0608, before leaving

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Li Xiaofei is preparing to go to the outer world.

If it stays on Earth, it may be able to survive and develop.

But after experiencing what happened to the divine envoy, he knew that this idea would not work.

If you beat that godly general, the other party will hold a grudge in his heart and will definitely continue to make moves, which will bring harm to the earth.

As the saying goes, when gods fight, mortals suffer.

Now that the earth has been unified by Daxia, any random manipulation will cause huge disasters.

After years of war, the earth can no longer withstand the torment at all.

The earth where Liu Earth is located is a living example.

The moon was blown up by a guy named Li Guorui.

What's more, according to my aunt, the energy level of the Outer World is stronger and the laws of the Dao are more complete. If you enter the Outer World to practice now and complete the Hedao Realm, you will benefit even more.

Only tortoises can be raised in small ponds.

Only in the vast ocean can dragons be born.

That's the truth.

If you want to protect the earth, you have to make yourself stronger.

"You already know my identity."

My aunt said, "I was assigned by the Heavenly Court to investigate the infiltration of Earth 89876 by the Garden of Eden, and to open up the communication channel between the Star Council headquarters and this Earth. I was intercepted by the Garden of Eden, and had to recuperate on the Earth... Now that the task is completed, I also

We have to return to heaven, but we can take Tan Zhenwei and his daughter back with us on the way. It would be very unsafe for the two of them to stay on earth."

Li Xiaofei nodded in agreement.

The aunt added, "As for you, I will let you go directly to the Starry Sky Council headquarters mainland, start over with a new identity, and while practicing, look for opportunities to sneak into the Garden of Eden, find more clues, and strive to eliminate this cancerous organization.

Completely eradicate it and complete the work in one battle."


Are you asking me to go undercover?

Li Xiaofei thought about it and felt a little excited.

"Is there a contact person?"

He said enthusiastically.

The aunt said, "Yes."

"Who is it? Is it reliable?"

Li Xiaofei asked.

The aunt smiled meaningfully and said, "It's not reliable. You will know when the time comes."


Li Xiaofei touched his chin.

Auntie's expression...

It seems that the contact person has something up his sleeve.
"In three days, I will send you on your way."

The aunt said, "If you have anything to arrange or anything to explain in these three days, please explain it as soon as possible. It will be difficult to come back later."

"So tight?"

Li Xiaofei was shocked.

The aunt said, "In three days, Heaven will strengthen the formation rules outside the earth. In this way, it will be very difficult for the strong men in the Garden of Eden to break into the earth and cause trouble, like that god Angelus."

The general will not be able to project onto the earth, this is to protect you."

Li Xiaofei immediately stood up and said, "Okay."

Before leaving, there are indeed many things that need to be explained.

But there was one thing that Li Xiaofei had always been worried about.

"Auntie, I..."

"Are you trying to say that you haven't treated the injuries on my face and restored my appearance?"

"Yes, this matter has always been a top priority in my heart. Auntie, didn't you say that when I get to the Five Spirit Realm, you would tell me how to treat your face?"

"I was careless. I didn't expect your strength to improve so quickly. It took only two or three years for you to build a golden body. I thought it would take at least ten years for you to be able to possess the Five Spirits..."

"Ah this..."

"Well, when you break through the holy realm and truly step into the cosmic level of life, I will tell you how to treat the injuries on your face, how about it?"

"Okay, aunt, don't fool me again this time. No matter how long it takes me to reach the Holy Realm, you must keep your promise."

"You kid... okay, I promise you."

The conversation between the two ended.

Li Xiaofei was finally relieved and prepared to leave to make arrangements for the funeral.

The aunt suddenly said, "Wait a minute... Since we are about to separate, I will massage you again to help you activate blood circulation and remove blood clots."

"Ah? Really?"

Li Xiaofei was overjoyed.

There is such a good thing.

Back in the Liuhe Base City, my aunt's massage techniques were outstanding, and each time she had a great benefit to my practice.

But the most important thing is my aunt's massage...


Li Xiaofei took off his coat without hesitation and lay down directly.

My aunt suddenly had a dark look on her face.

I didn't say it was here.

This is a cemetery.

So many "ghosts" are watching.

She 'looked' at the surrounding cemeteries, and then 'looked' at Li Xiaofei, who was lying down skillfully, with a helpless expression on his face.



Li Xiaofei walked out of the sages' cemetery with a satisfied look on his face.

The feeling of your body being crushed and kneaded again is really painful and happy. .??.??

Li Xiaofei felt that his physical strength seemed to be on the verge of a breakthrough thanks to his aunt's techniques.

After the massage, I felt an ecstasy.

I just want to have a cigarette afterwards.

In the next two days, Li Xiaofei was extremely busy.

He met some old friends one after another.

He also discussed with Chu Yuncheng, Song Huaiyuan and others the strategy of governing football in Daxia.

Then he discussed with Li Junjie and other teammates, gave them guidance on martial arts cultivation, and left many secrets so that they could practice with peace of mind in the coming time.

This team was originally trained by the sages and wanted to participate in the Holy War of the Galaxy. However, the God of Eden did not respect martial ethics and came to trick Xia Jing City into a sneak attack. Instead, it was taken away by Li Xiaofei, so the Holy War of the Galaxy could not be fought.


However, they are extremely powerful and can overwhelm the powerful Saints, so they are definitely enough to stay and garrison the earth. Even if the Angel of Eden comes again, they will not be a match for the small team.

"Boss, you can go with peace of mind."

Li Junjie patted his chest and said, "All members of our 'Starship Troopers'..."

"Isn't Starship Troopers too mediocre?" Lonicera immediately objected and put forward his own suggestion, "Little Plum, don't give us random names. We should call them 'Team in Pairs' to make it more interesting."

“I’ll deduct money for the homophonic words.”

Ximen Piaoxue said, "We need to give a more popular name, such as 'Team Overlord', 'Invincible Hot Wheels Team', etc..."

Zhang Zhihong couldn't stand it anymore and directly expressed his opinion, saying, "Damn it, if you are uneducated, you should speak less. You might as well be called 'Drunken beauties form a double team'."

Gu Haochen couldn't stand it anymore.

He raised his hands high and said eagerly, "Don't play these stupid jokes. Hey, Sister Liuying, and Brother Li all use swords. Why don't we just call them 'Invincible Swords'?"

What is all this mess?

Li Xiaofei said speechlessly, "You can name it whatever you want. Let me know when you have decided on a team name."

Escape directly.

After that, he returned to Liuhe Base City with Lonicera, Bai Qiqi, Bai Longfei and others, and held a long-lost class reunion at Hongqi High School.

In the war, many heroes met their end.

Among them are students from Hongqi High School.

There were a total of seventy-four students in the last graduating class.

But only thirty-two people came to the party alive, four of whom had mechanical prosthetics and two were in wheelchairs.

Principal Qin Dewei raised his glass and looked at the group photo of his graduating class a year ago. He couldn't help but burst into tears and his voice was choked with sobs.

Afterwards, there was a small gathering.

Big anchor Shen Yan arrived with his main force 'Little Right Hand' and attended the party at the reopened 'Qingya Xuan'.

Hearing that Li Xiaofei had returned, Xiaoyou remembered Mr. Li's joke back then, so he thoughtfully wore black stockings.

A pair of white and tender long legs are full of temptation against the black stockings.

See old friends and classmates.

Then Li Xiaofei met Zhong Ling again.

"Brother Xiaofei."

Zhong Ling stood in front of her pretty.

She was injured during the Great Patriotic War and her right arm was replaced with a robotic arm. She is no longer the unruly and ignorant gang daughter she was before. She looks much more mature and more beautiful.

It is the age when a woman's beauty reaches its peak.

She is married.

The child is over one year old.

"Come on, Nian Li, call uncle quickly."

Zhong Ling had a happy smile on her face and hugged her daughter.

It was a beautiful little doll. Her eyebrows looked very similar to Zhong Ling's. She was small and delicate, just like the person in the painting.

She has a pair of big round and bright eyes, long black eyelashes, double eyelids, and her eyes are as beautiful as stars in the sky. When she smiles, she has two dimples at the corners of her mouth.

She was very close to Li Xiaofei and opened her arms for a hug.

Li Xiaofei smiled and hugged him.

The little baby laughed happily.

Her chubby arms were wrapped around Li Xiaofei's neck, her little hands were holding on to his hair, and she was making babbling sounds, as if she wanted to climb on Li Xiaofei's head.

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