Chapter 599: Aboriginal Residents

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Wang Xuan kept accelerating, stepping on the green plants and shooting into the distance.

Here you can't travel through time and space or make space jumps. You can only rely on speed and charge at full speed.

Wang Xuan's speed increased to a terrifying level, and even the supreme god could no longer see his moving figure clearly.

His consciousness continued to sense all directions, and along the way he silently observed many creatures living among the green plants.

Without exception, these creatures are creatures with powerful life energy, fragile souls, and low intelligence.

These creatures basically act according to instinct, and the purpose of hunting is just to survive.

After they prey on their prey, they will gain the other person's life energy and become stronger. However, correspondingly, their souls will be corroded by the more powerful life energy, and they will become more and more fragile, and they will be closer to death.

"If the birth of these lives is the will of the Mother Goddess, then there must be some deep meaning."

Wang Xuan is constantly observing and thinking, including the doomsday catastrophe that the Buddha, represented by Tiejun, said in the past. This doomsday catastrophe only destroyed the seventh-level world, and the sixth-level world is still intact, including the eighth-level world.


"Why does this doomsday catastrophe only target the gods on the seventh level? If this is the will of the Mother Goddess, then why does the Mother God only target the gods on the seventh level?"

Wang Xuan felt that this might be the key, but for the moment he couldn't guess what the reason was.

While flying like this, Wang Xuan tried his best to avoid dangerous areas. After all, although these creatures possessed powerful life energy, Wang Xuan could not absorb it, so he lost interest in hunting these creatures.

After a long time, Wang Xuan also felt a little tired, finally stopped and decided to take a rest.

In such a long time, the distance he flew has been incalculable, but for the entire green continent, he is not even one-third of the distance.

"It's really troublesome. You can't jump in space here. We just rely on rushing. Just crossing this green continent will take a long time."

Although Wang Xuan has reached the peak state of "Great Sky", he is still full of helplessness in this eighth level world. The world here is so stable that even the existence of "Great Sky" cannot travel through time and space.

While resting, Wang Xuan was sitting cross-legged on a plant. There was a buzzing sound in the distance, but a group of creatures with cicada wings appeared in the distance and were approaching him.

These creatures are not big in shape, with six almost transparent cicada wings on their backs. They have the head of a wasp and the body of a snake. They are all black with a large number of yellow round spots on the surface. They vibrate the cicada wings and make a buzzing sound. They are moving towards him quickly.


Apparently they noticed Wang Xuan, regarded him as prey, and wanted to prey on him.

Wang Xuan looks small, about the same size as them, and because Wang Xuan is concentrating his energy, he looks even weaker. In their eyes, this is a suitable prey that can be easily preyed upon.

Wang Xuan cannot absorb the life energy in their bodies and has no interest in them. He can sense that they have almost "heavenly" level of life energy in their bodies. Unfortunately, this life energy is equivalent to chronic poison for the soul.

Wang Xuan didn't take any action, and the red ghosts appeared silently, almost one by one, and swatted at these lowly creatures.

After that, Wang Xuan activated the defensive power of Huangquan on the surface of his body, covering himself completely to resist the invasion of life energy.

These bee-headed and snake-bodied creatures were killed, and the huge life energy in their bodies burst out, first rushing toward Wang Xuan. After being unable to enter Wang Xuan's body, this life energy began to slowly dissipate and return to the nature of heaven and earth.

After all the life energy had completely dissipated, Wang Xuan put away Huang Quan's defensive power, stood up, looked into the distance, and then continued on his way.

Wang Xuan kept moving in the direction he had locked before. When he stopped again, a beautiful and spectacular river appeared in front of him.

The river surface is faintly emitting a faint white light. From a distance, it looks sparkling and dreamy.

Wang Xuan stood on a patch of green plants and looked towards the river, finding countless elf-like creatures flying on the surface of the river.

This creature is no more than ten centimeters long, with a pair of wings as thin as cicada's wings on its back. It looks like a human male and female. It looks extremely delicate and perfect, like an exquisite masterpiece from God or a legendary elf.

There was a look of surprise on Wang Xuan's face. He looked very happy as he watched these little elves dancing on the river. These dancing little elves were all male and female, flying and spinning constantly. Wang Xuan could see clearly that these little elves were dancing on the river.

The elves are mating.

They were immersed in their own world, and no elf paid attention to Wang Xuan's appearance.

Wang Xuan did not disturb them, he just rested and silently observed these elves.

Soon he discovered a phenomenon. Among the elves flying together in the air, after the male elves completed their mission, they started to twitch all over. The wings on their backs converged, and their bodies were originally glowing with light.

They also began to become dim, and they actually fell downwards one after another, falling into the river below.

Wang Xuan saw this and was slightly startled. In just a short period of time, a large number of male elves were floating on the river below.

When Wang Xuan sensed the falling elves, their life energy dissipated, their souls disappeared, and they died just like that.

"After the union, these male elves will die?" Wang Xuan was a little surprised. You must know that the life energy in these elves is not weak, at least it is at the level of the limit of gods. He did not expect that they would die after just one union.

Those female elves did not die after being combined, but they would slowly fall to the river below. Wang Xuan watched them enter the river, shrink their bodies, roll up into a ball, like a cocoon, and quietly attach themselves to the river.

Plants in the river or under the river bed.

"It seems that this is the way they give birth to the next generation." Wang Xuan sighed a little. He had nothing to do and continued to pay attention to these elves. What surprised him was that the female elves who rolled themselves into cocoons actually had something in their cocoons.

Soon the cocoon bubbles were discharged one after another.

A large number of pearl-like cocoon bubbles were gradually discharged from these cocoons. After these cocoon bubbles were discharged, the female elves who turned into cocoons died one after another.

It only took about ten minutes for a large number of cocoon bubbles to be discharged, and new elves appeared inside, struggling to break open the cocoon bubbles. These little elves were swimming in the water, and Wang Xuan could feel their newly born life essence.

Qi is not powerful, but it can prey on many smaller creatures in the water. By devouring these small creatures, they can obtain their life essence, allowing the life essence in their bodies to rapidly expand and become stronger.

As the life essence becomes stronger and stronger, these little elves are growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. Soon they will be able to surface, flutter their wings and fly.

Wang Xuan watched all this silently, watching as the male and female elves that flew out of the river gradually began to combine again. When the union ended, the male elves among them would fall to death, while the female elves would enter the water and curl up.

A cocoon is formed and a new generation of elves begins to be born.

Wang Xuan watched the whole process silently. He did not expect that the life span of these elves was so short. From birth to death, an elf did not even take half a day.

It seems that they were born just to reproduce the next generation. This is their only mission.

"What is the meaning of the existence of these lives? From birth to death, life energy is obtained overnight, and after death, this life energy returns to nature..."

Wang Xuan was deep in thought. He had been thinking about why there would be no catastrophe on the eighth floor. He was carefully comparing the seventh and eighth floors. He had never been able to figure out the reason before. Now he was watching these little elves live and die in just a matter of days.

, suddenly thought of a question.

From entering the eighth level to now, although all the creatures he has seen are powerful, their unified souls are fragile, and their lifespan will never be too long. Their lives are limited.

But the gods are different. Each one has a powerful soul. Even if the body is broken into pieces, the soul can still exist and can find a new body to regenerate at any time. Even some powerful existences that have been dead for who knows how many years can be resurrected and come back.

Thinking of this, Wang Xuan's heart was slightly shaken.

"Could this be the reason?" Wang Xuan murmured: "Because the life span of the creatures on the eighth level is very short, and the gods on the seventh level are basically immortal... Could it be that the real purpose of this catastrophe...

…Don’t want to see immortal beings?”

Wang Xuan vaguely felt that maybe he had captured some clues.

"There has always been a legend that immortality is about competing with the sky, and will be jealous of it. That's why in ancient times there was a saying that immortals need to survive tribulations. From the perspective of nature, the energy of these heavens and earth as a whole is one

In the great cycle, living beings are born and obtain energy from nature. After death, this energy returns to nature, just like living water, with an endless supply..."

"And the immortals gain energy, so they can live forever and exist forever. As long as they don't die, this energy will never return to nature. For the nature of the world, it is equivalent to being deprived of a share of energy..."

"If the number of immortals is rare, it may not be a big deal, but the number of gods is quite large..."

Wang Xuan thought that not to mention the true gods of the seventh-level world, the main gods or the supreme gods are basically immortal, and even the false gods of the sixth-level world can basically live for a long time.

"Could it be said that it is really because of this reason that this catastrophe will come to the seventh-level world, kill these immortals, and let the energy they obtain return to the nature of heaven and earth?"

"If the Mother Goddess is this building, then the energy obtained by the gods actually comes from the Mother Goddess. The more gods there are, the stronger the energy obtained. However, these energies cannot return, which means that the Mother Goddess has been divided up.

The energy will become larger, because of the catastrophe, this seems to make sense."

Wang Xuan thought thoughtfully, if this is really the reason, it can be said that the gods who can live forever will be the mortal enemies of the Mother Goddess.

But these gods can also be said to be the children of the Mother Goddess, which is full of contradictions.

"If that's true, why would the Mother Goddess be willing to give birth to a child who can live forever? It's hard to understand. Maybe the truth is not what I imagined."

Wang Xuan shook his head. It was difficult to understand. He had rested enough. He got up and left here. He rose into the sky and passed by this vast and beautiful river. The place where these elves lived only occupied a very small part of this river. Wang Xuan saw this.

There are also huge water creatures in the river, and their bodies contain more terrifying life energy. The most powerful life among them is no less than the energy in his body.

However, no matter how powerful they are, their lifespan is already determined. If they don't live long, they will die because their souls are corroded and destroyed by life energy.

After passing the river, Wang Xuan continued to move into the distance. The other side of the river was still covered with green plants, among which tall green trees gradually began to appear.

Between these green trees, there are also a large number of mounds of various sizes.

The small mounds are only two or three meters high, while the large ones are more than ten meters high. They are densely packed and scattered among the trees and green plants.

Wang Xuan suddenly noticed that there were cave entrances on these mounds, which were covered with tree poles.

When Wang Xuan saw it, his heart suddenly moved. These tree poles were smoothed and cut off at both ends. They were tightly tied with ivy and looked like a simple wooden door.

"The intelligence of the creatures here is very low, how can they make tools? These connected tree trunks look a bit like they are made by humans..."

Wang Xuan stopped immediately. He understood that the creatures he had seen before were not intelligent. It was impossible to use these tree poles to make such wooden doors. Is there intelligent life here?

With this idea in mind, Wang Xuan hid his figure and stopped on the branch of one of the big trees, looking down.

Soon he saw a primitive-looking dwarf crawling out of a cave in one of the mounds.

This dwarf is only half the height of a normal human being. He is wrapped in animal skins and looks like a primitive man. He is holding a sharpened tree in his hand. It seems that he should use the sharpened tree as a weapon.

Behind this dwarf, a second similar dwarf climbed out, and then a third...

A group of dwarves emerged from the cave one after another. Compared with the low-level beings he had seen before, the life essence in these dwarves was not as powerful as Wang Xuan imagined. The life essence in their bodies was only equivalent to the limit of the Supreme God.


Through his spiritual sense, Wang Xuan immediately discovered that the interior of each mound had long been hollowed out, and there were caves hidden underneath.

Underground in this area is the lair where these dwarves live.

In addition to these group of dwarves who came out, there are many dwarves hidden in the nest below, but most of these dwarves are children, old and weak women and children.

"Sure enough, this world is not just some low-level creatures. These dwarves should be the intelligent race living here, but they are still in a relatively primitive state."

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