Free Extra 2: Dilemma of New VG, Loneliness of Dynasty

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"How do you use Cauchy's convergence principle to prove that a monotonic bounded sequence must converge?" Shen Guanshan on the mobile phone screen pointed at the exercises and asked warmly, "Gu Xing?"

Gu Xing was so nervous when his name was mentioned that he almost shouted "We're here".

He hesitated and hesitated for a while without giving a solution.

Shen Guanshan hissed lightly, with a look of helplessness on his face, "This is a sample question from the textbook, can you be more serious?"

She originally wanted to say, 'Even Gu Pan knows how to do this question, there's no reason why you can't do it,' but after thinking about it carefully, she realized that it was hurtful, so she still couldn't say it out loud.

"No, it's been a long time since I touched a book!" Gu Xingxing defended himself, "I have long forgotten all the knowledge I had before. Isn't it understandable that I am slower in math?"

His two-and-a-half-year career had a devastating blow to his mathematics learning.

Now it is no exaggeration to say that it took Gu Xing a while to recall the various values ​​​​of Sin, Cos and Tan, and his mathematical foundation was far inferior to that of a freshman at Fudan University.

He stared at the examples for a long time, but still had no clue, and frustration couldn't help but well up in his heart.

Gu Xing had not experienced a similar feeling for a long time.

When he was playing professionally before, he had always been able to manipulate the enemy with ease, and it was often the opponent who felt this kind of frustration.

Now that Gu Xing could truly taste the feeling of being tortured, he inevitably felt a little self-destructive for a while.

"Why don't we talk about it tomorrow? There is the LPL opening match today and I want to take a second look..." Gu Xing instinctively avoided.

Shen Guanshan glanced at him and said coolly, "Gu Xing, you don't want to count your points and fail and then Gu Pan finds out, do you?"

Gu Xing was suddenly speechless.

There was only one week left before the final exam, and if he didn't cram it, failing the exam seemed inevitable.

He couldn't imagine how his sister would ridicule him when he saw his transcript for the first semester of freshman year once he retakes the make-up exam - oh my, I didn't even fail the class when I was busy with clubs and doing E+. How can I still pass the exam?

Gu Xing couldn't help but shuddered when he thought of this, "Xuexuexue, Guanshan, please save me!"

Shen Guanshan sighed briefly and rubbed his wrinkled eyebrows, "Let's start with Cauchy's Convergence Principle and slowly talk about it..."

To be fair, she is definitely not a good teacher.

The signs have been showing up since middle and high school. When classmates ask difficult questions, Shen Guanshan can often solve the problem in just three or two steps. Among them, the steps are simplified to the extreme, making others confused, and she herself doesn't know. How should it be explained.

It's such a simple question, but you can't understand it even if I omit two steps?

But at this moment, Shen Guanshan tried hard to adjust his logical thinking to the same rhythm as Gu Xing, and took the patience to break it down bit by bit so that his boyfriend could understand it as much as possible.

Gu Xing could also feel that Shen Guanshan's patience level skyrocketed when facing him, but he did not insist on challenging the opponent's limits, pretending to be a good student and quickly listen to the lectures and absorb knowledge.

After struggling for a while, Gu Xing finally finished explaining all the exercises in the entire chapter. Gu Xing was able to find the way he was doing the exercises two or three years ago. He was quite satisfied with the learning progress. When he saw that the time had reached 5:30 in the afternoon, he quickly turned on the computer. .

"Watch the game, watch the game!" He said enthusiastically, "Today should be FPX vs. VG, it's interesting!"

Shen Guanshan asked curiously as he opened his laptop, "FPX? Who is there?"

"Didn't you look at the transfer period?" Gu Xing asked back.

"...I haven't paid attention to LPL since you retired." Shen Guanshan responded truthfully.

Gu Xing was quite happy when he heard this, and even the tone of his voice improved.

"FPX bought Doinb, and the jungler is Xiaotian. You should also know that in our second team before, the bottom lane combination was Able and Ppgod. They are also from VGP, and the top unit is Jin Gong. It turned out to be a weak team. Long thighs…”

The team configuration, except for the mid laner Doinb, is all economical players, and they are generally not expensive. The total cost is 20 million, which is definitely an inconspicuous amount of investment in the LPL competition area.

However, the assembled paper lineup is not weak, and with a little bit of grinding, it is not impossible for the team to compete in the World Championship.

After listening to it, Shen Guanshan could roughly judge the strength of FPX.

"Then there is no guarantee that VG will win today. We can't start with a black game, right?"

Gu Xing opened the game interface. At this time, the laning period of the first game was over.

VG economy is nearly 3K behind.

"The strength of FPX's midfielder and jungler is a bit high." Gu Xing looked at the data interface and found that the combination of Xiaotian + Doinb completely suppressed the performance of VG's Peanut + Chovy's midfielder. He frowned, "They are all during the transfer period. Why do you feel there is such a big gap between the established midfield and jungle?"

FPX's midfield and jungle designations are somewhat compatible with each other, with a high degree of tacit understanding and close linkage.

Correspondingly, Chaowei seems to have entered the earthbound spirit mode again. He participated in a team kill 15 minutes before the game with Akali, and the team participation rate was 25%. Last hit, he was far ahead of the other 9 players on the field.

Gu Xing was wondering where this kid found the money.

"You ask me?" Shen Guanshan chuckled, "Aren't you VG's jungler coach?"

Gu Xing was speechless, "I can't come..."

During this time, he has been studying for the final exam, and has had very few video conferences with members of the first team. His understanding of the first team is about the same as a die-hard fan.

"If we continue to fight like this, we will probably be in trouble." Gu Xing felt that the situation was not optimistic. "It depends on whether Jack and Chaowei can take over the game."

Facts have proved that Chaowei is absolutely trustworthy in the regular season, especially after the equipment is completed.

Although Akali did not gain much in terms of kills, with her solid basic skills in last-ditch attacks, she was able to successfully increase the number of last-hit soldiers to 300 in 25 minutes.

Use smoke bombs to divide the formation in team battles, and kill the A monster and Xiaotian Tongtong by yourself!

369's first move, Jax, took advantage of the chaos and added insult to injury, instantly crushing FPX!

Relying on the outstanding performance of the two to attract a lot of the enemy's attention, Jack successfully harvested the endgame, united as one to help the VG team destroy the opponent, and easily controlled the Baron.

Polar reversal!

It was VG's turn to seize the advantage and organize the attack. The young FPX was obviously a little bit impatient. Facing VG who was pushing hard with the Baron BUFF, they were retreating steadily, and they were quickly defeated.

"Can this be turned over?" Shen Guanshan couldn't believe his eyes, "It's too outrageous!"

Gu Xing shook his head, "Even though we won the game, the level of competition shown was quite average. If we continue to play like this, we will suffer serious consequences."

His words came true.

In the second game, FPX once again played excellent midfielder coordination. The two of them turned around and set the rhythm, and repeatedly launched four-and-two to suppress the VG bottom lane duo!

As for Chaowei's stable ground-binding, VG cannot limit the efficient linkage of FPX's midfielder and jungler with just Peanut!

It is worth mentioning that one of Riot's major changes this season is to add coatings to defense towers. Every time a certain amount of blood is consumed, you can withdraw money from nearby heroes.

Thanks to this change, FPX quickly expanded its own economy and continued to snowball its advantages!

Chaowei continued to want to wait for the three-piece suit before entering the field. As a result, FPX learned a lesson. They were well prepared and restricted Chovy in the team battle. VG failed to find a chance to come back and lost at the speed of light after only 22 minutes. .

"I'm just saying..." Gu Xing was helpless, "What version are you in, and you're still playing defensive counterattack?"

"You can't win in the end by relying on a turtle!"

After the S7 World Championship, Riot deleted the green jungle knife and eye stone, increased the income of river crabs, and installed defensive tower plating. All these measures are to force players to focus on the early game!

Samsung's real-eye turtle retreat tactics of the past are no longer applicable. Once the opponent has established an advantage, it will be difficult to turn around!

The most effective strategy is to snowball through laning or linkage in the early stage, and then turn the advantage into a victory through team battles for various resource points.

As for the current VG, alignment is not a problem, but the flaws in linkage are visible to the naked eye.

Fortunately, someone on the team finally stepped up in the third set.

The duo of Jack and Missing helped the team open up the situation through lane kills. Peanut finally found a path that he could stay around for a long time. He simply acted as a bodyguard in the bottom lane to help Yu Wenbo continue to break through the A monster.

With the advantage of the bottom lane, VG finally won the third game and maintained a good start through two and a half hours of fierce battle.

But for VG fans, such a game performance is obviously unacceptable.

In the anti-bar scoring post that day, the entire VG team enjoyed the first pressure from netizens in the new season.

[You are beating your mother. You are 3,000 yuan behind in the first 15 minutes. If it weren’t for the fierce laning in the bottom lane, VG’s first defeat in the new season would probably be today! 】

[Little Peanut is really bad, he doesn’t have the taste of a professional at all. After three games, he is purely trying to take advantage of the situation! 】

[Don’t be embarrassed, if you are a VG jungler, you will be even more desperate. Your own middle lane never takes the initiative to roam, but the opposite middle lane always runs into the jungle. What can little peanut do? 】

[Chaowei NM is a pure cancer. It can be restrained a little when Brother Xing is here. As long as a jungler comes up, it will immediately show its ape shape! 】

[My family is laughing. People who said that VG has the right to be exempt from spraying, please come and take a look. This is what you call exemption from spraying. This is still a victory for the team. If we lose the opening game, I don’t dare to think about the consequences of public opinion]

[When Brother Xing retired, he pretended that he would never complain in his life. I will put my words here. If Brother Xing continues to fight, there will inevitably be a day when he is not guaranteed. By then, your three S crowns including the Asian Games gold medal will all be changed. I came here as a fool]

[It’s just a matter of words, buddy. Are you really going to send VG’s idiots back to China to compete?]

Gu Xing has no time to pay attention to the difficulties faced by the VG team. He is actively preparing for the final exam and plans to work hard to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

As a result, as soon as he arrived at the examination room, he was surrounded by classmates like an iron-eating beast. He took photos and signed autographs, and did not disperse until the invigilator came in.

In mid-January, after Gu Xing took the exam and took care of the school affairs, he finally found time to go north to hang out with his girlfriend and sister, and also stopped by VG's imperial capital base.

The access control entry for his Tanxiang Mansion villa was not deleted and he was able to access the base unimpeded. However, Gu Xing still specifically notified him in the WeChat group before entering.

"Okay!" Little Peanut quickly came out and gave him a hug.

Gu Xing patted Han Wanghu on the shoulder, "How are you doing lately?"

"Don't mention it," Xiaohuahua said with a bitter face, "The results in the training matches were quite average, and the results in the main matches were not that good either."

When Gu Xing arrived at the VG base, the team's schedule for the first two weeks had ended.

A total of 4 games, 3 wins and 1 loss.

It looks good at first glance, but the small scores are not noticeable at all.

The three wins were all 2:1 narrow wins, and the losses were simple losses, finishing at zero to two at the speed of light.

This resulted in VG's small score being only a miserable 1.

The ranking is firmly suppressed by IG, and even Taobo can use small points to ride on top of VG!

Although the third place result in the division may seem good at first glance, you must know that this is VG.

The owner of all domestic and international competition championships in the past two and a half years!

Not to mention the fans, even the club is under tremendous pressure to achieve results, so naturally Little Peanut will not be very happy.

Accompanied by Han Wanghu, Gu Xing entered the long-lost team training room.

After retiring, his work and rest habits have changed. After all, he usually has to catch up at eight in the morning. He usually wakes up at early seven in the morning. It is only noon to catch the high-speed train north to the VG base, and all the team members have not yet gotten up.

Gu Xing was able to browse around the empty training room.

Although the overall layout of the room has not changed much compared to before.

But the specific furnishings on the long table still give off a sense of right and wrong.

Gu Xing's original position was occupied by a little peanut, and there were a bunch of Yukino's figurines placed next to the monitor. It looked like the two-thorned ape was full of flavor.

Gu Xing:……

Little Peanut laughed sheepishly, "Think of it as a decoration to decorate the table. It looks pretty, right?"

Before Gu Xing could reply, he heard a familiar surprised voice coming from behind him.

"Sell Gu!"

When Gu Xing turned around, he saw the sleepy Hongmi.

The two gave a brief hug, and Homme smiled, "Long time no see, I've finally been waiting for you!"

He directed Little Peanut to go upstairs and call the other VG players down, while he whispered to Gu Xing, "Gu Xing, you have to help me take care of the middle and jungle later..."

Hongmi deliberately took out his mobile phone and used translation software to convey the meaning.

Gu Xing and Yin Chengrong have been partners for two and a half years, and there is still a tacit understanding. He nodded to indicate that he understood clearly.

Not long after, Little Peanut called all the members of the training department from the dormitory downstairs.

Although several assistant coaches who retired together at the end of last year are currently recuperating in their hometowns and have not come to the VG base for offline teaching, this does not prevent there being a lot of old acquaintances in the team.

Everyone reunited after a long absence, and the meeting was just a chat.

Especially Chaowei, who rushed over to Gu Xing as soon as he saw him, looking extremely enthusiastic.

"Brother, I almost miss you!" He said sincerely.

After participating in only 4 games in the new VG, Chaowei missed Gu Xing very much.

Just because there is no comparison, there is no harm.

"By the way, what are you two doing?" Gu Xing imitated Kobe and used his elbow to hit Chaowei, and got straight to the point, "The linkage is too bad!"

Zheng Zhixun immediately frowned.

"Brother Wanghu...sigh." He hesitated to speak.

Little Peanut was furious when he heard this, "Blue Cat, what do you mean by magic? Did I make you dissatisfied?"

Chaowei is limited by the 'fine traditions' of his hometown and his lack of close relationship with Han Wang, so he usually doesn't dare to say many things.

Seeing Gu Xing come today, Zheng Zhixun felt that he had found his big brother as a backer and began to express his dissatisfaction.

"I have to say that Brother Wanghu's command efficiency is really low... I like to tell the truth."

Even though he was a good-natured little peanut, he couldn't keep his face even after being belittled by a 17-year-old newcomer without hesitation, and he immediately entered a red-hot state.

The two newcomers, Missing and 369, both had their eyes widened.

Was it so exciting when you first came up?

The two of them didn't dare to say anything - after all, the youngest Super Power player in the team was considered their eldest brother in terms of qualifications. He held the league championship and the Summoner's Trophy, so they had no right to speak.

Chaowei opened up his chatterbox and told Gu Xing his journey of thought.

Gu Xing finally understood.

VG's current team leader is a little peanut. After all, his assistant Missing is a newcomer to the top league. In terms of command ability, he is not as reliable as the jungler.

Peanut has a very keen sense of offense. The fact that he led the Tigers to great success has something to do with this specialty of his.

But Han Wanghu also has shortcomings.

That is, no matter how high the probability of converting offensive opportunities into actual profits is, they will choose to take the initiative.

In the professional arena, most of the time the jungler has to play the mid laner to cause trouble.

Back then, Kuro was frequently shaken by little peanuts to cause trouble in the jungle, so he trained in disguise and transformed into a tool mid laner, practicing his Dragon King skill to perfection!

After all, the hero Dragon King’s support efficiency and frequency are definitely among the best in the mid lane, and he can perfectly meet Peanut’s requirements.

But now that the mid laner has been replaced by Chaowei, the Blue Cat simply cannot adapt!

I finally went to the jungle/side lane from the middle lane, but failed to get the benefit, so what did I do there?

Pure clown!

Once or twice is enough, the key is that 67 times out of 10 it will return without success!

In the remaining few successful linkages, Little Peanut also liked K-heads and took most of the profits for himself.

Chovy was naturally dissatisfied.

Since the rate of return is so low, wouldn't it be good for me to rely on last-hitting online?

I don’t know how much more stable the economic gain is than following Peanut’s wandering and linkage!

Therefore, since the beginning of the new season, Chaowei often lies motionless in the middle, degenerating into a pure earthbound spirit, and then comes out after getting a three-piece set, causing the team's early linkage to stagnate.

After listening to Chaowei's confession, Gu Xing put his hand on his forehead and didn't know what to do.

Previously, he worked out a plan for Chovy to break the Earthbound Spirit's delay. First, he tried to ensure the success rate of the linkage, and strived to allow the new mid laner to get a certain amount of income every time he attacked. There was really no other way, and then let Chaowei mess up the side lane.

Wave troops line, don't let him return empty-handed.

Among them, the strategy of sharing teammate Binxuan seems to be very good, but it cannot be used frequently without any scruples. It must be based on a certain linkage success rate. Otherwise, if you go to a wave of lines in two or three minutes, who will

My teammates on the wing can't resist being so addicted.

Now the characteristics of Little Peanut's play style have greatly reduced the success rate of the linkage, which is equivalent to destroying the plan Gu Xing had thought up before to overcome the Earthbound Spirit!

"What's wrong with the king's head?" Xiaohua asked anxiously, "Isn't it more useful for the jungler to take the head in the early stage than the mid laner?"

"You're just thinking that you're not feeling well, why don't you look at how stressed the opponent's jungler is because of me?"

This is quite true.

The most obvious effect of Peanut's famously fierce playing style is to put pressure on the opponent's jungler all the time, which is as fierce as a wave.

As long as there is a wave that cannot withstand it, the wild area will face disaster!

This is how the 4396 tragedy came about.

Jack originally wanted to give some advice, but seeing that Little Peanut and Chaowei were about to transform into Uzis and Red-Wen boys, he quickly acted as peacemaker and said, "Everyone, please suppress your quarrel and send it to me, buddy..."

Gu Xingze began to think seriously.

The obvious problem now is that Peanut's play style is too unrestrained, emphasizing suppression, and Chaowei himself is unwilling to support the linkage too frequently without guaranteeing profits.

Both of them have flaws - of course, Chaowei is a bit more outrageous, and similar Dafa core gameplay has long been eliminated. If it weren't for his basic last-hitting skills and operation, this guy would be in trouble even in the LPL.

"Otherwise," Gu Xing proposed a balanced strategy, "from now on, Little Peanut, when you find an opportunity to attack, don't swing the blue cat over as soon as possible. Take it slow first, and then call for help when the probability of killing is higher.


"Blue Cat, your mission is to use your own operational advantages to hold back the opponent's mid laner as much as possible when the jungler is preparing to look for opportunities, so that the enemy cannot go to support him. Wait for Wanghu's instructions. If there is no need for support, continue.

Lai develops online, if little peanut needs your help, just use the power of the line to roam!"

The solution given by Gu Xing is simple.

Running in both directions.

Little Peanut needs to be strict and careful when giving orders. Chaowei can no longer be used as a pure earthbound spirit. At the very least, it plays a greater role than the opposing mid laner.

Human beings like to compromise. After listening to Gu Xing's suggestion, neither Chovy nor Peanut expressed any objection.

For both of them, this proposal can be considered as a way to protect themselves and continue to stay in their comfort zone, and the changes they need to make are not big.

Seeing that the two parties involved had stopped talking, Hongmi immediately looked relieved.

"Sure, it's settled," he said with a smile, "For the time being, we will follow the method mentioned by Sales Gu, and then I will use the next period of time to formulate a more complete mid-jungle linkage plan...


The measures proposed by Gu Xing can indeed solve the urgent need.

But to say it is perfect is obviously unrealistic.

Hongmi wants to come up with a scientific strategy, which requires a lot of time to conceive and practice repeatedly. Gu Xing's move is considered a transition.

The potential conflicts within the team were resolved, and the atmosphere was much lighter. That night, the training department also found a Haidilao restaurant nearby to welcome Gu Xing.

"How many days are you going to stay at the base this time?" The Marquis put his arm around Gu Xing's shoulders and asked affectionately.

"...I don't live at the base." Gu Xing told the truth.

Tanxiang Mansion is on the outskirts of Beijing, more than an hour's drive from the campus where his sister's girlfriend lives. It's definitely impossible for him to live on base, and daily entertainment would be very strenuous.

"Oh... okay." Mr. Hou looked downcast.

Gu Xing comforted him by saying, "When you play the game later, I will go directly to the home court to watch."

Li Zhixun looked into his eyes and said, "When this season is over, I will serve in the military."

"I will leave VG at that time, wait until the two years of military service are completed, and then find a team to be the head coach."

Gu Xing pondered for a moment, and finally patted the other party's thin back, "Come on, I believe you will succeed."

He can understand the Marquis's choice.

After all, being an assistant coach is not a good way out.

Wages are not a big deal for accomplished champion players like them. The key lies in self-achievement.

If he is always an assistant coach and cannot interfere with the team's specific tactics and BP arrangements, he might as well go home and start a live broadcast to teach advanced mathematics.

Looking at it now, Hongmi has no plans to leave VG in the past two years. It is reasonable for Mr. Hou to find another career after completing his military service.

Li Zhixun took a sip of sour plum juice and shook his head, "It's hard to say whether it will be successful or not..."

He asked himself, not sure how much he had learned from Hongmi.

"Anyway, let's give it a try," Gu Xing encouraged him, "Maybe I can win another championship as the head coach?"

The Marquis laughed out loud, raised his glass and clinked it with him, "Then I'll lend you some good words."

On January 25th, the last week of the regular season before the Spring Festival holiday, the officials went out of their way to make VG play against IG, recreating the drama of the final civil war in last year's global finals.

The largest group of spectators, college students, have finished their exam week. You can imagine how many viewers this e-sports Spring Festival Gala will have.

It's hard to get a ticket for VG's home court, and the major live broadcast platforms are even more crowded!

Especially when the pre-game director handed the camera to the team's backstage lounge, the number of barrages in the chat channel doubled!

Gu Xing smiled and waved to the camera, with the word 'happy' almost etched on his face.

【What the hell!】

[Long time no see, brother Xing. You just finished the exam week like me, right? 】

[Looking at his face, Brother Xing doesn’t look like he’s failed the class. He won’t really be asked to study mathematics in college, will he? 】

[Okay, okay, Brother Xing is here, VG’s blue sky is here! 】

[Little Peanut, if you can beat me, beat me. If you can’t, get out of here and change the line, brother!]

[Also Chaowei, Lord Hou is now the king of the Korean server. If you don’t want to play, there are people who can take your place! The assistant coach is warming up!]

[The horseman played four BO3 games, and the score was only 1. This is the first time I have encountered such a result for so many years as a fan of VG. It is simply a shame!]

The barrage's guess was correct.

Gu Xing's final exam results were very satisfactory.

The score climbed to 85 points, and the total tutoring only lasted two or three weeks. The improvement was quite significant.

He didn't fail the course, and his grades were even on the threshold of previous years' admissions in several colleges. As long as he continued to maintain this level for two and a half years, it wouldn't be a big problem for him to stay in the school.

This is why Gu Xing is so happy today, and his attitude towards the young generals is particularly gentle.

"Relax when you go on stage. The opponents are all old acquaintances. We are just defeated. Follow Hongmi's plan step by step before the game. We will definitely win!"

The faces of the newlyweds were flushed with excitement, and they were eager to give the other party a bit of color.

It's just that they ignored one fact.

The opposing team was indeed defeated by VG, but it had nothing to do with most of the players on the team.

IG is the only team in the top circle of LPL this year that maintains its original lineup. All members, including coaches, remain on the team. The goal is obvious, for the Summoner's Trophy!

VG brought two newcomers, Shangfu, and soon became a breakthrough point.

The strength of the runner-up in last year's World Championship should not be underestimated, and he made a mark right from the start.

TheShy, with Ryze in his hands, was galloping across the top lane, using his exquisite frame-blocking and barrel-blocking skills to beat the captain of 369 to the point of almost shutting down!

Song Yijin's laning strength is as strong as ever, and Ning Wang relies on the lane power advantage of the two brothers Shang and Zhong to quickly snowball!

In the first game, IG vented all the grievances accumulated from last year's World Championship defeat. The entire team broke out and flattened the VG base in just 21 minutes!

The head-to-head ratio reached an exaggerated 22:4!

369's expression was almost autistic during the break. He played like a captain but couldn't do 5,000 damage in the whole game, and was ravaged by TheShy until he lost consciousness!

Gu Xing had nothing to do about it.

There is a gap in player strength between the two sides in the current version, not to mention that the team coordination is very poor and is far from reaching the upper limit of VG's new lineup.

It’s rare to win!

He was ready to get off work at IG's 2-0 score, and wanted to call his girlfriend to make an appointment for a dinner, but he didn't expect that VG could actually create a surprise in the second set.

After Little Peanut listened to Gu Xing's advice, the linkage efficiency in the second game was obviously stronger than the previous four BO3 games. He pulled Chaowei to launch a new type of support, and unexpectedly caught IG off guard!

In the second set, the combination of Peanut + Chaowei made waves in the IG jungle, creating a 4K economic advantage in the first 15 minutes!

But even so, it was almost impossible to hold on.

After IG came to the new season, its operational level is still improving. It can still win various team battles such as 3 vs. 5 with a large number of disadvantages. The players' sense of team battle is top-notch!

In the final 43 minutes of fierce fighting, VG used the Ancient Dragon to finally narrowly win a wave of team battles and flatten the enemy base.

This is enough to prove the gap between the two sides.

IG can win the battle by taking advantage of the early stage, but VG has to wait for a long time and fight slowly on thin ice despite the risk of the enemy's comeback.

Sure enough, in the third game the team showed their ferocious nature.

In the 4-minute battle that broke out in the jungle, the two sides formed a duo, IG fought 2 for 4, and knocked out the VG summoner's skills, creating an infinitely wide gank space for King Ning!

Gao Zhenning is good at seizing similar opportunities. He doesn't even brush his own jungle area. He just harasses and invades VG's online heroes who don't have life-saving skills, opening up the situation smoothly and accumulating early advantages!

In just 26 minutes, IG successfully defeated VG in the Dalongkeng team battle, and naturally won the game!

Netizens in major live broadcast rooms were talking a lot.

[This new VG is really awesome]

[Is this good enough? If you can win one game against IG, that’s enough. Team Extreme has only lost to VG by one point so far.]

[VG killed IG so many times last year, but only three people were replaced, and in turn they were beaten to the point where they couldn't even fight!]

[It’s still a little peanut problem. If you have Brother Xing’s strength, can VG win? 】

[369 is also a pure Five. The old Maibo doesn’t feel uncomfortable even when he beats TheShy. Is Li Zai Gan a demon? 】

Gu Xing shook his head helplessly.

Even if he wasn't on stage, he could feel the deep frustration expressed by fans and players.

The era of VG may really have come to an end.

Maybe they are still a strong team, their operational foundation is still there, and their youth training players are extremely talented, so it is not difficult to break into the world championships.

But it is no easy task to train these young people into S-crown seeds!

It is also unknown whether they can seize the only chance to win the championship in this life.

Gu Xing cleared the mixed thoughts in his mind.

In the end, none of this has much to do with him.

Take a vacation and go home to celebrate the New Year!

Second extra chapter, wishing everyone a happy new year.

Something delayed me during the Chinese New Year, so it's a little late

This chapter has been completed!
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