Chapter 2734 The possibility of testing, response and exchange

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 Shado's proposal has been recognized by many people, especially the MPs who have already used Mythra and several controllers of the Seven Towers, and even Skum, who is not easy to deal with Shado.

Only those who have real contact with and understand Mythra know the power of Mythra, and only those who truly possess Mythra will worry about the limited use of Mythra.

Not only Shado, but also people who got Mythra later and haven't used it much, the most annoying thing is to watch the amount of super magic allocated to them continue to decrease.

Unless Mythra is turned off, just keeping it active will continue to consume metamana.

Like Xia Duo, who later exceeded the quota by a large amount and simply let himself go and ignored it. Anyway, the Northland Alliance did not have a very specific punishment mechanism, let alone the necessary means to protect this mechanism.

In fact, the elven countries also have excessive rates. The Northland Alliance will nominally exclude the investigation team from conducting investigations and even impose penalties, but it is said to be a penalty, but it is actually closer to sanctions.

And when almost all countries have received penalties, that is, sanctions, it is actually equivalent to no sanctions and no punishment. After all, it is impossible for a concrete Northland Alliance sanction to appear out of thin air in this world.

Whether it is sanctions or penalties, they all depend on the member states. When everyone is in trouble, the so-called sanctions are just empty talk. Even the Northland Alliance has now begun to avoid discussing issues related to the Demon Restriction Treaty.

But this is a hidden danger. The reason why it has not exploded now is entirely because the main target of various countries is the demon descendants. Once the demon descendants are resolved, internal conflicts or competition will be highlighted again.

At that time, this matter may be taken up in all targeted situations, and if someone deliberately provokes it, it may even become the last straw that triggers a situation where everyone is pushing the wall down.

Considering the risks of this matter, Seven Towers wanted to deal with it in advance. As long as the magic restriction treaty is modified, everyone will not be violating the rules, and no one will use this matter as an excuse to attack or exclude in the future.

Regarding the Demon Restriction Treaty, everyone did not discuss it too much, because the interests were so unanimous that the opinions became very unanimous. Even the congressmen from the three dimensions of Tianshui felt the same way.

The follow-up process of this matter is to propose amendments to the charter of the Northland Alliance through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Parliament, and then there will be internal discussions within the alliance, and finally a resolution will be formed.

To put it simply, this matter is left to Tirion, the permanent representative of Netheril to the Northland Alliance.

But whether this matter can be accomplished cannot be decided by the Severnton Council meeting behind closed doors at home. It also depends on Tirion's performance and the attitudes of various countries.

However, Shado believed that in the face of the formidable enemy of the demon race, all countries would not be stuck in Netheril over such a trivial matter.

"There is another thing. Ambassador Irusk contacted us privately through Tirion not long ago, saying that he hopes to receive assistance from Netheril, mainly to provide some winter supplies and cold-resistant seeds.

"Of course the more important thing is - they intend to send more apprentices to Netheril to learn magic. What do you think about this?"

Badigal briefly introduced the background of Irusk's request for help. As soon as he finished speaking, Wade was the first to stand up and raised objections:

"Ambassador Irusk could have asked the Northland Alliance for help. Why did he contact Tirion privately? Is there a conspiracy? Even if there is no conspiracy, will it cause dissatisfaction on the part of Ilfarang if he agrees to assist?"

A series of questions were thrown at Badigal. The other controllers of the Seven Towers wanted to refute, but were stopped by Badigal, "This matter was just discussed and no decision was made. Moreover, this matter is of great importance.

It’s not something that Seven Towers can decide alone. If you object, you might as well express your opinions.”

With Vader taking the lead, everyone agreed and objected, but it was only a preliminary discussion and the opponents had already gained the upper hand.

There are really too many potential dangers in this matter. Apart from the illusory right to vote, there are almost no benefits. Looking at the almost one-sided opinions in the conference hall, Sha Duo suddenly realized that Badigal was actually opposed to the sentiment.

It's just that I couldn't overcome the utilitarianism and radicalism within the Seven Towers, so I brought this matter to a meeting of parliamentarians for discussion.

But before the meeting started, the details of the matter were revealed to many members of the council, giving Xia Duo and others a chance to connect. This way they could not only deal with the dissidents within the Seven Towers, but also give an explanation to Irusk.


It’s not that Qita disagrees with this matter, it’s because the opposition in the country is too great, and everyone cannot do business with justice. Remember to come to us next time!

There were no surprises in the final voting session, but Badigal asked everyone to keep the matter secret after the vote to avoid causing any disadvantage to Irusk.

In fact, Shado felt that Elfaran might have known about this matter from the beginning and was just using it to test Netheril. After all, Irusk's relationship with Elfaran was much closer than that of Netheril in the past.

Even if you are asking for help, you should first ask for help from Ilfaran. Even if Ilfaran does not agree, you will probably consider other methods instead of contacting Netheril privately.

Simply put, judging from Irusk's past performance, such a reckless decision should not be made.

Of course, apart from the possibility of being ordered by Ilfaran to test Netheril, Shado is actually more inclined to think that it was the demon who instigated it, or was simply controlled by the demon.

But no matter what, this matter will not have any impact on him for quite some time. Whether he is a demon or not is not that important to him. As long as there is a breakthrough in time-related magic research, the demon will no longer have the capital to jump around.


Now, this matter is more like a move by the demons to distract the attention of the countries in the North. As long as the Northland Alliance understands the key and priority of the problem, the demons are destined to be useless.

After the formal meeting ended, there was still some time left for each member of Parliament to communicate privately, but Sha Duo and Niya did not stay in the remote conference system, but chose to leave directly.

But after he withdrew, he received several summonses from members of Congress. Some asked about the preparation of David Xian's materials, some came to place orders, and some wanted to communicate with the Tower of Time.

It was too time-consuming to directly sell the finished Mythra. Later, Chateau directly sold the David string materials to others and asked them to make them themselves. This can be regarded as a guarantee of the authenticity of the Mythra production manual to a certain extent.

Chateau answered all the questions raised by these congressmen one by one. Those who asked about production capacity responded that they were increasing production, and those who placed orders directly agreed and gave a preliminary delivery date.

As for the councilors who wanted to communicate with the Tower of Time, they all came from the three dimensions of Sweetwater, and Xia Duo agreed to them one by one, but the specific time for communication has not yet been determined.

He really couldn't spare much time to do this recently, so he planned to wait until after the Winter Solstice Festival.

This chapter has been completed!
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