Chapter 630: God’s Comments, Absolute Truth.

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Chapter 631: God’s Comments, Absolute Truth.

"The first auction item is an inkstone!"

Zheng Yunfeng took out a palm-sized ink-colored inkstone. After taking pictures, he showed it to everyone through a projector. There was a plum orchid pattern on it, which was very delicately carved.

Whispers began immediately.

"The starting price is one thousand yuan, and the price will be increased by 100 yuan each time."

Zheng Yunfeng started the auction directly without any introduction.

This is also the custom for charity balls.

Look at your eyesight!

Everything Professor Tan brought out was not bad, ranging from a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands yuan. You can make a profit if you buy it.

"A thousand dollars!"

"Two thousand dollars!"

When one person started to raise the price, others began to follow suit. In view of Professor Tan's character, everyone did not increase the price by 100 yuan, but directly doubled it by 1,000 yuan.

Soon, the price soared to 25,000. At this time, the bidding amount returned to normal.

Everyone started shouting a hundred at a time.

This also shows that more than 20,000 yuan is everyone’s psychological price.

Li Wei was dumbfounded and turned to ask Cai Wenqi: "Are all the people in the student union so rich?"

"Do you think that's possible?"

Cai Wenqi thinks Li Wei is so stupid: "Our student union has a detailed list of all the students in the school, and we know who each family is and what their situation is!"

"Most of the people today have specially sent invitation letters and are here to be solemnly invited!"

The purpose is self-evident, which is to make them spend money.

Zheng Yunfeng also risked his face in order to get enough donations to build a Hope Primary School.

The bidding price reached 29,000, which was somewhat unable to go up.

After all, this is the first one, and everyone thinks it shouldn’t be the most valuable one.

"Lin Shen, what do you think?"

Cai Wenqi asked in a low voice.

How could Lin Baici know this?

[A clear mud inkstone is of excellent workmanship. It is a good little toy for calligraphy enthusiasts. If you meet the right buyer, it will not be a problem to sell it for 70,000 or 80,000 yuan. 】

Nagami review.

Lin Baici turned around and saw Cai Wenqi looking at him expectantly, waiting for an answer.

"That's a Chengni inkstone. It's pretty good. If you're a calligraphy lover, I suggest you buy it. If you want to resell it and make money, it's a bit difficult because there aren't many people who like this thing!"

Introduction by Lin Baici.


Cai Wenqi gave up. Her calligraphy hobby was in a small circle and she had no way to find a buyer.

Li Wei looked at Lin Baici in astonishment and blurted out: "Do you still understand this?"

We had grown up together and knew each other's hobbies and knowledge level very well, so Li Wei was curious.

"Newly learned!"

Lin Bai made up an excuse.

Jiang Yitong, who was standing next to him, became more and more suspicious. Aren't you the faxiao who is known as the second-generation black-hearted person? You don't even know what he knows?

Jiang Yitong did not doubt Lin Baici's words. As a second-generation man, he was well-informed.

Nothing wrong.

"If it were you, how much would you pay?"

Ma Ming was curious.

"Not out!"

Lin Baici is a common man. If this was a manuscript of an erotic novel from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, or an erotic album, he could spend a million for it.

In the end, this clear mud inkstone was sold for 29,990 yuan and was purchased by a sophomore boy.

Everyone immediately applauded.

[It’s not a loss for him. During the Chinese New Year, he gave the inkstone to the elders and told the origin of it in order to raise funds for charity, so he could win the favor of the elders in no time!]

Lin Baici understood clearly after listening to Nagami's comments.

These second-generation rich people are not stupid. They spent so much money not just to make money. They can definitely recover enough value from other places.

The second auction item is an ancient family letter.

The paper has turned yellow, the ink stains have soaked through the back of the paper, and there are traces of insect bites. At first glance, it looks like an antique.

Zheng Yunfeng used a projector to display and announced: "The starting price is one thousand yuan, and the price will be increased by 100 yuan each time!"

The bidding started, but everyone was not very enthusiastic about bidding.

Because this thing looks like an antique!

If it's true, how much is it worth?

It’s impossible for Professor Tan to use it for charity, right?

[Although a family letter is not a sacred object, it has also been slightly contaminated. Holding it, a person will not feel lonely, and feel that his dear family will always be with him. ]

[Treat it as a bookmark, put it in a book, and put the book next to your pillow, it will cure insomnia and often have sweet dreams of family reunion!]

Lin Baici raised his eyebrows.

The auction price reached 5,000 yuan and it couldn’t go up any more!

Lin Baici raised his hand: "Ten thousand!"

This quotation made people around him look at it, because Lin Baici suddenly increased by 5,000 yuan.

Taken advantage of?

But when everyone saw Jiang Yitong next to him, they understood.

This is a boy who wants to spend money to attract Jiang Yitong's attention.

"Lin Shen, is this a good thing?"

Cai Wenqi is curious.

Jiang Yitong also looked over, full of curiosity.

"Xiaobai, what are you doing?"

Li Wei became anxious and pulled Lin Baici: "Although you have some spare money now, you can't waste it like this!"

"Don't think this is child's play. If you bid, you should pay."

After Li Wei finished speaking, he boldly shouted to Zheng Yunfeng on the stage: "I'm sorry, he shouted the wrong one."

"Wrong shout?"

Zheng Yunfeng frowned.

"Uh, yeah, we're not going to buy this!"

Li Wei smiled apologetically and clasped his hands towards the person next to him: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for causing trouble to everyone!"

"Xiaobai, retreat quickly!"

Li Wei pulled Lin Baici and wanted to leave.

Although doing this will lose face, it can save 10,000 yuan.

In Li Wei's opinion, this is absolutely worth it.

Lin Bai resigned and did not move.

Li Wei was surprised to find that he couldn't pull him down?

"Li Wei, please leave it alone!"

Cai Wenqi persuaded him, wanting to tell him that Lin Baici is no longer the young boy you have lived in the same community for eighteen years. He is a hunter of the gods. I'm afraid you won't be able to earn back one day's salary after ten years of hard work.

Jiang Yitong crossed his arms, his eyes becoming more and more suspicious.

What's going on?

This Li Wei, it’s impossible that he doesn’t know that Lin Baici’s family is rich, right?

So what is he anxious about?

Jiang Yitong was very familiar with the expression on the other party's face that he was worried that he had spent money in vain, because his mother often did this when she heard that she had bought something.

"Classmate, this is a charity auction. Although it has not been legally impartial, joking is not allowed. If you quote a price, you have to pay!"

Zheng Yunfeng's tone was serious: "Let me ask you again, do you want to bid?"

"If you don't want to bid, please get out!"

Zheng Yunfeng didn't want these funds to be tainted, so he gave Lin Baici a chance to repent, otherwise he would never be kind to this matter.

"Ten thousand dollars!"

Lin Baici raised his hand again.


Li Wei was really anxious: "Just think about how much money Auntie earns in a month when she works night shifts every day? What are you doing?"

Professor Tan, who was sitting aside and reading literature on his mobile phone, raised his head because of this episode. When he saw Lin Baici, he raised his eyebrows.

This young man has such a strong aura!

The vitality is quite strong.

"I didn't buy it for me!"

Lin Baici comforted her in a low voice: "My boss likes these things. Don't worry about whether they are true or false. I give them to her with all my heart!"


Li Wei was stunned: "A gift?"


Lin Baici nodded.


Li Wei moved his lips a few times. He wanted to say, why have you started learning to give gifts and engage in such crooked ways? Aren't we all relying on our talents?

But in the end, Li Wei said nothing and just sighed in his heart.

After more than half a year of working, Li Wei is no longer as naive as he was in high school.

"Once in ten thousand!"

"Ten thousand times!"

Zheng Yunfeng calls out the price.

No one bid for it, and in the end, Lin Baici got the manuscript for 10,000 yuan.

The cheongsam senior, holding a tray with both hands, brought over two pieces of paper and a wooden box.

There was also a senior girl next to me, who was the accountant of the student union.


Congratulations to the cheongsam senior.


Lin Baici smiled back.

"Do you pay by mobile phone or by credit card?"

It's not because of Li Wei's incident that the accountant came here, but because of Zheng Yunfeng's request that the money must be collected immediately after every auction.

Generally speaking, everyone feels happy when they pay money in public. Otherwise, what if the auction ends and the wrangling begins?

“Pay with mobile phone!”

Lin Baici turned on her phone and transferred 10,000 yuan to her accountant using WeChat.

"Thank you for your love for the children in impoverished mountainous areas!"

The accountant received the money and sent a message as usual.

I have to say that with just such a sentence, Lin Baici was willing to pay.

When the accountant left, Li Wei looked distressed: "Did you really pay?"

"Tell me, what if your boss doesn't like this gift? Wouldn't the money be wasted?"

"If you ask me, I would rather give you cosmetics!"

Li Wei kept chattering, but he was still afraid that such an expensive gift would be thrown out without even making a sound.

"Will not!"

Lin Baici had already read the contents of this family letter on the projector, so he didn't appreciate it. He just installed it and handed it to Cai Wenqi: "Hold it for me!"

"I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Li Wei rushed to make something worth ten thousand yuan, so he couldn't break it.

Lin Baici noticed that someone was looking at him, turned around, and saw Professor Tan, he nodded slightly in greeting.

Professor Tan showed a smile.

"Handsome guy, I thought you were pretty good-looking, but I didn't expect you to be so smart!"

Ma Ming spoke.

He also started a live broadcast and adjusted the camera on his mobile phone, allowing fans to see what Lin Baici looked like.

"Damn it, handsome guy!"

"With a face like this, what kind of brains do you need? You'll eat soft food until you die!"

"Ma Tanhua, don't you only look for women? Why did you start attacking men today?"

The water friends were noisy and talked about anything.

"Old fellows, listen up, I'm going to teach you a lesson today!"

Ma Ming cleared his throat: "Although I don't know how to appreciate antiques, I understand human nature. If these pieces of torn paper were really precious cultural relics, would they be placed in a long wooden box?"

"What if it breaks?"

"We don't need to go too far. Just a letter like this from the Qing Dynasty. Even if it is written by an ordinary teacher, it still has historical value. Selling it for tens of thousands of dollars is not too much, right?"

"However, things like manuscripts are too easily damaged, so you can judge its value based on this simple packaging!"

“No doubt a fake!”

Ma Ming talked eloquently.


Li Wei panicked and complained a little unhappily: "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"


Ma Ming sneered.

He said now, firstly, because he wanted to see Lin Baici's frustrated expression after spending unjustly money, and secondly, because he wanted to show off his wisdom in front of Jiang Yitong and Shuiyou.

This feeling of crushing others in terms of IQ is so satisfying.

Lin Baici looked at Ma Ming as if he were a fool.

He naturally thought of what the other party saw, but who allowed him to have a god?

Nagami’s comments are the absolute truth.

"Damn it, you still have this kind of thinking?"

"It has to be my Brother Tanhua!"

"Convinced! Convinced!"

The live broadcast room was flooded with all kinds of rainbow farts.

Ma Ming's show has attracted a lot of people.

He looked at these comments and felt very proud, but when he saw Lin Baici's expression, his face turned ugly.

Why doesn't this guy care at all?

You should look very shocked!

The auction continued, but Ma Ming was not in the mood to listen. He endured it, but still couldn't hold it back and shouted to Lin Baici: "Hey, you spent money wrongly, don't you feel bad?"

"You lost a penny in the toilet, do you care? You don't want to reach in and fish it out, do you?"

Lin Baici asked back.

"Pfft haha!"

Cai Wenqi was overjoyed.

"What does this guy mean?"

“People spend ten thousand yuan the same as one penny!”

"Damn, he's so handsome and so rich? Tell me where this guy is. I'm going to put a sack on him and beat him with a black stick!"

Ma Ming's negative fans immediately jumped out: "Is Ma Ming an idiot? He has only made a few stinky money and is so crazy. Has he met a real rich second generation?"

The live broadcast room was extremely lively. Ma Ming quickly stopped talking, and then glared at Lin Baici fiercely, his chest heaving with anger.

Jiang Yitong glanced at Lin Baici. This guy not only had a black heart, but also had a poisonous tongue.

But I do have the qualifications to show off.

At such a young age, I live alone in a large villa worth RMB 40 million.

Is that his wedding room?

The fourth auction item, a gold lock, was won by a junior boy for 90,000 yuan.

This amount was far from enough to build a Hope Primary School, so Zheng Yunfeng was a little anxious. When he took out the fifth auction item, he started to introduce it in a glitzy way.

A silver dollar, because of the portrait on it, is also called Yuan Datou.

Today's Internet is so developed that everyone has a mobile phone, so no matter how nice Zheng Yunfeng's words are, everyone will know the approximate price as soon as they search for this kind of silver dollar.

Selling it for 10,000 yuan is as high as the sky.

Lin Baici was not in a hurry to bid, waiting for the final word.

Jiang Yitong came to Lin Baici: "Will you go out for a walk with me?"

"Not interested in!"

Lin Baici was still waiting to buy this sacred item.

"If you don't leave now, I'm afraid you will be humiliated later!"

Jiang Yitong took the opportunity to sell his favor: "That big Internet celebrity looks like a narrow-minded villain at first glance. He will definitely say this!"

"Do you think I will be afraid?"

Lin Baici asked with a smile.

Jiang Yitong's voice was not loud, but Ma Ming was right next to him, so he naturally heard it. What was even more annoying was that this young man was so arrogant.

Who do you look down on?

I am a big internet celebrity with tens of millions of fans across the internet.

Oh shit,

Gotta fuck him!

The ASUS motherboard didn’t even come with a plastic seal in the box. I took it out and looked at it, and found a bag containing the motherboard with no adhesive strips or anything... What if this isn’t brand new? The customer service said this is the packaging!


This chapter has been completed!
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