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Mythical version of the Three Kingdoms

Mythical version of the Three Kingdoms

author:Grave soil and grass

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Latest chapter:Chapter 6405 Interests

Chen Xi looked at the soldiers who were throwing away a huge stone weighing hundreds of kilograms, and looked at the sky speechlessly. Is this really the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty? Lu Bu single-handedly drilled through an army of ten thousand people. This is not scientific at all. Zhao Zilong is really possessed by the dragon soul, and with one sword Duanshan, is this really a human? Dian Wei single-handedly protected Cao Cao from the enemy camp and killed thousands of cavalry on the opposite side. This fighting power was incredible! Is there something wrong? Chen Xi touched it I waved my goose feather fan, a strong wind blew up, and I sighed, this is a myth, I am not normal myself. ps: In fact, this is a serious farming article... QQ group: 95010223 (full) Full subscription Verification group: 949176942 Soy sauce group: 397441818 (almost full) Group two: 418928396 (almost full) Group three: 371034966 Group five: 966666635

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《Mythical version of the Three Kingdoms》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 6405 Interests
Chapter 6404 The test starting from this moment
Chapter 6403 Nothing is more important than leveling up
Chapter 6402 The gathering middle class
Chapter 6401 Use as a gun
Chapter 6400: Quit, must quit
Chapter 6399 Leave it to me to solve the problem
Chapter 6398 There’s nothing I can do
Chapter 6397 Guess, let you guess
《Mythical version of the Three Kingdoms》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Historical changes caused by meteorites
Chapter II Division
Chapter 3 Before leaving
Chapter 4 Road Encounters
Chapter 5: Go and see the princes of the world
Chapter 6 Go to My Big Brother, Chen Xi
Chapter 7 Chen Zichuan, who is better than the general trend
Chapter 8 You can still mix in like this~
Chapter 9 Yuan Shao and Dong Zhuo in this period
Chapter 11 My big axe is too unbearable...
Chapter 12 Kill you and I can level up
Chapter 13 Guan Erye's Three Swords
Chapter Fourteen Yuan Shao's Furious
Chapter 15 Dong Zhuo's War Potential
Chapter 16 Gongsun Zan and Liu Yu
Chapter 17 Use fists to influence you
Chapter 18 Li Ru's Mind
Chapter 19 Lu Bu is here
Chapter 20: Faith Beyond Limits
Chapter 21: The Defying Lu Bu
Chapter 22 Actually, I am very good at fortune telling
Chapter 23 There are many masters in this world
Chapter 24 Study how to clean up the opposite
Chapter 25 You have nothing
Chapter 26 The Road After
Chapter 27 The Yuan Family of the Fourth and Third Dukes!
Chapter 28: Open Screen Arrow
Chapter 29 Hulao Shutdown
Chapter 30 Really Not Human!
Chapter Thirty-One: Secret Learning and Disadvantages
Chapter 32 Zilong got it too
Chapter 33 Forced to pretend
Chapter 34 Dong Zhuo and Li Ru
Chapter 35: We Need Recruitment
Chapter 36 Feelings I'm a Murderer!
Chapter 37 All Dream Camp
Chapter 38 Luoyang under the flames
Chapter 39 Ten Thousand Volumes of Books
Chapter 40: Wisdom accumulated over thousands of years
Chapter 41 The first wish
Chapter 42 The generals who have soldiers are the generals
Chapter 43 It must be replaced!
Chapter 44: Jade Seal, Jade Seal
Chapter 45 Sun Jian, Sun Jian
Chapter 46 Sun Jian is dead and money
Chapter 47 Prospects for the next few years
Chapter 48 Detour to Yuzhou
Chapter 49: The Hometown of Yingchuan
Chapter 50 Family
Chapter 51 Family (2)
Chapter 52: Lost in the East, Harvested Sangyu
Chapter 53 Forge ahead for the goal!
Chapter 54 Inhuman Power
Chapter 55: The Great Han Dynasty~
Chapter 56 The rich are finally here
Chapter 57 Excellent conditions~
Chapter 58 Plan ahead
Chapter 59: The Raiders of Taishan Thieves
Chapter 60 Instilling Liu Bei
Chapter 61 The First Battle of Mount Tai
Chapter 62: The Left Pocket Money to the Right Pocket Plan
Chapter 63 The Bad Things During This Time
Chapter 64 Time to turn or something
Chapter 65: Individual Thoughts
Chapter 66 Mi Zizhong, Lu Zijing
Chapter 67 Not arrogance, just because of self-confidence
Chapter 68: The Way of a Madman
Chapter 69: Victory and Victory
Chapter 70 Life is all about fame and fortune
Chapter 71 Jiangdong Lujia
Chapter 72 The Unlucky Zhen Family
Chapter 73 Eat with peace of mind
Chapter 74 Don't panic when you have food in your hands
Chapter 75 Recruitment Order
Chapter 76: The Talents in the World
Chapter 77 The secretary who can do everything
Chapter 78 Donglai Taishi Ci
Chapter 79 When the juvenile Fazheng meets an alcoholic
Chapter Eighty
Chapter 81: Fa Zheng's Ambition
Chapter 81 Liu Ye and Man Chong
Chapter 82 The girl at home
Chapter 83: The visitor is not good
Chapter 84 This job is really hard to do!
Chapter 85 It's not ability, it's father's problem!
Chapter 86: Nothing to Seek Death
Chapter 87 Cut, cut, cut!
Chapter 88 Become the commander of the navy, Xingba!
Chapter 89 Flattered
Chapter 90 Gan Ning, Become the Chief of the Navy
Chapter 91 Arrangements for Gan Ning
Chapter 92 Zhen Mi
Chapter 93 Winter is coming, spring can be kidnapped
Chapter 94 A beautiful tomorrow is beckoning~
Chapter 95 Win the trust of the people
Chapter 96: Chen Xi's Calculation
Chapter 97 Mind
Chapter 98 The Quartet Situation
Chapter 100 People's Livelihood and Ingenious Workmanship
Chapter 101 The Zhen family has entered the game
Chapter 102 It's too expensive, forget it
Chapter 103 The curtain opens
Chapter 104: The Flood and Troubled Yellow Turbans
Chapter 105: Terrifying Elite Arms
Chapter One Hundred and Sixth Return Gift and Expedition
Chapter 107: Deploying troops
Chapter 108 The road of the king does not need allies
Chapter 109 Necessary things
Chapter 110 Everyone thinks too much
Chapter 111 Can you guarantee that Liu Bei will remain unchanged?
Chapter 112 Li Ru and Jia Xu
Chapter 113: It's all broken from top to bottom
Chapter 114 Low IQ will not learn
Chapter 115 When strategy and planning conflict
Chapter 116 Eat a full meal, eat a good meal is benevolence
Chapter 117 The necessity of literacy
Chapter 118 The enemy general is our man
Chapter 119: The Yellow Turbans Fleeing
Chapter 120 The wise commander of Shenwu
Chapter 121 I am Chen Zichuan, you are Fa Xiaozhi
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Second
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Three Soldiers Suppress Jizhou
Chapter 124: Talent at the strategic level
Chapter 125: Let her be glorious
Chapter 126 I regret the original one
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seventh
Chapter 128: The Necessity of the Zhen Family in Jizhou
Chapter 129 are all calculating
Chapter 130 The two great gods in the court
Chapter 131 The heritage of the family
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Second
Chapter 133: Disturbed
Chapter 134 The general trend is like this, what can you do
Chapter 135: Stealing chickens will not be able to counteract a handful of rice
Chapter 136 Take the opportunity to take root and sprout
Chapter 137 Start with your advantage
Chapter 138 Jizhou has happened
Chapter 139 Hidden dangers exist in all the princes in the world
Chapter 140: Chen Xi's Political Vision
Chapter 141 An Agronomist from the Imperial Palace
Chapter 142: Bandits and Bandits Have No Human Rights
Chapter 143 Let's find someone to support it too
Chapter 144 Just a few words
Chapter 145 A piece of toilet paper also has its value
Chapter 146 This perspective is still very important
Chapter 147 Cut down my loyalty with a knife
Chapter 148: Their respective ideals
Chapter 149: Liu Xuande is enlightened
Chapter 150 It's all Liu Xuande's fault!
Chapter 151 The education of the aristocratic family is really necessary
Chapter 152 I have already reserved your position
Chapter 153: If I walk too much at night, I will hit a ghost
Chapter 154 Bet on the battle in the North!
Chapter 155: Spoil the situation in all directions
Chapter 156 Occasional waves
Chapter 157 Principled waves
Chapter 158 Strong crossbow? You are courting death!
Chapter 159 Try changing a household registration system
Chapter 160: Prepare to open the system of building a government office
Chapter 161: Household Registration and Land Taxation
Chapter 162 Liu Ye's New Accounting Method
Chapter 163 When we have food, we will expand our army
Chapter 164: Time to run Cao Mengde
Chapter 165 Yuan Shu's Pride
Chapter 166 Xiangyang City Breaks
Chapter 167 If you don't want to be unlucky, just go!
Chapter 168 Let's weaken the dad
Chapter 169 Fight against the backwater, if you don't win, you die!
One hundred and seventieth chapters pit father's son
Chapter 171: their own resentment
Chapter 172 It turns out that the way I recruited was wrong
Chapter 173 Let's disgust each other
Chapter 174: Change the professional master!
Chapter 175 Digging Tunnels with High Benefits
Chapter 176 When morale is low, money rains
Chapter 177 Half a bucket of water is sometimes better than an empty bottle
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Eighth
Chapter 179: Pingyu City Breaks
Chapter 180: Sitting on the Mountain and Watching the Tiger Fight
Chapter 181 Zhou Yu's thoughts
Chapter 182 Borrowing a knife to kill
Chapter 183 Yuan Shu retreats
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Fourth If you want the position of my family head, then come and grab it!
Chapter 185: The New No. 1 Prince in the World
Chapter 186 When the relocation of the poor men in Yuzhou is in progress
Chapter 187 Zhang's North Comes
Chapter 188: Recruit female officials to adjust
Chapter 189: The Flower in the Cage, the Happiness of the Canary
Chapter 190 Force you to work hard with anger!
Chapter 191 Everyone has a mission
Chapter 192: There are future expectations for the monarch
Chapter 193 This is what you said, please take this as a lesson!
Chapter 194 At this level, if you can't do it, you will miss it!
Chapter 195: Gan Ning of HNA Test Products
Chapter 196 It must have a deep meaning for the military advisor to let me come
Chapter 197: Deep meaning, deep meaning, insight, insight
Chapter 198: Chen Xi's Educational Methods
Chapter 199 The spiritual talent of everyone
Chapter 200 The enemy is also very strong
Chapter 201 Quartet our side
Chapter 202 What failure can Liu Xuande, who started from scratch, not bear!
Chapter 203 Finally, these people are overwhelmed!
Chapter 204 You continue to fight, we are just civil unrest!
Chapter 205 Dian Wei's Disadvantages
Chapter 206 The Darkness Before Dawn
Chapter 207 Gongsun Zan's Imposing Momentum
Chapter Two White Zero Eight Gan Ning's Mentality
Chapter 209 Yuan Shao's Courage
Chapter 210 Ju Yi's Ability
Chapter 211 The rising land in the prosperous area makes people feel angina
Chapter 212 I am witty and I am afraid
Chapter 213 Where is North First Street?
Chapter 214 Just a hand, everything is different!
Chapter 215: Accelerated education and spending money to buy people's hearts
Chapter 216 Idle chess everywhere, random moves
Chapter 217 Youzhou is in an emergency
Chapter 218 The number of days seems to be still on our side!
Chapter 219 The sharp and powerful army that came out
Chapter 220 When did Gongsun Zan fall to this point?
Chapter 221 Time is also fate!
Chapter 222 Look at the magic medicine developed by my strategist to cure all diseases!
Chapter 223 A certain magic medicine was not blown out!
Chapter 224 The real sense of three hundred wars and tens of thousands
Chapter 225 Burning Handan Granary
Chapter 226 That restless burning heart
Chapter 227 A fire in late autumn
Chapter 228 Hundred Riders Robbery Camp
Chapter 229 Let's squat to Shennong Temple!
Chapter 230 According to intelligence
Chapter 231 Small tricks and other things still depend on strength in the end!
Chapter 232 Please invite someone to the hidden monster
Chapter 233 Let's start a new strategic plan
Chapter 234 Let's restructure!
Chapter 235 Restructuring, Restructuring, Restructuring!
Chapter 236 This situation must be stabilized!
Chapter 237: Chen Xi, I can't keep up with this lie, can you keep a low profile!
Chapter 238 A group of guys who have never seen the world
Chapter 239 I have to fight again!
Chapter two hundred and fortieth with honor
Chapter 241 Comforting Spirit
Chapter 242 Lost Mystery
Chapter 243 The first phase of education for street children is coming
Chapter 244 Sophistry, sophistry
Chapter 245 Even small things can be great!
Chapter 246: Chen Xi's Juvenile Education
Chapter 247 Grading is essential!
Chapter 248 This damn era!
Chapter two hundred and forty-ninth sensible heartache
Chapter 250: The Three Ideals of Fazheng
Chapter 251 Zhang Fei, you are selling your teammates!
Chapter 252 Retirement, Expansion, Reorganization
Chapter 253 Let's start, everyone!
Chapter 254 Deterring the Quartet and ending this year's war
Chapter 255: The scholars attack the pavilion
Chapter 256 Young man, you don't understand people's hearts!
Chapter 257 Guan Yu, Wei Yan, Guan Ping
Chapter 258 Lure
Chapter 259 The incarnation of wisdom passed down through the ages
Chapter 260 The Advantages of Teenagers
Chapter 261 is in the transfer stage
Chapter 262 Yuan Shu who is dying
Chapter 263 It turns out that I have always wanted to save this era!
Chapter 264 See who ambushed who!
Chapter 265 Kill the enemy generals in front of a thousand troops!
Chapter two hundred and sixty-sixth take advantage of the night to take Le Mausoleum
Chapter 267: The brave generals of the world
Chapter 268 The Greenhouse in the Eyes of the Ancients
Chapter 369 Auspiciousness and trouble
Chapter 270 Find something for those who have nothing to do
Chapter 271 Ma Teng and Han Sui
Chapter 272 The Decline of Imperial Power
Chapter 273: Weak Hundred Forged Steel
Chapter 274 Zhang's is a good choice!
Chapter 275 Let's fake
Chapter 276 merits and demerits
Chapter two hundred and seventy seventh hand familiar
Chapter 278: Fighting Violence with Violence and Attaching to Wang Hua
Chapter 279 Finally, we have reached this point
Chapter 280 Liu Yu, can you do anything more!
Chapter 281 It's a matter of Youzhou!
Chapter 282 There are mountains outside the mountains
Chapter 283 Sima Yi is fully open!
Chapter 284 Times have changed
Chapter 285 It's so dangerous, it's better to be harmonious
Chapter 286 Copy, Paste, Delete - Zhicai, Kong Ming, Zhongda
Chapter 287 The transformed Sima Yi
Chapter 288: A Qualified Meal Ticket in Fanliang's Eyes
Chapter 289 The rule of the times
Chapter 290 My, and our advantages
Chapter 291: Missing each other
Chapter 292 The wild Pang Tong meets the destiny
Chapter 293 Cao Cao's family letter enters Xuzhou
Chapter 294 This is life!
Chapter 295: The prosperity of Wendao is coming
Chapter 296 Admiration for luxury Liu Xuande
Chapter two hundred and ninety seventh imitating the ancestors
Chapter 298 Fame and virtue are written for you by yourself!
Chapter two hundred and ninety-ninth Ju's mind
Chapter 300 Tao Gongzu's Mind
Chapter 301: Pity the hearts of the world's parents
Chapter 302 Idealists and Realists
Chapter 303 Family
Chapter 304 When Sima Lang met Xi Zhicai
Chapter 305 History Always Needs Heralds
Chapter 306: Xi Zhicai's Mind
Chapter 307 Some things are destined!
Chapter 308: Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers
Three hundred and ninth chapters are pregnant with ghosts
Chapter 310 digging people
Chapter 311 The true ability of my Zhicai!
Chapter 312 Is it really not a brother?
Chapter 313 It's not that easy to win!
Chapter 314 Why didn't you say it earlier with this executive power?
Chapter 315 Zhuge Kongming
Chapter 316 Some things cannot be forced
The three hundred and seventeenth chapters are different from each other
Chapter 318 When Wisdom Incarnates Meets Millennium Wisdom
Chapter 319 The Incident Happened
Chapter 320 Centrifugal
Chapter 321 Hua Tuo
Chapter 322 Let me lead the troops? What is the idea!
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Three Relaxed Freehand, Prepare Early
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Four The foundation of medical treatment begins like this!
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Five The Communication Method of Pure Man - Fist to Flesh
Chapter 326 Yizhou and Zhuya
Chapter 327 Little Bawang's Journey to the Yangtze River
Chapter 328 A peck and a drink, there is a destiny
Chapter 329: Chen Xi, Chen Qun
Chapter 330 People are here
Chapter 331 Auspiciousness and Wedding
Chapter 332 Impossible to be perfect
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty-Three The Tragedy of the Elixir of the Wei and Jin Dynasties
Chapter 334: Fame and fortune cannot escape through the ages
Chapter 335 It's time to take medicine
Chapter 336 Ready to start
Chapter 337: The Death of Cao Song
Chapter 338 Cao Cao's Premonition
Chapter 339 Zhong Yao and Yang Xiu
Chapter 340 Heart is not dead!
Chapter 341 Qingzhou Raiders
Chapter 342 This Xuzhou family
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty-Three Merely Third Class
Chapter 344 Will? Army Soul?
Chapter 345 This way of education
Chapter 346 If this revenge is not repaid, I swear not to be a human being!
Chapter 347: The Support of Chen Liuwei and He Dongwei
Chapter three hundred and forty-eight attack Xuzhou
Chapter 349 Shuangying Shuangshu
Chapter 350: Diligence Can Make Up For One Hundred Phoenix Lingri
Chapter 351: Seeing people's hearts over time
Chapter 352 I want to destroy Cao Mengde!
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty-Three
Chapter 354: Ambush
Chapter 355 The correct way to use the white horse
Chapter 356 Defeated Cao Chun
Chapter 357 Rules
Chapter 358 The calculation of the temple and the plot of the princes
Chapter 359 princes, families, people
Chapter 360 Xun Wenruo's thoughts
Chapter 361 I believe in the heart of the lord
Chapter 362 This is the case
Chapter 363 Cao Liu
Chapter three hundred and sixty-four people in troubled times
Chapter 365 How can you let Cao Cao fool you like this
Chapter 366 The so-called like-minded
Chapter 367 Fundamental problem!
Chapter 368 Destroy Cao Cao
Chapter 369 The strategy of one-shot kill
Chapter 370 Destined to destroy Cao Bao
Chapter 371 Saying that it is a straw bag is an insult to the straw bag!
Chapter 372 The Prospect of Danyang Elite Soldiers and Xiliang Iron Cavalry
Chapter 373 Cao Mengde is enlightened
Chapter 373 Epidemic
Chapter 375 Let us open a new chapter
Chapter 376 After you have done what you need to do, immortality is destiny!
Three hundred and seventieth chapters of life
Three hundred and seventieth eight chapters have death but not life
Chapter 379 Harvest
Chapter 380: Win or lose again
Chapter 381 A large number of seizures
Chapter 382 The Plague Strikes
Chapter 383: One wrong move, one wrong move, and the game is broken!
Chapter 384 I have no choice but to do it
Chapter 385 Two Yuan sent troops
Chapter 386 Virtue
Chapter three hundred and eighty seventh natural disaster is coming
Chapter 388 The biggest trouble is Yuan Benchu
Chapter three hundred and eighty-ninth the aspirations of the people
Chapter 390 The God's Plan of the Yellow Turbans in Qingzhou
Chapter 391 Mi Zhu's plan
Chapter three hundred and ninety second unreasonable assassination
Chapter 393 Entering Xuzhou
Chapter 394 The change is still too small
Chapter three hundred and ninety-five first master the military power
Chapter 396 Re-government of Xuzhou
Chapter 397 The Virtue I Approve
Three hundred and ninetieth eight chapters resettlement
Chapter 399 Xuzhou Chen family buys Ping An
Chapter 400: Recalculate Jizhou
Chapter 401 The general trend is broken
Chapter 402: The Doomed Tragedy
Chapter 403: God Stone Creates History
The 404th chapter God stone and so on are trivial matters
Chapter 405 Yellow Turban
Chapter 406 I'd rather not know
Chapter 407 I'm not reconciled
Chapter 408 Hit the Stone with an Egg
Chapter 409 The fire does not go out
Chapter 410 Seeking benevolence, benevolence, turn around
Chapter 411 Lu Family
Chapter 412 After all, someone needs to be responsible
Chapter 413 Just make this choice
Chapter 414: The Yellow Turbans
Chapter 415 Yuan Shao enters the game
Chapter 416: Cao Cao, Lu Bu, Yuan Shu
Chapter 417 Trouble is coming
Chapter four hundred and eighteen home
Chapter 419 I care about you
Chapter 420 Family Split
Chapter 421 Signs of the collapse of the empire
Chapter four hundred and twenty second planning
Chapter 423 Sure enough
Chapter 424 The reason is still very complicated
Chapter 425 System
Chapter 426 Chaos within the family
Chapter four hundred and twenty seventh family planning
Chapter 428 The Expanding Navy
Chapter 429 Gan Ning's Wisdom
Chapter 430 Naval Fighting Methods
Chapter 431 The fish of the East China Sea
Chapter 432 The helplessness of the old fairy of Nanhua
Chapter 434 See how you break it!
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters inevitably a war
Chapter 435 Combining work and rest
Chapter 436 Zhuge Liang's comprehension
Chapter 437 Navy Professional Meal
Chapter 438 Fazheng Father and Son
Chapter 439 Demolition
The four hundred and fortieth chapters are pregnant with ghosts
The four hundred and fortieth chapter no longer fear
Chapter 442 Misunderstanding
Chapter 443 The goals are different
Chapter 444: The Tragic Cao Cao
Chapter 445 is just making trouble
Chapter 446: Xun Wenruo takes action
Chapter 447: Large Weapons
Chapter 448: Battle Lujiang
Chapter 449 You have Zhang Liangji, I have a wall ladder
Chapter 450 Returning favors
Chapter 451 Gan Ning in a state of war
Chapter 452: Waste one first
Chapter 453: Defeat Zhou Yu again
Chapter 454: Immortal Zhou Tai
Chapter 455: Zhou Yu
Chapter 456 Bo Fu, your chance has come
Chapter 457: Lu Kang's Wisdom
Chapter 458 The choice of the Lu family
Chapter 459 Lu Family News
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters thank you
Chapter 461: Li You's Xuzhou Plan
Chapter 462 King's Way
Chapter 463 When the young Lu Xun collided with the enhanced version of Zhuge Liang
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters worship you as a teacher
Chapter 465 There are too many unscientific things
Chapter 466 The celestial phenomenon has changed
Chapter 467: Unconscious crushing and beating
Chapter 468 Zhou Gongjin, you are cruel enough!
Chapter 469 They are here
Chapter four hundred and seventieth plan
Chapter 471: Capture the thief and capture the king
Four hundred and seventieth chapters military strategy
Chapter 473: Zhou Yu's Legion Talent
Chapter 474 Sun Ce battles Taishi Ci
Four hundred and seventieth chapters battle battle
Chapter 476: Zhuge Liang, who opens his abilities
Chapter 477 Frost Flurry
Chapter 478: The boat is light, retreat
Chapter four hundred and seventy-ninth big head in the back
Chapter 480 Everyone has their own aspirations
Chapter 481 is not perfect
Chapter 482: Li Jue's worries
Chapter 483 This matter is easy
Chapter 484: Zhong Yao's Plan
Chapter 485: The Wisdom of Stupid People
Chapter 486 It's time to show real strength
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh water can capsize the boat
Chapter 488 Sun Gan's Basic Construction
Chapter 489 Lu Xun, who is about to get out of the shadow of Zhuge
Chapter 490 Prepare early
Chapter 491 Prepare to clear the field
Chapter 492 Goodbye Fazheng
Chapter 493 The inheritance left by Guo Jia
Chapter 494 The hottest entertainment today
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters mind
Chapter 496 The current technology search plan
Chapter four hundred and ninety seventh is always a strange man
Chapter 498 A certain version of the drama
Chapter four hundred and ninety-ninth virtuous come from afar
Chapter 500 Teaching according to aptitude
Chapter five hundred and one
Chapter 502 You are very important
Chapter 503 Another platter is in hand
Chapter 504 takes virtue as the core
Chapter 505 Going against the trend
Chapter 506 Based on this, build virtue for the world!
Chapter 507 This is a tragedy
Chapter 508 Firefly Bright Moon
Chapter five hundred and ninth smoke from gunpowder
Chapter five hundred and ten Tian Feng's plan
Chapter five hundred and eleventh unknown
Chapter five hundred and twelve preparations for war
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirteen Recommend You as the Book Order
Chapter five hundred and fourteen the unchanging heart
Chapter five hundred and fifteen returning home
Chapter 516: The Era of Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 517 Still not enough people!
Chapter five hundred and eighteen Zhuge's official
Chapter five hundred and nineteen finally took the first step
The 520th chapter has some things already doomed (1)
The 521st chapter has some things already doomed (2)
Chapter 522 Lu Zijing arrests people
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Three Anything Is Useful
Chapter 524: Sharpening the knife to Lu Bu
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Five In fact, I am really lucky!
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Six Yuan Shao's Cards
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Seven The Will to Fall
Chapter five hundred and twentieth eight signs
Chapter 529 Hua Xiong vs Yan Liang
Chapter 530 Ju Yi is coming
Chapter 531 Xiliang Iron Cavalry Vs First Dead Man
Chapter 532 Huaxiong Vs Ju Yi
Chapter five hundred and thirty third defeat
Chapter five hundred and thirty fourth hidden restraint
Chapter 535: The Mount Tai mission is in progress
Chapter 536 Liu Bei has a queen
Chapter five hundred and thirty seventh still called Adou
Chapter 538: Liu Ye, who has bad intentions
Chapter 539 The war will start
Chapter 540: Bingzhou Wolf Riding Vs Xianding Dead Man
Chapter five hundred and forty first entrusted
Chapter five hundred and forty-two the destination of Xi Zhicai
Chapter 543 Cao Mengde's ambition!
Five hundred and fortieth chapters chopping melons and vegetables
Chapter five hundred and forty-fifth life and death
Five hundred and fortieth chapters oriole, oh oriole
Chapter five hundred and forty seventh marriage
Five hundred and fortieth eight chapters Dabu Dan
Chapter five hundred and forty-ninth for the future
Chapter 550 Self-righteous
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty-First On the Real Situation
Chapter 552 The first super creature starts
Chapter 553 God Stone Fragments
Chapter 554: The strongest king of the ages
Chapter five hundred and fifty fifth good news
Five hundred and fiftieth chapters with joy and joy
Chapter five hundred and fifty seventh Hua Xiong's doubts
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth eighth flicker, flicker
Chapter 559 Liu Ye's style
Chapter 560 Training
Chapter 561 Yanmen Zhang Wenyuan
Chapter five hundred and sixty-two unpredictable ghosts
Chapter five hundred and sixty third planning
Five hundred and sixtieth chapters flexible inner air
Chapter 565: Convergence
Chapter 566 Battle Post
Chapter 567 Diao Chan
Chapter 568 Zhang Fei's Faith
Chapter five hundred and sixty-ninth the bondage of the tiger
Five hundred and seventieth chapters across the world
Chapter five hundred and seventy-first total defeat
Chapter five hundred and seventy-two, the wise will have a loss
Five hundred and seventieth chapters the way of heaven and man
Chapter 574 The situation is not good
Chapter 575: The curtain call of the battle of Liu Lu
Five hundred and seventieth chapters long-term plan
Chapter five hundred and seventy seventh Xu Zijiang's commentary
Five hundred and seventieth eight chapters various lists
Chapter five hundred and seventy-ninth Xu Wei's thoughts
Chapter 580 Research Results
Chapter five hundred and eighty first
Chapter five hundred and eighty second unchanged, changing
Chapter five hundred and eighty third Zhao Yun's strength
Chapter 584 Prepare to fight again
Chapter five hundred and eighty-fifth double ten, the number of feudal princes to pay respects
Chapter five hundred and eighty sixth Huang family to start
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh Jingzhou talent
Chapter 588 Goodbye Iraqi
Chapter 589: Casting the Soul for the Nation
Chapter five hundred and ninetieth inevitable
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters take this as the heart
Chapter 592 The reason for the invincibility of the same level
Chapter 593 Zhao Yunfa is returning
Chapter 594: Dazzling?
Chapter five hundred and ninety-fifth thousand miles to find husband
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters do their best to obey the destiny
Chapter 597 There is a realm called maturity
Chapter five hundred and ninety-eight troubles in the northwest
Chapter 599: Hidden merit and fame
Chapter 600: For thousands of years, man will conquer the sky
Chapter 601 The injustice of the sky, I take it myself, who dares to stop
Chapter 602 I have a clear conscience
Chapter 603 A Little Misunderstanding
Chapter 604 What is the difference
Chapter 605 There is a kind of heart called invincibility
Chapter 606 The Rebel Group
Chapter 607 Foreshadowing Quartet
Chapter 608: Fu Jun
Chapter 609: Every opponent will meet a good talent
Chapter 610 You come and I go
Chapter 611 There is a kind of IQ called hard injury
Chapter 612 This situation is really tragic
Chapter 613 Is the curtain about to open?
Chapter 614: Meeting Friends by Martial Arts
Chapter 615 The Cause of Yesterday
Chapter 616 The final step
Chapter 617 You can give it a try
Chapter 618 Wait for the next time
Chapter 619 Bottom Line
Chapter six hundred and twentieth
Chapter 621 The bull's head is wrong
Chapter 622 The twists and turns
Chapter 623 Unpredictable People
Chapter 624 Recapture the lost dignity
Chapter 625 The Difficulties of the Northern Merger State
Chapter 626 The Heart of the Northern Expedition
Chapter 627: Legion Talent, Formation, and Soul
Chapter 628 Yan Liang and Guan Yu
Chapter 629 The power of the mind
Chapter 630 Zhao Yun's Troubles
Chapter 631 I still have to come by myself
Chapter 632 The Elite of Liu Bei's Army
Chapter 633 The incomprehensible battle situation
Chapter 634 Jiang Qi's trump card
Chapter 635 Where is my cow?
Chapter 636 It is better to have no teammates
Chapter 637 Zhang Jai comes to help
Chapter 638 The real goal
Chapter 639: Zhang Ja's defeat
Chapter 640 Local Characteristic Arms
Chapter 641 The strength of Yuan and Liu
Chapter 642 Chen Gong's Wisdom
Chapter 643: Heaven is the chessboard, all living beings are sons
Chapter 644: Chen Gong's Choice
Chapter 645: Looking to the South from the North
Chapter 646 The final temptation
Chapter six hundred and forty-seven people respect me one foot, and I return ten feet
Chapter 648: Yuan Shu, Yuan Shao, Yuan Family
Chapter 649: Two Liu Fa Yuan
Chapter 650 Yang Conspiracy Can't Reach People's Hearts
Chapter 651 Sun Ce, Zhou Yu and Second Liu
Chapter 652 Recommendation
Chapter 653 I carry these pots
Chapter 654: The Final Test of Mind
Chapter 655 What did I miss
Chapter 656 This is too smart and not good
Chapter 657 A seed planted unintentionally
Chapter six hundred and fifty-eight
Chapter 659: Accidental is trouble
Chapter 660 The difference between the two
Chapter 661 The battle between the Jagged faction and the enlightened faction
Chapter 662: Turning the enemy into one's own thoughts
Chapter 663 The overbearing king and benevolence also look at people
Chapter 664 Variables
Chapter 665 National Fortune
Chapter 666 The Battle of Guanzhong
Chapter 667: The Loyalty School of the Han Dynasty
Chapter six hundred and sixty-eight cutting weeds and eradicating the roots
Chapter 669 kicked the iron plate
Chapter 670: Lu Bu's Trouble
Chapter 671 Another veteran
Chapter 672 Returning to the North
Chapter 673 Troubled Gongsun Zan
Chapter 674: The Shackles of the Mind
Chapter six hundred and seventy-fifth dare to ask the ambition of the king
Chapter 676 I Can't Believe Yuan Benchu
Chapter six hundred and seventy seventh general review
Chapter 678 Tian Feng's spiritual talent
Chapter 679 I will deal with him
Chapter 680: The Disappearance of Spiritual Energy
Chapter 681 Let go, this is mine
Chapter 682 Yuan Shao's cruelty
Chapter 683 Huang Family Arrives
Chapter 684: Xiuwaihuizhong
Chapter 685 The talent of everyone
Chapter 686: Jiang Wan, a late bloomer
Chapter 687 Qu Cai and Self-realization
Chapter six hundred and eighty eighth key point
Chapter 689 The enemy is inevitably inside
Chapter six hundred and ninetieth death
Chapter six hundred and ninety first casual details
Chapter 692: The opportunity is here
Chapter 693 I'll take care of the sword
Chapter 694 This is the foundation of legislation
Chapter 695: Unsettled people's hearts are the root cause of chaos
Chapter 696: The Terrifying Yizhou Side Army
Chapter 697: Strictly guard against the Yizhou Army
Chapter 698: The Yizhou Army is the target
Chapter 699: The Correct Use of Legion Talents
Chapter 700 Let's go to war
Chapter 701 If you can't guess, then don't guess
Chapter 702 This is your plan
Chapter seven hundred and three bloody battle
Chapter 704: Defeat Chen Xi on the side of Jishui?
Chapter 705 Moon Black Wind High Killing Night
Chapter seven hundred and six defeat and then succeed
Chapter 707 Elite Will and Legion Talent
Chapter 708 Worrying too much
Chapter seven hundred and ninth ultimate goal
Chapter 710 Genius and hard material
Chapter 711 The turmoil begins
Chapter seven hundred and twelve undercurrents surging
Seven hundred and thirteenth chapter know the current affairs
Chapter 714 The situation under chaos
Chapter 714
Chapter 716: Aristocratic Family, Aristocratic Family
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen sit down and talk
Chapter 718 What a big pit, the family fell
Chapter 719 The choice of the family
Chapter 720 In fact, it can be better
Chapter seven hundred and twenty first family and country
Chapter 722 In fact, you don't have to be like this
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth the overall situation is the most important
Chapter 724: Escape Plan
Chapter 725: A move to kill you
Chapter 726 Chaos has been born
Chapter seven hundred and twenty seventh and wait for tomorrow
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth eight strong unexpected
Chapter 729 The people's counterattack
Chapter seven hundred and thirtieth masters in the folk
Chapter 731 The once mythical arms
Chapter 732 The end of the family chaos
Chapter 733 One thing descends one thing
Chapter 734: The Inescapable Hobby
Chapter seven hundred and thirty fifth two boys
Chapter seven hundred and thirty sixth two teenagers
Chapter 737 Disposal
Chapter 738: Scholars, Farmers, Industry and Commerce
Chapter 739 Relocation
Chapter 740 Push back, develop medicine first
Chapter 741: Hidden dangers broke out
Chapter 742 After the Divine Stone dissipates
Chapter seven hundred and fortieth chapters about to gallop the chariot
Chapter 744: The King's Consciousness
Chapter 745 This decadent and evil era
Seven hundred and fortieth chapters heroic hair
Chapter seven hundred and forty seventh soldiers forced Shouchun
Chapter seven hundred and forty eight dirty
Chapter seven hundred and forty-ninth change begins
Chapter 750 Yuan Shu's Memory
Chapter 751 The so-called shame
Chapter seven hundred and fifty second powerful aura
Chapter 753: Three Liu points Yuan?
Seven hundred and fiftieth chapters wish
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth chapters completed their work in one battle
Chapter 756 Zhuge Liang is here too
Chapter seven hundred and fifty seventh words are not speculative
Chapter 758 Defeat
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth IX meet again
Chapter 760 Fight again
Chapter seven hundred and sixty first enemy
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-two suitable host and guest
Chapter 763: The Conflict of Faith
Chapter seven hundred and sixty fourth public and private
Chapter seven hundred and sixty fifth wrong judgment
Chapter 766 Zhou Yu's backhand
Chapter 767 Yuan Shu's Request
Chapter 768 There are always some fools who make you realize
Chapter 769 The choice of Gongsun Bogui
Chapter seven hundred and seventieth letter of credit
Chapter 771 In fact, I have been empty gloves and white wolf
Chapter seven hundred and seventy second upset
Chapter 773: The world is shocked
Chapter seven hundred and seventy fourth fight
Chapter 775 After you sing, I will appear
Seven hundred and seventieth chapters everyone's reaction
Chapter 777: The Voice of the Northern Expedition
Chapter 778 The Canal Plan
Chapter 779 Chaos phenomenon
Chapter seven hundred and eighty four chaos
Chapter 781: Under Cao Liu
Chapter 782 Zhao Yun, Guan Yu
Chapter seven hundred and eighty third start
Chapter seven hundred and eighty fourth luck
Chapter seven hundred and eighty fifth violent Lu Bu
Chapter 786 Who can tell right and wrong
Chapter seven hundred and eighty seventh is about to go to the regular Zhang Fei
Chapter 788 Wei Yan and Guan Ping
Chapter 789 Xu Shu arrives
Chapter seven hundred and ninetieth hidden dangers of veterans
Chapter seven hundred and ninety first return
Chapter seven hundred and ninety second combat readiness
Chapter 793: The Death of Gongsun Zan
Chapter 794 Chief
Chapter 795 Yuan Shao in action
Chapter 796 The world will finally start
Chapter seven hundred and ninety seventh Yongliang changes
Chapter 798 Xiliang enters the game
Seven hundred and ninetieth chapters Diligent King
Chapter eight hundred undercurrents surging
Chapter 801 The Three Talented Hua Xiong
Chapter 802: Combining soldiers
Chapter 803 Adjustment
Chapter 804 Northern Expedition
Chapter 805 Dong Zhao
Chapter 806: Providence
Chapter 807 Looking Across the River
Chapter 808 The so-called identity
Chapter 809 Bridge
Chapter eight hundred and ten for face
Chapter 811 Union
Chapter 812: Yuan Shao's Faith
The eight hundred and thirteenth chapters are different, and they do not work together
Chapter eight hundred and fourteenth fight
Chapter eight hundred and fifteen the price
Chapter 816 Crossing the Yellow River
Chapter 817 Governing a big country is like cooking small fresh food
Eight hundred and eighteenth chapter crow mouth
Eight hundred and nineteenth chapter planning
Chapter 820 Veterans
Chapter eight hundred and twenty first war
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters get started
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters army soul into the body
Chapter 824: Yuan Shao's exposed backhand
Extra Story 3 Xiang Yu Biography
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters Xuanxiang of the initial army formation
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters rush
Eight hundred and twentieth seventh chapter broken array
Eight hundred and twentieth eight chapters fight again
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth swan song
Chapter 830 Emperor Star
Eight hundred and thirty first chapter Jingxiang chaos
Eight hundred and thirty second chapter fatal blow
Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters different concepts
Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters cleaning and comforting
Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters Xiapi chaos
Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters plan will be out
Eight hundred and thirty seventh chapter Chen Deng's plan
Chapter 838: Li Yan's Calculation
Eight hundred and thirtieth IX their preparations
Chapter eight hundred and fortieth siege
Chapter eight hundred and forty first come out
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters victory
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters prepare to divide
Chapter 844: The Guanzhong Incident
Chapter eight hundred and fortieth chapters
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters the general trend will be clear
Chapter 847: General of Kanto, Prime Minister of Kansai
Eight hundred and fortieth eight chapters brave man
Chapter 849: Yuan Cao's tacit understanding
Chapter 850 Military Discipline
Chapter eight hundred and fifty first handed over to you
Chapter 852: System Stability
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth chapters ready to cross the river
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters unavoidable distraction
Biography of Xiang Yu
Chapter 855: Qinghe Raiders
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters Xun Chen's calculation
Eight hundred and fifty-seventh chapters know the wisdom of others, those who know themselves will be clear
Eight hundred and fiftieth eight chapters in the forbidden mind
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth IX doubts
Chapter eight hundred and sixty the so-called dead lips
Chapter 861 Fan Yang fires
Chapter 862: Disrupting Jiyin
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters plan Yecheng
Chapter 864: Western Yanzhou
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters Xiahou Juan
Chapter 866 Before the decisive battle
Chapter 867: A replica of the Battle of Qin Zhao Changping
Chapter 868 Yuan Shao enters the game
Chapter 869 The possibility of breaking the situation against the trend
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters create facts
Chapter eight hundred and seventy first preparation
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-two Jia Xu's tangle
Chapter 873 The so-called fighter
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-four hidden dangers appearing on both sides
Chapter eight hundred and seventy fifth cloud movement
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters decisive battle 1
Chapter 877 Decisive Battle 2 Yan Liang's Death
Eight hundred and seventy-eighth chapter decisive battle 3 Jushou's death
Eight hundred and seventieth IX decisive battle 4
Chapter 880 Decisive Battle 5 Chinese Army Chaos
Eight hundred and eighty-first chapter decisive battle 6 trial match is ruthless
Eight hundred and eighty-two chapters decisive battle 7 Xun Chen's backhand
Chapter eight hundred and eighty third decisive battle 8 Ju Yi's counterattack
Eight hundred and eighty-fourth chapter decisive battle 9 is about to comeback
Chapter eight hundred and eighty fifth decisive battle 10 undefeated
Eight hundred and eighty-sixth chapter decisive battle 11 precursor to the collapse
Eight hundred and eighty seventh chapter decisive battle 12 defeat
Eight hundred and eighty-eighth chapter decisive battle 13 Ju Yi's death
Chapter 889 Yuan Shao flees
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapter Tian Feng's death
Chapter 891 Yuan Shao ends
Chapter 892 The last battle at the junction of Ji-Yan
Chapter 893 The four courtyards in Hebei give up the second!
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters dominance begins
Chapter 895 The upcoming epic project
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters their own minds
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters building momentum
Eight hundred and ninetieth eight chapters Xiahou Miaocai Yue Zhangxiong
Chapter 899 Ma Chao arrives
Chapter 900 Punishment
Chapter 901 The other side of Ma Chao
Chapter 902 Zhang's shot
Chapter 903 pass by
Chapter 904 Hard-to-Eat
Chapter 905 The knife leaves the city and breaks
Chapter 906 The so-called since ancient times
Chapter 907 Entering Ye City
Chapter 908 Tianding starts
Chapter 909 Pull the flag and change the flag to prepare for mediation
Chapter 910 Statement of Facts
Chapter 911 pull a horse home
Chapter 912: Work hard, Ma Chao
Chapter 913 The prediction of the advisor list
Chapter 914 Edict
Chapter 915 Can't let go
Chapter 916: Three Books and Six Rites
Chapter 917 Xin Xianying
Chapter 918: Hold Your Own Destiny
Chapter 919 Becomes money, but can't make food
Chapter 920 Human-shaped money printing machine
Chapter nine hundred and twenty first messy and cumbersome chores
Nine hundred and twentieth chapters reward and punishment and military power
Chapter 923 The shadow of like-minded people
Chapter 924 Home and Residence
Nine hundred and twentieth chapters eyes wrong
Chapter 926 Two idiots
Chapter 927 Cao Cao's plan
Chapter 928 The pit of the Central Plains
Nine hundred and twentieth IX Annei
Chapter 930 Yuan Shu and Yuan Shao
Chapter 931 Zhang Zhao and Zhang Hong
Chapter 932 This is the greatest benevolence!
Chapter 933 What is the atmosphere!
Chapter 934 Character
Chapter 935: Commenting with life
Nine hundred and thirtieth chapters world uproar
Chapter 937 Going further and further on the road to death
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-eight the opening of the border
Chapter 939 The plot behind the list
Chapter nine hundred and fortieth consciousness
Chapter nine hundred and forty first conspiracy
Chapter 942 Sun Ce enters Jiangdong
Nine hundred and fortieth chapters gas will be exhausted
Chapter nine hundred and forty fourth embrace the sun, embrace the moon
Chapter nine hundred and fortieth chapter start
Chapter 946: The Hundred Schools Returning to the Origin Plan is launched
Chapter 947 The girl is arrogant~
The ninth and forty-eighth chapter IQ rises~
Chapter 949 Shen Yun
Chapter 950 The Last Attempt
Chapter 951 Heavy Snow
Chapter 952 Coinage
Nine hundred and fiftieth chapters get used to it
Chapter nine hundred and fiftieth long-term vision
Chapter 955 Family and Fame
Nine hundred and fiftieth chapters a glory and glory
Chapter 957 The crux of the matter
Chapter 958 Ma Chao on the road to death
Chapter 959 Recalling the past, similar to you
Nine hundred and sixtieth chapters fight hard
Chapter nine hundred and sixty first life should not end or die today
Chapter nine hundred and sixty second doomsday
Chapter 963: Loyalty
Chapter nine hundred and sixty-four returning to the source
Nine hundred and sixtieth chapters Yu Ji's death
Chapter 966: The nature, the nature
The ninth white chapter sixty-seven hero young
Chapter 968: The Three Illusions of Inner Qi Leaving the Body
Nine hundred and sixtieth IX disasters and blessings rely on
Chapter nine hundred and seventieth friendship broken face boxing
Chapter 971 Gong Jin, stop for me
Chapter 972 A penny beats a hero
Chapter 973: Intervening in Youzhou
Chapter 974 Human nature, heart
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-fifth can not afford to provoke
Chapter 976 Meeting
Chapter nine hundred and seventy seventh sincerity
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-eight talk
Chapter 979 is the pit, watch you jump
Chapter nine hundred and eighty everyone's thoughts
Chapter nine hundred and eighty first situation
Chapter 982 Help
Chapter 983 Yuzhou Family
Chapter nine hundred and eighty fourth behind the scenes
Chapter nine hundred and eighty-fifth release of the list of fierce generals
Chapter 986 Wu Wu No. 2
Chapter nine hundred and eighty seventh doubts
Chapter 988: The Broken Think Tank
Chapter 989 Killing is just a means
Chapter 990: The strongest in the world to untie the bondage
Chapter 991 Chen Gong's confusion
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters different hearts
Chapter 993 Lost at the starting line
Chapter 994 Feng Shui turns
Chapter 995: Eternal circulation, only eating forever
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters class is complete
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters the road moves at any time
Nine hundred and ninetieth eight chapters blocked the door
Nine hundred and ninetieth nine chapters sit with you
Chapter 1000 I have never decayed
Chapter 1001 The vision of the family
Chapter 1002 Yuan Shu's Paranoia
Chapter 1003 Approval
Chapter 104 Transactions
Chapter 105: Reason
One thousand and six chapters odd coincidence
Chapter 107: Class decides the mind after all
Chapter 1008 The end of the previous era
The first thousand and nine chapters are all here
Chapter 1010 Two roads that are in opposite directions
Chapter 1011 Liu Ye's actions
Chapter 1012 Central Plains World
Chapter 1013 The Empire of the First Sequence
Chapter 1014 The way of thinking needs to be changed!
Chapter 1015 is ruthless
The first thousand and sixteen chapters are farther and farther
Chapter 1017 The difference between force and culture
Chapter 1018 Born to know
Chapter 1019 The reason for the infighting
Chapter 1020: The requirement to step out of the Central Plains
Chapter 1021 The margin has started
The first thousand and twenty-two chapters of the construction of the bank are in progress
Chapter 1023 Baiqiang Association
Chapter 1024 Qiang King Selection Battle
Chapter 1025 One-shot kill
Chapter 1026 Ma Chao, who is almost at his peak
The first thousand and twenty seven chapters fight
Chapter 1028 fight again
Chapter 1029 Unexpected joy
Chapter 1030: The Discrimination of Qiang and Han
Chapter 1031 The reason for the contradiction
Chapter 1032 It's not your fault
Chapter 1033 The road under people's hearts is already doomed
Chapter 1034: The Comprehension of Growth
The first thousand and thirty-fifth chapters bank laying
The first thousand and thirty-six chapters of the robbery of the fire stick
Chapter 1037 Successful start
Chapter 1038 The people of the family are gathering
Chapter 1039: The integrity of the family
Chapter 1040: Zilu Shou Niu and Tian Clan on behalf of Qi
The first thousand and forty-one chapters are born and I will be useful
Chapter 1042 The chain reaction of Gongsun Du's southward journey
The first thousand and forty-three chapters of all kinds of people
The first thousand and forty-four chapters just haven't reached the sad place
Chapter 1045 Xi Xianbei goes south
The first thousand and forty-six chapters transfer troops
The first thousand and forty-seven chapters manpower problem
Chapter 1048: Pain adjustment
Chapter 1049: Prepared Zhao Yun
Chapter 1050 Relocation Administration
Chapter 1051 mortal and longevity
Chapter 1052: True Immortality and Longevity
Chapter 1053 Another transaction
The first thousand and fifty-four chapters travel trio
The first thousand and fifty-fifth chapters
Chapter 1056: Strength and Weakness
Chapter 1057 Dispute
The first thousand and fifty-eight chapters plan
Chapter 1059 is difficult to start
Chapter 1060: Superior Experimental Materials
The first thousand and sixty-one chapters are amazing
Chapter 1062 Start with the god-level test product!
The first thousand and sixty-three chapters are here again
Chapter 1064: The defeated Gongsun Du
Chapter 1065 Zhang Fei is in command
Chapter 1066 Personal Qualities
Chapter 1067 Zhang Fei's distress
The first thousand and sixty-eight chapters of the quality of the famous general
Chapter 1069 The driving force behind history
Chapter 1070: Chen Xi's decision
Chapter 1071 The situation of the brave war faction and the soldiers
Chapter 1072: Yesterday's day cannot be traced, and today's day must take a moment
Chapter 1073 Cao Cao's northern strategy
Chapter 1074: Sima Yi comes on stage
Chapter 1075: Ma Chao's attack
The first thousand and seventy-six chapters of the pro-military in the purification
Chapter 1077: The belief of the millennium inheritance
The first thousand and seventy-eight chapters are intricate and northern
Chapter 1079: Ghost and God Lu Bu
Chapter 1080: People are not as good as God
The first thousand and eighty-one chapters
The first thousand and eighty-two chapters do not admit defeat
The first thousand and eighty-three chapters gather villages and villages
Chapter 1084 just in time
Chapter 1085: The situation in Yizhou
Chapter 1086 Why is A Dou called Liu Chan
Chapter 1087 The power of rumors
Chapter 1088 Zhang Xiu's card face
Chapter 1089 Cao Jun's Civil and Military
Chapter 1090 Ghosts and Gods
Chapter 1091: Lu Bu's trouble
Chapter 1092 All kinds of people
The first thousand and ninety-three chapters
The first thousand and ninety-four chapters to undertake
The first thousand and ninety-fifth chapters husband and wife
Chapter 1096 Kong Ming, I'll give it to you
Chapter 1097 Zixu jumping into the pit again
Chapter 1098 The final explanation
Chapter 1099 Come, let's fight!
Chapter 1100 No choice, battle!
Chapter 1101 Front and Back Flanking
Chapter 1102: Zhang Jaws mixed in with Cao Jun
Chapter 1103 Send troops, send troops, send troops!
The first thousand one hundred and four chapters fight to the death
Chapter 1105 Fight to the death
The first thousand one hundred and six chapters look back again and become alone
The first thousand one hundred and seven chapters are different
Chapter 1108: The world is invincible
Chapter 1109: A blow to the army
Chapter 1111 Broken Void
Chapter 1111 Ascension?
Chapter 1112 The constantly developing world
Chapter 1113 Reagents (seeking a monthly ticket~)
Chapter 1114 Capture (seeking a monthly ticket~)
Chapter 1115 Not enough money
Chapter 1116: The brain circuit is clear
The first thousand one hundred and seventeen chapters take the initiative to go out
Chapter 1118 Circulation is the economy
Chapter 1119: New Year's gift
Chapter 1120: Lu Xun's state
Chapter 1121 Prepare for the New Year
The first thousand one hundred and twenty-two chapters
Chapter 1123 Guo Jia's suggestion
Chapter 1124 Lost and found
Chapter 1125 Give me a place
Chapter 1126 Every family has a hard-to-read scripture
The first thousand one hundred and twenty-seven chapters
Chapter 1128: Public Heart, Alien
The first thousand one hundred and twenty-ninth chapters
Chapter 1130 Heaven and Earth are still lacking
Chapter 1131 Prepare to be a blockbuster Liu Ba
The first thousand one hundred and thirty-two chapters are amazing
Chapter 1134 We have to go against the sky
Chapter 1134: There is a family in the world
Chapter 1135 The origin of reputation
Chapter 1136: The Way to Death
Chapter 1137 The studies of the younger generation
Chapter 1138 The three parties who are about to meet
Chapter 1139 The so-called inner gas
Chapter 1140 The so-called spirit
Chapter 1141 Another unlucky child
Chapter 1142 Lu Bu Lu Bu Lu Bu!
Chapter 1143 The invincible is always human
The first thousand one hundred and forty-four chapters Wen Hou escaped from the world
The first thousand one hundred and forty-five chapters have been official since ancient times
Chapter 1146 Temple
Chapter 1147 Central Asia War
Chapter 1148 We took this pot
The first thousand one hundred and forty-nine chapters fully restrained arms
Chapter 1150: Adapting measures to local conditions
Chapter 1151 Efforts to translate
Chapter 1152 I'm taking the blame for the empire
The first thousand one hundred and fifty-three chapters are afraid
Chapter 1154: Pioneering for the Empire
Chapter 1155 The Pride of the Empire
Chapter 1156 temptation
Chapter 1157 The Roman Eagle Flag
Chapter 1158 The army can be destroyed, the eagle flag cannot be captured
Chapter 1159: Three parties meet
Chapter 1160 Empire, Empire, Empire!
Chapter 1161 Mutual recognition
Chapter 1162 The decision of the Northern Huns
Chapter 1163 The Heart of the Empire
The first thousand one hundred and sixty-four chapters
Chapter 1165 Rule of Man, Rule of Law
Chapter 1166 Coordination up and down
Chapter 1167 handed down
Chapter 1168: Medicine and Agriculture
The first thousand one hundred and sixty-ninth chapters
Chapter 1170 Troubled Xiliang soldiers
Chapter 1171 Raising soldiers, raising soldiers
Chapter 1172: The cornerstone
Chapter 1173 This era has never been warm
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-four chapters
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-five chapters are manifested
Chapter 1176: Auspicious beast and white fox
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-seven chapters
Chapter 1178 That deep malice
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-ninth chapters
The first thousand one hundred and eighty chapters emerge
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-one chapters
Chapter 1182 Liu Xie, Liu Bei
Chapter 1183: Strong soldiers supported by winning percentage
Chapter 1184 A big red envelope
Chapter 1185 Gan Ning's morals
Chapter 1186 Existence is all damage
Chapter 1187 The black box also loses~
Chapter 1188 I took this prize away
Chapter 1189 has no choice
The first thousand one hundred and ninety chapters
Chapter 1191 Liangzhou Heroes
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-two chapters why fight
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-third chapters
Chapter 1194 Northwest Letters
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-five chapters, the bird does not know how tall the world is
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-six chapters are well aware
Chapter 1197 What is the reason
One thousand one hundred and ninety-eight chapters brave man
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-ninth chapters
Chapter 1200 Heroes, Heroes
Chapter 1201 Sister, what happened to you!
Chapter 1202 The twisted face of the Ma family
The first thousand two hundred and three chapters
The first thousand two hundred and four chapters are the outstanding people I saw in a trance
Chapter 1205 Making the best use of the situation
Chapter 1207 Trust
Chapter 1208 The more you think, the more troublesome
Chapter 1209 Exciting General
Chapter 12010 Calmness after blood
The first thousand two hundred and eleventh chapter knows the vastness of the world
Chapter 1212 The barrier above the mind
Chapter 1213 is good enough
The first thousand two hundred and fourteenth chapters of the empire wall
Chapter 1215 The first attempt
Chapter 1216 The Coming War
Chapter 1217 The first family to go out
The first thousand two hundred and eighteen chapters after the ascension of Lu Bu, the generals
Chapter 1219 Everything is fixed
Chapter 1220 The cookie that is about to leave
Chapter 1221 reminds
Chapter 1222 I don't work for your own good
Chapter 1223 Fragile Feudal Age
The first thousand two hundred and twenty-four chapters may have been negative
The first thousand two hundred and twenty-five chapters of experience
Chapter 1226 Are we all jokes?
Chapter 1227 The gift I can leave behind
Chapter 1228: Layout the world
The first thousand two hundred and twenty-nine chapters are about to appear on the list of civil servants
Chapter 1230 The hidden meaning in the list of civil servants
Chapter 1231 Just walk with Mr.
Chapter 1332 Warriors
Chapter 1333 Preparations for everyone
The first thousand two hundred and thirty-four chapters
Chapter 1235 Confucianism and Schools
The first thousand two hundred and thirty-six chapters of the reason for the fight
Chapter 1237 Backhand and Check and Balance
The first thousand two hundred and thirty-eight chapters heresy under the mainstream
The first thousand two hundred and thirty-ninth chapters change in the north
Chapter 1240: Zhuge Liang's Thoughts
Chapter 1241: The Will of Gongsun Bogui
Chapter 1242 Tian Yu's Ice City
The first thousand two hundred and forty-three chapters delivery of military power
The first thousand two hundred and forty-four chapters merge
The first thousand two hundred and forty-five chapters
The first thousand two hundred and forty-six chapters
The first thousand two hundred and forty-seven chapters fight against the border of Youzhou
The first thousand two hundred and forty-eight chapters coerce the north
Chapter 1249 Sophistry, sophistry, sophistry failure~
Chapter 1250 Textbook
Chapter 1251: Lu Xun's Current Situation
Chapter 1252 Let us dominate the list
Chapter 1253 The girl who is eager to try
Chapter 1254 Zhao Yun's martial arts
Chapter 1255 is not cheap
Chapter 1256 The wise man of Youzhou
The first thousand two hundred and fifty-seven chapters plan each other
Chapter 1258 This is something else
Chapter 1259 Xu Shu's worries
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-one chapters are not as good as before
Chapter 1261 The situation reversed
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-two chapters match the belief
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-three chapters of Hebei famous people, who is like Zhengnan
Chapter 1264 What can you do to me
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-five chapters
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-six chapters disappeared enemy
Chapter 1267: Chen Xi's mistake
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-eight chapters make you mess
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-ninth chapters start from planting peas
Chapter 1270 Cao Cao's decision
1271st chapter talent in the yellow turban
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-two chapters
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-three chapters of the chaotic contestants
Chapter 1274 Business
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-five chapters are slaves
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-six chapters are ready to fight
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-seven chapters bear the responsibility
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-eighth chapter changes in the extreme west
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-nine chapters of the curtain call after the five virtuous emperors
The first thousand two hundred and eighty chapters should not be so
The first thousand two hundred and eighty first chapters block people's future
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-two chapters put on the agenda of the water network
Chapter 1283 Not in a band
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-four chapters are missing subjects in this era
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-fifth chapters of the initial seal
Chapter 1286: their respective goals (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 1287 The layout of Jiangdong
Chapter 1288: Zhou Yu's intention
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-nine chapters
Chapter 1290 Sima Yi's Rejection
Chapter 1291: Double Agent Sima Yi
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-first chapters take advantage of the situation
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-two chapters of the fifth question of madness
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-three chapters of Xu Ning
Chapter 1294 The girl is praying
Chapter 1295: The audience is in a circle
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-six chapters of everyone's resentment
Chapter 1297: Excited Lu Xun
Chapter 1298 The height of despair
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-nine chapters are coming soon
The first thousand three hundred chapters hit one after another
Chapter 1301 Abandoning the test
Chapter 1302 Political Science Examination
Chapter 1303: Theory of Policy Science and Technology
Chapter 1304 Eliminate the rift
Chapter 1305 What a good master has to do
The first thousand three hundred and six chapters take the lead
The first thousand three hundred and seven chapters are surrounded by soldiers
Chapter 1308: The essence of heaven and earth is rising
Chapter 1309 Zhao Yun with a straight face
Chapter 1310 Part-time escort
Chapter 1311 messy contestants
Chapter 1312 Various psychological conflicts
Chapter 1313 Lu Qiling's purpose
Chapter 1314: Promotion Failure
The first thousand three hundred and fifteen chapters let go of the past
Chapter 1316: Lifting the Three-footed Sword
Chapter 1317 Jumping Ship Battle
Chapter 1318 Doubt
The first thousand three hundred and nineteenth chapter can not be like this two
Chapter 1320 My fleet will stand against their docks
Chapter 1321 A bloody case caused by a stone
Chapter 1322 The cheap purple virtual
Chapter 1323 The Empire is fearless
Chapter 1324: Pick up weapons and prepare for war
Chapter 1325 Until death is added
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-six chapters are not as good as the sky
Chapter 1327 pure heart trouble
Chapter 1328 The second semi-final
Chapter 1329 Passers-by win the championship
The first thousand three hundred and thirty chapters
Chapter 1331 Military power and self-confidence
Chapter 1332 The long-standing hidden danger
The first thousand three hundred and thirty-three chapters in resentment
Chapter 1334 Completely asynchronous thinking
Chapter 1335 I was speechless
The first thousand three hundred and thirty-six chapters have no ability to waste
Chapter 1337: Youzhou's plan
Chapter 1338: Fazheng's doubts
The first thousand three hundred and thirty-nine chapters plan each other
The first thousand three hundred and forty chapters still do not understand
Chapter 1341 Fazheng's inference
Chapter 1342 The offensive and defensive battle has come to an end
The first thousand three hundred and forty-three chapters suppress the Quartet
Chapter 1344: Political Science (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 1345 ecstasy
The first thousand three hundred and forty-six chapters are better than
Chapter 1347 You are the rebels!
The first thousand three hundred and forty-eight chapters have an accident
The first thousand three hundred and forty-eight chapters are impulsive
The first thousand three hundred and forty-nine chapters are ready
Chapter 1350 What do you want to do!
Chapter 1351 Jia Wenhe's research
Chapter 1352 Breaking the Future Research
The first thousand three hundred and fifty-three chapters planted the seeds
The first thousand three hundred and fifty-four chapters are not straight in the fluffy hemp
Chapter 1355 The empathetic Liu Xuande
The first thousand three hundred and fifty-six chapters transfer troops
The first thousand three hundred and fifty-seven chapters of their own reasons
Chapter 1358: Tang Ji, who is in a similar situation
Chapter 1359 We are still too weak
Chapter 1360: Jia Xu's legacy
Chapter 1361 Still don't understand
The first thousand three hundred and sixty-two chapters bridge
Chapter 1363 Rating Questions
The first thousand three hundred and sixty-four chapters are indispensable members
Chapter 1365 Let's talk about business for entertainment
Chapter 1366 The times determine the way of life
The first thousand three hundred and sixty-seven chapters will be with him after thousands of years
Chapter 1367 Troubled Zhou Yu
Chapter 1367: Zhou Yu's plan
The first thousand three hundred and sixty-eight chapters lure the enemy
Chapter 1369 attack and kill
Chapter 1370: The pursuit of Kushuang
Chapter 1371 hit the iron plate
The first thousand three hundred and seventy-two chapters fight
Chapter 1373 Lu Bu's new mount
The first thousand three hundred and seventy-four chapters are dying
The first thousand three hundred and seventy-five chapters have ghosts
The first thousand three hundred and seventy-six chapters win the battle
Chapter 1377 The beginning of destruction
Chapter 1378 Cognitive decision development
The first thousand three hundred and seventy-ninth chapters die of grief
Chapter 1380 Summary after the war
Chapter 1381 The advantage of the Kushuang Navy
Chapter 1382 exposed
Chapter 1383 Remedies
The first thousand three hundred and eighty-four chapters fight
Chapter 1385 Coincidentally!
The first thousand three hundred and eighty-six chapters are about to arrive
Chapter 1387 Let us die and rest in peace!
Chapter 1388 Spirit and Material
Chapter 1389 Minor adjustments
Chapter 1390: The Big Fish Among the Missions
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-one chapters of the Romans who were not saved
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-two chapters really can't be friends
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-three chapters of the recent situation of cookies
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-three chapters Liu Ye attacked Chen Liu
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-five chapters briefly fight
Chapter 1396 I am the soul of the army
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-seven chapters are forced by the general trend
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-eight chapters when the wind rises
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-nine chapters are a precursor to the destruction of the myth
Chapter 1400: The Strongest Alien
Chapter 1401 Lure the enemy deep into the door and beat the dog
Chapter 1402 Changping Offensive and Defensive Battle
Chapter 1403 The strong army has arrived
Chapter 1404 The soldiers are united, and the war will start
Chapter 1405: The whole army strikes
Chapter 1406 Amazing Destructive Power
Chapter 1407 is already different
Chapter 1408: Terrible Network
Chapter 1409 is actually very curious
The first thousand four hundred and tenth chapter seems to be sad Concubine Tang
Chapter 1411 Some things cannot stand scrutiny
Chapter 1412: Let go, Guo Jia to Zhou Yu
Chapter 1413 Zhou Yu's plan
Chapter 1414 The blocked river crossing plan
Chapter 1415 Test
Chapter 1416: Zhou Yu's response
Chapter 1417 Discovery
Chapter 1418 I have practiced many times!
Chapter 1418 The pontoon bridge is completed, crossing the river!
The first thousand four hundred and nineteenth chapter first arrangement
Chapter 1420: Entry
Chapter 1421 King to King
Chapter 1422 The goal is Zhou Yu!
Chapter 1423 is simply a tragedy
Chapter 1424 North is going to explode
The first thousand four hundred and twenty-five chapters
The first thousand four hundred and twenty-six chapters go to Youzhou
Chapter 1427 is about to be negotiated
The first thousand four hundred and twenty-eight chapters do not dare to calculate the loss
The first thousand four hundred and twenty-nine chapters leave the palace
Chapter 1430 Questioning
Chapter 1431: The Quartet Gathers
The first thousand four hundred and thirty-two chapters create an opportunity
Chapter 1433 The arrangement of the Huns
Chapter 1434 The glory that cannot be lost
Chapter 1435 showdown
Chapter 1435 Contact
Chapter 1436 critical moment
The first thousand four hundred and thirty-seventh chapter city bloody battle
The first thousand four hundred and thirty-eight chapters blood splashes the city gate
Chapter 1439: Take the lead, reinforcements are coming
Chapter 1440: The end of the plan
Chapter 1441 Zhang Feizhi
The first thousand four hundred and forty-two chapters forcibly break the Huns army
Chapter 1443: Bingzhou Army arrives
The first thousand four hundred and forty-four chapters are not afraid of death
The first thousand four hundred and forty-five chapters are fully open
Chapter 1446: The strongest cavalry in existence
Chapter 1447: The situation is chaotic
The first thousand four hundred and forty-eight chapters
Chapter 1449: The Huns retreat
Chapter 1450 The beginning of multi-party confluence
Chapter 1451 Imperial War Stance - God Zhuge
Chapter 1451 ambush and damage
The first thousand four hundred and fifty-two chapters are far away
Chapter 1453 bluff
The first thousand four hundred and fifty-four chapters
The first thousand four hundred and fifty-five chapters victory in the first battle
The first thousand four hundred and fifty-six chapters
The first thousand four hundred and fifty-seven chapters for the country
The first thousand four hundred and fifty-eight chapters have their own commentary
Chapter 1459 right and wrong place
The first thousand four hundred and sixty chapters
Chapter 1461 The Battle of Chen Liu
Chapter 1462 expect the enemy to take the lead
The first thousand four hundred and sixty-three chapters
The first thousand four hundred and sixty-four chapters before and after the attack
Chapter 1465 An edict arrives
Chapter 1466 Central Plains Strike
Chapter 1467: Meet Ma Chao again
Chapter 1468 This face, this luck
Chapter 1469 If there is a mistake, I will come
Chapter 1470 Meeting, Familiarity
Chapter 1471: Inside and outside the bureau
The first thousand four hundred and seventy-two chapters Sun Ce who gave away the head
The first thousand four hundred and seventy-three chapters are as powerful as rolling
The first thousand four hundred and seventy-four chapters fell with one punch
The first thousand four hundred and seventy-five chapters terrible system
The first thousand four hundred and seventy-six chapters of their respective concerns
Chapter 1477 Different local customs and cultures
Chapter 1478 Let go, Gong Jin
Chapter 1479 I am curious, how do you convince me
The first thousand four hundred and eighty chapters do
Chapter 1481 Flicker, Flicker~
Chapter 1482: The troubles of Yizhou civil and military affairs
Chapter 1483 Once and for all
The first thousand four hundred and eighty-four chapters
Chapter 1485: The Yong family's decision
The first thousand four hundred and eighty-six chapters of Yecheng's actions
Chapter 1487 Huaxiong's progress
Chapter 1488 You have this potential
The first thousand four hundred and eighty-nine chapters six classics note me
Chapter 1490 Lonely Moon Volley
Chapter 1491: The Huns' Defense
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-two chapters
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-three chapters of the empire
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-four chapters desperate, the madness of the tyrant
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-five chapters are confident
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-six chapters Huyan Chu's plan
Chapter 1497 Jia Wenhe's concerns
Chapter 1498 bluff
Chapter 1499 Liu Yu's ability
Chapter 1500: Chen Xi's first move
Chapter 1501 hit the key
Chapter 1502 Between decision-making
Chapter 1503 The family's private soldiers going north
Chapter 1504 There is a kind of blood, and the revenge of the tenth generation can still be avenged!
Chapter 1505 Choice
Chapter 1506 Hu Qizhi, the battle begins
Chapter 1507: The boundless beard
Chapter 1508 The Chinese Army War
Chapter 1509 Tactical Difficult Enemy Sea
Chapter 1510 The road is cut by himself
Chapter 1511: The soldiers are united, ready to break through
Chapter 1512 go all out
Chapter 1513 Come back
Chapter 1514: The Last Yellow Turban
Chapter 1515 Breakthrough, after the break
Chapter 1516 Dynamics of all parties
The first thousand five hundred and seventeen chapters do not play cards according to common sense
The first thousand five hundred and seventeen chapters
Chapter 1518 full of confidence
The first thousand five hundred and nineteenth chapter is different
Chapter 1520 Zhou Yu's negligence
Chapter 1521 The sincerity of Karasuma people
The first thousand five hundred and twenty-two chapters
Chapter 1523 The weak Jiangdong infantry
The first thousand five hundred and twenty-four chapters give up the defense of the attack
The first thousand five hundred and twenty-five chapters again and again decline, three and exhaust
The first thousand five hundred and twenty-six chapters Li Yan's elite
Chapter 1527 annihilation
Chapter 1528 In fact, you have already exposed
Chapter 1529: Chen Xi's consideration
Chapter 1530: The Arrival of Su Puyan
Chapter 1531 The provocative Huaxiong
Chapter 1532 The Northern Huns who were fooled
Chapter 1533 Xiangzhuang Sword Dance
Chapter 1534: Karasuma Submission
The first thousand five hundred and thirty-five chapters concentrate troops
Chapter 1536: Zhou Yu, who made a wedding dress
Chapter 1537 Meeting
The first thousand five hundred and thirty-eight chapters strange spiritual civilization construction
Chapter 1539 bait or the strongest point
The first thousand five hundred and fortieth chapters
Chapter 1541: The fans of Han and Hungarian
Chapter 1542 depends on the difference
Chapter 1543 The gap between each other
Chapter 1544 The belief that has not changed
Chapter 1545: The upcoming war
The first thousand five hundred and forty-six chapters crossed the Great Wall
Chapter 1547 Jia Xu's plan
Chapter 1548 Yuan Tan's Choice
The first thousand five hundred and forty-nine chapters have arrived
Chapter 1550 Anti-restraint
Chapter 1551 Even if you regret it for a lifetime
Chapter 1552 The so-called mirror image
The first thousand five hundred and fifty-three chapters are dangerous and dangerous
The first thousand five hundred and fifty-four chapters meet again when the clouds see the sun
The first thousand five hundred and fifty-four chapters
Chapter 1555 The best time
Chapter 1556: The calculations of the Han and Hungarians, cannon fodder will always be cannon fodder
Chapter 1557 Come and maintain orthodoxy
The first thousand five hundred and fifty-eight chapters, the enemy and our reinforcements are coming
Chapter 1559: The center blooms
Chapter 1560 is ruthless
Chapter 1561: Meet the Northern Huns again
Chapter 1562 Zhao Yun's Temptation
Chapter 1563 I promise, you are no match for bow and swordsmanship
Chapter 1564 What is despicable under the blood feud?
The first thousand five hundred and sixty-five chapters mad Biao battle damage
The first thousand five hundred and sixty-six chapters break their roots
The first thousand five hundred and sixty-seven chapters of the plan
Chapter 1568 The strongest of the Northern Huns
The first thousand five hundred and sixty-nine chapters have no future strong
The first thousand five hundred and seventy chapters return to youth
Chapter 1571 mentality
The first thousand five hundred and seventy-two chapters how confident
The first thousand five hundred and seventy-three chapters do not enter the oil and salt, but it makes sense
The first thousand five hundred and seventy-four chapters another way of fighting the iron cavalry
The first thousand five hundred and seventy-five chapters are like ghosts and gods
Chapter 1576 Sun Ce is here
Chapter 1577 Come, fight a pain
The first thousand five hundred and seventy-eight chapters are too upright, not good for everyone
The first thousand five hundred and seventy-nine chapters are like just out of the novice village
The first thousand five hundred and eighty chapters cooperate with tacit understanding
Chapter 1581 The beginning of the situation flip
Chapter 1582 The muscles of the empire
The first thousand five hundred and eighty-three chapters are confused
The first thousand five hundred and eighty-four chapters of Sun Ce's bearing
The first thousand five hundred and eighty-fifth chapters are all people with the surname Jia
Chapter 1586 Liu Bei is coming
Chapter 1587 rear chores
Chapter 1588 You two
Chapter 1589 The Second Battlefield
Chapter 1,590 The battle begins and the camp is set
Chapter 1591: Fight and die
Chapter 1592: Quality is not enough, quantity makes up for it!
Recommended seedlings
Chapter 1593: There are no empty warriors under the great reputation
Chapter 1593: The skill of slaying dragons will finally be useful
Chapter 1594: As if coming soon
Chapter 1595 Awakening
Chapter 1,596 Gifts from those who perish on the road ahead
Chapter 1597: Almost Invincible
Chapter 1598 A great victory
Chapter 1599: How to use strength
Chapter 1,600 Destroying its foundation
Chapter 1601: Other people’s youths will never die
Chapter 1602: Just go to hell
Chapter 1603: Attacked
Chapter 1604 Zhou Yu’s Research
Chapter 1605: Enemy troops coming like a tidal wave
Chapter 1,606 Defensive Counterattack
Chapter 1607 The two people’s doubts
Chapter 1,608 The breakout begins
Chapter 1,609 Shock
Chapter 1,610 Escape
Chapter 1611 Let the world be turned by China
Chapter 1,612 The daughter of the Wang family in Taiyuan
Chapter 1613: We are both at the top, but I am the strongest
Chapter 1,614 Zhuge Liang’s Smile
Chapter 1,615 A ??perfect match
Chapter 1616: Chang'an in the Mist
Chapter 1617: Each Decision
Chapter 1,618 It’s all forced by the situation
Chapter 1619: Those who are still not finished please invite
Chapter 1,620 The trial match comes back
Chapter 1621 Subtle hidden dangers
Chapter 1,622 The Incarnation of the Ancient God
Chapter 1,623 The grudge between Guishang and Dahan
Chapter 1624: An empire that cannot be underestimated
Chapter 1,625 The Empire has never been vegetarian
Chapter 1,626 Two fleets chasing after
Chapter 1,627 Fighting begins
Chapter 1,628: The obvious gap in experience, foundation and strength
Chapter 1629: If there is an afterlife, Guishuang will be crushed
Chapter 1,630 Causes and Consequences
Chapter 1631 Maybe he is indeed weak
Chapter 1,632 Everyone’s Thoughts after the War
Chapter 1,633 Planning the Empire
Chapter 1634: There is room for others to sleep soundly on the side of the bed
Chapter 1635: A glimpse of one spot reveals the whole leopard
Chapter 1,636 Despicable, longing for victory
Chapter 1,637 It’s a coincidence
Chapter 1638: It’s inevitable to be caught up
Chapter 1,639: Calculate the worst possible situation
Chapter 1,640 Beiding Lingren
Chapter 1641 Danger is coming
Chapter 1642 I am speechless
Chapter 1,643 The Source of Confidence
Chapter 1644: Declare my existence to the world
Chapter 1,645 Zhao Yun’s posture as a god
Chapter 1,646 The troops are united and reinforcements arrive
Chapter 1647 Boyuan is here, uncle will teach you the ultimate secret of Xiliang Iron Cavalry
Chapter 1,648: Escape intact
Chapter 1,649 Zhang Xiu’s Choice
Chapter 1650: Logical, but terrifying inference
Chapter 1651 Li You said that these are of great research value
Chapter 1,653 This is a great suggestion!
Chapter 1654: In the midst of laughter and conversation, hatred dissipated
Chapter 1,653 Cao Cao is coming
Chapter 1,655 It’s dangerous to fight on the battlefield!
Extra II: Zixu Foreign Land Diary
Chapter 1,656 Take advantage and run away
Chapter 1,657 There is a kind of powerlessness, knowing everything and doing nothing
Extra II Diary of Zixu Foreign Land XI Dreaming
Chapter 1,658 The three armies have arrived
Extra II: Zixu Foreign Land Diary XII: Entering a Dream
Chapter 1,659 The White Horse Riding the Wind
Extra II: Zixu Foreign Land Diary XII: The time of awakening from a dream
Extra ii: Zixu Foreign Land Diary xii: When I wake up from a dream and feel frightened
Chapter 1,660 Zhao Yun was cheated on his wife Ben
Chapter 1,661: Each Will
Chapter 1,662 The right way, the wrong opponent
Chapter 1,663: Repay the other person with his own way
Chapter 1,664 Ding Ling Chariot
Chapter 1665: Destruction in Progress
Chapter 1666 Thinking as a whole
Chapter 1,667 It’s impossible to stop now
Chapter 1,668 Typical sophistry
Chapter 1,669 Still taking this path
Chapter 1,670: Killing with a sword
Chapter 1,671 One discipline, two strengths
Chapter 1,672 A war that will never be lost
Chapter 1673: Target one by one
Chapter 1,674 The Integration of Imperial National Power
Chapter 1,675: A move that is almost as good as the bottom of the box
Chapter 1,676 Like-minded
Chapter 1,677 War Game Deduction
Chapter 1678: Join forces to collect private soldiers
Chapter 1679: Interests on the Grassland
Chapter 1680: Training
Chapter 1681: Remember to finish your work before you die
Chapter 1,682 The coffin board can no longer hold it down!
Chapter 1,683 Comeback
Chapter 1,684: Lost and Excited
Chapter 1,685 The battlefield of the Battle of the Far North
Chapter 1,686 Chunyu Qiong’s Gift
Chapter 1,687 The enemy and we are face to face
Chapter 1,688 Building a Camp
Chapter 1689: Victory or defeat depends on this battle
Chapter 1,690 A fire in winter
Chapter 1691 The Burning Granary
Chapter 1692: Rebirth from the Fire
Chapter 1,693 Sweeping into History
Chapter 1,694 The Image of Sima Zhongda
Chapter 1,695 Everyone is here
Chapter 1,696 I can beat everyone present
Chapter 1,697 Crazy Growth
Chapter 1,698 The natural way to become stronger
Chapter 1,699 Inhumane
Chapter 1,700 Technological Innovation
Chapter 1,701 The Battle of Mobei Begins
Chapter 1,702 The Broken Empire’s Will
Chapter 1,703 The Array-Breaking Trident
Chapter 1,704: Retribution in this world comes quickly
Extra II Diary of Zixu Foreign Land XII Dreaming
Chapter 1,705 Lu Meng studying
Chapter 1,706 The Enemy Forces Besieged
Chapter 1,707 The enemy failed to cheat
Chapter 1,707 Xu Bucheng dies
Chapter 1,708 Determination to Die
Chapter 1,709 The melee between the three military soul armies
Chapter 1,710 Ma Chao’s Fight
Chapter 1,711 Kill two more generals
Chapter 1,712 Power
Chapter 1,713 The situation will be determined
Chapter 1,714 After a glass of wine, let’s fight
Chapter 1,715: Destroy His Country
Chapter 1,716 The pattern is broken
Chapter 1,717 In a daze, yesterday was not me
Chapter 1718: Chasing Qiulin Monument
Chapter 1,719: My heart is calm, I sit and watch the clouds and smoke in Chang'an
Chapter 1,720 Clay and Wood Sculptures
Extra ii: Zixu Foreign Land Diary xvii: Eternal Sleep
Chapter 1,721 Death of Qiulin Monument
Chapter 1,722 Chouchun died in battle
Chapter 1,723: Vow to the death and never bow down
Chapter 1,724 Hu Yanchu died in battle
Chapter 1,725 ??The Horse of God takes off
Chapter 1726: Meet the Family Again
Chapter 1,726 What you think is not my fault
Chapter 1,727: Use any means as soon as possible
Chapter 1,727 The wise man who learns from each other’s strengths
Chapter 1,728 Heart knot
Chapter 1,729 Donor, you are destined to be a Buddha
Chapter 1730: Get in there
Chapter 1,731 The subcontinental battlefield begins
Chapter 1732: Big Victory or Big Defeat
Chapter 1,733: Find out more about the empire
Chapter 1,734 The country is disbanded and turned into a battlefield
Chapter 1,735 Indifferent
Chapter 1,736 Differences in Systems
Chapter 1,737 Opportunities for victory and defeat
Chapter 1,736 Differences in Systems
Chapter 1,738 Benchmark for Positioning
Chapter 1739: With the strength in place, nothing is a problem
Chapter 1,740 I haven’t exerted my strength yet
Chapter 1,741 A gap as wide as a chasm
Chapter 1742: Puncture the window paper
Chapter 1,743 Hidden Infection
Chapter 1,744: Giving criminal gangs a way to make a living
Chapter 1,745 A group of cancers
Chapter 1,746 Dislocation
Chapter 1,748 A breath of sullenness breaks my heart
Chapter 1,749 Sima Yi will never bow his head
Chapter 1,749 The so-called flash of inspiration
Chapter 1,750 No choice
Chapter 1,751 There is only one way
Chapter 1752: Rebellion, rebellion!
Chapter 1,753 The Forbidden Army
Chapter 1,754 Death
Chapter 1,755 The next generation of people
Chapter 1,756 Cao Cao’s back-up plan
Chapter 1757: Go with the flow
Chapter 1,758 The Emperor is decoupled from the country
Chapter 1,759 The meaning of the counterfeit book
Chapter 1,760 Cookie’s Current Situation
Chapter 1761: Cooked, cooked
Chapter 1,762 Gambling Money (please ask for the moon)
Chapter 1,763 Overinterpretation
Chapter 1,764 The National Destiny is Scattered
Chapter 1,765 Try another method
The last day of 2016
Chapter 1,766 The Battle of Belonging
Chapter 1,767 Brave (please support!)
Chapter 1,767 The Collapse of Faith
Chapter 1,768 The drumbeat of the decisive battle
Chapter 1,769 Already had a plan
Chapter 1,770 One wrong step, every wrong step
Chapter 1,771 The Hidden Danger of Kushan
Chapter 1,771 The key to victory or defeat
Chapter 1,772 If you don’t try your best, you will be killed!
Chapter 1,772 After the Great War
Chapter 1,773 Princes and Countries
Chapter 1,774 Coveting
Chapter 1,775 Chaos is about to arise
Chapter 1,776 It’s not me who did it anyway
Chapter 1,777 I treat you as a comrade, but you actually
Chapter 1,778 Is he crazy?
Chapter 1779: Shared Hatred and Enemy
Chapter 1,779 Prime Minister, hurry up and sign for the mail
Chapter 1,780: One Hundred Thousand
Chapter 1,781 No choice
Chapter 1,782 You can do it by yourself!
Chapter 1783: Everyone here is our own people
Chapter 1784: Unavoidable
Chapter 1,785 Zhao Yun goes south
Chapter 1,786 The fox pretends to be the tiger's power
Chapter 1787: Intimidation
Chapter 1,788 Shock
Chapter 1,789: All the Husbands Retreat
Chapter 1,790 Zhao Yun’s White Horse
Chapter 1,791 Fazheng and Sima Yi
Chapter 1,792 There is a big gap between you and him
Chapter 1,793 There are many people standing behind you
Chapter 1,793: Both are Emperors of the Han Dynasty, Hunjun and Liu Xie
Chapter 1,794 The choice of species
Chapter 1,795 Return from Sichuan to the North
Chapter 1,796 Peace Talks
Chapter 1,797 Alliance
Chapter 1,798 The Strongest
Chapter 1,799 Kuishang is manually replenishing the country’s fortunes
Chapter 1800 Not inferior?!
Chapter 1801 You don’t understand
Chapter 1802: Not directed at everyone here
Chapter 1803 So Rampant
Chapter 1804: It’s better to strike first
Chapter 1805: The minister chooses the king
Chapter 1806 Two options
Chapter 1807 I just cheated
Chapter 1808 Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi, Pang Tong
Chapter 1809 The secret behind it
Chapter 1810 Encyclopedia of Dreams from Gods and Men
Chapter 1811 The Finale Secret Treasure Sima Zhongda
Chapter 1812: Loser does not lose the formation
Chapter 1813 Four Major Plans
Chapter 1814: Dangerous elements about to emerge
Chapter 1815: Take a ride
Chapter 1816: Fooling the little loli~
Chapter 1817 The calm before the storm
Chapter 1818: Write with the world
Chapter 1819 The strong get stronger
Chapter 1820 The army returns
Chapter 1821 This is an accident
Chapter 1821 Throw away the fake trump card quickly!
Chapter 1822: The spontaneous formation of the cloud formation
Chapter 1823: Guidance
Chapter 1824 Command and Scheduling
Chapter 1825: Solving doubts
Chapter 1826 The mailing was finally successful
Chapter 1827 The Era of Transcendence
Chapter 1828: Demons dancing wildly
Chapter 1829: Gathering from all directions
Chapter 1830 Seeing is believing
Chapter 1830 The so-called Changle Weiyang
Chapter 1831 Missed Opportunity
Chapter 1832 Blood Splattered in Chang'an
Chapter 1833: Estrangement gradually arises
Chapter 1834 The next step
Chapter 1835: Put it aside first
Chapter 1836: There is a dark future and a bright future
Chapter 1837: Exchanging news
Chapter 1838: Chang’an has deep tricks
Chapter 1839 Princess of Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 1840 Regency
Chapter 1840 Reliance
Chapter 1842 All failed experiments
Chapter 1843 The root of the disaster has been sown
Chapter 1844 The Eldest Princess
Chapter 1845 Verification
Chapter 1846 Compromise
Chapter 1847 Jianyuan
Chapter 1848 Arrangements
Chapter 1849 Return to Chang'an
Chapter 1850: Actually we are just unhappy with Lu Bu
Chapter 1851 We have a great time
Chapter 1,152 Rampant
Chapter 1853: Fooling towards the future
Chapter 1854: Emphasis on agriculture and suppression of business
Chapter 1855 The basis for change
Chapter 1856 Guidance
The author needs to prove that he is not a poisonous bastard!
Chapter 1857: Breaking Cao Cao’s cognition
Chapter 1858 Not limited by me
Chapter 1859: Okay, I’ll give you everything you want
Chapter 1860: Candidates for the Westward Journey
Chapter 1861 This is a hooligan act!
Chapter 1862: Escaped
Chapter 1863: Meet again
Chapter 1864 My father is afraid that he will beat me to death
Chapter 1865: There are fewer and fewer opponents
Chapter 1866 Entrustment
Chapter 1867 Zhou Yu falls into a trap
Chapter 1868: The navy can’t defeat it, but the army teaches how to behave
Chapter 1869 Xingba Hao
Chapter 1870: A master at the level of destroying a country
Chapter 1871 One day destroys several countries
Chapter 1872 The Prelude to the War of Gods
Chapter 1873 Blessing
Chapter 1874: Basically finished
Chapter 1875 It’s completely over
Chapter 1876 Lu Bu’s Ticket
Chapter 1876 Fighting Stance
Chapter 1877 The organization gives you a difficult task
Chapter 1,878 Agency
Chapter 1879: What, I can’t represent it?
Chapter 1880 I’ll give you another difficult task
Chapter 1881 Why is there no funeral in the Yang family?
Chapter 1882 The previous generation came to watch
Chapter 1883 Sending the Yuan family off
Chapter 1884 Disposal
Chapter 1885: Gained, Lost
Chapter 1886 I’ll give you a hint
Chapter 1887 Still too young
Chapter 1888 Speaking without saying a word
Chapter 1889: Fishing for People
Chapter 1890: The Fifth Generation and the Three Young Masters, Old Yang Family
Chapter 1892 I’m afraid it will take five hundred years.
Chapter 1893 The End
Chapter 1893 I cannot be biased myself
Chapter 1894 Shangxiang Little Lolita
Chapter 1895 Too late to regret
Chapter 1896: An edict to the world
Chapter 1897 I cleared it up
Chapter 1898: The Gap in Vision
Chapter 1899: The legendary good place to mix seniority
Chapter 1900: Bring equipment to suppress bandits
Chapter 1901 Camel Riding
Chapter 1902 Brave
Chapter 1903 Fighting for Life
Chapter 1904: Exploiting Strengths and Avoiding Weaknesses
Chapter 1905: Furious Slash
Chapter 1906: Bone Setting
Chapter 1907: Building momentum
Chapter 1908 Friendly troops are coming
Chapter 1909 The Land of Wang Xing
Chapter 1910 The background of the old Yuan family
Chapter 1911 A show of force
Chapter 1912 Everyone is practicing
Chapter 1913 Barbarians
Chapter 1914 Internal Conflicts
Chapter 1915 Wu Zhu
Chapter 1916 Welcome
Chapter 1917: Clear Attitude
Chapter 1918 I am very reliable!
Chapter 1919: Plot
Chapter 1920: Order troops
Chapter 1921 Deployment
Chapter 1922: A single move affects the whole body
Chapter 1923 A messy situation
Chapter 1924: The enemy and ourselves
Chapter 1925 Do you want to be chopped into pieces?
Chapter 1926 How can you be weak!
Chapter 1927: Open your eyes
Chapter 1928 Encirclement and Annihilation
Chapter 1929 Shattering your pride
Chapter 1930 The Legend of Destruction
Chapter 1931 It’s on my shoulders alone
Chapter 1932: Changes will happen later
Chapter 1933: Sima Yi looks down
Chapter 1934: Mental Problems
Chapter 1935: Strength and weakness are determined
Chapter 1936: Inner Fear
Chapter 1937: Helping each other
Chapter 1938 Past and Present
Chapter 1939: Response
Chapter 1939: After all, our positions are different.
Chapter 1940: Called Forced Crossing
Chapter 1941: Stunned
Chapter 1942 Taking advantage of the chaos to cross by force
Chapter 1943 No solution
Chapter 1944 IQ crushing
Chapter 1945 The Beginning of the Counterattack
Chapter 1946 Let’s be soldiers
Chapter 1947 The Coming Enemy Army
Chapter 1949 Seven Branches in Four Hundred Years
Chapter 1950: Withdraw to the West
Chapter 1951 Get out of here as soon as possible
Chapter 1951: Standpoint
Chapter 1952: They are all sensible people
Chapter 1953 Reinforcements have arrived
Chapter 1954 The Beginning of Revenge
Chapter 1955 It’s hard to start
Chapter 1956: The rat-throwing weapon
Chapter 1957 Fighting
Chapter 1958 I can’t understand you Han army at all
Chapter 1959 Arrival
Chapter 1960 Invincible in the world
Chapter 1961 Confused
Chapter 1962: Turn me into a star!
Chapter 1963: Marquis Wen has become a legend
Chapter 1964 Completely incomprehensible
Chapter 1962 The lost spirit
Chapter 1963 We pay twice as much
Chapter 1964 The root of the disaster is deep
Chapter 1965 The Beginning of the Northward Migration
Chapter 1966 The Blood of Change
Chapter 1967: Some people want to decentralize power
Chapter 1968 Why is it fair?
Chapter 1969: Making artifacts with bare hands
Chapter 1970 This is really how it should be used
Chapter 1971 Cannot be copied
Chapter 1972 It’s time to settle the matter
Chapter 1973 No choice
Chapter 1974 News of land worth two thousand hectares
Chapter 1975 Got it
Chapter 1976: Unable to count
Chapter 1977 Mixed with Sand
Chapter 1978 I’m showing mercy
Chapter 1979 Gan Ning is about to return
Chapter 1980 The Road to the Future
Chapter 1981 The Magic Seed
Chapter 1982: Respectable religion
Chapter 1983 Asked
Chapter 1984: Twins about to be born
Chapter 1985 Liu Zhang’s ambition for hegemony
Chapter 1986: There’s no way around it
Chapter 1987: No more than 30%!
Chapter 1988 Willful
Chapter 1989: Hug the Thigh
Chapter 1990 Target——One Piece
Chapter 1991 The largest naval battle since ancient times
Chapter 1992 The momentum is set
Chapter 1993: About to be crowned
Chapter 1994 Disadvantages~
Chapter 1995 Shock
Chapter 1996: Only blood can wash away
Chapter 1997: One peck and one drink
Chapter 1998: Brother Kun, I’ll treat you to dinner
Chapter 1999: Farewell to God
Chapter 2000: Plans of Both Sides
Chapter 2001 In Anxiety
Chapter 2002 The Navy Heading South
Chapter 2003 Kill them all!
Chapter 2004 I am who I am
Chapter 2005 The Strongest
Chapter 2006 Returning to Original Form
Chapter 2007: Change of title
Chapter 2008 Naval Battle
Chapter 2009 Continuously Improving Tactics
Chapter 2010 Tactics for Decisive Battle
Chapter 2010 Zhou Yu’s exclamation
Chapter 2011 If you don’t die, you will be invincible in the world
Chapter 2012 Determining the outcome
Chapter 2012: Please, please
Chapter 2013 Abyss-like malice
Chapter 2014 Reinforcements have arrived
Chapter 2015: Join forces to fight against the enemy
Chapter 2016 Crack
Chapter 2017: Those who learn from me live, those who resemble me die
Chapter 2018: Bite the bullet and go ahead
Chapter 2018 Fortunately, the army can fight
Chapter 2019 Retreat
Chapter 2020 Showdown, Showdown
Chapter 2021: No choice but to be convinced
Chapter 2022 The plan about to be completed
Chapter 2023 Give me a sweet date
Chapter 2024 The New Generation
Chapter 2025 Let’s Talk Again
Chapter 2026 The Brilliant Avenue
Chapter 2027 I warn you, I will be armed to ask for wages!
Chapter 2028 Qualifications Qualifications
Chapter 2029 Extremely easy to use
Chapter 2030 The Incident Happened
Chapter 2031 What gave you the illusion?
Chapter 2032: Everyone is questionable
Chapter 2033: Being calculated from the beginning
Chapter 2034 Can I say that I made a mistake?
Chapter 2035 Counterattack
Chapter 2036 Solution
Chapter 2037 Basically no problem
Chapter 2038 Demonstration
Chapter 2039: Solving Internal Problems
Chapter 2040 Borrowing Money
Chapter 2041 White Grate
Chapter 2042: Having eyes but not seeing gold and jade
Chapter 2043 Yao Mozi
Chapter 2044: People will die if they play haphazardly
Chapter 2045: Another way
Chapter 2046: That’s because you are too stupid
Chapter 2047: Build ten of them first
Chapter 2048 The True Divine Weapon Unparalleled
Chapter 2049: Falling into the sinkhole
Chapter 2050: Recruiting people into the army
Chapter 2051 Sincere Invitation
Chapter 2052: It’s not about running out of money, it’s about balancing the expenditures
Chapter 2053 Let the world witness our glory
Chapter 2054 Long-term planning
Chapter 2055 Envoy
Chapter 2056 This is how fate should be
Chapter 2058: Please ask the Han Empire to agree to this proposal
Chapter 2058: No means no
Chapter Two Thousand and Fifty-Nine
Chapter 2060: Give me an explanation
Chapter 2061 Intimidation
Chapter 2062 I was joking before!
Chapter 2063 Unstoppable Ambition
Chapter 2064: If you can, go ahead!
Chapter 2065: There is no absolute advantage
Chapter 2066 Big Project
Chapter 2067: Made a Big Death
Chapter 2068 How do I know he is so weak!
Chapter 2069: Too jumpy, use it as material
Chapter 2070 Another state
Chapter 2071 What goes before and has consequences
Chapter 2072: Doesn’t your conscience hurt?
Chapter 2073: Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 2074: Talking Party
Chapter 2075 It’s great that you are so strong but also love peace!
Chapter 2075: The sense of honor is touched
Chapter 2076 It’s really interesting
Chapter 2077: Let’s do it, Xiaozhi
Chapter 2078: Not all come
Chapter 2079 Are you sure it’s a human?
Chapter 2080 Evolving
Chapter 2081 Wedding Ceremony
Chapter 2082 Cooperation
Chapter 2083 Gathering in Yecheng
Chapter 2084 The responsibility is heavier
Chapter 2084: Those who are willing to fight, those who are willing to suffer
Chapter 2085 The Man Who Brings His Own Road
Chapter 2086 Yu united the princes at Tushan, holding jade and silk to conquer all nations.
Chapter 2087: Self-destruction in the ultimate state of seeking death
Chapter 2088: Destiny is Clear
Chapter 2089: Entanglement of Cause and Effect
Chapter 2090 Shock
Chapter 2091 Power and Foundation
Chapter 2092 Natural Disaster
Chapter 2093 You don’t understand at all!
Chapter 2094: The human heart, the human heart
Chapter 2095 We are not the only one yet
Try reading, this wave is not tricking you, nor is it a sacrifice or anything, I will hit you for nonsense.
Chapter 2096: Five Thousand Years of a Great Country
Chapter 2097: Cheating and Playing
Chapter 2098 The rules are modified again
Chapter 2099 If you don’t accept it, don’t play.
Chapter 2100 One mountain is higher than the other
Chapter 2101 Choice
Chapter 2102: Ruling the World
Chapter 2102 The feast before reunification
Chapter 2103 The road is long
Chapter 2104 Strategic Change
Chapter 2105: Big Ships and Other Money Making Models
Chapter 2106 It’s just that great, no need to thank me.
Chapter 2106 This has been like this since ancient times
Chapter 2107 Thoughts behind the scenes
Chapter 2108 What I Can Do
Chapter 2109 Showdown
Chapter 2110 Zhao Yun, come out and die!
Chapter 2111 I am very angry!
Chapter 2112 Good luck to you!
Chapter 2113 It’s a ball
Chapter 2114: Professionalism, thieves never leave empty-handed
Chapter 2115 Come on, young man, lift a leg
Chapter 2116 It’s not easy
Chapter 2117 Blood Exchange
Chapter 2118: Giving up on oneself
Chapter 2119: There are important people
Chapter 2120: Go as far as you can!
Chapter 2121 Fighting in the air
Chapter 2121 Come, let’s pretend to be a country
Chapter 2122: The Beauty of China
Chapter 2123 Let you operate randomly
Chapter 2124 The Incarnation of Will
Chapter 2125 Financial Collapse
Chapter 2126 For the Motherland
Chapter 2127 The war is about to begin
Chapter 2128 Education, Education
Chapter 2129 The Return of Gan Ning
Chapter 2130 I don’t want to lose either
Chapter 2131 The soul returns to Kyushu
Chapter 2132 The Big Foodie Empire
Chapter 2133 This is culture
Chapter 2133 The Charm of Giant Ships
Chapter 2133 Knocked down with one punch
Chapter 2135 I need to fight with someone to calm the fire!
Chapter 2136: Strong is strong!
Chapter 2137 Split?
Chapter 2138: Can you lie down for three months?
Chapter 2139: Legion Attacks Land Washing
Chapter 2140 The Second Battle of Two Rivers
Chapter 2141 You have not yet shouldered this heavy burden
Chapter 2142 Encounter
Chapter 2143 Ninety-nine Moves
Chapter 2144 Absolutely not admit it
Chapter 2144 Absolutely not admit it (2)
Chapter 2145 Boundless Blessing
Chapter 2146 Heart Tribulation
Chapter 2147 I really want to die
Chapter 2148 Lone Wolf
Chapter 2149 I want to see it
Chapter 2150 I’m not stupid either!
Chapter 2151 Seeking peace through struggle
Chapter 2152 Just out of respect
Chapter 2152 Simple and Direct
Chapter 2154 I just don’t dare to mess around
Chapter 2155 Artificial Wetland
Chapter 2156 God-like Power
Chapter 2157 The Capital of Confrontation
Chapter 2158 Grand Festival
Chapter 2159: It’s my generation’s responsibility
Chapter 2160 You tell me this is fake!
Chapter 2161 Thinking about how to become stronger
Chapter 2162 Everyone is trying to become stronger
Chapter 2163 Yuan Family
Chapter 2164: Everyone works overtime
Chapter 2165 The Pillar of the Country
Chapter 2166 Civil War breaks out
Chapter 2167 Daily Friction
Chapter 2168: Doing things
Chapter 2169 Backdoor listing
Chapter 2170 Unscrupulous
Chapter 2171 New Year’s Eve
Chapter 2172: Self-prove your own correctness
Chapter 2173 The decision was finally made
Chapter 2174 A new atmosphere
Chapter 2175 The Past
Chapter 2176 Someone needs to stand up after all
Chapter 2,177 Nishiman Sapling
Chapter 2178 Killing the God
Chapter 2179 Target 5th
Chapter 2180 Let’s fight~
Chapter 2181 The Blade in the Dark
Chapter 2182 The King of the Night
Chapter 2183 The momentum of charge, advance but never retreat
Chapter 2184: This road is blocked
Chapter 2185: Destroy this legion
Chapter 2186 I'll hold them back
Chapter 2187 The Han family is still alive
Chapter 2188 Growth
Chapter 2189 A group of miscellaneous soldiers
Chapter 2190: With swords and axes added to your body, you can still fight
Chapter 2191 Retreat
Chapter 2192 The so-called elite
Chapter 2193 makes you sick
Chapter 2194: Reinforcements can’t get through, you have to think of a way
Chapter 2195 Amateur Reinforcements
Chapter 2196 Let’s challenge each other
Chapter 2197 Escape
Chapter 2198 You seem to be making me laugh
Chapter 2199 Who gave you the illusion?
Chapter 2200: Your qualities are not qualified to talk about will.
Chapter 2201 Very strong
Chapter 2202: It’s clear, but it’s confusing
Chapter 2203 Completely different thinking
Chapter 2204 The hero on stage
Chapter 2205 A devastating blow
Chapter 2206: Running away, running away
Chapter 2207 Liars, you are all liars
Chapter 2208 If you don’t win, you will die.
Chapter 2209 Believers
Chapter 2210 Everyone is training
Chapter 2211 The old Cao family who took the wrong path
Chapter 2212 No Choice
Chapter 2213 Zhou Yu’s helplessness
Chapter 2214: Opportunism
Chapter 2215 Training
Chapter 2216 Borrowing Troops
Chapter 2217 Military Merit Determines Destiny
Chapter 2218 Almost refrigerated
Chapter 2219 Huge Gap
Sunday, it should be
Chapter 2220 The Resurgent War Situation
Chapter 2221 Reinforcements finally arrive
Chapter 2222: A Smooth Sword
Chapter 2223 Extreme Killing
Chapter 2224 The sword is as bright as water
Chapter 2225
Chapter 2226 Pale and Cruel
Chapter 2227 The Fearless One
Chapter 2228 Reluctantly Joining Hands
Chapter 2229 Mutual Fear
Chapter 2230 Strange Practice
Chapter 2231 The Beginning of Victory and Defeat
Chapter 2232 The so-called Decathlon
Chapter 2233 Killing
Recommend some books that will never die
Chapter 2234 Yuanmen Shot
Chapter 2235 Negotiation
Chapter 2236 Defeat
Chapter 2237 Returning with a Disastrous Defeat
Chapter 2238 Returning East
Chapter 2239: Need to think carefully
Chapter 2240: Death without Evidence
Chapter 2241 The Essence of Power
Chapter 2242 The White Horse About to Encounter
Chapter 2243 The speed matched by arrows
Chapter 2244 Counterfeit
Chapter 2245 Surrounded
Chapter 2246 Planning
Chapter 2247 The plain has no solution
Chapter 2247 It’s going to be over, it’s going to be over
Chapter 2248 The estrangement caused by perfection
Chapter 2249 The panic caused by the sudden heavy loss
Chapter 2250 The Determined Future
Chapter 2251 Retreat
Chapter 2252: Leave here, it will be difficult to set foot again
Chapter 2253 New atmosphere~
Chapter 2253 I can only say that I tried my best.
Chapter 2254: Problems left behind by committing suicide
Chapter 2255: All are outstanding people
Chapter 2256: Widow and Loneliness
Chapter 2257 Mature Old Handsome Guy
Chapter 2258 Pretending not to understand
Chapter 2259 The continuation of life
Chapter 2260: Stop here
Chapter 2261 Research on Spiritual Technology
Chapter 2262: Can’t afford to offend, can’t afford to offend
I have saved a lot this week, I will continue next week at this time
Chapter 2263 Prison Break Failed
Chapter 2264 Don’t talk nonsense
Chapter 2265 The remnants of history
Chapter 2266: The Method of Training Troops
Chapter 2267 Personal Traces
Chapter 2268: Crowd of people and flow of krypton gold equipment
Chapter 2269 Krypton Gold
Chapter 2270: Bribing the Big Boss
Chapter 2271 What are you looking at?
Chapter 2272 Professional Habits
Chapter 2272 You will never lose
Chapter 2273: Angry
Chapter 2274 Tactics lost, strategy won
Chapter 2275 Beyond imagination
Chapter 2276 Perfect Combination
Chapter 2277 Xiao Jiujiu
Chapter 2278 Times have changed
Chapter 2279: Every family has its own sutras that are difficult to recite
Chapter 2280 The Good One
Chapter 2281 I am already invincible
Chapter 2282 No problem
Chapter 2283 Development and Growth
Chapter 2284 Ah, it’s actually very simple.
Chapter 2285 Creating Opportunities
Chapter 2286: Still unchanged
Chapter 2287: Give me a step
Chapter 2288 I don’t care
Chapter 2289 Technical Barriers
Chapter 2290: Completely Can’t Lock It Up
Chapter 2291 Ultimate Mode
Chapter 2292 Breakthrough into the Sky
Chapter 2293: Never participate again in the future
Chapter 2294 Life is so difficult
Chapter 2295 Gradually unified thinking
Chapter 2296 Do whatever you want
Chapter 2297 The best of both worlds
Chapter 2298 Ah, the brain is a good thing
Chapter 2299 What do you mean?
Chapter 2300 Scheming
Chapter 2301: Changes in daily habits
Chapter 2302 Awakening
Chapter 2303 The madness of wanton venting
Chapter 2304 Come on, let’s hurt each other
Chapter 2305: Hit the iron plate
Chapter 2306 Strengthening Incomparable
Chapter 2307 Send you to heaven
Chapter 2308: Escaped
Chapter 2309 Bridgehead
Chapter 2310 Future Plans
Chapter 2311 The beginning of chaos
Chapter 2312 What’s missing
Chapter 2313 Vegetable Market
Chapter 2314 The enemy enters the battlefield
Chapter 2315 Return
Chapter 2316 Main Body
Chapter 2317 I have a bold idea
Chapter 2317 Qualification Limitations
Chapter 2318 How long can you live?
Chapter 2319 Scary and Strong
Chapter 2320 Smooth and Troublesome
Chapter 2321 War Song
Chapter 2322 Return to the Central Plains
Chapter 2323: All Xia are One
Chapter 2324: Digging pits to bury people
Chapter 2325 I owe you Bian
Chapter 2326: Think more about it
Chapter 2327 The pressure doubles
Chapter 2328 What’s missing
Chapter 2329: Of little significance
Chapter 2330: Suddenly I feel so useless
Chapter 2331 Results
Chapter 2331 Family Heirloom
Chapter 2332 The Master
Chapter 2333 Military Situation
Chapter 2334 Looking back at the present situation ten years later
Chapter 2335 Urgent Secret Message
Chapter 2336 Look at the situation
Chapter 2337: Troops Leave the Southwest
Chapter 2338: Not afraid, just not afraid
Chapter 2339 How brave are my subordinates?
Chapter 2340 Not that weak
Chapter 2341 Gearing up
Chapter 2342: Strike first to gain the upper hand
Chapter 2343 Weird
Chapter 2344 Three Swords
Chapter 2345 Cancer
Chapter 2346 Execution Begins
Chapter 2347 Declaration
Chapter 2348 Speculation
Chapter 2349 Defense and Counterattack
Chapter 2350 Application for transfer
Chapter 2351 Crossing the Camp
Chapter 2352 It’s just so confusing
I'm back again~
Chapter 2353 Test
Chapter 2354 The time for death has come
Chapter 2355 There is still such an operation
Chapter 2356 Let’s go
Chapter 2357: Cowardice Before Fighting
Chapter 2358 Regrouping
Chapter 2359 Full of Confidence
Chapter 2360 I can’t help it if you say so.
Chapter 2361 Huge Gap
Chapter 2362 Strategic Change
Chapter 2363 The whisper of the strong
Chapter 2364: Military Advice
Chapter 2365 Yizhou’s Conscience
Chapter 2366 Inexplicably Familiar
Extra II: Diary of Zixu Foreign Land XXII: I shall conquer the world
Chapter 2367 Breaking the Formation at High Speed
Chapter 2368 Patience
Chapter 2369 Executionability
Chapter 2370: How to get 200 points in the exam
Chapter 2371 You are too weak
Chapter 2372: Attack from both sides
Chapter 2373 There is nothing to be afraid of anymore
Chapter 2374 Empty Camp
Chapter 2375 Dare to fight
Chapter 2376: This can be lost
Chapter 2377: Blow him up
Chapter 2378 Technical Talents
Chapter 2379 Anything that can’t destroy me
Chapter 2380 Easily defeated
Chapter 2381: This battle report can be written casually.
Chapter 2382 Soaring into the Sky
Chapter 2383 I don’t want to talk, I’m tired
Chapter 2384 No money? Even if you don’t have money, you have to find a way!
Chapter 2385 What a big pot
Chapter 2386 An uproar
Chapter 2387: Get your wish
Chapter 2388: Speculation and Response
Chapter 2389: Sinking with one blow
Chapter 2390 A master of seeking death
Chapter 2390 Moral constraints
Chapter 2391 What’s this logic?
Chapter 2392 Yizhou, Yizhou
Chapter 2393 It’s decided, this will be my mount from now on.
Chapter 2394: Make you happy
Chapter 2395 Return it
Chapter 2395: Hard work, God will not let you down
Chapter 2396 The one who owes money is the uncle
Chapter 2397 A Voice
Chapter 2397 The deadline is approaching
Chapter 2398 The war resumes
Chapter 2399: Two Evils
Chapter 2400 Ten Arrow Crossbow
Chapter 2401 Cao Jun Arrives
Chapter 2402 The Journey to the West
Chapter 2403: Give it away as soon as you come!
Chapter 2404: Longevity, the eldest princess builds a garden
Chapter 2405: Unearthed History
Chapter 2406: Invincible Level
Chapter 2407 Not stupid
Chapter 2408 Decision
Chapter 2409 The general trend
Chapter 2410: Wallpaper
Chapter 2411 Non-nationals
Chapter 2412 Making trouble, making trouble
Chapter 2413 Group Integration
Chapter 2414 Military Order
Chapter 2415: Maintaining Military Discipline
Chapter 2416 Going to battle
Chapter 2417 Yuan Shu’s personal troops
Chapter 2418 Showdown
Chapter 2419 Empty Defense
Chapter 2420: Attack the camp? Try it
Chapter 2421 The torn bonds
Chapter 2422 Battle
Chapter 2423 Temptation
Chapter 2423 Tyranny
Chapter 2424: All-Desert
Chapter 2425 Send them to death
Chapter 2426 The Broken Front
Chapter 2427 Just won’t collapse
Chapter 2428 Six years wasted
Chapter 2429 Retreat
Chapter 2430 Mulu’s Request
Chapter 2431: Powerless
Chapter 2432 Reinforcements are coming
Chapter 2433 Vehicle-borne Capacity
Chapter 2434 The formed divine object
Chapter 2435 The Foundation of Eternity
Chapter 2436: Particularly Unpalatable
Chapter 2437: Traveling Together
Chapter 2438 Vocal Music
Chapter 2439: Go and cut the budget for me
Chapter 2440 Different
Chapter 2441: If you understand, you understand, if you don’t understand
Chapter 2441 Gift
Chapter 2442 Someone took that step
Chapter 2443: Scientific research is not something ordinary people can afford.
Chapter 2444 Easily cracked
Chapter 2445: Take the essence and discard the dross
Chapter 2446 Heavy Cavalry
Chapter 2447 Hatred
Chapter 2448 Farewell
Chapter 2448 The Limit of Force
Chapter 2449 Lu
Chapter 2450 Taking Advantage of the Situation
Chapter 2451 Military Orders Are Unanimous
Chapter 2452 Food
Chapter 2453 This is what I need
Chapter 2454 The Big Situation
Chapter 2455 Peak Period
Chapter 2456 Learning? No, I choose to imitate
Chapter 2457: Their own plans
Chapter 2458 Violent Tactics
Chapter 2459 Countermeasures
Chapter 2460 Missed Opportunity
Chapter 2461 Torrent
Chapter 2462 The Interrupted Rhythm
Chapter 2463 Running towards victory
Chapter 2463 So strong that it explodes
Chapter 2464: Determination
Chapter 2465 Reinforcements have arrived
Chapter 2466 The Beginning of Victory and Defeat
Chapter 2467 No matter who you are, kill!
Chapter 2468 The Whetstone
Chapter 2469 Don’t let friendly forces underestimate you
Chapter 2670: The cards turned over
Chapter 2471: Forcing you to explode
Chapter 2472 Reinforcements are coming
Chapter 2473 War Elephant
Chapter 2474 The Last Rogue
Chapter 2475 The balance is about to reverse
Chapter 2476 Power
Chapter 2477 Returning from the Great Victory
Chapter 2478 One Heart
Chapter 2479 The Beginning of the Counterattack
Chapter 2480 The killing begins
Chapter 2481 Siege
Chapter 2482 The Collapsed Front Camp
Chapter 2483 Accumulated Tiredness
Chapter 2484 Tiger Ben
Chapter 2485 Imperial Guards
Chapter 2486 Zhang Ren in bad luck
Chapter 2487 Line of Defense
Chapter 2488: Psychological advantages like mowing grass
Chapter 2489: A dead horse becomes a living horse doctor
Chapter 2490 Pulling down the throne
Chapter 2491: Pincer Attack
Chapter 2492 A mouthful of old blood
Chapter 2493 The defeat is finally revealed
Chapter 2493 Illusory Will
Chapter 2494 A Fight to the Death
Chapter 2495 Responsibilities
Chapter 2496: Created Legion Talent
Chapter 2497: Legacy
Chapter 2498 Last Words
Chapter 2499 Sima Yi’s Changes
Chapter 2500 Resolution
Chapter 2501 Two Wars
Chapter 2502: Victory and defeat are commonplace for military strategists
Chapter 2503 Reinforcements have arrived
Chapter 2504 Come on, let’s fight!
Chapter 2505 The Beginning of the Collision
Chapter 2506: Send you and others on their way
Chapter 2507 How to fight this
Chapter 2508 A terrible situation
Chapter 2509: Break you into pieces
Chapter 2510: Retreat
Chapter 2511 It’s all over
Chapter 2512 A great victory? A miserable victory!
Chapter 2513: Broken Ideal
Chapter 2514 Planning
Chapter 2515: Uniting the troops together
Chapter 2516 Do you really want it?
Chapter 2517 Is there still such an operation?
Chapter 2518 Can you guys trick me again?
Chapter 2519 The Returning Strong Army
Chapter 2520: The Difference Between Generals
Chapter 2521 A free-spirited battle
Chapter 2522 My Comrades
Chapter 2523 Bare Teeth
Chapter 2524 The secret method is delivered
Chapter 2526: Laughing in anger
Chapter 2527: They all suck
Chapter 2528 Signal
Chapter 2529 Serious Shortcomings
Chapter 2530: United as one
Chapter 2531 Enthusiasm
Chapter 2532 Chinese
Chapter 2532 The Spread of Civilization
Chapter 2533 Formal Contact
Chapter 2534 The last advice
Chapter 2535 I didn’t say anything
Chapter 2536 Chicken talk with duck
Chapter 2536: It’s all based on imagination
Chapter 2537 Fear
Chapter 2538 I don’t know either
Chapter 2539 No more debts
Chapter 2540: I can’t afford to accompany you
Chapter 2541: Lend me a loan
Chapter 2542 Someone is cheating
Chapter 2543 Confused
Chapter 2544 Present and Future
Chapter 2545: Find one, hang one
Chapter 2546 Children
Chapter 2547 The Returning Strong Army
Chapter 2548 Don’t leave after school
Chapter 2549: Letting go
Chapter 2550 I can make a comeback
Chapter 2551: The weight that overturned the balance
Chapter 2552 Going further and further on the enemy’s path
Chapter 2553 Ambush
Chapter 2553 Unexpected
Chapter 2554 The Whetstone
Chapter 2555: Do you think I don’t know?
Chapter 2556: There are only 200 people at the beginning
Chapter 2557: Destiny is like this
Chapter 2558: Eternal Glory
Chapter 2559: They can fight, but I can’t?
Chapter 2560 Shut up, we are thirty-four
Chapter 2561 Why do you have such a tacit understanding?
long time no see
Chapter 2562: Physical Breaking the Curse
Chapter 2563: Counterattack, decisive counterattack
Chapter 2564 Alliance
Chapter 2566: Whitewash, does not exist
Chapter 2566 Meeting Again
Chapter 2566 The Spirit of Contract
Chapter 2567: Tell the truth
Chapter 2568 The Lesser of Two Evils
Chapter 2569 Beating the Boss
Chapter 2570 What’s the script now?
Chapter 2571 Teach you how to behave
This is a side story
Chapter 2572 Bare teeth and don’t make a move the whole time
Chapter 2573: Military Advisor, save me
Chapter 2574 Reorganization of the Legion
Chapter 2575: Take the blame, you guys
Chapter 2576 Reissue
Chapter 2577: Making up for the past
Chapter 2577 Righteous Way, Evil Way
Chapter 2578 The survival of the Han family
Chapter 2579 I want to impeach him
Chapter 2580 The gap between you and success is just one
Chapter 2581 The Destined Ending
Chapter 2582: Already eliminated before the experiment
Chapter 2583 Habit becomes natural
Chapter 2584 The enemy is so weak
Chapter 2585 I am a motley crew
Chapter 2586 Oh my god, such a big shot knows me~
Chapter 2587 The Rogue System
Chapter 2588: I’m like this, why are I still afraid of rebellion?
Chapter 2589: They are all very good
Chapter 2590: Just fool around
Chapter 2591 Win-win
Chapter 2592 I wish I could be born in
Chapter 2593 Morality
Chapter 2593: Eat my naval gun
Chapter 2594 Ship Loading
Chapter 2595 Invincible
Chapter 2596 People are coming
Chapter 2596 Duplicity
Chapter 2597: Carrying
Chapter 2597 Two thieves
Chapter 2598 Self-Knowledge
Chapter 2599 Growth
Chapter 2600 Sun Zhongmou’s Awakening
Chapter 2601 Come together
Chapter 2602: Can you repeat it?
Chapter 2603 That’s it
Chapter 2604 Reason
Chapter 2605 A historical precedent
Chapter 2606 Liu Jiyu, you pig!
Chapter 2607 The army is coming
Chapter 2608 The so-called adaptation
Chapter 2609 Tripartite Peace Talks
Chapter 2610 Why so skilled?
Chapter 2611 Isn’t it just throwing money?
Chapter 2612: Scammer
Chapter 2613 Why?
Chapter 2614 Nothing More Than This
Chapter 2615 Revenge~
Chapter 2616 Competition
Chapter 2617: Run quickly
Chapter 2618 This is a proposition
Chapter 2619 I’m going to farm
Chapter 2620: Bondage
Chapter 2621 Transformation
Chapter 2622 Don’t admit your mistakes
Chapter 2623: In the end it became a Taoist dispute
Chapter 2624: Go and verify it
Extra: Failed Moon Landing
Chapter 2625 Capital to commit suicide
Chapter 2626 Beast
Chapter 2627: Standing at the starting point
Chapter 2628 Negotiation
Chapter 2629 Planning
Chapter 2630 The long-decided plan
Chapter 2631: Money moves people’s hearts
Chapter 2632 A little bit less
Chapter 2633 Forgive me for refusing
Chapter 2634 Temptation
Chapter 2635: Give you face
Chapter 2636 The Nature of Private Meetings
Chapter 2637: A gentleman hides his weapons
Chapter 2637 Moral Heirloom
Chapter 2638 Awakening
Chapter 2639: Wrangling
Chapter 2640 The King’s Decision
Chapter 2641 The approaching bottom line
Chapter 2642: Kill on the spot
Chapter 2643: Deeply pleased
Chapter 2644 The shit stirrer
Chapter 2645 God knows what happened
Chapter 2646 It’s better to die than to die
Chapter 2647 Gift
Chapter 2648: The Awareness to Take Action
Chapter 2649 Evil Nature
Chapter 2649: Creating Gods
Chapter 2650: Dragging you to the God War
Chapter 2651 Bait
Chapter 2652: Fear from the heart
Chapter 2653 Backhand
Chapter 2654 The Divine People Come from the East
Chapter 2655 Hey, animals
Chapter 2656 I am also helpless
Chapter 2656 Extremely Effective
Chapter 2657: They are just barbarians after all
Chapter 2658: Eat my battleship
Chapter 2659 The most suitable tactics
Chapter 2660: Come prepared
Chapter 2661 Mutual Testing
Chapter 2662 Go all out
Chapter 2663 Bait
Chapter 2664 Fighting for Life
Chapter 2665 The biggest trump card
Chapter 2666 I should be a general
Chapter 2667 Whatever
Chapter 2668 Yes, I did it
Chapter 2669 Boys, you are too young
Chapter 2670 Even if I die, I won’t fall into your hands
Chapter 2671: Addicted to Child Slaughter
Chapter 2671 It’s not a routine
Chapter 2672: Wait for death!
Chapter 2673 The person I admire
Chapter 2674: Food needs to be admitted
Chapter 2675 The boat capsized
Chapter 2676: Ancient Famous General
Chapter 2677: Advance and retreat in moderation
Chapter 2678 Prologue
Chapter 2679 Justice
Chapter 2680: The Means of Stable Victory
Chapter 2681 The First Battle of the Shield Guards
Chapter 2681 The defensive power of armor
Chapter 2682: Just live and you will understand
Chapter 2683: Better than worse
Chapter 2683 The man roping a horse
Chapter 2684 Mysterious Painting Style
Chapter 2685: State affairs are the most important thing
Chapter 2686 Changes in Social Status
Chapter 2687 Entering the state
Chapter 2687: Battle
Chapter 2688 Reinforcements have arrived
Chapter 2689 Fanatic Believer
Chapter 2690 Cleansing Sins
Chapter 2691 The Beginning of the Collapse
Chapter 2691 Restructuring
Chapter 2692: Not breaking the defense
Chapter 2693: Kill ten thousand enemies
Chapter 2694: Military Improvement
Chapter 2695: Meeting a colleague
Chapter 2696 Guo Jia’s Fear
Chapter 2697: To rectify the name of God
Chapter 2698: One punch to the point of paralysis
Chapter 2699 Countermeasures
Chapter 2700: Executed
Chapter 2701 Situation
Chapter 2702 Complex System
Chapter 2703 Reunion
Chapter 2704 No problem, create problems
Chapter 2705 Can’t guess
Chapter 2706 Development and Use
Chapter 2707 Dark Materials
Chapter 2708 I am speechless
Chapter 2709 How domineering
Chapter 2710 There is no room for recovery
Chapter 2711 It’s over, it’s all over
Chapter 2712 Looking into the future
Chapter 2713 Awakening
Chapter 2714 Generous Rewards
Chapter 2715 Merger of North and South
Chapter 2716 Sad, deplorable
Chapter 2717: Combination of kindness and power
Chapter 2718 Three Strategies
If you pass by, don’t miss it~
Chapter 2719 Mentality and Senses
Chapter 2720: Human Heart
Chapter 2721: Strategy to break the situation
Chapter 2722: Thousands of Miles of Attack
Chapter 2722: Vow to live and die with this city
Chapter 2723 Temptation
Chapter 2724 Bait
Chapter 2724 Attack
Chapter 2725 Armor and Armor
Chapter 2726 The Calm Legion
Chapter 2727 Response
Chapter 2728 Inferiority and Pride
Chapter 2729 Reserve Supplies
Chapter 2730 Spread
Oh my God, how could I miss this~
Chapter 2731 Plan Adjustment
Chapter 2732 I can’t understand
Chapter 2731 Professionals
Chapter 2732 Strange People and Strange People
Chapter 2733: Play yourself to death
Chapter 2734 Lifted
Chapter 2735 The Crazy Northern Nobles
Chapter 2736 Compromise between both parties
Chapter 2737: Close before your eyes
Chapter 2738: Copy everything in the past
Chapter 2739 What I am proficient in is strategy!
Chapter 2740 Discovery
Chapter 2741 The Final Bottom Line
Chapter 2742: Heart Qi
Chapter 2743 Let me evaluate
Chapter 2744 Brutal
Chapter 2745: The fight is about the foundation
Chapter 2746 Mad Dog’s Fighting Style
Chapter 2747: Heaven and Earth have been depressed for a long time
Chapter 2748 The overall situation
Chapter 2749 Let the world be shocked
Chapter 2750 Heart-Destroying Blade
Chapter 2751 Entering the game with one’s own body
Chapter 2751: Unable to Cope
Chapter 2752: Furious
Chapter 2753 Awakening
Chapter 2753: Outside and in the game
It’s another week of reincarnation
Chapter 2754: Everything is still expected
Chapter 2755 Before landing
Chapter 2756: There is no room for the second one
Chapter 2757 The beginning of the reversal
Chapter 2757 Fighting
Chapter 2758 Laying the groundwork
Chapter 2759 What can be calculated, what cannot be calculated
Chapter 2760 At that moment, I was invincible
Chapter 2761 Those who come out to fool around will eventually have to pay back
Chapter 2762: Dead?
Chapter 2763 The enemy is approaching
Chapter 2764 I still have some energy left
Chapter 2765 The Awakenings of Both Sides
Chapter 2766: Technology is not up to standard
Chapter 2767 Pincer Attack
Chapter 2768 The coming decisive blow
Chapter 2768: Keep your word
Chapter 2769 The Despair Devouring the Soul
Chapter 2770 The approaching reinforcements
Chapter 2771: Crazy reinforcements
Chapter 2772 Determined
Chapter 2772 Madness
Chapter 2772 Bloody
Chapter Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Three: Breaking the Limit
Chapter 2774 Fighting for Life
Chapter 2775 Retreat
Chapter 2776 Military Morality
Chapter 2777 The city is burned in flames
Chapter 2778 Retreat
Chapter 2778 Returning to the North
Chapter 2779: Human Heart
Chapter 2780: Same as my brother
Chapter 2780: Run
Chapter 2781 Reason
Chapter 2781 I don’t know what I’m talking about
Chapter 2782: Open a new career
Chapter 2783 Practical Significance
Chapter 2782 Can we still have a good chat?
Chapter 2782 Immigration? Enclosed?
Chapter 2783 What I Can Do
Chapter 2784 Something happened to you!
Chapter 2785 Reality
Chapter 2786: Is this what the Yuan family does, human affairs?
Chapter 2787: Just do it easily
Chapter 2786: Evolution has gone too far
Chapter 2787 Join Hands
Chapter 2787 Self-Knowledge
Chapter 2788 Reunification
Chapter 2789 Self-Knowledge
Chapter 2789 I have experienced hundreds of battles
Chapter 2790 Why can’t it be done?
Chapter 2791 Why seek death?
Chapter 2791 Wow, another one
Chapter 2792 If you don’t do it well, split it up
Chapter 2793 I actually lost to the bastard
Chapter 2793 Unlucky boy
Chapter 2794: Seeking Death
Chapter 2794: Teach him how to behave
Chapter 2795 Charter
Chapter 2795 One Heart
Chapter 2796 Just building a bridge
Chapter 2797: I’ll take the blame
Chapter 2797: Weak, lonely, and pitiful
Chapter 2798 How about giving it a try?
Chapter 2798 Let’s make do with it
Chapter 2798 Rules
Chapter 2799 Sample
Chapter 2799: It seems like it can’t be done
Chapter 2800 This situation is a bit strange
Chapter 2801 Honest Man
Chapter 2802 A big game of chess
Chapter 2802 I’m thinking there’s another problem with this house
Chapter 2803: Find out the height and level by fishing
Chapter 2803 I ran away, you can do whatever you want
Chapter 2804 Are you human?
Chapter 2804 Eat my chicken soup
Chapter 2805 Further Discussion
Chapter 2805 This is such an evil sect.
Chapter 2806 Your Majesty is wise
Chapter 2806 Exploded
Chapter 2807 Xinruan Runs
Chapter 2808 I admit it, my mistake
Chapter 2708 Isn’t it beautiful?
Chapter 2808 Yaoshou, the eighty-year-old man takes action!
Chapter 2809 I’m a little panicked, what should I do?
Chapter 2809 Let’s listen first
Chapter 2909: The boss’s money is not money.
Chapter 2810: Boss, give me a gift
Chapter 2810 Positioning Problem
Chapter 2811 I was wondering if you could come too
Chapter 2812 Surprise? Be frightened!
Chapter 2812 Reliable, Wanted
Chapter 2813 Long-term
Chapter 2813 Leading a group of rebels
Chapter 2813 Meeting
Chapter 2814 I am your father
Chapter 2814: Family Politics
Chapter 2815: Destiny
Chapter 2815 Just these three
Chapter 2816 Birds of a feather flock together
Chapter 2816 Public
Chapter 2817 Silence in response
Chapter 2818 That’s not the case
Chapter 2819 Division
Chapter 2819 My luck has always been pretty good
Chapter 2820 The boss leads the team
Chapter 2820 He is coming
A routine sacrifice~
Chapter 2821 A new achievement is about to be achieved
Chapter 2821 Chao, don’t make a killing move
Chapter 2822 Zhao Yun is definitely talking nonsense
Chapter 2822: Release the Water
Chapter 2823 Give me death
Chapter 2823 Desire for Survival
Chapter 2824: Uncontrollable
Chapter 2824 Let’s admire my majesty
Chapter 2825 How majestic and powerful
Chapter 2825 War Fortune
Chapter 2826 Stealing the Country
Chapter 2826 Emoticon Pack
Chapter 2827 Depression
Chapter 2827 I was so scared that I blew myself up on the spot.
Chapter 2828 A little confident
Chapter 2828 Tyranny
Chapter 2829 Crossing the Starting Point
Chapter 2829 Take a break from the summer heat
Chapter 2830 Awakening
Chapter 2830 Cao Sikong fights six sons
Chapter 2831 It’s hopeless
Chapter 2831 Without Surrender~
Chapter 2832 Making a Big Death
Offer sacrifices, offer sacrifices, if you don’t make sacrifices in life, isn’t that just salted fish?
Chapter 2832 It’s over~
Chapter 2833: Cutting off the Hu
Chapter 2833 The boat capsized
Chapter 2834 Chen Zichuan, I hate you!
Chapter 2834: So good at playing~
Chapter Two Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty Five: Scumification
Chapter 2835 The Heartless Man
Chapter 2386 Chicken soup filled by Liu Bei himself
Chapter 2836: Being a Parent
Chapter 2837 I love to work~
Chapter 2837 I think you should continue to be depressed
Chapter 2838 Determination
Chapter 2,338: The freedom of a legal wife
Chapter 2839 I am also the author
Chapter 2839: Thinking about the true origin
Chapter 2840 Shining Gem
Chapter 2840 Communication
Chapter 2840: The whole country is attached
Chapter 2841 The Dirty Things in Weiyang Palace
Chapter 2842 I am also very valuable
Ah, make a sacrifice, Gou Yigou~
Chapter 2842 Tragedy
Chapter 2843 It’s not easy to be a genius.
Chapter 2843 The South is Determined
Chapter 2844 Label
Chapter 2844: Change to a professional
Chapter 2845: Integrate closely
Chapter 2845 Irritability
Chapter 2846 We think it’s pretty good!
Chapter 2846 I have a headache
Chapter 2847 So excited, so excited
Chapter 2847 Let me give you a hint
Chapter 2848: Either No. 1 or Novice
Chapter 2848: 80% hopeless
Chapter 2849 Majesty
Chapter 2849: Being carried away again
Chapter 2850: Real Identity
Chapter 2850 I’m afraid it’s about to end
Chapter 2851 Manifest Destiny
Chapter 2851 Above the Peak
Chapter 2852 Limit
Chapter 2852 No solution
Just surviving by offering sacrifices~
Chapter 2853 Redistricting
Chapter 2853 Major Events
Chapter 2854 Horrible, terrible
Chapter 2854 Well done
Chapter 2854: Call the door
Chapter 2855 Relocation
Chapter 2855 Decisive
Chapter 2856 Killing Weapon
Chapter 2856: Get out of the way, let me come
Chapter 2857 The Chen family’s last conscience
Chapter 2857 The combination of system and religion
Chapter 2858: One is more ruthless than the other
Chapter 2858 Migrating again
Chapter 2859: This pot
Chapter 2859 Going further and further on the road of seeking death
Chapter 2860 What’s wrong with you?
Chapter 2860 How to use this
Chapter 2861 Don’t destroy the boy’s dream!
Chapter 2861 I want to report
Chapter 2862: Can we communicate well with this generation gap?
Chapter 2862 Can we still have a good chat?
Chapter 2863 Thank you, Marquis Chen, for not killing him.
Chapter 2864: System Elf, fight for the whole process
Chapter 2865 Cao Sikong can open his head!
Chapter 2865 Communication
Chapter 2866: Seek a professional
Chapter 2867 Sustenance
Chapter 2668 The future direction
Chapter 2668: Guidance
Chapter 2868 Evaluation
Chapter 2869 How to get out
Chapter 2869 The Highness of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 2870: Prepare to go south
Chapter 2870 Excuse me~
Chapter 2871 Speak human language
Chapter 2871 I have a proposal
Chapter 2872 Scheduling
Chapter 2872 New direction, new road
Chapter 2873: It will be really good after reunification
Chapter 2873 North and South
Chapter 2874 Don’t bother me
Chapter 2874 The True Family Has Mines Series
Chapter 2875 This hopeless society
Chapter 2875 Ying Ying Weird
Chapter 2876 Except gender is the problem
Chapter 2876 The bright moon rises over the sea
Chapter 2877 Tyranny
Chapter 2877: Open a back door
Chapter 2878 Can’t Escape
Chapter 2878 A perfect match
Chapter 2879 Three-way Army
Chapter 2879: I was very ambitious back then
Chapter 2880 Servant Army
Chapter 2880: Awe of power but not moral
Chapter 2881 Sincerity
Chapter 2881 Trading
Chapter 2882 God-like Design
Chapter 2882 A layman commands an expert
Chapter 2883 Taking over
Chapter 2883 Why didn’t I fall?
Chapter 2884 We figure it out ourselves
Chapter 2884 Wedding
Chapter 2885 I am not a devil!
Chapter 2885 No kidding~
Chapter 2886 News
Chapter 2886: Take back what you lost
Chapter 2887 Other Possibilities
Chapter 2887 No Hope
Chapter 2888 High-Quality Cannon Fodder
Chapter 2888 The situation is not good
Chapter 2889: If you lose to anyone, you cannot lose to a pariah.
Chapter 2889 I want to beat everyone
Chapter 2890 Congratulations
Chapter 2890 Gathering all the achievements and unifying them
Chapter 2891 Come to see the show
Chapter 2891 Sauvignon Blanc
Chapter 2892 Blue Bird
Chapter 2892 Deciding to be a beast
Chapter 2893 Hey, something is wrong
Chapter 2893 Complete Solution
Chapter 2894 Miracle
Chapter 2894 Another Promising Young Man
Chapter 2895 Not yet here
Chapter 2895 The Last Crux
Chapter 2896: Start it, start it
Don't miss it if you pass by, this time is not a blood sacrifice, it is
Chapter 2896 Arrival
Chapter 2897 Inhuman Power
Chapter 2897 Plan
Chapter 2897: Heartbroken, Ado
Chapter 2898 Inquiry
Chapter 2899 Very reliable
Chapter 2899 The Show Takes Off
Chapter 2900: Why doesn’t anyone sponsor our Lao Wang family?
Chapter 2900: Ashes on the spot
Chapter 2901 Pure hobby, interest is king
Chapter 2901 Tied to the frame
Chapter 2902: The path of a hegemon is to be alone. Forget it, let’s form an alliance.
Chapter 2902: This country is probably going to end
Chapter 2903: Whatever you want, kill him
Chapter 2903 What’s the problem?
Chapter 2904 Another one
This wave really doesn’t deceive people anymore.
Chapter 2904 The strongest fortress is always breached from within
Chapter 2905 History does not require logic
Chapter 2905 I'm just testing the depth of the water
Chapter 2906: No more comfortable
Chapter 2906: So solid foundation
Chapter 2907: The butt determines the head
Chapter 2907 Communication of All Things
Chapter 2908 Evil Intentions
Chapter 2908 This Gap
Chapter 2909: Deploying Troops
Chapter 2909 Where to start?
Chapter 2910 Determined Plan
Chapter 2910 Crucial
Even if you are a robot, your routine cannot be interrupted.
Chapter 2911 It’s time to taste the herbs
Chapter 2911: Planning?
Cao Cao's extra story
Chapter 2912 They are all big fish
Chapter 2912 I congratulate all the officers and men
Chapter 2913 Three Angry Wars
Chapter 2913 The Autumn Wind Sweeps the Fallen Leaves
Chapter 2914 Opportunity
Chapter 2914: Retreating Only to Death
Chapter 2915 Awakening
Chapter 2915 Let Go
Chapter 2916 The Second Arrow
Chapter 2916 Swimming past
The author was taken away at night
Chapter 2917 Awakening
Chapter 2917 Another Limit
Chapter 2918 Today is the day
Chapter 2918: No more brains~
Chapter 2919 Failed Ambush
Chapter 2920: Battle
Chapter 2920: Wait for the dust to fall to the ground
Chapter 2921 The Road Ahead
Chapter 2921: People’s support
Chapter 2922 Don’t be a waste
Chapter 2922: Need to be cleaned up
Chapter 2923 Shock
Chapter 2923: It’s rude to come and not return.
Chapter 2924 Let me teach you some life experience
Chapter 2924 Return
Make up for the routine~
Chapter 2924 Confrontation
Chapter 2925 The second one is half price
Chapter 2925: Going further and further on the road to opening a dipper
Chapter 2926 Let’s change the calendar
Chapter 2926: Jia Wenhe, let him die
Chapter 2927 I doubt your IQ
Chapter 2927 This is not scientific
Chapter 2928 Situation
Chapter 2928: Maintained Rules
Chapter 2929 Classic Secret Technique
Chapter 2929: Cheating funds
Chapter 2930 Showdown
Chapter 2930: The eldest son
Chapter 2931: Know people by smell
Chapter 2931 Not angry, not angry at all
Chapter 2932 It’s simply poisonous
Chapter 2932: You were defeated by Chen Zichuan
Chapter 2933 Please give Sikong some advice
Chapter 2933 This is Manifest Destiny~
Chapter 2934 Let me help you
Chapter 2934: Stones from other mountains can attack jade
Chapter 2935: My family is so cool, I didn’t even know
Chapter 2935 Spiral Rise
Chapter 2936 Countdown
Chapter 2936: Powerless
Chapter 2937 To see or not to see
Pretend this is the afternoon and it will be true~
Chapter 2937 This situation is not right
Chapter 2938 The only possibility
Chapter 2938: If it doesn’t work, I’ll do it
Chapter 2939: These times are still changing.
Chapter 2939: Empty your brain
Chapter 2940: Authenticating the Past
Chapter 2939 Vigor
Chapter 2940: Can’t Stop
Chapter 2941 I have made up my mind
Chapter 2941 A bunch of trouble
Chapter 2942 Hidden Danger
Chapter 2942 Evaluation
Chapter 2943: Invincible Level
Chapter 2943 I’m waiting for you at the end
Chapter 2944 Taking over
Chapter 2944 It seems possible
Chapter 2945: Long-lasting Plan
Chapter 2945: Righteousness and Filial Piety
Chapter 2946 What I can do
Chapter 2945: Dangerous
Chapter 2947 Morality and Faith
Chapter 2947 Strategic Mistake
Chapter 2948 Who is going to rescue?
Chapter 2948 The Coming Trouble
Chapter 2949 Pros and Cons
Chapter 2949 The Coming Victory
Chapter 2950 Doubts
Chapter 2950: Calculate again
Chapter 2951: A huge start but a tail end
I pushed a bit too much this time~
Chapter 2951 You will be included in the next batch of anti-revolutionary lists
Chapter 2952: Taking it into consideration
Chapter 2952 Going South
Chapter 2954 Decision-making
Chapter 2953: My heart is cold, I’ll stop here
Chapter 2954 Division of Labor
Chapter Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Four: This is the foundation of the system
Chapter 2955 Plan 2
Chapter 2955 Seizing the opportunity
Chapter 2956: Smarter than Zhou Yu
Chapter 2956: Just a few years
Chapter 2957 Before the Battle
Chapter 2957 Traits
Chapter 2957 Speculation
Chapter 2958 Everyone is getting stronger
Chapter 2959 Morality
It seems I forgot to recommend a certain book this time
Chapter 2959: Prepare to strike
Chapter 2960 Encounter
Chapter 2960 Advanced Applications
Chapter 2961 This is the shipwreck
Chapter 2962 Temporary Retreat
Chapter 2961 Blow him up!
Chapter 2962: Quick retreat
Chapter 2963: Brainstorming
Chapter 2963 The time has come
Chapter 2964 Return to the old path
Chapter 2964 Defense
Chapter 2965 The Showdown
Chapter 2965: Summer Insects Can’t Say Ice
Chapter 2965: Can’t run away
Chapter 2966: Never been invincible
Chapter Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty-Seven: When the fake turns out to be true, the truth is also false
Chapter 2967: Hold still, don’t capsize the boat
Chapter 2968 Beyond the scope of the plan
Chapter 2968 I can’t hold it anymore
Chapter 2969 Continue
Chapter 2969 Gathering Fire
Chapter 2970 A mentally retarded person will not despair, a mentally retarded person will not feel inferior.
Chapter 2970 Flaws
Chapter 2971 Send you on your way
Chapter 2971 Doubts
Chapter 2972 ??Why are my eyes filled with tears?
Chapter 2972: Making the boss angry
Chapter 2972: Confirmed eyes, you are not Erha
Chapter 2973: Reaching the Sky in One Step
Chapter 2974 Lose? How could I lose!
Chapter 2974 The entire army was wiped out
Chapter 2975 Falling slowly
Chapter 2975 Road Problems
Chapter 2976: Trampled to pieces
Chapter 2976: Crushing Game
Chapter 2977 Breaking through the Defense Line
Chapter 2977: Formation to Kill the Enemy Chieftain
Chapter 2978 Natives
Chapter 2978 What a bizarre operation
Chapter 2779 Falling out
Chapter 2979 Battlefield Uprising
Chapter 2980 Not from the same group
Chapter 2980: Forget about this moral integrity
Chapter 2981 Jump out of the pond
Chapter 2981 Who is afraid of whom?
I'm afraid it's cold~
Chapter 2982: Touching on old capital
Chapter 2982 Support
Chapter 2983 The style of painting is strange
Chapter 2983 Sending Blessings
Chapter 2984: We agreed to be sisters
Chapter 2984 Taking shape
Chapter 2985: Dividing Line
Chapter 2985: Can the boss be strengthened twice more?
Chapter 2986 No problem, do whatever you want
Chapter 2986: This, yes, I need this
Chapter 2987 Try your best
Chapter 2987 Professional Issues
Chapter 2988 Goodbye Zhang Jaw
Chapter 2988: Mental preparation in advance
Chapter 2989 Sorry, I can’t tell
Chapter 2989: Reaching the Peak
Chapter 2990 Begin to take action
Chapter 2990 What is this operation?
Chapter 2991 Magical Thinking
Chapter 2991 Crush
Chapter 2992 Frustrated
Chapter 2992: Digging again
Chapter 2993 Nothing can be done more than three times
Chapter 2993 Gradually recognized
Chapter 2993 Water Conservancy
Chapter 2994: On track
Chapter 2995: Come and make statistics
Chapter 2995: No longer human
Chapter 2996 Situation
Chapter 2996 Forget about selling it
Chapter 2997 Are you worthy? Not worthy!
Chapter 2997 Unstoppable
Chapter 2998: Forge ahead courageously
Chapter 2998 The Final Reckoning
Chapter 2999 A hundred battles for the rest of your life
Chapter 2999: Destiny is not mine
Chapter 3000 One step away
Chapter 3000: Make plans early
Chapter 3000: Top boss, fight online
Chapter 3000 This kind of operation
Chapter 3000: Cutting the knot with a sharp knife
Chapter 3000 (6) Breaking Superstition
Chapter 3000 Registration
Chapter 3000 Before the decisive battle
Chapter 3000: Town Level
Chapter 3000 We are all pawns
Chapter 3000 The breakout begins
Chapter 3001: War begins
Chapter 3002 Day and night transition
Chapter 3003: Rush to Kill
Chapter 3003 The Beginning of Destruction
Chapter 3004 Fighting
Chapter 3004 Burn everything
Chapter 3004: Cut off
Chapter 3005: Everyone is gone
Chapter 3006 This is a legend from the third century
Chapter 3006: Just one battle
Chapter 3007: I am not alone in the battle
Breast milk ~
Chapter 3007 The road is broken
Chapter 3008 Total Destruction
Chapter 3008: Is it worthy of a battle?
Chapter 3009 Invincible
Chapter 3009 The King Meets the King
Chapter 3010 Never step back
Chapter 3010 Decisive Victory
Chapter 3011 The situation is over
Chapter 3011 The end of an era
Chapter 3012: Jealousy changes me beyond recognition
Chapter 3012 The Dark Forces
Chapter 3013: Ambitious Goal
Chapter 3014: Doubt in life
Chapter 3014: When His Majesty comes back, I will kill you all!
Chapter 3014 If you don’t accept it, don’t play!
Chapter 3015 Unsolvable Problem
Chapter 3015 Come on, change jobs!
Chapter 3016: Great Power Works Miracles
Chapter 3016 Completed Legal Principles
Chapter 3017 The final conclusion
Chapter 3017 Don’t be afraid, there is still me
Chapter 3018 Omissions
Chapter 3018: Actually not strong
Chapter 3019 I still don’t understand
Chapter 3019: Compare and Throw It Away!
Chapter 3020: Managing the Army and Commanding the Troops
Chapter 3020: Poisonous Reality
Chapter 3021 I can’t speak anymore
It's not impossible
Chapter 3021 Trouble is coming
Chapter 3022: Talents at the Demon Disintegration Level
Chapter 3022: Missing people
Chapter 3023: No one is available!
Chapter 3023 The coming trouble
Chapter 3024 Dui Dui Zi!
Chapter 3024 No one can win easily
Chapter 3025 Liu Bei’s Wisdom
Chapter 3025 I will do it this time
Chapter 3026 Large Matchmaking Platform
Chapter 3026 Let’s start again
Chapter 3027 No choice
Chapter 3027 Route Problem
Chapter 3028: Separation
Chapter 3028 Recall
Come back~
Extra XX A war across time and worlds
Chapter 3028: The irreparable rift
Chapter 3029 Strategy
Chapter 3030 Policy Guidance
Chapter 3030 Dilemma
Chapter 3031: I’m used to pitfalls
Chapter 3031 Position Adjustment
Chapter 3032: Those in danger should be safe, and those in chaos should be treated
Chapter 3032 Everyone relies on their own methods
Chapter 3033 Golden Finger
Chapter 3033: Open and Honest
Chapter 3034 Insider Intelligence
Chapter 3034: Destiny Comes Now
Chapter 3035: Breaking out of the Barrier
Sunday, of course I want it~
Chapter 3035: Master Tiantian!
Chapter 3036 Changes
Chapter 3036 New Direction
Chapter 3037 It’s hard to see each other again
Chapter 3036: Right
Chapter 3037 Planning
Chapter 3037 Mentality
Chapter 3038: Responses from Both Sides
Chapter 3038: Clear Goal
Chapter 3039 The Silent Gap
Chapter 3039 The Destined Ending
Chapter 3040: Stunned
Chapter 3040: Non-Existent Restraint
Chapter 3041 Facing the opponent at his peak
Chapter 3041 The Hidden Past
Chapter 3042: Run away
Chapter 3042: External Response
Chapter 3043 This is impossible
Chapter 3043: Annihilation
Chapter 3044 Angle Problem
Chapter 3044: The rat-throwing weapon
Chapter 3045 Destructive Rule
Chapter 3045: Must fight
Chapter 3046: Departure
Chapter 3046 Crush
Chapter 3047: So sad
Chapter 3047 Grand Strategy
Chapter 3048 As long as there is a solution
Chapter 3048 Showdown
Chapter 3049: Must bear the weight
Chapter 3049 Doubt
Chapter 3050 Regional Suppression
Chapter 3050: Find the direction
Chapter 3051 You are causing trouble!
Chapter 3051: Putting aside the past grudges
Chapter 3052: Get a bargain
Chapter 3052: Cut off a third, what does it have to do with my white horse?
Chapter 3053 Thinking from the overall situation
Chapter 3053 The war resumes
Chapter 3054: Face-to-face kill
Chapter 3054 Years of accumulation
Chapter 3055: Stalemate?
Chapter 3055 You still have life!
Chapter 3056: Strange painting style
Chapter 3057 I know this one
Chapter 3057 The Killing Move
Chapter 3057 This Luck
Chapter 3058: What I didn’t say, kill him
Chapter 3058 It’s not over, right?
Chapter 3059: Born to Death
Chapter 3059 Battle!
Chapter 3060: The Invincible
Chapter 3060 Call in
Chapter 3061 That’s all
Chapter 3061: Determination
Chapter 3062: Pierce through
Chapter 3062: Full Strength
Chapter 3063: Run away
Chapter 3063: Life should not be cut off
Chapter 3064: Stop
Chapter 3064: Armament Changes
Chapter 3065: Killed on the spot
Chapter 3065 Main direction of attack
Chapter 3066 It’s too late
Chapter 3066 The New Dynasty
Chapter 3067: It is a vital point and also a source of vitality
Chapter 3067 Responsibilities
Chapter 3068: Sealing
Chapter 3068 The enemy’s response
Chapter 3069 Two plans
Chapter 3069: Careful planning
Chapter 3070: The oriole is behind
Chapter 3070 Sorry, it’s just that hard
Chapter 3071 Say hello
Chapter 3071: Be cautious and prudent
Chapter 3072 Reinforcements
Chapter 3072 The best two and five boys
Chapter 3073: No time left
Chapter 3073 Two choices
Chapter 3074 Double Standards
Chapter 3074: Killing the God
Chapter 3075: Beat you until your whole army collapses
Chapter 3075 Miscalculation
Chapter 3076 Change of Owners
Chapter 3076: If you are poor, you will think about change.
Chapter 3077 It’s not useless
Chapter 3077: Punch a monster
Chapter 3078: Don’t panic, don’t panic
Chapter 3078 I will find a suitable home for you
Chapter 3079 Turmoil
Chapter 3079: Signs of Chaos
Chapter 3080 Painting Style
Chapter 3080: Who to kill?
Chapter 3081 Please come again
Chapter 3081: Die like a human being
Chapter 3082: Nothing
Chapter 3082: It can’t be repaired
Chapter 3083 Snowball
Chapter 3083: Linked to each other
Chapter 2084 Three-Party Conspiracy
Chapter 2084 Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 3085 Melee
Sacrifice to heaven, it is impossible not to offer sacrifice to heaven!
Chapter 3085 Fighting to the Death
Chapter 3086: One Arrow
Chapter 3086: Victim
Chapter 3087 Wild? No, this is the one I raised free-range
Chapter 3087: Poaching corners of the empire
Chapter 3088 Completing the Foundation
Chapter 3088: What are you afraid of? Write it truthfully
Chapter 3089: Straightforward writing
Chapter 3089 Just changing the angle
Chapter 3090 Domestic Issues
Chapter 3090: Using force to suppress others
Chapter 3091 I have to do it
Chapter 3091 The situation is getting worse
emegency notice
Chapter 3091: Flaw
Chapter 3092 Target
Chapter 3092: Many hidden dangers
Chapter 3092: Can’t rub it out
Chapter 3092: Kill with one sword
Chapter 3092: Blaming the blame in batches
Chapter 3093 The idea of ??moving
Chapter 3093 The overall situation
Chapter 3094: This country is probably going to end
Chapter 3094: This is not about to end, this is already over!
Chapter 3095: Dead Loop
Chapter 3095 Compromise
Chapter 3098: Divide and Disintegrate
Chapter 3096 It’s done
Chapter 3097: Attending the meeting
Chapter 3097 Arrival
Chapter 3098: Response
Chapter 3098: Background
Chapter 3099: Take action
Chapter 3099: The Way of Heaven is reincarnation
Chapter 3100 A world of difference
Chapter 3100: Great momentum
Chapter 3101: Forced into a blind corner
Chapter 3101: Individual Decisions
Chapter 3102 Give it a try
Chapter 3102: Three days of bad learning
Chapter 3103 Concentrate the Force
Chapter 3103 Platform
Chapter 3104 Technical Route
Chapter 3104 New Way
Chapter 3105 Meeting
Chapter 3105 I am the bait
Chapter 3106: Back against the enemy
Chapter 3106 Gap
Chapter 3107 Transcendence
Chapter 3107 Overturned
Chapter 3108 The Last Destiny
Chapter 3108 Approaching
Chapter 3109 The reversal is in progress
Chapter 3109 Incredible
Chapter 3110 Defeat
Chapter 3110 Just leave as soon as you say it
Chapter 3111 Retreat
Chapter 3111: A serious problem
Chapter 3112 Suggestions
Chapter 3112 Heavy losses
Chapter 3113 Lost
Chapter 3113 It’s too late
Chapter 3114 Retracement
Today is Sunday
Chapter 3114 This place cannot be lost
Chapter 3115 Reunion
Chapter 3115: Duties
Chapter 3116 A little thought
Chapter 3116 Playing for real
Chapter 3117: Violently messing around
Chapter 3117 A larger scale
Chapter 3118 Conflicts among the people?
Chapter 3118: Spectacles Destroy the Country
Chapter 3119: Get one for me too
Chapter 3119 You are incompetent
Chapter 3120: Cost
Chapter 3120: Maintaining Social Stability
Chapter 3121 There is fire in my heart
Sunday, you know
Chapter 3121: Shame and Annoyance
Extra World War II
Chapter 3122 I’m so stupid
Chapter 3122: Violating the system, the system was not created by me?
Chapter 3123 Awesome, awesome
Chapter 3123 Is this a human being?
Chapter 3124: I couldn’t before
Chapter 3124 This is morality
Chapter 3125: One Ring Within Another Ring
Chapter 3125: It’s me
Chapter 3126 Pros and Cons
Chapter 3126 Particularly terrifying
Chapter 3127 Tai Cai
Chapter 3127 It’s not a loss anyway, just give me some
Chapter 3128: Taking sides
Chapter 3128 Something happened~
Chapter 3129 New Demands
Chapter 3129: Fear
Chapter 3130 Crack
Chapter 3130 Springboard Plan
Chapter 3131: Seeing the Small Things
Chapter 3131 Collapse
Chapter 3132 Difficulty traveling
Chapter 3132 Raising troops to fight again
Chapter 3134 Detour
Chapter 3134 Before rendezvous
Chapter 3135 Intuition
Chapter 3135 The Achilles’ Heel
Chapter 3136 Arrangement
sacrifice, sacrifice
Chapter 3136 I want to be a good person
Chapter 3137 Number of Five Fingers
Chapter 3137 The fighting spirit rises
Chapter 3138 Everyone is so confident
Chapter 3138 I didn’t know you were so weak!
Chapter 3139: Actually you are not weak
Chapter 3139: Shrink and Retreat
Chapter 3140 Natural Qualifications
Chapter 3140 What you see and what I see
Chapter 3141 What happened
Chapter 3141: Stop as soon as you see fit
Chapter 3142 No cards to play
Chapter 3142 High-end means
Chapter 3143: Is there something wrong with my understanding?
Chapter 3143 A new day is coming
Chapter 3144 Let’s fight
Chapter 3144 Running faster and faster
Chapter 3145 Shattered
Chapter 3145 Bloody and Brutal
I heard that the author was hanged
Chapter 3146: Calculation
Chapter 3146 Pros and Cons
Chapter 3147 Attention
Chapter 3147 Big Problem
Chapter 3148: The hemp pole beats the wolf and is afraid of both ends
Chapter 3148: Being fooled
Chapter 3149: Determined Plan
Chapter 3149 Betting
Chapter 3150 Response
Chapter 3: One Hundred and Fifty Planning
Chapter 3151: Plot
Chapter 3151: Awesome, awesome, very awesome
Chapter 3152 Mistake?
Chapter 3152 Misstep
Chapter 3153 Meeting Again
Chapter 3153 Sorry, I can fly
Chapter 3154 Invincible
Chapter 3154 Can’t be dragged down
Chapter 3155 Three Days
It’s a new week again~
Chapter 3155: Difference, Discord
Chapter 3156 No solution
Chapter 3156 Fireflies
Chapter 3157 Copying Homework
Chapter 3157 Stand firm
Chapter 3158 Integration
Chapter 3158 Breath
Chapter 3159: Carrying it Hard
Chapter 3159 Moving forward
Chapter 3160 Setting foot in camp
Chapter 3160 Counter Suppression
Chapter 3161 Side
Chapter 3161: Beaten
Chapter 3162 Crack
I'm thinking
Chapter 3162 The King Meets the King
Chapter 3163 First
Chapter 3163 Reversal
Chapter 3164 Collapse
Chapter 3164 Beheaded
Chapter 3165 Extermination
Chapter 3165: Run away
Chapter 3166 Great Victory
Chapter 3166 Compensate me
Chapter 3167 Falling out
Chapter 3167 Exploded
Chapter 3168: Acknowledging the Mistake
Chapter 3168 Adjustment
Chapter 3169 Transfer
A week has passed
Chapter 3169 Situation
Chapter 3170: Walking on the road to completion
Chapter 3170: Strengthen Discipline
Chapter 3171 Different from the past
Chapter 3171 Super Strong
Chapter 3172 Reaction
Chapter 3172: Beating in circles
Chapter 3173 It’s very simple!
Chapter 3173: Passing on pressure
Chapter 3174 You don’t understand at all
Chapter 3174: God B
Chapter 3175 Is your Party A a human being?
Chapter 3175 Evolution
Chapter 3176 The Evil Dragon
It’s June, keep going, keep going~
Chapter 3176: Have ideals and goals
Chapter 3177 You are the master!
Chapter 3177: Nephew, come and eat grass
Chapter 3178: Want to cry but no tears
Chapter 3177: Maintaining Stability
Chapter 3178 Situation
Chapter 3178: Finding the Bottom
Chapter 3179 It is imperative
Chapter 3179 It’s all right
Chapter 3180: Not grand enough
Chapter 3180 Our purpose of waiting
Chapter 3181: Eye-catching
Chapter 3181 Tian Ke
Chapter 3182 Excitement
Chapter 3182 Future Response
Can this be counted?
Chapter 3183 A new era
Chapter 3183 Moderation
Chapter 3184 Go and have a look
Chapter 3184 New Possibilities
Chapter 3185 Entering Treasure Mountain and Returning Empty-handed
Chapter 3185 Advancement
Chapter 3186 Sword Fighting
Chapter 3186 Be prepared
Chapter 3187 The style of painting is weird
Chapter 3187 Negligence
Chapter 3187 Shallow
Chapter 3188: The road is far away and the horse power is known
Chapter 3188: Prepare in advance
Chapter 3189 Gathering
Convinced by the boss
Extras Ancient History
Chapter 3189 More and more valuable
Chapter 3190 New Year
Chapter 3190 Annual Income
Chapter 3191 Too Young
Chapter 3191 Routine
Chapter 3192 The heart is like a mirror
Chapter 3192 Enlightenment
Chapter 3193: Knowing how to play
Chapter 3193 Candidates
Chapter 3193 What kind of monsters are these?
Chapter 3194: Not full of work
Chapter 3194 Shipped
Chapter 3195 Heresy
Ugh, I don’t know what to say
Chapter 3195 Diplomacy Expert
Chapter 3196 The biggest advantage
Chapter 3196 Planning
Chapter 3196: Prepare to strike
Chapter 3197: Fight without bloodshed
Chapter 3197: Seeking the Country
Chapter 3198 Inside and Out
Chapter 3198 Laying out the future
Chapter 3199: Seeking common ground while reserving differences
Chapter 3199 New Actions
Chapter 3200 The enemy is approaching
Chapter 3200 How helpless life is
Chapter 3201 It’s hopeless
Chapter 3201 This operation is weird
Chapter 3202: A clear conscience
Even if my watch is broken, I will continue~
Chapter 3202: This prosperous age?
Chapter 3203 Moving forward
Chapter 3203 Recycle Recycle
Chapter 3204 Transfer
Chapter 3204 Human Nature
Chapter 3205 Principles
Chapter 3205 Seeking Profits
Chapter 3206: Destroying the House
Chapter 3206 Ru Hexiu
Chapter 3207 Please be a human being
Chapter 3207 Yes, yes, it’s me
Chapter 3208: Giving in to Strategy
Chapter 3208 Testing
Chapter 3209 Response
Chapter 3209: Dark-hearted and vicious
Chapter 3210 Battle
Chapter 3210 Empty Camp
Chapter 3211: Dividing the Sea
Chapter 3211 Invincible
Chapter 3212 Trend
Chapter 3212: Run quickly
Chapter 3213 The End
Chapter 3213 Setting up a trap
Chapter 3214 Approaching
Chapter 3214 Suppression
Chapter 3215: Younger Again
Chapter 3215 Direction
Chapter 3216 Greed
Chapter 3216 Behind the scenes
On time~
Chapter 3217 Distribution
Chapter 3217 Yeah, we are gone too
Chapter 3218 Spying
Chapter 3218: Frontal attack
Chapter 3219 Penetration
Chapter 3219 The big boss appears
Chapter 3220 Infinite Light
Chapter 3221 Flash Blind
Chapter 3221 Trouble lies behind
Chapter 3222: Advance by sea and land
Chapter 3222: Make Up
Chapter 3223: Pincer Attack
Chapter 3223 No more chance
Chapter 3224 New Direction
Chapter 3224: Bow after bowing your head
Chapter 3225 Let you do it
Chapter 3225 Welcome and send off
Chapter 3236 Mentality
Chapter 3226: One thing conquers another
Chapter 3227: Old appearance replaced by new appearance
Chapter 3227 Merger
Chapter 3227 Chaos
Chapter 3228 Choice
Chapter 3228: Fighting vertically and horizontally
Chapter 3229: Unexpectedly smooth
Chapter 3229 Etiquette
Chapter 3230 Master
Chapter 3230 He is a fierce man
Chapter 3231 The Spreading Front
Chapter 3231 Full of motivation
Chapter 3232 Trust
Chapter 3232 Super exciting
Chapter 3233: The unity of the legion depends on the tenth
Chapter 3233 Response
Chapter 3234 It sounds so familiar
Chapter 3234 Magical Operation
Chapter 3235 The True God Series
Chapter 3235: Shortcomings
Chapter 3236 Flying across the sky
Chapter 3236 Rampage
Chapter 3237 A masterpiece
Chapter 3237 Giant Pit
Chapter 3238 Waiting for pie to fall from the sky
Chapter 3238 The war begins
Chapter 3239 Meeting Again
Chapter 3239 Special Effects
Chapter 3240: Side Push
Chapter 3240 How to fight this
Chapter 3241 Steel Hedgehog
Chapter 3241 No solution
Uh-huh, you know
Chapter 3242 How to deal with it
Chapter 3242 Find a place
Chapter 3242 Regaining the Fighting Spirit
Chapter 3243 Malice
Chapter 3243: Know a lot
Chapter 3244: Shortcomings
Chapter 3244 Take the initiative
Chapter 3245: Completely different positioning
Chapter 3245 The circle is being generated
Chapter 3246: Return to old ways
Chapter 3246 The army attacks
Chapter 3247 Fear
Chapter 3247 It’s not scary
Chapter 3248 New Operation
It's okay this time
Chapter 3248: The true villain, too talkative to die
Chapter 3249: Capture
Chapter 3249 How miserable~
Chapter 3250 Resentment
Chapter 3250 Angry
Chapter 3251 Gathering
Chapter 3251 I am indeed the best
Chapter 3252 Appointment
Chapter 3252 Let’s hit the road
Chapter 3253 Shipping
Chapter 3253 Curse
Chapter 3254 As high as the sky
Chapter 3254 The so-called fallback
Chapter 3255 Disdain
Chapter 3255 Extremely Reliable
Chapter 3256 I can’t explain
Chapter 3256 Fun
Chapter 3257 Another puncher
Chapter 3257 Enjoying new benefits
Chapter 3258 I want to learn this
Chapter 3258 It’s the end
Chapter 3259: Deception
Chapter 3259
Chapter 3260 The boss is still the boss
Chapter 3260 Meeting
Chapter 3261: Exploded on the spot
Chapter 3261: Slipping away
Chapter 3262: Evil Sect
Chapter 3262 Inhumane
Chapter 3263 Basics
Chapter 3263 The King’s Way
Chapter 3264: Choose your own path
Chapter 3264: Sense of Déjà vu
Chapter 3265 Where are they?
Chapter 3265: Unwilling
Chapter 3266: Vaguely visible
Chapter 3266 Trouble
Chapter 3267 Playing the piano to a cow
Chapter 3267 Unequal Value
Recommend some books~
Chapter 3268: Crossing the Rules
Chapter 3268: Buy them all
Chapter 3269 Research
Chapter 3269 He has gone further than me
Chapter 3270 Horror Story
Chapter 3270 Turmoil
Chapter 3271 Who is it?
Chapter 3271: Cheating?
Chapter 3272 Try
Chapter 3272 The war resumes
Chapter 3273 Same Personality
Chapter 3273: Passed by
Chapter 3274 Decathlon
Chapter 3274 You guys, be careful
Chapter 3275 The End
Chapter 3275: Today is different from the past
Chapter 3276 Right or Wrong
Chapter 3276: Decide the outcome
Chapter 3277 I am thinking that this is the rhythm of the end!
Chapter 3277 They were all forced
Chapter 3278 Winter Snow
Chapter 3278 Make up your mind
Chapter 3279 Gathering
Chapter 3279 Battle
Chapter 3280: Fear and Cruelty
Chapter 3280 Tyranny
Chapter 3281 Reinforcements
Chapter 3281: Unable to kill
Chapter 3281 The decisive blow
Chapter 3282 Limit
Chapter 3282 Victory is at hand
Chapter 3283 Investment
Chapter 3283 Dirty
Chapter 3284: Those who want to eat
Chapter 3284 Ambition
Chapter 3085 Entering the game
Chapter 3285 Buying a Brain
Chapter 3286 Departure
Chapter 3286 Bonus
Chapter 3287 Confused
Chapter 3287: Great Wisdom but Ruo Fool
Chapter 3288: A plan on your mind
Chapter 3288: You should have some face
Actually, I don’t seem to have pushed myself to death much.
Chapter 3289: Walking into the sky
Chapter 3289: Pushed away
Chapter 3290: A Fool Thinks a Thousand
Chapter 3290: Supreme Wisdom
Chapter 3291 Becoming a spirit~
Chapter 3291 Ambition and Embarrassment
Chapter 3292 Not only am I not sad, I also want to laugh
Chapter 3292 Layers of calculations
Chapter 3293 Hidden under the water
Chapter 3293 Military Advisor
Chapter 3294 Reality is just a garbage game
Chapter 3294 The style of painting is unique
Chapter 3295: None of them are good things
Chapter 3295 Everyone depends on their ability
Chapter 3296 Join forces
Chapter 3296: Hug the Thigh
Chapter 3297: Character and face
Chapter 3297 The wildfire cannot burn it all
Chapter 3298: They were all forced
Chapter 3298: Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 3299 New Plan
Chapter 3299: Having fun
Chapter 3300 The world is impermanent
Chapter 3300 Things are different
Chapter 3301: Success will come in five or six hundred years
Chapter 3301: Breaking through the Limits
Chapter 3302: What do you want?
Chapter 3302 Fox Yo Yo Yo
Chapter 3303: Making trouble
Chapter 3303 So I hate you
Chapter 3304: Eclectic
Chapter 3304: Strike first to gain the upper hand
Chapter 3305: Marking Tactics
Chapter 3305 Shortcomings
Chapter 3306 New Plan
Chapter 3306 Do you want to try it?
Chapter 3307 Passing on
Chapter 3307 Purpose
Chapter 3308 Only success
Chapter 3309 Yes, that’s so right
Chapter 3309: No Generals Available
Chapter 3310 Response
It's weekend, you know
Extra: Under time
Chapter 3310 Three Waves Gathering
Chapter 3311: Withdraw, withdraw, withdraw
Chapter 3313 Fighting
Chapter 3313 Turtle Shell Formation
Chapter 3314 Fighting
Chapter 3314 Confrontation
Chapter 3314 Opening
Chapter 3315 Gambling
Chapter 3316: Lie in one
Chapter 3316 Invisible Aura
Chapter 3317 Catastrophe
Chapter 3317 Changing lanes
Chapter 3318 Rescue
Chapter 3318 A sudden change in painting style
Chapter 3319 Shortcomings
Chapter 3319 Only Eat Eternity
Chapter 3320 Different ideas
Chapter 3320: It’s so deceptive
Chapter 3321 Discussion on appearance
Chapter 3321: Willing to give his life for this
Chapter 3322: All his efforts are accomplished in one battle
Chapter 3322 Zhongmou, we need you
Chapter 3323 Dark under the lamp
Chapter 3323 Breaking the situation
Chapter 3324 Times have changed
Chapter 3324 Shark
Chapter 3325 Command
Chapter 3325: Half of the Destiny
Chapter 3326 Expression
Chapter 3326 Breakout
Chapter 3326: Cleared and Ashore
Chapter 3326: Misfortune and blessing
Chapter 3327 Evidence
Chapter 3327: Encounter on a narrow road
Chapter 3327: Five Steps Splattered with Blood
Chapter 3327 You die and I die
Chapter 3328: Killing the General
Chapter 3328 Awakening
Chapter 3329 Blockade
Chapter 3329 If possible
Chapter 3330 Fear
Chapter 3330 Victory is at hand
Chapter 3331 New Plan
Chapter 3331 New Temptation
Chapter 3332 Blind, blind
Chapter 3332: No Looking Back
Chapter 3333 Do you call this a rebellion?
Chapter 3333 Fighting for words
Chapter 3334 I have today too!
Chapter 3334 What is the scepter?
Chapter 3335: Absolutely no loss
Chapter 3335 Peace Talks
Chapter 3336 Ten Stars
Chapter 3336 Internal Adjustments
Chapter 3337 Getting married
Chapter 3337 Failure
Chapter 3338: Find a power coach
Chapter 3338: Same people but different fates
Chapter 3339: Believe it or not
Chapter 3339: Evil nature
Chapter 3339 Large-scale commercial fraud
Chapter 3340 Inhumane
Chapter 3340: Disaster is coming
Chapter 3341 Lesson Fees
Chapter 3341 Not enough?
Chapter 3342 Open-minded
Chapter 3342 Mutual Benefit
Chapter 3343 They are all vegetables
Chapter 3342 Mr. Xuande, you don’t understand
Chapter 3344 Another one is lame
Chapter 3344 The overall situation
Chapter 3345 Still to come
Chapter 3345 Why, I want it too!
Chapter 3345: Overthinking
Chapter 3346 Round Battle
Chapter 3346: There is also a difference between perfect scores
Chapter 3347: Blocking people
Chapter 3347 Ice Blade
Chapter 3348: Surrounded
Chapter 3348: Follow the good path
Chapter 3349 Blood Earnings
Chapter 3349 Ceasefire
Chapter 3350: Confirmed Eyes
Chapter 3350 Fighting for Life
Chapter 3351 I don’t know either
Chapter 3351: An effort, a reward
Chapter 3352 Food Supplement Plan
Chapter 3352: Teach him to fish
Chapter 3352 Ah, no more
Extra Emperor
Chapter 3353 Anne
Chapter 3353 Good words can’t save a damn ghost
Chapter 3354 Where did so much garbage come from?
Chapter 3354: Big trouble is brewing
Chapter 3355 The more the merrier
Chapter 3354: Can this win? I voted.
Chapter 3356 It happened
Chapter 3356: The first and last approach
Chapter 3357 Transfer
Chapter 3357 Grassroots
Chapter 3358 Four Directions
Chapter 3358 Victory is at hand
Chapter 3359 Faith cannot be insulted
Chapter 3359 Flaws
Chapter 3360 Parting ways
Chapter 3360 Transforming Nature
Chapter 3361 This is the truth
Chapter 3361 Poaching
Chapter 3362: Shortcomings
Chapter 3362 Emperor Sword
Chapter 3363 Impact
Chapter 3363 Choice
Chapter 3364 Return
Chapter 3364: A bright future
Chapter 3365 Defeat
Chapter 3365 Reported to God
Chapter 3366: Stop thinking about it, there is no hope
Chapter 3366 Gathering
Chapter 3367 The Boss’s Food
Chapter 3367 High-end Breeding
Chapter 3368 Ambition
Chapter 3368 Ah, not a loss
Chapter 3369: Can this be played?
Come on
Chapter 3369 Honesty
Chapter 3370 Looking at the sky
Chapter 3370 Tiankeng
Chapter 3371 The Master
Chapter 3371: The more you pay attention to, the worse it will be
Chapter 3372 One word, fragrance
Chapter 3372 People along the way
Chapter 3373 Everyone is happy
Chapter 3373: Anyway, I didn’t meet him
Chapter 3374 Why?
Chapter 3374 Talent
Chapter 3375 Terrible
Chapter 3375 Elegant and easy-going
Chapter 3376 Prime Minister
Chapter 3376 Come and help
Chapter 3377 Let the news out
Chapter 3377 Someone comes to offer auspiciousness
Chapter 3378: A heaven-defying existence
Chapter 3378 The future is already in our hands
Chapter 3379 What’s going on?
Chapter 3379 You are actually like this
Chapter 3380 Watching a show, watching a show
Chapter 3380: One is worse than the other
Chapter 3381 Make Big Money
Chapter 3381 Worry-free
Chapter 3382 Adding Chaos
Chapter 3382 I don’t know
Chapter 3383 How to be proud
Chapter 3383 Professionals
Chapter 3384 Morality is the future
Didn’t you say you want to eat sacrificial meat?
Chapter 3384 Bipolar
Chapter 3385 Filter
Chapter 3385 Someone is seeking death
Chapter 3386 Does this still need teaching?
Chapter 3386: Can’t Understand
Chapter 3386 Yun Chang, hold on
Chapter 3386 Evolution
Chapter 3387 Collapse
Chapter 3387 Excellent Experimenters
Chapter 3387 Super Safe
Chapter 3388 Outer Layer
Chapter 3388 Folding
Chapter 3389 Tyranny
Chapter 3389 A strange approach
Chapter 3390: Differences in Thinking
The last of 2019~
Chapter 3390 Hidden worries
Chapter 3391 Allies
Chapter 3391 Sanmijiogan
Chapter 3392 Planning
Chapter 3392 Choose one of the two
Chapter 3393: Adapt to changing circumstances
Chapter 3393: Killing
Chapter 3393 Shocking
Chapter 3394: Eat Melon
Chapter 3394 The Final Blow
Chapter 3395 General
Chapter 3395: Go back and atone for your sins
Chapter 3396: No more delay
Chapter 3396 Ascending to Heaven
Chapter 3397 Precipitation
New year, new atmosphere~
Extra: New time line
Chapter 3397 Malice
Chapter 3398: Biting the Hook
Chapter 3398: Decisive Killing
Chapter 3399: People’s hearts are unpredictable
Chapter 3399 Stupid
Chapter 3400 Solution
Chapter 3400 Attack
Chapter 3401 Outlook
Chapter 3401 Who is traveling with you?
Chapter 3402 Tyranny
Chapter 3402 Making Friends
Chapter 3403 Braving the disapproval of the world
Chapter 3403: If you don’t succeed, you will become a benevolent person
Chapter 3404: High Hopes
New new happiness~
Chapter 3404: Watching a Show
Chapter 3405 Confused
Chapter 3405 Happy
Chapter 3406 Who doesn’t want to live anymore?
Chapter 3406: Furious
Chapter 3407 Looking for someone
Chapter 3407 Give it a try and turn your bicycle into a motorcycle
Chapter 3407 Gathering Troops
Chapter 3407: Forcing someone to die
Chapter 3408 Intuition
Chapter 3408 The other way around
Chapter 3409 Unable to refuse
Chapter 3409: Civilized Body Seizing Plan
Chapter 3410 Integration
Sacrifice to Heaven~
Extra: Young people in another time and space
Chapter 3410: Calculation
Chapter 3411: Killing
Chapter 3411 Want it all
Chapter 3412 Response
Chapter 3412 Common Sense and Cognition
Chapter 3413 Experience
Chapter 3413 Backup Means
Chapter 3414 The prologue begins
Chapter 3414 Let me show you
Extra: Thirty years of waiting
Chapter 3415 Special effects are full
Chapter 3415: Give me one too
Chapter 3416 Turn it up
first time at the beginning of the year
Chapter 3416 Make arrangements
Chapter 3417 Awesome Imagination
Chapter 3417 More stunning than you!
Chapter 3418 Breakout
Chapter 3418: Killing
Chapter 3419: A superior move
Extra: Someone come and take revenge.
Chapter 3419 Reinforcements
Chapter 3420: Don’t admit defeat
Chapter 3420 Struggle
Chapter 3421 Bad News
Chapter 3421 I am the strongest
Chapter 3422 I created it
Chapter 3422 Hands-on
Chapter 3423 Whistling past
Chapter 3423 Just fly
Chapter 3423: Not yet reaching the limit
Chapter 3423: Check for omissions and fill them up
Chapter 3424 You are not facing someone alone
Chapter 3424 Prepared for You
Extra: People who make up the numbers
Chapter 3425 Tactical Changes
Chapter 3425 Counterattack
Chapter 3426: Flashy
Chapter 3426: Krypton Gold Rushes Through the Channel
Chapter 3427: Real Warrior
Chapter 3427 National Power
Chapter 3428: Beheading
Chapter 3428: Self-centered
Chapter 3428 Delay
Chapter 3428 Who am I and what am I doing?
Extra same existence U-se
Chapter 3429: Suspicion of Character
Chapter 3429: Without reinforcements, I can’t pretend to be myself!
Chapter 3430: Complain, must complain
Chapter 3430 The time has come
Chapter 3431: Killing
Chapter 3431 The decisive battle
Chapter 3432 To
Chapter 3432 A great victory
Chapter 3433 Battle and War
Chapter 3433 Completely incomprehensible
Chapter 3434: Sent to the West
Chapter 3434 What is this?
Chapter 3435 Good news
Chapter 3435 The Last Battle
Chapter 3436 Steady
Chapter 3436: Suddenly enlightened
Chapter 3437 The Foundation of the Imperial Industry
Chapter 3437 I don’t know either
Chapter 3438 Arrangement
Chapter 3438: Misfortunes do not come unexpectedly, and blessings do not come in vain.
Chapter 3439: It’s very difficult for me to be like this.
Chapter 3439: Rubbish Feudal Society
Chapter 3440: Where did this come from?
Chapter 3440 Resource Control
Chapter 3441 Someone was dug out
Chapter 3441 What a trap
Chapter 3442 Wei’s self-destruction again
Chapter 3442: Unfavorable Years
Chapter 3443 This strange answer choice
Chapter 3443 Cute
Chapter 3444 Going further and further on the road against heaven
Chapter 3444 No progress
Chapter 3445 New Technology
Chapter 3445 The benefits are huge
Chapter 3446 Forced by Life
Chapter 3446 It’s not easy to live in a big place
Chapter 3447 Big Deal
Chapter 3447 Latecomers
Chapter 3448: The sense of presence is slightly improved
Extra Mecha
Chapter 3448 The glittering road is at your feet
Chapter 3449 The transmission and progress of civilization
Chapter 3449 Inhuman
Chapter 3450 Alienation
Chapter 3450 Blow, blow hard
Chapter 3451 Admitting defeat
Chapter 3451 The desire to become stronger never ends
Chapter 3452 Touched
Chapter 3452: Gaining 10 pounds during the Chinese New Year
Chapter 3453 Sacrificial Vessel
Chapter 3453 Temptation
Chapter 3453: Machiavellian tactics have limits
Chapter 3453 Completely different
Chapter 3454 It’s cold, it’s really cold
Chapter 3454 Is there still such an operation?
Chapter 3455 This is the truth
You know, the tripod is ready
Chapter 3455: Human nature dictates
Chapter 3456 A group of rebels
Chapter 3456 Never disappoints
Chapter 3457 Fully meets the requirements
Chapter 3457: No more words
Chapter 3458 The Reappearance of the Myth
Chapter 3458: It may not be groundless
Chapter 3459 Different goals
Chapter 3459 Large-Scale Resettlement
Chapter 3460 Xiu Xiu Xiu
Chapter 3460 New Era
Chapter 3461 Civilization spans a thousand years
Chapter 3461 Two ways of popularization
Chapter 3462 Let’s get together
Today’s pot roast
Chapter 3462 Suspicion
Chapter 3463 As a barrier
Chapter 3463 It’s not easy
Chapter 3464 I really just said two sentences
Chapter 3464: Everyone is about to be lost
Chapter 3465 There is no one like Yi in this circle
Chapter 3466 What is this operation?
Chapter 3466 Still can’t understand
Chapter 3466 The Gate to the New World
Chapter 3467: Charge me
Chapter 3467: There is no hope, just wait to die
Chapter 3468 Can this still be used?
Chapter 3468: Raised, raised
Chapter 3469 People's hearts are in confusion
Get up, get up, throw it into the cauldron
Chapter 3469 Why?
Sima Yi's extra reappearance
Chapter 3470 Let’s talk carefully
Chapter 3470: I, Wei, will take over this pot
Chapter 3471 The main drama
Chapter 3471 Is it true or false?
Chapter 3472 Need to find a way
Chapter 3472 Another one solved
Chapter 3473 No one knows better than me
Chapter 3473: Lessons from the Pain
Chapter 3474: foil
Chapter 3474 Incompatibility
Chapter 3475 I am a mad dog
Chapter 3475: War begins
Chapter 3476 Why so strong?
This is not a sacrifice to heaven
Chapter 3476: Feelings
Chapter 3477: No need to be opportunistic
Chapter 3477: Killed easily
Chapter 3478 You call this a horse
Chapter 3478 This strange object
Chapter 3479 I may be a tool man
Chapter 3479 There may be a small problem
Chapter 3480 New Plan
Chapter 3480 Unspeakable
Chapter 3481: Bone scraping to cure poison
Chapter 3481: The Thief of the Country
Chapter 3482 Target
Chapter 3482 Position
Chapter 3483 I don’t understand
Chapter 3483 New Storm
Chapter 3484 Innovation
Chapter 3484 Corpses floating on the sea
Chapter 3485: What are these?
It’s time to worship heaven again
Chapter 3485: Restraint
Chapter 3486: A step to the top
Chapter 3486 Creating Life
Chapter 3487 Diplomatic Means
Chapter 3487: Thoughts from all parties
Chapter 3488 Don’t even think about running away
Chapter 3488 The basis for unwillingness
Chapter 3489: At least I can still crawl
Chapter 3489 Processing
Chapter 3490: Interests are heart-warming
Chapter 3490 Arrangements
Chapter 3491 Chaos arises
Chapter 3491 Difficult to do
Chapter 3491: The late emperor is old and miserable
Chapter 3492: The late Emperor has to give me a dream at night
Chapter 3492 Price Distortion
Chapter 3493 Coming back soon
Chapter 3493 This is my limit
Chapter 3494 New Utilization Methods
Chapter 3494: Winning in Chaos
Chapter 3495 Expanding
Chapter 3495: This pit is so big
Chapter 3496 Assistance
Chapter 3496 What did I create?
Chapter 3497 Difference
Chapter 3497 Measurement
Chapter 3498 New Skills
Chapter 3498 Thoughts
Chapter 3498: Overblown
Chapter 3499: Am I that bad?
Chapter 3499 Penetration
Chapter 3500 The way out
Chapter 3500: Going around in circles
Chapter 3501 My pot, my pot
Chapter 3501: Borrowing a Knife
Chapter 3502: Tricked to Death
Chapter 3502 There is no way ahead for me
Chapter 3503 Priorities
Chapter 3503 We must find a way
Chapter 3504: Trying to commit suicide
Chapter 3504: Terrified
Chapter 3505 The army is preparing
Chapter 3505: New activities in Xiliang
Chapter 3506 It’s puzzling
Chapter 3506: Research casually
Chapter 3507 Routine Operations
Chapter 3507 Different Attitudes
Extra chapter about changing dogs
Chapter 3507 Sideways glance
Chapter 3508 Expanding
Chapter 3508: Simply a Tool Man
Chapter 3508: Choose one of the two
Chapter 3509: You can’t just have it if you want it
Chapter 3509 The steamroller is dispatched
Chapter 3510 The Impenetrable Steel Plate
Chapter 3510 Face to Face
Chapter 3510 Retreat
Chapter 3511 Judgment
Chapter 3511 Self-Restraint
Chapter 3512 New Troops
While it's not over yet, let's breastfeed some more
Chapter 3512: Goofing around
Chapter 3512 Exposed
Chapter 3513: Pursuit
Chapter 3513: Dissatisfied
Chapter 3514 One Blow
Chapter 3514 Opportunity
Chapter 3515 Make a prompt decision
Chapter 3515 You will be fine before I die
Chapter 3516 Countermeasures
Chapter 3516 Fishing
Chapter 3517: Thousand Layer Cake
Chapter 3517 The battle begins
Chapter 3518 Suppression
Chapter 3518 Face to Face
Isn’t this still over? Continue~
Chapter 3519 Forced Recommendation
Chapter 3519 Attack
Chapter 3520 Breaking the Deadlock
Chapter 3520: Ying Huo
Chapter 3521 You are qualified
Chapter 3521: Close before our eyes
Chapter 3522 Idealism
Chapter 3522: Over the limit
Chapter 3523 Before victory or defeat
Chapter 3523 Reunion
Chapter 3524 Victory is close at hand
Chapter 3524 Leaving
Chapter 3525: Retreat
Chapter 3525 Filling the Vacancy
Chapter 3526: If you miss it, you miss it
Another round of reincarnation~
Chapter 3526: Invincible Halo
Chapter 3527 Screaming
Chapter 3527 A new star is rising
Chapter 3528 A completely failed plan
Chapter 3528 Something is going on
Chapter 3529 Transaction
Chapter 3529 Departure
Chapter 3530: What you get on paper is ultimately shallow
Chapter 3530: Keep your word
Chapter 3531: Defeat
Chapter 3531 Frontal Blockade
Chapter 3532: Split
Chapter 3532: Interspersed
Chapter 3533: Great things
Chapter 3533 Return
Chapter 3533: My relatives are finally back
Chapter 3534 Changes
Chapter 3534 I will come in person
Chapter 3535 Ah, I heard it’s reached its limit
Chapter 3536 What are these settings?
Chapter 3536 Unlucky Liangzhou
Chapter 3537 Various ways to solve problems
Chapter 3537 Preparing the Banquet
Chapter 3538 I gave you a chance
Chapter 3538 New Direction
Chapter 3538 This method doesn’t work, give me another one
Chapter 3538 Brand new version
Chapter 3539 The ups and downs of the times
Chapter 3539 There is something different after all
Chapter 3539: Twilight Qi
Chapter 3540 Classical Characteristics
Chapter 3540: What did you do?
Chapter 3541 Opportunity, this is an opportunity
Chapter 3541 New rules, new settings
Chapter 3542 The Complete Body of Gu
Chapter 3542 What the hell?
Chapter 3543 Highlight Moment
Chapter 3543 Never Arrogant
Chapter 3544: My hand slipped
Chapter 3544 You have to believe me
Chapter 3545: It’s gone, it’s gone
Chapter 3545 Everyone is here
Chapter 3546 New Arrangements
Chapter 3546 New Look
Chapter 3546 Like a mental retard
Chapter 3547: Edit it, edit it for me
Chapter 3547 Is there such a thing?
Chapter 3548 There’s something wrong again
Chapter 3548: I will kill you
Chapter 3549 Why can you be so stupid?
Chapter 3549 Hope
Chapter 3550 The past about to be buried
Chapter 3550 A friend comes from afar
Chapter 3551 Li, a pure-natured person
Chapter 3551: Negotiated
Chapter 3552 Undefinable
Chapter 3552 Live on Congling
Chapter 3553: Learned
Chapter 3553: Understand, understand everything?
Chapter 3554: Lessons from the Pains
Chapter 3554 Omnipotent
Chapter 3555: It can’t be done, it can’t be done
Chapter 3555 What are you doing?
Chapter 3556: Work, work for me
Chapter 3556 The second plan
Chapter 3557 Ready to hit the road
Chapter 3557 Enlightenment
Chapter 3558 The Almighty Man
Chapter 3558 Tool Man
Chapter 3559 It’s not a serious impact
Chapter 3559 Complete
Chapter 3560: See clearly
Chapter 3560: Mysterious Creation
Chapter 3561 The Devil’s Contract
Chapter 3561 Offset
Chapter 3562 Awakening
Chapter 3562 Looking back, we will know
Chapter 3563: This pot~
Chapter 3563: Some things cannot be solved
Chapter 3564 Moving forward
Chapter 3564 Seeing is Believing
Chapter 3564: Gradually Advance
Chapter 3565: That is also Bingzhou
Chapter 3565 New Skills
Chapter 3565 Shock
Chapter 3566 North-South Pattern
Chapter 3566 The added value comes as soon as you say it
Chapter 3567: Awesome, my meat
Ding, ready
Chapter 3567 Phased Results
Chapter 3568 The first step is achieved
Chapter 3568 Pros and Cons
Chapter 3569 Steady
Chapter 3569 Rare
Chapter 3570: Getting more and more capable
Chapter 3570 Mine
Chapter 3571 Material Preparation
Chapter 3571 Won the prize
Chapter 3572 Canal
Chapter 3572 The forward strategy stalemate
Chapter 3573 The Achilles’ Heel
Chapter 3573: Take care of him!
Chapter 3574 Benefits
Very serious
Chapter 3574 Sun Ce saw the corner
Chapter 3575 Qualifications
Chapter 3575 Difference
Chapter 3576 Awakening
Chapter 3576 Our Victory
Chapter 3577: Which is more important?
Chapter 3577 War Dividends
Chapter 3578 Variation
Chapter 3578 Legal Principles
Chapter 3579: Layers of Calculations
Chapter 3579 Threesome
Chapter 3580 It should be so
Chapter 3580 Blockade
Chapter 3581 The horn of decisive battle
Chapter 3581 Turmoil
Chapter 3582 Farewell
Chapter 3582 Node
Chapter 3583: Rebuild two more ships
Chapter 3583 Reasons for Struggle
Chapter 3584 Package
Chapter 3584 Recycling of second-hand seventh-generation ships
Chapter 3584: A group of people need to be hanged
Chapter 3584 Human beings, no change
Chapter 3585 Deserve to Kill
Chapter 3585 Failed to disembark
Chapter 3586 Choice
Chapter 3586: Get out, get out as far as you can
Chapter 3586: Send you on your way
Chapter 3587 How dare you be a traitor
Chapter 3588 Why
Chapter 3588 I am also helpless
Chapter 3589: There is no hope in this regard
Chapter 3589 Disposal
Chapter 3590: Disagree
Chapter 3590: Human Heart and Processing
Chapter 3591 A Business
Chapter 3591: Another one caught
Chapter 3592 Tempted
Chapter 3592: Big difference
Chapter 3593 New Adjustments
Chapter 3593 Compensation
Chapter 3594 You can leave too
The sacrifice to heaven failed last week, and I was bitten by it
Chapter 3594 Don’t know whether to live or die
Chapter 3595 Human Confused Behavior
Chapter 3595 Suitable
Chapter 3596: Disgraceful
Chapter 3596: Pros and Cons
Chapter 3597 A few tiny mistakes
Chapter 3597: Make Up
Chapter 3598 Success
Chapter 3598: Strong Folk Customs
Chapter 3599: Means of War
Chapter 3599 Ah, my hand slipped
Chapter 3600 Unstoppable bad luck
Chapter 3600: Kill him as soon as possible
Chapter 3601: Run away, run away
Extra: Under the Nine Springs
Chapter 3601: Wailing
Chapter 3602: Change the road
Chapter 3602: No more afraid, no more afraid
Chapter 3603: Seeing new hope
Chapter 3603 Gathering
Chapter 3603 Changes in Concepts
Chapter 3603: Hide? I let you hide!
Chapter 3604: Tiger’s Mouth
Chapter 3604 I suspect that I am a young man
Chapter 3605: No need to doubt, that’s right
Chapter 3605 On the Road
Chapter 3606: Maintenance
Chapter 3606 I’m afraid it’s going to end
Chapter 3607 Rescued
Chapter 3607: Run away
Chapter 3608: Change of Mind
Chapter 3608: Is it still expanding?
Chapter 3609 It could be a problem, but it’s not
Chapter 3609: Out of line and blessed
Chapter 3610: Messing around
Chapter 3610 How to deal with it
Chapter 3611 Signings
Chapter 3611 Alliance
Chapter 3612 Let’s go together
Chapter 3612 Just eat it
Chapter 3613 It’s coming, it’s coming
Chapter 3613 Quite majestic
Chapter 3614: People still have to rely on themselves
Chapter 3615 I believed your evil deeds
Chapter 3616 Let’s go
Chapter 3616 New challenges are ahead
Chapter 3617: Just be reckless
Chapter 3617: Get new equipment
Chapter 3618 Mine, Mine
Chapter 3618: Exposed upon appearance
Chapter 3619: Meeting someone
Chapter 3619: Little brother, come and practice
Chapter 3620 Hard fight
Chapter 3620: I think the other side needs a father
Chapter 3621: Plans made by our people
Chapter 3621 Retribution
Chapter 3622 Research
Ah, it’s a new reincarnation
Chapter 3622: Have some brains
Chapter 3623 I kicked him to death
Chapter 3623 Crack
Chapter 3624 How about joining forces?
Chapter 3624: Dare you believe it? This is the evidence!
Chapter 3625: Consistent Interests
Chapter 3625 New Development Direction
Chapter 3626 Bait
Chapter 3626: One Strategy, Two Plans
Chapter 3627 The accident begins
Chapter 3627: I suspect you are very good!)
Chapter 3628: Little brother, it’s up to you
Chapter 3628: Right Military Academy Lieutenant Department
Chapter 3629 Just hit it
Chapter 3629: Go all out
Chapter 3630 Destiny
Chapter 3630 The situation is not good
Chapter 3631 Farewell, Yuan
Chapter 3631 Breaking the rules
Chapter 3632: Prepare to run away
Chapter 3632 Funeral
Chapter 3633 Going South
Chapter 3633: Hopeless
Chapter 3634 The overall situation
Chapter 3634 Gonghuo
Chapter 3635: Deceiving each other
Chapter 3635 New Results
Chapter 3636 Fear
Chapter 3636 I am the smartest
Chapter 3637 Why?
Chapter 3637 Why are you so guilty?
Chapter 3638 A great victory
Chapter 3638 I caught something good
Chapter 3639: Seeking it
Chapter 3639 Talking about items
Chapter 3640 Marriage
Chapter 3640 Thoughts
Chapter 3641 It’s my turn
Chapter 3641 Going South
Chapter 3642 The ignorant are fearless
Chapter 3642 Being stupid
Chapter 3643: Differences Between North and South
Chapter 3643: Grain and Grass Reserves
Chapter 3644 Can it still be like this?
Ah, the author jumps repeatedly between coolness and coolness
Chapter 3644 What, what are you talking about?
Chapter 3645 The evil place
Chapter 3645: If you don’t have ten, just wait to die.
Chapter 3646: Death by losing magical power
Chapter 3646: I suspect there is something wrong with the other party’s intelligence
Chapter 3647: There are pitfalls before and after
Chapter 3647 Beautification
Chapter 3648: Stay away, stay away
Chapter 3648 Pursuit
Chapter 3649: One Lord
Chapter 3649 Three Gods in One
Chapter 3650 Young People
Chapter 3650: The Unstoppable Frame
Chapter 3650 Twenty-Five Boys
Chapter 3651 Simple to the extreme
Chapter 3651: One Lifetime
Chapter 3652 Pros and Cons
Chapter 3652 No joke
Chapter 3653: Evil
Chapter 3653 Anger
Chapter 3654 Wildness
Chapter 3654: Counting losses
Chapter 3655 Isn’t it beautiful?
Chapter 3655: Poor Mountains and Bad Waters
Chapter 3656 Playing like a monkey
Chapter 3656 Steps
Chapter 3657: Radical Cure
Chapter 3657: Okay, Liu Bei will take the blame first.
Chapter 3658: Remaining Issues
Chapter 3658: Come on big one
Chapter 3659 Let’s do a private deal
Chapter 3659: If you don’t give money, it’s not a deal!
Chapter 3660: It’s hard to get back
Chapter 3660: The battle between the concubine and the concubine
Chapter 3661 Postponement
Chapter 3661 I’ll give you a pot
Chapter 3662 Fourteen Months
Chapter 3662 Arrival
Chapter 3663 Cooperation
Chapter 3663 Internal Friction
Chapter 3664 Special Effects On
Chapter 3664 Three Edicts
Chapter 3665: That’s it? I can withstand it!
Chapter 3665 Containment
Chapter 3666: After using it too much, I believe it
Chapter 3666 You don’t deserve it
Chapter 3667 The new era
Chapter 3667 Self-Interpretation
Chapter 3668: Old routines, new ways to play
Chapter 3668 A new beginning
Extra: Jiuquan and the world
Chapter 3669: Launch
extra ancestor
Chapter 3669: Gone, Gone
Chapter 3670: Daddy
Chapter 3670: Soldiers are expensive and fast
Extras, juniors
Chapter 3671 Understanding Deviation
extra prince
Chapter 3671 A lot of flowers were grown
Chapter 3672: Stirring a hornet's nest
Chapter 3672 True Ally
Chapter 3673 I want to go to heaven
Chapter 3673: This luck is not very good
Chapter 3674 Light Wings
Chapter 3674 Rolling the snowball into an avalanche
Chapter 3675: Be a human being
Chapter 3675 What you want is here
Chapter 3676 Is this reasonable?
Chapter 3676 Stealing
Chapter 3677 No choice
Chapter 3677 Chasing Dreams
Extra: past and present
Chapter 3678 Killing each other
Chapter 3678 The powerful dragon kills the local snake
Chapter 3679: U-Turn
Chapter 3679: Getting deeper and deeper
Chapter 3680 Disastrous Climate
Chapter 3680 The stare between inhuman and inhuman
Chapter 3681 Dance King Exchange Competition
Chapter 3681 The final backlash
Chapter 3682 It’s coming, it’s coming
Chapter 3682 Flash Explosion
Chapter 3683 Situation
Chapter 3684: Beyond the scope of my knowledge
Chapter 3684 This person has emotional intelligence problems
Chapter 3684: People make things happen
Chapter 3685: Was this done by humans?
Chapter 3686 Rare and Exotic Beasts
Chapter 3686 This is auspicious
Let’s have a good fight first
Chapter 3686: How can you say anything?
Chapter 3686 Exposed
Chapter 3687 You guys, hey!
Chapter 3687 What a disaster!
Chapter 3687 Truth and Facts
Chapter 3688: Together next time
Chapter 3688 This is a disaster
Chapter 3689 Touching
Chapter 4751 New Operation
Chapter 4752 Mutual conspiracy
Chapter 4753 Going south
Chapter 4754: Development and preservation
Chapter 3691 What kind of gameplay is this?
Chapter 3691: Prepare to break through the ceiling
Chapter 3692 Bottom Line
It will neither be late nor late
Chapter 3692 Is this a horror story?
Extra tribute
Chapter 3693: His Highness is already an adult
Chapter 3693 The extent of neglect
Chapter 3694: Reassurance
Chapter 3694 Eat, must eat
Chapter 4764 Eat it
Chapter 4765 Demons dancing wildly
Chapter 4766 Black Village, Kill Together
Chapter 4767 Slip away, slip away
Chapter 4768 New Industry
Chapter 4769 Entering a new industry
Chapter 4770 Isn’t this still a perversion?
Chapter 4771 Apprentice
Chapter 4772 Send away quickly
Chapter 4773 The boss is back
Chapter 4774 Extra Beyond
Chapter 4775 Chang'an, here I come!
Chapter 3699: New friends are in place
Chapter 3699: Just more active
Chapter 3700 Um, oh, oh
Chapter 3700: Whitewash
Chapter 3701 Ventilation
Chapter 3701 I’m afraid I’m causing trouble!
Chapter 3702 What kind of route is this?
Chapter 3702: What is this all about?
Chapter 3703 There is only one way
Chapter 3703 You are really conscientious
Chapter 3704 A glimmer of light
Chapter 3704 Returning to the North
Chapter 3705 Three Views Shattered
Chapter 3705: Large Tragedy
Chapter 3706 Seeking a European Emperor
It’s time for a new sacrifice
Chapter 3706 Cute, super cute
Chapter 3706 Machinery
Chapter 3707: It’s me
Chapter 3707 This road is so difficult to walk
Chapter 3708 Wind Vane
Chapter 3708: Face is very important
Chapter 3709 Who doesn’t know who?
Chapter 3709 Gift
Chapter 3710: Then change me into a different person
Chapter 3710 Orientation
Chapter 3711 Assistance
Chapter 3711 That’s about it
Chapter 3712 It’s about the heart
Chapter 3712 Cooperation methods
Chapter 3713 Reluctant Good News
The author needs to cook some suitable dishes~
Chapter 4806 Apart from rebellion, what else can be done?
Chapter 4807 Extra: Staring into the Abyss
Chapter 4808 Lost, Lost
Chapter 4809 No more expansion
Chapter 4810 Not good, there are flaws
Chapter 4811 Incredibly low
Chapter 4812 Flying away
Chapter 4813 Overestimation
Chapter 4814 Feeding grass
Chapter 4815 Outsourcing
Chapter 4816 Causes and Consequences
Chapter 4817 The time has come
Chapter 4818 Ah, this is it!
Chapter 4819 Descendants
Chapter 4820 War Zone
Chapter 4821 Can it still be like this?
Chapter 3721: Run quickly
Chapter 3721 Find someone who looks weak
Chapter 3722: Going Together
Chapter 3722 Shut up, stop talking
Chapter 3723: Here comes the person you want.
Chapter 3723: Picked up a pot
Chapter 3724 A group of perverts
Chapter 3724 Hostility
Chapter 3725 I want it too
Chapter 3725 Tool Man
Chapter 3726 Gathering
Chapter 3726: Desperate Counterattack
Chapter 3727: Just this, it actually requires three swords!
The last time this month~
Chapter 3727 Good food~
Chapter 3727: This is simple, as long as you have the skills
Chapter 3728 If you don’t retreat, you just won’t retreat.
Chapter 3728: Death suddenly on the spot
Chapter 3729 I am very cautious today
Chapter 3729: Desperate Counterattack
Chapter 3730 The atmosphere is getting heated
Chapter 3730 I knew it would be like this
Chapter 3731 The end of the road
Chapter 3731: What are you hitting on?
Chapter 3732 Yes, yes
Chapter 3732: Theoretically, humans can’t
Chapter 3733 Infiltration
Chapter 3733 Nothing is trivial
Chapter 3734 There is always a way to persuade
Chapter 3734 What can I do?
Chapter 3735 Can you not accept it?
Chapter 3735 Can’t Explode
Chapter 3736 Making a decision
Chapter 3736 New Routine
Chapter 3737 It’s true, someone is cheating
Chapter 3737 Ah, there is no problem
Chapter 3738 Let’s do it now, don’t waste time
Chapter 3739: Start it, start it
Chapter 3739 Attack
Chapter 3739: Shocked
Chapter 3740 Preparations
Chapter 3740: Get Insurance
Chapter 3741 I really want to go home
The last few times this year?
Chapter 3741 Good Times
Chapter 3741 The road is difficult to walk
Chapter 3742 It’s hard to calm down
Chapter 3742 Seize the future
Chapter 3743 Just get used to it
Chapter 3743: Bad Ball
Chapter 3744 Wrist
Chapter 3744: What should I do if I catch a shark?
Chapter 3745 It has nothing to do with me
Chapter 3745: Keep your word
Chapter 3746 The Leader
Chapter 3746: Clear Attitude
Chapter 3747 Escape
Chapter 3747: Hurt each other
Chapter 3748 Share declines again
Chapter 3749 New Target Direction
Another possibility
Chapter 3750 Allies are surprised
Chapter 3750 Let more people participate
Chapter 3751 Is this the answer? No, this is hell!
Chapter 3751 It’s hard to get it
Chapter 3752 Is it worthy?
Chapter 3752: Increase productivity
Chapter 3753 This is neither Confucian nor Legalist
Chapter 3753 I’m autistic and don’t want to talk
Chapter 3754 Passing with difficulty
Chapter 3754: Twenty thousand people come first
Chapter 3755: Boy, times have changed back
Chapter 3755 Count me in
Chapter 3755 The limit of forty days
Chapter 3756 Across the Mountain
Chapter 3756 What happens again and again
Chapter 3757 Ah, the person is lost again
Chapter 3757 This is a magical place
Chapter 3758 Runaway Mode
Chapter 3758 What is everyone doing?
Chapter 3759 Everything is left unsaid
Chapter 3759: Take precautions
Chapter 3760 Mass Manufacturing
Chapter 3760 This painting style is wrong
Chapter 3761 Injection
Chapter 3761 The correct direction of development
Chapter 3761: Each’s own justice
Chapter 3762 Do you understand?
Chapter 3762 The painting styles are almost attracted to each other
Chapter 3763 Placement
Chapter 3763: A Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 3764: Their respective positions
Chapter 3764 Flexible System
Chapter 3765: Subsequent additions
Chapter 3765 Worrying about the country and serving the public
Chapter 3765 Specialization
Chapter 3765 The spreading malice
Chapter 3767 No way
Chapter 3767: Be prepared for danger in times of peace
Chapter 3768 The War Restarts
Chapter 3768 Essence
Chapter 3769: Meeting point
Chapter 3769 Spring is coming soon
Chapter 3770 Gathering
Chapter 3771: Falling into trouble
Chapter 3771 It’s coming, it’s coming!
Chapter 3772 Under the famous reputation
Chapter 3772 It’s just as I expected
Chapter 3773 Continue next time
Chapter 3773: All directions, no blind spots
Chapter 3774 Depression
Chapter 3774 Are you a pig?
Chapter 3775 There is always work to be done
Chapter 3775 Gains and Losses
Chapter 3776 Who are you?
Chapter 3776 Can I explain?
Chapter 3777: Hit by an Arrow
Before I cool it down, I still need to heat it up~
Chapter 3777 How can I not get my shoes wet when I often walk by the river?
Chapter 3778 The most shocking thing in the world
Chapter 3778 Unparalleled Destiny
Chapter 3779: Crooked
Chapter 3779 A bloody battle
Chapter 3780 Stop
Chapter 3780: Big Boss’s Advice
Chapter 3781 Execution Strategy
Chapter 3781: Overcoming
Chapter 3782 No bottom line
Chapter 3782 The times are calling
Chapter 3783: Guidance
Chapter 3783 Pick one
Chapter 3784 Opening
Chapter 3784 Forced Control
Chapter 3785: Forced Attack
Chapter 3785: Change of Formation
Chapter 3786 The Soul is Shocked
Chapter 3786: Lack of motivation
Chapter 3787: Building Wonders
Chapter 3787 Pros and Cons
Chapter 3788 Can it still be like this?
Chapter 3788 It begins
Chapter 3789 Substantialization
Chapter 3789 From Advantage to Victory
Chapter 3790 The last moment
Chapter 3790: Prepare to run away
I don’t know what to say anymore, Matsuri~
Chapter 3791 Take him away!
Chapter 3791 So simple and fulfilling
Chapter 3792 Return
Chapter 3792 What to do?
Chapter 3793 Ah, the melon split
Chapter 3793: It won’t explode, absolutely not!
Chapter 3794 Arrangements
Chapter 3794 The Little Overlord
Chapter 3795: Not a big problem
Chapter 3795 You’re not cool enough
Chapter 3796 Keep moving forward
Chapter 3796: This is how the gaps are created
Chapter 3797: No more trouble
Chapter 3797: I can see at a glance that you are not a human being
Chapter 3798 Are they firecrackers?
Chapter 3798 Losing pawns to save the rook
Chapter 3799 A heavy blow
Chapter 3799 Be flexible
Chapter 3800: Give you a chance
Chapter 3800 There seems to be something wrong with this
Chapter 3801: Turning around, turning back
Chapter 3801 Something happened
Chapter 3802 Arrangement
Chapter 3802 Strategic Thinking
Chapter 3803 The collision begins
Chapter 3803 Defense
Chapter 3803 Response Plan
Chapter 3804 The reason for destruction
Chapter 3804 Isn’t this better?
Chapter 3805 Launch
Chapter 3805 This is the rhythm of losing money
Chapter 3806 Souvenirs
Chapter 3806: Know others, know yourself
Chapter 3806: Calm mentality
Chapter 3807: Is there something wrong with your family?
Chapter 3807 Additional Responsibility
Chapter 3808 Getting started
Chapter 3808 Strategic Issues
Chapter 3809: Yes, yes, no problem, just take a look
Chapter 3809 I'll hold it for you
Chapter 3810 Digging out the roots
Chapter 3810 Another big pit
Chapter 3811 Returning Home
Chapter 3811 Arrangements are made
Chapter 3811 This social circle is too outrageous
Chapter 3812 The Perfect Virtue of the Saint
Chapter 3812 Hahaha, how is that possible?
Chapter 3813 Worth your reference
Chapter 3813: Change it into fodder!
Chapter 3814: Can this make money?
Chapter 3814: This is a little wrong
Chapter 3815: If the father is here, he will also shovel it!
Chapter 3815: Heaven Changes
Chapter 3816 Boy, times have changed again
Chapter 3816 All roads lead to Rome
Chapter 3817: Daddy
Chapter 3817: His Majesty the Emperor goes out
Chapter 3818 Ah, can it be sold?
I forgot about it twice before~
Chapter 3818 Trivial
Chapter 3818: Internal conflicts have escalated
Chapter 3819 Interview
Chapter 3819 Let’s try it out
Chapter 3819 As if it were real
Chapter 3820 That’s it? That’s it!
Chapter 3820 It’s much scarier than this
Chapter 3821 What a big pot
Chapter 3821 Four or Six Open
Chapter 3822 Defeat
Chapter 3822 Advice
Chapter 3823: This is considered a human being
Chapter 3823 The new legion commander
Chapter 3824 Don’t look at me, I can’t do it either
Chapter 3824 What’s the problem with this piece?
Chapter 3825: Don’t stick to trivial matters
The fun part has arrived again~
Chapter 3825: Handsome and Strong
Chapter 3826 There is something wrong with this world
Chapter 3826: Explode at one point
Chapter 3827: Incomprehensible
Chapter 3827 Development Plan
Chapter 3828 This inheritance seems to be inheritable
Chapter 3838 Encounter
Chapter 3829 I plan to run away
Chapter 3829: Are you completely dead?
Chapter 3830: It’s even a dream
Chapter 3830 It’s hard to do
Chapter 3831 New Victim
Chapter 3831: Resist, must resist
Chapter 3832 Ambitious Goals
Today is the day when the dragon raises its head~
Chapter 3832 It’s you, Chao!
Chapter 3832 Medical Miracle
Chapter 3833 A happy friend
Chapter 3833 The first social event of the new dynasty
Chapter 3834: On the brink of the limit
Chapter 3834 The props are already in place
Chapter 3835 Advancedness
Chapter 3835 The Ultimate Body
Chapter 3836 Deterrence
Chapter 3836 Nothing happens in August
Chapter 3837 Victory or Loss
Chapter 3837: Exhausted
Chapter 3838: The incompetence of capable people
Chapter 3838: Practicing now
Chapter 3839 Pricing Power
Chapter 3839 Trade
Chapter 3840 New Development Direction
Chapter 3840 Special invitation to join
Chapter 3841 This is really not difficult
Chapter 3841 The lonely army!
Chapter 3842 It’s all mine!
Chapter 3842 Just waiting for you to go to heaven
Chapter 3843: Treat with caution
Chapter 3843 I’m so blown away!
Chapter 3844 The sky is high
Chapter 3844 Era
Chapter 3845 New Legion
Chapter 3845: Decisive Battle Form
Chapter 3846: I can’t afford to offend, I really can’t afford to offend
Chapter 3846 Thanks to the good words
Chapter 3847 Positioning and Style
Chapter 3847: Foundation and Peak
Chapter 3848 Transaction
Chapter 3848: I’m afraid you want me to die
Chapter 3849 Narrating the Facts
Chapter 3849 Coming to the World
Chapter 3850 It’s so broken
Chapter 3850 No one came
Chapter 3851: Accept my last power
Chapter 3851 Come on
Chapter 3852: Superior Skills
Chapter 3852 Let me do it!
Chapter 3853 Ambition
Chapter 3853 Something went wrong
Chapter 3854 Loss of interest
Chapter 3854 Retreat
Chapter 3855: Something goes wrong with the ashes raising gesture
Chapter 3855 I’m here to avenge you
Chapter 3856 The stage is in place
Chapter 3856 Betting on my glory
Chapter 3857 Erha is actually me
Chapter 3857: Clear Heart
Chapter 3858: Test the waters first
Chapter 3858 Natural Phenomenon
I forgot about it before, so I’ll make up for it this time.
Chapter 3859 Inexplicable
Chapter 3859 Just give it a try
Chapter 3860 Leave the rest to me
Chapter 3860 Just a Mortal
Chapter 3861 The final collision
Chapter 3861 What you see is just the silhouette
Chapter 3862 Broken
Chapter 3862 The Great Change Begins
Chapter 3863: Plans under a sudden change of weather
Chapter 3863: No blood gain
Chapter 3864 Here we go again
Chapter 3864 You don’t even have to copy it.
Chapter 3865 The influence continues
Chapter 3865 The continuation of turmoil
Chapter 3866 New Arrangements
La, keep going~
Chapter 3866: Kill first and then play
Chapter 3867 I also have a hand!
Chapter 3867 I’m afraid it’s not going to end
Chapter 3868 I have a new proposal
Chapter 3868 Strategic Planning for the Next Stage
Chapter 3869 The wheels are rolling over again
Chapter 3869: This pot is gone
Chapter 3870 What is this?
Chapter 3870 What can you do to me?
Chapter 3871: Spreading to all directions
Chapter 3871 Looking to the southwest
Chapter 3872 Black Hand
Chapter 3872 The first move
Chapter 3873 Smooth Road
The author is probably hopeless
Chapter 3873 What is the right path?
Chapter 3874 Crucial
Chapter 3874 Opportunities and Preparations
Chapter 3875 The Problem
Chapter 3875: Showing off one’s edge
Chapter 3876 Response
Chapter 3876 This is too rude
Chapter 3877 Too Good
Chapter 3877: Melancholy Days
Chapter 3878 Changed Information
Chapter 3878 The monkey is coming~
Chapter 3879 Social Death
Chapter 3879 Crisis
Chapter 3880 A bad situation
Although the author has gone to work, Ding is still there
Chapter 3880 This is the most correct path
Chapter 3881: This general doesn’t need it
Chapter 3882 Don’t fight for steamed buns, fight for breath
Chapter 3882 Wild Road
Chapter 3883 You are not right
Chapter 3883 Is this considered a human being?
Chapter 3884 This one looks particularly weak
Chapter 3884 Running over
Chapter 3885: Strange Soldiers
Chapter 3885 New arrangements
Chapter 3885 Is there any problem on this road?
Chapter 3886 Easy to use
Chapter 3886 The real reason
Chapter 3886 The blind spot of thinking
Chapter 3887: Attack the enemy and save it
The author went out to play
Chapter 3887: What kind of plan do you want? Just be reckless!
Chapter 3888: Investigate, what’s going on?
Chapter 3888: A decisive blow
Chapter 3889 Heavy Bait
Chapter 3889 Opportunity for Victory
Chapter 3890 I’m here to help.
Chapter 3890 The only one
Chapter 3891 Why?
Chapter 3891 Basis and Judgment
Chapter 3891 Attacking the Fortress
Chapter 3892 Strategies to Wear the Enemy
Chapter 3892 Teach me!
Chapter 3892: Is this considered a road?
Chapter 3893: Delaying time
Chapter 3893 Castle Climb Battle
Chapter 3894 Gradually receding
Chapter 3894 Plan Change
Chapter 3895 Detour
Chapter 3895: May die
Chapter 3896: Provoking trouble directly
Chapter 3896 Come and fight, I have been waiting for you for many years!
Chapter 3897 Are you absent?
Chapter 3897: Great Interlude Tactics
Chapter 3898: Is he a bandit in my jurisdiction?
Chapter 3898: Is this considered saving people?
Chapter 3899: Brightness
Chapter 3899: Destiny, it’s here with me
Chapter 3900 How about this mount?
Extra: Zhelan's Elegy
Chapter 3900 Isn’t this great?
Chapter 3901 Jump out of the blind corner
Chapter 3901 Top grid
Chapter 3902 See clearly
Chapter 3902 Preparing for War
Chapter 3903: Powerful Flying Bricks
Chapter 3903: Control
Chapter 3904 Hope is close at hand
Chapter 3904 Unexpected
Chapter 3905: That’s it? Invincible?
Chapter 3905 Cutting off momentum
Chapter 3906: Shake the Barriers
Chapter 3906 Stop here
Chapter 3907 This is just one example
Chapter 3907 Setting up a trap
Chapter 3908 Sudden Arrival
Chapter 3909 I laugh at that
Chapter 3909 You will die today
Chapter 3910: Killing
Chapter 3910 The enemy enters unparalleled state
Chapter 3911: Just a little bit worse
Chapter 3911 The only one
Chapter 3912 Retreat
Chapter 3912: Intention of Support
Chapter 3913 The future is promising
Chapter 3913: Thinking Set
Chapter 3914: If something goes wrong, I'll be responsible
Chapter 3914 Victory is at hand
Chapter 3915 Facts speak louder than words
Chapter 3915 There is hope for a great position
Chapter 3916 Historical Baggage
Chapter 3916: Chaos suddenly appears
Chapter 3917 Make a prompt decision
Chapter 3917 Fighting for the bottom
Chapter 3918 Short-Term Goals
Chapter 3918 Don’t pretend to be dead
Chapter 3919 No need for redemption
Chapter 3919 No Injury
Chapter 3920: The Limits of Talent and Heart Abyss
Chapter 3920 The Last Barrier
Chapter 3921 Encirclement and Suppression
Chapter 3921: Fight and win
Chapter 3922 The number is getting smaller and smaller
Chapter 3922 The situation is bullish
Chapter 3923: Going round and round again
Chapter 3923: Can you do it?
Chapter 3924: Beyond the Past
Chapter 3924 This new road is good
Chapter 3925: This pit is a bit big
Chapter 3925 Arrangements
Chapter 3926 Is there still such a thing?
Chapter 3926 Developing new industries
Chapter 3927 Spread
Chapter 3927 Return
Chapter 3928 I hope someone is okay
Chapter 3928 Exchange
Chapter 3929: This hurdle is impossible to pass
Chapter 3929: Learned from others
Chapter 3930: See you on the battlefield then
Chapter 3930: Backup Corps
Chapter 3931 Really
Chapter 3931: Turn over the table to cause trouble
Chapter 3932 Change of hands
Chapter 3932: Prepare to strike
Chapter 3933 Ah, look at the smoke
Chapter 3933: This is not a rebel, do you believe it?
Chapter 3934 The New Elite
Chapter 3934 It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming
Chapter 3935 Negotiations failed
Chapter 3935: Love
Chapter 3936 New ways of use
Chapter 3936 Because I am too strong, I have no choice
Extra rival
Chapter 3937 Suppression
Chapter 3937: Avoid the important and take the easy
Chapter 3938: Superior Skills
Chapter 3938 The sorrow of a small country with few people
Chapter 3939 Here we come, the spy appears
Chapter 3939 Strategic Deviation
Chapter 3940 If you think there is something wrong with me, come and hit me!
Chapter 3940: Good reason
Chapter 3941 Critical State
Chapter 3941 Victory or defeat
Chapter 3942 Losing control
Chapter 3942: Young and Strong
Chapter 3943 Backhand
Chapter 3943 It’s all useless
Chapter 3944: Taking the wrong side of the sword
Chapter 3944 Great Defeat
Chapter 3945 Heads fall to the ground
Chapter 3945: Defeated like a mountain
Chapter 3946: That’s it?
Chapter 3946 Efficiency
Chapter 3947 Wonderful Operation
Chapter 3947 The reinforcements arrived all night long!
Chapter 3948 Plan Execution
Chapter 3948 Is this a trap?
Chapter 3949: Mental collapse
Chapter 3949 Evolving
Chapter 3950: The joys and sorrows of people are different again
Chapter 3950: That’s it for sincerity
Chapter 3951: Following His Majesty’s order, destroy the remnants of Anxi.
Chapter 3951 The time has come
Chapter 3952 Dynamic Balance
Chapter 3952 My time has come!
Chapter 3953: The knife comes out and the person is broken
Chapter 3953: Captive
Chapter 3954 Retreat
Chapter 3954 The man is alive again!
Chapter 3955 What I Saw and Heared
Chapter 3955 New Enemy
Chapter 3956 It’s all a trap
Chapter 3956 It seems right
Chapter 3957 Comeback
Chapter 3957 Choice
Chapter 3957: Rescue, you can still rescue
Chapter 3958: This treatment is worse
Chapter 3959 Use magic to fight magic
Chapter 3959: What bad intentions can Miao Miao have?
Chapter 3960 It’s not easy
Chapter 3960 Completed
Chapter 3961 Her Royal Highness the Princess discovered the blind spot
Chapter 3961 God-level props
Chapter 3962 There’s something wrong with you
Chapter 3962 Responsibilities and Obligations
Chapter 3963 How powerful
Chapter 3964 Can it still be like this?
Chapter 3964 Past and Present
Chapter 3964 Different
Chapter 3965 The disaster climate begins
Chapter 3965: They are all smart people
Chapter 3965: Can’t Understand
Chapter 3966: Thinking of the Times
Chapter 3966 This is also good news
Chapter 3967 The Evolved Body Appears
Chapter 3967: Developed
Chapter 3968: Uncertain Strength and Weakness
Chapter 3968 The foundation of foundations
Chapter 3969 See the world
Chapter 3969: Just work hard
Chapter 3970 New Tiankeng
Chapter 3970 If you can’t do it, you can’t do it
Chapter 3971 Design
Chapter 3971 Hidden dangers of the clan
Chapter 3972 The last chance
Chapter 3972 Ignorance
Chapter 3973 Justice
Chapter 3973 The Instigator
Chapter 3974 Lost in the underworld
Chapter 3974 The observation team is in place
Chapter 3975: The boat of cultivating Gu has capsized
Chapter 3975 Causes and Consequences
Chapter 3976 The Situation of All Parties
Chapter 3976 Hematopoietic Function
Chapter 3977 Structure
Chapter 3977 Chase
Extra: Ancient Rome Olympics
Chapter 3978 Contact
Chapter 3978 It’s a big failure
Extraneous participants
Chapter 3979: Confirmed eyes, he has a problem
Chapter 3979 Trade
The dark horse of extra Olympics
Chapter 3980 We want it too
Chapter 3980 The shock of choosing one of the two
Chapter 3981 Feed Additives
Chapter 3981 Running away to play with the collapse
Chapter 3982 Lion
Chapter 3982: This survey may be over
Extra: The joys and sorrows are different between people
Chapter 3983: Join if you can’t beat me
Chapter 3983 It’s just the beginning
Chapter 3983 Here they come, they come too
Chapter 3984: Chance Encounter
Chapter 3984 Look directly at me
Chapter 3985 The extremely intelligent Erha
Chapter 3985 The Lion Army
Chapter 3985: Totally Unable to Reject
Chapter 3986 The rhythm of not being a human being
Chapter 3986 You are playing me, right?
Chapter 3986 The heroic posture
Chapter 3987: Making meritorious deeds
Chapter 3987: My magical power is no match for Tianshu?
Chapter 3988 Final Move
Chapter 3988 Succession System
Chapter 3989 I suspect you are a solitary eater
Chapter 3989 Finalized
Chapter 3990 The Beginning of Chaos
Chapter 3990 The Son of Destiny Arrives
Chapter 3991: Shifting the blame
Chapter 3991 Wisdom crushes
Chapter 3992 The Birth of the Sphinx
Chapter 3992 Hunting
Olympic extra coach is gone
Chapter 3992 The degree of assimilation is greatly increased
Chapter 3992 Refuting Rumors
Chapter 3993 New Password Lock
Chapter 3993 The Curtain Opens Again
Chapter 3994: Be prepared
Chapter 3994 Joint Action
Chapter 3995 Geographical Advantage
Chapter 3995 The direction of development is distorted
Chapter 3996: Once and for all
Chapter 3996: Voluntary, absolutely voluntary
Chapter 3997 Ship
Chapter 3997: Moving forward hand in hand
Chapter 3998 Transaction
Chapter 3998 The new future
Chapter 3999 Testing
Chapter 3999: Troublemaker
Chapter 4000: Editing Pictures
Chapter 4000 Is this still the case?
Chapter 4001 Situation
Chapter 4001: The plan cannot keep up with the changes
Chapter 4002 The car was returned
Chapter 4002 The roots are here
Chapter 4002: Three Pillars
Chapter 4002: Full alert
Chapter 4003 Testing
Chapter 4003: A plan on your mind
Chapter 4004 The situation suddenly changes
Chapter 4004 You are not qualified
Chapter 4005: Make good use of the weather
Self-salvation ceremony
Chapter 4005: Calm Mind
Extra: Dogs are fighting
Chapter 4006: Manual Provocation
Chapter 4006 Reverse Utilization
Chapter 4007 The city gate opens
Chapter 4007: I don’t understand
Chapter 4008 All prohibited
Chapter 4008 Reverse Suppression
Chapter 4009: Righteous Way and Evil Way
Chapter 4009 The torn front
Chapter 4010 Tactical Sanctions
Chapter 4010 Water and land are different
Chapter 4011 Estimation
Chapter 4011 Reasons for Changes
Chapter 4012 Discovery
Recommend some novels about gaining weight
Chapter 4012: Linked to each other
Chapter 4013 The Queen
Chapter 4013 The so-called limit
Chapter 4014: Hidden Arrow
Chapter 4014 Is there a difference? No!
Chapter 4015: Seizing the City
Chapter 4015 New Cloud Structure
Chapter 4016 Deterrence
Chapter 4016 Worry
Chapter 4017: Crushing Flow
Chapter 4017: God is not in favor
Chapter 4018 Is this reasonable?
Chapter 4018 Effect
Chapter 4019 Premeditation
Chapter 4019 Coincidence
Chapter 4020: Rule by Man
Chapter 4020 Expansion
Chapter 4021 Responsible
Chapter 4021: Different cognitions
Chapter 4022 Levels
Chapter 4022 This is a trap
Chapter 4023: Naturally suppressing evil
Chapter 4023: Fishing
Chapter 4024: Marriage
Chapter 4024 Fraud
Chapter 4025: A Big Trap
Chapter 4025: The evil man turns to good
Chapter 4026: Protective Umbrella
Chapter 4026: Prison
Chapter 4026: Released
Chapter 4026 Fundamental
Chapter 4026: Guilt
Chapter 4027: Postponed indefinitely
Chapter 4027 Can do it
Chapter 4028 Transfer
Chapter 4028: Judgment between superior and inferior
Chapter 4029: The inner reason
Chapter 4029: Geography
Chapter 4030 New Business
Chapter 4030: First Place in Fighting and Eating
Chapter 4031 So Swift
Chapter 4031 This seems to be a problem
Chapter 4032 A large amount of dividends
Chapter 4032 The Possibility of Rise
Chapter 4033 Precious Resources
Chapter 4033 Opportunity
Chapter 4034: Loss within the wall and compensation outside the wall
Chapter 4034 The news is coming
Chapter 4035 Coping methods
Chapter 4035 There seems to be a problem here
Chapter 4036 There is no fool
Chapter 4036 I want to catch them all, I want them all
Chapter 4037 This is too scary
Chapter 4037 Yes, you are the main force
Chapter 4038 Backer
Chapter 4038 The limit is right there
Chapter 4039: Take the initiative
Chapter 4039 I understand Zhang Ren best
Chapter 4040 The rest is up to you
Chapter 4040: This salary is high enough!
Chapter 4041 Everything is arranged
Chapter 4041: Morale boosted
Chapter 4042 It’s time to bleed
Chapter 4042 He is coming!
Chapter 4043 Temptation
Chapter 4043: Arrangement of Troops
Olympic extra purpose
Chapter 4043: War breaks out
Chapter 4043: Crack, Test
Chapter 4044: Alignment
Chapter 4044: Everything is making progress
Chapter 4044 You come and I go
Chapter 4044 Dilemma
Chapter 4045
Chapter 4045 You are too weak
Chapter 4045: Develop together
Chapter 4045: I know it all
Chapter 4046: Negotiation
Chapter 4046: The Five Sacred Mountains Return without Looking at the Mountains
Chapter 4047 Targeted Teaching
Chapter 4047: There’s nothing wrong with this tactic
Chapter 4047 Can it still be like this?
Chapter 4047 The opponent is very powerful
Chapter 4048 The most orthodox image
Chapter 4048: Suffocating
Chapter 4048 Pros and Cons
Chapter 4048 Heavy losses
Chapter 4049: Unsolvable Situation
Chapter 4049: Fear
Chapter 4050 Transformation
Chapter 4050: Not Walking Alone
Chapter 4051 Strong Luck
Chapter 4051 Even though I
Chapter 4052: Help me mount my horse
Chapter 4052 Anger
Chapter 4052 The End
Chapter 4053 Annoyed
Chapter 4053 The future is dark
Chapter 4054: Serial Pit
Chapter 4054: Solving worries
Chapter 4055: Mental collapse
Chapter 4055 Asymmetry
Chapter 4056 Disposal
Chapter 4056 A completely different situation
Chapter 4056: Salted fish is also capable of fighting
Chapter 4057: Killing
Chapter 4057: Let’s poach Li You’s corner
Chapter 4058 I have an idea
Chapter 4058 Chaos
Chapter 4059 Niyang
Chapter 4059 Times are different
Chapter 4060: Position
Chapter 4060: It’s not a fuel-efficient lamp
Chapter 4061 New Development Direction
Chapter 4061: A massacre is about to take place
Chapter 4062 The Incident Happened
Chapter 4062: Rebellion
Chapter 4063 Unstoppable
Chapter 4063 Inevitability
Extra story about Yan Ran’s success
Chapter 4063: God is watching what people are doing
Chapter 4063 Failure to solve the problem
Chapter 4064 Retreat
Chapter 4064 The blood is not cold yet
Chapter 4065: Anyone who commits many unjust acts will be punished by his own death.
Chapter 4065 Chaos
Chapter 4065 Reason
Chapter 4066: Chance Encounter
Chapter 4066: Mood improves
Chapter 4066 The man behind the scenes
Chapter 4067 Exploitation
Chapter 4067: Public Heart and Private Desire
Chapter 4067: People’s Will
Chapter 4068 Qualitative
Chapter 4068: Confused
Chapter 4068 Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Miles
Chapter 4069 Cancer
Chapter 4069: Does such a person really exist?
Chapter 4070: Sweeping the End
Chapter 4070 Remember to pay
Extra: Yan Ran Le Gong II
Chapter 4071 Unexpected News
Chapter 4071: A fatal trouble
Chapter 4071: Really dying
Chapter 4072: Looking down at the world
Chapter 4072 I don’t want those who are too good at it.
Chapter 4072 Count me in
Chapter 4072 Weapons
Chapter 4073: Masters among the people
Chapter 4073 New Horizons
Chapter 4074: All the people are ready
Chapter 4074: It’s hard to tell
Chapter 4075: Consider reality
Chapter 4075 Trade
Chapter 4075 This is such a tragedy
Chapter 4076 Convocation
Chapter 4076 Professional Plans for Professionals
Chapter 4076: Get the equipment
Chapter 4076 Discussion and actual combat
Chapter 4077 Yuzhou Recruitment
Chapter 4077 God-like jumping power
Chapter 4077 Lian Po is old
Chapter 4078 Aging
Chapter 4078: Coming from afar
Chapter 4078: Get out of here
Chapter 4078 This is getting more and more complicated
Chapter 4078: Veterans Falling from Heaven
Chapter 4079 Please dont die
Chapter 4079 Positioning
Chapter 4079 Overload
Chapter 4080 Tragic Story
Chapter 4080 Although I dont understand why
Chapter 4080: The possibility of new arms
Chapter 4081 Establishing a new trend
Chapter 4081: Come to see the gods
Chapter 4082: Hook up
Chapter 4082 Make arrangements
Chapter 4083 Its an opportunity
Chapter 4083 Life never ends
Chapter 4083 The big guy is here
Chapter 4084 Group Combat
Chapter 4084 The Strongest Cavalry
Chapter 4085: Excellent Compatibility
Chapter 4085: Highlighting a Slowness
Chapter 4086 As long as you dont cause trouble, its fine
Chapter 4086 As long as Im not embarrassed
Chapter 4087 He is coming
Chapter 4087: Outrageous Defense
Chapter 4088: What does it mean to be invincible?
Chapter 4088: Comprehensive Considerations
Chapter 4089 Powerful
Chapter 4089: This painting style is exactly the same
Chapter 4090: Open up a new world
Chapter 4090 So powerful
Chapter 4091 No, I didn’t
Chapter 4091: Want to be an oriole
Chapter 4092 Human Arrogance
Chapter 4092: Military Doctor
Chapter 4093 Are you playing me?
Chapter 4093 The Evil Man
Chapter 4094: Future Plan
Chapter 4094 Professionals
Chapter 4095 Evil
Chapter 4095 Special Strengthening
Chapter 4096 Possible Rivals
Chapter 4096: Parting
Chapter 4097 Jingnan
Chapter 4097 Changes
Chapter 4098 Progress
Chapter 4098: Pao Ze
Chapter 4099: Sneaking in
Chapter 4099 The penultimate stop
Chapter 4100: Looks like a human being
Chapter 4100: Picking Up People
Chapter 4101 Brutal
Chapter 4101 Excellent
Chapter 4102 Excessive
Chapter 4102: Going abroad
Chapter 4103 The Posture of the Great Emperor
Chapter 4103 Everything goes well
Chapter 4104 What is Empire?
Chapter 4104: What is a top civil servant?
Chapter 4105 Hidden Danger
Chapter 4105 It’s time to react
Chapter 4106: Young people should daydream less
Chapter 4106 It’s a big deal and embarrassing
Chapter 4107 Surprise
Chapter 4107 I can’t stand it
Chapter 4108 No Upper Limit
Chapter 4108: Misfortune depends on blessing
Chapter 4109: Professional level mess
Chapter 4109: Rushing to liquidate the position
Chapter 4110 Come together
Chapter 4110: Jump out of the quagmire
Chapter 4111 Inheritance
Chapter 4111 Strange technical ideas
Chapter 4112 Strengthening
Chapter 4112 We must be consistent
Chapter 4113: Funny Mentality
Chapter 4113 How to relieve worries
Chapter 4114 Still not enough
Chapter 4114 This is a metaphysics
Chapter 4115 The only choice
Chapter 4115 Heavy losses
Chapter 4116 Structure
Chapter 4116 Amazing Plan
Chapter 4117 Military Reform
Chapter 4117 Are you ready?
Chapter 4118: Coming and falling
Chapter 4118 Heading towards hell
Chapter 4119 It was purely an accident
Chapter 4119 Unprecedented
Chapter 4120 The Troubles of Happiness
Chapter 4120: Not a big problem
Chapter 4121 Mainly Humanistic Care
Chapter 4121: I don’t understand
Chapter 4122 Value
Chapter 4122 Another one comes
Chapter 4123 Cause and Effect
Chapter 4123 Perseverance and perseverance
Chapter 4124 Feudal Superstition
Chapter 4124 Meeting
Chapter 4125 Everyone is evil
Chapter 4125: This face
Extra: Restart
Chapter 4126 Encounter
Chapter 4126 Renewal
Chapter 4127 Forced Change
Chapter 4127 Cloud Ni
Chapter 4128 Confrontation
Chapter 4128 Submarine
Chapter 4129 The Awareness of Why to Die
Chapter 4129: Didnt pick it up the first time
Chapter 4130 I will catch up with you
Chapter 4130 A strange combination of circumstances
Chapter 4131: In terms of professionalism, it’s up to us
Chapter 4131 Investigation
Chapter 4132 This doesnt look difficult
Chapter 4132 Very suitable
Chapter 4133 There is no problem with logic
Chapter 4133 Can do it
Chapter 4134 Be a Witness
Chapter 4134 Awareness
Chapter 4135 A heavy setback
Chapter 4135 Take action
Chapter 4136 Spiritual Infusion
Chapter 4136 Retreat
Chapter 4137 Sacrifice
Chapter 4137 Confirmed
Chapter 4138 The one who takes the blame
Chapter 4138 Cheng Yi
Chapter 4139: If I can’t solve the problem, I can’t solve you.
Chapter 4139: Fight together
Chapter 4140: Transfer
Chapter 4140 Whats going on?
Chapter 4141 Disagreement
Chapter 4141: Everyone knows that it may not be correct
Chapter 4142 300 Shield Guards
Chapter 4142 Ground Pile
Chapter 4143 Strange things are increasing
Chapter 4143 The one who takes the blame
Chapter 4144 Food Supplements
Chapter 4144 Here they come, they come
Chapter 4145: A little bit numb
Chapter 4145: If you don’t come here, hurry up
Chapter 4146 Before the War
Chapter 4146: Temple Calculation
Chapter 4147 Too Smart
Chapter 4147 Follow-up Arrangements
Chapter 4148: Really?
Chapter 4148: Carrying
Chapter 4149 Arrangement
Chapter 4149 The enemy is ahead
Chapter 4150 Battle Formation
Chapter 4150 Tactics
Chapter 4151 Escape
Chapter 4151 I’m afraid he’s not a waste
Chapter 4152: Open another path
Chapter 4152 I have to go
Chapter 4153 Spear
Chapter 4153: Hits all depend on face
Chapter 5752 The ups and downs of the extra era
Chapter 4154 Intelligence
Chapter 4154 The supermodel cloud in the middle line
Chapter 4155 Response
Chapter 4155 Harassment Plan
Chapter 4156 Commonalities
Chapter 4156: Targeting
Chapter 4157 Unplanned
Chapter 4157: It can still be like this
Chapter 4158 Estimation
Chapter 4158: Able to make good decisions
Chapter 4159: Unsuccessful at the beginning
Chapter 4159 In front of you
Chapter 4160 Means
Chapter 4160 Seeing things and missing people
Chapter 4161 Decision
Chapter 4161 Forced Confrontation
Chapter 4162: Retreat at the Exhaustion of Strength
Chapter 4162: Retreat
Chapter 4163 Violence
Chapter 4163 To welcome Master Wang
Chapter 4164 Siege
Chapter 4164: Forced Attack
Chapter 4165: All at once
Chapter 4165: Fight and win
Chapter 4166: The Dao of Tribulation
Chapter 4166 Thinking
Chapter 4167 Purpose
Chapter 4167 Concept
Chapter 4168: Lets stay the same
Chapter 4168 Action
Chapter 4169: Be confident
Chapter 4169 The Sword of Damocles
Chapter 4170 Northern Line
Chapter 4170 Fortifications
Chapter 4171 Progress
Chapter 4171 Centripetal Force
Chapter 4172 Be cautious and careful
Chapter 4172 Coming
Chapter 4172 Coming
Chapter 4173 Retreat
Chapter 4173 Rules
Chapter 4174 Next Step
Chapter 4174 Dont be a coward
Chapter 4175: This needs to be dealt with carefully
Chapter 4175 The way both parties solve the problem
Chapter 4176: Inside and outside
Chapter 4176 Planning
Chapter 4177 The plan cannot keep up with the changes
Chapter 4177: Eachs own unique skills
Chapter 4178 If it doesnt work, we can only poach Zhou Yus corner
Extra: respective obsessions
Chapter 4178 The end of the godman
Chapter 4179 Work and Morality
Chapter 4179 Opponent
Chapter 5806 Adaptation
Chapter 5807 Why so?
Chapter 4181 Persuasion
Chapter 4181 Accomplice
Chapter 4182 Node
Chapter 4182 I, Chen Xi, refuse to accept it
Chapter 4183 Chen Xis biggest enemy
Chapter 4183: Falling into Entanglement
Chapter 4184 Cracked
Chapter 4184 Diplomatic Accident
Chapter 4185 Great Ideal
Chapter 4185 Compromise
Chapter 4186 People's hearts are in turmoil
Chapter 4186: Different positions
Chapter 4187: Linked to each other
Chapter 4187: Benefiting the People
Extra: Even if you have been, you are still at the top
Chapter 4188: Carrying
Chapter 4188 Morality
Chapter 4189 Departure
Chapter 4189 The danger has just begun
Chapter 4190 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 4190 Your King is Back
Chapter 4191: Can this be fought?
Chapter 4191 Followers
Chapter 4192 Spark
Chapter 4192 The New King
Chapter 4193 Communication
Chapter 4193: The late king didn’t even speak, who do you think he is?
Chapter 4194 The time has come
Chapter 4194: Calculation
Chapter 4195 Free and Easy
Chapter 4195: Here comes, that one is here
Chapter 4196 Bait
Chapter 4196 Let you wander!
Chapter 4197 Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
Chapter 4197: Deeply rooted in people’s hearts
Chapter 4198: It’s hard to break a thief in your heart
Chapter 4198 Here comes the problem
Chapter 4199 The beginning of the turmoil
The extra curtain opens
Chapter 4199 The Limit of What I Can Do
Chapter 4200 Meeting
Chapter 4200: Will point at you
Chapter 4201 Decision
Chapter 4201 Responsibility
Chapter 4202 Adjustment
Chapter 4202: Clear Goal
Chapter 4202: Divide the Front
Chapter 4203 Anti-Hunting
Chapter 4204 The Second Line of Defense
Chapter 4204 Detachment
Chapter 4205 Broken
Chapter 4205 Reappearance
Chapter 4206 Preparation
Chapter 4206 The correct way to play
Chapter 4207 Threat
Chapter 4207 The most urgent task
Chapter 4208 Retreat
Chapter 4208: Split into two
Chapter 4209: Attack with all your strength
Chapter 4209 Two Fronts of Suppression
Chapter 4210 Response
Extra: The rising sun
Chapter 4210: Give up
Chapter 4211 Highly interested
Chapter 4211 The target is coming
Chapter 4212 Saturation Strike
Chapter 4212 I still hope so
Chapter 4213 Going around in circles
Chapter 4213 The other party slandered me
Chapter 4214 Everyone has their own position
Chapter 4214: Winning over
Chapter 4215 The final stage
Chapter 4215 Finalized
Chapter 4216 Unknown
Chapter 4216 Tactics
Extra: Changan Bully
Chapter 4217: Cant do it
Chapter 4217 Changes in Strategic Situation
Chapter 4218: Broken City
Chapter 4218 Bloody
Chapter 4219 Siege
Chapter 4219 The Far North
Chapter 4220: Why did it suddenly break?
Chapter 4220 This is too bad
Chapter 4221: I really cant beat you
Chapter 4221 Come again
Chapter 4222 The Ten Lords
Chapter 4222: A little off
Chapter 4223 Forced Containment
Chapter 4223 The situation suddenly changes
Chapter 4224 Backhand
Chapter 4224 The decisive moment
Chapter 4225: Beheading
Chapter 4225 Meaningful?
Chapter 4226: What can I do?
Chapter 4226 Exchange
Chapter 4227: Their respective positions
Chapter 4227 Plan
Chapter 4228 Prelude
Extra: The Rising Sun
Chapter 4228 Life and Death
Chapter 4229 Destruction
Chapter 4229 Determination and Passion
Chapter 4230 Social Form
Chapter 4230 Another investigation
Chapter 4231 The city fell
Chapter 4231 Overall Situation
Chapter 4232 Everything is a coincidence
Chapter 4232 The Differences Between Each Other
Chapter 4233 The sweep begins
Chapter 4234 Verification
Chapter 4234: Existing shortcomings
Chapter 4235 Sideline
Chapter 4235 Follow-up Arrangements
Extra: Nothing more than that
Chapter 4236 I understand!
Chapter 4236 Its finally here
Chapter 4237 A Slight Accident
Chapter 4237: Shaking peoples hearts
Chapter 4238 The Fall of the Golden Sun
Chapter 4238 The Governor is God!
Chapter 4238 I am so important
Extra/Chuten no Hi
Chapter 4239 Defeat
Chapter 4239: Cheng Yi Until Death
Chapter 4240 Crack
Chapter 4240: Sweeping the End
Chapter 4241 Damage
Chapter 4241 Retracement
Chapter 4242 Mentality
Chapter 4242 Heart
Chapter 4243 Professional Players
Chapter 4243 Untying the Bonds
Chapter 4244 New Route
Chapter 4245 Fishing Contestant
Chapter 4245: Breaking up the trio
Chapter 4246: Despair brought by the bright cards
Chapter 4246 Tonight
Chapter 4247 Arrangement
Chapter 4247 I can’t say this.
The extra story was lost in one day
Chapter 4248 Treasures
Chapter 4248: The Road to Crowning
Extra drink of Ma Hanhai
Chapter 5954 They are all sinkholes
Chapter 5955 The idea is really right
Chapter 5956 Thinking deviation
Chapter 5957 Ideas to solve the problem
Chapter 5958 Hold down the coffin board
Chapter 5959 People’s support
Chapter 5960 Answer
Chapter 5961 Early Preparations
Chapter 5962 New Direction
Chapter 5963 Retention
Chapter 5964 Recognize
Chapter 5965 The gap is so big!
Chapter 5966: Firmly establish the original bad route
Chapter 5967 Admiration
Chapter 5968: This is what you do
Chapter 5969: Wait for death and say goodbye
Chapter 5970: Recognizing the hopeless reality
Chapter 5971 Cheating is no match for killing indiscriminately
Chapter 5972 Exposed
Chapter 5973 From the heart
Chapter 5974 Based on reality
Chapter 5975 Although I am fishing, what can I do?
Chapter 5976 Met together
Chapter 5977 Doubts
Chapter 5978 Mood
Chapter 5979 Worth a shot
Chapter 5980 Exploiting the World
Chapter 5981 Steps
Chapter 5982 Smashed to the ground
Chapter 5983 Come out if you dare
Chapter 5984 No loss in blood
Chapter 5985 Everyone is here
Chapter 5986: Unified stance
Chapter 5987 Entering the Palace
Chapter 5988 Plan
Chapter 5989: Treating the root cause
Chapter 5990 Behemoth
Chapter 5991 A wise man thinks a lot
Chapter 5992 Reasons for Compromise
Chapter 5993 Supplementary Answer
Chapter 5994 What needs to be done
Chapter 5995 The Old Soldier King
Chapter 5996 All scruples disappear
Chapter 5997: Get out of the way, I’ll come in person
Chapter 5998 There will eventually be other ideas
Chapter 5999 Extra: Historical Distortion
Chapter 6000 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 6001 Different positions
Chapter 6002 My choice
Chapter 6003 Extra: Liu Xie’s world
Chapter 6004 No one behind you
Chapter 6005 Zhili
Chapter 6006: Forced
Chapter 6007 Right and wrong
Chapter 6008 Whats going on behind the scenes
Chapter 6009: Its up to people to make things happen.
Chapter 6010 Handover
Chapter 6011 Subtle Differences
Chapter 6012 It’s a showdown, I’m just being biased
Chapter 6013 I believe in a ghost!
Chapter 6014 We are united
Chapter 6015 The overall situation is the most important thing
Chapter 6016 What happened?
Chapter 6017 Shoulder everything
Chapter 6018 You need to work overtime
Chapter 6019 Farewell
Chapter 6020 Eat well and eat well
Chapter 6021 Give me a sweet date with a stick
Chapter 6022 If the window is not allowed to be opened, the roof will be lifted
Chapter 6023: Performing a full set
Chapter 6024 Preparations for the War
Chapter 6025: Strike first to gain the upper hand
Chapter 6026 New Tactics
Chapter 6027 Before and After
Chapter 6028 Late arrival
Chapter 6029 He has a way forward, I am satisfied
Chapter 6030 My good fortune
Chapter 6031 Future nonsense
Chapter 6032 Something is going on, right?
Chapter 6033 The Light of Human Civilization
Chapter 6034 A thunderstorm is about to happen~
Chapter 6035 Argument
Chapter 6036 Come early
Chapter 6037 Anti-Robbery
Chapter 6038 The locals came early
Chapter 6039 Outsiders are still bathing
Chapter 6040 Dinner in the evening
Chapter 6041 The style of painting is distorted
Chapter 6042: Extra: Everyone meets again
Chapter 6043 Drinking
Chapter 6044 A little bit more cruel
Chapter 6045 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 6046 Different from today
Chapter 6047 Someone has to do it
Chapter 6048 Just forget about the first seven
Chapter 6049 The last dignity
Chapter 6050 It can continue next year
Chapter 6051 Please behead someone
Chapter 6052 No choice
Chapter 6053 Qing Jun’s side
Chapter 6054 Let me think
Chapter 6055 Found a helper
Chapter 6056 Resource Position
Chapter 6057 Extra Zhengshuo
Chapter 6058 Panic
Chapter 6059: Tired, destroy it
Chapter 6060 Cancer
Chapter 6061 The Incorruptible Elder
Chapter 6062 I bear the sins
Chapter 6063 Within the rules
Chapter 6064 No one came
Chapter 6065 The Instigator
Chapter 6066 Gray Rhinoceros
Chapter 6067 Dead chess
Chapter 6068 After all, it’s just the minimum requirement
Chapter 6069 The gap is getting bigger
Chapter 6070 It doesn’t matter whether he lives or lives
Chapter 6071 Onlookers
Chapter 6072 Give up as soon as possible
Chapter 6073 It feels like there is no hope
Chapter 6074 Got online
Chapter 6075 Thief Cao, suffer death!
Chapter 6076 Key Points
Chapter 6077 Blood debt paid with blood
Chapter 6078 Eye-opening
Chapter 6079: Open your head
Chapter 6080 Sun Gong Yi Pawn
Chapter 6081 Everyone is numb
Chapter 6082 Smooth Curve
Chapter 6083 Becoming a Buddha
Chapter 6084 New Questions
Chapter 6085 Im afraid its forced
Chapter 6086 Letter for help
Chapter 6087 Guarding World Civilization
Chapter 6088 Will attack as emperor
Chapter 6089 Following the Army
Chapter 6090 Looking outside
Chapter 6091 Heart Qi
Chapter 6092: Clarification
Chapter 6093 Information leakage
Chapter 6094 Autumn wind sweeps fallen leaves
Chapter 6095 News
Chapter 6096 The beginning of trouble
Chapter 6097 Dreaming
Chapter 6098 An unpleasant sense of dj vu
Chapter 6099: Extra: Three Ways Battle
Chapter 6100 Division of Troops
Chapter 6101 Understanding the spirit
Chapter 6102 The truth is revealed
Chapter 6103 Three-party encounter
Chapter 6104 Human Limits
Chapter 6105 Crush
Chapter 6106 Faith Eagle
Chapter 6107 Its not a clay or wood sculpture
Chapter 6108 The figure behind
Chapter 6109 I really ordered it
Chapter 6110 East China Sea Palace
Chapter 6111 Reason
Chapter 4326 The Foundation of All Categories
Chapter 4326 The beginning of the turmoil
Chapter 4327 The Source of Chaos
Chapter 4327 Clearing Inventory
Chapter 4328 Edict
Chapter 4328 Local Backbones
Chapter 4329 The more I think about it, the angrier I get.
Chapter 4329: Storm is coming
Chapter 4330: Chaos breaks out in all directions
Chapter 4330: Broken jar, broken jar
Chapter 4331 Justifiable Reasons
Chapter 4331: Sense of Dj vu
Chapter 4332 Alienation
Chapter 4332 I have a friend
Chapter 4333 Barrier
Chapter 4333: Shocking and enlightening
Chapter 4334 Permitted Route
Chapter 4334: Cut off the shackles
Chapter 4335 The Western Front Reopens
Chapter 4335: Attack instead of defense
Chapter 4336 Benefits
Chapter 4336 Take decisive action
Chapter 4337 Everything is connected
Chapter 4337 I am bait
Chapter 4338: Going Down the River
Chapter 4338 Return
Chapter 4339 Let’s start.
Chapter 4339 The emergence of cracks
Chapter 4340 The old tree blooms
Chapter 4340 This is very important
Chapter 4341 The follow-up of that year
Chapter 4341 As long as I am more cheating
Chapter 4342 I don’t know
Chapter 4342 Various preparations
Chapter 4343 Can you speak?
Chapter 4343 Transaction
Chapter 4344 Fight Again
Chapter 4344 Are there really no limits?
Chapter 4345: Everything goes dark
Chapter 4345 No, you can still be saved
Chapter 4346 Diversification
Chapter 4346 Is it so inconvenient?
Chapter 4347 The Beginning of the Ceremony
Chapter 4347 Amazing Accuracy
Chapter 4348 Everyone does his own thing
Chapter 4348 Antecedents
Chapter 4349: Give up thinking
Chapter 4349 The road ahead is clear
Chapter 4350 Extreme Level
Chapter 4350 I have special recruiting skills
Chapter 4351 Damn old man
Chapter 4351 Where did the gangster come from!
Chapter 4352 Incomprehensible
Chapter 4352: Technical adjustment, not a big problem
Chapter 4353: Super cost-effective
Chapter 4353 The big job is coming
Chapter 4354: This is how humans are
Chapter 4354 Medicine is ahead
Chapter 4355: Out of place
Chapter 6171 Too slow
Chapter 6172 The Beginning of Change
Chapter 6173 Breaking through the existing system
Chapter 6174 A new king has been born
Chapter 6175 Lure the enemy deeper
Chapter 6176 Retreat quickly
Chapter 4358 Demonic Behavior
Chapter 4359: Still Human
Chapter 4359 The fleeting light
Chapter 4360 Its not my fault
Chapter 4360: What evil spirit did this?
Chapter 4361 The best plan
Chapter 4361 Victory or defeat depends on this move
Chapter 4362: Intolerable
Chapter 4362: No way!
Chapter 4363: Profound Foundation
Chapter 6187 Layers of calculations
Chapter 6188 A tough fight has come
Chapter 6189: Killing
Chapter 6190 Execution
Chapter 6191 Stress response
Chapter 6192 Ye Qing returns
Chapter 6193 The decisive battle begins
Chapter 6194 Everyone is the same
Chapter 6195 Eighteen Overlord Alliance
Chapter 6196 Sustenance
Chapter 4368 Showdown
Chapter 4369 Leaving
Chapter 4369: Got it
Chapter 4370 The foundation of tyranny
Chapter 4370 The Spreading Message
Chapter 4371: Shameless
Chapter 4371: Exposing the old man
Chapter 4372 The Hand of God
Chapter 4372 Gu is already invincible!
Chapter 4373 Strategic Shift
Chapter 4373: Pushing the World Across the World
Chapter 4374 Coming
Chapter 4374 Its on fire!
Chapter 4375 Annihilation
Chapter 4375: Everything goes dark
Chapter 4376 The final stage
Chapter 4376 Today is the day for your death
Chapter 4377 Millions of troops landed
Chapter 4377 Qualifications
Chapter 4378 Enlightenment
Chapter 4378 Decision
Chapter 4379 Strategic Decisions
Chapter 4379 Final decision
Chapter 4380 It’s really about trust now
Chapter 4380 Heart-born
Chapter 4381 Countermeasures
Chapter 4381 Exchange of Interests
Chapter 4382 It’s okay, it’s not a big problem
Chapter 4382: Everything is safe
Chapter 4383 This is fatal
Chapter 4383 World Crisis
Chapter 4384 Everyone is here
Chapter 4384 Everyone who comes today must die!
Chapter 4385 I want to fight them all
Chapter 4385 Random killing and running away
Chapter 4386 The cauldron descends from the sky
Chapter 4386 This is about to end!
Chapter 4387 It’s a real deal, that’s it!
Chapter 4387 The area completely exploded
Chapter 4388 Oh, damn!
Chapter 4388 I didn’t believe it before today
Chapter 4389 The new forces received the report
Chapter 4389: Of course I forgive the two uncles
Chapter 4390 What kind of chaos will it become?
Chapter 4390 There is a traitor
Chapter 4391 Cooperation
Chapter 6243 I was just thinking
Chapter 6244 Lost
Chapter 6245 Designation
Chapter 6246 No one can escape
Chapter 4393 The Disaster of the World
Undecided timeline for extra episode
Chapter 6249 Good fortune and misfortune depend on each other
Chapter 6250 Feitian
Chapter 4395 Some ideas
Chapter 4395 Reasonable and Legal
Chapter 4396: Then notify
Chapter 4396 Blessings and Disasters
Chapter 4397 Everyone is prepared
Chapter 4397 Hope of Solution
Chapter 4398 Now I understand
Chapter 4398 The strongest thrust in history
Chapter 4399: Completely Two Ideas
Chapter 4399 The next stage
Chapter 6261 The assembled manpower
Chapter 6262 Evil forces share high-end technology
Chapter 6263 Not finished yet
Chapter 6264 The arrival of new humans
Chapter 6265 Ah, it’s on fire
Chapter 6266: Even if you are favored by heaven, you must die
Chapter 6267 Wrangling
Chapter 6268 Uneven distribution of spoils
Chapter 6269 Planning
Chapter 6270 Peoples hearts are uncertain
Chapter 4405 Shocking
Chapter 4405 High-end Applications
Chapter 6273 Unexpected connection
Chapter 6274 Allocate manpower
Chapter 6275 Opportunity
Chapter 6276 Old guys, times have changed!
Chapter 6277 Making up for shortcomings
Chapter 6278 New Reinforcements
Chapter 6279 Causes and Consequences
Chapter 6280 This is powerful enough
Chapter 6281 Rebellion
Chapter 6282 Determined Faith
Chapter 6283 The opportunity has come
Chapter 6284 Passes by in a blink of an eye
Chapter 6285 Concerns
Chapter 6286 What a coincidence!
Chapter 6287 Military orders are like mountains
Chapter 6288 Strangulation
Chapter 6289 Everyone is confused
Chapter 6290 The investment failed
Chapter 6291 Man-powered tail-stabilized discarding sabot armor-piercing projectile
Chapter 6292 Preparation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Chapter 6293 The call of the times failed
Chapter 6294 Lei Gong helps me
Chapter 6295 The biggest shady story
Chapter 6296 Rebellious Son
Chapter 6297 collapsed, completely collapsed!
Chapter 6298 Transaction
Chapter 6299: Floating
Chapter 6300 Plan
Chapter 6301 Rushing over
Chapter 6302 Golden Eagle Feather
Chapter 6303 Isn’t it beautiful?
Chapter 6304: I’m crazy, please don’t contact me
Chapter 6305 Core Secret
Chapter 6306 Make plans early
Chapter 6307 It’s outrageous
Chapter 6308 It’s complete, the loop is really closed
Chapter 6309: Contact with caution
Chapter 6310: Cruel attack
Chapter 6311 New Development of Talent Tree
Chapter 6312 Completely different
Chapter 6313 Fear of insufficient firepower
Chapter 6314 Direction Distortion
Chapter 6315 Can’t solve it
Chapter 6316 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 6317 Play a big game
Chapter 6318 is about to come true
Chapter 6319 High value items exploded
Chapter 6320 From virtuality to reality
Chapter 6321 You come and I go
Chapter 6322 New Equipment
Chapter 6323 Complex mentality
Chapter 6324 Carrying the coffin into battle
Chapter 6325: Eliminating luck
Chapter 6326 Who are you looking down on?
Chapter 6327 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 6328 Focus on deceiving people
Chapter 6329 Come to life!
Chapter 6330 Flower in the Mirror
Chapter 6331 Resistance
Chapter 6332 Encounter
Chapter 6333 Why!
Chapter 6334 Jump out of the siege
Chapter 6335 Steady
Chapter 6336: Leaving people with nowhere to go
Chapter 6337 Fa Xiaozhi, come and take a look
Chapter 6338 Preparation before verification
Chapter 6339 No, not at all
Chapter 6340 Special blow
Chapter 6341 Adjustment
Chapter 6342 The extra episode was a complete failure
Chapter 6343 The information left behind
Chapter 6344 Extra Dark Mind
Chapter 6345 Fight again
Chapter 6346 A man talks to a lion
Chapter 6347 This should also be an ally
Chapter 6348: Hard push
Chapter 6349 Experimental Animals
Chapter 6350 Decision made, complaint
Chapter 6351 Reversal
Chapter 6352 Doubts
Chapter 6353 Accidents can happen at any time
Chapter 6354 Just once
Chapter 6355 Artificial Talent
Chapter 6356 Let you take shortcuts
Chapter 6357 Different ideas
Chapter 6358 A glimpse
Chapter 6359 The real natural disaster
Chapter 6360 Task Allocation
Chapter 6361 Innovative Technology
Chapter 6362: Counterinsurgency only requires coordinates
Chapter 6363 Confused
Chapter 6364 What can you do if you know?
Chapter 6365 Still there
Chapter 6366 Strange Color
Chapter 6367 Everyone plans
Chapter 6368 Survival
Chapter 6369 has a hand
Chapter 6370 Doubt life
Chapter 6371 The opportunity comes, the opportunity disappears
Chapter 6372 Coming
Chapter 6373 High-end technology only needs rough use
Chapter 6374 Disposal Plan
Chapter 6375 Group Defense Style
Chapter 6376 End Detachment
Chapter 6377 Joint
Chapter 6378 A whisper in the ear
Chapter 6379 Dian Lao
Chapter 6380 Make a psychological plan
Chapter 6381 Who is sacrificing whom?
Chapter 6382: Doing things like this?
Chapter 6383: Misfortune depends on blessing
Chapter 6384 Disagreement
Chapter 6385 Causes and Consequences
Chapter 6386 Uneasy Conscience
Chapter 6387 Not surprised but happy
Chapter 6388 Good things are all good things
Chapter 6389 Growth
Chapter 6390 This is enough
Chapter 6391 Fruit
Chapter 6392: Few people make it easier to eat
Chapter 6393 The big deal is seizing the title
Chapter 6394 The initial reason
Chapter 6395 You are right, I agree
Chapter 6396 Two kinds
Chapter 6397 Guess, let you guess
Chapter 6398 There’s nothing I can do
Chapter 6399 Leave it to me to solve the problem
Chapter 6400: Quit, must quit
Chapter 6401 Use as a gun
Chapter 6402 The gathering middle class
Chapter 6403 Nothing is more important than leveling up
Chapter 6404 The test starting from this moment
Chapter 6405 Interests