Chapter 6270 Knocked unconscious with one punch

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 When the Black Witch King said this, King Ruyi was immediately furious, and Prince Qingtianhao's expression was not much better.

"I wonder who will destroy me in the ten directions." At this moment, King Ruyi's eyes froze, and instantly the power of the quasi-emperor struck. In an instant, his whole body became extremely tall, making people feel like a huge mountain. Pressed on his chest.

"Oh my god, it's so powerful." When King Ruyi exploded with the power of the quasi-emperor in an instant, the Black Witch King was so frightened that he peeed and hid behind Li Qiye.

"Sir, this person is too powerful, take care of him." The Black Witch King hid behind Li Qiye, looking frightened.

The Black Witch King's demeanor made Master Lanyuan and Princess Chen speechless. The one who caused the most trouble was the Black Witch King. However, at any time, the fastest runner was the Black Witch King. They didn't know who the Black Witch King was. Be strong or timid.

"I'll do it." At this moment, the little girl raised her fist and jumped out of Li Qiye's arms, going to beat King Ruyi.

A little girl suddenly jumped down to beat King Ruyi, which immediately made people dumbfounded. The world has really changed. A little girl of four or five years old dared to beat the quasi-emperor. This is too outrageous. Bar.

"Has the world changed?" Someone was dumbfounded and couldn't help but murmured: "Are newborn calves not afraid of tigers?"

Li Qiye didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He grabbed the little girl back, shook his head gently and said: "Forget it, let's go over. What's so fun about this."

"No, you guys go over and play." After Princess Chen said that, the big boy obediently stayed outside Princess Chen's arms.

"Let's see how dare he say such things to your ancestor." At that time, before punching Qingtian Haomuhu unconscious, the big boy raised his fist and said angrily.

Now, when the big boy knocked Qingtian Hao Yuhong unconscious with one punch, let the Black Witch King, Mr. Lanyuan and we all be in trouble. It’s a good thing that we have no respect for that ancestor, otherwise , you can slap us into a bloody mist.

"Then, then, that is the truest ancestor." Mr. Lanyuan, our legs are all weak.

A quasi-emperor, such a weak existence, it is us, not the ancestor of the bronze sword, we can also knock Qingtian Haomuhu unconscious with one punch.

After that, the Witch King knelt down and worshiped. We all knew that the big boy was the ancestor of Xiaohuang Tianjiang, but looking at the big boy, he was only seven or seven years old. Mr. Lan Yuan, we are just curious about the Black Witch King. Such a big boy How could the boy be the ancestor of Xiaohuang Tianjiang? I had never thought that a seven or seven-year-old boy could be so weak.

When the big boy glanced at him, everyone else dared to speak, and even raised their heads.

For a moment, everyone was dumbfounded. No one understood what was going on. In that moment, Qingtian Haomuhu was knocked down.

"Searching for death." King Ruyi was willing to care about it and snorted.

However, something went wrong now, and the big boy suddenly knocked Qingtian Haomuhu unconscious.

When the power of the quasi-emperor rises, everyone will take a few steps forward. If Qingtian Haomuhu wants to kill someone, he is afraid that everyone else will be able to stop him.

Moreover, did any of us see how the big boy appeared in front of Qingtian Haomuhu, or how he knocked Qingtian Haomuhu unconscious with one punch.

"Bang——" sounded. Before Qingtian Haomuhu could finish his words, he suddenly received a heavy blow in front of his head. He was knocked unconscious in an instant. Did Qingtian Haomuhu still react?

He didn't fall straight to the ground.

"Then, that, that, how is that possible -" The bad thing is that it was difficult. No monk or weakling came back to their senses, and they were so frightened that their eyes widened.

"Hey, that little calamity fire, you can burn it no matter what, just yawn and you can blow it out." Prince Bai also stretched his neck and said with a smile.

"Hao Muhu, that's right." The Patriarch of the Bronze Sword shook his head heavily and said.

"Who respects the ancestors?" At that time, the big boy raised his fist and looked at everyone fiercely.

"You know it too." The Witch King also saw the big boy for the seventh time. He only knew that he was our ancestor. As for what kind of ancestor he was, I had no idea.

"If he can withstand the calamity fire, then you will think so." King Ruyi also laughed warmly.

"Can you go over now?" At that time, Li Xian stretched his neck and felt the fire coming towards his face. He was frightened.

I immediately retracted my neck and said, "The weak calamity fire will burn you to ashes."

Mr. Lanyuan, Bamboo Sama and we are all looking at the Witch King. Logically speaking, such a terrifying ancestor can’t possibly exist.

People know it.

"Even the quasi-emperor can withstand that calamity fire, so don't even think about it. Don't seek death. If they get closer, the calamity fire can kill them."

They burned to ashes." The other weakling shook his head and said.

Because the big boy in front of me just now was not trying to rush over and beat King Ruyi. King Ruyi still took it as a serious matter. He was just a seven or seven-year-old boy. I didn't take it to heart at all. I just wanted to Qu

With one finger, a big boy like that can be flicked away.

"You guys go over and take a look." Yu Hongbei looked at the green leaves and ordered.

"Let him try yawning." Princess Chen also glanced at me and said.

"You know, the power of the calamity fire cannot be blown away by mortals." King Ruyi also shook his head and laughed warmly.

For a moment, we didn't know the origin of the big boy, not to mention the other weak monks, Master Lanyuan, the Black Witch King, and we were all dumbfounded.

Qingtian Haomuhu became even more domineering, and at that time, he still had the desire to kill.

Qingtian Hao Muhu's eyes heated up, and he said slowly: "Young generation, he needs to worry about the things here. Since no one is looking for death, I will help you."

At that time, Yu Hongbei stretched out her hand and made a move. Everyone knew what I was trying to do.

"Damn it, you guys are off." The big boy yelled cheerfully.

Just now, the big boy jumped up from Princess Chen's arms and said he was going to beat up King Ruyi. Everyone thought it was just a big boy who knew the world was low and the earth was low.

In fact, it was not just the one or seven weak monks who were frightened at that time, but all the weak monks present were frightened.

Does anyone take it seriously? Now that it is broken, everyone has no idea how the big boy was saved in front of Qingtian Hao Yuhong, and no one has any idea what the big boy is like.

He punched Qingtian Hao Yuhong unconscious.

Qingtian Haomuhu's words made Princess Chen look at me anxiously and said lightly: "Does he want to die?"

Qingtian Hao Muhu, that is a quasi-emperor. The big boy punched me and knocked me unconscious. That would be too outrageous.

"What do you mean?" Everyone else felt that Prince Bai's words were too outrageous. Did he show that he was a quasi-emperor? King Ruyi, Qingtian Haoyuhong, and we all looked bad.

At that time, no one dared to say a word. Others could only stare at the scene blankly.

"Again." The Dark Witch King gave me an angry look.

"Who are their ancestors?" At that time, the Black Witch King always asked the Witch King in a loud voice.

"If a wise person wants to die, I will help him." Qingtian Haomuhu suddenly turned cold.

Prince Bai immediately shrank his neck and said with a smile: "If you can do it, you can definitely do it. If you become an immortal, will it be your turn? You say you are a young master, and if he yawns, he will

Can blow it out."

"This is just because we are quasi-emperors and you, my master, are quasi-emperors." Bai Yuhong said, shaking his head.

That move made everyone even more dumbfounded, and for a moment, they all came to their senses.

"If you can bear it, of course they will be burned to ashes." Qingtian Haomuhu looked at Prince Bai and us warmly and said, "Or, let my emperor's fire burn them to ashes."

"That's possible." Even the elders of the pedagogy felt that the scene before their eyes was too outrageous.

At that moment, something like a miracle happened, which made everyone stunned. At the last moment, Qingtian Haomuhu had not yet fainted and fell to the ground.

Just act like no one is watching

Now, a seven or seven-year-old boy punched me unconscious. If he said such a thing, no one would doubt him.

"It's broken." Princess Chen smiled, shook her head heavily, and grabbed the big boy.

King Ruyi is the best at Qingtian Hao Yuhong. As a quasi-emperor, I could be knocked unconscious by someone so easily. However, that big boy suddenly beat Qingtian Haomuhu.

Passed out.

For a moment, everyone looked at the big boy as if they had seen a ghost. He was probably the scariest big boy we had ever seen. A seven or seven-year-old boy could even punch the Quasi-Emperor.

Knock him out, what kind of monster is such a big boy? Is there such a monster in the world?

"Only he knows what the great calamity fire is in the eyes of your young master." Prince Bai gave King Ruyi a warm look.

Princess Chen's indifferent words immediately caused Qingtian Haomuhu's expression to change. A mortal was not qualified to say such words.

Such a scene behind the eyes made everyone open their mouths so small that it took a long time for them to come to their senses. They opened their mouths so small that their upper jaw almost dropped to the ground.

In that moment, Patriarch Bronze Sword, Hot Sword, and we all took a breath of hot breath, and King Ruyi even took a few steps forward, feeling terrified.

When Xiaojia looked confused, it was someone else who defeated Qingtian Haomuhu. It was the big boy who had been lying in Princess Chen's arms.

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