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Full of martial virtue

Full of martial virtue

author:Fireworks in the city

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-30 20:58

Latest chapter:Chapter 917 Cause and effect and choice!

My surname is Wu, and everyone calls me Xiao Wu. Brother, listen up, here are some of my experiences - when fighting a dragon, don't listen to what it says, just fight until it dies; beat the goblin It's a bit more troublesome, it's best not to let it see you, and you have to shoot black; To engage in orcs is just a word, naked hanging! If the devil dares to come to trouble, then break off its horns and it will kneel down; Okay, I'm going to go now Bar fight, more introduction content will be written when I come back

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《Full of martial virtue》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 917 Cause and effect and choice!
Chapter 916 The ceremony begins!
Chapter 915 Alternation
Chapter 914 Who is not a psychopath?
Chapter 913 Join forces!
Chapter 912 Destroy it, immediately!
Chapter 911 Confrontation
Chapter 910 Changes in the past and future
Chapter 909: Admit defeat?
《Full of martial virtue》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The Lamb to be slaughtered
Chapter 2 Changed Fate!
Chapter 3 The Wall of Wishes
Chapter 4 He's coming to bomb the field!
Chapter 5 The iron hand blocks the river!
Chapter 6 Power!
Chapter 7 Fire and Sword
Chapter 8 Female Corpse
Chapter 9 Meet
Chapter 10 Changhong Street
Chapter 11 Xiao Wu's Entrustment!
Chapter Twelve Something Tonight
Chapter 13 Encounter
Chapter Fourteen Goodbye
Chapter 15 You Will Win People's Hearts
Chapter 16 Twelve o'clock tonight!
Chapter 17 The first contact!
Chapter 18 One hundred thousand cuts!
Chapter 19 Do things naturally!
Chapter 20 S-Class Club!
Chapter 21 Warlock!
Chapter 22 Summer Salamander
Chapter 23 Rejection
Chapter 24 Approaching
Chapter 25 The commission of the undead!
Chapter 26 The Weird
Chapter 27 Myths Come True
Chapter 28 Congratulations on finding it
Chapter 29 Fight and Escape
Chapter 30 Night Market
Chapter 31 Come and ask
Chapter 32 Attacked
Chapter 33 New Commission
Chapter 34 Come to the door asking for money
Chapter 35 With a weapon!
Chapter 36 Pass the sword!
Chapter 37 Jun buried the mud under the spring
Chapter 38 Cut!
Chapter 39 I'm in the mouth of the Cyclops, who will come?
Chapter 40 It's back!
Chapter 41 Add me!
Chapter 42 Face the Giants!
Chapter 43 Anger, logic, new power!
Chapter 44 The kingdom of death!
Chapter 45 The bone dragon is in the world!
Chapter 46 The unspoken person is here!
Chapter 47: The Wall of Sighs That All Beings Can't Overpass
Chapter 48 Your Nature!
Chapter 49!
Chapter 50 The choice of the royal family
Chapter 51 This time is different!
Chapter 51 Vientiane Senluo
Chapter 52: The War in the Kingdom of the Dead
Chapter 53 The undead bless!
Chapter 54 The so-called justice
Chapter 56 Xiao Wu and the Emperor
Chapter 57: Sacrifice
Chapter 58 The Ladder
Chapter 59 Before departure!
Chapter 60 The team battle begins
Chapter 61 Burning
Chapter 62 Burning
Chapter 63 Battle
Chapter 64: Brother Xiao Wu (parents)
Chapter 65 The Hanged Grim Reaper
Chapter 66 Death's Favor!
Chapter 67 The Secret of the Underground
Chapter 68 I'm going to kill him
Chapter 69 Heads
Chapter 70: Entering the Ground
Chapter seventy-one
Chapter 72 Receiving Spirits!
Chapter 73 The ability of a man!
Chapter 74 His Hope (Break De Marshmallow for the Leader
Chapter 75 Reading Minds
Chapter 76 Magic Mist Advances!
Chapter 77 The Secret of the Prison (for the leader qlvlp
Chapter 78 Traitor
Chapter 79 Avoidance
Chapter 80 Obliteration (for the magical little arrow of the Silver Alliance
Chapter 81 The General's Last Hope
Chapter 82: Underground News
Chapter 83: The Era!
Chapter 84: The Return of the Head
Chapter 85 The truth is revealed!
Chapter 86 A Counterattack
Chapter 87 The king who killed himself!
Chapter 88 Reincarnated (for the leader Haili
Chapter Eighty Nine
Chapter 90 Learn something!
Chapter 91: Fog Shadow (for the leader ArchQua
Chapter 92 It was the man who took the mind-reading technique!
Chapter 93 New commission!
Chapter 94 Xiaowu's Martial Arts
Chapter 95 Deception
Chapter 96 Serious criminals
Chapter 97 Two Phases of Falsehood and Reality
Chapter 98 One-style swordsmanship (for the leader Erdong Chen Xiaopangzi
Chapter 99 The screen
Chapter 100 Long Moon Sparse Shadow
Chapter 101: Re-entering the Devil's Nest
Chapter 102 The Secret of Corpse Mountain
Chapter 103 The forbidden land of the dead country (for the leader Xia Salamander
Chapter 104 Attack!
Chapter 105 His commission!
Chapter 106 The power of the white tiger!
Chapter 107 Face the Pope!
Chapter 108 The Cage of Death!
Chapter 109 Gift a knife!
Chapter 110 The ability of a man! ()
Chapter 111: Judge Xiao Wu!
Chapter 112 Pope!
Chapter 113 Snatch the stick!
Chapter 114 The Pope's Curse!
Chapter 115 Meet the Giants!
Chapter 116: Grace and Resentment
Chapter 117: Mastering the Barbarians' Skills to Control Barbarians
Chapter 118 The Fog Hermit
Chapter 119 Perfect Advancement!
Chapter 120 Rest
Chapter 121 Symmetrical world
Chapter 122: Her Royal Highness Princess
Chapter 123 Card BUG?
Chapter 124 Thousands of Hands Become Swords!
Chapter 125 Come with me!
Chapter 126 The Holy Name
Chapter 127 Siege!
Chapter 128: Fighting
Chapter 129 Eating
Chapter 130 Rope (It's too difficult to name the leader
Chapter 131 There is no regret medicine in the world
Chapter 132 Head
Chapter 133 Kill the enemy!
Chapter 134 Acquaintances meet up!
One hundred and thirtieth chapters man's ability ()
Chapter 136 Xiaowu's challenge!
Chapter 137 The battle between the two sides!
Chapter 138 Another title skill!
Chapter 139 The Name Skill of the God of Death!
Chapter 140 Return to the Devil's Den!
Chapter 141 The key hand!
Chapter 142 Joiners!
Chapter 143 The Holy Coffin
Chapter 144: The Eye of Shenmian True Sight
Chapter 145 a woman
Chapter 146: Connecting to the next two floors
Chapter 147 The first layer (for the magical little arrow of silver cute
Chapter 148 Unique Demon King!
Chapter 149 Recourse
Chapter 150 Death Boundary Monument
Chapter 51 Name Skill!
Chapter 52 Good buddies (for the magical little arrow of silver cute
Chapter 53 The side quest is complete!
Chapter 54 Peeping
Chapter 55 Ghost Tree Man
Chapter 156 Get in touch!
Chapter 167 Type 92025
Chapter 168 The unfinished fight
Chapter 160 Sword and new opportunities!
Chapter 161 The Secret of the Skeleton!
Chapter 171 The Wall of Holy Walks
Chapter 172 The predator in the shadows!
Chapter 173: Virtual Reality
Chapter 174 Is this something we can see?
Chapter 175 He is so brave!
Chapter 176: Walking with the Succubus
Chapter 178 Appearing behind the scenes!
Chapter 179: The Encounter of the Succubus
Chapter 180 The Sword Spirit and the Reborn!
Chapter 181 Character Card
Chapter 182 It and his secret!
Chapter 183 The Gift from the Big Brother
Chapter 184 The Ring of the Holy Treasure
Chapter 185 Buy it (I am a silver coin for the leader)
Chapter 186 The hand that knocks the bowl
Chapter 187 Let’s take action together!
Chapter 188 Gains and losses!
Chapter 189 He is coming!
Chapter 190: The Secret Words of Dead Souls Diamond!
Chapter 191 Battle against dwarfs!
Chapter 192: Blade Wandering Dragon!
Chapter 193 The Battle of Bloody Hands!
Chapter 194 Xiao Wu’s name! (For Bai Yin Meng’s magical little arrow
Chapter 195 Tianzhi Minggui
Chapter 196 City Lord Battle!
Chapter 197 Nothing
Chapter 198 Activation!
Chapter 199 Return to that moment!
Chapter 200: Let everyone feel refreshed first
Chapter 201 The battle of Minggui!
Chapter 202 The fate of the giant
Chapter 203 Meeting the Demon God Again!
Chapter 204 Nina’s Feeding!
Chapter 205 The King and Heaven’s Will
Chapter 206: Contract of the Undead
Chapter 207 Chasing the murderer!
Chapter 208 Dark Teleportation!
Chapter 209: Become the Demon God!
Chapter 210 I am XX
Chapter 211 Divine Beasts and the Power of Death!
Chapter 212 The power of awakening!
Chapter 213 Do you want to get rich?
Chapter 214 The Devil’s Deal!
Chapter 215: Chop it into pieces and feed it to the dog
Chapter 216 The law beast appears!
Chapter 217 Xiao Wu’s setting! (For the alliance leader Fire River Sky
Chapter 218 The final level!
Chapter 219: Solo Game
Chapter 220: Both sides’ methods
Chapter 221 Xiao Wu’s setting battle!
Chapter 222 Today’s battle! (For Bai Yinmeng’s magical little arrow
Chapter 223 Love and Peace
Chapter 224 The Real Prisoner
Chapter 225 Prophecy and Challenger
Chapter 226 Prisoners and Keys!
Chapter 227 Necessary advancement!
Chapter 228 The Man in the Dream
Chapter 229: Past Era!
Chapter 230 Sword Spirit’s Commission!
Chapter 231 Accident!
Chapter 232 Rescue
Chapter 233: Name advancement! (for the magical little arrow)
Chapter 234 Informant!
Chapter 235 Terror strikes!
Chapter 236 Fight and Escape!
Chapter 237 Mysterious Commission!
Chapter 238 I know this question!
Chapter 239: Peaceful things
Chapter 240 Haunted House! Haunted House!
Chapter 241 Covering the sky with one hand!
Chapter 242 Hahaha!
Chapter 243 Resurrection!
Chapter 244: The Art of Gonggong! (For the magical little arrow
Chapter 245 The simplest trial!
Chapter 246 Meeting the Divine Beast!
Chapter 247 The third day is coming!
Chapter 248: New setting of Xiao Wu’s ship!
Chapter 249 Call for help!
Chapter 250 Prison Battle!
Chapter 251 The prophet appears!
Chapter 252 Rescue and Obliteration!
Chapter 253 Xiao Wu’s battle!
Chapter 254: Respect the old and love the young
Chapter 255 Demon War!
Chapter 256: The participants in the war are just human beings
Chapter 257 This is how I fight!
Chapter 258 Fight! Fight!
Chapter 259: Die together? No! (For the magical little arrow)
Chapter 260 Death of Ascension!
Chapter 261 Ten thousand immortals come to the world!
Chapter 262 The Heavenly Lord comes to earth!
Chapter 263 Heaven’s Ambition
Chapter 265: The Art of Sacred Eradication!
Chapter 266 Three evil ghosts!
Chapter 267 Let’s talk to my sister
Chapter 268 Sister Lan and Xiao Wu
Chapter 269 Goodbye Ghost Queen!
Chapter 270 The Queen and the Dragon!
Chapter 271 Sword and Ghost
Chapter 272 Black Skeleton
Chapter 273: Face
Chapter 274: Trying every possible means (for the magical little arrow)
Chapter 275 Battle!
Chapter 276 The calculations of both sides
Chapter 277 An advanced commission from the ancestral spirit!
Chapter 278 Xiao Wu and the Three Girls
Chapter 280: Emperor Fist of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 281 Collision!
Chapter 282 Who wins and who loses?
Chapter 283: 1 point of soul power!
Chapter 284: Shake everyone into the realm of the undead
Chapter 285 Taoist Priest Descending the Mountain (Part 1)
Chapter 286 Taoist Priest Descends from the Mountain (Part 2)
Chapter 287 Taoist Priest Descending the Mountain (Part 2)
Chapter 288 Destruction!
Chapter 289 Going and Returning!
Chapter 290 Border Town
Chapter 292 New drama preview!
Chapter 297 Humanity’s preparation!
Chapter 298 Xiao Wu’s Death Trial!
Chapter 299 The Hidden Trial and the True Value of the Book of the Dead!
Chapter 300 The Undead
Chapter 301 Street of the Dead
Chapter 302: There is a road to heaven, but you won’t take it
Chapter 303: Be reasonable
Chapter 304 A powerful enemy!
Chapter 305 Escape!
Chapter 306 Xiao Wu’s method
Chapter 307 Nine-Star Resonance!
Chapter 308 Shadow Follower!
Chapter 310 The dusty emblem of disaster
Chapter 311: Destroy the country and kill the gods!
Chapter 312 Netherworld Dharma Curtain VS Tianhe Navy!
Chapter 313: Boundless Power!
Chapter 314 The most suitable reward!
Chapter 315: The Beginning of the End (Big Chapter Two in One)
Chapter 316 The Shadow of Endless Fear!
Chapter 317 A simple wish
Chapter 318 Ordinary King!
Chapter 320: Mountains and seas collide, and there are many ways to use them!
Chapter 321: Unexpected tricks
Chapter 322 Obtain and avoid!
Chapter 323: The link between the past and the future!
Chapter 324: Questioning at the killing scene! (Additional update
Chapter 325 Escape!
Chapter 326: Go, tentacle monster!
Chapter 327 Fight together!
Chapter 328: Monster’s Wish Wall!
Chapter 329: Beholder Battle!
Chapter 330: Looking for a venue
Chapter 331 The opportunity to awaken!
Chapter 332 Human Prisoners!
Chapter 333 The Secret Realm of the Human Emperor!
Chapter 334: Thousands of troops belong to one person
Chapter 335: I take it as a compliment
Chapter 336 Do you want to get rich?
Chapter 337 Double opening!
Chapter 338 The intertwining of blessing and luck
Chapter 339: Trial and the Queen’s Cry for Help!
Chapter 340 The Undead War!
Chapter 341: Search battle!
Chapter 342 The Queen of Death!
Chapter 343 Say goodbye!
Chapter 344: The battle of Minggui!
Chapter 345 18 o'clock!
Chapter 346 Times have changed, sir!
Chapter 347 Chapter of Death!
Chapter 348 An unexpected discovery!
Chapter 349: Surrounded by Death!
Chapter 350: Freeze at the last second!
Chapter 351 The only one in heaven and earth!
Chapter 352: Avoiding the Battle of the King
Chapter 353 The will to destroy must like me more
Chapter 357 Gains and losses and judgment!
Chapter 358 Come on
Chapter 359 The Human Emperor’s Mission
Chapter 360 The Battle of City Destruction!
Chapter 361 The Will to Destroy!
Chapter 362 Good at fighting!
Chapter 363: Entry into the Way!
Chapter 364 Sure enough, I
Chapter 365: The Way of the Human Emperor!
Chapter 366: Such a sinister pet!
Chapter 367 The Entrustment of the Dead
Chapter 368 Success! (For the magical little arrow
Chapter 369 The historical truth!
Chapter 370 The True Biography of the Human Emperor!
Chapter 371 The Demon-Suppressing General!
Chapter 372 Baptism
Chapter 373 The devil appears!
Chapter 374 The Battle of Three Demons!
Chapter 375 Her choice!
Chapter 376 Defend the city!
Chapter 377: Think quickly!
Chapter 378 Home field advantage!
Chapter 379 Conditioning
Chapter 380 The Human Emperor’s profound meaning!
Chapter 381 Mistress
Chapter 382 Father
Chapter 383 Fight!
Chapter 384 The Terminal Bloodline Curse
Chapter 385: The secret realm is reopened, and all the heroes are here!
Chapter 386: Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 387 Brothers planning
Chapter 388 The playwrights of the other world
Chapter 389 The Entropy Family
Chapter 390 Confrontation
Chapter 391 Let me help you!
Chapter 392 The decisions of all parties!
Chapter 393 Curse to drive back the enemy!
Chapter 394 The three strong men fight to the death!
Chapter 396 Not at home!
Chapter 397: The Cursed Seal of the Two Angels at the End!
Chapter 398 The Human Emperor versus the Human Hero!
Chapter 340: Gambling Fight!
Chapter 341 Monster
Chapter 342 Encore!
Chapter 343 Escape!
Chapter 344: Father and son’s final plan!
Chapter 345 Family Treasure
Chapter 346 Heart of Gem
Chapter 347: Seeing him again!
Chapter 348: Walk with it!
Chapter 349 Gift
Chapter 400 Back and forth!
Chapter 401: Taking chestnuts from the fire!
Chapter 402 Mobile Phones and Power!
Chapter 403 The Hand of Destruction
Chapter 404 Rebuilding the family!
Chapter 405 He is back home!
Chapter 406 Understatement (for the magical little arrow
Chapter 407 Begin!
Chapter 408 Late night snack
Chapter 409 Midnight Food Stall (For the Magical Arrow
Chapter 410 Set off!
Chapter 411 Xiao Wu VS Heroic Spirit!
Chapter 412 Fighting Heroic Spirits!
Chapter 413 The man who created the era
Chapter 414 Complete the trial!
Chapter 415 He wants to face him
Chapter 416 It’s fake!
Chapter 417 The beginning of chaos!
Chapter 418 Evil Spirit!
Chapter 419 Please enter the urn
Chapter 420 Talking to the Evil Spirit
Chapter 421 Xiao Wu’s method!
Chapter 422 Unexpected!
Chapter 423 Holy Hedgehog!
Chapter 424 The first heroic spirit!
Chapter 425 Harvest and Prophecy!
Chapter 426 The robbery demon appears!
Chapter 427 Fight!
Chapter 428 Come on!
Chapter 429 Treat yourself!
Chapter 430 The origin of the evil spirit!
Chapter 431 It’s you!
Chapter 432 My brother’s house collapsed!
Chapter 433 Crow Spirit Duel!
Chapter 434 It’s time!
Chapter 435: Stealing the sky for the sun + covering the sky with one hand!
Chapter 436 The Fairy’s Pothos Brooch (Big Chapter)
Chapter 437 Tears (5,000 words long chapter
Chapter 438 Assassination!
Chapter 439 Forgive No One
Chapter 440 It’s rude to come and not return.
Chapter 441 Discussion!
Chapter 442 Respective means
Chapter 443 Calling for you!
Chapter 444 I understand everything
Chapter 445 Amazing
Chapter 446 The Heroic Spirit’s Protection!
Chapter 447 The real test!
Chapter 448 Proof of not being killed
Chapter 449 Xiao Wu’s mission!
Chapter 450 Unprecedented Death Trial!
Chapter 451 Something is wrong with my brain!
Chapter 452 Xiao Wu’s methods!
Chapter 453 The test is completed!
Chapter 454 Seize power!
Chapter 455 Meeting again!
Chapter 456 I’ll leave the world full of snow
Chapter 457 Completed!
Chapter 458 A stubborn man!
Chapter 459 Each one’s own methods!
Chapter 460 The confrontation of the law of cause and effect!
Chapter 461 Clear goal!
Chapter 462 Move forward!
Chapter 463 I want to visit a place with few people
Chapter 464 Spire
Chapter 465 Xiao Wu’s Law of Cause and Effect!
Chapter 466 The bright card
Chapter 467 Farewell!
Chapter 468 Destruction? Destruction.
Chapter 469 A unique professional name!
Chapter 470 City and Book
Chapter 471 Harvest!
Chapter 472 An unexpected confrontation
Chapter 473 Each step forward
Chapter 474 Flowers and Boys (Part 1)
Chapter 475 Flowers and Boys (Part 2)
Chapter 476 The Fire Stealer! (4000 words long chapter)
Chapter 477 The City That Never Sleeps
Chapter 478: What about royal power and wealth?
Chapter 479 Bad luck and cage
Chapter 480 Brother Xiao Wu, right?
Chapter 481 It’s amazing
Chapter 482 The person who steals time (Part 1)
Chapter 483 The Man Who Steals Time (Part 2)
Chapter 484 The person who steals time (Part 2)
Chapter 485 Means
Chapter 486 The Flag of No Beginning!
Chapter 487 Nine departures and thirteen returns
Chapter 488 Rose with thorns
Chapter 489 Come and chop me down if you are a brother
Chapter 490 You should save me!
Chapter 491 Sorry, Master
Chapter 492 Start bidding!
Chapter 493 The Taste of Love
Chapter 494 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 495 66666!
Chapter 496 A strange combination of circumstances
Chapter 497 Shen Xiujun arrives!
Chapter 498 Two Girls
Chapter 499 Brand new death technique
Chapter 500 Xiao Wu vs Daweil!
Chapter 501 Re-employment!
Chapter 502 Visit
Chapter 503 Tell you quietly
Chapter 504 You should drink it
Chapter 505 The Peak of the World
Chapter 506 Meet the Phoenix!
Chapter 507 Become the guard of the evil phoenix!
Chapter 508 He is good at it
Chapter 509 Shocking Change
Chapter 510 Master, Mistress
Chapter 511 Escape!
Chapter 512 Blending
Chapter 513 Instructions from the Will of the World
Chapter 514 Overcoming the tribulation!
Chapter 515 The test of the world’s will!
Chapter 516 He did it!
Chapter 517 The art of the other world!
Chapter 518 The Demon Tribulation Change
Chapter 519 It begins!
Chapter 520 Xiao Wu’s battle!
Chapter 521: Grab time to overcome the tribulation!
Chapter 522: People want to see animated pictures, bastard!
Chapter 523 No XX!
Chapter 524 The unreal world!
Chapter 525 New arrival
Chapter 526 The black cat appears!
Chapter 527 The cooperation of the three demons!
Chapter 528 Xiao Wu!
Chapter 529 Come to the rescue! (I will fight with you for the alliance leader, Laojia)
Chapter 530 A battle!
Chapter 531 Battle (continued)!
Chapter 532 Everyone shows off their heroes!
Chapter 533: Old Capitalist
Chapter 534 The Lord of All Realms!
Chapter 535 Let’s start working!
Chapter 536 The second one!
Chapter 487 Xiao Wu and the Third Person
Chapter 488: Woman (for alliance leader Chen Bing
Chapter 489 Eating hot pot
Chapter 490 Two cups of milk tea
Chapter 491 The Lion King gets his wish!
Chapter 492 My World!
Chapter 493: I can’t help myself
Chapter 494 Okay
Chapter 495 Magpie’s Framing
Chapter 496: Transcendence!
Chapter 497 The two sides enter into battle!
Chapter 498: Sin Classroom!
Chapter 499 Come on!
Chapter 500 Arrival VS Arrival!
Chapter 501 Welcome newcomers!
Chapter 502 Artificial Intelligence!
Chapter 503 The three giants gather together!
Chapter 504: The Grave Deck of the Laws!
Chapter 505: War of the World!
Chapter 506 The second card!
Chapter 507 Determination
Chapter 508 An unexpected gain!
Chapter 509: There is no way to bring about blessings and misfortunes, only people call upon themselves!
Chapter 510 It’s her!
Chapter 511 The girl said to him
Chapter 512 Seeing the Stars Again
Chapter 513 Taking care of each other
Chapter 514 Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 515: Competing with Dogs
Chapter 516 I pay
Chapter 517 Wormhole Gate
Chapter 518: Winning Ma
Chapter 519: Dragon’s sense of security
Chapter 520: Changes in the Battle for Hegemony
Chapter 521: The Kraken’s Contract
Chapter 522: I took the bus at People’s Square
Chapter 523: Meeting with the Will of the World
Chapter 524 Xiao Wu’s commission plan!
Chapter 525 So big!
Chapter 526 The second skill!
Chapter 527: Give me all the papers!
Chapter 528 Power upgrade!
Chapter 529: Alliance with the Remnant Soul!
Chapter 530: Secret passages and ruins!
Chapter 531 Guidance!
Chapter 532: Go to war as the world!
Chapter 533 Evolution and Winning!
Chapter 534 Magic vs. Magic!
Chapter 535: Victory and Ban!
Chapter 536 Dragon Curse!
Chapter 537 City of Dreams
Chapter 538 Joining the gang
Chapter 539 Just Today
Chapter 540 Her Origin
Chapter 541 Success!
Chapter 542 Xiao Wu! Xiao Wu!
Chapter 543 Xiao Wu and the Goblin’s conspiracy (Part 1)
Chapter 544 Xiao Wu and the Goblin’s conspiracy (Part 2)
Chapter 545 Ending (wonderful alone for the leader)
Chapter 546 The Dragon Clan’s Awakening Dream
Chapter 547 The Day of Awakening!
Chapter 548 The power of the bloodline of the old dragon king!
Chapter 549: The irresistible spell of words
Chapter 550 Xiao Wu’s Revenge!
Chapter 551 The battle of seals!
Chapter 552 The Truth
Chapter 553: Becoming a God!
Chapter 554: Seal a big one!
Chapter 555: This killer is not too cold!
Chapter 556: It can kill you
Chapter 557 The mysterious linkage
Chapter 558 Collecting Sets!
Chapter 559: Back and forth!
Chapter 560: Walking with the Goblin!
Chapter 561 The Bronze Villain
Chapter 562 Double Red Stick!
Chapter 563 Substitute!
Chapter 564 She wants to be free!
Chapter 565: Hatred in Heart
Chapter 566 Xiao Wu’s decision
Chapter 567 Abyss Ritual
Chapter 568 Transform into a dragon!
Chapter 569: The Secret of the Butterfly Sword
Chapter 570: Provocation and trump card!
Chapter 571 The bugs are coming
Chapter 572 Knife, Xiaowu, Insects
Chapter 573 Eat it!
Chapter 574 Babylon!
Chapter 575 Hidden World!
Chapter 576 A rare person!
Chapter 577: Avoid killing!
Chapter 578 The Burning Royal Capital!
Chapter 579 Xiao Wu’s decision!
Chapter 580: Messenger of Chaos
Chapter 581 The righteous god is coming!
Chapter 582 The Road to the True God of Chaos!
Chapter 583 Take action!
Chapter 584 Three talents!
Chapter 585 You will be buried here!
Chapter 586 The Heart of a Sage!
Chapter 587: Escape!
Chapter 588 Begin to intervene!
Chapter 589 The war is coming!
Chapter 590: The deck is assembled and the ritual is reversed!
Chapter 591: All Souls!
Chapter 592 Love, Dream, World Peace
Chapter 593: Coming one after another!
Chapter 594: The Queen Mother speaks of calamity, the heaven and the earth are divided into three parts!
Chapter 595 A commission from the Holy World!
Chapter 596 The secret of the Q bomb!
Chapter 597: Born to be limitless!
Chapter 598: Mother of Chaos and Xiao Wu’s opportunity!
Chapter 599 Real fishing guys!
Chapter 600: Falling in love with each other, fishermen!
Chapter 601: Make your own decision!
Chapter 602 Let’s have a real battle!
Chapter 603 We humans!
Chapter 604 Ten Days Volley!
Chapter 605 Xiao Wu VS Bai Emperor!
Chapter 606: Sitting Alone in the Deep Pool
Chapter 607: I am the champion!
Chapter 608 It’s starting to break down!
Chapter 609: People are messed up, and so is the sequence
Chapter 610 Four Sequences!
Chapter 611 Infinite connection VS forced capture!
Chapter 612 The original holder
Chapter 613 Pangu’s Gift
Chapter 614 Join!
Chapter 615 The Lord of Time!
Chapter 616: People can’t be too high-profile
Chapter 617 Quicksand!
Chapter 618 One person, two roads
Chapter 619 Bait and Fish
Chapter 620 The secret organization appears!
Chapter 621 She is your woman!
Chapter 622 The battle between gods and civilization
Chapter 623 Fighting each other
Chapter 624 An unexpected showdown!
Chapter 625: Fist of Hongmeng Saint!
Chapter 626: It was upgraded in a flash!
Chapter 627 Wind Tribulation! Wind Tribulation!
Chapter 628: Battle of Wind Tribulation!
Chapter 629: Understanding the Beginning!
Chapter 630 Three Realms Skin!
Chapter 631: The Rope of Eternal Protection!
Chapter 632: Pangu’s Changes!
Chapter 633 I control your control
Chapter 634 Gather together!
Chapter 635 Xiao Wu’s decision!
Chapter 636: Alliance!
Chapter 637 The intervention of the Holy World!
Chapter 638 A duel between three people!
Chapter 639: Out-of-control battle!
Chapter 640 Reunion after a long absence!
Chapter 641 Guess
Chapter 642 Treat her!
Chapter 643 Brand new character!
Chapter 644 Save Point!
Chapter 645: Avoiding the mission!
Chapter 646: A new era of sequence!
Chapter 647 God-given sequence!
Chapter 648 The enemy is coming!
Chapter 649 The last boy!
Chapter 650 Likan Shuanglong!
Chapter 651 Heaven and Ghost!
Chapter 652: Infamy and fairness fabricated by humans
Chapter 653 surprise!
Chapter 654 Xiao Wu Ying Jie!
Chapter 655: Evil Spirit
Chapter 656: As far as humans are concerned
Chapter 657: Fight and win!
Chapter 658 A strange plot
Chapter 659: Wall of Wishes!
Chapter 660: Jiu Yao’s Selection!
Chapter 661 A group fight!
Chapter 662 Weird Equipment: Invisible Bracelet!
Chapter 663: The Hidden Mother of the Void (two chapters in one)
Chapter 664 Sleeping Dragon!
Chapter 665 The golden armor reappears!
Chapter 666: Grab the benefits!
Chapter 667: From the President
Chapter 668 Start the mission!
Chapter 669 The unending fear
Chapter 670 The Hermit Appears
Chapter 671 The Emergence of the Power of Death
Chapter 672 The Eve of Departure
Chapter 673 Xiao Wu’s reaction
Chapter 674: Evil spirits and evil methods are hidden in the womb (Part 1)
Chapter 675: Evil spirits and evil methods are hidden in the womb (Part 2)
Chapter 676 Card: People from Two Realms
Chapter 677 Breakup!
Chapter 678 Battle!
Chapter 679 Becoming BOSS
Chapter 680 Accumulating Yin Virtue
Chapter 681 Special reward!
Chapter 682: Advanced battle!
Chapter 683: I won’t play with you anymore
Chapter 684 Confrontation
Chapter 685 Special resonance!
Chapter 686 Boss Ming’s Trap
Chapter 687 Have you asked me?
Chapter 688 Please proceed with caution
Chapter 689 Fat Coffin
Chapter 690: Taking care of a younger brother and getting promoted!
Chapter 691 Shake!
Chapter 692: The iron law of the saints!
Chapter 693: Three Realms Isolation Helmet!
Chapter 694 The pinnacle battle!
Chapter 695 Evil Spirits VS Evil Things!
Chapter 696: The main purpose is to delay time!
Chapter 697: Beat yourself!
Chapter 698: Legion Commander
Chapter 699 New move!
Chapter 700: Evil thoughts, burning gods, deceitful deeds and disasters
Chapter 701: The legendary battle!
Chapter 702: Battle of Two Techniques!
Chapter 703 Reunion!
Chapter 704 Climbing the Pillar!
Chapter 705: Eat one bite and you will live forever!
Chapter 706: Continuators and Leavers!
Chapter 707 A historic moment!
Chapter 708 Reunion!
Chapter 709: Tit for tat!
Chapter 710 Ribs!
Chapter 711 Feeding!
Chapter 712 The Battle of Judgment
Chapter 713 Super S-Class Inquisitor
Chapter 714 Personality
Chapter 715: Growing like crazy
Chapter 716 The truth comes out
Chapter 717 Advanced Pangu Sequence
Chapter 718 Intelligence and Transactions
Chapter 719: I messed up
Chapter 720: Something is going wrong
Chapter 721: Follow me
Chapter 722 The weaving of fate!
Chapter 723: Both sides’ coping methods!
Chapter 724: Youhuang crosses King Eming!
Chapter 725: Pursuit and Innocence!
Chapter 726: World-destroying disaster, wind, rain, thunder and lightning
Chapter 727 Hidden murderous intention!
Chapter 728: Rock Climbing Gloves from the Ancient Saint Realm
Chapter 729 One-on-two!
Chapter 730: The Shell of the Sacred Warriors!
Chapter 731 Action
Chapter 732 Got it
Chapter 733 The battle with myself
Chapter 734 A three-party battle!
Chapter 735 The true value of the three artifacts!
Chapter 736 The Secret of the Saint of Chaos
Chapter 737 The Awakening of Pangu’s Consciousness!
Chapter 738 The Queen Mother of the West’s back-up plan! (Update)
Chapter 739: Changes in the Era!
Chapter 740 Bronze Box
Chapter 741: The Palace Master’s Overtime Work
Chapter 742: You’re not living up to expectations
Chapter 743 The new Queen Mother selected by Pangu!
Chapter 744 Blood Child!
Chapter 745: The Holy World of Reincarnation of All Evils
Chapter 746 The truth about the evil spirit!
Chapter 747 Three people meeting each other
Chapter 748 Fighting with Pangu
Chapter 749: Accept your fate!
Chapter 750: The Teaching of the Saint!
Chapter 751: Cosmic Level Co-Frequency Resonance
Chapter 752: Walking with the Blood Child!
Chapter 753: Come on, Xue Zhi!
Chapter 754 Xiao Wu’s discovery
Chapter 755 The battle that has never been won
Chapter 756 The Art of Truth!
Chapter 757 Xiao Wu’s attempt
Chapter 758: The loving father’s secret passage
Chapter 759 Xiao Wu is ready to fight!
Chapter 760: A leapfrog battle!
Chapter 761: Peaceful coexistence!
Chapter 762: Shipwreck
Chapter 763 Another showdown!
Chapter 764: Xue Zhi and Xiao Wu’s respective choices!
Chapter 765 A brief confrontation
Chapter 766 The most evil gift
Chapter 767 Unpredictable reunion!
Chapter 768 Pilgrimage!
Chapter 769: A humble first appearance
Chapter 770 Fight!
Chapter 771 Rules of the battlefield!
Chapter 772 The chosen secret!
Chapter 773: Breaking the Destiny!
Chapter 774 A brand new technique!
Chapter 775: The world is so different?
Chapter 776: Head-on confrontation
Chapter 777 Duel!
Chapter 778 Witness the battle!
Chapter 779: Playing Cards
Chapter 780: Generous U-Class Demon!
Chapter 781 The Bronze Pillar Belongs to You!
Chapter 782 BUG versus BUG!
Chapter 783 Time Resurrection!
Chapter 784 Prophecy and Counter-Prophecy!
Chapter 785: Show up, stone statue girl!
Chapter 786: Use your strength to fight!
Chapter 787: Completely different
Chapter 788 The second game!
Chapter 789 Farewell
Chapter 790 God’s Art
Chapter 791 Thank you!
Chapter 792: Jambudvipa
Chapter 793 The future and the past!
Chapter 794: Battle of Two Techniques!
Chapter 795 Sorry!
Chapter 846 Ruins! Pilgrimage ruins!
Chapter 847 Xiao Wu’s plan!
Chapter 798: The title of ape!
Chapter 799: Descendants!
Chapter 800: Siege!
Chapter 801 Counterattack and Test!
Chapter 852 A unique style!
Chapter 853 Wang Zha!
Chapter 854: Drunk
Chapter 855 The changing fate line
Chapter 856 Just five seconds!
Chapter 857 The Shadow of Twist
Chapter 858 Swear to God
Chapter 859 Conflict
Chapter 860 Song Qingsi’s Sword
Chapter 861 Interrogation!
Chapter 862 Bureau (for the leader, Mr. Zhang)
Chapter 863 A sharp turn!
Chapter 864 The Spear of Yizi
Chapter 865 One minute left?
Chapter 866 The fate of replacement
Chapter 867 The society dies to thank the world
Chapter 868 Small Gift
Chapter 869 Be your lover?
Chapter 870 Backlash!
Chapter 871 He chases! He runs away!
Chapter 872 The malice of fate!
Chapter 873 Mountain Top
Chapter 874 Siege
Chapter 875 The Lun family had no intention of killing anyone.
Chapter 876 The little black dot’s epic improvement!
Chapter 877 Complete changes!
Chapter 878 Roll, give me the roll!
Chapter 879 Hatred of Fate
Chapter 880 Wasted man!
Chapter 881 Fighting between the Dragon and the Tiger (two chapters in one)
Chapter 882 The brightest star
Chapter 883 Bait and Fish
Chapter 884: Demon Devouring by Finger Marriage
Chapter 885 Strange existence
Chapter 886 Battle!
Chapter 887 Three parties’ methods!
Chapter 888 Changes in the Battle Situation
Chapter 889 I don’t like you
Chapter 890 Door!
Chapter 891 The battle against the will of the world!
Chapter 892 Your man?
Chapter 893 Ritual conversion!
Chapter 894 Resist!
Chapter 895 The Eternal Demon
Chapter 896 Xiao Wu who can’t practice with peace of mind
Chapter 897 Finishing technique VS evil magic!
Chapter 898 Pretty good
Chapter 899 The truth above all living beings?
Chapter 900 I’ll show you the evil
Chapter 901: Grabbing territory?
Chapter 902 Disagreement within the demon?
Chapter 903 Xiao Wu is in trouble!
Chapter 904 Two battles!
Chapter 905 Eternal Crown!
Chapter 906 Xiao Wu’s Eternal Crown!
Chapter 907 The Holy Pillar Awakens!
Chapter 908 One vs. Two
Chapter 909: Admit defeat?
Chapter 910 Changes in the past and future
Chapter 911 Confrontation
Chapter 912 Destroy it, immediately!
Chapter 913 Join forces!
Chapter 914 Who is not a psychopath?
Chapter 915 Alternation
Chapter 916 The ceremony begins!
Chapter 917 Cause and effect and choice!