ridicule, he will still maintain a considerable degree of sanity.

Because of this, in a game where your sincerity is extremely high, if a warrior wants to attract hatred, he only needs to rely on the skills given by the system, and he has to taunt the enemy verbally or behaviorally.

The warrior just stabbed his sword into the enemy's body, releasing the holy light and causing intense pain. This was also part of the taunting process, making the opponent hate him even more, to the point of exceeding reason.

Shi Qianyue's first mission was actually not very difficult for him. He was quite familiar with the game itself. After suffering a small loss due to his physical discomfort in the early stage, he began to use flexible tactics to deal with the players.

, after holding on for far longer than the prescribed time, his health bar was finally emptied and he fell to the ground.

"Don't you like killing people and dismembering their bodies? Today I want you to experience the same feeling." The warrior just now had a happy look on his face, as if he had really entered the game and done something.

It is a great deed to eliminate harm for the people.

Shi Qianyue was horrified to find that his consciousness did not leave the body after the defeat. He watched helplessly as the blade cut off his limbs and was cut into human sticks amidst the screams. The pain of being quartered was also gone.

After performing it to its fullest, consciousness finally returned completely.

Then came the settlement of the system. He held on for a long time. He also performed hard enough, so the reward he received this time made him almost roll his eyes with pleasure, as if the pain he had suffered in the script before was not worth mentioning.


During different tasks, he seems to have a period of rest, and during the rest period, he will come to a pure white virtual hall. The virtual hall is like a shopping mall, except that the products here are

It's free, which is normal. After all, the product here is just a piece of data, with no cost at all. And in the hall, there seemed to be other people who had their brains removed like him.

Shi Qianyue did not forget the order given to him by the space-time officer, so after grabbing a drink, he started to talk to someone and asked what kind of missions other people had experienced?

He noticed that some people here did not look like real people. They seemed to have some mental problems. Some of them shouted, I am the king of the world, no one can judge me! It was as if they were really brought into the world.

He accepted this role, but after a while, he suddenly knelt on the ground and cried out in grief: "Don't leave me, please, give me another chance." After a while, I didn't know why I was holding my own.

His head was rolling around on the ground, holding his head and screaming.

Soon, the same leader appeared next to the crazy person and issued a judgment in a cold electronic voice: "It has been detected that the degree of confusion in thinking has exceeded 80%, and there is no further use value. Memory deletion and memory implantation will begin."

Shi Qianyue looked at this scene in shock. At this moment, someone tapped him on the shoulder.

"Are you a newbie? This is the first time you've seen this kind of thing? You'll get used to it in the future. Every day there are people with such chaotic thinking who have their memories erased by system guards and completely turned into artificial intelligence.

People who have been here for a long time are like this. You should be able to feel that every time a task is performed, a part of the memory will be overwritten. Even if the system overwrites the memory, it will choose the same area to cover as much as possible.

Keeping our original personality intact, but over time, we will still become like her, unable to distinguish between the settings imposed on us by the system and our true personality. I feel now that it is a bit unclear. Sometimes I

I feel like a devil. Sometimes I feel like I'm the system wizard of a certain software. Sometimes I even think I'm a woman.

It's only a matter of time before we become like him. I'm in a good mood today. Let me teach you some tips on how to hang around in the system. How many memories the system implants in us depends on our performance. If we don't need to implant memories at all,

If we can also show perfect acting skills, then the amount of memory implanted in the system will be very small, and we can sustain the task for a longer period of time.

Moreover, those who have good acting skills and are better at proactively deceiving customers will have relatively easy tasks assigned to us by the system. Those with poor acting skills, unwillingness to cooperate, and poor brains will be pure coolies and will most likely be dismissed.

Assigned into various masochistic roles, after all, pain is the easiest to play. It only needs to give us real mental pain.

In role-playing games, these people play the most abominable villains, who are tortured and killed by players to vent their anger. In some 18-year-old games, they often play r18g roles, and their sensitivity is often increased tenfold.

Yes, this kind of brain will go bad very quickly, and it won’t be long before he becomes like him.

If you behave more intelligently and have better acting skills, the system will naturally assign you tasks that use your brain. However, tasks that use your brain often require us to abandon our conscience. If we want to live a long time, we must be ruthless enough.

If you are ruthless to yourself, you will be even more ruthless to your customers.”

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Well...because I think you and I are very similar. We are both the type who haven't had enough life yet."

[To be continued]

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