0048, super god

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"Come with me for a moment."

As soon as he arrived at the school gate, the guard, Uncle Qin, blocked his way.

As expected.

Li Xiaofei was taken to the principal's office.


He looked at Chen Bandit in surprise and said, "Principal, why are your eyes so dark?"

Chen Gao glared, "Isn't it because of you?"

"for me?"

Li Xiaofei reacted, "Is it because you couldn't fulfill your promise to protect the students and were so anxious that you didn't sleep all night, so you got dark circles under your eyes?"

Chen Gao's eyes widened, "When will the words of this principal be fulfilled? I went to deal with a few people last night and removed the bounty on you on the dark web."


Li Xiaofei was taken aback and said, "Really or not? Principal...you have so much energy?"

Chen Biao laughed proudly.

Her peach blossom eyes were narrowed, making her look even more coquettish.

He said, "You will know in the future that my energy is beyond your imagination."

You Red Bull.

"Principal, you will always be my principal."

Li Xiaofei said affectionately, "Then can you tell me who issued the reward?"

"I do not know about this."

Chen Bandit shook his head and said, "Darknet has its own bottom line rules. The identity of the person offering the reward will never be disclosed to the outside world. Otherwise, who would dare to post the reward on it?"

"That's really a pity."

Li Xiaofei said with regret.

"Hurry up and practice. The God of War League will start soon."

Taohuayan arrogantly issued an expulsion order.

Li Xiaofei turned around and left.

When he reached the door, he turned around again and said, "Thank you."

"Go away and practice."

Chen Gao waved his hands coolly and impatiently.

Li Xiaofei left happily.

The concierge, Uncle Qin, looked at the bandit principal and said, "You worked hard for this kid, and your last bit of favor has been used up."

Chen Gao touched his chin and said calmly, "Favor cannot accrue interest if you keep it, and it will become weaker and weaker. It's better to use it sooner."

"Today is a good day..."

Li Xiaofei hummed a song and came to the Optical Brain main computer room happily.

As expected.

Fang Buyi, Bai Longfei and other teammates are still surfing teenagers addicted to the Internet.

Li Xiaofei turned on his own computer and plugged in his personal optical computer.

Smoothly enter the virtual world of optical network games.

Before officially starting the challenge, let’s pay attention to the base city news

A piece of news, not too big or too small, caught his attention——

"Ye Xiang, the general manager of Yongxing Hotel, was attacked by gangsters at three o'clock in the morning. He was seriously injured and fell into coma. He was sent to the ICU by a friend..."

Seeing this, Li Xiaofei couldn't help but feel like he was shaking.

Combined with the thick black circles under the bandit principal's eyes, he vaguely understood something.

Good guy.

This principal can handle it.

He is really there when something happens.

In order to repay the good principal, Li Xiaofei decided to seize the time and make the most of his time and deal with it ruthlessly.

As usual, I took a look at the ladder standings.

Nest grass?

My 1,500 points actually dropped directly to the 30th place on the ladder list.

Are those who are trying to get into the standings so inward now?

Li Xiaofei looked carefully.

I found that the person ranked first in the standings was the Yi Nian Chao Shen who had been targeting me everywhere before and danced the most happily.

This person got 4678 points.

It is a full 1,000 points higher than the second place Wenjiu Zhan Family.

Li Xiaofei opened the forum again and took a look.

As expected.

There is a new disturbance.

"Exclusively revealed that due to some well-known reasons, your uncle will lose the qualification to attack high-level trial scenes above level four."

The person who posted this thought was amazing.

It is still a light sentence, but the connotation is very rich.

It immediately made many water friends climax.

"What the super boss said is very cryptic, but I can see that he was caught cheating in four words."

"If it's really cheating, why are you just banning your uncle's ability to compete in higher trial scenes instead of deleting his account?"

"I've already told you that your uncle comes from a wealthy family."

"I didn't expect that even the Education Department officials would compromise."

"Only a big shot like Yi Nian Chaoshen dares to expose this dark side of society."


"Get out of the High School God of War League."

The entire forum was filled with excitement.

After Li Xiaofei finished reading, he felt speechless as if he had been bitten by a dog while walking on the street.

Now he couldn't bear it anymore.

"That useless dog called Yi Nian Super God, if I can enter the fifth level trial scene, do you have to call me daddy?"

Li Xiaofei directly posted a message to start the war.

One post inspires thousands

Layer waves.

The entire forum was in a state of shock.

No matter how exciting the pace was before, your uncle, as the person involved, has always been very mysterious and never responded directly.

Now, he's here.

He came with fighting spirit.

My melon-eating friends suddenly became excited.

And Yi Nian Chaoshen actually responded immediately.

"Do you dare to bet?"

He directly disclosed Li Xiaofei.

"What to bet on?"

Li Xiaofei posted a response.

"If you can enter the fifth level trial scene, I will transfer 100,000 star coins to your optical brain account."

"If you can't get in, then honestly disclose your identity, then kneel down and call 'Uncle' three times."


Yi Nian Chao Shen's performance was quite strong.

Li Xiaofei was surprised.

Where does this guy get his confidence? Why is he so sure that he can't enter the fifth level trial scene?

"Get ready to transfer money."

Li Xiaofei agreed without hesitation.

You're a bastard who doesn't make money.

"Prepare to call me uncle."

Yi Nian Chaoshen also posted a message: "I will expose your true face as a bastard in front of all future generations."

Li Xiaofei left the forum and directly entered the fourth-level trial scene, the ancient desert city.

He wants to use Lingbo Microwave to challenge the Golden Sand Scorpion King.

"Hey, this kid finally lost his temper."

Base city, core area residential area.

In a single-family villa.

The young man with short black hair had a proud smile on his face.

"Boy, you may not even know that the abnormal energy fluctuations that occurred in the trial scene of the ancient desert city in your account have not calmed down yet. I have already inquired about it. No matter who it is, if this situation occurs, there will be no more

It’s possible to pass, hehe.”

He is a super god with one thought.

Ancient desert city.

Li Xiaofei used Lingbo Weistep to fight against dozens of sand scorpions.


To be precise, he was using this star beast to practice his footwork.

Last time when he was besieged by sand scorpions, Li Xiaofei felt quite strenuous and was also injured.

But this time, it's completely different.

As Li Xiaofei became more and more proficient in Lingbo Weibu, he was able to trick the sand scorpion around.

Even the lightning-fast scorpion-tailed needle could hardly touch him.

Half an hour later.

"about there."

Li Xiaofei felt that the group of sand scorpions could no longer put pressure on him and could no longer help him improve his footwork, so he directly killed them one by one.

The next moment——


A strange soft sound came.

The Golden Sand Scorpion King indeed appeared again.

It seemed like a wise assassin. The moment Li Xiaofei's body had just settled down, the scorpion tail needle shot out directly.

A wisp of scarlet lightning pierced the void.

He stabbed Li Xiaofei between the eyebrows.

"Returning to my sister, there is nothing wrong with me."

Li Xiaofei had already taken the opportunity to follow the hexagram.

The figure looks like a ghost, leaving a series of afterimages.

The scarlet tail needle pierced the shadow.

Li Xiaofei kept stepping and stepped on the hexagrams one after another.

He pushed Ling Bo with all his strength to take small steps, just like a gust of wind passing by, leaving a series of fleeting afterimages behind him.

Tsk tsk tsk.

The tail needle of the Golden Sand Scorpion King keeps piercing out.

It has agility that does not match its huge size, and its speed is not slow.

Especially the long tail needle on the back, like a poisonous snake with autonomous consciousness, kept thrusting, leaving streaks of scarlet lightning in the void, piercing the afterimage behind Li Xiaofei again and again.

The pressure that the Golden Sand Scorpion King brought to Li Xiaofei was far greater than the previous group of scorpions.

Li Xiaofei used Lingbo Weibu with all his strength.

Under tremendous pressure, his mastery of footwork soared crazily.

Time flies by.

I don’t know when it started, but Li Xiaofei gradually felt that the pressure was relieved.

The scorpion-tailed needle, which was like scarlet lightning, could no longer keep up with his rhythm.

He can invade within ten meters of the Golden Sand Scorpion King and quickly rush around it.

Some time passed.

Li Xiaofei can already stroll around the Golden Sand Scorpion King and tease it at will.

"That's it, it's over."

Li Xiaofei decided to end this trial.

Finally, with three stacks of divine power at close range, he exploded with all his strength, punching the King Kong Qianshan with dozens of consecutive punches, blasting the Golden Sand Scorpion King violently.

"Congratulations to the user, you sir. It took you two hours and thirty-five minutes to successfully kill the hidden level star beast Golden Sand Scorpion King. You passed level 4 + the trial scene of the desert ancient city, and received a 'super god level' rating."

The optical brain and electronic sound sounded.

This chapter has been completed!
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