Chapter 7196 Finale

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Just when Li Qiye firmly clamped the Cangtian True Self Spear that was about to penetrate his chest, Cangtian let out a long roar.

"True immortals should also be killed -" The sky roared loudly, and in an instant, the sun crown he wore on his head burst out with all the sun's rays.

This kind of sun's ray is not the sun's ray in the human world, it is one of the first three spirits!

Therefore, under the loud "boom" sound, the light of the sun pulsed instantly, blasting towards Li Qiye crazily, trying to destroy Li Qiye.

This sun's rays are the most primitive power. Its power is comparable to the power of the mother. It blasts through in an instant. It can destroy all worlds.

All immortals were turned into ashes under such a blow. This kind of power already existed before Taichu was developed.

There was a loud "bang" sound, and Li Qiye received a heavy blow. At the same time, there was a "pop" sound, and the tip of the gun had penetrated three inches into Li Qiye's chest, and blood spattered.

However, at this moment, Li Qiye rolled his eyes, and in an instant, there was an indescribable power spurting out from Li Qiye's eyes. Such power, the sky was horrified when he saw it.

God, what has he been afraid of? He has never been afraid of anything. He is the master of everything. He can create everything and create everything. What power can make him frightened? This is impossible.

However, when Li Qiye truly exploded his power, it really shocked the world. It was like a child learning to speak would suddenly turn pale when he saw a big, strong man pumping his fists.

"Unfortunately, I am not An Ran." When Li Qiye's eyes spurted out the opposite power, he blocked the rays of the sun and slowly pulled out the tip of the spear that had pierced his chest.

There was a loud noise of "Boom-", when Li Qiye released his power, under this loud noise, the sky was blasted away by Li Qiye.

"Oh my God -" When Li Qiye released his power, in the human world, when Master Yunni felt such terrifying power, he couldn't help but turned pale with horror and shouted: "Old man

, is this your real power? Grandma, you are so ungrateful."

In the human world, as for the countless living beings, they have no idea what happened, because when Li Qiye's power came, all the creatures were shocked and fainted.

Only existences like Master Yunni, Empress Hongtian, and Emperor Hunyuan were not knocked unconscious by the shock.

"The sky never existed -" At the moment when Li Qiye released his power and blasted the sky away, Li Qiye made a backhand, and the sky's true self spear instantly pierced the chest of the sky.

All power is within Cang Tian's control, but when Li Qiye broke through his body with a single shot, this power was not within Cang Tian's control. He had never seen this kind of power.

"How is it possible-" Cangtian's eyes widened, he couldn't believe it all.

"Why is it impossible? You are just pretending." Li Qiye said slowly: "It's just a child's obsession."

Cang Tian's eyes opened wide, and finally, slowly dissipated, a "bang" sounded, the sun crown on Cang Tian's head also shattered at this time, and the sun, one of the three spirits, flew out at this time.

In this moment, there was a "buzz" sound, time disappeared, space also dissipated, cause and effect, yin and yang... and everything else also disappeared.

Everything ceased to exist, only the sun, one of the three spirits, was still there, but at this time it was surrounding a child, a child who was learning to talk.

This babbling child exudes the original light, as if everything was born from him, and the beginning of everything originated from him.

Every ray of light is so abundant, every ray of light is so original, it seems that when every ray of light is born, it can give birth to a world.

The nine main worlds of the heaven realm and the three thousand small worlds have enough power and immeasurable essence of heaven and earth. However, in this babbling child, all this power, all the essence of heaven and earth,

That's only twenty-three out of ten.

Such a babbling child seems to have given birth to and created all the worlds.

In fact, this is not the case, but when he was born, he occupied a large amount of the essence of heaven and earth, the essence of all things, and the remaining essence of heaven and earth, the essence of all things, gave birth to the world and gave birth to billions of creatures.

And this little kid who was babbling was lying there, with the fifth of the nine characters of Taichu under his body - the natal object of time and space.

The natal objects of time and space, these five characters of Taichu, were not only pressed on his body, but when rolled up, the five characters of Taichu covered his body like a blanket.

At this time, the spirit of the sun surrounds the child, just like the gentlest spirit, protecting the child and letting the child fall asleep.

However, when Li Qiye destroyed the sky with one blow, the child woke up and got up.

"Ah -" the silent child suddenly shouted, and the panic and anger that was awakened suddenly broke out.

The essence of heaven and earth in all the world, the quality of all things, is only twenty-three-tenths of this child's. Now it explodes as soon as he wakes up. How terrifying it is. With a loud "boom", it blasts towards

If Li Qiye hadn't blocked him, he would have destroyed the entire world in an instant.

When Li Qiye blocked the power that could destroy the world millions of times, the child had already raised his hand, and the three initial spirits of the sun, stars, and clouds, the natal objects of time and space, and the Nine Characters of Taichu in Italian Enlightenment were fiercely struck by him.

He held it in his hand and slammed it towards Li Qiye.

With a "bang", all the infinite power hit Li Qiye hard, knocking Li Qiye to the ground.

The next moment, the babbling child climbed onto Li Qiye, raised his hand, and grabbed the entire world.

"Oh my god, it's going to be destroyed -" Master Yun Ni shouted when faced with the sudden big hand.

"Do you want to block?" In the midst of the stone fire and lightning, Master Yunni's expression changed drastically and he wanted to take action, but the next moment, he stopped his hand and did not block it. He fell there and murmured:

"Just stick to it and you'll be fine." As soon as he finished speaking, there was a "buzz" sound, and his eyebrows lit up.

Others, such as Empress Hongtian, Yuanzu Dahuang, Qian Suyun, Emperor Hunyuan, God Emperor Qingmu... they all couldn't help being frightened. However, in this moment, Empress Hongtian, Yuanzu Dahuang and the others had


"Hold on." In this moment, the spots between their eyebrows lit up.

With a loud "Bang--", the babbling child had already grasped all the worlds - the nine main realms of heaven and the three thousand small worlds - in his hands, and hit Li Qiye hard on the face.

Under the loud "bang" sound, when the entire world hit Li Qiye's face, everything was destroyed. In this moment, everything ceased to exist.

At this time, the panicked and angry child opened his arms from left to right and punched Li Qiye's face one after another with "bang, bang, bang", trying to beat Li Qiye to death.

But, how could it be possible to kill Li Qiye? In this moment, the child once again picked up the three spirits of the beginning, and the nine characters of the beginning hit Li Qiye hard on the face.

At this time, the three spirits of the beginning and the nine characters of Taichu had become weapons in his hands. When they hit Li Qiye's face again and again with "bang, bang, bang", they even caused Li Qiye to bleed.

"Children, please don't act recklessly." Li Qiye grabbed his hand and threw it away. There were loud "bang, bang, bang" sounds, and he hit the ground again and again.

"Ah——" When being pressed down and beaten by Li Qiye, the babbling child couldn't help but scream, and then burst into tears with a "wow" sound.

This is not a child crying in the human world. It can destroy any world and destroy anything when it cries. The three spirits of the beginning and the nine characters of the Taichu all burst out under the cry of the child in this moment.

The most terrifying force rushed towards Li Qiye.

However, before the bombardment reached Li Qiye, Li Qiye raised his hand, and with a "buzz" sound, he instantly froze the three spirits of the beginning and the nine characters of Taichu. Li Qiye waved his hand and said: "Stay aside for now.


Of course, the three spirits of the beginning and the nine characters of the beginning could not withstand Li Qiye's supreme will, and they were instantly thrown aside by Li Qiye.

But at this moment, the babbling child slipped away, crawled away, and hid.

"Little guy, it's time to come out." Li Qiye looked for the child, but he was completely afraid of Li Qiye and couldn't hide.

"Okay, let me play a game with you." Li Qiye smiled and said, "Then let's see the innocence of a child."

As soon as the words fell, Li Qiye's body radiated light, and everything dissipated. At this time, Li Qiye also turned into a babbling child. This was not an illusion or a disguise, but Li Qiye's innocent childlike innocence.

Here, there is no world, no time and space, no cause and effect, only children babbling around, searching here, looking there. In the absence of time, the innocent children have been searching for who knows how long.

The child Cangtian has never been found.

In the end, the childlike Li Qiye searched for too long and became hungry. With a "pop" sound, he fell there and could no longer climb up.

Without time measurement, there was no telling how much time had passed. Cangtian, the child, slowly crawled out from his hiding place and crawled around the lying Li Qiye. He discovered that Li Qiye did not have any ill intentions.

It was true that when he had the same childlike innocence as him, he took out one of his candies and gave it to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye, who was innocent at heart, got up, took the candy, and started eating.

God, this child also eats his own candy.

At this time, the two of them were enjoying each other happily. They ate a piece of candy for who knows how long. At this time, Li Qiye laughed innocently and brightly, and the sky also laughed.

Li Qiye raised his hand and drew a line of time, which slowly gathered into a long river of time.

The child curiously looked at Li Qiye's painting of the river of time, and then watched Li Qiye draw the reincarnation of cause and effect, and the rhythm of yin and yang...

The child Cangtian watched with gusto. Unknowingly, Li Qiye, a childlike child, took his hand and guided him to draw all of this. As Li Qiye led him to outline, a world slowly

was spread out flat.

One world after another was sketched in the hands of the child Cangtian, one life after another was rendered in the hands of the child Cangtian... Eight Wastelands, Six Heavens Continent, Three Immortals Realm, Nine Main Worlds of Heaven Realm, Three Worlds.

Thousands of worlds...

The world that had just been grabbed and smashed to pieces by the child Cangtian, at this moment, has been restored and presented one by one in the hands of the child Cangtian.

While Cangtian, a child, was immersed in recreating the world he had just destroyed, Li Qiye had already restored his appearance. He was still Li Qiye.

Finally, when he heard the sound of "Boom", the child Cangtian completed his masterpiece, and when the world he destroyed was completely reappeared, he couldn't help but look at Li Qiye with joy.

As for all the lives and living beings in the nine worlds and three thousand small worlds in the heaven realm, they have no idea what happened. They don't know that in just a moment, their world was destroyed and they were wiped out.

Only a very small number of beings who have reached the stage of understanding know what is happening.

"It's your fault, you just fight when you fight, why do you want me to die again." Master Yunni couldn't help but shook his head and said: "If you don't do good things, you have to be the king of children, leaving us all living beings, it's too difficult

,too difficult."

Empress Hongtian, Great Wilderness Yuanzu and the others, who had a clear understanding of each other, could not help but feel frightened. In this moment, they had a clear understanding, which shocked their hearts. They stood firm and did not move their minds.

At this time, the child Cang Tian raised his face, looked at Li Qiye happily, and couldn't help but laugh.

"It's time to draw an end." Li Qiye couldn't help but laugh. In this moment, Li Qiye's light shone brightly and fell into the world.

"The universe is unified -" As Li Qiye's mantra fell, the mother's power emerged.

The heart of the world, the core of order, the source of wisdom, the nest of life... the forms of the power of the nine mothers emerged one by one, followed by Li Qiye's words and a loud "buzz" sound.

All the mother's power merged together, and a figure emerged. The figure of a woman enveloped the entire world in an instant.

Just when the woman's figure appeared, Li Qiye stretched out his hand and with a "bang" sound, he took out something from the Bodhisattva's tomb in Bahuang.

As soon as this object was taken out, an extremely soft light suddenly fell on the world and the conscience of heaven and earth.

"The thoughts of all living beings are the conscience of heaven and earth." Li Qiye's words echoed in heaven and earth.

"Thoughts of all living beings." At this time, all life in the world raised their heads, looked up to the sky, and bathed in the light of the conscience of heaven and earth.

At this time, hundreds of millions of sentient beings have a thought in their hearts and the direction of their conscience is the Taoist heart.

When all sentient beings have a thought in their hearts and a conscience, the strong monks, ancient ancestors, supreme giants, immortals and kings in any world must have the same thought as all sentient beings, and they can only move in the same direction.

, go home together with all living beings.

When Yunyun had a thought in her heart and her conscience, under the sound of "buzz, buzz, buzz", at this moment, countless creatures in all the worlds, after the light in their hearts was lit, they all gathered in the heaven and earth

In conscience.

When the conscience of heaven and earth gathered all the thoughts of life, with the sound of "Boo", Li Qiye integrated the conscience of heaven and earth into the body of this female figure melted by the power of mother.

"Be with the common people, have the same thoughts as all living beings, what all living beings think about, what the Taoist heart thinks, this is the human world." Li Qiye's supreme law fell and was signed in the human world, and it was signed on this figure.

Then, Li Qiye raised his hand, and there was a loud "boom" sound. The three spirits of the beginning and the nine characters of Taichu turned into mortal rings, and they were no longer around this woman in an instant.

"All living beings are together, and the Tao's heart is immovable." When Li Qiye's mantra fell, with a "buzz" sound, the woman's figure slowly dissipated and slowly integrated into the lives of all living beings.

A "buzz" sound sounded, and at this moment, the lives of all living beings were brightened.

"How is it?" After lighting up everything, Li Qiye looked at the child Cangtian.

The child Cangtian looked at the whole world and giggled happily.

Li Qiye stood up and said: "Let's go."

The child Cangtian stretched out his hand and asked Li Qiye to hug him.

Li Qiye picked up the child Cangtian and put it on his shoulder.

Finally, Li Qiye turned around, took another look at the human world, and gently tapped his eyebrows, and a light emerged.

"Hold on a little bit." At this moment, Empress Hongtian, Ancestor of Great Wilderness, Qian Suyun... they had a tacit understanding, and they suddenly understood and knew the road ahead, and their eyebrows lit up.

"Bah, old man, I'm not going to suffer with you. I'll just stay here and lie flat." Master Yunni lay directly on the ground and couldn't get up.

At this time, with the child Cangtian sitting on his shoulders, Li Qiye turned around and left.

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