Chapter 1,385 I don’t need others to deny me, only successful people are qualified to speak!

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No one on board?

Hearing Luo You's murmur, Lao Zhang couldn't help but frown. He raised his head in confusion and followed Luo You's gaze.

He had just seen the ship approaching at a very fast speed, then stopping next to the sampan accurately, and aiming the landing port at the stern of the ship without any sway or deviation.

How could there be no one with such smoothness and precision of operation?

But in an instant, Lao Zhang's eyes froze, and his face was filled with disbelief.

There was indeed no one anywhere on the deck that could be seen by the naked eye. Every corner where someone might be hiding was empty, including the key helm position, which was also empty.

What's going on?

"Yeah, are we there?"

At this time, Luo Xiang sat up, rubbing his sleepy eyes, still too sleepy to open his eyes.

However, when he reluctantly raised his eyes and looked up to see the guerrilla boat parked next to the sampan, his whole body felt as if he was struck by electricity. He stood up suddenly, and the sleepiness in his eyes was swept away.

"Where...where did this boat come from?"

The guerrilla boat in front of them was a huge monster compared to the sampan below them.

The shimmering silver metal hull was shining brightly in the sunlight.

The weapon firing ports exposed on the side of the cabin exude a majesty that cannot be ignored.

Coupled with the modern interior structure of the boat, Luo Xiang felt dizzy. He could not imagine that there was such an advanced existence in this wasteland.

The three of them were stunned at the same time, with various inexplicable thoughts rising in their minds.

Luo Jiao, on the other hand, didn't look too surprised after waking up. She blinked her big eyes and ran to Somo's side blankly, her eyes shining with admiration and curiosity.

"Cousin, your boat... looks really majestic!"

"Mighty, do you want to go up and have a look?"

"Think!" Luo Jiao replied loudly without hesitation.

At this moment, the figure in front of him seemed to overlap with his sister Su Chan again, which made Su Mo feel a little dazed.

But he quickly reacted, gently picked up Luo Jiao and threw her onto the boat.


Almost falling down on the deck, Luo Jiao didn't care, but quickly got up and touched here and looked there.

Although the cruiser was not originally designed for long-distance voyages, it was not equipped with many comfort hardware.

But again, for ordinary survivors in the wasteland, having a place to shelter from the wind and rain is paradise.

Compared with wooden sampans, the biggest advantage of steel ships is that they can be designed with hollow interiors.

A guerrilla boat with one cabin can simply outlast a sampan in terms of comfort. It is simply the product of two different eras.

" this really your ship?"

Luo You finally came to his senses. He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

"If you're not used to it, why don't you continue taking the sampan?"

Sumo smiled and stepped lightly on the sampan. He rose into the air and landed on the rear panel of the guerrilla boat.

Seeing this, Luo Xiang stopped being dumbfounded and hurriedly jumped over.

"Wow, it's such a new deck, and it still smells good!"

"Machine gun, damn, uncle, you actually have a machine gun on your ship!"

"The big freezer, which stores so many fresh vegetables, the stove... Oh my god, there is a small kitchen in this cabin??!"

"Ah, cousin, your boat is too luxurious."

The two children were running around the cabin like crazy, screaming in surprise without stopping.

Luo You felt itchy after hearing this, so he had no choice but to suppress the shock in his heart and climbed up with staggering legs.

The movements were a little awkward, but no one cared so much at this time.

Soon only Lao Zhang was left on the sampan, looking a little overwhelmed.

This sampan can be said to be all his family property. If he gets on Somo's boat, what will happen to the sampan?

Is it possible to throw it away?

"You come up first. This sampan can be tied to the back of the boat and pulled along later."

"Hey, hold on, hold on, hold on!"

Lao Zhang was so happy that when he heard that he didn't have to throw away his family property, he climbed onto the guerrilla boat.

For fishermen who make a living on the water, no one understands better than them how terrifying the influence of this iron boat is.

No wonder Sumo asked Lao Gong to give him a ride yesterday. If this guerrilla boat was really driven to the dock of the Starfield Alliance, not only would the entire dock be blown up, but the entire territory would also be in chaos for several nights.

Sitting on the deck, Sumo didn't follow a few people in and wander around, and he had no intention of introducing them.

After all, the guerrilla boat is still a bit too small, only a little over eight meters in length, and the internal space is very limited.

After careful calculation, four crew cabins, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a small command room at the entrance were separated.

Each crew cabin contains a full six beds, which is somewhat similar to the upper, middle and lower berths of a green train.

Anyway, after falling asleep, it is definitely impossible to sit up.

However, Sumo still underestimated the "eccentricities" of the survivors. The four of them took turns lying down in the crew cabin, all of them laughing from ear to ear.

This narrow space is so safe. You don't have to worry about enemies suddenly attacking from an invisible corner, or you don't have to worry about a monster appearing next to you when you suddenly turn around.

Even though it's a bit cramped to sleep, comfort is really not worth mentioning in the face of a sense of security.

"Are you hungry? I'm going to get you something to eat first." After a few people finished visiting, Somo got up and went to the kitchen with a smile.

There are a lot of pre-made vegetable packages prepared by the chef apprentices stored in the freezer. After opening a few packages and pouring them into the pot to heat, the aroma will come out immediately.

Then cook a bunch of noodles, and a simple pot of saozi noodles is freshly baked in less than ten minutes.

"I'll serve it, I'll serve it!"

Luo Xiang and Luo Jiao volunteered and rushed in. One picked up the pots and ran to the command room, while the other counted the chopsticks and bowls for five people from the cutlery box.

Of course, when Luo Jiao turned over the brand-new alloy chopsticks and the delicate-touch stainless steel bowl, she was still stunned for a moment.

Of course she knew what these bowls and chopsticks revealed as she was often influenced by Luo You.

This level of fine polishing and manufacturing technology is definitely not something that can be achieved by hand.

It must be that a complete chain has been developed in industry before it can spread its tentacles to people's livelihood products.

It can be said that if she hadn't clearly known that several people were still in the wasteland, Luo Jiao would not have believed it at this moment even if she said they were back on Earth.

The noodles are brought in and the bowls are placed.

Sumo took out five more fruity drinks of unknown mix from the freezer and took them to the command room.

It's so hot in the Southern Fire Region. I don't know how refreshing it is to drink some ice-cold drinks at noon.

"Eat, why are you waiting for me?"


The four of them sat down in a row, and when it was time to start eating, all of them looked embarrassed.

They felt that everything in front of them seemed a little unreal, as if they were dreaming.

Lao Zhang, in particular, has an illusory feeling like falling into the clouds.

Although before he chose to follow Somo, he had imagined that he would be popular and drink spicy food in the future.

But how long has passed, just one night, and the ultimate goal has been achieved?

"Luo You, then come and serve the noodles. I think you seem to be quite uncomfortable."

After pressing down the two children who were about to move, Sumo looked straight at them.

The latter gave two wry smiles and had no choice but to stand up and put three chopsticks of noodles into the bowls for five people, and then scooped out a full spoonful of sour seeds.

"now it's right."

Su Mo crossed his legs, opened the ring of the drink, smashed it into his mouth and took a sip.

"Do you understand equivalent exchange? Don't think that everything you enjoy now is for nothing. No matter how much preferential treatment I give you in terms of material, I will make the same level of demands when work needs to be done."

"In other words, what you are enjoying now are all earned by your own labor."

He knew that the current behavior of several people was just caused by the separation between their current treatment and their past lives.

This happens almost every day in the territory, and all new survivors will go through this stage.

The difference is that there is currently a complete set of adaptation tutorials in the territory, which can allow each survivor to quickly adapt to the environment, but here he needs to go into battle personally to do it.

However, the effects are almost the same, and it always takes a few days to gradually accept it all.

"Eat it, it won't be good if you get lumpy!"

After lunch, the two children quickly put away the cooking stove, while Lao Zhang went to the stern to tie up the sampan.

Sumo thought for a while, and then came to the deck with Luo You, who was worried.

The two sat down opposite each other, their faces constantly blown by the river breeze mixed with heat waves.

"If you have anything to ask, just say it directly."

"How did your ship achieve autonomous driving? And have you developed a new energy supply?" Luo You was not polite and asked the two most critical questions directly.

This is related to his direct judgment on the development level of all elite territories in Soma.

If we already have this kind of technical level, I'm afraid it will be comparable to the three major super territories.

"Autonomous driving is enabled by artificial intelligence."

Taking out a copy of Number Zero from his pocket, Somo threw it into the sky, and the small square spun around and landed on the steering wheel.

"As for energy supply, of course we do not use modern technologies, which require too much infrastructure. We use a special waste soil mineral, the full name is: KF energy stone, which can automatically absorb heat and store it

Get up. Under specific instruments, heat can be converted into work to achieve energy conversion."


Of course he didn't understand. As a standard liberal arts student, Luo You only had a little knowledge of these science and engineering subjects. His skills were at most changing simple circuits and repairing some small electrical appliances.

But seeing the small squares spinning on the tray, he suddenly felt relieved.

These explanations are not important, what is important is Soma's current attitude.

He didn't think that after tying his family to the chariot, he could refuse to explain some simple questions.

Even if he doesn't understand, if he asks, Somo will still tell him the answer.

This is definitely a reassuring attitude.

"Since your territory has such technology, why not choose to join the three super territories? They will definitely have enough basic resources to support your research, and will use their power to protect you at all costs. Even now, if you want

You don’t have to waste time in person to find me, just one sentence is enough." Luo You thought for a while and then said.

"How do you know we didn't join?" Sumo asked with a half-smile.

Luo Youdang was shocked, and several thoughts flashed through his mind.

There are indeed many elite territories on the World Channel, which are hybrids of many territories.

Is it possible that Somo's elite territory is actually the product of the cooperation of the three major territories?

However, after seeing Somo's joking expression, he realized that he had been shot falsely.

"Don't think that each territory is independent in the wasteland. In fact, we have already been in contact with the three major territories and have reached cooperation."

Sumo emphasized his voice: "But this does not mean that I want to join them. I would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail. Have you heard of me? I will give you a choice. You will come to my territory to be the chief alien consultant. You have the right to decide.

Carry out all research on alien races, or go to the three major territories to be a small officer of the research team and follow others?"

"Then of course I will go to the three major territories. Which survivor wants to go to Dragon Flag, Golden Eagle, and Northern Alliance? Let alone get an official position in them!"

Luo You deliberately wanted to take revenge on Somo for teasing him just now, but he regretted what he said.

What if Sumo gets angry and throws the whole family into the water?

Fortunately, Sumo was still smiling, without any unnecessary displeasure on his face.



Luo You thought seriously for a moment, shook his head and said: "You are right, some things do require cooperation to complete, such as industrial development and technological progress. But some things must also be completed independently."

"When it comes to researching alien races, if I was given a choice, I would rather do it alone than carry out some stupid tasks under the arrangements of others."

"now it's right."

Somo snapped his fingers: "I don't want to be controlled by others, even if they can help me. I can study whatever I want, all according to my ideas. I don't want the people under my command to have to fight for food."

If I worry about it, then I will allocate all my scientific research efforts on food instead of giving it up for other worries."

"There is no need for others to deny whether I am right or wrong. Everyone should follow their own path. Only the successful ones are qualified to speak."

Luo You narrowed his eyes. He felt that such a domineering declaration should not come from such an ordinary middle-aged man in front of him.

If it were the human Su Shen, he would probably be convincing.

But having said that, the man in front of him did have a unique personality charm, at least more courageous than the five territorial lords he had met.

"I have one last question."

"Say it."

"who are you?"

"If I say I am Sumo, will you believe me?"

Luo You suddenly laughed, stood up and patted Somo on the shoulder, feeling as if he had met a close friend.

"You could have just said you were Su Chui. I am, Su Chui!"


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