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The most enlightened doctor

The most enlightened doctor

author:Chen Jia Sanlang

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-20 05:47

Latest chapter:Chapter 1370 Another thing happened

The superior doctor treats the disease before it’s too late, the traditional Chinese medicine treats the desire disease, and the inferior physician treats the disease already! Yu Zhiming (serious face): You don’t have to believe it, but I have to say that you will get cancer in the next year... PS: For book friends who are waiting for the update, please Go read the excellent and complete old books 'The Wonderful Hands of Mind Medicine' and 'The Cheating Resident Doctor'!

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《The most enlightened doctor》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1370 Another thing happened
Chapter 1369 Good things come in hard times
Chapter 1368 He is a talent
Chapter 1367 Doctor Yu, there are so many treasures
Chapter 1366 I’ll give you credit
Chapter 1365 Full Firepower
Chapter 1364 I don’t understand something
Chapter 1363 Don’t always work and work
Chapter 1362 Like a fire
《The most enlightened doctor》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1: Being beaten into a pig's head
Chapter 2 Fortunately and Misfortune
Chapter 3 Invitation
Chapter 4 Fear of Change
Chapter 5 Night talk between siblings
Chapter 6 Fetal Position Adjustment
Chapter 7 Reconciliation
Chapter 8 Is it really someone's illegitimate child?
Chapter 9 Emergency Throwing Knife
Chapter 10 They Are Bad Guys
Chapter 11 Overeating
Chapter 12 College Classmates
Chapter 13 No Choice
Chapter 14 It's over before it starts
Chapter 15 Looking for Someone Better Than Me
Chapter 16 The Magic of Money
Chapter 17 Inexplicably Sour
Chapter 18 Arriving at Binhai
Chapter 19 The Old Cow Eats the Young Grass
Chapter 20 The Source of Power
Chapter 21 Sleepless Night
Chapter 22 Adding drama is useless
Chapter 23 Breakthrough
Chapter 24 Letter of Acceptance
Chapter 25 Scheming and Backhands
Chapter 26
Chapter 27 Finding the Treasure
Chapter 28: Serving Tea
Chapter 29 Bless You
Chapter 30 The Culprit
Chapter 31: Frozen to Death in Summer
Chapter 32 Does Xiao Yu Have a Girlfriend?
Chapter 33 Great Sincerity
Chapter 34 Keeping promises
Chapter 35
Chapter 36 A little favor
Chapter 37
Chapter 38
Chapter 39
Chapter 40: To Lock or Not to Lock
Chapter 41
Chapter 42 It's Really Not Me
Chapter 43 It's That Guy
Chapter 44
Chapter 45 Hello, Doctor Yu
Chapter 46 The Situation Is Wrong
Chapter 47 They Have Problems
Chapter 48
Chapter 49: Brother and Sister Evening Talk II
Chapter 50 You Are a Good Doctor
Chapter 51 New residence, new problem
Chapter 52 The first day of registration
Chapter 53
Chapter 54 The Closed Disciple
Chapter 55 My Fair Lady
Chapter 56
Chapter 57
Chapter 58 Absurd Conjecture
Chapter 59 Trial and Error Therapy
Chapter 60 New Commuting Mode
Chapter 61 Reciprocity
Chapter 62 National Conditions and Characteristics
Chapter 63 The Rich Do Anything
Chapter 64
Chapter 65 Rich Woman
Chapter 66 Don't Be Happy Yet
Chapter 67 Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 68 Special Drugs
Chapter 69
Chapter 70 Beauty Trap
Chapter 71 Self-knowledge
Chapter 72
Chapter 73
Chapter 74
Chapter 75 Speak with facts
Chapter 76 Absolutely No Idea
Chapter 77 Ultimatum
Chapter 78 Paternity Test
Chapter 79 Convinced
Chapter 80 Cooperating to Make Small Money
Chapter 81 The Voice of Fear
Chapter 82 Internal Welfare
Chapter 83 Teacher, I Don't Dare
Chapter 84 Another Announcement
Chapter 85 Interest Bundle
Chapter 86
Chapter 87 The Heart of the Most Poisonous Woman
Chapter 88 The key to breaking the game
Chapter 89 Get out of Huashan Hospital
Chapter 90 Let the storm come harder
Chapter 91 Crying
Chapter 92 Must be severely punished
Chapter 93 Uneasy
Chapter 94 In vitro bridge
Chapter 95 Work Assistant
Chapter 96: Everyone Changes
Chapter 97
Chapter 98 Investment
Chapter 99
Chapter 100 The Gentleman's Revenge
Chapter 101 One mountain cannot accommodate two tigers
Chapter 102 Embarrassed to death
Chapter 103: Visiting from Peking University School of Medicine
Chapter 104 Testimonials
Chapter 105 Your skills are needed at the scene
Chapter 106 Feeling Powerless
Chapter 107: Do whatever you want
Chapter 108 Real scene restoration
Chapter 109 Talking less if you know less
Chapter 110 I'm His Girlfriend
Chapter 111 The possible mastermind
Chapter 112 You'd better stay away from Zhiming
Chapter 113
Chapter 114 The frank assistant
Chapter 115 Don't Offend Women
Chapter 116 The Real Problem
Chapter 117
Chapter 118
Chapter 119 Is it worth it?
Chapter 120 The best revenge to marry him
Chapter 121 Excessive use of the brain
Chapter 122: False Singing, Real Singing
Chapter 123: Writing a Self-criticism
Chapter 124
Chapter 125 Don't give face
Chapter 126 See you or leave
Chapter 127
Chapter 128 This is a Misdiagnosis Pass
Chapter 129 I owe you an apology
Chapter 130
Chapter 131 You and My Honorable Person
Chapter 132 He Fights If He Wants!
Chapter 133 The Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 134 Thanks
Chapter 135 Scream
Chapter 136: A Legend
Chapter 137 Mind Reading
Chapter 138 Don't Make Your Own Claims
Chapter 139 Special Care
Chapter 140 High Protection Fee
Chapter 141 Medical Tourism
Chapter 142 Medical Boss
Chapter 143
Chapter 144
Chapter 145 Setting Up a Stall to Earn Medical Expenses
Chapter 146
Chapter 147 Doctor Yu, You Are a God
Chapter 148
Chapter 149 No need to worry about clothes
Chapter 150 I have two requests
Chapter 151 I have two requests
Chapter 152 Two hypocritical guys
Chapter 153 Let me open the safe?
Chapter 154 Profit Driven
Chapter 155 I want to be a bad guy
Chapter 156
Chapter 157 Breaking the official career and breaking the academician's thoughts
Chapter 158 Exclusively For Your Use
Chapter 159 Intellectual Degeneration
Chapter 160
Chapter 161
Chapter 162 Feeling Good About You
Chapter 163 Doubt
Chapter 164 Doctor Yu Looks Terribly Angry
Chapter 165
Chapter 166 Homecoming
Chapter 167 Doctor Yu, You Are the Man of My Dreams
Chapter 168 Fear of absolute silence
Chapter 169 Salary
Chapter 170 Can I touch your face
Chapter 171
Chapter 172
Chapter 173
Chapter 174 It's worth as much as you want it to be worth
Chapter 175 Itchy Hands
Chapter 176
Chapter 177
Chapter 178 The Eye-catching Car
Chapter 179 Enjoying the Process
Chapter 180 One more thing is worse than one less thing
Chapter 181 People Under the Roof
Chapter 182
Chapter 183 The Man of Misfortune
Chapter 184 She is nothing to me
Chapter 185: Great Physician Sincerity
Chapter 186 Only Open to Members
Chapter 187 Doctor Yu, how lucky are you?
Chapter 188 Charity Event Invitation
Chapter 189 The Theft Incident
Chapter 190 Call Your Manager Over
Chapter 191 Good Deeds Are Rewarded
Chapter 192 Don't Come Over
Chapter 193 - I don't know what to do
Chapter 194 Identity Change
Chapter 195 Doctor Yu, I Need Help
Chapter 196 Confidentiality Agreement
Chapter 197
Chapter 198
Chapter 199 The Real Ugly Show Asks for a Monthly Pass
200 Chapter 200 Finally there is a horoscope
Chapter 201
Chapter 202 Ma Baonan
Chapter 203 This is Mother
Chapter 204
Chapter 205 Seeing Is Believing
Chapter 206 Relying on Habits
Chapter 207
Chapter 208 Cutting off the dividing line
Chapter 209 Medical Dispute
Chapter 210 I Absolutely Believe in Your Skills
Chapter 211 I'm still most afraid of death
Chapter 212 Small Belly Chicken Intestines
Chapter 213 Supporting the scene
Chapter 214 Identity Exposure
Chapter 215 Meeting Parents
Chapter 216 Don't chase people away
Chapter 217
Chapter 218 The Law Is Nothing More Than Favors
Chapter 219 Scared
Chapter 220 The conditions are too generous
Chapter 221 The conditions are too generous
Chapter 222 There must be something wrong here
Chapter 223 Wasn't it an accident?
Chapter 224 Is it convenient to talk about what happened last night?
Chapter 225 One in a Thousand Probability
Chapter 226 The devil lives in my heart
Chapter 227 The Devil Lives in My Heart
Chapter 228 Ideal Residence
Chapter 229 Safe?
Chapter 230 Lucky Day
Chapter 231 Ten Bets and Nine Losses
Chapter 232 I want to be a doctor
Chapter 233 I want to be a doctor
Chapter 234: You Can't Die If You Don't Work
Chapter 235
Chapter 236 Enemies Meet
Chapter 237
Chapter 238 Spare Tire
Chapter 239 Opening the Big Blind Box
Chapter 240 Check out and go home
Chapter 241 I wont accompany you
Chapter 242 Cant call the police
Chapter 243 A ruthless person
Chapter 244: Facing the Difficulties
Chapter 245 Thanks
Chapter 246 I have a classmate
Chapter 247 Hitting the child to soothe the mood
Chapter 248 Major Medical Events
Chapter 249 Abnormal radiation value
Chapter 250 Blowing on the Rooftop
Chapter 251 Idleness is also idleness
Chapter 252 Lets see the effects
Chapter 253 Destiny
Chapter 254 Forgotten
Chapter 255 Afraid that they will think too much
Chapter 256 Do you call the police, or should I call the police?
Chapter 257 Shameless Villain
Chapter 258 Friends all over the world
Chapter 259 Complaint
Chapter 260 I want a child
Chapter 261 Its better to be less curious
Chapter 262 I can do it
Chapter 263 I wont let you down
Chapter 264 The troublemaker sheep
Chapter 265 Dont be too talkative
Chapter 266 Clown
Chapter 267 Connivance
Chapter 268 Drinking poison to quench thirst
Chapter 269 Dont bully honest people
Chapter 270 Spending money to buy time
Chapter 271 Responsible Teacher
Chapter 272 Responsible Teacher
Chapter 273 Five-Star Ward
Chapter 274: Making Money
Chapter 275
Chapter 276 Are You a Puppy?
Chapter 277 Humanoid Radar
Chapter 278: Stick Education
Chapter 279
Chapter 280 Maybe It's a Woman
Chapter 281
Chapter 282 Envy, Jealousy and Hate
Chapter 283 Absolute Darkness
Chapter 284 What Is This?
Chapter 285 Please save my life
Chapter 286 Discuss medical skills?
Chapter 287
Ask for leave
Chapter 288 A Gentleman Does Not Stand Under a Dangerous Wall
Chapter 289 Fourth Sister Who Afraid of Pain
Chapter 290: Images Can't Deceive
Chapter 291
Chapter 292
Chapter 293 I'm busy now
Chapter 294 What gift do you want?
Chapter 296 Talking about the train
Chapter 296 Leave everything to me
Chapter 297
Chapter 298 You Have a Share of Credit
Chapter 299 Love Brain
300 Chapter 300 Defensive heart is indispensable
Chapter 301 Stupid
Chapter 302 Human Factors
Chapter 304 I’m afraid there are no good people
Chapter 304 You can do it
Chapter 305
Chapter 306
Chapter 307 Meeting Again
Chapter 308 Too Fast, I Can't Feel It
Chapter 309: Too Crazy
Chapter 310 I Don't Mishear
Chapter 311 Nine out of ten stomach problems
Chapter 312 Doctor Yu, I Was Wrong
Chapter 313
Chapter 314 You Are The Best Brother In The World
Chapter 315 First Love Complex
Chapter 316 Grab Yu Zhiming's Shortcut Double Moon Support
Chapter 317
Chapter 318 Be Careful
Chapter 319 Division of Responsibilities Happy New Year's Day
Chapter 320 The Secretary of the Mayor Came to Seek
Chapter 321
Chapter 322: The Moon Is Like Water
Chapter 324 Give you a little sweetness
Chapter 324
Chapter 325 Give You A Bit of Sweetness
Chapter 326 Warmly welcome to guide
Chapter 327
Chapter 328 Get Rich
Chapter 329
Chapter 330 It will hurt a little
Chapter 331 Everyday Upwards
Chapter 332 Study Abroad
Chapter 333 How can you hide
Chapter 334 Come and not reciprocate
Chapter 335 The Candidate Has Been Decided
Chapter 336 Formalism
Chapter 337: Accompanying Time
Chapter 338 I Can't Get Over It
Chapter 339 It's not surprising that many people are polite
Chapter 340
Chapter 341 Reputation
Chapter 342
Chapter 343 Subtle influence
Chapter 344 Ordered to come to support
Chapter 345 Abrupt and Strange
Chapter 346 Love Makes People Stupid
Chapter 347
Chapter 348 You Have Half the Credit
Chapter 349 Bet Your Life With God
Chapter 350 Pricing Standards
Chapter 351
Chapter 352
Chapter 353
Chapter 354 Done
Chapter 355 Don't care
Chapter 356 The Tenacity of Life
Chapter 357
Chapter 358 Daughter-in-law
Chapter 359
Chapter 360 Happy New Year's Eve with the Best Support
Chapter 361 Engagement Invitation Happy New Year
Chapter 362 There Are Ears Everywhere
Chapter 363
Chapter 364 Recommendation
Chapter 365
Chapter 366 An Accident by Coincidence
Chapter 367 Worried About Lack of Ability
Chapter 368
Chapter 369 Part-time Expert
Chapter 370 Make You Regret Forever
Chapter 371 I'm not in a hurry
Chapter 372 That bastard is lying
Chapter 373
Chapter 374 Not Very Appropriate
Chapter 375 Everyone Has a Past
Chapter 376 Husband and wife together
Chapter 377
Chapter 378
Chapter 379
Chapter 380 Liar
Chapter 381: It Really Looks So Much Alike
Chapter 382 Backlash against oneself
Chapter 383 Worms
Chapter 384 Too good is also a mistake
Chapter 385: Impure Intentions
Chapter 386 Something Happened
Chapter 387 Plan to have three children
Chapter 388 Ginger is Old and Spicy Happy Lantern Festival
Chapter 389 Medicinal Diet
Chapter 390 I Have a Friend Series
Chapter 391 Prenuptial Agreement
Chapter 392
Chapter 393
Chapter 394 Notice
Chapter 395
Chapter 396 Advising You Out of Kindness
Chapter 397 I am not him
Chapter 398 Famous Doctor's Influence
Chapter 399
Chapter 400 Three Things
Chapter 401
Chapter 402 Get Rid of Dependence
Chapter 403 Half a Beat Slow
Chapter 404
Chapter 405 Authorization
Chapter 406 Only take a step back
Chapter 407 I won't spoil her
Chapter 408 Adding to the flames
Chapter 409
Chapter 410 Softhearted
Chapter 411 Job Change
Chapter 412 Familiarize yourself while eating
Chapter 413 You Can't Be Wrong
Chapter 414 Get Out If You Can't Do It
Chapter 415 Hitting the South Wall, Xie Shuyou HAHAMA Helmsman
Chapter 416 Unified Caliber
Chapter 417
Chapter 418 Apology
Chapter 419 Project Rover
Chapter 420 Scaring
Chapter 421 Thick-skinned
Chapter 422 Itchy Hands Are So Enough
Chapter 423
Chapter 424 Extraordinary skills
Chapter 426 Great expansion of strength
Chapter 426 The Reality Is Cruel
Chapter 427 Greatly Expanded Strength
Chapter 428 Ringing at midnight
Chapter 429 Showing off at a critical moment
Chapter 430 Princess Hug
Chapter 431 I have no objection
Chapter 432
Chapter 433: At Least Cheaper Than Ning'an
Chapter 434 Double Compensation
Chapter 435: At Your Own Consequences
Chapter 436 I am Yu Zhiming
Chapter 437 Consolation Treatment
Chapter 438 Request for Support
Chapter 439 Seeing Helping the Elderly Again
Chapter 440
Chapter 441 I am not weak
Chapter 442 Preparations for the Annual Ceremony
Chapter 443: Friendly Discussion
Chapter 444 Still Friends
Chapter 445 The Price of Fame
Chapter 446
Chapter 447 Depression
Chapter 448 I'm Really Sick
Chapter 449
Chapter 451 Everyone who meets you has a share
Chapter 451
Chapter 452
Chapter 453 Medical Malpractice
Chapter 454: Of A Friend Of A Friend Of A Friend
Chapter 455 I am the backing and insurance
Chapter 456: A Beginning and an End
Chapter 457 That kid is not a good match
Chapter 458 Reserved
Chapter 459 Free Clinic Activities
Chapter 460 Letter
Chapter 461 Lai Lai Haw Over a Hundred Years
Chapter 463 Relationship Maintenance
Chapter 463 Another Talent
Chapter 464 Relationship Maintenance
Chapter 465 Cherish the present
Chapter 466 Your Problem Is Serious
Chapter 467 I Swallowed a Pin
Chapter 468 Don't Lie For Me
Chapter 469
Chapter 470 Am I a Steamed Bun?
Chapter 471: All Patients Are Waiting For Me
Chapter 473 Apology
Chapter 473
Chapter 474 Apology
Chapter 475 Just a blurted question
Chapter 476
Chapter 477 Don't hold on if you want to faint
Chapter 478
Chapter 479 Care For
Chapter 480 Invincible Overlord Flower
Chapter 481 I will arrive as soon as possible
Chapter 482 Do it your way
Chapter 483
Chapter 484 Notification of Critical Illness
Chapter 485 Doctor Yu, save me
Chapter 486 Records
Chapter 487
Chapter 488
Chapter 489 Don't dare to approach
Chapter 490 The World Is Too Tired
Chapter 491 Meeting the in-laws
Chapter 492 My life is not just about making money
Chapter 493 Interested
Chapter 494 It's Just My Personal Feeling (Ask for a Monthly Pass at the End of the Month)
Chapter 495 Scandal
Chapter 496
Chapter 497 Hurrying to reincarnate
Chapter 498 The Disease That Middle-Aged Men Want
Chapter 499 It's none of your business
Chapter 500 What You Eat Is Your Status
Chapter 501 The relationship goes further
Chapter 502 After Tonight
Chapter 503: A Dead Horse as a Living Horse Doctor
Chapter 504
Chapter 506: Disrespecting one’s intentions
Chapter 506: Sparing No Efforts
Chapter 507
Chapter 508
Chapter 509 Please have a big meal
Chapter 510: One Word
Chapter 511 The bed car has been remodeled
Chapter 512 Confident Man
Chapter 513 Keeping Your Excellency
Chapter 514
Chapter 515 Prescribing Western Medicine Also Needs Spirituality
Chapter 516 Don't You Miss Me?
Chapter 517 Please hide something for me
Chapter 518 I need you to act as a deterrent
Chapter 519 Let everyone run for nothing
Chapter 520: Annual Ceremony
Chapter 521 Warning in the dream
Chapter 522 I'm Not Just Talking
Chapter 523
Chapter 524 Only Finding Problems, Not Solving them
Chapter 525 Strangeness
Chapter 526 Will there be a story?
Chapter 527 It's fine if I don't contact you
Chapter 528 Fortunately, I don't have time
Chapter 529
Chapter 530 The more ordinary, the more troublesome
Chapter 531 Personal Habits Are Powerful
Chapter 532
Chapter 533 Gambling on luck
Chapter 534 I don't have that leisure time
Chapter 535 Want to be expelled
Chapter 536 I Really Came for Reconciliation
Chapter 537 Return to the original owner
Chapter 538 Great Contribution, You Take Seven Points
Chapter 539 I am not as good as you
Chapter 540
Chapter 541 Square Dancing Friends
Chapter 542: Candidates
Chapter 543 Collective Poisoning
Chapter 544 Dare to take on the challenge?
Chapter 545 Inconvenient
Chapter 546 Can't speak
Chapter 547 I hurt myself
Chapter 548 It's a mule or a horse, pull it out
Chapter 549
Chapter 550 Someone is going to be unlucky
Chapter 551: Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao Arrives (Double Moon Support)
Chapter 552 I really don't have time
Chapter 553
Chapter 554 Protection rate is not 100%
Chapter 555 Questions of Principle
Chapter 557 The assumption is partially correct
Chapter 557 The time gap is huge (seeking monthly ticket support)
Chapter 558 Partially correct assumption
Chapter 559 I Can't Let You Call My Uncle For Nothing
Chapter 560
Chapter 562: Being remembered
Chapter 562 I Want To Be Single Too
Chapter 563
Chapter 564 Will Witness
Chapter 565 Gave Courage
Chapter 566
Chapter 567 Whispering (seeking monthly ticket support)
Chapter 568
Chapter 569: I'll Show You (Double Monthly Pass)
Chapter 571 Something really happened
Chapter 571 Donation
Chapter 572: Something Really Happened
Chapter 573 Seventh-rank official in front of the prime minister
Chapter 574 I Doubt
Chapter 575
Chapter 576 Special Fate
Chapter 577
Chapter 578: The Award Presenter
Chapter 579 I Guaranteed You For Twelve Hours
Chapter 580
Chapter 581 Again and again and again
Chapter 582 Are you afraid of me?
Chapter 583 Let time verify
Chapter 584
Chapter 585 Auction item
Chapter 586
Chapter 587 Doctor Yu, You
Chapter 588 Tell him that you can't
Chapter 589: Setting a Record
Chapter 590 Is it convenient to chat
Chapter 591 I don't like him too
Chapter 592: They Are All Fund Masters
Chapter 593 Thanks to Dr. Yu
Chapter 594 I'm sorry, I can't do anything
Chapter 595
Chapter 596: Even Knowing It's Nonsense
Chapter 597 Zhiming is busy saving people, I am busy taking care of him
Chapter 598
Chapter 599: Backing Dancer
Chapter 600 Special circumstances refer to rich and powerful relationships?
Chapter 601 He wants to see you
Chapter 602 Dao is one foot high, and the devil is one foot high
Chapter 603 Out of Kindness
Chapter 604 blow, blow hard
Chapter 605 They Don't Dare to Spend Money
Chapter 606 Zhou Mo, I beg you
Chapter 607 Mr. Hua is very courageous
Chapter 608 Gale Wind Zhijin Grass
Chapter 609 Can't turn a blind eye
Chapter 610 To save or not to save?
Chapter 611
Chapter 612 Tell him I'm not free
Chapter 613 New direction of differentiated development
Chapter 614
Chapter 615 Astronomical Treatment Expenses
Chapter 616 Go All Out
Chapter 617 Breakthrough from 0 to 1
Chapter 618 My Brother He Sold Me Long Ago
Chapter 619 Children Are Debts
Chapter 620: Subdue Desire to Reason
Chapter 621 Must be severely punished
Chapter 622 You Are Not Qualified To Question
Chapter 623: A Villain First, A Gentleman Later
Chapter 624 I want to live well
Chapter 625 I Have the Right to Refuse
Chapter 626 I'm Very Displeased
Chapter 627
Chapter 628 Irresponsible
Chapter 629 Private Order
Chapter 630: Loving One Family
Chapter 631
Chapter 632 Taken away by the police
Chapter 634 You are not qualified
Chapter 635: Prevent the slightest change
Chapter 636 Don’t meddle in other people’s business
Chapter 637 If you are looking for death, you will fulfill them
Chapter 638 Be strict and fast
Chapter 639 Fulfilling Father’s Last Wishes
Chapter 640 No ceremony can compare to your brother-in-law’s sincerity
Chapter 641: Clown doll, don’t throw it away in a hurry
Chapter 642 You still have me
Chapter 643 Year-end Report
Chapter 644 Dog Thief
Chapter 645 Other uses of billiards
Chapter 646 Pretending
Chapter 647 One person achieves enlightenment
Chapter 648 Bad News, Good News
Chapter 649 You’d better not regret it
Chapter 650 Can’t preset ideas
Chapter 651 Cancer Treatment Quota
Chapter 652 As close as a family
Chapter 653 Just pretend you didn’t mention it
Chapter 654 I won’t let you suffer
Chapter 655 This is moral coercion
Chapter 656 So weak
Chapter 657 I have no idea either
Chapter 658: Worried
Chapter 659 Do you trust me?
Chapter 660 Manpower is exhausted
Chapter 661 Historical Moment
Chapter 662: Profit and temptation
Chapter 663 I just feel itchy
Chapter 664 Gods greatest arrangement
Chapter 665: Little reference value
Chapter 666 Confession
Chapter 667 Dont take chances
Chapter 668 I have plenty of money
Chapter 669 Kill them hard
Chapter 670 Distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors
Chapter 671 Backdoor listing
Chapter 672 Doctor Yu, I have cancer
Chapter 673 Questioning the Selection Criteria
Chapter 674 Showing Kindness
Chapter 675 One minute on stage, ten years of hard work off stage
Chapter 676 The disturbance caused by a cigarette
Chapter 677 I wont offend anyone unless they offend me
Chapter 678 Big shit
Chapter 679 Dont be too honest
Chapter 680 Reflection
Chapter 681 The money offensive fails
Chapter 682 Restrictions on leaving the country
Chapter 683 Rebirth from the Fire
Chapter 684 Making up for the debt
Chapter 685 Internal Agreement
Chapter 686 Pain Transfer Method
Chapter 687 Clinical Cure
Chapter 688 Are you done yet?
Chapter 689 I will never accept my fate
Chapter 690 Psychiatric Appraisal
Chapter 691 My son-in-law, Yu Zhiming
Chapter 692 Wedding Day
Chapter 693 You can wait patiently
Chapter 694: Family members dont hold accountable
Chapter 695 Its hard to be a good person
Chapter 696: There is no filial son in bed for a long time
Chapter 697: People-pleasing personality
Chapter 698 This time, that time
Chapter 699 Helping to smooth things over
Chapter 700 Everyone is selfish
Chapter 701 Yu Zhiming, you are responsible
Chapter 702 Unreasonable
Chapter 703: Keep a line in life
Chapter 704 Do I have that much free time?
Chapter 705 I completely understand
Chapter 706 The more you look at it, the less it looks like it
Chapter 707 Do your best for your hometown
Chapter 708 What comes and goes
Chapter 709 Lets talk about it
Chapter 710 Deep Bondage
Chapter 711 Extremely outrageous
Chapter 712 Congratulations on the great engagement
Chapter 713 The gift of changing ones words
Chapter 714 Doctors work is not everything
Chapter 715 Help me this time first
Chapter 716 Its embarrassing
Chapter 717 Lost and Found
Chapter 718 You have to believe me
Chapter 719 To cure or not to cure?
Chapter 720 Big compensation
Chapter 721 I hope your judgment is not wrong
Chapter 722 You have the final say
Chapter 723 The new name of the building
Chapter 724 They are really anxious
Chapter 725 Machine Exploration Blind Spot
Chapter 726 Taking the lead
Chapter 727 Hello, Hello, Hello, Everyone
Chapter 728 Safety First
Chapter 729 Concerns
Chapter 730 Threaten with life
Chapter 731 Follow the rules
Chapter 732 Asking for an explanation
Chapter 733 The Eighteen Transformations of Women
Chapter 734 Everything belongs to you, husband
Chapter 735 Family Contribution
Chapter 736 Drawing a pie
Chapter 737 Who is lucky?
Chapter 738 If you are not sure, you can give up
Chapter 739 Your status has risen too quickly
Chapter 740 Just a blessing
Chapter 741 Dont accept unplanned work
Chapter 742: Trading technology for life
Chapter 743 Finale Lot
Chapter 744 Taken advantage of
Chapter 745 You chose to watch, indifference and hatred
Chapter 746 Deal
Chapter 747 Parental Heart
Chapter 748 My mind suddenly went blank
Chapter 749 Great Business
Chapter 750 Good Luck from Heaven
Chapter 751: Overwork leads to exhaustion
Chapter 752 Work Adjustment
Chapter 753 Passing on from male to female
Chapter 754 Pursue the ultimate and achieve perfection
Chapter 755 Deep Sleep
Chapter 756 Who is more powerful needs to be compared
Chapter 757: Love, love and family
Chapter 758 Follow the good and follow the flow
Chapter 759 Am I bad?
Chapter 760 Personal Doctor
Chapter 761 Its You
Chapter 762 Do you have a solution?
Chapter 763 Dont promise him
Chapter 764 Life is short
Chapter 765 Never leave
Chapter 766 I dont need evidence
Chapter 767: Marry the chicken and follow the chicken
Chapter 768 His appearance is our luck
Chapter 769 The story becomes reality?
Chapter 770 Ill take your lives first
Chapter 771 Luck does not favor the poor
Chapter 772 Please...drink tea
Chapter 773 Me too
Chapter 774 Slap in the face
Chapter 775 Tit for tat
Chapter 776: Reward for meritorious service
Chapter 777 Unfortunately, its true
Chapter 778 Visitors from the Chu family
Chapter 779 Doctor Yu, you have to hold on
Chapter 780 Forced by Reality
Chapter 781 She, or her
Chapter 782 I want to be a star in the dark night
Chapter 783 Hurt each other
Chapter 784 The child must suffer something
Chapter 785 Hope its just an accident
Chapter 786 Dont pull the strings, but touch your head
Chapter 787 Invitation from the Chu Family
Chapter 788 Just want to show off
Chapter 789 Interview Invitation
Chapter 790 Intimacy Surveillance Strategy
Chapter 791 Try your best
Chapter 792 Looking for a doctor to be your boyfriend
Chapter 793 High Investment
Chapter 794 Ask me to be the dean?
Chapter 795 Dont want to be stuck on one project all the time
Chapter 796 Still investigating...
Chapter 797 Nothing
Chapter 798 Talk broke down
Chapter 799 Dont you care about my favor?
Chapter 800 Blocking and Suppression
Chapter 801 Forgot where the car was parked
Chapter 802: Being with you is destined to be rich and colorful
Chapter 803 Ask Dr. Yu for advice
Chapter 804: Different approaches but similar results
Chapter 805 You are pretty good at pretending
Chapter 806 What are you looking at?
Chapter 807 Just want to try it
Chapter 808 Capital Power
Chapter 809 The battle is fierce
Chapter 810 Zhiming Medical Center
Chapter 811 The only thing missing is Dr. Yu
Chapter 812 Master and disciple are like father and son
Chapter 813 We want to live
Chapter 814 Until a Hundred Years
Chapter 815: Keep a secret
Chapter 816 Entering the high-end medical market
Chapter 817 I believe more in what I hear and what I touch
Chapter 818 Concern from Creditors
Chapter 819 I really didnt arrange it
Chapter 820 No need to give favors
Chapter 821 Doctors also have likes and dislikes
Chapter 822 The memory is still fresh
Chapter 823 You are just greedy for my beauty
Chapter 824 The Seventh Rank Official in Front of the Prime Minister
Chapter 825 Do I really have this honor?
Chapter 826 Difficulties in transitioning from luxury to frugality
Chapter 827 Raise an army for a thousand days, use it for a while
Chapter 828 You are lucky
Chapter 829 We Cant Agree
Chapter 830 Surrender and admit defeat
Chapter 831 Refreshing knowledge
Chapter 832: The clown is himself in the end?
Chapter 833 New beautiful colleague?
Chapter 834 Worth the risk
Chapter 835 Show
Chapter 836 Comparable to a disaster movie
Chapter 837: Beware of Dr. Yu
Chapter 838 Lets see how I deal with you when I go back
Chapter 839 Unkind Invitation
Chapter 840 Cancer Character
Chapter 841 Give that bastard another chance
Chapter 842: See through but dont tell the truth
Chapter 843 Request from Aunt Qiu
Chapter 844 You must bring Dr. Yu with you
Chapter 845 Why did the Liu family let me go?
Chapter 846 Only Success
Chapter 847 Please give me more time
Chapter 848 This guy has something in his heart
Chapter 849 Lies
Chapter 850 Comparative Efficiency in Saving People
Chapter 851 Dont you know how to flatter me?
Chapter 852 I wont apologize for what happened back then
Chapter 853: People are more likely to die than others
Chapter 854: Give gifts according to their preferences
Chapter 855 Your favor is priceless
Chapter 856 The persistence of a lonely person
Chapter 857 The best may not necessarily be the right one
Chapter 858 A friend in need is a friend indeed
Chapter 859 Doctor Yu, you have made a meritorious service again
Chapter 860 I have confidence in you
Chapter 861 Making a fuss out of a molehill
Chapter 862 There are some things that cannot be considered
Chapter 863 I hope the hospital is stable
Chapter 864 Another competition
Chapter 865: Practicing boxing requires practice
Chapter 866 Good guys are tied up
Chapter 867 Being named
Chapter 868 Which is more important?
Chapter 869 I am willing to take the risk
Chapter 870: Talking sweetly only to you
Chapter 871 Every family has its own scriptures that are difficult to recite
Chapter 872 If you can choose
Chapter 873 It is also a protection for men
Chapter 874 Acting with each other
Chapter 875 Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain
Chapter 876 Failure
Chapter 877 If you dont commit suicide, you will die.
Chapter 878 Everyone has selfish motives
Chapter 879 The time has come to test me
Chapter 880 Heart Evidence
Chapter 881: Coercing people to cooperate
Chapter 882 Little Cleverness
Chapter 883 My apprentice has not made any mistakes yet
Chapter 884 Sworn Worship
Chapter 885 Chasing the best treatment
Chapter 886: Dont treat the person but the situation
Chapter 887 Who dares to comment?
Chapter 888 Being a mother makes you strong
Chapter 889 Interests are heart-warming
Chapter 890 Dont want to get into trouble
Chapter 891 Seeking Medicine
Chapter 892 Participating in the Grand Event Together
Chapter 893 The real ceiling exists
Chapter 894 Dr. Yu failed too
Chapter 895 Let me give you a suggestion
Chapter 896 AI Medical Treatment
Chapter 897 Lack of political wisdom
Chapter 898 Believe in Miracles
Chapter 899 The Master of Drinking and Drinking
Chapter 900 You are the cloud of Canghai and Wushan
Chapter 901 Invitation from the nouveau riche
Chapter 902 Men, you cant say no
Chapter 903 The little bunny is so cute
Chapter 904 The path you choose
Chapter 905 Well-deserved
Chapter 906 A miracle really happened
Chapter 907: Injure the enemy one thousand, damage yourself eight hundred
Chapter 908 Everything is possible
Chapter 909: Fighting
Chapter 910 Heart Restart
Chapter 911 The doctor is the only one left
Chapter 912 No need to prove yourself with a professional title
Chapter 913 Returning to Huashan is impossible
Chapter 914 I believe in you more than myself
Chapter 915 This is a real problem
Chapter 916 Who gave the heart to?
Chapter 917 Cold-blooded
Chapter 918 Request for Observation
Chapter 919 Thorough Investigation
Chapter 920 The sequelae of blindness
Chapter 921 Why does she insist?
Chapter 922 Not interested
Chapter 923 One success
Chapter 924 Tossing Hard
Chapter 925 Unconventional
Chapter 926 Take care of yourself
Chapter 927 Do your best and obey fate
Chapter 928 Dont say you didnt predict what you said
Chapter 929 Mom is here to accompany you
Chapter 930 Looks like a big sister
Chapter 931 I have a native method
Chapter 932 Making money from foreigners
Chapter 933 Take out the heart and flush it
Chapter 934 Unexpected
Chapter 935 How is this possible!
Chapter 936: Birds of a feather
Chapter 937 Jealousy changes people beyond recognition
Chapter 938 Your ranking is 19th
Chapter 939 Dr. Yu Yus Wool
Chapter 940 How fast and economical
Chapter 941 Constraints
Chapter 942 Pulse taking and consultation with Dr. Yu
Chapter 943 I still have one year at most
Chapter 944 My child, is everything okay?
Chapter 945: Block the knife for you at the critical moment
Chapter 946 Dr. Yu and I are innocent
Chapter 947 Internal Drive
Chapter 948 To avoid any eventuality
Chapter 949 She is not pretending to be sick
Chapter 950 I dont want to work hard anymore
Chapter 951 You killed my father
Chapter 952 He is a good person
Chapter 953 Eye-opening
Chapter 954 I really cant bear it
Chapter 955 Conflict caused by waiting for the elevator
Chapter 956 Very busy, no time
Chapter 957 The boss and the second child fight, and the third child is gone
Chapter 958 I need money urgently
Chapter 959 Running away
Chapter 960 False Proposition
Chapter 961 Zhimings Brand Value
Chapter 962 Regardless of the cost
Chapter 963 Earn more benefits
Chapter 964 All things are animistic
Chapter 965 Dalang, its time to take medicine
Chapter 966 It’s not shameful to be beaten by mother
Chapter 967 I’m not interested in money
Chapter 968 Who is he?
Chapter 969 A good match
Chapter 970 Everyone is alert
Chapter 971 Father or daughter, choose one
Chapter 972 Ghost Pinch Qing
Chapter 973 Returning favors
Chapter 974 Join if you can’t beat him
Chapter 975: Hatred
Chapter 976 Upgrading
Chapter 977 God doesn’t know, ghost doesn’t know
Chapter 978 There is no way to win but there are ways to win
Chapter 979 Rushing for Surgery
Chapter 980 Forty-Eight Hours
Chapter 981 You talk too much
Chapter 982 Doctor Yu, please don’t quit
Chapter 983 Men are not bad, but women are not loving
Chapter 984 A famous woman has her own owner
Chapter 985 Enough is enough
Chapter 986 Unique
Chapter 987: Know how to proceed and retreat
Chapter 988 Three-Party Struggle for Hegemony
Chapter 989 The road is facing the sky, everyone goes to one side
Chapter 990 Charitable fundraising, do it yourself
Chapter 991 Not challenging at all
Chapter 992 Creating a Charity Ceremony
Chapter 993 Another grand ceremony
Chapter 994 No Regrets in Life
Chapter 995 Spread
Chapter 996 Just say I said it
Chapter 997 Failure in the competition
Chapter 998 A better quality life
Chapter 999 Two people cannot sleep under the same bed
Chapter 1000 Temporary Deafness
Chapter 1001: There is a thief's heart, but no thief's courage
Chapter 1002 Don’t let go of any doubt
Chapter 1003: Even though he is disabled, he also becomes stronger
Chapter 1004 Don’t put your eggs in one basket
Chapter 1005 I will never embarrass you
Chapter 1006 Bet
Chapter 1007 Everyone will give you face
Chapter 1008 I want to change myself
Chapter 1009 Dr. Yu’s true temperament
Chapter 1010 If you don’t succeed, you will succeed.
Chapter 1011 Come again, come again...
Chapter 1012 It’s not an accident
Chapter 1013: Disrespecting one’s intentions
Chapter 1014 Another medical genius?
Chapter 1015 Sense of Crisis
Chapter 1016 It’s just that the time has not come yet
Chapter 1017 Lessons Learned
Chapter 1018 Too bad luck
Chapter 1019 Your circle is so chaotic
Chapter 1020 30 million appearance fee
Chapter 1021: There are many famous people and right and wrong
Chapter 1022 Just a tool man
Chapter 1023 You have to add money, double it
Chapter 1024 Not sure
Chapter 1025 Southern Little Potatoes
Chapter 1026 Golden Height
Chapter 1027: Don’t treat people right.
Chapter 1028 Problem Boy
Chapter 1029 Cutting
Chapter 1030 Any request, just make it
Chapter 1031 The old puzzle
Chapter 1032 Creating God
Chapter 1033 It’s cold at high places
Chapter 1034 Robbery
Chapter 1035 I’ll rush there as soon as possible
Chapter 1036 Shen Yiyi’s Charm
Chapter 1037 Night Tour in Ning'an
Chapter 1038 It takes no effort at all
Chapter 1039 Head-on confrontation
Chapter 1040 I need your help
Chapter 1041: Taking advantage of fame
Chapter 1042 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 1043: Get rid of the rest and become clear
Chapter 1044 Please save my son
Chapter 1045 Good news? Bad news?
Chapter 1046 A chance to get ahead
Chapter 1047: Not a big problem
Chapter 1048 It doesn’t hurt to get to know each other
Chapter 1049 It all depends on human effort
Chapter 1050 Proving one’s innocence
Chapter 1051 As much as you want
Chapter 1052 It won’t be that simple
Chapter 1053 Good Seedling
Chapter 1054 There is your shadow on him
Chapter 1055 The Uncrowned King
Chapter 1056 Do you want to ruin things?
Chapter 1057 Choose one
Chapter 1058 Victory without force
Chapter 1059 Besieged
Chapter 1060 What I can do is limited
Chapter 1061 The income is so high that it’s scary
Chapter 1062 Abnormal Bet
Chapter 1063 Strong contribution
Chapter 1064 The sky is big and the earth is big, my health is the best
Chapter 1065 Knowing shame and then being brave
Chapter 1066 Since Yu was born, why was Liang born?
Chapter 1067 Acting faster than thinking
Chapter 1068 The opening picture
Chapter 1069 Encountering a Trickster
Chapter 1070 Don’t fool me
Chapter 1071 Playing with Fire
Chapter 1072 Tangled
Chapter 1073 The second most talented person to study medicine
Chapter 1074 Apprenticeship to learn skills
Chapter 1075 Sword Discussing at Mount Huashan
Chapter 1076 I also second the proposal
Chapter 1077 Luck is also a type of strength
Chapter 1078: Missing
Chapter 1079 Hype
Chapter 1080 What gift do you want?
Chapter 1081 Reverse Scale
Chapter 1082 Steps
Chapter 1083 To untie the bell, one must tie it
Chapter 1084 Try bravely
Chapter 1085 What does Dr. Yu mean to us?
Chapter 1086: Stand at attention when being beaten
Chapter 1087 Inseparable
Chapter 1088 I didn’t mean it
Chapter 1089 I want to stay
Chapter 1090 Not qualified to be a villain
Chapter 1091 You are the only one who obeys
Chapter 1092 It depends on whether your life is tough or not
Chapter 1093 The most distinguished guest
Chapter 1094 I am no longer the person I used to be
Chapter 1095 So terrifying
Chapter 1096 Exchange with a house
Chapter 1097 Impressed
Chapter 1098 Can you give me a chance?
Chapter 1099 A new beginning
Chapter 1100 Cherish the present
Chapter 1101 Solve your own problems by yourself
Chapter 1102: Try to hold it in and talk less
Chapter 1103 You and I are both lucky
Chapter 1104 Breakthrough
Chapter 1105 There may be danger
Chapter 1106 Crow’s Mouth
Chapter 1107 Don’t worry, it’s up to you
Chapter 1108 Talent is the most expensive
Chapter 1109 A more serious problem
Chapter 1110 There is an opportunity in crisis
Chapter 1111 Be careful for me
Chapter 1112 Lifelong accountability
Chapter 1113 High benefits fee
Chapter 1114 Please forgive me for being presumptuous
Chapter 1115 No need to call me teacher
Chapter 1116 In a flash of thought (New Year’s greetings to all my book friends)
Chapter 1117 Using Dr. Yu as bait
Chapter 1118 Returning favors
Chapter 1119 Which is more important?
Chapter 1120 It’s hard to learn Chinese medicine
Chapter 1121 Long-term plan
Chapter 1122 Bad News Good News
Chapter 1123 Dr. Yu is a treasure trove
Chapter 1124 Doctor Yu is here for vacation
Chapter 1125 Non-essential request
Chapter 1126 Make every effort to promote
Chapter 1127 Your mother calls you down the mountain for dinner
Chapter 1128 I feel itchy
Chapter 1129 Being pushed away
Chapter 1130: Import of additional children
Chapter 1131 Am I stupid?
Chapter 1132 Unexpected
Chapter 1133 Gift
Chapter 1134: Using force to suppress others
Chapter 1135 More suitable to be a doctor
Chapter 1136 Don’t mess with the doctor
Chapter 1137 Exchange Conditions
Chapter 1138 Everyone has problems
Chapter 1139 Sharing joys and sorrows
Chapter 1140 Concert Friends
Chapter 1141 No clue
Chapter 1142 Soaring Value
Chapter 1143. Love as it is
Chapter 1144 Save One
Chapter 1145 A phone call
Chapter 1146 Don’t try to pry into the corner
Chapter 1147 Open Collection
Chapter 1148 Feeling uncomfortable
Chapter 1149 I prefer your actual actions
Chapter 1150 I need your help
Chapter 1151 The target is the whole country
Chapter 1152 Is this difficult for you?
Chapter 1153 Someone can do it
Chapter 1154 The thinking of the poor
Chapter 1155 Identification of authenticity
Chapter 1156 Double Standards
Chapter 1157 I hope my opponent won’t be too strong
Chapter 1158 There must be traces if you have done it
Chapter 1159 I don’t want to lose
Chapter 1160 Being slightly fat is the most healthy thing
Chapter 1161 You need to get checked more
Chapter 1162 Extraordinary Talent
Chapter 1163 We have all withstood the test of money
Chapter 1164 Four generations of single inheritance
Chapter 1165 Still not giving up?
Chapter 1166 Rich and Rich
Chapter 1167 I hope to get your advice
Chapter 1168 Your ability cannot be replaced
Chapter 1169 Society needs you to be Bian Que
Chapter 1170 He can’t be cured?
Chapter 1171 The dilemma of treating the disease before it is cured
Chapter 1172 Nobel Prize
Chapter 1173 If you are not afraid of thieves stealing, you are afraid that thieves will miss you
Chapter 1174 You didn’t do anything, right?
Chapter 1175 An opportunity to express gratitude
Chapter 1176 We must have a sense of crisis
Chapter 1177 I believe in her abilities
Chapter 1178 Dr. Yu, please confirm
Chapter 1179 Please strictly follow the treatment procedures
Chapter 1180 Good News Bad News
Chapter 1181 Curiosity and Exploration
Chapter 1182 Unbelievable
Chapter 1183 That aspect is closely related to psychology
Chapter 1184 If you miss it, don’t force it
Chapter 1185 Hard to guard against
Chapter 1186 The key depends on who I cooperate with
Chapter 1187 The feeling of working with you is very good
Chapter 1188 Fragile Body
Chapter 1189 It’s no longer your business alone
Chapter 1190 Sooner rather than later
Chapter 1191 Depend on you, can’t live without you
Chapter 1192 A life of dependence
Chapter 1193 Similar difficult cases
Chapter 1194 Yu Zhiming’s speculation
Chapter 1195: Don’t give up because of small losses.
Chapter 1196 Another seminar
Chapter 1197 The big horse breaks the chariot
Chapter 1198 Radioactive sting
Chapter 1199 Dr. Yu’s charging standards
Chapter 1200 Love at first sight
Chapter 1201 No discovery is also a discovery
Chapter 1202 There is no choice but to work hard
Chapter 1203 Invite you to my home for dinner
Chapter 1204: First villain, then gentleman
Chapter 1205 Let you have a long memory
Chapter 1206 Being punished is not necessarily a bad thing
Chapter 1207 Can’t
Chapter 1208 There are too many people he cannot save
Chapter 1209 The best arrangement
Chapter 1210 The Appearing Daughter
Chapter 1211 She has nothing to do with me
Chapter 1212 Overloaded Operation
Chapter 1213 Healing is not self-healing
Chapter 1214 You are not simple either?
Chapter 1215 Your importance is immeasurable
Chapter 1216 The most pity for the weak
Chapter 1217: Forcing others to make things difficult
Chapter 1218 Is he the most powerful in the world?
Chapter 1219 Don’t dare to get married without any talent
Chapter 1220 You surprised me
Chapter 1221 Don’t believe in Western medicine
Chapter 1222 A group of sheep are also being driven
Chapter 1223 Since it’s an unkind invitation, don’t say it anymore
Chapter 1224: Ignore your relatives
Chapter 1225 No sense of accomplishment
Chapter 1226 It’s abnormal to have no ideas
Chapter 1227 The dedicated Dr. Adenauer
Chapter 1228 Heresies
Chapter 1229 Use the body of an old friend for verification
Chapter 1230 Paranoia
Chapter 1231 Playing very wildly
Chapter 1232 Dedicating oneself to saving mother
Chapter 1233 To save worry
Chapter 1234 Whether the miracle can continue is up to you
Chapter 1235 The situation is not optimistic
Chapter 1236 You are the best
Chapter 1237 Are we still friends?
Chapter 1238 Illegal practice of healing the dead
Chapter 1239 I’m not even worried about you
Chapter 1240 How to treat, you decide
Chapter 1241 Who has the final say?
Chapter 1242 Come over and spend more time with you
Chapter 1243 Hope to create a miracle
Chapter 1244 Where to go back and forth from
Chapter 1245 It’s hard to deal with household chores
Chapter 1246 Full sense of accomplishment
Chapter 1247 I can’t tell you something
Chapter 1248 My ex-girlfriend harmed me
Chapter 1249 The front wave and the back wave
Chapter 1250 The sky is falling, the tall one is holding on
Chapter 1251 Unsatisfactory
Chapter 1252 The elixir for losing weight
Chapter 1253 Irrelevant Persons
Chapter 1254 Things get rough
Chapter 1255 You are also annoying sometimes
Chapter 1256 No determination, both cloudy and sunny weather are obstacles
Chapter 1257 Robbed
Chapter 1258 Reasonable
Chapter 1259 Dr. Yu, I will work hard
Chapter 1260 Enjoy the process of success
Chapter 1261 Don’t offend women
Chapter 1262 Urgent emergency
Chapter 1263 Rescue
Chapter 1264 Recommend a student to you
Chapter 1265 Resign first and then ask Dr. Yu
Chapter 1266 Pre-disease treatment
Chapter 1267 The Effect of Blocking
Chapter 1268 Differential Treatment
Chapter 1269 Rejection
Chapter 1270 I accept you
Chapter 1271 Cultivating Super Babies
Chapter 1272 Did you hear it wrong?
Chapter 1273 As long as you take action
Chapter 1274 Don’t have high hopes
Chapter 1275 Who gave you the courage?
Chapter 1276 It’s too early to say anything
Chapter 1277 Eat whatever you want
Chapter 1278 Creating for Life
Chapter 1279 Didn’t sleep all night
Chapter 1280 Assuming I’m not lying
Chapter 1281 Headache
Chapter 1282 We will do our best
Chapter 1283 Sell your life to me?
Chapter 1284 The effect explodes
Chapter 1285 Fanatic Fans
Chapter 1286 Don’t talk about medical issues
Chapter 1287 Recommendation for Dean Candidate
Chapter 1288 Fans give gifts
Chapter 1289 I suggest you go to psychological counseling
Chapter 1290 Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall
Chapter 1291 Fasting of food and water
Chapter 1292 My pulse doesn’t feel good to me
Chapter 1293 No rules are also a rule
Chapter 1294 Can’t walk at night in brocade clothes
Chapter 1295 You have a fever
Chapter 1296: Very powerful
Chapter 1297 Abnormal data found in physical examination
Chapter 1298 Do you want treatment?
Chapter 1299 The fortress is breached from within
Chapter 1300 Maintain the status quo
Chapter 1301 Single-minded
Chapter 1302 Want to live
Chapter 1303 You have five seconds to think about it
Chapter 1304 Chronic Poisoning
Chapter 1305 I treat you as a good friend
Chapter 1306 Maybe soon
Chapter 1307 Is it necessary to remove it?
Chapter 1308 Tendency
Chapter 1309 Malicious resignation
Chapter 1310 Me, fat girl
Chapter 1311 I won’t resist
Chapter 1312 You don’t have to come over
Chapter 1313 A rare opportunity to poach people
Chapter 1314 You are a murderer
Chapter 1315 Bounty of 100 million yuan
Chapter 1316 Can’t Eat Alone
Chapter 1317 Disintegration from within
Chapter 1318 The ancestors carefully selected
Chapter 1319: Anger and vomiting blood
Chapter 1320 Which one do you want to go to?
Chapter 1321 The hustle and bustle is beneficial to all.
Chapter 1322 There is a big problem with my brain
Chapter 1323 My uncle can protect us
Chapter 1324 I have everything
Chapter 1325 Making a lie come true
Chapter 1326 Two news, one good and one bad
Chapter 1327 I report
Chapter 1328 Leniency for confession
Chapter 1329 Teacher, I want to go
Chapter 1330 Forget it
Chapter 1331 Staying silently is also happiness
Chapter 1332 It’s not that it’s inconvenient, it’s that it’s impossible
Chapter 1333 The teacher’s troubles
Chapter 1334 Promise with one’s body
Chapter 1335 Concentrate efforts on big things
Chapter 1336 I can give it, but you can’t take it
Chapter 1337 I’ll study it first
Chapter 1338 I want to have a face-to-face interview with you
Chapter 1339 Trial and Error Treatment
Chapter 1340 The gap in thinking styles
Chapter 1341 Virus Mutation
Chapter 1342 Proper etiquette
Chapter 1343 Middle-aged people cannot be brave alone
Chapter 1344 Efficiency under a heavy bounty
Chapter 1345 Ayan is not that kind of person
Chapter 1346 There are really two brushes
Chapter 1347 I suggest you accept this challenge
Chapter 1348 I also want to be free and unrestrained
Chapter 1349 Dr. Yu wants to eliminate risks
Chapter 1350 The person at the top of the pyramid
Chapter 1351 Open one eye, close one eye
Chapter 1352 Change of Heart
Chapter 1353 Doctor Yu, thank you for your trust
Chapter 1354 Good things don’t work, bad things work
Chapter 1355 Fire prevention, theft prevention and best friend protection
Chapter 1356 Clearly aware of everything
Chapter 1357 Talented
Chapter 1358 Free is the most expensive
Chapter 1359 Is it convenient?
Chapter 1360 Don’t interfere with anything else
Chapter 1361 What’s bad is not just talent
Chapter 1362 Like a fire
Chapter 1363 Don’t always work and work
Chapter 1364 I don’t understand something
Chapter 1365 Full Firepower
Chapter 1366 I’ll give you credit
Chapter 1367 Doctor Yu, there are so many treasures
Chapter 1368 He is a talent
Chapter 1369 Good things come in hard times
Chapter 1370 Another thing happened