Chapter 1619 The “true” face of the Pantheon

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At this time, Rorschach had also arrived at the location of the Pantheon under the guidance of Ulena's phantom.

It’s just that what he saw in his eyes was not the same as what Ulena and Thanos saw!

In Rorschach's eyes, the Pantheon is filled with the corpses of those gods, and the traces left after the battle are everywhere!

Luo Xia looked at Ulena next to her who seemed completely unaware of this, and she couldn't help but have some doubts in her heart!

"Ulena, can't you see the corpses and traces of battles in this place?"

Rorschach asked very seriously.

On the way here, he had already communicated with Uliana's phantom about the situation along the way. According to Ulena, there was no trace of the Pantheon, it was just empty.

Ulena's phantom body immediately became serious after hearing Rorschach's question!

"Wait a moment, my true body will be here soon!"

Ulena's phantom has realized the seriousness of the problem, but she doesn't want Rorschach to tell what he saw at this time!

If there is an enemy, and this enemy does not want anyone to know what is happening in the Pantheon in the first place.

Then there's no reason for him to hide while the Nephalem investigate!

If Ulena is allowed to do this, she will definitely kill them all before the true situation is exposed!

Although the question raised by Rorschach was somewhat sensitive, it is very likely that the observer who did not know whether it existed was aware of the possibility of exposure!

But that guy might make the decision to observe because he doesn't know the strength of Rorschach's combat power at this time!

Ulena still has some confidence in her mobility, and she can appear next to Rorschach in just a few breaths.

As for whether Thanos can catch up with her speed, this question is not within the scope of Ulena's consideration!

Rorschach just nodded without making any move.

He understood what Ulena meant, so he would not act like he was about to face a battle at this time.

Since he wants to arouse doubts about the enemy who doesn't know whether he exists, then he should pretend to be like he just asked a casual question!

But Rorschach is also mentally prepared to face a battle at any time!

Barbarians are not the type who can fight with strength only when they have weapons in their hands. There is no problem in at least burying your head and launching a charge!

Rorschach does not think that he is an invincible strong man at this time, but he will not be so arrogant that he thinks that any enemy can easily kill him!

Although Rorschach still doesn't know why the scene that Ulena saw is completely different from the scene he saw, Rorschach already has a preliminary judgment at this time!

If there is any difference between him and other Nephalem, it is probably the connection between him and the righteous authority.

The Judgment Hammer hanging on his waist at this time can also confirm this. Perhaps the enemy he will face this time is not as easy as he thought at the beginning!

But Rorschach believes that since he can see things differently from others, this action cannot be fruitless!

Rorschach simply looked ahead, not intending to focus on any wreckage on the ground!

After they reunited with Ulena, they had enough time to explore for clues in this place.

Any unusual move at this time may complicate the situation, but Rorschach can at least remain calm!

"I am coming!"

The moment Uliana's voice sounded, her phantom body disappeared into the air.

A few seconds after Ulena arrived, Thanos appeared in Rorschach's sight with some difficulty.

It is obvious that there is a big gap between Thanos and Ulena in terms of mobility.

This is only a short-range mobility gap. If it were a long-distance move, Ulena might gain more time.

"You seem anxious?"

Thanos said lightly.

He was obviously a little confused about Ulena coming here in such a hurry, but after seeing Rorschach, most of his doubts disappeared!

Thanos and the Nephalem don't interact many times, but that doesn't mean Thanos knows nothing about the Nephalem's situation.

At least the name Rorschach would be mentioned several times even by Malthael. For a person who is valued by Bulcaisu, this is indeed something worth paying attention to.

"Rorschach, now you can talk about your discovery."

Ulena did not respond to Thanos' question, but spoke to Rorschach very solemnly.

Rorschach first examined Ulena and Thanos in front of him in his own way before preparing to respond.

He didn't want to be taken advantage of by an unknown enemy at this juncture because of his carelessness.

Rorschach said: "What I saw can be said to be full of corpses and traces of battle, but your phantom on the way here told me that the situation you saw was peaceful."

The content of these words made both Ulena and Thanos look a little strange.

If all this is just a visual illusion, then they will definitely not be unaware of it during the action!

There is an invisible stone on the ground. You should be aware of it when you step on it!

But both Ulena and Thanos can guarantee that their actions along the way did not have any such feeling!

"Rorschach, can you pick up the corpses you saw?"

Wu Liena immediately proposed a verification method!

If Rorschach could pick up the corpse and put it in their hands, then at least they could be sure that the situation they were facing was not a simple visual illusion.

Even if this possibility is really unlikely!

Rorschach didn't mean to refuse, he bent down and picked up the remains of an arm!

The moment he picked up the wreckage, Rorschach could tell that this thing was not fake!

Even though the nephalem did not arrange any tasks for Rorschach, Rorschach continued to appear on various battlefields. Now he can definitely be regarded as a mature warrior who has experienced battles.

There is nothing abnormal about these corpses in Rorschach's perception!

Rorschach handed the wreckage in his hand to Ulena, but Ulena's outstretched hand passed directly through the wreckage!

This time both Rorschach and Ulena understood that the means by which this place became like this was not a simple thing!

Even though they had guessed about this from the beginning, they couldn't help but be a little disappointed when this moment actually happened.

The question is, of course, the simpler, the better!

"I think the power I have should have the opportunity to change the situation at this time."

Rorschach said very carefully.

He planned to try and share the power brought by the Hammer of Judgment with Ulena, but Rorschach, the authority of justice, had no plans.

Of course, during this process, Rorschach also placed the target of suspicion on Thanos!

If Ulena couldn't see what was happening here because the Nephalem's power was being targeted, then why would Thanos fall into the same scheme?

Thanos is a member of the Soul Reaver Legion. There are similarities between his power and the Nephalem, but they should never be exactly the same!

And as a Soul Reaver, couldn't he be aware of the environment where the aura of death was everywhere?


At least Rorschach doesn't think this is normal!

"Is there any possibility that it was you, Rorschach, who was the one who got hit?"

Thanos asked slowly with some thought.

Rorschach would not deny the possibility even if he did not have any trust in Thanos.

"It was a complete accident that I came here. I didn't think that the guy who caused this tragic slaughterhouse-like situation would have made any arrangements for me in advance."

Rorschach said and frowned.

He had no intention of coming to the Pantheon at first. Although Rorschach did not have any contempt for these gods, he really had no interest in dealing with them.

Anyone who has interacted with Dr. Manhattan may not have any recognition of the so-called Gods.

After all, when it comes to who is more like a god, none of these gods are worthy of carrying Dr. Manhattan's shoes.

"Rorschach, I agree to whatever you try."

Ulena said directly.

She had some concerns about Thanos's existence since she met him. After all, a guy who appeared in the Pantheon earlier than her. If something really happened here, Thanos would be the more suspicious guy!

Rorschach nodded, and then threw the remains in his hands to the ground!

The next moment, he directly grasped the Hammer of Judgment in his other hand!

The power of righteous authority is indeed noble, but if there is any power in him that is very special, then it is only the power of judgment.

After all, this is a weapon that even Tyrael, as the Archangel of Justice, cannot use!

Even if Ulena can't see or touch those corpses, she can't even touch the Hammer of Judgment!

Rorschach also has another purpose in doing this, which is to be wary of Thanos!

If Thanos is really the mastermind behind all this, the best option to prevent them from discovering the truth is to take action directly!

After all, Uliana's state is obviously abnormal, and using this abnormality is enough to establish an advantage in the battle!

Ulena believes in Rorschach!

It's not because Rorschach is favored by Bulkeso, but because everything Rorschach has done in the past is worthy of her trust!

From time to time, how Rorschach views the Nephalem group, he always stands on the standpoint of humans!

Ulena didn't take any precautions against Rorschach, and directly reached out to grasp the Hammer of Judgment!

And at the moment of this contact, Ulena finally saw the Pantheon in Rorschach's eyes!

"Nothing has changed."

Ulena gave such a false answer!

The phantom behind her nodded imperceptibly!

At this moment, Ulena was very sure that Thanos could not see her phantom body, and this phantom body was facing Rorschach's line of sight!

Rorschach must understand!

"It doesn't appear that the power of this trial is causing the difference in what we're seeing."

Rorschach said and nodded.

This is a response to Ulena!

He had already received Ulena's hint, and this somewhat hasty performance was just to buy some time.

The suspicion of Thanos has not been cleared yet, so it is a normal choice to hide something from Thanos.

"Then it may be the power of righteous authority."

Rorschach gave a guess that didn't matter at this time.

"It's a pity that I can't share the power of righteous authority with you now. It seems that the current situation is still uncertain."

Rorschach showed a sad expression.

This is also a lie. Although the righteous authority held by Rorschach is not the complete authority from the higher heaven!

But Rorschach, who has a high degree of compatibility with justice and authority, has also condensed authority after finding the justice in his heart!

Although this authority formed by Rorschach's own insistence on justice is a bit inferior in strength, it is definitely satisfying to use!

Now that there are many doubts about Thanos, Rorschach and Ulena have chosen to conceal their abilities!

Ulena had already let go of the Hammer of Judgment at this time, but her vision did not return to its original state as she let go of the Hammer of Judgment.

This is not good news, it means that her next actions are destined to be affected by the wreckage.

This change cannot be hidden from Thanos!

Ulena stood there very calmly, doing so could delay the exposure time!

Wuliana's psychological quality prevents others from seeing anything from her face, but in terms of actions, she can never make those things that exist disappear!

If Thanos was the black hand who caused all this, then he would have been able to notice the moment Uliana caused damage to the wreckage in the environment.

After all, how could the guy behind the scenes not be able to see the real scene?

Before, Ulena couldn't even touch the corpses, but now Ulena can actually destroy those remains.

If you pretend, it would be an insult to the intelligence of the mastermind behind the scenes.

"The power of the Hammer of Judgment is closely related to the authority of justice. Maybe you still can't see the scene in my eyes, but now you may be able to touch the wreckage."

Rorschach said as if it was true.

Rorschach is a thoughtful guy, and it is not difficult to think of the difficulties that Ulena will face.

Although the excuse he came up with at this time is not perfect, at least it still makes sense!

After Rorschach said these words, he bent down and picked up a piece of the wreckage again, and then handed it to Ulena!

Ulena stretched out her hand knowingly, and then pretended very maturely that she couldn't see all that!

But the moment Uliana's hand touched the piece of debris, Uliana showed appropriate surprise, and then directly crushed the piece of debris in place with force!

"Although I still can't see it, I can touch it!"

At this time, Ulena showed a very appropriate and thoughtful look!

"This at least proves that Rorschach has not affected you, and you have absolutely no reason to cast an illusion on me."

Ulena added.

"In other words, in your eyes, those gods are not actually missing, but all died in the Pantheon where they gathered?"

Thanos also joined the conversation with curiosity.

At least now there is no trace from Thanos that he is the mastermind behind this.

"Thanos, do you want to try to touch the Hammer of Judgment?"

Rorschach's tone was not very kind, but it was absolutely "normal" to do so!

Thanos is indeed the most suspect at this time, but that only stays at the level of suspicion.

Rorschach needs to test Thanos, which can at least eliminate one suspicion!

"If you don't mind, of course I also want to know the truth. But I still don't understand why Archangel Malthael wants me to wait here.

He is wisdom, not fate, and he does not want me to wait here for your arrival."

Thanos' face showed very sincere doubts.

It seems that Thanos is indeed very normal.

This chapter has been completed!
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