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 The entire Dragon Claw Gang headquarters has become a place of death.

Along the road, at the door of the building, next to the garage, in the canteen...

Corpses lay quietly.

They seemed to be asleep, with no pain on their faces and sleeping peacefully.

There were no wounds anywhere on his body.

But there was no breath at all.

Walk all the way and see all the way.

Su Yuke almost felt a trembling sensation as if her soul was frightened.


All dead.

She rushed to the dormitory, the dining hall, the water storage room and other places.

Without exception.

All members of the Dragon Claw Gang were dead.

The originally lively and noisy headquarters now seemed to have turned into a ghost.

The sun has set.

Darkness enveloped the earth.

Su Yuke felt a chill running down her spine.

She knew that all of these people must have died at the hands of Li Xiaofei.

The great devil of Yuntian Society takes the cruelest revenge on enemies who dare to challenge his majesty.

There are no less than three hundred people in the Dragon Claw Gang headquarters.

Overnight, everyone died.

On the ground of the small square, four big characters are engraved——

Righteous spirit!

Instead, the sword energy was used to criss-cross the seal carvings, reaching a depth of twenty centimeters on the stone slab.

Standing by the square, it seems that you can still clearly feel the aftertaste of the sharp sword energy, shuttling back and forth in the air.

Such cruel methods really make people's scalp numb just thinking about it.

Su Yuke immediately wanted to arrest Li Xiaofei and bring him to justice.

"They're all dead."

"These beasts in human skin are finally dead."

"That's great. It must be the hero just now who will uphold justice for us."

The beautiful women who had survived the disaster cheered one after another when they saw this.

Su Yuke was startled.

She then thought that in the Julong Hall, Li Xiaofei not only saved herself, but also protected all the innocent women during the fierce battle.

A ruthless devil.

But he has a kind heart.

The Li Li who was originally clear in Su Yuke’s mind
Xiao Fei's figure gradually became blurry.

It seemed to be covered with a light mist.

Can't see clearly.

Can't see clearly.

Soon, she contacted her colleagues outside.

Then, the police department vehicles roared into the Dragon Claw Gang headquarters.

Then, a cordon was set up around the area.

However, the news inside continued to spread through various channels.


Guan Shanyue, the owner of Feiyun Sword Hall, was shocked and his expression changed wildly.

The entire Dragon Claw gang was wiped out.

There are 361 people in the headquarters, including the gang leader Long Xiaotian, not one of them is alive.

This sudden change made 'Feiyun Sword' Guan Shanyue unable to believe it.

"Is the information accurate?"

"It's absolutely accurate. It came from an internal source in the police station."

"Who did it?"

"It seems to be Yuntianshe..."

"It seems? This is impossible. Who in Yuntian Society can do this?"

Guan Shanyue felt a little unbelievable after listening to his subordinate's report.

He thought for a moment and dialed an optical computer phone number.

But for a long time, no call was made.

Looking at the name 'Ye Xiang' on the note in the address book, Guan Shanyue had an even worse premonition in his heart.


‘Iron Palm Invincible’ Zhen Santong sat in the tea room with a complex expression.

The news from the Dragon Claw Gang made him feel on pins and needles.

Long Xiaotian's strength is definitely not low.

But actually in his own headquarters, Yuntianshe destroyed his family and took down his flag.

This is definitely the largest gang murder case in the legal area in the past two decades.

The overall strength of Iron Palm Co., Ltd. is not much higher than that of Dragon Claw Gang.

Yuntianshe can quietly destroy the Dragon Claw Gang

, you can also destroy Iron Palm Co., Ltd.

When he thought of this, Zhen Santong felt chilled in his heart.

what to do?

The recent series of actions have put Yuntianshe to death.

Even if you want to make peace, there is no room for it.

What's more, if he really kneels to Yuntian Society, the Ye family will not let him go.

"Are you kidding me?"

The three giants of the Daxing Gang sat together and looked at each other.

This news made their heads spin.

They were summoned from their homes to Ye Mansion by urgent telegram.

After arriving, I discovered that Zhen Santong, the chairman of Iron Palm Co., Ltd., and Guan Shanyue, the owner of Feiyun Sword Hall, were also waiting in the living room.

After a while.

An old man wearing a dark red Tang suit appeared.

"Mr. Ye."

"Manager Ye."

Several people stood up and bent down, showing a respectful attitude.

This old man is Ye Changlin, the elder of the Ye family, and the fourth son of the old patriarch.

He is definitely a high-ranking person in the Ye family.

Seeing Ye Changlin appear, several gang leaders stood obediently and did not dare to sit down.

"Everyone, please sit down."

Ye Changlin picked up the tea cup, took a sip of tea, and said, "I'm really sorry for calling you here so urgently in the middle of the night."

"It should be."

"It is our honor to be called by Mr. Ye."

"Mr. Ye, I have something to do, but please give me your instructions. I will go through fire and water without hesitation."

Several people quickly flattered him.

Although they are gang bosses, they can make the big and small people in their territory tremble by stomping their feet, but facing the core decision-making power of the Ye family, they don't dare to be arrogant at all, and they seem to be groveling.

Just like a domestic slave.

no way.

This is the majesty of the Ye family.

There are five major families in Liuhe Base City, namely Ye, Du, Qi, Mu and Friday.

Over the past fifty years, the Ye family has risen rapidly, and many geniuses have appeared one after another. The business scope of the Duxing Group it founded covers various industries such as medical care, education, finance, food, farming, etc. The members and disciples of the Ye family have also penetrated into society.

all aspects of.

For example, Duxing High School is the overlord of the Liuhe Base City High School God of War League.

Almost all the most outstanding and talented junior high school students and high school students in the entire base city are monopolized by Duxing High School.

More than 60 of the country’s pillars who are admitted to university every year graduated from this high school.

When these students graduate from college and enter all walks of life, they will support the Ye family.

If it weren't for the suppression of the state, the city chief and the garrison commanders had very good control over the operations of the base city, and I'm afraid the Ye family would have done whatever they wanted in the Liuhe base city.

Originally, in the past few years, the power structure in the base city was relatively balanced.

However, as the Ye family and Jie Peng forces have colluded and cooperated in recent times, their influence has risen crazily again, and there is a faint tendency to break the balance.

There are also some gossips circulating among the gang's top brass.

It is said that the Ye family is working like crazy, taking advantage of this political performance review opportunity to send away the city leader Tan Zhenwei and replace him with someone of his own, and the progress is going quite smoothly.

It is conceivable that once the Ye family is successful, the Liuhe base city will be dominated by the Ye family.

Compared with the Ye family, Feiyun Sword Hall and other gangs are just small grains of sand in front of the huge boulder.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand at all how Zhen Santong, Guan Shanyue and the three brothers Fan Jun, Fan Bing and Fan Tong groveled in front of Ye Changlin.

"Do you know everything about the Dragon Claw Gang?"

Ye Changlin said calmly.

"Already heard about it."

"This Yuntianshe is really a brave bitch."

"To actually dare to kill so many good people in broad daylight is simply insane."

Several people expressed their indignation in unison.

"Not only the Dragon Claw Gang, but also my Ye family, Ye Xiang, died in the Dragon Jue Hall."

Ye Changlin's tone was still calm and he said, "Li Xiaofei of Yuntian Society is not coming for the Dragon Claw Gang, but for my Ye family... Everyone, how do you think we should respond?"

This chapter has been completed!
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