Chapter 661 Enlightenment

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Chapter 663 Enlightenment

Gu Manyao's eyes were also shining. Although she had obtained the complete power of the sea of ​​blood, the Tao could not be inherited directly, but needed to be understood. She still did not have the slightest understanding of the Tao of Heaven.

It would be a great good thing to have this instrument that can help them realize their enlightenment.

"Even if this instrument can really help people realize enlightenment, but now it has been broken into pieces like this, is it still effective?" Gu Manyao said hesitantly.

Wang Xuandao: "Looking at the reluctant look on the part of the Prison Patriarch, it should still be effective. By the way, if the Prison Patriarch has not already understood the way of heaven, then why do we need this instrument?"

Gu Manyao said: "Does the Prison Ancestor also not have Wu Tian's complete way of heaven?"

"Hmm." Wang Xuan thought for a while and said: "It's possible. I guess the only ones who truly understand the complete way of heaven may be the Father God, Mother God, or the Three Giant Gods. Although the Prison Ancestor is powerful, compared to the Three Giant Gods, it is definitely

There is still a gap.”

Although he has never seen the three giant gods fight with the Prison Ancestor, judging from his previous experiences, the Prison Ancestor should be inferior to the three giant gods.

After all, the Three Giant Gods are children born from the union of the Father God and the Mother God, and no matter how powerful the Hell Ancestor is, Dingtian is only a guardian created by the Mother Goddess, not even the son of the Mother Goddess.

"Whether this pile of black stones has any effect or not, you will know if you try it."

As Wang Xuan spoke, he slowly and carefully approached. His divine power was completely released, covering the black stones. He carefully dug in to feel the black stones.

Gu Manyao also followed, and the two approached the black stones. The black stones did not resist them. Wang Xuan's divine power penetrated into each black stone. Gradually, he felt some familiar aura.

This kind of breath belongs to the Mother Goddess.

"Sure enough, these black stones were really created by the Mother Goddess. As the son of the Mother Goddess, I may have a way to activate them."

Wang Xuan refreshed his mind and released the breath in his body to connect with the breath in these black stones.

Whether it is him or Warcraft, Huang Quan, Jiu Feng and Red Ghost, they are all the sons of the Mother Goddess. So many breaths have penetrated into these black stones, and they are in contact with the breath of the Mother Goddess hidden inside. As expected, these black stones that were originally unresponsive

, a slight sound began to appear inside, followed by the lines on the surface that were constantly changing, and slowly a faint light was released along these lines.

Wang Xuan slowly approached, and an incredible scene appeared. The black stones that were originally motionless actually moved aside to make way for Wang Xuan to enter.

Gu Manyao opened her beautiful eyes wide and followed Wang Xuan closely. Fortunately, these black stones did not resist her and allowed them to enter.

Wang Xuan watched the black stones separate and a road appeared inside. He took Gu Manyao and walked along the road. The black stones behind him gathered again and sealed the entrance.

There was actually another cave in these black stones. Wang Xuan felt the almost endless breath of the Mother Goddess. These breaths resonated with the five breaths in his body. The power of the five avenues in his body actually began to fluctuate on its own initiative.

Wang Xuanfu reached his soul and immediately sat cross-legged on the ground. Beside him, Warcraft, Huangquan, Jiufeng and Red Ghost appeared one after another, sitting cross-legged like him in the four directions of him.

The five in one, they are not only a whole, but also seem to be five independent existences. Each of them can sense the Mother Goddess and sense that different avenues are resonating.

Seeing this, Gu Manyao hurriedly sat down. Unfortunately, she was not the son of the Mother Goddess, so her ability to sense the Mother Goddess's breath was much worse. However, she was not discouraged, and slowly mobilized the power of the sea of ​​blood in her body to transfer her mind

Immerse yourself in the sea of ​​blood and understand its origin.

These black stones had an amazing effect on Wang Xuan, but the effect on Gu Manyao was not obvious. Fortunately, Gu Manyao mainly wanted to accompany Wang Xuan and was not very concerned about whether he could truly understand the Great Dao.

At this moment, Wang Xuan's body is undergoing earth-shaking changes. His Way of Nothingness has already taken an infant form, and a child-like vessel, the Void Gear, has been born. Over the past few days, he has been constantly improving the Void Gear, hoping to go further.


Especially after the previous battle with Cang Beast, who had reached half-step of heaven, and after the god master united with the three gods, Jiuqi and Lei Xihou, his strength also reached half-step of heaven, and the twelve guardian gods summoned by him

, and the Taoist world that he mobilized greatly inspired him.

The power of his void gear has gradually surpassed the childish state and is advancing towards the realm of voidness.

As long as he can reach the step of the realm of nothingness, his path of nothingness will achieve half a step of heaven.

The most astonishing changes among them are the four beasts.

The seeds of the Tao of Heaven are hidden in the original power of the four beasts, especially the Warcraft and Huangquan. They all control the power of the Tao when they are in their peak state.

Now the seeds of the four beasts are showing signs of germinating and stimulating. Now in this black stone space, the seeds of the avenue hidden in the origins of the four beasts are growing at an astonishing speed.

Among them, Red Ghost understood the way of immortality derived from super self-healing, Warcraft understood the way of devouring derived from infinite devouring, and Jiufeng understood the way of time.

The Tao of Huangquan is rather special. Its original ability is absolute defense. But in addition to defense, its original ability also hides the five basic elements of the universe: earth, water, fire, wind, and air. Its essence is protection, and it is one of the three supreme avenues.

The way of protection."

When they entered the black stone space to understand the way of heaven, the Green King, the Deer Saint, and the Stone Ape had already entered the seventh level and brought the boat and everyone to the eighth level of heaven.

The various forces that have been in the boat on the other side for these years have begun to take root in the Kingdom of Heaven.

With the help of the pure heaven-level energy of the Kingdom of Heaven, the strength of all forces and people will increase by leaps and bounds.

The Green King, the Deer Saint and the Stone Monkey have returned to the Mother Goddess's Nest. Their mission is to protect the Mother Goddess's Nest. Although the Mother Goddess no longer exists here, they still stick to it.

After Tie Jun, Zhao Lei, Zhang Haofei, Bai Yan and others followed the Ship of the Other Shore to the Kingdom of Heaven, they immediately felt the pure and powerful energy here. The energy level here was many times higher than the world power of the seventh-level world.

Practicing in this environment will increase your speed astonishingly.

Among the people, the most powerful Tie Jun had already reached the realm of the great sky. He left the boat on the other side and immediately flew towards the heaven.

He sensed the direction in which the energy in this heaven was the purest and most suitable for him.

After that, Bai Yan took Yu Shanshan, Zhao Lei, Zhang Haofei and others also rose into the sky, each looking for a suitable training place for themselves.

After Tang Ruoyu thought deeply, he also left alone.

In addition to them, people from other major forces such as the Eternal God Clan, the Chaos God Realm, the Human King's Palace, the Imperial Capital, the Dark City, the Demon Holy Land, and the World of Warcraft Tower have all left the ship on the other side, looking for a suitable place to establish their own sect.

They want to take root in the Kingdom of Heaven and develop and expand their power.

The Green King and other three guardians silently watched all this, but looking at Wang Xuan's face, they ignored these people's actions. The Kingdom of Heaven was invaded by Hell before and suffered heavy losses, so it happened to need a large number of personnel to supplement it.


Wang Xuan is in the black stone space and time, unaware of the passage of time. In the bodies of the four beasts sitting cross-legged around him, the childish form of the way of heaven is slowly taking shape.

Gu Manyao also crossed her legs, with a ball of blood-red light above her head flashing continuously.

Although the Black Stone Time and Space did not help her as much as Wang Xuan did, it was not difficult for her to fully obtain the power of the Blood Ancestor and understand the ways of the Blood Ancestor. After all, her predecessor was the Blood Ancestor.

Now all she realizes is what she once had.

At this moment, the fluctuation of blood light above her head represents the immature form of her Heavenly Dao, which is about to take shape.

Her way is very simple, that is, she was born from the sea of ​​blood. All power comes from blood. It is the way of heaven for blood. At this moment, the blood light above her head slowly condensed and actually formed a huge drop of blood. On the surface, it looked like a huge drop of blood.

It looks crystal clear, this is the immature form of her bloody heaven.

This drop of blood is the carrier she uses to carry the Heavenly Way of Blood.

Gu Manyao opened her eyes, stretched out her right hand, and blood drops made of blood crystal fell on her palm.

She looked carefully, and she seemed to see a roaring sea of ​​blood in the blood droplets. This sea of ​​blood originated from the abyss of the earth when chaos first emerged. The churning sea of ​​blood inside buried countless filthy things that were abandoned when chaos first emerged.

This is also the reason why the Blood Ancestor cannot exist on an equal footing with the noble Father, God and Mother.

Although they are the oldest creatures born at about the same time, the Father God and the Mother God are high above and rule countless time and space, while the Blood Ancestor can only live in the depths of the sea of ​​blood in the abyss of the earth.

Gu Manyao observed the blood drops and seemed to see the distant era of chaos. The blood ancestor was born from this countless filth, accomplished his own way in the sea of ​​blood, and was eventually respected by the world as the head of the three ancestors.

After refining the immature form of the Tao, Gu Manyao held his hands in the air, with the blood drop in the center. The blood drop was continuously releasing blood light. Now that he has mastered the immature form of the Blood Heavenly Dao, the next step is to condense the Tao world and impact the world.

Half step to heaven.

At this moment, the four beasts surrounding Wang Xuan slowly began to have different lights appear on their heads.

Among them, a red stone appears above the head of the red ghost. This red stone contains the way of immortality. This red stone is the carrier used to carry the way of immortality.

A clock appears above Jiufeng's head, which contains the way of time.

Above Huang Quan's head, crossed swords and shields appeared, which represented protection.

On top of the monster's head, the power of the Devouring Way turned into a roulette wheel, slowly rotating.

The Tao mastered by the four beasts have gradually condensed into vessels carrying the Tao, which means that their beasts have reached the immature state. The next step is to refine the Tao realm and break through to the half-step of heaven.

Wang Xuan's own understanding of Tao is deeper than that of the four beasts. Although his gear of nothingness has not yet completely transformed into the Tao realm, there are already faint signs of becoming the Tao realm.

As long as he reaches the Tao realm, he will immediately become a true half-step to heaven.

While they were practicing, they didn't know the passage of time. They were in this black stone space, and they didn't care about the vicissitudes of life outside.

It wasn't until the Mother Goddess' Nest was suddenly attacked by a terrifying force that Wang Xuan and Gu Manyao inside were awakened. Then they heard the Green King's low roar: "Prison Ancestor!"

The real intention of the Green King's roar was to wake up Wang Xuan and Gu Manyao inside. The Prison Ancestor was coming, and they were not strong enough to resist. Only Gu Manyao could resist.

Wang Xuan and Gu Manyao were not surprised when the Prison Ancestor came again.

Last time, the Prison Ancestor invaded the Mother Goddess's nest and collided with the black stone left behind by the Mother Goddess, causing an earth-shattering explosion. Although the black stone shattered, the Prison Ancestor was also seriously injured and lost to Gu Manyao, so he escaped.

When it regains its strength, it will definitely return again.

With its status, how could it be convinced and defeated by Gu Manyao?

A crack appeared in the black stone, and Gu Manyao walked out of the crack first.

Wang Xuan followed closely, and saw that in a short period of time, the void above the Mother Goddess's Nest was dyed black, and the terrifying power of hell surged down like a boil.

The Green King, the Deer Saint and the Stone Monkey formed a three-headed gear giant, which can activate the infantile form of the protective power, but unfortunately it cannot resist it at all.

Being hit by the rolling downward force of hell, the way of protection collapsed.

However, this terrifying power of hell did not continue to impact downwards. Instead, it stopped, and then separated from the center. A passage appeared in it, and a figure was walking along the passage.

"Prison Ancestor?" Wang Xuan frowned slightly.

From the first time he met the Prison Ancestor to the last time the Prison Ancestor was defeated and escaped, he had never seen the true appearance of the Prison Ancestor. Could it be that this time, the Prison Ancestor wanted to show his true appearance?

Soon, the figure coming out of the passage appeared in front of everyone's eyes. This was a half-god and half-demon existence with eighteen wings on his back. On the left were snow-white wings, which represented the sacred wings of light. On the right

It is a black flesh wing, which represents the dark devil's wings.

He has a face that is as handsome as a flaw, and his appearance is as handsome as a god, but on his head are two devil's horns that symbolize evil.

"Is this the Prison Ancestor?" Wang Xuan looked at the existence of the half-god and half-demon that slowly descended. It seemed that the power contained in its body was not entirely evil, but contained both light and darkness, justice and evil.


"Yes, it is the Prison Ancestor... No, it is somewhat different from the previous Prison Ancestor." The Green King suddenly spoke, with a look of surprise and uncertainty on his face.

"Green King, you are right, I am both the Prison Ancestor and not the Prison Ancestor." The half-god and half-demon existence in front of him suddenly spoke, making a neutral voice that could not distinguish between male and female.

"What do you mean?" Green King asked as he slowly retreated behind Wang Xuan and Gu Manyao. They couldn't bear this invisible terror and did not dare to get too close to the Prison Ancestor in front of them.

The Deer Saint suddenly shouted: "What did you do to the Lord God and the others?"

The half-god and half-demon creature in front of him slowly raised his hands, and saw light slowly appearing in his chest and abdomen. In this light, there were four small gears rotating. These four gears were similar to ordinary gears.

The gears are different, they look like they are made of translucent crystal.

Seeing these four crystal gears, the Green King, the Deer Saint and the Stone Monkey Statue suffered a major blow, releasing a horrifying consciousness.

"You...devoured them——"

The Green King couldn't help but screamed.

Wang Xuan was also slightly shocked. Could it be that the Prison Ancestor swallowed up the Divine Lord, the Three Gods, Jiu Qi and Lei Xi?

Those four crystal gears represent the four guardians of the God Lord?

Although the guardians can combine with each other, the combination does not mean devouring. The combination only temporarily shares the same body, allowing each other's power to be combined, and they can be separated at any time later.

Devouring is a complete fusion, and it can no longer be separated after that. This also means that the Divine Lord, the Three Gods, Jiuqi and Lei Xi will no longer exist.


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