Chapter 4665: Who gives authority to whom?

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Looking at the heavily guarded Nine Regions powers, Lin Zheng cast his gaze on Pu Shi and the others. Not only Lin Zheng, but also Ji Du and Wen Zhan were a little confused, even if this was not the territory of the Nine Regions...

This place shouldn't be far from the Nine Realms... The influence of the Nine Realms should always be able to radiate here. What's going on with this attitude of being faced with a powerful enemy? "This place is originally the Forgotten Land of Exile in the Prison.

In this land, many forces that were exiled to the Wild Prison but could not be passed down gathered here. Over time, the number of tabooed people here is probably greater than in other places where the Wild Prison was exiled.

There are so many!" Fairy Chan whispered: "Even many old monsters who were exiled in the wilderness have entered this place!" "Hidden dragons and crouching tigers?" Lin Zheng showed a smile on his face and looked forward.

, many stars are scattered in the star field in front of you, but each star contains a different will, and there are even many ancient stars.

There are many incarnations of will above! The moment Lin Zheng and his group appeared, no less than a million stars were locked on this place from a distance! It is hard to imagine how many powerful forces are hidden in this star field.

Those who are strong, and these strong men don’t know how much willpower they have left.


The most important thing is... this star field occupies an extremely vast space. There are tyrannical wills in the many folds of space between the star fields. This is where many planes exist...

"This world... once famous... is now nothing!" Zen Fairy took Ji Du's arm, but her eyes fell on Lin Zheng and said: "Here, it's best to keep a low profile.


Well, I warned the two of them in one breath, the two most restless! Wen Zhan on the side nodded with some hindsight. This starless area can be regarded as one of the forbidden areas of exile in this prison!

The totem lineage is somewhat in-depth in this planeless plane, but not many people sell their face. After all, for many people...lawlessness and freedom...

We are already in exile in a desolate prison, where are there so many rules to talk about? Besides... for those truly strong men, only their own strength is their real capital for unscrupulousness...

The so-called aristocratic family and inheritance...sometimes it's really not as comfortable as being alone...

"Yiwu? This name is really easy to understand!" Lin Zheng grinned, but his eyes fell on Jidu, who spread his hands and shook his head. Their Ziwei Taoism has not penetrated here!

Before anyone could say a warning, an old monster following Pu Shi had already shot out a jade slip. The jade slip moved forward and spread out with countless divine treasures...

The wills of many stars were awakened, and they wanted to put away the divine treasure... But this time they did not accept the so-called tolls like before. A big hand first imprisoned the void and then pulled everything back!

"Is it necessary? Is it necessary?" Lin Zheng put the huge amount of divine treasure directly into the inner world, then looked at the powerful men of the nine regions and said with a grin: "The Tianjiao Palace has done this deal, escort you

Return to the Nine Realms safely!"

Damn it? Damn it! Damn it? Pu Shi, Chen Guan and Hou Meng Yang were all stunned on the spot, and even the strong men behind them stared with their eyes wide open!

Good guy! Do you know what you have done? This is a rule from no plane, and it has been for countless years... let alone the Nine Realms! Even the Imperial Dynasty and many other forces must abide by it!

To know that Bishenzang will eventually return to their hands in some way, this is just a deal in terms of face! But now Lin Zheng...

And from now on... what do you mean they are protected by Lin Zheng? No matter how strong Lin Zheng is, he is probably no match for this planeless opponent, right?

You can't do it just because of this... Wait! There aren't many supplies! You guy... Even if you are poor, you won't be so scared, right?

But at this moment, Lin Zheng has already begun to express his position towards those many wills... Damn it! Several figures came to Lin Zheng and tried to stop him, but it was already too late! Buzz, buzz! It was terrifying above the star field.

The ripples rolled, and large rays of divine light spread, leaving people with no time to react. There were many voids closing, and even terrifying magic circles had been refined on ancient stars.

Although he did not attack directly, he expressed his rejection clearly! At the same time, countless figures appeared on many stars, and there were even many planes that cast their wills from a distance to explore.

When entering the Nine Domains lineage, these many wills became extremely complicated, and then it turned out to be

Looking from a distance among the stars...

"Nine Realms...But I am getting more and more disappointed!" Lin Zheng turned to look at everyone and said with a grin: "Is your arrogant attitude just for the weak?"

Damn it! It’s hard! It’s hard! It’s completely hard! A group of people in Pushi stared with their eyes wide open! What does it mean to treat the weak?

"This is called respecting the strong!" Chenguan couldn't help but yelled!

"Yes, yes! Now you can respect me!" Lin Zheng waved his hand and said: "Let's go! Isn't there still Gu Xing who can be let go?"

Lin Zheng pointed to an ancient star on the side. This was one of the few ancient stars that did not have a closed plane. Lin Zheng naturally stepped towards the distance! The powers of the nine regions behind him wanted to stop him, but

Before they could speak, Lin Zheng had already taken a step, and the moment he took that step, the entire star field seemed to have turned into a unified piece of iron and fell directly on everyone.

Above their heads, for a moment everyone felt that their souls had become confused. How many creatures on countless stars ahead had locked this corner of the star field with their will!

Everyone's bodies were as heavy as if they were filled with lead, and everyone used their divine power to resist. Even though they were planning on it, their faces were a little ugly. This was an unreasonable disaster...

But... the next moment, Lin Zheng took the second step, and then looked ahead as if he didn't realize it, the corners of his mouth slightly raised with a very... dangerous arc...

"Are you sure you want to be like this?" Lin Zheng's gaze fell forward. He didn't seem to have specifically targeted that world, but he seemed to have completely enveloped the worlds in front of him under his perception!

Boom! Just for a moment, or maybe more time, Lin Zheng's figure seemed to have risen countless times, the galaxy was directly overturned, and the extremely terrifying murderous intent was like a tidal storm moving forward crazily and covering everything!

Terrifying explosions were heard from countless stars, endless rivers of blood dripped down, and the stars were filled with blood. Endless cracks spread from a corner of the star field and then fell directly forward... But the next moment everyone's eyes fell, Lin Zheng was still standing where he was.

The ground seemed to have never made any move... However, just at this glance, looking over, there were already monks vomiting blood in the Nine Regions, and they could not bear the Lin Zheng belt.

The murderous intent...dong! Dongdongdong! The dull sound of collision was like the sound of heaven. Lin Zheng pressed his palm into the void, and the inner world behind him quietly tore apart a corner, and a thread of the world

The branches of the art spread out a little bit forward

The point fell... but the void where the palm was was burning with a magic flame. The magic flame boiled and melted the star field in an instant. A dark halberd pierced everyone's soul, and along with the world

The branches of the tree fell on Lin Zheng's shoulders, and the devil

The flames were boiling and madly covering Lin Zheng's body, the demon-sealing diagram rose, and the yin and yang of the world were in chaos...

Chi chi chi! The terrifying sound of explosions continued, and the palm on the halberd was pulling outwards little by little. Lin Zheng was still smiling, but in the eyes of countless ancient star monks, they seemed to see

The coming of death...Boom! Boom! It never stops! Lin Zheng's aura is still rising, like a volcano exploding under the sea. The endless sea water boils and then evaporates in an instant. The entire star field is wrinkled and twisted,

Then one by one the ancient stars began to burn...

.Screams and roars came from all directions, but at this moment, it was difficult to stop Lin Zheng's murderous intention. A series of terrifying wills rose directly from the plane between the star fields, and a huge figure crossed the galaxy.

Go straight

Coming this way... However, it was still a step too late. Lin Zheng had already raised his halberd on his shoulder. A series of terrifying and shattering sounds were heard in front of him. The group of people in Pushi behind him could no longer control their bodies and were frightened.

Looking at Lin Zheng, all the hairs on his body

They all stand on their heads...

Crazy! This Lin Zheng is really crazy! The halberd has not fallen, and a terrifying crack has been sunken between the star fields. Lin Zheng still holds the halberd and slowly falls, but he still gives the ancient star in front of him the opportunity to move.

Time! Huge figures moved the galaxy and moved the stars with terrifying methods. The terrifying will moved forward and directly blocked Lin Zheng's front, but Lin Zheng showed an increasingly bright smile and moved away from the last star.

the moment

In the meantime, the halberd also fell directly...

Boom! Boom! Boom! The dark magic flames drowned everything, and the ear-piercing sound of explosions tore apart the eardrums. The scene immediately after that was transformed into countless fragments, making it impossible to distinguish them anymore.


I don't know how long the storm lasted. It seemed like countless epochs, and it seemed like it was just a moment. When everyone's vision recovered and their souls sensed back, the scene in front of them made everyone freeze in place...

An endless crack stretched from thousands of miles away in front of Lin Zheng... Lin Zheng, who had already put away his halberd, was raising his feet and continuing to move forward...

"Follow me...Isn't there a place to welcome us?" Lin Zheng turned around and grinned, but the group of people in Pushi almost didn't cry!

Damn it! It’s exciting! It’s so exciting! Pu Shi feels a little wet underneath! This girl’s body is more exciting than his previous reincarnations! It’s... it’s almost... almost worshiping!

It's not just Pu Shi! Many monks in the Nine Domains are looking at Lin Zheng with great fanaticism! What happened just now? What happened? This Lin Zheng gave this planeless plane a kick? It was just a blow! It was just a blow

Halberd! It is to calm down all the noise! ​​Doubts! Anger! Dissatisfaction!

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