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Emperor Domination

Emperor Domination

author:Xiao Sheng, tired of writing

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-29 13:30

Latest chapter:Chapter 7196 Finale

Tens of millions of years ago, Li Qiye planted a green bamboo. Eight million years ago, Li Qiye raised a carp. Five million years ago, Li Qiye adopted a little girl. Today, Li Qiye woke up and saw the green bamboo. Trained to become a god, the carp turned into a golden dragon, and the little girl became the empress of the nine realms. This is a story of cultivation, the story of an immortal human boy who became a demon god, a fairy beast, and an empress.

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《Emperor Domination》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 7196 Finale
Chapter 7195 Heaven
Chapter 7194 A tacit understanding
Chapter 7193 Want to be a good person
Chapter 7192 I want to be the protagonist
Chapter 7191 Beautiful Creativity
Chapter 7190 The strongest force in the future
Chapter 7189 Sir, it’s unexpected
Chapter 7188 Crushing the world-destroying catastrophe with bare hands
《Emperor Domination》Chapter Contents
Qizi (readers must see very important)
Chapter 1 Three Ghost Lords (Part 1)
Chapter 2 Three Ghost Lords (Part 2)
Chapter 3 Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect (1)
Chapter 4 The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect (Part 2)
Chapter 5 The Fiancee (Part 1)
Chapter 6 Fiancee (Part 2)
Chapter 7 Nine Saint Demon Gate (Part 1)
Chapter 8 Nine Saint Demon Gate (Part 2)
Chapter 9 Killing Without Blinking (Part 1)
Chapter 10 Killing Without Blinking (Part 2)
Chapter 11 I am arrogant and domineering (Part 1)
Chapter 12 I am arrogant and domineering (Part 2)
Chapter 13 The Forest of Chaos (1)
Chapter 14 Chaos Heart Forest (2)
Chapter 15 Miracles Take My Hand (Part 1)
Chapter 16 Miracles Take My Hand (Part 2)
Chapter 17 The Demon King of the Sun (1)
Chapter 18 The Demon King of the Sun (Part 2)
Chapter 19 Domineering doesn't need to look at the place (1)
Chapter 20: Domineering Don't Need To Look Places (Part 2)
Chapter 21 The Holy Cave (1)
Chapter 22 The Holy Cave (Part 2)
Chapter 23 Nine Saint Princess (1)
Chapter 24 Nine Saint Princess (Part 2)
Chapter 25 God Crow Peak (1)
Chapter 26 God Crow Peak (Part 2)
Chapter 27 Moon Turbine Yang Lungong (Part 1)
Chapter 28 Moon Turbine Yang Lungong (Part 2)
Chapter 29 The Twelve Immortals (Part 1)
Chapter 30 Twelve Immortals (Part 2)
Chapter 31 Kunpeng Six Transformations (1)
Chapter 32 Kunpeng Six Transformations (Part 2)
Chapter 33 Qimen Dao (1)
Chapter 34 The Qimen Sword (Part 2)
Chapter 35: Prison-Suppressing Divine Body (1)
Chapter 36: Prison Suppression God Body (Part 2)
Chapter 37 Tu Buyu (1)
Chapter 38 Tu Buyu (2)
Chapter 39 The Princess Arrives (Part 1)
Chapter 40 The Princess Arrives (Part 2)
Chapter 41: The Princess Can Only Be a Handmaid (Part 1)
Chapter 42: The Princess Can Only Be a Handmaid (Part 2)
Chapter 43 The Great Elder's Strategy (1)
Chapter 44 The Great Elder's Strategy (Part 2)
Chapter 45: If You're Not Convinced, I'll Beat You Until You're Convinced (Part 1)
Chapter 46: If You're Not Convinced, I'll Beat You Until You're Convinced (Part 2)
Chapter 47: Preaching and Teaching (Part 1)
Chapter 48: Preaching and Teaching (Part 2)
Chapter 49 The Most Fierce Teaching of the Dao (Part 1)
Chapter 50 The Most Fierce Teaching of the Dao (Part 2)
Chapter 51: The Immortal King Lectures
Chapter 52: The Immortal King Lectures
Chapter 53: Yin-Yang Sea of ??Blood (1)
Chapter 54: Yin-Yang Sea of ??Blood (Part 2)
Chapter 55: Furnace God (1)
Chapter 56 Furnace God (2)
Chapter 57: Pharmacist, it’s just a hobby (Part 1)
Chapter 58: Pharmacist, it’s just a hobby (Part 2)
Chapter 59 The Conspiracy (Part 1)
Chapter 60 Conspiracy (Part 2)
Chapter 61: Demonstrating Power (1)
Chapter 62: Raising God's Power (Part 2)
Chapter 63: God of War Art (1)
Chapter 64: God of War Art (Part 2)
Chapter 65: Turn Your Hands Over for Clouds and Cover Your Hands for Rain (Part 1)
Chapter 66: Turn Your Hands Over for Clouds and Cover Your Hands for Rain (Part 2)
Chapter 67 Ziyang Ten Days Gong (1)
Chapter 68 Ziyang Ten Days Gong (Part 2)
Chapter 69 Strategies (Part 1)
Chapter 70 Strategies (Part 2)
Chapter 71 Ghost Tower (1)
Chapter 72 Ghost Tower (Part 2)
Chapter 73 Su Yuhe (1)
Chapter 74 Su Yuhe (Part 2)
Chapter 75 Soldiers approaching the city (1)
Chapter 76: Soldiers Approaching the City (Part 2)
Chapter 77 Waving to Kill Thousands of Enemies (1)
Chapter 78 Waving to Kill Thousands of Enemies (Part 2)
Chapter 79: Marquis of Zishan (1)
Chapter 80 The Marquis of Zishan (Part 2)
Chapter 81: The Power of the Emperor (1)
Chapter 82 The Prestige of the Emperor (Part 2)
Chapter 83: The Secret of the Heavenly Immortals (1)
Chapter 84: The Secret of the Heavenly Immortal (Part 2)
Chapter 85: Imperial Body Paste (1)
Chapter 86: Imperial Body Paste (Part 2)
Chapter 87 Wushou Immortal Body (1)
Chapter 88: Innocent Immortal Body (Part 2)
Chapter 89 The Former Site of Washing Beauty (Part 1)
Chapter 90 The Former Site of Washing Beauty (Part 2)
Chapter 91 A Snail (Part 1)
Chapter 92 A Snail (Part 2)
Chapter 93 Master is a Beauty (1)
Chapter 94 Master is a Beauty (Part 2)
Chapter 95 The Holy Communion of the Zhou Emperor (1)
Chapter 96 The Holy Communion of Emperor Zhou (Part 2)
Chapter 97: Recognizing the Ancestor and Returning to the Sect (1)
Chapter 98: Recognizing the Ancestor and Returning to the Clan (Part 2)
Chapter 99: Demon Back Ridge (1)
Chapter 100: Demon Back Ridge (Part 2)
Chapter 101: Marquis of Zhenwei (1)
Chapter 102: Marquis of Zhenwei (Part 2)
Chapter 103 Southern Heaven and Upper Kingdom (1)
Chapter 104: Southern Heaven and Upper Kingdom (Part 2)
Chapter 105: Holy Heavenly Daozi (1)
Chapter 106: Holy Heavenly Daozi (Part 2)
Chapter 107 Imperial Object (1)
Chapter 108 Imperial Object (Part 2)
Chapter 109: The divine tree covers the sky (1)
Chapter 110 The God Tree Covers the Sky (Part 2)
Chapter 111 Negative Ape (1)
Chapter 112: Negative Ape (Part 2)
Chapter 113: Green Bronze (1)
Chapter 114: Green Bronze (Part 2)
Chapter 115 Little Confused (Part 1)
Chapter 116 Little Confused (Part 2)
Chapter 117: The Spirit of God (1)
Chapter 118 Gods (Part 2)
Chapter 119: Emperor Qingxuan (1)
Chapter 120 Qingxuan Emperor (Part 2)
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One (Part 1)
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Two (Part Two)
Chapter 123 Destroying the Demon Ape (Part 1)
Chapter 124: Destroying the Demon Ape (Part 2)
Chapter 125: Killing Thousands of Enemies in One Fury (1)
Chapter 126 Killing Thousands of Enemies in One Fury (Part 2)
Chapter 127: Six Lotuses (Part 1)
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Chapter 128: Six Lotuses (Part 2)
Chapter 129: Demon Slaying Battlefield (1)
Chapter 130: Demon Slaying Battlefield (Part 2)
Chapter 131: The Secret of the Baozhu Sect (Part 1)
Chapter 132: The Secret of the Baozhu Sect (Part 2)
Chapter 133: Underground Demonic Roots (Part 1) Thanks to reader dd880 for tipping the leader
Chapter 134: Underground Demonic Roots (Part 2) Thanks to Black Tie for rewarding the leader!!
Chapter 135 Six Paths Lotus, Pu Demon Tree (Part 1) Seventh update. Please vote for me and give me rewards!!
Chapter 136: Six Path Lotus, Pu Demon Tree (Part 2)
Chapter 137 Treasures of the Gods (1)
Chapter 138 Treasures of the Gods (Part 2) Tenth update!!!
Chapter 139 Pu Mo drinks blood (1)
Chapter 140 Pu Demon Drinks Blood (Part 2)
Chapter 141: Slaying the Demon Tree (1)
Chapter 142: Slaying the Demon Tree (Part 2)
Chapter 143: The Great Ceremony of the God of Medicine (1)
Chapter 144: The Great Ceremony of the God of Medicine (Part 2)
Chapter 145: Silence in all directions (1)
Chapter 146: All directions are silent (Part 2)
Chapter 147 Six Swords (Part 1)
Chapter 148 Six Swords (Part 2)
Chapter 149: The Immortal Spring Body of Tyrant Female (Part 1)
Chapter 150: The Immortal Spring Body (Part 2)
Chapter 151: The Birth of the Nether Ship (1)
Chapter 152: The Birth of the Nether Ship (Part 2)
Chapter 153: The Ancient City of Heaven (1)
Chapter 154: The Ancient City of Heaven (Part 2)
Chapter 155: Fighting Rich With Me? (Part 1)
Chapter 156: Fighting Rich With Me? (Part 2)
Chapter 157 Nine Languages ??of the Ancestors (Part 1) Ninth update, please vote for me
Chapter 158: Nine Languages ??of the Ancestors (Part 2)
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Chapter 159: Heaven and Ancient Corpse (1)
Chapter 160: Heaven and Ancient Corpse (Part 2)
Chapter 161: Dealing with the Dead (1)
Chapter 162 Trading with the Dead (Part 2)
Chapter 163 The Treasure of Central Continent (1)
Chapter 164: The Treasure of Central Continent (Part 2)
Chapter 165 Ants Moving Coffins (1)
Chapter 166 Ants Moving Coffins (Part 2)
Chapter 167: The Holy Son of the Pillar (1)
Chapter 168: The Holy Son of the Pillar (Part 2)
Chapter 169 The Ancient Street (Part 1)
Chapter 170 The Ancient Street (Part 2)
Chapter 171: The Unopenable Stone Box (Part 1)
Chapter 172 The Unopenable Stone Box (Part 2)
Chapter 173 Starry Sky Plate (1)
Chapter 174 Starry Sky Plate (Part 2)
Chapter 175 The disaster caused by a tile (1)
Chapter 176 The disaster caused by a tile (Part 2)
Chapter 177 The Mysterious Wadang (Part 1)
Chapter 178: The Mysterious Wadang (Part 2)
Chapter 179: Killing the Genius (Part 1) The sixth update is here, please vote for me and ask for rewards
Chapter 180 Killing the Genius (Part 2)
Chapter 181: Keeping the Genius at Your Feet (Part 1)
Chapter 182: Keeping the Genius at Your Feet (Part 2)
Chapter 183: Nine Yang Locking Heaven Technique (Part 1) Ten updates are completed, double ended, please reward 100 starting coins ^_^ to make the atmosphere lively
Chapter 184 Jiuyang Locking Heaven Technique (Part 2)
Chapter 185 Old Ghost (1)
Chapter 186 Old Ghost (Part 2)
Chapter 187: The Old Ghost Shop (1)
Chapter 188 Old Ghost Shop (Part 2)
Chapter 189: Ancestor Worship (1)
Chapter 190: Ancestor Worship (Part 2)
Chapter 191: Deceiving the Martial God (1)
Chapter 192: Deceiving the Martial God (Part 2)
Chapter 193: The Lion King (1)
Chapter 194: The Lion King (Part 2)
Chapter 195: The Mysterious Dead (Part 1)
Chapter 196 The Mysterious Dead (Part 2)
Chapter 197: The Suffering of the Nine Saint Demon Gate (1)
Chapter 198: The Suffering of the Nine Saint Demon Gate (Part 2)
Chapter 199 Bloody Battle (1)
Chapter 200 Bloody Battle (Part 2)
Chapter 201 The Four Battles Bronze Chariot (Part 1)
Chapter 202 The Four Battles Bronze Chariot (Part 2)
Chapter 203 I am arrogant and domineering (1)
Chapter 204 I am arrogant and domineering (Part 2)
Chapter 205 Attacking the Cave of Qingxuan Ancient Country (1)
Chapter 206 Attacking the Cave of Qingxuan Ancient Country (Part 2)
Chapter 207 The Real Invincibility (1)
Chapter 208 The Real Invincibility (Part 2)
Chapter 209 The Descendants of the Wu Clan (Part 1)
Chapter 210 The Descendants of the Wu Clan (Part 2)
Chapter 211 The Secret of Styx (1)
Chapter 212 The Secret of Styx (Part 2)
Chapter 213 Qiandimen (1)
Chapter 214 Qiandimen (Part 2)
Chapter 215 Bai Jianzhen's Three Swords (Part 1)
Chapter 216 Bai Jianzhen's Three Swords (Part 2)
Chapter 217: The Heaven-shaking Cudgel (1)
Chapter 218: The Heaven-shaking Cudgel (Part 2)
Chapter 219 The Great Daoist (Part 1)
Chapter 220 The Great Daoist (Part 2)
Chapter 221 Indica and Yao Treasure Pot (Part 1)
Chapter 222 Indica and Yao Treasure Pot (Part 2)
Chapter 223 Body Demon Swallows Heaven (1)
Chapter 224 Body Demon Swallows the Sky (Part 2)
Chapter 2251 Transcending Myriad Tribulations in One Unit (1)
The 226th chapter is one to transcend thousands of calamities
Chapter 227 Princess of Central Continent Part 1
Chapter 228 Princess Zhongzhou Part 2
Chapter 229 Hongtian Empress
Chapter 230 Hongtian Empress
Chapter 231 Fight for the Nether Ship
Chapter 232 Competing for the Nether Ship
Chapter 233: Stars, All Things, Water
Chapter 234: Stars and All Things Underwater
Chapter 235 gives birth to a stone egg
Chapter 236 gives birth to a stone egg
Chapter 237: The Refining of the First Gold of Heaven and Earth, Part 1
Chapter 238: The Refining of Heaven and Earth Beginning Gold Part 2
Chapter 239 Goddess of Heaven
Chapter two hundred and fortieth Goddess of Heaven
Chapter 241 Immortal Blood Spear on
Chapter 242 Immortal Blood Spear Next
Chapter 243: Refining Alchemy is Like Fried Beans. Eight updates today. Please give me monthly votes, recommendation votes, and rewards.
Chapter two hundred and forty fourth treasure saint emperor
Chapter 245 The blood is not cold, and the ambition is high!
Chapter 246: King's Landing in the Nine Realms, Sweeping the Eight Wastelands!
Chapter two hundred and forty-seven thousand enemies slaughtered in a joke
Chapter 248 Transactions in the Temple of War
Chapter two hundred and forty-ninth journey
Chapter 250 Traveling to a hundred cities to reflect on the past
Chapter 251 Chi Xiaodao
Chapter 252 Gutan Golden Tortoise
Chapter 253 The Lion's Roar Gate
Chapter 254 Chi Xiaodie
Chapter 255 Chi Xiaodie's Doubt
Chapter 256 Ninety-nine eighty-one changes
Chapter 257 Sikong steals the sky
Chapter 258 Sima Longyun
Chapter 259 Bingyu Palace
Chapter 260 Bing Yuxia, a woman disguised as a man
Chapter 261 Grave Shooting
Chapter two hundred and sixty-two compete for rotten beans
Chapter 263 Fight with me, you are still very tender
Chapter two hundred and sixty-four turning corruption into magic
Chapter 265 The storm caused by a wooden ruler
Chapter 266 Sky-high prices broke out today, please vote for me, please vote for recommendations
Chapter 267 Cut the Sky Stele
Chapter 268 The Secret of the Wooden Ruler
Chapter 269 Change of Life
Chapter 270 Tyrannical lion body celestial tortoise life
Chapter 271 Chi Xiaodao’s Secret Love. Vote more, reward more, and strive for the seventh update today.
Chapter 272 Fairy Mei Suyao
Chapter 273 Lecture event
Chapter 274 Tianji Valley
Chapter 275 Princess Baoyun
Chapter 276 Arrogance without looking at opponents
Chapter 277 Tiger Mountain
Chapter two hundred and seventy-eight fairy goddesses
Chapter 279 Alaya Tianxiang Road
Chapter 280 The princess is now
Chapter 281 The Emperor of Hundred Wars
Chapter 282 Ancestral Temple
Chapter two hundred and eighty third God pupil thousand soldiers
Chapter 284 Crossing the Sky Earthworm
Chapter two hundred and eighty fifth small mud autumn
Chapter 286 Old Taoist
Chapter 287 The Ancient Secret
Two hundred and eighty-eighth chapter nine language true bow
Chapter two hundred and eighty nine
Chapter 290 God Man Ji Kong Wudi
Chapter 291 Tiandaoyuan
Chapter 292 Le Yi
Chapter 293 Magu
Chapter 294 Longevity
Chapter 295 Beauty is like a cloud
Chapter 296 The Great World Court
Chapter 297 Shocking Conspiracy
Chapter 298 I am a serious person
Chapter 299 The beauty of Bingyuxia
Chapter 300 Huangfu Feng's Provocation
Chapter Three Hundred and One Ghosts Helping Trees
Chapter 302 Slaughtering Ghosts and Killing Luan
Chapter 303 Fluctuating Light Giant
Chapter 304 What is the ancient country of fluctuating light?
Chapter 305 Joining Hands
Chapter 306 The Great Disaster Begins
Chapter 307 Covetousness
Chapter 308 The Legendary Portal
Chapter three hundred and ninth small disturbance
Chapter 310 Chi Xiaodie's Mind
Chapter 311 Disdain for the heroes
Chapter 312 Talking and laughing and fighting the heroes
Chapter 313: Bing Yuxia's Strength
Chapter 314 Forced Marriage
Chapter 315 Kill Without Amnesty
Chapter 316: Fighting Two Heroes with One Hand
Chapter 317 Thousands of hands against the nine worlds
Chapter 318 Genius is just an ant
Chapter three hundred and nineteenth the siege of the enemy
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Laughing to See Ten Thousand Enemies Destroyed
Chapter 321 The Beginning of the War
Chapter 322 Sweep
Chapter 323 Jingwei is titled Qingyang Thanks to Oo Zhendong oO for rewarding the leader of the alliance
Three hundred and twentieth chapters sword invincible
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Five The Emperor's Soldiers Are Out
Chapter 326: Seizing the Emperor’s Soldiers. Please give me your monthly votes!!
Chapter 327 The Great Disaster
Chapter 328 Blood-stained Heavenly Daoyuan
Chapter 329 One plan to kill thousands of enemies
Chapter 330 The line of defense of the sages
Chapter 331 After the war
Chapter 332 The Secret of the Ancient Portal
Chapter 333: Immortal Immortal
Chapter 334 Domain God
Chapter 335 Recipe
Chapter 336 Entering the Ancient Portal Five updates are happening today, please vote for me!!!!
Chapter 337 Ye Chuyun
Chapter 338: Genius Meets
Three hundred and thirty-ninth mysterious entrance
Chapter 340 World Tree
Chapter 341 Climb to the top of the world tree
Chapter 342 Choices on the World Tree
Chapter three hundred and forty-three industry fire scissors
Chapter 344: The Peak on the Peak
Chapter 345 Adventures in the World Palace
Three hundred and fortieth chapters heaven and earth puree
Chapter 347: Supreme Marquis
Chapter 348 Void Gate
Chapter 349: Fighting for the Void Gate
Chapter 350 The Mystery of the Void Gate
Chapter 351: Fairy Playing
Chapter 352: Save the Domain God
Chapter 353: The Restoration of the Domain God
Chapter 354: The Creation of Everyone
Chapter 355: One Thought
Chapter 356: One Body and Two Souls
Chapter 357: See the Domain God
Chapter 358 Difficulty meeting each other
Chapter 359: Immortal Immortal
Chapter 360 Chi Xiaodao is in trouble
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty-One Tiger Xiaozong
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty-Second Breaking Tiger Xiaozong Alone
Chapter 363: Underground Secrets
Chapter 364 Tiger Emperor City
Chapter 365 The war will be in
Chapter 366 Shuangjiao is domineering
Chapter 367 Battle of the Tiger Sect
Chapter 368: The Patriarch of Tiger Howling Sect
Chapter 369 Eight-winged tiger
Chapter 370 Battle of the Eight-Winged Tiger
Chapter 371: The Realm God is born, vote for the monthly ticket!!
Chapter 372 The Domain God pushes the ancient country of Yaoguang
Chapter 373: Four Elephants Fierce Grave
Chapter 374 Deterring Dongbaicheng
Chapter 375: Get ready to set off. Double 11, the sixth update is here!!
Chapter three hundred and seventy seventh parting
Chapter three hundred and seventy-eight leading to the holy world
Chapter 379 Feihuai Village
Chapter 380 The Secret of Feihuai Village
Chapter 381 Feiyang Immortal Emperor's Legacy
Chapter three hundred and eighty second monk exorcism
Chapter 383 Dream Tree
Chapter 384 Lu Baiqiu
Chapter three hundred and eighty fifth cutting gum
Chapter 386 The mysterious girl in blue
Chapter 387 Nine Stars Real Man
Chapter 388 The Mystery of the Thousand Islands
Chapter 389 The departure of the woman in blue
Chapter 390: The Horn of Hope
Chapter 391 The ancient temple under the sea broke out in the fifth update. Please vote for me and recommend me.
Chapter 392 Old Sage
Chapter 393 Don't mess with me
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four the emperor with only one hand
Chapter 395 The storm begins
Chapter 396 The fiancee who came out
Chapter three hundred and ninety seventh dissolution of the engagement
Chapter three hundred and ninety eighth
Chapter 399 Pressure from Qianli River
Chapter 400: Going to Find a Fiancée
Chapter 401 New Uncle
Chapter 402 Yanlong
Chapter 403: Fiancee Lan Yunzhu
Chapter 404 Flirting
Chapter 405 A turmoil of a marriage contract
Chapter 406 The Promise of the Thousand Carp River
Chapter 407: Elder Yang
Chapter 408 The kiss of the decisive battle
Chapter 409: One move to defeat the enemy
Chapter 410 Yangyintan
Chapter 411 The Golden Temple. Please give me monthly votes and recommendation votes.
Chapter 412 Thousand Carp Immortal Emperor
Chapter 413 Golden Willow Crown
Chapter four hundred and fourteenth storm
Chapter 415 Negotiations
Chapter 416 The war is coming
Chapter four hundred and seventeenth war
Chapter 418 The Patriarch Appears
Chapter 419 Day turns into night
Chapter four hundred and twentieth set off again
Chapter 421 The ghost of Fengdu City
Chapter 422 Snow Shadow Ghosts
Chapter 423 Peer
Chapter 424 Fengdu Ghost Town
Four hundred and twentieth chapters ferry boat
Chapter 426 Night Sea
Chapter 427: Catching fish in the night sea
Chapter 428: Harvest
Chapter four hundred and twentieth nine doubts
Chapter 430 villain conspiracy
Chapter 431 Want to add a crime, why worry without words
Chapter 432: Blood Massacre breaks out. Please vote for me!!!!
Chapter 433 Come with me
Chapter 434: Five Realms Gate
Chapter four hundred and thirty fifth moving mountains
Chapter 436 Ghost River
Chapter four hundred and thirty seventh ghost river fishing
Chapter 438: Immortal Moon Eyebrows
Chapter 439: Monk Dazhi is afraid of his wife
Chapter 440 God Burning Prince
Chapter 441: Blue Gold
Chapter 442 Tell you a story
Chapter 443: Not everyone can tell the story
The four hundred and fortieth chapters seal the sky and the five gates
Chapter 445 The mysterious coffin
Four hundred and fortieth chapters ancient legend
Chapter 447 Night Attack
Chapter 448: Slapped to death. Please vote for me, please vote for me, and please give me rewards.
Chapter 449: Which onion is your brother-in-law?
Chapter 450 The night sea becomes clear
Chapter 451 Ancestral Flow
Chapter 452 The master of the ancestors
Chapter 453 The past is like smoke
Chapter 454 The Yellow Footman
Chapter 455 The Secret of the Night Sea
Chapter 456 Heroes go to the night sea
Chapter 457 Entering the Night Sea
Four hundred and fiftieth eight chapters gathering wind and clouds
Four hundred and fiftieth IX incredible things
Chapter 460 Confrontation
Chapter 461 Ghosts, Insects and Demons
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters Juque Son
Chapter 463 Some secrets of Mingduze
Chapter 464 Crossing the River
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters the other side
Chapter 466 The Secret of the Other Shore
Chapter four hundred and sixty seventh enlightenment
Chapter 468: Heavenly Reincarnation
Chapter 469: The Black Sea Disappears
Four hundred and seventieth chapters enlightenment on the other side
Chapter 471 Oasis Treasure
Chapter 472 The Prelude to the Bloody Massacre. On the last day of the month, please vote!!!!
Chapter 473: Slaughter Ten Thousand Enemies
Four hundred and seventieth chapters slaughter
Chapter 475: The Kingdom of Heaven
Chapter 476: Little Ghost King Qin Guang
Chapter four hundred and seventy seventh different farewell
Chapter 478 Farewell
Chapter four hundred and seventy-ninth disaster is imminent
Chapter 480 High-priced reward
Chapter 481 God Burning Phoenix Girl
Chapter 482: The Road to Blood. Please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket!!!!
Chapter 483 The storm is coming
Chapter four hundred and eighty fourth fighting alone
Chapter 485 The beginning of the bloody battle
Chapter four hundred and eighty sixth hand-to-hand combat
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh night emperor
Chapter 488: The tempering of blood
Chapter 489 Slaughtering the Enemies
Chapter four hundred and ninetieth God burning blood
Four hundred and ninety-first chapter eighteen beasts
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters bright blow
Chapter 493: Feng Nu goes into battle. Please vote for the fifth update!!!!!!
The four hundred and ninetieth chapters have a phoenix to the instrument
Chapter 495 Kunpeng Battles Phoenix
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters name moves the world
Chapter 497: Bronze Beetle Race
Chapter 498: Yin-Yang Immortal Master
Four hundred and ninetieth nine chapters to fool tree
Chapter 500: The Emperor's Arrival
Chapter 501 Xianfan
Chapter 502 Five Elements Immortal Armor
Chapter 503: Open the first murderous grave
Chapter 504: Cloud of Corpse and Blood
Chapter 505: The Secret Realm of the Fierce Grave
Chapter 506 Secret Realm Elf
Chapter 507: The legendary great creation. Please vote for me!!!
Chapter 508 Transaction
Chapter 509: Treasure
Chapter 510: The treasure of the town. The fifth update breaks out. Please vote for me!!!!!!!
Chapter 511: The Mystery of the Destiny Stone
Chapter Five Hundred and Twelfth Golden Expedition
Chapter 513 Shenlong Mountain
Chapter 514: The Destiny Stone of Shenlong Mountain
Chapter 515 Finding the Destiny Stone
Chapter five hundred and sixteen the stone on the top of the mountain
Chapter five hundred and seventeen the pride of the stone
Chapter 518 All the Destiny Stones are vying to recognize the Lord
Chapter 519 The proudest stone recognizes the Lord
Chapter five hundred and twentieth flirting
Chapter five hundred and twenty first diamond carp
Chapter 522 Wood Domain
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Three The Dangerousness of the Woodland
Chapter 524 The Immortals Lost Medicine Garden
Chapter 525: The Land of the Ultimate Medicine. The fifth update breaks out. Please vote for me.
Chapter five hundred and twentieth six medicine field practice
Chapter five hundred and twentieth seventh practice
Five hundred and twentieth eighth chapter twelve life palace
Chapter 529: The Secret of the Tomb
Chapter 530: Five Immortals and Phoenix Ginseng
Chapter 531 Threat
Chapter 532: Opening the Coffin
Chapter 533 Mysterious Green Lantern
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-Fourth Immortal Medicine
Chapter 535: Treasure Hunting in the Old Immortal Country of Yushan
Chapter 536 The Queen of Clear Water
Chapter 537 The Mysterious Ancient Pond
Five hundred and thirtieth eight chapters Long Zuntian
Five hundred and thirtieth ninth chapter God burning the phoenix girl's strategy
Chapter five hundred and fortieth test
Chapter five hundred and forty-one strolling in the courtyard
Chapter Five Hundred and Forty-Second Days of Reincarnation
Chapter 543: The Strength of Heavenly Reincarnation
Chapter five hundred and forty fourth disappear
Chapter 545 Treasures in the Pool
Chapter 546: Bronze Emperor
Chapter five hundred and forty seventh group emotions
Chapter five hundred and forty-eight Vajra Eucharist
Chapter five hundred and forty-ninth go back
Chapter 550: Fighting the World
Chapter 551 Tuoshan Bell
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth chapters welcome the emperor with bare hands
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth chapters, all enemies are destroyed
Chapter five hundred and fifty-four the death of the god-burning phoenix girl
Chapter 555 Night World Flower
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth chapters meet the diamond carp again
Chapter 557: Hundred Saint Emperor Array
Chapter 558 Dark Stars
Chapter 559 Mysterious living creatures
Chapter 560 The throne is waiting for battle
Chapter 561 The storm is coming
Chapter 562 Blue God King
Chapter five hundred and sixty-three
Chapter 564 Kunpeng fights the Golden Dragon
Chapter 565 Emperor Spear
Chapter 566 Wan Dao Boxing
Chapter five hundred and sixty seventh ultimate style
Five hundred and sixtieth eight chapters dark
Chapter five hundred and sixty-ninth death of the throne
Chapter five hundred and seventieth Juque three ancestors
Five hundred and seventieth chapters swallow the three ancestors
Chapter 572 Earth Territory The fifth update breaks out, please vote for me
Five hundred and seventieth chapters Tianling
Chapter 574 Goodbye Lost Island
Chapter 575: The Ancestral City Lord
Chapter 576 Invincible Sweep
Chapter five hundred and seventy seventh death
Five hundred and seventieth eight chapters headless man
Chapter five hundred and seventy-ninth God of Guards
Chapter 580: Order of the Gods
Chapter five hundred and eighty first battle body robbery
Chapter five hundred and eighty second catastrophe
Chapter 583: The Thirteenth Palace of Life
Chapter 584 Gong Cheng
Chapter five hundred and eighty fifth blood sacrifice
Chapter five hundred and eighty sixth thousand carp travel
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh monk Dazhi shot
Chapter 588: The Human Race's Counterattack
Chapter five hundred and eighty-ninth day to destroy the massacre
Chapter Five Hundred and Ninetieth Heaven Extinction After Heaven Extinction
Chapter 591: Kill the Immortal Emperor and escape
Chapter 592: The Invincibility of the Headless Man
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters frightened
Chapter 594 God Island Prison
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters ghost hate
Chapter five hundred and ninety sixth ghost hate legend
Chapter five hundred and ninety seventh parting without tears!
Five hundred and ninetieth eight chapters deter the world
Chapter five hundred and ninety-ninth Tuzu City
Chapter 600 Origin Ghost Cannon
Chapter 601: Slaughtering a Million Army
Chapter 602 The Five Great Demon Kings
Chapter 603 Ghost Ancestor Tree
Chapter 604: Heavenly Fallen True God
Chapter 605 Flying Immortal Emperor
Chapter 606 Thirteen Immortal Emperors
Chapter 607: Ancestral Realm Destroyed
Chapter 608 Stone Medicine World
Chapter 609 Shi Hao
Chapter 610 Mrs. Ziyan
Chapter 611 Teaching
Chapter 612 The Unsullied Body
Chapter 613 Stone People
Chapter 614 Red Wolf Grass
Chapter 615 Dead Soul
Six hundred and sixteenth chapter Bai Weng seeking talents
Chapter 617 Ancient Song Demon King
Chapter 618: Take Care of the Thatched Cottage
Chapter 619: Refining elixirs is like fried beans. The sixth update starts today. Please vote for me.
Chapter 620 Giant Bamboo Country
Chapter 621 Seeking merit
Chapter 622 I am the craziest of all ages
Chapter six hundred and twentieth
Chapter 624 The Proud Girl
Chapter six hundred and twentieth chapters tongue-in-cheek
Chapter 626: Meeting the Charming Girl Again. Starting at the sixth update today, please vote for me.
Chapter 627: Stone People's Square
Chapter 628 My time is precious
Chapter 629 Auction
Chapter 630 Imperial Furnace
Chapter 631 I have plenty of money
Chapter 632 Medicine Road Chicken
Chapter 633 A chicken is priceless
Chapter 634: The Stone of the Immortal Emperor. Five updates on the first day of the new year. Please vote for me!!!
Chapter 635 Longevity Fruit
Chapter 636 Mysterious Trojan Horse
Chapter 637 Blood Creeping God
Chapter 638: The demise of the strong family
Chapter 639: Always a legend. Five updates today. Please vote for me!!!!
Six hundred and fortieth chapters meet again
Six hundred and forty-one chapters solicitation
Six hundred and fortieth chapters unparalleled medicine
Six hundred and fortieth chapters the way of gold powder
Six hundred and fortieth chapters the legendary fairy dew
Six hundred and forty-five chapters broke through
Six hundred and fortieth sixty-sixth Giant Bamboo Country's Medicine Garden
Six hundred and forty-seventh Huangfuhao
Six hundred and forty-eight
Six hundred and forty-nine evil star flower
Chapter 650: The Way of Cultivating Flowers
Chapter 651 The malevolent star flower eats people
Chapter 652 Green Bamboo
Chapter 653 Fangren has gone
Chapter 654 Where to Go
Chapter 655 The Zen seat of Mrs. Ziyan
Chapter 656: The Huangfu family seeks revenge. Please vote for the fifth update.
Chapter 657: Soldiers approach the city
Chapter 658 Forced Palace
Chapter 659 Open the door to meet the enemy
Chapter 660 Laughing at the Enemies
Chapter 661 The lion opens his mouth
Chapter 662: Talking and laughing, the clan is destroyed
Chapter 663 Warning the world
Chapter 664: The Huangfu Family's Countermeasures
Chapter six hundred and sixty-fifth free time to practice Taoism
Chapter 666 The mysterious carriage
Chapter 667 Yuan Caihe
Chapter 668 Tianfeng Shenzong
Chapter 669 Legend
Chapter 670: Old Demon Iron Ant. Fourth update. Please vote for me!!!!
Chapter 671 The Secret of Iron Ants
Chapter six hundred and seventy-two water outlet
Six hundred and seventieth chapters Dragon Princess
Six hundred and seventieth chapters dragon and ox out of water
Six hundred and seventieth chapters The Secret of the Dragon Ox
Six hundred and seventieth chapters ox dragon
Chapter 677 Challenge
Six hundred and seventieth eight chapters broken star bow
Six hundred and seventieth nine chapters die for you to see
Chapter six hundred and eighty resurrection
Six hundred and eighty first chapter mantra
Chapter six hundred and eighty second farewell
Six hundred and eighty-three chapters Qian Songshan
Chapter six hundred and eighty fourth birthday
Chapter six hundred and eighty fifth iron ant thing
Chapter 686: Mrs. Ziyan’s hesitation. Please vote for me!!
Chapter six hundred and eighty seventh mysterious girl
Six hundred and eighty-eighth chapter Fenghuang
Chapter six hundred and eighty nine guests gathered
Chapter 690 Enlightenment Peak
Chapter 691: The Secret of Enlightenment Peak
Chapter 692 There is no most outrageous, only more outrageous
Chapter 693 Hand of the Gods
Chapter six hundred and ninety fourth gambling herbs
Chapter 695 The King of Medicine is just radish and vegetables
Chapter six hundred and ninety-six crystal sea medicine saint
Chapter 697 Sleeping Pillow Beauty Knee
Six hundred and ninetieth eight chapters alchemy alone
Six hundred and ninetieth nine chapters do not admit defeat
Chapter 700: Ashes
Chapter 701 Yellow Silk
Chapter 702 The man on the yellow silk
Chapter 703 Secret
Chapter 704: The Secret of Iron Ant's Past
Chapter 705 Conspiracy
Chapter seven hundred and sixth
Chapter 707 Acting
Chapter 708 Swallowing the Immortal Magic Jar
Chapter 709: Killing enemies like slaughtering chickens. Thanks to the leader in the dream strip for rewarding him!!!
Chapter 710 Devil Mang God King
Seven hundred and eleventh chapter Yang Wei
Chapter seven hundred and twelve ancestors of thousands of pine trees
Chapter 713: Suppressing Emperor Technique
Chapter 714: The Origin of Emperor Suppression Technique
Chapter 715: Transaction Seventh
Chapter 716 Electric Sea Lei Ze
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen the catastrophe
Chapter 718 Electric Eye
Chapter seven hundred and nineteenth birthday
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth control the black dragon
Chapter seven hundred and twenty first thousand pine tree ancestors shot
Chapter seven hundred and twenty second fresh family
Chapter 723 Black Fox
Chapter 724: Baiyun Guanzhu
Chapter 725 Attacked
Chapter 726 Beauty Allure
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth seventh night snow
Chapter 728: The Origin of Ye Qingcheng
Chapter 729 Medicine City
Chapter 730 Prelude to the Conference
Chapter 4 Li Qiye's Preparation
Chapter seven hundred and thirty second ghost hand doctor
Chapter 733: The Palace of Guanzhi
Chapter 734: King Guanzhi
Chapter seven hundred and thirty fifth poison
Chapter seven hundred and thirty sixth ghost marsh leech
Chapter 10 Unparalleled Medical Skills
Chapter 738 Cao Guoyao
Chapter 739 The White-haired Medicine God. Three updates today. Please vote for me.
Chapter 740: Venerable Flying Cloud
Chapter 741 The means of Venerable Feiyun
Chapter 742 The Bewitchment of Venerable Feiyun
Seven hundred and fortieth chapters before the storm
Chapter seven hundred and forty fourth aggressive
Chapter seven hundred and fortieth chapter Peiyu son
Chapter seven hundred and forty sixth beat him
Chapter 747: Destiny Crystal
Chapter 748 Duel
Chapter 749: Destiny-breaking Crystal
Chapter 750 Jiang Haihuang
Chapter seven hundred and fifty first black snake
Chapter 752: Medicine Dao Yuki
Seven hundred and fiftieth chapters point vine giant
Chapter 754: Catching the Moon Spider
Chapter 755 Drowning Snake Lightning Fly Three updates today, please give me your monthly vote
Chapter 756 God Iron Demon
Chapter seven hundred and fifty seventh starry sky
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth eight medicine country fresh home
Chapter 759 confrontation
Chapter seven hundred and sixty undercurrent
Chapter 761: The Snow Night Plan
Chapter 762 Xian Family Medicine Ancestor
Chapter 763: The Tyranny of Iron Ants
Chapter seven hundred and sixty fourth bloodbath
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-five ancient saints
Chapter seven hundred and sixty sixth black bone
Chapter seven hundred and sixty seventh black bone invincibility
Chapter 768: The God of Medicine Kingdom
Chapter seven hundred and sixtieth scorching fire emperor furnace
Chapter 770 Divine Beast Immortal Qin
Chapter 771 Phoenix
Chapter 772
Chapter 773
Chapter 774
Chapter 775 Phoenix's Secret
Chapter 776: The Resurrection of the Phoenix
Chapter 777 The Bet Begins
Chapter 778
Chapter 779 The Most Incredible Medicine Refining
Chapter 780 Heavenly Medicine
Chapter 781
Chapter 782
Chapter 783 The medicine draws fire from the sky
Chapter 784 The Legendary Black Fox
Chapter 785: Medicine Country's Wishful Thinking
Chapter 786 Immortal Emperor's Cage
Chapter 787 God Slaying King
Chapter 788 Drug Country Surrenders
Chapter 789 Baishou Medicine Emperor
Chapter 790 The curtain has come to an end
Chapter 791 Trusting the Iron Ant
Chapter 792 Blood Oath Contract
Chapter 793 The secret of Ming Yexues life experience
Chapter 794 Release the Phoenix
Chapter 795
Chapter 796
Chapter 797 Jian Wushuang comes to challenge again. Please vote for the third update.
Chapter 798 Gambling
Chapter 799
Chapter 800: Suppressing the Heavenly Fist
Chapter 801
Chapter 802 Departure
Chapter 803 Sharpening
Chapter 804
Chapter 805: Tie Family
Chapter 806 Tielan
Chapter 807 Bull Emperor
Chapter 808 The smoothness of the bull emperor
Chapter 809
Chapter 810 Bird Emperor Flying
Chapter 811
Chapter 812 The Bewitchment of Venerable Feiyun
Chapter 813 Lobbying
Chapter 814 Jian Wushuang is here
Chapter 815
Chapter 816: Absolutely Beautiful Body
Chapter 817
Chapter 818
Chapter 819 The Dragon Chicken Who Loves to Brag
Chapter 820 Miaochan
Chapter 821 Four Thousands of Armies Surrounding Tiejia
Chapter 822 Unparalleled Arrow Road
Chapter 823 Ancient Emperor Tree
Chapter 824 Killing Daxian
Chapter 825 Corpse God
Chapter 826 King Kong God
Chapter 827 The Transformation of the Corpse God
Chapter 828 Jian Wushuang cracks the crystal of destiny
Chapter 829: Destroying the Three Sects
Chapter 830 Mysterious Girl
Chapter 831 Long Jingxian
Chapter 832 Dragon and Tiger King
Chapter 833 Crazy girl
Chapter 834: Miaochan's Wisdom
Chapter 835
Chapter 836: The Ruins of Heaven
Chapter 837 The legendary mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 838 Flirting
Chapter 839
Chapter 840 Ye Qingcheng's Means
Chapter 841: Venerable Dragon Rooster
Chapter 842
Chapter 843 Seduction
Chapter 844: Monk Outline
Chapter 845: Ancestral Tomb
Chapter 846 The origin of the divine beast heaven
Chapter 847: Young Sovereign of the Heavenly Formation
Chapter 848 Kui Niu
Chapter 849 Challenge
Chapter 850 The Golden Snake Follows the Golden Crow
Chapter 851 Defeat the Golden Crow
Chapter 852 Emperor's Frontier
Chapter 853: Mei Aonan
Chapter 854 Stone Man
Chapter 855 The Secret of the Past
Chapter 856 The Legendary Battle of the Immortal Slaughtering Emperor
Chapter 857 Only love words hurt the most
Chapter 858 Ye Qingcheng's Conspiracy
Chapter 859
Chapter 860 The Wonder of the Beast Earth
Chapter 861
Chapter 862 Eighteen days less
Chapter 863 Mei Aonan's Arrogance
Chapter 864: A Beautiful Man Like Ice
Chapter 865 Temple
Chapter 866 Invincible Legion
Chapter 867
Chapter 868
Chapter 869 Lion Demon Army
Chapter 870
Chapter 871 Fighting the Golden Crow
Chapter 872 Slaying the Golden Crow Slaying the Lion Emperor
Chapter 873 Entering the Swamp
Chapter 874 The Power of Ye Qingcheng
Chapter 875 Bloody Demon Slaughter
Chapter 876
Chapter 877: Ten Thousand Years of Calculation
Chapter 878: The Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 879 Emperor Bone Bow
Chapter 880 Eighteen Religions
Chapter 881
Chapter 882 Stone Dragon God
Chapter 883 Scorpion God Today’s third update, please vote for me!!!
Chapter 884 Unbreakable Emperor
Chapter 885
Chapter 886 Ye Qingcheng's Conspiracy
Chapter 887 I am the rule
Chapter 888
Chapter 889 One punch breaks Ye Qingcheng
Chapter 890 Coiling Dragon Banner
Chapter 891 God Emperor Guillotine
Chapter 892
Chapter 893 Fighting Shifeng Kingdom
Chapter 894 Demon Peng Three updates today, please vote for me
Chapter 895
Chapter 896
Chapter 897 God;
Chapter 898 The plan of Tian Tian Valley
Chapter 899 The ancestors of the thousand pine trees show their prestige
Chapter 900 Fighting the Two God Emperors Alone
Chapter 901 Three Emperors Formation
Chapter 902
Chapter 903
Chapter 904
Chapter 905
Chapter 906
Chapter 907: The Crystal Sea Sect is Destroyed
Chapter 908: Mei Aonan's Opportunity
Chapter 909 Before the departure
Chapter 910 The road to the future
Chapter 911 Entering the Dry Stone Courtyard
Chapter 912 The person under the cliff
Chapter 913
Chapter 914 The Talking Stone Duck
Chapter 915 The past cannot be pursued Chapter 3 update today, please give me your monthly vote!!!!!
Chapter 916 Endless Darkness
Chapter 917 Seeds of Time Origin Vine
Chapter 918 The Legendary End
Chapter 919
Chapter 920 Another Gamble
Chapter 921 The secret in the lake
Chapter 922: Vault of Heaven
Chapter 923 Blood Ancestor Four Cang Girls
Chapter 924: The Origin of the Vampire Clan. Three updates today. Please vote for me.
Chapter 925 The Secret of the Blood Race
Chapter 926 Blood Pool
Chapter 927 The legend of the ancestor of the blood clan
Chapter 928 Dao Sword
Chapter 929: Empty Desert
Chapter 930: The Beginning of Heaven's Way
Chapter 931 Secrets in Secrets
Chapter 932 Yichuan of Suzhou and Hangzhou
Chapter 933
Chapter 934 Waterside Garden
Chapter 935
Chapter 936 Ye Chuyun
Chapter 937
Chapter 938
Chapter 939
Chapter 940 Su Zhen
Chapter 941 Suzhen's Origin
Chapter 942
Chapter 943 Fairy is tempting
Chapter 944
Chapter 945 The Holy City
Chapter 946 Princess Banyue
Chapter 947 Old Man Tianxuan
Chapter 948 Scarlet Night Treasure King
Chapter 949 Dragon Tree
Chapter 950 Watering the Dragon Tree
Chapter 951 Jade Bee
Chapter 952: Si Yuanyuan
Chapter 953: Si Yuanyuan's Choice
Chapter 954: Entering the Holy City
Chapter 955 Tiger Hill
Chapter 956 Dragon Terrace
Chapter 957
Chapter 958 Longtai Debao
Chapter 959 The Quick Sword of the Marquis of Quick Sword
Chapter 960 The Supreme Elder of Chi Ye Kingdom
Chapter 961
Chapter 962 Red Purple Immortal
Chapter 963: Fulong Mountain
Chapter 964 Existence in the vast sea
Chapter 965 some past events
Chapter 966 Transaction
Chapter 967
Chapter 968 Lin Tiandi
Chapter 869 Challenge the Scarlet Night Kingdom
Chapter 970 hatred
Chapter 971 Thunder Tower
Chapter 972
Chapter 973 The Lord of the Thunder Tower
Chapter 974
Chapter 975 Blood Bull Demon
Chapter 976 Trading
Chapter 977
Chapter 978 The Vision of the God of War Mountain
Chapter 979
Chapter 980
Chapter 981: Meeting Yichuan Again It’s the end of the month, please vote for the third update
Chapter 982 Preaching
Chapter 983 The Dominance of the Blood Race
Chapter 984 Raise your hand to kill the enemy
Chapter 985 Too weak
Chapter 986
Chapter 987 sneak attack
Chapter 988 Suppression
Chapter 989 Reversal
Chapter 990
Chapter 991 Mysterious Underground World
Chapter 992: Copper City
Chapter 993 Climbing to the first peak
Chapter 994 Slaughter Immortal Emperor Formation
Chapter 995 Storm God
Chapter 996 Blood Devouring Curse
Chapter 997 The baby in the golden coffin
Chapter 998 The Obsession of the Dust and Blood Immortal Emperor
Chapter 999 The mysterious youth
Chapter 1000: The Sword-Destroying Emperor Sect is finally one thousand chapters long. It’s the third update today. Please vote for me.
Chapter 1001 Wang Family
Chapter 1002 Wang Dongtian
Chapter 1003 Seeing the old friend again
Chapter 1004 Immortal Body Invincible
#1005 at the helm
Chapter 1006 Massacre
#1007 ashes
Chapter 1008 Gathering
Chapter 1009 Good Times
Chapter 1010 Buddha Burial Plateau
Chapter 1011 That Thing
Chapter 1012 Wolong Xuan
Chapter 1013 The identity of the youth in the boxer hat
Chapter 1014 Nameless Little Buddhist Temple
Chapter 1015: Tibetan Scripture Pavilion. The third update today. Please vote for me!!!
Chapter 1016 The Origin of Wolong Cliff
Chapter 1017 Entering the Tao and asking the Buddha
Chapter 1018 Goodbye Princess Central Continent
Chapter 1019 hate because of love
Chapter 1020 The Secret of the Past
Chapter 1021 love or hate
Chapter 1022 Bai Jianzhen
Chapter 2023 Bingyuxia
Chapter 2024 Lingshan
Chapter 1025 Eighteen Temples of Lingshan
Chapter 1026 Clearance Temple
Chapter 1027 Debating Buddha
Chapter 1028 Southern Emperor
Chapter 1029 Challenge the Four Buddhist Temples
Chapter 1030 Eight-Faced Bright Bodhisattva
Chapter 1031 Buddhism is invincible
Chapter 1032 Transition
Chapter 1033 One thought becomes a Buddha
Chapter 1034 Shili Bodhisattva
Chapter 1035 Farewell, Master
Chapter 1036 Nandi's request for advice
Chapter 1036 Nan Di’s request for advice
Chapter 1037 Legend of the Immortal King
Chapter 1038 Vedas
Chapter 1039 Seeing Mei Suyao Again
Chapter 1040 Mei Suyao's Beauty
Chapter 1041 Flying Saintess
Chapter 1042 Human King
Chapter 1043 The Birth of the Small World of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 1044 The Legend of the Small World of Emperor Demon Chapter 3 update today, please vote for me
Chapter 1045: Venerable Withered Peak
Chapter 1046 The Wind and Clouds Rise
Chapter 1047 One word against the god king
Chapter 1048 One person picks ten thousand enemies
#1049 only sweep
Chapter 1050 I am the only invincible
Chapter 1051 The King Kong
Chapter 1052 Nine Swords Old Man
Chapter 1053 Broken Iron
Chapter 1054 Flying Immortal Sect messenger
#1055 tit for tat
Chapter 1056 Invincible Stance
Chapter 1057 Three steps of blood spatter
Chapter 1058 In addition to being arrogant, it is still arrogant
Chapter 1059 Bing Yuxia's Beauty
Chapter 1060 Mei Suyao's Road
Chapter 1061 Sleepless Night
Chapter 1062 Bai Jianzhen
Chapter 1063 Bing Yuxia's Choice
Chapter 1064 The Small World of Emperor Demon
Chapter 1065 Divine Moon Golden Tree
Chapter 1066 Heaven Abandoned Demon King
Chapter 1067 Wooden Sword Holy Demon
#1068 of the sword
Chapter 1069 Flame Demon
Chapter 1070 Vulcan warmhearted
Chapter 1071 God's Dream Returns
Chapter 1072 The Eighth Ancestor of Qingxuan
Chapter 1073 Tear into pieces
Chapter 1074 Magic Palace
Chapter 1075 Sword Fighting Immortal Body
Chapter 1076 Chen Baojiaos invincibility
Chapter 1077: Heavy Slow Area
Chapter 1078 Deterrence
Chapter 1079 The Abandoned Demon King
Chapter 1080 Transaction
Chapter 1081 The secrets of the devil world
Chapter 1082 Entering the Magic Palace
Chapter 1083 The Origin of Emperor Lin Tian
Chapter 1084: Insect Control, Machine World Ship
Chapter 1085 Demon Slaying Platform
Chapter 1086 Imperial Territory
Chapter 1087 The Lost Era
Chapter 1088 Iron Corpse
Chapter 1089 The short old man
Chapter 1090 Tai Sheng Shui
Chapter 1091 Transplanting the Eternal Tree
Chapter 1092 The Chief Envoy of the Nine Realms
Chapter 1093 Northbound
Chapter 1094 The Kingdom of Emperors
Chapter 1095 Deterring the World
Chapter 1096: Defeating the Imperial Soldiers
Chapter 1097 Five Emperors
Chapter 1098 Three Emperors
Chapter 1099 Choice
Chapter 1100 Imperial Guard
Chapter 1101 Tianzang Golden Water
Chapter 1102 Challenge
Chapter 1103 Warm-up
Chapter 1104 Zhan Ge Qiangge Todays third update, please vote for me
Chapter 1105 Transformation into God and Battle of Emperor Dao
Chapter 1106 Suppressing Cangtian Fist
Chapter 1107 Sneak Attack
Chapter 1108: Thousands of miles of pursuit
Chapter 1109: Knowing clearly that there are tigers in the mountains, but prefer to travel to the tiger mountains
Chapter 1110 Divine Ancestor
Chapter 1111 Dao-killing Immortal Guillotine
Chapter 1112 Bu Lianxiangs rage
Chapter 1113 Love and Hate
Chapter 1114 A love that lasts for thousands of years
Chapter 1115 The journey sets sail
Chapter 1116 Unspeakable
Chapter 1117 Meet Xiaoniqiu again. Third update today. Please vote for me.
Chapter 1118 Lao Wusi
Chapter 1119: Ten Thousand Thoughts Pot
Chapter 1120 A Gamble
Chapter 1121: Debating Buddha
Chapter 1122 Leaving
Chapter 1123 Empty Book
Chapter 1124: Shaking the Buddha Burial Plateau
Chapter 1125 Qian Suyun
Chapter 1126 Farewell
Chapter 1127 The storm arises
Chapter 1128 The troops are approaching the city 1
Chapter 1129 The mysterious prisoner
Chapter 1130 Emperor Mu
Chapter 1131 Triangle Ancient Courtyard
Chapter 1132 Counterattack
Chapter 1133 Xiao Qingtian
Chapter 1134: A halberd across the sky
Chapter 1135 Akihito Armor
Chapter 1136 Overwhelm all enemies
Chapter 1137 Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1138 Great Growth Body
Chapter 1139 Magu is invincible
Chapter 1140 The Fall of the Emperors Corpse
Chapter 1141 I am the only one who dominates
Chapter 1142 Magus Oath
Chapter 1143 The Past of the Three Ghost Masters
Chapter 1144 One mistake and a ten thousand years of sin
Chapter 1145 Old Man Su
Chapter 1146 Resentment
Chapter 1147 Plum Vase
Chapter 1148 Deep love
Chapter 1149 Hidden Immortal Palace
Chapter 1150 The Immortals decision
Chapter 1151 Designated Successor
Chapter 1152 Departure
Chapter 1153 Farewell
Chapter 1154 Maelstrom
Chapter 1155 The secret deep in the maelstrom
Chapter 1156: First visit to the spiritual world
Chapter 1157 Golden Island
Chapter 1158 The Origin of the Secret of Life
Chapter 1159 The owner of Golden Island
Chapter 1160 Ye Xiaoxiao
Chapter 1161 You want to marry me
Chapter 1162 Ye Xiaoxiao is hot
Chapter 1163 Ye Xiaoxiaos mysterious bloodline
Chapter 1164 Mysterious Woman
Chapter 1165 Lord Jinxiu Valley
Chapter 1166 Kong Qinru Please vote for the third update today
Chapter 1167 Human Passenger
Chapter 1168 Peacock Land
Chapter 1169 Peacock Tree
Chapter 1170 The fate of the peacock tree
Chapter 1171 Extending the Life of the Peacock Tree
Chapter 1172 Fuji Saibun
Chapter 1173 Fujisifumis deal
Chapter 1174 Plan in progress
Chapter 1175 Tento Castle
Chapter 1176 Lord Tianteng
Chapter 1177 Zutos Disaster
Chapter 1178 Discussion
Chapter 1179 Hao Yuzhen Please vote for the third update today
Chapter 1180 Frankly speaking
Chapter 1181 Fuji Saifumis Ability
Chapter 1182 Kill without mercy
Chapter 1183 Ancestor Sunflower
Chapter 1184 The Vine Controller
Chapter 1185 The disaster is gone
Chapter 1186 Disaster
Chapter 1187 Treatment
Chapter 1188 Shallow Beach
Chapter 1189 Ye Tu
Chapter 1190: Master Wugou
Chapter 1191 Bloodline
Chapter 1192 Bottomless Trench
Chapter 1193 Zhuo Jianshi
Chapter 1194 The legendary artifact
Chapter 1195 Guanghai Clan
Chapter 1196 Eating Dragon Muscles
Chapter 1197 Lin Daotong
Chapter 1198 The bustle of the coral forest
Chapter 1199 Silver Needle Fish
Chapter 1200 Marquis Guanghai
Chapter 1201 Demon Ancestor Armored Shark
Chapter 1202 Not tied to the boat
Chapter 1203 The Broken Charm Realm
Chapter 1204 The World at the Bottom of the Creek
Chapter 1205 Mysterious Stone Sculpture
Chapter 1206 Divine Well
Chapter 1207 Scale-free water
Chapter 1208 Kill the enemy casually
Chapter 1209 Sending the Head
Chapter 1210 Ancestral Whale
Chapter 1211 The overall situation begins
Chapter 1212 Prelude to the storm
Chapter 1213 Snake Tree Clan
Chapter 1214 A Joke
Chapter 1215 Golden Crow King
Chapter 1216 Guanghai Clan Chief
Chapter 1217 Killing a Million
Chapter 1218 Millions of Empires declare war
Chapter 1219: Billions of Fish Army Attacks
Chapter 1220 Blood Refining Billions of Fish Army
Chapter 1221 Life extension
Chapter 1222: Horror in the world
Chapter 1223 Post-war tranquility
Chapter 1224 Liu Ruyan
Chapter 1225 Three women fight for one husband
Chapter 1226 Bu Zhan Peak
Chapter 1227 The Origin of the Buzhan Family
Chapter 1228 Emperor's Edict
Chapter 1229 Skeleton Horse
Chapter 1230 Dongting Lake
Chapter 1231 Baishengtang
Chapter 1232 Zhang Baitu
Chapter 1233 Zhang
Chapter 1234 Lao Bian has three updates today, please vote for me
Chapter 1235 Little Zen Sect
Chapter 1236 Rainbow Island
Chapter 1237 Hong Yujiao
Chapter 1238 Cold Rebuke
Chapter 1239 Rainbow Fish Three updates today, please vote for me
Chapter 1240 Destroy the Dao Foundation
Chapter 1241 Listening to Dragon Valley
Chapter 1242 Zhang Baitus Enlightenment
Chapter 1243 Dragon Roar
Chapter 1244 The road is successful
Chapter 1245 Longjing City
Chapter 1246 The Jian Family
Chapter 1247 Jian Xiaotie
Chapter 1248 Hong Tianzhu
Chapter 1249 The Iron Law of Inheritance
Chapter 1250 Proposal
Chapter 1251 Young Master of Blood Shark Village
Chapter 1252 Birthday Gift
Chapter 1253 The Jian family
Chapter 1254 Talking and Laughing
Chapter 1255 Miss Lin
Chapter 1256 Shattered to pieces
Chapter 1257 Cemetery
Chapter 1258: This feeling can be remembered
Chapter 1259 The gathering of heroes
Chapter 1260: Divine Eyes
Chapter 1261 Smash your head
Chapter 1262 The Man in the Coffin
Chapter 1263 Emperor Jian Wen
Chapter 1264 Sky Garden
Chapter 1265 Old Man
Chapter 1266: Laughing for Eternity
Chapter 1267 Distant Farewell
Chapter 1268 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 1269: External Troubles and Internal Troubles
Chapter 1270 Glory of the Ancestors
Chapter 1271: Forced into the Palace
Chapter 1272 The situation is tense
Chapter 1273 Ancestral Heroic Spirits
Chapter 1274 Suppression
Chapter 1275 Blood Shark God
Chapter 1276 Iron-Blooded Fox Camp
Chapter 1277 Imitation Trident
Chapter 1278 Kill without mercy
Chapter 1279 Poseidon Flag
Chapter 1280 Beheading in public display
Chapter 1281 Slaughter the enemy
Chapter 1282 Turning over a new page
Chapter 1283 Is it okay to be a maid?
Chapter 1284 Lin Miao
Chapter 1285 Leaving
Chapter 1286 Dragon Mountain Range
Chapter 1287 A pair of eyes
Chapter 1288 Whats left behind
Chapter 1289 Rootless Duckweed
Chapter 1290 Senior Sisters
Chapter 1291 Two beauties are waiting
Chapter 1292 King Crab Overlord
Chapter 1293 Xiong Qianju
Chapter 1294 Wooden Coffin
Chapter 1295 The woman in the coffin
Chapter 1296 Fairy
Chapter 1297 Bone Island
Chapter 1298 Mu Shaolong
Chapter 1299 The old man
Chapter 1230 The Bone Island Master
Chapter 1231 Borrowing a boat
Chapter 1232 Meng Zhentian
Chapter 1232 Deterrence from all sides
Chapter 1233 Complacency
Chapter 1234: Crushed with one foot
Chapter 1235 Sima Yujian
Chapter 1236 Night Zombie Demonic Water
Chapter 1237 Provocation
Chapter 1238 Trap
Chapter 1239: Blazing Plasma Tribe and Ice Spirit Siren
Chapter 1240 Sea Monster
Chapter 1241 Five Generals
Chapter 1242 Space Movement
Chapter 1243 Qiwu Pavilion
Chapter 1244 Seven Saint Ancestors
Chapter 1316 A transaction
Chapter 1317 The king crab overlord provokes again
Chapter 1318 God of Speed
Chapter 1319 Attending the Banquet
Chapter 1320 The King Crab Overlords Plan
1321st Skeleton Legion
Chapter 1322 Cancer God Formation
Chapter 1323 Controlling Space
Chapter 1324 Attacking the Valley of the Kings
Chapter 1325 Massacre
Chapter 1326 Another Assassination
Chapter 1327 Killing Shinto
Chapter 1328 Chunyangzi
Chapter 1329 Gate of Bone Sea
Chapter 1330 Bone Boat
Chapter 1331 Shenhai God King
Chapter 1332 The decision of Shenhai God King
Chapter 1333 Shen Mengtians wooing
Chapter 1334 Palm
Chapter 1335 The strength and weakness of the foundation
Chapter 1336 Killing ruthlessly
Chapter 1337 Bone Ship
Chapter 1338 The Indestructible Body of Vajra
Chapter 1339 The Fairys Invincibility
Chapter 1340 Controlling the Bone Ship
Chapter 1341 Meeting Su Yong Huang again
Chapter 1342 Treasure Rob
Chapter 1343 Black Hole Head
Chapter 1344 The Strength of the Indestructible Vajra and the Destiny Crystal
Chapter 1345 Eight-Eyed Kui Niu
Chapter 1346: Mountain of Bones
Chapter 1347: Bone Sea Fierce Spirit
Chapter 1348 The generous reward from Qiwu Pavilion
Chapter 1349 Qiwu Pavilions plan
Chapter 1350 Li Qiyes conditions
Chapter 1351 The mysterious sea area
Chapter 1352 Nine Sons Ghost Mother
Chapter 1353 Giant Palm Monkey
Chapter 1354 The Land of Relics
Chapter 1355 Giant Immortal Emperor Sword
Chapter 1356 A golden egg
Chapter 1357 Phoenixs Talent
Chapter 1358 Shadow
Chapter 1359 Chasing Shadows
Chapter 1360 The Storm in the Sea of Bones
Chapter 1361 Fairy goes berserk
Chapter 1362 Comfort
Chapter 1363 Continent in the Sea
Chapter 1364 Kunpengs Corpse
Chapter 1365 Octagonal Tower
Chapter 1366 Meng Zhentian Enlightenment
Chapter 1367 Lu Huang
Chapter 1368 Taoist Lin
Chapter 1369 The tyranny of Shenhai God King
Chapter 1370 One versus Two
Chapter 1371 Cailuo God Emperor
Chapter 1372 King Kong God
Chapter 1373 Twelve Gods and Demons
Chapter 1374 The Emperor Lu who cannot be burned to death
Chapter 1375 Four bodies merge into one
Chapter 1376 Emperor Lus Secret
Chapter 1377 Dark Judgment
Chapter 1378 Entering the Octagonal Tower
Chapter 1379 The secret inside the Octagonal Tower
Chapter 1380 Kunpeng
Chapter 1381 The power of Meng Zhentian
Chapter 1382 The road remains the same as before
Chapter 1383 Farewell
Chapter 1384 Set off again
Chapter 1385 Bone Sea Forbidden Zone
Chapter 1386 Within the restricted area
Chapter 1387 Yin Yang Tai Chi
Chapter 1388 Six deaths turned into one thing
Chapter 1389 Trident
Chapter 1390 Iron-colored vortex
Chapter 1391 Meng Zhentian comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1392 Chunyangzis confidence
Chapter 1393 Arrogant
Chapter 1394 Too weak
Chapter 1395 Swallowing a Sun
Chapter 1396 Suppression
Chapter 1397 Collapse of the Realm
Chapter 1398 Meng Zhentian takes action
Chapter 1399 Seven fists combined into one
Chapter 1400 Meng Zhentians methods
Chapter 1401 One-hit invincibility
Chapter 1402 Parting
Chapter 1403 The fairy leaves
Chapter 1404 Kiss Goodbye
Chapter 1405 The choice of the Lord of Bone Island
Chapter 1406 Shenzhizhou
Chapter 1407 Meeting Sima Yujian again
Chapter 1408 Meeting Ye Xiaoxiao again
Chapter 1409 Little Pepper
Chapter 1410 Divine Tree Ridge
Chapter 1411 Arrogant and Arrogant
Chapter 1412 The Transformation of the Tree Man
Chapter 1413 The Origin of Race
Chapter 1414 Evolution
Chapter 1415 Divine Tree City
Chapter 1416 The Nine Ultimate Divine Ancestor
Chapter 1417 The evolution of a race
Chapter 1418 Tree Corpse
Chapter 1419 The Mark of the Tree Corpse
Chapter 1420 The Evolution of the Tree Corpse
Chapter 1421 The Tree Corpses Secret Plot
Chapter 1422 Gu Lingyuans tyranny
Chapter 1423 Ants underfoot
Chapter 1424 Autumn water brings beauty
Chapter 1425 Submission
Chapter 1426 The Secret of Killing God
Chapter 1427 The Gate of Immortality
Chapter 1428: First Arrival at the Gate of Immortality
Chapter 1429 The Decline of the Immortal Sect
Chapter 1430 The Secret of the Immortal Gate
Chapter 1431 Digging a hole
Chapter 1432 The Immortal Sect Leaders Asking for Advice
Chapter 1433 Entering the Inner World
Chapter 1434 Pregnant tree corpse
Chapter 1435 Welcome new life
Chapter 1436 The birth of new life
Chapter 1437: Protecting New Life
Chapter 1438 Dead trees and shallow water
Chapter 1439 Page of the Era
Chapter 1440 Bloodline Awakens
Chapter 1441 The Beginning of Nirvana
Chapter 1442 The storm is rising
Chapter 1443: Difficult the Nine Ultimate Divine Ancestor
Chapter 1444 Gu Lingyuans Revenge
Chapter 1445 Pixiu Battle Formation
Chapter 1446 Ancient Spirit Beast Master
Chapter 1447 Arrogance
Chapter 1448 One sword kills
Chapter 1449 Moving reinforcements
Chapter 1450 Great reversal
Chapter 1451 Peerless Woman
Chapter 1452: One word can rule the world
Chapter 1453 Valkyrie of the Seven Seas
Chapter 1454 The Secret of Poseidon
Chapter 1455 Allegiance
Chapter 1456 The Emperor Zhahai
Chapter 1457 Void Body
Chapter 1458 Nine Elephants Posture
Chapter 1459 Return of Emperor Su Yong
Chapter 1460 The mysterious Emperor Lu
Chapter 1461 Love Debt
Chapter 1462 The world will never stop
Chapter 1463: Conference of Ten Thousand Races
Chapter 1464 True Martial Goddess
Chapter 1465: Moon Picking Fairy
Chapter 1466: Above All Emperors
Chapter 1467: The tyranny of the moon-picking fairy
Chapter 1468 The Moon-picking Fairy takes action
Chapter 1469: Solar Body vs. Void Body
Chapter 1470 Flaw
Chapter 1471 Su Clans Vermillion Bird Spear
Chapter 1472 White Crane Legion
Chapter 1473 Enjoying the sunset together
Chapter 1474 Farewell
Chapter 1475 Zhenwu Island
Chapter 1476 Reincarnation Nine-Leaf Clover
Chapter 1477: Relying on each other and following the wind
Chapter 1478 Samsara Valley
Chapter 1479 Entering the Valley of Reincarnation
Chapter 1480 Reincarnation Jump
Chapter 1481 White-robed Warrior
Chapter 1482 Meng Zhentians fierce general
Chapter 1483 Ice and Snow Trap
Chapter 1484: Duel with the white-robed warrior
Chapter 1485 Meng Zhentian goes to battle
Chapter 1486: The most unique skill in the world. Please ask for monthly tickets in advance.
Chapter 1487 The Heaven-Suppressing Seal
Chapter 1488 Defeat the enemy with one punch
Chapter 1489 Twelve fists combined into one
Chapter 1490 Punch through the chest
Chapter 1491 Four Saints Dream Path
Chapter 1492: I am the only one who is invincible forever
Chapter 1493 The white-robed warrior died in battle
Chapter 1494 Meng Zhentian escapes
Chapter 1495 Containment
Chapter 1496 Meng Zhentians trump card
Chapter 1497 Peerless Formation
Chapter 1498 The power of the grand formation. Happy New Year to everyone.
Chapter 1499 Fighting
Chapter 1500 The storm is all about talking and laughing. Ten major outbreaks. Please vote for me.
Chapter 1501 Breaking the Formation The second update is here, please continue asking for monthly votes
Chapter 1502 Blood Drawing Third Update
Chapter 1503: Capturing the Nine-Leaf Clover of Samsara. Fourth update. Continue to ask for monthly votes.
Chapter 1504 The Son of Two Emperors
Chapter 1505 A battle that shocked the world
Chapter 1506 Its hard to look back on the past
Chapter 1507 Ling Fengyun
Chapter 1508 The Legendary Emperor
Chapter 1509 Legend Tenth update, please throw all your monthly tickets over
Chapter 1510 The Dark Ancestor King breaks out in the tenth update, please vote for me
Chapter 1511 The second update of Shenmengtian is here. Please continue to ask for monthly votes.
Chapter 1512 Go to war
Chapter 1513 I am the only one in eternity
Chapter 1514 The changing situation
Chapter 1515 Ling Fengyuns proposition
Chapter 1516 Negotiation
Chapter 1517 A promise of one move
Chapter 1518: Killing the Road
Chapter 1519: One Move Shocks the Nine Heavens. Tenth update, please vote and reward.
Chapter 1520 The battle begins
Chapter 1521 Invincible
Chapter 1522 Ling Fengyuns strength
Chapter 1523 Escape
Chapter 1524 Zulu
Chapter 1525 Ling Fengyun Surrenders
Chapter 1526: Heavens Destruction or Heavens Destruction
Chapter 1527: Duel with the Ancestral Tree
Chapter 1528: Invincible in One Battle
Chapter 1529 Ancestral Talisman
Chapter 1530 The Giant Tree
Chapter 1531 The giant tree is invincible
Chapter 1532 Its time to end
Chapter 1533 Destroy the Ancestral Continent
Chapter 1534 All races tremble
Chapter 1535 Goodbye, Master
Chapter 1536 Qiwu Pavilion
Chapter 1537 The general trend of the world
Chapter 1538 Shadow Parliament
Chapter 1539 Long-distance plan
Chapter 1540 There has never been a savior in the world
Chapter 1541 When leaving
Chapter 1542 Shadowless
Chapter 1543 Arrival at Beiwangyang
Chapter 1544 A mother and daughter
Chapter 1545 Suddenly there is a daughter
Chapter 1546: A famous family
Chapter 1547 Wen Ren Lu Rui
Chapter 1548 Wenren Lu Ruis husband
Chapter 1549 Marriage Troubles
Chapter 1550 The Wenren Familys Plan
Chapter 1551: Do you want to take the blame?
Chapter 1552: Hearing peoples solid thoughts
Chapter 1553 Dongfang Family
Chapter 1554: Outgrowth
Chapter 1555 Hai Yangyings conspiracy
Chapter 1556 Begging for mercy
Chapter 1557: Sad
Chapter 1558 The Field of Dragon War
Chapter 1559 Zhongtian Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1560 Yiren makes tea
Chapter 1561 Reward
Chapter 1562 The breeze is coming
Chapter 1563 The Underworld Emperors Six-Wheel Barrel
Chapter 1564 Kiss Goodbye
Chapter 1565 Xiaohai Village
Chapter 1566: Obtaining Treasures from the Ancestral Hall
Chapter 1567: Rising from the plain ground
Chapter 1568 Pearl City
Chapter 1569 Small Courtyard
Chapter 1570 Zhutian Cave
Chapter 1571 Peacock King Ming
Chapter 1572 Mysterious Island
Chapter 1573 Verification of Identity
Chapter 1574 The Three Heaven-Suppressing Meridians
Chapter 1575 Infighting in Tianzhenhai City
Chapter 1576 Yu Zhan
Chapter 1577 Frightened out of fear
Chapter 1578 The envoy from Haicheng comes
Chapter 1579 Deterrence
Chapter 1580 Rumor City
Chapter 1581 Tavern
Chapter 1582 The old man in the tavern
Chapter 1583: Time and Cloud
Chapter 1584 Remembering the Past
Chapter 1585 The road is alone
Chapter 1586 The Three Peak Realms
Chapter 1587 The Invincible Avenue
Chapter 1588 The Heart of the Avenue
Chapter 1589 Conditions for becoming an Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1590 Twelve-tone Scale
Chapter 1591 Yu Yulian
Chapter 1592 The successor of Feixian Sect
Chapter 1593 The fierce mans reputation
Chapter 1594 I have Thirteen Life Palaces
Chapter 1595 Climbing the scale
Chapter 1596 Reaching the Summit
Chapter 1597 Storm
Chapter 1598 Sea Scale
Chapter 1599 Skyfire Battleship
Chapter 1600 The magical power of the twelve-tone scale
Chapter 1601 Yu Zongzu
Chapter 1602 Mrs. Yu
Chapter 1603 Gu Zuns Past
Chapter 1604: Descendants of the Yu Family
Chapter 1605 Candidate
Chapter 1606 Yu Yulians choice
Chapter 1607 Marriage
Chapter 1608 Ancient Secrets
Chapter 1609 Jingwu Eighteen Cannons
Chapter 1610: Coming in person
Chapter 1611 Dream Dragon King
Chapter 1612 King Ming doesnt move
Chapter 1613 Shooting
Chapter 1614 Bombardment
Chapter 1615 Gu Zuns Suspicion
Chapter 1616 Jingjixian Mine
Chapter 1617 One Hundred
Chapter 1618 Deterrence
Chapter 1619 The Compromise of Jingjixian Mine
Chapter 1620 Guzun
Chapter 1621 Muzhuo Demon City
Chapter 1622 Meeting the old person again
Chapter 1623 The power struggle of the Feixian Sect
Chapter 1624 Decision
Chapter 1625 Glory Belongs
Chapter 1626 Zu Mus Eighteen Violence
It has nothing to do with novels, it is written outside of life
Chapter 1627 The transaction of the yellow silk woman
Chapter 1628 Chase
Chapter 1629 Four-clawed Golden Dragon
Chapter 1630 Qingcheng Mountain
Chapter 1631 Marquis Dingyuan
Chapter 1632 Long Aotians confidence
Chapter 1633 The Golden Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1634 No one can stop me from killing people
Chapter 1635 Sword Showdown
Chapter 1636 Defeat the enemy with one move
Chapter 1637 Long Zhantian
Chapter 1638 Gu Zuns grudges
Chapter 1639 The strange master and apprentice
Chapter 1640 The Crystal of Time Purification
Chapter 1641: Its ripe
Chapter 1642 Conflicted Ye Jiuzhou
Chapter 1643 The war begins
Chapter 1644 Long Aotian takes action again
Chapter 1645 The Magical Pearl Tower
Chapter 1646 Immortal Blood Spear
Chapter 1647: Shake with bare hands
Chapter 1648 Long Aotians strategy
Chapter 1649 Veterans will not die
Chapter 1650 The True God of the World
Chapter 1651 The Legend of the Green Dragon Legion
Chapter 1652 The Failure of Three Meridians
Chapter 1653 Who is behind the scenes?
Chapter 1654 The overall situation has been decided
Chapter 1655 Who is the oriole?
Chapter 1656 Destiny is about to come true
Chapter 1657 The Road to the Future
Chapter 1658 Disaster is coming
Chapter 1659 War begins
Chapter 1660 Hailins request
Chapter 1661 The general is here
Chapter 1662 An army of tens of millions
Chapter 1663: Victory in the first battle
Chapter 1664 Gu Zun appears
Chapter 1665 Treasure House
Chapter 1666 The most unexpected answer
Chapter 1667 Nine Sea Kings
Chapter 1668 Black Dragon King
Chapter 1669 The Third Life of the Black Dragon King
Chapter 1670 The Eighteen Blue Dragon Formations
Chapter 1671 Immortals from all directions are destroyed
Chapter 1672 Duel with Long Aotian Thanks to Qiu Feng and friends
Chapter 1673: Inheriting the Five Emperors Together
Chapter 1674 Flying Immortal Strike
Chapter 1675 Entering the Feixian Sect
Chapter 1676: The Four Wise Emperors
Chapter 1677 Fairy Body Showdown
Chapter 1678 Invincible
Chapter 1679 Gu Zuns counterattack
Chapter 1680 The Humane Emperor and Empress
Chapter 1681 Who has the last laugh?
Chapter 1682 The Hatred of the Renxian Emperor and Empress
Chapter 1683 The decisive battle
Chapter 1684 Ancient Ming Bloodline
Chapter 1685 Guardian of the Nine Realms
Chapter 1686 All living beings in the nine realms break the devil spear
Chapter 1687 Gu Zuns choice
Chapter 1688 Dark Flame Wheel Paddle Cannon
Chapter 1689 Thunder God Blood Demon Electric Tree
Chapter 1690: Completely wiped out
Chapter 1691 Return
Chapter 1692 Goodbye Old Ghost
Chapter 1693 Past Events
Chapter 1694 The old ghost in the abyss
Chapter 1695 Lookout
Chapter 1696 The future crisis of the Nine Realms
Chapter 1697 Gu Mings past
Chapter 1698 The Nine Realms are Connected
Chapter 1699 Gathering
Chapter 1700 The Origin of the Bu Family
Chapter 1701 About the Ten Realms
Chapter 1702 Some things in the ten realms
Chapter 1703 Immortal Demon Cave, here I come
Chapter 1704 Immortality Grass
Chapter 1705 The Last Wish of the Master of the Immortal Demon Cave
Chapter 1706 Destiny is fulfilled
Chapter 1708: Disqualified
Chapter 1708 The Domain Gods Request
Chapter 1709 The strong ones gather together
Chapter 1710 The Void Gate Reappears
Chapter 1711: Entrusting the Demon God
Chapter 1712 The mystery of the Void Gate
Chapter 1713: Theres a long way to go
Chapter 1714 Seeing the World Tree Again
Chapter 1715 Making Rules
Chapter 1716 Farewell Words
Chapter 1717 Xiao Niqius decision
Chapter 1718 Missing an old friend and thanking the leader who appreciates jade and beauties
Chapter 1719 The Great Way of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1720 will set off
Chapter 1721: Who will accompany us throughout the ages?
Chapter 1722 Nine Realms and Hundred Sons Alliance
Chapter 1723 The First Emperor of Eternity
Chapter 1724 Three Major Whirlpools Thanks to the leader of the Black Feather Demon
Chapter 1725 The embellishment of destiny
Chapter 1726 Dont look back
Chapter 1727 Breaking the Barrier
Chapter 1728 Rushing to the Tenth Realm
Chapter 1729 Sniper Killing in the Tenth Realm
Chapter 1730 Daolong Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 1731 One punch destroys the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 1732 World Emperor
Chapter 1733: Three Agreements
Chapter 1734 Who is playing chess?
Chapter 1735: Kill an Emperor with Two Punches
Chapter 1736 One fate palace, one destiny
Chapter 1737 The Light of Death
Chapter 1738 The Death of Li Qiye
Li Qiye may not be tired, but I will
Chapter 1739 Locking the destiny
Chapter 1740 Nine deaths in exchange for a new life
Chapter 1741 Qingzhou
Chapter 1742 Five Burning Wall
Chapter 1743 Return to Mortal Art
Chapter 1744 Iron Tree Weng
Chapter 1745 Iron Tree Gate
Chapter 1746 Tie Shuwengs wishful thinking
Chapter 1747 Shen Xiaoshan
Chapter 1748 The beauty takes off her clothes
Chapter 1749 The beautiful girl takes a bath together
Chapter 1750: The strongest thing is to attack the heart
Chapter 1751: Love Demon in Heart
Chapter 1752 Punishment
Chapter 1753 Great Dao Cultivation
Chapter 1754 Tieshuwengs plan
Chapter 1755 The Immortal Emperors Scandal
Chapter 1756 Qilincheng
Chapter 1757 Imperial Pavilion
Chapter 1758 Treasures in the Imperial Pavilion
Chapter 1759 Smash your face
Chapter 1760 Being followed
Chapter 1761 The Sixth Saint
Chapter 1762 Sage Lao Lius Flattery
Chapter 1763 The prosperity of West Market
Chapter 1764 Treasures are expensive
Chapter 1765 Yin Feng Qin
Chapter 1766 Prince Tianhuang
Chapter 1767 Smashed
Chapter 1768 The Secret of the Wooden Box
Chapter 1769 Stone Square
Chapter 1770: Prince Tianhuang comes to provoke me again
Chapter 1771 Gambling on Stones
Chapter 1772 Inlaid with gold
Chapter 1773 Stone Gambling Skills
Chapter 1774 Innate Dao Embryo
Chapter 1775 The Quality of Dao Embryo
Chapter 1776 A big gamble
Chapter 1777 Who wins and who loses
Chapter 1778 Dao embryo suit
Chapter 1779 A complete defeat
Chapter 1780 Gambling on Life
Chapter 1781 Repudiation
Chapter 1782 Crucifixion
Chapter 1783 The number one murderer Li Qiye
Chapter 1784 Studying
Chapter 1785 Princess Tianhuang
Chapter 1786 Mysterious Meeting
Chapter 1787 The Tao will begin
Chapter 1788: Mad God and Fierce Land
Chapter 1789 Killing a God with One Arrow
Chapter 1790 The elusive Holy Sixth
Chapter 1791 Ultimate Suit
Chapter 1792 Holy Emperor
Chapter 1793 Entering the depths of the evil place
Chapter 1794 Shen Jinlong
Chapter 1795 The Emperors Daughter is Coming
Chapter 1796 Climbing the Divine Peak
Chapter 1797: Killing invisible
Chapter 1798 Emperor Qi Lins Daughter
Chapter 1799: Contempt the Sky
Chapter 1800 One thought makes you invincible
Chapter 1801: Crushing Gods Will
Chapter 1802 The emperors daughter makes tea
Chapter 1803: Who leaves traces of time?
Chapter 1804 The Corpse of the Mad God
Chapter 1805 Little Devil
Chapter 1806 The inner world collapses
Chapter 1807 God is born
Chapter 1808 Goodbye
Chapter 1809 The arrival of God
Chapter 1810 Come to the Emperors Family
Chapter 1811 Arrival
Chapter 1812: A show of force
Chapter 1813 Heads fall to the ground
Chapter 1814 God
Chapter 1815 Creation with one thought
Chapter 1816 The Golden Python Saint
Chapter 1817 Is it true or false?
Chapter 1818 Hatred
Chapter 1819 The Totem of Qianjun God
Chapter 1820 The hazy woman
Chapter 1821 The Great Emperors Purple Soldier Suit
Chapter 1822 The Night Comes to the Immortal King
Chapter 1883 Six Imperial Decree
Chapter 1884: Extraterrestrial Objects
Chapter 1885 Farewell
Chapter 1886 Leaving Qilin Emperors House
Chapter 1887 A world waiting for death
Chapter 1888 Grabbing sweet potatoes
Chapter 1889 What is the world?
Chapter 1890 Extraterritorial Celestial City
Chapter 1891 The Peng familys birthday
Chapter 1892 Anecdotes about God on the Star
Chapter 1893 Human Races Bloodline
Chapter 1894 The shadow of birthday
Chapter 1895 Birthday
Chapter 1896 Looking for trouble
Chapter 1897 Aggressive
Chapter 1898 Smashed into meat pies
Chapter 1899 Killing without blinking an eye
Chapter 1900 Donggong Family
Chapter 1901 One ball breaks a thousand walls
Chapter 1902 The big ball is rolling
Chapter 1903 The God of the Shrine
Chapter 1904 Stepping on the Star to God
Chapter 1905 God starts a war
Chapter 1906 Nine Totems versus Ten Totems
Chapter 1907 Pegasus Star Set
Chapter 1908: Breaking the Border
Chapter 1909 Min Renge
Chapter 1910 Jiuding Bloodline
Chapter 1911 Princess Tianhuangs decision
Chapter 1912 Looking from afar
Chapter 1913 Old friends meet
Chapter 1914 Departure
Chapter 1915 Eternal Number
Chapter 1916 Leading to the Land of Exploration
Chapter 1917 The secret of this thing
Chapter 1918 Feng Yi
Chapter 1919 The Dragon Controlling Boy
Chapter 1920 Entering the Minefield
Chapter 1921 Devouring Thunder and Lightning
Chapter 1922 Qin Baili
Chapter 1923 Wu Fengying
Chapter 1924 Female Man
Chapter 1925 Cape of Good Hope
Chapter 1926 Disaster is coming
Chapter 1927 Return to the Cape of Good Hope
Chapter 1928 Sacrifice
Chapter 1929 Giant Monument
Chapter 1930 Swallowing and sucking blood
Chapter 1931 Qin Baili takes action
Chapter 1932 The ancient altar is dangerous
Chapter 1933: Taking action to shock everyone
Chapter 1934 Wu Fengyings dissatisfaction
Chapter 1935 Dragon Spear
Chapter 1936 Sword of Bones
Chapter 1937 The Mad Ancient Demon Descends
Chapter 1938 The Invincibility of the Sword
Chapter 1939: Era Heavy Weapon
Chapter 1940 The legendary destruction of the world
Chapter 1941 The intimidation of the dragon boy
Chapter 1943 Imperial City
Chapter 1944 Jin Ges arrival
Chapter 1945 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 1946 Tuoling
Chapter 1947 Spirit Butterfly
Chapter 1948 Yulongziqi
Chapter 1949 Wonders of Buddha Wilderness
Chapter 1950 Golden Temple
Chapter 1951 Ganges River
Chapter 1952 Crossing the Ganges River
Chapter 1953 There is no other shore in the world
Chapter 1954 Nine Golden Buddhas
Chapter 1955 My Neighbor Totoro
Chapter 1956 I plant a seed for the world
Chapter 1957 Qin Baili and Jin Ge
Chapter 1958 Battle against Jin Ge
Chapter 1959 The Showdown in the Golden Temple
Chapter 1960: Treasures are hard to tempt
Chapter 1961 Wooden Fish
Chapter 1962 A treasure touches peoples hearts
Chapter 1963: Measuring the Sky Ruler
Chapter 1964 Framed
Chapter 1965 One thought comes from the heart
Chapter 1966: Trampling God to Death with One Foot
Chapter 1967 Dragon Rider
Chapter 1968 One Buddha destroys all dharma
Chapter 1969 Soul Release Forest
Chapter 1970 The Great Emperor Behind the Eternal Number
Chapter 1971 The most secret meeting
Chapter 1972 On the Great World
Chapter 1973 A different Wu Fengying
Chapter 1974 Wu Qi
Chapter 1975 The wilderness has arrived
Chapter 1976 Blood Legacy Clan
Chapter 1977 Jin Ges heroic spirit
Chapter 1978 The warrior turns into a dragon
Chapter 1979 The dangers of remote wilderness
Chapter 1980 The Wheelless Demon Emperor
Chapter 1981 Crazy Young Emperor
Chapter 1982 Gui Fan Ancient God
Chapter 1983: Who is stronger or weaker, the emperor or the god?
Chapter 1994 Saint
Chapter 1985 Tianzang Golden Water Thanks to the leader of Dusk
Chapter 1986 Monster
Chapter 1987 Disaster
Chapter 1988 God vs. Emperor
Chapter 1989: Defeat the Emperor with a single move of his hand
Chapter 1990 White Bone Giant Ape
Chapter 1991 Princess Tianhuangs choice
Chapter 1992 The Four Heavenly Emperors
Chapter 1993 Agreement
Chapter 1994 Who started the great world?
Chapter 1995 Meeting the Crazy Young Emperor Again
Chapter 1996 The strength of Soul Release Forest
Chapter 1997 The Kuang Shao Immortal Emperors trump card
Chapter 1998: Knocked away with one palm
Chapter 1999 Blood Life
Chapter 2000 Crush the Emperor
Chapter 2001 Killing the Emperor
Chapter 2002 Bearing the Destiny
Chapter 2003 Jin Ge becomes the Great Emperor
Chapter 2004 Jin Ge meets
Chapter 2005: Guiding Jin Ge
Chapter 2006 Meet the blood survivors again
Chapter 2007 The Origin of the Blood Legacy Clan
Chapter 2008: Laying out the overall situation
Chapter 2009 Whistle Arrow Demon Emperor
Chapter 2010 Deterring the World
Chapter 2011 The Dragon Controlling God
Chapter 2012 Palm
Chapter 2013: Standing out from the crowd
Chapter 2014 Four Evils in the Wilderness
Chapter 2015 Four Emperors versus Four Evils
Chapter 2016 Holy Light, I am here
Chapter 2017 Plowing Insect
Chapter 2018: Navigating the Wind
Chapter 2019 Eat me a brick
Chapter 2020 Kill the Emperor and Kill the Gods
Chapter 2021 Blood Refining
Chapter 2022 Seventeen Great Emperors Arrive
Chapter 2023 Reincarnation of the Ancestor
Chapter 2024 On Eternity
Chapter 2025 Eternal Enemy
Chapter 2026 The Saint is Invincible
Chapter 2027: A battle back in time
Chapter 2028 Light vs. Darkness
Chapter 2029 I am born in darkness
Chapter 2030 Eye of Reincarnation
Chapter 2031 Coming from the future
Chapter 2032: Walking out of the past
Chapter 2033: Predicting the general trend
Chapter 2034 Silkworm Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2035 Immortal Emperor Mingdu
Chapter 2036 Dao Heart is Invincible
Chapter 2037 Wheel of Time
Chapter 2038 Fighting the Immortal Emperor on foot
Chapter 2039: Suppress and Kill
Chapter 2040 Human Skin
Chapter 2041 Ending
Chapter 2042 The Holy Light Is Eternal
Chapter 2043 The shocking treasure
Chapter 2044: Introduction
Chapter 2045 Parting
Chapter 2046 Tao Village
Chapter 2047 Tao Ting
Chapter 2048 Lao Mos tofu curd
Chapter 2049 Lao Mo
Chapter 2050 The Emperors Responsibility
Chapter 2051 Human Saint Becomes Immortal King
Chapter 2052 Yu Qianxuan
Chapter 2053 Tianshen Academy
Chapter 2054 Geniuses emerge in large numbers
Chapter 2055 Meet Tao Ting again
Chapter 2056 First Arrival at Tianshen Academy
Chapter 2057: A show of force
Chapter 2058 Study
Chapter 2059 Ye Xinxue
Chapter 5060 A legend
Chapter 5061 Three Students
Chapter 2062 Everyone has a little secret
Chapter 2063 Liu Jinshengs identity
Chapter 2064 The Secret of Human Skin
Chapter 2065 Ye Xinxues Road
Chapter 2066: There is a golden house in the book
Chapter 2067: An Eternal Look Back
Chapter 2068 The Two Immortal Kings Combined
Chapter 2069 The Young Emperor of Six Swords
Chapter 2070 Shura
Chapter 2071 Tao Tings concerns
Chapter 2072: Slap away
Chapter 2073 Tea Party
Chapter 2074 Miao Chan from the Nine Realms
Chapter 2075 Mei Suyao
Chapter 2076 Falling in love with each other
Chapter 2077 Hegemony of Tao
Chapter 2078 Ye Miaoxue
Chapter 2079 Provocation
Chapter 2080 Beating
Chapter 2081 Tea Garden
Chapter 2082 Sando Gomyo
Chapter 2083 Avenue Tea
Chapter 1804 Entering the Tea Garden
Chapter 2085 Young Master Zongtian
Chapter 2086 Provocation
Chapter 2087 Picking Immortal Tea at random
Chapter 2088: Making tea and drinking tea
Chapter 2089 Remembering the Past
Chapter 2090 Seven Evil Tower
Chapter 2091 Talking right and wrong in front of the Seven Evil Tower
Chapter 2092 Challenge
Chapter 2093 Entering the Sea of Evil
Chapter 2094: Grab it casually
Chapter 2095 Gu Qihang
Chapter 2096 Good Teacher
Chapter 2097 The Flying Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2098 The storm is coming
Chapter 2099 Gu Qihangs Challenge
Chapter 2100 Southern Emperor
Chapter 2101 The Southern Emperor Becomes the Immortal King
Chapter 2102 Dojo
Chapter 2103 Avenue Flower
Chapter 2104 Teaching
Chapter 2015 Unparalleled Talent
Chapter 2106 Who will come to the class?
Chapter 2107 The Immortal King Comes to Listen to the Class
Chapter 2108 Mo Qianjun
Chapter 2109 Fourteen
Chapter 2110 Disaster is Coming
Chapter 2111 Ancient World
Chapter 2112: Having evil intentions
Chapter 2113 The ferocious beast craze
Chapter 2114: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 2115: Seeking a study
Chapter 2116 Fox Tail
Chapter 2117 Beheading
Chapter 2118 Crush
Chapter 2119 The Saint is coming
Chapter 2120 The Saint Seeks Revenge
Chapter 2121 Jiuyou Kuang Ao
Chapter 2122 The calm before the storm
Chapter 2123 Disaster is coming
Chapter 2124 Hundred Refiners Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2125 Immortal King Fu Shi
Chapter 2126 Temples of Gods
Chapter 2117 The Imperial Decree of Tianquan
Chapter 2128 The war begins
Chapter 2129 Invasion of Tianshen Academy
Chapter 2130 Lion Head and Body
Chapter 2131 Eye of Time
Chapter 2132 The Immortal Emperor is frightened
Chapter 2133 Taoshou Immortal King
Chapter 2134 One Leaf Immortal King
Chapter 2135 Meeting the World Emperor Again
Chapter 2136 Cangtian Palace
Chapter 2137 Sun-Swallowing Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2138 The Immortal Emperor of Humanity
Chapter 2139 The war will begin
Chapter 2140: Orthodoxy of Hundreds of Races
Chapter 2141 Fighting the Emperors Alone
Chapter 2142 Seven Nights Road
Chapter 2143 Defeating the Immortal King
Chapter 2144 Lord of Heaven
Chapter 2145 Hard Resistance
Chapter 2146 Killing to Violence
Chapter 2147 Silver Universe Immortal Armor
Chapter 2148 Who is scheming?
Chapter 2149 Gui Fan Ancient God
Chapter 2150: Technique for calming chaos
Chapter 2151 The Second World Emperor
Chapter 2152 The Way of the World
Chapter 2153 Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 2154 The Demonic Emperor of Light
Chapter 2155 Death Coffin
Chapter 2156 Tianbao is invincible
Chapter 2157 Return of Carriage
Chapter 2158 Seizing the Death Coffin
Chapter 2159 Threat
Chapter 2160 Eternal Bones
Chapter 2161 The real trump card
Chapter 2162 Killing the Giant
Chapter 2163 Transaction
Chapter 2164 The war ends
Chapter 2165 The whole world is silent
Chapter 2166 A World
Chapter 2167 The real horror
Chapter 2168 Are there immortals in the world?
Chapter 2169: The ultimate goal
Chapter 2170 Goodbye
Chapter 2171 will set off
Chapter 2172: The impossible world
Chapter 2173 Ancestral Nest
Chapter 2174 The Immortal-Slaying Emperor Formation
Chapter 175 Unparalleled Formation
Chapter 2176 The new Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2177 Meeting the mysterious man again
Chapter 2178 How difficult the world is
Chapter 2179 Moon Picking Fairy
Chapter 2180 The Ox-headed God
Chapter 2181 Overlord
Chapter 2182 Dao fights in one breath
Chapter 2183 A Miracle
Chapter 2184 Talking and Laughing
Chapter 2185 Departure
Chapter 2186 Tian Zhu Haiyang
Chapter 2187 The egg ran away
Chapter 2188 Three Shadows Walk Together
Chapter 2189 Crossover
Chapter 2190 Great Sword Sect
Chapter 2191 The Resurrected Ancestor
Chapter 2192 Zhu Sijing
Chapter 2193 Opening a new era
Chapter 2194 Yang Shengping
Chapter 2195 Mad Court Tradition
Chapter 2196 Arrogant Trading Company
Chapter 2197 Imperial Court
Chapter 2198 Queen Wang Han
Chapter 2199 Mad Ancestors Secret Collection
Chapter 2200 Reopening 'Ti Shu'
Chapter 2201 Turning over a new page
Chapter 2202 Beauty Waiting
Chapter 2203 Entering Arrogant Trading Company
Chapter 2205 Who can impress him?
Chapter 2204 The mysterious old man
Chapter 2206 A priceless word
Chapter 2207 A Horrible Story
Chapter 2208 Treasure Pavilion
Chapter 2209 Money is not a problem
Chapter 2210 Legacy
Chapter 2211 True God of Heavenly Virtue
Chapter 2212 Crazy Demons Blood Devouring
Chapter 2123 Mad God Sword Way
Chapter 2214 The birth of blood ginseng
Chapter 2215 Dont know whether to live or die
Chapter 2216: Slap again
Chapter 2217 Silver Fox
Chapter 2218 The fox pretends to be the tiger's power
Chapter 2219 General Feifeng
Chapter 2220: Going crazy
Chapter 2221 Pour the wine
Chapter 2222 I am who I am
Chapter 2223 Why are you here?
Chapter 2224 Missing Tooth Mountain
Chapter 2225 Dao Ji
Chapter 2226 Ancient Temple
Chapter 2227 The wind rises
Chapter 2228 Intimidation
Chapter 2229: Domineering
Chapter 2230 Fire Cage
Chapter 2231 Storm Sword
Chapter 2232 Chen Taihe
Chapter 2233 Dragon Beard Whip
Chapter 2234 Mad God Sword Way
Chapter 2235 Tyranny
Chapter 2236 Killing Thousands of People with One Sword
Chapter 2237 Strolling in the Garden
Chapter 2238 Red Bird Emperor Mirror
Chapter 2239 Invincible swordsmanship
Chapter 2240 True God
Chapter 2241 Mad Emperor Spear
Chapter 2242 Dispute
Chapter 2243 Sword God
Chapter 2244 True and False
Chapter 2245 The Saint Ancestor of the Peng Family
Chapter 2246: Turn into ashes with a raised hand
Chapter 2247 Dominance
Chapter 2248 Ascending to Heaven
Chapter 2249: Mad Demons Blood Devouring
Chapter 2250 Three Blood Gods
Chapter 2251 Nine Levels of Heavenly God
Chapter 2252 Angry Immortal Sword
Chapter 2253 Resentful Soul
Chapter 2254 Crush
Chapter 2255 Underground Stone Chamber
Chapter 2256 Old Tree
Chapter 2257 Principle Source
Chapter 2258 Immortality Pill
Chapter 2259 Foreign Enemy Invasion
Chapter 2260 The crisis is coming
Chapter 2261 One sword decides the world
Chapter 2262 Unparalleled
Chapter 2263 Attack and Kill
Chapter 2264: Life and Death
Chapter 2265 Agreement
Chapter 2266 Wu Bingning
Chapter 2267 Tit for tat
Chapter 2268 Two Heavens of Ice and Fire
Chapter 2269 Departure
Chapter 2270 The Land of Fire
Chapter 2271 Flirting
Chapter 2272 Digging for winter fireflies
Chapter 2273 Digging casually
Chapter 2274 Going back on one's word
Chapter 2275 Eating mud
Chapter 2276 Silver Thread
Chapter 2277 Young Master Rejuvenation
Chapter 2278 Lotus of Fire Source
Chapter 2279: Standing out from the crowd
Chapter 2230 Take it all
Chapter 2281 Crossover
Chapter 2282 The World of Fire
Chapter 2284 The Twelve Styles of the Martial Ancestor
Chapter 2285 Fire Stars
Chapter 2886 Temporary separation
Chapter 2287 Immortal Immortal
Chapter 2288 Entering the Valley of Immortality
Chapter 2289 Baihua Valley
Chapter 2290 The quirky junior sister
Chapter 2291 Sick Xianrui
Chapter 2292 The cold and arrogant goddess doctor
Chapter 2293 Poison King
Chapter 2294: Overbearing
Chapter 2295 Ghost lice
Chapter 2296 Who is the quack?
Chapter 2297 The terrifying cold poison
Chapter 2298 The most popular senior brother
Chapter 2299 The crisis is coming
Chapter 2300 Wanshou Kingdom comes to propose marriage
Chapter 2301: Those who reward you, go away
Chapter 2302 Ill smash you to death
Chapter 2303 Xiao Guoshi
Chapter 2304 True God is like an ant
Chapter 2305 Looking down
Chapter 2306 Sacrifice
Chapter 2307 Medicine House
Chapter 2308 Pine Tower Dao Fruit
Chapter 2309 The King of Cold Shows
Chapter 2310 Dig a hole
Chapter 2311: A beautiful smile
Chapter 2312 A beautiful smile
Chapter 2313 Woodworm
Chapter 2314 Qinghao Divine Pearl
Chapter 2315 Get Out
Chapter 2316 Silver Dragon Legion
Chapter 2317 The First Incense
Chapter 2318 Dan King Feng Xiaochen
Chapter 2319 Kneel down
Chapter 2320 The secret of life
Chapter 2321 Killing
Chapter 2322 Who is the person you cant afford to offend?
Chapter 2323 Prelude to the storm
Chapter 2324 War Drum Beating
Chapter 2325 The ceremony begins
Chapter 2326 Usurping the throne and seizing power
Chapter 2327 A great battle with the ancestors
Chapter 2328 Kick it down
Chapter 2329 Divine Fire Violent Pill
Chapter 2330 A Sword of Heavenly Wrath
Chapter 2331 Feng Xiaochens Alchemy Way
Chapter 2332 Thirty-Six Dragon Lords
Chapter 2333 Old roots everywhere
Chapter 2334 Fujiki Giant
Chapter 2335 Silver Dragon Giant Armor
Chapter 2336 Pulse
Chapter 92337 Immortality
Chapter 2338 Smash it with one punch
Chapter 2339 Wanshou Laojun
Chapter 2340 Who is in control of the situation?
Chapter 2341 The power of the whole country
Chapter 2342 Ancient Fire God Shield
Chapter 2343 Wutong Phoenix Tree
Chapter 2344 Counterattack
Chapter 2345 wiped out in ashes
Chapter 2346 The ceremony begins
Chapter 2347 Yangming Sanren and Changsheng Zhenren
Chapter 2348 Its time to pay off the debt
Chapter 2349 A transaction that is not a transaction
Chapter 2350 Money falls
Chapter 2351 Can I still call you 'Big Brother' in the future?
Chapter 2352 Measure the world
Chapter 2353: How to open the door to money
Chapter 2354 Calling the Landlord
Chapter 2355 Feeding Ants
Chapter 2356 Mr. Pingcheng
Chapter 2357 Xiang Xiang crosses the river
Chapter 2358 Sword Tomb
Chapter 2359 Storm
Chapter 2360 The Immortal Palace
Chapter 2361 Golden Key
Chapter 2362 The Second Immortal Palace
Chapter 2363 Zhou Zhikun
Chapter 2364 The Last Immortal Palace
Chapter 2365 Crushed
Chapter 2366 Mr. Pingchengs Bamboo Sword
Chapter 2367 The dove takes over the magpies nest
Chapter 2368 The enemies are all here
Chapter 2369 Killing Thousands of Enemies with One Sword
Chapter 2370 I want to kill someone, who can stop me?
Chapter 2371 Meeting an old friend again
Chapter 2372 The charm of that sword
Chapter 2373 Coin Beast City
Chapter 2374 Chasing the Wind Goddess
Chapter 2375 Resistance
Chapter 2376: Disdain
Chapter 2377 Xiang Xiang crosses the river
Chapter 2378 Supreme
Chapter 2379 Mr. Panlong
Chapter 2380 Mysterious Identity
Chapter 2381 The Demon Sword Prince
Chapter 2382 That sword is too invincible
Chapter 2383: Stay away
Chapter 2384 Fighting for Riches
Chapter 2385 Pocket Money
Chapter 2386 Beast Tide
Chapter 2387 Coin Beast City, departure
Chapter 2388 The mystery of Coin Beast City
Chapter 2389 Beast Egg
Chapter 2390 Beast Spring
Chapter 2391 Giant Pulse
Chapter 2392 A piece of Taoist bone
Chapter 2393 Enemies gather
Chapter 2394 The magical power of the world-obscuring grass
Chapter 2395 The great road is incomprehensible
Chapter 2396 Taking advantage of others danger
Chapter 2397 The grace of the Valkyrie
Chapter 2398: Massacre with one sword
Chapter 2399: Disdain. Todays third update is on the list. Please vote monthly.
Chapter 2400 The second update of the Lonely Sword God is here, please vote monthly
Chapter 2401 The weight of the sword
Chapter 2402 The heavy sword is invincible
Chapter 2403 The True Blood of the Ancestor
Chapter 2404 Giant
Chapter 2405 Picking the Stars with Hands
Chapter 2406 Death
Chapter 2407 The fear of death
Chapter 2408 The pinnacle
Chapter 2409 The Legend of Heavy Weapons
Chapter 2410 Cloud Crossing Eagle God
Chapter 2411 Giant Turtle
Chapter 2412 Stop the Sword
Chapter 2413 Mu Shaochen
Chapter 2414 Braving the worlds disapproval
Chapter 2415 Transformation
Chapter 2416 Wanfengling
Chapter 2417 The strong ones gather together
Chapter 2418: Climb high and shout
Chapter 2419 Full of Arrogance
Chapter 2420 Ghost Hands
Chapter 2421 Breaking Style
Chapter 2422 Aggressive
Chapter 2423: Star Ancestor Formation
Chapter 2424 Killing God with One Hand
Chapter 2425 Giant Eagle
Chapter 2426 Fighting an eagle with bare hands
Chapter 2427 The sharpest sword
Chapter 2428 Thunder God Drum
Chapter 2429 Thousands of swords blast into the sky
Chapter 2430 Mu Shaochens treasure at the bottom of the box
Chapter 2431 Semi-Heavy Weapon
Chapter 2432 Flame Sword
Chapter 2433: People are trembling with fear in the first battle
Chapter 2434 Death of the Emperor
Chapter 2435 Death of the Emperor
Chapter 2436 That Eye
Chapter 2437 Dragon Elephant Martial God
Chapter 2438 Big Eyes
Chapter 2439 That period of time
Chapter 2440 Worry
Chapter 2441 Immortality Technique
Chapter 2442: Long drive in
Chapter 2443 Wooden Lane
Chapter 2444 Sky-splitting Crazy Flying Tiger
Chapter 2445 Sky-Splitting Armor
Chapter 2446: Melting Space
Chapter 2447 Devouring Time
Chapter 2448 Defeat the enemy with a show of hands
Chapter 2449 The black tiger takes out the heart
Chapter 2450 One move determines victory or defeat
Chapter 2451 Nanli Gulang
Chapter 2452 Suppression
Chapter 2553 Returning to the Origin
Chapter 2454 Martial Arts Battle Stick
Chapter 2455 Unexpected People
Chapter 2456 Inner Demon
Chapter 2457 White tiger breaks jade
Chapter 2458 The Fatty Moon
Chapter 2459 Turning the Tide
Chapter 2460: What is invincibility? Please vote for the third update!!!!!!
Chapter 2461 Reshaping
Chapter 2462: The Lost Dog. The third update is completed. Please vote for the month!
Chapter 2463 Promise by Death
Chapter 2464 Nothing is immortal
Chapter 2465 Holding beauty in your arms
Chapter 2466 Qiaoxiaoqianxi
Chapter 2467 The background of the Valley of Immortality
Chapter 2468 Ten Three Immortal Trees
Chapter 2469: The Saint of the Wilderness
Chapter 2470 Set off for a long journey
Chapter 2471 Sun Lengying
Chapter 2472 Emperor Taiqing
Chapter 2473: Danger hanging by a thread
Chapter 2474 Establishing a Crown Prince
Chapter 2475 Zhang Jiadi
Chapter 2476 Why be a prince?
Chapter 2477 When will the emperor die?
Chapter 2478 is all mine
Chapter 2479 The mysterious woman
Chapter 2480 Five Supreme Beings
Chapter 2481 Five more fiances
Chapter 2482: Is someone trying to steal my kingdom?
Chapter 2483: Robbery of civilian girls
Chapter 2484 I want to be a bad boy
Chapter 2485 Who is the good guy?
Chapter 2486 The little devil incarnate
Chapter 2487 Difficulties
Chapter 2488 I am Wang Fa
Chapter 2489 The Emperor dies
Chapter 2490 The new emperor ascends the throne
Chapter 2491 The outrageous enthronement ceremony
Chapter 2492 Sun Lengying returns to seclusion
Chapter 2493 Marriage on behalf of others
Chapter 2494 How to make it fun
Chapter 2495 Attacking Bingchis Family
Chapter 2496 Rebellion
Chapter 2497 Eight Enemies
Chapter 2498 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 2499 The Imperial City is Broken
Chapter 2500 The country is destroyed and the mountains and rivers are destroyed
Chapter 2501 Wind God
Chapter 2502 The helplessness of Fengshen
Chapter 2503 Shenxing Sect
Chapter 2504 Zhang Jianchuan
Chapter 2505 Read more
Chapter 2506 The world is under control
Chapter 2507 Wordless Stone Tablet
Chapter 2508 Flying Flower Saint
Chapter 2509 Breaking off the Engagement
Chapter 2510 Mr. He Fei
Chapter 2511 The Second Dao Fruit
Chapter 2512 The beginning of the great road
Chapter 2513 Betrothal Gift
Chapter 2514 Seeking Destruction
Chapter 2515 Just a group of ants
Chapter 2516 is invincible
Chapter 2517 Rock Shield
Chapter 2518 Jiulian Mountain
Chapter 2519 Nine Secrets
Chapter 2520 The old man chopping wood
Chapter 2521 Prehistoric Prison
Chapter 2522 It started to get lively
Chapter 2523 Liu Chuqing
Chapter 2524 There is a girl Chuqing
Chapter 2525 Beauty is in her arms
Chapter 2526 whispering softly
Chapter 2527 Fearless
Chapter 2528 What is faith
Chapter 2529 The story of the new emperor
Chapter 2530 Aggressive
Chapter 2531 The hatchet kill
Chapter 2532 who is he
Chapter 2533 Qin Jianyao
Chapter 2533 Go away
Chapter 2535 Just a mortal girl
Chapter 2536 Zhuxian Ancient Array
Chapter 2537 Conspiracy
Chapter 2538 Secret
Chapter 2539 The situation will rise
Chapter 2540 How many idiots
Chapter 2541 Nanshan Woodcutter
Chapter 2542 Who can practice the Nine Secrets
Chapter 2543 Feast
Chapter 2544 Bingchi contains jade
Chapter 2545 Imminent
Chapter 2546 It's just ants
Chapter 2547 Blood dripping
Chapter 2548 Kneel down
Chapter 2549 Bafang shocked
Chapter 2550 Watching the Sea Sword Saint
Chapter 2551 A Senior Brother
Chapter 2552 Sword Showdown
Chapter 2553 Ma Mingchun
Chapter 2544 Aggressive
Chapter 2555 Nine lakes change color
Chapter 2556 Arrival
Chapter 2557 King's Landing
Chapter 2558 The big chest speaks first
Chapter 2559 seems a bit interesting
Chapter 2560 suddenly had an idea
Chapter 2561 Nine secrets, just pick them up at your fingertips
Chapter 2562 This is the Nine Secrets
Chapter 2563 Everyone here is rubbish
Chapter 2564 Handy Nine Secrets
Chapter 2565 Emperor Sword
Chapter 2566 The Emperor's Three Swords
Chapter 2567 sneak attack
Chapter 2568 It's just a rat
Chapter 2569 Fa Xiangtiandi
Chapter 2570 a trick
Chapter 2571 shock
Chapter 2572 Attack
Chapter 2573 Who has the last laugh
Chapter 2574 One-legged hack
Chapter 2575 Overcome
Chapter 2576 Extinguishing God Curse
Chapter 2577 Holy Light
Chapter 2578 Chen Fu
Chapter 2579 Nine lakes change color
Chapter 2580 Nine Immortal Rope
Chapter 2581 It's time to perform the contract
Chapter 2582 Invincible
Chapter 2583 trembling
Chapter 2584 Conquest
Chapter 2585 will fight
Chapter 2586 Sword Sea
Chapter 2587 The storm is coming
Chapter 2588 confrontation
Chapter 2589 Warm feet
Chapter 2590 Tianyuan Sword Formation
Chapter 2591 One Punch Collapse
Chapter 2592 Three Swords of Zhuxian
Chapter 2593 Zhuxian Ancient Array
Chapter 2594 The strongest sword
Chapter 2595 beheaded
Chapter 2596 Ancestors
Chapter 2597 Holy Pavilion
Chapter 2598 No time to play with you
Chapter 2599 Heavenly Prison Powerhouse
Chapter 2600 Sick Lord
Chapter 2601 One hand is enough
Chapter 2602 too weak
Chapter 2603 Talk about conditions
Chapter 2604 Allegiance
Chapter 2605 Death pit
Chapter 2606 Things in the pit
Chapter 2607 Black Mud
Chapter 2608 Is it a fairy or a devil
Chapter 2609 go out
Chapter 2610 Fighting the Emperor
Chapter 2611 Disobedience
Chapter 2612 Group fight?
Chapter 2613 Deterrence
Chapter 2614 Let's do it
Chapter 2615 shot and crushed
Chapter 2616 Four Ancestral Artifacts
Chapter 2617 Ancestor
Chapter 2618 Who is invincible
Chapter 2619 Killing
Chapter 2620 Invincible and lonely
Chapter 2621 Gifts
Chapter 2622 The world's ministers
Chapter 2623 Sun Lengying reappears
Chapter 2624 The first murderer
Chapter 2625 Take the blame
Chapter 2626 The world is shocked
Chapter 2627 Shi Yun Dao Lineage Changed
Chapter 2628 Li Yuzhen
Chapter 2629 Weird things
Chapter 2630 Mystery
Chapter 2631 Mingluo City
Chapter 2632 Lin Yixue
Chapter 2633 Fierce little girl
Chapter 2634 Look at the red dust
Chapter 2635 Wu Youzheng
Chapter 2636 Disaster is coming
Chapter 2637 Seeking a dead end
Chapter 2638 It's just the Mu family
Chapter 2639 It's time to go
Chapter 2640 Luo House
Chapter 2641 Yang Tingyu
Chapter 2642 One Sword Kills Thousands of Army
Chapter 2643 crushing
Chapter 2644 Escape
Chapter 2645 The situation is surging
Chapter 2646 stay
Chapter 2647 Hidden Gold Cave
Chapter 2648 Shoot the meatloaf
Chapter 2649 Indiscriminate bombing
Chapter 2650 No damage at all
Chapter 2651 Destruction
Chapter 2652 Ten King Kong
Chapter 2653 The wind swirls the clouds
Chapter 2654 Buddha's Hand Sutra
Chapter 2655 bergamot collapses the sky
Chapter 2656 Broken Buddha's Hand
Chapter 2657 Iron Giant
Chapter 2658 Broken copper and rotten iron
Chapter 2659 Disassembly
Chapter 2660 Copper Palace
Chapter 2661 Resurrection of the Dead
Chapter 2662 The corpse is in chaos
Chapter 2663 Human Corpse War
Chapter 2664 Skinning
Chapter 2665 Tracing the Origin
Chapter 2666 Dead Black Stone
Chapter 2667 People die for wealth
Chapter 2668 Guest League
Chapter 2669 Help
Chapter 2670 Come forward
Chapter 2671 Who is the ant
Chapter 2672: Slap away
Chapter 2673 Give in
Chapter 2674: Both soft and hard tactics
Chapter 2675 The Kingdom of the Gods
Chapter 2676 Strong push
Chapter 2677 Forbidden Device
Chapter 2678 Can be big or small
Chapter 2679 Those who go against me die
Chapter 2680 The unparalleled son
Chapter 2681 The Mu family is here
Chapter 2682 Cold Electric Sword God
Chapter 2683 Wen Bamboo Gold Stone Tree
Chapter 2684 Purple Gold Gourd
Chapter 2685 smashed with one palm
Chapter 2686 Silent
Chapter 2687 Mysterious boy
Chapter 2688 Longevity
Chapter 2689 Domineering
Chapter 2690 Entering the city
Chapter 2691 is invincible
Chapter 2692 Fox Fake Tiger Might
Chapter 2693 The world is full of ants
Chapter 2694 Raised hands are all ashes
Chapter 2695 Deterring the Eight Wildernesses
Chapter 2696 Stomping on a rotten foot
Chapter 2697 Four Treasure Kings
Chapter 2698 Tree Watcher
Chapter 2699 Broken Jade True Emperor
Chapter 2700 tyrannical unparalleled
Chapter 2701 Miao Shi
Chapter 2702 Soul Chasing Drum
Chapter 2703 Darkness is born
Chapter 2704 Dark Octopus
Chapter 2705 Killing
Chapter 2706 Lightning Torrent
Chapter 2707 Time Travelling
Chapter 2708 Sweep
Chapter 2709 Muyun Sword
Chapter 2710 Advantages of the True Emperor
Chapter 2711 join forces to kill
Chapter 2712 Kill the world with one sword
Chapter 2713 A sword has no effect
Chapter 2714 Bombing and killing it
Chapter 2715 I am the only one
Chapter 1716 Kaidao Gate
Chapter 2717 Inner World
Chapter 2718 Mysterious stone jar
Chapter 2719 Do it smoothly
Chapter 2720 Sun Lengying's plan
Chapter 2721 Mu Family's Choice
Chapter 2722 The third person
Chapter 2723 Touching the Reverse Scale
Chapter 2724: The mantis stalks the cicada, but the oriole follows behind
Chapter 2725 Chasing and killing hundreds of millions of miles
Chapter 2726 silver moon hook sickle kill
Chapter 2727 smashed with one palm
Chapter 2728 The dog of the bereaved
Chapter 2729 King's Landing
Chapter 2730 Simple and rude
Chapter 2731 Drive in
Chapter 2732 Mu Family Daoyuan
Chapter 2733 Ancient gluttonous battle stick
Chapter 2734 A stick to break the sky
Chapter 2735 Shock
Chapter 2736 I am invincible
Chapter 2737 One Hundred Days Reincarnation
Chapter 2738 Hundred Days Daoist
Chapter 2739 Immortal
Chapter 2740 One stroke kill
Chapter 2741 Road locks the sky
Chapter 2742 too weak
Chapter 2743 Fusion
Chapter 2744 Who is the one who plays chess?
Chapter 2745 Devour billions
Chapter 2746 Hundred-day Taoist is soft
Chapter 2747 Do not eat hard or soft
Chapter 2748 Polar Ghost Spear
Chapter 2749 The murder of the spear
Chapter 2750 Thirteen Life Palace
Chapter 2751 Destroyed
Chapter 2752 Nail to kill
Chapter 2753 The wise master and loyal minister
Chapter 2754 True Emperor Jiu Ning
Chapter 2755 Jagged tenderness
Chapter 2756 Strange father and daughter
Chapter 2757 Dao He Yi
Chapter 2758 is a legend
Chapter 2759 Always leave
Chapter 2760 Passing
Chapter 2761 Departure
Chapter 2762 The ancient cannot be traced
Chapter 2763 Walking the Ancient Road
Chapter 2764 Xiantong World
Chapter 2765 Peeping the secret of the sky
Chapter 2766 Hard to bear the calamity
Chapter 2767 The robbery is just delicious
Chapter 2768 Across
Chapter 2769 Demon Descends
Chapter 2770 Saint Demon Thought
Chapter 2771 The sky will change and the murderer will come out
Chapter 2772 Supreme terror
Chapter 2773 There is no immortal in the world
Chapter 2774 Feng Liuzhi
Chapter 2775 A hesitant choice
Chapter 2776 Guo Jiahui
Chapter 2777 Great Wild Heart Sutra
Chapter 2778 I am eighteen years old
Chapter 2779 The mystery of cooking
Chapter 2780 Divine Mountain
Chapter 2781 Go to the mountain
Chapter 2782 A small goal
Chapter 2783 Grind
Chapter 2784 Immortal Demon Cave
Chapter 2785 Old Man
Chapter 2786 Life Book Reincarnation
Chapter 2787 is back
Chapter 2788 Sage Crown
Chapter 2789 Suppression at will
Chapter 2790 Shizu
Chapter 2791 Choice
Chapter 2792 Seeking the Way
Chapter 1793 Teaching the Tao
Chapter 2794 A good patrol
Chapter 2795 Zhang Yang and domineering
Chapter 2796 One finger is invincible
Chapter 2797 Snake Valley
Chapter 2798 Bloody battle
Chapter 2799 An eccentric old man
Chapter 2800 A marriage
Chapter 2801 Monk and Girl
Chapter 2802 is an enemy or a friend
Chapter 2803 Reincarnation Mountain City
Chapter 2804 Enter the ancient battlefield
Chapter 2805 Breguet Seven Star Divine Treasure Array
Chapter 2806 Participating in Ancient Paintings
Chapter 2807 Enmity
Chapter 2808 Aggressive
Chapter 2809 A slap in the face
Chapter 2810 Prelude to the decisive battle
Chapter 2811 is about to start
Chapter 2812 Better than treasure? We are better than you
Chapter 2813 Decisive Battle
Chapter 2816 The power of the team
Chapter 2817 Shameless Qifeng Sword Saint
Chapter 2816 Flame Flag Altar Lord
Chapter 2817 crushing
Chapter 2818 I'm just aggressive
Chapter 2819 Cut you with your sword
Chapter 2820 Saintess of Central Region
Chapter 2821 Guo Jiahui is at the gate of hell
Chapter 2824 Door God
Chapter 2825 There is no invulnerability in front of me
Chapter 2826 One sword kills a million
Chapter 2827 Desolate Beast Altar Master
Chapter 2828 One Sword Flats the Beast Tide
Chapter 2829 Killing the Four Elephants
Chapter 2830 A sword crosses the knee to block the army
Chapter 2831 Ancestor King of Central Region
Chapter 2832 Binding Immortal Cable
Chapter 2833 Holy Spirit Heavenly Cauldron
Chapter 2834 Red and withered bones
Chapter 2835 Killing the Ancestor King with a Sword
Chapter 2836 One sword scares the world
Chapter 2837 Bagua Palm
Chapter 2838 Longevity Immortal Plate
Chapter 2839 called the war
Chapter 2840 Jiang Changcun
Chapter 2841 Ancestral Seat
Chapter 2842 Emperor Longevity
Chapter 2843 One hand sweeps you
Chapter 2844 One hand is enough
Chapter 2845 Soldiers approaching the city
Chapter 2846 Destroy Thousands of Armies with One Hand
Chapter 2847 I am the only one
Chapter 2848 Destroy a country with one punch
Chapter 2849 Immortal Armor
Chapter 2850 Eight Trigrams Ancient Mirror
Chapter 2851 No damage
Chapter 2852 Shaking the ancestors with bare hands
Chapter 2853 A blow from the immortal plate of longevity
Chapter 2854 Collapse
Chapter 2855 Live in peace and rest in the world
Chapter 2856 All beings condense the real body
Chapter 2857 The temptation of eternal life
Chapter 2858 Darkness Falls
Chapter 2859 Demonization
Chapter 2860 Golden Hand, Dark Eye
Chapter 2861 Who is the cicada catcher
Chapter 2862 wins a game
Chapter 2863 Guangming Holy Court
Chapter 2864 Sinners
Chapter 2865 Holy Frost True Emperor
Chapter 2866 Washing the Sin City
Chapter 2867 What sin is washed
Chapter 2868 see her again
Chapter 2869 There is something wrong with this dean
Chapter 2870 There is only one battle to the end
Chapter 2871 Sin Pool
Chapter 2872 Demonization
Chapter 2873 Purification
Chapter 2874 Do not live by yourself
Chapter 2875 Ancestral Statue Broken
Chapter 2876 Lord Saint
Chapter 2877 A play
Chapter 2878 The loss of contrast
Chapter 2879 Holy Mountain
Chapter 2880 Into the Holy Mountain
Chapter 2881 Holy Orchard
Chapter 2882 Pick the holy fruit
Chapter 2883 Baihao Langya Fruit
Chapter 2884: Poor, don’t bet with me
Chapter 2885 Betting
Chapter 2886 It's raining
Chapter 2887 Can't afford to lose
Chapter 2888 Divine Beast Tianrong Army
Chapter 2889 Embrace the crime
Chapter 2890 Shameless
Chapter 2891 The sword has a spirit
Chapter 2892 Iron Leopard Array
Chapter 2893 Carved Stone True Emperor
Chapter 2894 No one can save you
Chapter 2895
Chapter 2896: Light is also a sin
Chapter 2897 A big black bull
Chapter 2898 The Temptation of Niu Bao
Chapter 2899 Never heard of it
Chapter 2900 Characters I've Heard About
Chapter 2901 enticing coercion
Chapter 2902 Gambling to eat
Chapter 2903 eat holy fruit
Chapter 2904 The last one
Chapter 2905 Jin Puzhen Emperor
Chapter 2906 The big black bull who is afraid that the world will not be chaotic
Chapter 2907 Supreme Tree
Chapter 2908 Participating in the mystery
Chapter 2909 Jinbian Family
Chapter 2910 Landing
Chapter 2911 Spiritual Heart True Emperor
Chapter 2912 One sword slaughtered
Chapter 2913 To cut down trees
Chapter 2914 fell down
Chapter 2915 Supreme Fruit, tastes okay
Chapter 2916 I am very expensive
Chapter 2917 Seeing the big black bull again
Chapter 2918 Holy Beast Garden
Chapter 2919 some people
Chapter 2920 Pegasus Arrow God
Chapter 2921 Crazy
Chapter 2922 Destroy it in one bite
Chapter 2923 Ancient Garden
Chapter 2924 Ping Shi Que
Chapter 2925 The colorful intestines of the big black cow
Chapter 2926 Colorful Divine Kite
Chapter 2927 Three-eyed prodigy
Chapter 2928 Bone Treasure
Chapter 2929 The quest of the big black bull
Chapter 2930 Ping Shique was injured
Chapter 2931 Be a maid for me?
Chapter 2932 Pick up your three arrows
Chapter 2933 Dragon Tooth Arrow
Chapter 2934 Sea of ??Arrows
Chapter 2935 Everything has arrows
Chapter 2936 The idea of ??Baoyuan True God
Chapter 2937 Crystal Crab
Chapter 2938 The three-eyed prodigy is here
Chapter 2939 Golden Eye
Chapter 2940 I have something to do, so I’m leaving first
Chapter 2941 Void Hall
Chapter 2942 Night Emperor Ghost Phoenix
Chapter 2943 The plot of Emperor Jinpuzhen
Chapter 2944 Bright Golden Dragon
Chapter 2945 Blood Pool
Chapter 2946 Refining
Chapter 2947 Are you alone?
Chapter 2948 Ten Thousand Beasts
Chapter 2949 Dangerous
Chapter 2950 Tear with bare hands
Chapter 2951 heads-up
Chapter 2952 Sweeping the two emperors with one hand
Chapter 2953 The real emperor is like an ant
Chapter 2954 The magic flower blooms
Chapter 2955 Drain the blood
Chapter 2856 Hold you to death
Chapter 2957 I am invincible
Chapter 2958 Fighting the Three Emperors Alone
Chapter 2959 Lan Shucai
Chapter 2960 The pen is invincible
Chapter 2961 Who is invincible
Chapter 2962 Immortal chapter is created by nature, I am the most invincible
Chapter 2963 What is righteousness
Chapter 2964 Death of the True Emperor
Chapter 2965 Farewell
Chapter 2966 Vast Prairie
Chapter 2967 The old man
Chapter 2968 What Dao
Chapter 2969 Bright Ocean
Chapter 2970 The Legacy of the Desolate Saint
Chapter 2971 Seeing the three prodigies again
Chapter 2972 ??True·Far Road
Chapter 2973 natural disaster
Chapter 2974 It's time to come
Chapter 2975 Stupid three-eyed prodigy
Chapter 2976 Will you pick up girls?
Chapter 2977 If you like it
Chapter 2978 follow your heart
Chapter 2979 Moat
Chapter 2980 Bai Jinning
Chapter 2981 Girl, are you getting married?
Chapter 2982 Master Jinguang (Thanks to the leader of the Poison Chicken Soup Victim for the 100,000 coin reward)
Chapter 2983 not crossing the sea
Chapter 2984 A glass of good wine
Chapter 2985 The one who achieves is the first
Chapter 2986 Cannibalism
Chapter 2987 Tianxiongguan
Chapter 2988 Love to sell or not to sell
Chapter 2989 Seeing the mysterious old man again
Chapter 2990 Trading at a loss
Chapter 2991 If I am here, then heaven and earth will exist
Chapter 2992 Wood Buddha
Chapter 2993 I give out one hundred million
Chapter 2994 If you have money, you are the uncle
Chapter 2995 Give it away, give it away, give it away, give it all away
Chapter 2996 Mysterious Woman
Chapter 2997 The real value
Chapter 2998 Liu Sanqiang
Chapter 2999 bragging strong
Chapter 3000 Burning Flag
Chapter 3001 Another big black bull
Chapter 3002 Remy horse, ride once
Chapter 3003 The filth of the big black bull
Chapter 3004 Leave a seed
Chapter 3005 Feijian Tianjiao
Chapter 3006 Emperor Zunzhen Emperor
Chapter 3007 Arrogant Auction House
Chapter 3008 Mysterious legend
Chapter 3009 Those few leaves
Chapter 3010 Auction
Chapter 3011 Xihuang
Chapter 3012 The Second Rich Tang Ben
Chapter 3013 The girl from the stone clan
Chapter 3014 spend three hundred million to buy a beauty
Chapter 3015 Spend 10 million to buy a piece of clothes
Chapter 3016 Stone Orchid
Chapter 3017 One billion to buy a book
Chapter 3018 The Sword of the Ancestor
Chapter 3019 The pride of Feijian Tianjiao
Chapter 3020 Violent bidding
Chapter 3021 Please call me Li Shiyi
Chapter 3022 Immortal Coffin
Chapter 3015 The mystery is unknown
Chapter 3026 Miss Sister
Chapter 3027 Crazy Bidding
Chapter 3028 Ancestor Yinuo
Chapter 3029 I want it
Chapter 3030 The auction ended
Chapter 3031 The mysterious price
Chapter 3032 Send, send, send
Chapter 3033 The mystery of the golden palm
Chapter 3034 The Wonder of Immortal Coffin
Chapter 3035 Time Book
Chapter 3036 New page
Chapter 3037 Five Elements Mountain
Chapter 3038 Seeing the mysterious woman again
Chapter 3039 Seven Rings Cold God
Chapter 3040 Slash
Chapter 3041: Killing God is a piece of cake
Chapter 3042 Favor
Chapter 3043 Tai Yinxi
Chapter 3044 Prophecy
Chapter 3045 Different interpretation
Chapter 3046 Support
Chapter 3047 Mysterious Rock
Chapter 3048 Who can open it
Chapter 3049 No one can solve it
Chapter 3050 One move to kill the Buddha
Chapter 3051 crushed by one hand
Chapter 3052 There is no free lunch in the world
Chapter 3053 Easy
Chapter 3054 What's in the Box
Chapter 3055 Tiger Talisman
Chapter 3056 Peerless Hui Qingxuan
Chapter 3057 Old Wall Roots
Chapter 3058 Life Rune Fire
Chapter 3059 Refiner
Chapter 3060 Do not cross the sea to float things
Chapter 3061 Ghost Ship
Chapter 3062 There are ghosts on board
Chapter 3063 Expedition Ship
Chapter 3064 boarding
Chapter 3065 is Liu Sanqiang again
Chapter 3066 Yin Soldiers March
Chapter 3067 Dao is the most important
Chapter 3068 Bombing the Corpse
Chapter 3069 What's making the Chong
Chapter 3070 Bright Power
Chapter 3071 Instigate Bafang
Chapter 3072 Ancestor
Chapter 3073 Perseverance
Chapter 3074 Taoist Interpretation
Chapter 3075 Hidden darkness
Chapter 3076 Who is the Darkness
Chapter 3077 A strange stone
Chapter 3078 I am the supreme god stone
Chapter 3079: Do the Three Immortals really exist?
Chapter 3080 Refining
Chapter 3081 Ruins
Chapter 3082 Conjuring Souls
Chapter 3083 Phoenix Furnace and Guqin
Chapter 3084 Invite the dead
Chapter 3085 Suppressing the Heavenly Fist
Chapter 3086 Mysterious Treasure
Chapter 3087 Big Black Bull's Mind
Chapter 3088 Tianxu
Chapter 3089 Bihai Tingtao
Chapter 3090 See the giant meteor again
Chapter 3091 Enclave Pool
Chapter 3092 The transaction of the enclave pool
Chapter 3093 Heavenly Dragon Venerable
Chapter 3094 Purple Dragon Empress
Chapter 3095 Attitude of the Empress
Chapter 3096 Want to eat this dragon
Chapter 3097 Demon Wind Black Sand
Chapter 3098 That person
Chapter 3099 will be flattering
Chapter 3100 Smell the smell
Chapter 3101 Oasis
Chapter 3102 Ice Gold God Yan Baozhi
Chapter 3103 Half Sword God
Chapter 3104 Dragon Fighting Tiger Fighting
Chapter 3105 Calculation
Chapter 3106 Who has the last laugh
Chapter 3107 I will protect this person
Chapter 3108 I have the final say
Chapter 3109 One hit four
Chapter 3110 The ancient land far away
Chapter 3111 Cut it at will
Chapter 3112 A group of weak chickens
Chapter 3113 Ruzi can't be taught
Chapter 3114 Good tea
Chapter 3115 Holy Sword
Chapter 3116 Ten Thousand Buddha Bowl
Chapter 3117 Fierce and belligerent
Chapter 3118 War is coming
Chapter 3119 The battle of Taoism
Chapter 3120 God Eye Laojun
Chapter 3056 A bloody battle
Chapter 3057 Only Dao Mirror
Chapter 3058 Three Eyes Set the World
Chapter 3059 Life and death together
Chapter 3060 Write the destiny
Chapter 3061: A cloud-piercing arrow, thousands of troops come to meet each other
Chapter 3062 The wall breaks through the crowd and pushes
Chapter 3063 The first murderer arrives
Chapter 3064 good soup
Chapter 3065 Lan Shucai
Chapter 3066 One Finger Flick
Chapter 3067 Are there any last words?
Chapter 3068 Three Buddhas in One
Chapter 3069 Dragon heads up
Chapter 3070 One move to defeat
Chapter 3071 Not enough to fight
Chapter 3072 Swallowing Evil Fire
Chapter 3073 Five Ways Comparing
Chapter 3074 Nirvana Buddha Seal
Chapter 3075 Dao is endless
Chapter 3076 One Punch Conquers the World
Chapter 3077 The Beauty of Adulthood
Chapter 3078 The expedition ship is here again
Chapter 3079 Fire floods the world
Chapter 3080 Copper Cast Yin Soldiers
Chapter 3081 Stone Beast
Chapter 3082 The First Ancestor of Spirituality
Chapter 3083 Juggernaut and Kaitian Knife Ancestor
Chapter 3084 Shadow of Evil Fire
Chapter 3085 Fire Ancestor
Chapter 3086 Invincible
Chapter 3087 God Moon Ancestor
Chapter 3088 Holy Sword Nameless
Chapter 3089 is invincible after all
Chapter 3090 Phoenix Reveals the World
Chapter 3091 Qin Empress
Chapter 3092 On Tao
Chapter 3093 Chained Phoenix
Chapter 3094 Fire Ancestor's Home
Chapter 3095 A stone
Chapter 3096 Ominous Omen
Chapter 3097 Can you bear it
Chapter 3098 There is one more person
Chapter 3099 There is another moth without crossing the sea
Chapter 3100 Is Master Jin Guang coming?
Chapter 3101 Hidden Dragon
Chapter 3102 Drag the Continent
Chapter 3103 Can't drag
Chapter 3204 Is it heaven?
Chapter 3105 Dragon Tooth Raging Crossbow
Chapter 3106 Heaven Smiting Power
Chapter 3107 Who died?
Chapter 3108 Eight-foot eyebrow sword
Chapter 3109 See Emperor Xi again
Chapter 3110: It’s your own fault and you won’t survive
Chapter 3111 My fist is big
Chapter 3112 Xin Mi
Chapter 3113 Three-legged Golden Crow
Chapter 3114 Crystal Kirin
Chapter 3115 Xi Huang shot
Chapter 31116 Gentle Township
Chapter 3117 I just want to recall
Chapter 3118 Master Jin Guang
Chapter 3119 Supreme Immortal
Chapter 3120 I just want to fight
Chapter 3121 The heights are too cold
Chapter 3122 Kaitian Axe vs Polar Ghost Spear
Chapter 3123 The power is infinite
Chapter 3124 Golden Light Returns to True
Chapter 3125 is immeasurable
Chapter 3126 A little bit of golden light
Chapter 3127 Thirteen Life Palace
Chapter 3128 The only one in all ages
Chapter 3129 Separation of life and death
Chapter 3130 I dominate the world
Chapter 3131 Giant Copper Man
Chapter 3132 The end of the war
Chapter 3133 Worth your investment
Chapter 3134 There are guests without crossing the sea
Chapter 3135 Darkness Comes
Chapter 3136 Messenger
Chapter 3137 There is only one battle
Chapter 3138 Tian Armadillo
Chapter 3139 Start the attack
Chapter 3140 Break through the wall
Chapter 3141 Catastrophe
Chapter 3142 Bloody Battle of the Holy Court of Light
Chapter 3143 Dark Hours
Chapter 3144 Dao Lineage Collapsed
Chapter 3145 The most unwilling thing to face
Chapter 3146 The pride of the past, the nightmare of today
Chapter 3147 is another ancestor
Chapter 3148 Fight against the ancestors
Chapter 3149 Light shines all over the world
Chapter 3150 Old Tree Demon
Chapter 3151 The catastrophe is coming
Chapter 3152 Fighting the Four Ancestors Alone
Chapter 3153: Where the light shines, you are invincible
Chapter 3154 You are far away
Chapter 3155 Three talented people
Chapter 3156 Qinglian Muzu
Chapter 3157 Great War
Chapter 3158 Attack the moat again
Chapter 3159 Descending the Heaven Gate
Chapter 3160 Six ancestors
Chapter 3161 The ancestor guards the present
Chapter 3162 The general trend
Chapter 3163 Jiang Changcun
Chapter 3164 Breaking the moat
Chapter 3165 Ten Great Ancestors
Chapter 3166 Ultimate Showdown
Chapter 3167 Who can save the Three Immortals
Chapter 3168 Sweep everything
Chapter 3169 I am invincible
Chapter 3170 The first ancestor of all ages
Chapter 3171 Fighting Eleven Ancestors Alone
Chapter 3172 Subduing Immortals
Chapter 3173 What About Immortals
Chapter 3174 Ancestral Treasure
Chapter 3175 Three Treasures
Chapter 3176 Life is infinite
Chapter 3177 Time and space are in my hands
Chapter 3178 Domain of all things
Chapter 3179 Creation
Chapter 3180 Who is the creator
Chapter 3181: There are all ants in the world, but I am the most invincible
Chapter 3182 Peace in the world
Chapter 3183 Celebrating the whole world
Chapter 3184 I don't want much
Chapter 3185 I am who I am, Li Qiye’s fireworks
Chapter 3186 will leave
Chapter 3187 Goodbye, Three Immortals Realm
Chapter 3188 Do not cross the sea
Chapter 3189 The most amazing true emperor
Chapter 3190 What is the Dao for?
Chapter 3191 Fishing all alone
Chapter 3192: Observe the sky and understand the great truth
Chapter 3193 The great world is inspired by me
Chapter 3194 Burdened Nest
Chapter 3195 Two ancestors
Chapter 3196 Killing
Chapter 3197 Martial Arts
Chapter 3198 Beheading
Chapter 3199 Xiaoqian World
Chapter 3200 A dead person
Chapter 3201 The order of a world
Chapter 3202 The Legendary Fairy
Chapter 3203 Wanguyuan
Chapter 3204 Challenge
Chapter 3205 Longevity Golden Leech
Chapter 3206 The first battle of the year
Chapter 3207 The person who hides the deepest
Chapter 3208 Slaughter billions
Chapter 3209 Swept across the sea
Chapter 3210 I am the king, heaven and earth are my ministers, and all the ways follow!
Chapter 3211 Zangdao Star
Chapter 3212 Retreat practice
Chapter 3213 Millions of years are like a moment
Chapter 3214 Tree in the beginning
Chapter 3215 Open a new era
Chapter 3216 The supreme terror of war
Chapter 3217 I am invincible
Chapter 3218 Defeated
Chapter 3219 The dog of the bereaved
Chapter 3220 Retreat
Chapter 3221 Will become immortal?
Chapter 3222 The most terrifying catastrophe
Chapter 3223 The real body of supreme terror
Chapter 3224 The Power of Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 3225: Heavenly Tribulation, Just Delicious
Chapter 3226 bright sunny day
Chapter 3227 Three Immortals
Chapter 3228 Sui Emperor
Chapter 3229 The source of darkness
Chapter 3230 Self-inflicted sin
Chapter 3231 What the world does not do
Chapter 3232 will fight
Chapter 3233 tearing the sky
Chapter 3234 A dead world
Chapter 3235 The secret of eternity
Chapter 3236 The collapse of the war
Chapter 3237 Heaven and Earth Collapse
Chapter 3238 Catastrophe
Chapter 3339 Gu Ming came out
Chapter 3240 See the crow again
Chapter 3241 The real secret
Chapter 3242 Bloody battle to the end
Chapter 3243 Ashes
Chapter 3244 Liying in the Pool
Chapter 3245 Mortal Li Qiye
Chapter 3246 Seven Laws of the Great World
Chapter 3247 The Wonder of the Great Way
Chapter 3248 King's Overlord
Chapter 3249 Daxian
Chapter 3250 cook people
Chapter 3251 The avenue is endless
Chapter 3252 Immortal travel too imaginary
Chapter 3253 Dao Law Ladder
Chapter 3254 Teaching Dao to solve doubts
Chapter 3255 The guests of Shenxuanzong
Chapter 3256 Beauty is coming from afar
Chapter 3257 Make me tea
Chapter 3258 who are you
Chapter 3259 Shao Xiao leaves home
Chapter 3260 God Xuanzong
Chapter 3261 That young master
Chapter 3262 Deliberately making things difficult
Chapter 3263 Immortal Nine Laws
Chapter 3264 Don't take it to heart
Chapter 3265 Shenxuan Wufeng
Chapter 3266 Chengshan Yue Wang
Chapter 3267 I just read books
Chapter 3268 The ancestor said that you should study more
Chapter 3269 The Way of the World
Chapter 3270 Silver Armor Battle Body
Chapter 3271 A snap of fingers
Chapter 3272 War Tiger
Chapter 3273 Can't be more clever
Chapter 3274 That ancient ancestor
Chapter 3275 Revisiting the Second Law
Chapter 3276 I will climb to the top
Chapter 3277 Wang Baquan
Chapter 3278 The first genius
Chapter 3279: Boxing has no skills, Tao has methods
Chapter 3280 is here again
Chapter 3281 Unacceptable
Chapter 3282 Well, I am the number one genius
Chapter 3283 Do you want to challenge
Chapter 3284 If you lose
Chapter 3285 uproar
Chapter 3286 There is another person who wants to learn 'Tang Ba Quan'
Chapter 3287 Bet
Chapter 3288 Huang Ning
Chapter 3289 Let's form a team
Chapter 3290 Shameless
Chapter 3291 Who is coming
Chapter 3292 Look at my 'Top Boxing'!
Chapter 3293 Serving a good young master
Chapter 3294 The real mystery
Chapter 3295 Young Master
Chapter 3296 Huang Zhong
Chapter 3297 The sound of chimes
Chapter 3298 Who will hold out to the end
Chapter 3299 are all idiots
Chapter 3300 Dragon Roar
Chapter 3301 Dao Bone
Chapter 3302 bet a game
Chapter 3303 Enlightenment of Dao Bone
Chapter 3304 Desire to evolve the exercises
Chapter 3305 An ordinary Dao bone
Chapter 3306 Ten Dao Bones
Chapter 3307 Magical evolution
Chapter 3308 called the young master
Chapter 3309 A group of idiots
Chapter 3310 Ascension to Heaven
Chapter 3311 The highest record
Chapter 3312 Difficult to climb
Chapter 3313 Ninety-nine
Chapter 3314 Gong Qianyue's achievements
Chapter 3315 It's my turn
Chapter 3316 to rest
Chapter 3317 The old waist can't stand it
Chapter 3318 Help me loosen my legs
Chapter 3319 Three hundred is not difficult
Chapter 3320 Sword Seal
Chapter 3321 Bullwhip or Iron Whip
Chapter 3322 Soldiers Grave
Chapter 3323 Broken copper and rotten iron
Chapter 3324 Depot
Chapter 3325 Shocking Feather Sword
Chapter 3326 Lost?
Chapter 3327 Which one do you want
Chapter 3328 Iron Whip Demon King
Chapter 23329 Stepped on rot
Chapter 3330 Dengzu Peak
Chapter 3331 Above Zu Peak
Chapter 3332 waiting for you
Chapter 3333 The situation rises
Chapter 3334 In person
Chapter 3335 Where does it come from
Chapter 3336 Battle Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3337 Handed Down Soldier
Chapter 3338 Chaos Mind
Chapter 3339 is too deceiving
Chapter 3340 I just like to protect short
Chapter 3341 Tortoise Step Crane Dance
Chapter 3342 Advantages of the Heavenly Rank Cultivation Technique
Chapter 3343 Shocking Feather Sword in Hand
Chapter 3344 One sword cut it
Chapter 3345 Give You
Chapter 3346 Bloody mouth sprays people
Chapter 3347 wishful thinking
Chapter 3348 A group of idiots
Chapter 3349 For the teacher's demeanor
Chapter 3350 will fight
Chapter 3351 When the sun rises
Chapter 3342 What a big shelf
Chapter 3343 God Tiger Blood Armor
Chapter 3344 Bombing
Chapter 3345 I was born in chaos
Chapter 3346 It's my turn
Chapter 3347 Wang Baquan or Xuanwu Fist
Chapter 3348 Defeat with one punch
Chapter 3349 Iron whip demon king shot
Chapter 3350 The strength of Ping Mino
Chapter 3351 Infighting
Chapter 3352 Nine Star Iron Tail
Chapter 3353 Tian Teeth
Chapter 3354 The origin of the nine ancient methods of immortality
Chapter 3355 Tiger God Cauldron
Chapter 3356 The Great Holy Body
Chapter 3357 Myriad beasts descend from heaven
Chapter 3358 One sword cut it
Chapter 3359 Invincible
Chapter 3360 Three True Sect visitors
Chapter 3361 Blood debt and blood repayment
Chapter 3362 Fire Dragon Seal
Chapter 3363 Broken Arm
Chapter 3364 Nail to kill
Chapter 3365 Cut it at will
Chapter 3366 The army is pressing
Chapter 3367 Three True Seven Sons
Chapter 3368 Xing Shi and asking for guilt
Chapter 3369 will fight
Chapter 3370 The Great War
Chapter 3371 Showdown
Chapter 3372 The person who hides deeply
Chapter 3373 Strength of the Thousand-handed Bodhisattva
Chapter 3374 Genius Lu Yiling
Chapter 3375 Lost
Chapter 3376 will be defeated
Chapter 3377 Turn the tide
Chapter 3378 Golden Dragon
Chapter 3379 admit defeat
Chapter 3380 Love and Righteousness
Chapter 3381 One move to destroy a million
Chapter 3382 A sword is deadly
Chapter 3383 Do you want to escape?
Chapter 3385 Beheaded
Chapter 3386 Holding Chess
Chapter 3387 Farewell
Chapter 3388 Across the Void
Chapter 3389 Long Journey
Chapter 3390 Ishihara
Chapter 3391 Stone Doll
Chapter 3392 Picking Stones
Chapter 3393 A one-man village
Chapter 3394 Where do you want to go
Chapter 3395 The wind rises
Chapter 3396 The power of petrification
Chapter 3397 Entering the Mist
Chapter 3398 Who is it?
Chapter 3399 Leaving the Village
Chapter 3400 Stone Shell Langgu
Chapter 3401 Stone Shell Lang
Chapter 3402 Stone Shell Lang Huang
Chapter 3403 Original Stone
Chapter 3404 Grab the original stone
Chapter 2405 Weak Chicken
Chapter 2406 Stone Axe
Chapter 3407 Fox's Tail
Chapter 2408 Eat all
Chapter 3409 It's too late to admit counsel
Chapter 3410 People can't see through
Chapter 3411 Ancestral City
Chapter 3442 Shi Family
Chapter 3413 The stone tablet
Chapter 3414 Chicken soup old shop
Chapter 3415 I only drink duck soup
Chapter 3416: Master, are you satisfied?
Chapter 3417 ask a question
Chapter 3418 The ancestral city rises
Chapter 3419 True Dragon and Phoenix Girl
Chapter 3420 A Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 3421 The stars hold the moon
Chapter 3422 See you again
Chapter 3423 Stupid Stone
Chapter 3424 Shixin Tianxing Dan
Chapter 3425 What to send
Chapter 3426 Jealousy
Chapter 3427 comprehend the stupid stone
Chapter 3428 There is such an operation
Chapter 3429 smashed with one foot
Chapter 3430 Yujian Shaojun
Chapter 3431 Kill with one sword
Chapter 3432 I don't know how high the sky is
Chapter 3433 smashed into meat sauce
Chapter 3434 Ignorance
Chapter 3435 Don't ask more
Chapter 3436 Ancestor Lu
Chapter 3437 Unspeakable
Chapter 3438 Heroes rise
Chapter 3439 Wu Zhongtian
Chapter 3440 Qingshi's identity
Chapter 3441 Space Dragon Emperor
Chapter 3442 Can't get in
Chapter 3443 Entering the Stone Forest
Chapter 3444 Fire Domain
Chapter 3445 God Stone Ridge
Chapter 3446 Princess Tianlang
Chapter 3447 tit for tat
Chapter 3448 The mentality of the weak
Chapter 3449 Heavenly Butterfly Dance Steps
Chapter 3450 Who is Qingshi
Chapter 3451 Swallow alone
Chapter 3452 Phoenix Bloodline
Chapter 3453 Random guessing
Chapter 3454 One trick is useless
Chapter 3455 is too weak
Chapter 3556 Let's go together
Chapter 3457 Fengtian Cold Mirror
Chapter 3458 Slaughter
Chapter 3459 Into the fire zone
Chapter 3460 Phoenix Relics
Chapter 3461 Give a good fortune
Chapter 3462 Withered Stone Court disappeared
Chapter 3463 Battle Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3464 I don't know what
Chapter 3465 Everyone wants to rob
Chapter 3466 Everyone kills it
Chapter 3467 Killing each other
Chapter 3468 Ancestral City Soldiers and Horses
Chapter 3469 tear up the marriage
Chapter 3470 Aggressive
Chapter 3471 The Ancient Ancestor Awakens
Chapter 3472 Welcome
Chapter 3473 Burning Sword Heavenly Venerate
Chapter 3474 Qinglong Ancient Emperor
Chapter 3475 Ready to go
Chapter 3476 Bai Jianchan
Chapter 3477 Fascinated by thousands
Chapter 3478 Talk about collapse
Chapter 3479 Holy Spirit Temple
Chapter 3780 Climbing to the Holy Spirit Temple
Chapter 3481 Bai Jianchan's harvest
Chapter 3482 Comparison
Chapter 3483 Too easy
Chapter 3484 Roll up and leave
Chapter 3485 Before the decisive battle
Chapter 3486 Phoenix Feather
Chapter 3487 Ancient Body Technique
Chapter 3488 Void
Chapter 3489 Tyrant Kui Tianjian
Chapter 3490 Kui Shen Juetian
Chapter 3491 Fiasco
Chapter 3492 True Love
Chapter 3493 The end of the war
Chapter 3494 Soldiers approaching the city
Chapter 3495 Disdain
Chapter 3496 Dark clouds overwhelm the city
Chapter 3497 Ten Thousand Army
Chapter 3498 The Three Ancient Ancestors of the Sun, Moon and Stars
Chapter 3499 Bai Jianchan's struggle
Chapter 3500 Keeping the Magic Mind
Chapter 3501: There is a demon in my heart, there is a demon in the world, I am a demon, there is no demon in the world
Chapter 3502 A stick collapsed
Chapter 3503 Zen Yang True Blood
Chapter 3504 Yin and Yang destroy the world
Chapter 3505 Gods and Demons Drive Together
Chapter 3506 perished
Chapter 3507 Zhan Tianzun
Chapter 3508 Legendary Xuanyan Kendo
Chapter 3509 Qinglong Claw
Chapter 3510 The five ancestors joined forces
Chapter 3511 Five Ancestor Lore
Chapter 3512 The Way of the World
Chapter 3513 Jinyang Giant Dragon Sky Wall
Chapter 3514 Defeated
Chapter 3515 Chanyang Tianzun
Chapter 3516 Horror
Chapter 3517 A fight to the death
Chapter 3518 White Bone Sword
Chapter 3519 Ten Thousand Heavenly Body
Chapter 3520 Fiasco
Chapter 3521 The ancestors arrived
Chapter 3522 Dragon Phoenix Tianshuai
Chapter 3523 Invincible sigh
Chapter 3524 plead guilty
Chapter 3525 Chan Yang's decision
Chapter 3526 Teaching Dao
Chapter 3527 Long message
Chapter 3528 Doubts about the Seven Laws of the Great World
Chapter 3529 Parting
Chapter 3530 Wasteland
Chapter 3531 Changes in the Buddha Burial Plateau
Chapter 3532 Vedas
Chapter 3533 A hawker
Chapter 2534 Weird Hawker
Chapter 3535 Broken Copper Ring
Chapter 3536 Another weird person
Chapter 3537 Buddha Holy Land
Chapter 3538 Very weird chat
Chapter 3539 Deep Mountain Ancient Temple
Chapter 3540 Old Man
Chapter 3541 Old slave
Chapter 3542 Fanbai
Chapter 3543 Buddha bows his head
Chapter 3544 Five Buddha Emperors
Chapter 3545 Entering the Mountain of Ten Thousand Beasts
Chapter 3546 The woodcutter who chops wood
Chapter 3547 What a strange feeling
Chapter 3548 do not understand
Chapter 3549 Each has its own way
Chapter 3550 Killed and roasted to eat
Chapter 3551 Colorful Dragon Loach
Chapter 3552 Eat casually
Chapter 3553 The greedy little monk
Chapter 3554 Guess
Chapter 3555 Black and White King Kong
Chapter 3556 Fog Lock Eighth Heaven
Chapter 3557 smashed with one palm
Chapter 3558 I just pick a fruit to quench my thirst
Chapter 3559 Just want a few
Chapter 3560 Shame
3561 Kneel down
Chapter 3562 About Dao Heart
Chapter 3563 Buddha was born
Chapter 3564 Golden Egg
Chapter 3565 Take this egg altogether
Chapter 3566 Buddha Ye
Chapter 3567 Questioning
Chapter 3568 Come to our Yunni Academy
Chapter 3569 rushing to ask
Chapter 3570 Don't eat this set
Chapter 3571 How to enter the valley
Chapter 3572 Go in
Chapter 3573 It's so easy
Chapter 3574 I'm just chopping wood
Chapter 3575 Too much temptation
Chapter 3576 I don't want anything
3577 Threat
Chapter 3578 Cloud Mud Academy is okay
Chapter 3579 Let's go in together
Chapter 3580 Entering the Valley
Chapter 3581 Profitable words come first
Chapter 3582 The treasure is in sight
Chapter 3582 Self-injection into the net
Chapter 3584 A dead end
Chapter 3585 Mohoroga Egg
Chapter 3586 sent to death
Chapter 3587 Disappeared
Chapter 3588 A Cub
Chapter 3589 Maharaka
Chapter 3590 Love is beyond words
Chapter 3591 Goodbye, no goodbye
Chapter 3592 Eighty thousand holy Buddhas are clay figures
Chapter 3593 Riding a pig
Chapter 3594 Who is it?
Chapter 3595 Cloud Mud Academy
Chapter 3596 I am a mortal
Chapter 3597 The sword points to something
Chapter 3598 Crazy Blade
Chapter 3599 Three Daoist Swords
Chapter 3600 Who can understand
Chapter 3601 Too easy
Chapter 3602 A stool smashed over
Chapter 3603 Wan Furnace Peak
Chapter 3604 Three Angry Axe
Chapter 3605 Refinement of weapons
Chapter 3606 Different stones
Chapter 3605 Volcanic eruption
Chapter 3606 The fire is on fire
Chapter 3607 A sledgehammer that no one can lift
Chapter 3608 Challenge
Chapter 3609 Slaying the King Sword
Chapter 3610 I want to use a big hammer
Chapter 3611 Smashed to death with a hammer
Chapter 3612 An old man
Chapter 3613 Just order anything
Chapter 3614 The thing you want is too scary
Chapter 3615 A ??dog and a pig
Chapter 3616 Cold Eyed Electric Sword
Chapter 3617 The end of gluttony
Chapter 3618: Viewed from the side, it looks like a ridge, but from the side, it looks like a peak
Chapter 3619 Calamity
Chapter 3620 Deceiving too much
Chapter 3621 I don't know whether to live or die
Chapter 3622 Break through the self
Chapter 3623: All Buddhas bow their heads, I alone dominate the Great Way
Chapter 3624: My fate is up to me, not to God
Chapter 3625 Beheading
Chapter 3626 Teach you a trick
Chapter 3627 Chi Xiaoyue
Chapter 3628 Beautiful legend
Chapter 3629 Ruyi Square
Chapter 3630 Hug the mouse
Chapter 3631 Prince
Chapter 3632 hatchet
Chapter 3633 Battle of the Royal Family
Chapter 3634 Seafood Shop
Chapter 3635 Colorful conch
Chapter 3636 Money is not a problem
Chapter 3637 Sky Price
Chapter 3638 Small gift
Chapter 3639 One thing
Chapter 3640 Extremely mysterious
Chapter 3641 Raise your hand to set the world
Chapter 3642 residual stone
Chapter 3643 whisk
Chapter 3644 I'm waiting
Chapter 3645 No appointment with the monk
Chapter 3646 Weird
Chapter 3647 Second Princess
Chapter 3648 as I wish
Chapter 3649 Wash feet girl? Very reluctant
Chapter 3650 Princess's anger
Chapter 3651 Betting is interesting
Chapter 3652 Because I'm handsome
Chapter 3653: Being handsome makes you different
Chapter 3654 I'm the one who is destined
Chapter 3655 Teach you a unique way to open the door
Chapter 3656 Strip it all off
Chapter 3657 See words like face
Chapter 3658 Can we meet again
Chapter 3659 Hug the mouse
Chapter 3660 Very cute foodie
Chapter 3661 Enter the treasure house
Chapter 3662 Ten Thousand Swallow God Bell
Chapter 3663: Whatever you want, just pick it
Chapter 3664 The Treasure of Hug Rat
Chapter 3665 Embrace the crime
Chapter 3666 Flattery
Chapter 3667 Repeated villain
Chapter 3668 It is difficult to ride a tiger
Chapter 3669 Pumping you to death with one leg
Chapter 3670 It's just a puppet
Chapter 3671 Everything that should come is here
Chapter 3672 One move is enough
Chapter 3673 Genius boy
Chapter 3674 The sword points to something
Chapter 3675 A sword that mortals cannot comprehend
Chapter 3676 Eighteen falling iron clothes
Chapter 3677 One Sword Breaks It
Chapter 3678 Frightened
Chapter 3679 Battle of Trapped Beasts
Chapter 3680 A sword shocked the world
Chapter 3681 Strong return
Chapter 3682 A bronze statue
Chapter 3683 Collection of Ruyifang
Chapter 3684 Immovable Iron
Chapter 3685 Seeking a dead end
Chapter 3686 War is coming
Chapter 11 Wuyi Lane rises
Chapter 3688 One man alone against a thousand troops
Chapter 3689 Unique weapon
Chapter 3690 One hit kills 100,000
Chapter 3691 is like a broken bamboo
Chapter 3692 Too easy
Chapter 3693 Break through
Chapter 3694 Break everything
Chapter 3695 The ultimate move
Chapter 3696 Vulnerable
Chapter 3697 No one can stop
Chapter 3698 late
Chapter 3699 The defense line of the imperial city
Chapter 3700 The Golden Pestle
Chapter 3701 Daojun Jin Pestle
Chapter 3702 Invincible pose
Chapter 3703 This is the real invincibility
Chapter 3704 razed to the ground
Chapter 3705 Gu Yanghuang
Chapter 3706 The wicked complain first
Chapter 3707 Who is the master
Chapter 3708 Holding total power
Chapter 3709 Assassin
Chapter 3710 I want this girl
Chapter 3711 tease you
Chapter 3712 Golden pestle waves
Chapter 3713 Snow Studio
Chapter 3714 Another road
Chapter 3715 Ancient Immortal Movement Technique
Chapter 3716 Choice
Chapter 3717 Buddha Emperor City
Chapter 3718 Ye Mingshi
Chapter 3719 Can't understand
Chapter 3721 The Ring
Chapter 3721 Three Princes
Chapter 3722 The third prince's cards
Chapter 3723 Challenge the world's heroes
Chapter 3724 Who can fight
Chapter 3725 Little Holy Mountain
Chapter 3726 The Ancient Queen
Chapter 3727 Golden Pestle and Tiger Ben
Chapter 3728 Dugu Lan
Chapter 3729 It's a bit difficult
Chapter 3730 The book of war arrives
Chapter 3731 Meet the young master
Chapter 3732 Xu Cuimei
Chapter 3633 Thunder Knife
Chapter 3734 Against
Chapter 3735 Three axes
Chapter 3736 Third Axe
Chapter 3737 Cirrus Whip
Chapter 3738 Women do not allow men
Chapter 3739 Eight Dragons
Chapter 3740 Scarlet Moon Seal
Chapter 3741 Chi Xiaoyue's strength
Chapter 3742 The Power of Heavenly Books
Chapter 3743 Devil Swallow Seven Volumes
Chapter 3744 It's just a little trick
Chapter 3745 Nothing Difficult
Chapter 3746 Trust
Chapter 3747 The Way to Crack
Chapter 3748 Too easy
Chapter 3749 I'm fishing
Chapter 3750 Too much do not understand
Chapter 3751 is a young master
Chapter 3752 Fireworks Table
Chapter 3753 Peerless grace
Chapter 3754 I am invincible
Chapter 3755 Swallowing the Golden Dragon Guard
Chapter 3756 Defense Unparalleled
Chapter 3757 White Tiger Road Spear
Chapter 3758 Defeat in one blow
Chapter 3759 Killer
Chapter 3760 defeated like a mountain
Chapter 3761 What Xu Cuimei thought
Chapter 3762 Hengjiang Iron Lock
Chapter 3763 The big murder is coming
Chapter 3764 The little monk is here
Chapter 3765 Wonderful Monk
Chapter 3766 Six Paths of Buddha
Chapter 3767 Nianhuaxiao
Chapter 3768 Leng Flail Sutra
Chapter 3769 Reincarnation Seal
Chapter 3770 Buddha crossing the world
Chapter 3771 Dharma is boundless
Chapter 3772 I cut the avenue
Chapter 3773 Drive in
Chapter 3774 Shocking mutation
Chapter 3775 Everyone kills it
Chapter 3776 Aggressive
Chapter 3777 The battle for imperial power
Chapter 3778 Take risks
Chapter 3779 Who is the hero
Chapter 3780 Dare not to obey
Chapter 3781 Understatement
Chapter 3782 Biscale Poisonous Dragon Whip
Chapter 3783 Divine Shadow Skywalking
Chapter 3784 I plant a tree
Chapter 3785 Throw you three fruits
Chapter 3786 Three Fruits and Three Fortunes
Chapter 3787 One move
Chapter 3788 The emperor's younger brother
Chapter 3789 Golden Pestle Swordsman
Chapter 3790 Divine Electric Ghost Spear
Chapter 3791 Is it fun?
Chapter 3792 III Eternal Castle
Chapter 3793 Eight Difficulties Buddha Dragon
Chapter 3794 tit for tat
Chapter 3795 Only death
Chapter 3796 No interest
Chapter 3797 Genius Showdown
Chapter 3798 Who is the winner
Chapter 3799 Seven Glory Snatching the Sky Spear
Chapter 3800 Three Talented Swordsmanship
Chapter 3801 Heaven is ruthless
Chapter 3802 Only the ground makes a living
Chapter 3803 Qi Yao slashes the sky
Chapter 3804 The world is like a tide
Chapter 4805 The outcome has been divided
Chapter 3806 Unexpected results
Chapter 3087 Where to escape
Chapter 3807 Where to escape
Chapter 3808 Strike the Iron
Chapter 3809 is about to start
Chapter 3810 Stupid
Chapter 3811 Earth Demon Sword
Chapter 3812 A hammer smashed into the air
Chapter 3813 It's time to end
Chapter 3814 Guess
Chapter 3815 Road will go
Chapter 3816 Willing to accompany
Chapter 3817 Far away
Chapter 3818 Kuroshio Sea
Chapter 3819 Anecdotes from the past
Chapter 3820 The water of the Kuroshio Sea
Chapter 3821 Biandu Family
Chapter 3822: Where the sword points, my heart desires
Chapter 3823 Kuroshio Sea Mutation
Chapter 3824 Daojun suppression
Chapter 3825 Catastrophe is coming
Chapter 3826 Witch God View
Chapter 3827 Heroes gather
Chapter 3828 Side crossing three knives
Chapter 3829 Wei Qianqing is here
Chapter 3830 Great witch
Chapter 3831 Ceremony of viewing the sky
Chapter 3832 There is a vision in the sky
Chapter 3833 Watching the sky
Chapter 3834 Who is the genius of heaven
tenth 3835 triumphant
Chapter 3836 Look at the pictures
Chapter 3837 Outliers
Chapter 3838 Want to see me?
Chapter 3839 Dengzu Peak
Chapter 3840 A pile of dead wood
Chapter 3841 The reaction of the Biandu family
Chapter 3842 Roll
Chapter 3843 Dao Enshi
Chapter 3844 will fight
Chapter 3845 Kuroshio Sea Recession
Chapter 3846 The tide recedes
Chapter 3847 World Support
Chapter 3848 Supreme General
Chapter 3849 The legendary fairy
Chapter 3850 Gift from Tianlong Temple
Chapter 3851 Treasure was born
Chapter 3852 East Man is crazy
Chapter 3853 Entering the Kuroshio Sea
Chapter 3854 round stones
Chapter 3855 No one can break in
Chapter 3856 How difficult is it to enter
Chapter 3857 Take it at your fingertips
Chapter 3858 Three Dragons Holding Salary Furnace
Chapter 3859 Playing with fire and setting yourself on fire
Chapter 3860 A Nail
Chapter 3861 Black Abyss
Chapter 3862 The Creation of Heiyuan
Chapter 3863 The moat cannot be crossed
Chapter 3864 Wang Shixing sigh
Chapter 3865 It is difficult to take a stone
Chapter 3866 Nothing
Chapter 3867 Wujin has avenue
Chapter 3868 Born at the foot of the avenue
Chapter 3869 Is a genius amazing?
Chapter 3870 You try
Chapter 3871 Is it difficult? Not difficult
Chapter 3872 Temptation and coercion
Chapter 3873 What I want, you can’t afford it
Chapter 3874 Kuroshio Knife
Chapter 3875 Eight Crazy Blades
Chapter 3876 is nothing more than that
Chapter 3877 A slash with a mad knife
Chapter 3878 Two strokes have passed
Chapter 3879 Killing a knife
Chapter 3880 One knife is enough
Chapter 3891 Fierce things are now
Chapter 3892 The terrifying skeleton
Chapter 3893 The old slave strikes
Chapter 3884 Weird place
Chapter 3885 Fierce thing strikes
Chapter 3886 Stick to Blackwood Cliff
Chapter 3887 Do not open Buddhism
Chapter 3888 is about to start
Chapter 3889 Open the Buddhist gate at will
Chapter 3890 Biandu Xianzu
Chapter 3891 The Holy Lord Arrives
Chapter 3892 It's all withdrawn
Chapter 3893 Challenge of Jin Chu Jianhao
Chapter 3894 One dog, one pig is enough
Chapter 3895 Pigs and dogs are not as good as
Chapter 3896 Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Sect
Chapter 3897 Xiao Huang's true identity
Chapter 3898 Tianjing Divine Bow Shot
Chapter 3899 Xiao Hei's true identity
Chapter 3900 is too weak
Chapter 3901 This is just the beginning
Chapter 3902 overwhelming
Chapter 3903 is coming
Chapter 3904 Is it the strongest bone monster?
Chapter 3905 The real king
Chapter 3906 The power of the giant
Chapter 3907 The divine tree is towering
Chapter 3908 The reason for burning charcoal
Chapter 3909 The so-called great evil is nothing more than that
Chapter 3910 Re-entering the Kuroshio Sea
Chapter 3911 The depths of the Kuroshio Sea
Chapter 3912 The world of skeletons
Chapter 3913 See the wooden nest again
Chapter 3914 Master of the Demon Star
Chapter 3915 The choice of the magic star
Chapter 3916 Something that once belonged to Gu Ming
Chapter 3917 Immortal soldiers were born
Chapter 3918 Kuroshio Messenger
Chapter 3919 Immortal Soldiers
Chapter 3920 Five-color saint
Chapter 3921 Prajna holy monk
Chapter 3922 Fairy Clothes
Chapter 3923 Swallowing the Sky Golden Scale Gloves
Chapter 3924 I'm here too
Chapter 3925 is so unique
Chapter 3930 Take the Immortal Soldier at your fingertips
Chapter 3931 Kuroshio Messenger
Chapter 3932 The furnace comes
Chapter 3933 Tempering the Immortal Soldiers
Chapter 3934 Big figures from all walks of life appeared
Chapter 3935 Heavenly Tribulation Comes
Chapter 3936 Immortal Crystal God King
Chapter 3937 The catastrophe comes
Chapter 3938 Terrible catastrophe
Chapter 3939 The noise of idiots
Chapter 3940 Crazy Blade
Chapter 3941 Look at the world
Chapter 3942 The true identity of the guardian of the Golden Pestle Dynasty
Chapter 3943 The war begins
Chapter 3944 Grandmaster Showdown
Chapter 3945 Fanbai's miracle
Chapter 3946 Attack and kill strategy
Chapter 3947 Destiny Immortal Crystal
Chapter 3948 Wanyu's death
Chapter 3949 Killer
Chapter 3950 One move to kill
Chapter 3951 A sword shocked the ages
Chapter 3952 Black Scythe Star Knife
Chapter 3953 Ancient Queen
Chapter 3954 The real body of the red dust fairy
Chapter 3955 What I want
Chapter 3956 There is nothing unbreakable
Chapter 3957 Guarding Yunni College
Chapter 3958 Buddha Supreme
Chapter 3959 It's time to go
Chapter 3960 Goodbye, will we meet again?
Chapter 3961 Into the deepest
Chapter 3962 Sword God
Chapter 3963 Young Daojun
Chapter 3964 go back
Chapter 3965 is a play
Chapter 3966 A seahorse
Chapter 3967 we should talk
Chapter 3968 Big waves
Chapter 3969 A woman
Chapter 3970 See the Longevity Academy again
Chapter 3971 The past is like the wind
Chapter 3972 Nine Swordsmen
Chapter 3973 see Leita again
Chapter 3974 Xiyue
Chapter 3975 The avenue fills the vacancy
Chapter 3976 Or the Seven Laws of the Great World
Chapter 3977 The first game in the world
Chapter 3978 Immortal touches my top
Chapter 3979 hit him
Chapter 3980 Dongling
Chapter 3981 Ghost Town
Chapter 3982 Raise your hand to kill
Chapter 3983 The first beauty
Chapter 3984 Junyan Ten Swords
Chapter 3985 A beggar
Chapter 3986 To the Holy City
Chapter 3987 Qingchengzi
Chapter 3988 Move your muscles and bones
Chapter 3989 Dead branches kill
Chapter 3990 Juggernaut
Chapter 3991 Gillian
Chapter 3992 Marry me soon
Chapter 3993 Holy Sword
Chapter 3994 Ring Sabre Girl
Chapter 3995 old iron shop
Chapter 3996 A piece of amber
Chapter 3997 Ancient Yizhai
Chapter 3998 Star Grass Sword
Chapter 3999 Princess Ningzhu
Chapter 4000 Bidding
Chapter 4001 Money is not a problem
Chapter 4002 Price, quote as you like
Chapter 4003 Please smile
Chapter 4004 The mystery of the star grass sword
Chapter 4005 Market
Chapter 4006 Star Shooting Prince
Chapter 4007 Enemies get together again
Chapter 4008 Arrow Three Strong
Chapter 4009 Shameless
Chapter 4010 Easily solve the market
Chapter 4011 Can we cooperate well?
Chapter 4012 The first game in the world
Chapter 4013 Shocking wealth
Chapter 4014 Do you want me to wash my feet?
Chapter 4015 kicked away
Chapter 4016 Rich and easy to do
Chapter 4017 If you have money, you are the uncle
Chapter 4018 Rewards at will
Chapter 4019 Someone wants to hijack
Chapter 4020 Too many treasures
Chapter 4021 The wicked should be punished
Chapter 4022 Redemption
Chapter 4023 Money is for spending
Chapter 4024 Take refuge
Chapter 4025 Rewards
4026 Recruiting the world's wise men
Chapter 4027 Everything is the fault of money
Chapter 4028 Ten Thousand Eyes Sleeping Moth Demon Banner
Chapter 4029 Xuan Jiao Zhen Association
Chapter 4030 The devil is in the sky
Chapter 4031 Beheading
Chapter 4032 I only need one bite to eat
Chapter 4033 Recruiting people from all over the world
Chapter 4034 Credit is priceless
Chapter 4035 Rich is willful
Chapter 4036 Song Ye Sword Master
Chapter 4037 I have money
Chapter 4038 The girl who washes her feet
Chapter 4039 Smart people do sensible things
Chapter 4040 Shi Yingxue
Chapter 4041 Haunted
Chapter 4042 What do you have for me?
Chapter 4043 Baibing Mountain
Chapter 4044 Strange Tang Yuan
Chapter 4045 The ancestors of the Tang family
Chapter 4046 Ancestral Peak Mutation
Chapter 4047 Mr. Rain Knife
Chapter 4048: Nothing but money
Chapter 4049 Quote a price
Chapter 4050 Eight-armed prince
Chapter 4051 to sell
Chapter 4052 Star Shooting Kendo
Chapter 4053 Who is stronger
Chapter 4054 Jianshe Jiuyuan
Chapter 4055 Top three
Chapter 4056
Chapter 4057 You are too poor
Chapter 4058 Double Bat Blood King
4059 Threat
Chapter 4060 Blood Ancestor
Chapter 4061 Frightened
Chapter 4062 Can you rank
Chapter 4063 Mysterious cellar
Chapter 4064 Open
Chapter 4065 Alarming the world
Chapter 4066 Everyone wants to get treasure
Chapter 4067: In the blink of an eye, it was wiped out in ashes
Chapter 4068 The army is approaching
Chapter 4069 Young Master Hundred Swords
Chapter 4070 is about to go to war
Chapter 4071 Babao Kaitian Gong
Chapter 4072 is missing
Chapter 4073 tied meat brown
No. 4074 open a price
Chapter 4075 Ape Demon King
7076 Blast back
Chapter 4077 Star Shooting Cangling Bow
Chapter 4078 Eighty Thousand Monster Beast Legion
Chapter 4079 is about to go to war
Chapter 4080 Sword Nine
Chapter 4081 Sword Holy Land
Chapter 4082 Kill 100,000 with one sword
Chapter 4083 Jian Er is heartless
Chapter 4084 Life and death battle
Chapter 4085 Sword three absolutely heart
Chapter 4086 Sword Six Absolute Saints
Chapter 4087 A sword slaughtered
Chapter 4088 It's time to pay me
Chapter 4089 Sword Five
Chapter 4090 Unbreakable
Chapter 4091 Sword Eight Jedi
Chapter 4092 Sword Nine Defeated
Chapter 4093 Vision Sudden
Chapter 4094 Catastrophe comes
Chapter 4095 Daojun manifests the saint
Chapter 4096 Help
Chapter 4097 Open
Chapter 4098 The real origin
Chapter 4099 He is here
Chapter 4100 Is there a true immortal on the avenue?
Chapter 4101 Give you
Chapter 4102 Yunmengze
Chapter 4103 I am rich
Chapter 4104: Seven Nights Immortal, powerless
Chapter 4105 Xuan Jiao King
Chapter 4106: Throwing away the armor and discarding the armor
Chapter 4107 Break it with a sword
Chapter 4108 Rich is amazing
Chapter 4109 Turtle King Island
Chapter 4110 An ancient well
Chapter 4111 Old Wang Eight
Chapter 4112 Breaking Wave Knife
Chapter 4113 Why
Chapter 4114 Princess Xueyun
Chapter 4115 Yangu Daofu
Chapter 4116 Unreal Princess
Chapter 4117 There is money
Chapter 4118 I just have a few stinky money
Chapter 4119 is so easy
Chapter 4120 What a coincidence
4121 To protect the short
Chapter 4122 Not only do I have a lot of money, I also have a lot of weapons from the Tao Lord.
Chapter 4123 Inverse Air Logo
4124 Void Wheel
4125 Kill you with money
4126 Wanna know
Chapter 4127 Decisive battle
Chapter 4128 Linyuan Sword Master
Chapter 4129 Earth Sword Saint
Chapter 4130: All swords are second, I am first
Chapter 4131 The battle will be in
Chapter 4132 Song Ye Sword Master
Chapter 4133 Tianhuo Jiaojian
Chapter 4134 Draw the prison sword curtain
Chapter 4135 Sword Broken
Chapter 4136 Jian Jiujuetian
Chapter 4137 Attack
Chapter 4138 Choice
Chapter 4139 Eight hundred Li Court
Chapter 4140 Juyuan Kendo
Chapter 4141 The strength of Princess Ningzhu
Chapter 4142 See the three strong arrows again
Chapter 4143 Wan Dao Sword
4144 Let's go together
Chapter 4145 Zhen Hunyuan Immortal Array
Chapter 4146: So much money, just throw it away
Chapter 4147 Zhen Wangu Hunyuan
Chapter 4118 The dragon swings its tail
Chapter 4119 Black Wind Village is here
Chapter 4120 The night is full of sky
Chapter 4121 Unexpected ending
Chapter 4122 Black Wind Village
Chapter 4123 Seeing old friends again
Chapter 4124 is coming
Chapter 4125 Burial Sword Death Domain
Chapter 4126 Ancient Yang Sage
Chapter 4157 Entering the Sword Burial Domain
Chapter 4158 Jianhe
Chapter 4159 See you again
Chapter 4160 Jianhe's feet
Chapter 4161 Legendary Immortal Soldiers
Chapter 4162 Jian Yuan
Chapter 4163 That middle-aged man
Chapter 4164 Miracle to Miracle
Chapter 4165 Suicide
Chapter 4166 Nine Sun Sword Saint
Chapter 4167 Sword Grave
Chapter 4168 Extremely dangerous
Chapter 4169 Dragon Palace
Chapter 4170 Red Smoke Jinzhang
Chapter 4171 Jun Yan and Renjie
Chapter 4172 Aggressive
Chapter 4173 A sword in a hundred battles
Chapter 4174 Ming Void Transforms Canglong
Chapter 4175 Seeking a dead end
4176 The identity of the iron sword
Chapter 4177 How to get in
Chapter 4178 Nine Sun Sword Saint
Chapter 4179 Just go in like this
Chapter 4180 Too difficult
Chapter 4181 The second sword grave
Chapter 4182 Sword Furnace
Chapter 4183 Sword Sea
Chapter 4184 Sword Sea Treasure
Chapter 4185 Sea Eyes
4186 Terrible creatures
Chapter 4187 Suspected old friend
Chapter 4198 Heavenly Book
4199 The sword is lost
Chapter 4200 Hao Sen Luo Jian Formation
Chapter 4201 Dongling
Chapter 4202 Which is stronger and which is weaker
4203 Silkworm Dragon Kendo
Chapter 4204: Transforming Gods and Battle Emperor Dao
Chapter 4205 The heritage of the silkworm sect
Chapter 4206 Danhai Sword Emperor
Chapter 4197 Void Son
Chapter 4198 Choose a position
Chapter 4199 Power Showdown
Chapter 4200 Galun Ancestor
Chapter 4201 Jianzhou Giant
Chapter 4202 I, Li Qiye
4203 Let's go together
Chapter 4204 A broken sword is enough
Chapter 4205 Space giant wheel
4206 - Chapter 4206
Chapter 4207 is so powerful
Chapter 4208 The world is exquisite
Chapter 3209 Haohai Tianjian
Chapter 4210 Void Shatter·Crystal Cut
4211 Fragmented
Chapter 4212 Time goes backwards
Chapter 4213 A sword seals the throat
Chapter 4214 Capture the sword
Chapter 4215 Green Qi's identity
Chapter 4216 One sword cut it
Chapter 4217 Invincible at your fingertips
Chapter 4218 Haohai is very old
Chapter 2419 Jianzhou Giant
Chapter 4220 Wan Shijian
Chapter 4221 Di Tuo Ancestor
Make a choice
Chapter 4223 Sword Ten
Chapter 4224 Sword Ten Showdown
Chapter 4225 Azhi's identity
Chapter 2426 Challenge Haohai Jue Old
Chapter 4227 Long Existing Sword God
Chapter 4228 Giant Showdown
Chapter 4229 Vajra Wheel
Chapter 4230 Come with the sword
Chapter 4231 It's that simple
Chapter 4232 'Zhijian·Nine Paths'
Chapter 4233 People are greedy
4234 Human greed
4235--Chapter 4235
Chapter 4236 The background
Chapter 4237 How powerful
Chapter 4238 Juyuan Tianjian
Chapter 4239 A sword at hand
Chapter 4240 Vajra Infinite Palm
Chapter 4241 Break it with a sword
Chapter 4242 Holy Spirit Mighty Fist
Chapter 4243 Sword meets love, the rain is not over yet
Chapter 4245 is too weak
Chapter 4246 The sword has ten thousand swords
Chapter 4247 Jun Wu
Chapter 4248 Jun Wu is invincible
Chapter 4249 One sword and nine paths
Chapter 4250 A sword slaughtered
Chapter 4251 Ayutthaya Pro
Chapter 4252 Mysterious Emperor
Chapter 4253 Suspected old friend
Chapter 4254 Peerless woman
Chapter 4255 An empty
4256 Octopus dead net broken
Chapter 4257 Daojun manifests the holy
4258 LORE
Chapter 4259 Destroy it at will
Chapter 4260 Difference
Chapter 4261 Give
Chapter 4262 Peach Fairy
Chapter 4263 Sword Furnace
Chapter 4263 The sword is invincible, I am even more invincible
Chapter 4265 A group of middle-aged men
4266 Sharpening the sword
Chapter 4267 Invincible
Chapter 4268 Tianjiang
Tavern 4269
Chapter 4270 That old friend
Chapter 4271 This is the case in all the worlds
Chapter 4372 Chi Jinlin
Chapter 4273 Dao Keyi
Chapter 4274 Icefield
Chapter 4275 Fool?
Chapter 4276 Dao enlightened
Chapter 4277 Bodhisattva Garden
4278 The wounded
Chapter 4279 Dying
Chapter 4280 Little King Kong Gate
Chapter 4281 Presbyterian Church
Chapter 4282 New Sect Master
Chapter 4283 Poor
Chapter 4284 Preaching
Chapter 4285 Wang Weiqiao
Chapter 4286 Accept you as a disciple
Chapter 4287 Preach your way
Chapter 4288 is coming
4289 Threat
Chapter 4290 I don't know whether to live or die
Chapter 4291 Eight Tiger Demons
4292 Stone them
4293 Smash them to death
Chapter 4294 Your Majesty
Chapter 4295 Bodhisattva City
Chapter 4296 Suspected old friend
Chapter 4297 Aunt
4298 Eat a wonton
Chapter 4299 Wang Zining
Chapter 4300 Doing business
Chapter 4301 true and false
Chapter 4302 The plan and the plan
Chapter 4303 Ancestral Temple
Chapter 4304 Auntie, I want you
Chapter 4305 Two girls
Chapter 4306 Wanjiao Mountain
Chapter 4307 Legend
Chapter 4308 Fish Leaping Dragon Gate
Chapter 4309 Wanjiaofang
Chapter 4310 Make things difficult
Chapter 4311 Ming girl
Chapter 4312 Do it at will
Chapter 4313: Strong Tao, omnipotent
Chapter 4314 Transcendence
Chapter 4315 The young master is here
Chapter 4316 Dragon Sect Saint
4317--Andrew Roaring the Crown Prince
Chapter 4318 Black mist surges
Wishful thinking
Chapter 4320 Who opposes
4321 Opposition
Chapter 4322 I'm here
Chapter 4323 cut your deer head
Chapter 4324 Tianzun
Chapter 4325 The Prince
Chapter 4326 Chi Jinlin
Strong support
Chapter 4328 Can't open the altar
4329 Dark Roar
4330 Dark Roar
Chapter 4331 Heroic Spirit
Chapter 4332 Yin soldier?
Chapter 4333 Transmutation
Chapter 4334 Treasures are born
Chapter 4335 People are always greedy
Chapter 4336 Want to win treasure
Chapter 4337 Dark Creatures
Chapter 4338 Peacock Ming Wang
Chapter 4339 The power of King Peacock Ming
Chapter 4340 The Spirit of Darkness
4341 The strength of terror
Chapter 4342 It's my turn
Chapter 4343 Refining
Chapter 4344 casually said
Chapter 4345 Can there be immortals
Chapter 4346 Fengtian Wudaomen
Chapter 4347 Jian Qingzhu
Chapter 4348 Demon City
Chapter 4349 Fengqi and Nine Changes
Chapter 4350 is begging again
Chapter 4351 Kick and fly
Chapter 4352 is Gillian again
Chapter 4353 People have regrets
Chapter 4354 Who begs who
Chapter 4355 Bad intentions
Chapter 4356 Jinluan Demon King
Chapter 4357 Nine-Tailed Demon God
Chapter 4358 The wonder of scorched earth
Chapter 4259 I want to go in
Chapter 4360 Jinluan Demon King's Deliberation
Chapter 4361 Fengdi
Chapter 4362 I want it
Chapter 4363 I'm too hard
Chapter 4364 Seeking a dead end
Chapter 4365 One Axe
Chapter 4367: It’s hard to be a human being, but it’s even harder to be a monster
Chapter 4368 Phoenix's Nest
Chapter 4369 True Nest
Chapter 4370 Burning
Chapter 4371 Phoenix Space
Chapter 4372 Golden Egg
Chapter 4373 King Ming is here
Chapter 4374 Power struggle
Chapter 4375 Long Armed Monkey King
Chapter 4376 Jian Qingzhu's strength
Chapter 4377 The Eight Wands of Madness
Chapter 4378 Qingluan contains Dan
Chapter 4379 I didn't shoot
Chapter 4380: Even if I don’t take action, I’ll torture you
Chapter 4381 That's it
Chapter 4382 Choice
Chapter 4383 Tyrannical Tiger
Chapter 4384 Fight with the same door
Chapter 4385 Tyrannosaurus Rex Gun
Chapter 4386 Three Gods Bird Heart Technique
Chapter 4387 Bamboo Feather Sword Technique
Chapter 4388 Eye of Ten Thousand Eyes
Chapter 4389 Powerful
Chapter 4390 Break the Aegis at will
Chapter 4391 Fight again
Chapter 4392 Good Fortune
Chapter 4393 Bloodline Transformation
Chapter 4394: Bamboo is light and the wind is light·Dao Guiling
Chapter 4395 Phoenix Talent
Chapter 4396 Innate Profound Truth
Chapter 4397 A rooster
Chapter 4398 Ancient Pheasant
4399 what I want
Chapter 4400 Future Fortune
Chapter 4401 Wuyang Emperor
4402 The guest is coming
Chapter 4403 Wuyang Emperor arrives
Chapter 4404 The divine power of Emperor Wuyang
Chapter 4405 My son has the capital of Daojun
Chapter 4406 Marriage
4407 Opposition
Chapter 4408 Answer or not
Chapter 4409 God Banner
Chapter 4410 Heavenly Scroll·Ancestral Flag
Chapter 4411 Killer
Chapter 4412 One stroke kill
4413 Forced
Chapter 4414 I made it
Chapter 4415 I have the final say
Chapter 4416 The speed of the knife
Chapter 4417 My son
Chapter 4418 Wuyang Shenlian
Chapter 4419 A knife
Chapter 4420 The strength of King Peacock Ming
4421. Chapter 4421 One step down
Chapter 4422 Nine-Tailed Demon God
Chapter 4423 Frightened
Chapter 4424 Dao killing
Chapter 4425 Bowl of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 4426 Invincible
Chapter 4427 Change the leader
Chapter 4428 Asking for shelter
Chapter 4429 Tiger Pool
Chapter 4430 About the legend
Chapter 4431 What is it
Chapter 4432 Dao Bone
Chapter 4433 The secret of the battlefield
Chapter 4434 The hidden secret
Chapter 4435 Live with the sky
Chapter 4436 Dangerously
Chapter 4437 Enter
Chapter 4438 Tai Yishui
Chapter 4439 Rock pile
Chapter 4440 Open it
Chapter 4441 Truly invincible
Chapter 4442 A grave
Chapter 4443 Wordless Stele
Chapter 4444 A Crow
A bird's nest
Chapter 4446 Dark Crow
4447 Sharp edge
Chapter 4448 Seed
4449 It's time to go
Chapter 4450 see life and death
Chapter 4451 Those legends
4452 There is something
Chapter 4453 Zhongxu
Chapter 4454 Wu Family
Chapter 4455 Recognize the ancestors
Chapter 4456 The ancient ancestor of the Wu family
Chapter 4457 Without you unworthy descendants
4458. Chapter 4458 Dao
Chapter 4459 Jane Merchant
Chapter 4460 About the legend
Chapter 4461 Entering the Wu family
4462 Dwarf tree
Chapter 4463 Dao Shi
Chapter 4464 Recognize the ancestors
Chapter 4465 Lu Family
Chapter 4466 Ancient paintings
Chapter 4467 Ten Crown Ancestors
Chapter 4468 The old friend has passed away
4469 The whereabouts of Dao Shi
Chapter 4470 Golden City
Chapter 4471 Golden Isle
Chapter 4472 Legend
Chapter 4473 Quiet place
Chapter 4474 Black Street
Chapter 4476 Count a hexagram
Chapter 4477 Gua can not be calculated
Chapter 4478 I am not myself, so I cannot forget myself
Chapter 4479 A living person
Chapter 4480 Dongting Square
Chapter 4481 Dongting Treasures
Chapter 4482 Two saints
Chapter 4483 Mrs. Lotus
A reader’s reflections deeply touched my heart
4484 The benefit of the tongue
Chapter 4485 The ancestors shot
Chapter 4486 Qingqi crosses Kyushu
Chapter 4487 Laughing and scolding
Chapter 4488 Fishing turtle ancestor
Chapter 4489 Elder Nayun
Chapter 4490 fox fake tiger power
Good medicine boy
4492 arrogant
4493--Chapter 4493
4494 Clap again
4495 What qualifications
Chapter 4496 Invincible Swordsmanship
Chapter 4497 ??Void Jade Wall
4498 10,000 casually
Chapter 4499 Unlimited quota
Chapter 4500 Thirty thousand
Chapter 4501
Chapter 4502 Fire Dragon Pill
Violent bidding
Chapter 4504 Twenty billion
4505. Chapter 4505
Chapter 4506 Shaking fairy grass
Chapter 4507 Willing to win
Chapter 4508 Money is a trivial matter
Supreme Black Crystal Card
Chapter 4511 Qiwu Pavilion
Shadow meeting
Chapter 4513 The last auction item
Blood Amber
Quote 4515
Chapter 4516 Oriental Family
Chapter 4517
4518 Ignorance
Chapter 4519 Lake
Chapter 4520 The creation of the ancestors
Chapter 4521 I don't know whether to live or die
Chapter 4522 King Kong Loose People
Pretend 4523
Chapter 4524 Seeking a dead end
Chapter 4525 Yu Family
Chapter 4526 Fatty Yu
Chapter 4527 The dead at home
Where is the burial
Chapter 4529 What is home
Chapter 4530 Swallowing mad god
Tenth 4531 about the legend
Chapter 4522 Yin-Yang Ferry
Chapter 4523 Yin Wheel
Chapter 4524 Longevity King
Chapter 4525 The foursome
Chapter 4526 Lin Mo
Chapter 4527 The Bone King
Chapter 4528 Golden death ring
Chapter 4529 Princess Shence
4540--Andrew The legend of eight Taoist emperors
Chapter 4541 Six-winged angel
Chapter 4542 Burning God Son
Chapter 4543 Quiet Goddess
Chapter 4544 Noble
Chapter 4545 True Immortal Leader
4546 Shocked
Chapter 4547 Kaidu
Extradition envoy
Chapter 4549 The god of stone falls from the sky
Chapter 4550 Stealing Heaven and Four Ghosts
Chapter 4551 Six Buddha Kings
Bone duck
Chapter 4553 Burning the ancient tree
Chapter 4554 Treasure
Chapter 4555 The mantis catches the cicada, the oriole is behind
4556 Slash
4557 Rage
Chapter 4558 Immortal King
4559 Seven Seals True God
4560--Andrew Daohua Baoyao
Chapter 4561 Tuozu
Chapter 4562 Sword out
Chapter 4563 Six Paths Immortal King
The invincibility of a sword
Chapter 4565 A song for eternity
Chapter 4566 Ashes to dust, dust to dust
4567 The end of the avenue
4568 The real me
Rescue Jianshu
Chapter 4570 Dead wood meets spring
Chapter 4571 Unblocking
Chapter 4572 Invincible girl
Chapter 4573 Who am I
Chapter 4574 Who is the king
Chapter 4575 Family
Bloodline 4576
4577 A place
Chapter 4578 Taiyishen less
Chapter 4578 Tianjiang Five Young Masters
Chapter 4580 Zhongtian Emperor
Chapter 4581 asked
Chapter 4582: Immortality, Ask the True Immortal
Chapter 4583 Divine Fist collapses the world
Chapter 4584 Buying duck eggs
Chapter 4585 Tianquan
Chapter 4586 Golden Fist
4587 Slashing Fist
Chapter 4588 Golden Fist Emperor
Chapter 4589 A gem
Chapter 4590 Collapsing Sky City
Legendary marriage
Chapter 4592 Bitter tea
Chapter 4593 Wushou Chasing Wind Tea
4594 Ridiculous
Chapter 4595 Dangerous
The solution
Chapter 4598 Wuyang Emperor
Chapter 4599 The friendship of the Wuyang Emperor
Chapter 4600 To worship brothers
Chapter 4601 Not interested
Chapter 4602 Pure Sword
Chapter 4603 Abandoned Cliff
Chapter 4604 Ancient Alien
Chapter 4605 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 4606 Jane's mind
Chapter 4607 Golden Gate
Chapter 4608 Yellow Chicken
4609 Puppet
Chapter 4610 Fire Dragon True Secret
Chapter 4611 Rock Dragon Whip
Chapter 4612 Sword Kills Dragon Slaughter
Chapter 4613 A powerful sword
Chapter 4614 I match
4615. Chapter 4615 True fairy less
4616 arrogant
Chapter 4617 Daojun Tuo Shi
Chapter 4618 Extension of the World Exercise
Chapter 4619 Just casually
Chapter 4620 Golden Crazy Fist
Chapter 4621 Like
The decision of the golden gate
Chapter 4623 I will marry you
Witness a marriage
Chapter 4625 Martial arts recruit relatives
Chapter 4626 Women can also fight in the ring
Chapter 4627 Xiaosan
4628 Dao Taurus
Chapter 4629 True Immortal Young Emperor
Chapter 4630 The Charm of the True Immortal Young Emperor
Chapter 4631 Tiange in the palm
Chapter 4633 Sky Crazy
4634 Madman
4635 The warlike madness
Chapter 4636 Do you want to learn from each other?
Chapter 4637 Provocation
Chapter 4638 Golden Fist
4639--Chapter 4639
Chapter 4640 Toshi Monument
4641 Fist Comes
Chapter 4642 Heavenly King and Lao Tzu can't be saved
Chapter 4643 One punch sets the world
Chapter 4644 Tian mad warlike
Chapter 4645 God's fist collapses the giant palm of the world
Chapter 4646 The strength of the giant palm
Chapter 4647 The terror of immortal stone
Chapter 4648 Greedy Heart
Chapter 4649 The son-in-law of the Golden Gate
Chapter 4650 Divine Fist collapses the world
Chapter 4651 Fist slave
Chapter 4652 Heavenly Spider God
Chapter 4653 A throw of the universe
Chapter 4654 Fallen Gods and Demons
Chapter 4655 An old man
Chapter 4656 Humanity is infinite
Chapter 4657 Divine Fist Dynasty
Chapter 4658 Daojun strikes
Chapter 4659 Shen Juntian
Chapter 4660 I'm here
Chapter 4661 Eight hundred miles across
Chapter 3662 Moxian Eighty Thousand Miles Palm
Chapter 4663 Small ears
Chapter 4664 Eighty thousand li Tiangang
Chapter 4665: Vulnerable, weak
Chapter 4666 The first murderer in the world
4667 The bowl of the earth
Chapter 4668 Secret Heaven's True Destiny
Chapter 4669 Indescribable
Chapter 4670 Taichu meeting
4671 Go in
Chapter 4672 Buried Country River Demon
Chapter 4673 Black Giant Coffin
Chapter 4674 Taichu meeting
Chapter 4675 Ziwu Tianma grass
Chapter 4676 My King Kong Loose Man is here again
Chapter 4677 Great Power Tianlong
Chapter 4678 Still the mighty Tianlong
Chapter 4679 Oh, shameless
Chapter 4680 Desolate Spirit Daxian
Chapter 4681 Wan Tianzun
Chapter 4682 A slap
Chapter 4683 Three Heavenly Scriptures
I have three heads
Chapter 4685 Commentary
Chapter 4686 The strength of Wan Tianzun
Chapter 4687 The Six Treasures of the Heavenly Scripture are destroyed
Chapter 4689 Crazy clam
4690 Flesh talent
Chapter 4691 Eight Thunder Spears
Chapter 4692 No need
4693 Smash you to death
Chapter 4694 Invincible, it’s that simple
Genius on Taoism
4696-- Chapter 4696 Thoughts of the True Immortal Young Emperor
Chapter 4687 The arrogance of the son of Daojun
Chapter 4698 Golden Fist Emperor
Chapter 4698 The power of the Taichuhui
Chapter 4700: Fist Guarding the Way·Heavenly Protecting the Body
Chapter 4701 Immortal Stone
Chapter 4702 Eight Sages and Thirty-Six Heavenly Venerates
Chapter 4703 Strong enemy such as forest
Chapter 4704 Wuyang Refining Furnace
Chapter 4705 Refining
Chapter 4706 Ashes
Chapter 4707 Stunning Unparalleled God Juntian
Chapter 4708 Shenjuntian's challenge
Chapter 4709 Supreme Avenue - Divine Sound
4710 Infinite exile
Chapter 4711 Genius peerless
Chapter 4712 Daojun blood
Chapter 4713 One hit and invincible
Chapter 4714 Sword of Tao
Chapter 4715 Difficult brothers
Chapter 4716 The seed of the Taoist
Chapter 4717 Borrowing a knife from the sky
Chapter 4718 Shocking the fairy goddess
4719 It's time to come
Chapter 4720 Buried Country River Demon
Chapter 4721 Beginning of the Palace of Destiny
4723. Chapter 4723
Chapter 4724 Emperor Sword
Chapter 4725 One Sword Flying Immortal
Chapter 4726 Amazing talent
Chapter 4727 Heaven and Earth Vientiane Guiyuan Sword
Chapter 4728 No matter how invincible a sword is, it can still be solved with one palm
Chapter 4729 The madness comes again
Chapter 4730 Tibetan Crazy Immortal Stone
Chapter 4731 Break through the sky
Chapter 4732 One palm suppression
Chapter 4733 The sneak attack of the spider god
Chapter 4759 Dead poisonous spider
4760--Andrew True immortal cut the sky five ancestors
Chapter 4761 Five Heavenly Kings
Chapter 4762 Come to the color head
Chapter 4763 evil ghost Huangquan
Chapter 4764 Pushing a million miles with one hand
Chapter 4765 Everyone unites
Chapter 4766 Heavenly Shield
Chapter 4767 Galaxy Drowning Immortal Array
Chapter 4768 Emperor Sword Hidden Heaven Secret Art
Chapter 4769 Witness the invincibility
Chapter 4770 Luogan King
Chapter 4771 The peerless battle will begin
Chapter 4772 alone
Chapter 4773 Tibetan Star Ancient Sage
Chapter 4749 Mysterious existence
Chapter 4750 Daojun industry fire
Chapter 4751 Become a Taoist
Chapter 4752: Life is all about brilliance
Chapter 4753 Daojun also vanished
4754 Despair
Unguessable identity
Chapter 4756 Giant Immortal Swallowing the Sky
Chapter 4757 Ending
Chapter 4758 Wolongxuan's is different
Chapter 4759 Perfect fairy body
Chapter 4760 To go fishing
Chapter 4761 Some terrible existence
Chapter 4762 Knowing the world, still loving it
Chapter 4763 Let's go
Chapter 4764 That thing
Chapter 4765 A throw of the universe
Open the skylight
Chapter 4767 Another Li Qiye
Chapter 4768 What is the most painful
Chapter 4769 Courageous
Chapter 4770 What is invincible
Chapter 4771 Overcome
Chapter 4772 Seeking a dead end
Chapter 4773 Road three thousand
4774 Stupid
Chapter 4775 Another fairy king
Chapter 4777 Heavenly disciple
Chapter 4778: Fist, stop here
Chapter 4779 True Fist
Chapter 4780 Extreme Fist
Chapter 4781 punch through the chest
Chapter 4782 Dao joy
Chapter 4783 True Self·My Way
Chapter 4784 Wrath of Heaven
Chapter 4785: Heavenly Injury
4786 The greed of people
Chapter 4787 Grandpa
Chapter 4788 Ancient silver
4789 Drive out the sect
Chapter 4790 Conspiracy
Chapter 4791 Take advantage of his illness and kill him
4792 Vulnerable
Chapter 4793 The catastrophe is coming
Chapter 4794 Brothers turn against each other
Chapter 4795 Night ink dark black ghost smoke
Chapter 4796 Purgatory
Chapter 4797 The great disaster is coming
Chapter 4798 Trident
Shadow Council
Chapter 4800 Yin Kunpeng
Chapter 4801 Giants come
Chapter 4802 The three-born crocodile master
Chapter 4803 The disaster of extinction
Chapter 4804 Sansheng Yongxian
Chapter 4805 Death Immortal
Chapter 4806 The life of imitation tears
Chapter 4807 Your Majesty
Chapter 4808 All beings in the nine realms break the magic spear
Chapter 4809 Tree in the beginning
Chapter 4810 Deep Sea Remains
Chapter 4811 Head of the White Crane Legion
Chapter 4812 The boat of life
Chapter 4813 An axe blocks the three giants
Chapter 4814 The ancient ghost
Chapter 4815 Lord of the Undying
Chapter 4816 Stay up
Chapter 4817 Heavenly Slaughter Immortal Emperor
Chapter 4818 Eternal Spear
Chapter 4819 Killer
Chapter 4845 Curse to death
Chapter 4846 It's my turn to take action
4847--Andrew The death of the three-life crocodile master
Chapter 4848 Nine Dao Sword
Chapter 4849 The enemy of a sword
Chapter 4850 Epoch Heavy Weapon
Chapter 4851 Flying Tribulation Sword
Chapter 4852 stop the sword
4853. Chapter 4853
Chapter 4854 see old friends
4855--Andrew Strolling on the avenue
Chapter 4856 White Crane Legion
4857--Andrew Heaven and Earth
Chapter 4858 Snuggle up
Chapter 4859 Six Heavens Continent
Chapter 4860 about the battle against the cliff
Chapter 4861 Liyin Emperor
Chapter 4862 Eight Daojun
Chapter 4863 Any last words?
Chapter 4864 Daojun vs. Emperor
Chapter 4865 Seven-step kill
Chapter 4866 Daojun perishes
Chapter 4867 Eight vertical guards
Chapter 4868 The coffin returns
Chapter 4869 Nether Envoy
4845 arson fanatic
Chapter 4846 Rat God
Chapter 4847 Eight strong waves
Chapter 4848 Blood Sea Swordsman
Chapter 4849 The sword sees blood
4850. Chapter 4850 Welcome to the Song Dynasty
Chapter 4876 His Majesty's return
Chapter 4877 Eight Horses Dynasty
Chapter 4878 Loyal protector
Chapter 4879 black and white Langjun
Chapter 4880 Dynasty Monuments
Chapter 4881 Betrayal family
Chapter 4882 Weird Cemetery
Chapter 4883 Who is buried here
Chapter 4884 King Beijing
Chapter 4885 The secret of King Beijing
Chapter 4886 Crazy fire
4887--Andrew The position of the great commander
Chapter 4888 The loyalty of black and white Langjun
Chapter 4889 good idea
Chapter 4890 The bloodline of Shenlong Mountain
Chapter 4891 dismantled
Chapter 4892 Six Pearl Road Ring
Chapter 4893 A good lesson
4894--Andrew Three yuan expedition to heaven
Chapter 4895 The dark giant in the distance
Chapter 4896 A lunatic
Chapter 4897 Xianmen Melting Rider
Chapter 4898 Underworld Dragon
Chapter 4899 The new emperor ascends the throne
Chapter 4900 Yin Ji
Chapter 4901 Ignition
Chapter 4902 The most important thing in life is to be happy
Chapter 4903 all rewards
Chapter 4904 Yin Ji forces her position
Chapter 4905 Mad Dragon Court
Chapter 4906 Fire-devouring boy
Chapter 4907 The true form of the mad dragon
Chapter 4908 wolf ambition
Chapter 4909 The Function of the Eight Imperial Seals
Chapter 4910 It’s cold and I need to warm up by the fire
Chapter 4911 Burn you to death
Chapter 4912 My feet are a little cold
Chapter 4913 The new emperor ascends the throne
Chapter 4914 Stealing someone in the middle of the night
Chapter 4915 Green Smoked Shirt
Chapter 4916 A broken bone
Chapter 4917 Sanyuan Dao
Chapter 4918 Consecrating the Holy Lord
Chapter 4919 Qingyun controls the dragon
Chapter 4920 The Queen Mother of Shenzhao Kingdom
Chapter 4921 Meet the Blood Sea Swordsman again
Chapter 4922: Walking alone on the road
Chapter 4923 Find someone
Chapter 4924 Missing Person
Chapter 4925 Why do I always encounter beggars?
Chapter 4926 Kicked away
Chapter 4927 Zhao Dachui
Chapter 4928 There is always something that cannot be beaten
Chapter 4929 Academy
Chapter 4930 Southern Emperor
Chapter 4931 Thinking back to those days, I, the Southern Emperor...
Chapter 4932: The crime of having a jade
Chapter 4933 The secret of taking a look
Chapter 4934 Young Master Golden Crown
Chapter 4935 The past of the bright emperor
4936--Andrew Go to the Three Treasures Hall
Chapter 4937 Battle of the Ancient Era
Chapter 4938 The Origin of Bai Shaojin
Chapter 4939 Check the thief
Chapter 4940 The arrogance of Tianshen Dao The fifth update broke out today,
Chapter 4941 Sword Master
Chapter 4942 Big Brother
Chapter 4943 Those who do not comply will be expelled
Chapter 4944 The mysterious little bird
Chapter 4945 Elk Pawn, five chapters updated today
4946--Andrew Old Man Elk
4947--Andrew Pawn time
Chapter 4948 gambling is luck
Chapter 4949 The kindness of Princess Mingshi
4950--Andrew Burning Immortal Ancient Lamp
Chapter 4951 Deprivation of good fortune
Chapter 4952 Crow's Mouth
Chapter 4953 Chasing God Bright Stone
Chapter 4954 is the crow's mouth
Chapter 4955 Impossible
4956--Andrew Three-handed King
Chapter 4957 The knife sees blood
Chapter 4958 The sword sees blood
Chapter 4959 Arrow Saint
Chapter 4960 secret attack
4961--Andrew The hero's fists are invincible to four palms
Chapter 4962 Old Dean
Chapter 4963 Crazy God
4964--Andrew Old man sweeping the floor
Chapter 4965: When I was young, I became king in the world
Chapter 4966 A broom makes you invincible
Chapter 4967 Recalling the past, the eventful years
Chapter 4968: The world is like a disk, but I am the only one who holds my own
Chapter 4969 Shaking the sky and leading the way
4970--Andrew Tiantian tassel
4971--Andrew Give back to the academy
Chapter 4972 No tears without seeing the coffin
Chapter 4973 Overcome
4974--Andrew Shameless
4975--Andrew Seeking a dead end
4976--Andrew Take the Heavenly Soldier at your fingertips
Chapter 4977 Useless work
Chapter 4978 Raise your hand and you are invincible
Chapter 4979 Are you here?
Chapter 4980 how about killing
Chapter 4981 vulnerable
Chapter 4982 Fallen Eye
Chapter 4983 Kebab
Chapter 4984 throw it at will
Chapter 4985 fly to the sky
Chapter 4986 The peerless woman under the starry sky
Chapter 4987 Life is so miserable
Chapter 4988 The legendary dark hunt
Chapter 4989 The missing person
Who is the murderer
Chapter 4991 There is one person
Chapter 4992 Taking body as bait
Chapter 4993 Shadow Night Rider
Chapter 4994 Smashing casually
Chapter 4995 This swordsmanship is a bit interesting
Chapter 4996 The Wilderness and the Hundred Thousand Mountains
Chapter 4997 That big rooster
Chapter 4998 The identity of Young Master Golden Crown
Chapter 4999 Fog God Position
Chapter 5000 Tiger God Throne
Chapter 5001 Divine Essence
Chapter 5002 See the little girl again
Chapter 5003 The legendary ancestral nest
Chapter 5004 Bashan Beauty King
Chapter 5005 The Secret of Reincarnation
Chapter 5006 Year Wheel
Chapter 5007 Cold Eyed Eagle
Chapter 5008 See the little bird again
Chapter 5009 Jun Cuichan
Chapter 5010 Mahayana Buddha
Chapter 5011 Give it to you
Chapter 5012 King of the Ring of Heaven
Chapter 5013 The Different Golden Cicada Emperor
Chapter 5014 Take it down with one palm
Chapter 5015 Who are you?
Chapter 5016 Who can stop me?
Chapter 5017 The stupid son of the landlord's family
Chapter 5018 Is he really a stupid son?
Chapter 5019 Swallowing Epilepsy
Chapter 5020 Tower Keeper
Chapter 5021 Who am I?
Chapter 5022 Sixth Level Buddha Seed
Chapter 5023 It’s good to be a fool
Chapter 5024 Looking back again
Chapter 5025 epileptic madness
Chapter 5026: Banquet the world
Chapter 5027: Stepping on God
Chapter 5028 I am in the old light
Chapter 5029 Give away two pieces of divine energy
Chapter 5030 Tit for tat
Chapter 5031 The mysterious stone tablet
Chapter 5032 The Thousand-faced World Honored One
Chapter 5033 What happened that year
Chapter 5034 The Legend of the Three True Taoists
Chapter 5035 I’m coming
Chapter 5036 Can’t be solved
Chapter 5037 Get out of here
Chapter 5038: Untied with a 'bang'
Chapter 5039 Six pieces of divine energy gathered together
Chapter 5040 Divine Beast Monument
Chapter 5041 Who doesn’t know how to blame someone?
Chapter 5042 Besieged by heroes
Chapter 5043: Pierce the chest with a sword
Chapter 5044 Hell Lava Knife
Chapter 5045 I’m just a passerby
Chapter 5046 I created a way
Chapter 5047 Heavenly Punishment·Light Spear
Chapter 5048: Kill with one sword
Chapter 5049 Golden Snake Emperor
Chapter 5050 The Origin of Shadow Night Rider
Chapter 5051 Some Secrets
Chapter 5052 About cannibalism
Chapter 5053 Entrance Place
Chapter 5054 The world being eaten
Chapter 5055 People who disappeared back then
Chapter 5056 One person is missing
Chapter 5057 Soul Calling
Chapter 5058 The soul returns
Chapter 5059 The Emperor’s Perception
Chapter 5060: Guarantee for his apprentice
Chapter 5061 The Way of the Killer
Chapter 5062 What is left behind?
Chapter 5063: You must sleep when the flowers bloom
Chapter 5064 The Peacock King is enthroned
Chapter 5065 Besieged by heroes
Chapter 5066 Designated Successor
Chapter 5067 There is a traitor
Chapter 5068 God is coming
Chapter 5069 Want to become a god
Chapter 5070: Unstoppable
Chapter 5071: Terrified, turned around and ran away
Chapter 5072: Use the other person's way to repay the other person's kindness
Chapter 5073 Is it time for me to take action?
Chapter 5074 I am God
Chapter 5075 A slap of blood
Chapter 5076 Come on, sit on it
Chapter 5077 What kind of agreement is this?
Chapter 5078 What is that?
Chapter 5079 Give it to you
Chapter 5080: Meeting you after a long journey
Chapter 5081 The happiness of a rabbit
Chapter 5082 A Lost Era
Chapter 5083 Take you to see eggs
Chapter 5084 That battle was so tragic
Chapter 5085 There is a stranger in heaven
Chapter 5086 find a giant tree
Chapter 5087 grows into a big tree
Chapter 5088 I am here to send warmth
Chapter 5089 The Origin of the Era
Chapter 5090 Legend has it that there is a snake
Chapter 5091 I am dedicated to good
Chapter 5092 It’s okay not to admit it
Chapter 5093: One move, killing forever
Chapter 5094 It’s up to you to dominate
Chapter 5095 Tianding Mountain
Chapter 5096 This is the weapon
Chapter 5097 Invisible
Chapter 5098 A slanted stab
Chapter 5099 The sword of wisdom cuts the thread of love
Chapter 5100 Do you want to learn?
Chapter 5101 This trick shouldn’t exist
Chapter 5102: Death is not an injustice
Chapter 5103 Look, Lower Three Continents
Chapter 5104 Brother, save, save, save me
Chapter 5105: Destroy it, no reason needed
Chapter 5106: Destroying the Burial Emperor with one punch
Chapter 5107 Locked Person
Chapter 5108 Buried in Heaven and Destroyed
Chapter 5109: Climb to the position of God’s King
Chapter 5110 Suddenly destroyed
Chapter 5111 Escaped again
Chapter 5112 Life or death is not up to me
Chapter 5113 A Sword
Chapter 5114 Do you want revenge?
Chapter 5115 This thing is mine
Chapter 5116 The ancestor of Sanyuan Tao
Chapter 5117 What the hell is this?
Chapter 5118 A person’s head
Chapter 5119 Holding the God List
Chapter 5120 The light of heaven will always shine on the ancient clan
Chapter 5121 Let’s have a quick battle
Chapter 5122 So overbearing
Chapter 5123 There is a trap
Chapter 5124 Is it early?
Chapter 5125 Everyone is here
Chapter 5126: How difficult is it to destroy the Heavenly Court?
Chapter 5127 Li Qiye must win
Chapter 5128: If we can’t win, can we negotiate terms?
Chapter 5129 My conditions are very simple
Chapter 5130: Holding the sky with one hand, supporting yin and yang, blocking reincarnation
Chapter 5131 This is the foundation
Chapter 5132 Something is wrong
Chapter 5133 It’s really you
Chapter 5134 It’s despair after all
Chapter 5135 The mantis stalks the cicada, the oriole follows behind
Chapter 5136 The giant hand of darkness
Chapter 5137 dirty cockroaches
Chapter 5138 Some secrets
Chapter 5139 Dark Reincarnation
Chapter 5140 Those are just legends
Chapter 5141 Begging for food
Chapter 5142 I can’t pass three levels, it’s ridiculous
Chapter 5143: If a child doesn’t follow the rules of the family, he will be beaten and beaten.
Chapter 5144 Immortal Seal
Chapter 5145 Lord Moxian
Chapter 5146 Real Bear Mountain
Chapter 5147 Sword Kills Nine Thousand
Chapter 5148 A snap of the fingers
Chapter 5149 Why should I tell you?
Chapter 5150 Small Village
Chapter 5151 Do you want to pick tea?
Chapter 5152 The water has been boiled, please taste it sir
Chapter 5153 Time cannot be traced back
Chapter 5154 The fragrance of osmanthus
Chapter 5155 Hell Demon Bear
Chapter 5156 Let’s eat a bowl of noodles
Chapter 5157 Disturbing my interest
Chapter 5158 No interest
Chapter 5159 I jumped out of the three realms, it has nothing to do with me
Chapter 5160 Come fishing openly and honestly
Chapter 5161 Emperor, this person stole fish
Chapter 5162 No tea today
Chapter 5163 Grill the fish
Chapter 5164 Mo Xian and Pure Yang are not as good as each other
Chapter 5165 A grilled lamb chop would be perfect
Chapter 5166 The light rain on Tianjie is as moist as butter
Chapter 5167 Can I join the queue?
Chapter 5168 Only when I pass on the coldness to others
Chapter 5169 The world is like a board, and all living beings are like chess
Chapter 5170 Moxian Contract
Chapter 5171 Very loud
Chapter 5172: A gentleman’s revenge only takes a few days
Chapter 5173 Dead chess
Chapter 5174 Listening to the rain and recalling the past and present
Chapter 5175 Sharing life and death
Chapter 5176 The Sword Sees the Saint·Li Qianli
Chapter 5177 Seeing Destiny Again
Chapter 5178 There are always no tears
Chapter 5179 You are not qualified
Chapter 5180 Divine Body Transformed into Sword
Chapter 5181 Every cause has its effect
Chapter 5182 The little girl picking yams
Chapter 5183 An ordinary young man
Chapter 5184 Understand a little bit
Chapter 5185 Waiting for the return of the immortal
Chapter 5186 Immortal Peak
Chapter 5187 The two chapters of the saint, the way of heaven is like taking out a bag
Chapter 5188: The end of the world
Chapter 5189: Alone through the ages
Chapter 5190 Everything comes from revenge
Chapter 5191 Murder for life, blood debt for blood
Chapter 5192 Kowtow desperately
Chapter 5193: When love grows strong, love turns weak
Chapter 5194 A Passer-by
Chapter 5195 Rabbit bites
Chapter 5196 Good dog, don’t block the road
Chapter 5197 Even if you die, you have to clean up
Chapter 5198 Give you a little red flower
Chapter 5199 I’ll help you pick things up
Chapter 5200 To pick a lotus
Chapter 5201 Just blushing
Chapter 5202 fire
Chapter 5203 Who is the murderer
Chapter 5204 True or false?
Chapter 5205 Lost the face of your ancestors
Chapter 5206 Just a lotus
Chapter 5207 Young Master, you can
Chapter 5208 Seeing the Nine Realms Again
Chapter 5209 Young Master, take away your magical powers
Chapter 5210 You can see it at a glance
Chapter 5211 The hard work of the sages
Chapter 5212 Unparalleled King
Chapter 5213 is about to explode
Chapter 5214 Just understand a little bit
Chapter 5215 Leading the Way to Heavenly Fire
Chapter 5216 Good Flowers
Chapter 5217 Eat it in one bite
Chapter 5218 people don't stay
Chapter 5219: Being old and not dying is a thief
Chapter 5220 A little familiar taste
Chapter 5221 I want all the treasures
Chapter 5222: Drag the coffin away early
Chapter 5223 Cleansing Emperor Sect
Chapter 5224 Are the steamed buns delicious?
Chapter 5225 What is pain
Chapter 5226: Money can never be lost
Chapter 5227 The same name
Chapter 5228: Locking the Dao Heart
Chapter 5229 Invite the Emperor
Chapter 5230 The favor owed
Chapter 5231 How shameless
Chapter 5232 She was born for one person
Chapter 5233 Little God Alliance
Chapter 5234 Just look at it
Chapter 5235 Never give up
Chapter 5236 Smashed
Chapter 5237 The Eighteen Elephants of the Dragon King
Chapter 5238 The Twelfth Vision
Chapter 5239 Just take a walk
Chapter 5240 The son of Master Yunni?
Chapter 5241 Use it to sacrifice the source
Chapter 5242 Is there such a talent in the world?
Chapter 5243 The auction is about to begin
Chapter 5244 The emperor has taken away his magical powers
Chapter 5245 A Stone
Chapter 5246 People will always grow old
Chapter 5247 I am Boss Tang
Chapter 5248 What Immortal?
Chapter 5249 Four Battles Bronze Cart
Chapter 5250 The only way to seek immortality is to practice Taoism
Chapter 5251: This farewell is indefinite
Chapter 5252 Heavenly Nuclear Light
Chapter 5253 I changed
Chapter 5254 This thing does not belong to this world
Chapter 5255: Give you a shot
Chapter 5256 Immortal Reincarnation
Chapter 5257 What do all kinds of sins have to do with you?
Chapter 5258 The fault is not yours
Chapter 5259 This is an art
Chapter 5260 Immortality
Chapter 5261 The Emperor's City, the Return of the Emperor
Chapter 5262 The young master lives in the world
Chapter 5263 The emperor is back, come and greet him quickly
Chapter 5264 It’s my turn
Chapter 5265: I’ll take care of you all at once
Chapter 5266 Weird
Chapter 5267 Throw you a fruit
Chapter 5268: Just mediocre, not worth mentioning
Chapter 5269 Hit you in the face with my fist
Chapter 5270 A little trick
Chapter 5271 The best hundred quenching
Chapter 5272: Not qualified to call it the art of suppressing the emperor
Chapter 5273 Eat me with a stick
Chapter 5274 You can do whatever you want
Chapter 5275 I’ll smash you to pieces
Chapter 5276 Copper Flood World
Chapter 5277 Plagiarism
Chapter 5278 Mecha Cultivation
Chapter 5279 When you stare into the abyss, the abyss is also there
Chapter 5280 The Supreme Emperor
Chapter 5281 Rope Game?
Chapter 5282 Beat up the man named Li
Chapter 5283 Is my surname Li?
Chapter 5284 The man named Li came out and was beaten
Chapter 5285 Can my last name not be Li?
Chapter 5286: Worse than a beast
Chapter 5287 I seem to have seen you before
Chapter 5288 Eat your flesh
Chapter 5289 Supreme Majestic
Chapter 5290 Selling Tofu Pudding
Chapter 5291 Find the sheep
Chapter 5292: Not human inside and out
Chapter 5293 A Dragon Heart
Chapter 5294 Fortune Telling
Chapter 5295 Treasure Box Distribution
Chapter 5296 A faint voice
Chapter 5297 Gone
Chapter 5298 Grimace
Chapter 5299 Ship Collision
Chapter 5300 Wife Killing Proof
Chapter 5301 The sword is as good as the sky, you are just the end of a branch
Chapter 5302 Your sword is just like that
Chapter 5303: Only when the Taoist heart is not strong, we need to give up our feelings.
Chapter 5304 Do you remember the time of drinking warm wine?
Chapter 5305 Brother within brother
Chapter 5306 Ten Meter Sword
Chapter 5307 Women affect my speed of serving food
Chapter 5308 Fang Tian Prodigy
Chapter 5309 None of your business
Chapter 5310 I am who I am
Chapter 5311 There is something ominous
Chapter 5312 The blue sea embraces the moon
Chapter 5313 His Majesty’s Order
Chapter 5314 The Worst Emperor
Chapter 5315 The remnants of the Celestial Clan
Chapter 5316 Chunyang comes with a sword
Chapter 5317 Not healthy at all
Chapter 5318 Losing the Face of Nine Realms
Chapter 5319 Smash your face
Chapter 5320 Three thousand worlds bow their heads, and nine thousand immortal kings welcome them
Chapter 5321: They can’t make this move
Chapter 5322 Who is your honor?
Chapter 5323 Now that everyone is here, do you still want to leave alive?
Chapter 5324 Sky Lantern Tribulation
Chapter 5325 Barbecue
Chapter 5326 Who else can make me happy?
Chapter 5327 Vampire Evil Object
Chapter 5328 A madman
Chapter 5329 Do it yourself
Chapter 5330 The Secret of Heaven
Chapter 5331 See the real me
Chapter 5332 I don’t know either
Chapter 5333 The legendary woman
Chapter 5334 It’s better not to see you
Chapter 5335 Slap it down
Chapter 5336 The blood is not cold, the heart is crazy
Chapter 5337 Swallow it in one gulp
Chapter 5338 The Peak Showdown
Chapter 5339 'Tianwen·Yixin'
Chapter 5340: Deep love, but hard to get
Chapter 5341 Beauty is a disaster
Chapter 5342 Who is the Master?
Chapter 5343 The Impossible
Chapter 5344 The person in the coffin
Chapter 5345 A very ugly statue
Chapter 5346 The Supreme Lord is Eternal
Chapter 5347 Master Yunni
Chapter 5348 How to do it
Chapter 5349 God of Wealth
Chapter 5350 Is this possible?
Chapter 5351 Three nightmare realms
Chapter 5352 I will come back
Chapter 5353 Dao Dao asks for death, that’s enough
Chapter 5354 This taste is really strong
Chapter 5355 Controlling the Zero Domain to Destroy the World
Chapter 5356 What do you want?
Chapter 5357 The door is coming
Chapter 5358 Want to kill him
Chapter 5359 The dragon slayer eventually becomes an evil dragon
Chapter 5360 It’s just leeks
Chapter 5361: How weak can the reincarnation line be?
Chapter 5362: You are so pretentious when you appear on stage
Chapter 5363 I, Hai Jian, will take care of my own path all my life, so why bother?
Chapter 5364 Breaking the Sky Alliance and Destroying the Ancient Clan
Chapter 5365: Kill everything here!
Chapter 5366 Idiot, slap in the face
Chapter 5367 Young Master, I leave everything to you
Chapter 5368 Meeting the Master of Mengjingyuan
Chapter 5369 Battle against Heaven
Chapter 5370 Innocence
Chapter 5371 Create a dream
Chapter 5372 Can you eat it?
Chapter 5373 Is it a shame?
Chapter 5374: Can the young master take me in?
Chapter 5375 The Sacred Me Tree
Chapter 5376 One leaf, one world
Chapter 5377 Battle of Dao Lord
Chapter 5378 I am the real me
Chapter 5379: Bright eyes
Chapter 5380 Ninety-nine feet and nine sacred trees
Chapter 5381 The man who once commanded the world
Chapter 5382 Gentlemen, please come back
Chapter 5383 Ichinen Kaminaga
Chapter 5384 Come down
Chapter 5385 Get out of here
Chapter 5386 There is no immortal in this world
Chapter 5387 Who are you?
Chapter 5388 Giving the surname Li
Chapter 5389 Unlock it
Chapter 5390 The real me is the immortal
Chapter 5391 Coming from the same lineage
Chapter 5392 Proving the Great Way
Chapter 5393 Can it succeed?
Chapter 5394 The Great Emperor is About to Become
Chapter 5395 Take the opportunity to kill her
Chapter 5396 The troublemaker is here
Chapter 5397 Twelve Dao Fruits
Chapter 5398 A dead end
Chapter 5399 Master, save me
Chapter 5400 Who can compare in the world?
Chapter 5401 Using yourself as bait
Chapter 5402 Learn so fast
Chapter 5403 The mantis stalks the cicada, the oriole follows behind
Chapter 5404 Who is the cicada catcher?
Chapter 5405: Walking alone on the road
Chapter 5406 She is very good
Chapter 5407 One thought binds a lifetime
Chapter 5408 I passed by
Chapter 5409 Everyone is here
Chapter 5410 An ancient method
Chapter 5411 Far away in the horizon, close in front of you
Chapter 5412: Heaven is destroyed, hundreds of tribes must stand up
Chapter 5413 Who stops me?
Chapter 5414 I will shine alone for eternity
Chapter 5415 The Supreme Ruthless Sword
Chapter 5416 All things belong to me
Chapter 5417 The true self transforms into a world
Chapter 5418 The Mind of All Things
Chapter 5419 Is there strength in numbers?
Chapter 5420 Emperor Zhao alone is dead
Chapter 5421 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 5422 Why save him?
Chapter 5423 Seven-spotted Grouper
Chapter 5424 The stars change
Chapter 5425 Locked
Chapter 5426 Innate Taichu Dao Fruit
Chapter 5427: Fly away with one hand
Chapter 5428 Unreasonable
Chapter 5429 Which pit?
Chapter 5430: Immortal rubs my head, knots hair and grants immortality
Chapter 5431 Three Stones
Chapter 5432 The Sky Destroying Alliance, the Tugu Clan
Chapter 5433 Living Sacrifice
Chapter 5434 Who is the pinnacle
Chapter 5435 Who is for all living beings?
Chapter 5436 He is crazy
Chapter 5437 The last one
Chapter 5413 The Emperor’s Promise
Chapter 5414 The situation is over
Chapter 5415 Your destiny
Chapter 5416 The end of the road
Chapter 5417 Poor people must be hateful
Chapter 5418 For the Ancestors
Chapter 5419: It’s easy to ask God, but it’s hard to send God away
Chapter 5420 The means to destroy the Tian Clan
Chapter 5421 This life is enough
Chapter 5422 Forgot his original intention
Chapter 5423 I am willing to give my last drop of blood for the sake of my ancestors
Chapter 5424 Are you worthy?
Chapter 5425 Dream Eye
Chapter 5426: Be with the Ancestors
Chapter 5427 Emperor Yinuo, Jiuding
Chapter 5428 The Proud One of Heaven
Chapter 5429 Of course it’s me
Chapter 5430 The dog jumps over the wall in a hurry
Chapter 5431 Raise a frog that sits in a well and looks at the sky?
Chapter 5432 Crow, it’s time to say goodbye
Chapter 5433 Galaxy Sacred Tree
Chapter 5434 How are you all?
Chapter 5435: The dog jumps over the wall in a hurry
Chapter 5436: What the heart desires is enough
Chapter 5437 Brand new life
Chapter 5438: What you don’t have in nature, you will make up for it the day after tomorrow.
Chapter 5439 Salvation is often the beginning of destruction.
Chapter 5440 Wall of Shelter
Chapter 5441 Who dies and who lives
Chapter 5442 The Buddha Emperor is coming
Chapter 5443 The Ancient Emperor’s Daughter
Chapter 5444 Trembling
Chapter 5445 The eternal plan, deciding the world in one fell swoop
Chapter 5446 Young Master, please give me my regards.
Chapter 5447: Shocked and numb
Chapter 5448 It’s time to take sides
Chapter 5449 New defenders
Chapter 5450: Hear the Tao in the morning and die in the evening
Chapter 5451 Cang Hai’s Sword
Chapter 5452 Love is not mine
Chapter 5453 Pushing Thousands of Miles Away
Chapter 5454 Despair
Chapter 5455 The avenue is endless
Chapter 5456 This bit of junk in heaven
Chapter 5457 Not enough to fill the gap between my teeth
Chapter 5458: When you are born in this world, you should stand upright with heaven and earth.
Chapter 5459 Innate Taichu Dao Fruit
Chapter 5460: Flying Fairy from Heaven
Chapter 5461 The Supreme Trend
Chapter 5462 A bone sword
Chapter 5463 Sir, can you block the attack of the era?
Chapter 5464 Three Immortals in Heaven
Chapter 5465 Lord of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 5466 A person appears
Chapter 5467 The secret of the supreme trend
Chapter 5468 The man who carries the sky on his shoulders
Chapter 5469 Mr. Invincible, my mission has been accomplished
Chapter 5470 Opportunity
Chapter 5471 Breeze, blowing gently
Chapter 5472 Fighting three thousand emperors with one hand, pushing across thirteen continents with two palms
Chapter 5473 This fire will eventually burn you
Chapter 5474: Ashamed of the Teacher
Chapter 5475 Your destination
Chapter 5476 You can go further
Chapter 5477 One Buddha transforms ten thousand ways
Chapter 5478 This is fate
Chapter 5479 Be a cow or a horse
Chapter 5480 One hundred emperors will die in one battle, and ten thousand souls will live in another battle
Chapter 5481 It’s better to be a mortal
Chapter 5482 Charming posture
Chapter 5483 Sir, should I die?
Chapter 5484 I am willing to detain Mr.
Chapter 5485: Be a bull and a horse for your husband
Chapter 5486 If you die, you will still be a ghost.
Chapter 5487 I am a compassionate and righteous person, compassionate to the world, and full of kindness.
Chapter 5488 This is impossible
Chapter 5489 What is stealing the sky? It’s too ugly to say
Chapter 5490: Smash you in the face
Chapter 5491 It’s better to practice hard
Chapter 5492 A white cloud
Chapter 5493 Chewing on marshmallows
Chapter 5494 I came uninvited
Chapter 5495 Originating from sunset, finally sunset
Chapter 5496: Temporary cramming
Chapter 5497 I choose you as my husband
Chapter 5498 Sisters
Chapter 5499 The rise and fall of fate
Chapter 5500 The long road
Chapter 5501 A secret
Chapter 5502 Take a walk and have a look
Chapter 5503 No invitation
Chapter 5504 It’s so sweet, it almost kills me.
Know the world, still love it (an emotion, short essay, free)
Chapter 5505 Is it deep or not?
Chapter 5506 Just a little bit of fur
Chapter 5507 What’s there to be proud of?
Chapter 5508 Disgraced your ancestor’s face
Chapter 5509 Very Deep
Chapter 5510 One thought, but it makes you walk away for a lifetime
Chapter 5511 Xianao
Chapter 5512 Mysterious
Chapter 5513 I disagree
Chapter 5514 What a shame
Chapter 5515 A fairy light
Chapter 5516 You shouldn’t
Chapter 5517 Who is Chicken?
Chapter 5518 Nine words
Chapter 5519 Conscience of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 5520 Little Cutie
Chapter 5521: Brother, I changed my car. This is a luxury car.
Chapter 5522 Still a little worried
Chapter 5523 You look like a fool, so stupid that it makes people feel bad
Chapter 5524 When winter comes, you need to make up for it
Chapter 5525 What is the fear in Uncle Li’s heart?
Chapter 5526 An anomaly
Chapter 5527 Three Thousand Ancient Battlefields
Chapter 5528 Luminous Demon Emperor
Chapter 5529 You will take the credit
Chapter 5530 Great World Territory
Chapter 5531 Finally back
Chapter 5532 Worship God
Chapter 5533 Watching ants fight
Chapter 5534 What little bird?
Chapter 5535 Young Master of Double Swords
Chapter 5536 Time is indeed ruthless
Chapter 5537 I want to be an immortal
Chapter 5538 Shensui is missing
Chapter 5539 The Secret of the Great World
Chapter 5540 I won’t bear this responsibility
Chapter 5541 You all want to take advantage of God
Chapter 5542 Doesn’t belong to this world
Chapter 5543 There are no tigers in the mountains, and the monkey is the king
Chapter 5544 The Immortal Gate is Closed
Chapter 5545 The Two Gods of Evil Dispelling
Chapter 5546 Living Dead
Chapter 5547 The Immortal Appears
Chapter 5548 Slap
Chapter 5549 What is the Xi Tuo Emperor’s Family?
Chapter 5550 This thing seems to come from me
Chapter 5551 The golden ring is cut with one strike
Chapter 5552 Holy Master, save me
Chapter 5553 This is my blood
Chapter 5554 Gift
Chapter 5555 The Landed Immortal
Chapter 5556 The Great World
Chapter 5557 burst into tears
Chapter 5558: Destroying the Immortal Soldier with One Punch
Chapter 5559 The Legend of Immortal Soldiers
Chapter 5560 What is the realm of heaven?
Chapter 5561 My son Wang Teng
Chapter 5562 Where did the flies come from?
Chapter 5563 Crushed with one foot
Chapter 5564 Isn’t this enjoyable?
Chapter 5565 What a terrifying Gangfeng
Chapter 5566 Blood-stained Immortal Soldiers
Chapter 5567 Heart Blood
Chapter 5568 Sorry, you are not qualified
Chapter 5569 Ticking me is not enough
Chapter 5570 There are not many who can fight
Chapter 5571 The only thing in eternity
Chapter 5597: Show mercy——
Chapter 5598 My son has the appearance of being supreme
Chapter 5574 If I don’t kill you, I swear I won’t be a human being
Chapter 5575 Burning true blood and sacrificing the Holy Me Tree
Chapter 5576: The sage is here, and the world will be safe
Chapter 5577 Five Emperors, Twenty-three Dragon Lords
Chapter 5578 Kill you——
Chapter 5579 If you no longer know how to advance or retreat, I will destroy you Situ
Chapter 5580 Victory or defeat is a common thing for military strategists
Chapter 5581 It’s not the weapons that are invincible
Chapter 5582 Replacement
Chapter 5583 Guarded by the Supreme Immortal Soldier
Chapter 5584 War begins
Chapter 5585: Wash away the sins and blood of the ancestors
Chapter 5586 The ancestors never gave up
Chapter 5587 The magic of heaven
Chapter 5588: Repeated battles and repeated defeats, repeated defeats and repeated battles
Chapter 5589 You are off track
Chapter 5590 The situation is over
Chapter 5591 Escape
Chapter 5592: The general returns after a hundred battles
Chapter 5593 Until Death
Chapter 5594 Heaven, who is it?
Chapter 5595 A group of chickens and dogs
Chapter 5596 Okay, don’t be greedy
Chapter 5597 Harvesting Life
Chapter 5598 Just a white cloud
Chapter 5599 When I am here, my home will remain
Chapter 5600 Who is he?
Chapter 5601 What is he thinking about?
Chapter 5602: When a man is alive, there are things he should do and things he should not do.
Chapter 5603 Thousand Emperor Island
Chapter 5604 Just go, whoever is afraid of whom
Chapter 5605: Sir, everything is peaceful
Chapter 5606 Good Sword
Chapter 5607 A Crab
Chapter 5608 Boiled Crabs
Chapter 5609 One step down
Chapter 5610: Why did you sneak into my house and secretly do it?
Chapter 5611 You are the conspirator
Chapter 5612 I only regret that I couldn’t kill you back then
Chapter 5613: A giant hand holds the sky and can support billions of stars
Chapter 5614 A piece of fairy bone
Chapter 5615 Fellow Taoist, please stop
Chapter 5616 The Empress is not here
Chapter 5617: Overwhelming Eternity
Chapter 5618 Long time no see
Chapter 5619 Dreaming of You
Chapter 5620 Twelve Gods and Demons
Chapter 5621 Seven Night Body
Chapter 5622 I will go with the adults
Chapter 5623 I just want to be with you
Chapter 5624 Green Demon Extreme Night Spear
Chapter 5625 Bloodworm
Chapter 5626 Bloodworm Dragon
Chapter 5627 Disciple Nielong
Chapter 5628 The power of curse
Chapter 5629 Immortal Blood of the Human King
Chapter 5630 It’s you again
Chapter 5631 Real Reincarnation
Chapter 5632 Let me help you
Chapter 5633 Bastard——
Chapter 5634 Blood Falls
Chapter 5635 The Curse of Bloodline
Chapter 5636 The evil of bloodline
Chapter 5637 Cruelty
Chapter 5638 Tens of Millions of Bloody People
Chapter 5639 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 5640 The power felt
Chapter 5641 Broken Sword
Chapter 5642 The woman who blacksmiths
Chapter 5643 Refining a Sword
Chapter 5644 Fairy Sword
Chapter 5645 The sword is alive
Chapter 5646: Survive after death, or maybe have a chance
Chapter 5647 My dear grandson, you are finally here
Chapter 5648 Mortal Death
Chapter 5649 I am a soldier
Chapter 5650 Water Plant Man
Chapter 5651 Holy Master, save me
Chapter 5652 A Heart
Chapter 5653 Becoming an Emperor and Ancestor
Chapter 5654 The Limits of the Avenue
Chapter 5655 Thirteen Life Palaces
Chapter 5656 There will eventually be a counterattack
Chapter 5657 Born with three elements
Chapter 5658: With one thought, create a century
Chapter 5659 Be careful of the person behind it
Chapter 5660 The person who breaks through the limit
Chapter 5661 I am Buddha and Dharma
Chapter 5662: Plowing fields and doing rough work
Chapter 5663 Where is it in the sky?
Chapter 5664 Young Master should also go to trial
Chapter 5665 I’ll come
Chapter 5666 Leave it to me
Chapter 5667 Coming with a sword on his back
Chapter 5668 Can I still be reborn?
Chapter 5669 My three bodies merge into one
Chapter 5670 You really understand me
Chapter 5671 You should thank me
Chapter 5672 Eat you up
Chapter 5673 Kind Suggestions
Chapter 5674 You have fallen into darkness for a long time
Chapter 5675 Let’s do it
Chapter 5676 Heaven attacks again
Chapter 5677 God of War, take a stab at me
Chapter 5678: Unstoppable
Chapter 5679 Xi Tuo is destroyed
Chapter 5680 Die together
Chapter 5681 Gods, please protect me
Chapter 5682: My Heavenly Court will not be an enemy of the Great World Territory
Chapter 5683 Gods, please take action
Chapter 5684: Rescue, still not rescue?
Chapter 5685 Time Ooze
Chapter 5686 I hope what you are thinking is right
Chapter 5687 What does all this mean in this world?
Chapter 5688 In the future, we will become giants
Chapter 5689: Drive away the heavenly dogs
Chapter 5690 Never return
Chapter 5691 Is Daocheng going to collapse?
Chapter 5692: Only practice one supreme Tao fruit in your life
Chapter 5693 If you want to impose a crime, why bother?
Chapter 5694 I don’t need you to grant me the road to my end.
Chapter 5695 Force her out
Chapter 5696: Advance and retreat together, life and death together
Chapter 5697 Sleeping forever in this time
Chapter 5698: If you have orders, you will obey them
Chapter 5699 Junior, let’s see how long your turtle shell can last.
Chapter 5700 No amount of giants can block the way of the Holy Master.
Chapter 5701: Laman——
Chapter 5702 Huge Mecha
Chapter 5703 Immortal Slayer Emperor Formation
Chapter 5704 Shooting Through Time
Chapter 5705 Horn of the Dead
Chapter 5706 Ancestral Bones
Chapter 5707 It’s time to destroy the imperial family and eradicate the guilty people
Chapter 5708 The Holy Master arrives.
Chapter 5709 You are just cannon fodder and bait.
Chapter 5710 Give you the chance to take action first
Chapter 5711 There is not just one giant
Chapter 5712: Die in the morning after hearing the truth
Chapter 5713 Vulnerable
Chapter 5714 Collapse
Chapter 5715 Sound the horn and summon the emperors
Chapter 5716 Sinking of Daocheng
Chapter 5717 Crushed with one foot
Chapter 5718 I’ll take you to a fun place
Chapter 5719 Go back
Chapter 5720 The Holy Master’s methods are vicious
Chapter 5721 Take action and make yourself look decent
Chapter 5722 It’s time to end
Chapter 5723 The road can be walked alone, you can continue to move forward
Chapter 5724 The ancestors raised their troops to attack the heaven.
Chapter 5725 The Tianhe is difficult to cross
Chapter 5726 What a great confidence
Chapter 5727 How can we know the whereabouts of the Holy Master?
Chapter 5728: First Blood Remonstrance Immortal
Chapter 5729: Your dragon armor was shattered back then, and your phoenix immortal armor will be shattered today
Chapter 5730 How about counting me in?
Chapter 5731 Bright Knife
Chapter 5732 You are finally here.
Chapter 5733 Seeing the blue sky with one knife
Chapter 5734 The mortal world is three thousand feet long, but I can only cross the river
Chapter 5735: One Sumeru, One World
Chapter 5736 Whether you want to cross or not, it’s up to you.
Chapter 5737 We are brothers and we will fight to the end
Chapter 5738 All suffering is due to profit
Chapter 5739 Who to cross?
Chapter 5740 The Lord of Heaven of the Human Race
Chapter 5741 Just in Tianhe itself
Chapter 5742: Three Thousand Worlds of Drops of Water, One Thought for Billions of Years
Chapter 5743 Looks like I have company
Chapter 5744 A Star
Chapter 5745 Someone has been here
Chapter 5746 I’m not a bad person either
Chapter 5747: How about we live here?
Chapter 5748 This place is weird, there must be something wrong
Chapter 5749 Let’s go meet this person
Chapter 5750 What kind of man is this?
Chapter 5751 Mortals are not necessarily bad
Chapter 5752 Only here can you be buried
Chapter 5753 What a big deal
Chapter 5754 Take me to see the stars
Chapter 5755 Take a gamble
Chapter 5756 What crime have I committed?
Chapter 5757 No need to die
Chapter 5758 I will definitely hold on
Chapter 5759 Unable to seal
Chapter 5760 Collect it from me
Chapter 5761 As long as I am here, this life can be born
Chapter 5762 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 5763: Fight to the death
Chapter 5764 Ten Directions of the Blue Sky
Chapter 5765 I am the only one who can control the sky in all directions
Chapter 5766 Admonition from all directions to the sky
Chapter 5767 The power of smashing your dog’s head
Chapter 5768 The Beginning of the Tao
Chapter 5769 Are you deceiving me that there is no one in heaven?
Chapter 5770 If you go to Kaitian Palace again, I will kill you
Chapter 5771 Three Yuan Kaitai
Chapter 5772 Taichu Battle, Wan Guxing
Chapter 5773 One sword cuts across eternity
Chapter 5774 Why fight the three immortals?
Chapter 5775 Nine days of existence
Chapter 5776: Eternal millet in the blue sea, the only way to hold the moon
Chapter 5777 Three Thousand Worlds A, Three Thousand Worlds Burial
Chapter 5778 Fighting three thousand emperors with one hand, pushing across thirteen continents with two palms
Chapter 5779 I’m going to start
Chapter 5780 Another blow
Chapter 5781 I am already old
Chapter 5782 Dominate Eternity
Chapter 5783 I am a mortal
Chapter 5784 Mortal versus Mortal
Chapter 5785 It’s time to fight the sky
Chapter 5786 Three Thousand Worlds Fall
Chapter 5787 Three Thousand Worlds of Causes and Effects
Chapter 5788 It has nothing to do with me
Chapter 5789 This is not hair
Chapter 5790 Three Thousand Worlds Destroying Fist
Chapter 5791 Wash your hair
Chapter 5792 As long as I am waiting, heaven will never be destroyed
Chapter 5793 If Heaven is destroyed, the Holy Master will kill me first
Chapter 5794 My ancestor created ten thousand ways
Chapter 5795: Return to the truth and see the original spirit
Chapter 5796 Sword Dao Follow Your Heart
Chapter 5797: Heavenly Tribulation and One Cut
Chapter 5798 I am supreme and invincible
Chapter 5799 Cancer of the Avenue
Chapter 5800 The Power of the Book of Heaven
Chapter 5801 Where did Teng Yi go?
Chapter 5802 Asking the Ancestors to Reveal Their Saints
Chapter 5803 Crow, don’t be poor.
Chapter 5804 I married you
Chapter 5805 Don’t sow discord here
Chapter 5806 Kill you first
Chapter 5807 Cut into pieces
Chapter 5808 Holding a crystal ball in both hands (an error was updated last night, so this chapter has been re-added with 3,000 words)
Chapter 5810 There is no such thing
Chapter 5811: Heavenly Scepter, Sealing Heaven and Locking Life
Chapter 5836 Prove the true self of Hunyuan
Chapter 5813 Santai Sword
Chapter 5814 Death Coffin Matter
Chapter 5815 Loyalty to heaven, this is what I want in my life
Chapter 5816 If you had to choose, who would you follow?
Chapter 5817 There is an agreement
Chapter 5818 That is a capital crime
Chapter 5819 Born with three-dimensional soul
Chapter 5820 Summon the ancestors, please summon the ancestors
Chapter 5821 Ancestors will not come out
Chapter 5822: Summon you by order, show up quickly
Chapter 5823 Damn it, he cant kill me
Chapter 5824 What the hell is this?
Chapter 5825 Taste the power of my birth
Chapter 5826 Just surviving
Chapter 5827 Why dont you come to the rescue yet?
Chapter 5828: You guys are cruel
Chapter 5829 Just based on this drum, you deserve to die.
Chapter 5830 Kill and silence
Chapter 5831 Bastard
Chapter 5832 A shield makes you born
Chapter 5833 Not greedy for swords
Chapter 5834: Its easy to ask God, but its hard to send God away
Chapter 5835 Peace in the world?
Chapter 5836 Conscience of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 5837 Blood refining is none of my business
Chapter 5862: If I am born, I will never get ahead.
Chapter 5839 Crow, today is your death day!
Chapter 5840: Obsessed with the military, but finally the soldier
Chapter 5841 The sword comes
Chapter 5842 All living beings can only see the sky
Chapter 5843 The ants see the sky and their fangs appear
Chapter 5844 What other support is there?
Chapter 5845 Heavenly Curse
Chapter 5846 I am the only one in the world
Chapter 5847 The Era of All Realms Gathers Together
Chapter 5848 The Holy Master is invincible
Chapter 5849 This era is divided into half of ours
Chapter 5850 Your name doesnt ring a bell in my ears
Chapter 5853 The Real Body of Destruction Era
Chapter 5852 Finally there is nowhere to hide
Chapter 5853 The Real Body of Destruction Era
Chapter 5854 My life is universal
Chapter 5855 No need to contact
Chapter 5857 No way to escape
Chapter 5858: Advance and retreat together until death
Chapter 5859 Is there a way to have both in this world?
Chapter 5860 No one survives to the end
Chapter 5861 Because you wont survive today
Chapter 5862 The Sixth Time Era Body
Chapter 5863 Not Dead Yet
Chapter 5864 Its time to end today
Chapter 5865 Manna from heaven
Chapter 5866 The Heavenly Book without Cause and Effect
Chapter 5867 If a man does not serve himself, he will be punished by heaven and earth.
Chapter 5868 The Sky Spine must also conquer the sky
Chapter 5869 I admit it
Chapter 5870: There are no ancient tribes or ancestors in the world
Chapter 5871: Farewell to you, Im afraid Ill never see you again
Chapter 5872 The Road to the Deadline
Chapter 5873 This child contains the power of heaven
Chapter 5874 Who is this?
Chapter 5875 I am reborn
Chapter 5876 What do you want to do?
Chapter 5877 I dont do anything either
Chapter 5878 Its a pity that you offended me
Chapter 5879 Use me as bait
Chapter 5880 Still defeated by greed
Chapter 5881 Not considered a person
Chapter 5882 Raise your hand
Chapter 5883 Son of Light
Chapter 5884 He is not an idiot
Chapter 5885 The Holy Master wants to kill them all
Chapter 5886 Brothers are of the same mind
Chapter 5887 Return to dust and rest in peace.
Chapter 5888 The story of arrogance
Chapter 5889 Its a pity that Im not here
Chapter 5890 Im reluctant to give up after all.
Chapter 5891 Because of peoples hearts
Chapter 5892 Only twelve words
Chapter 5893 I move forward without looking back
Chapter 5894 Go to the Heaven Realm to try
Chapter 5895 When you stare into the abyss
Chapter 5896 Be patient
Chapter 5897 Is the Holy Master still there?
Chapter 5898 The Holy Master comes to fight
Chapter 5899 Different ways do not work together
Chapter 5900: Inherited Things
Chapter 5901 Its a foreign object after all
Chapter 5902 He is not there at all
Chapter 5903 Never See You Again
Chapter 5904 No one can catch you if you dont leave
Chapter 5905 Eternal Eternity
Chapter 5906: The villain is ignorant and apologizes to his husband
Chapter 5907 The third life breaks the night
Chapter 5908 The Holy Master is going to kill me
Chapter 5909 I am an immortal
Chapter 5910 Death in the Night
Chapter 5911 The name of crime
Chapter 5912 A little bit
Chapter 5913 Tianxiong Stone Buddha Shou
Chapter 5914 What?
Chapter 5915 Song Haogong
Chapter 5916: Take a look and you will know
Chapter 5917 Open it and take a look
Chapter 5918 Come here
Chapter 5919 This is a good dog
Chapter 5920 The Immortal who saves people in distress
Chapter 5921 The sinner left behind
Chapter 5922 Never heard of it
Chapter 5923 Dont forget the original intention and start the journey again
Chapter 5924 Ghost Market
Chapter 5925: Mammy, how about you give me a price?
Chapter 5926 Why do you stay in this world?
Chapter 5927 A small noodle stall
Chapter 5928 Liu Family Sword Saint
Chapter 5929 Guilty means guilty
Chapter 5930 A bright moon appears on the sea
Chapter 5931 The Liu family will be destroyed today
Chapter 5932 Eat it in one bite
Chapter 5933 Why would a great emperor sneak up on others?
Chapter 5934 Ten Rings Locking the Sky
Chapter 5935 Eat snacks
Chapter 5936: Do I need your consent to do something?
Chapter 5937 What is there?
Chapter 5938: With the sword in hand, who in the world can defeat him?
Chapter 5939 I cant afford to live in Fugui City
Chapter 5940 Why did you change your name?
Chapter 5941 Living Mecha
Chapter 5942 Why didnt I pay attention back then?
Chapter 5943 The tree is so big that you can enjoy the shade
Chapter 5944 There is a connection
Chapter 5945 The return of the saint brings blessings to our generation
Chapter 5946 Those who play with fire will eventually burn themselves by playing with fire.
5981. Chapter 5971 I am just a passerby
5982. Chapter 5972 The Saint descended from heaven
5983. Chapter 5973 Taoist Priest, please tell your fortune
5984. Chapter 5974 Old witch, the young master is here, why dont you hurry up?
Chapter 5951 Lifting Heavenly Ceremony to Welcome the Saint
Chapter 5952 You just want to be a blind cat and hit a dead mouse
Chapter 5953: Animalistic
Chapter 5954 Funiu Sutra
Chapter 5955 Patron Saint
Chapter 5956: So many unworthy descendants
Chapter 5957 No longer in this world
Chapter 5982: Be careful of causing disaster.
Chapter 5983 Borrow some money
Chapter 5984 This kind of scrap metal is too much to put in your pocket
Chapter 5985 Who doesnt want to be a prodigal?
Chapter 5986 Just a prodigal son
Chapter 5987 Return to seclusion and wear robes
Chapter 5988 You want to play tricks on me
Chapter 5989: Immortality
Chapter 5990 Heirlooms cannot be taken away
Chapter 5991 Just stupid
Chapter 5992 This foundation is indeed profound.
Chapter 5993 I pray for immortality, Lord
Chapter 5994 Im afraid of not being safe
Chapter 5995 You and I are both neighbors
Chapter 5996 Can be called an artifact
Chapter 5997 Your ancestors are like cockroaches
Chapter 5998: A common man is not guilty, but he is guilty of having a jade.
Chapter 5999 I am in a good mood today and dont want to kill anyone
Chapter 6000 What ancestral precepts?
Chapter 6001 What was dug up?
Chapter 6002 Yin Yang Tai Chi
Chapter 6003 You are getting more and more handsome
Chapter 6004: Stop giving me such a high hat
Chapter 6005 The key to activation
Chapter 6006 Delivered to the Door
Chapter 6007 Ants, seeking death
Chapter 6008 Let me check the records first
Chapter 6009 The Dark Crow
Chapter 6010 So thats it
Chapter 6011 This is not a human being
Chapter 6012 Dont blame me
Chapter 6013 Are you a hidden ancestor?
Chapter 6014 What legend?
Chapter 6015 Believe it or not, its up to you
Chapter 6016 Its not enough for my dog to fill the gap between his teeth.
Chapter 6017 Who Killed My Son
Chapter 6018 The city of wealth is destroyed
Chapter 6019: People are here, treasure house is here
Chapter 6020 Just take it, there is no shame in it
Chapter 6021: Carry it on
Chapter 6022 There is no reincarnation
Chapter 6023 The Three Heavens of Wealth and Honor
Chapter 6024: Cut through all the mountains with one sword
Chapter 6025: The city of Guo covers all areas
Chapter 6026 I only take one treasure
Chapter 6027 Go back to your Ouyang home
Chapter 6028 Dont sleep anymore, close the door and let the dogs out
Chapter 6029 The light of ghost eyes
Chapter 6030 What dare you not do?
Chapter 6031: Taking advantage of others
Chapter 6032 Eternal Six-Element Gloves
Chapter 6033 You and I are both ghosts
Chapter 6034 I am at ease in the Buddhist country, the supreme heaven
Chapter 6035 Yin Zhentian, Shifangluo
Chapter 6036: Your determination is so strong that I admire you all.
Chapter 6037 Let me end it
Chapter 6038 Return to Chaos and Become Lost
Chapter 6039 Dont sleep anymore
Chapter 6040 Dont regard ignorance as personality
Chapter 6041 Old man, I still made a mistake.
Chapter 6042 The Night-Breaking Shell
Chapter 6043 Leave it to me here
Chapter 6044 The origin of Buddha and the end of ghosts
Chapter 6045 Sir, save me
Chapter 6046 Look at the good things you have done
Chapter 6047 Your life cant be filled
Chapter 6048 Farewell
Chapter 6049 Only by never forgetting your original intention can you always succeed
Chapter 6050: Take this thing back with you
Chapter 6051 Resurrection of the Dead
Chapter 6052 Fortunately, Po Ye is dead
Chapter 6053: Young Masters Immortal Dharma is Supreme, Please Have Mercy
Chapter 6054 Old Testament Attack
Chapter 6055 A Revenge
Chapter 6056 Young Master, why did you save me?
Chapter 6057 Seven Nights Mental Technique
Chapter 6058 Have you seen that mountain?
Chapter 6059 The head of the Silver Dragon God Mecha
Chapter 6060 Old Covenant
Chapter 6061 Five Elements Mountain has declined
Chapter 6062 A long time ago
Chapter 6063 When true is also false, false is also true
Chapter 6064 This derivation is wrong
Chapter 6065 The big ghost market opens
Chapter 6066: Extraordinary Ancestor
Chapter 6067 Come, drink some sugar water
Chapter 6068: One promise to heaven, one thought for eternity
Chapter 6069 Ghosts dont mix with humans either
Chapter 6070 One hundred million ghost coins?
Chapter 6071 You are a profiteer
Chapter 6072 Distinguished Guest, Distinguished Guest
Chapter 6073 What do you have?
Chapter 6074 So dark?
Chapter 6075 This is priceless
Chapter 6076 My lucky cat, even if you beat me to death,
Chapter 6077 Hua Qi shines
Chapter 6078 As long as I like it
Chapter 6079 Insects from the Other Side of the Avenue
Chapter 6080 I have something
Chapter 6081 I have to be a ghost
Chapter 6082 What kind of crap is this?
Chapter 6083 You idiots
Chapter 6084 Its quite enjoyable for you to be a ghost
Chapter 6085 Whats so pity?
Chapter 6086 Actually, I dont know either
Chapter 6087 Im just a few years older
Chapter 6088 That bastard left me here
Chapter 6089 I'm hungry
Chapter 6090 Its really so beautiful
Chapter 6091 Everything has a price
Chapter 6092 The dark moon touches the sky and attracts grass.
Chapter 6093 Yang Wen, come and die
Chapter 6094 If you want to fight, I will accompany you
Chapter 6095 Arriving in a coffin
Chapter 6096 Its not necessary
Chapter 6097: There are immortals helping them
Chapter 6098 Why cant you see the light?
Chapter 6099: Has anyone licked it clean?
Chapter 6100 Living too long is not a good thing
Chapter 6101 I have seen this thing before
Chapter 6102 This ghost is a bit unreliable
Chapter 6103 Two ghosts
Chapter 6104 The Hidden Temple in the Soldier Pool
Chapter 6105: Frame yourself
Chapter 6106 Dont utter arrogance here
Chapter 6107 The First Mortal
Chapter 6108 The natural disaster is coming
Chapter 6109 Damn it
Chapter 6110 Shooting Dragon Scales
Chapter 6111 This is our dragon scale
Chapter 6112 Im afraid you dont have this life
Chapter 6113 Just rely on your little ability
Chapter 6114 Is there anyone else?
Chapter 6115 Sitting in a well and looking at the sky
Chapter 6116: Killing
Chapter 6117 Son of Heaven
Chapter 6118 Who is the oldest
Chapter 6119 The dead are the least suspicious
Chapter 6120 Sell yourself
Chapter 6121 It’s just self-movement
Chapter 6122 One case weapon
Chapter 6123 The most interesting place
Chapter 6124 There seems to be nothing wrong with it
Chapter 6125 Entering the game and killing three immortals
Chapter 6126 The seizure of the ghost temple
Chapter 6127 Flying Tribulation to Guard the World
Chapter 6128 What are you?
Chapter 6129 Immortal Corpse Worm Silk
Chapter 6130 I didn’t eat ghosts
Chapter 6131 I don’t want to be a ghost
Chapter 6132 Jingxian
Chapter 6133 Who is it?
Chapter 6134 No war
Chapter 6135 Don’t draw the bow too full
Chapter 6136 I would rather betray the world
Chapter 6137 Want to know who you are
Chapter 6138 It’s none of your business
Chapter 6139 Eating an Immortal
Chapter 6140 Isn’t it necessary?
Chapter 6141 I pawn myself
Chapter 6142 Hunyuan True Self
Chapter 6143 People and Horses
Chapter 6144 The Chosen Son
Chapter 6145 Crazy beyond measure
Chapter 6146 Only this chance
Chapter 6147 Not Accompanying
Chapter 6148: No love in the world of mortals, no river of blood to cross
Chapter 6149 Do we have any grudges?
Chapter 6150 Then go die
Chapter 6151 If you don’t want it, just give it to me.
Chapter 6152 The sin is unforgivable
Chapter 6153 This is evil
Chapter 6154 Three Immortals Unite
Chapter 6155 Tired of living
Chapter 6156: Do you no longer miss me in this world?
Chapter 6157 You are already a ghost
Chapter 6158 Leading out a person
Chapter 6159 What kind of crime is this?
Chapter 6160 Hidden Immortal Cave
Chapter 6161 Sir is an immortal
Chapter 6162 The wind is strong and sand has entered
Chapter 6163 Conscience feeds the dog
Chapter 6164 Unfortunately, I am not
Chapter 6165 The Immortal Cauldron
Chapter 6166 The Fairy Town is about to appear
Chapter 6167 Destroy the Hidden Dynasty
Chapter 6168 Vajra Mahama
Chapter 6169 What a coincidence
Chapter 6170 The Heart of Machine Energy
Chapter 6171 The hidden dynasty was destroyed again
Chapter 6172 The time is coming
Chapter 6173 Are you the hidden ancestor?
Chapter 6174 I’m here, do you have any last words?
Chapter 6175 Immortal Suppressing Fist
Chapter 6176 The Ninth Life of Yin Eyes and Turbidity
Chapter 6177 Want to leave?
Chapter 6178 Is it just you?
Chapter 6179 Three thousand clowns
Chapter 6180 Are you worthy of transforming into the sky?
Chapter 6181 The Curse of the Blood Sparrow
Chapter 6182 Don’t get in the way here
Chapter 6183: The number one criminal?
Chapter 6184 If you stand in my way, you will die.
Chapter 6185 True Immortal Punishes Heaven
Chapter 6186: With the power of such an ant, I dare to say that it will kill the sky.
Chapter 6187: Seal the world and entrust it to all generations
Chapter 6188 I’m just here to kill you today
Chapter 6189 Taking yourself too seriously
Chapter 6190 Why are you showing off in front of me?
Chapter 6191 All my wishes come true
Chapter 6192: Paper-like looking thing
Chapter 6193 It is better to die vigorously than to die silently
Chapter 6194 Allow you
Chapter 6195 The appearance of a giant
Chapter 6196 Dingtian’s only life
Chapter 6197 You can touch this threshold
Chapter 6198 Use my will to suppress the immortal
Chapter 6199 It’s finally over
Chapter 6200 The emperor does not exist
Chapter 6201: Fellow Taoist sit in a humble abode?
Chapter 6202 Master Jinguang is missing
Chapter 6203 Only immortals have no worries
Chapter 6204 What is this?
Chapter 6205 I am blind
Chapter 6206 There is something wrong in my heart
Chapter 6207 The ghost is coming
Chapter 6208: Be an idler
Chapter 6209 Fellow Taoist, your place is not clean
Chapter 6210 Mo Bai Sword
Chapter 6211 Is this a pickup line?
Chapter 6212 The light shines, frost falls in the sky
Chapter 6213 If it’s not becoming a ghost, then what is it?
Chapter 6214 Is there really a ghost?
Chapter 6215 When did you disappear?
Chapter 6216 It’s fake
Chapter 6217 A group of old bald donkeys
Chapter 6218 The young master is a knowledgeable person
Chapter 6219 A mere brat, what is the Dao for?
Chapter 6220 What do you know?
Chapter 6221 Delicious
Chapter 6222 Tian Lingling, Earth Lingling
Chapter 6223 Asking the demon god to possess you
Chapter 6224 The monster hasn’t shown up yet
Chapter 6225 Eat garlic
Chapter 6226 Unparalleled Immortal Object
Chapter 6227: Fireman Stone Ax
Chapter 6228 Daihu, how did you know?
Chapter 6229: Become a monk?
Chapter 6230 Are there really ghosts in the world?
Chapter 6231 Mysterious Array
Chapter 6232 Are you really stupid or fake?
Chapter 6233 This is called moving mountains
Chapter 6234 Lift it up
Chapter 6235 What is this called tomb robbing?
Chapter 6236 It’s your blessing
Chapter 6237 Junior, don’t push yourself too far
Chapter 6238 If you don’t eat the toast, you will be punished by drinking wine
Chapter 6239 Heaven-Suppressing Fist
Chapter 6240 I am the one at the bottom
Chapter 6241 The wind is tight, retreat
Chapter 6242 Is there a ghost?
Chapter 6243 What is she?
Chapter 6244 Big Bang
Chapter 6245 What should we do?
Chapter 6246 Read more
Chapter 6247 Where are you going?
Chapter 6248 Thanks to the Three Immortals?
Chapter 6249 The birth of five immortals
Chapter 6250 What you eat, and then spit it out, will
Chapter 6251 No one knows the way forward yet.
Chapter 6252 Tianshou Transforms into Immortality
Chapter 6253 Depends on fate
Chapter 6254 We don’t want to die
Chapter 6255: Lucky
Chapter 6256 Rotten Wood
Chapter 6257 Facing the wall for sixty years
Chapter 6258 Nothing
Chapter 6259 From now on, please flatter me.
Chapter 6260 Shatter this world
Chapter 6261 He is my ancestor, not yours
Chapter 6262 Who do you think is the immortal?
Chapter 6263 A pair of eyes
Chapter 6264 Night Fury
Chapter 6265 The earth is broken
Chapter 6266 Burning Trees
Chapter 6267 Burned to Ashes
Chapter 6268 It’s fun
Chapter 6269 Keep your mouth clean
Chapter 6270 Knocked unconscious with one punch
Chapter 6271 The world of one leaf
Chapter 6272 Such a big corpse
Chapter 6273 Let’s touch Taichu
Chapter 6274 Can it be stolen?
Chapter 6275 Burn yourself to death
Chapter 6276: Grabbing space
Chapter 6277 Someone supports me
Chapter 6278 Is it just you?
Chapter 6279 Take a breath
Chapter 6280 Can fire burn to ashes?
Chapter 6281 Chiyuan Jiuyou Earth Fire Gold
Chapter 6282 Be good!
Chapter 6283 A small life cannot be saved.
Chapter 6284 Slap
Chapter 6285 It’s that empress
Chapter 6286 Draw the sword
Chapter 6287 Yuanyin Immortal Ghost
Chapter 6288 Who is the murderer?
Chapter 6289 Why refuse?
Chapter 6290 Who to trade with?
Chapter 6291 How simple is it?
Chapter 6292 Do you want war?
Chapter 6293 It’s time for future generations to break through
Chapter 6294 I am not alone in my ways
Chapter 6295 Everyone should come
Chapter 6296 The Difficulty of the Great Road
Chapter 6297 You can try it
Chapter 6298 Heaven forbids it
Chapter 6299 I eat two, are you willing?
Chapter 6300 Balancing one’s own humanity
Chapter 6301 Which faction are you from?
Chapter 6302 The method of domineering swallowing
Chapter 6303 No entry allowed
Chapter 6304 Can a person be passed down for a hundred generations?
Chapter 6305 Becoming an Immortal in a Hundred Generations
Chapter 6306 It’s not easy
Chapter 6307 My character has been straightened out
Chapter 6308 Great Immortal, please accept your magical powers
Chapter 6309 Are you itchy?
Chapter 6310 I’ll plant some flowers for you
Chapter 6311 Dao Heart has become dependent?
Chapter 6312 Millions of obliterations
Chapter 6313 Taoist heart is useless
Chapter 6314 Don’t fool me
Chapter 6315 Suppress you
Chapter 6316 Two Li Qiye
Chapter 6317 Dao Heart
Chapter 6318 I will destroy the immortal with my fist
Chapter 6319 A painting
Chapter 6320 Zhizu
Chapter 6321 Supreme Immortal Treasure
Chapter 6322 Great Wilderness Tower
Chapter 6323 Thirteen Peaks
Chapter 6324 Undressing
Chapter 6325 The annihilation of pain
Chapter 6326 Becoming an immortal is what you should do
Chapter 6327 That little light
Chapter 6328: Great Immortal, is the chicken delicious?
Chapter 6329 What do you want to eat?
Chapter 6330 Immortal descends to earth
Chapter 6331 Let’s have a hot pot
Chapter 6332 Three-Headed Viper
Chapter 6333 Wrong Financial Tiantao
Chapter 6334 I just killed a dragon
Chapter 6335 Chop that cow to death
Chapter 6336 This heart can be learned from heaven and earth
Chapter 6337 Is there any natural disaster in mother’s womb?
Chapter 6338 I become a demon
Chapter 6339 I would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail
Chapter 6340 Shoot it out
Chapter 6341 A maid
Chapter 6342 Will it really be shaken?
Chapter 6343 Is that all?
Chapter 6344 How about looking at my flowers?
Chapter 6345 Where is this tea tree?
Chapter 6346 I have the Essence Fire Treasure Tree
Chapter 6347 A bit shabby
Chapter 6348: Seed secretly by yourself
Chapter 6349 The wings are hardened
Chapter 6350 Send a message
Chapter 6351 How dare you be so arrogant with this little bit of ethics
Chapter 6352 It’s just so casual
Chapter 6353 What kind of ancestor is this?
Chapter 6354 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 6355 I am nothing
Chapter 6356 Kneel down
Chapter 6357 Why be so cruel?
Chapter 6358 Don’t be so embarrassed
Chapter 6359 All escaped
Chapter 6360 Do you think you are qualified to bargain with me?
Chapter 6361 Kneel down
Chapter 6362 Deprivation
Chapter 6363 Is this the background?
Chapter 6364 It’s time to build something
Chapter 6365 Eternal Immortal Medicine Tree
Chapter 6366 Ancestral Gift
Chapter 6367 Becoming the First
Chapter 6368 Unwilling
Chapter 6369 is about to be broken
Chapter 6370 Breaking the limit
Chapter 6371 Outsiders
Chapter 6372 Show mercy
Chapter 6373 Losing gold and eating the ancient times
Chapter 6374 Who do you look down on?
Chapter 6375 This is not allowed
Chapter 6376 Six Great Desolation Orders
Chapter 6377 Great Wilderness Small Buckler
Chapter 6378 Can you represent the Great Wilderness?
Chapter 6379: Why do I need to kill you?
Chapter 6380 Keep someone under the knife
Chapter 6381 I can also pardon your crimes
Chapter 6382 Proving the Way and Becoming an Ancestor
Chapter 6383 All destroyed?
Chapter 6384: Become an Immortal in a Hundred Generations
Chapter 6385 The war has begun
Chapter 6386 Isnt this crazy?
Chapter 6387 Soul Calling
Chapter 6388 A mountain of bones
Chapter 6389 Ten Yang Heavenly Hammer
Chapter 6390 Ancestor save me
Chapter 6391 So powerful
Chapter 6392: Stupid ant, never redeemed
Chapter 6393 Should be destroyed
Chapter 6394 Why
Chapter 6395 This sin should be wiped out in ashes
Chapter 6396 Kill me
Chapter 6397 Come out
Chapter 6398 Why
Chapter 6399 You can resist
Chapter 6400 Let’s do it
Chapter 6401 The Dream Begins
Chapter 6402 Heavenly Sin Sea
Chapter 6403 A Dead Man’s Dream
Chapter 6404 Two fools
Chapter 6405 A well
Chapter 6406 The Boss’s Son
Chapter 6407 An unlucky guy
Chapter 6408 What if someone steals it?
Chapter 6409 Are you the boss’s son?
Chapter 6410 I opened this road, I planted this tree
Chapter 6411 This is your fate
Chapter 6412: Navigate to the wind
Chapter 6413 Lead the way
Chapter 6414 This is my uncle
Chapter 6415 Am I that old?
Chapter 6416 What are you dreaming about?
Chapter 6417 Psychosis
Chapter 6418 Gentle Nest
Chapter 6419 Who is innocent?
Chapter 6420 The most disgusting emperor
Chapter 6421 Retreat
Chapter 6422 Rakshasa Demon Emperor
Chapter 6423 Who do you want to rob?
Chapter 6424 Life is thinner than paper
Chapter 6425 Do you have a choice?
Chapter 6426 Everyone should have their own opportunity
Chapter 6427 Ballast Stone
Chapter 6428 Three million years old
Chapter 6429 My face
Chapter 6430 Don’t be impatient
Chapter 6431 The arrival of the emperor
Chapter 6432 Where did it go?
Chapter 6433 Attack on the Island of Evil
Chapter 6434 A bit difficult
Chapter 6435: One pot smashed away
Chapter 6436 is about to collapse
Chapter 6437 Don’t even think about it
Chapter 6438 I can’t cut the sky with my sword
Chapter 6439: Resurrection?
Chapter 6440 The incompetent person
Chapter 6441 Escape
Chapter 6442 Begging for mercy
Chapter 6443 Still one pot
Chapter 6444 Almost becoming a good person
Chapter 6445 I can swear
Chapter 6446 Blessings for Eternal Life
Chapter 6447 Journey into the Abyss
Chapter 6448 Skull
Chapter 6449 Let it go
Chapter 6450 What is this?
Chapter 6451 Are they from the same nest?
Chapter 6452 Dreamland
Chapter 6453 What a coincidence
Chapter 6454 Who gives way?
Chapter 6455 Heaven is ruthless
Chapter 6456 I won’t kill you today
Chapter 6457 Above the immortals, I am the only one
Chapter 6458 The Bigness of Peng
Chapter 6459 The power of life
Chapter 6460 The smell of shadow
Chapter 6461 What did you see?
Chapter 6462 Burning the Thief God
Chapter 6463 Where are the three souls?
Chapter 6464 Fatty Wang
Chapter 6465 Stranger
Chapter 6466 Grudges between Fathers and Generations
Chapter 6467 The Land of Gold
Chapter 6468 Golden Lord
Chapter 6469: Lying flat and smashed
Chapter 6470 It’s none of my business
Chapter 6471 Where is the longevity grass?
Chapter 6472 A loving father and a filial son
Chapter 6446 The Fountain of Hell
Chapter 6447 The little one deserves to die
Chapter 6448 Passersby
Chapter 6449 The Sword Supreme Golden Tree
Chapter 6450 Do you still want me to ask you to leave?
Chapter 6451 Earth-Splitting Originator
Chapter 6452 Want to fight?
Chapter 6453 Is it just you?
Chapter 6454 You are not worthy
Chapter 6455 Give you a life
Chapter 6456 Destruction
Chapter 6457 What is the difference between it and ants?
Chapter 6458 One Style
Chapter 6459 What is this
Chapter 6460 King of All Gods
Chapter 6461 It’s my turn to warm up
Chapter 6462 Lord of Dreams
Chapter 6463 Do you want to become an immortal?
Chapter 6464 I love to dream, can’t I?
Chapter 6465 Nine Invincibles
Chapter 6466 None of your business
Chapter 6467 Come and catch me
Chapter 6495 An Immortal Weapon
Chapter 6496 The dying person
Chapter 6497 Holy Master, save me
Chapter 6498 Why are you together?
Chapter 6499 Gaze from the abyss
Chapter 6500 Whose Gazing
Chapter 6501 Impossible
Chapter 6502 Whose fault is it?
Chapter 6503 Closing the Land of Gold
Chapter 6504 This matter has nothing to do with me, farewell
Chapter 6505 How good is Senior Xian Chengtian?
Chapter 6506 The Ancestor of All Gods
Chapter 6507: A hero cannot defeat four hands with two fists
Chapter 6508 Ancestor, come and hide now
Chapter 6509 Invincible
Chapter 6510 Golden Bull
Chapter 6511 Kick away
Chapter 6512 How could such a child with cerebral palsy be born?
Chapter 6513 Return to the original state of immortality
Chapter 6514 You are too weak
Chapter 6515 I have a treasure
Chapter 6516 Immortal Taiyi Immortal
Chapter 6517 Who is stupid?
Chapter 6518 True Immortal Fire
Chapter 6519 Of course it can be opened
Chapter 6520 Buried with everyone
Chapter 6521 Go to hell
Chapter 6522 Destroy the entire world
Chapter 6523 Damn it
Chapter 6524 Who is more terrifying?
Chapter 6525 The King of Fortune
Chapter 6526 Who is not being mean?
Chapter 6527 You tricked me again
Chapter 6528 I just want to be the king of wealth
Chapter 6529 There is a way
Chapter 6530 It’s actually very simple
Chapter 6531 You have deep brotherhood
Chapter 6532 Wait for me
Chapter 6533 What are you going to do?
Chapter 6534 What kind of fairy place is this?
Chapter 6535 Life is not easy
Chapter 6536 Ancient Sacrament
Chapter 6537 Sinful
Chapter 6538 I am a guilty person
Chapter 6539 A loving mother often loses her sons
Chapter 6540: Kill or behead, it’s up to you
Chapter 6541 Immortal to Heaven
Chapter 6542 Should be given to me
Chapter 6543 Is this conscientious talk?
Chapter 6544 Let’s play a game
Chapter 6545 Another way to die
Chapter 6546 Born in Taichu Tree
Chapter 6547 Give up yourself and ascend to immortality again
Chapter 6548 Reincarnation from Death
Chapter 6549 Assembly Number
Chapter 6550 The galaxy is brilliant
Chapter 6551 Countless corpses
Chapter 6552: Collapse of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 6553 Where is Baopu?
Chapter 6554 A hoof
Chapter 6555 Who are you?
Chapter 6556 The unexpected true identity
Chapter 6557 Refining You
Chapter 6558: Fire-breaking Immortal
Chapter 6559 The sword can kill the immortal
Chapter 6560 Just don’t show your face
Chapter 6561 Immortal, Supreme Immortal
Chapter 6562: Letting go can be regarded as a kind of rebirth
Chapter 6563 Who doesn’t have a good apprentice?
Chapter 6564 My apprentice is an immortal
Chapter 6565 What secret is hidden?
Chapter 6566 If you have a good price, just sell it.
Chapter 6567 Cicada in urgent need of life extension
Chapter 6568 Nematodes
Chapter 6569 A pool of water
Chapter 6570 Transcendence for you
Chapter 6571 I have an idea
Chapter 6572 Waiting for the time to come
Chapter 6573 The cunning rabbit has three holes
Chapter 6574 We can talk
Chapter 6575 Are you telling me that the price is too high?
Chapter 6576 The wings are hardened
Chapter 6577 Mud can’t hold up the wall
Chapter 6578 Yuan Yin wants to break the God's costume
Chapter 6579 Just come
Chapter 6580: Can this spear kill an immortal?
Chapter 6581 As if you can become an immortal
Chapter 6582 I want to see how deep your abyss is
Chapter 6583 Is it you?
Chapter 6584 Scared to Death
Chapter 6585 Entering the Beginning
Chapter 6586 What is hidden?
Chapter 6587 Except you
Chapter 6588 is a good master
Chapter 6589 This sin cannot be redeemed by me.
Chapter 6590 Above you
Chapter 6591 People who came ashore
Chapter 6592 Heavenly Immortal, what a piece of shit
Chapter 6593 Heaven and Earth City
Chapter 6594 Love Story
Chapter 6595 The water is hot
Chapter 6596 et al.
Chapter 6597 Return to Earth and Reincarnate
Chapter 6598: Ordinary
Chapter 6599 Don’t you feel it?
Chapter 6600 The beauty in the ice coffin
Chapter 6601 Abandoning the body
Chapter 6602: A bowl of crab roe noodles
Chapter 6603 I just love this bite
Chapter 6604 Don’t disturb me
Chapter 6605 I am panicked
Chapter 6606: Show yourself
Chapter 6607 Worm Silk
Chapter 6608 It hurts a little
Chapter 6609 Disciples of the Three Immortals
Chapter 6610 A passerby
Chapter 6611 I am a disciple of the Three Immortals
Chapter 6612 You are fake
Chapter 6613 The Bright Pattern of the Heavenly Avenue
Chapter 6614 My life, I am the protagonist
Chapter 6615 Who are you?
Chapter 6616 We want to go ashore
Chapter 6617: Get away from your sister
Chapter 6618 Seal of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 6619 The Lord of Creation of All Things
Chapter 6620 A disaster of great calamity
Chapter 6594: Carry it up
Chapter 6595 The Lord of Creation of All Things
Chapter 6596 Can’t get up
Chapter 6597 Make it stop
Chapter 6625 Time Tuo
Chapter 6626 Lone Wolf in the Snowfield
Chapter 6627 I have a punch
Chapter 6628 ran away
Chapter 6629 Just hit it with a piece of tofu and commit suicide.
Chapter 6630 Do you need two more moves?
Chapter 6631 The king serves the heart
Chapter 6632 What do you think?
Chapter 6633 Dugu Nine Swords
Chapter 6634 Bogu arrives at the new shore
Chapter 6635 My uncle is awesome
Chapter 6636 Your bloodline
Chapter 6637 Can’t we have illegitimate children?
Chapter 6638 The Body of Heaven
Chapter 6639 What a sweet dream
Chapter 6640 Come over here
Chapter 6641 Breaking the Sky Style
Chapter 6642 Am I late?
Chapter 6643 What are you using to defend yourself?
Chapter 6644 Lieshan Immortality Path
Chapter 6645 The First Ancestor
Chapter 6646: Lost in the end
Chapter 6647 Suppressing Cangtian Fist
Chapter 6648 The immortal is guilty
Chapter 6649: One hundred million sticks
Chapter 6650 You are a dying person
Chapter 6651 The immeasurable calamity of life and death
Chapter 6652 Because of value
Chapter 6653 It’s that simple
Chapter 6654 Too late
Chapter 6655 Today, everything is taken away
Chapter 6656: Using one’s body to dissolve the calamity
Chapter 6657 Something is wrong
Chapter 6658 So amazing
Chapter 6659: Holding up with one hand
Chapter 6660: With this Taoist heart, do you want to become the Lord of Creation?
Chapter 6661 Keep moving forward
Chapter 6662 Someone will become an immortal
Chapter 6663 The inevitable disaster
Chapter 6664 Billions of Starry Sky Immortal Bodies
Chapter 6665 The Supreme Heaven Attacks
Chapter 6666 Three Legions
Chapter 6667 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 6668: Being solid is enough.
Chapter 6669: I am the only one in heaven and on earth
Chapter 6670 Blood coagulation, I am an immortal
Chapter 6671 The natural disaster is coming
Chapter 6672 Shinichi
Chapter 6673 Ashamed
Chapter 6674: Please think twice
Chapter 6675 A statue
Chapter 6676: Guarding the Immortal Sword Life and Death
Chapter 6677: Guarding the Immortal Sword Life and Death
Chapter 6678 Sorry
Chapter 6679 The inevitable disaster
Chapter 6680 The Master of Life and Death
Chapter 6681 You are not an immortal after all
Chapter 6682 Let’s see what you look like first
Chapter 6683 Is this an immortal?
Chapter 6684 Don’t rush to kill you
Chapter 6685 Dreaming Back to Wilderness
Chapter 6686 This bastard just needs to be dealt with
Chapter 6687 Immortal Corpse Worm Silk
Chapter 6688 Old Immortal, save me
Chapter 6689 Virtualization
Chapter 6690 Try it and you will die
Chapter 6691 Planning to go ashore
Chapter 6692 How many lives is this exchange?
Chapter 6693 The strength of Taoist heart
Chapter 6694 Ghost Abyss
Chapter 6695 Ghost Blade
Chapter 6696: Whatever your heart desires, it can come true
Chapter 6697 Aren’t you tired?
Chapter 6698 Then let’s ask Heaven if it’s okay?
Chapter 6699 Why does the sky have a third body?
Chapter 6700 The sky is annihilated
Chapter 6701 I am you, you are me
Chapter 6702 Another You
Chapter 6703 This is perception
Chapter 6704 Third Life
Chapter 6705 Three Lives Heaven-Suppressing Technique
Chapter 6706 Come quickly, don’t be greedy
Chapter 6707 Premeditation
Chapter 6708 Hope to become an immortal
Chapter 6709 Is it just you?
Chapter 6710 Are you coming together?
Chapter 6711 My master agrees with you
Chapter 6712 Tens of thousands of immortals, I am leaving
Chapter 6713 Even death is enough
Chapter 6714 I’m lucky to have you as my apprentice
Chapter 6715 We have no intention of being an enemy of the Yuanzu
Chapter 6716 The Innate Way
Chapter 6717 Chongming Bird, walking
Chapter 6718 How can we fight for heaven with external objects?
Chapter 6719 Only you die
Chapter 6720 Is the sky coming?
Chapter 6721 Chulian gives birth to heavenly fire
Chapter 6722 Mortal Body
Chapter 6723 Moon Wolf Roaring Time and Space
Chapter 6724 True Dragon Talent
Chapter 6725 The Ultimate Divine Beast
Chapter 6726 The ultimate beast, prehistoric
Chapter 6727 Holy Master, you lose
Chapter 6728 Listen carefully
Chapter 6729 Master, go on your way
Chapter 6730 Abandon it
Chapter 6731 Unhappy retribution
Chapter 6732 Do you need me to kill you?
Chapter 6733: Everyone goes their separate ways
Chapter 6734 Carrying the Heavenly Disaster
Chapter 6735: Guard for His Majesty
Chapter 6736 Reincarnation from Death
Chapter 6737 I want to be happy
Chapter 6738 Can I do it too?
Chapter 6739 It’s time for you to go on your own
Chapter 6740 My name is Li Tiezhu
Chapter 6741 I enter the world, you are born
Chapter 6742 A deeper person
Chapter 6743 The rest are mediocre and nothing to worry about
Chapter 6744 Good Sword
Chapter 6745 Flesh and blood
Chapter 6746: This day has kept you waiting for a long time
Chapter 6723 The Three Thousand Realms of the Heaven-Grabbing Realm
Chapter 6724 The Creation and Destruction of the Dao Ring
Chapter 6725: Does Heaven deserve death?
Chapter 6726 Hate Heaven
Chapter 6751 Get back here
Chapter 6752 I want to mess it up
Chapter 6753 I don’t pretend anymore, I am Li Baye
Chapter 6754 My name is Li Baye, one more night than Qiye
Chapter 6731 Ax Immortal
Chapter 6732 House slaves with three surnames
Chapter 6733 A black dragon
Chapter 6734 Accept me as a slave
Chapter 6735 Some secrets, no one will ever know
Chapter 6736 Qing Ji has something
Chapter 6737 Where is the bloodline of the black dragon?
Chapter 6738 Young Master is not afraid of the sky
Chapter 6739 There is a fish that can crawl
Chapter 6764 Phoenix Emperor
Chapter 6765 I wonder if the immortal is coming
Chapter 6766 I want the bones of mythical beasts
Chapter 6767 Three artifacts
Chapter 6768 Stop talking nonsense
Chapter 6769: Controlling beasts is like controlling the way
Chapter 6770 Silly Girl
Chapter 6747 Immortal is merciful and merciful
Chapter 6748 Things that both humans and gods are angry about
Chapter 6749 The Black Dragon’s Bloodline
Chapter 6750 If you are not a fish, how can you know the joy of fish?
Chapter 6751 Sea of Wild Beasts
Chapter 6752 Something happened
Chapter 6753 Qingji does not have this ability
Chapter 6754 Emperor Fire Elephant
Chapter 6779 Just the setting sun
Chapter 6780 Bibo Knife
Chapter 6781 Do you dare to kill?
Chapter 6782 You don’t deserve to know yet
Chapter 6783 Swallowing your ten tribes
Chapter 6784 Three Treasure Dragons
Chapter 6785 Immortal, please spare my life
Chapter 6786 The weather is getting colder
Chapter 6787 Prisoner Ox Cauldron
Chapter 6788 This is the confidence
Chapter 6789 Lord save me
Chapter 6766: Own people
Chapter 6767 The Order of Pardon
Chapter 6768 It’s time to summon the souls
Chapter 6793 Call for Souls
Chapter 6794 Qing Ji
Chapter 6795 Secret
Chapter 6796 The Pregnancy of the Dead
Chapter 6773 I don’t know anything
Chapter 6774 Give me a good time
Chapter 6775 The sword has no wings and the heart is connected
Chapter 6776 Who is it?
Chapter 6777: Call Baldhead to come
Chapter 6778 Only yourself
Chapter 6779 The Thirteen Life Palaces are amazing
Chapter 6780 It’s none of my business
Chapter 6805 Don’t teach me wrongly
Chapter 6806: Born to be an immortal, after all, one does not know the world
Chapter 6807: Make an offer
Chapter 6808 Save it
Chapter 6809 Heroes recognize heroes
Chapter 6810 What other secrets are there?
Chapter 6811 Kendo
Chapter 6812: Just met, fighting and killing
Chapter 6813 Don’t be anxious, don’t be anxious
Chapter 6814 Bullshit
Chapter 6815 Why is it so easy?
Chapter 6816 It depends on your luck
Chapter 6817 Never See You Again
Chapter 6818 Endless Dark World
Chapter 6819 Ancient Pure Rules
Chapter 6820 The sword is not unsheathed
Chapter 6821 Shrine
Chapter 6822 Run away
Chapter 6823 Thunder Emperor
Chapter 6824 You run away first
Chapter 6825 I don’t know
Chapter 6826 Don’t be confused
Chapter 6827 I can kill you
Chapter 6828 Just a little thing
Chapter 6829 A bloody battle to the end
Chapter 6830 Assembly Number
Chapter 6831 There must be a secret
Chapter 6832 Innate and primordial things
Chapter 6833 It’s time to return it to me
Chapter 6834 The golden lamp never goes out
Chapter 6835 Bat Ancestor
Chapter 6836 Lei Mingze
Chapter 6837 Is it really immortal?
Chapter 6838 Where was the courage back then?
Chapter 6839 Get down here
Chapter 6840 Violation of ancient pure rules
Chapter 6841 Ancient pure rules are outdated
Chapter 6842 Ten Fallen Parts
Chapter 6843 Sword Jue
Chapter 6844 The will to kill
Chapter 6845 Bear Immortal
Chapter 6846 Then you have to kill us first
Chapter 6847 Who are you
Chapter 6848 Let’s see how capable you are
Chapter 6849 Tear into strips of cloth
Chapter 6850 Do you want to take action?
Chapter 6851 Can this world really be saved?
Chapter 6852 Return of the Ancestor
Chapter 6853 Where is Gu Chun?
Chapter 6854 Vision occurs
Chapter 6855 The heart of Tao shines everywhere
Chapter 6832 This is a relay race
Chapter 6833 A forgotten place
Chapter 6834 Death
Chapter 6835 As long as your Taoist heart is firm enough
Chapter 6836 Reluctant to Die
Chapter 6837 Bear Immortal
Chapter 6838 An ambitious bear
Chapter 6839 Who is Immortal Mirage?
Chapter 6840 Just you?
Chapter 6841 Return to the ordinary world
Chapter 6842 Never See You Again
Chapter 6843 Beyond life and death
Chapter 6844 Hiding life and death
Chapter 6845 What price
Chapter 6846 There are immortals in the world
Chapter 6847 You are a dead person
Chapter 6848 What else do you have now?
Chapter 6849: Both methods
Chapter 6850 Don’t ask about the future
Chapter 6851 Because it is a seed
Chapter 6852 Akihito Battlefield
Chapter 6853 The body is missing
Chapter 6854 What kind of power is this?
Chapter 6855 My gift must not be interfered with
Chapter 6856 Where to come from, where to go back
Chapter 6857 Teacher
Chapter 6858 Heart of the World
Chapter 6859: Survival is endless
Chapter 6860 Do you want to save it?
Chapter 6861 Find it
Chapter 6862 Three Hearts in One
Chapter 6863 Let me take a lick
Chapter 6864 Leave your life behind
Chapter 6865 The Eight Ancient Styles of Taichu
Chapter 6866 A large conch
Chapter 6867 I haven’t eaten immortal food for a long time
Chapter 6868 We are all a family
Chapter 6869 Mad Dog
Chapter 6870 I want to shake people
Chapter 6871 Is Gu Chun here?
Chapter 6872 Immortal Earthshaking Wave
Chapter 6873 Five Old Stars in a row
Chapter 6874 Endless Black Desire·Guchun Shao
Chapter 6875 Shake people again
Chapter 6876: Starting the Alliance
Chapter 6877: Pulling the curtain
Chapter 6878: Seizing power on the battlefield
Chapter 6879 Fire Fairy
Chapter 6880 Gu Chun is missing
Chapter 6881 It’s time to change the master
Chapter 6882 His Highness Returns
Chapter 6883 Abolition of Gu Chun
Chapter 6884 Taking authority
Chapter 6885 The birth of a new leader
Chapter 6886 Central Land
Chapter 6887: Close the door and beat the dog?
Chapter 6888 Who is the dog?
Chapter 6889 Reconstructing the World
Chapter 6890 A mortal
Chapter 6891 Life and Death
Chapter 6892: Fight in
Chapter 6893 Sharing of flesh and blood
Chapter 6894 Darkness Litian
Chapter 6895 Do you want it?
Chapter 6896 A mortal
Chapter 6897 I want to thank you
Chapter 6898 This thing is a bit disgusting
Chapter 6899 No Way
Chapter 6900: The wrath of the sky is extinguished!
Chapter 6901 Even heaven cannot judge my sins
Chapter 6902 Darkness destroys Taichu
Chapter 6903 Too fast
Chapter 6904 The power of mother?
Chapter 6905 Ancient Life
Chapter 6906 Still want to escape?
Chapter 6907: Smart once, confused for a while
Chapter 6908 Just a clown
Chapter 6909 Karma Slash
Chapter 6910 You kill me
Chapter 6911 Reshaping the World
Chapter 6912 Paid off
Chapter 6913 You are not a farmer
Chapter 6914 I said it
Chapter 6915 What’s so great about a true immortal
Chapter 6916 Liuguang Xiaozhongtian
Chapter 6917 Great Immortal, spare your life
Chapter 6918 Pure gratitude
Chapter 6919 A great kindness
Chapter 6920 Give you some kindness
Chapter 6921 My master is the Ancient Immortal of Shattering
Chapter 6922 Stripping
Chapter 6923 Are you really a mortal?
Chapter 6924 Even worse than an ant
Chapter 6925 Give you a chance to take action
Chapter 6926 Mortal Power
Chapter 6927 Lighting the Lamp
Chapter 6928 Private Viewing Conference
Chapter 6929 Collection
Chapter 6930 The Second Generation of Immortals
Chapter 6931 Get away, who dares to stop the great immortal?
Chapter 6932 Idiot
Chapter 6933 Who is taking action?
Chapter 6934 Who are you?
Chapter 6935: All destroyed, no one is easy to bully
Chapter 6936 Open your eyes and destroy the world
Chapter 6937 I have plenty of time
Chapter 6938: Destroy the Duobao Fairyland to appease Mr.
Chapter 6939 Kill him, it will be a great achievement
Chapter 6940 Is this the background?
Chapter 6941 Kneel down
Chapter 6942 Who are you?
Chapter 6943 I can’t afford to climb high today
Chapter 6944 Where to escape
Chapter 6945 No fate
Chapter 6946 Death Trans Equation
Chapter 6947 The person who killed you
Chapter 6948 Immortal-made world, created with immortal blood
Chapter 6949 There is no immortal in this world
Chapter 6950 Abandoned World
Chapter 6951: Heavenly Dharma Beheads
Chapter 6952: Cultivation of hundreds of millions of ways
Chapter 6953 All Buddhas bow their heads
Chapter 6954 The First Immortal
Chapter 6955 Catastrophe
Chapter 6956 Great Wilderness Immortal
Chapter 6957 Shen Tian’s Immortal Bones
Chapter 6958 The one who destroys you is yourself
Chapter 6959 God King of Heavenly Evil
Chapter 6960 Who should I place my trust in?
Chapter 6961 It’s not me who died
Chapter 6962 Just a passerby
Chapter 6963: Heavenly Tribulation Falls
Chapter 6964: Heavenly Tribulation Destroys the World
No. 6965: Pick it up with your hand
Chapter 6966 There is no savior in the world
Chapter 6967: Stick to the Taoist Heart and Save Yourself
Chapter 6968 Can a gold brick also become an immortal?
Chapter 6969 The secret of overwhelming the sky
Chapter 6970 Refining ore veins
Chapter 6971 Why do you think so highly of yourself?
Chapter 6972 It’s too late
Chapter 6973 Heavenly Immortal Essence
Chapter 6974 The secret of overwhelming the sky
Chapter 6975 The Road to Shen Tian
Chapter 6976 The world is so big, let me take a look
Chapter 6977 Become your teacher
Chapter 6978 Please give me a ride
Chapter 6979 Asking for help everywhere
Chapter 6980 Fate depends on everyone
Chapter 6981 Waste of time
Chapter 6982 Seeing Pressure Again
Chapter 6983 Accept you as a disciple
Chapter 6984 A World
Chapter 6985 A small piece of bread crumbs
Chapter 6986 Fantian Dynasty
Chapter 6986 The First Ancestor of Mortal Heaven
Chapter 6987 This place was chosen by you
Chapter 6988 Young man, I won’t argue with you
Chapter 6989 The Immortal is Coming
Chapter 6990 It’s you who insists on holding me back
Chapter 6991 I just want to try it
Chapter 6992 You are that person
Chapter 6993 Great Immortal
Chapter 6994 Return from the Dead
Chapter 6995 Drawing the sword and looking around at a loss
Chapter 6996: Fly away with a hoe
Chapter 6997 He Bo
Chapter 6998 Tianbao Clan
Chapter 6999 Purple Gold Immortal
Chapter 7000 What a high-sounding person
Chapter 7001 Let’s see what you are capable of.
Chapter 7002 Snow Dragon Immortal
Chapter 7003 Count me in
Chapter 7004 Who wants to kill us aliens?
Chapter 7005 Farewell to Gouxiaolou Tingxue
Chapter 7006 Seeing Pressure Again
Chapter 7007 Heavenly Immortal Essence
Chapter 7008: Ginger is still spicy when old
Chapter 7009 This thing already has an owner
Chapter 7010 Want to kill me?
Chapter 7011 Immortal Seal·Qingtian
Chapter 7012: Billions of Dimensions
Chapter 7013 This seems to be the case
Chapter 7014 The Divine Tree of Hundreds of Lives
Chapter 7015 Determining life and death
Chapter 7016 Squeezing into juice
Chapter 7017 Farewell to Gouxiaolou Tingxue
Chapter 7018 Warm Blood Knife
Chapter 7019 A knife to warm the snow
Chapter 7020: Hear the Tao in the morning and die in the evening
Chapter 7021: Dog meat rolls three times, the immortal cannot stand still
Chapter 7022 There is a girl
Chapter 7023 Ditianzhu
Chapter 7024 I am an innocent child
Chapter 7027 There is a person
Chapter 7028 The Power of Mother
Chapter 7029 Nine Mother Powers
Chapter 7030 Are all temporary workers working so hard?
Chapter 7031 The biggest sin
Chapter 7032 Why didn’t you kill Mang?
Chapter 7033 Great Immortal, thank you
Chapter 7034: Kill you to calm down
Chapter 7035 Tao Ting was discovered
Chapter 7036 Giving birth to something weird
Chapter 7037 The power of heavy sniping
Chapter 7038: Breath of celestial particles
Chapter 7039 The power of a bullet
Chapter 7040 Don’t hit people
Chapter 7041: Magic Tribulation Grenade Slash
Chapter 7042 Don’t come over
Chapter 7043 Is this an immortal?
Chapter 7044 Devouring the Heaven of Eternity
Chapter 7045 An uppercut
Chapter 7046 The Sea of Ten Thousand Calamities
Chapter 7047 Not even dead
Chapter 7048 Great Immortal, please spare my life
Chapter 7049 Are you dead?
Chapter 7050 How did you let go?
Chapter 7051 Jie Tian
Chapter 7052 Putting money on yourself again
Chapter 7053 Immortality
Chapter 7054 Who gave birth to him?
Chapter 7055 There are too many outrageous things
Chapter 7056 The extent of my letting go is beyond your imagination
Chapter 7057 Who gave birth to you?
Chapter 7058 Sky-cutting Monument
Chapter 7059 Does it hurt?
Chapter 7060 A great disaster is coming
Chapter 7061 Headless Man
Chapter 7062: Comparable to the Sky
Chapter 7063 Eternal Life
Chapter 7064 A Fish
Chapter 7065 The trend is rising
Chapter 7066 Creation Curse
Chapter 7067: Heavenly Dharma Beheads
Chapter 7068 Something is wrong
Chapter 7069: Will that bloody hand have a good ending?
Chapter 7070 Who is not a first time person?
Chapter 7071 Do you accept your fate or not?
Chapter 7072 You deserve it
Chapter 7073 You are bastards
Chapter 7074 I am not a chicken
Chapter 7075 Nine Characters of Taichu
Chapter 7076 The Perfect King
Chapter 7077 Conscience of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 7078 Clownfish
Chapter 7079 You are a bastard
Chapter 7080 Tell him quickly
Chapter 7081 Destruction is coming
Chapter 7082 Run away quickly
Chapter 7083 The Wilderness
Chapter 7084 Changes in the Holy Sky
Chapter 7085 Under the Abyss
Chapter 7086 Sir, time for tea
Chapter 7087 Dog Man
Chapter 7088 I’ll go with you
Chapter 7089 I am terrifyingly powerful
Chapter 7090 It’s time to go
Chapter 7091 No need for heaven
Chapter 7092 Become a plant and a tree
Chapter 7093 The world is big, but it can’t accommodate you
Chapter 7094 The Birth of a New World
Chapter 7095 I have a good father
Chapter 7096 The black dragon is missing
Chapter 7097 My business is a bit big
Chapter 7098 Loved by Everyone
Chapter 7099 Where can I rank?
Chapter 7100 Are you really an immortal?
Chapter 7101 No need for a savior
Chapter 7102 Holy Heaven
Chapter 7103 A little bird
Chapter 7104 Emperor Jin Ling
Chapter 7105 Where are you from?
Chapter 7106 Welcome the Lord
Chapter 7107 Dragon Serving Clan
Chapter 7108 Tianzai Dragon Clan
Chapter 7109 Never leave
Chapter 7110 Immortal King
Chapter 7111 Just stay here
Chapter 7112 Paper, after all, cannot contain the fire
Chapter 7113 Who died?
Chapter 7114 I raise fish
Chapter 7115 Slave the World
Chapter 7116 There shouldn’t be immortals in the world
Chapter 7117 The King of Hundreds of Meridians
Chapter 7118 Lifeline
Chapter 7119 Who killed whom?
Chapter 7120 Begins
Chapter 7121 Enough life
Chapter 7122 Negative Turtle Sky
Chapter 7123 Jiuniang
Chapter 7124 If you don’t leave, so what?
Chapter 7125: Destined to be together for hundreds of millions of years
Chapter 7126: Kill you, why do you need to scream about time and space?
Chapter 7127 Taotie
Chapter 7128 Negative Turtle
Chapter 7129 What happened to your Majesty back then?
Chapter 7130 Time is running out
Chapter 7131 Kunpeng
Chapter 7132 The road remains the same as before
Chapter 7133 Worth entrusting us with our lives
Chapter 7134 Turtle Immortal
Chapter 7135 Let’s all run away
Chapter 7136 I just want to stay for a moment longer
Chapter 7137 If you beat a dog, you are not afraid that the owner will not show his face.
Chapter 7138 Is there an older mythical beast?
Chapter 7139 The Immortal’s Methods
Chapter 7140 Zhihai
Chapter 7141 What does it mean?
Chapter 7142 Born in a poor place and born as a mortal
Chapter 7143 I didn’t kill him
Chapter 7144 Your words are poisonous
Chapter 7145 A dead man
Chapter 7146 The lamp will never go out
Chapter 7147 Nothing
Chapter 7148 Tianzai True Dragon
Chapter 7149 Real or fake?
Chapter 7150 Shut up
Chapter 7151 What a mortal
Chapter 7152 What a great confidence
Chapter 7153 The gun returns to earth
Chapter 7154 What is the flip side?
Chapter 7155 Mother’s Power Nest of Life Wuyuan
Chapter 7156 There is no reason for a true immortal
Chapter 7157 It’s time to hit the road
Chapter 7158 is no longer here
Chapter 7159 Immortal is the symbol of all living beings
Chapter 7160 Black Dragon King
Chapter 7161 The Wall of Destruction
Chapter 7162 Golden World
Chapter 7163 The Arrogant King
Chapter 7164 I want to belong to the young master
Chapter 7165 Golden Scale
Chapter 7166 Mr. Thoughts
Chapter 7167 The coming of destruction
Chapter 7168 The Wall of Destruction
Chapter 7169 The original blood of the mythical beast
Chapter 7170 Little bald head, are you ready?
Chapter 7171 Can’t catch it
Chapter 7172 I will never forget myself in this world
Chapter 7173 Cangtian Sect
Chapter 7174 Great Thousand Beasts
Chapter 7175 Pointing to the sky and destroying it in anger
Chapter 7176 Selfless and worry-free ring
Chapter 7177 Good luck but no work
Chapter 7178: Very stubborn
Chapter 7179 The unbearable lightness of life
Chapter 7180 Cang Tian Suppresses Killing
Chapter 7181 I am a mortal
Chapter 7182 Mortals can’t help themselves
Chapter 7183 Hidden Immortal
Chapter 7184 Sinful
Chapter 7185 I have a fulcrum
Chapter 7186 Judge yourself
Chapter 7187 The sky will destroy the world forever
Chapter 7188 Crushing the world-destroying catastrophe with bare hands
Chapter 7189 Sir, it’s unexpected
Chapter 7190 The strongest force in the future
Chapter 7191 Beautiful Creativity
Chapter 7192 I want to be the protagonist
Chapter 7193 Want to be a good person
Chapter 7194 A tacit understanding
Chapter 7195 Heaven
Chapter 7196 Finale