Chapter 4600 A powerful enemy is coming!

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 The voice of Hong Xixiang spread throughout the star field, making all the old monsters startled! The little Taoist priest was right, didn't the master and the disciple just obey him when something happened?

But everyone understands this truth, how many people can do it? You need to know which of the powerful people present is not full of talents. Compared with Lin Zheng, who only has four direct disciples, none of their disciples know that there are already many disciples.

How many people are there!

But has anyone ever done this? This is no longer as simple as risking one's life! The most essential friendship between master and disciple is undoubtedly revealed at this moment!

The smile on Pu Shi's face in the distance is getting brighter and brighter. Lin Zheng can always give everyone a loud slap in the face at critical moments. The so-called human touch, the so-called robe, the so-called teacher-student

Things that should not appear in this era are evident in Lin Zheng! You must know that whether it is Hong Xixiang or Wang Yuanyuan, everyone knows that as long as these two people do not die, they will definitely become the era.

The group of people standing at the top below, but these two people still appeared here.

There was something that even Lin Zheng was not completely sure about. One person sent the two of them away without any thought of his own life, and the other person guarded them without fear of death.

Maybe this is another good story, but these people need to survive! Otherwise, they are what everyone calls fools. The reason why some things become legends is that they cannot have the ending that everyone expected! .??.

Countless eyes fell on the Hong Xixiang, especially the few old monsters from the Emperor Dynasty who came forward and had already interfered with the order of this star field. With the formation layer by layer, even the will of the Heavenly Dao was isolated.

If they can use the power that is not locked by the will of heaven,

Boom! A piece of divine blood exploded and flew, and several strong men appeared next to Wang Yuan. Their overbearing strikes were like thousands of waterfalls falling directly! This time, Wang Yuan was not as stunning as before, although he was blocked.

The powerful men even killed one of them, but for the first time, Wang Yuan was left with a horrific wound!

From the beginning to the end, Hong Xixiang never looked back, and even the smile on his face did not change at all! At this moment, several emperors slowly walked towards Hong Xixiang, the older generation of strong men, and stood there.

The ancient god Chang Yi who was above the cloud shuttle stretched out his jade hand and pointed in front of him!

Buzz! Buzz! Rounds of bright moons appeared directly, from the last quarter moon to the full moon and then to the first quarter moon over and over again. The space in front seemed to be stuck in the mud!

The overbearing law of time shuttles out, and the appearance of the flood elephant is changing in an instant. The black hair on the bald head is broken and broken, broken and reborn. It looks a bit weird, but it is also touching.
To the horror!

The already fragmented space has different flow rates, large areas of stars collapsed and melted, and even stars quietly evolved and fell! Exclamations came from all directions. No one thought that Ancient God Chang Yi would take action at this time. Could it be that

Isn’t the Imperial Dynasty ready to consume it?

Wow! Streams of light appeared around the six old monsters who came forward, and then the star field was torn apart, and the roaring sound waves shattered the surrounding void!

Due to the different time domains in the dense star field, when everyone looked at it, the figure of the Hongxi Elephant seemed to have turned into thousands of Dao, and there was no space for the Hongxi Elephant to escape!

The old monsters of these days' dynasty have lived for who knows how long, and their cooperation has gone through countless years of tempering. Opponents more tyrannical than Hong Xixiang have all fallen into their hands. This time

Buzz! Buzz! Seeing that stream of light is about to fall on the Hong Xixiang, the world transformed by the power of the era of blood will fall and cover it!

Bang! A barrier appeared around the Flooding Elephant! These six people were not trying to kill the Flooding Elephant, but were trying to trap it? But this move

Well? A series of holes were torn between the star fields, and then the stream of light seemed to be refracted and shuttled, but in the blink of an eye, it appeared around Wang Yuan!

There were loud shouts of exclamation, and even though they were far apart, everyone could feel the killing intent that sent chills all over their bodies! How could Wang Yuan resist this time?

In just one ten thousandth of an instant, Wang Yuanran's body shifted slightly, and it was this indistinguishable movement that caused Wang Yuanran to be submerged into chaos!

Boom, boom, boom! The terrible attack ignited the star field, and the endless phenomena dazzled everyone, but at this moment, a cry of pain was quietly heard in the distance!

Hong Xixiang, who was supposed to be trapped in the barrier, didn't know when he stretched out his palm, and the evil purple light bloomed, and it actually penetrated the head of a strong man from the Imperial Dynasty from a distance of thousands of feet. This time

The attack may not necessarily kill him completely, but it will seriously damage the opponent's soul, leaving him completely without fighting power!

What kind of terrifying insight is this? Seize the gap where the law of time wanders and give the opponent a fatal blow! It is simply an incredible blow!

Before the exclamations could be heard,

A deafening roar came from the other side! Chaos opened up the world, and the domineering power of the five elements boiled out, swallowing up all the incoming divine light and completely crushing it!

Bang! Wang Yuanlan, who came out of the chaotic storm, had calm eyes. He raised his palm and smashed it forward. The stars in the star field suddenly condensed and turned into boundless mountains and fell directly. And that station

When the old monster of the Sky Dynasty in the void wanted to escape, he found that there was no support under his feet, and chaos quietly appeared and seemed to pull him in completely!

With one blow, Wang Yuanyuan swept his arm and punched out. The divine flames opened his huge mouth like a rushing dragon and swallowed a figure in it! Then Wang Yuanran closed his eyes and pressed down with his other hand, causing a corner of the star field to collapse.

The waterfall fell suddenly! Not only that, the golden light exploded under Wang Yuan's feet and condensed into a golden circle that spread forward. An old monster who was attacking seemed to have seen something incredible and began to retreat quickly!

Boom, boom, boom! The sound of brokenness is endless. Rootless sacred trees stand in the chaotic star field. They are swallowed and shrouded by the law of time. The ancient trees are dense and withered, life and death change, but the ancient seals have emerged from the sacred trees.

Turned into endless green! .??.

"The five elements are endless!" Wang Yuan opened his eyes. The entire star field seemed to be divided into large and small grids, and everyone was drawn into it in one breath!

However, Hong Xixiang, who seemed to have been expected in front of him, quietly waved away Jingxie from his hand. The moment the Five Elements Formation fell, he stepped out, and the green light under his feet flashed between the light and darkness!

A strong man from the Heavenly Dynasty was a little dazed, and the Hong Xixiang had already passed the evil in his hand through his body! Bang! A large piece of divine blood exploded, and the Hong Xixiang had already appeared in front of another Heavenly Emperor.

At the side of the strong men of the dynasty!

Oops! The green light exploded, and the strong man from the Dynasty in front of him roared lowly, even burning his longevity! But the green light fell faster, and the old man was horrified to find that his power was no longer under control!

His strength was deprived, his energy and blood were deprived, his soul was deprived, and his longevity was also deprived.

Hong Xixiang had already appeared not far away from the cloud shuttle. Their eyes met, and the smile on Hong Xixiang's face became brighter. The Jingxie in his hand slowly rose and fell towards the front!

The speed of the blow was almost stagnant, but no one could stop it. The order of time collapsed. A crack appeared on the statue that appeared behind the ancient god Chang Yi, and a series of mournful sounds came out!
Oops! Ancient God Chang Yi quickly pinched down the seal with his hands, and another statue appeared behind him, and the star field in front calmed down! But a crack was already densely covered on the cloud shuttle!

Countless disciples of the Heavenly Dynasty rose into the sky, and the cloud shuttle under their feet gradually turned into powder and disappeared without a trace! There was a moment of silence above the star field. Countless monks opened their mouths and looked at the scene in front of them in disbelief.

This little Taoist priest, this soft-hearted little Taoist priest

Did he really do this? And the next scene made the noise loud again! I saw the ancient god Chang Yi biting a jade finger and pointing it behind him, and the previously broken statue was covered by that drop of divine blood.

It was melted away, but the cloud shuttle that originally turned into powder showed a little light, countless bright lights slowly condensed, and then a cloud shuttle fell into everyone's sight again!

Hiss! This confrontation is a bit scary! Many old monsters looked at each other, and they were all considering whether they could take this blow from either of them!

Bang! Hong Xixiang took a step back, his face turned into a bitter smile, he stretched out his hand to rub his chest, and then looked at the wound where the household registration had exploded! Only then did he look up at the ancient god Chang Yi and raised his hand again to shock the evil!

But this time Hong Xixiang's blow did not fall, and there was a figure shrouded in black robes in front of the ancient god Chang Yi. I saw this man stepping forward, and the star fields he passed were withering.

It seemed that he had practiced some kind of devouring method. Everything that came close to him was heading towards the Tao scroll in his body!

This time, the smile on Hong Xixiang's face finally disappeared. Before he could say anything, the star field behind him suddenly heard bursts of explosions. Wang Yuan's five-element array was broken, and six people

The old monsters all took action to knock down the world of laws and trapped Wang Yuanran in it bit by bit!

Well? What happened? Everyone's eyes wandered, and then they saw two more figures appearing behind the six old monsters. The appearance of these two people directly broke Wang Yuan's eyes.

A powerful blow completely tipped the balance!

Who is this? Why haven't I heard the names of these three people before? Moreover, they are shrouded in black robes. Could it be that these three people are not members of the Emperor's Dynasty?

For a moment, everyone's attention was taken away by the three of them, but no one paid attention to Hong Xixiang and Wang Yuanran, and no one saw the complicated look flashing in Hong Xixiang's eyes!

Jidu's eyes kept wandering around the battlefield, and then suddenly focused on the mysterious man in black robe walking towards Hong Xixiang. This was really interesting!

This chapter has been completed!
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