0474,This boy is not simple

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Li Xiaofei walked over and stood in front of the girl's stall.

"Buying medicine or bone correction?"

The little girl raised her head with a smile.

At first glance, he was stunned.

"Little plum?"

She was surprised and happy, and shouted out this familiar title.

Li Xiaofei smiled and opened his arms.

Without hesitation, the girl jumped up and gave Li Xiaofei a big hug under the surprised gazes of the people around her.

"Ah, you hit someone with the ball."

Li Xiaofei joked directly.

The girl raised her weapon and said, "Hey, I've wanted to hit you for a long time."

"I'm afraid of you... I didn't expect to meet you here."

Li Xiaofei couldn't laugh or cry and said, "Xiao Dongdong, aren't you in college? And I remember that you also got a scholarship."

This girl is none other than Liao Dong, her former teammate.

That big-breasted lolita with faint freckles on the bridge of her nose.

Former chief physician of the Hongqi High School team.

When she graduated, Liandong received several university admission notices, and finally chose to attend a 985 university in Haijingcheng.

Li Xiaofei knew that Honeysuckle was in Haijing City.

He originally planned to wait until all the things were done before going to see this old teammate.

I didn't expect to meet him in advance today.

"I'm doing a work-study program."

Ling Dong shrugged his nose, took a small bench and asked him to sit down, and said, "I will come here to set up a stall after class. Herbal medicine requires applying what I have learned and constantly accumulating treatment experience. This place is just right."

Li Xiaofei sat down and said, "Then why come to the slums? Are there no such internship opportunities in the city?"

Honeysuckle's eyes turned into crescent moons when she smiled.

While she was busy preparing medicine for a medicine collector, she said with a bright smile, "People here need me more. There are few doctors in the slums and their fees are not cheap, so I am here to do good things... Speaking of which, and

You have something to do with it too."

"Is it related to me?"

Li Xiaofei sat down and asked, "How do you say it?"

Ling Dong handed the medicine package to the customer's hand, looked up at Li Xiaofei, and said with a smile, "Because of you, I am interested in the slums, so I like to come here to take a look. But after coming here a few times, I found this place."

It is difficult for people to see a doctor and get medicine. Many people who are sick cannot get timely treatment, so a minor illness becomes a serious illness, and a serious illness becomes a terminal illness. So I discussed it with a few classmates and organized a charity club.

When you have free time, come here for a consultation, dispense medicine, buy medicine... and just recover the cost."

Li Xiaofei couldn't help but feel in awe after hearing this.

Children who come from poor places like Liuhe Base City, and students who receive the influence of the old bandit principal Gu Wu, will always have an innocent heart.

He himself killed Jie and Pengren to serve the country.

And Lonicera is here to cure diseases and save people, so why not?

They are all doing their best to contribute their passionate youth and all their energy to this nation and country.

There is no distinction between high and low.

"I really didn't realize that the little lolita who always fed herself with poison and was willing to die now has such a high level of consciousness. I'm proud of you."

Li Xiaofei said seriously, half-jokingly.

Lonicera wrinkled her pretty little nose and said, "You're welcome, hee hee, I told you, it's because of your influence."

Li Xiaofei asked deliberately, "Do I have such a big influence on you?"

"Hmm, of course."

Lonicera speaks without hesitation.

Li Xiaofei deliberately joked, "Hey, Xiao Dongdong, to be honest, you don't have a crush on me, do you?"

Lonicera said, "Yes, I just have a crush on you."

Li Xiaofei "..."

Lonicera laughed mischievously.

The pair of majestic peaks on his chest shook violently.

He looked like he had succeeded in his prank.

"Don't worry, I know you have a beautiful girlfriend who is rich in wealth. I am no match for her. Besides, we are so familiar and we are as close as brothers. No matter how much I like her, I am too embarrassed to do it."

Lonicera said with a smile.

While the two were chatting, six or seven figures in suits and uniforms suddenly walked over and arrived in front of the stall.

These people all looked tired.

It was like being locked up in a dark cell for dozens of days.

"Xiaodong, here are ten 'blood recovery pills'."

One of them, a man with a slight beard, laughed loudly and familiarly, and sat on the small wooden stool next to the stall, "I want to rub my uncle's shoulders by the way."

"Okay, Uncle Jin, you sit down first."

Lonicera agreed with a smile.

Then he gave Li Xiaofei a look that said he would wait until I finish my work before chatting, and skillfully took out various elixirs from his small medicine box and mixed them carefully.

Several other tired-looking men in suits also sat down at the stall.

One of them, a middle-aged man named Zhang Xi, waved to the distance and said loudly, "Brother Six, one hundred skewers of meat crab claws, two hundred skewers of dragon skin, one hundred skewers of pickled fish sticks, and ten bottles of enzyme water."

, and six more bowls of rock sugar flavored thick nutritious porridge.”

"Okay, I'll be there soon."

Brother Liu, who was selling barbecue in the distance, spoke loudly and authentically.

Obviously, everyone is familiar with each other.

These men in suits should be government servants who passed the exams from the slums through personal hard work. They work in the workplace during the day and return to live in the slums at night.

When Li Xiaofei saw this scene, he remained calm.
He sat aside and quietly observed.

"Tou Chen, why have you been working overtime every day during this period? I haven't seen you get off work on time."

The disabled adventurer setting up a stall next to him smiled and said hello.

"There is nothing we can do. The mayor of the city has promulgated new regulations and needs manpower to implement them. Our team was urgently transferred to cooperate with Director Huang's work. The workload is relatively heavy. We haven't slept for three days and nights."

The bearded Chen Long sitting on the stool replied.

He enjoyed the massage from the girl's deft fingers behind him and closed his eyes comfortably.

Speaking of which, this girl Xiaodong has only been setting up a stall in the slums for half a year.

But this herbal medicine and bone-setting massage are really amazing. They have become famous and are very popular among the surrounding neighbors.

Sister-in-law Ling, who was operating an old-fashioned automatic sewing machine next to her, couldn't help but join in the conversation while sewing clothes, saying, "I heard people say that our new city leader doesn't understand anything, and he is messing around with new policies, and many people are alive."

If you don't go down, go to the city hall to march and petition..."

"Sister-in-law Ling, that's not what you said."

Li Zhixue, a civil servant who seemed to be in his early twenties, still looked childish. He was not angry when he heard this. He explained with a smile, "The capital of Xue City is for the good of us ordinary people. Your family's personal tax and business tax this year."

, aren’t they all exempt? There are also three of them, Xiaohua, and according to the new regulations, they will soon be able to go to school for free.”


Sister-in-law Ling was stunned for a moment.

"Of course it is true. When the New Deal is fully implemented, public schools will be built in our slums. Moreover, children can also go out and receive compulsory education in schools outside without paying. If they have good academic performance, they will be fine.

Got a scholarship."

Chen Long added some words.

Sister-in-law Ling suddenly became excited, "If this is the case, then I will erect a monument for the head of Xue City at home and burn incense."

What she cares about most is her three children.

Working hard and trying her best, this little widow's biggest and simplest wish is that her three children will not starve to death.

But now, someone actually told him that his children would have the opportunity to go to school and practice?

She suddenly became Xue Xuanqi's loyal supporter.

Seeing this scene, Li Xiaofei looked thoughtful.

Xue Xuanqi's miraculous rise to the top was beyond his expectation.

But this is ultimately a good thing.

Qin Weilong, the former number one city leader, was not well known to good people. Li Xiaofei originally wanted to wait until he was done with the foreigners before he fucked him, but he didn't expect to be killed directly by Song Huaiyuan, the commander-in-chief.

Xue Xuanqi was alone in Haijing City, and the implementation of the New Deal encountered a lot of troubles.

Sometimes, it doesn't take just your high rank to really crush someone to death.

The major families and gangs entrenched in Haijing City have already penetrated deeply into the city's major industries and industries. All kinds of non-violent and non-cooperation dramas are enough to make Xue Xuanqi's New Deal a joke.

But Xue Xuanqi's methods are also quite clever.

First, taking advantage of the fact that the Jie Peng consulate was destroyed and the influence of the Jie Peng people in Seaview City fell to an unprecedented low, they announced the cancellation of all the privileges of the Jie Peng people.

This decision, which can be described as bold and crazy, directly won the support of the people at the bottom of Haijing City.

The likes and dislikes of the middle and lower-class people in Daxia are straightforward and simple.

They will support whoever attacks the Jie Peng people.

After winning the support from the bottom, Xue Xuanqi's first step was considered to be a stable one.

Next, he needs to unite more middle- and lower-level officials and win the support of these "silent majority" to deepen the implementation of the New Deal.

From the first moment they took office, these new city leaders thought clearly about the people they wanted to unite with, and gave up trying to win over aristocratic families.

He wants to take the grassroots route.

Just like the countryside once surrounded the city.

Li Xiaofei is very optimistic about the new market leader.

He has determination, courage, and means.

If his policies can be implemented smoothly, then Haijing City can indeed usher in a great new life.

And this is what Li Xiaofei expected.

He was thinking about how to support Xue Xuanqi so that his New Deal reforms could be faster.

In addition, the Jingwu Sect can also have long-term cooperation with the city leader to fight against the wealthy families.

The people around him were still talking and laughing.

Chen Long was a clever man and immediately seized the opportunity to publicize the various advantages of the New Deal among the vendors.

In particular, the various benefits of small vendors are explained in detail.

Suddenly, more and more people gathered.

Listening to the beautiful garden scenery described by Chen Long and others, a look of anticipation appeared on their faces, wishing that the mayor's new policy would be implemented immediately.

"As long as the new policy is implemented smoothly, the neighbors will be able to eat clean meat and drink clean water."

"Hey, one meal of white flour a day."

"You can eat as much nutritious porridge as you want."

"Yes, our children can still go to school."

"We poor people can also raise our heads and be human beings without worrying about being looked down upon by those guys outside."

Other civil servants also worked hard to promote it.

This is their job.

Also theirs

Tell the truth.

"Hehe, let's not talk about anything else. Although we, my buddies, have been exhausted these past few days, we feel so happy that we finally don't have to apologize to those lackeys from aristocratic families in order to complete official duties."


At this time, Li Zhixue suddenly thought of something and said, "By the way, Mr. Chen, the porridge workshop we are dealing with today seems to be the property of the Du family. The person in charge is very arrogant and threatened to take revenge. We are going to do it in the next few days."

Don't be on guard?"

Chen Long listened and nodded thoughtfully, "Well, what Xiao Li said makes sense. Please pay attention these two days. It's best to go to and from get off work together so that you can have someone to look after you."

It is said that during this period, assassins killed many New Deal officials.

It is indeed better to be careful. .??.??

While he was talking, there was a scream in the distance.

Then the night market became chaotic.

Some stalls were blown away, and there was a lot of cursing and crying.

I saw a group of warriors wearing uniforms of the police station rushing over and quickly surrounding the honeysuckle stall.

"Just a few of them."

A short, fat, middle-aged man rushed out from behind the police station warriors, pointed at the noses of Chen Long and others, and cursed arrogantly, "Damn it, you poor bastards who have been stabbed a thousand times, I finally found you."


The expressions of Chen Long and others changed.

This middle-aged man is none other than Du Longqi, the general manager of Congee Shanfang who was punished today for resisting the New Deal.

Du Longqi relied on the power of the Du family to pass off inferior, moldy and harmful nutritious porridge at high prices to slum areas for public welfare. He also committed various crimes such as forced child labor and illegal detention, which were all verified to be true.


Logically speaking, Du Longqi should be detained in the police station prison at this time.

He was actually released.

He even brought people here in a menacing manner.

Chen Long's heart sank.

The most worrying and unacceptable thing happened.

"Hey, Chen, are you scared now?"

Du Longqi smiled sinisterly, turned to the samurai captain of the police station who was leading the team, and said, "Captain Zhou, what are you waiting for? Why don't you arrest them all?"

Captain Zhou glanced at him, waved his hand and said, "Get started, arrest people."

The police station warrior behind him immediately stepped forward.


Chen Long suddenly stood up, his burly body quite imposing, and said, "Which police station are you from? Why are you arresting us?"


Captain Zhou chuckled, "It depends on what I want."

Chen Long and others stood up to confront each other.

Li Zhixue said angrily, "We are public servants, under the command of Mr. Huang Fulai of the New Political Reform Commission. You don't have an arrest warrant, so you can't just arrest people."

"What a bullshit reform committee."

Du Longqi sneered disdainfully, "What a new deal, a bunch of bullshit. That short-lived ghost Xue Xuanqi can't even live for a few days, let alone you poor bastards, Captain Zhou, arrest them quickly, take them back and I will kill them."


The police station warriors swarmed up.

Chen Long and others wanted to resist.

Captain Zhou shouted, "If anyone resists, we will be killed without mercy."

The surrounding police station warriors aimed their special energy guns at Chen Long and the others.

Even Honeysuckle was surrounded in the middle.

"Ha ha ha ha."

Du Longqi laughed heartily.

At this time, Li Xiaofei stood up.

He gently patted Lonicera's shoulder to signal her not to be afraid, and then walked forward slowly.

Just raise your hand and push.

The police station warriors who rushed over immediately felt as if they had hit a copper wall. They bounced back with bloodshed and fell to the ground like gourds rolling on the ground.

At the same time, he volleyed again.

The police station warriors holding energy firearms felt a lightness in their hands, and all the firearms flew out of their hands as if they had wings, and piled neatly at the feet of Chen Long and others.


Captain Zhou was shocked and knew that he had met a master.

However, the inertia of being domineering in Seaview City for a long time and no one dared to offend him made him feel angry instead of feeling scared.

He stared at Li Xiaofei and threatened with a sinister sneer as usual: "Who are you? How dare you stop our Qiaohong Police Station from performing official duties, you..."


Li Xiaofei raised his hand and slapped him away.

Captain Zhou's head turned 2,160 degrees directly on his neck.

Then his head tilted slightly, and he stood stiffly on the spot, unable to say another word.

Du Longqi was horrified.

He realized something was wrong, didn't dare to say a word, turned around and ran away.

Li Xiaofei just waved slightly at his back.

Du Longqi flew back involuntarily.

The back of the neck fell into Li Xiaofei's hands.

Li Xiaofei twisted his wrist.


The neck bone was broken and he died instantly.

Li Xiaofei threw Du Longqi's body away.

"Go back and tell your director that if you want to survive, you must cooperate with Mayor Xue's new policy. Otherwise, his head will not be kept around his neck for another day."

Li Xiaofei looked at the police station warriors lying on the ground beside him.

This group of warriors had long been frightened out of their wits.

Not daring to say anything, I got up and ran away.

One of them, who was bolder, asked tremblingly, "You...you, are you the official?"
If he asks, I..."

Li Xiaofei said calmly, "You just need to tell me, and he will know who I am."

The frightened police station warriors fled in panic.

Everyone onlookers stared blankly at Li Xiaofei and slowly backed away, feeling both respectful and afraid.

Only Lonicera seemed to have expected this scene.

As a former classmate and a comrade who fought side by side, she knew Li Xiaofei's character very well. He absolutely hated evil and never rubbed sand in his eyes. When faced with such a bully businessman and a police captain who worked for him, Li Xiaofei would never

Will sit back and ignore it.

Because he is such a young man.

His legendary performance in Liuhe Base City has already explained everything.

Li Xiaofei's cruel methods and extraordinary strength just now made Liao Dong realize that the experience of this old classmate in the more than half a year after their separation must be very interesting and exciting.

Chen Long and others looked at the bodies of Du Longqi and Captain Zhou, and for a moment they didn't know what to do.

Speaking of public affairs, as public servants they should arrest the murderer.

Personally speaking, the young man in front of them truly saved them.

Half a moment.

Chen Long cupped his hands and said, "Your Excellency, please go quickly, leave here and hide."

Li Xiaofei looked at him and shook his head slightly.

Not much explanation.

The big-breasted and freckled Lolita Lonicera on the side was busy cleaning up her stall and said, "I left early today. Some people want to buy medicine to heal their injuries. Come back tomorrow... Goodbye, everyone."

After saying that, he carried his medicine box and took Li Xiaofei with him and fled.

Chen Long and others looked at each other in confusion.

This boy turned out to be Xiaodong's friend.

After some discussion, several people did not dare to be careless and quickly reported what happened here to their superiors.

After a while.

Huang Fulai has already hurried over.


Chen Long and others were shocked.

This kind of thing actually alarmed the big boss?

"Where are the people?"

Huang Fulai asked eagerly.

After hearing the news reported by his subordinates, especially the detailed description of the person involved, he was 100% sure that the so-called young man must be Li Xiaofei.

During the recent period, Li Xiaofei has been hiding out.

Huang Fulai tried several times but could not get in touch.

The implementation of the teacher's new policy is not going smoothly, and the pressure from all parties is increasing. If we can get Li Xiaofei's support and support, things may change.

Unexpectedly, he rushed over immediately and found that Li Xiaofei had disappeared.

Seeing the big boss's eager expression, Chen Long and others became even more confused.

Who is that young man?

How come the big boss pays so much attention to it?

Chen Long quickly said, "Sir, he has already left."

Huang Fulai was a little disappointed and said, "Tell me what happened just now in detail. Don't miss any details."

Chen Long was startled, quickly organized his thoughts, and explained the entire process in detail.

After hearing this, Huang Fulai's face showed joy.

"You're saying that the boy asked the people from Qiaohong Police Station to tell their director that he should support Mayor Xue's new policy, otherwise he would be killed?"

he asked again with confirmation.

Chen Long recalled it carefully, nodded and said, "That's what it means."


Huang Fulai couldn't help but look up to the sky and laugh.

As expected, Brother Li supported the New Deal.

Moreover, it has already begun to support it secretly.

With the support of this powerful man who could kill two saints with one sword, Huang Fu Lai suddenly felt that the probability of successful implementation of the New Deal had greatly increased.

He could finally feel relieved.

This good news must be told to the teacher quickly.

"Xiao Chen, please don't publicize what happened today." Huang Fu Lai looked at Chen Long, thinking that this person was his lieutenant, and warned, "Especially the girl named Xiaodong, you must protect her information.

Don’t let it out.”

"Yes, sir, I'll do it right away."

Chen Long stood at attention and saluted.

Huang Fulai patted him on the shoulder with satisfaction and said, "You guys, come to my office to report tomorrow. Your performance has been very good these days. It's time to add more burdens to you."

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Chen Long and others were stunned on the spot.

A few seconds later, Li Zhixue asked cautiously, "Tou Chen, what did the big boss mean when he said that just now...are we going to be promoted?"

Chen Long nodded and said, "Now you know, as long as you serve the citizens well and work hard to implement the New Deal, you will be reused. No matter what, you must not relax after being promoted. Do you understand?"


"Don't worry, boss, we guys will never embarrass you."

Several people shouted excitedly.

In Chen Long's heart, he became even more curious about the young man's identity.

The big boss's performance made him realize that the young man was definitely not an ordinary person.

With just one sentence, the usually majestic and unscrupulous big boss laughed in front of everyone. The young man's weight was probably far beyond his wildest guess.

Who could it be?

He couldn't help but want to ask about Lonicera.

This chapter has been completed!
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